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Thursday 1 Jun 2023

Welcome to WeatherAction 
- world leaders in Long Range Weather & Climate Forecasting

Piers Corbyn  

Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist, Managing Director and founder of WeatherAction LongRange forecasters
presenting at Electric-Universe Conference, Albequerque New Mexico USA, March 2014 

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** Comment from Piers Corbyn:- 
"#Covid19-Alarm has replaced #ClimateChange-Alarm as the main propaganda tool of the megaRich and Mega Corporations for their declared NewNormal / NewWorldOrder world plunder and control scheming to end democracy and destroy Rights. 
"These are strange times indeed when a LongRange Weather forecasting company actively discusses such political things; but make no mistake the totalitarian nature of this NewNormal / NewWorldOrder project is THE end of Science and THE end of democracy.  Both ClimateChange propaganda and CV19 contagion propaganda rely on falsification of data and negation of evidence-based science. THAT REQUIRES the negation of democracy because it is through democratic debate based on evidence of the real world that science of the real world is advanced. Most academic institutions and official science and technology bodies are now prisoners of the propaganda machine and as in Nazi Germany - where 'contagion' was the key to coercion - and the Stalinist USSR, the "science" they propagate is for the political spectacle not the understanding of the living and physical universe."

For Missions Statement, background and ongoing solar wind and Solar-Geomagnetic monitoring see below 

WeatherAction Mission Statement

1. Long Range Forecasting.
WeatherAction will develop and extend Piers Corbyn's revolutionary world-leading Solar based method* of Long Range forecasting to include all countries of the world months and years ahead particularly for extreme and dangerous events. The background physics principles behind the method  are available in presentations** and will be published in full in due course.  *Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique  **see eg links on Right hand page 

2. Environmental policy
WeatherAction supports True-Green-Policies to defend biodiversity and wild-life and reduce chemical and particulate pollution and points out that CO2 is not a pollutant but the Gas-Of-Life (plant food).

3. Evidence based science
WeatherAction defends evidence-based science and policy making as the ONLY science. WeatherAction completely supports campaigns for GeoEthical accountability and CLEXIT - Exit from UN Climate Change Deals and against data fraud and political manipulation of data and so-called scientific claims now dominating climate and environmental sciences. Evidence shows that man-made climate change does not exist and the arguments for it are not based on science but on data fraud and a conspiracy theory of nature. (see "Why the CO2 'theory' fails ", below)

Welcome to WeatherAction 

HELLO! On our site you can keep up with the latest news, videos, comments and reports of weather and related solar activity and give your own observations and comments via the Latest Comment blog (Right) and read WeatherAction news-pdfs in the 'Latest' tab. Our twitter feed - @Piers_Corbyn and facebook page  also carry leading weather and solar activity forecast reports and news.
Long-range monthly forecasts for Britain & Ireland, Europe and  USA are available with normally normally 6 to 8 weather sub-periods per month via the web with look ahead times up to  30d (days), 45d, 100d and 4 / 5 months. For more details and to subscribe click here 

Longer ahead forecasts up to 12 months ahead are also available - enquire directly via piers@weatheraction.com

WeatherAction forecasts, which have independently proven peer-reviewed significant skill - unlike all others in the field and proven skill in weather bets with William Hill (See forecast accuracy for references ) - are based on our revolutionary Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique (SLAT) which is increasing in scope and skill as our researches advance.

Useful presentations on SLAT and WeatherAction forecasts:
- See VIDEO of Piers Corbyn presentation to 'The Greenest Event', Johannesburg South Africa June 5th 2012 and more recent Video Links (Electric Universe conference USA March 2014) listed below / on right section of this homepage.
Presentation pdf submission to the UK Parliamentary enquiry into the supercold and snowy Dec 2010 - the coldest December for 100 years - which WeatherAction predicted ahead of all others -

WeatherAction Long-Range forecasts are world leaders 

They give possible likely weather scenarios (+/-1d) in typically 8 time periods per month for Britain+Ireland, Europe, USA regions. They are NOT substitutes for short range detail but provide a likely scenario for LongRange decisions and choices and are normally more accurate and applicable than standard meteorology on all time scales from months ahead to 5days ahead. WeatherAction are the only LongRange forecasts with proven peer-review published significant skill.
In addition to LongRange detail typically within 1 or 2 days resolution WeatherAction Solar factors - R5, R4, R3... ( in all forecasts) give advice which point to improverments of short range model  forecasts.
Comments and news in forecasts and here and in blogs linked below deal with both LongRange Forecasts and medium-short Weather and geophysical effects - eg aurora - of solar factors in Br+Ir, Europe, USA and across the world.
Follow @Piers_Corbyn on twitter for very latest news and comment. Note  Piers' tweets/retweets of standard model output at times may not imply agreement but is more information since models change so much in this Wild-Jet-Stream / Mini-Ice-Age era.
ALL PAST FORECASTS are available in the web access boxes for current forecasts and in the Forecast archive (Via Forecasts tab) as it updates.  Forecasts are normally for each MONTH and in (up to) 8 sub periods Br+Ir, Europe inc Scandanavia and USA. In forecast access & notes BI, B+I, BrIr, Br+Ir = Britain+Ireland; Eu = Europe inc Scand. 
30d forecast means current/next month up to ~30d ahead and is issued at ~end of previous month. 
45d forecast means ~15d to 45d ahead and is issued mid of previous month; etc for 75d.   
Forecasts issued can include re-issue of copies of previous without update and appropriately labelled [even if no changes have been (yet) made] - so subscribers know they have not missed a forecast (update). BI 100d, 90d, 75d, 45d and 30d can be the same but there normally will be extra detail and/or (sometimes) changes at any stage or extra stages espec for 45d & 30d issues. The basics of any forecast normally stay unchanged from ~6m ahead to 30d fullest detail in ~85% of cases.

