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WELCOME to @Piers_Corbyn Special "Accountability-Politics" blog
This blog was started because of the increasing number of people who want to discuss the overlap of politics and Climate Change and the ever widening political situation around Brexit (in which the EU-Climate change brainwashing has significant importance). The videos and documents below are of special interest.  
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Piers Corbyn's dire weather warnings from 120 days ahead for Election Day Thursday December 12 look like coming true. 

Vote early Thursday and help others to get to the polls!

Don't get distracted by the Brexit Soap Opera which diverts from the key issue of the state of the people of the UK!

This Election is BIGGER THAN BREXIT 

Vote Labour for a decisive end to privatization-austerity-poverty and FOR a fairer Britain and success for the many.

#NoDealBrexit is #ManagedWTObrexit
- because the EU, various EU governments, the UK govt and 
port authorities have already taken steps to deal with and solved many post-Brexit issues in line with WTO rules. The EU may or may not agree a UK-EU deal (which could be a rubber stamp of the practical steps those, like the port authorities, who actually do useful work have done). Right now we're heading for a #WTOBrexit which is good.May's Deal is #BRINO=Brexit-In-Name-Only, imprisoning UK in EU diktat.
WTOBrexit is DEMOCRATIC - LeaveEU was agreed in Referendum.
WTOBrexit keeps OUR Laws, Borders, Money and Rights
WTOBrexit saves UK £39bn pa payments to EU (~£2kpa/£40pw per family)
WTOBrexit removes EU tariffs & brings down a lot of food and other prices. 
WTOBrexit means UK keeps our fish from EU plunder
WTOBrexit means we can break out of the EVIL #EUTS - EU Emissions Trading Scheme - designed to destroy and asset strip UK industry. 
  • Through EUETS giant corporations take over UK industry (eg Steel in NE England) run it down and thereby gain Carbon credits to set-up alternatives elsewhere eg India producing the same CO2 - & funded by UN-EU money FROM UK taxpayers. WE PAY TO TURN UK INTO A ZERO-HOURS CONTRACT WASTELAND OF SILLY "JOBS".
WTOBrexit will help stop the evil UN-EU-Agenda 21 "sustainability" pack of CO2 "ClimateChange" Lies #FakeScience #FuelPoverty +#SocialCleansing
WTO EXIT OF EU puts the UK in a STRONGER negotiating position than we had when Fools & traitors led the negotiations on the lines "Our people have told us to Leave but we don't want to so how can we mess it up?" 
Since EU exports MORE to UK that UK to EU it's a No-Brainer that UK has an advantage. Any industry with cross channel internal activity (eg cars or parts) just says to respective governments we want no import-export surcharges for this activity. Then only mentally deficient malevolent self-serving anti-industry bureaukratz would say "NO". Of course that is what the EU is made of but this way they expose themselves and the EU side is at an immediate disadvantage because they want to export more than UK does to them. 
NEXT, Cross channel YellowVests #YellowVestsInternational might have something to say at the offices of dead-brained, dead-handed Eurokratz.  
Remainists (+ExtinctionRebellion fools who are the same Globalist false narrative) are anti-democratic & work to enable super corporations and UN-EU DIKTATS to plunder us and destroy our rights and living standards.
WHEN Bureaucrats behave in the way the unelected little dictators of the EU do one has to ask WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENT? When it's no longer TO ENABLE THE PEOPLE TO GO ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS OF WORK, LIVING AND LIBERTY we note that they can only behave like this because of lack of accountability and democracy and then DISPOSE OF THEM AND DISPOSE OF THE DIKTAT-ORSHIP WHICH gives them power. 

Transfers of old "political" items from Home Page...

  • Piers Corbyn in his presentation (Video & PowerPoint) explains why the so-called #GreenhouseEffect #FakeScience "theory" (of Anthropogenic Global Warming, AGW) violates basic physics:- the 1st and 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics (back radiation version of AGW) and non-equilibrium radiation physics (Lapse-Rate version of AGW) and Henry's Law of liquid-gas dynamic equilibrium exchange (all versions of AGW). 
  • Piers Corbyn on The scientific challenge to the CO2 story and the bad physics of Globalist-Warming exposed:- 
  • Philip Foster on UN-EU-FakeGreen policies and Grenfell Tower. 
  • Peter Gill on Key fails of CO2 warmism 
  • News on YellowVestsUK against CarbonTax/UN-EU Agenda 21; for Energy-At-Cost, Housing-At-Cost, Brexit Now....... 
  • #Scientists4Truth Vs #CO2-GlobalWarming-FakeScience and #ExtinctionRebellion-FakeProtest challenged the UN-IPCC, AlGore, SirDavidAttenborough, BBC-RogerHarrabin (or representatives) to provide peer-review real data evidence that CO2 levels drive climate (temp) changes (and 5 other points in 6 point challenge below). We know there is no such scientific paper but we are giving them a chance. THEY HAVE SO FAR FAILED TO REPLY so we will empty-chair them at meetings unless they / something shows up. CO2 levels are an effect not cause of climate changes.
  • Piers Corbyn, Philip Foster & Peter Gill are all well qualified physicists. Further info 07958713320

