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SUPERB PIECE by David Rose Sat 12th Oct DailyMail  
Piers added a Comm 

Piers' comment on November and Winter UK 'Forecasts' in Daily Express 12 Oct: "These 'forecasts', from people who have a track record of forecast failure, are as always baseless, raging bilge unworthy of comment and are aimed at selling newspapers rather than helping the public. If you want to know there is only one place to go"
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Posted by Piers 12/13 Oct in Response to someone who backed the MetOffice there saying "Long Range forecasting cannot be done":- 
Piers*: "ACTUALLY it is possible. The Met Office cannot do it so want everyone to believe it can’t be done, but it is being done please see, as an example,  " 

Piers adds: THIS IS "awaiting moderation" ON METO SITE. Click on and for me my comm comes up as visible "awaiting moderation" but that might just be a message to me logged in to comment or from my computer so I am not sure if public also see it "awaiting moderation"; anyhow let's hope they get on and 'moderate' it.  


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After reading it Tony BP commented: "Your PDF is magnificent and comprehensive. All strength to your arm"

THE SUN LAUGHS AT IPCC! 27Sep Piers joins in

THE SUN LAUGHED AT the UN Climate Committee (IPCC) 5th Report – see solar image 27Sep . The report is indeed totally laughable but also deadly dangerous.
"It is a cowardly cover-up of climate reality - in which the BBC and Met Office play an especially dishonest role - and an utter disgrace to science. It is a product of self-interested warmist parasites and Big Oil & energy giants who gain from high energy charges.
"It points the world in the wrong direction and if followed will lead to malnutrition, starvation and impoverishment of millions as world agriculture and economies are hit by the developing Mini-Ice-Age while the UN IPCC and Governments (Australia now excepted) impose green taxes in supposed preparation for warming climate changes which are opposite to what will happen.........................
      ......IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE, THE UN IPCC and all it stands for must be destroyed."

- Piers Corbyn 07908734296 / 02079399946 /  

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The crisis of Climate Charlatans unfolds....
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Gill 1066 East Sussex wrote 16 Sep (User Comms below) 
"The Brit+Ire Sep 45d forecast said dry, warm, sunny for the first week of September and then this first real storm driving in between the 13th and 16th. Extraordinary forecasting from mid-August. I subscribed to the 30d back in February; took advantage of the offer to upgrade to 45d in July. I cannot see myself going back to 30d with this accuracy. My niece gets married next month on the fifth. I have told her I will let her know what to expect. Could this be wedding no 3 this year bang on the nail?"

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Nightmare: A cow lies dead in the snow in scenes more like an apocalyptic nightmare than the aftermath of a blizzard
Devastation of cattle herds South Dakota in early October blizzard. Weather Action predicted a series of cold blasts from start October (first forecast issued 31 Aug for period Sep27-Oct1 which included an R5 Sep28-30) below (as in Forecast Archive) AND THERE ARE MORE TO COME THIS OCTOBER
"We had not explicitly spelt out blizzards", says Piers, "but the forecasts point to that possibility and the Low we show over N Dakota + Kansas for 4-7th Oct (R3 5-6th) is the one which gave the first deadly blizzard blast of the Autumn+ Winter USA". (see full Oct forecast available HALF PRICE, only $7.50 via .
"These are Mini-Ice-Age USA events - very rapid extreme changes with intense cold blasts at times the detail of which we will be able to predict months ahead as our forecasts continue to advance. I urge anyone serious about weather in USA to get our forecasts - starting with this important October forecast bargain. 
"It is worth noting these deadly cold blasts which ARE happening with increasing frequency in USA, Britain+Ireland and Europe since winter 2009-2010 are the direct 'polar (!)' opposite of the deranged predictions of the global warming fraudsters who are hell-bent on pointing the world in the wrong direction in order to preserve their self-serving pseudo religion"  

Image preview


FunnelCloud hits Galway
(3Oct) FunnelCloud hit Galway "SPOT-ON" WeatherAction R5 cue endSep-StartOct reports Sue (COMMS below) (COMMS below)


Atlantic Tropical Storm WA3 is A hit 
Becomes Tropical Storm Jerry on 30th (in WeatherAction R5 period) 
Heads NE confirming WA3 track predicted 25Aug (in WANews37).
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On 19 Oct 2013, Richard .T. wrote:

Great response Piers! i remember you on fox channel a couple of years back ,when u gave the cold winter with snow on both sides of the ocean,and the rest gave a warm winter forecast!! ,they kept quiet then and just like now the ice cover in the Arctic sea ice is at its highest level for years ,strange how the BBC and others have not mentioned that carry on the good work Piers!!
On 19 Oct 2013, Henk wrote:

Hi Pierce, it looks like november will be to remember according to the forecasts of gfs between 5 and 10 november...very curious if we will see CME's before this timeframe.
On 19 Oct 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Another R5, another dull vague pressure ache in my foreheads sinuses. Ho hum. A Rollercoaster R5 Autumn this year for sure.
On 19 Oct 2013, Sue (Ire) wrote:

What a day here in Ireland yesterday but predicted by Piers so I knew what to expect. Unfortunately we had some serious road crashes and two fatalities countrywide. This sort of thing could be avoided with WA forecasting.
On 19 Oct 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

GREAT POSTS ALL == RICHARD T re That film - The clip of me at the start is from RussiaToday. Films and photos are not owned by the subjects but the makers. The vid itself is, like most warmist propaganda, lies and fraud by people with mental problems connecting with reality, packaged in pseudo-authoritative deceit and very Nazi / '1984' calls to Authority). The give-away is after only a few minutes: "So what is the evidence that CO2 causes warming in other words what is the theory which explains (why it happens)....". YES THAT is what he says!!! WHAT TOTAL UTTER ABSOLUTE BRAZEN DRIVEL! His message is 'This is the theory so it is true'. This is not science but religion. In FACT there is no EVIDENCE (ie observations in the real world that confirm the theory that CO2 changes drive temperature changes, reality is the other way around). The fraudster knows the theory fails so he turns off reality. He will either overcome his brainwashed state or go mad like 'end of humanity' Geldof.
On 18 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

A dry but mostly grey day, with low hanging stratocumulus/stratus clouds, rain started in the evening only but is now going steadily. Temps 6 – 9˚C in a fresh SSW breeze. Looks like we'll have rain most of the night but not quite as heavy as further south and west. The MO forecast goes to Tuesday 22nd and shows “no severe weather” - hmm...
On 18 Oct 2013, Richard .T. wrote:

As you appear at the beginning and end of this video Piers ,did the guy have your permission ? I just happen to stumble across it whilst researching ,if you have seen it before i apologise ,he seems to think there is no case to answer ,what do you think .
On 18 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

Piers, If 70%-75% of your November forecast proves to be accurate; that should go down in history as extraordinary long-range forecasting. If anyone else had produced this I would have called it a No-way-Jose November forecast. But as it is your call, I wait with both anticipation and reservation. ps. It's almost Halloween, - you're not a wizard by any chance to have conjured this one up?
On 18 Oct 2013, Rob Horler wrote:

I see that in todays Sun you can fill in their cut out petition against the green taxes, especially the carbon tax. Considering the Sun has considerable influence on the outcome of elections I wonder if the tide is turning and picking up momentum....
On 18 Oct 2013, Sue (Ire) wrote:

Another great read about dire weather in the American prairies is David Laskins "The Children Blizzard" which describes the dreadful storm that battered a wide area on January 12th 1888. The day started off very mild, farmers took advantage of the warm weather to do outdoor work and children ran off to school with no coats. By lunch time darks clouds had gathered and the tempertures dropped 18c in three minutes. By the time the storm had passed over hundreds lay dead, mainly children trying to make it back home. A very moving story which great meterlogical descriptions of the event also. Well worth tracking down.
On 18 Oct 2013, Lorraine Lister wrote:

@Craig M - Your comment about the Christchurch 6.3 quake is very valid Craig. The two things that stood out were the depth and location and the fact that Christchurch City should never have been built where it is due to the liquifaction factor. Of course our forbears would not have understood this when Christchurch was first serttled but there are some huge question marks about buildings that went up there in the last 50 years. Ironically, it used to be said that Christchurch was one of the safest places to live in NZ because it had very few earthquakes. That of course has now changed forever.
On 17 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

A mostly overcast day today with stratocumulus and altostratus, just a few drops of rain and milder at 8 – 11˚C with a light NW breeze. - Not much time for more tonight except to say great comments & that it is a pleasure to participate on this site because the conversation is informed and levelheaded in tone. - Saskia: yes, things aren't black and white as the propaganda/behaviour modification machine would have us believe, instead there are many shades of grey and it requires discernment to make sense of it all – not something the tabloid media are good at.
On 17 Oct 2013, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

The great blizzard of 1886 Link........ It may not be the one but it ain,t half interesting yah all.
On 17 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

...cont...Alvin *appears* to focus on the dire side of projections which speaks to his target audience (religious doomsdayists) & he has the #1 blog on wordpress (beating wuwt) but it is worth remembering that more people died following 9/11 by increased vehicle usage as they switched from planes === === risk is about management, mitigation & tolerance (i.e. the point where floods from living in a flood plain are too much to stay living there despite the benefits). It is a concern however that the waters are muddied by alarmism of all shades & that it often goes unchecked (note the 'moderated' comments on climate at the guardian even when using facts or the IPCCs own reports showing no evidence of co2 driven climate extremes). Even wuwt is guilty of such moderation against the slayers & the frequent attack on 'cyclomania' (Piers, Rog Tallbloke, Vukecevic etc are almost banned words there). All we can do is bear the bias in mind when digesting the information.
On 17 Oct 2013, Bil smith NE Wales 45 d sub wrote:

Hi Steve I don't think that the 66 year should be taken as literal for working out the coldest times from any period in time Eg 1947 and 1881 ..if you look at the subsequent14 years of 1895 and 1962 (ok 15) ,they were colder as was 1829 compared to 1815. I think you need to look at the history of the coldest period within the cycle,based on this I think the 2020s are more Interseting. Again I will Leave for piers to comment
On 17 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

@charlie Alvin Conway who runs EP, which is great for earthquake/weather news btw, carries many warmist fear mongering predictions of run away temps etc amongst other fear mongering predictions, often focusing exclusively on the fear projections/predictions even when we are talking about once in a 100k year events (i.e. yes they can and do happen, could happen today but are highly unlikely). For example, a fault line may have the *potential* for an M9 quake but it may not happen for hundred, thousands or hundreds of thousands of years. However focusing on the really big quakes means you may miss the horrendous damage of lower shallow quakes such as Christchurch, NZ which at ~M6.3 was devastating but not a particularly large quake. In the same way the meridional jetstream is 'loaded' for massive downpours by mixing/contrasting air masses (e.g. 1881+2013) but it may miss you entirely dumping in the Atlantic....cont...
On 17 Oct 2013, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Hi Sue H, all I know is that 1880/1 was 66 years before 1946/7 and therefore slots neatly in with the 22 year gap between solar minima. The 66 year gap after 1947 would either be the prolonged winter we just came through, or the one we're about to face. Only Piers can answer this one...
On 17 Oct 2013, Sue H, N, Ireland (part-time subscriber) wrote:

The blizzards in south dakota did bring to mind the long winter 1880-81 in the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Yes Saskia and Suzie, I too am a fan! They started in October of that year and went on til march/april I think. I did see on the web that someone has done a study on that extreme winter, only i couldn't find any results from it. But again, it does show that this years snowfall in South Dakota isn't unprecedented, it has happened before, but back in 1880, there were very few people living out there as it had only just been opened up for settlement with the building of the railroad. Therefore very few cattle to perish that time. Does Piers have any pointers to how 1880 was so bad ? Does it fit into any natural cycles?
On 17 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

I went on a renewable energy trip to Eire 3 years ago to look at all the systems they used. We were told that renewable was successful where a combination was used i.e wind and solar, - for when it was not windy or not sunny. Also looked at miscanthus for burning, AD and litter burning (these two needed rural businesses to consume the energy). farmers here were advised a few years ago that producing oil crops for fuel was the way forward. The answer to that has to be how can you take up land to grow fuel whilst people starve in other parts of the world. We went for solar in the end - great in the summer but not very efficient during long dark winter nights. But the sun does rise every day, so harnessing its energy must make sense, - but how? We also have used a wood burner as our main source of home heating for over 30 years, - but we do have plenty of scrap/ fallen wood as well as our own woodland, Not much use if you live in a flat in London SE1 though!
On 17 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Currently stormy weather, approx. 8BF (KNMI chart way off as usual), temps just above 10Celsius. Mornings and days have become somewhat warmer, no need to keep the heater on all day (we kill it at 17Celsius). Sky is completely overcast and grey. No rain so far.
On 17 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - One solution they came up with here was a joined initiative by several farmers to group the wind mills and relocate them just outside the village. However, it seems ludicrous to me to install these things in an area where there's hardly any wind. We have plenty of that here, so it makes sense. But those aren't the wind mills I was talking about. I mean a smaller type, enough to power some car or boat batteries, meant as a back-up. Not intended to feed electricity back into the grid. Like I said, a generator is all fine and dandy, but how are you going to get fuel if all the roads are closed? Supplies will eventually dry up.
On 17 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - Did the rain become less acidic? Disappear? One would think, with all this increased precipitation caused by CO2 influx *cough* that it would have increased, but nary a word. being a serf, yes, that's a danger these days. Unfortunately most people have the tendency to run along with the herd and become deaf to exactly what it is they're bleating. Having your own opinion matters a lot, as long as you have researched the issue, read up on the different view points and end up drawing your own (well founded) conclusion. I, for one, have always gone in the opposite direction from where the herd was running. Naturally you do run the risk of meeting a wolf, but even that can be quite interesting and informative ;-) @Spaewife - At the beginning of this 'install a wind mill and make money' period, many of those privately owned wind mills sprouted up all over the place. Same here in (agricultural) Fryslân. And yes, the noise of these things can be quite irritating. [cont.]
On 17 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@suzy, dorset - Laura Ingalls WIlder, blastf rom the past! I still (!) have all her books and my daughter has read them as well ;-). I remember one cold winter years and years ago that we made the 'syrup taffy' by pouring hot syrup onto snow @Paddy - It's exactly what I meant; be careful not to throw out good ideas just because they were hatched by a group that doesn't have your support. There are some great ideas out there that are both useful and very handy, keeping the increasing pressure on conventional energy sources in mind. It's a matter of digging through the rubbish and picking out the cherries ;-) @Craig M - Great link and a very interesting read! And it completely echoes my point; use whatever works where you live. As for the money scheme, that all started way back with 'acid rain'. I actually worked for that campaign and have always wondered what the heck happened to this 'crisis of international proportions'. [continued]
On 17 Oct 2013, Henk Kraa wrote:

Saskia, I consider myself Green while trying to promote nuclear energy or burning methane gas over wind mills. The current green movement seems to send us all back to coal burning which is not that green. Wind mills may not be a good back-up without proper storage (though there are hopefull experiments in converting wind energy to methane gas or diesel). Right now the question is how to keep warm when there is snow but no wind.
On 17 Oct 2013, charlie silverman wrote:

Hello all / piers, concerning the 100.000 cattle perishing in Dakota blizzards. Well i tried to leave a comment on " the extinction protocol' site yesterday, basically saying that piers techniques would have gave forewarning to the farmers and cattle in question, only to find my comment was 'moderated' ie not shown at all. Maybe some of you more 'enlightened' people could have a word with this 'flat earther' and send him some of your comments too. regards charlie silverman
On 16 Oct 2013, Spaewife wrote:

Saskia - I was interested in your comments re wind turbines. I live in a parish of 15 square miles that has over 40 turbines in it (varying sizes). Most of these have been placed by farmers making a quick quid from the FiT scheme. In winter the weather here can be between -5 to +7 often with little or no wind (unlike March -May and August November). It is far more cost effective (unless you are farming and FiT feeding) to purchase a diesel generator to use when/if required rather than having some monstrosity whizzing around in your garden (allowing that the local planning has consented of course, you do not need planning consent for a generator).
On 16 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

@Sakia you may find this comment of interest === === the green movement was hijacked by a confluence of agendas long ago, but that does not mean it has been without merit. Clean air, focusing attention back into communities, local action (now used to fight prayer wheels!) and focusing us away from plastic to be more sustainable which is not 'green' but something I, like many others was taught growing up - working with not against the environment. But the whole carbon pyramid scheme is just a money and power grab. Out of nothing our governments, lobby groups & other freeloaders created a vast parasitic bureaucratic structure based on pure fiction - that CO2 drives climate - creating an enormous transfer of wealth & power. We almost need a New Green movement free from the Malthusian corporate, marxist & government 'big brother' agendas. I have no intention of being a climate serf, hopefully a few more greens will wake up soon before they are.
On 16 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

I agree with Saskia that we shouldn't throw the baby out with the bathwater, we should distinguish between the green-talking politicians/profiteers and those people who have genuine concern for the Earth and try to reduce their dependency on high input products & lifestyles with all sorts of clever inventions. The latter unfortunately have been hijacked by the profiteer part of the Green movement, which is actually tragic. Take a look again at “You don’t have to dig very deep to discover the true beliefs of the influential leaders who are using genuine concerns about the environment to promote an agenda of fear and control.” Some of the quotes there will make your hair stand on end.
On 16 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Light frost this morning, top of car had ice on it but none on the grass and thermometer read 2˚C at 7.30, rising to 9˚ in the course of the day as the wind turned into the S. The night had been fairly clear but there was also a lot of mist around. A few bits of sunshine in the morning, after that the sky was overcast with stratocumulus for the rest of the day, giving a couple of light showers. Certainly Ireland & W England have had the heavy rain that Piers predicted.
On 16 Oct 2013, David Rowe wrote:

Hi Piers & All, Just seen a hilarious skit on the global warmers with Hitler playing the major part on Iceagenow.Piers gets a mention too,do not miss it.
On 16 Oct 2013, suzy dorset wrote:

Global warming fraud - video parody is very amusing, see you're mentioned Piers. It is on Ice Age Now Info if you have not seen it yet anyone.
On 16 Oct 2013, suzy, dorset wrote:

In Laura Ingall's Wilder's book 'The Long Winter', set in 1880-81, she writes of a terrible winter on the South Dakota prairie. Read that book when I was a nipper.
On 16 Oct 2013, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

The first Wind farm to be dismantled some good news at last but don,t hold your breath. Link....
On 16 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

