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WANews19No05 WeatherActionWarns13wkAheadHeatwaveStormsQuakesVolcanoeJun26toJul12
pdf shows hearwave BI Eu end June start July success of 13wk ahead WeatherAction forecast and also warns of extra quakes, volcanism etc in R5 period July 8-11+-1d. This will also be a "FRD period" - of Tropical storm Formation &/or Rapid Development.

WANews18No10 World Heatwave Claims July 2018 are FakeNews
The MainStream Media claims of a world heatwave July 2018 are FakeNews by climate charlatans says Piers Corbyn

WANews18No04 Piers Corbyn challenges Imperial climate charlatans+warns more cold blasts
WANews18No04 Piers Corbyn challenges Imperial College Climate charlatans for evidence & Warns of more cold blasts this Spring. GET forecasts for Spring BI Eu Usa - MustHave for anyone serious about weather

WANews17No32 WeatherAction Hurricane-Typhoons Brilliant 12-15 Sept
WANews17No32 ASESSMENT of WeatherAction Tropical Storms, Hurricanes + Typhoon forecasts for SEPT 12-15+-1d, 1st forecast period Sept 2017 Results 13.5/16=84%

WANews17No20 Br+Ir LateMay High split and Deluges confirmed
WANews17No20 Late-May Br+Ir High split and Deluges 28May-1June confirm WeatherAction 90d general warnings and 30d ahead detail

WANews17No15 PiersSaysJawMustPrevailOverWar+ClimateFightbackVital
WANews17No15 April 12th Piers Corbyn Says JawJaw Must Prevail Over WarWar + Climate Fight back Vital in building Trump-Putin co-operation and peace

WANews17No13 Brilliant sunshine Br+Ir + N Europe brill forecast 5 weeks ahead
WANews17No13 Brilliant sunshine Br+Ir + N Europe brilliant forecast 5 weeks ahead. WeatherAction Eu (+BI) Pressure maps well captured High pressure over BI-Scandinavia using Slat13c.

WANews17No12 End March Storm Eu & BI well forecast 6 weeks ahead
WANews17No12 End March Eu & Br+Ir well forecast 6 weeks ahead. Major attacking Low on cue.

WANews17No11 Piers Corbyn Greetings to International Climate conf USA 23-24 Mar
WANews17No11 Piers Corbyn Greetings Message to Heartland International Conf on Climate Change at DC USA 23-24 March 2017

WANews17No10 USA Good Map Match ~March 25th 5weeks ahead
WeatherAction USA 5 weeks ahead forecast map for ~March 24-27th is well confirmed by short range forecast / obs

WANews17No09 WeatherAction R4 Mar4-6 superbly confirmed
WeatherAction R4 Mar4-6+/-1d top hit: -- Cat4 Cyclone ENAWO max at Geomag peak K5 in R4 -- Tornado events hit Illinois USA Mar 7th Major -- M6.3 Quake Mar5 Papua-New-Guinea

WANews17No5 Globalization now in terminal crisis says Piers Corbyn
WANews17No5. Globalization is now in terminal crisis! says Piers Corbyn astrophysicist and Director ManMade ClimateChange - #FakeScience and the fakest of all #FakeNews - a key ideological linchpin of globalization - is now broken.....

WANews17No4 NewYork + NE Heavy snow Feb8-9 confirms WeatherAction 22d ahead
NewYork + NE USA heavy snow Feb8-9 confirms WeatherAction 22d ahead - WeatherAction USA 15-45d Forecast Feb8-11 + Obs/1d Maps for Feb 8-9

WANews16No28 R4 Dec7-9+/-1d Coronal Hole, Solar wind upticks, Quakes + Cyclone
WANews16No28 'MajorRed'(R4) period Dec7-9+/-1d Confirmation events:- Earth-Facing Coronal Hole (6/7th), Solar wind speed and temp increases, Quakes: Indonesia, Off N California, Solomon Isles(+Tsunami) and Tropical cyclone Vardeh formed. CLICK for pdf.

WANews16No27 R4 Dec7-9+/-1d USA Major Snow and water spout
WANews16No27 R4 Dec7-9+/-1d Major Snow USA confirms detailed WeatherAction LongRange forecast and R4 drives snow enhancement and Lake Erie water spout. CLICK for pdf.

WANews16No26 R4 Oct25-28+-1d Great success from Solar Corona to Hurricane Seymour
WANews16No26 R4 Oct25-28+/-1d Great success Solar Corona to Quakes & Hurricane: Earth-Facing-Coronal-Hole - Solar wind Speed and temp up - Geomag K7 - Italy Quake M6.1 - H4 Seymour

WANews16No25 LateOct NE USA Snow confirmed AND GET NOW USA Electionday Forecast
WANews16No25 Late Oct R4 period NE USA Snow confirmed from 4weeks ahead AND GET NOW USA Election Day Nov 8th Forecast FANTASTIC OFFER ONLY $5 (4GBP) INC Whole November forecast on issue Oct 31st.

WANews16No24 Heatwaves continue across Europe & BI confirming WeatherAction
Late September heatwaves continue across Europe and BI confirming WeatherAction long range forecasts from 130days ahead. This success confirms the forecast advances of Piers Corbyn's Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique - SLAT13a.

CO2-ClimateChange Conspiracy(-Of-Nature) theory Exposed - Ongoing + CLEXIT campaign
Opened Autumn (NH) Equinox 21Sept 201,Ongoing: CO2-ClimateChange Conspiracy theory Exposed including Graphs and links and building CLEXIT - Climate Agreements Exit

WANews16No23 Heatwave Br+Ir and Eu confirms WeatherAction warning ~11-13Sept
The unusually hot day UK 13 Sept and Heatwave Br+Ir and Eu in period 11-13th Sept confirms WeatherAction warning 5 weeks ahead. Subscribe for more warnings in this WILD AUTUMN!

