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Going to parts other forecasters cannot reach!
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Past WeatherAction forecasts December 2012 now available in Forecast Archive: for Brit & Ireland, Europe, USA and 'RTQ' (Red Warnings, Thunder-Tornado & Sudden Polar Strato-warms, Quake risk) Aka World Extreme Events.
Jan 17th and ongoing Comment post. 

Breaking News snips (newest on top) 

31st Jan.... 
30day forecasts for Brit+Ireland, Europe, USA uploaded news.
Brit+Ire 30day Feb - wild contrasts & extremes - 6 pages is uploaded. 
USA - Wild extremes and contrasts, 10 pages is uploaded.
Europe Region details Maps - Contrasts & Extremes, 9 pages is uploaded.
Europe (+Br+Ir) Possible Pressure scenarios 10 pages** is uploaded 
     on the EuroMaps service AND on the Br+Ir 45d service 
'RTQ' ('Extreme Events Rest Of World') - Red weather periods, Thunder.tornado, Quake risk) is uploaded
and available in services: World Extreme Events / RTQ, B+I 45d, Eu Maps. 'ALL Forecasts'
     **This month includes first period map issued end Dec for information to show N'ly blast expected.

Be+Ir, USA and Eu foreacst pdfs include news/research reports .
B+I 30d is available on B+I 30d, B+I 45d and 'All forecasts' Services.
We apologise for any delay experienced. It was due to an upload file conversion problem. 
Note the Jan 30day forecasts continued to Feb3 remain active to then. The new Feb 30d B+I forecast copies the end of Jan forecast time period and extends it by two days. 

PERFECT! Earth facing Coronal Holes (EFCH) pair today 1 Feb (via SpaceWeather site ) confirming WeatherAction RTQ* forecast "Earth facing Coronal holes &/or Active regions likely near central longitude solar disc 31 Jan – 1Feb
(*RTQ = Red Weather, Thunder/Tornadoe and Quake (trial) risk, aka/in (Rest of) World Extreme Events forecast).
  (FIVE) - NOW- NINE!!  M6.0+ (two M6.5+) quakes in QV5+ (30Jan to 2Feb) Quake trial warning period (associated with R5+ 30Jan to 3Feb) 
Piers says "This SLA8C R5+ period and associated QV5+ are giving amazing results:
The - all associated -  and predicted: EFCH, Sudden Lower polar Stratosphere Warming, wild waves in the jet stream, major Arctic blasts (developing) in B+I/Europe and USA, serous difficulties in standard forecasting techniques and (a swarm of) major Earthquakes around the world have ALL been confirmed. This is tremendous vindication of the power of our Solar Lunar Action Technique". 
He added: "The idea that changes in atmospheric CO2 levels from 0.03% to 0.031% have any effect on any of these associated events - predicted by Solar-based techniques - is delusional nonsense beyond belief."  

There have been brilliant supportive comments from Joe Bastardi and others on twitter concerning our lower stratosphere warming and related cold bursts - USA and Europe/BI. Thank you to all. Hear Joe! 

 has no peer in the stratosphere. Warming BELOW 10/30 mb tool just as big a key. Shades of 2010  

30Jan 20.20utc 
WILD WEATHER & BLIZZARD BLASTS now standing out on Short range forecasts both sides of Atlantic confirming WeatherAction 'Top Red', R5+, forecasts  (and associated preceding lower stratosphere warming peak)
      => WeatherAction warns BBC-MO will underestimate what is to come.

USA Accuweather speak of 'storm developments with every kind of weather you can think of' followed by a huge cold blast over weekend. Their map is VERY similar to WeatherAction long range forecast produced 32 days ahead USA subscribers have been very impresed with WeatherAction's January forecast**
AccuW link+ Vid 
Watching this is very instructive because of the astounding sharp turns in the Jet stream (also seen in Europe) that they discuss; which are indicative of Mini (Little) Ice Ages and approaches thereto.
** From Joseph Smolarz Michigan: Your long term forecast for the current weather was pretty accurate.  Predicted...then a sudden change to cold....but very impressive, especially from a 29 December prediction.  