WeatherAction is a major player in the Global Warming/Climate Change debate 

We point out that the world is now cooling not warming and there is no observational evidence in the thousands and millions of years of data that changes in CO2 have any observable effect on weather or climate in the real world. 
There are no scientists in the world who can produce such observational data and we challenge anyone reading this to send us such observational evidence from the real world or find someone who can and get them to produce it. There is only effect the other way, namely that ocean temperatures control average CO2 levels due to basic laws of physics about the soluability of CO2 gas in (sea) water. Boris Johnson, the (then) Mayor of London has expressed interest in what we say: see article 
Thank you, Piers Corbyn, MSc (astrophysics), ARCS, FRAS, FRMetS
Director WeatherAction

WeatherAction Business summary:

WeatherAction are world leaders in Long range weather - and climate - forecasting and produce detailed weather forecasts to resolution of a few days months ahead for Britain & Ireland, Europe and USA +South Canada, and climate forecasts up to 20 years ahead.

The forecasts are based on predictable aspects of solar particle and magnetic activity and sun-earth connections and their modulation by lunar effects. The unique method developed by Piers Corbyn - WeatherAction founder, astrophysicist, theoretical physicist and weather & climate physicist & forecaster - is kown as The Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique (SLAT) of Long-Range forecasting.

Independent peer-reviewed measures of WeatherAction forecasts, monitors by insurance loss-adjusters, and scientific weather bets through William Hill show the significant skill of WeatherAction forecasts weeks and months ahead while other ('classical' / Numerical modelling) methods have no-skill (see www.WeatherAction.com  Forecasts / accuracy).

Forecasts out to 4/5months ahead for Britain and Ireland, Europe and USA are sold at low charges on-line via www.WeatherAction.com . 

Forecasts further ahead - eg up to 12 months ahead are available directly from WeatherAction.com 

Most regular customers are farmers, commodity and energy traders, water companies, holday operators, event planners ( eg weddings, holidays, festivals), weather-sensitive retail and outdoor-pursuits.

WeatherAction forecasting powers are greatest for extreme events - storms and heatwaves / cold spells. WeatherAction's unique R-periods ('Red' weather periods, topmost R5 and R4), forecasts, now recognised world-wide by scientific forecasters and extreme-event analysts have unique skill in predicting most likely periods of extreme thunder and tornado risk and Tropical Storm formation and Rapid development. The same / related periods are also used for Extreme Earthquake risk trial forecasts.

WeatherAction significant forecast successes with detail where applicable to a few days include:-
- VERY Wet summers Britain & Ireland 2007, 2008, 2009 (when UK MetOffice precicted 'BBQ' summers!);
- West Russian Heatwave and the date of it's ending in August 2010;
- UK coldest (and very snowy) December for 100 years Dec 2010;
- Extreme deadly tornado swarms eg Joplin Missouri USA May 2011;
- Hurricane Irene USA East coast predicted in detail 12 weeks ahead;
- The year without a summer - extreme deluges and hail - Britain & Ireland 2012;
- Very Extreme deluges and hail July 2012 USA and Europe;
- V late Spring BI  2013 (Piers/WA won British Asparagus Assoc competition for market readiness);
- Late Oct Storm ('Piers Corbyn's Storm) S England +NW Euope 28Oct 2013, predicted 6mth ahead;
- Extra-ordinarily cold (displaced polar vortex) Winter/Springs 2014 and 2015 (East) USA+S Canada.
- Formidably skilled forecasts for April and May 2016 in BI, Eu and USA.
 NONE of the above were predicted long-range by any other forecasters.

Forecast Subscription access details - ensuring your updates
30d forecastsAccess is to 28th of last month subscribed (uploads ~29-31st)
Subs start in the same month for payment by 20th of month. From 21st the Sub is deemed to apply from the next month and the current month is free.
45d (BI) forecasts: Access is to 14th of last month subscribed (Uploads ~15-17th)
- so that next month which loads 15th onwards is excluded. 30d for that month is also loaded.
45d subs start for the following month for payments made till 27th. From 28th subs are deemed to start from the month after that and months prior to that are free.
75d (BI) forecasts: Access is to 14th of month before last month subscribed
- so that next 75d month which loads 15th onwards is excluded. 28th, as 45d, is sub start switch date.
100d (BI) forecasts = Season ahead plus 10 daysAccess is to 20th of 2nd month before last month subscribed. Sub start switch date is 21st
- so that next 100d month which loads 22nd onwards is excluded. 75d loads on ~15th
AND 45d access is given to 14th of last month subscribed
so 45d, 30d forecasts for the months load.
150d (5 months) ahead access is to 28th of month concerned and updates on 29th onwards.

Why the CO2 'Theory' Fails

1. FACT. There is no evidence for the CO2 climate driver proposition in the real world using real data over hundreds of thousands of years. World temperatures do not follow CO2. 
The world is not warming and has not been doing so for 18 years. Even under fraudulent UN-MetO-NOAA manipulated data the world is not warming. ALL the alarmist predictions of CO2 warmism have failed.
See http://www.weatheraction.com/docs/WANews14No11.pdf and links in Article about BBC-MetO charlatan John Hammond's Science Denialist claims, in WeatherAction blog  http://bit.ly/1xKYPrJ (sec3) 
FACT  Changing CO2 has no effect EVEN the Models used by the Met Office and UN's Climate Committee (the IPCC) show CO2 levels have no effect on the Jet Stream or extremes which come from the Wild Jet stream changes which they fail to predict.  It is meteorological fact that the recent very wild weather extremes and contrasts follow from wild Jet Stream behavior. THAT Wild Jet Stream (Mini-Ice-Age) behavior was and is regularly predicted by Piers Corbyn's Solar-Lunar approach and is nothing to do with CO2. See http://www.weatheraction.com/docs/WANews14No06.pdf & Piers' video http://bit.ly/QS0k34 The claim that these extremes are driven by CO2 / man made Climate Change is a lie for which there is no evidence or scientific paper which demonstrates a link in the real world.
2. FACT. Even if CO2 had an effect the idea that Man’s 4% of total CO2 flux rules the other natural 96% flux in and out of sea/land making it follow man’s activity is a ridiculous conspiracy theory of nature
It follows War should be declared on termites which emit 10x Man's CO2 equivalent. Why has this not happened?