WANews16No22 AMAZING! SolarWind, Kp, Hermine Press+Track brill match R5~Sep1-4
AMAZING SUCCESS R5 predicts SolarWind & Geomagnetic Activity changes and Hermine Pressure and Track deviations from standard models followed R5 rules in the R5 period Sep1-4. R values in all forecasts USA, Eu, BI and RTQ (RedWeather, Thunder/Tornado, Quake risk trials) are a guide to changes needed to improve standard TV forecasts of storm events in particular. To subscribe go to Thank You

WANews16No21 Coronal Holes, Geomag hits, Quakes & Hurricane confirm Start Sept R5
R5 Start on Sept 1st brilliantly confirmed: Earth-Facing Coronal hole, K6 Geomag, M7.1 Quake and Hurricane Hermine Power-Up

WANews16No20 Late Aug Minnesota storms confirm Weatheraction 30d ahead
WeatherAction predicted Minnesota Storms August ~29-31+/-1d from 30d ahead in USA forecast

WANews16No19 Heatwave Br+Ir confirms WeatherAction 100d ahead forecast
The confirmation of the ~mid Augsut heatwave in Britain & Ireland predicted 100days ahead is a great success for Piers Corbyn's Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique of Long-Range forecasting. "Our Long-Range forecast weather map is a good match for what is going on", said Piers

WANews16No18 Major Geomag and thunder confirm important R3 Jul20-23
WANews16No18 Major Geomagnetic activity & thunder confirm important R3 Jul 20-23

WANews16No17 BrIr-Eu pressure confirms WeatherAction 15July (SLAT12cs)
WANews16No17 BrIr-Eu pressure confirms WeatherAction 15 July (SLAT12cs). A very good pressure pattern correspondense ro Observations is seen

WANews16No16 Warm blast NE/E USA confirms USA Jul 16-19th (SLAT12cs)
WANews16No16 Warm blast NE+E USA confirms WeatherAction USA Jul 16-19th LongRange forecast.(SLAT12cs)

WANews16No15 Earth-Facing-Coronal-Hole, Solar, Geomag + Typhoon confirm R3 6-8July
WANews16No15 Earth-Facing-Coronal-Hole, SolarWind + Geomag extra activity + Super Typhoon ramp-up confirm R3 6-8 July

WANews16No14 WeatherAction USA, Coronal Holes and Quake trial confirmed R4 8-11June
WANews16No14 WeatherAction USA, Coronal Holes and Quake trial confirmed for R4 period 8-11June by tornadoes in region warned, Earth-facing coronal holes and Nicuragua (M6.1)and other quakes (see USGS BigQuakes twitter feed)

WA16No13 SUPERB World-wide success for WeatherAction SPECIAL R4 period 26-29May
WA16No13 SUPERB success for WeatherAction SPECIAL Red(R4)period 26-29May across world - Floods - deadly lightning - BIG Earthquakes - Earth-facing major coronal hole - Aurora

WANews16No12 (PCCC1) ClaimsThat2015WasWarmestverAreDataFraud
Piers Corbyn Climate Card No1 (issued as WANews16No12) Claims that 2015 was the warmest on record are based on data fraud - shown by graphs here. The 60yr cycle of temperature changes is solar-lunar driven.

WANews16No11 Quakes confirm Piers trial warning with weird clouds+lightning
Big Quakes (up to 29/30th) confirming Piers' trial warning on #TalkRADIO for ~end April extra quakes risk (including Br+Ir) is being confirmed. Weird 'Quake clouds' and out-of-place lighning have also been reported.

WA16No10 Cold Blast+Snow BI+Eu, AND World Quakes, late April superbly confirmed
Cold Blast + Snow BI+Eu late April superbly confirmed, click title for pdf. See also & @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) for more snow news and COMING IN CONFIRMATIONS Of NearEndApril Earthquakes worldwide inc possibly B+I

WANews16No09 USA contrasting weather across USA well forecast in Run-up to Easter
Contrasting weather across USA was well forecast by WeatherAction in run-up to Easter break with warmth in Florida and extreme cold, snow and blizzards in parts of North & West USA.

WANews16No08 MajorRed R4 4-7March superbly confirmed on Sun & over world
WANews16No08 Major Red (R4) period 4-7 March (predicted months ahead under WeatherAction SLAT12c) is superbly confirmed in Solar-Coronal activity, solar wind events, Geomagnetic activity, Jet stream extra wildness and weather extreme storm/snow/tornado events BI-Eu,USA.

WANews16No07 Front page news on March 2016 USA and Br+Ir forecast pdfs
The front page news articles in WeatherAction Full March (30d) forecast pdfs; examples of continuing high skill of WeatherAction Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique (SLAT) of Long-Range forecasting. Subscribe via

WANews16No06 Br+Ir Spot-On 100d ahead Forecasts - N/S contrasts weekend 20-21Feb
WeatherAction Long-Range Forecast map for 20-22 Feb+/-1d - involving Major Red, R4, period 20-23rd, is now confirmed by MetOffice 36hr ahead. We also expect more ferocious activity than MetO suggest from the Iceland-Scotland low pressure system as R4 hits in. The burst of Spring in the South is also as forecast 100d+ ahead. To find out if it will last get the special Spring-Hope offer March-NOW-and-Feb-Free only 15 quid on Br+Ir 15-145d service.

WANews16No05 Terry Wogan and Prof Bob Carter RIP, both Climate Realists. Piers Corbyn remembers them. For Bob, a Prof of James Cook Uni Queensland Australia who spoke at a special WeatherAction meeting supporting his book launch in London, we give extra links in memoriam.

IT'S TIME TO REVIEW CO2 & ENERGY TAXES ACROSS THE WORLD - WANews16No04 - Extreme Weather in recent years has been The Wrong Type Of Extremes for the CO2 'theory' + The CO2 'theory' destroyed in 3 simple points

WANews16No03 SolarWind action build-up for R4 Jan24-26 and following StratWarm confirmed
WANews16No03 SolarWind action build-up for R4 Jan 24-26 and following rapid StratWarm (Sudden Stratospehric Warming - SSW) being confirmed. Note Starto dats is DOY 26 = Jan 26th further results will follow. To get graphs direct go to or replace 05 by 50 for 50mb level.

