Wednesday 26 Nov 2014
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Piers Corbyn, Managing Director and founder of WeatherAction presenting at #ElectricUniverse Conference 2014 

Welcome to WeatherAction! On our site you can keep up with the latest news, videos, comments and reports of weather and related solar activity and give your own observations and comments via the Latest Comment blog (Right) and read WeatherAction news-pdfs in the 'Latest' tab. Our twitter feed - @Piers_Corbyn and facebook page  also carry leading weather and solar activity forecast reports and news.
We sell web-accessible long-range monthly forecasts for Britain & Ireland, Europe, USA and special forecasts of 'Red Weather periods' and related increases in Thunder/tornado and EarthQuake risk (called 'RTQ' / World Extreme Events forecasts). These are available monthly with normally 8 weather sub-periods per month via the web - up to 30 days ahead (45days for UK & Eire). For more details and to subscribe click here 
Longer ahead forecasts up to 12 months ahead are also available - enquire via  .
Our forecasts, which have independently proven peer-reviewed significant skill - unlike all others in the field (see forecast accuracy ) - are based on our revolutionary Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique (SLAT) which is increasing in scope and skill as our researches advance. Useful presentations on SLAT and WeatherAction forecasts are in the
- See VIDEO of Piers Corbyn presentation to 'The Greenest Event', Johannesburg South Africa June5 2012 and more recent Video Links (Electric Universe conference USA March 2014) listed on Right.
Presentation pdf submission to the UK Parliamentary enquiry into the supercold and snowy Dec 2010 - the coldest December for 100 years - which WeatherAction predicted ahead of all others -

WeatherAction is involved in the Global Warming /Climate Change debate where we point out that the world is now cooling not warming and there is no observational evidence in the thousands and millions of years of data that changes in CO2 have any effect on weather or climate. There are no scientists in the world who can produce such observational data. There is only effect the other way, namely that ocean temperatures control average CO2 levels. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London has expressed interest in what we say: see article 
Thank you, Piers Corbyn, MSc (astrophysics), ARCS, FRAS, FRMetS
Director WeatherAction

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WeatherAction Red 'Solar-activity Effect'  / 'RedWeather' periods* 
- of weather & solar-geophysical activity warnings are the world-leading predictive parameters in LongRange Sun-Earth relations.  *These are uniquely predicted by WeatherAction and no others using Piers Corbyn's Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique.

WeatherAction Top/Major Red (R5/R4) periods* warning of possible extreme weather events have received acclaim for reliability and timing in the last year.  WeatherAction TopRed, R5, periods show greatest risk of dangerous thunderstorms and turbulence in airflight. 
  • The 2 most serious thunderstorm caused air disaters since 2009 were in WeatherAction 'TopRed' R5 periods...
    • 20014 24 July ~01.55am Air Algerie AH5017 (MD83) All 118 killed* in thunderstorms Sahara in WeatherAction R5 24-26 July. * . Recall there was 'mean looking storm cloud' London 25th
    • 2009 Jun1~2.10am Air France AF447 (Airbus330) All 228 killed* in thunderstorms which went to height of 50,000 ft over Tropical Atlantic in WeatherAction R5 May29-Jun1 (then just termed Red Weather). *
  • There is increased interest in WeatherAction 'RTQ' (RedWeather, Thunder/tornado. Quake(trails) Risk) forecasts for air travel and activity. RTQ forecast are published as a monthly table with a news page which is available alone as a forecast and also included with Eu-Full and BI 45d,75d,100d forecast services. 
  • WeatherAction R5,R4,R3...values are included in ALL forecasts 30d, 45d, 75d, 100d ahead and some indications further ahead along with associated solar / aurora / geomagnetic events.
  • The next serious Redweather periods are available in all Foreacasts
 The fight for Evidence-based Science - Top News 

BBC Science-Deniers Lie again on Climate Change & Extreme weather
On Sept 10 In keeping with their deluded stance that all weather extremes are CO2 extremes and their Goebbels-esque approach to hit the public with the biggest climate lies as often as possible Roger Harrabin (BBC Environment Correspondent) gave a predictable double whammy of dishonesty on the latest extreme weather events in Asia and around the world.  
He said on BBC TV News that As the the world continues to warm the incidence of extreme events such as in recent days will increase.