I'd like to comment on the ongoing bashing of 'greens'. There is an infinite number of shades of grey between black &white, you know. Yes, those huge wind parks are not doing much to cover a nation's use of energy. BUT ... any smart farmer with enough acres and sufficient financial means would do well to install a small wind mill! Even to only use for back-up. Because with the increasing costs of energy, as well as the fact that colder winters exert higher stress on the national grids, chances increase that power will be cut off. And in those countries where power lines are above ground, huge amounts of snow will do that as well. A (relatively) small wind mill and a bunch of boat or camper batteries will at least ensure emergency power. Fuel powered aggregates are nice, but where do you get the fuel if all roads are closed? Being pro-conservative fuels is fine, but it would be smart to use the 'greens' knowledge to establish a back-up cum emergency plan. You don't want to freeze!
On 16 Oct 2013, Sue (Ireland) wrote:

Well, it's just gone 8am and the it's been pouring rain here in Dublin since about 7:30. Very very heavy with Our national news warning of flooding. Piers I'm looking over my Oct forecast and I'm very impressed-Thundery showers then wet& windy blew right in..I fear there may be some cleaning up after this passes. I'm looking forward to following your severe warnings for the later in the month.
On 16 Oct 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

WELL NOTED Citizen starman Ian Ridpath. Temperatures are generally declining even according to the warmist liars data and the heatwaves in PARTS OF USA and much of Europe in summer were predicted by us at WeatherAction and are part of mini-ice-age = wild-jet-stream circulation patterns; nowt to do with CO2. The green thieves and warmist charlatans can predict NOTHING. == On WeatherActionTV you read my mind - a new VID is imminent on the timely subject of climate crisis regurgitations from the UN or "thieves kitchen" as Lenin described the League of Nations; although deluded modern red-greens who imagine warmist CO2 drivel and lies provide a back-door to socialism don't like to hear that particular quote. The world is now in a political state more zany than Orwell' s 1984. The former champions of Miners and coal power now embrace CO2 warmism, prayer wheels (wind farms), nukes, big oil energy price hikes and burning food (biofuels) to er 'Save the Planet' (not living standards note!).
On 16 Oct 2013, Ian Ridpath wrote:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it normally about now that we start to hear that the current year is “on course” to be one of the warmest ever? All quiet so far this year. I wonder why? Oh, and Piers - isn’t it about time for another video?
On 15 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Mist and mellow fruitfulness today, the mist coming and going this morning and evening, very beautiful and autumnal, temperature range 5 – 12˚C with good sunshine in the afternoon, light NNE wind, lovely cumulus towers building, sometimes with the sun behind them creating that silver lining. Clear tonight but not too cold, might still get a frost.
On 15 Oct 2013, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

Sad video of the devastation in South Dakota, those farmers must be going through hell.
On 15 Oct 2013, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

Let us see - Met Office budget around £240m; Weatheraction - under £1m? I think in an accuracy per £1m comparison I think I know who would win.
On 15 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

Piers - top of the comments page - underneath essence of November 75 day - should that read - essence of NOVEMBER 51d - upgraded to 45d on 18th?
On 15 Oct 2013, shaun wrote:

cont... unscientific and as a good honest AGW believer you shouldn't want any part of that MO bad science. You should be honest, open enough to say well no thats ignorant of you MO, but the fact they adopt any old rubbis to bolster their claims despite it's weakness shows they are just ignorant people grasping at any old straws they can use as a weapon to support AGW. I explained how much better Piers Corbyn is at long range forecasting but I am the first to admit to anyone, including to AGW believers that Piers does get it wrong sometimes, I will not be ignorant and delusional enough to ignore Piers errors, the difference is that Piers will accept the error and not try to dress it up as a success in some odd round about way. He explains what he believes went wrong, updates his methodology and cracks out more accurate forecasts. BLAM! like a real scientist
On 15 Oct 2013, shaun wrote:

Thanks Chris H, Landslide would be me. But it is a fair point don't you think. People sitting about saying how ignorant us deniers are with our delusional ignorant tabloid science at the same time as claiming NO such science exists to predict weather at long range. Well, even if they were right by chance, as in they were right by a ucky guess, they still haven't proven their claim that NO such science exists, so to make a blog assualt on James Madden and the Express based on their own unproven, untested speculative claims and try to pass it off matter of factly, is just insanely, undescribably ignorant. But I thought it was us deniers who were supposed to be tabloid science, ignorant, bias delusional speculative fools. I simply try to be open minded and see things as they are and I see the MO making unproven, untested speculative claims about their COMPETITORS and try to make it out as FACT. So even if you deeply believe in AGW but you can't see why the MO doing that is massively.
On 15 Oct 2013, Chris H (Subscriber) wrote:

Hi Piers - still no sign of your comment on the Met Office site. They must be worried! An interesting comment from 'landslide', though, about halfway down.
On 15 Oct 2013, Lorraine Lister wrote:

The NZ storm has moved up the North Island today leaving more destruction in its wake It was windy here in Motueka (top of the South Island) today but from the south west and it was sunny. 4.7 quake in Milford Sound, Fiordland this afternoon. 7.2 quake in the Phillipines.
On 14 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Today was what you'd call a dreich day here: drizzle & rain most of the day from an almost uniformly grey and featureless stratus sky with occasional cloud fragments visible, temp was 10˚C all day and it felt kind of mild rather than raw in the light ENE breeze. Good thing the grain harvest is over, apart maybe from some oats here & there, as everything is now dripping wet; it is actually the tattie holidays now, so-called because in bygone days children used to go potato gathering at this time to earn some pocket money. - East Side: great to hear from Russia, the trouble with the warmist agenda on the West Side is that so many people have their snouts in this trough (no pun intended) that they will fight to their last breath to preserve their business.
On 14 Oct 2013, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

Early Snowfall for Germany and Switzerland this is the link...
On 14 Oct 2013, Rob Horler wrote:

Hi Piers, The Met do not seem to have posted your response on their blog, anyone else observed this?
On 14 Oct 2013, Sue wrote:

I recommended your Oct forecast to a fisherman friend who works out of Arranmore in Donegal....he bought it this weekend and is taking your advice for the time frame you have pin pointed give or take a day or two. It's people in these industries who can really benefit from WA forecasts.
On 14 Oct 2013, east side wrote:

For those interested. The weather in Russia this year is an extremely early cold. The much colder polar air arrived 3+ weeks early this year, and has already become firmly entrenched for weeks across a broad region from siberian 'H-'hard' to as far as the austrian alps in the last week, where there was a very early heavy snow fall. With lows already expected to touch -10 to -15C this week, these events are normally associated with a very long ultra severe winter. What beats me, is how the BBC & the UK MO are still maintaining the insane idea the weather & therefore the climate is getting warmer/heading towards a global climate apocalpyse. Here in freezing Russia or Northern Finland no-one believes any of this kind of rubbish published by a lying manipulating press. Better order your snow tyres soon, you will need them in the UK & France this winter!
On 14 Oct 2013, Lorraine Lister wrote:

The NZ storm has worsened and its bad in the top of the South Island. Had to go out and batten things down in the garden before and nearly got blown over in the drive way.
On 13 Oct 2013, Lorraine Lister wrote:

More very wild weather hitting parts of NZ Temps are mild due to the nor westerly airstream.
On 13 Oct 2013, Kaz Slowik wrote:

The express forecast was useless. I cant believe that every year now for the last few they have published ridiculous forecasts by people like James Madden from exacta weather who simply just make things up in order to create a hype. I bought one of his forecasts last year out of interest and its the biggest load of rubbish ive ever read. Its incredibly vague and usually covers every possible weather scenario to make it hard to fault!
On 13 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

A pretty overcast morning, though quite mild at 7˚C at 7.30, and the sun did eventually come through every now and then until about midday, after which the sky was overcast for the rest of the day, mostly with almost featureless stratocumulus & stratus. The NE breeze was going all day and even brought some light rain by end of afternoon/evening, highest temp was 12˚C, another autumn day of a different kind. - Russ: yes, today your link works, don't know what happened there. - Bill, thanks for comments, I occasionally go poetic :-)
On 13 Oct 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANKS CHRIS H. === Yes re Express we will load the 75day ahead December headlines EARLY - later today 13th, so people can find out more === On Met O blog YES i think I got confused because when I look I see my message "awaiting moderation" but maybe this is something to me because my computer sent the post rather than a posted posting which is shown while "awaiting moderation". My COMM in main text now edited. KEEP WATCH PLEASE === Also please promote the Half price offer. Piers
On 13 Oct 2013, Stephen Devine wrote:

Just drove through torrential rain and flooding up the A12 to my mothers and back. Am a nervous wreck but glad to be home in one piece! October forecast going superbly so far Piers!
On 13 Oct 2013, Chris H (Subscriber) wrote:

Thanks for the comments on the 'Express' winter forecast, Piers. I was wondwering what you thought of it! I can't find your comment on the Met Office site - have they deleted it already? October going well so far - looking forward to November forecast.
On 13 Oct 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

AS AN EXAMPLE WHAT I DID - 20 mins on twitter. On SEARCH I typed in "Shropshire farm" (could be anything of weather interest) and a load of twitters came up. Click on the first likely one and Go to Full profile. Paste in short message: MORE DANGEROUS WEATHER IS COMING! WeatherAction OCT forecast NOW HALF PRICE ; and press send. Then do on next likley one in list. Thanks
On 13 Oct 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