WANews16No03 SolarWind action build-up for R4 Jan24-26 and following StratWarm confirmed
WANews16No03 SolarWind action build-up for R4 Jan 24-26 and following rapid StratWarm (Sudden Stratospehric Warming - SSW) being confirmed. Note Starto dats is DOY 26 = Jan 26th further results will follow. To get graphs direct go to or replace 05 by 50 for 50mb level.

WANews16No02 Major Winter storm N/E USA warned 3 weeks ahead by WeatherAction USA
This Major Winter storm N/E USA for ~20-23 Jan was captured by WeatherAction USA 2016 forecasts 3 weeks ahead. It's Time to Subscribe!

WANews16No01 12Jan2016 VERY COLD PLUNGE Mid-USA Brilliant forecast by WeatherAction
The Very cold plunge mid-USA starting 12 Jan was forecast to the day by WeatherAction from 2 weeks ahead. Extreme weather events in recent years massive blizzards, very cold blasts, very intense storms, warm / hot spells are all caused by the Wild Jet Stream which is a result of predictable changes in solar particle and magnetic effects and nothing whatsoever to do with CO2. #NotCO2

WANews15No30 PiersCorbyn offers PrimeMinister help to combat storms+blizzards this winter & shows CO2 ClimateChange theory has failed
WANews15No30 Piers Corbyn offers Prime Minister help to combat storms + blizzards this winter. He points out how extreme events over last 7 years confirm Solar-lunar theory and negate CO2 Climate Change theory and calls for re-think under Climate Change Act.

WANews15No29. End-Dec Mega-storms Atlantic/BI, USA & across world confirm WeatherAction solar-based 10 week ahead warning.
WANews15No29 Mega storms across world confirm Top Red R5 period ~28-31 Dec with deep Lows, Floods & damaging winds both sides of Atlantic. These events are the wrong type of Extremes for the CO2 story. The wild Jet Stream giving these extremes was predicted and is driven by special solar activity changes and nothing whatsoever to do with CO2. Nevertheless the adherents to that delusional theory will dishonestly claim these events support it.

WANews15No28PiersCorbynTheClimateChangeAct7yearsOnNewUnderstandings & the fight to save UKSteel-NewUnderstandings & the fight to save UKSteel
WANews15No28 Piers Corbyn in UK Palace Of Westminster Cttee Room 14 Wed 25Nov - The Climate Change Act 7rs On - New Understandings - Energy Charges and Saving UK Steel. Piers brilliantly demonstates his Solar Lunar prediction method, explains the need to Review the Climate Change Act and gives a Climate forecast out to 2035 with comments on the next 1000 years - ALSO ON VIDEO

WANews15No27 Peter Gill Thoughts Prior To COP21 as presented at UK Houses of Parliament - Palace of Westminster Committee Room 14 Weds 25 Nov. The 6 basic propositions of the idea of Man-Made-Climate-Change are comprehensively destroyed

WANews15No26 R5period 19-21Nov RedWarningBIEu
WANews15No26 R5 period 19-21Nov RedWarning Tremendous success for BI+Eu forecasts 5weeks ahead in R5 period

19 Nov WeatherAction USA Amazing forecast 19-21Nov WANews15No25
Again, WeatherAction USA LongRange forecasts show their world-leading skill in predicting extreme weather which comes in WeatherAction TopRed (R5) weather periods. Predicted 3 weeks ahead, the period main features - the powerful Low in N/NE USA and associated cold blast and warmth and Low in the far SW, are confirmed.

26 Oct Hurricane #Patricia veers slighly right confirming WeatherAction WANews15No24
Hurricane #Patricia veers slighly right confirming WeatherAction Top red "R5" projection as stated by Piers Corbyn on SkyNews 23 Oct

29 August WeatherActionChallengeForBBCContractWANews15No22
29Aug2015 WeatherAction issues call to contenders in bids for BBC Weather contract

26 July - Late July Cold blast Br+Ir Confirmed - WANews15No21
WeatherAction's late July cold blast which contradicted other forecasters a month ahead is well confirmed this month which some gave a 10/10 score for their area.

WeatherAction Long-Range JULY USA forecast was weeks ahead of all others in predicting in detail and timing the extreme heat in central-North USA. Piers Corbyn explains: "It's all down to the Wild Jet Stream Age we are now in. It's nothing to do with CO2!"

July 10 Venice Tornado July 8 confirms WeatherAction warnings
WeatherAction's Major Red, R4, period 6-8th July was confirmed by extra activity in VENICE and many other parts of the world. See pdf here for dramatic Video links and 17% OFF INTRODUCTORY DEAL

23 JUNE 2015 BRILLIANT USA FORECAST in "R4" RedWeather period - Celebrate 2/3 OFF MIDSUMMER DEAL WANews17
Brilliant success MidWest USA as storm events confirm WeatherAction detail 3weeks ahead. Success marked with limited period MidSummer 2/3 OFF 6/12mth subs USA, Br+Ir, Europe. Deal includes extensions of existing subs

17JuneWA15no16 Science Shows ManMade ClimateChange Is DelusionalNonsense
Marking the Poorly Attended UK Climate Change Lobby 17Jun Piers Corbyn offers a special pdf to all interested: Science Shows ManMade ClimateChange Is DelusionalNonsense. THE CASE IN 2 KEY ARGUMENTS:- 1. CO2 levels are controlled by world temps, NOT the other way - slides7+8. 2. Man's CO2 flux in and out of atmosphere is only 4% of total. The idea that this dominates the other v. variable 96% is deranged - slides 1+3. WeatherAction Challenges any to debate! GET Piers to your debate: Ring 07958713320

6 June 2015 WeatherAction News No15 FrontPage News on USA and Eu Forecasts
Front page News on WeatherAction June 2015 USA and Europe forecasts - with Amazing 12 months for 5 offer still on.

