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WELCOME to @Piers_Corbyn Special "Accountability-Politics" blog
  • Discuss ConVirus Lockdown and all
  • Climate politics

This blog was updated 28 April because of the insane globalist convirus lockdown and the increasing number of people who want to discuss the overlap of politics and environmental "science" / Climate Change.
The political situation around Brexit (in which the EU-Climate change brainwashing has significant importance) continues. The videos and documents via twitter @Piers_Corbyn and some below are of special interest.  
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Past Notes from Home page:

The UK & world are in the most important period since WW2. The "WW3" struggle to Defend the democratic Brexit vote against WallStreet-Remainist "4thReich" diktat is NOW. JOIN THE DISCUSSION HERE.

UK can Leave EU NOW easily & safely by managed WTODeal. SEE =>  = Ignore "CrashOut" #ProjectFear FakeNews against WTOBrexit!
Boris'sDeal as currently before parliament is BrexitBetrayal:- UK would be run by EU and paying £billions; break-up of UK - Northern Ireland is effectively annexed by the EU; UK loses control of defence and foreign policy. We become a colony of the 4thReich; The WithdrawlTreaty "Political Declaration" is the shortest suicide note in history. DISCGRACEFULLY Farage's poodle, the Brexit Party-In-Name-Only morphed into an Anti-Labour-Alliance with the Tories+Trump. They didn't even stand against Tory Remainers! This is double betrayal. 
Labour's proposed 2nd Ref was a Remainist assisted-suicide stitch up against #JC4PM.



Piers Corbyn's dire weather warnings from 120 days ahead for Election Day Thursday December 12 look like coming true. 

Vote early Thursday and help others to get to the polls!

Don't get distracted by the Brexit Soap Opera which diverts from the key issue of the state of the people of the UK!

This Election is BIGGER THAN BREXIT 

Vote Labour for a decisive end to privatization-austerity-poverty and FOR a fairer Britain and success for the many.

#NoDealBrexit is #ManagedWTObrexit
- because the EU, various EU governments, the UK govt and 
port authorities have already taken steps to deal with and solved many post-Brexit issues in line with WTO rules. The EU may or may not agree a UK-EU deal (which could be a rubber stamp of the practical steps those, like the port authorities, who actually do useful work have done). Right now we're heading for a #WTOBrexit which is good.May's Deal is #BRINO=Brexit-In-Name-Only, imprisoning UK in EU diktat.
WTOBrexit is DEMOCRATIC - LeaveEU was agreed in Referendum.
WTOBrexit keeps OUR Laws, Borders, Money and Rights
WTOBrexit saves UK £39bn pa payments to EU (~£2kpa/£40pw per family)
WTOBrexit removes EU tariffs & brings down a lot of food and other prices. 
WTOBrexit means UK keeps our fish from EU plunder
WTOBrexit means we can break out of the EVIL #EUTS - EU Emissions Trading Scheme - designed to destroy and asset strip UK industry. 
  • Through EUETS giant corporations take over UK industry (eg Steel in NE England) run it down and thereby gain Carbon credits to set-up alternatives elsewhere eg India producing the same CO2 - & funded by UN-EU money FROM UK taxpayers. WE PAY TO TURN UK INTO A ZERO-HOURS CONTRACT WASTELAND OF SILLY "JOBS".
WTOBrexit will help stop the evil UN-EU-Agenda 21 "sustainability" pack of CO2 "ClimateChange" Lies #FakeScience #FuelPoverty +#SocialCleansing
WTO EXIT OF EU puts the UK in a STRONGER negotiating position than we had when Fools & traitors led the negotiations on the lines "Our people have told us to Leave but we don't want to so how can we mess it up?" 
Since EU exports MORE to UK that UK to EU it's a No-Brainer that UK has an advantage. Any industry with cross channel internal activity (eg cars or parts) just says to respective governments we want no import-export surcharges for this activity. Then only mentally deficient malevolent self-serving anti-industry bureaukratz would say "NO". Of course that is what the EU is made of but this way they expose themselves and the EU side is at an immediate disadvantage because they want to export more than UK does to them. 
NEXT, Cross channel YellowVests #YellowVestsInternational might have something to say at the offices of dead-brained, dead-handed Eurokratz.  
Remainists (+ExtinctionRebellion fools who are the same Globalist false narrative) are anti-democratic & work to enable super corporations and UN-EU DIKTATS to plunder us and destroy our rights and living standards.
WHEN Bureaucrats behave in the way the unelected little dictators of the EU do one has to ask WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENT? When it's no longer TO ENABLE THE PEOPLE TO GO ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS OF WORK, LIVING AND LIBERTY we note that they can only behave like this because of lack of accountability and democracy and then DISPOSE OF THEM AND DISPOSE OF THE DIKTAT-ORSHIP WHICH gives them power. 

Transfers of old "political" items from Home Page...

  • Piers Corbyn in his presentation (Video & PowerPoint) explains why the so-called #GreenhouseEffect #FakeScience "theory" (of Anthropogenic Global Warming, AGW) violates basic physics:- the 1st and 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics (back radiation version of AGW) and non-equilibrium radiation physics (Lapse-Rate version of AGW) and Henry's Law of liquid-gas dynamic equilibrium exchange (all versions of AGW). 
  • Piers Corbyn on The scientific challenge to the CO2 story and the bad physics of Globalist-Warming exposed:- 
  • Philip Foster on UN-EU-FakeGreen policies and Grenfell Tower. 
  • Peter Gill on Key fails of CO2 warmism 
  • News on YellowVestsUK against CarbonTax/UN-EU Agenda 21; for Energy-At-Cost, Housing-At-Cost, Brexit Now....... 
  • #Scientists4Truth Vs #CO2-GlobalWarming-FakeScience and #ExtinctionRebellion-FakeProtest challenged the UN-IPCC, AlGore, SirDavidAttenborough, BBC-RogerHarrabin (or representatives) to provide peer-review real data evidence that CO2 levels drive climate (temp) changes (and 5 other points in 6 point challenge below). We know there is no such scientific paper but we are giving them a chance. THEY HAVE SO FAR FAILED TO REPLY so we will empty-chair them at meetings unless they / something shows up. CO2 levels are an effect not cause of climate changes.
  • Piers Corbyn, Philip Foster & Peter Gill are all well qualified physicists. Further info 07958713320

Peterloo (AUG 16) 200th anniversary meeting: The Salt Cellar Oldham OL1 3AN Sat 17th, went brilliantly:  Piers Corbyn The truth about Climate-Change; Mark Steele 5G 'SMART' cities+health; Justin Walker New Chartists Bradbury Pound+Common Law. Eventbrite 
At the meeting Piers read Bertolt Brecht's famous poem** "To Students...." and dedicated it to Extinction-Rebellion Climate-Emergency anti-science Fools.
Piers also spoke at the Peterloo Rally in Manchester Sunday 18th and issued 
IMPORTANT weather warnings for Autumn-Winter at both events 

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On 25 Feb 2022, Andrew Bevan wrote:

Crime Reference Number:6029679/21 details about this case
On 13 Feb 2022, M Lewis wrote:

Latest findings of investigation into possible cause of Havana Syndrome. EMF candidates include pulsed, directed energy, microwaves or in some cases ultrasound.
On 25 Jan 2022, Andy B 45D was wrote:

From Dr Sam White, jab deaths file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/Telegram%20Desktop/Autopsy_Findings_and_Causality_Relationship_between_Death_and_COVID.pdf
On 25 Jan 2022, Not supplied wrote: details occurrence of 'respiratory outbreak' in July 2019, at just the time when the Fort Detrick 'leaks' occurred. Could be coincidental, could have been Covid19.
On 25 Jan 2022, Rhys Jaggar wrote: is not a 'conspiracy theory'. Fort Detrick research programmes WERE shut down due to containment breaches. Here's a nice story about Fort Detrick's history: states that US citizens with no travel history to China had Covid in 2019, before the 'Wuhan flu' had yet been christened. Argue all you will, but the USA had Covid19 before Wuhan was shut down.....
On 23 Jan 2022, M Lewis wrote:

Fort Detrick leak is a Conspiracy theory concocted by China and the CCP to smear the USA. Since Washington launched the Wuhan lab leak investigation in 2021, Beijing has been pushing increasingly bizarre narratives. Latest crazy allegation by China is that the Omicron variant of the virus is being sent to China on airmail and parcels!
On 22 Jan 2022, Mark Hall wrote:

Yes Rhys, that seems to chime with my experience of a respiratory infection that knocked me sideways in Jan/Feb 2019. Symptoms were the same as those reported for Sars-Cov-2 in early 2020. I subsequently suffered no further respiratory infections during the fake pandemic so I guess the much maligned natural immunity had been conferred by that infection of 3 years ago.
On 21 Jan 2022, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

M Lewis - you might also want to look at what went on at Fort Detrick in the USA in the 12 months leading up to the World Military Games. Two containment breaches occurred and research programmes there were subsequently 'shut down'. Old folks' homes had outbreaks of what sounds suspiciously like Covid19 symptoms. It's eminently conceivable that viruses developed at Fort Detrick were taken to China by cover US military agents for controlled release in China.
On 19 Jan 2022, M Lewis wrote:

US mobile networks AT&T and Verizon have agreed to postpone the rollout of their new 5G wireless services at some airports. The C-band service which offers faster speeds and broader coverage was due to be turned on 19 January 2022. But airlines in the US have pushed to delay the start, warning that the 5G signals could interfere with the safety of aircraft navigation system, altimeters and automatic ILS systems.
On 16 Jan 2022, M Lewis wrote:

The WHO report into the origin of COVID-19 is revealing and a plausible smoking gun! The team notes the small number of cases - just 92 from more than 76,000 - that were reviewed by China's health authorities because they matched some of the Covid-19 criteria. All 92 subsequently tested negative in serological testing. A method the report says is not reliable after a long period of time. This final observation stands out like a sore thumb. The World Military Games in Wuhan, in October 2019 was when foreigners taking part could have caught the virus. The WHO team asked for information and records on "mass gatherings in Wuhan in late 2019". Five Games participants were treated on site for serious illnesses, according to the records. None had serious respiratory diseases, and there was no sign of clusters of fever. But the WHO report says data from the Chinese clinics which treated the Games participants has not been evaluated by the WHO team as it was unavailable and restricted by Ch
On 14 Jan 2022, M Lewis wrote:

In depth investigation and report has been published by the BBC's Security Reporter about Havana Syndrome and its possible cause by directed pulsed microwave energy. This supports the plausible and credible theory that high energy EMF transmissions can adversely effect human health such as in aircraft cockpits or sensitive data buildings or radar sites.
On 10 Jan 2022, M Lewis wrote:

Here is latest news on the theory that COVID-19 spread at the World Military Games held in Wuhan in October 2019. Most likely a laboratory leak.
On 07 Jan 2022, Mark Hall wrote:

I didn't think your grasp of this subject was too firm when you inferred that 2G, 3G and 4G were nearer to microwave bands than 5G. They are not. As to your "experiment", have you noticed how continuous use of a mobile phone causes it to heat up? That's Infrared radiation kicking out of the battery starting at 300 GigaHertz. Ten times the frequency of 5G and far more likely to be cooking your breakfast.
On 07 Jan 2022, Andy B 45D was wrote:

Lee Wheelbarger is one of the top experts on radios and phones and he says 5G is safer than 4G. 5g can penetrate shin to a depth of 0.9mm because in only has an output of around 0.25 of a watt, whereas 4G can penetrate skin up to 19mm
On 07 Jan 2022, M Lewis wrote:

5G potential effects on human health are not alarmist nor pseudoscience. Scientists have conducted some reputable studies on its impact. Also remember it is possible to boil an egg if you place it between two communicating mobile phones. Two Russian journalists, Vladimir Lagovski and Andrei Moiseynko from Komsomolskaya Pravda Newspaper in Moscow decided to try it out first hand. The journalists created a simple microwave structure. Setting two mobile phones with the egg in the centre, they called from one phone to the other. Placing a radio next to the mobile phones to imitate speaking meant the mobile phones remained active while they got on with more important things. After, 15 mins: The egg became slightly warm. 25 mins: The egg became very warm. 40 mins: The egg became very hot. 65 minutes: The egg was cooked and hard.
On 06 Jan 2022, Mark Hall wrote:

Of course, if any aircraft electronic systems utilize the predominant 25-39 GigaHertz frequencies of 5G then there is a real possibility of interference. That could be a problem. Maybe the obsolete 2G and 3G bands could be used for such systems instead. But to translate that concern to the general realm of human health is baseless scaremongering. Millimetre band radiation (3cm-0.3mm) is incapable of penetrating the human body. They chop tall trees down near masts because 5G cannot even get through the leaves. Visible light has frequencies over 10,000 higher than 5G and bathes humanity throughout the day with no catastrophic effects. So you need to get some proportion and resist the urge to spout alarmist hippy pseudoscience.
On 05 Jan 2022, M Lewis wrote:

This is what the EU Parliament Research Service states about 5G and effects on human health. "For the first time, 5G will use millimetre waves in addition to the microwaves that have been used to date in 2G, 3G and 4G technology. Due to the limited coverage, to implement 5G, cell antennas will have to be installed very close to one another, which will result in constant exposure of the population to millimetre wave radiation. Use of 5G will also require new technologies to be employed, such as active antennas capable of beam-forming, massive inputs and outputs. With higher frequencies and shortened ranges, base stations will be more closely packed in an area to provide complete coverage and avoid 'not-spots'. This could mean possible ranges of 20-150 metres with smaller coverage areas per 'small cell. A cell radius of 20 metres would imply about 800 base stations per square kilometre. Furthermore, 5G will employ higher frequencies than previous 'G' networks and greater bandwidth."
On 04 Jan 2022, M Lewis wrote:

UPDATE ON C-BAND SPECTRUM 5G ROLLOUT. The Telecomms giants in the USA have now agreed to delay the rollout of 5G service due to aviation concerns about flight safety and potential impact on avionics and aircraft control systems.
On 03 Jan 2022, M Lewis wrote:

For the scientific record and because the UK authorities view Piers Corbyn as subversive, I am posting this note so that Piers is vindicated on the matter of harm caused by some 5G Telecommunications. Plane makers have warned that C-Band spectrum 5G wireless signals may interfere with sensitive aircraft electronics and could disrupt flights. The aviation industry and the FAA had previously raised concerns about potential interference of 5G with aircraft equipment like radio altitude meters. Last month, the bosses of the world's two biggest plane makers, Airbus and Boeing, made an appeal in which they said "5G interference could adversely affect the ability of aircraft to safely operate". Their letter cited research by trade group Airlines for America which found that if the FAA's 5G rules had been in effect in 2019, about 345,000 passenger flights and 5,400 cargo flights would have faced delays, diversions or cancellations.
On 29 Dec 2021, Piers Corbyn wrote:

WELL DONE GUYS on these well informed comments. Please also link up to other places. Twitterfeed @RichardC151075 leads to many things as do other links on HomePage.
On 29 Nov 2021, Mark Hall wrote:

Even the most credulous law abiding sheep have been noticing the steady increase in heart attacks amongst superfit athletes around the world. Football players suffering heart attacks used to be uncommon before the experimental jabs, but now it is obvious that something is amiss. The health authorities are now fighting a rearguard action to cover up their criminal recklessness in promoting the jabs. Scientific papers showing the iatrogenic carnage are routinely suppressed. One in the USA which showed a massive (19 times) increase in myocarditis in jabbed 12-15 year olds was recently removed after initially being accepted for peer review. The new Omicron (B.1.1.529) variant is part of the same cover-up. Included in the official symptoms are a number of heart-related complications which include heart failure, arrhythmias, heart inflammation and blood clots. The same problems that are caused by the jabs! We are dealing with very sick in the head, morally fucked up people here.
On 04 Nov 2021, Mark Hall wrote:

Some frightening numbers from the Office for National Statistics have appeared regarding all cause deaths in England and Wales. Deaths registered for 16-19 year olds in the first 16 weeks of 2020 were 165. For the equivalent period of 2021 there were 162 deaths. A pretty unremarkable deviation. However for weeks 17 to 39 the 257 deaths in 2020 were catapulted to 364 deaths in 2021. A massive 42% increase on the back of the "vaccination" programme. Non of these 107 young people were at risk from Sars-Cov-2 but have been terminated by our modern day Dr Mengeles. Fresh from murdering young people in this age group Chris Whitty has smelt fresh blood in the 12-15 year old cohort and the experimental mRNA jabs are killing them as well. This lunatic wants to jab down to the 5 year olds. In the course of time psychopaths like Whitty will no doubt be tried for crimes against humanity. A Nuremberg like reckoning awaits these twisted idealogues.
On 15 Sep 2021, Mark Hall wrote:

To a lot of people Chris Whitty might look like a harmless dweeb, but underneath he is a stone cold killer. From the outset he has worked to ban the use of perfectly adequate therapeutic medicines such as Ivermectin (which cuts Sars-Cov-2 deaths by 70% or more). Preferring lung damage by mechanical ventilation or more recently body wide damage to endothelial cells (by way of aberrant spike proteins created by the "vaccines"). He must be aware that the CDC in the USA has since identified a brand new disease in children: Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome. Rolling out the jabs to 12 to 15 year olds is the behaviour of a twisted idealogue who does not respect the Hippocratic oath. First do no harm. Children at no risk from this virus are to be placed in mortal danger to supposedly reduce the classroom disruption caused by Whitty's restrictions in the first place. A lunatic trade off. He is a disgrace to the medical profession and a special place in hell awaits him.
On 06 Sep 2021, Mark Hall wrote:

I think Paul, that Piers was probably alluding to Antibody Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity. It's written on the can that these experimental mRNA jabs were to provoke antibody expression at the injection site. However the injected genes can easily cleave from their poor binding agents and circulate throughout the body. The inventor of this technology, Dr Robert Malone is very worried about this. The spike proteins which have been seeded by these circulating genes are growing in arterial lining cells. This wasn't supposed to happen and these areas are at risk of attack from both killer lymphocytes and leukocytes. Second jabs and booster jabs will exacerbate the dangers. Especially for anyone who was sero- negative for Sars-Cov-2 before they were experimented on. The immune warfare that should be happening in the throat and lungs is happening in inappropriate places thanks to the jabs. That's why these "vaccines" have caused 50 times the fatalities of previous conventional ones.
On 03 Sep 2021, Paul wrote:

Piers was in Bedford yesterday (check out GB Resistance Channel ) saying that the virus is in the vaccine!
On 29 May 2021, Mark Hall wrote:

Parliament Square is the starting point for the Freedom March tomorrow. Midday collection for a 1pm demonstration against this governmental overreaction.
On 28 May 2021, Mark Hall wrote:

Sorry folks, forgot to mention the original reason for my last post. I warmly implore everyone who values democracy to attend tomorrow's Freedom March in London. Not sure if the usual midday kick off will be Hyde Park or St James Park. It will be confirmed on the day. We need to show these authoritarian twats that we've had enough of their fake health scam.
On 28 May 2021, Mark Hall wrote:

The initial 3 week lockdown to flatten the curve and prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed was a long time ago, but we are still living under edicts based on voodoo science. No matter that well over 99% of the population have never been at risk from this cold virus. The modern day leeching by the quacks continues by way of blanket usage of experimental vaccines. Backed up by brainwashing from Behavioural Units based in every major government department. Still they keep us locked down. Why? This government (and others) is too stupid to have created this crisis by itself. But it serves a purpose. The Great Reset idea of the elites was knocking around for years because sovereign debts can never be repaid. US money printing alone has ballooned from $4Trillion to $18Trillion in the past year. The "climate crisis" was too much of a slow burner for them to crash the bond markets, but the Covid scam is ideal. They are going walk away from the debt pile and make us all digital slaves.
On 16 Feb 2021, Mark Hall wrote:

Yo M Lewis, the river of censorship flowing down the Amazon corporation is in for a dry spell. Parler has obtained a deal with an independent platform and people will be able to sign in within the next week or so. There's loads of alternatives around. Firefox. DuckDuckGo. They can all give big tech a run for its money.
On 10 Feb 2021, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Here's an article which actually covers what politics in the European sphere should actually be about: It doesn't impose an answer, it describes four competing paradigms and asks why Europeans are not able to discuss them constructively and reach appropriate compromises of wide-ranging utillity.
On 04 Feb 2021, M Lewis wrote:

This article gives the latest update on the Rendlesham Forest unidentified aerial phenomena incident of December 1980. It is strange that the BBC makes no mention of the high probability that there were clandestine nuclear weapons stored at the US Airforce's Bentwaters base, as it was the height of the Cold War. This could be the underlying reason for the strange activity and phenomena. What is also interesting is electromagnetic radiation EMF was present and recorded by the witnesses.
On 15 Jan 2021, M Lewis wrote:

This BBC News article illustrates the scale of fraud and corruption that exists across the Planet. And the sinister techniques that are employed by those in positions of power. Their tentacles stretch everywhere - even to hotels in London. All in the name of accumulating more money and power. No wonder we can trust no one!
On 12 Jan 2021, M Lewis wrote:

The great concern is that Trump and his family will be taken out by the Deep State - another JFK. He needs to watch his step at places like the US - Mexico border and when flying on helicopters and planes. He could also be poisoned by someone putting a chemical in his food or drink, toothpaste or clothes, or wiping something on a door handle. We have evidenced such chemicals in Salisbury and teapots in London.
On 12 Jan 2021, M Lewis wrote:

Message for Alastair in East Yorks. Have you read the three books by Paul Sinclair. See In summary, there are some almighty strange goings on around Flamborough Head, Bridlington, Filey and the Wolds that unfold like episodes from the X Files. The authorities and military are monitoring - OFCOM has mobile vans with dishes and aerials to pick up the abnormal EMF transmissions. Plus, there is the USA Fylingdales Radar on the North York Moors. It seems most likely and credible that the radar experiments conducted back in the Cold War at stations such as RAF Bempton opened a gateway to other dimensions.
On 11 Jan 2021, @CraigM350, Sub Berks wrote:

How do we know the election was a fraud? Try saying that on social media and watch the ban hammer come out faster than Cho Bei Den can say "truinnerashuvaduprezure". If it's such a ludicrous accusation why the venom from the get go and the need to suppress? Surely it would be easy to disprove with evidence... I mean show us the reciepts. 🤔 But of course both parties are involved in this, which explains the circling of the waggons and indignant facade - it's like watching Baxter Basics from Viz which lampooned John Major's corrupt and perverted party in the 90s. The propaganda is so overt by the media and political establishment - and that's both sides, because sides are an illusion and we are easily led to division. I'm still hopeful but it's become a horribe technocratic nightmare becoming more real every day. They are soulless.
On 11 Jan 2021, @CraigM350, Sub Berks wrote:

Comment from Alistair copied to this thread. "Ric, with regards to your no evidence on the Biden Fraud comment. I have friends in America including one ex military officer who says there is definitely the evidence but the courts have refused to look at it, The corruption appears to run very deep. There is no way on this earth that Biden got 81 million votes. That's more than Obama and Clinton got. If it were the case, where were they all at the rallies etc.? I still think there is more to come from this before the 20th"
On 11 Jan 2021, Mark Hall wrote:

Rhys, the few politicians who have stuck their heads above the parapets have not had a good time. Despite Sweden now being down to15th in per capita deaths in Europe they are still calling for the apostate PM to go. Likewise in Belorussia. The leader of Tanzania exposed the fake testing scam when samples of pawpaw fruit, goat's blood and engine sump oil all came back positive for Covid. He's had a bad time since. We know what happened to Trump. Bolsonaro in Brazil is probably next. The orthodoxy is rigorously enforced and unfortunately most politicians are biddable scum and entirely craven. Last week All Cause Deaths fell back to the historical baseline and this winter's figures so far are significantly lower than 2017/18. Go figure. Aren't we supposed to be in the middle of a health catastrophe? I think the central banks want to walk away from the hundreds of trillions of unsustainable debt they have racked up. The cold virus scam will give them a plausible excuse.
On 11 Jan 2021, Andy B 45D wrote:

Info on what is happening the world, eye opening
On 11 Jan 2021, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Mark Hall, this has never been about logic, never been about rigorous science. This is about global feudalism, a return to serfdom for the masses. What amazes me is the threats the billionaires must be making to get people to obey them. It has to involve financial armageddon and/or mass murder. I just wish one politician worldwide would call their bluff and make a live address exposing it all.
On 09 Jan 2021, Andy B 45D wrote:

M Lewis do you have a Parler handle? I have the same on Twitter and Paler @beefyfarmer
On 09 Jan 2021, M Lewis wrote:

Everyone that values their liberty and free speech can join We will not be silenced! We will sing from the mountain tops and our voices will be heard loud and clear across Planet Earth.
On 08 Jan 2021, M Lewis wrote:

It is reassuring to know that a wiser and far more advanced and capable entity is monitoring the dangerous times and events taking place across the Planet.
On 08 Jan 2021, M Lewis wrote:

The COVID-19 end game is rapidly drawing near. Confirmation that everyone on the Planet will be on a database and their movements monitored 24/7. Only way for people to avoid being tracked and traced is to wear the Burqa and use cash to pay.
On 06 Jan 2021, M Lewis wrote:

At least Trump managed to sign off something meaningful, hidden away in the COVID-19 Relief Bill. An Unclassified Report must now be delivered within180 days to the Senate. We can only hope the UK Government does something similar and instructs the MOD / RAF Air Command / Royal Navy Command to declassify and release their UFO reports.
On 06 Jan 2021, M Lewis wrote:

Events took and evil and sinister turn last night at the No. 10 Briefing when the Prime Minister addressed the Nation at 5pm yesterday. The first question was asked by a woman whose mother suffers from schizophrenia and anxiety and she says does not understand the pandemic. The PM said he's "very sorry" for the anxiety the pandemic is causing people like Hannah's mother and he's putting a "huge amount" of money into NHS mental health care. It is quite outrageous to link anxiety about the Government's handling of this pandemic with mental health issues and requiring care and treatment. The primary cause of these mental health issues is people losing their jobs, livelihoods and income by the Government locking down our People and the Economy multiple times with no proven logic nor proven benefit. How many times will the PM keep repeating the same crazy action and keep getting the same dismal result? What a fool!
On 04 Jan 2021, Mark Hall wrote:

You might have a point if it was not primarily a disease of the elderly. And if unhealthy bedridden octogenerians would normally be expected to live forever in a world without respiratory illnesses. They never did. So why the fool's errands of continual lockdowns for everyone in our society? This is voodoo science. Worldwide, there is no correlation between the severity of restrictions and the death rate. Shielding the vulnerable was a good option, but the SAGE nutters preferred to lock up the 99% who were at no risk whatsoever. Twice as many under 60s died in road accidents last year as those from Covid. Not forgetting that the numbers are rigged for sensationalism. Calling infections "cases". Vast numbers of people who caught the virus in hospital whilst being treated for other problems are called "Covid admissions". Recording heart attack, cancer and influenza deaths as Covid ones. The NHS is nearly overrun every year, because PFI cut bed numbers. Covid is mainly a scam.
On 04 Jan 2021, M Lewis wrote:

Latest news on the omnipresent surveillance state all across Planet Earth. Remember that even more miniature spy cameras and microphones exist disguised as insects such as Scarab beetles and Bumble bees. They can be inserted through an open window, air vent or door.
On 04 Jan 2021, Lorraine Gill wrote:

I find the comments on this blog truly shocking I was appalled to see Piers Corbyn yet again arrested in protest about COVID restrictions. I am a Nurse I see for my self the devastation and misery this virus is causing I dread going to work each day as I know I will be greeted by row upon row desperately ill people. I understand the point about death rates this is because medicine has come along way since the Spanish flu we are thankfully managing to save many lives however what people do not seem to understand is that when people are admitted with COVID they are in hospital not for a few days but weeks in intensive care there are up to 2000 patients being admitted each day this is why we need restrictions on our daily life to ensure the NHS is not overwhelmed. I just wish people would obey the rules I and my colleagues are feeling extremely demoralized and appalled when we see so many people flouting the rules,perhaps if they came along and did my job each day they would understan
On 29 Dec 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

I am sorry, but it was the ECJ that rejected UK appeals and legalised "quota hopping" to avoid restrictions within the EU's own "Total allowable Catches and Quotas" framework. Nothing to do with a lack of nurturing. For instance, the Scottish demersal fleet has declined by the same 50% that the rest of the UK has endured during the past 30 years. Processing has been protected to some extent, but not much else. Without leaving the EU juggernaut, there is no way that our island, surrounded by some of the richest fishing grounds in the world, could ever be a net exporter of fish again. Brexit is an imperative that is far more important than shallow Westminster posturing. Starmer is starting to get it. But he is still a federalist git in his cold stone heart.
On 29 Dec 2020, M Lewis wrote:

RE: Brexit Vote Wednesday 30 December. The following article explains another fine mess that Boris has had to wade through with his Fishing negotiations with the EU. Unfortunately, over 50% of the English and Welsh fishing fleet's annual quota entitlements are now foreign owned. Unlike Scotland and Northern Ireland who have have nurtured and protected their fishing fleets - just like Norway and Iceland. No wonder Scotland and Northern Ireland want independence from Westminster! England has already been sold down the river since the 1970s by successive Governments. There is much work to be done to put it right. All hands on deck.
On 27 Dec 2020, M Lewis wrote:

RE: Brexit Trade Deal. The acid test is whether the UK's fishing rights negotiated by Boris are equal or better than those enjoyed by Iceland and Norway, who are still members of the European Economic Area (EEA). If they are not, then Labour should reject the deal as it will not "level up Britain" but continue the same old same old Ponzi scheme. Is Boris a Leader or is he a Charlatan? Labour must vote to decide!
On 24 Dec 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

I can't recommend this video enough, especially now that BoJo cancelled Xmas and has deservedly become the most hated man in these isles. None of this makes sense to the average Jo so make sure you share this video with them. Like with the CAGW effluent try not to overwhelm them but plant seeds of doubt because people know something does not sniff right. Piers the link between the University of East Anglia, their dodgy computer models and their direct link to the UN needs a much wider audience. You have that. Push it. === "There’s only been one solution they ever offered to fix the problem and that was sustainable development.” ===
On 23 Dec 2020, Andy B 45D wrote:

Interesting series of videos about vaccines , they will follow each other
On 23 Dec 2020, Andy B 45D wrote:

The PCR test has a lot to answer for, with reported cycle rate of 40/45 97% of positives are false (a case does not = an infection) and if from what I have heard 17 cycles is the optimum. With this knowledge it calls into question all the data that government gives us, the 60K deaths are probably nearer 5/10K, the overall death figures for the year in the UK are still well within normal levels and even more worrying it fouls up the efficiency of the vaccine effectiveness. All this crap coming out about a new variant,does the gov expect us to believe they have a detailed test on all these new cases, what do they take us for|
On 22 Dec 2020, M Lewis wrote:

A small but very significant victory in Bath for those people who have concerns about the transmission of 5G, microwave and EMF radiation.
On 21 Dec 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Confirmation for users of Apple iPhone. Unless you have the latest software update installed version iOS 14 then your phone is vulnerable to hacking, attack and compromise. People who are unable to update their iPhone (due to having an older model of the phone) to the latest version software iOS 14 should destroy it, as it is cyber security vulnerable and compromised.
On 21 Dec 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Yes thank you Rhys, but I would never seriously listen to anything that Coco Hancock has to say. The comedy stuff is okay. Like that "Six degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon" routine he tearfully performed in the Commons. What was it now? The 2nd husband of his stepfather's ex-wife. He probably met him once for about 5 minutes, but there you go, it was a tragic Covid loss for poor Coco. And a valuable propaganda opportunity if you happened to be a shallow politician with no sense of dignity whatsoever.
On 20 Dec 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Mark You should always look to the primary data and never listen to what Matthew Hancock says. The only important primary data is 'deaths from all causes'. Miraculously, since Covid19 being the 'plague of our times', no-one is dying of flu and deaths due to other common killers like 'cardiac complications' etc are all way down. Death certificate issuance was manipulated early in the Covid scandal to ensure that maximum number of deaths were assigned to 'covid related matters'. You should check the ONS total weekly death figures once a month to inform yourself: they are available in a downloadable excel file and are simple to read.
On 20 Dec 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

It would appear that we are on the cusp of a runaway situation and the virus problem is out of control. Many people think that the reason we are in this dire existential predicament is because we did not go in hard or early enough in the spring. I agree. There was loads of spare capacity in our insane asylums and no danger whatsoever that they would be overwhelmed. That is when they should have locked up Ferguson, Whitty, Vallance and the SAGE lunatics.
On 20 Dec 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

2/2 Rhys Jaggar wrote === ". In the real world, you must run with 'most likely scenario', until things suggest otherwise. Humans die, always have done, always will do. Whitty et al use 'worst case scenario scaremongering drivel' all the time. Shutting down life to save a few hundred people is not sanity, it is absolute madness and those proposing it should hand over 100% of their assets to pay for it"
On 20 Dec 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

This comment 1/2 from Rhys Jaggar from the weather/climate thread. Please continue COVID discussions here - thanks === Daivd. Covid 'denial mumbo jumbo' does not exist here. What exists is an attention to actual ONS facts, which show that deaths in weeks 2-4 in November 2020 were merely 2000 in excess of normal, i.e. a 20% stable increase. At the height of the spring outbreak, excess deaths were 12,000 per week. So there is zero evidence from November that we have a new 'crisis'. I have personally performed around 5000 PCR reactions in my former research career, so I know exactly what PCR is about and can give Matt Hancock short shrift on the unscientific claptrap that emerges from improper use of such technology
On 20 Dec 2020, M Lewis wrote:

It will be interesting to see if the UK Military again do test touch and go landings (like they did last Spring in the first Lockdown) over the coming days at Southend and Luton airports which will only be operating a very limited number of flights due to the coronavirus Tier 4 lockdown, potentially enabling RAF Brize Norton to again do test landings with a huge C-17 Globemaster. The massive transporter can quickly insert and deliver troops, vehicles, weapons and cargo to UK bases at short runway airports all over the world. Watch the skies over the coming days.
On 20 Dec 2020, Danny L. Newton wrote:

I figured Brits would be more relaxed about Corona Virus because you have government healthcare(NHC). In the NOV elections, the Left actually used the dreaded Corono Virus as another reason to have government healthcare. Back in the Colonies(USA) we have to preserve available beds to prevent exhaustion of both facilities and healthcare workers. I think this lockdown just delays the eventual attainment of herd immunity.
On 19 Dec 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

It would appear that we are on the cusp of a runaway situation and the virus situation is out of control. Many people think that the reason we are in this dire existential predicament is because we did not go in hard or early enough in the spring. I agree. There was loads of spare capacity in our insane asylums and no danger whatsoever that they would be overwhelmed. That is when they should have locked up Ferguson, Whitty, Vallance and the SAGE lunatics.
On 07 Dec 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Very Interesting article on the Pentagon Task Force. It could support a plausible and underlying reason for why the UK needs to spend up to £100 billion replacing its Trident submarines nuclear deterrent.
On 06 Dec 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Confirmation from the US National Academy of Sciences that pulsed Microwave energy does cause harm.
On 04 Dec 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

If they could, the cetaceans would probably be talking more about the 350,000 of their brothers and sisters that die horrifically in drift nets every year. Add to that 700,000 seabirds, 330,000 seals and sea lions, 25,000 turtles and 2 to 3 million sharks. Isolated strandings are a miniscule fraction compared to the carnage of the modern fishing industry.
On 03 Dec 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Here is some positive and beneficial use of AI Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. It makes a change that AI is not being used for black projects and monitoring and spying purposes. It will be interesting to understand what dolphins and whales are saying about us humans - particularly about our submarines and sonar communications. I would imagine they are very annoyed!
On 02 Dec 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

I thought Corbyn's performance against Cameron in the Commons, straight after the 2016 Blairite putsch, was extremely brave. Seething hatred from his own side and from the Tories, yet he toughed it out. But in different circumstances, Trump's " This may be the most important speech I've ever made" was full of cojones. The electoral fraud is off the scale. Many times worse than the Peterborough by-election. Unlikely bedfellows, but both are outsider populists. Magnets for disaffected people who could not take anymore of this shit. Corbyn ducked out, but the Donald is a fighter. Fingers crossed.
On 30 Nov 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Yet more whale strandings and deaths, this time in the Chatham Islands in the South Pacific. Do watch the embedded video to see the scale of the disaster. The Chatham Islands are connected to the New Zealand mainland and also to Pitt island by powerful EMF satellite stations located on the hilltops.
On 23 Nov 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Various articles published over the past few days concerning Microwave weapons and their use on humans in the field.
On 15 Nov 2020, M Lewis wrote:

This document has just been published by Ofcom concerning their proposed Measures to require compliance with international guidelines for limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF). They will include a specific condition in the Wireless Telegraphy Act licence requiring licensees to comply with the ICNIRP general public limits on EMF exposure. This condition will apply to all licence classes which authorise equipment to transmit at powers higher than 10 Watts EIRP (including, for example, the licences of mobile phone companies, TV and radio broadcasters and most point-to-point microwave links). Ofcom intend to apply a similar approach for equipment that is exempt from the requirement to have a licence and that is authorised to transmit at powers higher than 10 Watts EIRP, such as certain types of satellite terminals.
On 06 Nov 2020, M Lewis wrote:

A plausible explanation for the beaching of whales this week in Sri Lanka is the 24th Malabar naval exercise in the Bay of Bengal which is being held this week and focus is on anti-submarine warfare.
On 06 Nov 2020, M Lewis wrote:

More whale strandings. This week in Sri Lanka.
On 05 Nov 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Mark Hall - I stand by my observations . It will be most interesting to await what life the future expeditions to Mars discover underground, protected from the harmful solar radiation. Particularly in the lava tubes.
On 05 Nov 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Just watched BBC Autumn Watch on Thursday 5 November. It featured a report of a number of bottlenose whale strandings near Garelochhead in Scotland. One made its way back down and died near Black Cart Water. Needless to say the UK submarine base is nearby at Faslane. In August a tragic incident occurred in County Donegal on the north west coast of Ireland where six bottlenose whales died. The sea surrounding Ireland is used by submarines coming and going to Faslane. Draw your own conclusions!
On 05 Nov 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Yes, humanity missed a trick by not going all troglodyte a hundred thousand years ago and moving completely underground. It's so dangerous out there on the surface with this super dangerous sunlight killing everyone! Do you realise how silly your argument sounds? Next, it will be advice to avoid standing in the rain. Based on the absolutist idea that an aquatic lifestyle is impossible for humans, because they will all eventually drown in any reservoir of deep water. The 5g absurdism is as superstitious and illogical as the above two conjectures. And, as I posted months ago, as barmy as banning cabbages, because they all contain minute traces of cyanide compounds.
On 05 Nov 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Sunlight - Ultraviolet radiation can be harmful to living organisms. UVB causes sunburn and skin cancer in humans. UVC kills viruses and bacteria (including Coronavirus) in a few seconds exposure. A study published in the AJIC looked at using a specific type of UVC light to kill SARS-CoV-2 on laboratory surfaces. The study found that the UVC light reduced the live coronavirus by 99.7 percent in 30 seconds.
On 04 Nov 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Why would that be a problem? For millions of years life has flourished with the heavier bombardment of more powerful radiation, namely sunlight. This new age crap about 5g is just sensationalist scaremongering.
On 04 Nov 2020, M Lewis wrote:

A worrying development. Plans are afoot in the UK to use drone aircraft to beam 5G communications to remoter areas of the country such as Wales and Scotland. Do people really want to be bombarded from the stratosphere?
On 29 Oct 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Andy B and Mark Hall - the 5G and ulf, elf and vlf danger is nothing to do with the wattage. It is the amplitude and frequency of the transmissions that matters. Brain cells and blood cells in humans, song birds, whales, dolphins and seals are affected by the resonances. Tesla was investigating this with his experiments in Colorado Springs and Wardenclyffe Tower New York state.
On 28 Oct 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Scientific American? That would be the "pre-eminent" journal that endorsed sleepy Joe Biden, because the apostate Trump does not follow the propaganda on the fake pandemic and fake Anthropogenic Global Warming. This magazine has sold out to the Globalists and denies a platform to any sceptical scientists whatsoever. If SA is worried about non-ionising RF radiation then you know the New Age Movement's supersticious tentacles are reaching everywhere nowadays. And that this magazine has factored in a circulation boost from the well meaning dupes that it misinforms and exploits all the time. This time the target audience are the neo-phobic who deep down want to return to a "safer time" like the Stone Age. Also, in terms of taxonomic accuracy, birds and mammals are not actual species, they are examples of Class in the hierarchy.
On 27 Oct 2020, Andy B 45D wrote:

5G transmitters are of a lower wattage than 4G transmitters, that's why they have to have so many down the street, and as affecting birds they bloody perch on them FFS
On 27 Oct 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Things have rapidly gone from bad to worse. First millions of dead song birds in the South West USA, then hundreds of dead pilot whales in Tasmania, now over 7000 dead seals in Namibia. What on / in Earth is going on?
On 27 Oct 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Andy B - it is not the mobile phone handsets that are the health and safety threat to humans and other species such as birds and mammals but the transmitters - whether they be dish based, mast based, lamp post attached outside your home, or buried in the ground (ulf, elf and vlf electromagnetic submarine communications).
On 26 Oct 2020, Andy B 45D wrote:

What everybody forgets about 4/5G is that the wattage output from the phones are in milliwatts and can't possibly hurt anyone, don't forget that micro waves use around 800 watts to cook food around 10,000 X more than a mobile phone
On 25 Oct 2020, M Lewis wrote:

The dangers of 5G are now going mainstream. Even the pre-eminent science journal Scientific American is asking pertinent questions about 5G health and safety.
On 25 Oct 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Data is pretty clear that Sweden is not having as bad a second wave as countries which went for big hard lock down first time around. So what do UK politicians do: go for even hard, even bigger lock downs second time around. Anyone would think that globalist billionaires were paying OUR representatives to destroy OUR national economy....
On 18 Oct 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Tony Blair has been caught breaking the self-isolation 14 Day Quarantine Rules. He was pictured at a Mayfair restaurant 10 days after a White House USA visit. This is a clear example of the elite, privileged and powerful ignoring rules that apply to the rest of the UK population.
On 17 Oct 2020, M Lewis wrote:

The World Health Organization’s special envoy on COVID-19 David Nabarro has urged world leaders to stop using lockdowns as the primary control method against the spread of the virus.
On 14 Oct 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Fascinating articles about tests conducted by DSTL scientists on Citriodiol, a component of Mosi-Guard Natural, which was found to reduce the amount of Coronavirus detectable in a sample. In May, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace confirmed the insect repellent was being given to the Armed Forces to offer potential protection against coronavirus. He said a Citriodiol-based spray had been given to personnel in light of the Surgeon General’s advice that it would “do no harm” and should be used on a precautionary basis as an “additional layer of protection” against exposure to the virus.
On 08 Oct 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Interesting and enlightening articles about the causes of the beaching of whales and dolphins. It seems military transmissions of ulf, elf and vlf electromagnetic waves through the earth for submarine communications can confuse and scramble the whales and dolphins navigation sonar.
On 07 Oct 2020, M Lewis wrote:

This article has been published by Forbes media in September concerning possible harm caused to US Air Force and Navy pilots by electromagnetic fields in the cockpit.
On 28 Sep 2020, M Lewis wrote:

A most interesting academic article about the effects on humans of microwave radiation. Presumably, the military and security services are aware and alert to this. (One assumes that they are not "Nut Jobs" to quote our Prime Minister Boris Johnson).
On 07 Sep 2020, M Lewis wrote:

The biggest selling Sunday paper in the UK is supporting Piers. See article by Peter Hitchens in yesterday's Mail on Sunday.
On 06 Sep 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Piers was arrested yesterday. This is his statement after being held for nearly 24hrs in police custody === === I've not linked to the YouTube video but have it hosted on WordPress and on Gab as the censorship by Big Tech is ramping up and many things will disappear over the coming months. The Cliemate crap we've been fighting for so long was just the warm up act. "Authoritarianism is a form of government characterized by strong central power and limited political freedoms"
On 01 Jul 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Piers will stand trial for attending Hyde Park mass demos during height of Covid-19 lockdown. On 24 June, Piers denied charges of breaching Covid-19 lockdown rules. He is accused of attending two demonstrations in Hyde Park. Westminster Magistrates Court heard Piers is pleading not guilty. He was sent forward for trial on the charges at the same court on October 23. Piers defence counsel, Richard Parry, said his client cited his human rights - and his right to freedom of expression - in denying the charges. Mr Parry said: 'The issues are human rights ones. Article 10 and 11 are engaged - rights of freedom of expression and exercising those rights'
On 18 Jun 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

An interesting conundrum for Jeremy Corbyn regarding the resignation (as leader of the opposition) honours list. A staunch republican. Against bullying behaviour. Against oppression and discrimination. What to do? What kind of legacy to create? Maybe he could patch things up with the working class voters who deserted en mass when he betrayed the Referendum vote?Bercow it is then. The little popinjay who thwarted Brexit at every turn. A former racist who wrote pamphlets in the 1980s calling for repatriation of immigrants. Watson's a good shout too. Integral to the anti-democratic campaign to defenestrate Corbyn in 2016. Exhibiting visceral hatred of the idealistic youngsters who had joined the party. Formerly, in cahoots with a paedophile fantasist, embarked on a publicity seeking witch-hunt based on false accusations. Some years before this he accepted donations from a Nazi sympathiser. I am beginning to suspect that Chauncey Gardner in "Being There" is more credible than JC.
On 06 Jun 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

So here we go. Less than 400 previously healthy people under the age of 65 have died from this cold virus in the whole of the UK. But our government morons forced the admission of Corona infectees into care homes full of vulnerable old people to supposedly save the NHS from being overwhelmed. What the fuck. And a crippling economic downturn has been instigated by epidemiological bed wetters and brainless panicky MPs. They have sacrificed the people they were supposed to be saving. Plus destroyed large sections of our economy. An utter disgrace. Watch "Pandemic of Pillocks" by Andrew Lawrence. He really nails it. This tragedy. This establishment cockup.
On 29 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

"Sit down Mr.Pieface. We've called you in today to review your care package. The Mystical Medical Group are the new health providers for this locality. Unfortunately, there has been a mis-diagnosis previously and we are sorry for that. You still have heart disease and type-2 diabetes, but ascribing this to chronic obesity caused by a diet of excess carbohydrates and sugar was medically reckless. Not exercising and smoking 40 cigarettes a day might not be the problem either. You see, they never asked you if you listened to the radio or maybe used a TV remote controller whilst you sat on your sofa for hours each day, did they? Oh you did, that explains everything. Go back to your previous lifestyle and we'll take you off your current medication. Maybe you could channel some purifying crystal energy by wearing this bracelet. And hang this dreamcatcher above your bed for the chronic insomnia. But the main thing is to avoid Radiowaves at all times. Come back in 3 months time."
On 29 May 2020, out_east wrote:

"here is a plan, within the next two years, to launch 20,000 satellites to beam 5G onto the planet. This new attack on life on Earth would cause a disruption of the earth’s primary harmonic frequency called the Schumann Resonance." You are blurting wilder and wilder totally rubbish. Are you aware of the proton stream (flux) of the solar wind? Thought not! Are you aware of the increased neutron flux because of the weakening earth's magnetic field & the deep solar minimum we are currently experiencing? Thought not! Sadly for you these are major scientific endeavours in our part of the world up by OULU Uni with such major talents as Svaalgaard documenting solar phenomena for many yrs. YES, I will take your codswallop arguments about 5g "radiation" seriously when I experience a "space satellite generated" aurora borealis. Up until then, take a deep breath & remember RF radiation is peanuts compared with the bombardment you get daily from cosmic rays, Radon, et al.
On 29 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Not Supplied. That all sounds a bit superstitious. How are Radio Waves causing heart disease and diabetes? What are the causative natures and trajectories of these pathologies? Were there clinical trials with control groups? Or is it just anecdotal? I can understand depression, anxiety and increased suicidal tendencies being indirectly caused by RF, because there is a load of bad content out there from the mainstream media. And I wouldn't be surprised if people developed cancer after listening to speeches by politicians like Theresa May. But the rest sounds very flimsy.
On 29 May 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Why do you need an AK-47 from Out East, mark? Is it because he thinks that weather in Chamonix = weather in the whole of the Alps? Because of course he is the world guru on Alpine snowfall patterns (ROFLMAO). Here is a synopsis of what happens in the Alps: SW wind: heavy snowfall in France, Western Italy, Rhone valley of Switzerland. Foehn and rain in Berner Oberland and other places. S wind: heavy snow across much of Italy, Foehn elsewhere. SE wind, particularly heavy snow in Ticino, Switzerland. Easterly wind: particularly heavy snow in eastern Austria. NE wind: ditto. N wind, heavy snow in German alps, Austrian northern alps, Swiss northern alps; sunny in Italy. Ditto NW wind. W wind: snow over western alps. Every wind and front brings snow somewhere, rainshadow somewhere. Very hard to understand, that.
On 29 May 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

These wise statements, while accurate on one level, are missing the larger point. There is a plan, within the next two years, to launch 20,000 satellites to beam 5G onto the planet. This new attack on life on Earth would cause a disruption of the earth’s primary harmonic frequency called the Schumann Resonance. When this harmonic resonance is disrupted, it is likely to cause and activate more physical and biological mechanisms for creating even more human health problems. Since there’s not a lot of understanding about the Schumann Resonance, a little bit of background will help the discussion. The Schumann Resonance is a frequency generated from the wave resonance of the lower part of the ionosphere and the earth.'
On 29 May 2020, Not supplied wrote:

'It is already clear from over 10,000 studies on 2G, 3G, and 4G that these wireless network radio frequency (RF) radiation network systems are causing significant acute and chronic health problems, including life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and mental disturbances, such as depression, anxiety, and increased suicidal tendencies. Beyond the statements of informed individuals decrying the 5G “rollover”, there are also major organizations warning of its dangers. The International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space currently boasts approximately 31,300 signatories as of January 11th, 2019. They write, “We the undersigned scientists, doctors, environmental organizations and citizens from (__) countries, urgently call for a halt to the deployment of the 5G (fifth generation) wireless network, including 5G from space satellites. 5G will massively increase exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation on top of the 2G, 3G and 4G networks'
On 29 May 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote: Tell these people that this article is unadulterated bollocks. They did not see what is reported.
On 29 May 2020, Not supplied wrote:

'In 2018, the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Emerging Risks (SCHEER) listed 5G electromagnetic radiation as an emerging risk due to its effects on wildlife.' From Do go and tell the SCHEER that they are talking total bollocks. 'The Belgian government halted a 5G test in Brussels over concerns that radiation from the base stations could be harmful.14 In the Netherlands, members of Parliament are calling on their government to take a closer look at 5G.15 Switzerland is also taking steps to monitor 5G’s impact on people, as a result of health issues after the implementation of 5G towers.' Do tell the Belgian Governemtn, the Dutch Parliament and the Swiss that they are all incompetent deluded tossers. Out East has pronounced, and as the scientist that makes Nobel Prize winners grovel before him, his word is law.
On 27 May 2020, out_east wrote:

"whole swarms of bees have been seen to drop down dead between two 5G transmitter masts" That statement is so total bollocks, I can't help bursting out laughing. Just where do you get these urban legends from? 1/ There are no 5g masts (most of the 5g network is based on small low powered microcells, often on those banal lamp posts that house LED lights now that are considered more harmful because of the wavelength of the light they make). 2/ Bees don't tend to like congregating in towns & cities where there is increased pollution & few flowers to burrow into for nectar. 3/ I have been involved with plenty of bee keepers in my life. I can assure you they are most concerned not with Electromagnetic disturbances but with simple stuff like Varroa mite, & the use of aggressive pesticides, which can decimate hives. 4/ Out in this part of the world one of the native threats to bees is BEARS. 5/ Bees have managed to survive 10s of 1000s of yrs without worrying about us or
On 27 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Don't know much about Bees, but an Australian friend Steve who did conservation work on behalf of the Bali Myna (a beautiful starling) has started to keep them. I think they communicate mainly by pheromones and other chemical cues, plus interpretive dancing. Looking it up, it says that wings beating at 11 thousand times per minute can produce up to 1000 Hertz. And the Bees themselves can detect sounds up to 500 Hertz. As the Giga Hertz frequency for 5g is about a 100 million times more than this threshold, I think the bees would be unaware.of any problems. It would be like the effect of a dog whistle on Paddy's ears. I still love you Paddy, by the way. And strangely, at the same time, I want out_east to procure an AK-47 for me. Just in case.
On 27 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

One thing you will notice if you go through recent posts is that critics of the 5g hysteria, like me and out_east, have taken the trouble to explain our views with plenty of scientific evidence, solid numbers and logic. Our detractors, however have chosen to sidestep all of this stuff, whilst maintaining that their touchy feely instincts must be correct. To these people the difference between an electron volt and a milli electron volt is obviously not that important. Emotional susceptibilities and sympathies appear to run the show for them. Good and evil, instead of objective examination of a phenomenon. Part of the problem, I am sure is that whole swathes of the population are technically innumerate and unable to properly process comparative merits. Thus easy prey for hucksters and the purveyors of voodoo science. The disdain and contempt, you refer to, is for people who will not genuinely engage in scientific debate. As far as I am concerned, it is entirely understandable.
On 27 May 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Mark, I am not going to pronounce on 5G, what I can say is that the wavelength spectrum being used is one used my many insects and plants for physiological functions and that whole swarms of bees have been seen to drop down dead between two 5G transmitter masts. Like all analagous events in history (like tobacco, vaccines etc), people jump to judgement (on both sides) before detailed studies have been carried out. My view is the precautionary one: do not assume that 5G is harmless just because some VCs looking to make billions tell you so. It does not mean it IS dangerous, it says you should do suitable precautionary checks before exposing the whole world to a technology still not evaluated suitably dispassionately, independently and rigorously.
On 26 May 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

OE & Mark, as you are experts in most things, anyone not agreeing with you is plain wrong, so the science is settled, right? I’ve heard that before somewhere and I’m not impressed by bluster and condescension. What’s your hourly rate?
On 25 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

And I know who doesn't walk the walk, Wizbod. I only wonder what model of mobile phone you are using at the present time. If a little 5g science goes a long way, why not have a crack at explaining your argument instead of copping out by linking? You have 1000 characters for heaven's sake. Radio waves and Microwaves aren't even as powerful as Infra-Red radiation so where is your logic? Correlation is causation? Having said that, I must warn you not to eat any green leaf vegetables in the future. Scientists have discovered that they contain traces of cyanide compounds and as we know cyanide is a lethal poison. An understanding of scale and proportion is lacking in all this 5g nutterdom. And an appreciation of spectrum or any kind of continuum. Maybe the word " radiation" triggers you guys. I don't know. I am beginning to regret berating east_side for being intolerant. Please step in Piers ASAP and explain this wacky anti-science that appears to make homeopathy look good.
On 25 May 2020, out_east wrote:

"long term low level microwave exposure is" WHAT? Look, have you ever heard corrolation is not causation? If you insist on corrol=cause you will always end up the wrong creek paddling against the tide with a soft hat instead of a paddle. I keep telling you background radiation has a much higher energy content than anything from mobile microwave transmitters usually a fair distance from the body. You keep blurting out nonsense trying to contradict solid science, particularly the relative high levels of radiation at high altitudes.(I measure up to 4mR/hr on my geiger counter which is quite a bit). The airline crews are regularly quite bemused when I show them just how high the levels are especially if you fly like me quite often in the sub polar regions around 55-62N. Oh, & one little gem. Being as many a/p runways are made out of concrete loaded with fly ash, they are often quite radioactive. Warsaw airport showed a level about 20x normal background. Happy now?
On 25 May 2020, Wizbod (ex sub) wrote:

A little 5g science goes a long way..Spanish study on 5G and Covid1984 h ttp:// (remove gap ) = correlation-. And according to Barry Trower- long term low level microwave exposure is V dangerous. I know who talks the talk.
On 25 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Brilliant stuff east_side and better than the standalone Sinola Cartel musings. We all briefly entertain the idea of killing people, but we need to explain why. Those people who bag up dog droppings and then throw them in a hedge would be eradicated in my world. After a bit of torture, obviously. The energy needed to knock an electron out of an atom is 12ev, which is why sunshine is safe for humans, because the photon energy in visible light is between 1.65 and 3.26ev. The maximum for Microwaves is 1.2mev which is 10,000 times less than the requirement to cause cell damage. Thermal problems are overrated too, because any signifiant heating effect on the skin requires a power density of 5 mWatt/cm2 which is more than 15 times the output of the average mobile phone. Studies have shown no adverse effects on genotoxicity or heat shock protein expression. Alarmist theories that sweat glands act as helical antennae for millimetre waves and damage haemoglobin inside the body are just fun
On 24 May 2020, out_east wrote:

"the stuff that says it is NOT unhealthy". The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, & you are the easiest person to fool. I worked in Radiation work AND GSM mobile, both highly relevant. Energy levels of 5g At minimum power output is -33dbm, or .0000005watts, or .5 micro watts. Electromagnetic waves in the frequencies used by 5G between 3.5 and 24 GHz carry 10-5 to 10-4 electron volts (eV) of energy (0.00001eV to 0.0001eV). Radium-226 decays into radon-222 plus an alpha particle. Energy released in this process? 5.5904MeV roughly 500 billiion x more than 5g. Natural sources of radiation: background radiation - space, cosmic radiation - cosmic rays, terrestrial radiation - minerals in the earth’s crust, radiation - inhaling radon gas, radiation - ingesting food/drinking water that may contain Potassium-40 or Radium 226. Minerals such as uranium & thorium are radioactive & give off radiation when the nucleus breaks down or
On 24 May 2020, out_east wrote:

"scientific evidence"? Is that what you call burning down 5g masts? Vandalising property? Blathering on every street corner? Coming out with utter bollocks with regard to monitoring of house appliances, or those fruitcakes who go around claiming 3g or wifi causes them headaches?? Listen pals. Have you ever taken an airline flight? At FL 30 you are being bombarded with radiation. Airline staff are bombarded with sub atomic particles cos Neutron radiation & cosmic ray spallation is at an almost all time space-age high. You ingest radio pottasium each time you eat a banana! Are you honestly stupid enough to imagine the tiniest mW of microwave energy from a distant radio transmitter has the slightest effect on parts of the body which are 90% water? "Up to 60 percent of the human body is water, the brain is composed of 70 percent water, & the lungs are nearly 90 percent water." Compared with the Mev of background radiation from all sources bombarding you 24/7/365, 5G
On 23 May 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

“I don't want to read any more crap like this on here” … erm, who’s forcing you? Agree with Mark; am now reading Firstenberg’s book very carefully. I have a list of plenty of docs of anti 5G, where is the stuff that says it is NOT unhealthy or dangerous?
On 23 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

If you don't agree with someone's idea then have a go at a grown-up rebuttal. Put some compelling argument or reasoning in it as well. Some countering scientific evidence, perhaps. It's far more difficult, I know, than casual insults, but you should give it a try. Otherwise you are merely jerking yourself off like that Harry Enfield character Mr.Angry.
On 23 May 2020, out_east wrote:

I don't want to read any more crap like this on here, but it's not my web site! "5G (military weapon rays)" Some people are full of BS. Whoever invented that crap line needs to put in a proper microwave, fully toasted then disposed of in a cardboard box - Mexico style. I can't believe I am reading such twaddle via Ascii, but put some people behind a QWERTY and "nobody knows I am a DOG", becomes reality not urban myth!
On 22 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

It's probably starting already. Just seen a video of a riot on a Dutch beach. The police attempted to clear away people and stop them swimming on a very hot day, but they were chased down by a big crowd and made a hasty retreat. There was already mass youth unemployment in Europe, because of the deflation inspired by the insane monetary (without fiscal) union. But the economic depression that will be caused by this orchestrated viral panic will send people crazy with anger before too long. The average person will have nil respect for the authorities as well. About time too, these governing morons have got away with it for too long.
On 21 May 2020, out_east wrote:

My wife had a nasty dose of the virus. She doesn't have 5g, went to the countryside to escape it, but some f..kwit brought it back from Milan fashion week, thought it insulting to have an employer request her to get a covid test & then infected the entire office.. The thing gave her a real nice donkey kick with plenty of rather unusual symptoms, burning sensations,+inability to breath properly in a 48hr cyclic fashion & more besides. If I read any more crap on here about how 5g is supposed to be spreading this, spare a thought for those who might be getting angry with many things. 1/ Conspiracy theorists 2/ Police who are totally exceeding their powers 3/ The mass media who have preyed on the weak, & given us a total dose of something far worse than the virus. 4/ The government who bullshitted themselves to a place of mass surveillance & mass house arrest. 5/ The loonies who insist that it will all be repeated in the "2nd wave". I want to be first throwing petrol bombs
On 20 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Correction. It's the Infra-red band that starts at around 300 Giga Hertz. Visible light starts at around the 400 Tera Hertz frequency. But the point is that Radio waves and Microwaves are all non-ionising radiation with largish wavelengths and not enough energy to knock electrons out of atoms. Yes Microwaves can excite and wobble dipoles in molecules, but unless you are inside the Faraday Cage of a a modern oven, there is no problem. If Infra-red radiation allows us to sit by the fire and Visible Light allows us to walk in the sunshine, why get so worried about far weaker 5g radiation?
On 20 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Yes, sorry Paddy. I had imbibed a few glasses of truth serum by the time I wrote that, Tempranillo I think. But it's easy to get exasperated by the pseudo-scientific tosh that these Erich Von Daniken type figures push in order to sell books. Such as the idea that humanity had never been subjected to any electromagnetic forces before modern industrial society. When we've been sitting on a 13 billion trillion ton bar magnet with a molten core since we evolved. With induced electric fields constantly swirling within the terrestrial magnetosphere. And all this is within the envelope of the Heliosphere and its own Solar magnetic field which is even more powerful. In summary, I cannot for the life of me understand why any sensible person would go all "end of days" over 5g which is predominantly in the 25-39 Giga Hertz range. Easily stopped at the body surface, just like visible light which according to the alarmists should be far more dangerous at 300 Giga Hertz. Apples are apples.
On 19 May 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Mark, I think your last post is what’s called a straw man argument. This is what the warmist crowd use on those who dare to disagree, branding them as climate deniers, so in your eyes I might be an electricity denier. That said, I’m working on a system to keep in touch with Piers by smoke signal, could work given a favourable wind, failing which I have tin cans and string as a fallback.
On 19 May 2020, out_east wrote:

Don't worry all the PLODS were wearing masks! They were all observing social distancing. One rule for them, another rule for you. FINE the whole bl xx..dy lot of them. Maximum fines for all the PLODS who didn't observe the laws they are supposed to be defending, same as when they drive dangerously, swerving last minute to avoid ploughing into other innocent drivers. TIME to get a grip. A GRIP ON THEM! POLICE ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW.
On 19 May 2020, M Lewis wrote:

Please can Steve D and Craig give everyone on here an update about Piers. Was he put in a police cell after being arrested at Hype Park Speakers Corner? Given his age, is he protected from the virus during his time being transported and interviewed by the Metropolitan Police? Why hasn't Pier's brother Jeremy spoken out? He has a voice and should shout it from the roof tops? Whereas Gordon Brown has spoken out about the Governments and Ministers omnishambles in not protecting Care Homes.
On 17 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

I am sure all of you guys are definitely going off grid in the near future. No more rapid dissemination of information, the stuff of dreams to all those who came before this ungrateful generation. Don't forget to recycle your mobile phones, personal computers, laptops and tablets. Goodbye electricity and hello candlelight examinations of the latest samizdat news sheets. Let's face it we don't need to run electrocardiograms or magnetic resonance imaging anymore. Say no to proton therapy cancer treatments. These things are dangerous, so let's go back to the old ways of not knowing what the hell was going on.
On 17 May 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Dr M: hear, hear - just started reading said book, clearly well researched. Mark Hall: gift horses’ mouths have to be especially thoroughly examined!
On 17 May 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Kudos to Piers for speaking out! Virus: here is an interview with epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski on the deadly consequences of lockdown Nails the whole nonsense. On 5G Out_east, in his usual splenetic style, is most likely right that we don’t need it from a technical point of view; whereas I agree with Craig that the censoring of free speech on the subject is suspicious to say the least, MSM in co-ordinated dismissal of concerns, no studies have been done on its safety (this is on record), 60 GHz used stops absorption of oxygen by haemoglobin in the lungs etc. Evidence is out there, just needs a bit of digging. Here is an article on the recently indicted Harvard scientist Charles M Lieber for being a Chinese agent
On 17 May 2020, claude grayson wrote:

so following on logically ,is it a side effect from the sun emmiting less UV etc that allows the bugs to multiply,maybe in areas they wouldnt have during high sunspot activity.we know it takes 8 sec of uv to kill most bugs,so?
On 17 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

But surely Dr M, harmful pathogens like smallpox, measles, cholera, bubonic plague and yellow fever all pre-date modern electrification. They appeared to cause more damage when societies became stressed, such as during wartime invasions or malnutrition due to crop failures. The Plague of Justinian 541 and the Black Death 1347 both coincided with the Global Cooling associated with reduced Solar Activity. Hundreds of millions of deaths, not the puny 300 thousand from Covid-19. The benefits of electrification far outweigh any conjectures about the supposed unnaturalness of the the thing. If electricity is so bad, why has the average life expectancy in the developing world increased by 50% since the 1950s? This all sounds a bit Luddite or Rachel Carson to me. Electrical processes have catapulted humanity forward just like Mechanisation and the Agrarian Revolution did in previous epochs. We should not look a gift horse in the mouth.
On 17 May 2020, Dr M wrote:

Suggest reading,'The Invisible Rainbow: a History of Electricity and Life' by Arthur Firstenberg. Explains effect on pandemics of increasing amounts of world electrification - electric grid, radar, radio waves, wireless technology etc. Previously studied effects on the human body's own electrically-based internal communication system. Knowledge which has been largely ignored but affects all our health and the health of living creatures.
On 17 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Out_east, yes I agree this 5g fixation is at risk of tarnishing all the other good things that Piers stands for. It's a weak link that will be targeted by the Global Warming crowd and the rest. Rhys, the old saying that "money isn't safe until it is in the bank" had a different flavour in China. It wasn't safe for rich Chinese, until it was out of the country. The new King of China (Trump's brilliant quip) was expropriating wealth and cracking down on capital flight. This exponentially boosted Bitcoin 2016-17 until they went after the Crypto exchanges. The SEC is notoriously influenced by Goldman Sachs, so maybe this is a play by them. But all governments want to go digital eventually in order to exert complete financial control over everybody. Negative interest rates can't cut it, if there are conduits like Bitcoin, gold,silver and cash around that are outside the system. Maybe, they're getting ready for the mayhem of a Euro implosion centered on Italy. Money will be flying out.
On 16 May 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Piers was apparently arrested earlier today at the protest at Speaker's Corner. Haven't seen a tweet for about 15-16 hours. This was one of his last Tweets === "The spread rate data is controlled by those who want to scare us all. Died from CV19 doesnt mean died from CV19. Tested positive doesnt mean you positively have CV19. What is and isn't is dictated arbitrarily by those who control what the NHS does; and W.H.O might they be?" === === DM story === === Can't say I agree on 5G. OutEast, I remember the scares over previous iterations, but I haven't researched enough to comment fully. However, the crushing of speach about 5G, including David Icke a few weeks back, is unsettling. Let their be debate without censorship (caveat is calls to violence) as it makes martyrs. Facts first.
On 16 May 2020, out_east wrote:

sorry you are talking utter BOLLOX. "5g+ enhanced 4G3G which also enhances the CV19 Plandemic" I dunno where you get this totally stupid idea 5g is causing any effect on this equally stupid Covid panic. Coming out with crap like this makes you look like true nutters. The main reason we don't want MICROWAVE transmitters in the home is WE DO NOT NEED THEM. We already have plenty of sources of electromagnetic radiation so we don't need more. You have obviously never ever worked for a mobile phone co. 5g is NOT dangerous, it runs at incredibly low powers but we DO NOT NEED it. 3.5g-4g is perfectly adequate for what we need. Hi data rate ethernet is far better run thru optic fibre like we have at home already 5yrs+ and counting. This obsession with wireless is silly.
On 14 May 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

... whilst the media are pretty much not reporting this or framing in the usual dubious ways, I think we're seeing the start of a major scandal of the "swamp" being exposed and it's global as foreign govts were involved. This is big and it's only the start. The green swamp is embroiled in this as it's just a money laundry service for NGOs and favoured government procurement. Heck the government just pumped 1.7b into the road networks - public transport is dead. Green is dead. It might flail about for a while but no one cares and they can see the hurt that green ideology leads to. When we start asking where the money, trillions, went? Well that's the Q. And with the GSM in the mix. We live in interesting times. Keep safe all.
On 14 May 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

The declass has started in the USA and all the Russia collision narrative has been shown to be a fabrication and the supposed start of General Flynn's call to the Russian ambassador as the "reason" for the whole effluent fest for 3+ years is under mined by unmasking requests waaay before the call itself. As Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote "Intel professionals normally unmask in order to better understand an intel situation. But given huge # of Flynn unmaskings, question is whether FBI/political people were purposely combing transcripts, looking specifically for Flynn conversations, as part of investigation...There would seem a big difference between a) an official being alarmed or confused by a situation and so unmasking and just happening to discover it is flynn, and b) officials unmasking every call they assume is Flynn's in order to keep tabs/have a record/build a file."...
On 14 May 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Something about the coronavirus pandemic does not sniff right. Yes it's dangerous, especially to those with comorbidity but so is flu (and it's unique 'novel' nature makes it spread all the more easily) but the fatality rate appears under 1%. Hector Drummond, a nom de plume, had an interesting podcast with Dellers a couple of weeks back, highlighting similar issues to Piers. HD also has some interesting stats and pop. adjusted figures show the 98/99 flu was more lethal. It does appear to have come from a lab, accidentally it seems, but it's hard to tell if it was engineered or something being studied. What causes the sniff issue is how we will need Apps, papers or vaccines to go back to normal. Seems like an opportunity that couldn't go to waste is helping many an agenda be fulfilled. But look at 9/11 - the legislation was waiting in the wings no matter how or what caused that. You could argue that, accident or not, it was let out of the bag.
On 14 May 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

The virus has a US patent number 10 130 701 B2 and is owned by Pirbright Institute near Woking, see here Be warned, can of worms big time, documented in great detail.
On 14 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

We shouldn't get too involved in the blame game around this particular cold virus. It's a nationalistic response to two big empires rubbing shoulders with each other. It's highly unlikely that China would kick this one off on their own turf if they wanted to cause trouble anyway. Corona, Rhino and Influenza viruses have been knocking around for thousands of years. These are not suddenly new phenomena. Some anthropologists think that antecedents to present day SARS and MERS were the reason why Hijabs and Burkas became fashion accessories in the Middle East in the first place. And far classier than our own surgical masks. Humans are merely at the stage of hijacking natural processes. This mentality that we are driving pathogenic destruction seems to me to be a like the doom warped arguments for Climate Change. It is the policy response to this cold virus that is destroying lives, far more than this largely unexceptional strain could do.
On 14 May 2020, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

M Lewis [Copied from other blog] : [On ABC News] Mike Pompeo said there was "enormous evidence" that the virus had emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. "Remember, China has a history of infecting the world, and they have a history of running sub-standard laboratories," he said. Pompeo - a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) said he did not think the virus was man-made or genetically modified. The Wuhan laboratory is well known to study coronaviruses in bats. In April, Trump was asked whether "lax safety protocols" allowed such a virus to escape via a laboratory intern and her boyfriend. Trump did not confirm the theory, but said: "More and more we're hearing the story." Trump was recently asked if the virus emanated in a laboratory, rather than a market. He was asked if he had seen evidence that gave him a "high degree of confidence" that the virus emerged in the Wuhan laboratory. "Yes I have," he replied - but said he could not go into specifics.
On 13 May 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Piers, glad to see that you mention the 5G issue on your twitter feed. I’ve just received Arthur Firstenberg’s book ‘Invisible Rainbow’, he is one of the prominent callers for halting what is being pushed through without ANY safety assessment, as admitted by industry representatives themselves before the US congress, this is on film.
On 13 May 2020, Adrian Morris wrote:

Hi Piers, Given your scientific background and expertise I have visited your website occasionally to draw best conclusions regarding the Climate Change debate. I was intrigued back in the mid 90s after reading a book by Maurice Cotterill entitled, The Mayan Prophesies'. This was largely to do with their understanding of solar cycles which Maurice claimed that they had calculated varied in time and impactfulness. Ever since I have been interested in way civilisations like the Mayans and others were so keen to record and account for solar cycles and perhaps explains why they made sacrifices of men, women and children to appease our sun. Given the ongoing, none mainstream media, debate of the potential grand solar minimum we have apparently entered does this factor into your weather analysis at all? Do you also perceive that the one sided view of AGW climate change, often promoted by the 'globalists' you refer to, is evidence of the alleged agendas they pursue? Many Thanks Adrian
On 13 May 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

The US now saying that no-one can set up cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world that Americans might buy. SEC sued a Russian Cryptocurrency founder (who had raised $1.7bn in capital to found the currency), saying that 'Americans might buy them'. As if Americans choosing freely to buy a Russian version of Bitcoin were a crime. The time has come for global citizens to tell all Americans abroad that they no longer have the right to trade in any way abroad. That can only change when foreigners can trade normally in the US and, indeed, in their own countries without US fascist intervention. The Americans really need to experience having no friends on earth. Decency gets you nowhere with them. Ostracism is a better approach.
On 12 May 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Piers, I’m happy too that this blog is getting traction again. I used to think I was far out in my views and could not find many others to talk to but to my great satisfaction I can see that more and more people are beginning to wake up and join the dots. I’ve been looking into this stuff for years but really got interested when Trump was elected because I began to realise that he really upset the apple cart of the globalist $h!tbirds, mainly through other research that I followed. The least we can do is plant seeds in other people’s minds, more by asking questions rather than attempting to persuade, telling rather than selling. The fact that the 5G + corona connection is being strenuously lambasted in the MSM tells you that something is afoot there, a useful list of videos & docs can be found here, discernment required though.
On 12 May 2020, @Piers_Corbyn London Chief Forecaster wrote:

Rhys, Mark, Paddy! TOP THANKS for revitalising this Democracy+Accountability blog - with such well-informed comms. Yes we're in very grim times with all the evils of a 1984 police state - relentless propaganda, censorship, destruction of freedom of association & movement, mass surveillance - escalating by 5g+ enhanced 4G3G which also enhances the CV19 Plandemic, whatever that may be, bogey virus effects. STAND-UP - RESISTANCE IS NECESSARY. ALL Please think of what you can do to convince others, join actions to Break-The-Lockdown - EG SAT MAY16 HYDE PARK SPEAKERS CORNER 12NOON. Copy+distribute stickers, placards, banners, leaflets; get more to use this blog +send in useful links. We've put great Vid links (though I say so myself) on p1 of May 30d FULL forecasts BI Eu Usa +will put these +others onto home page. @piers_Corbyn twitter carrys a lot of top news against NewWorldOrder - Agenda21 etc +I've put useful Long threads on them. THANKS Piers TEL 07958713320
On 10 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

