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WELCOME to @Piers_Corbyn Special "New Futures & politics, post article 50" blog
This blog was started because of the increasing number of people who want to discuss the overlap of politics and Climate Change and the ever widening political situation around Brexit (in which the EU-Climate change has significant importance) and the position of Piers' brother Jeremy - leader of the Labour Party. The videos and documents below are of special interest.  

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#NoDealBrexit is becoming #ManagedWTObrexit
- because the EU, various EU governments, the UK govt and 
port authorities have already taken steps to deal with and solved many post-Brexit issues in line with WTO rules. The EU may or may not agree a UK-EU deal (which could be a rubber stamp of the practical steps those, like the port authorities, who actually do useful work have done). Right now we're heading for a #WTOBrexit which is good.May's Deal is #BRINO=Brexit-In-Name-Only, imprisoning UK in EU diktat.
WTOBrexit is DEMOCRATIC - LeaveEU was agreed in Referendum.
WTOBrexit keeps OUR Laws, Borders, Money and Rights
WTOBrexit saves UK £39bn pa payments to EU (~£2kpa/£40pw per family)
WTOBrexit removes EU tariffs & brings down a lot of food and other prices. 
WTOBrexit means UK keeps our fish from EU plunder
WTOBrexit means we can break out of the EVIL #EUTS - EU Emissions Trading Scheme - designed to destroy and asset strip UK industry. 
  • Through EUETS giant corporations take over UK industry (eg Steel in NE England) run it down and thereby gain Carbon credits to set-up alternatives elsewhere eg India producing the same CO2 - & funded by UN-EU money FROM UK taxpayers. WE PAY TO TURN UK INTO A ZERO-HOURS CONTRACT WASTELAND OF SILLY "JOBS".
WTOBrexit will help stop the evil UN-EU-Agenda 21 "sustainability" pack of CO2 "ClimateChange" Lies #FakeScience #FuelPoverty +#SocialCleansing
WTO EXIT OF EU puts the UK in a STRONGER negotiating position than we had when Fools & traitors led the negotiations on the lines "Our people have told us to Leave but we don't want to so how can we mess it up?" 
Since EU exports MORE to UK that UK to EU it's a No-Brainer that UK has an advantage. Any industry with cross channel internal activity (eg cars or parts) just says to respective governments we want no import-export surcharges for this activity. Then only mentally deficient malevolent self-serving anti-industry bureaukratz would say "NO". Of course that is what the EU is made of but this way they expose themselves and the EU side is at an immediate disadvantage because they want to export more than UK does to them. 
NEXT, Cross channel YellowVests #YellowVestsInternational might have something to say at the offices of dead-brained, dead-handed Eurokratz.  
Remainists (+ExtinctionRebellion fools who are the same Globalist false narrative) are anti-democratic & work to enable super corporations and UN-EU DIKTATS to plunder us and destroy our rights and living standards.
WHEN Bureaucrats behave in the way the unelected little dictators of the EU do one has to ask WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF GOVERNMENT? When it's no longer TO ENABLE THE PEOPLE TO GO ABOUT THEIR BUSINESS OF WORK, LIVING AND LIBERTY we note that they can only behave like this because of lack of accountability and democracy and then DISPOSE OF THEM AND DISPOSE OF THE DIKTAT-ORSHIP WHICH gives them power. 


Transfers of old "political" items from Home Page...

(Dec6) Statement from Piers Corbyn on gratuitous lies from Russia Today concerning me & some Donald Trump (Re)Tweets
(+apologies if you came here to prepare for snow & subscribe before our Wow deals end!)
"I am disappointed and utterly disgusted by DISGRACEFUL LIES FROM  () claiming I defended Donald Trump's recent controversial ReTweet. This is a deceitful trick and gratuitous LIE to undermine my brother and me. I OPPOSE TRUMP's particular RTweet. I merely pointed out how Trump had used the media to turn the (justifiable) criticism by many of his Tweet back against them. RTweet is NOT SUPPORT. I RTweet weather forecasts daily without that suggesting support! Russia Today NEVER ASKED ME YET THEY CONTACT ME ON OTHER THINGS. This is unlike who phoned me about my comments, understood I do not in any way imply support by making a comment on someone else's Rtweet (Nb I didn't RTw anything from the organisation many rightly object too) and saw 'NoStory'. The Express applied fair journalism. However RussiaToday do not. They grossly misrepresented what I tweeted and I suggest they didn't bother to ask me because they knew they intended to lie. Despite it's high & mighty justifiable criticisms of Main-Stream Media I am very disappointed to see RT are actually worse than media they attack. 
I demand RT apologize unreservedly and pay large sums in damages (eg to specified organisations / charities). They can contact me on my WeatherAction numbers above.

