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On 29 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, overcast with a sharp N’ly wind, overcast for most of the day with only occasional sunny periods, max temp 8˚, feeling wintery in spite of the bursting buds of some trees like hawthorn and bird cherry, 2˚ by 9pm.
On 29 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Planted out my first and second early potatoes this morning. It always gives a good indication of soil health. This year: the soil is wonderfully structured, full of moisture and worms and put 41 tubers into the ground took a princely 10 minutes. Also sowed 5 rows of turnips, 23 clumps of parsnips, 49 stations of Amsterdam carrots, two 1m rows of radish and put 84 onion sets into modules to sprout over the next 10 days. Covered everything bar the spuds over with fleece after watering them in and we shall see what emerges by the end of April. First cloudy afternoon here for a long time: the wind from the NE has covered us with clouds and it was pretty brisk this morning, blowing over my jug for measuring rainfall (despite it having around 50mm of water in it before the gust that dispensed the record all over the patio). April 1st I will be cooking my mother a birthday lunch, as all pubs and restaurants are closed down.
On 29 Mar 2020, Gerry Surrey-Kent border 164ft wrote:

Well it would seem the prediction for the UK is now 5700 deaths from our friend Ferguson. To claim it is the virtual house arrest introduced is wrong as the effect of that wouldn't be showing up. In tune with Rhys, Peter Hitchens column today notes all the responses he received from last week's challenge to the panic. None argue on facts but just give abuse. The nuber that support him include NHS staff who have reservations about what is being done. He also notes that the virus will be the cause of death if it is detected but it may not have caused the death. Pneumonia finishes off many sick people but it was not the real reason. Will we ever get an honest inquiry into this? When is a government inquiry ever honest? Wind a blustery northerly today and it is still cold outside even in the sun. Electroverse notes a big cold plunge for Europe with snow. That site does use GFS though.
On 28 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, quite sunny with a sharp N’ly wind, clouding over soon after with rain and then light snow showers throughout the day, occasionally brilliantly sunny with impressive looking cumulus clouds, overcast by night time, 2˚ by 8.30pm. == Rhys, I don’t know what I would be called if I participated in any other blog than this one, life is too short and I spend enough time watching what is going on in the US, come Trump’s reelection in November we will see huge positive changes. What with the massaged, opaque CV figures it seems to me that this is the last desperate attempt of the Deep State to defeat the huge house cleaning that is happening.
On 28 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

? why do we always use ave. yes i see the point from some aspects,but if you only use aves then really cold spells are smothered as too heatwaves. maybe we would be better to compare just the no of above 20 deg,and below say 2deg days or similar to get the truer pic of where the climate is going. Even then each month may need to be compared to reveal how the seasons are changing. To me aves.fudge the picture,and the same seems to happen in most of science , even dendrology.but then the media dont want to show the true pic .do they just the PC one .must keep the masses ignorant.
On 28 Mar 2020, Gerry Surrey-Kent border 164ft wrote:

Mark, nobody left-wing ever apologises for anything because they always believe they are right and even when they are wrong it was for the right reasons. Think of the things lefties have done that if a Tory had done them it would be a big scandal, and that is even with the left-wing Tories we now have. I suppose old habits of the left-wing media die hard. Wind from the NE today and quite blustery. A bit of cloud has come in and it is still cold. My gas use has been dropping each week but I can see that last year at this time it kicked up for two weeks. Looking like it might be the same this year . The GWPF have suggested all green taxes are halted for the time being. Can't see the government running with that as if you took away the taxes that make electricity 40% more expensive the generally ill-informed public are going to notice and might finally ask a few questions.
On 28 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Paddy I am now officially a 'child torturer' according to one of the luminaries contributing to Craig Murray's blog. Amongst other things. I am also apparently a climate denier, a Trump supporter, and quite a few more unmentionables. I also 'have a closed mind' according to one of those projecting their own closed mind onto m (they are closed to all possibilities that CoVid19 is engineered panic with a bit of death along the way). I really do not care. I know none of them, do not seek their validation, am increasingly concluding that trying to educate them is a waste of time.
On 27 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, overcast & drizzly with a light and cold N’ly breeze, dry later with a max temp of 10˚, clouds slowly thinning after 4pm leaving a bright and cold end to the day, 2˚ at 9pm, spectacular young moon with Venus directly above it at some distance, creating a remarkably strong light in the dark night sky. == Rhys, excellent measured article by Dr Lee. Try this one And here is a short article on Ferguson, compare the forecast of deaths he’s made with what he’s saying now. And check out the new laws parliament has voted in, reminds one of the USSR where dissidents were locked up in mental institutions, could include all of us on this blog.
On 27 Mar 2020, Paul (sub) SE UK wrote:

@Mark - Would you have a link to those 20% / 0.1% figures? I found a link to the Covid19 reports from Imperial ( but nothing obvious on the change in figures! ////// On the weather front, it looks like Piers' predictions about a clear, mild, dry last week have been bang-on, and the BBC are now saying exactly the same as predicted for next week - cold, northerly, maybe snow!
On 27 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

always interesting reading abt your weather in the Northern hemi. colder for longer. so often ive met folks from uk who say our winter is like your summer and going by your data probably not far wrong.but weather is all realitive and we acclimatize quite rapidly,to the new norm. my dad was born in yorkshire in 1913 and said how most kids went to school in the snow in bare feet. as for those wallys who do modelling ,they are so optimistic,pessimistic and soooo wrong most times.does anyone take them seriously except the out of touch polititians and media. down here we are heading into a cool spell 6.8 low o/n and 4days of E or S forecast so early morning fires all weekend.
On 27 Mar 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Rhys, Paddy, Gerry, That Imperial guy Neil Ferguson is some prize specimen, isn't he? Rowing back on his modelling of 20% of infections requiring critical care, he said yesterday that it would be just 0.1% instead. No problems at all with the discrepancy. No apologies. Everything was in order. We thought all these nutjobs were working in the field of climate science. But they're everywhere. He's the Michael Mann of the Disease Control policy wonks, but his hockey stick wasn't made from a bad batch of bristle coned pine. It was made of attention-seeking sensationalist bullshit.
On 27 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Paddy Try: Finally some sense from, of course, a recently RETIRED pathologist. No chance of a practicing medic escaping from group think without the sack.
On 26 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, overcast all day with a markedly cool N’ly breeze, in our tunnels the strengthening sun was making quite a difference though, outside max temp was 11˚, occasional barely perceptible drizzle, 6˚ at 9pm. == Rhys, yes indeed. There are 2 viruses: Corona and Fear, whipped up by the mostly sensationalist media, the latter travelling faster and further than the former. Here is a very different take on the whole story
On 26 Mar 2020, Gerry 164ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

Frosty every morning for a while now as we have the cold easterly wind which has picked up quite a bit this morning after 2 calmer days. The warmth of the sun now is keeping the house warm. Wunderground has this weather continuing for another week which I hope is right as I am halfway through re-felting my shed roof. with the lockdown I can't get anymore felt delivered until next Thursday.
On 26 Mar 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Rhys, Ron, In my neck of East Hertfordshire we've just had a run of 5 straight frosts. Not that the land was hard as iron and water like a stone, but frosty no less, first thing in the blue mornings.
On 26 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

David What the Government has NOT been doing is blasting the media for totally over the top fearmongering about deaths, nor telling Imperial College modellers that they are charlatans, nor cautioning their CMO about saying that 250-500,000 deaths were likely, now radically reduced to 20,000 (was it ever different?) The scaremongering is destroying the economy and not one of the government will be losing one single pound in pay, the biggest scandal of the 21st century to date. All the media should be forcibly without pay for 6 months to teach them what that means. It is the only way to teach those criminals how to behave responsibly, something they are totally incapable of doing.
On 26 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Ron, cannot comment on Scotland, you are obviously significantly cooler than us down here in NW London, but we have not had frosts this week when the BBC said we would, so I suppose sods law says that when they say we will be frost free that the freezes will occur lol? Here they are saying nights of 2 - 4C and days of 8-11C for around 5 days, then getting warmer again (although that might just be saying 'we have no clue, so put up the average temps for the season')
On 25 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

8˚C at 7.30, overcast and less windy than yesterday, a smell of spring in the air, max temp 14˚, remaining cloudy, 7˚ at 9pm. Appreciating the fact that it is so dry.
On 25 Mar 2020, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

Does look a bit nippy at the weekend. On coronavirus, it is not a conspiracy and overall the government is going a good job under the circumstances they dont and wont have the answer or solution to everything. The advice is clear but unfortunately some lack common sense.
On 25 Mar 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

RHYS: are you sure that we'll have two weeks of frost-free weather, not withstanding the northerlies/easterlies coming up from this weekend. GFS for much of the first week of April also looks like very sharp Polar Maritime air over the UK.
On 25 Mar 2020, Gerry 164ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

Oops, word 'can't' missing from last post Mark. I trust no government at any level, and I work for part of it! It was sad when even my parish council was due to discuss the imaginary 'climate crisis'. If only all the money wasted on global warming had been spent in preparation for something like this we would not be having the current panic. My director this week suggested this situation might last for a year! Having decided not to test properly the government is clueless as to numbers and why weren't spaces commandeered as emergency treatment centres earlier to keep virus cases away from hospitals. At least the food panic seems to be easing although my local farm shop is fully stocked.
On 25 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Ah, Mark, but the economy will not be wrecked for any cash-rich multinationals, as they will have wiped out the competition and can then start charging monopolist prices for super-profits. Assuming the 20 million they have made unemployed have any salary to buy their products I guess. I predict disintermediation in food supply will expand greatly after this recession. The sun setting on 'supermarkets' being food outlets.
On 25 Mar 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Gerry, What Government figure do you trust? The Chief Scientific Advisor has suggested both 500 thousand deaths and 250 thousand deaths and down to 20 thousand if we, in the vernacular of Tropic Thunder, go full retard on this cold virus. It's more likely to be under 10 thousand if you look at the mortality curves in other countries. That will work out at £30 million per victim and a wrecked economy.
On 24 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, overcast and still a strong SSW’ly wind, sun coming out in early afternoon and warming up to 14˚, warmest so far this year, cloudy again by evening but still 8˚ at 9pm.
On 24 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

we we got the ruapehu caught a bit above 2500m by the camera shots.weve been down to 8c yesterday and 7.8 today.good excuse to have a fire so the plants have a bit of food. re sunspots check out Valentina Zharkova on Youtube video.her speciality. we are only cycle 25 ,and she thinks 27 will be coldest, if it keeps to cycle patten.
On 24 Mar 2020, Gerry 164ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

A very disappointed sounding Spaceweather noting that spotless days continue to come despite a recent new cycle sunspot.The solar disk is running blank for a month at a time and currently stands at 76% blank compared to 2019 77%. After the peak in 2009 spotless collapsed to 51 days and 14% - we are already at 64 days before the end of March! I find their definition of the Space Age only going back to 2006 rather amusing. At least with being stuck at home the weather is nice and there is warmth in the sun to prevent the need for heating during the day. My conservatory and summer house get sun all day. It is amazing how much it is drying out now with the wind and sun combination although the wind has dropped away from the weekend. Having to rely on the legacy media to inform us about the virus is not good given their complete incompetence. and you certainly trust the governments or their figures. The Netherlands faked their figures during the egg-salmonella crisis to spare egg producers
On 24 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Mark Hall: I am expecting the police around any day to charge me with 'recycling all the neighbours' green waste for 12 months', since it is now a crime to create compost from local waste. It is essential that the council green waste vehicles keep burning carbon you see, as there is money to be made in recycled waste and I am stopping them making it. They may even charge me with 'harassing old women' for letting them use my spare flower seedlings for their own gardens. I had the temerity to drop my neighbours a note saying 'do you want any of the following plants?' and they felt obliged to say 'Yes Please!' They were so abused that they actually wrote me a note in a nice card, because you only do that to revolting men, eh? I even expect a summons to court to answer charges of 'pruning fruit trees without a license', as investing £50 in an arborists' saw to save my elderly parents £50 a year in paying someone else to do it is clearly spreading CoVid19, would you not say?
On 23 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, overcast all day with a strong and cold S’y wind, 8˚ max temp nevertheless, soil drying significantly, still blowing at 9pm with a temp of 7˚, feeling much milder.
On 23 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

just going out the door to last work before the country goes into lockdown,and saw the temp had droped 3C since 0600 to 8C ,so looked at 3 day forcast and they are saying it will be cold enough for snow on the Sth Is high ground.Will see.can got fresh snow on MT Ruapehu late march ,but usually mid to late april.
On 23 Mar 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

How dare you Rhys Jaggar! They have been digging pits of despair for people like you and you refuse to jump in. Gardeners don't care about the planet.
On 23 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Perfect weather for the next fortnight to grow young vegetables under fleece: the cool nights will not kill them, the pleasant wall to wall spring sunshine will grow them. IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD! MY RADISHES AND PEAS ARE DOING WELL! WE ARE EATING RHUBARB AND SPRING CABBAGE! ANDCHARD! Parsnip, early carrots, first early potatoes, turnips all to be sown this week. Beetroot to be transplanted out, along with peas for pods. Onions, shallots and leeks in their tubs are perking up nicely in the sunshine and starting to stand up rather than lolling around. Do send Greta to see my spring garden: quite appalling that the prospects for a perfect growing season are upon us. Moisture to depth, surface soil drying out so roots will grow downward, nice spring sunshine and after tomorrow, no prospect of frosts for 10 days.
On 22 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, sunny with a SW’ly wind blowing strongly all day along with the sunshine, max temp 11˚, sown to 4˚ by 9.30pm. == Mark Hall: it’s all about trying to get rid of Trump because he put a spanner in all their works. However, it appears to be having the opposite effect :-) Rhys: you might well be right, time will tell.
On 22 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

How ironic that just as Scottish ski centres have some of the best conditions in years, they all shut down after a winter where little opening was possible before Mid-February. Anyone would think that the aim was to let private equity vultures swoop to get their hands on UK assets?
On 22 Mar 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

About 800 people die each year from falling down the stairs. By establishment logic we they should have trashed our economy a long time ago to deal with this. Long-term we would have been looking at removing all stairways, but in the meantime banning the use of stairways would be necessary. We could have spunked a lot more money on this than the £300 billion that has been allocated to the cold virus panic. Seriously though, this whole overreaction must serve some ulterior motive. They never ever considered closing down a country like Italy because of 68000 annual influenza deaths, but were good to go with 4000 Corona deaths. For me it is too much of a coincidence that the central banks are losing control of interest rates, a sovereign bond collapse is underway in Europe and all the banks there are insolvent. A couple of weeks ago the Federal Reserve pumped $1.5 trillion into the Repo market, because the banks stopped lending to each other. This virus came along at the right time.
On 21 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, overcast, cold SE’ly wind blowing all day and slowly shifting into the S, mostly cloudy with occasional sunshine, max temp 8˚; this feels like a HP situation that could go on for some time, speaking from past experience, 4˚ by 9pm.
On 21 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

