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WeatherAction Long-Range Forecasts are produced for:-
Britain + Ireland
"RTQ FORECASTS" - 'Red Weather'/graded warning periods & thunder/tornado+QuakeRisk (trials)

The Britain and Ireland Forecasts are generally first produced many months ahead in initial form down to time periods of a few days with maps. The 15-45d and 1-30day ahead updates includes more detail on maps & graphs and comprise (Note see archive for samples):
a) Summary (page 1)
The summary page describes the overall weather developments for a month as a whole and highlights the timing and duration of anticipated extremes and key weather developments. 
b) Word maps and weather window descriptions (pages 2, 3, 4)
These pages give a detailed forecast in time windows of a just few days.  Each window has a map, a worded description of the weather, with reference to regional variations as applicable.  Detailed information is given about  Rainfall, Temperature and Sunshine levels and each forecast period is given its own confidence factor. 
c) At-A-Glance graph (page 5)
The At-A-Glance graph shows daily movements of Rainfall, Temperature and Sunshine Levels and Wind.  The values for Rainfall,Temperature  and Sunshine are expressed as deviations from averages for the time of year.  Wind is denoted by approx strength and direction.  
d) Overall summary (page 6)The summary is provided in maps and words and describes deviations from 'normal' values for Rainfall, Temperature and Sunshine Hours. 

The latest Britain & Ireland monthly forecasts can be purchased on-line via the Purchase Forecasts tab in 5 forms: 1-30, 15-45, 45-75, and 70-100days ahead. The longer ahead forecast Services include all the prior moths forecasts. The new BI WHOLE WINTER includes all forecasts for all winter months. 

Weather Action FULL Europe forecasts 9 pages are in word-map form with seperate 9 page Possible pressure scenario maps. See Forecast archive for samples

Weather Action USA forecasts 10 pages are in word-map form with likely pressure centres included. See forecast archive for samples.

Weather Action RTQ forecasts 2 pages are in table form. See forecast archive for samples.

Longer ahead forecasts for Britain & Ireland, Europe, Tropical storm formation & Rapid Development, other extreme events around the world and Climate are available directly through WeatherAction office.

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