30 MAY 2015 WeatherAction News No14 Late May Cold night blasts confirm NEW SLAT12a
The important cold blasts in Britain (espec East) and NW Europe confirm WeatherAction Solar Lunar Action Technique new advance to SLAT12a which warned that nights especially would be colder than unddr Slat12

2015 MAY17 RedWeather Forecasts are back and FREE TODAY == NewSLAT12a May Update == APRIL 23... StGeorgesDay & onwards. Weatheraction advances BI, Eu and USA with SLAT12
Go to Home page for NEWS on Free 'RTQ' Forecasts == The renewed cold-blast coming in USA MidWest & N/E further confirms WeatherAction's Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique advances to SLAT 12 - follwing significant mid-month success in B+I and Eu.

23 April 2015 WeatherAction News No13 USA N/E & MidWest Cold blast on WA cue
WeatherAction USA late April cold blast N/E and MidWest coming on cue - WeatherAction 4 wks ahead part forecast corresponds well to AccuWeather 5day ahead. This is an important confirmation of the new SLAT12.

12 April WANews15No12 WeatherAction important SLAT12 update confirmed
The important Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique change to the forecast period 12-15 April is confirmed by observed weather. This will help further advances in forecasting science.

28 Feb 2015, WAnews15no11, REPORT on Royal Met Soc meeting Reading 7Feb -
The Royal Met Soc Meeting of Sat 7 Feb at Reading University was attended by Piers Corbyn and Ivan Atanasnoff of WeatherAction whe combatted the delusional nonsense of Man-made Climate Change

Feb 20 2015 WANews15No10 USA Diabolical cold LongRange Predicted by WeatherAction
USA Diabolical cold of ~17-19 Feb was LongRange Predicted 3 weekw ahead by WeatherAction in a widely praised forecast

Feb 15 2015 WeatherAction News No 09 BI Mild switch confirmed, BRILL 6 FOR 1 DEALS
Br+Ir Cold early Feb switching to 13/14th Feb spot-on confirmed AND AMAZING 6 FOR 1 SHORT Market-Test' deals announced for B+I 45d(inc30d), "ALL-SPRING-PLUS(to Nov)" and Europe Full. PASS ON THIS NEWS.

Feb 10th 2015 WeatherAction News No8 Dangerous Arctic blast, Ice & blizzards confirm WeatherAction LongRange
The dangerous Arctic blast and blizzards hitting N/E USA were LongRange forecast 2 weeks ahead by WeatherAction and part of the extra wild-jet-stream circulation which follows from the Sudden Stratospheric Warming correctly predicted by WeatherAction for early-mid January. Continuing USA forecast success is now marked by 50% reduction for 12m of Subs

Feb 8th 2015 WANews15No07 re 21Jan Corbyn Bros on Davos junket
(As on homepage 21Jan) As the super-rich junket in World Economic Forum Davos Switzerland see what the Corbyn brothers each have to say. Piers challenges WEF and exposes the Co2Con as 'cretin Physics'

3 Feb 2015 WeatherAction News No 06 - Displaced Polar Vortex BI-NW Eu early Feb, 6mth ahead forecast confirmed
The displaced Polar Vortex BI-NW Eu early Feb forecast by WeatherAction 6mth ahead is confirmed. GREAT 2/3OFF ALL-SPRING-NOW OFFER ON NOW - along with more top deals.

27 Jan 2015 WeatherAction News No 05 Arctic blasts & Blizzards USA,BI,Eu confirmed.
WeatherAction successfully forecast the end Jan - start Feb major arctic blasts /snowmageddons and displacment of the polar vortex consequent on predicted extra 'Wild' waviness in the Jet Stream. This was driven by solar induced Sudden warmings of the upper and Lower Stratosphere predicted by WeatherAction. The displaced polar vortex BI+Eu was predicted 6 months ahead. Only charlatans claim these extreme events are anything to do with CO2/ GlobalWarming/ Mankind driven 'Climate Change'.

10 Jan 2015 WeatherAction News No 04 TOP STORM SUPERBLY FORECAST 120d ahead
The major storm which hit Britain + Ireland, espec Ire+Scot, confirmed WeatherAction LongRange forecast of 120d ahead & detailed maps+graphs 21d ahead. Top level Kp7 Geomag activity & an M6.6 Quake also confirmed WeatherAction Geophysical (trial) forecasts for Jan 8-12th+/-1d. TO MARK THIS SUCCESS GET WeatherAction Forecasts under upTo 2/3OFF 'Storming Offer' HomePage

07 Jan 2015 WeatherAction News No 03 #ClimateTruth #NHSWinter event at BBCHQ
BBC says The world is on course for 2014 to be warmest Year; at same time World Sea ice soars to record highs. WHO IS LYING? BBC+MO misinformation make #NHSWinter crisis worse.

04Jan(2) 2015 WeatherAction News No2 Cold Blast UK+Eu on cue 2-4Jan
Cold Blast UK+Eu on WeatherAction cue around 1-4Jan (later part). Weak Link Scand and Greenland High, Polar-type Low(s) Scand, well predicted. Major extremes follow shortly after this period &later in Jan+Feb - exacerbated by Stratospheric Warming effects. For foreacsts at UpTo 2/3OFF (first 50) go to

04 JAN 2015 WeatherAction News No 01 USA EARLY JAN VERY COLD BLAST on cue
WeatherAction warnings of a very cold blast USA especially N+E early Jan is being well confirmed. WARNING:THE FOLLOWING EVENTS WILL BE MORE SERIOUS THAN STANDARD FORECASTS EXPECT => Get Full forecast via

30 Dec 2014 WeatherAction News No 47 USA Major Cold blast 28-31Dec on cue
WeatherAction USA general pressure development (approx) pattern for Dec 28-31+/-1day, produced 40 days ahead, is well followed. For full forecasts and special end-year on line forecast sale ? up to 2/3 off - go to

