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Eugenics in inter-War years; Hitler's 'Master-Race'(extension of Eugenics); Stalin's Lysenkoism. 
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On 16 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

15˚C at 7.30, quite sunny with clouds and a light SE値y breeze, warming up considerably to a max of 26˚ out of the wind, dark clouds amassing on the northern horizon which in a different pressure situation would perhaps produced a thunderstorm, but only gave us a number of showers, some of them very heavy. Brightening up again for the end of the day, still 16˚ at 9pm, light NW値y breeze. So far, July has been reasonably summery apart from the cold start.
On 15 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

14˚ at 7.30 under a grey sky but the sun soon came out and we had one of these amazing blue sky days which we have almost come not to expect anymore in this cold & wet summer so far. Pretty stiff SE値y sea breeze after 10am but we still got 24˚ out of the wind, still clear in the evening with 15˚ at 9.30pm.
On 14 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Saturday: 15˚C at 7.30, overcast with a light NW値y breeze, max temp 22˚ in one sunny interlude, mostly cloudy with a couple of light showers, 13˚ at midnight when coming home from a gig. Sunday:14˚ at 7.30, cloudy with a light NW値y breeze, some good sunshine in the morning with a max temp of 21˚, cloudy & cooler in the afternoon, dry though, 13˚ at 9.30pm.
On 14 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Oh Dear. More peer reviewed publishing studies finding inconvenient truths. NO EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE FOR THE SIGNIFICANT ANTHROPOGENIC CLIMATE CHANGE, 29 Jun 2019 J. KAUPPINEN AND P. MALMI. Abstract. In this paper we will prove that GCM-models used in IPCC report AR5 fail to calculate the influences of the low cloud cover changes on the global temperature. That is why those models give a very small natural temperature change leaving a very large change for the contribution of the green house gases in the observed temperature. This is the reason why IPCC has to use a very large sensitivity to compensate a too small natural component. Further they have to leave out the strong negative feedback due to the clouds in order to magnify the sensitivity. In addition, this paper proves that the changes in the low cloud cover fraction practically control the global temperature.
On 13 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Serious harvest forecast woes in the US. Soya down 24% and grain/corn taking a big hit too due to wetness from Oct to May.
On 13 Jul 2019, C View wrote:

I see the learned BBC believes that climate change is causing hurricanes to move more slowly which causes all that extra moisture picked up by our warming atmosphere to cause worse flooding than before. Junk science doesn稚 even begin to describe this idea.
On 12 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

15˚C at 7.30, light and surprisingly mild NW値y wind, cloudy with intermittent warm, even hot sunshine and a max temp of 22˚, dry all day and bit cooler in the evening 14˚ at 10pm.
On 11 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

15˚C at 7.30, grey, damp & still with a lot of mist around, floating in and out, very muggy with a max temp of 22˚ under the cloud but no sign of the yellow warning thunderstorms, though in early afternoon the western sky was very black and by 4pm we had a short period of rain followed by a little sunshine, mostly light SE値y breeze, close evening with midges galore and 16˚ at 9.30pm. Happy to say that the cold is at bay for the time being. For thunderstorms this is a good site flagged up by Maria last year (?).
On 11 Jul 2019, M Lewis wrote:

Massive storms and people killed in Northern Greece.
On 10 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

16˚C at 7.30, raining in a light breeze from a generally SE値y direction, the rain continuing till midday, after which we had a dry, sunny and hot interlude with a max temp of 25˚ lasting to 4pm by which time cloud had moved in and it started raining quite heavily until 6pm and then off & on till late, 15˚ at 9.30pm. Good growthy weather if you can keep on top of the weeds.
On 10 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

I feel there is more than a whiff of hyprocracy in the wailing about the clearing of part of the Amazon Rainforest. Most of UK and Europe was forest until we Europeans chopped nearly all of it down in the lalast few thousand years. Wonder how many of these protesters are willing to demolish their own house/factory/farm and have the land taken out of economic use and planted with oak and other indigenous hardwood in perpetuity?
On 10 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Rhys, not just any old evidence but Peer Reviewed Evidence "Oscillations of the Baseline of Solar Magnetic Field and Solar Irradiance on a Millennial Timescale" Valentina Zharkova et al. Online at
On 10 Jul 2019, Andy B 45D wrote:

M Lewis I don't believe the Amazon forests have that much effect globally as there was huge areas cultivated in previous civilisations as shown by the earth works that have appeared in recently cleared areas
On 10 Jul 2019, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Paul, Beds: where is any remote evidence for a Maunder Minimum? Please document how you even know what to look for, as solar observations back then were extremely primitive. Evidence is more cogent for a Dalton-style minimum. I am a professed skeptic but I have no time for ice age scaremongering either. I believe things will get cooler up to 2035, but we as a species survived 1940-975 somehow or other when temperatures were lower than today. If there really are detailed physical models of the solar dynamo with 50 years of prospective predictions out there, point me to them. But until then think 1810 as a benchmark, not 1684.....
On 10 Jul 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

GERRY 45D: indeed Gerry, I quite often go to the Norwegian Weather Service reports and knew about the recent cold spell and fresh snows, but of course it didn't feature in the MSM sources.
On 10 Jul 2019, M Lewis wrote:

Well the BBC has produced an excellent report on the rape and destruction of the Amazon Rainforest by the Brazil Government and big greedy corporate business. This is the major driver of increased CO2 levels across our Planet Earth!
On 09 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Craig I don't think there is much doubt that rising food prices resulting from the 2006-11 drought, coupled with extraordinary population growth and a resultant young population together with the crash in oil price during the economic crises of 2008-9 hobbling the governments finances explain the tinderbox situation in Syria. What actually ignited the flames and whether the drought was due to man made climate change as lazily claimed in many quarters is another matter. The maunder level minimum forecast from 2020-2055 and the effect of that on food prices will be far more severe. By 2055 when serious (natural) warming resumes, I suspect the man made climate change brigade will stand utterly discredited and ridiculed but alas there will be far more pressing issues to real with in the intervening years if historical accounts of what happened in the maunder minimum are anything to go by. We will be lucky if we avoid biblical levels of famine, especially if major volcanic eruptionsoccu
On 09 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

12˚C at 7.30, light rain, SE値y breeze which gradually turned into the SW & W, rain continuous until 4pm but nice & mild with a top temp of 18˚, still 16˚ at 9.30pm. We have warmth & humidity so that should keep the veg growing nicely. == Paul, re depopulation, I don稚 think the consequence is unintended. Although not related to climate, what the Chinese are doing to the Uigurs is nothing short of genocide. Climate change is part of Project Fear, fearful people are far more controllable.
On 09 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Well, well, well..
On 09 Jul 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Paul you'll most likely find the Syrian civil war was plain old interference by foreign governments and NGOs stirring the pit (in the context of the Arab revolutions of the time) and nothing to do with the climate. === === It's pushed by the same whack jobs who claim everything is climate, like the recent European heatwave which Piers not they forecast long in advance, but not even their models can back cast it === === they are the Enron of the science world. Money grabbing fraudsters.
On 09 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

I think they just want their comforts and their position at the leading edge of society (as they see it) to be maintained and disproportionally fear anything that will peturb that. The little people are of no consequence other than to be appeased with bred and circuses to keep them quiescent. If we head into a mini ice age then those with much have a lot further to fall than the man in the street. Is it a coincidence that the French Revolution came at the beginning of the Dalton Minimum? I read a while back that a major trigger of the insurrection against the government that sparked the Syrian civil war was rising food prices. Similarly is the unrest in Hong Kong and the high price of vegetables this year in China due to excessive cold decimating crops entirely unrelated?
On 09 Jul 2019, Gerry 45d 164ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

Paddy - I think most of them are just ignorant with a bit of stupidity added on. That their measures to 'combat' global warming will deliver on depopulation is an unforeseen consequence. The main aim is definitely a UN World government of left wing commissars. Ron - The Norwegians closed a couple of passes recently because of snow and the risk of stranding and these were in mid Norway not up north. And it seems that the forecast for the northern UK is in line with Piers with warnings being issued.
On 08 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

7˚C overnight, 10˚ at 7.30, a day of mostly brilliant sunshine and blue skies with a max temp of 22˚, lighter winds today starting of NW値y & gradually turning into the SE and S and getting colder again, 12˚ by 9.30pm, a lot of rain forecast for tomorrow. == Paul, Beds, tell me if I知 wrong but I think the CO2 scam is in part designed to make us all ill prepared for what痴 coming so that a maximum number of people die - depopulation agenda.
On 08 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Looks like this is what we might be in for in the coming decades Natures Mutiny, the little ice age
On 08 Jul 2019, Richard Bruce wrote:

I have been monitoring the Met Office forecast and at the end of last week, the period 8-12th July was going to be dry. Now suddenly it has changed to become wet on Tuesday with the threat of thunderstorms on Thursday (11th).The correlation with the R5 period of 8-11th seems uncanny.
On 08 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

