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This blog started 13 March 2019 with advent of new Season

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Piers Corbyn says Sir David Attenborough's UN-IPCC (COP24) and Davos climate alarms are FakeScience
- at Press News Event Frid 7 Dec John Harvard Library, Borough, London Bridge Live streamed - How Science shows David Attenborough is wrong on Climate, where next in the fight against #Globalwarming fake science - Agenda 21 - Fuel Price hikes and Social Cleansing - enquiries 07958713320  IT was a great event. Piers Corbyn and Philip Foster both are well qualified physicists both spoke and THREE video streams were taken:-

Piers Corbyn on July heatwaves & extremes across the world, Comment 26 July 2018:-
predicted the July heatwaves in Europe, UK+Ireland and notable cold in East USA months ahead using solar activity methods. 
The idea of a 'world heatwave' or that these events are anything to do with Man-made CO2 is delusional nonsense. Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctic have HUGE AMOUNTS of NEW ice, Australia is record cold, extreme cold in South America is killing large numbers of Llamas. Parts of North Russia have been the coldest on record for this time of year.
Overall the world is colder than normal and will get colder in coming years; yet the media put forward insane fictional scare stories about more people to die in heatwaves. Death by cold is more common and it is that which will increase in coming years made worse by energy poverty driven by anti-CO2 policies . The notable thing about the present and recent months is the extremes, large rapid changes within days and huge contrasts between regions. 
The cause is the wild Jet-Stream, as expected by our Solar-Lunar theory, especially its long North-South sweeps in both hemispheres. CO2 has no role in this whatsoever and the Main-Stream media are dishonestly exaggerating warmth and ignoring major cold events simply to promote their deluded world view and exploitative anti-CO2 policies.

Galactic Cosmic Rays - weather theory is BadPhysics.
The flow of Galactic Comic Rays (#GCR) into the solar system is modulated by the strength of the Sun's magnetic field - the 11year cycle. For GCR to be the agents of Earth weather (temperature) changes (eg via modulation of cloud formation by GCR) therefore REQUIRES the main Earth weather cycle to be the solar 11 year. However THIS IS NOT OBSERVED. The hugely dominant world temperature data signal is 22 years - the MAGNETIC CYCLE OF THE SUN. This is because the magnetic cycle of the Sun controls the connectivity of Solar wind particles from the Sun to the Earth which drives Earth weather. GCR flux (a mix of positive and negative particles from different directions) to Sun and Earth is not affected by the direction of the Sun's field only the size of it.
The total energy of Solar wind particle flux is 300x the total GCR energy flux. Therefore we say the GCR-Earth weather theory (whatever the importance of GCR in interstellar activity) is 99.7% wrong.

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On 18 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

10˚C at 7.30, steady rain carrying on from overnight and keeping going for most of the day with a mostly E値y light wind, back to winter food at lunchtime, max temp 12˚, getting foggy in afternoon & all evening, rain stopped around 5pm, 10˚ by 10.30pm.
On 17 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

Up in Nairn yesterday where it was really warm throughout, 23˚C, except on the beach in the evening where the SE値y wind was quite strong and cold. As we drove back today, stopping at Inverurie, we noticed the car thermometer dropping from 17˚ to 15˚ by the time we got home, a real cold NE値y sea breeze blowing here, strange contrast between brilliant sunshine & cold air, apparently we are in for a soaking overnight and tomorrow. Well, it started raining at 7.30, still going strong now at 9.30pm, 10˚ but the wind has calmed down.
On 15 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

10˚C at 7.30, sunny and still but by 10 the SE値y sea breeze got up and the atmosphere turned quite hazy, this cleared up by midday, we had deep blue sky and a max temp of 22˚ out of the wind, which had strengthened and cooled quite a bit so we felt too hot and too cold at the same time, depending on where we were working, this is part of living on the East Coast about 4 miles from the sea. Haar moving in by 6pm, making it feel really cool, still foggy at 10pm with 10˚ again. Tomorrow looks to be a repeat performance.
On 14 May 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Well not quite as warm as met had hoped for us but it's been great to be outside and although its had the chill breeze I've been out working in tshirt & shorts so no complaints, tomatoes have started getting their first flowers so can't wait for them to open and start fruit production, likewise cucumbers are catching up almost to start flowering, will be great to have something to go with the various lettuces and to just eat off the land again. I wonder if like moon gardening solar effects gardening will become a thing, maybe it is.. Out-East enjoy the light show, must be so amazing to watch
On 14 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, wall to wall sunshine all day with a max temp of 25˚ out of the wind, the latter at first a N値y breeze & then SE値y sea breeze which kept things nice and fresh, clear moonlit evening & night, 9˚ at 10.30pm.
On 14 May 2019, out_east wrote:

Expecting one of the brightest most visible aurora of the last 10 years this evening, despite a bright moon, and the beginning of white nights. The beginning of the CME arrival started in the last 12 hours, but it appears this could reach KP8, followed by a 2nd impact on the 16th, which should set off bright aurora visible all over Northern Russia, Baltic States, Finland, Sweden and northern England. Magnetometers are already registering high magnetic field fluctuations and a 80-95GW global energy level. Southern lights are clearly even stronger right now.
On 13 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

8˚C at 7.30, sunny and feeling milder than of late, though when the sun disappeared for a couple of hours after midday it felt markedly colder in the fresh S値y wind but when it came out again we had a cracking max temp of 23˚, great sunny end to the day as well with 13˚ at 9pm. Planted out my leeks today, they can stand a bit of cold and even a touch of frost if we should have any, more going out tomorrow but fleece will be on hand in case of need. out_east, always interesting to hear from you.
On 13 May 2019, out_east wrote:

Heat wave in URAL right now.... temps went up suddenly last week from 5-8C to 25 then 28, then hit 31C for several days. The sudden heat ends today. The warmth extended as far west as Moscow, but nowhere else for what is turning out to be a miserable cold may everywhere I go. Further north, the cold spring continues in St Petersburg, and all along the Baltic area,- communal heating had to be put back on after a warm April, most of the trees are still not yet fully in leaf. This week we expect 0C/frosts again at night, & all that can be seen is low pressure systems swarming. Last year's may warmth from the south of France/rhone valley is a thing of the past. The mountains behind Grasse are covered in snow. Right now, rain showers came & strong mistral meaning the med & swimming pools are cold enough not to want to swim in them. UK was freezing cold with hail showers and a raw north wind 10 days ago. When will this freezing cold spring end?
On 12 May 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

*sorry meant 7th not 6th !-)
On 12 May 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Finished strimming & grass cutting Monday 6th and then the rain began just after, continued wet and a bit breezy on n off so back to polytunnel work then picked up around after midweek with a def. Improvement by Friday and the weekend has been great with some good sunshine max 17/18 deg ish flat bottom clouds too but dry and only the chilly se'ly wind to remind you summer technically not till next month. Holding off planting out some veg as still have cool nights.
On 12 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, 3˚ overnight, very sunny but cool start with a light NW値y breeze which then changed into a SE値y wind blowing for most of the day, another splendid sunny one with the old flat bottomed clouds but no showers, got up to 18˚ with us in shelter, still 7˚ at 10pm.
On 11 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, sunny all day with winds from a generally N値y direction, lots of flat bottomed clouds again but only very few showers, max temp 16˚, lovely clear evening and 4˚ at 10pm, could possibly lead to a frost. == David (Yorkshire), Richard Pinder: I know there are positives coming out of a growing environmental awareness, and about time too, but the tragedy (as I like to call it) is that the emotions of good and well-intentioned people are being hijacked by globo-marxo-lefto $h!+birds, not to speak of brainwashing children and young impressionable people. I do put my hope in an increasing number of people waking up.
On 11 May 2019, Richard Pinder wrote:

I have just read an article in a local newspaper about an Orwellian Climate Change organisation called 滴ope for the Future. Apparently the article shows pupils being indoctrinated by a climate change programme. It shows the local Tory MP visiting the school. The MP says that the pupils 塗ave been working hard to produce Climate Change campaigns The Tory MP was attending the Schools climate change campaign day. It means that politicians are being lobbied by school children who have been indoctrinated by an organisation supported by Members of Parliament, and funded indirectly by the government through a huge network of other charities. The scam also includes lovely soft nice phrases like 澱etter the world for all living thinks 巴ringing to life what children are learning and 菟rotecting the environment. Is there any way that parents could stop this left-wing indoctrination of their children. Legally threaten the School Headmaster, etc.
On 10 May 2019, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

Some positives will come of this so called climate emergency for the UK and wider . Hopefully less air pollution, litter, plastic issues and more recycling. it's not all.bad if our children grow up with habits of recycling. Now for the weather, I'm sure someone said Months ago, it would be a cold and wet Spring??
On 10 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, sunny until late afternoon, fairly cold SE - S値y wind but the sun made up for it with a max temp of 16˚, again lots of flat bottomed clouds with no showers though light rain came only by late evening from a by then overcast sky, 7˚ at 9pm. == C view & Steve, I also heard that nonsense on the radio this morning, they池e really getting desperate because more & more people are waking up. I think the upcoming European elections will likely pour a lot of cold water on much of this, pun intended.
On 10 May 2019, steve wrote:

Yes, I agree with the previous post. We only have to look at websites like Ventusky to see the latest temperature (and other) data from all over the world via satellites. Today's shows Arctic sea - mostly -5 to -7C as we end the Arctic spring/go into its summer. And Antarctic continent - mostly -40 to -65C as we go into its late autumn/early winter. Every time I have seen some crackpot 'info' or 'action plan' to do with 'global warming' I have directed people to the actual conditions shown on these websites - and the nonsense usually dries up (but never an acknowledgement from them that its best to check facts first). The BBC etc acts as if we don't have access to the internet!
On 10 May 2019, C View wrote:

OMG please someone save us from this madness. A group of so called scientists ( basically a bunch of folk who have come up with an idea for research funding) has been formed at Cambridge University to look at ways of ''repairing the climate''. This includes looking at ideas such as re-freezing the poles, I didn't realise they were unfrozen, putting reflective material into space to bounce back heat from the sun and greening the oceans to name but a few of their madcap plans.
On 09 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, sunny but with a sharp & cold NE値y wind which blew all day, lots of sunshine with beautiful flat bottomed clouds, max temp 12˚, still feels like April but in shelter from the wind the sun feels really warm, still only very few swallows, none have settled with us yet. 5˚ by 9.30pm.
On 08 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, rain brought in on a SE値y wind, which blew all day, gradually moving into the NE. Pretty wet all morning with only occasional dry lulls, drier in the afternoon though with a max temp of 9˚, showers again by evening with more rain to come, judging from the radar images, until the LP moves out into the N Sea, 5˚ by 9pm. By Monday, things should begin to warm up according to the Vimtobeeb.
On 08 May 2019, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

The SLF have put up their avalanche season report for winter 2018/19: Northern Switzerland had much snowier than average winter, with records set in Eastern areas for 10-day snowfall figures in early January. However, the winter only started in the North on Christmas Eve. Extreme cold was also recorded in January. The south had a mild winter with less snowfall than average, despite an early start in late October and heavy falls in early April. This shows that going 15 miles across the Hauptkamm can greatly affect seasonal weather, since snowfall may arrive from different points on the compass in different locations. A variety of measuring stations have recorded all time snow depth records from early January onwards, showing that more snow is falling at altitude than before.
On 07 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, grass frost, white roof but no ground frost, quite sunny to start with but clouding over by lunchtime, until then, temp managed to get to a max of 14˚, thereafter it felt much colder in the NE値y breeze which blew all day, some light showers during the middle of the day, 5˚ at 9.30pm.
On 06 May 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

A slight cover of frost on the window at some point early morn. On Sunday and later in the morning although some bright spells it was chilly when you stopped still but pleasant enough to be out in, max 14 deg. Not sure if it's too late but put some maincrop spuds and onions in. The big trees around us are finally coming to life and its great to see their vivid green leaves taking back their place on the branches. Today bank holiday still a lot of high cloud around and sunny spells max around 12 deg but chilly & looks like change on the way as it clouded over by eve. 7 deg at 11pm
On 06 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, sunny all day with the obligate NW値y wind, reduced in strength from previous days, fabulous cumulus cloudscapes, occasional light showers of rain and hail, max temp 14˚, down to 3˚ by 10pm and quite still, so a frost can be expected.
On 06 May 2019, Fred wrote:

Piers Another 礎ig sunspot appearing....this minima doesn稚 seem to be deepening any further. Is this anticipated? Does this have consequences?
On 06 May 2019, Paul Bedfordshire wrote:

Are aircraft the direct cause of global warming? How Herman Goering and Bin L aden may have inadvertently unsettled the science
On 06 May 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

(45 total was 9.2 days). Similarly Kew is Nov 0.2/ Dec 0.8 (0.) / Jan 1.0 (2.1) / Feb 0.9 (1) Mar 0.5 (0.4)/ Apr 0.1 giving a grand total of 3.5 (4.4) days of 50% or more lying snow cover in suburban London with a range of 0-20. So what does this tell you? That down Sth, in the early part of the 20thC snow was *not* that common. Southport (Merseyside) ranges 0-28, Ushaw (Durham) 3-69, West Linton (Sth Scotland) 13-88. So this period of natural warming, in the first part of the 20thC, seems quite analogous to the recent warming period. Considering the low averages for March snow, it also makes you realise how the 2 beasts from the east were very special & very rare. Our lack of historical awareness is why the globalist agenda, now in full swing, is able to push Greta and the Climate Emergency meme. The people pushing this, not those vulnerable caught in the delusion, are sick. Help them wake up by spreading the truth not propaganda. === ===
On 06 May 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Was reading 'Snow Cover in the British Isles' by Gordon Manley in Met Magazine Feb 1947: He points out the difficulty of how observers subjectively defined 50% snow cover at 9AM so that the early part of these records is unreliable, although it did improve. A good example of the problems with these definitions were the winters of '40 '42 which "provided a considerable number of days when a thin powdering of snow covered considerably more than half of a large grass playing field adjacent to the writers' house. But ploughland in the neighbourhood at the same time did not give an impression of prevailing snow cover at all...nearly thee-quarters of Cambridgeshire is ploughland". What I found most interesting were the averages for this early period. Sticking with Cambridge 1912-38 (data until -45 in brackets) was Nov 0.3 (0.2) / Dec 1.7 (1.5) / Jan 2.3 (3.6) / Feb 2.1 (2.6) / Mar 1.1 Apr 0.2 or just 7.7 days of snow cover per year with a range of 0-32 days.....
On 05 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, fairly sunny with NW値y breeze that soon powered up to a beefy cold wind, flat bottomed clouds started appearing but not showers, max temp 13˚, getting cloudier in the afternoon & then some light rain light evening, 5˚ at 10pm. Piers forecast spot on so far!
On 04 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, frozen remnants of overnight snow showers on garden furniture but sunny in the continuing strong NW値y wind, didn稚 last long as we had a continuous string of showers until late afternoon, max temp 9˚, back down to 3˚ by 10pm, time to cover the tomatoes again.
On 04 May 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

A good amount of bright sunny weather the last couple of days and like Paddy said some amazing clouds about. The tiny one loves a bit of cloud watching when in her baby swing and thought it amusing I nearly fell off the swing next to her trying to get a better view :-) Could feel the cold when up with her in the night (she has my insomnia tendency) so heating had come back on and wasn't up early enough to see if a grass frost but luckily the sun was at work when up at 8.30, very cool when sun behind a cloud but improved as day went on, another fab clear night colder tonight 6 deg at 10.24pm
On 03 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, blustery N値y wind, sunny start but showers soon starting after 9 when we had a long one of rain, sleet & snow. I thought this was going to be the order of the day but it soon brightened and dried up with only a few light showers until evening, majestic towering cumulus turning into their anvil shape wherever it rained, max temp 11˚ in the sharp wind, keeping warm with fixing up the fences for the neighbours cattle coming soon. Prolonged shower in the evening, less windy but only 3˚ at 9pm, so covered tomatoes again and turned off the stopcocks of the outside taps, I致e been had with this one before. Always better safe than sorry, Maria!
On 03 May 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

The weather improved a bit each day despite being on the cool side, today a little warmer with the sun making more of an appearance and dry all day so a good day to finish sorting our improved veg plot and ready for when the threat of frost is gone, met now giving max 12 deg at the weekend instead of their earlier prediction of 19, looking a bit on the parky side. Made a mini tunnel out of left over baton and plastic from tunnel refurb over water pipe to use at night over plants in tunnel, chucking fleece over tomatoes and cucumbers as got carried away and planted them in tunnel already too, has held its warmth fairly well in there so far so fingers crossed 😊
On 02 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

8˚C at 7.30, big change to cold N値y wind that blew all day, a few showers and some occasional sunshine, especially towards evening, max temp 11˚, not expecting frost but still covered my young tomato plants inside the tunnel just in case, 6˚ at 9pm.
On 02 May 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

standard models varying in their view of how long this polar maritime airmass will hang around. GFS currently predicting a cool 1st half of May ( but on that basis we might get a heatwave!)
On 01 May 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, quite cloudy to begin with but then brightening and warming up for a time to a max of 20˚, warmish S値y breeze. But by 1pm the wind changed to the E, the haar started rolling in and it got markedly cooler, even cold by comparison, rain by 7pm, still going at 10pm, 10˚.
On 30 Apr 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

See the 'consensus' is that we are about to get an outbreak of Arctic air in early May. How long it will last is still a matter for discussion, but usually these fairly common early May cold snaps due to polar maritime air only last a few days, damaging as they might be for growers and farmers. Nothing to do with climate change or CO2 levels.
On 30 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

8˚C at 7.30, grey & cool but the sun came out after 8 and we had another great sunny day with a mostly SE値y breeze which was less cold than yesterday and there was a definite feel of warmth in the air, max temp 20˚, more cloudy by evening with a light W値y land breeze, still 13˚ by 9pm. == Mark Hall, guns for hire, exactly. Follow the money and if you miss it this time the next scare will be along shortly, bird flu anyone, necrotising fasciitis, remember that one? Etc. Yawn.
On 29 Apr 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