23 Dec 2014 WeatherAction News No 46. Br+Ir mild, mobile blasts on cue
Br+Ir mild, mobile blasts on cue for ~23-27 Dec and cold blast coming towards month end

4 DEC 2014 WeatherAction News No 45 Major NorEaster USA as warned by WeatherAction
WeatherAction Red Double period R4 5-6 and R5 7-8 Dec is on 4Dec showing in standard models both for snow BI+ NW Eu and a MAJOR NOR-EASTER USA which is likley to be very serious in the R5 7-8th. If you havn't got your astoundingly low-priced WeatherAction USA DEC forecast, GET IT NOW=>

2 Dec 2014 WeatherAction News No 44 BBC HQ RealityCheck Protest Leaflet
On the first day of winter 2014 protesters distributed this leaflet at BBC HQ Portland Pl London calling on the BBC to accept Climate Reality & broadcast warnings of the Severe winter weather to come. PIC

(14 Nov 2014) WANews14No43a WeatherAction warn UKMetO Winter Forecast should be ignored
(Archive) Piers Corbyn explains that UK Met Office Long range prognoses have a record of failure and are the work of charlatans.

24 Nov 2014 WeatherAction News No 43 Deluges & floods R4 period Superb forecast
Deluges, floods and Aurora confirmed R4 period warnings 22-25Nov from 40days ahead

23Oct 2014 WeatherAction News No 42 Amazing Pressure pattern forecast USA
WeatherAction Pressure pattern forecast Oct 19-23rd USA has amazing closeness to observations 3 weeka later.

19 Oct 2014 WeatherAction News No41- Ex Hurricane hit UK+Eire to be worse
Ex Hurricane Gonzalo is likely to bring more severe wind rain and snow than current BBC-MetOffice forecasts when it hits Eire+UK on Oct 21/22, said Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction on 19th (04.00) who warned that Solar activity influences could also drag the Storm further South and that these and other extreme events are nothing to do with the fiction of Co2 'Climate-Change'

11 Oct 2014 WeatherAction News No 40
BEWARE! Major Red, R4, period 12-15 Oct. WeatherAction USA success continues - Forecast of 2 weeks ahead being confirmed.

6 Sept 2014 WeatherAction News No 39
WeatherAction 'DoubleTopRed', R5+R4, period 1-5 Sept CONFIRMED in detail N/NE USA on maps & in extreme events across world --- WARNING ISSUED: Another more extreme period is in forecasts for this month. --- AMAZING 50%/67% OFF SPECIAL DEAL ends soon.

31 (was 27) Aug 2014 WeatherAction News No 38
ALL SERVICES 50% / 2/3OFF TODAY... - {could end TONIGHT/soon depending on response); Replaces USA only offer; AS AMAZING FORECAST SUCCESS CONTINUES - Heat Streams North ~25-29Aug confirming WeatherAction R4R5

23 Aug 2014 WeatherAction News No 37
Information: Special advice and comments issued 16 Aug to Subscribers (public 23Aug) on First half Aug, particularly how remants of ex-Trop Storm Bertha knocked WeatherAction LongRange forecast off course and advice that forecast should be back close to track from ~23rd - which is the case apart from cold night(s).

19 Aug 2014 WeatherAction News No 36
Tornadic waterspouts 19 Aug Gulf Of Genoa confirm WeatherAction Euro Forecast for R5 period 18-19th [R4 period 21-22nd follows]. Solar Wind shows increased density &c in R5.

12 Aug 2014 WeatherAction News No 35
WeatherAction USA brilliant success continues - Obs maps 11-15th well matched by forecast. More extreme weather is coming - Get weather-wise through Great new Late Summer up to 50% OFF time Limited Deal

12 Aug 2014 WeatherAction News No 34
WeatherAction Europe+Br+Ir "Brilliant" forecast maps 11-15Aug; predicted circulation recovered despite ex-Bertha event --- AND Amazing Value Late Summer 50% OFF Ltd offer

28 July 2014 WeatherAction News No 33
THUNDERFLOODS, GIANT HAIL & TORNADOES N/E USA - "Brilliant warning by WeatherAction-USA 27days ahead AND End-off month Deal 6m/12m ALL SERVICES for 4m/8m = 1/3Off

25 July 2014 WeatherAction News No 32
Thunderfloods N/E USA & Searing Heat+ Wild-Fires S/W correctly forecast by WeatherAction for late July (esp Double R5 period 22-26th) from over 3 wks ahead

20 July 2014 WeatherAction News No 31
FACTS on MetO-BBC forecast & Warning serious failure Sat 19 July - a bizarre reader Comm and counter information comms

15 July 2014 WeatherAction News No30
WeatherAction correctly warned of DustStorms SW USA /AZ Jul 13-14 from 2 weeks ahead. See latest Comments for Mini-Ice-Age / Wild-Jet-Stream Circulation patterns

8 July 2014 WeatherAction News No 29
Piers Corbyn Greetings & Key Questions letter to ICCC (International Climate Change Conference) 7-9 July, Las Vegas, Nevada:- All Power to your efforts at ICCC9 to vanquish the CO2 warmist foes of Real science!

8 July 2014 WeatherAction News No 28
Extreme Hail confirms WeatherAction Euro forecast and Climate warnings ~1-5 July around major Red Weather, R4, period ~2-3 July. There were also major USA/Canada hailstorms in the same period. WeatherAction Climate warnings of 2 years before are being vidicated.

3 July 2014 WeatherAction News No 27
WOW LIGHTNING! USA NYC CONFIRMS WeatherAction Warning of Thunderstorm Intensification ~2-3 JULY in R4 Solar hit period (see forecast Comment in July USA Forecast) Get Forecasts NOW. 33/50% OFF for 6/12m Subs Ends Thurs 3 JUL 3pm EDT => Subscribe Now

1 JULY 2014 WeatherAction News No 26
WeatherAction USA 33d ahead forecast Jun26-Jul1 "BRILLIANT" match with USA Pressure maps and thunderbolts. W-A explicitly warned of "intense lightning" in this period and it came.