A chilly cloudy breezy 12ーC in Beds this morning. Warmer and sunnier in central London.
On 07 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

10˚C at 7.30, brrr, even in the sun because of the cold N値y wind which blew all day, cloudy morning with intermittent sunny spells during which it got quite warm for a very brief moment and then stone cold again, quite a few light showers in the morning, brightening up during the afternoon with a max temp of 17˚ for a few seconds, cool but sunny end to the day, 12˚ at 9pm.
On 07 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

13ー overcast and a chilly breeze this morning replacing the humididity. Agree with Paddy that it is distinctly autumnal. Last night the evening light under the deep clouds had a sinister yellow tint. We await this weeks events.....
On 06 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Saturday night video spot, 23 mins: World In Midst of Carbon Drought (w/ Prof. William Happer, Princeton University). It痴 from 2015 and still relevant, of course. Happer is cool & cogent, good one to pass on to those who need it :-)
On 06 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, cold N値y wind, some bright spots during the morning when temps rose to 17˚ but then a pretty cloudy & dry afternoon, with some light rain late evening. While out for a walk wife & I said to each other simultaneously that there was an autumnal nip in the air; stoicism is and advantage in this kind of July weather, while our French & Swiss relatives swelter in 35˚+! 11˚ again by 9.30pm, the stove has been on more often than not so far this summer.
On 06 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

RIP Christopher 'Barkworth' Booker.
On 05 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

14˚C at 7.30, sunny start but we had a mostly cloudy day with a few sunny spots in between with light winds from variable quarters, it got to a max of 21˚ but only for the briefest moment, not nearly as warm overall as forecast by Vimtobeeb, short bit of rain after 4pm, somewhat sunny again in the evening and still 17˚ at 9pm. The lame stream forecast is not showing any warming soon and I知 beginning to think that last weekend痴 warmth might indeed have been our summer; and I know a man who knows about these things.
On 05 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

A warm sticky night and 15.4 at 6AM. More like normal weather, but sfter a half decent 24 today the Met Office forecasting a max high of 20 at best for the next week. Minima of 12-13 forecast but we shall see.
On 04 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

14˚C at 7.30, overcast with a light SW値y breeze, light rain starting up at 7 and not stopping till early evening with occasional heavier falls, max temp 16˚, down to 13˚ by 9pm. Typical July weather now, better get used to it, warmth forecast for tomorrow though, just for the day.
On 04 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

-1.6 ground frost in eastern Holland this morning, breaking the record for the coldest ever July temperature.
On 03 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

6˚C overnight, 12˚ at 7.30, a mostly cloudy day with few sunny intervals, very light NW値y breeze so we had an occasional muggy spell, max temp 20˚, down to 15˚ by 10.30pm, lots of rain forecast for tomorrow. Luckily, our neighbour got his hay baled tonight; veg growing reasonably well though all depends now on reasonable warmth and light for the rest of the summer, as soon enough we will notice the nights coming in earlier.
On 03 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Meanwhile Zharkova et al have published a scientic paper warning of several centuries of solar caused warming, of 0.5-1C per century. However before warmists get too excited it dosent start until 2055. From 2020-2055 a grand 'Maunder' minimum awaits which we seem to be seeing the first autumn breezes of. No doubt warmists will try and blame C02 but as the cold and food shortages kick in they will become discredited long before its over in 2055.
On 03 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Agreed Paddy, the margin for error just goes. I think we will come to be very grateful for plastic ie polytunnels in the next few years. 6.5 At 04.34 at local amateur station at Clifton. When I got up at 6AM there was a nasty cold blast from the north coming through the kitchen window which I had ieft open. More like late September tban July. And it seems this is just the beginning. Food growing is going to take a lot of skill. Wonder how the west (and rest) will cope with high food prices and shortages. 1/2
On 02 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, totally still and quite sunny to begin with but then a fresh NW値y wind got up which lasted all day, a few showers in the morning but otherwise dry and quite sunny, max temp 21˚, back down to 12˚ by 10pm. == Paul Beds., I agree and we値l have to make use of all the help we can get, i.e. propagators, poly tunnels & fleece etc. I was too busy with other things this spring, so wasn稚 always on the ball re sowing early enough, regret it now. How we will cope with this on a bigger scale remains to be seen.
On 02 Jul 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