3. FACT. The reason why the CO2 atmosphere theory can never work is that the Ocean-atmosphere interface controls the amount of CO2 in air – a warmer ocean (which holds 50x more CO2 than the atmosphere) emits CO2 and vice versa. This is very basic physics*.  
Just as when you warm a glass of fizzy drink more CO2 comes off and it absorbs more when it is cold. Putting more CO2 above the glass of fizzy drink does NOT however warm it up!
Ocean temperatures CONTROL atmospheric CO2 levels. It is an observed fact in millions of years of data that Ocean temperature changes LEAD atmospheric CO2 changes.  
Irrespective of these facts there are 2 other reasons why CO2 warmist theory must fail: a) the surafce cooling effect of plants b) Non equilibrium thermodynamics in the atmosphere - ie the assumptions of the ‘theory’ are nonsense. *Henry's Law.

"2014 (or 2015 or 2016 or 207 or 2018...) World hottest ever"? - Nope! 
built on:- BAD SCIENCE, Data Fraud and a brainwashed public
by:- Carbon Tax grabbing Govts, Big Oil and Wall-St Super Corporations

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Support #CLimateTruth! - Get the FACTS below

Comment 12 Nov 2014 
re WINTER 2014-2015 Britain & Ireland (and implications for Europe)
CLICK:  (14 Nov 2014) WANews14No43a WeatherAction warn UKMetO Winter Forecast should be ignored http://www.weatheraction.com/docs/WANews14No43a.pdf 

  05 Jan (later) 12th day of Xmas 2015

The utter disgrace of Official temperature "reports" -
~30% of USA data stations are now FABRICATED Data
Data fraud hits record levels every year since 2014

To see the record levels of fraud now perpetrated for USA date 
(let alone UK and other Met Offices around the world and world bodies) go to Piers Corbyn latest Presentations (power Point Links in Right column of this home page) and go to:-
and see a flip-flop of adjustments upwards which corresponds to CO2 amounts!!  LOL

Piers Corbyn says "This is not an increasing graph. the absurd claims cannot continue. We need a world campaign to clear out the fraud and clean up science".

BBC Science-Deniers Lie again on Climate Change & Extreme weather
On Sept 10 2014 In keeping with their deluded stance that all weather extremes are CO2 extremes and their Goebbels-esque approach to hit the public with the biggest climate lies as often as possible Roger Harrabin (BBC Environment Correspondent) gave a predictable double whammy of dishonesty on the extreme weather events in Asia and around the world.  
He said on BBC TV News that As the the world continues to warm incidence of extreme events such as in recent days will increase.

FACT  The world - using real data - is not warming  
- and has not been doing so for 18 years. Even under fraudulent UN-MetO-NOAA manipulated data the world is not warming. See http://www.weatheraction.com/docs/WANews14No11.pdf and links in Article about BBC-MetO charlatan John Hammond's Science Denialist claims, in WeatherAction blog http://bit.ly/1xKYPrJ (sec3).The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted global warming would impact winters. "Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms,” IPCC stated quite plainly   in its 2001 Third Assessment Report. IPCC’s prediction has two components: (1) global warming will cause milder winters and (2) global warming will cause a decline in heavy snowstorm events. These two predictions are clear and unequivocal. BOTH HAVE FAILED TOTALLY   

FACT  Changing CO2 has no effect 
The Models used by the Met Office and UN's Climate Committee (the IPCC) show CO2 levels have no effect on the Jet Stream or extremes which come from the Wild Jet stream changes they fail to predict. 
It is standard meteorology that the recent wild weather extremes and contrasts follow from the wild Jet Stream behaviour. THAT Wild Jet Stream (Mini-Ice-Age) behaviout was and is regularly predicted by Piers Corbyn's Solar-Lunar approach and is nothing to do with CO2. See http://www.weatheraction.com/docs/WANews14No06.pdf & Piers' video http://bit.ly/QS0k34 The claim that these extremes are driven by CO2 / man made Climate Change is a brazen falsity for which there is no evidence or scientific paper which demonstrates a link in the real world. 
Harrabin is a Science denier and we challenge him - along with BBC- MetOffice's John Hammond to justify their case in public debate on their misleading claims which are a disgrace to the BBC, Met Office and world science.  
Useful information + Links 

( i ) RECENT TOP VIDS + PDFs by Piers Corbyn - short links
- Electric Univ Pres http://bit.ly/1nJecee  46k its by July 2016
- CO2 Scam Nailed http://bit.ly/QS0k34 28k hits by July 2016

(ii) BigOil backs the CO2-Climate Change Scam all the way 
because it ensures high energy prices and massive value for much of their otherwise worthless assetts in less accessable oil and gas fields. 
See these BP links as an example

(iii) Other links on data massaging / fraud:
http://stevengoddard.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/thermometers-show-that-the-us-has-been-cooling-for-nearly-a-century/    (re United States Historical Climatology Network  )  
WATCH USHCN FRAUD SWITCH BELOW (For 'Final' read 'Fiddled')
Read artcle(s) for glaring evidence of fraud perpetrated by data 'selection/de-selection', and 'adjustments'/ 
modifications/'corrections' to make past processed 'data' colder and present warmer than objective honest records.