27 June 2014 WeatherAction News No 25
WeatherAction Warned 6 weeks ahead of all others: GLASTONBURY & WIMBLEDON areas: Deluges, thunderstorms, hail, strong local winds (with increased tornado risk). Be prepared!

25 June 2014 WeatherAction News No 24
WeatherAction 6 week ahead Forecast map ~21-25 June superbly confirmed => What Next? Special Subscribers advice Glastonbury-Wimbledon 26-29th + World Cup into July

22 Jun 2014 WeatherAction News No23
Major (R4) Solar-Weather world impact period June 18-20 dramatically confirmed and Piers Corbyn warns of more deluges floods and storms to hit the Balkans and other parts of Europe this Summer and Autumn.

19 JUN 2014 WeatherAction News No 22
WeatherAction Major Solar-activity - Earth-Weather, R4, impact period Confirmed as Fearsome thunder, tornadoes and hail trash mid-West and more.

18 JUNE 2014 WeatherActionNews No 21
WeatherAction forecast from 24days (38d choices) ahead Mid-Summer-Day snow in the land of the midnight sun. ECMWF (Euro Centre Med Range Forecasting) follows 7d ahead. "This is Wild-Jet-Stream - Mini-Ice-Age weather" says Piers Corbyn

27 May 2014 WeatherAction News No 20
Golf-plus size hail Sterling West Texas SPOT-ON confirms WeatherAction USA 4Week ahead foreacst for ~26-28 May. Subscriptions for June (issue 31May) include the important end of May Free-of-charge; via

23 May 2014 WeatherAction News No 19
Euro heatwave 19-21 May & breakdown a "Great call" by WeatherAction. The predictable extreme weather and the preceding Balkan floods are a direct consequence of the Wild-jet stream / Mini-ice-Age era the world has entered and provenly nothing to do with the Science-Denialist Delusion of CO2 led 'Global Warming'

14MAY 2014 WeatherAction News No 18
NASA GIVES ITS MOST DELUDED SCARE STORY EVER - Piers Corbyn points out there is no basis whatsoever to believe the (200 year hence) West Antarctic Ice sheet sea-level rise scare story merits serious concern and says it is produced and circulated by the usual suspects to fulfill a political agenda.

11 MAY 2014 WeatherAction News No 17
Public Info NEWS page WORLD RTQ MAY Forecast: (1) UN IPSD - Intergovernmental Panel of Science Denial. (2) Tornado Swarms and the Mini Ice Age. To get Full RTQ or other forecasts for this unusually ACTIVE MAY go to

7 MAY 2014 WeatherAction News No16
ITALY FLOODS 4May CONFIRM WeatherAction EuroMaps Regions Forecast Detail For flood VIDEO

6 MAY 2014 WeatherAction News No 15
Superb confirmation of R5 2-4 May (period defined 14 April) - 1. RTQ forecast, geomagnetic and Earthquake reports. details For Italy floods see same link and WANews14No16.pdf

26 April 2014 WeatherAction News No 14
Thunderstorms in R4 period 24-25Apr UK SUPERBLY confirm WeatherAction 40day ahead detailed Forecasts. Piers says "IT'S TIME NOW TO SUBSCRIBE TO WeatherAction SPRINGTIME HOPE Special, limited offers"

21 April 2014 WeatherAction News No 13
Easter both sides Atlantic confirm WeatherAction. Extreme Solar Flares, CME (Coronal Mass ejection), thunder, hail, Auroras, Quakes hit in top Red R5 and QV5 period Easter weekend April 19-20 +/-1d.

18 April 2014 WeatherAction News No 12
Mid-April snow confirms WeatherAction USA detailed forecast issued end March. -- Detroit breaks top snow record of 1880-81 -- Mini-Ice-Age is here

14 April 2014 WeatherAction News No11
WeatherAction renames UN Climate Committee (IPCC) the IPSD - Panel For Science denial. Potsdam Institute, Berlin, which hosts IPCC Working Group III (Report April 13) is challenged to refuse to do Science-Cretinist bidding of UN IPCC and German Govt.

12 April 2014 WeatherAction News No10
What will Britain & Ireland late Spring and summer be like. As WeatherAction LongRange fine weather mid-April is confirmed Piers Corbyn comments on latest round of charlatan forecasts which have no skill and should be ignored absolutely.

30 Mar 2014 WeatherAction News No 09
WeatherAction USA and South Canada success goes On and On - End March "Brill" Forecast say users, following great support at Electric Universe Conference New Mexico 20-24 March where Piers Corbyn was a guest speaker.

19 March 2014 Dramatic Mini-Ice-Age hits hit both sides Atlantic - 75% success
Extreme blizzard/ cold events USA +S. Canada 10-12 and 14-16 March were confirmed while corresponding storms for Britain+Ireland/Eu were blocked out by High Pressure 10-12th and confirmed 14-16th. This pdf (sent to subscribers prior to public release) discusses these events and implications.

21 Feb (Re 6 Feb) WeatherActionNews No07
MADE PUBLIC 21 Feb: Special Subscribers REVISION Update for Feb 2014 issued to SUBSCRIBERS ONLY 6 Feb: 1) Review, 2) Revision advice. Made fully Public 21 Feb for information on the all-important rapid intensification of Wild Jet Stream / Mini Ice Age Circulation.

11th Feb 2014 WeatherAction News No 06
WeatherAction shows the claimed '(Man-made) Climate Change link to storms' is delusional nonsense and Dame Julia Slingo is a charlatan. WeatherAction challenges her and the Met Office to 'put-up or shut-up' public debate.