11.7 this morning at 7am and chilly. It is this sort of thing that worries me, it slow growth, make plants like courgettes more vulnerable to pests and shorten the cropping season. How hot it gets this afternoon is far less of an issue. And we are barely into this minimum
On 01 Jul 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

13˚C at 7.30, mostly cloudy with a strong W値y wind which only abated somewhat by evening, not much sunshine but the occasional ray produced quite some warmth, only for the cold to return as soon as it disappeared behind the clouds, this sudden chilling is a phenomenon that many of us have observed over the last few years; max temp 18, down to 12˚ by 9.30pm.
On 01 Jul 2019, DaveT wrote:

Does anybody know when Piers will release the July forecast for Europe? We are off to France on the 5th.
On 01 Jul 2019, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Paul there have certainly been a few dry springs the past seven years or so in NW London, but you could have said the same in the mid 1980s with a few roasting hot summers back to back. There is currently plenty margin of safety on crops like potatoes, carrots, beetroot, leeks, parsnip, onion etc. Imagine a 2C cooling in the SE and we could still grow what Scotland grows, even if squash, tomatoes, French climbing beans might have to be sacrificed. The real challenge is optimising soil to ensure optimal water retention and plant growth. That is climate-independent....
On 01 Jul 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

GERRY: Aye, interesting about the recent volcanic activity (also reported in Iceagenow) and predicted by Piers for some time ahead. Also note your comments on the snowpack situation, which is all the more interesting in respect of the reports in the Norwegian Weather Service site ( a warmist one at that) of the long cold period in the Nordic countries this summer, including fresh snowfalls.
On 01 Jul 2019, Bill S (N E Wales) wrote:

June ends warm although it was for the main part cool and often cloudy here. Total of 180 mm rain in the month ended June with 8th being wettest with over 40 mm. Cool and breezy today
On 01 Jul 2019, Steve Devine wrote:

Hi Paul. Yes indeed this will become an increasingly desperate situation. A friend of mine on Twitter is an avid follower of Piers and does his own research based on solar and oceanic activity. He predicts widespread cold, shortening growing seasons and inevitable food shortages from 2027-2035 especially. This is just the beginning...
On 30 Jun 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

16˚C at 7.30, brilliantly sunny with a light W値y breeze which beefed up considerably during the day, bringing in cooler air, got up to a respectable 24˚ nevertheless, we had a great time lying in the sun (in shelter) on the beach & having supper in the garden, just. It got rather cooler by 8pm and tomorrow looks like a cool one, maybe these last three days were our summer, haha, 14˚ at 9pm. Quite a bunch of thunderstorms last night with two pulses of heavy rain, neighbour got his haylage all baled but hay still lying. == Anybody here catch this? Way over my head, Massive Wave of Energy Strikes the Earth/Unknown Origin
On 30 Jun 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

I'm sure your brother can confirm this Piers, but vegetable growing has got harder in the last few years. Since ~2010 summer rain has become more irregular, with a trend towards periods of feast and famine rather than steady/regular. The main factor though is chillier weather in evenings, nights and mornings in late spring and early autumn squeezing the season at both ends. If this is going to get worse in a minimum, I can see real problems with food shortages and real skill is going to be needed to get crops to harvest.
On 30 Jun 2019, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 164ft wrote:

It was found when the greenies were wetting themselves that the UK had been coal-free for 2 whole weeks that the truth was somewhat different. Most people think of France when it comes to the power interconnector but there is also one to the Netherlands. During this magical 2 weeks this interconnector was in full flow. Sitting at the end of it is.......a coal-fired power station. In the crazy world that is now the UK, it is cheaper to import coal power than it is to use our own remaining stations. Much cooler today so far. Hit 84F just after 1pm yesterday with the thermometer in the shade. Went up to 90F later. The legacy media are ignoring all the snowpack, snowfall and cold going on around the world. Four volcanoes have now fired off in a number of days so welcome to solar minimum.
On 30 Jun 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Nice to hear a little thunder yesterday and see a flash or 2 of lightning but although we were on an Orange thunderstorm warning it was only really a few hours with the rumbling mostly in the distance on n off and a few thunder style rain showers so we didnt get the brunt of it here. Friday also was not as hot as predicted and remained mostly cloudy and humid all day with a few sneak peaks of sunshine. Yesterday though ended up being warmer than Friday and although only showing 24 deg there were some intense bursts of sunshine & heat, the tunnel doors had both been open all day and by afternoon it was hard to keep cooler than 35 deg, must get a shade net sorted. Cooler last night as a light breeze present. After a sunny ish start cloudy and 16 deg now at 10 a.m looks like showers possible.
On 29 Jun 2019, Bill S ( N E Wales) wrote:

Muggy start 18.5 c at 630. Funny old day, peculiar clouds early on. Predominantly cloudy but some sunny spells around lunch time and early afternoon,temperature lifted quite well. Max 30.3c at 2-3pm generally mid 20s though for most of the day. Shower late afternoon dropping temp by about 8-10c 17c in cool westerly this evening.
On 29 Jun 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

19˚C at 7.30, that must be a record for quite a number of years for us here, a mere trifle compared to 45˚ in France yesterday! Temps rising steadily to a sweltering (for us) 28˚, at one moment it looked like it was going to rain but didn稚. SW値y breeze all day, writing this at 6pm as we are having serious thunderstorms approaching for the last hour & I値l have to switch off my computer if I don稚 want to get it fried as has happened before, still 21˚ now. Tropical downpour now.
On 29 Jun 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Knew it went to bed feeling sick at 1.30 a.m and woke at 6.30 a.m to the sound of rumbling thunder 😁 nice way to wake up
On 28 Jun 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

13˚C at 7.30, foggy until 9 when the sun started to appear through the low clouds drifting in of the sea in a strong SE値y breeze which kept going all day, coolish in the wind but max temp still 22˚ in more sheltered parts of the farm, in the evening we could see the haar lurking over the sea but it never made it inland, just cloudy, 14˚ by 9pm. Happy to report that the cucumbers in our veg tunnel are now picking up and the climbing French beans are shooting up while we have an abundance of strawberries. == Susan Cruse, here is a link to a critical short video on Irelands own Green New Deal that you described recently
On 28 Jun 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

It was actually hot today, too hot for the tiny one to scoot about outside and she did not seem happy today with the heat, even in the carrier picking dinner out the garden one of her favourite jobs next to watering, thankfully she cheered up this evening when we got back outside where she loves it most, had a munch on a big fat juicy peach outta my hand and roamed around with nature moving fast across the grass checking out all her favourite places, a lovely breeze and a gr8 eve playing outside :-) 18 deg with a real feel of 16 now at midnight.
On 27 Jun 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

14˚C at 7.30, glorious sunshine in a light SE値y breeze which inevitably got stronger during the day, i.e. a proper sea breeze, went down to Dundee in the morning where it was quite windy in the town. As we drove back we noticed more clouds moving in off the sea but we still had a brilliant afternoon with a max temp of 22˚ again and only in the early evening did the haar move in. Our neighbours are making hay, so here痴 hoping that it値l lift again tomorrow morning, haar is the bane of the east cost in HP weather, 13˚ at 9pm.
On 26 Jun 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

We've had some greatly improved weather to enjoy and work with this last few days & although much warmer today there was still a chill wind and the kind of wind this evening that warns of instability in the weather. ( Side note a fab funnel cloud pic on Irish Weather Online fb page a day or 2 ago in Galway I think it was) Max temps between 19 - 22 deg 14 - 15 by night A couple of even warmer days possible with a thundery showery weekend forecast as cooler air moves East. // Siouxzi you summed up spot on and can relate to what you feel and say.
On 26 Jun 2019, Siouxzi wrote:

Basically, this Co2 agenda appears to uphold rampant CONsumerism in the guise of environmentalism. They scared people by saying that our children will not know what snow looks like. (How quaint.) My concern is that if we continue with these Co2 reduction agendas. Our children won't know what a tree looks like! Hopi Prophecy Rock. When technology advances without wisdom, the path will end. Ironic really.
On 26 Jun 2019, Siouxzi wrote:

Either way, we need to widen our focus, look at the big picture and stop seeing these issues as seperate from the other issues around us because it is all tied in together. When we rely on trade to ensure peace (protection racket comes to mind) then mother earth becomes a resource, and corporations are required to make goods to trade with. The moral focus is on peace. This then becomes the justification for all other actions. Use less resources in the product and call it sustainable. Co2 friendly too. When your flimsy product breaks down in three years time, we can sell you another one. We will stop using coal and clean the air and look like we are against raping the planet of her resources. We will use nuclear power as it is considered clean. No one will question us about the uranium it uses, being taken from the Australian outback, polluting the water, soil etc. It's handy cos it's killing off the Aboriginals too, that know how we should be living and the consequence of our actions
On 26 Jun 2019, Siouxzi wrote:

We need to use our deepest wisdom, at this juncture because whether this is some cabalistic dark agenda with all it's usual trappings of half truths that create division. Create a problem, keep creating fear and repeating the same rhitoric until the people look to you to save them and will happily give away their power and freedom, to stay safe. Then mend the problem. ("Ooh that's handy, when a little ice age hits, we can say that our methods worked. By the time they realise that we were not really looking after the planet it will be too late. They are already trapped in the system. So glad that clever scientist at Oxford Uni, invented that appliance that is even better than trees. (That's real, look it up.) How much shall we charge for air I wonder?") Or maybe we are a whole bunch of people clinging onto this rock, we call home. With just a couple of hundred years of climate data, a few ice cores and some bedrock and a whole lot of questions and doing our best to find solutions.
On 26 Jun 2019, Siouxzi wrote:

As an environmentalist, I smell a very big rat and it's not coming from the "deniers" camp. The focus on Co2, appears to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. It keeps our focus off the real issue, which is to work in balance, harmony and respect with nature/ mother earth. This is where our power and servival really lay. This would necessitate us to be less consumer driven and would require goods to be made to a high quality and last much longer, ensuring we move away from being a throw away society. Our focus would be on mother earth. The Co2 green agenda that we are currently pursuing is based primarily on our own servival with enough faux ecological solutions in there to make it look like we are helping the planet and all her beings. This is why it is working to get so many people to beg for a blank cheque, to deal with Co2, at any cost. Unfortunately, from what I can see, it will cost us the very earth that many want to save. We need to widen our focus/ debate. Look much deeper.
On 26 Jun 2019, Piers corbyn wrote: extreme Weather warning. The end June - early July heatwave in west Europe and Britain-Ireland was warned by WeatherAction 13 weeks ahead. After that a very important Solar activity and "RedWeather" period follows. From around 4 or 5 July we expect the first new sunspots / important activity for about 40days to appear on the Solar disc and be followed by a "RedWeather" extreme period ~8-11July of intense storms, hail, thunder, tornadoes, Tropical storm formation and floods in many places around the world (Specific longrange forecasts for Europe, Br & Ireland and Usa available via We also predict MAJOR EARTHQUAKES AND EXTRA VOLCANISM IN/AROUND THAT PERIOD. These events have nothing to do with CO2 or #ClimateEmergency / #ExtinctionRebellion propaganda which is orchestrated by the MSM, mega corporations and the super-rich - and is not to control climate but to control you. We encourage all followers of WeatherAction / @piers_corbyn to
On 25 Jun 2019, Bill S (N E Wales) wrote:

Last 2 days see lots of gas and coal ( what痴 left of it) running to make up for the shortfall in wind and solar ( lack of). See if bbc report that. The cloudy June weather continues.
On 25 Jun 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

GFS very shy about doing a full run prediction whereas Piers was getting his in ( accurately) from a long way off.
On 25 Jun 2019, Siouxzi wrote:

Cont. Many of these green solutions and policies are extremely damaging to the environment and the wildlife, including us! The focus on Co2, if anything, detracts from the environment. This whole green fiasco for profit, is probably doing more damage to the environment than not doing anything at all. It just keeps the profit wheels turning, replacing working products, with environmentally friendly (not) ones that lower Co2 just keep using more resources, create more junk, use more power to create. All under the disguise of being the right thing to do. This is not working with nature but against it. I just wish people would wake up to this. We are all in this together and we will all feel the brunt of the ridiculous policies that are being pushed on us. We really do need people from all sides of the debate to get together and have a mature discussion and I wish environmentalist would see that this is what Piers is trying to do. So yet again Piers, thank you so much for all you do.
On 25 Jun 2019, Siouxzi wrote:

Occasional subscriber, in snow season. Hi Piers, I just want to say a huge big thank you for all the wonderful work you do. I am an avid green environmentalist and spent years doing environmental workshops with young people, teaching about global warming and promoting agenda 21. However, I like to look at an issue from all angles, to see the bigger picture from a (hopefully) more balanced perspective. As a result of lurking on your site for many years, I realized that "non believers" were not fascists, ignorant, uncaring, self servers, but we're intelligent, free thinking, educated, caring people, with the credible facts to back up their logic. I no longer believe the Co2 myth. "I have seen the light" Haha. I care deeply about our planet and all her creatures. I agree with the native American Indians and other indigenous peoples perspective, that humans are the guardians of our planet and her wildlife because if we aren't, we end up in the mess we are in now.