Peterloo (AUG 16) 200th anniversary meeting: The Salt Cellar Oldham OL1 3AN Sat 17th, went brilliantly:  Piers Corbyn The truth about Climate-Change; Mark Steele 5G 'SMART' cities+health; Justin Walker New Chartists Bradbury Pound+Common Law. Eventbrite 
At the meeting Piers read Bertolt Brecht's famous poem** "To Students...." and dedicated it to Extinction-Rebellion Climate-Emergency anti-science Fools.
Piers also spoke at the Peterloo Rally in Manchester Sunday 18th and issued 
IMPORTANT weather warnings for Autumn-Winter at both events 

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On 03 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Looks like bojo is selling us out to usa as he has Xmas break with billionaire pals and is towing the line on climate change by not lending Africans for coal power stations. And now ruling out soft brexit in favour of Canada deal or no Deal with Europea wants to do usa sell out deal goodbye NHS UK to be usa puppets . Billionaires now to become trillionAires cheers boris UK homeless balloons to 1 million by 2023
On 03 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi all the recent flu virus in China is very suspicious as the blame points to eating wild animals but they have been doing this for thousands of years no problem before genetic engineering and it's funny the chines knew the genetic code of the virus in 1 day. Looks like it escaped from a germ warfare type lab in China that's why it was covered up for weeks .
On 27 Dec 2019, Piers Corbyn wrote:

VERY WELL SAID MARK HALL. I was a special guest in the audience of Channel 4 election night and interestingly the first thing Michale Portillo said was the by far the biggest significant difference for Labour between 2017 and 2019 was the BREXIT ISSUE. ALL - SEE HOME PAGE RIGHT HAND SIDE for AMAZING BOXINGDAY PLUS DEALS ALL 12 months suns for only 3 - That's 4 for1. ALL 6 months subs for only 2 - That's 3 for1. Thanks for your ongoing support and interest. Merry Xmas and happy New Year. Piers Corbyn
On 14 Dec 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

I am still finding it difficult to believe how lamentable, inept and misguided Labour's campaign was in this General Election. Only Caroline Flint and Ian Lavery have come close to a realistic explanation: Trust and the betrayal of democracy. McDonnell and Lansman are still spinning Labour's Brexit sellout as some sort of management issue. How to finesse the Remain/Leave dichotomy? As if the issue had not already been decided.That they chose to keep the Referendum bad losers sweet was a deep insult. Two and a half million of the Leave winners walked away in disgust. Corbyn allowed himself to become a twisted mess by following Starmer's anti-democratic roadmap. Too craven to point out the obvious fact that for democracy to function, you do not ignore the winners and go with the losers. And ignoring the warning of the EU election debacle was cretinous. The only major difference between the 2017 and 2019 elections was this sellout to a bunch of entitled reactionary elitists.
On 29 Nov 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

You're very persistent Gerry. But generally, if you want to leave an organisation it is not a good idea to sign up to associate membership. Have you seen the restrictive crap the EU are laying down on Switzerland? That would be our fate of we followed the Single Market path of least resistance. Didn't see Corbyn, but I gather Neil gets someone else to dye his hair nowadays. Of course, the skewering on alleged anti-Semitism was prominent in the herd like media. The waters have become so muddied that any expressions of solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians is dangerous territory. The land grab has annexed political discourse as well. So every criticism of Israel's government is now anti-Semitic and naughty apostates are labelled self-hating Jews. Of course, movements like Garveyism, Rastafarianism and Zionism are all understandable solutions to persecution. But today's cartoon analysis forgets that other groups were already living in Liberia, Ethiopia and Palestine. A big problem.
On 27 Nov 2019, Gerry, England wrote:

Following his complete disaster of an interview with Andrew Neil we now have a desperate attempt to claim that the NHS is being sold to the US as part of a forthcoming trade deal. A complete fabrication based on ignoring the facts of the content of the discussions. One truth - the only one probably - that has come out is that the US will not entertain any mention of climate change in the trade talks. How different it will be when negotiating our future deals with the EU where we will have to sign up the the economy destroying global warming crap and with no power to refuse. Just think, if only the Flexcit plan had been adopted not only would we have left the EU on time we would be free of the environmental restrictions too.
On 20 Nov 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