CURRENT - RECENT Top Solar + Weather data Links 

Geomagnetic & Solar wind Monitors {Geomag Rises likely in R5, R4, R3}
Geomagnetic Activity (Kp) link: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/rt_plots/Kp.gif
Proton Flux link:  http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/rt_plots/Proton.gif
Solarwind impact predictor http://www.hamqsl.com/solar1a.html
Solar Wind Links http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ace/ace_rtsw_data.html 
Space Weather + Solar Activity News http://spaceweather.com/
Geomagnetic & Electrical links http://www.global-providence.info/

Other Useful Links
WeatherAction News Room+Feature-reports http://weatheraction.wordpress.com/
Jet Stream, Standard Met http://www.netweather.tv/index.cgi?action=jetstream;sess= 
IceAgeNow reports+News http://iceagenow.info/
FirstHandWeather+News(USA) http://firsthandweather.com/
AccuWeather (USA, World) http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news?page=2 

Continuously Updating Solar related & Solar Wind data
- including Stratowarm watch

General events including latest Sunspots & Coronal holes : http://spaceweather.com/

Aurora forecasts:

Solar-Wind impact predictor Solar System Map:  http://www.hamqsl.com/solar1a.html which leads solar wind map predictor; https://services.swpc.noaa.gov/images/animations/enlil/latest.jpg 

Solar Wind properties  REDTRACE(below) Magnetic Field Bz negative = strong SolarWind-Earth connection

Electron & Proton Flux




Temp maps From 

WeatherAction Red 'Solar-activity Effect'  / 'RedWeather' periods* 
- of weather & solar-geophysical activity warnings are the world-leading predictive parameters in LongRange Sun-Earth relations.  *These are uniquely predicted by WeatherAction and no others using Piers Corbyn's Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique.

WeatherAction Top/Major Red (R5/R4) periods* warning of possible extreme weather events have received acclaim for reliability and timing in the last year.  

Red Solar-Weather Periods 
-  Special interest to Airline pilots and crew and frequent fliers
  • WeatherAction TopRed, R5, periods show greatest risk of dangerous thunderstorms and turbulence in airflight. 
  • The 2 most serious thunderstorm caused air disaters since 2009 were in WeatherAction 'TopRed' R5 periods...
    • 20014 24 July ~01.55am Air Algerie AH5017 (MD83) All 118 killed* in thunderstorms Sahara in WeatherAction R5 24-26 July. *http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-28460625 +PIC ABOVE. Recall there was 'mean looking storm cloud' London 25th. See PIC above.
    • 2009 Jun1~2.10am Air France AF447 (Airbus330) All 228 killed* in thunderstorms which went to height of 50,000 ft over Tropical Atlantic in WeatherAction R5 May29-Jun1 (then just termed Red Weather). *http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1282367/Air-France-crash-The-truth-disaster-killed-228-people.html
  • There is increased interest in WeatherAction 'RTQ' (RedWeather, Thunder/tornado. Quake(trails) Risk) forecasts for air travel and activity. RTQ forecast have been published as a monthly table with a news page which was available alone as a forecast and are now in all forecasts:
  • WeatherAction R5, R4, R3...values are included in ALL forecasts 30d, 45d, ahead and some indications further ahead along with associated solar / aurora / geomagnetic events.
WeatherAction  www.WeatherAction.com

World Leaders in Long-Range forecasting, 

Delta House, 175-177 Borough High St. London SE1 1HR (+44)(0)2079399946, (+44)(0)7958713320

Email for Piers Corbyn: corbynpiers@gmail.com  Note piers@weatheraction.com is not used at present



All Summer - June, July, August - forecasts for Britain+Ireland and Europe are loaded. 

USA due shortly

EVERYTHING we at WeatherAction warned about for Spring was confirmed. Interestingly the 'Little-Ice-Age' characteristics of more wild jet-stream and blocking tendencies we warned of back in 2008, leading to, eg, more rain in Spain have been very clear this Spring. 

Usa Spring wild weather extremes have also confirmed WeatherAction warnings. 

After the Met Office consistent data fraud through Winter and Spring (and all last year) no-one believes their fake claims which exist only to justify the deranged "Net Zero", "Climate Emergency" LOL policies of the World Economic Forum. SO for the first time in a decade the Met Office are not spouting utter drivel, but only 70% drivel, on Summer prospects. 

While Weather / Climate "Reports" are not independently monitored and reported their is no point in believing any Met-Office or Main Stream media assessments of daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal weather developments. 

Piers Corbyn's WeatherAction are the most reliable LONG-RANGE forecasts in the world. They're a must for everything you do!

Beat the Climate-Con and all measures of the New World Tyranny hiding behind it. Download FREE scientific papers by Piers Corbyn & Philip Foster - link below.

BUY ALL SUMMER NOW FORECASTS - "Incredible value" 

Piers Corbyn says "THIS has been a really important and exciting Spring. The forecasts of many cold and wet blasts BI, Eu and Usa have all been well confirmed. SUMMER is now a total MUST HAVE for anyone involved in farming, gardening, energy trades and commodity futures in BI, Europe or the USA (USA summer forecast due soon)". Sample forecasts below.  


Watch this space or twitter @Piers_Corbyn for forecast news

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When you buy, any overlaps with existing subs (inc ALL SEASON NOW Forecasts) get appropriate extensions so you don't lose out. 

You can also DONATE Directly or do so for Powerpoint of Piers Corbyn's amazing 2017 presentation: Long-Range forecasting and the CO2 Climate Con. 

All Services are inclusive of all updates as they arise.

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FREE "Man-Made Climate-Change does not exist" 

24 page acclaimed science paper booklet by well qualified physicists Piers Corbyn (First class Physics Imperial College and MSc Astrophysics Queen Mary College and elected Fellow Royal Astronomical Society and Corporate member (WeatherAction) of Royal Meteorological Society) and Philip Foster MA (Cambridge).

Download free => https://bit.ly/30TfVWN 

First published 2019 (as shorter version without Philip Foster's section) by Reading University Debating Society as a guest publication of Piers Corbyn's work.