In one of the more laughable episodes recently: is an attempt by WUWT to claim they know about biochemistry and drugs. The article claims that adenosine is an amino acid!! And tons of commenters BTL are saying what a wonderful article it all is. First year undergraduate biochemistry students learn that adenosine is a precursor to RNA, it being an adenine side chain linked to a ribose molecule. It has nothing at all to do with amino acid biochemistry. It is interesting how WUWT suppresses my always within the rules comments, presumably as I oppose mass murder, coups sponsored by the US abroad and possibly think that the USA is not a superior nation on earth. They have suppressed me pointing out the crass ignorance of that article. They have not suppressed the ignorant morons who think the article is full of accurate pronouncements.
On 21 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Craig The BBC forecast for NW London is for two nights of frost this week, although it might not happen, the quoted minima being -1C not -5C. All in all, the forecast is for mild sunny days and cool clear nights. I transplanted out my first radish modules and Alderman peas for shoots yesterday and they are under 30gsm horticultural fleece. We shall see how they come through the chilly nights. Comfrey plants are clearly growing now, suggesting a first cut in period 15 - 25th April (range here has been 10th April to 1st May the past decade) and first rhubarb harvested last week. Nature is waking up normally.
On 20 Mar 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Colin - please re enter your comment in the Science + Politics thread === === and don't forget to use an email address. // Weather has been non descript bar yesterday's all day drizzle. Now cold in the wind but no frosts for a while now. Does look settled going ahead. Certainly some cold options going forward in the models but nothing of significance as yet. Keep safe all.
On 20 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

-2˚C at 7.30, the sun melting the frost quickly, remarkable how much heat/warmth it has gained just over the last couple of weeks, almost still to begin with but then a light and cold NNW’ly breeze all day, changing into the SE by evening, quite sunny for most of the day with a max temp of 11˚, clouding over by evening with only a few stars visible now and again, 4˚ by 8.30pm. == Ron, we haven’t had anything like the frost in your parts and most of it only in the last few weeks with signs of frost heave on any bare ground; I don’t particularly remember 1986, more 1980/81. Yes, equinox early this morning, soon time to get shorts & teeshirt out, NOT :-)
On 20 Mar 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

The GFS prediction of a week ago for a chilly equinoctial weekend has turned out to be very accurate ( for once) and now we have a classic HP scenario with spring easterlies. One of the 'joys' here is a run of sharp frosts requiring a daily inspection and replanting of frost-heaved tree seedlings. The worst I've experienced since 1986.
On 19 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

-1˚C overnight, 2˚ at 7.30 with the sun rapidly thawing any frost, light NW’ly wind all day but pleasantly warm in the sun, 12˚ max temp, quite a bit of cloud from time to time but overall a bright day, cloudy evening but with holes in the cloud cover showing some stars, notably a very bright Venus in the western sky, 5˚ at 8.30pm. == Craig, great video by James Corbett, maybe I was a bit overoptimistic when I said the XRse kids are crawling back to mummy :-)
On 19 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

California has finally had another 4ft of snow after a really dry winter means they may have water shortages this summer. Very rare that Mammoth Mountain records under 200 inches snow for a season, this season's total is 174 currently, the third lowest in 51 years of data. Go north to Mt Baker is Washington state and things are very different. Lots of snow high up in the European alps, so no water shortages there. Scotland has plenty of snow this year, I would suspect that Norway has absolutely masses. The Arctic Ice is really regenerating but temperate latitudes have been very, very mild. Whatever happens, the warmists will cry Armageddon. It is now about time to start linking up the weather patterns across wide spaces so people can understand the implications of one weather regime on their own one.
On 19 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

Piers, in solectrics would the massive amount of emf we produce,by all the means weve invented ,have any effect on the influence of either the solar,lunar or planetry effect on earth .ie would it cancel out some influence,or could it increase,and thereby we have caused some disasters attrubuted to CC.?
On 18 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, sunny and almost still, SW’ly wind getting up a bit, quite sunny for a lot of the time, max temp 9˚, dry all day, 2k at 9pm. Grungy Greta seems to have disappeared from the news cycle, so here’s a positive aspect to the virus saga, look on the bright side, and the middle class kids of XR have crawled back to their parents. Not funny for all the small businesses though. Soap, courage and a well developed sense of humour are the main elements we need to through this.
On 18 Mar 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Paul - can't answer but something I've been pondering with all the global shutdowns and satellite images of places such as Wuhan & Italy with reduced pollution - if we do start noticeably cooling over the next year or so (even with data tampering), this will be confirmation that CO2 is the thermostat (never mind they said even of we stop completely now it may still be too late). If there is a silver lining it is that some of these misanthropes are showing their true despicable colours to the world and we will remember. I say some because even true fanatics like Eric Holthaus said "To be clear: Coronavirus causing mass death and reduced emissions is not something to cheer. That's eco-fascism." They don't care about others, only an agenda, a perverse ideology. A good reminder why revolutions are so bloody because if these mindsets. Never let something consume you to such a degree that you lose your humanity. ===
On 18 Mar 2020, Paul (sub) SE UK wrote:

The internet appears to be saying that global and domestic air travel is down anywhere from 5% to 90% due to Coronavirus - will be interesting to see if the weather noticeably changes with such a reduction in atmospheric emissions. I recall reading that the lack of planes during/after 9/11 reduced 'global dimming' of sunlight, which would seem to suggest that flying reduces the alleged global warming... which would be inconvenient for the anti-movement ecomentalists, lol. (I may be recalling incorrectly, of course!)
On 18 Mar 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

RHYS: Aye, quite a snow pack in the Western Grampians with ongoing 'snow on hills ' forecasts adding more. I noted on a return trip to Aviemore last Saturday, the heavy cover on the Drumochter hills and especially Ben Alder, well up to 2010 and 2015 levels
On 17 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, SW’ly wind all day again, not as strong as yesterday, quite a bit of cloud but also bright spells with a max temp of 13˚, there is a definite change in the air, sweet smell of growing grass even at night, 5˚ by 9pm and calmer. == Impressive pics, Rhys, so different from our part of Scotland.
On 17 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Some nice pictures of Creagh Meaghaidh 'never seeing snow again' on the following blog: What might be called pretty impressive winter garb......
On 17 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Gerry 'Expertise' is very subjective. It is imperative that you define what 'experts' are actually 'expert' in. I worked doing due diligence on early stage technology transfer/seedcorn VC funding for a few years and it was clear to me that many 'experts' were expert in a narrow area of science but not expert in business. I was 'expert' in certain areas of cancer research but I am not equally expert in areas of cardiology. Virologists may not be expert epidemiologists and computer modellers can come up with whatever answer you want just by changing a few parameter values in the model assumptions. My view is that scientists most often do reductionist science, whereas the real world has complex holistic open systems in play. Knowing everything about how to alter the tissue range of a coronavirus does not mean you are also expert in quantitative disease evolution modelling. Finally, you should ask who the experts serve. Do not assume they serve us....
On 17 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

Paul,as one CC/GW non believer said,''Isn;t it strange that all the big things that are signs of GW happen to be in places most people can never see to check" or words to that poles shrinking,etc.
On 17 Mar 2020, Gerry Surrey-Kent border 164ft wrote:

Experts - one of the biggest problems we face. People tend to believe experts as they have prestige and often lots of letters after their names. But, experts tell us we are causing global warming with a consensus of experts while there are also some extremely good and better experts who say it is not true. Which brings us to Covid-19 and who do you believe. If you express some doubt about advice given some will say 'who are you to question an expert?' Dr North is qualified in environmental health and was working during the salmonella in eggs, listeria in soft cheese and BSE scares. In all 3 the expert view was it was happening. Dr North was one of the very few to point out that there was no evidence that any of them were true and was proven to be correct after much damage to peoples' livelihoods. There was also the needless burning of millions of livestock during the 2001 foot & mouth outbreak. So experts can be drastically wrong. Why?
On 17 Mar 2020, Paul (sub) SE UK wrote:

The end of the world is nigh! lol: ///// While I think getting back to nature more regularly and growing your own makes sense, portraying the near-future as a Walking Dead-esque nightmare of desperate survival probably isn't realistic.... ///// In other news, I am struggling to reconcile the icecap / glacier reports - electroverse says they are growing, others say they are shrinking, so it is hard to confirm the actuality! The large increase in northern hemisphere snow shown on electroverse is interesting, though - how can that be in the Fireball Earth period we are apparently living in?!
On 16 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

-1˚C at 7.30, strong SW’ly wind from the start, beefing up in the afternoon, mostly cloudy with occasional bright spells, max temp 9˚, dropping to 5˚ by 8.30pm.
On 16 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

Piers, any solar or lunar contributing factors down here in Wellington area that may trigger a big earthquake.Have been following the latest small quakes and there are many up and down the country but none on the Wellington fault.Maybe its stuck. Had a 5.1, 10 k deep ,10k NW of culverden yesterday and a few smaller,but they are all either side of Welly.
On 16 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

17 03 20. TC Gretel is fizzling out and basicly missed. Rainradar shows a bit of wet stuff in parts but not enough to stop the drought .the whole Nth Is and much of Sth has been declared a drought.we get a splash of rain occasionally then wind or sun or both and the plants just get teased.getting a bit of wind from the tail gusting round 30k + from the E so wind chilling the 13/14d C.
On 16 Mar 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

I note that GFS are going for quite a chilly equinoctial weekend and east winds too boot. BUT as we know, it can do 180 degree turn.
On 16 Mar 2020, Gerry Surrey-Kent border 164ft wrote:

While Claude comments that the ice caps are going to melt according to one report, iceagenow has a link to a report on a 3rd icebreaker being sent to the aid of the second icebreaker that was sent to supply the first icebreaker, if you are still with me. Polarstern got itself stuck in the ice deliberately so that it could carru out research on what happens in the Arctic as they don't have that information. But you might well ask, isn't all the science settled? And as conditions were not quite what they expected - as in hardly any ice presumably - the Polarstern needed assistance. Hence the first icebreaker sent to help. But having then got stuck, it needed help. So we have another hilarious saga to add to all the others where there has been too much ice.
On 15 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, strong SW’ly wind and quite cloudy but dry for the morning, showers setting in by midday with sunny spells in between, by which time the wind gradually shifted into the NW, max temp 11˚, clear starry evening, 3˚ at 9pm.
On 15 Mar 2020, out_east wrote:

Luckily went skiing last weekend. I wasn't to know it would be the LAST CHANCE. Ski was superb, bright sun, good quality snow, truly wonderful, had an argument with some global warming Loony from England who insisted on the usual garbage about species all going exctinct, and even claimed the antarctic was melting (has been gaining ice/snow mass for decades). Now the new garbage arrived with the mass media hysteria going into crazy-drive about the COVID, closed borders, closed all alpine ski resorts, confine people to their houses et al. So, YES last weekend was the LAST ski weekend of this season, it was great! I wasn't to know, but despite almost 4.5m of it at Val Thorens, the president of France is more concerned about holding his fake elections than letting people go into the fresh sunshine - alpine air. What's to be done? A sign of things to come? Once you got 60 million to obey a diktat, for a banal virus next time will be easy! Let's just remember this date:- ma
On 15 Mar 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

I see the MeteoBeeb forecast is coming into line with the one GFS has been showing for several days. Nice sunny periods at times, but looks quite nippy for Scotland and the snowpack should remain.
On 14 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Friday was a mostly sunny day again but with a cool NNW’ly breeze, gradually turning into the E. Today, 4˚C at 7.30, light rain carrying on from overnight and then all day off & on, mostly S’y wind and grey all day, max temp 8˚, raining again by evening, 6˚ by 9pm. == Ron, we’ve not had it that bad here but there has also been some heave, we have no tree seedlings in the ground, just doing some plantings, about 150 trees to go in, mostly home-grown from seed Norway spruce. Prunus mahaleb flowering nicely this year, though the bullfinches are also having their part.
On 14 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Very early opening of pear blossom structures this spring: with a few nights close to freezing next week, it could be nip and tuck if they will get damaged or not. Finally looks like we will get a week of dryish weather with some sunshine, some warm days and coldish nights. Just nicely timed for the soil to be ready to be planted up with early sowings around the equinox.
On 14 Mar 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

PADDY: been my worst season yet for frost heave of seedlings. Think it may be due to wet weather followed by periodic frosts.
On 13 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

14/03/ time 0600 6.8c 94%h calm ,misty and a beautiful low ground fog a km in the distance.the best autumn weather. yesterdays hi of 23c was tempered by a cool Easterly .
On 12 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

0˚C at 7.30 but not as frosty as recently, yet another mostly sunny day - we had an email from a friend in Brittany who says that they’ve had nothing but almost daily rain since September! - W’ly wind to begin with, gradually turning into the NNW, max temp 9˚, down to 3˚ by 9pm. == Maria, definitely a good idea to keep ventilation going in the tunnel over winter, winter lettuces can stand that. We can’t do them out of doors here, just too cold. We’ve been eating forced chicory all winter, a bit of a thing to set up but so nice and crunchy.
On 12 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

OH WOW we are going to drown..just looked at oue local news and the headline re both ice caps melting at unprecedented rate .from 1992-2017. as always ,selective data why not to 2019.?. thats a rise of 17 8 mm in 25 y 0.7mm /y. did anyone notice?
On 12 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

yesterdays Low 4.2 @ 0721. hi 19.4 13/03/20 0520 L7.8....0600 L 8.8 Hum 94% calm looked at Nasa NWS art.on sunspots and they begrudginly admit that sunspots may affect the weather. interestingly they link maunder min.with volcanics,and earths axis tilt..
On 12 Mar 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

just finished the last comment, when the mini-snowplough from the Council started to clear and grit the pavements. Well done Perth and Kinross Council.
On 12 Mar 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

Another classic Xmas card scene this morning, here at 140 metres in Highland Perthshire.
On 11 Mar 2020, Maria (Ireland sub) wrote:

Well the journal went by the by the last 2 & a bit weeks and have totally lost track of noting the weather, all I know is any remotely non wet windows I've been hitting the garden jobs and using compost I made to get on the first beds to grow and then in the tunnel to crop overwinter crops and start the first sowings, actually have some chilli plants up from Feb sowing and just about to tuck into some fab looking valdor lettuces, they survived the tunnel only lost a few as kept the ventilation as good as could. Pinch me March already! looking like a lateish spring despite a couple of super bursts even a little warm last week, back to cold wind and sleety now feels like winter again still early days of spring. Rhys I'm guessing it's your article I just recently read on about tomatoes a good read :) Paddy you must have too much wine :-)
On 11 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, strong & raw SW’ly wind, sunny for most of the day with a max temp of 10˚, dense stratus cloud by evening, much less wind and 2˚ by 8.30pm. == Virus dinner etiquette update: if you’re invited, don’t bring flowers, chocolate or wine, bring toilet paper :-)
On 11 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

teaser weather lately,just enough spots of rain to wet the ground,then wind to dry it up,and now no rain forcast till at least next weekend .winds have changed ti SE for next days,so temps dropped .0600 5.4c 0700 4.5c so autumn well here now.but most of Nth Is in drought.
On 11 Mar 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

After a brief thaw, which didn't disturb the snow-pack too much the sleety rain this morning turned to snow showers down to 140 metres and the hills are covered again. Wonder if Covid 19 will allow the skiers to enjoy it, though?
On 11 Mar 2020, Gerry 164ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

There is a petition on the parliament website to scrap the Net Zero policy here The petition is to put this to a referendum given that there government is refusing to say how much this will cost and how little - ie nothing - it will achieve climatewise. Even Tory writers are saying that the Bumbling Buffoon Boris's green enthusiasm is not what voters want, especially those who switched from Labour.
On 10 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, very sunny morning with a light W’ly wind which strengthened by the afternoon, max temp 11˚, some cloud by then but sunny again thereafter and a clear moonlit night, 3˚ by 9.30pm.
On 10 Mar 2020, Fred wrote:

Rich It has to start somewhere, what is startling is the rapid growth ‘despite’ the alleged incredible ‘warmth’ up there. The ice melts mainly from beneath, which has been due to the warm pulse cycle, not CO2....I’m quite hopeful but as I said it’ll be an interesting watch over the next few years
On 10 Mar 2020, Rich wrote:

Hello Fred I agree that it has jumped up this last few months, however we have seen equally startling growth and drops in the past, but the direction for decades has been down. 1 Swallow as they say doesn't make a summer. If we have 2-3 years of growth I will get excited, until then....., Much of the ice is thin 1 year old and likely to melt out v quickly come the summer so I'm not too hopefull.
On 09 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, frosty and very bright all morning with a light SW-S’ly wind that strengthened somewhat in the afternoon, max temp 12˚ around midday, clouding up thereafter, light rain for a couple of hours after 4pm, overcast evening, 4˚ at 9pm.
On 09 Mar 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi all yes it had to happen global warming is linked to cornova virus by world media . It's the same hype used to control fearful puppet public so new world order can take over countries by usinfear panicked stock crashes.UK forced to rejoin eu . Corona virus is obviously a bio weapon used by cia black ops . To save planet countries have to yield sovereignty to global elite. You read it here first just wait and see it all unfold . Boris the puppets gunnar sell us out back into eu hell.
On 09 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

We are about to experience our third transient pulse of very warm air in 2020 the next couple of days. Same in Switzerland, with predictions for Geneva of 21C and 19C this week. This is actually amazingly good for getting plant seeds to germinate, something I doubt any warmers are even aware of. I have had plant seeds germinate out of doors in late January, late February and expect some more this week too. My soil is in good shape, the water table is replenished, the mild weather is helping seeds to grow. PANIC, PANIC: the natural world is doing well! Around here, anyway....
On 09 Mar 2020, Fred wrote:

Mark Hall Yes correct approx 9 years (18.6 year lunar cycle) so starting from 98/99 to 2017/18 we get the 3 warm pulses. So let’s see where we go from here....shall be interesting watching the arctic reports over next few years.
On 09 Mar 2020, Fred wrote:

Rich The ice is above the last 10 years from a lowest starting point. So compared to cyclical colder decades/centuries no not a recovery as such, but the ice growth to get where it is now has been nothing short of startling. And the arctic currently is widespread below average in temps. You won’t find any warmist site advertising as such but will show ‘anomalies’ which are so inaccurate as they aren’t using recorded temp sites
On 09 Mar 2020, Danny Newton wrote:

I saw today that there will be pressure put on oil companies to refrain from drilling in Alaska and off the USA coasts by refusing to loan money for such ventures. The companies threatening such action are J.P. Morgan, UBS and Blackrock. These companies also provide investments via money market accounts. This is a boycott of legal activities by the financial sector. Oddly enough, these same companies are likely to be advising clients to buy and hold at least some oil stocks within various money market portfolios. I think I will stop by my broker and discuss the ethics of this move.
On 08 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, light SW’ly wind, quite bright and getting brighter, the wind occasionally blowing strong, another sunny day - I don’t want to bore anyone by going on so, but this kind of weather is quite unusual though not unprecedented for us - max temp 11˚, sunny end to the day with 1˚ at 9.30pm.
On 08 Mar 2020, Gerry Surrey-Kent border 164ft wrote:

The BBC have started to realise that their days are numbered and seem to be changing their tune somewhat. Whether it will save them time will tell and could they be trusted to be more honest and less biased? There seems to be a glee when Spaceweather can say that a new sunspot has appeared but at least they admit that it ends 34 days spotless which takes the percentage up into the 70s. The question is where will this year end given two years with low sunspot counts? After the 2009 minimum numbers increased rapidly but this year we are at the 2010 total already. For a good laugh Jo Nova has a video of one of CSIRO's climate liars being completely silenced by a question from a politician who has actually read something as to why a CSIRO statement about there being no evidence of climate change causing fire weather is omitted from the report on the recent fires. Lying by omission - they love it.
On 07 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, overcast after some light rain, strong SSW’ly wind, max temp 9˚ an a bit more light rain in the afternoon, overcast evening, still 7˚ at 9pm.
On 07 Mar 2020, Rich wrote:

Europe has officially had its warmest winter on record. 1.4 deg above previous record set in 2015/16, only way seems to be up! Not seeing any sign of arctic ice recovery Fred if u look at 'Arctic ice analysis', quite the opposite, probably get dismissed as fake news!
On 07 Mar 2020, Sou'wester (sub) wrote:

Mild and dry so far today at 17:00, with the sun peeping out a bit from 15:00 onwards - the exact opposite to what the Beeb had forecast. Not sure what Piers predicted - is the March forecasst out yet??? I can only still access Feb. So far I can report it has snowed 5 times in 2020 in Devon, though that was on higher ground like Dartmoor and Exmoor. For us down by the coast, we have seen what I call "sneet "- not quite sleet, rain, snow, or hail,, but something of a mixture of all of those.
On 07 Mar 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Sorry Ron, I meant Fred.
On 07 Mar 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Is it just me or has anyone else received the 30 day forecast for March? Not had a response to any queries to the office so far. It would be super fantastic to check out the prediction for the remaining 24 days of this month. Ron, those lunar gravitational pulses of warm water into the Arctic happen on a smaller 9 year beat as well don't they?
On 07 Mar 2020, Fred wrote:

The cyclical warm pulses (Atlantification of the Arctic Ocean) last about 20 years within a 50-80 year cycle. There are about 3 main pulses during each cycle. The last warm pulse period was 1930 to 1950 (anyone seen the photoof US sub in polar region breaking through very thin ice? That’s why), then the cool cycle which incorporated the great winters of 60s and 70s when scientists suggested we were heading into an ice age. Then from 1998 another warming pulse cycle started (big one). The last pulse was in 2018 which was a big one hence we reached the ’record low’ ice in October 2019. But now Like I say, the recovery has been co-incidence I say as the arctic Ocean cools rapidly.
On 07 Mar 2020, Fred wrote:

Subscriber Arctic temps now coldest in ten years and getting colder. -60c over Greenland and intense cold in arctic Canada and due to be flooding into Siberia. Ice recovery since record low start in October has been startling and is above anything over last 10 years....and climbing still! The ice in the arctic has been recovering rapidly despite GW models showing well above temp view is of 2 points. 1. The ground temps are not matching what the models show (Maisie project been recording sone very low temps in allegedly warm spots) 2. The last cyclical warm water pulse into the arctic ended 18/19 and the arctic ocean is rapidly cooling as the year long circulation sees the warm waters seep out. Just watch this cold last up there.
On 06 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

-1˚C at 7.30, cloudy and misty for a time before the sun broke through, SW’ly wind occasionally strong, sunny again though by early afternoon more clouds started rolling in from the SW but we still had a max temp of 12˚, cloudy evening with a bright moon, 2˚ at 10pm.
On 06 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

good to hear you finally got your snow in the northen hemi. down here in the south,autumn has officially arrived and we've had a cold easterly for the last 3 nites, warm days, with the odd drop of moisture. temp. has been dropping all nite and is now 5,7C and will go lower as the fridge effect happens.most of the Nth .and top of Sth Is have been in dry to drought conditions,with only teaser showers . the problem with climate liers is that they have to keep telling them and inventing new reasons to support their first lies,but finally the weather lets them know that they have lied and they all look stupid.
On 06 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Rich I did make a fairly tart comment on Craig Murray's blog about the Scottish snow conditions and how the warmists' glee was now utterly misplaced. I went on to say that I doubted that the BBC would report on the change in conditions as it contradicted their mantras. Perhaps I shamed them into some honesty?
On 06 Mar 2020, Rich wrote:

Great news for Glencoe! Disappointing news for those on this site who like to have a dig at the BBC for only reporting warmist news as part of the world wide conspiracy. Fingers crossed for the Scottish ski scene and businesses, good news for once!.
On 06 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Finally a glorious sunny spring day here in NW London. All my young plants are out enjoying the spring sunshine with temperatures close to 10C max today. More snow to the Alps means the Rhone valley is loading up again, particularly the mountains encircling Martigny. Reassuringly average snow depths are found across Switzerland, with some stations being significantly below average and some close to record highs. Snow depths in many French ski resorts do not suggest that 'ski-ing will be wiped out as an industry'. Not by snow lack, anyway. The PTB might try and ban travel for some reason...if not Coronavirus, they will come up with some other scam.
On 06 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Ron With the predicted transient thaw on Saturday followed by a freeze and more snow in the mountains from Sunday onwards, it would look like utterly epic ice climbing conditions will start to emerge next week in Scotland...… All the Scottish ski resorts are reporting perfect conditions and even Lowther Hill webcam shows you could happily ski there too.
On 06 Mar 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

BBC News are reporting the best snow conditions at Glencoe for six years with '4 metres' of snow.
On 05 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

-3˚C at 7.30, again a mostly sunny day with a light SW’ly wind and a max temp of 11˚, hazy moonlit evening, 1˚ at 9pm.
On 05 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

the weather gods musn't like the americans this winter.just saw on Eldorada that a line of tornadoes has ripped through nashville Tn and killed 25,and demolished heaps.all that after the record breaking cold. . oh well ,its an ill wind that brings nobody any good,so linesmen and builders and undertakers will all be busy,and many others. no dought another round of blaming CC/GW
On 04 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

-2˚C at 7.30, light SW’ly wind, mostly sunny all day with a max temp of 8˚, clear evening, 0˚ at 9.30pm.
On 03 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, another bright sunny day, albeit with a sharp W’ly wind that gradually turned into the NW, 9˚ max nevertheless, spring is in the air, working without a jacket for most of the day, moonlit night getting brighter every evening, 3˚ by 8.30pm.
On 03 Mar 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

much of the heavy precipitation up here fell as snow above 500 metres and there is substantial snow cover in the Western Grampians.
On 03 Mar 2020, Gerry 164ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

When it comes to rainfall records, it depends on which set of records is being used! The MetO like to pretend that they go back only as far as 1910. But that is their digital record only. There is more data but it is not supportive of their climate change claims so they hide it. And then when referring to England or Wales, there is much longer record which will again undo many a 'since records began' claim as Paul Homewood has often shown.
On 02 Mar 2020, claude grayson wrote:

Im wondering how the cca,will discredit the news that USA has set 600+ all time records for cold this winter,according to Sky news Aust.
On 02 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, brilliantly sunny already and continuing thus all morning, still with a cold SW’ly wind. Getting quite warm with a max temp of 9˚ and out of the wind the sun was practically roasting, cloudy during the middle of the day but a brilliant sunny ending with a clear star & moonlit night, 1˚ at 9pm.
On 02 Mar 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

February rainfall totals in our back garden totalled a round 100m, pretty close to double the long term average around these parts. Nothing compared to what is reported below in West Yorkshire, but for us, still a continuation of much above average rainfall, which has more than restored equilibrium after two summers of drought/heatwaves. Reports in the DT say that 1990 was wetter than 2020 nationally in February, which does suggest that one climate data point on from 1990, 'climate change is not causing this rainfall'. Do not try and convince the BBC script readers, however. They have their propaganda to distribute....
On 01 Mar 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, cloudy for much of the morning, strong SW’ly wind, sun breaking through in the afternoon after a bit of rain around midday, max temp 6˚, clouding up again towards evening, the first quarter moon just visible, 3˚ at 9.30pm.
On 01 Mar 2020, Richard Bruce wrote:

February has turned out to be a record breaking month for rainfall in Nidderdale North Yorkshire. We have had 296mm this month which far exceeds anything recorded. The nearest rainfall records at Bradford show no month has ever recorded so much rain. Flooding has unsurprisingly been an issue and the ground is so saturated that any small amount i.e. even 12mm or so causes the beck in our garden to rise dramatically. An interesting event was very heavy snow last week which was followed by an unprecented rapid thaw causing flooding. The temperature went from 1C to 10C in a matter of hours causing snow melt issues.
On 29 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, snow gone, ground sodden, strong S’ly wind all day along with good periods of sunshine, temp staying the same all day until the evening rain, 4˚ by 9pm.
On 28 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, overcast but dry with a strong SW’ly wind that eventually turned into the SE, rain starting at 11 and carrying on well into the afternoon, some heavy bursts, max temp 4˚, drier evening, 3˚ by 9pm. Happy to see the snow going, it turned into a slippery wet mess by yesterday.
On 28 Feb 2020, Gerry 164ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

In 2018 the first ploughing matches of the year were cancelled due to snow. At the end of March. So still plenty of time for more snow before spring.
On 28 Feb 2020, Rich wrote:

First and probably last snow of the winter yesterday in SE Cambs, light dusting of slushy snow on grass and cars, went as fast as it came. Cant wait for the soggy windy excuse of an extended autumn to end, never mind the snow, would happily have settled for frost (don't think its been below -2 to date) and a bit of sun... hope this isn't a sign of future winters yet to come!.. Right back to building my Ark!
On 28 Feb 2020, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

I'm considering getting water Ski's⛷️⛷️💧💧💧
On 27 Feb 2020, Andy (Chiltern Hills) wrote:

A few hours of very heavy snow this morning with temperature at 0 degrees leading to a ‘Christmas Card’ scene that Ron would be proud of.
On 27 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, crunch snow & ice underfoot, another mostly sunny day but with a cold NW’ly wind, max temp 6˚, surprisingly 2˚ at 9pm.
On 27 Feb 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

The rain turned to sleet then snow which didn't stick but lasted for a couple of hours. Disappointing for older kids who wanted something to play with but appreciated by very young kids. Hopefully Glenn caught some flakes. // Have to say the ground is utterly sodden after months of above average rainfall, although no real flooding except in the usual places. Further north the continued rain is causing no end of problems with no cessation in sight.
On 27 Feb 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

9.30am in NW London and big fat snowflakes are falling. It will not last, the forecast being for it to clear up by afternoon, but it is the first and possibly last set of snowflakes to fall this winter down here. the winter in the Alps continues to show similarities to 1990, with late February bringing a strong snowfall from the NW with snow down into the alpine valleys. The ground at low levels will likely be too warm now for the snow to last long, going to melt not from sunshine but from the warm ground below. This has followed a mild January and SW gales in early to mid February, along with abnormally high temperatures recorded. Just like 1990.
On 26 Feb 2020, C View wrote:

RHYS - Nice detailed explanation, though none required I have skied in Scotland for 40 years.
On 26 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, blue sky with a a sharp W’ly wind, a mostly sunny day again with a max temp of 5˚, a little more cloud in the afternoon, ground remaining frozen in shady places, -2˚ by 9pm. Still quite a bit of snow on our hill, about 30 metres lower down nothing, as usual, so that’s 2 days of snow we’ve had so far this winter.
On 26 Feb 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Rhys/CView - Iain Cameron (he does the snow patch reports) tweeted the other day about Glencoe ==="When heavy rain saturates an existing snow-pack it becomes more dense and squeezes out the air. A subsequent re-freeze of the pack makes it more resistant to future melting. Thus, long-lying snow patches are born. It’s called a freeze/thaw cycle."
On 26 Feb 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

C View It is an underappreciated fact that the best time to ski in Scotland is often mid-February to late April, with November to early February often seeing snow coming and going, washed away etc etc. What you need is a big fall, then a transient thaw and then a hard freeze. Then you get a base to last a season. The ice climbers on Ben Nevis know well that maximum snow depths on the mountain usually occur in early April. As for drifted snow metres deep, Glencoe ski area has NE facing gullies to ski in, so when the wind comes from SW-SE with warm fronts hitting cold arctic air, Glencoe can get huge amounts of snow. My best day ski-ing at Glencoe was on April 27th in the early 1990s. Flypaper and the Spring Run were both full of deep snow, the single biggest reasons to ski Glencoe for advanced skiers...
On 26 Feb 2020, Steve Devine wrote:

Provisional data for Feb 2020 currently showing a daytime average of 9.4c and 4.7c by night. Strangely that is 1.6c cooler by day than Feb 2019 but 1.3c milder by night. I note the UK Met Office have now issued warnings for snow across Wales, C & S/E England tomorrow then more rain warnings for Friday and Saturday across already saturated areas of Wales & NW England. If Saturday's storm is named, it would be Storm Ellen. Looks like 100kph/62mph gusts in the Bristol Channel on Saturday if latest model output verifies...
On 25 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