SUPERB COMMENTS ALL. THANK YOU == You will have seen our latest news pdf with discussion on Mini-Ice-Age fingerprints hot link (=WANews13No40.pdf) As SUBSCRIBERS know MORE DANGEROUS EXCITING WEATHER is coming this OCT! So the rest of Oct at half price is a real must for anyone affected. Please think of someone who needs to know - including farmers who as Steve Saville a very long standing farmer subscriber put it "Think they don't need to know but actually they do" - and tell them; THEN POST WHAT YOU'VE DONE HERE!! THANK U. Then we give 'initiative' stars to each other. I am on monitor duty much of today, whereas usually it's not me, All best Thanks Piers
On 13 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Better make that 60 dead in the temple stampede......the BBC has had a recount!
On 13 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Bill... there have been a few x-flares over the past week or so and these seem to have a very dramatic effect on storms. X-rays are high energy and deliver that energy into the atmosphere and this is believed to be how storms power up. Lower energy flares cause lower levels of storm production. Of course any standard model physicists reading this will laugh and put the blame squarely on CO2 and lots of other extremely lightweight gases wafting around. I'll stick with the electrical potential between the atmosphere and the earth, with the addition of a few thousand tons of highly energetic particles slamming into the atmosphere and releasing their electromagnetic energy into the mix. Sounds far more plausible than cold gas wafting around. Above a few thousand feet it gets pretty cold, so most of the storm cloud is cold, with a bit of warm air wafting up from the ground. Question: Why no storms the rest of the time??? Warm & cold air are always there...every day!
On 13 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Lorraine... "Hurricane hitting India looks ferocious." ... Not as ferocious as the stampede in India which killed fifty people while the cyclone only killed I think 5 people. Kinda gives these climate catastrophe's some perspective really. We get roofs blown off and hundreds of trees blown down and we just call it gales. ..... Any news spotted about the 5ft tidal surges supposedly hitting the east coast a few days ago? BBC are quiet on the matter. ..... Paddy... Just checked the link and it opens the 'old weather' site. Clear out your internet files cache & cookies and try the link again.
On 13 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Code Orange for the southern part of The Netherlands, in particular the provinces of Zuid-Holland, Zeeland and Utrecht. Torrential rain has flooded houses and basements. In some places more than 80mm of rain has fallen. In our (northern) region temps this morning in the house were just 14 Celsius. Wind still due East. Outside temps basically chilly.
On 12 Oct 2013, BillSmith (NEWales45dsub) wrote:

Been busy not posted for a few weeks , Weather round here been cold and dry this last week ( not complaining though ), I see this latestbout of typhoons and Indian Ocean cyclone power up, I wonder if they are energised by the latest CME? With all the rumours in the press of a cold winter ,I always think that the transition between mild to cold is the most wild and concerning, of the winter,take Nov 2009 in Cumbria,. In any case we have had a wonderful summer to draw some lovely memories from.Paddy I like your wording "dry ground a sweet summer memory",I can relate to having lived in Scotland during some lovely summers , just like the distant hum of the combine fading in and out with the gentle birdsong drifting through the rustling shade of the birch trese, yes simple pleasures are sometimes the most rewarding.
On 12 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Today turned out to be a lovely autumn day with a mixture of clouds and sunshine, temp at 7.30 was 5˚C, rising to 14˚ by afternoon, just warm enough to be outside in shirt sleeves. Lots of low cumulus blown along, sometimes with a layer of altocumulus up above in neat billowing patterns, wind mostly NNE and surprisingly not very cold, especially late evening when we still had 7˚ at 10pm under a clear moonlit sky. - The various river & reservoir reports make interesting reading, the contrasts up & down the country are remarkable. - Russ, your link just above Carl T's comment is not exactly weather related, shome mishtake, shurely... somebody impersonating you? - the Washington Post link truly is rabbit hole stuff.
On 12 Oct 2013, Lorraine wrote:

Hurricane hitting India looks ferocious,
On 12 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Russ - Regarding your link of 'old weather' ... I'm one of the transcribers ;-)
On 12 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

EARTHQUAKE 6.4 on Crete at 1 PM.
On 12 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

>>> <<< This has to be of serious interest to someone on this site with a bit of spare time on their hands. Some bedtime reading for our host maybe?
On 12 Oct 2013, Carl T 45 sub NE Wales ele 1m wrote: Looking forward to the Nov forecast from Piers and WA.
On 12 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

>>> <<< It doesn't get any funnier than this......... Can I get out of the rabbit hole now please....I'm think I'm confused enough!
On 12 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Russ - Wow, here I've got a subscription to SpaceWeather and I never noticed that one! Need to check my emails more often. / Totally unpredicted by the Dutch KNMI - who only issued a "strong 7BF wind" warning for the NW-coast - we had a very strong 8BF northeastern wind yesterday. As I had to pick the last of this season's grapes at my inlaws it meant a 2 hour balancing act on a high ladder. The sudden gusts were the most interesting ... @Craig - I've noticed I can't receive Classic FM all of a sudden. Either I need to adjust the satellite or this CME had some serious influence.
On 12 Oct 2013, Shaun wrote:

All of the Reservoirs around the Brecon Beacons are full to the brim.
On 11 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

5˚C overnight again but rising to 12˚ by midday and with the wind almost gone it felt much warmer today, I even managed to work up a sweat without immediately being blasted by a cold northerly. It was so still at one point that the midges came out in force but they appeared not to be in a biting mood, probably not warm enough for them. By 10pm the temperature was down to 4˚C and a light NE breeze blowing, in line with the High having moved NE-wards during the day, clouds mostly stratocumulus, very few cirrus, well broken by late afternoon, the stars could be seen by night, we might get a fine day tomorrow. - Seen a number of fieldfares over the last 10 days and today a big flock flew overhead, a sure sign of autumn. - Craig, rivers & streams are low, but the ground has now been well soaked again and will probably stay wet until the spring, much less evaporation with the colder temps now, the sight of dry ground a sweet summer memory.
On 11 Oct 2013, Christine Gaskill wrote:

I had a terrible migraine on Tuesday too. On seeing the comments, I looked back at my migraines for several months and all were on days of a geomagnetic storm. Interesting!
On 11 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Craig, I haven't seen the local reservoirs for a few weeks, so it'll be interesting to pop up and see how they are getting along. Up until early September 90% of smaller reservoirs across several districts were full, with only the larger ones showing any sign of dropping. The huge Derwent reservoirs were about 2/3rds full at this time but all the tributaries were flowing well and the main supply of water from a pipe feed from the base of Kinder Scout was gushing healthily. That good soaking the ground got from the wettest drought on record, did the water table the world of good, and after hardly seeing rain over the past 8 months I was surprised just how wet everything was. There was still damp mud in some deep woodland glades until 3 weeks ago, and the lightest shower or day's drizzle can leave the moors decidedly moist and squelchy. There are still large pools of free standing water on the moors. It won't take much rain to get back to a flood situation I'm sure!
On 11 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

It wouldn't be an R period today would it? Very blustery with light rain. 2C warmer than yesterday but feeling less cold as the dew points have risen from 4-10C. +++ Tens of thousands of cattle were killed by a record breaking blizzard in S Dakota last weekend (an R3). Most were still out due to time of year & stood no chance. The change to warmer temps not helping === === Daily Mail has some horrific images === === the temp contrast/convergence with a more southerly jetstream drives such events. These sudden changes are par for the course and we can 'look forward' to more in the months and years to come.
On 11 Oct 2013, Rob Horler wrote:

Craig, Down here in North Wiltshire we have very low groundwater levels, I work as a Head Greekeeper and we have had a great few weeks continuing the construction or a new irrigation system ironically enough. The cold wind has knocked the grass backa bit but we still had a late flush of growth. The local rivers are low and the farmers had no trouble at harvest or re drilling the fields. With the cold spring I still consider that we have lost a whole month.
On 11 Oct 2013, Carl 30d Subscriber wrote:

Danny - Do you also notice about the BBC weather forecasts that almost every night they say "THERE IS A GREAT DEAL OF UNCERTAINTY ABOUT THIS FORECAST".The met office recently spent 10million pounds on new state of the art super computers.Before this Piers made another forecast.The met office will spend 10million £ on supercomputers only to get it wrong Quicker.Another great forecast Piers
On 11 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Was potting up seedlings outside at the weekend with just a semmit on top and almost got the sunscreeen on. Yesterday there was snow on Ben-y- Ghlo and frost on the grass this morning. The blustery winds howver delivered a fresh batch of Norway Maple seeds--so what's that about an ill wind? Looks like a glorious autumn day to come. B-----r SSE, the price of free scrap wood is the same as last year.
On 10 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Even colder start today at 5˚C at 7.30, rain overnight and showers on and off during the day, again some really sunny spells in between around midday, then overcast for the rest of the day with stratocumulus, max temp 9˚C, wind a biting N'ly, abating somewhat in the evening only. By 10pm temp was back down to 5˚C again, if the wind stops there's likely to be a frost. Will the winter be hard? Ah well, you know where to ask...
On 10 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