Europe See for ECMWF forecast 00gmt Feb 2 of Arctic winds blasting into Britain in the middle of our R5+ period Jan 31-Feb3 inc. 
Piers says: "The Northerly winds shown are very like our WeatherAction Posible Pressure scenario map covering the period (available to Euromap and B+I 45d subscribers). BBC-MetO on TV Thurs 30th in evening said it was extremely dificult to forecast the coming snow extent (upgraded from 'wintry showers). We warned they would run into severe difficulties this (and next) month - especially in our R5 periods. 
"We now give a WeatherAction solar factors warning of how standard model TV forecasts are likley to need ammending in our R5+ period Jan31 to Feb3. This applies to Brit+Ire, Europe or USA equally.: 
1. All frontal activity will be significantly more than 12 or 24 hr ahead forecasts so winds will be stronger and preciptation will be 2 or 3 times what MO expect - so double or treble snow depths forecasted
2. Because the whole system will power-up beyond MO expectation the Arctic air will be faster moving and won't have time to warm up. Therefore snow will be more extensive and go further South than standard projections.
3. The wind and snow - likely THUNDERSNOW - in the blizzards - will make SUBSTANTAIL SNOW DRIFTING
4. Air, Water, Road and Rail transport will all be considerably disrupted and there will be WIND DAMAGE."

29Jan 13.30utc 
MASSIVE COLD BLASTS ON WAY for Britain+Ireland, Europe and USA  as Polar Strato-Warming Effect develops on WeatherAction cue.

The SECOND Major Polar Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) predicted EFFECT*** in January (Jan/Feb) 2013 is now rapidly taking shape on WeatherAction cue to the day. Stratospheric temps (at 70mb pressure level 90N to 65N) have been and are now (around 29Jan) still just above record levels for this date. Standard weather models now look like WeatherAction long range forecasts for the very cold Northerly blasts, consequent on the SSW developments, in Europe (inc Brit+Ire) and USA - in the parts predicted by WeatherAction 
StratoTemp (70mb) graph 
Eu GFS (Wow!) 
Piers says "This spells pretty well simultaneos blizzards both sides of the Atlantic where and when we said to within a day from 30days (USA) and 45days (Br+Ire) ahead. It is a ground-breaking result. Doubtless various organisations will say they saw it coming when in reality they don't know which year these MAJOR SSW EFFECTS will happen let alone which day."

***Note on definitions. There are many data sets of stratosphere temperatures at different pressure levels and latitude ranges and they do NOT all move together, and eg peak at different times. At WeatherAction we have developed parameters to predict periods of when there will be circulation EFFECTS of associated preceding warming develpments in the stratosphere. What we do is not the same as predicting officially defined standard SSWs and our terminology used before did not make that clear - so we apologise for any puzzlements which may have arisen and have ammended the above report to clarify the situation.  
We have a Polar SSW Effect (PSSWE) predictor and approximate timings of associated preceding warmings at some levels. The work is ongoing. For further discussion see Feedback Comments below.
28 Jan 10.15utc 
Piers Interview on BBC1 TV Sunday Politics Show - Warmists have no answer
Standard Met bending reluctantly to WeatherAction cold blasts by weekend.

Prog VIDEO LINK  Short metion at start of Prog then main part at 51mins 20 sec or so.
BBC and commentators failed totally to respond to Piers' point that there is no evidence in the real world for CO2 claims and instead flew to promoting their CO2 religion. 
"It's obvious why they refused to have me in the studio!" said Piers."They fled from the fact the whole CO2 story is fraud and put forward distortions and lies to shore up their delusional sect:-
1. Boris article was very clear he was writing about the last 5 years ie winters 08/09 to 12/13, yet BBC dishonestly said he was wrong because 07/08 was mild. His point was winters are getting colder.
2. The BBC claim handouts for roof etc home insulation is a gain for taxpayers is a LIE. These and other subsidies are paid for by all taxpayers through tax and energy bills. The insulation scheme is theft from those of the public who live in flats who cannot use the schemes and together with all other delusional green schemes (wind farms - paryer wheels, solar power etc). The green game is robbery of the public.
3. Matthew Pencharz's (Mayor's Environment Adviser) defence of Boris was pretty dithery and his defence of CO2 policy by the so-called Precautionary Principle was stupid because proper application of such means politicians should also listen to the dangers of the (maybe, they think) coming Mini Ice Age. There is no evidence for CO2/warming dangers and very strong evidence for dangerous world cooling and a coming mini-ice age. (Aka Little Ice Age). Amen." 