9 Feb 2014 WeatherActionNews No 05
Stop Climate Charlatans special News: Oct-Jan World Circulation Review - Wild Jet Stream Revision of Forecast - Somerset Levels cover-up exposed.

21 Feb (25 Jan to subscribers) WeatherAction News No 04a
FOR INFO WA14No4 = BI1401 Jan25 SUBSCRIBERS UPDATE Public Release 21Feb for information on solar-weather changes to RAPID INTENSIFICATION of Mini-Ice-Age / Wild Jet stream conditions world-wide. Other such initially subscribers only special commentaries will be released in due course.

10 Jan 2014 WeatherAction News No 03
WeatherAction Offers to help UK Govt and emergency services better prepare and cope with ongoing weather crisis; and points out claims that recent weather is connected with so-called man-made Clmate Change are delusional nonsense.

7 Jan 2014 WeatherAction News No 02
Wind gust Reports 30 Dec 2013 to 3 Jan 2014 showing that Met Office underestimated top wind gusts in forecasts ~during SLAT R4 and R5 Red Periods

4 Jan 2014 WeatherAction News No 01
Public News content of WeatherAction Jan forecast Bulletins - USA, Europe, Br and Ir - "Exceedingly Awesome" forecasts say USA subscribers - "Why so many storms, When will they end? Eu, Br and Ir

19 Dec 2013 WeatherAction News No 52
WeatherAction forecast 3 weeks ahead spot-on in USA run-up to Xmas. Travel disruption, storms, snow and ice correctly warned to the day => Give a Subscription to WeatherAction as an Xmas Gift!

5 Dec 2013 WeatherAction News No 51
STORMS batter Ireland, Scotland, N England + NW Europe - WeatherAction 3 week ahead STORM force winds warning confirmed - Met Office underestimated winds and failed to issue RED warnings. WHOLE WINTER SUPERB VALUE Forecast Offers now extended Br+Ire, USA AND Europe

28 Nov 2013 WeatherAction News No50
Thanksgiving day and run-up to Thanksgiving day snow hit N/E USA - "really useful" 4 week ahead WeatherAction forecast AND AMAZING 3 FOR 2 FORECAST OFFER - All winter months on issue for only $30

22 Nov 2013 WeatherAction News No 49
Mid-West Tornado Outbreak 17 Nov and Typhoon Yolanda development ~4-6Nov, and other storms triggered/powered-up in WeatherAction Top Red "R5" periods; Yet still CO2 warmists blame CO2!

20th Nov 2013 WeatherAction News No 48
Will the "Snowy North blast" ~18-20 Nov heralded by TV forecasts "Poodle Out"? - Br+Ir SUBSCRIBERS UPDATE 16 Nov made PUBLIC 20 Nov 17:30hrs to help discussion on the matter. Br+Ir subscribers (30d,45d,75d,LR) will get a further update later this week on likely developments Br+Ir+Eu proving difficult for all forecasters.

16 Nov 2013 WeatherAction News No 47
For Web DISCUSSION INFO. WeatherAction beat Standard Met at decisive turns Winter 2012-13 SLIDES 4,5,6,9 Piers Corbyn Overhead Line Engineers Forum Capenhurst Chester 21-03-13 & see WANews13No3.

30th Oct 2013 WeatherAction News No 46
Piers' Late October storms both sides Atlantic in WeatherAction R5 period. - preceded by remarkable solar events - UK-Eu storm ramped UP Low countries, Denmark - USA South-Central severe storm "Brilliant hit". New Subs offer ends 31Oct

28 Oct 2013 WeatherAction News No45
WratherAction forecast for "Piers Corbyn's Storm Oct 2013" beat Met Office All The Way. Public Release of Subscriber only Storm advice WANews44c - ALL WARNINGS CONFIRMED FROM 6 weeks to 6 hours ahead. WeatherAction always ahead of Met Office

26 Oct 2013 WeatherAction News No 44
The damage from the coming storm which Piers Corbyn predicted 6 weeks ahead will be "on a par with the Great Storm of October 1987" he says.

22nd Oct 2013 WeatherAction News No 43
Piers Corbyn's presentation to GAFTA (Grain & Feed Trades Assoc), Kempinski Hotel, Lake Geneva 15-17 May 2013. (CO2 Warmists On The Run, Now Finish The Job! Info & Reference 3)

22nd Oct 2013 WeatherAction News No 42
CO2 Warmists On The Run, Now Finish The Job! News-Info 2:- Murry Salby Series of Meetings: Mon 4Nov 4.30pm Hemmigford Abbots; Wed 6Nov 1.30pm Palace Of Westminster; Thur 7Nov 7pm-9pm Links Hotel Edinburgh; Fri 8Nov 2pm Farmers Club Whitehall. Climate Fools Day Anniversary activists are urged to support all these Finish-The-Job events and inform us of others to promote via , Thank you

22nd Oct 2013 WeatherAction News No 41
CO2 Warmists On The Run, Now Finish The Job! News-Info 1:- Energy Institute 31 Oct, Halloween, Energy Policy Time For Plan B Public Forum

12 Oct 2013 WeatherAction News No 40
Top 'Red' Active period 11-14 Oct Confirmed USA, Br+Ir+Eu. DANGEROUS Weather coming later OCT. ALL [Br+Ir, Eu, USA, RTQ (Red periods, quakes &c)] OCT Forecasts NOW HALF PRICE.

29th Sept 2013 WeatherAction News No39
"A COWARDLY COVER-UP AND A DISGRACE TO SCIENCE". Piers Corbyn comprehensively, scientifically, demolishes the UN IPCC 5th Report and MetOffice/BBC role in a 12page pdf

28th Sept 2013 WeatherAction News No 38
Wild Weather Extremes & General World Cooling - Piers Corbyn, article centre spread GAFTA (Grain And Feed Trades Assoc) Journal following Piers' presentation at GAFTA Conference Geneva May 2013

20th Sept 2013 WeatherAction News No 37
WeatherAction Atlantic Tropical Storms Forecast and News. Only WeatherAction can predict storm formation - when and where (for Atlantic proper storms).