If you take this acclaimed science paper booklet it's free but you are welcome to donate / buy forecasts via WeatherAction.com On-Line shop link or give via LetTheUkLive.com 

Piers Corbyn, WeatherAction and LetTheUkLive / StopNewNormal are entirely independent and uncorrupted by BillGates, The World Economic Forum / World Health Organisation and Big Tech / Big Pharma influence and take a lead in all science and political forums for EVIDENCE-BASED SCIENCE - The ONLY Science!


(Past) MARCH BrIr & Eu forecast NOTES

The period from 15 March for a few days showed the Greenland High predicted but the N/E wind BI & West Eu also confirmed was not as cold as expected so the forecasted snow was mostly rain.  NEVERTHELESS Cold blasts with significant wintriness - hail and some snow - did come later in the month, confirming WeatherAction long range forecasts.

High pressure for BI early March was confirmed in line with the forecast issued 100days ahead, HOWEVER the pattern was displaced West so BI winds were NE'ly instead of S'ly making it COLD not Mild.  We apologise for this error. Note normally 5 of every 6 weather periods will be confirmed. 

WELL DONE WeatherAction

Incredible Snow and cold USA later Feb and fearsome cold in Siberia January compared with normal confirms Piers Corbyn's WeatherAction warnings of record cold blasts this winter across the N hemisphere.

Unofficially the East Siberia village ESSAY reached -75c (-103F) which is a new worldwide low for outside Antarctica!  Tongulah Russia has bested its own all time low at -62.7 (-80.9F). These were on Wed 18 Jan 2023.

The wild Jet-stream we predicted and resulting dramatic weather contrasts are being confirmed and new bursts of solar activity coming in from around 3 Jan powered up Low pressure weather systems and enhanced extreme contrasts and events this January.

Cold blast Mid-Jan Britain & West Europe! 

As an example the 5 day ahead MetO map below follows to the day what we predicted in WeatherAction European (& Br+Ir) forecast 115 days ahead (23.10.2022)! 

Here's Weather Action detail:  "15-17 Jan. Extreme cold and snowy blast /blizzards & thunder Scandinavia, most of (west) Europe and Med.  Winds N'ly (NE'ly later in North) / Cyclonic-N'ly.  A deep polar Low plunges South / SE through Britain / West Europe. High to W/SW of Britain-Ireland.15-17th R4 period  " {more of forecasts samples below}


SAMPLE FORECAST: Whole of Europe Jan 2023 (extract from Eu-ALL-WINTER-NOW as issued 22 Oct 2022):-

Br+Ire, USA follow similar style. All forecasts have included maps (example links near end of this long column followed by News Release links) but these are not generally in current forecasts unless advertised.

JANUARY 2023 (dates +- 2days) in 7 sections.

1-8 Jan. Extreme cold N Scandinavia & NW Russia. Most of rest of Europe Dry (especially South Scandinavia and N Continental Europe) and cold on mainly E'ly winds. Extensive FOG espec South Europe.  High pressure ridge North Britain to South Scand / N Continental Europe. Active polar Low North Scandinavia. Low centred S Europe - Med

9-14 Jan. Very cold and snowy blast espec Scandinavia, Germany & Poland. Often NEly / Cyclonic (in N) flow. Med (espec Italy / Balkans) cold with snow likely. Spain less cold. High Britain; developing cold polar-type Low(s) Scand + N continent.

15-17 Jan. Extreme cold and snowy blast /blizzards & thunder Scandinavia, most of (west) Europe and Med.  Winds Nly (NEly later in North) / Cyclonic-Nly.  A deep polar Low plunges South / SE through Britain / West Europe. High to W/SW of Britain-Ireland.15-17th R4 period 

18-21 Jan. N Scand & NW Russia Very cold and snowy.  NW continental Europe Dry and bright, cold nights. Med some precip inc snow, variable sky.  V cold polar Low N Scand, High ridge BI into NW continent Europe, Cold Low Med / S(/SE) Europe.

22-25 Jan. Scandinavia, N+centre+S Europe and most of Med Extreme cold snowy blast. S Russia prob less cold.   Active large polar low plunges from Scandinavia into Europe & Italy / Med.

26-28 Jan. Scandinavia Snow; N+ central latitudes Europe Dry bright v cold nights; Med mostly dry variable sky, Fog.  High Ridge BI to Russia, Low (North) Scand, Low Med.

29Jan - Feb 1.  Scandinavia Dry and very cold, Most of Europe and Med extreme cold and snowy. Spain Dry and relatively mild and bright.   High Scandinavia, Large Cold Low most of Europe espec Centre. Higher pressure Med espec West Med / Spain and S France.  


WELL DONE! - Everyone is saying about WeatherAction world-leading Long-Range forecasts.

WeatherAction proved right for most of December in Europe (continent + Scandinavia) and USA ad Br+Ire cold and snow blasts as well as "Milder just after mid-Dec." detail in the Br+Ir Long Range Summary issued 14Oct - while standard meteorology numerical super computer models played catch-up.  

USA users KNEW the extreme cold polar low blasts (North) Center-East USA from around Nov19 Would (and DID) return later AND BROKE COLD RECORDSEXTREME COLD & MASSIVE SNOW late Feb NE Usa was also well forecast. 

Statement re Br+Ir posted 17/18 Dec 

WeatherAction is getting more praise for December (summary unchanged from 2 months ago) continuing high accuracy from users while Standard Meteorology*** from world's leading Numerical Weather Prediction super computers flounders and dithers more than 5 days ahead. **This includes the failed science of CO2, and other infra-red absorber-emitters such as oxides of nitrogen, "Greenhouse" effect which is currently the centre-piece of ideological fakery to justify the destruction of agriculture particularly in the Netherlands India, UK and USA - but spreading everywhere - and the economy of the world in anti-democratic destructive policies carried out on behalf of the World Economic Forum by the most servile, pathetic, stupid, corrupt politicians the world has ever seen.