FACT  The world - using real data - is not warming  
- and has not been doing so for 18 years. Even under fraudulent UN-MetO-NOAA manipulated data the world is not warming. See and links in Article about BBC-MetO charlatan John Hammond's Science Denialist claims, in WeatherAction blog (sec3)

FACT  Changing CO2 has no effect 
The Models used by the Met Office and UN's Climate Committee (the IPCC) show CO2 levels have no effect on the Jet Stream or extremes which come from the Wild Jet stream changes they fail to predict. 
It is standard meteorology that the recent wild weather extremes and contrasts follow from the wild Jet Stream behaviour. THAT Wild Jet Stream (Mini-Ice-Age) behaviout was and is regularly predicted by Piers Corbyn's Solar-Lunar approach and is nothing to do with CO2. See & Piers' video The claim that these extremes are driven by CO2 / man made Climate Change is a brazen lie for which there is no evidence or scientific paper which demonstrates a link in the real world. 
Harrabin is a Science denier and we challenge him - along with BBC- MetOffice's John Hammond to justify their case in public debate on their misleading claims which are a disgrace to the BBC, Met Office and world science.  
Useful information + Links 

( i ) RECENT TOP VIDS + PDFs by Piers Corbyn - short links
- Electric Univ Pres 20,973 hits Oct27
- CO2 Scam Nailed 15,553 hits Oct27

(ii) BigOil backs the CO2-Climate Change Scam all the way because it ensures high energy prices and massive value for much of their otherwise worthless assetts in less accessable oil and gas fields. 
See these BP links as an example

(iii) Other links on data massaging / fraud:    (re United States Historical Climatology Network  )  
WATCH USHCN FRAUD SWITCH BELOW (For 'Final' read 'Fiddled')
Read artcle(s) for glaring evidence of fraud perpetrated by data 'selection/de-selection', and 'adjustments'/ 
modifications/'corrections' to make past processed 'data' colder and present warmer than objective honest records.

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Solarwind impact predictor Solar System Map

RedTrace (below) Magnetic Field Bz negative = strong SolarWind-Earth connection
SWPC ACE RTSW MAG & SWEPAM 7-day Updating Plot


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24 Nov: 

Deluges & Floods UK & across world superbly confirm WeatherAction R4 period 22-25 Nov from 40d ahead. #CO2Con Warmists respond with floods of Lies .

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 Snowmageddon USA Nov 18,19, 20, 21, 22....  including thundersnow, explicitly confirms  WeatherAction USA LongRange issued end Oct 

The USA is gripped in a record snow crisis the timing and key aspects of which were predicted by WeatherAction USA  to within a day in the key NE USA region from 3 weeks ahead.

 See For yourself! FREE (from 22 Nov) WeatherActionUSA NOVEMBER 

WeatherAction USA Front page Nov summary warned:  
"Extreme cold, snow, blizzards and travel chaos take-over most parts later "  
The detailed forecast warned the calamity would start to hit seriously and get more dangerous in periods ~Nov 15-19th and 20-21st (+continuing...) and NE USA in those periods to include :
"thundersnow" and "heavy powdery drifting snow".

=> WOW Thundersnow Video!!

=> Pics ~20Nov Record Snow and snowdrifts Buffalo NY, Cheektofaga NY
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Further pics:

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 DO SNOW BLASTS USA herald cold winter  Britain & Europe? 
  • Massive snow USA / Canada and EurAsia ALREADY looks ominous but that does not mean there will be wild Jet Stream waves (from Sudden stratospheric warmings which only WeatherAction can predict in LongRange) which MIGHT bring it your way. You need WeatherAction forecasts to find out. 
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IS SOMETHING SPECIAL HAPPENING? Weather Action late November scenario now being confirmed as standard meteorology moves towards Piers' forecast ...
On 16 Nov 2014, Steve Devine (sub) Waltham Abbey wrote: "Hats off to you Piers. Just watched the BBC Countryfile Weather for the week ahead and there's a strong High Pressure cell building to our NE which will both drag in E/SE'ly winds plus keep the slack Jet Stream at bay. Looks like a gradual cool down is on the cards, bang on cue and in alignment with your forecast." 