Yes Paddy, Schneider once published a book about the imminent collapse of the human race because an Ice Age was upon us. This was back in the 70s when such ideas were in vogue, because of the cyclical cooling going on then. But essentially these guys were guns for hire. Grant junkies. Fund junkies. Any potential catastrophe was a vehicle for their self- advancement and they hitched a ride. They saw the political forces pushing this nonsense and worked hand in hand with them to promote an egregious scam.
On 29 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

No matter if the science of global warming is all phony... climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world." - Christine Stewart, former Canadian Minister of the Environment "It doesn't matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true." - Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace "The only way to get our society to truly change is to frighten people with the possibility of a catastrophe." - emeritus professor Daniel Botkin We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis..." - David Rockefeller, Club of Rome executive member "By the end of this century climate change will reduce the human population to a few breeding pairs surviving near the Arctic." - Sir James Lovelock, Revenge of Gaia Blahdiblahdiblah ad infinitum. (I hope this works formatting-wise)
On 29 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, cloudy at first but the sun coming out soon enough, rather cold if light SE値y wind for most of the day but really sunny, max temp 16˚, 7˚ at 9.30, almost feels like it could be frosty later on. == Craig, excellent article on cliscep, same old same old, whipping up fear is part of the game. I致e often recommended on this blog where you can trace the origins of the manipulated green movement which hijacks people痴 emotions for the purpose of controlling the population. A few quotes: 展e need to get some broad based support, to capture the public痴 imagination so we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubtsEach of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest Prof Stephen Schneider, Stanford professor of climatology & lead author of many IPCC reports. More coming...
On 29 Apr 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

I would heartily recommend that anyone with a smidgen of curiosity (ruling out the "end of days" crowd of Green lunatics) reads the 2008 essay by Zbigniew Jaworowski titled "The Sun , not Man, still rules our climate". He documents a central government intention (since the mid sixties) to concentrate public opinion on the contamination of the environment and other fictional threats so that proxy super agencies can control the masses on our planet. It's all in the leaked "Report from the Iron Mountain" written for the Lyndon Johnson administration by policy wonks. It's been a bit hit and miss .......Acid Rain, a coming Ice Age, Ozone Depletion, the War on Drugs. These have all been tried out. But Anthropogenic Climate Change has proved a real winner for the Globalists. Unfortunately the real climate is going away from these people in a big way. Forthcoming droughts caused by cooling oceans and rogue volcanic eruptions will be misused by these sick technocrats, but the truth will o
On 29 Apr 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

It's worth pointing out that the #ClimateEmergency meme and the bilge the BBC and "TV痴 favourite whispery-voiced gorilla-hugging Malthusian" are pushing is not supported by the "science is settled" literature. Sceptics are actually using the IPCC to counter this far out there narrative. That can't be good as we are using fake manipulated science to counter fiction. 🤔 // Looking like a cool bank hol weekend with potential frost, so at this time of year damaging for growers and snow showing up (mainly Nth). Meanwhile over in North America records are tumbling === === but keep your eye on the heat, only the 🔥 nothing to see here is all settled (the science, not the snow 🤣)
On 29 Apr 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Which sounds just like the words of Paul Erlich in the 60s/70s (and still I might add) LINK === === Nothing said now is any different than when I was a child and certainly for climate change that merde is getting very old. As I said on twitter "I was told the apocalypse was much closer but since that time I read for myself & have stopped accepting the opinions of eugenicist Malthusian cults with dubious funding & end times fervour. You'd think we're in 1stC not 21stC" Hopefully Orange Man Bad can reveal the agenda for what it is. I hope that this latest desperate push is just that, desperation before it all implodes.
On 29 Apr 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Paddy - aye. There is a lot going on that the MSM are not reporting partially because of their involvement. It's why I keep mentioning funding of green groups. Follow the breadcrumbs and the same old names and faces appear - Piers is highlighting some of these links on his Twitter. James Corbett has done some good videos tracing much of it back to the eugenics movement at the turn of the 20thC. I do feel for children paralysed and traumatised by this fear. CliScep have actually looked into one of the documents influencial in the XR movement === "when I say starvation, destruction, migration, disease and war, I mean in your own life. With the power down, soon you wouldn稚 have water coming out of your tap. You will depend on your neighbours for food and some warmth. You will become malnourished. You won稚 know whether to stay or go. You will fear being violently killed before starving to death.... Cont...
On 29 Apr 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Seemed really quiet today Sunday after all that wind, not as cold but still chilly with the light se breeze, some sunny spells and showers a more typical April day. Good day for the polytunnel and getting a handle on the weeds, 10 deg at 12.25 a.m with high humidity. They really are trying to sell it to the younger generation, good job we help encourage our kids to own the rights to own their own minds like they should have, they will challenge biased opinion without fear and ask that word so many adults detest hearing "why" followed by a "really!?"
On 28 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, sunny from the word go with lots of flat bottomed clouds in a light but cool NE - E値y wind, no showers though and pleasantly warm in the sun, up to 20˚ in sheltered parts of the farm. Went out for a picnic in a forest and had to make sure to sit somewhere in the wind as the midges were getting quite insistent, first time this year. 8˚ at 10pm. == Well said, mary, I have noted before that it is tragic that so much goodwill and enthusiasm is being manipulated for political & thought control ends, one can only hope that reality will bring it all crashing around the swamp creatures ears. Totally agree, Craig, re over the pond, watch what happens when the FISA declass comes and British (deep) involvement in the attempted coup to overthrow Trump becomes apparent. Orange Man will sock it to them.
On 28 Apr 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Marym - welcome 🙂 I read this earlier === "As a teenager, I fully understand the mindset of young people. We池e predisposed to leap before we look. This is borne out by neuroscience. Our prefrontal cortices, which regulate (among other things) decision-making, planning, self-awareness and inhibition, do not fully develop until we are in our mid-20s. Until then, we have difficulty analyzing the long-term consequences of our actions. The upshot is that many young people tend toward reckless behaviour. Our decisions tend to be rooted not in scientific analysis but in emotional reaction; and we tend to see protest not as a tool for social or legislative change, but simply as a chance to upset the status quo." ===
On 28 Apr 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Labour and SNP declaring a "climate emergency" is typical "look over there" politics as they are desperate to create a distraction which will enable them to take back control of the agenda after losing it to a party that has gone from not existing two weeks ago to leading the Europe Election polls today.
On 28 Apr 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

C02 does not = pollution. Nothing we see is unprecedented. Far, far from it. As Ben Pile said "The fact of an MP calling a 'climate emergency' at the time of the deepest political crisis in the history of the UK's democracy tells us *all* that we need to know about the nature of climate politics" And as James Akrill (he does the analogues for Gavs weather vids) summed up "Given much of what I see recently, its apparent that the only thing thats becoming #Extinct is Common Sense and Critical Thinking." It's hard not to agree. If it wasn't for the strides being made over the pond I would have zero hope that this derangement can be cured. It's also not as if we are looking into climate adaptation which is an area of agreement I think many would support (i.e. drought + flood preparedness based on past events) but the push will be for expensive, unworkable green tech to go to the pockets of swamp dwellers. The question is what will be left by the time we see sense? 🤔
On 28 Apr 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Then this Greta tweet was retweeted by JC "猫abour launches bid to declare a national climate emergency. Hopeful! Hope other politcal parties all over the world will follow. This sends a clear message and we can稚 solve an emergency without treating it as an emergency. #ClimateBreakdown" Then on the 21st we have this "Awful scenes on Ilkey Moor and yet more reminders of why we urgently need to tackle climate change" despite Piers predicted it 10 wks ahead using solar /lunar action and said that it was 渡othing special compared with previous warm late Easters. Then we have the Tories where the Environment Secretary "Gove declared that 鍍hanks to the leadership of Greta and others it has 澱ecome inescapable that we have to act, The Times reports. He added: 敵reta, your voice has been heard. He's not the only Conservative fawning and bowing to derangement.
On 28 Apr 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

To add to what CView has said about Sturgeon in today's Observer Rebecca Long-Bailey, shadow business secretary, wrote "Unless we take rapid action to reduce the carbon dioxide we are releasing into the atmosphere, we face catastrophe. The industrial revolution also started a long process of environmental degradation that now threatens life itself. We stopped dumping industrial and human waste into rivers, but still treat the atmosphere like an open sewer." Then there's her tweet "This Wednesday, Labour is calling on Parliament to declare a climate emergency - a world first. The science is clear. We have the technology. Let痴 do this!"
On 28 Apr 2019, C View wrote:

Oh dear..... I see Nicola Sturgeon has declared a ''climate emergency''. By the way Ron I was through Drumochter yesterday and it was 5c. The end is clearly nigh
On 28 Apr 2019, marym wrote:

how delightful to discover there are people who question the climate orthodoxy as preached by the BBC, politicians, and sundry others with axes to grind. The reverence with which the recent protests were discussed is absurd. Young people might be full of enthusiasm, but, precisely because of their youth, are lacking in understanding. They have been fed climate propaganda all their lives, and have evidently not bothered to think too hard about it. I recommend they climb a mountain, have a good look around, and then ask themselves just how fragile this planet is.
On 28 Apr 2019, out_east wrote:

Freezing cold in Ural right now. Just had 3 days of snow showers and more to come. Temps fell right across northern Europe last 2 days from 20-23C to 2-6C with frost again tonight. This saturday the forecast is a blizzard and heavy snow in EST & FInland.... Flying over western Russia this morning, there's still lots of snow still in the vast forests which hasn't melted yet, and it was the same a week ago while travelling along the most western sections of the trans-sib railway. It's so suprising,- a week or so ago it was warm.
On 27 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

8˚C at 7.30, overcast with rain off & on all day, light breeze from a mainly E値y direction, max temp 13˚, 8˚ again by 9.30pm. Cool but not cold & the emerging greenery contrasted nicely with the gloom.
On 27 Apr 2019, Bill S (N E Wales) wrote:

Here in NE Wales A wet and very windy day throughout 28mm rain so far today (5pm) and only 6c . Flooding on some local roads . Some later flowering cherry blossom was absolutely shredded, leaving pink drifts on paths. Windiest report was Aberdaron at 82mph . Certainly a week of two contrasts. Heating going on now! On bbc Wales page , the Panda tent drifting thro Cardiff street sort of sums the contrasting week
On 27 Apr 2019, Steve wrote:

Every time I find myself 'talking' on social media with someone who says the poles are melting/Earth is doomed etc etc I point them to sites like Ventusky. Looking at actual global temperatures and especially high lattitudes and polar regions often removes their scaremongering notions. I am still a 'green' person (like all sensible people) who wants to pollute in all its forms as little as reasonably possible but I object to the whole scenario being hijacked by this Co2 nonsense. I even had a complaint from a believer who was upset that I mentioned it as 4 molecules in 10,000. He said it made it seem 'far too small' )Says it all really).
On 27 Apr 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

in... :)
On 27 Apr 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Well that was like a winter's night !-) house got cold quick after power went out and too tired and late to start lighting wood fires, so extra blanket and a battery torch or novelty battery Xmas and Halloween light passed around, also a string of such wrapped around the stair banisters to light up the danger zones, cuppa made on the gas and back to bed to listen to the storm, bliss when your indoors, not so bliss for those restoring power this a.m and fair play they are super quick over here, the eldest (who loves technology the most :) came up with a coffee and to let us know all back on at 8.30 a.m Still blowing a hoolie out there showers a good bit calmer and alternating from sunny spells to cloudy but raw cold 6 deg feeling like 0 and the smell of peoples wood stoves verify its parky! // Btw Cheers Craig :-) And Paddy I'm guilty too then :)) 😊 // Hope we took the sting outta the weather for ye all if not stay safe over there and congrats Piers sounds like you nailed it aga
On 27 Apr 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Their vile grafitti is still all over the road surface on Watrrloo Bridge. They don't seem to have much of a problem with supporting the chemical industry and releasing heaven knows what into the atmosphere via paint spray cans. Hmmm
On 26 Apr 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

As Maria reports storm Hannah is upon us. A yellow MetO warning covers an area from Liverpool across to the Wash & covering the entire southern half of these islands. "Strong winds will push from west to east across parts of west Wales and southwest England late on Friday, then across the rest of Wales and southern, central and parts of northern England overnight and during Saturday. Gusts of 60-70 mph are likely around exposed coasts, especially in Wales and southwest England during the morning. Gusts of 45-55 mph are likely across inland areas before winds ease by late afternoon." Low looks to be going into the North Sea where it fills so this bit of the Euro 30d forecast looks like it has shifted a little Nth from the continent into BI: "Winds: Cyclonic strong/v strong with high tornado risk" (Piers-great April forecast!) We are in an R4 period. 5 days of 0 sunspots, 68sfu + sth earth facing CH moving in. Trees are with leaf now so likely damage. Take care all affected.
On 26 Apr 2019, Maria ( Ireland) wrote:

Wow it's crazy outside, the wind started getting breezy around lunchtime building slowly all afternoon quiet for a time then increasing wind and rain by 9pm and giving us a hammering now at 10.50pm I believe Clare and Kerry on red Tipp below us & south sw on orange and the rest of us on yellow but feels more than a yellow, is this an R4 or R5 must be as sounds like it out there! Also had the most banging headache yesterday and this morning too. Power just gone not surprised best check the kids
On 26 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

8˚C at 7.30, cold S値y wind increasing in strength through the day, quite sunny with a max temp of 17˚ for a brief moment, cloud moving in after 4pm, some light rain in the evening, 9˚ at 9.30pm. == Craig, thanks for the compliment, I知 usually quite shattered by the time I get around to writing my report, so it痴 more often brief. Kudos to you for keeping up the WA blog, always very interesting. Rhys, yes we haven稚 had W値ies for a very long time.
On 26 Apr 2019, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Nothing particularly unusual in spring's progression here in NW London. Pear, plum, cherry and apple blossom all arrived well eithin the envelope of normality. Asparagus season started at a normal time and the first comfrey cut is about to occur. Yes we had a very warm, sunny Easter, which caused tomato plants to grow faster than I have ever seen in ten years of dedicated growing. We are also missing out on the heavy showers, which means that already we could do with a good westerly deluge.
On 26 Apr 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

That Extinction Rebellion had crews cleaning up Hyde Park, Marble Arch and Waterloo Bridge afterwards speaks for itself. They know that their adherents are forgetful little puppies.
On 26 Apr 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

oh how "TV痴 favourite whispery-voiced gorilla-hugging Malthusian" (h/t James Dellingpole ) has fallen in the eyes of anyone vaguely awake. It is Climate: Change the Facts// I put some videos of Freeman Dyson === === and Richard Lindzen up === === Well worth a few minutes watching/listening. // Glorious Bank Holiday weather nailed by Piers and no not a record try 1949 and 1893 === === === preceeded by 4 frosts in a row (unusual this late, not unprecedented) but T-Shirts now swapped for coats again. A sign for summer? SUBSCRIBE!
On 26 Apr 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

and Piers comments and his counter protest are here === === I am left with the feeling if any of them saw rural areas (with associated poor signal for their keyboard warrior updates and lack of coffee shops) they would have a real reason to protest. They remind me of the people who think a savage beast is a pet who we read about after they get eaten by said beast. They also aren't protesting about China or India (where real pollution exists) are they? They seem to forget it is fossil fuels that have allowed them the luxury to protest rather than subsisting day to day and of course travel (I'd like to see a bird culling prayer wheel run a public transport system. Oh how our ancestors would have laughed at them....cont...
On 26 Apr 2019, @CraigM350, Sub Berks 51N wrote:

Paddy/Maria - I for one always enjoy your weather updates even if I struggle to find time to comment these days. I do of course put up stuff on the news blog (more of which in a mo). Hopefully we can get some topics up to discuss. So with that in mind... // The Deranged Rebellion apparently cleared up after themselves (according to today's Metro) and the shenanigans in Hyde Park were in fact from the 4/20 Weed Day. More important than the mess is the hypocrisy of the double barrels and the luvvies like Emma Thompson who are happy to jet-set. @ClimateRealists posted a Mail story on how 35 of the protesters arrested travelled nearly 10k miles to er. protest. For me, not for thee === === They also stopped public transport 🤔 Piers has warned of this controlled opposition for some months now. The article above puts my thoughts on it (as well as the child abuse for political gain)... Cont...
On 26 Apr 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

Derek, Since the Little Ice Age bottomed out in the 17th century, wouldn't the cooled oceans have sucked down an awful lot of CO2 from the atmosphere by then? The gradual warming of the past 350 odd years would be the major cause of our present raised levels of atmospheric CO2. Far dwarfing anthropogenic emissions since their is 50 times more CO2 in the oceans than the atmosphere anyway. I don't think deforestation or industrial society are as massive a factor as our immense oceans.
On 26 Apr 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

Paul, When these "woke" eco-warriors left Hyde Park the place looked like a landfill site. These are truly thick people, too dumb to do a bit of research (485 papers published in 2017 alone that were sceptical about phony AGW). Instead these narcissists wallow in a swamp of self-pity and rage against some imaginary catastrophe that has been inflicted upon them by someone else. It's always someone else's fault and that's why they don't care about leaving their trash in a public park.
On 25 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, foggy with light rain and very light S値y breeze, brightening and warming rapidly after 9am to give us a big sunny slice of the day with a max temp of 20˚ out of the strengthening wind. By 3pm cloud started moving in from the SE, temps dropped substantially and it started raining, kept on going until 8pm, 8˚ by 9pm, so it was a sun sandwich kind of a day. == Phew Maria, dassalorramiles! It could be that the others are in catatonic boredom at my inane weather ramblings :-)
On 25 Apr 2019, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Well done Piers for counter demonstrating against the idiots on Waterloo Bridge. Waterloo Bridge is a major bus artery and their actions disrupted environmentally clean public transport and caused huge traffic congestion greatly increasing the traffic polution and damaging air quality in inner South London around Waterloo.
On 25 Apr 2019, M Lewis wrote:

Finally the BBC is reporting the real reason for the increase in CO2 levels. Deforestation on a massive scale! Shame that Extinction Rebellion and the climate change protesters have not gone to the Congo and Brazil to demonstrate.
On 24 Apr 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Ps Paddy where is everybody else 👀
On 24 Apr 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Rain showers on n off all day max temp 16/17 deg, glad I didn't plant out some veg plants just yet as chance of frost forecast for the weekend so will hold off a lil longer. Yes Paddy leaves on trees really are making progress now and it's great to see them back, i'm sure I see a swallow too last week, re steps thats around 11.76 miles, usually around 6 or 7 average per day but seem to have clocked up some 9 and 10 mile days last few weeks but 11 got me so snuck an hours siesta today, kinda glad it rained :-)
On 24 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, sunny for about an hour, then the haar moved in again, strong, sharp & cold E値y wind which blew all day in remarkable contrast to the balmy weekend, max temp 13˚, wind abating only by evening, 8˚ at 9pm. In spite of this renewed cold spell, the leaves on the trees are emerging, they致e got spring to get on with. == Maria, how many miles or kms are that many steps then?
On 23 Apr 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

So tired 31,136 steps today according to my fitness tracker so I'm going to cheat and say pretty much similar to Paddy's forecasts last few days except we had a few light showers overnight & this morning soon moving through to give a mix of cloudy and then hazy and then sunny hot with cool e'ly breeze again..
On 23 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

8˚C at 7.30, hazy sunshine, E値y wind and feeling much cooler than yesterday, by midday the haar (or hair according to my spell checker) rolled in and it actually got rather chilly by recent standards, the sun only returned by the end of the afternoon. 6˚ by 9.30pm. == Piers, up here Easter has almost always been cold as it is generally earlier, so to have such a scorcher was a real event for us :-)
On 22 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, the SSE値y wind kept a lid on temperatures but we had another brilliantly sunny day with a max temp of 20˚, cooler in the wind, of course, great to have this kind of weather in April, 8˚ by 9.30pm.
On 22 Apr 2019, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

CITIZENS AWAKE! This warm Easter was predicted by us a WeatherAction in the detailed 10 week ahead forecast and is nothing special compared with previous warm late Easters. This is the latest date Easter can be and so is statistically the warmest but that doesn't stop the bigger-than-ever UN-EU-Corporate-Globalist Climate Lie RELIGION adding to more of the lies spewed out by the TOTALLY BIASED BBC and Sir-David-Attenborough-Of-WalrusGate. This new orchestrated brainwashing is not about controlling climate it's about controlling you - to destroy real science, free speech and democracy. There are huge forces at work. WeatherAction and #Scientists4Truth are standing up against this Eco-DeathCult. Please HELP. We are getting loads of interest on line but very few sales. So please join in and GIVE NOW to #Scientists4Truth (last on list in OnLine shop on home page RHS) OR Buy more forecasts in current great deals. THANK YOU and pass it on.
On 21 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

13˚C at 7.30, gentle S値y breeze & quite hazy, warming up rapidly - already 25˚ by lunchtime - another scorcher for us, in the wind temps felt more like 18˚, which is still very nice for April, 9˚ at 10pm. Saw our first swallows on Friday, and again yesterday and today.
On 20 Apr 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

The weather improved from the 17th onwards every day Thurs more so after a lil mist & fab the last 2 days they especially have been hot, had the suncream on and don't normally burn but my neck has got it whilst working in it today. Great weather for Easter break though have took the kids out had fun and now I'm re-hashing our veg plot ready for the season. Heating is finally off and warm still tonight happy days :-)
On 20 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

14˚C at 7.30, warmest morning temp so far this year, fairly cloudy but still very bright with the sun shining through off and on all day, S値y breeze and already 20˚ by 10am, still rising to yer actual 25˚ by afternoon, the warmest April day for a very long time, still 14˚ by 9pm. We went inland for a picnic with the family by the river Dye, it was positively roasting there, driving back home with the car windows open. At any rate, Piers forecast this period very well!
On 19 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, a little mist soon dispersing and warming up nicely to a really sunny day with high cirrus formations, haven稚 seen them in a while, warm S値y wind, especially inland though in spite of the cooler coast we still managed to clock up 20˚ out of the wind, highest temp so far this year for us, mild end to the day, 9˚ at 9pm. Good Friday today, looks to be the warmest Easter in years.
On 19 Apr 2019, C View wrote:

You really couldn't make it up....... Dame Emma Thomson flies in from America to be with climate protesters in central London. Hopefully it was an electric plane she used!!!!!!!!!!!
On 18 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, misty at first but clearing up quite quickly, followed by a great sunny day though still with a cool SE値y breeze, max temp a respectable 17˚, getting a little cloudier and hazy by evening with a nearly full moon, 7˚ by 9pm. Less cold overall, first day that felt like real spring.
On 17 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, still grey but somewhat less of a SE値y wind, sun coming out by 11 and pretty much staying out for the rest of the day among the clouds, max temp 15˚, feeling of spring, MO saying warming up by tomorrow & really warm on Saturday, 6˚ at 10pm.
On 16 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, still blowy from the SE and overcast all day, max temp 9˚, we致e nearly finished our tree planting, the last bit being really rough & full of stones; however, from our 27 years of planting trees here on the farm we know how worthwhile this is: beauty as well as firewood on demand for years to come. 6˚ at 10pm.
On 16 Apr 2019, Gerry 45d 164ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

My gas consumption is running well above last April and with some early morning frosts and a covering of white sleet on Sunday morning it is pretty obvious why. Still, with the cheats in control it could still be claimed a record April. Good news for free speech and truth is that Dr Peter Ridd has won his case against James Cook University on all counts following his dismissal for telling the truth about the Great Barrier Reef and highlighting dodgy output from JCU. The judge sounded good during the proceedings when asking about the comparison of effort in hounding Dr Ridd as opposed to reviewing the quality of their reports - lots vs very little of course.
On 15 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, repeat performance of yesterday minus the sun, penetrating & cold SE値y wind all day with some strong gusts, max temp 11˚, the fact that it痴 dry is a bonus, however. 6˚ at 10pm.
On 14 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, overcast with the obligate Cold SE値y wind, bright all day with impressive towering cumulus clouds racing in off the sea, max temp 12˚, thicker cloud by evening & some light rain, 5˚ by 10pm.
On 14 Apr 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Seems more wind and rain than we in the Midlands were predicted by met overnight tonight, it has got to be a Piers R period?
On 13 Apr 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Sorry Orange rain warning for South not West...
On 13 Apr 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

The last 2 days stayed dry but progressively cooler and cloudier, managed to start the veg plot & attempted to be out today but by lunch time the little one looked fed up after an hour all bundled up and so took her in, tried to get back into it while she had her nap after lunch, but I was soon fed up eating my hair with the wind blowing a hoolie and temp dropped to feeling totally raw, so to be honest a good time to admit a temporary defeat and take a step back to recharge from weeks of graft, still restless tho :)) Still windy this eve. rain too since early evening on n off but not the hammering the West Coast is getting think they had an orange warning up. Sounds like a winters night out. Zzzz
On 13 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, still a cold SE値y wind which blew all day but also sunny all day, max temp 11˚ though in the wind if felt much colder, cloud drifting in off the N Sea but that didn稚 stop the brightness at all, 4˚ by 9pm. Looks like the Fennoscandia High is going to control our weather for a while yet.
On 12 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, overcast with a sharp & cold S値y wind that blew hard in the morning, light rain for most of the morning, dry and brighter afternoon though the sun was not often visible. Max temp 9˚, some late sunshine and then cloudy again, 5˚ by 10pm.
On 12 Apr 2019, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

PEOPLE! THERE ARE ONLY THREE LEFT IN THE 12months for TWO Limited Top Deal - for TheWholeLOT of BIEuUsa forecasts. Just go direct to OnLineShop . ALL-SUMMER-NOW is 60%OFF. All fab deals and you get full extension of subs for any overlaps with existing subs.
On 11 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, overcast, very light SE値y breeze, max temp 14˚, a little sun for a short while in the afternoon, then cloudy again and a light shower after 8pm, 6˚ at 9.30pm.
On 10 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

-1˚C at 7.30, ground frost, clear as a bell, very sunny day, fairly breezy from the SE, max temp 14˚, clouding up in the afternoon to complete cover by late evening, 5˚ at 10pm. == Thanks, Maria, we池e about two thirds of the way there, next will be my new willow patch and then the veg garden.
On 10 Apr 2019, Maria ( Ireland) wrote:

Much cooler over the weekend but some better dry spells again to get stuff done, not as nice as first forecasted by news last week but still workable weather, warm at times yesterday and Monday when the sun got through but really chill else. Back in the hiking socks :-) Amazingly foggy this morning & again another cool day with little sunshine. Hope your tree planting is going well Paddy 🍃
On 09 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, sunny & cold with a SE値y wind but shaping up to be a brilliant sunny day with some clouds which blocked out the sun from time to time, making it feel colder immediately, max temp 15˚ nevertheless, even warmer in shelter, cooling down quite a bit in the evening, 4˚ by 9.30pm, maybe a touch of frost overnight.
On 09 Apr 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