More WeatherAction news & comments are also on twitter @Piers_Corbyn 

A B+I CURRENT WEATHER COMMENT (3 Dec 2022) was posted in All BI / BI+Eu / The Whole Lot access boxes. It began:

"The developments of Britain & Ireland weather early December 2022 are very much in line with our summary forecast of 14 Oct (In ALL-WINTER-NOW) and our more detailed update issued 15 Nov 2022. "Significantly the Met Office changed their forecast to snow in early Dec about 3 days ahead; putting it in line with our WeatherAction detailed forecast issued 3 weeks ahead.

The 100d (3-4month ahead) ongoing forecast services are amazing value. Getting 12 month of this service for BI, Eu or Usa keeps you 100d (3-4 months) ahead weatherwise all the time with all updates to end of 12 months hence; AND forecasts but not updates for a further 3months (ie 15months)

NEW BI and Europe 5 month ahead SERVICES 

are always at least a month ahead of the 100d (3-4m) service inc 4 extra months without updates continuing beyond the end of the 6m/12m designated subscription length.

We apologise for any delays in loading some services. Subscribers are given one month or more as appropriate free extended access to compensate. 

The BI, Eu and Usa forecasts for Winter and Spring include:- 

  • New understanding and commentary on Lunar nodal crossing effects and corresponding interesting Jet-Stream changes and 
  • An important note on the escalating general energy and food crises which we warned of a year ahead.   

The Advent of Charles III is likely to bring increasing conflict - and opportunity for debate - because he appears attached to the World Economic Forum tyrannical green ("Terra Carta") agenda of World Dictatorship ("government") - the "New World Order".

WE DEMAND debate on all the issues around this and that King Charles puts his duty to defend the UK Magana Carta before pressures to impose the WEF Terra Carta which would enforce World dictatorship ('government') to administer "Zero-Carbon" policies to Save the Planet LOL and would destroy all basic rights which flow from the Magna Carta. For the latest visit Piers Corbyn's twitter @Piers_Corbyn 

OR www.LetTheUkLive.com 

and www.StopNewNormal.net  

JOIN Let The Uk Live YouTube channel. Please join now to boost the numbers to 1,000 so we can Live sSream. Thank you. Please pass this on.


Britain & Ireland and Europe SUMMER 2022 forecasts - in 16 Sections issued 23 April, inc all updates, went very well through June and the start July although Britain and Ireland were less wet and hotter than originally expected in July and much of August. Special updates largely dealt with the matter and led to important research findings. 

Europe heatwaves as predicted in circulation patterns carried in B+I forecasts were well followed.  

The extra UK, Ireland and west Europe heat especially mid and late July was partly due to a stratospheric wind apparent phase shift which has been investigated and a special update forecast Br+Ir mid Jul to end Aug was issued was loaded into all Br+Ir forecast accesses on WeatherAction.com site. 

 An important better understanding of Lunar nodal crossing matters has also been achieved - explaining the 19yr lunar-cycle sequence of hot-spell summers: 1984 (remember the miners' strike summer), 2003 and 2022.

USA comment and forecast late July and early August with news was issued and loaded following (world-wide) clarification of Stratospheric wind issues - tested for Britain& Ireland'



The crazy climate alarmist hysteria - and fake data claiming 'alarming record heat' in UK - led Weather Action and LetTheUkLive to organise Marches for more CO2 23 July and 1st Oct 2022. They were great successes!

The associated leaflet exposing the fact that Man-Made Climate Change Does not exist was posted in all forecast access boxes and included in USA forecast and comment.

It should be noted that none of the claimed UK 'record heat' events of summer 2022 were in reliable long data sets outside of recently exacerbated urban heat islands and recently expanded tarmac laden concretised airports and airstrips warmed by Jet-planes. ALL the BBC-MetOffice climate alarm reports were denied by nearby more reliable less urban-effect distorted sites. 

The so-called 38.7C 'record heat' on 25 July 2019 in Cambridge University Botanic Garden (CUBG) was equally fake and denied by nearby longer more reliable data sets not subject to effects of recent new-build to the South/East of the CUBG site.

Piers Corbyn says: 

"The claims of meaningful alarming record summer 2022 temperatures are entirely fake and it is an utter disgrace that these are propagated as evidence of a Man-made climate crisis - which does not exist. 

"The 2022 summer hotspells were entirely natural and explainable by solar-activity and lunar modulation effects and part of a natural 19yr lunar (nodal) cycle of hotspell summers 1984, 2003, 2022. 

"Our WeatherAction SLAT (Solar Lunar Action Technique) forecasting method is the world leader in long range (months and years ahead) forecasting and has proven peer-reviewed significant skill. 

"The BBC, Met Office and fake climate science operations in universities and corrupted "professional" societies around the world are now servile excrescences of the World Economic Forum. They are an utter disgrace to the integrity of science and humanity and along with the World Economic Forum and their shadow World government the World Health Organisation they must be destroyed and those responsible put-on trial. 

"We, WeatherAction long range forecasters and LetTheUkLive campaign organisation and peoples's political Party CHALLENGE all** and any of the protagonists of the so-called crises of Climate and Covid-virus to public debate. 

"They have so far refused and violent attempts have been made to prevent us speaking to challenge the narrative of lies on Climate and 'Covid' - eg at Manchester Peterloo 203rd anniversary 14 August where Piers Corbyn was an invited platform speaker. Nevertheless, we press on relentlessly"  

** ie Govt 'scientists', Met Office, BBC, IPCC, Just-Stop-Oil / Truth & Justice campaign (of Jeremy Corbyn) / XR, The Royal Society, Imperial College, Trade Union leaders and World Economic Forum 

Info: HM The Queen's Platinum Jubilee extended weekend update THURSDAY 2nd to SUNDAY 5th JUNE 2022 which was updated 30 May for special considerations following important forecast commentary in LATE MAY, went very well.

WeatherAction Blogs 

TOP Well informed Comments. Join in!