News 14/13 Nov 
Piers Corbyn interviewed by TruNews USA Radio
start at mid recording to find Piers' interview - near the second bracket...d]
TruNews is a widely listened station in USA with a notable following across the world


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Europe this Nov had VERY DRAMATIC developments with circulation switches same time as USA.  

12 Nov
Piers Corbyn Says Met Office Winter Forecast is "Foolish babble from deluded charlatans and should be ignored absolutely".
"All the Met Office warnings of extreme winter or summer seasons since 2007 have been the oppsite to what took place - recall the 'BBQ'/fine summers which turned out as floods (2007, 2008, 2009, 2012) or the mild near-snow-free winters (in line with Co2 warmist catechism) for 2009-10 and 2010-11 which in reality had record cold and snow - and so the list goes on", said Piers at WeatherAction's London Bridge Office 12th Nov.
"The problem for the public is that because this cabal of charlatans (as far as long range forecasts go) are shovelled so much money from the public purse they feel a need to say something. In reality the public are being robbed to be misled and the recent abomniable announcment of £97Million on more Met Office super-computing means the public will be misled faster. 
In terms of the actual MO forecast we must first be clear that whatever they say has no statstical merit or in their case they have a record of negative skill  (whereas WeatherAction has a proven success record and got all the extremes listed above correct for example).

For this particular winter the "milder (at least till New Year)-wetter and windier than normal" prognosos has we would estimate only a 5% chance of being confirmed. 
Weather Action is 95% confident that the MetO forecast will fail.
The winter extra money to NHS will not be enough. Govt reliance on #MetOffice mi
sguided Co2-warmist-nonsense 'Forecasts' will cause more suffering and deaths which could be avoided if politicians had the guts to lance the boil of the #Co2Con .

One must ask is the Govt using MetOffice forecasts to advise on how much extra cash the NHS needs this winter, and if so WHY?

We wish we had the public funding to release our forecasts for free. We cannot do that, neverthless we are now releasing:-  The whole winter package of all winter months forecasts for Britain + Ireland now and all updates of more detail as they are issued for only £90, a 55% reduction (see below).  

The reasons why the Met Office long-range prognoses will continue to fail and the BBC will never have an honest informed scientific debate involving WeatherAction on the matter is:-

(i) They are tied to the CO2 warmist view of weather which can never accept solar activity drives it, so hey are unable to even consider what is needed to put forecasts right in medium and long range.

(ii) Their back-data and models are warped by CO2 warmism and data fraud and cannot cope with the wild Jet Stream behaviour now dominating world circulation and which will continue for two more decades as the world goes further ino 'Mini-Ice-Age' type circulation. The wild Jet Stream behaviour is understood and was predicted by WeatherAction but is completly 'out of the box' as far as standard meteorology and Co2 delusional warmism is concerned.

(iii) The BBC will suppress honest debate on the matter because they are wedded to CO2 warmism and support for the Govt and BigOil desire to have a high energy price economy which subsidises stupid money-wasting activity such as wind-farms.


9 Nov 2014 Thought For The Day 25 years on
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As the #BerlinWall of #SovietLies FELL so will the WALL of  #CO2WamistLies. WindFarms are The 'Berlin Wall'of  CO2 Warmist Lies says Piers

6 Nov (pm)
Piers Corbyn asked Ed Davey UK Energy Secretary at EnergyLive 2014 (#EL2014):  "When will you accept the scientific reality that the theory of ManMade Climate Change is delusional nonsense?...(etc)". This, or part of such, was, we are informed, reported on SkyNews*.
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Ed- #Deranged - Davey's school-boy response - about cow burps versus farts - got understandably tweeted; somewhat highlighting his breadth of humour and shallowness of scientific understanding.
Fuller report coming *not a link at present, if anyone has one please tweet #EL2014 and #WeatherAction

6 Nov earlier
Remember Remember The 5th of November - Climate & Energy Policy meeting relocates to John Harvard Library London Bridge as Parliament booking system sabotages popular event
All concerned in organising and publicising the Nov5th #RepealClimateAct / #WeatherAction / MEPs / MPs jointly hosted public meeting apologise for inconveneince caused by the enforced relocation of this event which was due to circumstances beyond our control and thank all those who moved heaven and earth to make it still happen. 
The meeting was moved at very short notice to the John Harvard Library at London Bridge and attended in the end by about 20 people many more having been unable to get there or having not been given information.