Our projected coming return of serious cold and blizzards and retreat of standard Met from current models and the preceding events on Sun and in stratosphere is getting really exciting. 
See  for increasing Stratospheric Temperatures and observer comments below for model watching.

27 Jan 04.00gmt. WeatherAction expecting cold blasts and blizzards to return early Feb driven by new Sudden Stratospheric warming end Jan / start Feb
Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of WeatherAction said "Although the weather period 26-28 Jan has turned less-cold/ milder than our forecast we expect (75% confidence) a reversion to our forecast first issued 5 weeks ago in the next weather period which was Jan29 to Feb3 and which will be postponed a day or so. Standard Met Maps will become modified by effects of a renewed Sudden polar Stratospheric Warming (SSW) which upsets circulation and will give more N'ly blasts into Britain/Ireland & Europe. These developments are not obvious yet (27 Jan) but it is noteworthy that the polar stratosphere temperarure is still well above normal* after our confirmed sudden very rapid warming around 17/18th Jan:  and 
For info solar wind 27 Jan was fast: (click forward for subsequent days). 
  • Subscribe now for the 'up to 30d ahead' monthly forecast for Feb to get the Jan forecast now which is anyway extended to Feb 3 and your Feb detailed forecast access which appears on Jan 31, inclusive. 
  • To get the Feb forecast of 'Wild Extremes' now subscribe to the (15-) 45d forecast which includes the 30d update of extra detail issued on 31Jan.
  • The Sudden Stratospheric Warming Forcasts are included with Red Weather period and Earthqukae (trial) forecasts in the (rest of) World Extreme Events forecast which is incuded with B+I 45d & Eu maps services but not with B+I 30d service
  • All via 
26 Jan 01.00gmt UKMO retreat of warm-up continues further confirming WeatherAction.
Bury buried in snow* and M6 closed both ways** in snowstorms with thaw 25/26Jan as MetO revise 'warm-up' DOWN to 'less cold', change rain forecasts to snow and postpone general change. THIS is what WeatherAction warned would happen. 
*Observer Report in Comms below, **Sky report  GREAT PIC 
Piers Corbyn said "We stated anyway this period would be 'less cold' (than previous period) on our forecast maps first issued mid Dec** and when MetO first talked of thaw we warned (see below) it would not be as significant or rapid as they expected and temperatures on each day would be revised down and the event delayed and that anyway cold weather would return under our forecast. The event detail is less cold than we expected in our 5 week ahead forecast but nevertheless the timing and our warning of standard short range (MetO) forecast errors have been well confirmed.
MetO revision of their milder expecations downwards such as this 'thaw with snowstorns' has happened more than once this Jan and is reminiscent of their 'Drought with floods' last Spring.
** Note our forecast graph, in error, did not reflect this, In such situations the maps normally take precedent. 

Schools use WeatherAction - news from Facebook pages
Kato Harris  Piers, recently our headmistress agreed that the school could subscribe to Weather Action 45-day forecasts. Straight off the bat, we got your forecast of last weekend's snow which you predicted to the very day, at a range of 30 days. It was remarkable and everyone at the school is very impressed with Weather Action. Long may that continue, and well done for nailing it so brilliantly. It was very useful for us.
Piers says: It's great to see schools use WeatherAction. This can help planning to help the school and parents reducedisruption and plan events. We would welcome Forecasts being put on display in each subscribing school but not copied except as part of a class project.

25 Jan (05.30gmt): UKMetO retreat of week-end warm-up continues. 
Global Cooling deniers (aka CO2 Warmists) now in desperate corner.  - Watch The Sunday Politics London Show BBC1 TV Sunday 27Jan 11am

Superb artcle on current UKMetO warm-up retreat

Piers was filmed by BBC for Politics London Show discussion Sunday 27 Jan BBC1 11am
A representative of Boris Johnson will be interviewed.