Dates of Note 
Aug 15th 2017 - 70th Anniv of India Independence.
Aug 16th 2017 - 39th Anniv of Huntley St (nr Goodge St Central London) 6am epic eviction (& subsequent rehousing) from barricades. Prepare 40yrs 2018 in the great struggle against Social Cleansing. 
Elvis died 40yrs ago 16th Aug 1977.

Important pre Brexit links 
=> #BrexitTheMovie 
=> #LexitTheMovie
=> Piers Corbyn #WOWexit movie= 
=> EU was CIA creation - AlexJones interview
=> AND an investigation (not Vid) into Joe Cox's killer: 
also see WindowsOnTheWorld Vid Dr NickKollerstrom

important post Brexit links in date order
Jeremy Corbyn's Brother Piers Sees Through #ProjectChaos; VID  loaded 27th June, over 7k views July 5th
Follow up 30 June
Jeremy Corbyn's Brother Sees Him Winning
CityOfLondon Blairites plot Coup against JeremyCorbyn
Includes Refs to MPs: Hodge (Oppenheimer), Harman and Reports: Chilcot, paedo cover-ups. . 
Piers Corbyn "We will  fight them..." speech against Coup against brother - delivered in Parliament sq beside Churchill statue Mon 27 June 2016 
John Pilger superb must Read for Remainers and Brexiters / Lexiters:
Piers Corbyn on Blairite attempted Coup/#ChickenCoup (28 June): 
Piers Corbyn on Blairite Coup crisis - #ChickenCoup 5July:
Piers Corbyn: Jeremy Corbyn defeats Blairite roadblock 13 July:
LATEST 20 July on #ChickenCoup NEWS The eagle Never Landed now its Blairite Owen
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On 22 Jun 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

So 26 Labour MPs have written to Obi Wan Kenobi about putting the national interest first and rejecting a second Referendum that would be "toxic to our bedrock of voters". The list includes vile Euro-maniacs like Stephen Kinnock so we can be sure that above all else it is a plea for self-preservation. The ambiguity displayed by Corbyn's team since 2017 has come around and bitten him on the bum. Freaks like Watson and Starmer have always wanted to repudiate Brexit, and now incoherent wildebeests Thornberry, Abbott and McDonnell have been spooked into this stampede as well. Meanwhile Corbyn's head of policy warns that adopting a pro-Remain position would neither win back defectors to the Liberals nor offset the exodus of Leave voters in key marginals. So there they are then, still triangulating away and still ignorant of the basic premise of democracy. Still jerking around instead of respecting the clear majority in favour of leaving the EU. Corbyn should have chosen right from wro
On 23 May 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

I have been getting lots of desperate emails from the Labour Party including local MEP candidates and the hierarchy including Obi Wan Kenobi himself. They all say that we face a threat from the "hate filled far right" in the European Elections. I have replied to all of them that one of the signatures of the far right is its penchant to overturn any elections when the vote does not go its way. So that puts the cruddy Labour Party in a Venn Diagram overlap with Fascist behaviour. And certainly not the people who respect democracy and the British people's decision to leave the EU in the 2016 Referendum. It is also funny how these Second Referendum/ Revoke nutters always cite a "Climate Emergency" as a reason to disavow Brexit. Anyway today is the day to show these smug fraudsters what we think by voting for the Brexit Party. What a journey of discovery it has been. People like me worked their nuts off to support Corbyn when his chance came, but now despise this craven sellout.
On 22 Apr 2019, Piers Corbyn wrote:

CITIZENS AWAKE! This warm Easter was predicted by us a WeatherAction in the detailed 10 week ahead forecast and is nothing special compared with previous warm late Easters. This is the latest date Easter can be and so is statistically the warmest but that doesn't stop the bigger-than-ever UN-EU-Corporate-Globalist Climate Lie RELIGION adding to more of the lies spewed out by the TOTALLY BIASED BBC and Sir-David-Attenborough-Of-WalrusGate. This new orchestrated brainwashing is not about controlling climate it's about controlling you - to destroy real science, free speech and democracy. There are huge forces at work. WeatherAction and #Scientists4Truth are standing up against this Eco-DeathCult. Please HELP. We are getting loads of interest on line but very few sales. So please join in and GIVE NOW to #Scientists4Truth (last on list in OnLine shop on home page RHS) OR Buy more forecasts in current great deals. THANK YOU and pass it on.
On 15 Apr 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

Thanks Derek, Bill Cash is working along the same lines. That statutory instruments should not be used to frustrate Acts of Parliament. Technically what has been done by Parliament is illegal and a form of racketeering. But the high legal echelons are prone to racketeering themselves. So I don't hold out much hope.
On 12 Apr 2019, Piers Corbyn wrote:

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On 08 Apr 2019, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

CITIZENS! THESE ARE MOMENTS OF HISTORY IN WEATHER AND POLITICS +=+=+ Derek excellent see also my twitter @Piers_Corbyn ==++== On forecasts: Stop brexiting for a moment and buy some bargain forecast deals FANTASTIC 12m for 2 of TheWholeLOT service. DO IT. AND ALL-SUMMER-NOW (BI Usa, Eu when up) is 67%OFF - NOT FOR LONG. Usual forecast credits for any overlaps. +=+=+=+= Paul re arctic ice not sure of point here or of data come to that. Arctic sea ice area is a very stupid measure because its about area sort of covered which is wind dependent. More wind and it spreads out = a lot. Low wind and it bunches up = LESS. More interesting is the Jacobshaven glacier Greenland the biggest around which is now GROWING. Top weather times!
On 06 Apr 2019, Derek wrote:

These 2 important links should be added the Brexit links. In a nutshell they are saying that because of the Gina Millar ruling Mrs May has not been given the legal authority by Parliament to change the Brexit date, although she has supposedly done so on her own by aggreeing an extension. A case has been submitted to the High Court requesting a legal ruling that we left the EU on 29th March, and any further votes and actions in parliament are null & void. It is irrelevant if you don't support the English Democrats because at least they are trying to do something for the Leave majority, and they are being ignored by most of the media and don't have the publicity to raise funds. If every Leaver donated 1 it might soon wipe the smiles of the faces of these smug politicians.
On 28 Mar 2019, Gerry 45d 164ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

The big news this week so far is not that our MPs are terminally stupid but that Jacob Rees-Moron can think. He has, in the week when we were scheduled to be free off the EU, thought about Brexit and decided that it is a process not an event. So the great man, revered by the no deal Brexit crowd for his deep knowledge, has only just worked out something that I knew over 5 years ago - that's over 1800 days earlier than JRM. From the first draft of Flexit it was clear that the day we left was not the end but the start. After the shambles of the children at play in parliament yesterday, the only sensible exit plan that is still standing is Flexit. Nobody has been able to damage hence it is normally just ignored. Having been properly researched, it shows how ignorant the Pixie Balls Cooper and Eustace 'Norway' plans are. Where next? Like anybody knows the answer to that one.
On 23 Feb 2019, Mark Hall wrote:

Well done Gerry. You have described the real problem here. Unnecessary legislation by a corrupt cartel to distort the pricing mechanism. I wouldn't want to be a cheerleader for the Carbon Credit racket that is part of the Anthropogenic Global Warming scam. But you sound like you don't mind at all. Glad to see you back, all the same. Your truculent evaluations had been greatly missed.
On 17 Feb 2019, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 164ft wrote:

We have a winner! The first company to go bankrupt due to Brexit - step forward FlyBMI. So well done to May for her idiotic decision to leave the Single Market, to the brain dead Tory 'no deal no problem' crowd led by Rees Moron, to the childish antics of Labour putting party before country and to the Project Fear crew who lied about the Single Market and made the only viable option toxic. The legacy media will not tell you why they folded and no Moron of Parliament will have a clue either. The answer is Emissions Trading System or carbon credits as they are known. The EU excluded the UK from the scheme on 1 Jan because of the indecision created by the Morons. Had the Withdrawal Agreement been ratified all would be well - for a year or so anyway. Airlines get a lot of income from trading the credits. British Airways could face a loss of 300 million Euros because of this. Every day the children in Parliament play more damage is done to the UK economy.
On 14 Dec 2018, @Piers_Corbyn twitter LoadzAnews wrote:

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On 13 Dec 2018, Mark Hall, Herts wrote:

A lot has been made of May's weakness towards the EU and her capitulation, but Corbyn has been just as dire. From a position of strength, after his second leadership victory, he has played games and essentially followed the same trajectory as May. In his recent newspaper article he deconstructed the Referendum vote. Apparently, Remainers were utopian idealists who wanted an open relationship with Europe. But the 17.4 million Brexit voters were merely angry at being left behind in our society. Instead of acknowledging valid political motives, he has chosen to pathologise the majority. The behaviour of a charlatan. On his journey to Establishment Central, he has jettisoned his Eurosceptic baggage along with manifesto commitments and any respect for democracy. He could have attempted to educate the new party members about the credible socialist critique of the Euro project and the logical imperative to leave the Bloc. Joining Labour to support Corbyn was a dumb move on my part.
On 14 Nov 2018, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

So Theresa May has finally given in and opted for a wet border for N Ireland in the Withdrawal Agreement. The European Council will meet next week for M Barnier to explain the agreement and for them to assent to it. The European Commission must then agree to it as well which I would expect to be fairly certain given that Barnier was Juncker's choice as negotiator at the beginning. The European Parliament then has to agree it which is where there might be some discord but I suspect that it will be ratified. The UK and the EU then sign it and then as the end of the transition period approaches we will be pretty much where we have been as realisation dawns that the much vaunted Free Trade Agreement will cause nearly as much damage to the UK economy as no deal. IATA has already suggested that it is not long enough for an aviation deal. Animal product export will cease for up to year anyway.If industry reads the Canada deal they will see the need to transit elsewhere during the next 2yrs.
On 08 Nov 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

It is amazing to see the legacy ignorant media spinning in circles as it makes up stories on Brexit to fill the void of nothing happening. The Sunday times had it that a new plan was coming that would solve the impasse. Their coprophagic friends then did their pieces on it before slowly it came to pass that there was no substance to the ST report whatsoever. Now we have the story of the circulation of the deal to the cabinet. One rather important thing is missing from this - the Ireland solution! So no progress, no EC meeting this month and yet the media think there will be agreement next week. Luckily the Irish media is better informed - not difficult obviously - and Varadka sees the December EC meeting as the next step in Theresa May's Brexit disaster. After that the next meeting will be drinks and handshakes as just a week later we will be free of the EU, but as it stands currently, at a price we didn't need to pay.
On 26 Oct 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

And so there are 5 months to go before the UK experiences the massive shock of becoming a third country as the Irish border remains impossible for May to resolve given the blind alley her stupid decisions have taken her up. IATA published a report on how they see the effect of no deal on the aviation industry. Their Director General notes that with no deal chaos is inevitable. Even then their report doesn't go far enough by glossing over the impossibility of the UK remaining in EASA without which all UK personnel accreditation is void outside this country. It also misses the glaring fact that there is a good reason Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland are in EASA - namely membership of Efta. It does note that future aviation deal will take longer than 2 years to settle and that a BASA agreement would see flights drop to 5% of their current level. The lame legacy media managed to miss this important report - no surprise there.
On 16 Oct 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

"...making money or gaining power at the expense of others." ....... It's been that way for a very, very, very long time Maria.
On 03 Oct 2018, Maria (Ireland sub) wrote:

The worst of it is that while all the hype drama and fake news and distractions takes up time on this earth, many people like those in Indonesia homeless human beings all over the world have real daily battles for survival or health going on with little support in the scheme of things, it would be too simple to use logic to correct that which is out of balance due to that which can not be controlled by working out what can be worked out easily and restored instead of making money or gaining power at the expense of others. Hope, that made sense!
On 03 Oct 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