The event had been organised in the usual way as on previous occasions through booking by a climate realist inclined MP in this case, as on many other occasions, Sammy Wilson DUP MP. As on some previous occasions the Parliament booking system warned they may relocate the event if the room was needed for Parliamentary business. However on this occasion they said at short notice there were no other rooms large enough (Room 9, booked, holds 90) and (at VERY short notice) were not prepared to give another room for a smaller amount of people (eg 50) and CANCELLED the meeting. The front desk told that to enquirers with no other information.
Janet Burton, Sammy Wilson's Office manager who worked very hard on this matter e-mailed that the House Of Commons refusal was (claimed to be) 'for health and safety reasons' and wrote: 
"I do think it is unfair when someone arranges something that they can turn around and take the room from under our feet the way they do".  The offices of other MPs (eg Graham Stringer, Lab) were also unable to help further because the HOC system had already decided.   
After 3 failed attempts at re-location Piers Corbyn got the John Harvard Library (Borough High Street) to kindly book in the event at half an hours notice and for this we deeply thank them.

At the adjourned - and in the end excellent and Video recorded (watch his space) - meeting Piers said it was 'pretty unbelivable' that there was not a possible room for the event because there are just not enough MPs to occupy all the rooms at the same time on business and the health and safety reason was "ridiculous". "It is ironic that in future all our meetings (if any) in Parliament will have to have back-up provisions in place rather like wind farms need back-up supplies for when they cannot deliver". Many at the meeting considered the HOC decison was deliberate sabotage.
Roger Helmer MEP (UKIP) gave a brilliant expose of the insane bankruptcy of the energy policies of the other parties in Parliament and explained UKIP's realistic practical low cost policies.
Piers Corbyn spelt out the facts that (Man's) CO2 changes in the real world have ZERO effect on climate and explained why this is the case and that the CO2 warmists should be given no quarter whatsoever on this point - to do so gives them cover for lies, plunder and energy price hikes. 
He also gave an account of new findings in solar-based forecasting and announced: 
There will be some solar-driven SUDDEN STRATOSPERIC WARMINGS THIS WINTER which will precede major snow events - detailed WeatherAction forecasts give details of regions (parts of Eu, Br+Ir, USA) and dates. 

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Latest Comment Blogs 

NOV22...25th WeatherAction BRILL success SNOW CHAOS NE USA == BIEu 10d ahead MODELS shift to Piers' 100d ahead == UK MetO winter forecast warmist babble of no value
NOV22...OnGo...WeatherAction BRILL success SNOW CHAOS NE USA == 10day ahead MODELS shifting to Piers' 100day ahead == MetO winter forecast warmist babble of no value

14Nov For Record HomePageRHS late Oct to 11-11-11am heading
Includes: Futility poem Wilfred Owen -- Reports on Ed Davey Nov 6; NOT Parliamnet Nov 5; Owen Paterson late Nov

Oct27..Nov21-- DEC 45d RELEASED -- BI WholeWinter 55% OFF EXTENDED AGAIN -- MetO Winter forecast 95% sure Fail. NHS winter cash not enough.
Oct27..BI WholeWinter 55% OFF EXTENDED ! -- WeatherAction News Release: MetO Winter forecast 95% sure Fail. NHS winter cash not enough.

Latest news

24 Nov 2014 WeatherAction News No 43 Deluges & floods R4 period Superb forecast
Deluges, floods and Aurora confirmed R4 period warnings 22-25Nov from 40days ahead

23Oct 2014 WeatherAction News No 42 Amazing Pressure pattern forecast USA
WeatherAction Pressure pattern forecast Oct 19-23rd USA has amazing closeness to observations 3 weeka later.

19 Oct 2014 WeatherAction News No41- Ex Hurricane hit UK+Eire to be worse
Ex Hurricane Gonzalo is likely to bring more severe wind rain and snow than current BBC-MetOffice forecasts when it hits Eire+UK on Oct 21/22, said Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction on 19th (04.00) who warned that Solar activity influences could also drag the Storm further South and that these and other extreme events are nothing to do with the fiction of Co2 'Climate-Change'

11 Oct 2014 WeatherAction News No 40
BEWARE! Major Red, R4, period 12-15 Oct. WeatherAction USA success continues - Forecast of 2 weeks ahead being confirmed.

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