At the moment watching the magnificent "Minions" cartoon movie during which the BBC correspondent announced "King Bob has officially changed the law. Clearing the way for Scarlett Overkill to be crowned Queen of England. She will be coronated in London's historic Westminster Abbey. If I was not so polite, I would say that this spells certain doom for the country, if not the world. But I'm so very polite that I will keep my mouth shut. But seriously, we are all in big trouble". Here we are in 2020 and the standards of journalism in the UK do not even come up to the integrity of cartoon characters.
On 10 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Yes Paddy, the military/industrial complex was chugging along quite nicely under Nobel peace prize winner Backtrack Obama who was running 7 illegal wars by the end of his presidency. Hitlery Clinton was waiting in the wings to carry on the good work of the Deepstate. But along came upstart Trump who was not a career politician who would meekly follow the programme. He advocated real de-escalation not some bullshit PR job like they were used to. His nominated National Security advisor Flynn wanted peace with Russia and no more US military adventurism in the Middle East. This obviously freaked out arms companies like Raytheon and Halliburton and all those worms in the CIA/FBI like Comey and Strzok so they nobbled Flynn by entrapment. It has all come out in the past week or so, but has it been covered by the media? Like hell it has. We are right down a rabbit hole being brainwashed about a virus scam instead. The thing is, I never thought Johnson would be this dumb and credulous.
On 09 May 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Mark, here is some good news: Trump takes control of the Fed(eral Reserve), 24 mins, I’ve got that from two other sources as well, not the MSM, needless to say. Also the exoneration of Lt Gen Michael Flynn and declass of FBI documents. Although this is happening in the US, it has implications for the whole world. Have a look at, very measured and clear responses to events every day. Accountability is coming. On a lighter note, somebody posted a government announcement on twitter the other day : “A medical satellite will pass over the UK tonight at 9.30 measuring everyone’s temperature; please stand naked outside your front door and hold your passport, open at the photo page, up to the sky” :-)
On 08 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Yes Paddy, saw their censored videos on Armstrong Economics blog a week or two ago. He retrieved them in the public interest. The big joke is that the media are now likening the battle with Corona to the nation's struggle to defeat Nazi totalitarianism 80 odd years ago. When in fact the two are polar opposites. The wartime population were not fighting for a surveillance state were they? Chipped and tagged, with facial recognition immunity passports etc. Unlike our present day sheeple. I was thinking that the present day health authoritarians have a little bit of John Nash in all of them. He was the paranoid loser who developed Game Theory for the US military complex in the Cold War. Who promoted ideas of utter selfishness and mistrust between all protagonists despite overwhelming evidence of cooperative instincts. These SAGE lunatics don't really trust the people at all. They see the public as a rabble, to be manipulated, coerced, scared shitless and corralled. We need a Trump.
On 07 May 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Mark, watch Drs Erickson & Massihi, California care physicians, giving a very sober assessment of the situation, about 30 mins if I remember correctly. It clearly hit too close to home as it was removed from YT after only a day or so but had been watched by around 1M people. These are no nonsense guys calling out the numbers scam.
On 07 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

These are the latest two comments posted on the BBC that have been subsequently removed: 1. It is highly likely that the 30 thousand figure for deaths from this cold virus is a bogus number. Doctors in the UK and elsewhere in the western world are encouraged to presume Corona infection for any unexplained deaths. This is common knowledge. And a godsend for the alarmists pushing this panic. 2. At last a sensible article on this cold virus by the panic pushing BBC. Most of my comments on a similar vein have previously been censored by the moderators, so watch out Nick Triggle. According to the ONS only 215 people under the age of 60 with no pre-existing conditions have died with Covid-19. That is about one quarter of the annual number who die from stair falls. End the lockdown! Got loads of upticks for those two, but they were nipped in the bud by propaganda central. You can easily imagine the BBC continuing its remorseless slide into a totalitarian mouthpiece like Stalin's Pravd
On 06 May 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Isn’t it delicious that “We’re doomed” Ferguson has been caught with his pants down? :-) Couldn’t happen to a more appropriate person.
On 03 May 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

You’re welcome, Mark. The media are in on the scam, their job IS to be spirit damping/wrecking but the thicker they put it on, the more they expose themselves, the whole dog and pony show is woven from the same cloth, be it climate, virus, terrorism, economy sinking etc. I’m of the view that the virus is the last desperate attempt to stop Trump from getting reelected because he messed up their plans big time, the guy’s a genius, think of him what you will; I think he’s playing Fauci, who will be exposed for giving funds to China, and Ferguson by extension. And when you look into the origins of the virus, it gets really interesting, China is a smoke screen for the real provenance.
On 03 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Yes, Paddy and Rhys, thanks for the spirit raising replies. Will have a look at those suggestions. With regard to Assange, it is instructive that the former human rights lawyer who headed the CPS (and now leads Labour) discouraged the Swedish fuzz from interviewing him in the Equadorian embassy. Obviously a ruse to enable extradition to the USA whose war crimes Julian exposed. Jeremy C was a crap leader, but he was not evil. Some of Corona scam stuff that gets removed from YouTube can be found elsewhere. The Armstrong Economics blog has some good stuff, including Knut Wittkowski interviews etc. Armstrong is also a cycle guy and a Climate sceptic. It is interesting how big the Venn Diagram overlap is for both the Corona and Climate scams, isn't it? Eugenicists like Gates seem to be pulling most of the strings. The WHO is wholly captured and secret agent Ferguson is carrying out his orders via SAGE and fellow traitor Fauci in Trump's administration. Living in a cave is coming soon.
On 02 May 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Mark I am not surprised to hear of the censorship. has some reasonable discussions pretty free of bias: they get a lot of DDOS attacks as a result, but seem to overcome them, despite being a small organisation run by volunteers. is also quite an interesting read. I quite often disagree with blog owner John Ward, but to be fair to him, he is always forthright in his views and tolerates reasoned dissent very well. Craig Murray is equally forthright, but has very different opinions on many matters ( .But again, debate there is reasonably tolerant, although you have to tolerate a strong independence cabal in the BTL space. You get honest reporting on the Assange case, the Alex Salmond trial, and really good insight into how UK foreign policy works (Mr Murray was a career diplomat and ambassador in various embassies). Lots more sites out there: The Saker, Cory Morningstar, etc
On 01 May 2020, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Mark Hall: knowledge means shining the light on the agenda, helps to ease the depression. What Piers put in a few words below is what it’s all about; if you want the low down on the virus and all the other things instigated by basically the same crowd that runs the AGW scam, look up American Intelligence Media and Americans 4 Innovation. In the internet age it is possible to find your own news and ditch the WTTN, the What To Think Network, they’re part of this crowd, stoking the fear. You’ll be astonished by what you can find, even with censorship running at full tilt, it’ll cheer you up and give you seeds to plant in other people’s minds. :-)
On 01 May 2020, Mark Hall wrote:

Rhys, I posted this as a reply on the BBC website yesterday and they removed it: #647 Hippocrates This cold virus is no problem at all for 99.9% of the population. Why would anyone choose to wreck their economy for a 0.05% death rate? Far more people are going to die from depression and suicide caused by unemployment and busted businesses. Not to mention delayed surgeries and cancer treatments. First, do no harm. You should know that. The fourth estate are rubbish, spewing propaganda. I stopped watching the BBC because of Brexit, but the alternative was Channel 4. A Jihadist headchopping platform. You Tube is now similarly afflicted by this antihuman censorship. God, it's so depressing.
On 30 Apr 2020, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

I am really sad about how easy it is to completely dupe the UK public. A democracy needs a skeptical, educated populace and more and more, I see great swathes of uncritical, unquestioning drones being in positions of authority, responsibility and respectability. Lockdowns kill people just as much as CoVid19. There is more domestic violence, more suicides, more 'normally ill' people not getting treated. But none of this apparently matters, because we are 'saving a few CoVid19 sufferers'. I am proud to say I have now gone 3 months without watching a single BBC news programme. The price of staying sane and alert.....
On 29 Apr 2020, Piers Corbyn wrote:

CITIZENS of Truth, Evidence in Science and politics and Life. We are in very dark times where unimaginable evil diktats of our rights and freedoms are being forced on us and the whole population of the world; and will be imposed with diabolical roll-out of more viruses, deadly forced Vaccination programmes and 5G radiation damage aimed at total CONTROL and massive depopulation unless WE stop it. These are the aims of the NewWorldOrder as #BillGatesOfHell #Soros and UN Agenda21/2030 spell out. Join in #MayDayAgainstLockdown (use this #to publicise) on May1. Get something, ANYTHING, going in your town or village. SEE GREAT VIDS AND VITAL LINKS in this 9 page Twitter THREAD - click See thread to see all pages. Thanks
On 03 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Looks like bojo is selling us out to usa as he has Xmas break with billionaire pals and is towing the line on climate change by not lending Africans for coal power stations. And now ruling out soft brexit in favour of Canada deal or no Deal with Europea wants to do usa sell out deal goodbye NHS UK to be usa puppets . Billionaires now to become trillionAires cheers boris UK homeless balloons to 1 million by 2023
On 03 Feb 2020, Colin wrote:

Hi all the recent flu virus in China is very suspicious as the blame points to eating wild animals but they have been doing this for thousands of years no problem before genetic engineering and it's funny the chines knew the genetic code of the virus in 1 day. Looks like it escaped from a germ warfare type lab in China that's why it was covered up for weeks .
On 27 Dec 2019, Piers Corbyn wrote:

VERY WELL SAID MARK HALL. I was a special guest in the audience of Channel 4 election night and interestingly the first thing Michale Portillo said was the by far the biggest significant difference for Labour between 2017 and 2019 was the BREXIT ISSUE. ALL - SEE HOME PAGE RIGHT HAND SIDE for AMAZING BOXINGDAY PLUS DEALS ALL 12 months suns for only 3 - That's 4 for1. ALL 6 months subs for only 2 - That's 3 for1. Thanks for your ongoing support and interest. Merry Xmas and happy New Year. Piers Corbyn
On 14 Dec 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

I am still finding it difficult to believe how lamentable, inept and misguided Labour's campaign was in this General Election. Only Caroline Flint and Ian Lavery have come close to a realistic explanation: Trust and the betrayal of democracy. McDonnell and Lansman are still spinning Labour's Brexit sellout as some sort of management issue. How to finesse the Remain/Leave dichotomy? As if the issue had not already been decided.That they chose to keep the Referendum bad losers sweet was a deep insult. Two and a half million of the Leave winners walked away in disgust. Corbyn allowed himself to become a twisted mess by following Starmer's anti-democratic roadmap. Too craven to point out the obvious fact that for democracy to function, you do not ignore the winners and go with the losers. And ignoring the warning of the EU election debacle was cretinous. The only major difference between the 2017 and 2019 elections was this sellout to a bunch of entitled reactionary elitists.
On 29 Nov 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

You're very persistent Gerry. But generally, if you want to leave an organisation it is not a good idea to sign up to associate membership. Have you seen the restrictive crap the EU are laying down on Switzerland? That would be our fate of we followed the Single Market path of least resistance. Didn't see Corbyn, but I gather Neil gets someone else to dye his hair nowadays. Of course, the skewering on alleged anti-Semitism was prominent in the herd like media. The waters have become so muddied that any expressions of solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians is dangerous territory. The land grab has annexed political discourse as well. So every criticism of Israel's government is now anti-Semitic and naughty apostates are labelled self-hating Jews. Of course, movements like Garveyism, Rastafarianism and Zionism are all understandable solutions to persecution. But today's cartoon analysis forgets that other groups were already living in Liberia, Ethiopia and Palestine. A big problem.
On 27 Nov 2019, Gerry, England wrote:

Following his complete disaster of an interview with Andrew Neil we now have a desperate attempt to claim that the NHS is being sold to the US as part of a forthcoming trade deal. A complete fabrication based on ignoring the facts of the content of the discussions. One truth - the only one probably - that has come out is that the US will not entertain any mention of climate change in the trade talks. How different it will be when negotiating our future deals with the EU where we will have to sign up the the economy destroying global warming crap and with no power to refuse. Just think, if only the Flexcit plan had been adopted not only would we have left the EU on time we would be free of the environmental restrictions too.
On 20 Nov 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

