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26th April
(Special pdf/twitpic just before main article) 
Warm means cold CO2 delusionism exposed:
See - twitpic below and for important Arctic information from Dr Tim Ball used therein see and for larger pdf of The Hide The Rise Arctic graphs see:

A two page version of this document will be produced. The new Vids from WeatherAction Meeting 26April (out soon) report on this 'warm is cold' issue

Westbury white horse & Feb-like brown grass 11 April pic in new 45d WeatherAction MAY report
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1. (Main Report of this Post) 
CO2 Warmism denounced and Insurance Industry conference warned of Mini Ice Age events.
In his dynamic presentation - complete with globe and moveable Jet-Stream - to Sterling Insurance Industry "Claims Day" conference 17th April, Kings Hill, West Malling Kent, Piers Corbyn pointed-out the systematic failings and fraud of the CO2 warmist approach and argued the whole insurance industry needed to get to grips with Real Climate Change as now upon the world in the form of the developing Mini-Ice-Age.
Predictable Solar-Lunar factors drive weather & REAL climate change. Piers tells Insurers

Piers showed how the CO2-based Climate Change proposition was "delusional nonsense" which had failed in ALL its predictions and whose protagonists now "just make up explanations as they go along". He specifically attacked Sir John Beddington's recent 'warm is cold' cant on the BBC, pointing out:

1. There is no evidence in the real world for the CO2-driver proposition but that reality is the reverse and that world (sea) temperatures drive CO2 levels in the long run; and Sir John has been challenged (**VIDEOS below)  to come up with evidence of his absurd claims.

2.  If CO2 really did drive the recent Sea Ice changes and cold Spring which was in fact predicted well in advance in detail by WeatherAction's Solar-Lunar based theory then it must be the case that mankind's trivial contribution to levels of the trace gas CO2 are driving solar events (which were also predicted by WeatherAction) - which is absurd beyond belief!

On the Association of British Insurers (ABI) continuing adoption of Global Warmist assertions Piers pointed out that the current CO2-Warmist  expectation of more and worsening summer floods and 'warm makes cold' snowy events came from the same people who predicted ongoing droughts, barbecue summers, 'runaway warming' and the end of snow in UK by 2010. "They just make it up", said Piers, "and only now say these things because that is what is happening to the weather while CO2 still rises. They are misleading the Insurance industry, the economy and country and the ABI must reject the CO2 delusionism and adopt scientific Solar-lunar based Real Climate Change predictions".

Where is Weather going?
In answer to questions Piers warned, with dates, of some important specific serious weather events coming in MAY and said that the whole industry should use WeatherAction forecasts to warn clients and prepare for surges in insurance claims. He also said there should be a law that, just as airline pilots are required to have weather forecasts before flying, insurers should have provably skilled long range forecasts before issuing weather related insurance. Everyone would benefit from this whereas the insurance industry and public have suffered from the contradictory misleading diatribe coming from the warmist camp over the years.
On the coming months, years and decades Piers gave important warnings:

1. The recently reversed warmist warning of more and more floods ongoing was baseless because there will be fluctuations in floods so some summers will be more cold rather than wet and some even reasonable and what will come is predictable under WeatherAction's SLAT while CO2 warmists 'haven't a clue'.

2.  There will be more extreme weather events UK and Eire (and Europe and USA) ONGOING of major damaging storms, damaging hail, tornadoes, and winter freeze and snow extremes.
Piers also said, to interest, that a "Future Weather and it's Impacts" Conference is needed to address what the Mini Ice Age means for Agriculture, Insurance, Energy and the Economy as a whole.

Afterwards Piers said: "There was a great response to what we say and a number told me they "have converted" and can now see the CO2 position is wrong and must be opposed. I explained that the so-called Physics of CO2 warmism is like an Escher print of reality. Each part of their case seems right (to many) but overall theory is as absurd as water flowing uphill in an Escher print".

The best way forward for anyone involved in insurance, especially Insurance claims:
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  2. Later (or now) come to WeatherAction directly (02079399946/07958713320 or ) for full Longest Range forecasts and all updates.
  3. Invite us to meetings to take the matter forward. 
**TWO NEW VIDEOS (28.03.13) - "Warm means Cold" delusions exposed 
=> Sir John Beddington challenged to produce EVIDENCE for CO2 changes driving temperatures in the REAL world with REAL Observational data: 
=> Scientists discuss windfarms (aka 'Prayer Wheels') & other CO2 moneywasters

