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Partial Eclipse Superstorms Celestial Fireworks Where is the world going? December frost And even the sun came out
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Comment from Piers Corbyn

COMMENT BLOG ON Weather, Climate, Science etc (started Oct 23 2019)
Weather and all that comment blog. This one for (NH) Autumn -early Winter and (SH) Spring - early Summer Started Oct 23 2019

BLOG: The fight for accountability in Science & Politics
The UK & world are in the most important period since WW2. The "WW3" struggle to Defend the democratic Brexit vote against WallStreet-Remainist "4thReich" diktat is NOW. JOIN THE DISCUSSION HERE

BLOG: IT's SUMMER (NH) & WINTER (SH)! What's next?
After WeatherAction captured all the basic scenarios and extremes in Spring (NH)and the first few weeks of June Br+Ir, Europe & Usa; what's next? DISCUSS & READ COMMENTS on the increasing number of "Little-Ice-Age-events" in North and South hemispheres and follow our Tropical storm forecasts in both hemispheres.

Hello Spring 2019. More wild Jet stream weather is expected this Spring and the rest of this year. If you're not yet a subscriber please join and PREPARE for whatever comes.

IT'S WINTER Your news comments and direct weather Reports blog
Join in WeatherAction's Weather blog with your comments on anything weather-wise and weather reports. THANK YOU

WeatherBlog Now (18May2018 onwards) Join in for weather reports, comms & Q's
CLICK TITLE TO JOIN IN - READ AND MAKE COMMENTS. This new blog marks the start of application of SLAT15a (Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique)which involves new improved (NH ~summer-time) rules to clarify which are best analogy (starting point) look-back data especially concerning lunar effects.

WeatherBlog Now (20Feb2018 onwards) for your weather Obs, comms & Q's
CLICK HERE TO READ AND JOIN LATEST WEATHER NEWS AND COMMENTS and see some recent past news from home page

New Futures and Politics blog from 31 July 2017 to read and Comm on latest of all sorts
The blog for accountability in politics, EU-Brexit debate, Social cleansing, combatting corruption and green religion in science and politics....

WeatherBlog Now (30-10-17 onwards) for your weather Obs, comms & Q's

WeatherBlog July31st 2017 ONWARDS for your weather Obs, comms & Q's
Weaher Blog started 31 July 2017. Go here to read and join in Observations & Weather comments

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