Bishop of warmist delusion called in to attack Boris
Piers Corbyn says: "Prof Joanna Haigh, head of Physics of Imperial College and a leading Bishop of the CO2 warmistas religion, has made misleading statememts in the Telegraph (link below) which are easily refutable by any student in Imperial College Physics1. 
One might find it curious (but I don't) that she finds the time to attack a politician for seeking a more open approach on the issue yet was unable to find the time to walk 100 yards to actually debate by invitation the matters at our WeatherAction - Climate Realists conference which included international speakers by video links and was attended by the BBC, in Imperial College October 2009 (the first Climate Fools Day event). 

In The Telegraph she misleadingly implies Boris Johnson believes in a direct correspondence between solar activity amounts and London weather and then says he should be wary of drawing such conclusions - which he has never drawn. [There is of course a complex yet predictable relationship between modulated solar activity and weather patterns]. She knows and Telegraph readers (whom she takes for stupid) know that Boris made it clear he cannot comment on science details but has seen WeatherAction forecasts, which he receives on a regular basis, succeed again and again and again and is simply saying WeatherAction should be listened to, especially because of the economic implications of any coming mini ice age. WeatherAction being listened to is the Co2 warmistas great fear because it would bring in a new age of enlightenment of evidence-based science and poltics and would end the corruption of science expressed by the stranglehold of CO2 warmistas on UK schools and academia from year one in Primary schools to the Royal Society (a door upon which Prof Haigh is knocking).

She claims Greenhouse gases are driving world warming and "We dont need to invoke mysterious solar particles to understand long term trends". As any student in IC Physics1 (and I along with Brian May was such in 1965) will point out her CO2 claims are negated by observational fact and it is only solar activity including magnetic sun-earth connection that can explain the ~22yr - the strongest of all - variation in world temperatures and other climate parameters. Further the longer term observed correlation between smoothed solar activity and world temperatures is well known and has never been refuted.

I challenge Joanna Haigh to:
1. Produce observational evidence with real observed data (or accepted proxies thereof) from the last hundreds, thousands or million years that CO2 changes in the real atmosphere drive world temperature changes.
2. Produce observational evidence and physics-based argument that refute our knowledge that the ~22yr cycle of variation in World temperatures is driven by the ~22yr magnetic ('Hale') cycle of the Sun

24 Jan (05.00utc) It looks increasingly like standard models are heading for another blunder (UK) this weekend

Discuss this,  Winter so far and What's Next? - WeatherAction Monthly Meeting 
John Harvard Library, Borough High St SE1, FRID 25Jan 12.30pm.   Info 07958713320 

Examination of successions of forecast maps for Sat 26th and Sun 27th from MetOffice, GFS and ECMWF models show them back-peddling on their much heralded major warm-up. 
"We warned they were overstating this event", said Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction, "There is just not enough solar-wind input coming to make the change they expect and our lunar and geomagnetic factors are against. A look at confirms the very low levels of activity we predicted for now from over 5 weeks ahead. Something will happen, indeed our forecast said so, but not much - and qualitively weaker, compared to their projections. This is yet another blunder in a series of major errors this winter in forecasting from only a few days ahead for Britain/Ireland, Europe and the USA where there have also been very major errors recently. 
"Of course standard meteorology has no comprehension of what we are talking about and as long as it remains wedded to the delusional nonsense of CO2 warmism and 'weather drives weather' tenets of computer forecasting  they will never learn. Admission that solar activity is the decisive driver of weather especially extreme events and of climate change - a fact which our success demonstrates - spells the end of the CO2 warmist religion and the electricity price hikes, taxes and green handout gravy train that it brings.
"It also means that however many millions or billions, are spent on extra computer power for the juggernaut of standard warmist meteorology thay will never improve but only get wrong answers quicker and mislead the public more often.  Politicians must now get to grips with reality, cast aside the CO2 warmist sect of BBC-MetO and the so called 'Climate-Science' empire in academia and instead support accountable evidence-based science and policies"   

23 Jan (01.45utc) Will it or wont it turn (much) milder over weekend in UK+Eire
Great discussion by Readers / Observers on Comments section below