Yes Craig, had a look at that. Piers appeared rather forlorn. Hamstrung and not really able to offer a critique of Corbynism so far. Obviously, if he told the world what he truly thought it would be pounced upon by dark forces in the media. So he essentially said that Jeremy was trapped by the Blairites, had little agency himself, but was a good bloke underneath it all. Many don't really buy that line. For example, he didn't have to appoint Starmer as shadow Brexit minister. A man without a socialist bone in his body who was integral to the dispicable campaign to defenestrate Jeremy in 2016. Who connived with State Department neocons to get Assange extradited to Sweden. He did not have to promote this popinjay. Labour's position now is to overturn two "once in a generation" Referendums despite all the blathering and dissembling. Jeremy ought to know by now that the public have grown tired of deciphering his cryptic ramblings on Brexit. This is a Brexit election and he sold out Brexi
On 01 Nov 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Really interesting video of Piers being interviewed by the infamous Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad) discussing Extinction Rebellion the Labour Party and his brother. ===
On 01 Nov 2019, Victor Logan wrote:

Think the LP have the wrong Corbyn as leader! Feel sorry for poor silly Jeremy: pandering to the Blairite hard-right when his 1st priority should have been to smash them at any cost !!! The Blairites, helped by JCs fake "supports" like Landsman, have bamboozled him into shifting his position on the EU for which the LP now seems to have lost what was left of its genuine socialist/working class support. All this breath taking hypocritical clap trap about the NHS will be privatised if we leave the EU is rich when we consider: a) Not 1 bit of NHS was privatised, before we joined EU. b) Most PFI privatisation happened under pro-EU Labour government. c) It was the EU that had secret TTIP deal with USA & Trump who saved us from it ! d) Bransom NHS profiteers, fanatically supports EU by pouring £Ms into their pro-EU "European" propaganda paper, whilst using EU free movement of capital (& EU profiteer protection) rules to export profits to their American 'Necker' tax-haven islands
On 25 Oct 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

So the commemorative coins to celebrate our exit from the EU on 31st October have been pulled from circulation. What a shame. However, the promise from the Westminster establishment to respect the 2016 Referendum vote was the real counterfeit currency. They are are still printing it now and debasing the entire system. Bad money driving out the good Brexit money, just like in Gresham's Law. What can you expect from people who adhere to the false mathematical theory that 16.2 million is a bigger number than 17.4 million? By now though, the general public have twigged that democracy has been devalued by these anti-democratic innumerates. And eventually we will leave the dangerous EU superstate.
On 11 Oct 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

John P, I didn't like the way that 1970 World Cup quarterfinal against West Germany panned out, but we lost and the result had to be respected. The same principle applies to the Referendum vote. It has been decided and that should be the end of the story. If we jettison the principle of Loser's Consent then we are on the road to totalitarianism. And anyway in evolutionary terms, it is only usually mammals who adapt to colder habitats by becoming larger. Some kind of mass to surface area trade-off. With civilizations it is a different matter. Snuggling up to a nascent superstate juggernaut isn't going to help us? Large empires have historically come to grief when Global Cooling comes to town. Just as they have thrived when the Earth has benefited from warming periods. And the idea that Brexit is about nationalism and jingoism is deeply insulting. It neglects the basic lack of democracy and accountability within the EU machine that so many people throughout Europe are unhappy about
On 08 Oct 2019, John Planet wrote:

I have become increasingly critical of Brexit. I don't think that it is the right solution to any climate problem warming or cooling. If for example ifthere was a little ice age coming it would be better for the UK to remain in the EU and work with others to have an international effort to deal with its problems the same way as with global warming. Nationalism and Gingloism is not the answer. Trump is definately not the answer to any climate problem. If we work together with the technology we have we could deal with the problems of food shortages which would result from any climate problem. Problems like the coming LIA is one of the reasons why I voted to remain in the EU.
On 04 Sep 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

Saw Jeremy Corbyn looking very serious in Parliament yesterday, but he leavened proceedings with a cracker of a joke about "sovereignty residing in the people". Saying this with a straight face, whilst he is so intent on repudiating the people's wish to leave the EU, was comedy gold. There really is no point in debating with twisted sophists like this. Words mean nothing, ideas mean nothing and principles mean nothing. Corbyn is well on the way to Joe Biden country. However the meaningless word soup spewing out of this American's mouth is beginning to betray him. The other day, he was urging fellow Democrats to "choose truth over facts". Boris Johnson really has to come to some accommodation with the Brexit Party. Leave voters in Labour constituencies are crying out for an alternative. Thereafter, listening to Corbyn's gobbledygook will sound even funnier.
On 25 Aug 2019, Fred wrote:

The reason the coverage is low key is because there are several years over last 2 decades that had bigger fires.....the mobeeb don’t want that fact exposed
On 23 Aug 2019, M Lewis wrote:

More clear evidence that the increase in global CO2 levels is caused by the destruction of Earth's forests. In this respect the cause is man made!
On 22 Aug 2019, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

BBC now reporting MPs saying everyone must give up cars to hit 2050 climate targets. I say: from January 1st 2020, any MP or active member of HoL plus any BBC employee caught using a car or a plane gets 20 years in prison with no right to appeal. Nothing like the 'leaders' setting an example by being first movers and facing the punishments they deserve for being champions of a policy they personally have zero intention of honouring, being 'elites who need to travel'.....
On 21 Aug 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

record bank holiday weekend temps predicted. Be prepared for MSM onslaught
On 20 Aug 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

FRED: good points on GFS etc. I've noted that too, though of course we always have to bear in mind the fallible track record in the longer term GFS predictions, especially when it comes to polar maritime outbreaks over the UK.
On 20 Aug 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

Aye the AGW folks are reveling in the demise of the Icelandic glacier and we will hear very little about the historical background. Much the same over weapons and artifacts coming out of melting ice that wasn't there when the artifacts or weapons were lost.
On 18 Aug 2019, Richard Bruce wrote:

There is a report on the BBC website that "Mourners are gathering in Iceland to commemorate the loss of Okjokull, which has died at the age of about 700." That must mean that at the end of the Medieval Warming Period, this glacier must have started forming. There is nothing in the article exploring the fact that most likely there were few or possibly no glaciers on Iceland during that period.
On 27 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Redhill aerodrome had an official weather station but it was ‘relocated’ to Gatwick as it showed too many ‘low’ temps and allegedly wasn’t a true representation......AGW propaganda
On 26 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

If ECM and GFS have it right....sone pretty impressive widespread arctic cold 850 Temps coming up over next 2 weeks......and interesting that US long term heat is being kept to SW US and not penetrating Canada.....and generally the same across the NH. Got a feeling about this winter....I wonder if Piers has forseen some signs of a serious NH winter ahead
On 26 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Widespread record cold in eastern Russia too. Yes the Tour De France storm was very interesting...what sudden cold in ‘hot climate’??
On 26 Jul 2019, Tony ex sub wrote:

I see stage 19 of tour de France called off due to hail and snow in the alps ....wonder if the media will highlight that ???
On 25 Jul 2019, Rich wrote:

The most notable thing again this summer on the back of s dry mild winter is how dry the summer has been, certainly in SE Cambs bar the blessed early June downpours that saved the garden and a hope pipe ban I suspect. The UK Cet was around average May June though July will be well above given current weather, Still waiting to see the run of below or even average months (as weather stations now surrounded by Tarmac) in UK. Arctic ice analysis coverage on track for a joint record low as per 2012... but that I know is dismissed as a lie by some, but not all.
On 21 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Re my comment....I’m thinking there’s a particularly widespread cold arctic this summer
On 21 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Pacific Northwest have witnessed the strongest July jetstream on record. The previous highest was 110 knots, they’ve just recorded 140knots. The weather people over there said it’s more like a January jetstream. So the record smashed by 30 knots......something is going on up above.....could this winter be the ‘kickstart’ one? I wonder how long it will take before they claim man made climate change is to blame? Piers, your thoughts on this event please?
On 20 Jul 2019, Lorraine wrote:

Lorraine// found in FB Esteban De Armas/ A 'Mini Ice Age' Is Coming in The Next 15 Years BEC CREW 13 JUL 2015 A new model that predicts the solar cycles more accurately than ever before has suggested that solar magnetic activity will drop by 60 percent between 2030 and 2040, which means in just 15 years’ time, Earth could sink into what researchers are calling a mini ice age.
On 07 Jul 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote: on the new sunspot = "Shortlived sunspots belonging to Solar Cycle 25 have already been reported on Dec. 20, 2016; April 8, 2018; Nov. 17, 2018; May 28 2019 and July 1, 2019. Now we can add July 7, 2019, to list. The quickening pace of new-cycle spots in 2019 confirms that the transition between Solar Cycle 24 and Solar Cycle 25 is underway." //"We also predict MAJOR Earthquakes + Volcanism ~8-11 July +/- 2 days" as well as the Cali quakes 15:08:39 UTC M6.9 MOLUCCA Sea Depth:20 Km 726 km S of Davao, Philippines. This is the start of an active R4 period so keep observing
On 07 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Wow...New Solar cycle 25 sunspot emerging here we go....expect some changes in traditional ‘forecasts’.
On 06 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