Yes Craig, had a look at that. Piers appeared rather forlorn. Hamstrung and not really able to offer a critique of Corbynism so far. Obviously, if he told the world what he truly thought it would be pounced upon by dark forces in the media. So he essentially said that Jeremy was trapped by the Blairites, had little agency himself, but was a good bloke underneath it all. Many don't really buy that line. For example, he didn't have to appoint Starmer as shadow Brexit minister. A man without a socialist bone in his body who was integral to the dispicable campaign to defenestrate Jeremy in 2016. Who connived with State Department neocons to get Assange extradited to Sweden. He did not have to promote this popinjay. Labour's position now is to overturn two "once in a generation" Referendums despite all the blathering and dissembling. Jeremy ought to know by now that the public have grown tired of deciphering his cryptic ramblings on Brexit. This is a Brexit election and he sold out Brexi
On 01 Nov 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Really interesting video of Piers being interviewed by the infamous Carl Benjamin (aka Sargon of Akkad) discussing Extinction Rebellion the Labour Party and his brother. ===
On 01 Nov 2019, Victor Logan wrote:

Think the LP have the wrong Corbyn as leader! Feel sorry for poor silly Jeremy: pandering to the Blairite hard-right when his 1st priority should have been to smash them at any cost !!! The Blairites, helped by JCs fake "supports" like Landsman, have bamboozled him into shifting his position on the EU for which the LP now seems to have lost what was left of its genuine socialist/working class support. All this breath taking hypocritical clap trap about the NHS will be privatised if we leave the EU is rich when we consider: a) Not 1 bit of NHS was privatised, before we joined EU. b) Most PFI privatisation happened under pro-EU Labour government. c) It was the EU that had secret TTIP deal with USA & Trump who saved us from it ! d) Bransom NHS profiteers, fanatically supports EU by pouring £Ms into their pro-EU "European" propaganda paper, whilst using EU free movement of capital (& EU profiteer protection) rules to export profits to their American 'Necker' tax-haven islands
On 25 Oct 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

So the commemorative coins to celebrate our exit from the EU on 31st October have been pulled from circulation. What a shame. However, the promise from the Westminster establishment to respect the 2016 Referendum vote was the real counterfeit currency. They are are still printing it now and debasing the entire system. Bad money driving out the good Brexit money, just like in Gresham's Law. What can you expect from people who adhere to the false mathematical theory that 16.2 million is a bigger number than 17.4 million? By now though, the general public have twigged that democracy has been devalued by these anti-democratic innumerates. And eventually we will leave the dangerous EU superstate.
On 11 Oct 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

John P, I didn't like the way that 1970 World Cup quarterfinal against West Germany panned out, but we lost and the result had to be respected. The same principle applies to the Referendum vote. It has been decided and that should be the end of the story. If we jettison the principle of Loser's Consent then we are on the road to totalitarianism. And anyway in evolutionary terms, it is only usually mammals who adapt to colder habitats by becoming larger. Some kind of mass to surface area trade-off. With civilizations it is a different matter. Snuggling up to a nascent superstate juggernaut isn't going to help us? Large empires have historically come to grief when Global Cooling comes to town. Just as they have thrived when the Earth has benefited from warming periods. And the idea that Brexit is about nationalism and jingoism is deeply insulting. It neglects the basic lack of democracy and accountability within the EU machine that so many people throughout Europe are unhappy about
On 08 Oct 2019, John Planet wrote:

I have become increasingly critical of Brexit. I don't think that it is the right solution to any climate problem warming or cooling. If for example ifthere was a little ice age coming it would be better for the UK to remain in the EU and work with others to have an international effort to deal with its problems the same way as with global warming. Nationalism and Gingloism is not the answer. Trump is definately not the answer to any climate problem. If we work together with the technology we have we could deal with the problems of food shortages which would result from any climate problem. Problems like the coming LIA is one of the reasons why I voted to remain in the EU.
On 04 Sep 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

Saw Jeremy Corbyn looking very serious in Parliament yesterday, but he leavened proceedings with a cracker of a joke about "sovereignty residing in the people". Saying this with a straight face, whilst he is so intent on repudiating the people's wish to leave the EU, was comedy gold. There really is no point in debating with twisted sophists like this. Words mean nothing, ideas mean nothing and principles mean nothing. Corbyn is well on the way to Joe Biden country. However the meaningless word soup spewing out of this American's mouth is beginning to betray him. The other day, he was urging fellow Democrats to "choose truth over facts". Boris Johnson really has to come to some accommodation with the Brexit Party. Leave voters in Labour constituencies are crying out for an alternative. Thereafter, listening to Corbyn's gobbledygook will sound even funnier.
On 25 Aug 2019, Fred wrote:

The reason the coverage is low key is because there are several years over last 2 decades that had bigger fires.....the mobeeb don’t want that fact exposed
On 23 Aug 2019, M Lewis wrote:

More clear evidence that the increase in global CO2 levels is caused by the destruction of Earth's forests. In this respect the cause is man made!
On 22 Aug 2019, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

BBC now reporting MPs saying everyone must give up cars to hit 2050 climate targets. I say: from January 1st 2020, any MP or active member of HoL plus any BBC employee caught using a car or a plane gets 20 years in prison with no right to appeal. Nothing like the 'leaders' setting an example by being first movers and facing the punishments they deserve for being champions of a policy they personally have zero intention of honouring, being 'elites who need to travel'.....
On 21 Aug 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

record bank holiday weekend temps predicted. Be prepared for MSM onslaught
On 20 Aug 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

FRED: good points on GFS etc. I've noted that too, though of course we always have to bear in mind the fallible track record in the longer term GFS predictions, especially when it comes to polar maritime outbreaks over the UK.
On 20 Aug 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

Aye the AGW folks are reveling in the demise of the Icelandic glacier and we will hear very little about the historical background. Much the same over weapons and artifacts coming out of melting ice that wasn't there when the artifacts or weapons were lost.
On 18 Aug 2019, Richard Bruce wrote:

There is a report on the BBC website that "Mourners are gathering in Iceland to commemorate the loss of Okjokull, which has died at the age of about 700." That must mean that at the end of the Medieval Warming Period, this glacier must have started forming. There is nothing in the article exploring the fact that most likely there were few or possibly no glaciers on Iceland during that period.
On 27 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Redhill aerodrome had an official weather station but it was ‘relocated’ to Gatwick as it showed too many ‘low’ temps and allegedly wasn’t a true representation......AGW propaganda
On 26 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

If ECM and GFS have it right....sone pretty impressive widespread arctic cold 850 Temps coming up over next 2 weeks......and interesting that US long term heat is being kept to SW US and not penetrating Canada.....and generally the same across the NH. Got a feeling about this winter....I wonder if Piers has forseen some signs of a serious NH winter ahead
On 26 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Widespread record cold in eastern Russia too. Yes the Tour De France storm was very interesting...what sudden cold in ‘hot climate’??
On 26 Jul 2019, Tony ex sub wrote:

I see stage 19 of tour de France called off due to hail and snow in the alps ....wonder if the media will highlight that ???
On 25 Jul 2019, Rich wrote:

The most notable thing again this summer on the back of s dry mild winter is how dry the summer has been, certainly in SE Cambs bar the blessed early June downpours that saved the garden and a hope pipe ban I suspect. The UK Cet was around average May June though July will be well above given current weather, Still waiting to see the run of below or even average months (as weather stations now surrounded by Tarmac) in UK. Arctic ice analysis coverage on track for a joint record low as per 2012... but that I know is dismissed as a lie by some, but not all.
On 21 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Re my comment....I’m thinking there’s a particularly widespread cold arctic this summer
On 21 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Pacific Northwest have witnessed the strongest July jetstream on record. The previous highest was 110 knots, they’ve just recorded 140knots. The weather people over there said it’s more like a January jetstream. So the record smashed by 30 knots......something is going on up above.....could this winter be the ‘kickstart’ one? I wonder how long it will take before they claim man made climate change is to blame? Piers, your thoughts on this event please?
On 20 Jul 2019, Lorraine wrote:

Lorraine// found in FB Esteban De Armas/ A 'Mini Ice Age' Is Coming in The Next 15 Years BEC CREW 13 JUL 2015 A new model that predicts the solar cycles more accurately than ever before has suggested that solar magnetic activity will drop by 60 percent between 2030 and 2040, which means in just 15 years’ time, Earth could sink into what researchers are calling a mini ice age.
On 07 Jul 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote: on the new sunspot = "Shortlived sunspots belonging to Solar Cycle 25 have already been reported on Dec. 20, 2016; April 8, 2018; Nov. 17, 2018; May 28 2019 and July 1, 2019. Now we can add July 7, 2019, to list. The quickening pace of new-cycle spots in 2019 confirms that the transition between Solar Cycle 24 and Solar Cycle 25 is underway." //"We also predict MAJOR Earthquakes + Volcanism ~8-11 July +/- 2 days" as well as the Cali quakes 15:08:39 UTC M6.9 MOLUCCA Sea Depth:20 Km 726 km S of Davao, Philippines. This is the start of an active R4 period so keep observing
On 07 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Wow...New Solar cycle 25 sunspot emerging here we go....expect some changes in traditional ‘forecasts’.
On 06 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

So as suspected the BBC highlight the 32c in Alaska (due to wild swings of the jetstream) and say its a worrying sign of AGW or Climate Change (convenience) yet ignore the snow in Turkey, the coldest July temps on record in Germany and other parts of the world. All due to WILD JETSTREAM LIA footprint....which is accelerating
On 06 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Another major quake at 7.1, again away from heavy population
On 05 Jul 2019, Graham Woodward wrote:

I voted to remain along with my two family members as at the time none seemed sure of what way to jump, however the will of the people who had elected to leave has been flouted. I now feel that we should have voted to leave the unaccountable bureaucratic organisation that is the EU as I can now see that we would be much better off. However I have no doubt that the EU would seek revenge by shutting down some of our industries that are heavily dependent upon them, however it is a question now of ‘no pain no gain’ as we would start to be better off within a couple of years. This does not mean that I agree with ex banker Farage and his lunatic brigade as I believe that they have always had a hidden agenda of privatisation, when most of what was privatised has been a mega mistake and need renationalising. I certainly cannot trust the Tories either on Europe as it was Edward Heath in the early 1070s that took us in to it, and then Thatcher dug us in deeper. Who said that a leopard cannot cha
On 04 Jul 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

M6.4 quake (reported as 6.6) in Southern California. Luckily away from population centres. Last quake of similar magnitude was 1994 which killed 57.
On 04 Jul 2019, Fred wrote:

Big eruption on Italian island, the 3rd notable one in last 2 weeks. Going to be very interesting over the next 10 days if Piers prediction is right which I suspect is very likely
On 03 Jul 2019, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

The biggest challenge is actually detribalising climate and getting folks on all sides to engage in adult fact-led discussions. There is still this oil industry vs socialist international grandstanding going on, with lie after lie told by both sides. Not to mention some accepting 50 million murders since 1945 but howling outrage about climate chancers. And energy ignorami proposing to waste £1trn on climate nonsense whilst howling about the evil of keeping people warm through gas Central heating. Politics needs some healthy, robust rebuttals not worrying about embarrassing some dangerous idiots.
On 02 Jul 2019, M Lewis wrote:

Looks like the BBC is finally waking up to the real cause of climate change - deforestation on a massive scale!
On 28 Jun 2019, Fred wrote:

There’s a sudden uptick with 2 large eruotions in Papua New Guinea and of coast of Kamchatka. That one is of interest, been dormant since 1924 and1778 before that. Is a real biggy coming in July?
On 27 Jun 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

Paul, Unfortunately there are bucket loads of MPs who are mere thespians. Too dumb to think of their own words. Lobby fodder brain dead biddable twats. Anyone with half a brain could have searched for answers on the present climate hysteria. These representatives are clearly substandard, witness their betrayal of the People's Revolt that was Brexit. Total innumeracy and mathematical incompetence are but by products of these sleazeballs.
On 26 Jun 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

I see that MPs have nodded through an amendment to Milibands Climate Change 2008 bill without a division, requiring total decarbonation by 2050 instead of the previous 80% reduction, at a cost of £1 Trilion or more. Let us hear no more wailing about the jobs lost and poverty caused by even the most doom laden EU exit scenario, as they are quite happy to sacrifice ten times as many jobs and cause ten times as much poverty on their green altar.
On 26 Jun 2019, Piers corbyn wrote: extreme Weather warning. The end June - early July heatwave in west Europe and Britain-Ireland was warned by WeatherAction 13 weeks ahead. After that a very important Solar activity and "RedWeather" period follows. From around 4 or 5 July we expect the first new sunspots / important activity for about 40days to appear on the Solar disc and be followed by a "RedWeather" extreme period ~8-11July of intense storms, hail, thunder, tornadoes, Tropical storm formation and floods in many places around the world (Specific longrange forecasts for Europe, Br & Ireland and Usa available via We also predict MAJOR EARTHQUAKES AND EXTRA VOLCANISM IN/AROUND THAT PERIOD. These events have nothing to do with CO2 or #ClimateEmergency / #ExtinctionRebellion propaganda which is orchestrated by the MSM, mega corporations and the super-rich - and is not to control climate but to control you. We encourage all followers of WeatherAction / @piers_corbyn to su