Rhys.... "Unless of course,US, Eu, China and Russia gang up to destroy us. Will they, do you think?" ..... No! Previous wars between western states were redistribution of wealth, and a total reorganisation of power. They still need to put in a few nips & tucks in some parts of the world to finish off the grand plan but commerce, not war, is the way of, well, the near future at least. Like I've said before, the EU had it's purpose, had it's time, and now it is time for it to change. You only have to look at a countries GDP to see whether or not it is worth saving in the grand scheme of things..... and please try to ignore the pretend debt levels we are told exist. The numbers given in news stories over the past 25 years have done nothing but contradict each other, and are as fraudulent as anything else I've encountered in the finance sector. Everything in the news concerning Brexit is misdirection and blather and makes little to no sense....just like it's supposed to....
On 03 Oct 2018, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

The Great Oaf has spoken. BoJo The Clown has delivered a speech, lapped up by a room full of ignorant people, that had contradictions in it that the lame and useless legacy media have completely failed to report. Is it any wonder that the majority of people are so ignorant on Brexit? The most glaring of the Oaf's mistakes was to say that we should dump the Irish border backstop and then spend the 'implementation' period after March negotiating his SuperCanada++++ fairytale agreement. In case you haven't spotted it - no Irish border agreement, no withdrawal agreement, NO implementation period! So the Oaf was saying we should drop off the cliff edge in March and the performing seals in audience clapped accordingly. The Oaf also said we should be preparing for WTO rules at the same time as the FTA - well you can't have both. While Rhys makes a valid point, when the UK car industry closes down and 800,000 are unemployed, what money will they have to spend at SMEs?
On 28 Sep 2018, Mark Hall wrote:

Rhys, We've been held hostage by the EU for so long that Gerry has developed Stockholm Syndrome. All obstacles are insurmountable and we might as well give up. Apparently, though it takes the average manufacturer about 6-12 months to knock out a passenger jet (including safety checks) it would take the EU and aviation authorities up to 5 years to grant licences should the UK honour the Referendum decision. Just think of the wonderful intricacies of these contracts and accreditations. Maybe they have to start them from scratch. Some EU widget directive could stall the process for a couple of years. Or maybe they have to roll them out on a Guttenburg press. Whatever, it is a truly hopeless affair.
On 26 Sep 2018, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Gerry, the vast majority of SMEs do not trade outside their county, let alone in the EU. It is the multinationals, Mittelstand, high tech and banking sectors that do that. Hairdressers, newsagents, corner shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, taxis etc etc etc serve local economies. of course, if you spend all your money in Tescos, save all your money in plc banks etc etc, changes will come. But a lot of the economy is relatively brexit-immune and, if Germany and UK could rebuild after demolition in WWII, I would humbly suggest that UK could survive Brexit quite easily. Russia seems to survive US sanctions, after all. Unless of course,US, Eu, China and Russia gang up to destroy us. Will they, do you think?
On 23 Sep 2018, Peterg wrote:

Is this the first time the EU`s 27 members have come to a common agreement, over any issue, and decided to reject May`s proposals?
On 22 Sep 2018, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Looks like we are heading for this sort of Brexit. Its the only language the EU understand.
On 20 Sep 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

If you need a glaring example of the ineptness of the legacy media and their failure in their duty to inform the public over Brexit, we have the confusion over M Barnier's offer to soften the controls between the UK and N Ireland. To the ignorant hacks he was talking about the cross-Ireland border but he was of course talking of the wet border that is the current backstop position of the withdrawal agreement. His offer was rejected by May so it must still be 80-20 a no deal Brexit and economic collapse. Expecting nothing of any substance or intelligence to come out of the Tory conference, the October EC meeting is our next event. We can expect the formal rejection of the Chequers proposal and the offer of an emergency meeting in November. After that there in one in December and one in March to bid us farewell and good luck.
On 19 Sep 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

As the legacy media thrash around in their world of ignorance making unproven claims based on reports not public or unnamed sources, the possibility of the wet Irish border being accepted by May right at the final minute is gaining substance as it would suit the EU as well. The only unanswered question is how do they get it through their ratification? Maybe this is where they show their flexibility. Once the withdrawal agreement is signed we have transition. The government will then negotiate a trade deal that is much worse than being in the Single Market, in fact not that many notches above no deal. Remember that all those cheering a Canada ++ trade deal have never read it to see how little is in it. Of course the uncertainty of the outcome of the current talks is likely to mean that many companies will have left before the transition period even starts.
On 18 Sep 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

