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Comment from Piers Corbyn

New Futures and Politics blog from 31 July 2017 to read and Comm on latest of all sorts
The blog for accountability in politics, EU-Brexit debate, Social cleansing, combatting corruption and green religion in science and politics....

WeatherBlog July31st 2017 ONWARDS for your weather Obs, comms & Q's
Weaher Blog started 31 July 2017. Go here to read and join in Observations & Weather comments

WeatherBlog 12th April 2017 and ongoing
WeatherBlog 2017 12th April and Ongoing comments

April 17th 2017 onwards NEW FUTURES & POLITICS your ongoing posts post Article 50
April 17th 2017 onwards NEW FUTURES & POLITICS your ongoing posts post Article 50

NEW FUTURES NEW POLITICS The Latest from Piers Corbyn and You
This Blog is for the more poltical side of WeatherAction discourse

WeatherBlog 12 Feb 2017 onwards. Your Reports + News from anywhere in world
CLICK HERE to read and give your comments. Scroll below overflow from home page. Use Politics blog for more political matters - Brexit, social cleansing etc

Weather Blog Nov 25 Onwards - #ClimateLiesBBC - Ready for winter?
Click here to read and join in discussion on latest weather observation-reports especially for extreme events around the world; and see overflow from Home page news.

Oct 28th onwards Weather BLOG latest
CLICK FOR ACCESS Direct weather reports news and comment and what you say about it

Piers Corbyn speaking Tue Nov 1st Pimlico Read more for info

Sep5 onwards Weather Comment Blog R5Sep1-4Brill success
CLICK FOR ACCESS! WELCOME TO WEATHER BLOG from Sep5 as TopRed R5 period 1-4 Sept scores brilliant success

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