2nd Sept 2013 WeatherAction News No 36
QUADZAT! 4-fold: Solar, Quake, Tropical Storm, Eu+USA extremes confirm WeatherAction end Aug R5, QV5 LR forecasts period

24 August 2013 WeatherAction News No 35
"Amazing" say users on WeatherAction USA forecast maps ~21-25 Aug. ++ NEW Super value Long Deals FOR 1ST 100 ONLY, 6 month or 12 month SUBS - HURRY!

22 August 2013 WeatherAction News No 34
Late August West Europe short hot blast hits on WeatherAction cue. To celebrate WeatherAction cuts Euro forecasts price and gives Superb '3 for 1' Deal - Equivalent to 75% price reduction!

15 August 2013 WeatherAction News No 33
Dramatic Earth-Facing Solar events confirm WeatherAction Forecast at start of R5 & QV5 periods

9 August 2013 WeatherAction News No 32
"Brill Call" SW USA Humidity increasing Aug 10 on WeatherAction LongRange cue - fire-risk dampened. WeatherAction August forecast now only $10 via

18th July 2013 WeatherAction News No 31
SUPERB CALL End July NE/SW Split WeatherAction-USA forecast confirmed. Now new must-have great deals for ongoing subs

26th July 2013 WeatherAction News No 30
Spring Report: WeatherAction won British Asparagus Start Season Competition, very cold 'Mini-Ice-Age' / 'Wild-Jet-Stream' Spring confirmed - All other forecasters well off course

18th July 2013 WeatherAction News No 29
Br+Ir PUBLIC SEQUEL UPDATE to 8July Subscribers-only update. New SLAT9 changes forecast. What Next for warmist charlatans?

15th July 2013 WeatherAction News No 28
Cool end July B&I. Standard Met (GFS) NOW (July 15) agrees with WeatherAction. SLAT 9 is born to better predict cut-off highs.

9th July 2013 WeatherAction News No27
BRILL! Hail warning confirmed Top R5 period 7-9th July. FREE USA and South Canada July Forecast.

1st July 2013 WeatherAction News No 26
Extreme dry Fire-Heat SW USA & Wet, Cold NE 'good call' warned by WeatherAction

25th June 2013 WeatherAction News No 25
USA storms 23-25 June confirm SUPERB 25day ahead warning in WeatherAction Top Red 'R5' period.

21st June 2013 WeatherAction News No 24
Dartboard Low barreling over Britain w/end 22-23rd is "brill hit" for WeatherAction 25d ahead Euro Pressure forecast

17th June 2013 WeatherAction News No 23
Copy of Letter to Met Office re 18 June Weather 'Summit'

14th June 2013 WeatherAction News No 22
WeatherAction R5 period 10-12 Jun 2013 (+/-1d) Atlantic Europe Notes

14th June 2013 WeatherAction News No 21
WeatherAction R5 period 10-12 June 2013

11th June 2013 WeatherAction News No 20
Severe thunder, large hail, tornados, floods 10-12June ? Another "Brilliant call" by WeatherAction-USA

7th June 2013 WeatherAction News No 19
Bilderberg 'World-Unity' Lie Game is up!

26th May 2013 WeatherAction News No 18
Severe thunderstorms, giant hail, tornados, floods and snow (Nth parts), confirm WeatherActionUSA 4 wk ahead

21st May 2013 WeatherAction News No 17
East Europe Heatwave ~10-12 May and great contrasts across Europe, superbly forecast by WeatherAction

20th May 2013 WeatherAction News No 16
WeatherAction Long-Range Atlantic-Euro Pressure forecast 10-15 May (below) of South tracking Low superbly followed by MetO chart for 00hrs 15th

13th May 2013 WeatherAction News No 15
Greenpeace scam exposed

12th May 2013 WeatherAction News No 14
BBC CO2 spin fails honesty test

7th May 2013 WeatherAction News No 13
The bogey Lie of Ocean "Acidification"

29th April 2013 WeatherAction News No 12
USA end April start May: Thunderstorms Midwest finer NE, Hot SW CONFIRM WeatherAction 4 weeks ahead

26th April 2013 WeatherAction News No 11
Thinning Arctic Ice; More Al Gore Aided and Abetted Misinformation?

25th April 2013 WeatherAction News No 10
CO2 Climate delusions exposed: "Warm Means Cold" is a pack of Lies - Astrophysicist

24th April 2013 WeatherAction News No 9
USA DEEP COLD BLAST confirms WeatherAction 25d ahead Forecast for Mon 22 - Thur 25th

11th April 2013 WeatherAction News No 8
USA Storms arrive on WeatherAction Cue

8th April 2013 WeatherAction News No 7
HIDE THE RISE! The Warmists Arctic Sea Ice trick 2013

26th March 2013 WeatherAction News No 6
Weather Warning Commentary & MAP, update 25.03.13

26th March 2013 WeatherAction News No 5
The new Mini Ice Age is upon us!

25th February 2013 WeatherAction News No 4
Piers Corbyns Cold Outburst Lower stratosphere forecast tool - A pointer to predicting a significant set of NH winter cold outbursts

20th February 2013 WeatherAction News No 3
WeatherAction UK Cold blast (& Fog) start Wed 20 Feb Forecast warning 21days ahead confirmed to the day.

17th February 2013 WeatherAction News No 2
WeatherAction USA Powerful NorEaster Storm Forecast in 13-17th Feb (issued 30Jan) confirmed.

4th February 2013 WeatherAction News No 1
Sun, Stratosphere, Weather & Quake events confirm WeatherAction predicted very active period 31Jan-5Feb: Earth-Facing Coronal Hole 1Feb (forecast 31Jan-1Feb); Preceding warming of lower statosphere 26Jan; Snow blast UK 4Feb; NINE! M6+ quakes in predicted period for extra M6+ quakes 30Jan-2Feb.

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