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WANews17No15 PiersSaysJawMustPrevailOverWar+ClimateFightbackVital
WANews17No15 April 12th Piers Corbyn Says JawJaw Must Prevail Over WarWar + Climate Fight back Vital in building Trump-Putin co-operation and peace

WANews17No13 Brilliant sunshine Br+Ir + N Europe brill forecast 5 weeks ahead
WANews17No13 Brilliant sunshine Br+Ir + N Europe brilliant forecast 5 weeks ahead. WeatherAction Eu (+BI) Pressure maps well captured High pressure over BI-Scandinavia using Slat13c.

WANews17No12 End March Storm Eu & BI well forecast 6 weeks ahead
WANews17No12 End March Eu & Br+Ir well forecast 6 weeks ahead. Major attacking Low on cue.

WANews17No11 Piers Corbyn Greetings to International Climate conf USA 23-24 Mar
WANews17No11 Piers Corbyn Greetings Message to Heartland International Conf on Climate Change at DC USA 23-24 March 2017

WANews17No10 USA Good Map Match ~March 25th 5weeks ahead
WeatherAction USA 5 weeks ahead forecast map for ~March 24-27th is well confirmed by short range forecast / obs

WANews17No09 WeatherAction R4 Mar4-6 superbly confirmed
WeatherAction R4 Mar4-6+/-1d top hit: -- Cat4 Cyclone ENAWO max at Geomag peak K5 in R4 -- Tornado events hit Illinois USA Mar 7th Major -- M6.3 Quake Mar5 Papua-New-Guinea

WANews17No5 Globalization now in terminal crisis says Piers Corbyn
WANews17No5. Globalization is now in terminal crisis! says Piers Corbyn astrophysicist and Director ManMade ClimateChange - #FakeScience and the fakest of all #FakeNews - a key ideological linchpin of globalization - is now broken.....

WANews17No4 NewYork + NE Heavy snow Feb8-9 confirms WeatherAction 22d ahead
NewYork + NE USA heavy snow Feb8-9 confirms WeatherAction 22d ahead - WeatherAction USA 15-45d Forecast Feb8-11 + Obs/1d Maps for Feb 8-9

WANews16No28 R4 Dec7-9+/-1d Coronal Hole, Solar wind upticks, Quakes + Cyclone
WANews16No28 'MajorRed'(R4) period Dec7-9+/-1d Confirmation events:- Earth-Facing Coronal Hole (6/7th), Solar wind speed and temp increases, Quakes: Indonesia, Off N California, Solomon Isles(+Tsunami) and Tropical cyclone Vardeh formed. CLICK for pdf.

WANews16No27 R4 Dec7-9+/-1d USA Major Snow and water spout
WANews16No27 R4 Dec7-9+/-1d Major Snow USA confirms detailed WeatherAction LongRange forecast and R4 drives snow enhancement and Lake Erie water spout. CLICK for pdf.

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