So as suspected the BBC highlight the 32c in Alaska (due to wild swings of the jetstream) and say its a worrying sign of AGW or Climate Change (convenience) yet ignore the snow in Turkey, the coldest July temps on record in Germany and other parts of the world. All due to WILD JETSTREAM LIA footprint....which is accelerating
On 06 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Another major quake at 7.1, again away from heavy population
On 05 Jul 2019, Graham Woodward wrote:

I voted to remain along with my two family members as at the time none seemed sure of what way to jump, however the will of the people who had elected to leave has been flouted. I now feel that we should have voted to leave the unaccountable bureaucratic organisation that is the EU as I can now see that we would be much better off. However I have no doubt that the EU would seek revenge by shutting down some of our industries that are heavily dependent upon them, however it is a question now of ‘no pain no gain’ as we would start to be better off within a couple of years. This does not mean that I agree with ex banker Farage and his lunatic brigade as I believe that they have always had a hidden agenda of privatisation, when most of what was privatised has been a mega mistake and need renationalising. I certainly cannot trust the Tories either on Europe as it was Edward Heath in the early 1070s that took us in to it, and then Thatcher dug us in deeper. Who said that a leopard cannot cha
On 04 Jul 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

M6.4 quake (reported as 6.6) in Southern California. Luckily away from population centres. Last quake of similar magnitude was 1994 which killed 57.
On 04 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Big eruption on Italian island, the 3rd notable one in last 2 weeks. Going to be very interesting over the next 10 days if Piers prediction is right which I suspect is very likely
On 03 Jul 2019, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

The biggest challenge is actually detribalising climate and getting folks on all sides to engage in adult fact-led discussions. There is still this oil industry vs socialist international grandstanding going on, with lie after lie told by both sides. Not to mention some accepting 50 million murders since 1945 but howling outrage about climate chancers. And energy ignorami proposing to waste £1trn on climate nonsense whilst howling about the evil of keeping people warm through gas Central heating. Politics needs some healthy, robust rebuttals not worrying about embarrassing some dangerous idiots.
On 02 Jul 2019, M Lewis wrote:

Looks like the BBC is finally waking up to the real cause of climate change - deforestation on a massive scale!
On 28 Jun 2019, Fred wrote:

There’s a sudden uptick with 2 large eruotions in Papua New Guinea and of coast of Kamchatka. That one is of interest, been dormant since 1924 and1778 before that. Is a real biggy coming in July?
On 27 Jun 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

Paul, Unfortunately there are bucket loads of MPs who are mere thespians. Too dumb to think of their own words. Lobby fodder brain dead biddable twats. Anyone with half a brain could have searched for answers on the present climate hysteria. These representatives are clearly substandard, witness their betrayal of the People's Revolt that was Brexit. Total innumeracy and mathematical incompetence are but by products of these sleazeballs.
On 26 Jun 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

I see that MPs have nodded through an amendment to Milibands Climate Change 2008 bill without a division, requiring total decarbonation by 2050 instead of the previous 80% reduction, at a cost of £1 Trilion or more. Let us hear no more wailing about the jobs lost and poverty caused by even the most doom laden EU exit scenario, as they are quite happy to sacrifice ten times as many jobs and cause ten times as much poverty on their green altar.
On 26 Jun 2019, Piers corbyn wrote: extreme Weather warning. The end June - early July heatwave in west Europe and Britain-Ireland was warned by WeatherAction 13 weeks ahead. After that a very important Solar activity and "RedWeather" period follows. From around 4 or 5 July we expect the first new sunspots / important activity for about 40days to appear on the Solar disc and be followed by a "RedWeather" extreme period ~8-11July of intense storms, hail, thunder, tornadoes, Tropical storm formation and floods in many places around the world (Specific longrange forecasts for Europe, Br & Ireland and Usa available via We also predict MAJOR EARTHQUAKES AND EXTRA VOLCANISM IN/AROUND THAT PERIOD. These events have nothing to do with CO2 or #ClimateEmergency / #ExtinctionRebellion propaganda which is orchestrated by the MSM, mega corporations and the super-rich - and is not to control climate but to control you. We encourage all followers of WeatherAction / @piers_corbyn to su