1˚C at 7.30, cloudy but brightening up soon enough, about an inch or so of wet snow looking gorgeous once the sun was out but falling of the branches pretty quickly, light W’ly breeze all day, max temp 6˚, cooling in the afternoon and crunchy underfoot with the frost setting in on the ground, snow persistent for the first time this winter, clear cold & still evening with 0˚ at 9pm.
On 25 Feb 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Sorry for the delay with comments. We had a technical issue which is now resolved. Steve and I have hopefully released the backlog. // Saw some flakes in the Cotswolds on the 11th but looks like more may be seen across the coming days with a yellow snow and ice warning ⚠ for Wales and NW Eng/Scot h NI until 10 tomorrow and for the south an ice warning ⚠ out from midnight until 10am " mix of rain and hail showers, with some snow over higher ground, is likely to leave surfaces wet overnight. Surface temperatures are then expected to fall below freezing with icy stretches forming in places." This winter has been so bad I'll happily take that. More cold opportunities to come by looks of it too. The daffs have finally come out the last week, Roses are budding even saw a magnolia tree looking like it's only days from opening it's glorious flowers all in all it looks like spring so now the weather gets cold 😂
On 25 Feb 2020, C View wrote:

Incredible turnaround in the conditions at the Scottish Ski Centres. The recent storms have transformed the meagre offering throgh January into a mega bounty of snow. Cairngorm report 30cm falling in the last 24 hours and Glencoe is boasting of drifts 10 metres deep and have skiing all the way to the car park at the bottom of the mountain. How this is possible when "snowfall is now a thing of the psst" is beyond me.......
On 24 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

1˚C at 7.30, overcast & cold in the SE’ly wind, dry until 11 when wet snow and rain set in, kept going mostly as rain all afternoon and evening, max temp 3˚, when I came home from a gig at night it was snowing heavily but very wet stuff, 1˚ at 9pm.
On 23 Feb 2020, Maria (Ireland sub) wrote:

Hey Piers I'm guessing the blog is down as my last post didn't come up and no recent comments showing from subscribers, also took up the fab front page offer thanks and extended my subscription by 12 months but didn't receive an email receipt, guessing this will all be sorted soon and hoping I have extended my sub and it's not our rubbish internet this end, Cheers Maria :)
On 23 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

1˚C at 7.30, watching the sun rise in a clear blue sky, quite still for a while but then the strong W’ly wind kicked in, turning into the NW eventually, and we had yet another sunny day with a max temp of 6˚, down to 1˚ by 9pm.
On 23 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Yes snow is here all over UK will BBC and ch 4 ignore it or proclaim the end of global warming and co2 is fake . Will they preach mini ice age as real science proves is happening . Who gets the 1.2 billion spent on new weather computer whilst boris spends nothing on flood defences let me guess one of boris billionaire pals.
On 22 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

1˚C at 7.30, strong W’ly wind (we had some ferocious gusts through the night, waking us up), a few snow showers during the morning but not sticking, sunny and cold in the sometimes wild wind, max temp 5˚, wind keeping going into the night, 3˚ at 8.30pm.
On 22 Feb 2020, Christopher Cutting wrote:

New to thread, been following the page for 5 months now. Love the facts and science behind real forecasting. I'm from Australia and as you know since our bushfires we have now been the new poster for climate change BS. As devastating as it has been for many it has nothing to do with climate change more or less poor forestry management. If no one is aware of Australias flora it's very complex and incredibly hard to kill, evolving through fire and droughts for a long long time. Wondering if you do long range forecasting within the southern hemisphere. It is probably a big ask but our Government run Bureau of meteorology can not seem to get anything right. Back in November/December we were told that no rain would come until mid April and it was because of man made climate change yet mid January to even currently now in Feb it's done nothing but smash rain records........ all because of climate change.... it's never ending and getting old. Cheers,
On 22 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi all told you it would snow in Feb when cold artic air sweeps down caused by wild jet stream. to all warmest it is not the end of snow. Why do the deranged warmest claim storms to be theirs . They must be deluded where is the warming when it's minus 2 c in UK Will they just delete the records to suit their delusions. Like the aussie do.
On 21 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, rather cloudy and blowing strong & cold from the SW, but yet again turning into a sunny day with a remarkably spring-like max temp of 10˚ as the wind picked up more warmth, overcast with some drizzle in the evening, still 8˚ at 9pm.
On 20 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, cold W’ly wind on account of the rain falling at the beginning of the morning, brightening up before midday, sunny afternoon with a max temp of 6˚, clear starry night again with 2˚ a 9pm.
On 19 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, clear as a bell and beautiful sunrise as I was out with the dog, sunny morning with a W’ly wind to begin with, later turning into the S. Clouding over by midday, max temp 8˚, rain eventually hitting us around 4pm, mostly light and not long, well overcast sky at night, no stargazing, 6˚ at 9pm.
On 18 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi all heard about the mett office new 1.2 billion pounds computer which is going to save us lol. Now who is making the money out of climate change All we are hearing is climate change flooding as if there's never been a flood before. If you Google all the flooded towns you will see they have all flooded before many times in last 30 years. The conmen strike aging stealing 1.2 billion pounds from us
On 18 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

1˚C at 7.30, frosty in parts, bright from the word go, still quite windy from the SW for most of the day, yet another sunny one with a max temp of 7˚, always a few clouds here & there but still a clear starry evening with the wind dying down, 0˚ at 8.30pm.
On 18 Feb 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

A video from Ben Davidson “THE SUN | Plasma Climate Forcing Finale” which looks at some of the various solar forcings making their way into the scientific literature and it's not TSI, which is how alarmists have been dismissing any solar effects on climate. No lunar effects but baby steps ===
On 17 Feb 2020, Maria (Ireland sub) wrote:

Couldn't help myself gone and got myself a sub extension for an early Birthday present 🤭 Fab deal tho thanks guv ;-)
On 17 Feb 2020, Maria (Ireland sub) wrote:

The 10th with its snow gave us around an inch of snow on the outside table and a good covering everywhere, it remained despite a few short lived sunny spells, the titchy one loved getting out and exploring it and although its snowed every year since she was born her 2 year old self was obviously more intrigued and delighted crunching around in her lil snow boots :-) It lasted on the ground overnight with a dusting on top by morning but some showers were mixed precip and washed some away, a little remained into Wed. Then the wind and rain came and stole the last of it. Windy cold with sunny spells Thurs. Mix of dry spells and showers Friday. Back to stormy windy wet weekend lots more rain windy and gusty winter weather, actually dreaming of spring now I'm waving the white flag on winter, hearing the birds the last few weeks seeing the day get a lil longer I'm just waiting almost patiently for the weather to match the spring sights n sounds.
On 17 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

16.02.20 3˚C at 7.30, strong SW’ly wind, wet snow shower but doesn’t stick, followed by a brilliantly sunny day, max temp 6˚, a little rain in late afternoon but clear evening and still quite windy, 4˚ at 8.30pm. 17.02.20 3˚C at 7.30, feeling cold in the strong WSW wind that kept blowing all day, though not as ferociously as yesterday, yet another sunny day, can’t quite believe it, max temp 8˚, wind suddenly stopped at 5pm, 2˚ at 8.30pm.
On 17 Feb 2020, Rich wrote:

Given run of last few years, and start of 2020,Im confident In my prediction of another warm /mildyear for 2020 and winter 2020/21, I said the same at this stage last year for this winter and its proved to be the case, might be dry or wet but cold it wont be. Seems to be the direction of travel.
On 17 Feb 2020, @Piers_Corbyn London Chief Forecaster wrote:

HURRY! WAKE-UP! DONT MISS OUT! GO AND GET YOUR TOTALLY AMAZING FOUR-FOR-ONE OFFERS ON ALL FORECAST SERVICES 12 MONTH SUBS (12mth for only 3) - including the WHOLE-LOT; and 6mth subs for only two = 3 for 1. These amazing deals end ANYTIME when targets are reached; so GoGoGo NOW! ANY overlaps with existing subs get credit extensions eg starting where new deal sub ends. It's a great chance to get longer ahead and more services such as Europe maps as well as British isles or Usa maps to be prepared for the coming wild jet-stream wild weather year. All forecasts include RedWeather Solar Impact periods which apply worldwide. 45day ahead inc 30d service ie MARCH NOW are loaded/loading BI Eu Usa and BI ALL-SPRING-NOW is also available at a great offer of only £35 (should be £84) +=+=+=+=+ THANKS ALL GREAT COMMENTS, eg, VERY IMPORTANT - tracking the fraud tricks to make fake high temperatures to drive the globalist climate hysteria which is used to rob and control you.
On 16 Feb 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Storm Dennis proved wetter in NW London than Storm Ciara, although winds were somewhat less, being just a strong 40mph breeze rather than closer to 60mph. Total rainfall for February to date in 2020 here is now 70mm, making it the ninth month in a row of above average rainfall. The second mild spell has seen sweet pea seeds germinate outdoors (was not expecting anything before March), suggesting that plants respond to mild then cold then mild. 10-13C seems to be the trigger for germination. What I say here does not downgrade what may be far worse weather elsewhere, merely to say that assigning 'normality' to the worst-hit areas avoids reality.
On 15 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi Paul if you Google australian weather beurea caught deleting cold temp readings the stories come up. They have been doing this for a decade so they can claim accelerated warming in australia. They deleted a13f reading they then boasted of not recording readings below minus 10c . So if there was a period of minus 20c this would never be recorded . It mass fraud on aussie public.these warmest fachists will stop at nothing to achieve their world domination aims .they are akin to the worst James bond villain .
On 15 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, overcast with a strong S’ly wind, mostly dry until 11 when the rain started in earnest and kept going until around 5pm, max temp 7˚nevertheless, clearing thereafter and giving us a magnificent starry sky with Venus shining brightly in the W, 5˚ at 8.30pm.
On 15 Feb 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Mark Hall I thought the relevant comparison to the 2018 BFTE was March 1962, exactly three solar/lunar beats of 18.6 years back. Was 1958 also a BFTE?
On 15 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi all another climate change system hits UK soon I'm sure all the useless environment agency and council clones will have their climate change story to blame for all the flooding it's nothing to with them doing nothing for the last 20 odd years .let's build no flood defences let's build houses on flood plains then we will blame it all on climate change. BBC latest climate spin is on Hornsea links coastal erosion due to climate change nothing to do with . It's been going on for hundreds of years and links council have done nothing to protect the coast. They could easily invite builders to dump rubble along the beech to make a sea wall that will protect the coast.
On 14 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, overcast and very windy from the S, ground still frozen but thawing through the morning, light rain from 11 - 2pm, temps rising to 7˚ with a little bit of sunshine in the afternoon, cloudy again in the evening with the wind having abated, 5˚ at 10pm.
On 14 Feb 2020, Geoff wrote:

If we reach named storm 'G', l hope they call it Gail...Or Rainer !!
On 13 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi I saw the Australian story on you tube a guy from Australia first party told the story about them cheating the temp readings. In UK another winter storm comes bringing more snow Will the BBC climate deniers report the snow or deny the snow
On 13 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

-1˚C at 7.30, quite still after 5 days of continuous strong winds, SE breeze at first, gradually turning into the N, cloudy start but soon brightening up to yet another sunny day, remarkable how much more sun we have had over the last four weeks or so, in contrast to December. Max temp 4˚, beautiful starry sky at night; taking the dog out at this time has made it possible for me to do a lot more stargazing than ever before, -1˚ at 9pm.
On 13 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

13.6* o/n 0600 16.5* 81%h EsE20k hi.cld,with 22deg moon ring dirty red sun rise.Usei ,seems to be fissling out and losing shape in the Tasman. parts of N Is on track to record dry ,some parts 40+ days with no signif.rain. was looking at Eldorado, Canadian temps ,quite cool over there,and if it heads to BI parts you may get your winter yet,by snail mail.
On 13 Feb 2020, Steve, Dorset,UK sub wrote:

The old farming folklore It was always called February Fill dyke here in Dorset, so to all the Global Warmest,s doomsayer’s out there nothing has changed.
On 13 Feb 2020, Paul (sub) SE UK wrote:

Colin - interesting! Do you have a link to that news story about the measuring equipment? I'm betting the BBC won't be reporting on it... lol
On 12 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, cloudy with a strong & cold W’ly wind blowing that kept going all day, brightening up to another sunny day by 11, max temp 5˚, wind calming down completely by 8pm when we already had -2˚, be good to get a hard frost, haven’t had enough of them. Queensferry crossing appears to be open again, had been shut since Monday due to ice falling off the structure, damaging cars.
On 12 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi all news from down under the Australian weather depts have been fidling the temp readings by using small Stevenson screens instead of large screens . As small screens are known to be tending towards higher readings. The Australian pm is investigating . So there we have it there was no max high Tempsford in Oz this summer only warmest fraud lies .
On 12 Feb 2020, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

Ron, yep unfortunately we were right. Sick of the rain now and no sign, of an end to it.
On 12 Feb 2020, C View wrote:

Hurrah !!Snowfalls no longer a thing of the past.....12 people rescued from vehicles north of Dumfries last night in a blizzard.
On 12 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

o/n ,0600 16 .2*C 15 k NW gusts 90% h , tropicalCyc is slowly meandering its way S and is forcast to hit the bot.of the S Is abt sunday,but we'll wait and see.
On 12 Feb 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

DAVID( Yorkshire) Well we were both right about an Atlantic winter. Can't see any blocking highs in the near future.
On 12 Feb 2020, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

58 Years since 62/63, is arguably the winter coming up Mark. If you are referring to that particular lunar cycle / beat!!
On 12 Feb 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Rhys, the Feb 2018 Beast from the East rocked up exactly 60 years after a very similar cold outbreak. So I expect the catastrophic winter of 1962-3 will be repeated in the next couple of years. And England should win the 2026 World Cup.
On 11 Feb 2020, Andy (Chilterns) wrote:

Colin, I think you should join Glen and seek help
On 11 Feb 2020, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

Out of interest, how well has the current set up.been forecasted by Piers? Including the storm!
On 11 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, strong W’ly wind lasting all day and into the night, really sunny again, max temp 5˚, rain to the N of us according to the radar, not a drop here all day, 3˚ at 9pm.
On 11 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

o/N L 9.3C 060011.4C 96%h NNW 4 k mostly cldy..fine moonlight nite till abt 4am,mod. dew. still no rain in sight,so brown grass everywhere we look..
On 11 Feb 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Anyone done any comparisons between 2019/20 and 1982/83? My anecdotal antenna suggests that Austria has had a similar winter progression to 1982/3 when I was out there and my aunt wrote to me from England saying they were 'having a very mild winter'. 37 years is after all two solar/lunar cycles of 18.6 years....
On 11 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi all warmest beware reality strikes as snow hits UK yes an end of snow is a lie . Only crazy brainwashed people could believe such garbage . Schools are the national warmest propaganda camps . There was Hitler youth now warmest youth. Will the warmest youth build snowmen or ignore the snow pretending it's not there like an army of King kaNutest Emperors with no clothes on psychos. Maybe they will all committed suicide like the Dutch crazies did.
On 11 Feb 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