Relevant recent Report

"I didn't tell any lies, I didn't talk about Climate Change at the meeting"
- David Shukman, Science Editor for BBC News on being accosted by Piers Corbyn at the Royal Society in London after a meeting on March 4th and exhorted by him to "Stop telling lies (about Climate Change / Global Warming on the BBC)".
The meeting was a Royal Society Event: Storms Floods & droughts: predicting and reporting adverse weather; David Shukman, Science Editor for BBC News, in conversation with Professor Tim Palmer FRS and Liz Howell Head of BBC Weather.   At the meeting itself Liz Howell, who chaired, determinedly avoided taking any questions from Piers Corbyn despite the fact that the Royal Society's meeting microphone organisers clearly and conscientiously indicated to her that he was one of the few people wishing to contribute.   
Piers Corbyn says:  "I think the BBC, Met Office and the Science establishment of the UK know their CO2 warmism 'theory' is a pack of lies; either that or they have degenerated into a desperate religious sect for which belief rules over evidence.
"Now is the time to expose their delusions and call them to account. Our videos (above) of 28th March are part of this campaign:


1. The world is cooling and has been for between 4 and 15 years depending on how you look at the data; while CO2 has been rising.

2. There is no evidence in real data (or even in the warmists 'standard' fiddled data) going back hundreds, thousands or a million years from the real world that CO2 increases have led to temperature increases.

3. The CO2 warmists have been challenged many times to produce such real data based evidence (not bluster and 'It must-be' claims) and failed.
For the latest challenge  directed at Sir John Beddington (BBC link below**) please see the WeatherActionTV video.

4. The warmists claims that 'warm means cold' and CO2 drives extreme events is a stack of  brazen lies. They claim extreme weather events explicitly correctly predicted months ahead via solar activity were somehow caused by CO2. They have no evidence for their claim, or if they think they have we must conclude that Man's piffling increase of the concentration of the trace gas CO2 on earth from 0.030% to 0.031% has caused various solar-coronal events (which themselves were in fact predicted by WeatherAction and not by the CO2 warmists)!

5. The CO2 warmist theory of Man-Made Climate Change is a delusion.

6. ALL the changes in Jet Stream circulation, world temperatures  and extreme weather events predicted by WeatherAction in the descent to a new Mini Ice Age have been and are being confirmed. Yet, the IPCC, UN and UK Government (especially the LibDem wing of it) are pointing the world in the wrong direction - ie to assume warming when cooling is the reality - and are engaged in organised theft from the public and holding-back of third world development in the name of a delusion.
** The BBC Link article carrying Sir John Beddington's direct lie " "The evidence that (man-made CO2) climate change is happening is completely unequivocal."  is:
Piers says: There is no real data evidence in the world supporting their claim that CO2 changes drive temperature and climate changes. What the warmists do is play a game of smoke and mirrors. 
Para below recently shown in Tweeted article from Arizona Farm Bureau
They report various events and facts usually with extremist innuendo. Their media leaders BBC, Independent, Guardian , New York Times, eg, make statements like "Scientists report (various alarmist facts...";   "Scientists estimate that IF (Greenland/arctic melts, sea level rises, temps rise.... etc) THEN (...end of world etc)..."   - without telling you that the various scenarios will NOT happen and refer to the "PROBLEM" of "CO2",  "Climate Change". NOWHERE (whatever the headlines claim) is their EVIDENCE that CO2 is doing and has done in the RERAL WORLD what they claim. There is on the other hand firm evidence of the opposite - ie that world (sea) temperatures in the long run control CO2 levels - See Presentation to Parliament Select Committee on supercold Dec 2010 predicted by WeatherAction- via WANews11No5 -

1a Breaking News /Other news....

20/21 April
M6.6 Deadly quake in China 20th 02.47 utc confirms WeatherAction QV5 Top Level trial period 19-21 April as in RTQ forecast issued 3 weeks ahead.
WeatherAction QV5s specify M6.5+ extra risk

19 April 
Information links on 60yr Cycles (essentially envelope beats rather than pure cycles) 
and in Piers' presentation to Parliamentary Select Committee on Dec 2010 supercold
Slides 15 and 16 in 'Presentations'

USA /South Canada 

23/24 April  WeatherAction USA+South Canada  being confirmed again and again. Subscribe NOW and April is free - see details yourself - and MAY fc comes 30April. Thank You

22April FLOODS mid West  confirm WeatherAction warning for R4 22-25th and USA specific warning for midWest &  ?E 

19April as in :
15th April UK London, Putney Heath, Report
Piers Corbyn writes: "On Putney Heath 15th April 2013 in the afternoon; Sunshine and bare totally naked leafless trees like skeletons against a winter sky and the only green is from hardy evergreens. Yet this is mid-April so the sun is high and shadows strangely short for what would otherwise pass as an early February scene and the sky is angry - a Constable sky as in the early 1800's Mini Ice Age period. Not the traditional "**Oh to be in England now that April's there...the buttercup the little children's dower, far brighter than...." Buttercups? buttercups? What buttercups?!"  ** by Robert Browning 1845 (warmer times than Constable)
'Diary' Reports are welcome from anywhere. Send to Comments below

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