WeatherAction Weather and Climate blog renewed 29Dec 2021
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BLOG: The fight for democracy & accountability in Science & Politics - ConVirus, ClimateCon etc
We are now in WW3 with the Cabal who are using their ConVirus and 5G + enhanced 4G3G via #BillGatesOfHell, backed by their ClimateLies to impose a NewWorldOrder of world fascism. JOIN DISCUSSION HERE (Renewed 28April 2020)

Winter 2021-22 News:

Piers Corbyn's WeatherAction late FEB 2022 LONG-RANGE storm forecast brilliantly confirmed! 

A RECORD THREE named storms (Dudley, Eunice, Franklin) in one week (the first time it's happened since the Named storm system began 7 years ago) hit Britain, Ireland and Europe in our Weather Action Top-Red R4 AND R5 period FEB 19-23 (18-24 in 1d uncertainties allowance). Very strong damaging (deadly) winds and snow-blizzards predicted were confirmed

Our WeatherAction Long Range forecast for major storms in Ireland, Britain - especially N/NE parts - and Europe in the late Jan early Feb period was also excellently confirmed



Piers Corbyn famous Video presentation to the Bundestag, German Parliament, Environment Cttee 6 Nov 2019 on the delusion & fraud of so-called Man-Made ClimateChange:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1jRH-SHcNo 143k+ views

The complete session on official video:

Climate Emergency Master Class - Piers Corbyn 4 vids:

We are in a crucial moment in the history of the UK, Europe and the world. The false narrative of so-called Man-made Climate-Change underpins the whole evil tax, oppress and world control project of the Globalist mega-Corporations and mega rich. This new class of 4 videos filmed by Miles Johnstone will help arm you in the urgent emergency fight for truth. THESE HAVE BEEN TAKEN DOWN BY You-tube but we are endeavouring to re-access them. 

Class1 https://youtu.be/UXe6r-ediOs

Class2 https://youtu.be/7hkOPkmzm2w

Class3 https://youtu.be/7UTeODSKigo

Class4 https://youtu.be/AF9VHvqOn-0

Brill Interview - Sargon of Akkad (150k+ views to 5.12.19) Piers Corbyn on Extinction-Rebellion+politics  http://bit.ly/2qqvlmd

Piers Corbyn +AliceGrant VID Make ExtinctionRebellion Extinct! - Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, 22 Sep YouTube https://bit.ly/2lflde8 6k+ views 15.12.19


  • VIDEO Make #ExtinctionRebellion extinct protest, WestminsterBridge 20Sept 2019 and VIDEO JamesWhale 20 Sept 2019 PiersCorbyn +AliceGrant +More GO=> @Action4Life_
Piers Corbyn's Seminal Presentation** at Glastonbury Symposium 28July 2019 
- extended from many of his presentations before & used as key Reference for Piers Corbyn+Philip Foster's brilliant paper "Man-Made Climate change does Not Exist" Reading Uni Debates society booklet (link above)
Download the presentation => http://bit.ly/2GA0MQ <=

Piers' presentation includes an amazing slide on comparative success in tackling unsolved fundamental problems in modern theoretical particle physics, general relativity and dark matter which was first presented to Poly of North London Astronomical Forum (PonLaf) by Piers in discussion with the inspiration, founder and leader of Ponlaf, the late Matthew Hepburn, RIP, at a special meeting at his home in summer 2019. 
"Ponlaf died with Matthew Hepburn and the Covid lockdowns but we owe it to Matthew to give it a re-birth in some form to defend science against the onslaught of New World Tyranny fake science" says Piers - phone Piers 07958713320
------------------------------                                         -

As support for the virus narrative falls (Feb / March 2022) the BigPharma-BillGates cabal has desperately launched a 100day Jab program scheme and the UN-IPCC have hatched yet another insane deluded climate alarm report which is being used to promote the insane idea of climate induced plandemics and promote the 100day JAB program.

STOP the 100day JAB program! END fake Climate driven Pandemic Scare! Download LetTheUkLive News 2.3.22:  


Important WeatherAction Forecast hits summer 2021: 

Piers Corbyn's WeatherAction long range forecast issued May 31st 2021 for a generally lousy summer in Britain and Ireland was well confirmed.  Britain+Ireland detailed forecast users have seen the superb confirmation of WeatherAction JULY forecast for thunder and floods which explicitly mentioned the TopRed R5 period July12-13+-1day for extreme activity - and indeed Deluges, FLOODS and Thunder hit July 12. The mixed bag August was also confirmed. 

https://youtu.be/0-lyM0Vhzq8  *Funnel cloud Bedford 12 July BRILLIANT CONFIRMATION OF PiersCorbyn's warning (4 weeks ahead) of high risk of tornadic type developments July 12-13+-1day in his predicted top solar factors "R5" period* 

THANK YOU FOR pre-Xmas 2021 actions 

Piers Corbyn says THANK YOU ALL FOR SUPERB SUPPORT IN TERRIBLE TIMES - SUCH AS OF A 01.15am Territorial Support Group police arrest of him near his home on Sun 19Dec on the direct orders of the Home secretary for making a joke about MPs Offices outside Downing Street on Wed 15 Dec at which the police laughed and the inspector had wished him a Merry Xmas. See StopNewNormal.net (link below) for links to related events (eg Court case Thurs Feb3)

To get Piers' Press Release on the matter and related campaigns go to   https://www.stopnewnormal.net/post/piers-corbyn-statement-regarding-his-arrest-for-encouraging-arson-on-19-12-21 

Piers Corbyn's 40,000 strong Twitter account is closed by twitter - and the BBC and the main media are blocking reportage of Piers Corbyn. This, following a desperate attempt to stop Piers winning more votes in the London Mayor elections, is to suppress the truth about the Covid, jabs and Climate stories. Go to LetLondonLive.org for Report on the campaign and results. 