GLENN: I think you should seek professional help as you appear to have a mental health issue.
On 10 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi all snow is on its way just had hail in Leeds so warmest s beware maybe a nice snowy spring Feb March April snow snow ssnow lovely snow for great to play in make snowmen lol. Australia has loads of rain since Jan 5th to present 3 times the average the permanent drought is over. All the fires are out in nsw the bush will soon grow back in a few years. We must launch fraud trials against BBC and UK government lies and carbon taxes
On 10 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, clear sky and quite windy from the W already, lasting all day but not as strong as yesterday, another sunny day with a max temp of 4˚, no snow, though in the west they had plenty apparently, cloudy but bright night, wind abating, 0˚ at 9pm.
On 10 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

0600 15* 90%h 11k gusts calm most of night full L cld cover ,so no dew. has the feel it may drizzle. i see on the situ map this morning a cyclone has formed above New Caledonia,so will watch,and OZ has a trough line right across in an arc ,no wonder its raining ,and now all but 5 fires are out.
On 10 Feb 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

M. LEWIS--no, indeed I have not, tis the Express, expressing such a view( or at least reporting that view coming from the warmist lobby)
On 10 Feb 2020, C View wrote:

I see the European Space \Agency have launched their Solar Orbiter with the mission stated as "Studying the Sun up close, taking high-resolution images of the Sun's poles for the first time, and understanding the Sun-Earth connection" Will be interesting to see how that goes. Glenn you are making the same mistake as many climate scientists. 8 years ago they said the UK was in permanent drought, and just the other day the Australian Met Office said ther would be no rain until April only for them to see their heaviest rain in 20 years fall a few days later. The weather you are experiencing now is not an indicator of the future, whether that future is next week next month or next year.
On 10 Feb 2020, Maria (Ireland sub) wrote:

Thursday was cool with sunny spells same again Friday then some showers. Saturday morning looked sweet at first so a lil fresh air with the tiny one then the day declined with wind n rain leading into the night, intensified around 5 a.m Sunday morning a lovely crack of thunder there after and a few rounds of lightning n thunder as the storm came aboard. So yeah very windy lots of rain but although it was a longer period of stormy weather it didnt seem as crazy as say ophelia but the Orange warning lasted from 5a.m till noon here then yellow and it was very gusty later yesterday afternoon whilst in the yellow, not too scared to go out here just sensible as so many trees left covered in ivy these days and old rotten wood u wouldn't be surprised to see some down. Plus the wind was too strong to open the gate anyway, the perk of a winters day, downtime :-) Dare I say it, snow this morning big flakes too and after a couple hours of just snow without the rain mixed in we have a winters scene
On 10 Feb 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Ron - I think you have the cause and effect the wrong way round. Global warming is a result of increased volcanic activity across the Planet. Particularly the Pacific Ring of Fire.
On 10 Feb 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

changed to heavy snow showers late last night, with a good covering now at this altitude ( 140 metres) and heavy snow showers continuing. Looks like winter again
On 09 Feb 2020, Sou'wester, sub, South Devon waterfront wrote:

Haven’t been out this weekend because of Storm Ciara – not because the local paper told me to stay in, which it did, but because I could hear storm force winds all yesterday all night long and then all day today, battering away at things. I read that a local pub’s windows have shattered and a roof got blown off a house, with various power cuts and numerous trees down all over Devon and Cornwall. There has been no let up now for over 36 hours. Not looking forward to my long journey to work tomorrow as I don't see this thing letting up yet.
On 09 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, overcast & wet, heavy overnight rain, SW’ly wind gradually turning into the W and strengthening considerably, brightening up by 10, blue sky in spades and very strong winds in the afternoon, clear moonlit evening, clouding over somewhat and the wind noticeably dropping by 8pm, 4˚ by 8.30.
On 09 Feb 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

GEOFF:---it ain't done yet !
On 09 Feb 2020, Geoff wrote:

Thanks, David (Yorkshire)...A happy ending to winter.
On 09 Feb 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Storm Ciara nothing dreadful in NW London: yes the wind was gusting a bit, but no damage, no flying debris and just a few squally downpours of about five minutes in the five hours of perfectly normal steady to heavy rainfall. We had only had about half an inch of fresh rain to bring us up to about half the monthly rainfall expectation. What we used to call 'a good day on Cairngorm' back in the day in Scotland....
On 09 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

0600 12.2* 89% h 4k gusts o/n L 9.8* we need rain in the Nth Is,but not all at once,anyone got some to spare. ozzies are hogging theirs now,and wont share.
On 09 Feb 2020, Rich wrote:

Strong winds this morning, but not as bad as weather was forecast this afternoon in SE Cambs. Apart from some large twigs on the roads and one wonky panel that I've seen, not where near as bad as Feb 2017 storm. Few more windy days forecast but nothing overly concerning. CET data + forecasts looks like Feb will be another very mild month.
On 09 Feb 2020, Glenn wrote:

That that then. Nobody at Weatheraction cares about clod winters and snow anymore and its hard to think that ten years ago cold winters were all the rage. I am seriously considering comitting suicide this year as a result of the snow deprivation that im suffering from.
On 09 Feb 2020, Tony ex sub wrote:

Got to say those people who were dismissing ths Mets warning have got it way wrong fence one side destroyed 1st time ever .....a 3ftplant I have cemented in a pot lifted and smashed ....was cemented to stop it being pinched .......walked dog and tiles off roofs fences down and this is just Northamptonshire......
On 09 Feb 2020, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

Geoff - Hope Ciara did not disappoint you😯😂
On 09 Feb 2020, colin wrote:

hi all yes boris is now proclaiming huge tax risers and pension raids what happened to end of austerity garbage they just wanted your votes. obviously he has massive climate change spending in mind and also massive benefits bill as millions join dole que due to de industrialisation mania. winters not over yet I remember -21c in mid 80,s februarry. for 2 weeks cold snap and also snow in april has happened many times . when the wild jet stream brings down artic air = snow ice -10c plus . the warmists are liars and fraudsters and mass murderers who want to genocide half the world population o save the so called world. its obvious the cornova virus was made in a lab as they knew the genetic code and tried to cover it up so it could spread and not be contained obviously the elite will have the vaccine.
On 09 Feb 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

Well, a wee air of wind about, but we've had worse. Snow down to 500 metres. The Express is carrying a feature about global warming causing increased volcanic activity---nothing to do with solar inactivity eh?
On 09 Feb 2020, Glenn wrote:

well apart from a few frosts this winter has been a suicide inducing pile of garbage. I now have no hope whatsoever for the future of UK winters. If every winter is going to be like this one now then it will be certainly be guaranteed that i will never see snow again.
On 08 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, bright with a cold SW’ly wind, beautiful sunny morning and early afternoon with a max temp of 6˚, wind powering up but not as much as expected for our parts, clouding over by nightfall with rain starting by 6pm, still going now at 10pm & quite heavy, 5˚. Thrushes have started singing, earlier than usual.
On 08 Feb 2020, Geoff wrote:

Looks like this named storm will be the only bit of 'excitement' we get this winter, so I, for one, am rather looking forward to getting blown by Ciara tonight.
On 08 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

0600 9* 86%hum calm, mostly cldy, Sc ,.O/n L 8.9. so ive lit the fire,in the faint hope the co2 will warm it up somewhat. Paul,its with some ammusement that your media are panicing while ours are crowing,that the antarctic has reached 18.3,the highest on record,on the western side ,then clarify by saying its only .8 higher.such suckers. whats the bet they took it on an area with no snow on the ground,and bright sun to the point now where i ? everything that comes from any official Met source.
On 08 Feb 2020, Paul (sub) SE UK wrote:

I see that ITV and BBC are going into Panic Overdrive mode because of Storm Ciara - so far I've heard we shouldn't travel (even by train, according to the train companies?!), there will be 4" of rain, travel disruption will abound, and it's been compared to the "deadly storms of 2013", with plenty of pictures of large fallen trees in urban areas. How will we plebs possibly cope if we are not being beaten over the head until we submit to fear-induced paranoia about what could happen, no matter how unlikely? *rolls eyes*. They did the same with 'the Beast from the East', ramping up the scaremongering until it seemed perfectly sensible people should be terrified to leave the house. Will there be some areas that get some high levels of precipitation and damaging gusts of wind? Of course. Will there be other areas that get just some moments of heavy rain and squally winds? Also yes. I would place money on the fact the entire landmass won't be submerged and/or blown away by Monday...
On 08 Feb 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Claude, Yes, climate suckers seems apt for these dupes. We've had a bumblebee jamboree over here in the UK media too. Some crew from Bristol discounted habitat loss, agri-monocultures, cold outbreaks disrupting springtime, 4 and 5 G, pesticides etc. Reduced populations are all due to global heating, apparently. The fact that most insects (like the corals) thrive in hotter conditions did not occur to these people. There is no funding for that kind of objectivity.
On 07 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, quite overcast with an already gusty S’ly wind which increased during the day, sunny from 10.30 until sunset, milky kind of atmosphere & very damp, 4˚ by 9pm. Meteosoup has yellow wind warnings all weekend but rain warning only for southern England so far.
On 07 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

here we go again!!!! headlines on rnz news bumble bees decline due to climate change. anyone with half a brain knows clm chges all the time....they are so predictable with their linking it to human induced temp change. they call us deniers maybe we ought to begin to refer to the as Suckers. sucked into the bullcrap of professional lies. so does anyone here mind if i refer to them here on as climatesuckers.
On 07 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

0600 13.6* 93% hum cldy with a tinge of pink in higher cld. FC shs pm. O/N L 12.6* so strange how all this co2 seems to stop warming and insulating at night,then kicks into gear upon sunup.yet the condenced water vapour does do its work at night,and the temp rises with it,and cools in its shade. note too how high water content at night is cooling as dew,yet so draining,when warmed by the sun. who got it so so wrong. maybe they didnt get up early enough to observe.
On 07 Feb 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

C VIEW: aye, I saw that news bulletin and couldn't get the smirk off my face for hours--and the thought of the new tree species I could try!!
On 07 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

was just looking at our nz ,geonet,site where they have cameras,looking at all the volcanoes,and noted that Mt Ruapehu Sth, shows much more snow than when we used to hike up ,in the 70s. maybe if everyone round the world dug out their old snow pics and compared them to current ones they would SEE there is no GW or CC. whats more the mt had lees snow over winter than other years.
On 06 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, another fabulously sunny day with a very light breeze from a generally S’ly direction, max temp 7˚, moonlit night and still getting brighter every night, full moon on Sunday at 7.33, going to be a windy weekend apparently. 1˚ at 8.30pm. == glad you liked the video, Maria, he performed this live in Parliament Sq last Friday but had to substitute the word fudge for the other one, otherwise it would have been a public order offence, the public weren’t under the same stricture though :-)
On 06 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

great start to autumn..0600 11* 94% hum, calm, cldy along ranges and foggy through the gaps. always notice the change to cooler come feb,even though the days are hot,in the sun 22* ystdy. Rhys ,so right .worked on a farm in the 80s and not a cld in the sky all morning but cld poured through a gap over lunch and got snow by 1pm with a 100mm dump by nitghtfall,unexpected.
On 06 Feb 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Claude Grayson Nothing unusual about heat followed by snow: just needs winds to change from a warm direction to a cold one aka a warm front followed by a cold one. I saw that in 1990 in Switzerland, we were ski-ing on a Friday afternoon and the cable car station at 1600m registered 23C. In February! The next day a hurricane arrived, we had two days snowfall down to 800m, two days Foehn with rain up to 1700m (causing a landslide to break the railway line) then snow again. Some Swiss folk actually like transient warmth prior to snow as it makes the snow surface wet and sticky to receive the new stuff, thereby reducing avalanche risks..... UK and Europe are about to experience this kind of event between Saturday and Wednesday.
On 06 Feb 2020, Maria (Ireland sub) wrote:

Ps Paddy just watched your Brexit vid link 🤣
On 06 Feb 2020, Maria (Ireland sub) wrote:

14th Jan rain with a sleety mix & colder,15th Frost16th Rain n wind 17th Frosty start good sunny spells temp dropped quicker with frost again early eve. Frosty n cold 17th -3 n Frosty 19th frost remaining all day. 20th -2 cold n frosty start again fab sunny day followed. 21st Not as cold too cloudy for frost. 22nd Foggy start milder mostly cloudy 8 deg. 23rd Really foggy not improving for most of the day. 24th overcast 7 deg. 25th colder again. 26th Sunny spells. 27th yellow snow ice alert but snow mostly in NW, light frost to start n good sunny spells. 28th small bit of snow and frost visable in the mornin. 29th cloudy & a few light showers. 30th Mostly cloudy no meatballs. 31st Mild n cloudy. 1st Feb Good sunny spells. 2nd sunny spells then overcast wiv light scattered showers on n off. 3rd a few short sunny spells but mostly overcast with a shower or two. 4th back to cooler again with good sunny spells. 5th -1/-2 Frosty start clearing by 11 a.m great sunny cool day 6th to be cont..
On 05 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

1˚C at 7.30, a very still and sunny day with a max temp of 7˚, perfect winter’s day, well, kind of because our daffodils are showing their flower buds even if they’re only 4 inches high, the birds are beginning to warble and the grass is growing in our fields and has a green lustre to it that you normally only see in the spring, max temp 7˚, back down to 1˚ by 10pm.
On 05 Feb 2020, Tony ex sub wrote:

Thanks rhys.....I was thinking on same lines ......
On 05 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi all yes reject slandered and liar tesla musk the future car will be hydrogen fuel cell or hydrogen combustion engines . Battery cars are useless toys. We can use hydro electric solar and wind to generate the hydrogen by electrolysis of water . Or even coal fired power stations which capture co2 to make the hydrogen all vehicles can then be hydrogen powered. No need for Middle East oil anymore. . It will benefit humans not just the rich corporations. It should be govern mentioned owned. We need to limit co2 emissions because it causes global cooling . This is why the jet stream is wild the upper atmosphere is actually cooling due to c02 emitting more radiation to space. This makes the temp difference between the warm and cold air greater causing more extreme weather. My theory is proven by empirical evidence of weather balloons proving colder upper troposphere. The ippc know this but ignore it as it disproves their fake warming lies.
On 05 Feb 2020, AndyB 45d sub wrote:

The problem with hydrogen fuel for cars is it has to be made with fossil fuel and it is also very explosive
On 05 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

finally down to a decent temp 0600 11* 87% hum and calm. cldy around the edges. dont do hot too well,.20* is warm enough the greens are loony,as are those who follow them unthinkingly. it really does seem that no one has done the maths on sustainablity of EVs .A Prof.Ian Plimer in oz has written a book ,NOT for GREENS,where he has done the calcs.on the carbon footprint of lots of so called green stuff. i see on Eldorado site there is a large snow event happening in USA.warmest in 86y then 2days later 2-5in snow.
On 05 Feb 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Geoff, The electrolysis of water into constituent hydrogen and oxygen will still require 20 to 30 times more electric generating capacity than we have now. I can't see where all of that is going to come from. Maria, Welcome back, but you will be getting us confused again with your namesake in Ireland.
On 05 Feb 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Tony is also something I have read for several years, more just to see where some snow or cold weather is happening. It is one of the few places that actually reports them. The site is extremely selective in how it reports, never reporting on counterbalancing warmth and it suppresses any reader comments who try to point that out. I have said six times on that site this winter that Europe is mild: that does not mean global warming, it means weather data. Suppressed! I actually think Felix has some useful things to say re underwater volcanoes, which scientists started looking at 20 years after he first posited their importance. Magnetic reversals are also worth learning about. But he has books to sell and website hits to generate, so he has an agenda too.....
On 05 Feb 2020, maria somerset wrote:

yay, I have re-subscribed for 12 months after a long break, I downsized and moved house in the same county. Its a real spring day here, uplifting and sunny and very calm
On 05 Feb 2020, Istvan ilyes wrote:

I notice that Piers has commented on the supposed storm Ciara heading for the UK. Any one have further to add?
On 05 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi all leeds UK basking in 7c global warming is here lol. No need to go to Spain for sun lol an end of snow has arrived lol London soon to be a lake lol boris sinks his electric car .sounds like BBC propaganda gorbels style lol
On 05 Feb 2020, Geoff wrote:

From what I hear, the future won't be electric it will be 2nd generation hydrogen. Toyota Corp. signalled this the other day and Autocar reports that the state of California has been putting tens of millions into hydrogen feasibility studies...Fuel tanks can be fully filled from converted forecourt pumps in 2 mins, the range is almost the same as petrol, no loss of performance in very cold weather, no massive nationwide infrastructure building required etc, etc.
On 05 Feb 2020, Tony ex sub wrote:

For a few years now I've been looking at ice age now site what is the feeling on here about what they write ????is it all true facts ...scaremongering ????I'd be interested to know from the more knowledgeable people on here their thoughts ...ty
On 04 Feb 2020, Paul (sub) SE UK wrote:

Thanks for the interesting posts on CFC and ice loss, all! ////// Re: BoJo committing us to seemingly unachievable shifts to EVs, has anyone done the maths on total fossil fuel consumption (i.e. energy use) of vehicles in the UK and converted it to what extra capacity the grid would need / what extra power supplies (fossil/nuclear/'green') would need to come online by 2035 onwards (assuming fleet turnover would mean most vehicles being EV in, say, 10 years)? I really cannot see how 40million vehicles / 70 million people travelling an average of, what, 6000 road miles? each year could be supplied as it stands now - we've already seen the grid stretched when demand is high (a recent hot summer IIRC?) and that's without EVs sucking power out of the system...
On 04 Feb 2020, Gerry Surrey-Kent border 164ft wrote:

Wet is certainly been as our pitch has not hosted a home game since November. Before the snow fans get too disappointed I can tell you that the Spring ploughing matches near to me are set for 29 March. 2 years ago both matches were cancelled due to the snow! One was at Chertsey and the other Tonbridge. And with all this car stuff, the first battery vehicle only street comes to London next month.
On 04 Feb 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Claude, I don't think the CFC stuff invalidates Ozone depletion causing extra UV penetration. Those polar explorers had a terrible time with their complexions when they tried to break into Hollywood. But I think the heat engine of the planet at the tropics is where extra UV really counts. And the heartbeat of the Sun rules over this.
On 04 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, a few clouds in a still strong W’ly wind, sunny morning and afternoon with a max temp of 7˚, wind suddenly dropping around 3pm, clear early evening and feeling like a hard frost was on the way, but then it clouded over and started feeling milder, 2˚ at 8.30pm. == C View, I hardly watch TV anymore so didn’t catch that - bring it on, I say! The French will really worry when we get going with our wine production :-)
On 04 Feb 2020, Gordon wrote:

Nick, Thank you for the link. Very interesting. Gordon
On 04 Feb 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

CView, The AGW Climate fraud is a very dangerous nettle to grasp. Johnson might be biding his time. Greenwashing is all the rage, especially with the large corporations and finance houses. They talk the talk, but rarely walk the walk. Only political imbeciles like Carney, Miliband and JC really believed the codswallop. Johnson might be a different kind of fish, after all he sacked all the Climate Envoys when he was Foreign Secretary. And he got rid of that O'Neill woman who would have signed the UK up to all kinds of nonsense at COP26 in Glasgow this November. Who knows? But loading up on cheapish Oil Major shares paying 7% dividends still sounds like a good idea to me. They'll still be around when TESLA has burned through all the money it has borrowed.
On 04 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

back to real weather,0600 16* , 73%hum, partly cldy and a 14k breeze,after a too warm day of 31'5*and a gusty NW of 60k.and then they threw in a light earthquake ,just when the rain ,too light and brief to register ,began.. .
On 04 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

Mark, interesting concept. back in 2000 i studied a uni paper on physical geography,and the Text we used gave one of the formulas for Ozone depletion,caused by cloroflorocarbons interacting with it.----ClO+O3 decays to Cl +2 O2, Cl + O3 decays to ClO + O2. they gave no way of stopping the reaction once started and one molecule of ClO will destroy 100 000,molecules of Ozone..Must admit to having ?s about it ,due to what i have observed.namely IF thicker O3 did affect the weather ,then if the O3 layer got to be as thick as in some parts it would be hellishly cold.But then compare the O3 map with where its been snowy, with where its been snow free. like i say, i dont know and its maybe just a coincdence and just looks like it affects it.
On 04 Feb 2020, C View wrote:

Ron and Paddy, Did you see the Scottish News yesterday when the presenter tried to keep a straight face as she read a story about new research saying how Scotland should prepare for hotter drier summers like that of 2018,. That kind of of forecast is hardly likely to scare anyone north of Gretna , I'm pretty sure anyone hearing that would be punching the air shouting yeeeeessss ya beauty!! Oh how disappointed they will be....
On 04 Feb 2020, Geoff wrote:

Makes you wonder if Al & Greta have yet been warned to lawyer-up...cos when things start to go very wrong for them, they'll personally be facing multi-billion-dollar class action lawsuits from businesses, corporations and 'damaged' citizens right around the globe.
On 04 Feb 2020, C View wrote:

Very disappointed to see that Mr B Johnstone of Downing Street London, has decided to get rid of the internal combustion engine in just 15 years time. The irony of this is it was a mention of Piers in a 2010 article in the Daily Telegraph that led to me seeing the light and being able to move away from the warmist orthodoxy. Maybe the time has come for Piers to write a letter to Downing Street before our impoverished electricity grid is crippled by attempting to charge millions of EV's
On 04 Feb 2020, Nick, Berks wrote:

Gordon, too many unknowns to be certain but it's quite possible it would do. Rignot summarises net ice loss. Even at this rate (~250 Gt/yr) it's still smaller than the annual flux of ~2000 Gt / yr which is mostly snowfall balanced by evaporation/sublimation, baseline melting and calving. It can be quite difficult to wrap your head around the scale of Antarctica. Suffice to say that all of the numbers are massive which is why it can be easy to overestimate the effects of volcanoes. Large as the large berg noted in 1854 was, it's still dwarfed by iceberg B-15 in 2000 - You might find this overview from 2015 interesting: Meanwhile, at 7C rather cooler here today than the 12C of yesterday but still nothing to write home about.
On 04 Feb 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Claude, Paul, The Ozone holes over the poles have nothing to do with CFCs. Stratospheric cooling causes them to wax and wane in natural cycles. The two dudes who came up with the idea that refrigerators were causing catastrophic ozone depletion used to work for Dow Chemicals and the Dupont Corporation. Their work could not be reproduced by any other scientists, but the Montreal Convention was adopted anyway. It was handy for these two companies, because their CFC patents were running out and even handier that they had HFC replacements lined up to take their place. Sally Baliunas has documented this scam which for all intents and purposes was the test pilot for today's CO2 scam.
On 03 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

Paul ,i dont know and was hoping others more experinced may know. its just an observation,continuing over the last year or so. wondering why the two seem to coincide so often. for those number crunchers out there, Fiordland just had over the last 2and a half days to 7am today ,1000mm rain, 600 of that in the last 24hrs. been seen before just not as short a time frame.but they dont say how much shorter so could only be a few minutes.its a bugger having to doubt every thing the Met folk say now and ? it all.
On 03 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, fine and frosty with a Way wind that gained in strength during the day, splendidly sunny all morning, clouds gathering in the afternoon being pushed along by the wind, max temp 6˚, down to 4˚ by 9pm.
On 03 Feb 2020, Paul (sub) SE UK wrote:

Interesting comments re: Ozone. I can't look at the site/links right now but I would pose the question - how does the hole in the Ozone layer over the South Pole (which has been known about for, what, 25 years?? and led to the ban on CFCs, IIRC) tie with alleged ice loss from the Antarctic Ice Sheet? If the whole area or a small area within it is receiving increased solar energy in the high-energy UV spectrum due to low/missing Ozone, could that lead / has that lead to ice loss overall and/or in a particular area? (Does Ozone act as a block for anything else, such as solar particles?)
On 03 Feb 2020, Rich wrote:

On a lighter note, I may have jumped slightly early with preparation's for the impending LIA, have a large surplus of de icer, screen wash, snow shovels, sledges, thermals etc etc, all unused. Was thinking of reinvesting in air conditioning for the LIA summers! Any takers....
On 03 Feb 2020, Gordon wrote:

Nick , sorry i'm not aware of ice loss to volcano power ration. But is their enough room left on your envelope to work out how much ice was contained in the icebergs with the excessive number recorded it may even exceed the loss based on Rignot et al(2019). Gordon
On 03 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

sorry Glenn ,darker blue is a hole,220 ppm is considered a hole.scroll down and check their color bar.
On 03 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

still no relief from this warm weather.17.7 o/n L..0600 19.2, hi Ac and higher Cirrus. NW wafts of 12k.hit 26.5* yesterday and a NZ hi of 40*. Glenn, have a look at NASA Ozone Watch, for part of the reason you guys arent getting snow this year and read the Wiki page on me it ties in that if o3 blocks UV then if its thin then more UV hits us and heats up the ground and sea more ,both of which take a long time to cool.and you guys havent had thick o3 for awhile now,us neither.whereas the US and Canada have .Most of the world is almost under a Ozone hole if their correct..Pale blue is a hole.less than 220ppm.
On 03 Feb 2020, Glenn wrote:

Today is 3rd February and still there has not been one single flake of snow this winter. What the hell is actually going on? And we have people promoting these mild winters even though they know they are playing into the hands of the warmists. As a result of this winter expect to see climate change taxes which were specifically introduced because of all the previous mild winters since 1988 to rise again in Britain this year.
On 03 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

just looked at the 3pm rnz news..milford road closed with flooding. expecting another 100-250mm of rain in next 24h... dont it make you glad we all live in more hospitable parts. went to sec,school with a guy who lived in a place like that . hardly ever got less than 100mm at any time and a yearly dumping of 4000mm minimun.. asked the Met if it would be true and they said yep.he lived in Ohura,W coast of N.I NZ.
On 02 Feb 2020, Nick, Berks wrote:

Gordon, interesting article. It seems Mt. Erebus (the most active volcano in Antarctica) was observed erupting as early as 1840. It seems unlikely they were right on the iceberg cause though otherwise it would be well documented by now. Fun fact for the day based on a back of an envelope calculation based on Rignot et al (2019): Over the last decade the WAIS has lost about 1,500 trillion large barrow loads of ice per year and the EAS about 500 trillion / year. How many volcanoes worth do you reckon that would be?
On 02 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

-3˚C at 7.30, ground well frozen, cloudy but fairly bright, light SW’ly wind mostly, no proper sunshine, temps rising through the morning and eventually reaching 3˚, still that by 9pm, moon visible through the cloud veil, ditto for the stars in the gaps.
On 02 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

0600, 19.3* 93% hum,odd gusts 24k WNW..cldy and a few brief shs o/n,too light to record. was looking through an old Met,diary,from when i did vol .obs.,out in the sticks.way back in the 80/90s,and wished i could light a huge fire to punch a hole through the Strata cu ,that had hung over us for a week or so,and the july when we had 5days when no rain fell out of 31. days of wet become least in snow you can enjoy the cold but wet at 3deg is not plesant. the media now control the world.not polititians,so until the crap weather really hits and everyone can see its not CO2 doing it we are all stuffed.they will only report that which supports their warped view and destroy any who oppose that view.
On 02 Feb 2020, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

Colin, what are you basing your Siberian winds on?? More stormy weather seems far more likely to me based on the state of play!
On 01 Feb 2020, olin wrote:

hi fools just because we had a few mild days due to wild Jetstream wait until this same wild jet stream brings -20c air from Siberia the daffodils will soon die . co2 cannot attain 2500 deg c which it needs to do to increase the rest of the atmosphere by +1c . because there is 2500 times more oxygen and nitrogen in the air than 0.04% c02. you warmist fools listen to piers and other non corrupted eminent real scientist not truanting silly Scholl girls . and bbc crazies. remember this when you are trudging through 6 feet of snow its coming soon
On 01 Feb 2020, olin wrote:

hi piers - usa storm florida low temps causing reptiles to die of cold shock reported on media as climate change storm due to man made climate change - same for massive snowstorms in north east and north west usa . they are correct because more co2 causes cooling especially as we are in a low solar cycle as well = mini ice age coming in next 5-10 yrs the thames will freeze over and greta can go skating lol. no need to worry about rising sea levels due to warming - worry about ice sheets covering north usa and norh Europe . satellites report increased radiation coming from earth into space - this is due to incread co2and other gasses emitting radiation = earth is cooling plus lower solar activity = mini ice age more snow = more reflected radiation = more cold = more ice sheets = runaway cooling ?? = will we get carbon our taxes back when new york is covered in half a mile of ice and snow and the north sea is a shallow frozen lake maybe we can engineer wolly mammoths.
On 01 Feb 2020, colin wrote:

hi piers - the bbc are now naming all storms man made climate change systems - they have dropped human names like storm Brendan - in my las post I deliberately incorrectly said warm seas absorb co2 , as this is what the warmists say it causes ocean acidification - but the ocean is ph 8.1 / 8.2 which is alkaline . more co2 in atmosphere actually causes cooling because high up it is too cold -60 -80c so there is no water vapour and co2 dominates emitting radiation to space which is -273 degrees C co2 is a very good radiation emmiter better than absorbing. so more heat is lost to space with higher c02 levels than before with lower c02 levels. hence the world is actually cooling. that is why there is a cold spot where the warmists looked for a hot sopt high up in the atmosphere. they just blamed the balloons and ignored the real empirical evidence as usual Nazis do
On 01 Feb 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, still strong SW’ly wind, quite cloudy with drizzle initially but eventually some sporadic sunshine came along in the afternoon, max temp 9˚, wind turning into the NW and slowing down, 1˚ by 9pm under a clear sky. == Ron, I’m nae really the fashin’ type, mair tryin’ tae be fashionable but it disnae seem tae work oot wi the funcy dames :-(
On 01 Feb 2020, claude grayson wrote:

just another boring summer day.17* o/n L, 0600 18* ,85%h, cldy with chance driz. NW gusting 24k. weathers as changable and moody as a coffee adict who hasnt had their morning fix.
On 01 Feb 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

C View, Because of the numerous papers published on aggregate ice sheet gains in Antarctica it has become vitally important for tiny barrow pushers to concentrate on a smaller western section where there has been some melting. This will undoubtably save the day for the AGW religion if they pretend that WAIS is representative of the whole continent. And they will also need to ignore all those ships full of climate junkies that keep getting trapped in the ice. However any research that indicates a geothermal cause for this anomalous melting will have to be discounted for the trick to work. It should be easy. They can throw out anything that does not reference AGW for a start. After all it's pathological sophistry that counts in the climate game nowadays.
On 01 Feb 2020, Gordon wrote:

In relation to Possible volcanic eruption in Antartic this historical artle may be of interest
On 01 Feb 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

Dinnae fash yersel PADDY, there will be weather in England tomorrow and what you get will be irrelevant. From now on, if there's fog in the Channel, the Continent will be isolated. If you hear of another Aberdeen woman being lost at sea, in a Press and Journal headline, it just means that the Titanic has sunk again. Oops predictive spelling has blown in on the wind; should have been TitanUK.
On 31 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, cloudy with a less cold SW’ly wind than in recent days, temps rising during the morning reaching a high of 12˚, sun coming out in the afternoon and wind strengthening to almost a gale at times, clearish evening with quite a few start, still 9˚ at 9pm. == Whatever you do tonight, enjoy Dominic Frisby with his (updated) Brexit song - not for Remainers or sensitive souls :-). I wonder, will there be weather tomorrow?
On 31 Jan 2020, Geoff wrote:

...Don't get your hopes up, CView, you'll probably be getting raw kelp.
On 31 Jan 2020, C View wrote:

Is this a better source than iceagenow?
On 31 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

the larger problem with all debates,is as has always been, very few ever resolve . each side gets too close to their own view and can no longer see the big picture,because their little one blocks the big,just as in an eclipse, and the difference between how Piers views the weather and the Met. who would you trust . i observe that those who look at the larger pic are generally closer to the truth , foremost, because their barrow is too full to push so they dont. other lesser ,small minded ones need to be vocal more, due to their small area of knowledge ,and tiny barrows.
On 31 Jan 2020, C View wrote:

Nick, wow your dead clever , I'm off to have dinner with Greta
On 31 Jan 2020, Nick, Berk wrote:

C View, short answer is no and I inwardly groaned when I saw you using iceagenow as a source: readers with longer memories may recall the 'growing NZ glaciers' debacle. The papers referenced are in of themselves interesting but since not one (I guess you never looked at them) makes any comparison of current AGW to the quantum of sub ice sheet geothermal flux they are definitively incapable of supporting the iceagenow headline conclusion that "Three new research studies confirm that geothermal heat flow, not man-made global warming, is the dominant cause of West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) melting,”. So lie or ineptitude - you choose. I could go on in more detail but I won't because if you don't want to believe you won't. A quote however from the 1st paper (not the linked press release): "volcanic heat does not contribute significantly to the glacial melt observed in the ocean at the front of the ice shelf." And all minuscule compared to AGW.
On 31 Jan 2020, C View wrote:

Debate between M Lewis & Nick Berks. Is this feature of any help?
On 31 Jan 2020, Rich wrote:

Well said Nick, we did land on the Moon and JFK probably want shot by CIA and Aliens didn't land at Roswell etc etc. And no the wider scientific community, news weather channels, governments etc etc aren't conspiring to deliberately mislead (they could be wrong to be fair) the downtrodden subjucated masses about the weather (plenty of other things to mislead us over). As to ongoing mild weather, as somebody commented on another Website, 'If this Winter is the Ghost of Winters yet to come, I'm glad I was born when I was- a long time ago. Me too!
On 31 Jan 2020, Tony ex sub wrote:

1st winter I can remember as a postman so many snowdrops and daffs blooming ........have been for the last 2 weeks .....not had 1 flake of snow here so far ....very little frost .. ..been more windy than normal and deff more rain ...
On 31 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

wow our met finally realized that in the southern hemisphere you cant get Northerly winds from the eastern side of a high pressure system and updated the map.nor do we get strong wind from wide isobars...someone maybe biked to work and couldnt figure why it was so hard. so finally we got a more accurate map and now the strong wind we have makes sense.had many gusts 68k+ with nice lentic stacked along the ranges.
On 30 Jan 2020, Nick, Berks wrote:

MLewis: The Guardian article dates from 2017 and the same story was also covered at the time by lots of other MSM, including Sky and the Daily Mail. The BBC also had this two months later. Why do you think you are being lied to? UAH satellite data - see shows that each successive decade since the 1980s, during a period of decreasing solar activity, has been warmer than the last. Dormant volcanoes in Antarctica have nothing to do with it. Accept it, move on and be a little less free with the conspiracy theories.
On 30 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, overcast with the familiar SW’ly wind, strengthening by midday and gradually turning into the W, sunny afternoon with a max temp of 8˚, wind occasionally touching sub gale force, first quarter moon (almost) spreading quite a bit of light already & making the stars pale, 7˚ by 9.30pm. Wife’s sister-in-law near Paris sent a pic of wild daffodils beginning to flower in woods. Felled some balsam poplars yesterday that we planted 28 years ago, not huge calorific value but still keeps the stove going, when dried for a couple of years, that is.
On 30 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

another summer morning, 0600 temp 16. 3d mostly cldy and a 20k+ wind so w/chill cool. GW must have miss us out....i see there is quite a storm brewing off alaska .
On 30 Jan 2020, Geoff wrote:

Don't think I'm going to use the term 'Little Ice Age' for a while...Friends in the UK are starting to interpret it as meaning an 'age of very little ice'.
On 30 Jan 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Given the next four days are predicting temperatures of 10-13C across each 24hr period, I have put my prize exhibition onion seedlings out of doors for four days to 'harden them off' a little and to expose them to a little natural rainfall. Most unusual to do this in January: normally late February is my first effort for this....
On 30 Jan 2020, Rich wrote:

First Daffodils out in SE Camb's, Hawthorn buds swelling and cracking, on target for a very early spring. A wetter/less sunny version of last winter on the whole but very mild - potential if Feb works out as standard forecasts predict, to be in top ten warmest winters ever for UK. You can see why public buy into Global warming. Too early probably to say but looks like winter 2019/20 RIP- more of an autumn continuity. Even a 2018 cold snap in Feb, unlikely currently, will see a mild winter for the UK overall. Fingers crossed for another LIA warm summer again!
On 30 Jan 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Re: Antarctica Volcanoes under the ice sheet. Why does the BBC News not report this fact! We are being lied to by the UK Establishment.
On 30 Jan 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

DAVID ( Yorkshire) By and large agree ,David, ( as we did in our projections earlier in the winter), though up here we can still get severe weather into March and occasionally April ( eg 1986)
On 29 Jan 2020, C View wrote:

Just seen the real reason Antarctic ice is melting. Scientist or at least people claiming to be scientists are using jets of boiling water to cut holes through the ice to get to the underlying sea
On 29 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, sharp & cold SW’ly wind for most of the day, overcast and frosty to begin with, temps rising to 4˚ max and still at that level by 10pm.
On 29 Jan 2020, Fred wrote:

Mark Hall Indeed, how can manmade CO2 warm very deep water quicker than air? I mean really? It’s just laughable but not funny!!!
On 29 Jan 2020, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

4 weeks left for any decent wintry weather down south, maybe 5 up here. However as previously stated, I just can't see it happening. First flakes of season yesterday but did not settle. Hopefully not a wet spring but one suspects that will be the case.
On 29 Jan 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Fred, I read that ludicrous article about the climate science team investigating the puzzle of Western Antarctic melting. In quite a long piece the BBC guy failed to mention increased undersea vulcanism as a possible cause of the warming waters. Instead they just assumed anthropogenic causes and that their only problem was to establish how CO2 was doing it. The propaganda is nauseating me quite a lot nowadays. Seriously considering cancelling my TV licence over this and their anti-Brexit campaign.
On 29 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

0600 19.3* 85% hum. gusting 30-40k partly cloudy and pos shw forcast. far better than whats forcast for alaska and BC. just checked Eldorado pic of the day. worth a look if you live somewhere near. Piers, is the river part of the jetstream?
On 29 Jan 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

First time there's been 2 consecutive days with snow lying here this winter. I underestimated the GFS vacillation---the severe PM outbreak on the 4-6th has just simply disappeared off the chart--aren't these standard models wonderful!?
On 28 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, a token dusting of snow, barely one mm, another fairly sunny day with a light SW’ly breeze. Any piece of ground not touched by sunlight remained frozen for the day, even with a max temp of 4˚, stars out amongst the clouds at night, 0˚ by 9pm.
On 28 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

here at 40.35 S 175.61E alt 30m, our weather at 0600,18.4* 97% hum ,low cld with drizzle. .3mm o/n, .9 yesterday. just enough to tease the plants.. Ron our met keep forcasting rain 8/10 days out, but it fizzles before we get there.
On 28 Jan 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Stephen It is quite rare for the SE of England to actually 'see the worst of the weather'. The only two scenarios really are a 'Beast from the SE' which does occasionally bring huge snow from Siberia (about once a decade in my lifetime) and the odd hurricane on a more southerly track like in 1987. I was living in Glasgow then and we 'only' had winds of 50 - 60mph, which up there is just a normal autumnal gale. The fact is though that we have had eight months in a row with well above average rainfall, the period July-Sep was far far warmer than average and this winter so far has been very mild. The best test of mildness is how many times you have to hoe off new surface annual weeds germinating in your autumn laid compost in the veg patch: I have done it three times so far this winter! Most unusual....
On 28 Jan 2020, stephen parker wrote:

Yep, in southern Briton we seem to be missing the worst weather, though my god its been wet.Remember folks mild and average dont sell forecasts!
On 28 Jan 2020, Fred wrote:

Colin Warm seas RELEASE CO2 not absorb. Also the latest climate fear story on BBC re the glacier melting in Western Antarctica.....from underneath. Well it ain’t CO2 warmed atmosphere melting it is it? Ridiculous alarmism of alleged man made causation. The seas have warmed first, also of interest the last cyclical ‘warm pulse’ of natural current circulation entered the Arctic 17/18, this NH winter has seen a ‘remarkable’ ice recovery in the arctic with Maisie reports snd ground temp reports of incredible cold in the arctic. The seas up there are cooling, trouble ahead. Piers any comments from you re the recovery up there and the widespread arctic cold?
On 28 Jan 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

Another Xmas card scene here this morning (at 140 metres), only the second of this winter, though we've had a handful of days with snow falling. GFS is predicting a very severe PM on the 4-6th of Feb with 850hpa temps of -10 to -15C covering most of the UK with a direct northerly flow. Recent experience suggests that this will end up becoming less severe, more westerly or just go further east and miss us entirely. However if it does hit us, then it will very likely cause some damage to plants flushing early because of the very mild winter to date.
On 28 Jan 2020, Paul wrote:

This BBC video seems to suggest that CO2 readings are taken from (just) one weather station in Hawaii - that can't be right, surely???:
On 27 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

1˚C at 7.30, cold SW’ly wind, hearing reports of snow in the West but here we had a sunny day with a max temp of 4˚, down to -1˚ by 9.30pm. Spectacular view of a 3-day old moon below Venus in the SW tonight.
On 27 Jan 2020, Colin wrote:

Well piers I have info on good authority that they are faking the c02 levels they are a lot lower than the climate frauds say . Ask a independent lab to do.samples . Also taking c02 levels on an active volcano isn't the brightest idea for getting good readings as we all know volcanoes pour out massive amounts of co2. And we know that the warm sea will absorb all of the man made c02 so it's just more fake fraud for the content to sell it to dummy public
On 27 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

a beautiful autumn 6am temp of 16.9 and 95% hum,and the paddocks on the north side covered in groundfog abt 2 m thick,for as far as can see.
On 27 Jan 2020, Haydn Jones wrote:

Eday, Orkney, so far, the mildest winter I have known in 18 years here., But windier than average. A couple 18 inch high Chinese pair trees in the garden (yes outside) have yet to lose their leaves. Very weird
On 27 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

Tony and Ron, i think i said once before abt how ive noticed the relationship ,if there is, between how thick the ozone is and what weather we get. the US and other parts have thick, and its been thin over you guys in UK. ive been observing it for a bit down here and when its thicker we get crap,and thin better,but hot. check out. ' NASA ozone watch' and see what you think. seems to be part of the weather,or maybe just a long coincidence.rem. the maps are 3-4 days old.
On 26 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, cloudy for most of the day with some light rain in the morning, a max temp of 7˚ and a cold SW’ly wind, clear starlit night with -1˚ by 9pm. Lots of snow over the N Atlantic according to Ventusky, not sure whether it’ll reach us. Yes, Ron, the days on end with SW’lies has been remarkable this winter. I understand what you mean, Tony, the LIA is certainly not biting yet in the BI in terms of cold, though in other parts of the world the extremes are remarkable.
On 26 Jan 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

Looks like 3 days of quasi-winter Polar Maritime air up[ here then back to the southerlies/south westerlies from the south Atlantic that have characterized the winter since late December. In Nov/early Dec standard models were quite good at predicted the direction of the PM air, but since then the direct northerly component has been overestimated and the actuality is more westerly.
On 26 Jan 2020, Tony ex sub wrote:

Ok record cold in parts of Russia.....record snow in parts of north America......lia possibly ???but why here in the uk are we not experiencing anything remotely record breaking . .here in Northamptonshire like last few years winter is a complete non event so far . .I know the old we are an island warm waters etc etc but you can see why the warmists over here are jumping on the band wagon ......surely we should be experiencing some cold snowy weather????been on this site a few years now was once a sub but sorry to say the forecasts for my area were not good .....each year has been oh 2018/19 it will become cooler then2019/2020 ...still not a lot of action ......sorry to say the faith is dwindling tho I still wont go for climate warmth either
On 25 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, now finally getting perceptibly lighter in the morning as well as evening, quite clear, cool SW’ly wind blowing all day, mixed bag of sunshine & clouds, max temp 6˚, stars peeping through the clouds at night, 5˚ at 9pm. == Claude Grayson, good comment re human adaptability: three days ago we had a max of 12˚ and felt like working outside in shirtsleeves, whereas when we get that kind of temp in July we think it damn cold! On holiday in the S of France last Sept, when it was 20˚ at night we needed a jacket.
On 25 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

something that intrigues me is how adaptable the human spieces is,esp to climate . which of you lives furthest N of the equator or nearest to it. then at what temp,do you wear just T shirts or go swimming. i heard on the radio one day of a couple of NZers who were now living in Dubai,and they had adapted to the point where they only went swimming above 40deg.whereas here they would swim at 20deg.and they had jerseys on because the temp was only 35C O/n temp here was 13.1 at 4am with clear sky by 5 am 15 and cloudy,97% hum..
On 24 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, quite cloudy to begin with but turning into a reasonably sunny morning with a max temp of 8˚, light winds from a generally W’ly direction, cloudy afternoon with light rain by early evening, partially clear at night, 4˚ at 9pm.
On 24 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

another warmish nite,temp didnt drop below 15* with above 80%hum,and a forcast high for some parts of 35*. currently 15.3* 91%hum,and calm cloudy.
On 24 Jan 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

Well back to the Atlantic roller coaster from tomorrow, mainly mild with short bursts of cooler PM air. Daffodils already 6 inches high. No prospect of really cold weather for at least 10 days.
On 23 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, but plenty of frost on the ground, another really sunny day though less warm than yesterday with a max temp of 8˚, light SW’ly breeze for most of the day, cloudier in the evening from the cold front passing NW to SE over the country, still 5˚ at 9pm.
On 23 Jan 2020, Colinp wrote:

Hi piers yes USA has severe winter storms and press trump is no fool easily rebuking young rascal greata as a doomsday prophet In the old testament prophets whose prophesies did not come true were stoned to death. Why doesn't press trump have all the climate change crazies stoned to death . And the BBC blatant propaganda machine should be burned Just because the low winter sun has shined for a few Jan days after a week of storm weather. So what does this mean the world will end in ten years . Absolute garbage from BBC natzis Can they tell how can co2 defy the laws of thermodynamics answer become hotter than the earth and make the earth hotter ridiculous poppycock know from BBC. The Australian drought is over and the south African rains have begun but no word from auntie Just wait till beast from East comes to UK in Feb we can all have a nice ice sheet in London as the Thames freezes greata can go skating . USA Democrats want to spend 94 trillion dollars on pre
On 23 Jan 2020, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Here is another read about what is warming the planet. Or was until quite recently and has now gone into reverse.
On 23 Jan 2020, Fred wrote:

Michael It says its man made CO2....nuff said Fred
On 23 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

I think the Gw believers know in their inner selves that they have been misled,and would love to change their views but Ego and pride etc wont let them day perhaps,but not in the near future. this morning is 100% cloud with drizzle,after the warmest nite so far of summer.hasnt dropped below 17.9 for nearly 24hr. can they really not see that water vapour traps far more heat than any co2.
On 23 Jan 2020, Michael wrote:

A very interesting read on what's causing the warming and cooling of our planet.
On 22 Jan 2020, Paul (sub) SE UK wrote:

Well, in news that will shock, er, no-one with a brain... the Aus Bush is beginning its recovery from wildfires already:
On 22 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, barely a breeze from the SW and feeling mild, mostly sunny again with a max temp of 12˚, I would have to go through my records to see when this last happened in January though I’m sure it is not unprecedented. Cloudy evening, still 9˚ at 9.30pm. We have some wallflowers in bloom and we’ve had a primrose open since December, growing in the wall of the old loading ramp. The birds are also beginning to tune up.
On 22 Jan 2020, Mike Ellwood wrote:

My mother's Daily Mail is fully of news about Canada's present (real) "climate emergency" - Severe snowstorms in Newfoundland and Labrador. My own Grauniad? - not so much... At least it is on the BBC website: We heard from my sister, who lives on Vancouver Island, that they'd had several feet of snow the other weekend, which is fairly unusual in that part of Canada.
On 22 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

today was unexpected drizzle all morning after a low of 14* o/n. finally after m.dy the cloud broke.. just had a look at Eldorado pic of day,.bit of blurb re jet stream and the Pineapple express.
On 21 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, Vimtogrope said we were going to be overcast all day but it turned out very sunny and mild with a max temp of 8˚, only cloudy from time to time with a light wind varying from SW to NW, still 6˚ at 9.30pm. Winter seems to have been suspended for the time being but it’s still got 3 months or more to catch up, on past form.
On 21 Jan 2020, Fred wrote:

Make no bones, this super mlld and failed diabolical cold is very much fuel for AGW supporters. Piers, when pM airmasses are the winter way forward...please don’t forecast blizzards and diabolical cold for the doesn’t happen... very poor winter thus far....election day was not disrupted at all....only forecast diabolical cold wgen a DEC 2010 is coming
On 20 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, quite still, both in the morning and in the evening but during the day we had a fairly gusty SW’ly wind, brilliantly sunny with a max temp of 7˚, though in the morning much of the open ground was quite frozen, not the case now at 8.30pm, except in shady sheltered spots, 3˚ again.
On 20 Jan 2020, Richard Pinder wrote:

I think Piers would agree with this short and simple explanation of the Greenhouse Effect, written in the Mensa Magazine. “We do know that the Greenhouse Effect exists because all Planetary Atmospheres have a surface temperature higher than the grey body temperature. The problem is that the Arrhenius hypothesis, as explained by NASA, does not work on planets with carbon dioxide atmospheres, proving that it is a Dogma. On the other hand a formula for the Greenhouse Effect based on Atmospheric mass, gravity and air pressure first suggested by James Clerk Maxwell in 1888, was proved correct in 2011 for all known Planetary Atmospheres by Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller, Gravity pulling molecules downward producing the heat gradient. Other scientists have found the same results using NASA data with air pressure and the Ideal Gas Law”
On 20 Jan 2020, Rich wrote:

It would be far easier to convince the public if Piers was pushing the LWA (Little Warm Age) and the wider scientific community were banging on about Global Cooling. The public would see shrinking arctic ice, mild winters/ warm summers, shrinking Alpine Glaciers record warmth on a global scale as they could see and feel it themselves, as that's what people are seeing even if we cant agree on the reason behind it. I do hope Piers recent tweet of prepare for more wild weather isn't a warning of even more wildly mild/warm weather as this will only make selling the LIA to the general public, which is a tough gig to be fair, harder still ( in the UK at the very least).
On 20 Jan 2020, Paul (sub) SE UK wrote:

Strange - the BBC have news of the Aus fires being put out tucked away under the Australia section of the website now, whereas I'm sure the fires were all over the main page... No mention on the news program either! /////// In other news, they did report in the 2am weather that the current UK high has hit 1050mb and is still rising, the highest since 1957 (apparently). Will be interesting to see how high it goes - I fear they will struggle to cause hysterical fearmongering while reporting that 'Changing climate is causing stable high pressure! Calm winds, average-to-mild temperatures and low precipitation enable the population and wildlife to make productive use of their time and inflicts zero damage! Lack of snow or biting arctic winds reduces elderly person mortality rates and fossil fuel-derived energy usage!'... *rolls eyes*
On 19 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, cloudy and almost still, light SWly breeze later, ground well frozen and thawing only where the sun touched it, max temp 4˚, mostly sunny but with varying extent of clouds, 0˚ again by 9.30pm.
On 19 Jan 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi piers yes the BBC news are upset as Australia has torrential rain putting out the fires and has record low summer Temps so they never put this on the news . Australia didn't burn to a cinder did you see the hysterical channel 4 warming news the world will end in 10 years religious crazies . They want to exterminate half the world population to save the planet
On 19 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

was going to add too that wellington was fogged in this morning,but the whole page vanished.
On 19 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

the weather down here is nuts too,last few mornings have been down below 12deg ,and hi's of 21 or so and its been pleasant,but had a cold E/SE,for days. ystdy,still E but 24.5max and o/n L of 16. looked at situ .map and saw Tino siting off to the E dragging hot Tropical air down and pushing it onto us from the E. on the news bias,just a small note on rnz re rain dousing oz fires,and causing flooding. must be unsure whether to call it gw or not,so no large news item. they are such a confused lot,and even our met just show small Trough lines where its been heavy rain,CBs
On 19 Jan 2020, Geoff wrote:

I think that's what they call a 'wet dream,' Paul; I had one about Greta Thunberg in a lifeboat. But, seriously, Joe Bastardi has been on about water vapour for years...especially since most warming has occurred around the poles.
On 19 Jan 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

Snow on the hills, ice on the puddles, frost on the grass, this morning, but it's more like the early signs of Spring you get in mid February. Snowdrops out in sheltered spots and the birds are pairing up and singing. Then I remember my frozen friends in Alaska, Maine and Newfoundland..
On 19 Jan 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Harris, Somehow you can introduce the relevance of atmospheric density to support the AGW theory of retroactive causation, but later ignore it when it suits you. This neatly sums up the religion of the Climate Change movement. Any ideas about the global warming that happened on Mars at exactly the same time that it was experienced on Earth?
On 19 Jan 2020, Harris Keillar wrote:

M Lewis -No, I'm not - distance from the sun is also important and Venus is much closer than we are. I was just saying that Mars is not a relevant benchmark for Earth
On 19 Jan 2020, Paul (sub) SE UK wrote:

I had random thought last night after waking up after a weird dream... I was thinking about some of the comments regarding increased atmospheric pressure potentially being linked to temperature... and then I was thinking about how water vapour is 30x (IIRC?) more warming than CO2... Now bear with me, but if we are saying that pressure increases temperature, and water vapour increases temperature, can we draw any correlation between the increased volume of CO2 in the atmosphere (and therefore the increased volume and density of the atmosphere overall??) and/or the fact that we humans are sucking water out of underground aquifers across the globe to (unsustainably...) maintain civilisations in very dry places, adding it to the above-ground water cycle and (presumably) evaporation/water vapour in the air. The first (CO2 leading to pressure increase) would seem to support AGW (but not for the usually claimed reasons) but the latter (water vapour) could be an untracked driver of climate?
On 18 Jan 2020, C View wrote:

Fred. I have seen that same problem on the BBC weather app. The summary of the day will always show a temp. one degree at least warmer than the temps shown in the hour by hour forecast you see when you open up the app
On 18 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, sharp W’ly wind starting a day of brilliant sunshine with a max temp of 4˚, always grateful for such days in the midst of so much grey we’ve had so far this winter, 2˚ again at 9pm under a brilliant starry sky.
On 18 Jan 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Ok Harris so what you are saying is there is a direct correlation between a Planet's atmospheric pressure and its temperature. Venus has a much denser atmosphere than Earth and its atmospheric pressure is far greater. Consequently its temperature is hundreds of degrees Celsius. Average 800 - 900 degrees C. Venus CO2 level is similar to Mars.
On 18 Jan 2020, Harris Keillar wrote:

M Lewis - Re Mars. The atmosphere is much thinner than Earth's [about 1% of the pressure we have] and Mars is much further away so the effective heating thanks to CO2 is only about 5c compared to Earth's effective rate of 33c. The diurnal and seasonal temperature differences on Mars are huge compared to ours too so is not really comparable as a benchmark
On 17 Jan 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Up in Nairn yesterday, accompanied on the way up by drizzle & light rain, around 6˚C there by evening under a clearing sky, brilliantly sunny all day today on the way back and at home, 7˚ most of the way, somewhat cloudy tonight but stars still peeking through, 3˚ at 8.30pm.
On 17 Jan 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

RHYS: Goebbels admired the BBC for almost telling the truth. You ain't seen nothing yet until you see BBC Scotland's flagship evening bulletin Reporting Scotland, called by some misreporting Scotland for its accuracy. Noted too that within a few minutes of each other the BBC Scotland weather forecast can in terms of max/min show in some cases 50 to 200% difference from the main London-based forecast.
On 17 Jan 2020, Steve Devine wrote:

Hi Fred. Yep I've noticed that for years. They always inflate the temperatures in what they say compared to the on screen graphics. All subliminal until it becomes blindingly obvious!
On 17 Jan 2020, Fred wrote:

Re temps on forecasts, ever notice how they say temps fro 6-12 degrees yet the graphic shows 6-10 degrees....always pumping out false highs
On 17 Jan 2020, @Piers_Corbyn London Chief Forecaster wrote:

CITIZENS! THANKS FOR POSITIVE COMS ++++ Interesting our January forecast with exciting mild+cold contrasts in space and time from OUR predicted detail of wild jet-stream is now being largely followed by standard Met (weeks later). +++++++++++ NOW ALL PLEASE BE AWARE all we do at WeatherAction and @Action4Life_ is funded by forecast and other sales and a few small donations which are all infintesimal compared with the £$£$£$ HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS spent on standard meteo and MSM and the gigantic funding of Extinction Rebellion and "CONTINENT-WIDE NEW REICHSTAG FIRE" WORLD-WIDE PROPAGANDA PROTESTS aimed at controlling you and everything around you for the service of the mega rich. ++++ SO BUY TODAY SOME OF OUR NEW PAMPHLET (PhilipFoster and I) AND BUY FORECASTS - WE HAVE EVEN MORE SUPER 4-FOR-1 ETC OFFERS + PASS IT ON + GET OTHERS TO BUY +++++ THANK YOU! PC
On 17 Jan 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Paul, I have no idea why Attenborough is supposed to add 'gravitas' to GW debates. The man is a biologist, not a meteorologist. He is a self-serving trumped up narcissist who says what is necessary to keep him on the gravy train. David Bellamy told the truth 30 years ago and the BBC discarded him. It shows that the BBC abhors truth and embraces pathological lying. BBC windbags should be confronted with that reality on live TV on very regular occasions: they are massive of other examples: 9/11, the White Helmets, Russia-bashing to name but three. The time has come to expose the BBC for what it is, whilst making it quite clear that US media is even worse. Americans always use any criticism of foreign organisations as leverage to force a buyout: they are totally unworthy of owning anything right now, and they should be told so extremely publicly.
On 17 Jan 2020, M Lewis wrote:

I have posted this observation several times over the years for Piers to use as a control hypothesis for his climate science. On Mars the atmosphere is 95% CO2. Mars axis is also tilted a similar amount of degrees to the vertical and it experiences the same seasons - just like Earth. Its day is a similar length to Earths. It is also a similar distance from the Sun and located in the Goldilocks zone. Yet, there is no global warming, as it has no water on its surface and only trace amounts of water vapour in its atmosphere and so cannot trap the Sun's heat.
On 17 Jan 2020, claude grayson wrote:

no Paul,everyone is avoiding any mention of low temps.even our met has changed the format so lows can only be found by a lot of searching ,if you are lucky...they used to have them with the hi every 2 hrs but not any more.there is a vast con going on to brainwash everyone into believers of gw.
On 17 Jan 2020, Paul (sub) SE UK wrote:

+1 to the comment below re: the stream of AGW 'news' turning into a drowning torrent of unscientific hand-wringing scaremongering. It's all the BBC have been banging on about all day, wheeling out Attenborough to add gravitas to their demagoguing, all of it designed to inspire angst and fear, and not a scientific presentation of facts in sight - well, bar claims of the hottest and driest year in Australia evveerrrrr, and that the past decade is apparently the warmest on record. Yet from what I've read on here, there are places having record lows? Are they not included in the calculations?? ////// In better news, watching the BBC's Europe-wide weather forecast this evening, it looks like they are saying exactly the same as the WA Jan forecast for the next week or more!
On 16 Jan 2020, C View wrote:

I can't take it anymore, it is becoming intolerable. Every time I sitch on the radio or TV they are only talking about one thing, AGW. Moron after moron parroting the same schtick completely disregarding science and history. Trying to make out that every weather event is the worst there has ever been. No historical context is ever given to the fires in Australia, Black Friday in 1939 saw people killed and massive destruction all the way from Melbourne to Canberra. A look at the records shows Oz lurches from drought to flood to heatwave and so on. When are we going to see someone in power take a stance and say enough is enough. BTW did anyone see that a Facebook glitch showed up who has been posting in the name of Greta.? Namely her father and some Indian UN climate loon.
On 16 Jan 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Had a very interesting read of a 1958 2nd edition of 'Introduction to Meteorology' (Pettersen) the past few days. It is interesting because of course it is utterly free of global warming BS and focuses on what was still quite rudimentary technology for weather analysis and forecasting. I would love to make it compulsory reading for every woke undergraduate wishing to obtain a 'grown up degree' in the 2020s lol. For those that would like an old-fashioned coverage of the major issues in meteorology at about 1st year undergraduate level, it is well worth reading.
On 16 Jan 2020, colin wrote:

hi piers i must say your masterclass is great - exposing the climate lies - i have been studying climate change and leading scientists now say the effect of c02 is greatly over estimated as it is already saturated. it only takes 20 parts per million of c02 to produce 50% of its greenhouse effect. and the co2 effect is dwarfed by water vapor greenhouse effect. the greenhouse effect does not make the suns radiation warmer - it just delays the heat absorbed from the sun from leaving the earth - so it doesn't get cold as quickly - it just slows down cooling. we all know this as on a winter night if its cloudy its warmer as heat is delayed from leaving - if clear skys its colder as heat escapes quicker . water vapor dominates as it is 30 times more than c02.
On 16 Jan 2020, Paul (sub) SE UK wrote:

The UK weather has certainly been interesting recently - no wonder it is hard to predict when the jet stream is all over the place! ==== I just thought I'd copy across a link to what looks like a good website that Ron posted just before the last blog closed ( - I've only had a quick read but it looks like a succinct explanation that could be sent to 'Believers' for some reading, if they were so inclined to be challenged! >>>
On 16 Jan 2020, Ron Greer wrote:

Aye, Piers, there's more to climate than what's happening outside of the windows of Norwich.
On 16 Jan 2020, @Piers_Corbyn London Chief Forecaster wrote:

WELCOME ALL TO NEW BLOG! +++++ Thanks for all great comms in last blog.+++++ PLEASE SEE, TAKE-UP AND PROMOTE LATEST *NEW*NEW* FORECAST DEALS with loads still on 4for1 when you get 12 month subs +++++ Winter so far has as we warned showed WIDE VARIATIONS with Extreme cold at times in Usa and Europe with most UK cold blasts also shifted into Europe. A relatively mild BI doesn't mean the world is mild! There's also been the coldest day on record at loads of Australian stations - showing that the MSM-Globalist claims of global WARMING driving those new-Reichstag-fire-continent-wide is a DOUBLE LIE. See @Piers_Corbyn for exposes of this ultimate world brainwashing con.