The cold air passed over ~5PM yesterday (Weds). The warm air had mixed out slowly through the day, but the real change came suprisingly fast in the space of a walk. A mix of streaks of dark cumulus moving west accompanied mamatuss and feathery cirrus moving in from the north. The rain missed dissapating as it moved down the country, with the residual passing about ~10km east (I could see the streaks on the hills in the distance ). Although temps today are similar to the double R5 in Sept, the dewpoints dropped to below 4C and stayed there (in Sept rain held temps down, today was dry). Needless to say the gloves came out as the northerly wind was biting! +++ Paddy, on my walk yesterday I noticed how low the water levels were in a local pond. Not seen it like that for 3-4 years. With the Dee that's the top & bottom of the country 'dry'. What are river/water levels like in the middle of the BI? Be good to hear anyone else's observations.
On 10 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

Russ thanks for highlighting my post on solar/lunar effects on health. I did it as a compliment to your comment. As I said I know someone with angina who has had flare ups the past fortnight coincident with geo magnetic storms...will watch +++ Saskia, woke up Tues with a pounding migraine like headache which felt like a hangover almost except I'd not touched a drop! Lots of possible variables (hydration etc) but I ruled the usual suspects out. Came and went more or less in tandem with the storm. TV also played up which I've noticed before. The late Dr Neil Cross proposed the Schumann resonance as a mechanism (link in Russ' s comment below for those interested).
On 10 Oct 2013, danny wrote:

Can anybody tell me if its going to be windy in east Sussex Tonight, because Britain's brainwashing corporation, the BBC as a whole, should be scrapped, they are totally corrupt Talk about being part of the climate hoax or what, I have never known a weather channel to get it so wrong, over the course of 24 hours. They can poke their disinfo where the sun don't shine. As from now, no TV licence will be paid by myself. Remember its not just the weather they lie to us about either. Hope your keeping well MAINMAN and all @ W A kind regards Danny
On 10 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

Why the turn of events and this horrible north cold wind? What annihilated the hot Indian Summer I was so looking forward to. It has been pleasantly warm this month until now; but oh what a change. Horse and pony delighted to be back in their stables at night. At 33 you don't fancy sleeping outside in this weather. (That's the pony - not me) !
On 10 Oct 2013, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

The reason for pouring scorn on Ed (I introduced the Climate Change Act to increase your fuel bills) Milliband's plan to cap energy prices is his sheer economic illiteracy. The government - started by him and continued by the lib coalition - are demanding investment by the energy companies. Where on earth do they think the funds for this will come from? From profits of course. New energy capacity doesn't build itself. If the enrgy companies can't run their businesses properly without interference from moronic politicians, they have every right to scale back their operations here and invest elsewhere where there is a sensible operating environment. While it is unlikely that we will have electricity blackouts since there are now scores of diesel generators being linked up to provide an instant power boost for when we have more intermittant wind generation and the wind drops, there is a much greater chance of running out of gas if the winter is long and cold.
On 10 Oct 2013, Rob Horler wrote:

Rob, if you remember it was a certain Mr Milliband who pushed through the climate act, a disaster for us all and under his watch the spread of prayer wheels took hold. It is a bit rich for him to demand reductions on energy bills when we are all paying his Carbon tax
On 10 Oct 2013, Rob wrote:

Interesting that the day after the North wind starts to blow and temps. drop that Scottish & Southern Energy announce an 8% price rise for gas and electricity. How many more people will that force into fuel poverty and how many more people willl die this winter as a result of this. And to think only recently politicians and the media were lining up to condemn a certain political leader for wanting to introduce an energy price freeze. Looks like the only thing going to be frozen is the poor pensioners.
On 10 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Saskia, a G1 class geomagnetic storm hit on Tuesday and sparked good aurora in Norway. Our little Westie gets very lethargic and grumpy around the same days we suffer from migraine attacks, so I can only assume it affects him too. Puts him off his food too. He's not even bothered about a walk either, it really does knock the life out of him..... Weather-wise, I too was shocked by the huge swing in temperatures yesterday. My mum's outside sensor read a max of 8C about 3pm, and by the time we walked the dog at 7pm it felt much colder, and to make it worse the wind picked up to a healthy strength - enough to push you off balance as you walked along - that type of energy...
On 10 Oct 2013, JohnE wrote:

East Lancashire. Temperature driving to work this morning was 5C. Cold wind but not quite of the biting variety. Lots of leaves to kick over the coming weeks with some trees within a short distance of my home now completely naked.. Love this time of the year, but then I can afford heating and warm clothes and transport to get me around. Not the same for everyone unfortunately.
On 10 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Weather has executed a complete 180. Late yesterday afternoon the wind started picking up and finally ended up coming from the East again. Temps dropped considerably, from a nice 'don't need the heater' 17 Celsius in the morning to barely 14 Celsius! Walking the dog last night at 11 PM was NOT enjoyable! This morning the heavens opened up and gave us a good hail pelting, although the sun has started to peek out from behind the clouds now. There's a nasty flu virus going round in our parts that's making this sudden cold spell even less enjoyable. @Russ - Have had a severe headache these past few days as well. Not sure whether it's the solar activity or sudden pressure changes, but noticeable nontheless.
On 09 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Zapbampow! Complete change today, only 6˚C at 7.30, rising to 9˚ max, strong NNW wind, gusts up to 35mph, occasional sharp showers but also quite sunny in the morning with lovely white cumulus. Must say, it feels great to have a bit of cold, sharpens the will to work & keep warm! No complaints about the warmth we've had this year but I do enjoy the change of the seasons.
On 09 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Also Michael, the link below from Autarky is a good way of monitoring 'near earth space' for sudden increases in magnetic activity and for news about solar flares, filament eruptions, sun-spots and aurora. ...... While in north Scotland we were looking forward to a good aurora when a CME blasted off the sun but CME's don't just light up the poles with fancy light shows, they also create lots of cloud and rain, so we got that instead...
On 09 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Michael, you would do well to visit CraigM's blog where he has posted some useful and very interesting info and links. >>> <<<
On 09 Oct 2013, Michael wrote:

Russ,your comments on solar activity and it's effect on angina and other human conditions,ie,moods etc is of great interest to me.Where can I find more information and also keep up to date daily with the solar changes. Thank you in advance.
On 09 Oct 2013, Autarky wrote:

Earth stimulation forecast until Sunday: strong quakes 7-8+ R (in places where MASS animal stimulation observed) and or volcanic eruptions and/or severe rain/hail/snow storms, due to stimulating space electricity shown partially in the photo:
On 09 Oct 2013, Autarky wrote:

Earth stimulation forecast until Sunday: strong quakes 7-8+ R (in places where MASS animal stimulation observed) and or volcanic eruptions and/or severe rain/hail/snow storms, due to stimulating space electricity shown partially in the photo:
On 08 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Brilliant sunny start, staying that way all morning, 11˚C at 7.30, getting up to a very agreeable 18˚ even in the occasionally blustery WNW wind. Slowly clouding over by early afternoon, mostly stratocumulus, nice blue sunset (as opposed to red). Much cooler and showery day forecast by MO. - We dug our maincrop potatoes today and got too hot in the morning, haven't had such a good crop in a number of years, it's been a good summer altogether for the veg. - Here's why things go so pear-shaped in our present day, sent to me by a friend: Although not directly related to weather it shows you that the AGW fraud is only one of many.
On 08 Oct 2013, Lorraine Lister wrote:

More on the extent of the storm currently hitting NZ
On 08 Oct 2013, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

The story splashed across the legacy media about blackouts this winter is an unsubstantiated scare story. The media (with their 'powerful reputation for accuracy' according to Leveson) have failed to check their facts once again. What they haven't identified is the existence of the Short Term Operating Reserve and other back up systems that add 6GW of capacity. Haven't got time to give you this figures but the only reason we could have a fuel-supply shortage is if there is a problem with any of the gas supply pipelines while we have a long cold spell. Lack of wind can be ignored at the moment as its contribution is still negligible.
On 08 Oct 2013, Sue wrote:

Whatever about a blackout in the UK...Ireland gets most of its gas supply piped over from Moffat in Scotland directly to Dublin port, It is then piped throughout the country, besides a small gas field off the coast of County Cork (Kinsale) we are completely dependent on gas imports. Our electricity plants are still burning coal and peat but I think we'ii feel the winter chill here first as the UK rations it's energy. I will be preparing just in case with the help of Piers weather forecasts.
On 08 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

CraigM, I've uploaded a photo of some odd clouds on your blog. They're the streaky ice crystal type of alto-cirrus. One of those photo opportunities which come along once or twice in a lifetime. Luckily I had a fantastic photographic subject to compliment them. The effect started as we arrived in the car-park and after an hour the effect had dissipated completely.
On 08 Oct 2013, Lorraine Lister wrote:

After temps of 18 to 21c and sunshine last week NZ is being hit by a cold spring storm Not sure what period we're in - will the RTQ forecast be loaded soon Piers? Glad I planted out the first courgette plant under a cloche!
On 07 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Amazingly mild day today, if the sun had shone it would have been damn hot. As it was, the day started with 13˚C and went up to 16˚ by afternoon, even though the sky was overcast all day, temp at 9.30pm was still 14˚, all with an occasionally strong SW breeze. The clouds today were equally amazing, so many different types and shapes, the highlight was a big area of mammatus around 3pm, it stayed for about 15 mins before dissolving into the general cover of altocumulus, stratocumulus and altostratus. By the end of the afternoon the cloud base was really high, which became very clear when an ascending aeroplane did not disappear into the clouds. - My lone swallow story yesterday is laughable compared to the 50 or so birds my wife saw today at the assembly point near us. - Russ, we also had good weather but not quite as much sunshine as you in the west.
On 07 Oct 2013, philippe (alsace, subscriber) wrote:

70 mm rain at places from saturday 5th october to sunday 6th october, thunder /thunder rain on saturday afternoon; all the time humid and stratus or nimbostratus cloud cover; too much humidity that made burst the grape berries
On 07 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Maybe Shaun, but the reality of the efficiency of the 'prayer wheels' for the 'Church of the Burning Planet' may also be getting through to them.
On 07 Oct 2013, Shaun wrote:

"The risk of blackouts this winter will be higher than at any time over the past six years" according to the National Grid. Are they expecting bad winter then?
On 07 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Paul, solar activity also has an effect on people with angina, apparently increasing the severity of attacks. I've noticed that when my son and I have migraines and find an uptick in solar activity, that my aged mum has bad days too with foggy head, lethargy and often angina. When solar activity remains low for many days she is firing on all cylinders and actually looks better in herself. I monitor this constantly and see the changes on a weekly basis. A bad attack and a night in hospital for tests followed last Sundays big flare. Coincidence? I guess no one is studying this phenomenon because they would be labelled a crank, an astrologer, a science denier or some other personal attack to discredit them, otherwise the sun would gain credence as an important trigger for health changes and social unrest. Blimey! The warmers don't even want to accept that the sun actually causes the globe to warm, even though it manages to bring it out of an ice age!
On 06 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

In recent weeks we've often had the sun shining just after rising through the gap in the cloud cover on the eastern horizon for half an hour or so, giving the impression of a sunny day to come, but once it gets into the clouds, that's it, diffuse light for the rest of the day. 10˚C overnight, 13˚ by 7.30, rising to 16˚ by afternoon, mild and almost muggy, light SW breeze. Clouds mostly stratocumulus, some altocumulus and by nightfall altostratus that completely obscured the stars. - Still saw a lone swallow this morning, heading southwards in a straight line.
On 06 Oct 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Was this R3 period by any chance nearer an R5 in reality. From way kids have been today, I would say we are in an R5 Also I notice there has been a large CME round the back of the Sun. Presumably in terms of magnetic or electromagnetic interaction with the earth it makes no difference where on the sun the CME is?
On 06 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Back after 2 weeks in glorious Scotland, and what a time we had. We expected fine weather across northern Scotland because that's what Piers forecast said for the last week of September running into the start of October, and that's exactly what we had. I didn't keep accurate records but around 8 days out of 14 were sunny blue skies. Only had rain thrice, two times overnight and once in the daytime. Two days of cold, grey skies and the rest were cool with sunny spells. Very little wind. Surprisingly warm most days, in fact on the days we climbed Stac Pollaidh and Beinn Liath Mhor it felt truly summer-like. Shirt sleeves at 3,000ft in the last week of September in the far north of Scotland....who would have believed it? Phenomenal photographs some of which are GPS and time-stamped so proof of the weathers state over the past couple of weeks.
On 06 Oct 2013, Henk wrote:

Early snowstorm hits Wyoming and south dakota
On 06 Oct 2013, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

Spot on forecasting for Friday in London as the rain cleared and the sun came out during the course of the afternoon. I note that the Warmists are now quick to quote the 'can't judge the temperature for less than 30 years' bit from the IPCC fairytale (except when writing a global warming report of course). Perhaps we should ask Jones of the CRU for an update on his Climategate email saying that they will start worrying when 15 years of no warming arrives. Using Lord Monckton's work I think it has reached 16years 9months so far.
On 05 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Clear start and 8˚C, a lovely autumn day with sunshine and a variety of clouds, beautiful cirrus formations in the morning, temp getting up to 18˚C, which is very good for this time of year, wind mostly SW and fairly gentle. - Interesting story from a friend today who runs a diving company: the moon in general affects the diving times anywhere out at sea, when ever the tide is moving in or out, diving becomes impossible because of the current in or out, the only possible times is when the water is at a standstill between the in and out movement and this happens 4 times in a 24 hour period. They have a very sophisticated instrument to measure the water movement: a brick on a rope :-), when it hangs down it's ok to dive when it is at an angle or horizontal it's not. Around full moon the tides are particularly strong and diving time is shortened. And the warmers want to tell us that the moon has no influence...tsk, some people...
On 05 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Good points there Craig. A classic example here is the housing developments politicians like to see in the Cairngorm National Park and in the same newspaper is a feature on the disappearance of Scottish Wildcat or the reduction of Capercaillie----nothing to do with climate change.
On 05 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

....cont...links + === time after time these claims fall at the first hurdle and man's impact on the environment (or vice versa if we build on shifting sands & flood plains) is ignored unless it is about carbon reduction. Carbon reduction will make no difference to climate or our environment (beyond cleaning air which is beneficial but does not mean we stop using carbon based in energy). It never has, never will because the forces that control climate are much larger. These people would have us believe p***ing in the wind will make a difference as will paying Al Gorhythm et al indulgences?
On 05 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

The usual suspects are linking 'climate change' in response to hornet deaths in China. Animals & insects will multiply during favourable periods - be it a single season or span of years. This means more offspring for the following season, which if unfavourable means the species survives & so on. 2013 is a good example with UK butterflies doing v. well despite the late season start & despite previous poor years. These climate cretins have no understanding of evolutionary principles or climate or anything. Tucked away in the alarming reports comes this === "Environmental activists have also blamed rapid urbanisation for worsening the problem as more rural land is swallowed up for urban development, intruding into habitats where hornets hunt and build their nests." (BBC) or this "As property developers have razed Shaanxi’s forests, the number of birds—the only airborne creatures big enough to take out a giant hornet—has fallen" (Quartz)...cont...
On 05 Oct 2013, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Piers As a physicist, you may be interested in the following article: It'd be fascinating to hear people's theories about what actually happened in 1878. Keep up the good work.
On 04 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

A mild & humid day with low clouds racing across the sky in the strong SW wind, 13˚C at 7.30, eventually warming up to 16˚. Mostly cloudy, lots of stratocumulus and cumulonimbus around midday when we had some heavy downpours, then dry again with broken clouds. The midges were out in force in the quieter moments. - Craig, thanks for the explanation, the link led to quite a number of other sites of interest, helping me to get a better picture. Science is not my natural home but I've come to know quite a bit about deceptions (not from personal practice, I hasten to add :-), and AGW is one of the biggest ones going at the moment, though crumbling as it is.
On 04 Oct 2013, philippe (alsace-subscriber) wrote:

my comment was written yesterday morning 3rd october and i posted it on the evening without correcting it, because it was nice only the morning, in the afternoon we had some stratus and nimbostratus arriving from South west, but very little rain (it was slightly wet this morning); stratus today but no really rain for the moment. concerning Piers forecast my hope was about the first half to the 18th of october not the rest of the month...
On 04 Oct 2013, Carl T 45 sub NE Wales ele 1m wrote: Oh hello, what's this then? 36 degrees BELOW the average. Hummm I just wonder after Australia getting rid of the warmist liers who will be next?
On 04 Oct 2013, joseph e boyer wrote:

Mr. Corbyn I thank you tremendously for your work in the weather, since September 2012 I have stopped listening to the media in the sense that most of everything here is controlled and filtered. I heard you on the Alex Jones radio show and well that is when I first started listening to alternative media mostly due to the global warming bullshit I kind of knew that it was a political stand point and mainly funded by big business mainly bulidenburg (found everything eventually trickled to whoever they are). But to cut my rambling short I value your scientific studies and weather predictions and modules very much so. Thanks SSGT. Boyer, Joseph, e USMC (ret.)
On 03 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Quite a lot of rain overnight, continuing until midday, then showers, temp 12˚C all day with grey nimbostratus skies and even fog in a still stiff SSE breeze. We had rather more rain than I would have expected from Piers' 30d forecast. - We remarked today on how the leaves have suddenly started turning everywhere in patches, last week it was still very green. Out tonight, home in pouring rain and noticed how many leaves are now lying on the roads, must be autumn :-) – Rhys J, we had much less blight this year than last on account of it being much drier. Our blight resistant variety Sapro Mira did very well again, even though it was affected a little by what looks like blight but not so virulent where it was in the wind shelter of the hedge. I'm cutting the shaws now because we're about to lift them, want to get this job out of the way.
On 03 Oct 2013, Philippe (alsace) wrote:

cont. 27th and 28th: nice fine weather, misty morning; 29th: fine morning afternoon stratus coming from the south (thunderrains in the south of France Languedoc and Provence coming to the north through Rhône and Saône valleys; happily they did not come much more northwards than Jura/Burgundy); sept 30th oct 1st : stratus; oct 2nd 3rd : fine Hope Piers october forecast will be verified
On 03 Oct 2013, Philippe (subscriber- Alsace) wrote:

Hello everybody; .weather check up for sept in Colmar; grapes harvest under progress begun on sept 19th with grapes picked for sparkling wines and on 30th for stillwines; 3 to 4 weeks later as average in the last decade (the same for other french viticultural areas) but still good…and people from MSM and MSI (mainstream institutions) continue speaking about AGW or whatever they found to justify their silly programs an overpaid jobs 1st .sept clouds ; .2nd to 5th fine and nice, blue sky; 6th: change to warm and thundery weather (cumulus and stratocum.); 7th and 8th nimbostratus and rain, cooler later; 9th blue sky, cumulus; .10th to 13th: grey and low clouds (nimbostratus) brighter 13th (cumulus); .14th to 20th : mainly grey, humid and low clouds with rain 17th-18th some brief brighter periods after 17th; .21th to 24th : fine warm weather, some misty mornings; 25th: cumulus, threat of thunder, 26th shower on the morning then nice with cumulus;
On 03 Oct 2013, Richard .T. wrote:

If you look further into this video ,you will see comments or opposition to what the government scientists tell us about climate change ,will soon be banned everywhere mmm what does that tell us that we as public don`t believe them ! Good job we have Piers and
On 03 Oct 2013, Sue wrote:

Hi piers, Well your sept 27-30 to 1st October was spot on for Ireland- Galway experienced a funnel cloud yesterday evening which caused severe damage to a local church and homes.
On 03 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

Ron, thanks. I did have Huhne in mind. Also serial 'churnalist' Roger Black moved from bbc to an NGO. There are many examples of climate patronage! +++ Paddy, meriodional flow is when the jetstream loops/zigzags on a N/S basis so for example the js will lie Sth of Spain allowing polar air to move down to lower latitudes. Conversely another arm of the js will be much further north, say in Archangel Russia in the Arctic circle, allowing tropical air to move up in latitude. A zonal flow is W/E which is the 'normal' position, as there is less temperatute contrast the weather will be mostly less extreme. It is the contrast of temp between airmasses that drives the deluges (convergences) and also causes droughts (like our dry July when the js was parked to our North & we drw in warm tropical air). If you draw a straight line between Edinburgh & Moscow that would be zonal. A line like an M or W between the two is meridional. Scroll down for an image here ===
On 03 Oct 2013, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Piers To let you know that by delaying sowing of maincrop potatoes this year until 9th June a crop of 2.5lb/plant has been harvested to date (2lb, 2lb 4oz, 2lb 10oz and 3lb 4oz on four plants) which equates to around 35/tonnes per hectare or standard commercial yields. Did have to do a lot of watering through the drought to keep them going though. I would have let them go longer, but blight has just hit so we cut the haulms off and dug some up to see how they did. We actually had a go at planting on August 9th for Christmas potatoes, but had to harvest them after 8 weeks due to the blight. Still got 3lb from the first row, although clearly it was far too early to be harvesting really. Probably better to do that in a bag or a dustbin next year.
On 03 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

Bang on the nail for the first phase of October with 'Heavy Showers'. Temp holding up though, not too cool.
On 03 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

This comment is late because we had a power cut last night, faulty transformer at the neighbour's. - - Yesterday's weather: the strong SE wind was blowing all day, temps 11 – 12˚C, it would have felt mild had it not been for the wind. From about 4pm the rain started and got very heavy at times, still not finished this morning and looks like wanting to go on for a while yet, glad that the straw on our two barley fields has been baled on Monday. From past experience, this situation with a dominant Scandinavian High can last for a while, when this happens in winter it can be raw & bitter, penetrating through every crack in our old house. - - Great comms below, many of them over my non-scientific head, following them up as & when. Craig, what does J/S zonal or meridional mean?
On 03 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Richard, Wonder if Piers and yourself could take a google at 'Julie Brigham-Grette presents Elgygytgyn research' with reference to the much warmer thain expected and previously unknown warm periodicities in the Arctic( pre Eemian) in terms of the planetary and solar cyclicities/perturbations? cheers Ron
On 03 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Craig: a telling outlook and the current and recent past situation among the conservation/environmental quangos and NGOs in Scotland is a classic example, not to mention what happened with the legally proven and recently relreased from prison lying, criminal ex Environment Minister at Westminster who now has a job with a renewable energy company!!
On 02 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

An interesting article on Fukushima "Prof Kurokawa blames what he calls "regulatory capture", a process by which the nuclear power industry "captured" the bureaucracy that was supposed to regulate it.Put crudely, the "poachers" and the "gamekeepers" were far too close. Many senior bureaucrats from Japan's Nuclear Industry Safety Agency would take lucrative jobs in the nuclear industry after leaving government.The result was a nuclear industry imbued with a culture of arrogance, secrecy and complacency." === what does it have to do with climate? Well for the past few years this open door/round robin policy has existed between environmental groups, business & government at local, national & international levels - all in place to milk & push the agenda that is oblivious to the observable and obedient to opinion only. It is another disaster waiting to happen.
On 02 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

Recommended article by Tim Ball (Climatologist & Environmentalist) via WUWT === "People, like farmers, who use climate data in their work know that a most important statistic is variation. Climatology was aware of this decades ago as it became aware of changing variability, especially of mid-latitude weather, with changes in upper level winds...Now, as the global trend swings from warming to cooling these winds switched from zonal to meridional flow [jetstream] causing dramatic increases in variability of temperature and precipitation. The IPCC, cursed with the tunnel vision of political objectives and limited by their terms of reference did not accommodate natural variability.  They can only claim, incorrectly, that the change is proof of their failed projections." === === Which is why the IPCC 95% confidence figure is worthless, they might as well have said 110% because the result of multiplying a zero is zero.
On 02 Oct 2013, Rob wrote:

Am I right in saying that the deluges forecast for large parts of the UK over the next 24 - 36 hours with 80mm in places possible are caused by the CME hit we have just experienced?
On 02 Oct 2013, Richard Pinder wrote:

Part 2: and when Solar magnetic activity increases this in turn causes Global Warming. A 0.6 Kelvin fall in temperature for every extra year of Solar Cycle Length has been found (Solar Cycle 24: Expectations and Implications: D C. Archibald). The albedo of the Earth decreased from 1985 to 1997 showing a 6.5 percent decrease in cloud cover (Palle, E. (2004),) this produced the warming at the end of the last century. So you do not need carbon dioxide warming and the IPCC’s missing heat was reflected. You can also use the orbits of the planets to predict future Climate Change rather than correlation patterns in historical data, which I think both have been used to predict a coming little ice age.
On 02 Oct 2013, Richard Pinder wrote:

Short Solar Cycles have higher Solar Magnetic activity due to the increase in the speed of plasma within the Sun, and therefore a larger number of Sun spots. Long Solar Cycles have lower Solar Magnetic activity and therefore a smaller number of Sun spots. Between 1913 and 1996, only one of eight Solar Cycles was longer than the mean Solar Cycle length of 11.04 years, the last of these was the shortest Solar Cycle for more than 200 years, the strength of the Suns magnetic field more than doubled and there was a 8.6 percent reduction in clouds. The speed of the centre of the Sun relative to the centre of mass or barycentre of the Solar System determines the length of the solar cycle, this in turn is caused by the orbits and masses of the Planets. When Solar magnetic activity is low, Galactic Cosmic Ray levels are able to rise, this causes an increase in low clouds and the Earths cloud albedo, which in turn reflects more Solar radiation, and therefore causes a cooling,
On 02 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

Paddy your comments on the Dee intrigued me. Have a look here === === record low levels in parts but the record is v. short (~2009) about 25-50% below avg. Certainly a downwards trajectory which is in line with depressed rainfall in Scot this spring/summer focused on the central belt (also much of UK despite deluges). Certainly 2013 is nothing like the v wet 2012 which is what happens when the jetstream goes meridional (increased drought/deluge as noted in the last meridional phase which ended in the 70s). It also ties with earlier comments I made on LIA type patterns (based on 1880s data/patterns) & how focus can change in BI as j/stream moves up & down. We look to get a prime example Thurs as the S J/stream moves North. As it does high pressure looks to follow with warm tropical air (current model projections leaning to an Indian summer this month). Not news to subscribers.
On 02 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Guys: I am having another wee ding dong in the Scotsman newspaper with an acolyte of 'the 'Church of the Burning Planet', known as 'Slioch' ( probably Roy Turnbull of Nethybridge). Most useful once more has been the youtube presentation 'Julie Brigham-Grette present Lake El' Gygytgyn Research' It's well worth continued perusal. The revelations about frequent, strong and previously unknown natural Arctic warming since the Pliocene are worth it alone.
On 02 Oct 2013, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

The Guardian's latest totalitarian revelation: The Guardian now decides who is a fit and proper person to comment on climate change on the BBC. The funniest thing is in the comments: 'The BBC is in the arms of rhe Bullingdon Boys'. Do these people look at what they write?? It's the joke of the millennium!!
On 01 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Another blustery day with the SSE breeze picking up and feeling fresher than yesterday, temps ranging from 10-14˚C, sky pretty well covered with towering stratocumulus, enough gaps from time to time to let the sun through to often dramatic effect, could even see the star Deneb from Cygnus/Swan just now at 10pm. As stated before, I'm amazed at how low the river Dee is, you can see the pebbles on both banks, not seen that in ages. Still saw heaps of swallows at the assembly point near us, this is getting quite late now, they'll have a job moving south against the strong wind. Sycamore leaves getting brown & scorched, very rare that they turn yellow, that would need stillness, bright days & cold nights.
On 01 Oct 2013, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Jens Read the following two web pages: They show how you can model the 20th century temperature data using solely solar and oceanic parameters. The implication of that is that a theory can be posited that carbon dioxide has little or no influence on earth's climate. The question is whether the curve fitting formula has predictive power. Time will tell, but it should be a null hypothesis to test.
On 01 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Jens: but what energy source drives these ocean cyclicities?
On 01 Oct 2013, Jens Christian Heuer wrote:

Claim that heat maybe hidden in the deep sea isn't nonsense for me! In the last 15 years where global warming has stopped there were a change in El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO). Warm El Ninos decreased and cold La Ninas increased. La Ninas are going ahead with strong trade winds moving westwards the warm upper layers of tropical pacific ocean. Ocean surface becomes colder due to rising cold deep water off South American West Coast. Simultaneously warm water piles up in the Western tropical Pacific and therefore begins to sink. So the heat is finding it´s way in the deeper sea. Increase of La Nina events leads also to global cooling because the colder surface of tropical Pacific is releasing less heat to the atmosphere. Maybe ENSO (El Nino- La Nina alternation) is controlled by the more long-term Pacifical Dedacal Oscillation (PDO) which has a similar temperature pattern like ENSO. The actual cooling but also the last one from the 1940th to the 1970th bofit with negative PDO! Best
On 30 Sep 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

"111 out of 114 realisations show a GMST trend over 1998–2012 that is higher than the entire HadCRUT4 trend ensemble...Almost all CMIP5 historical simulations do not reproduce the observed recent warming hiatus." So even with this admission the IPCC blunder on. They cannot model the here and now, nor can they model the near past. Only when temperatures rise, which follow the oceans [governed by our star], do there models 'appear' right. And on the basis that a man who predicts it will rain every day of his life will eventually be right, so the IPCC blunder on predicting,-or if we are to be fair 'projecting' because they stopped calling them 'predictions' due to abject failure-we are all going to fry for our carbon sins....unless we pay for forgiveness. Give me strength!
On 30 Sep 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Thanks Shaun, I was actually going to repost the link myself, it happens occasionally that my ramblings are at the end of the previous Comments page. As I said, it's well worth watching because it points out in very plain language the fraud of the IPCC . - Mostly overcast today with a layer of stratocumulus with quite a few gaps, so we got the occasional glimpse of the sun. Quite stiff SSE wind all day, temps ranging from 11-15˚C, rather cooler than yesterday, keener autumnal edge but still relatively temperate. - Paul Beds. I was also waiting for the big storm but it didn't quite come as close as Piers thought; still watching the Low centred west of Normandy, if that moves any closer we could still end up in the soup.
On 30 Sep 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

The Iceagenow site is reporting record low temperatures in Siberia and pinting out that Asiatic Russia has a 60% snow cover already. It's going to take quite a lot of energy to melt that and we are well past the equinox now.
On 30 Sep 2013, D.M. wrote:

(cont) They are being used as political pawns (to keep their well paid jobs). Piers is correct - CO2 does not influence climate, even if this picture attempts to convince you otherwise. The CO2 thing is fraudulent and this picture proves it! I am more concerned about the understanding of physics and who are teaching it than I am about the CO2 scam. Even if you’re not qualified in physics you should be able to understand that the public is being baffled by science.
On 30 Sep 2013, D.M. wrote:

(cont) These numbers are units of radiation intensity, not energy. If you are fooled so are the so called "great climate experts". The physical units they are using are Watts/sq.m, which is a radiation flux density, not energy. They add and subtract these unit numbers like you learned to do at primary school!. Unfortunately in physics adding/ subtracting these radiation flux numbers is meaningless in the real world. Anyone with a real qualification in physics should know this is incorrect, and either the education system has really been dumbed down or there is a political conspiracy to continuing the myth and fool the less educated. So this picture is just that - a picture which can't exist in the real physical world! The greenhouse effect can't exist like this. If the world's "climate experts" don't understand this then they should not be in their current positions and teaching future generations such rubbish. (cont)
On 30 Sep 2013, D.M. wrote:

(cont) You will see the "pretty picture" which the IPCC use to demonstrate the principle of how the climate "works" (and adopted by universities). I understand that this is the basis for the "models" used to make the predictions of climate doom (they don't publish the details of how they do it – I wonder why?). In simple language, for non-technical people, this picture supposedly shows the heat energy received from the sun and how it is distributed until the same energy is sent back to space to keep equilibrium on earth. The effect of CO2 is supposedly shown re-radiating heat back to the surface to increase the temperature (the so called "greenhouse effect"). This picture might be OK except, as Joe has highlighted, the energy from the sun is not shown as units of energy, which makes the picture invalid. (Those who are not technical will just have to believe me and Joe!).
On 30 Sep 2013, D.M. wrote:

Apologies for this long important post. What I am about to reveal separates the scientists who understand basic physics of climate (Piers) from those who don't (and that includes Professors, and PhDs). Well since almost 100% of them have not challenged the IPCC, and some universities, I must assume that none of these so called "climate scientists" are competent in physics! I have been complacent, and it was only recently I was awakened when some "prayer wheels" came into view through my window. I had been following what Piers was telling us about the irrelevance of CO2, but I had not investigated further. I came upon this site and my eyes were opened widely. OK it is highly technical, but the latest writings (by Joe Postma) are explained in a relatively simple manner if you read on. You will see the "pretty picture" which the IPCC use to demonstrate the principle of how the climate "works" (and adopted by universities). (cont)
On 30 Sep 2013, Carl 30d Subscriber wrote:

Rosebud - I was fishing around the Reading area and although we only had 2 light showers on my mobile i got the U.K rainfall radar up and that showed up some very bright colours over Devon on Saturday Back to that proparganda report from the IPCC they stated about the PAUSE in temperatures over 15 years.I cant wait for the temperatures too fall bigtime.That anti-scientific drivel is the beginning of the end of the IPCC and the left because simply when this LIA kicks in they will come on again and nobody will believe them.Piers September was very accurate and both those R5 warning periods materialized and from so far out.NOW THAT IS WHAT I CALL REAL SCIENCE
On 30 Sep 2013, Rosebud wrote:

this is a bit of a turnaround, read Paul Hudsons blog - normally i wouldn't bother but it seems he's listing some actual facts
On 30 Sep 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

I am wondering if B&I 30d will show any change from 45d. Hope you release it soon Piers as wedding this weekend. Snazzy hat or brolly?
On 30 Sep 2013, Shaun wrote:

Thanks for the link Paddy, I am going to post it again here as it was towards the end of the last thread. A really good report, recommend to anyone.
On 30 Sep 2013, David Rowe,Wirral wrote:

Hi Piers & All, Update on my 1K challenge,sent one to Cameron's No.10 press office,also to Dr.Mark Pelling of King's College London who served as a coordinating author for the IPCC,NO replies? As a complete amateur in climate change I ordered a book that was reviewed some weeks ago called The Neglected Sun,by the German scientist Fritz Vahrenholt which was published last week. He worked for the IPCC but questioned their honesty relating to the facts etc. I am only half way through the book but already have a better understanding where Piers is coming from in the technical sense.Yet again on BBC radio the other day a chap from the British Antarctic Survey team no less said quote 'The Antarctic ice is melting' Goebbels propaganda comes to mind,are they all completely corrupt or just plain mad??
On 30 Sep 2013, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

In my opinion, the time has come for backbenchers to pass an Act of Parliament whereby a list of the most prominent alarmists will be fined 95% of their gross assets in 2025 if cooling until then occurs. They will be spared if they recant before 2016 and admit they have been lying for money. They will lose all establishment privileges, be banned from working in the media for life, but they will not be bankrupted. Rights and RESPONSIBILITIES in climate policy, eh??
On 30 Sep 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

I was in communication with a friend in Fairbanks, Alaska, last night. They had their first snow last week and the shortest thaw period after a record cold spring and short hot summer. Moscow has also had its first snow already. In what way is this indicative of a warming NH? Sounds very MIA doesn't it?
On 29 Sep 2013, Carl 30d Subscriber wrote:

Yes Paul whilst Bedfordshire did not have much rain i have followed this R5 warning period closely.I was fishing Nr Reading yesterday and whilst we only had a few light showers the real action was in the South-West over Devon and Cornwall + Channel Islands some torrential thundery downpours.Piers had forecasted this and is another great result for his R5 warning whilst the BBC/Met office were dithering from 48 hours ahead as to where the showers and how heavy they would become
On 29 Sep 2013, Rosebud wrote:

@ Paul from Bedfordshire Been stormy down here in Devon, had a massive thunderstorm on Saturday v early morning lasted 3 hrs followed by torrential rain all day and strong winds from the east. Still windy last night and this morning, although calmed down this afternoon.
On 29 Sep 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Kids are playing up like mad this weekend (several aged between 4 and 11) And low and behold we are right in the middle of an R5. Roll on Tuesday. The storms and rain don't seem to have materialised this weekend but it is definitely windier than usual. Has someone else got it?
On 29 Sep 2013, paul wrote:

Around mid September here in Lowestoft there were a couple of very cool days 12c and I can't remember it being that cool. It probably has in the past. Perhaps this is the first sign of cooler autumns . We are already getting colder springs. You said that termites emit 10 times my carbon dioxide that humans. This must be 10 times more that what humans respire.
On 29 Sep 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Well, Piers, you were never a man who minced his words or to be wary of putting his money where his mouth was and you have a track record of being mostly correct. Bearing in mind what the projections are for the implications resulting from the forthcoming phase of solar cyclicity, your are once again correct in not mincing your words.