Nigel Burn-Murdoch, I would guess no. Corbyn junior, despite his beliefs, is fully signed up to several aspects of the Globalist agenda already: The AGW scam and EU federalism. It's anyone's guess what he will relinquish next. He'd be daft not to understand Piers' compelling argument for Solar dominance of our climate, but it would be inconvenient for Jeremy to take on the AGW machine. They still destroy careers. He did the sums and so spouts Warmist nonsense. Unfortunately he didn't do the sums for the 5 million Labour Brexit voters he has recently betrayed.
On 09 Apr 2019, M Lewis wrote:

Currently, the oldest, continuous ice core ever drilled comes from the previous effort at Dome C called the European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA). This ran from 1996 to 2004, and pulled up a 10cm-wide cylinder of ice that was 2,774m long. The old EPICA core contained an 800,000-year record of temperatures and atmospheric carbon dioxide. These markers were seen to move in lock-step. Whenever the Earth went into an ice age and temperatures fell, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere would also decline. And when the climate warmed back up again, the CO2 level rose in parallel. These cycles occurred roughly every 100,000 years in the EPICA core - a phasing that is most likely linked to slight shifts in the eccentricity of Earth's orbit (a larger or smaller ellipse) around the Sun. But it is recognised from an alternative record of past climate, which has been deciphered from ocean sediments, that deeper back in time the ice age cycle was much shorter.
On 08 Apr 2019, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

CITIZENS! THESE ARE MOMENTS OF HISTORY IN WEATHER AND POLITICS +=+=+ Stop brexiting for a moment and buy some bargain forecast deals FANTASTIC 12m for 2 of TheWholeLOT service. DO IT. AND ALL-SUMMER-NOW (BI Usa, Eu when up) is 67%OFF - NOT FOR LONG. Usual forecast credits for any overlaps. +=+=+=+= Paul re arctic ice not sure of point here or of data come to that. Arctic sea ice area is a very stupid measure because its about area sort of covered which is wind dependent. More wind and it spreads out = a lot. Low wind and it bunches up = LESS. More interesting is the Jacobshaven glacier Greenland the biggest around which is now GROWING. Top weather times!
On 08 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, overcast with the obligate NE値y wind which blew all day and gradually moved to the SE by evening, brightening up in the afternoon with some sunshine, max temp 12˚, clouding over more by evening, 8˚ by 8.30pm. == Preparing for planting more trees tomorrow & Wed, 800 altogether, each one has to be individually protected against deer & rabbits, which is what takes the time, the actual planting only takes seconds. Therefore happy that we have dry weather again & the cold ensures that they don稚 go into leaf before we致e planted them all.
On 08 Apr 2019, Paul wrote:

Arctic sea ice is very low for this time of year. When is it going to start to recover?
On 08 Apr 2019, Nigel Burn-Murdoch wrote:

Has Piers managed to convince his brother that the UK Government along with most others in the OECD have been grossly misled ? If so can we expect any incoming Labour administration to make a radical change in policy?
On 08 Apr 2019, Steve Devine wrote:

Really poor output by the BBC and weather apps over the last 48 hours. Yesterday was supposed to be 16-17c with sunny spells. Instead we had mist, fog and then heavy downpours over Sunday in SE England. Today it's meant to be 15c but I can see my breath on the air and it's cloudy with spots of rain. Cold easterlies digging in as the week progresses. Wintry flurries of snow grains possible in E/SE England later too...
On 08 Apr 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

The severity of the Arctic outbreak predicted by GFS just a few days ago has quite literally disappeared from the map and the cold of the subsequent easterly has also been reduced. They are now predicting a severe northerly outbreak on the 21st-23rd with 850hpa temps down to -10C. I would suggest that this will turn out very differently and a lot warmer in reality. If it is a real,event this will impact negatively n gardners and growers.
On 07 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, overcast & grey, light NE値y wind which beefed up during the day, keeping the temperature no higher than 8˚. From experience, when the Greenland HP dominates the scene this weather can go on for days on end. 6˚ a 9.30pm.
On 07 Apr 2019, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 164ft wrote:

On Monday morning, checking the models on ventusky as I have some site visits to do, GFS had snow for London on Wednesday afternoon. I know GFS - least reliable. Come the afternoon that had changed. There was a startling bang Wednesday afternoon as I didn't see the lighning. Shortly after it pelted down with snow and laid a covering over plants. There was another clap of thunder. It had been getting colder from Sunday and I put on woolly socks for football on Wednesday night. On Thursday it would seem that Network Rail had tucked their deicing trains away as there was no service on my line due to 3rd rail icing! Never had this issue during the winter - did they believe the warming hype? This week has been colder than last year.
On 06 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, overcast, steady rain until 10, then drying up but heavy mist developing, cold & very damp SE値y wind, max temp 9˚, still misty by 9pm, 6˚.
On 06 Apr 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

Aye further retraction on the cold spell predicted by standard models only a couple of days ago. Those criticising Piers if his 2 month ahead predictions go awry, please note.
On 05 Apr 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Really frosty this morning and some amazing Ice ferns on the north facing upstairs window. Roads were slippy but some good sunshine a nice morning for a run. Fantastic fluffy clouds later and then rain this eve. quite heavy too and I have a banging headache, is it an R period 🤔 6 deg feels colder at 11.22pm
On 05 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, nice clear start, SE値y wind all day but not very strong, mostly sunny, max temp 12˚, feeling a bit cold in the wind while planting trees on an exposed part of our farm but still very pleasant, 6˚ at 9.30pm, wind almost gone.
On 05 Apr 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

Aye, GFS beginning to backtrack
On 05 Apr 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

GFS showing basically a long cold spell in April after a slight milding this week, with easterlies and northerlies well into the month. Expect next run to show south- westerlies and mild.
On 04 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, wet and windy from the NE to begin with, gradually turning into the SE, some heavy rain off & on during the morning but the afternoon turned dry with even a bit of sunshine from time to time, 5˚ at 10pm.
On 04 Apr 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

classic early April cold snap here in Highland Perthshire with sleet/hail/ snow showers. cold wind ,but with warmth in the sun.
On 04 Apr 2019, Andy B 45D SE Wales wrote: Snow at my daughters places one at 1000 ft the other about 300 ft near Pontypool
On 04 Apr 2019, Ben Farrington wrote:

Not much forecast verification these days on this blog, so, broadly speaking a good call for March Piers, you got the NW to SE split well, I can vouch for a pretty dreich wet and unsettled month in the west highlands whilst i was working in Glencoe. And spot on for the cold start to April some disruptive snow fall this week in and around Aviemore through to Inverness. Interestingly there was snow disruption same time last year in the Highlands. And with northern blocking for much of this month on the cards should be drier than last month but not especially warm. Piers how long to you'll be producing a world forecast? lol
On 04 Apr 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

A cold day 3rd April max 6/7 deg with showers and breezy all day & into the evening. Cheers Paddy likewise enjoy your mud fest :) Just spent the day cleaning the house and traces of our mud fest off the slates, so glad we have no carpet!-) well house is sorted the carrot being the garden and after doing washing shopping and some quality time with the kids i'm ready for round 2 this weekend..Parky tonight 5 deg feels colder and more showers incoming soon.
On 03 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, raining hard with a sharp N値y wind at first, changing into the E and really beefing up, drying up for an hour or so and then really lashing as we were planting trees, it was a mud fest. Max temp 8˚, rain abated in the afternoon and the wind gradually relented, the evening being almost sunny, stars out later on, 5˚ at 10pm. == Maria, glad you池e enjoying the cold spell, I知 exactly the same when spring is too early and warm, panicking for all the things I haven稚 managed to do before veg growing starts in earnest.
On 03 Apr 2019, Andy B 45D SE Wales wrote:

Grape vine might be an idea, would want a table variety not easy to find the right one, not that keen on figs. More hail storms here today and bitterly cold not going to do much for the spuds I have planted.
On 03 Apr 2019, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

Glenn how the hell has Brexit, got anything to do with your area not seeing much snow this winter???
On 03 Apr 2019, M Lewis wrote:

Latest MET OFFICE forecast. There have been headlines in the media in the last few days around predictions for a record-breaking Spring in the UK. It would appear these stories have been based, in part, on the latest Met Office three-month outlook produced for contingency planners. This outlook is designed to help planners in business and Government assess the level of risk connected to different weather scenarios. As discussed previously, the outlook is not like a normal weather forecast. It does not identify weather for a particular day or week so is not that useful when you want to know, for example, which spring weekend looks good for an outdoor event. The outlook assesses global weather patterns and their potential to influence both temperature and rainfall for UK as a whole for the next three months. It is based on the more probable prevailing weather patterns and has to be used in the right context. It is a bit like the science-equivalent of factoring the odds on a horse r
On 02 Apr 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Yesterday some sunny spells and dry until later but the temp dropped and cold air replaced the nice weather of late , just had time to set in a few left over slabs outside tunnel doors. Rain wind hail sleety wet snow mixed in even a single rumble of thunder today as well as a few short sunny spells. 6 deg outside at 11.30 a.m with a real feel of 0 but 16 deg in the tunnel and happy my pointing in of slabs worked and only one or 2 slight movement in slabs on the entrances the rest seem solid and water goes away too. Loads to do still but cold blip reminding me not to panic!-)
On 02 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, light rain, which had been going for most of the night, chill NW値y breeze, rain turning to sleet but letting up by 10.30, slightly brighter and mostly dry for the afternoon, max temp 6˚, rain again by early evening which was still going by 9.30pm, temp 2˚. == Andy, yes I did mean the highest part of the greenhouse, thinking you could grow a fig or peach tree there or train a grape vine if you fancied and still have room for toms & cukes (this is beginning to feel like Gardener痴 Question Time :-)).
On 02 Apr 2019, Glenn wrote:

Well that痴 it I guess. Another winter of my lifetime gone. Can anyone imagine really how bitter I am about the fact that I didn稚 see any snow this winter? Isn稚 it funny that nothing goes the way it is supposed to go anymore esp. in britain? I personally think the mess with brexit had something to do with things going wrong with the weather this winter.
On 02 Apr 2019, Andy B 45D SEWales wrote:

Paddy do you mean back wall of potting shed? That is covered in ivy at the moment and is North facing, or do you mean the higher part of the greenhouse, where I am planning to put toms and cucumber the shed is 6x12 making overall size about 18x12 feet Hail and light snow showers here today with bitter wind when sun has gone in.
On 01 Apr 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, overcast and a bitterly cold SW値y wind blowing all day, courtesy of returning polar air, max temp 12˚, light rain from 7pm onwards, slightly milder with 5˚ at 9.30pm. == Nice big greenhouse, Andy, thanks for the pic link, what are you going to grow up the back wall?
On 01 Apr 2019, Andy B 45D SE Wales wrote:

I built this greenhouse on the front of (est) 60 year old potting shed about 12ft sq so far highest temp is about 82F It is difficult to share pics on here unless I share from somewhere else.
On 31 Mar 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

2 deg at 7.30 a.m Although a lot more cloud today we were lucky enough to get another dry day and even some good sunny spells too. The kids have enjoyed getting outside and the tiny one loves pointing to everything as we chat about the garden, back to wrapping up a bit warmer as a drop in temp more noticeable. Fab work n pics Andy bet you lookin forward to the growing season.. I can't get over the difference a week of hard work makes from our rotted out door frames storm torn 12yr plastic and cardboard floor paths, to new door frames and plastic and a slab middle path also have plastic doors to see out of this time as last time we used solid left over wood from house renovation, the extra light is amazing, I had a happy mothers day tear today as we hung the 2nd door, can't wait to get back in there 2moro :-)
On 31 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

-1˚C at the new 7.30, clear & sunny with a cold NW値y breeze which gradually shifted into the SW, cloud moving in from 11 onwards and the wind strengthening to leave a rather chilly afternoon with intermittent sunshine, 3˚ by 8.30pm. == Andy B, nice greenhouse, show us some more overall view pictures, please!
On 31 Mar 2019, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

GREAT COMMS ALL THANK YOU +=+=+=+=+= NOW BRILL NEWS ALL-SUMMER-NOW Br+Ir is Loaded and it's HALF PRICE as BrexitDeal WITH REVIEW ON MONDAY - only 」49 - Just do it and get extension of any overlap. Pass it on. It's a very interesting IMPORTANT TO KNOW summer. I would say that wouldn't I but the advancing LittleIceAge and wild Jet Stream makes it so. For info I was in Parliament square on Should-Be-Brexit-Day Frid 29 March and met loads of sound - people including FREXIT (French exit EU) who came over especially. I and others congratulated then on Yellow Vests which began as protest against Carbon tax on petrol/diesel.
On 31 Mar 2019, Andy B 45D sub wrote:

99 mm by the 11th and a further 50mm received by 16th = 149mm as with most areas dry after, what will April bring a mixed bag I expect. Been building a mono pitch greenhouse in Feb and finished laying out in middle of March
On 31 Mar 2019, Bill S(N E Wales) wrote:

Even though the last two weeks have been dry , it has been a wetter than average month at 75.2mm. Warmest day was 20th at20.6c. Some frosts this week though nothing severe. It has been a trend this winter that there is this long dry periods interspersed with very wet and often windy spells(like two extremes nothing in between) , but that痴 the Uk weather! Also has anyone else noticed, up to the last week , every day that there was a crucial vote in the commons B*^%#t debate it was stormy.
On 31 Mar 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Cold and a little misty to start, some good sunny spells during the morning but with a lot more cloud creeping in, the sky looking a bit thundery at times by afternoon but still it continued dry making a nice day for laying a path. A few drops of rain early eve. But stopped as soon as it started, dropping cold too.
On 30 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, overcast, drizzle, cool NE値y breeze, back to sunshine by 11 though & the wind strengthening and turning into the NW, overall a sunny day but with a cooling wind and when the sun was blotted out by a few clouds in the afternoon it got markedly colder, still March, after all. 3˚ at 9.30pm.
On 29 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, clear sky, fresh SW値y breeze and yet another sunny day, fab spring so far, max temp 17˚. Many trees beginning to green, especially hawthorn, lots of ladybirds sunning themselves, woodpeckers drumming (bass solo after that), bullfinches eating flowers and buds on cherry plums (Prunus myrobalan) which we planted in great numbers years ago etc. Cooler in the cloudy afternoon, still just March, 7˚ at 9.30pm. == Gerry, I致e been arc welding big time this week, making my contribution :-)
On 29 Mar 2019, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Gerry A lot of people in Austria when I lived there used to suffer really bad migraines whenever the Foehn wind blew. No idea why, but are there changes like you describe when strong warm southerlies rush over the Hauptkamm into the Foehnta?
On 29 Mar 2019, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

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On 29 Mar 2019, Gerry 45d 164ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

Interesting article on testing humans for magnetoreception in a special chamber on Shows that we can detect changes in the magnetic field but the subjects said they felt no difference. Animals seem to have a higher detection level but I think there are humans that do too but probably don't realise why they might be feeling a bit different. Cause of feeling 'under the weather'?
On 28 Mar 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Yeah Paddy I can appreciate the work involved and Feb being a hard month in your part of the world to even get a shot at tunnel refurb, I was lucky as only my friend and I to do it as my partner waiting for more back surgery but the weather was perfect, really sunny 16/17 deg broken cloud and just as we gently pulled up the part folded plastic to just under the ridge it began to slip back down!-) then I felt the breeze pick up a bit and I was like use the breeze on the count of 3 and up it blew onto the ridge, was plain sailing from there 🤗 totally happy exhausted right now :-)
On 28 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, a great & mostly sunny day again with a max temp of 17˚ and a light SW値y wind, though in the afternoon there was a marked cooling when the sun disappeared for a while, clouding over by evening, 6˚ by 10pm.
On 28 Mar 2019, Andrew Boyd wrote:

I only discovered this site today and how refreshing it is to hear Mr. Corbyn so forthrightly denounce the fraudulent, misguideded and pseudo-scientific claims that humans cause global warming. Thank GOD for Mr. Corbyn.
On 28 Mar 2019, Istvan ilyes wrote:

Its very pleasant down here in West Sussex.
On 28 Mar 2019, Gerry 45d 164ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

The snowflake organisation I work for has just sent a useful reminder that this Saturday at 8.30pm it is Celebrate Electricity Hour. So get all those lights on, run the dishwasher, wash some clothes, bake something, do some arc welding, etc to show how much we appreciate having electricity when we want it and when we need it while we can before the moron politicians deliver us blackouts and restrictions on use.
On 28 Mar 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

just had an email from a pal in Maine. Heaviest snow recorded in northern Maine and the ice-fishing season has been extended by 3 weeks because of the prolonged cold spell. BUT it isn't Cambridgeshire, so it has no significance.
On 27 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

10˚C at 7.30, overcast and only a light W値y breeze, the sun emerging in the afternoon, max temp 17˚, dry all day, clear evening, 7˚ at 9.30pm. == Maria, your tunnel story reminds me of February 2011 when we had rebuilt our big tunnel that had collapsed in Dec 2010 under the heavy snow: we chose 24th Feb to put on the plastic, which was the date that Piers had predicted would be the calmest that month and so it turned out; it was still quite breezy but was indeed the best day in the month.
On 26 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, some sun earlier on but a mostly cloudy day, though temps were warmer than yesterday and what little wind there was came from a generally W値y direction, max temp 15˚, mild end to the day with 9˚ at 10pm.
On 25 Mar 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Cold 3 deg bright then cloudy to start, sun came out late morning Max 14 deg and i'm sure I have caught the sun on face and arms today, great as the ground drying out nicely and much easier to tidy up the trench and trim back the over exaggerated bulging edges of the tunnel site leaving enough so the poles don't move but hopefully giving the plastic a better fit. Going to bury plastic in trench again as we get so much wind when we do get it i'm kinda nervous to alter what has already worked. Door frames to make tomorrow and excited to make up a dry mix for slabs for middle pathway will be nice not to be tripping on cardboard again after 12 years of that, so hoping for plastic on Thursday its like a race b4 / incase the weather changes..
On 25 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, great sunny morning with a strong NW値y wind which only abated by evening, max temp 13˚, cloudy and much cooler afternoon but dry all day, 6˚ at 10.30pm.
On 25 Mar 2019, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