23 Jan (00.30utc) Extreme events, cold & snow biting deeper UK+Eire, Europe & USA
=> EXPLOSIVE THUNDERSNOW damage in Cornwall 21 Jan. Message from Colin Botten: "....I spoke to a relative down there and the BBC report on it.This is about as rare event you can get "
Piers says "21Jan - the end of our R5+ (toppest Red warning) period - saw a number of near simultaneous very extreme events such as this thundersnowbolt event in Cornwall, massive blizzards in Scotland and NE USA - (eg Twitter Report "Erie, PA has received 24 inches of snow in 24 hours :  ) and doubtless other evenst around world to be reported."
=> At least 2ft of snow fell in 24 hours on ~Mon 21st Jan in East Scotland - VIDEO issued 22 Jan after overnight/previous day blizzard This also gave deep drifts see Reader Comment reports
=> Lowest temp night of 21/22nd was -12C Cambridge
=> EXTREME COLD N / NE USA 22Jan and  confirming WeatherAction USAmap detail forecast for 22-25 Jan. NOTE those who watch both UK/Eu and USA will note the very high degree of simultaneity in cold plunge and snow events both sides of Atlantic in last 10 days at least.

22Jan (06.00utc) TWITTER FEED reports 
=> VERY COLD spell UK after WeatherAction Toppest Red warning (R5+ period) 17-21Jan is coming
=> Reports show parts UK will reach the foot of snow warned by WeatherAction for period ~17-21Jan.
=> Impact of WeatherAction R5+ is worldwide with specific confiormations in Eu, UK and USA foreacasts and various extremes around world eg - Middle East Gulf states

21st Jan (8.30am) Superb Column in Telegraph by Boris Johnson Mayor of London quoting Piers:
Piers says: "It was superb to talk to Boris. He is one of the few politicians willing to look at the evidence and of course sees the cold winters and wet summers (including the deluges in early parts of the London Olympics) which we correctly predicted when standard warmist meteorology predicted the opposite to what happened.

(21 Jan ~7.30utc) Snow accumulations confirming 17-21st WeatherAction forecast.
- Piers says: 
=> As more snow falls Mon 21st the many reports from observers in COMMENTS - end of this blog - and on twitter are confirming the heavy snow predicted by WeatherAction to 'possibly' exceed a foot in total in places is being confirmed with ~12inches being reached (even without drifting) in places.
=> The doubling or trebling of MetO predicted amounts (12/24hr ahead) has also been confirmed in places.
=> WeatherAction's predicted Sudden Stratospheric Warming ~17-18Jan was well confirmed. The graph 
well shows (although scale small notice peak just passed) extra warmth peaking around then.  
=> THUNDER with snow 'very high' risk - ie THUNDERSNOW - in period 17-20th (R5+) was also confirmed. This is quite rare and very significant.
=> On 21st as we move out of the WeatherAction R5+ 17-20th the sun is showing a quieter face as we expected and solar wind speed is dropping markedly: 4th graph.
=> WHAT NEXT? AS USUAL for the last 2 or 3 weeks standard MetO etc model projections show mild weather arriving in 5 or 6 or 7 days time and as usual they will be wrong (90% confidence).  NOTICE the lack of solar activity forcing 26-28th in detailed 30d WeatherAction forecast (Have you subscribed?) will mean that MetO forecast for then will overestimate frontal activity. The strengthening Greenland High during the week will also work against their warming wish and support our WeatherAction very cold at times progonosis .
=> Our WeatherAction expectation for another Sudden Stratospheric Warming and quite likley even heavier snow in UK, Ireland and Europe at end Jan/start Feb still stands (see forecast link below for detail)

(19 Jan) WeatherAction Forecasts now being 'totally' confirmed in detail
Blizzards hit Britain an cue Frid 18th and Weather Action warning confirmed that snow amounts would be double or treble that of MetO short range (24/12hr) forecast - see Observer Reports and Comms below.
The snow also came in faster which is another expression of this WeatherAction R5+ period (they used to be called 'Speed-Up' periods)

=> Tue15/Wed16 FEBRUARY 2013 - A month of Wild Contrasts - 45d Brit+Ire Forecast is now loaded. NEWS CONTENT:  Piers says "BBC-MO credibility is near a tipping point" 
Feb 45d and all forecasts available via: 
NOTE NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS FROM 21st JAN GET THE (rest of) JAN FORECAST AND THE FEB 30day ahead FORECAST which will be loaded on Jan 31st INCLUSIVE

