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WeatherAction web-accessible long-range monthly forecasts are available for Britain & Ireland, Europe, USA

All 30d forecasts carry news/research reports on page one which include material for subscribers as priority before being made public. 

Recent and past forecasts are available in FORECAST ARCHIVES.

Forecasts are monthly products with normally 8 weather sub-periods per month.

Britain+Ireland 30day Service 5* pages (includes news articles on latest weather extremes and forecast advances) issued on last day of preceding month. *PLUS occasional updates & comms during month. Details of B+I 30day forecast:
1.     Summary and news page
2.     3 pages of detail - 2 pages of maps in 6 periods of month and one page of graphs
3.     One page overall figures on B+I maps expected and forecast guidance

Britain & Ireland 45day Service. This service comprises typically one pages plus any updates: 
1.     BI 15-45 forecasts issued ~mid previous month in same style as 30d - graph inc - 6 pages
2.     30 day forecast update as on 30day only service available on last day of preceding month - 6 pages
3.     NE Atlantic + Europe possible pressure scenario maps (as in Eu service). 7 pages

Britain & Ireland and 100day Service.
This service when fully operating essentially comprises the whole season and all updates forecasts.  BI 100d forecast issued 22nd of month 100 days ahead so eg it gives NEXT season from 22nd of month preceeding season, so Feb 22nd will have upload of May (and will already have Feb, Mar, April)

Britain & Ireland WHOLE WINTER /SPRING / SUMMER / AUTUMN Service 
These services comprises all forecasts and updates for all a seasons months.

Euro-Maps Service 30d, 45d and 4m/5m ahead (regions + Atlantic/Europe pressure scenarios) - with news article.
This Europe regionalized word / pressure maps. 7 pages pdf

USA-Maps 15-45d and 30d Service, 4/5mth ahead, 8 pg - with news 
45d is like 30d key points, just issued early. 30d has update comments 
1.     Headline summary+news page, 
2.     1 page key points of the 8 weather periods periods in the month,
3.     6 map pages of basic developments and extremes likely in each period. 
For USA Sample part forecasts see Forecast archive or News pdfs and recent samples linked near top of Home page RHS.  An interesting one was WeatherAction forecast of when central US drought 2012 would end .

['RTQ'  (when in producrion) 2 pages 
At times this service includes one off longer range experimental trials of extreme events anywhere in world - eg Australia, New Zealand, USA, Africa, South America, China,  some months ahead. ]

'THE WHOLE LOT  ALL SUBSCRIPTION FORECASTS (up to 4mpnth / 5mth ahead) TOGETHER - for serious big picture world weather work and research. This gives All forecasts' Br+Ir*, Europe, USA in one place. If you are thinking of subscribing a 6m or 12m sub (or even just 1 month) to any two of:  B+I 15-45d, Euro maps, USA maps  why not order ALL Subscription forecasts together to get a bigger picture of weather developments across the world at reduced overall prices.  *Includes Br+Ir 45d and 30day and the 30d Euro-Atlantic Pressure maps

Click here to get prices, buy forecasts and donate to WeatherAction Research 

  • Access to 30d services ends on 28th of the forecasted month
  • Access to 45d services ends on 14th of the forecasted month.
  • Access to 100d service ends on 21st of the 2nd month before last month subscribed.
  • Access to BI Whole Season is to last day of last month of Season
  • Access to prior months forecasts are included in ALL services as well as via archive.
  • 30d subs initiated from 22nd of a month apply to the following month (ie days from 22nd to end are free) and the current month is inclusive and available in the forecast box
  • 45d subs initiated 1-27th of a month apply to the forecast for the following month (available from mid month)-------eg A 45d sub initiated 1-27th of July will apply to the forecast for AUG (available from mid July)
  • 45d subs initiated 28th of a month to month end apply to the forecast for the month following the coming month.-------eg A 45d sub initiated 28-31 July will apply to the forecast for SEPT (available from mid Aug). The Aug 45d and July 30d forecasts are also in the forecast box free
  • For 100d ahead forecasts add a month / 2 months.
  • 6month / 12month subscriptions are normally charged as for 5/ 9 months or variants depending on offers - see details when you make purchase selection.
  • Thank you 
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NOTE: Username - auto assumption of system: Username is Email you register when subscribing; password is what you typed

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