NW London spring markers are four or so weeks ahead of last year: pear and plum blossom already well out, comfrey plants showing strong growth after winter hibernation, the unharvested potato tubers emerged as plants before the equinox for the first time in several years. Rhubarb was also harvested before the equinox. It has not been particularly wet here, happy to receive some of Northern Ireland's excess.
On 25 Mar 2019, Steve Devine wrote:

Well March looks like certainly being a month of two halves with gales, rain and widespread flooding for the first half and benign weather for the second half. Daytime temperatures currently averaging 12.2c in my corner of SW Essex and 5.6c by night. So that's slightly above average compared to March temperatures of the last 15 years or so but not remarkable. Hints of a cooldown next week as High Pressure nudges west allowing a more arctic influence from the north. Meanwhile epic hailstorms in Texas, crops and livestock either damaged or drowned across Nebraska and Queensland, Australia. We're sliding down towards Grand Solar Minimum now, we've already gone off the cliff and the effects are becoming global...
On 24 Mar 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

Really similar to Paddys weather reports here the last few days, light frost this morning too although after a sunny start it did cloud over but then a sunny afternoon with fab blue sky, the breeze making it feel cooler than yesterday. Perfect dry weekend, with the help of our 2 eldest daughters and our younger son, not forgetting the tiny almost walking one who can not wait to get in the mud shes def an outdoor baby :-) kids and I all took to the trench all 26 feet and dug for 2 days all around the tunnel to remove old plastic, just hope it stays nice enough to pick up and put new one on this week 😅
On 24 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

2˚C overnight, so a slight frost, 4˚ by 7.30, bright & cold start followed by a windy old day again but with lots of good sunshine, max temp 12 but feeling much colder in the wind, clear evening, 5˚ by 10pm. == Where is everybody? Terminally bored with my weather monologue? :-)
On 24 Mar 2019, Rich wrote:

UK CET anomaly at +1.78 deg C to date in 2019 (March is +2.5 deg), to beat record needs to be 1.34degc above normal for rest of year, I wonder what the chances are for 2019 to set all time record...... Lovely sunny day here in SE Cambs.
On 23 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

1˚C at 7.30, slight frost, clear & bright all day with nice fair weather cumulus clouds in a fresh W値y wind from the start, so max temp was only 12˚ but really pleasant in the sun. Once again, I have to say just how much light we have had this winter and going into spring; we池e so used to having cloudy dark days up here that we really notice the difference. 4˚ at 9.30pm.
On 22 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

8˚C at 7.30, fresh SW値y wind, cloudy for most of the day except at around 5pm when we had a sunny end, no rain, max temp 13˚, clear starry evening, 3˚ at 9.30pm.
On 21 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

8˚C at 7.30, cloudy & mild, some light showers early on but warming up nicely to a max of 16˚, winds light & variable from SW - NE, that痴 when it suddenly went much cooler in the afternoon, we even had fog rolling in off the coast by 6pm, a real mixed bag of different moods & atmospheres, slight drizzle by 10pm but still 12˚.
On 20 Mar 2019, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

After cold at times windy and a lot of rain we have had some nicer weather the last couple of days reaching for a short time around 15 deg and some sunshine to get the kids out for a vit D top up, garden starting to green up and plants waking up, first seeds in and now a lot of catch up work outside as the ground starts to drain 😅
On 20 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

8˚C at 7.30, a bit cloudy but feeling mild with a gentle SW値y wind, brightening up by end of morning and reaching a max temp of 17˚, which is quite remarkable after the weekend痴 cold snowy spell. Sunny afternoon and clear warmish evening with 11˚ at 10pm.
On 19 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, bright and sunny day in spite of the clouds, light SW値y wind and much warmer than yesterday with a top temp of 15˚, almost too hot sowing our trees in the tunnel, no complaints. 8˚ at 9pm.
On 19 Mar 2019, C View wrote:

Proof of the AGW lobby refusing to debate the issue has emerged after it was revealed that the BBC news in Scotland dropped apiece dropped a piece on the kids climate strike as they had invited a '' climate denier'' in to debate the issue and nobody from the AGW side would engage in the debate so the item was dropped. If you believe yourselves to be right with all that evidence to back up your theory why would you refuse to debate... presumably because you know your argument to be false.
On 19 Mar 2019, C View wrote:

More alarmism. The head of the Enviroment Agency is today warning of an "existential threat" to England in 25 years due to a lack of water caused in part by climate change. So we can now safely look forward to 25 years of heavy rain.... thanks.
On 18 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

0˚C overnight, 1˚ at 7.30 cloudy but bright and turning into a very sunny morning, not much wind to begin with and a max temp of 12˚, though by afternoon we had a very cold SW値y wind for a while before it warmed up a little again, 2˚ at 9pm under a clear moonlit sky. == Bill S, interesting that the Cairn o Mount was open, Hill of Fare had 8 of snow on Sunday according to a hill walking friend. Wet stuff of course, easily melting in the sun.
On 18 Mar 2019, Bill s (N E Wales) wrote:

Last couple of days in NE Aberdeen, sunny with showers in Sunday but dry on the coast to Montrose with some sunshine trip back over the Cairn o mount In some sparkling winter sunshine.sleetyshowers on way back to Aberdeen. A frosty sunny start to Monday in Aberdeen, drove home sun giving way tocloud by Perth and eventually drizzle in borders to heavy rain in Lancashire just about letting up in NeWales such is the variety of the Uk weather.
On 18 Mar 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

ISTVAN: 1979 ranks as one of the coldest winters in the UK during the 20th century, so it's not too surprising that today is warmer.
On 18 Mar 2019, M Lewis wrote:

There is nothing unusual about our weather this March in the UK. In like a lion, out like a lamb! Snow, rain, storms gales and floods during first half of March, followed by sunshine and Spring weather during the second half.
On 17 Mar 2019, Paddy, Aberdeen South, sub, 130m elevation wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, crunchy frozen snow underfoot, cloudy but turning into a bright day much of the time with squally showers (of rain) in the afternoon, strong NW値y wind, max temp 8˚, clearer and calmer evening, 2˚ again at 10pm under a bright moon. ==March snow: I remember three springs in succession in the late 70s/early 80s when it snowed on the 21st of March!
On 17 Mar 2019, Istvan ilyes wrote:

Ron My mothers funarel was on 15th, March 1979. There was a foot of snow .it was a very cold month. I lived in Bedford in the home counties. A bit different from today.
On 17 Mar 2019, C View wrote:

Irony,irony I wonder if they will get the irony. On Friday lots of school kids went on ''climate strike'' and those in Scotland would have got up the following day to find much of the country covered in what they presumably believe to be ''a thing of the past' . The bewilderment they must have felt........oh how I laughed!!!
On 17 Mar 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

It's just past the 13th anniversary of my mother's funeral. I remember the heavy snow in Glasgow that night and the disruption in other parts of Scotland and here we are in another snowy March.
On 16 Mar 2019, Bill S (N E Wales) wrote:

In the north of Scotland for a few days break.A couple of cracking spring days Thursday and Friday , sunshine,showers and strong winds. A return to winter today after a dry start sleety rain all day on the north Aberdeen shire coast from Fraserburgh around to Banff, turned to heavy snow on the drive back to Aberdeen, a couple of cm of the horrible wet snow , back to rain in Aberdeen. car showed maximum of 3 minimum 0c.
On 16 Mar 2019, East Kent Coast wrote:

March 2019 is certainly becoming one of the wettest months of March for well over a decade. Rainfall has been recorded on every day so far locally. Due to the jet stream's position directly over the UK it has led to some extraordinary contrasts in temperature, very mild in the south to very cold and snowy in the North. The constant gale force winds have been another feature of this highly unsettled month so far. Such a difference from a much quieter February.
On 16 Mar 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

Woke up around 0700 hrs to find heavy wet snow falling here at 140 metres, but not settling. Snowline about another 100 metres higher up. The standard forecast was accurate this time.
On 15 Mar 2019, C View wrote:

Further to what you say Ron about snow amounts being bog standard, what a turnaround from last month with Glencoe Ski Centre reporting ''ski anywhere on the hill conditions'' with more snow forecast.
On 14 Mar 2019, Ron Greer wrote:

on the journey to and from Aviermore yesterday hill snow cover was 'bog standard' for this time of year, with substantial amounts above 500 metres. The deaths of Swiss and French climbers on Ben Nevis a few days ago in an avalanche is a tragic reminder that normal is not always benign.
On 13 Mar 2019, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

HELLO ALL! New Season New blog feed and NEW 75%OFF ALL-SPRING-NOW BI/Eu/Usa and some Great 12month Subs (TheWholeLOT & 5mth ahead BI/Eu/Usa) AND MORE - "PREPARE!" DEALS. Interesting times continue worldwide.