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WELCOME to @Piers_Corbyn Special "New Futures & politics, post article 50" blog
This blog was started because of the increasing number of people who want to discuss the overlap of politics and Climate Change and the ever widening political situation around Brexit (in which the EU-Climate change has significant importance) and the position of Piers' brother Jeremy - leader of the Labour Party. The videos and documents below are of special interest.  

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(Dec6) Statement from Piers Corbyn on gratuitous lies from Russia Today concerning me & some Donald Trump (Re)Tweets
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"I am disappointed and utterly disgusted by DISGRACEFUL LIES FROM  () claiming I defended Donald Trump's recent controversial ReTweet. This is a deceitful trick and gratuitous LIE to undermine my brother and me. I OPPOSE TRUMP's particular RTweet. I merely pointed out how Trump had used the media to turn the (justifiable) criticism by many of his Tweet back against them. RTweet is NOT SUPPORT. I RTweet weather forecasts daily without that suggesting support! Russia Today NEVER ASKED ME YET THEY CONTACT ME ON OTHER THINGS. This is unlike who phoned me about my comments, understood I do not in any way imply support by making a comment on someone else's Rtweet (Nb I didn't RTw anything from the organisation many rightly object too) and saw 'NoStory'. The Express applied fair journalism. However RussiaToday do not. They grossly misrepresented what I tweeted and I suggest they didn't bother to ask me because they knew they intended to lie. Despite it's high & mighty justifiable criticisms of Main-Stream Media I am very disappointed to see RT are actually worse than media they attack. 
I demand RT apologize unreservedly and pay large sums in damages (eg to specified organisations / charities). They can contact me on my WeatherAction numbers above.

Dates of Note 
Aug 15th 2017 - 70th Anniv of India Independence.
Aug 16th 2017 - 39th Anniv of Huntley St (nr Goodge St Central London) 6am epic eviction (& subsequent rehousing) from barricades. Prepare 40yrs 2018 in the great struggle against Social Cleansing. 
Elvis died 40yrs ago 16th Aug 1977.

Important pre Brexit links 
=> #BrexitTheMovie 
=> #LexitTheMovie
=> Piers Corbyn #WOWexit movie= 
=> EU was CIA creation - AlexJones interview
=> AND an investigation (not Vid) into Joe Cox's killer: 
also see WindowsOnTheWorld Vid Dr NickKollerstrom

important post Brexit links in date order
Jeremy Corbyn's Brother Piers Sees Through #ProjectChaos; VID  loaded 27th June, over 7k views July 5th
Follow up 30 June
Jeremy Corbyn's Brother Sees Him Winning
CityOfLondon Blairites plot Coup against JeremyCorbyn
Includes Refs to MPs: Hodge (Oppenheimer), Harman and Reports: Chilcot, paedo cover-ups. . 
Piers Corbyn "We will  fight them..." speech against Coup against brother - delivered in Parliament sq beside Churchill statue Mon 27 June 2016 
John Pilger superb must Read for Remainers and Brexiters / Lexiters:
Piers Corbyn on Blairite attempted Coup/#ChickenCoup (28 June): 
Piers Corbyn on Blairite Coup crisis - #ChickenCoup 5July:
Piers Corbyn: Jeremy Corbyn defeats Blairite roadblock 13 July:
LATEST 20 July on #ChickenCoup NEWS The eagle Never Landed now its Blairite Owen
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On 17 Dec 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

The UK is currently under a fog of delusion and it is all of our own making. From the top we have deluded PM who thinks she has achieved progress on Brexit and a legacy media who seem to be incapable of actually reading any documentation and so have no idea what they are talking about. the media rely on their prestige sources to inform them but since these sources are our dim and ignorant MPs, academics and think-tanks who can't think they learn nothing. Right from the start May handed control of the exit process to the EU by not having the faintest idea of what she was doing other than keep chanting 'deep and special'. We now know that it was her and Nick Timothy who made the disastrous decision to leave the Single Market - no input from cabinet or anyone who knows what they are talking about such as Ivan Rogers. Events will catch up with them as it becomes clear trade talks will not start until we have left the EU in March 2019 as is written in the EU Council documents.
On 29 Nov 2017, Piers Corbyn wrote:

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On 22 Nov 2017, Piers Corbyn wrote:

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On 08 Nov 2017, Fred wrote:

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On 07 Nov 2017, Piers Corbyn wrote:

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On 05 Nov 2017, Piers Corbyn wrote:

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On 23 Oct 2017, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

I find all this much more interesting than silly multi-party politics, which is about as meaningful as trying to dry washing on a rainy day. Watch a video or two on YouTube showing people talking about jobs, recessions, wages, interest rates, inflation, housing, voting back in the 70s. If you shut your eyes you could easily be listening to people talking today. Nothing has changed. The same control factors, the same blood-sucking, fear-mongering elite keeping control of the farm animals. Watch over the next 20 years how Europe will be taken apart like an old machine being replaced by a much smaller, neater alternative. It has too much power as a union, so must be dismantled. Civil war in Spain? Highly likely. Berlin Wall demolished to begin weakening Germany. Lots of turmoil in the banking industry to cause financial instability which will weaken all the EU members and make them vulnerable to regime change. When it happens it will shock you to the core! WWI & II were just practise!
On 23 Oct 2017, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

Along with the US, it has served it purpose and its usefulness is now arbitrary. They are just sharpened tools to be used if and when required, but their individual choice making is now redundant. The dumbed down population no longer has a voice and any rebellion will be quelled and swept aside in the pursuit of total control. Famous last words: "You'll do it our way, or the hard way..." and that's the way of it, and has always been that way. Just a few loose ends to tie up, and the stage will be set. The signs of coming societal collapse are already widespread. These signs in the past were followed by civilisation collapses, and empires ending abruptly. Maybe the coming ice age will be the trigger because it is chiselled in stone that we are now overdue for the next one. But the planet needs organising for the big sleep. Who will survive this one? To some people, back to the stone age is not an option e.g. GM crops? When the insects die off we will need alternatives to pollination...
On 23 Oct 2017, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

Anyone brave enough to speak out is labelled "anti-??" and blackwashed as a crank and a fool. Just look at Piers and the way the Met Orifice and other mainstream sources label him a crank and try to discredit him at every opportunity. Look how the media protect and promote the likes of the Elite Al Gore. His close relatives own the media so he gets heard and Piers gets muffled. Thing is, this has been going on for many hundreds of years, using spies and an intelligence network to control the masses and protect the Elite. Britain was infiltrated and taken over through the back door (Scotland) way back in the 1100s. The systematic changes - using war and financial trip-wires - to alter the whole of Europe was perpetrated by the same elitist, globalist, power hungry people, who now control pretty much the whole of the western world. At the stage we are at, expect massive changes over the next 50 years. Mrs May and the EU are just a smokescreen. Europe is being broken for a reason!
On 23 Oct 2017, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

Gerry.... thanks for clearing that up. I don't follow party politics as closely as I did back in the 90s so lost track and forgotten most meaningful things. Today I look at the very long term and big picture political goals of the Elite, and try to work out what the most likely future scenario is going to be so I can prepare as well as I can. All these seeds of confusion are not accidental. They are quite deliberate and created to cause as much fear and confusion as possible. There's a lot of info out there about the real, non-mainstream historic record, which makes very disturbing reading. It is said there are different levels of truth. I totally disagree. There are different levels of lies but there can be only one truth. There are endless stories relating to history, all slightly different and all contradictory. When you read about the real reasons for historic events and the detailed truth about those events everything else becomes obvious and suddenly makes sense.
On 05 Oct 2017, Piers Corbyn wrote:

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On 03 Oct 2017, Piers Corbyn wrote:

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