Piers Corbyn's FaceBook, What'sApp & Telegram is operating. To find Piers' latest news and campaign event information opposing the NewNormal / NewWorldOrder Great Reset go to sites above and:  

facebook.com/stopnewnormaluk ,                                          


t.me/jooinchat/SOT7hTGV7rNiANNx (telegram)


World Food supply has become very LOW due to Little Ice Age crop damage and reduction of growing areas - as we at WeatherAction warned of years ago - and by continuing deliberate sabotage of supply chains and production (eg in India) by World Economic Forum Great Reset / NewWorldOrder world population reduction policies. THE UKRAINE CRISIS is an excuse for further WEF/New World Tyranny measures

 Read reports on social media of our SW speaking tour - at the G7 in Cornwall June 11, Glastonbury June 12 and Swindon June 13 and loads more in July.

On Monday AUGUST 23 2021 we had a great Special action against Climate Lockdowns Trafalgar Sq

Early 2021 Weather NEWS;

Piers Corbyn says: "Our 2021 February, March, April, May, June, July and August forecasts were a major success and those who saw our March Br+Ir forecasts (which were also loaded in March into Europe access for information) and our predicted south shifted 'polar vortex' were well prepared". Extreme cold blasts USA were also given vital warnings.

Jan, Feb and March 2021 weather was exciting and the strangest times ever UK, EU, USA! The Thames froze over at Teddington Weir in mid-Feb - the first time since 1963, in line with Piers Cobyn's solar-lunat 58year beat period - and more wild cold blasts came as we warned in our forecasts for both sides of Atlantic late Feb - start March.

We are seeing more important dramatic new (stratospheric) developments in Solar-Cycle 25 (which started July 2020) as the world goes further into New Little-Ice-Age circulation.


Past Info for the record - previous Update news: The BI Winter Summary was put in BI 45d+30d BI and BI+Eu access boxes for extra access to Feb. Br+Ire 150d ahead Dec 2020, after being subject to re-check, was expected to be most reliable for Dec 2020 compared with other possibilities and was therefore posted in BI and BI+Eu 30d+45d forecast options and was used as the basis for BI 30d FULL forecast and (the choices) used for Eu and Usa 30d FULL forecasts issued.

(INFO) Previous update: Important Forecast Production News 17Nov 2020
Stratospheric Wind options switches leading to forecast errors have been resolved and forecast amendments and updates were made.
Update on updateSwitchback (see page one of 30dFULL BI, Eu and Usa forecasts) The choices used for 150d ahead BI now appear to be best so were used as best basis for December. Dec, Jan and Feb (New set) forecast (updates) are issued / will be issued firstly for Br+Ir and Eu then for Usa. We profoundly apologize for delays but please note all who have suffered late forecasts can get forecast credits and new advances will eventually lead to trial forecasts for Australia, NewZealand and China.

DOWNLOADS of StopOrGo, BetterWayCharter UNMASK and WarOnVax campaign leaflets via www.StopNewNormal.net or 

Poster pdf https://bit.ly/3hVAZCz and TAKE THE FIGHT TO YOUR MP and COUNCILLORS with a download of the poster and a standard letter: bit.ly/2XHpQgW

Standard letter for BetterWayCharter is: https://bit.ly/3fIpgFZ

Fantastic Leaflet pdf download: https://bit.ly/2FqZWrQ


Top leaflet #StopNewNormal SaveLives https://bit.ly/36IWySh

Download pdf and use superb links Purple highlights = vital 5G4G3G-Covid connections.

Past Sample forecasts for info:

Br+Ir FULL 30d NOVEMBER 2019 6 periods 2019 http://bit.ly/2mejuWp - 5 pages inc graph

Europe FULL 30d NOVEMBER 2019 6 periods http://bit.ly/2pzav48 - 7 pages maps + words

USA FULL 30d NOVEMBER 2019 6 periods http://bit.ly/2Oym4B2 - 8 pages maps + words

Europe LongerAhead 40d/120d DECEMBER 2019 5 periods http://bit.ly/35rS2Fs This is similar 1page format to most of longer range. Note end Dec Mediterranean snow - good forecast.

  • ALL past forecasts for any service available via service access boxes.
  • Archives via home page tab also carry past forecasts (but filed later)

Fore-warned is fore-armed for farming, holidays, travel, commodity trades, energy prices, wholesale, retail, fishing, flying, shipping, yachting, surfing, trains, sport driving, flying delays & turbulence (in WeatherAction R5/R4 RedWarnings)......

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BLOG: The fight for democracy & accountability in Science & Politics - ConVirus, ClimateCon etc
We are now in WW3 with the Cabal who are using their ConVirus and 5G via #BillGatesOfHell, backed by their ClimateLies to impose a NewWorldOrder of world fascism. JOIN DISCUSSION HERE

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WANews19No05 WeatherActionWarns13wkAheadHeatwaveStormsQuakesVolcanoeJun26toJul12
pdf shows hearwave BI Eu end June start July success of 13wk ahead WeatherAction forecast and also warns of extra quakes, volcanism etc in R5 period July 8-11+-1d. This will also be a "FRD period" - of Tropical storm Formation &/or Rapid Development.

WANews18No04 Piers Corbyn challenges Imperial climate charlatans+warns more cold blasts
WANews18No04 Piers Corbyn challenges Imperial College Climate charlatans for evidence & Warns of more cold blasts this Spring. GET Www.WeatherAction.com forecasts for Spring BI Eu Usa - MustHave for anyone serious about weather

WANews17No32 WeatherAction Hurricane-Typhoons Brilliant 12-15 Sept
WANews17No32 ASESSMENT of WeatherAction Tropical Storms, Hurricanes + Typhoon forecasts for SEPT 12-15+-1d, 1st forecast period Sept 2017 Results 13.5/16=84%

WANews17No20 Br+Ir LateMay High split and Deluges confirmed
WANews17No20 Late-May Br+Ir High split and Deluges 28May-1June confirm WeatherAction 90d general warnings and 30d ahead detail

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