1. The great cold blasts and blizzards of January 2013 - around Jan 17-21
What will happen and What to do?
(extension of the Special forecast available to subscribers two days earlier)
Further to WeatherAction News Release and Public Warning 10 Jan 2013 in previous blog: 
What to Do
- To help cope with the dangerous very cold and snowy/blizzardy weather in UK, Eire, and Europe and USA**, and also Asia or anywhere in the world.
(i)                 DOUBLE OR TREBLE all snow amount forecasts on TV from 24/12 hr ahead.
(iii)             INCREASE ALL WINDS (fronts will become more active and isobars tighter)
NOTE for Europe /Britain & Ireland Greenland and / or Scandinavian Highs are likely to strengthen - encouraging colder blasts and impeding less cold air from the West.
(iv)             HELP others at risk
** For USA information see
What Will Happen
Expected Events around the WeatherAction forecast Sudden (Increased) Polar Stratospheric Warming (SSW) ~17-18 Jan and associated R5+ (17-20) & QV5+ (16-19) Periods
1. Around 16/17/18/19th we expect the red region of the warmed stratosphere in the monitor/ standard projection link below to expand / darken (warm) rapidly.
Standard dynamic moving model smoothed record and projections of 30mb temps
This shows temp of Stratosphere:  There are various measures around. WeatherAction forecast was issued Jan3, before model forecasts for the dates of WeatherAction SSWs.
OBSERVED: The flic (which includes short time ahead projections) shows a ‘step like’ expansion and darkening over Asia around 16-18th FORECAST EXCELLENTLY CONFIRMED.
Other measures of SSWs confirm this rapid growth. This SSW is a record breaker in observed stratospheric warming terms already.
2. Shortly after - eg 18-19-20-21 we expect rapid expansion southward of the Greenland High. The Scandinavian High might also / instead expand but our main expectation is the Greenland High (see eg GFS maps link below). These changes will surprise standard meteorology.
GFS monitor / forecast:
OBSERVED: There is some evidence of this already but we need to wait.

3. Excited polar-type lows in the associated airflow from the North over Norway Sea / North of North sea will bring snow/blizzards to N/E Britain while other activity in West/SW brings snow/blizzards to West parts.

4. During this time the reliability horizon of standard Met will reduce to 24-48hrs TOPS

5. Major Solar Active regions forecast to appear and be ~earth facing in this period. CONFIRMED.
AR1656 to AR1654 Earth facing 15thAR1654 is a very large significant area visible to the naked eye under the right circumstances – see link;

6. Major Earthquake(s) M6.5+ in the QV5+ (16-19th) period
There has been an M6.1 on 15th 16.09gmt in the Antarctic within our standard half a day of 16-19th in line with SH prob preferred in this period – see
Earlier Observations - Jan 14.
The standard projections of Jan 14 show a rapid increase in Stratospheric temperature 17-21st (especially 17-18th so the timing of the WeatherAction SSW forecast is CONFIRMED) with the red area in two halves spreading to roughly the whole of Asia and to the whole of Canada plus the northern half of USA.
We are monitoring the polar stratospheric Temperature as well as Pressures especially Greenland High and Scandinavian High.

Piers Corbyn 16/17 Jan 2012 +447958713320
What to Look out for in coming events
The Brit+Ire 30day forecast carries key dates of WeatherAction predicted SUDDEN polar stratospheric warmings and expected key surface pressure and weather events. 
Further detail is in Eu pressure forecasts & commentary and RTQ (Red Warning, Thunder/tornado and Quake (trial) (Extreme Events Rest Of world) Forecasts
=> These are available as part of the Eu 30day service and B+I 45d service on
Note subscriptions NOW to B+I 45d service get these December pdfs AND on 15th Jan also get the B+I 45d forecast for Feb.  Seize the time!
CO2 warmists in double whammy retreat
·  UKMetO bends towards WeatherAction cold forecast! Standard Met can't cope with new reality of coming new LittleIceAge Superb graph from Joe Bastardi:·  Campaign message of the week : LEARN, UNDERSTAND AND PASS ON!
FACT: Met Office data is still fraud THE WORLD IS COOLING Right! UKMetO DOWNGRADE 'Global Warming'!! 
For the facts of CO2 warmist fraud by MetO-BBC-CRU (Uni of East Anglia) see
2. Recent News / Regular WeatherActionTV reports:
AND 3. WeatherAction forecast information and Standard Links
Please see previous blog 

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