Well we had another tranche of the so-called no deal briefing papers from HMG but as with the earlier ones, learnt very little or nothing. On passports we has drivel about having to have at least 6 months validity left when visiting the EU but completely ignored the fact that recognition of our EU-UK passports worldwide is down to us being an EU member. Same with driving licences - they are EU licences recognised by our membership. And what about HGV and coach licences? On our no deal exit, no more driving for these people until something - and there are a lot of somethings - get sorted. Sky screwed up a story on pilot licences by suggesting they would need reissue. Rubbish of course, but the real fact is that they will not be accepted to fly in the EU and probably beyond. With May having no room to move, could there be a last minute acceptance of the Irish Sea border so that parliament doesn't vote and we go straight to transition. They can crash the economy when that ends in 2020.
On 01 Sep 2018, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

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On 31 Aug 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

When dealing with morons it is difficult to use rational thought to see what they are up to but we think we have an idea of May's plan. The Chequer's Plan will be rejected and the Ultra Brexit Morons won't let her produce anything more sensible towards retaining Single Market membership. And a vote on 'no deal' won't get through Parliament. So...she has decided on 'no deal' hence all the propaganda to say that it won't be that bad and the ignorant drivel that was the briefing documents produced so far. The next part is to keep the talks going so they are in Brussels with the lights burning at 11pm 29 March when we crash out and May comes out saying we were close but the EU wouldn't do a deal. The ignorant media and UBMs bang the blame EU drum and she is off the hook. Deluded she might then believe they will come running back to her as they need us more. Only they don't and they won't so the economy nosedives and we have an election. Tories or Hamas/Hezbollah/PLO/Labour - what a choice.
On 29 Aug 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

Mark... "deflationary wasteland"...a perfect and exemplary term! There are some very strange goings on in US politics at present. Seems like a build up to something special.....
On 29 Aug 2018, Mark Hall wrote:

Russ, Currency market volatility at the moment is predicated on US interest rate rises. Lots of emerging market economies that borrowed in Dollar denominated debt have been hit by a double whammy. Rising interest payments and declining currencies (relative to the Dollar). This is crippling countries like Turkey and Argentina. The Dollar is still the least ugly sister and will continue to be the port to head for in the coming storm. But the Euro will collapse under its many contradictions. The Italian government will push this along nicely with their autumn budget and they are itching to leave the deflationary wasteland of the Euro area. Previous currency unions collapsed in similar circumstances. The back mechanisms of Target2 or say the Transfer Rouble (in the Soviet system) encouraged weaker members to play fast and loose in the fiscal sense. In the end it is the stronger members, fed up with worthless IOUs who walk away. Germany is still the likeliest to pull the plug on the Eu
On 25 Aug 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

".... it transpires that all 67 attempts in the world prior to the Euro experiment were failures." ......... The US and Europe have been used as tools for global control and their usefulness is coming to an end. Asia and the Middle East is where the wealth, manufacture and commerce is shifting. We are seeing a steady decline and destabilisation of both western continents as they become "incontinents" (sic). President Trump has already promised to destabilise world currency markets if he is impeached. This has been predicted by financial experts for at least a couple of years and would be the perfect trigger for a world-wide super-recession and collapse of the $ & . Lets wait and see because too much fog surrounds the near future for a accurate prediction; not forgetting that recessions are timed to coincide with solar minimums, with their associated poor harvests and food shortages. This next one circa 2019-2022 is another grand minimum with very few sun spots already. Not good!
On 23 Aug 2018, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

The first no deal notices are very dull with the only one that might be interesting on how to export to the EU somehow neglects to mention border controls and just waffles about customs and excise which are minor issues. There might be some people getting worried about food and medicines. Medicines is easy - we can import but not export and since we make lots of drugs we will be fine. Less so the EU but they can unilaterally let them in. Most food and animal products can't be exported for at least a year so we will have to eat them ourselves. As long as the government stops the free movement of trucks by allowing only those that can clear French or other border controls to board ferries, then the ferries will keep running bringing in our food imports. Under emergency WTO rules we can waive inspection to avoid delays. Anything coming in by air will be stopped until airport licensing and air traffic control are resolved unless they are UK planes which remain grounded.
On 23 Aug 2018, Mark Hall wrote:

Been reading a few articles about the history of Currency Unions and it transpires that all 67 attempts in the world prior to the Euro experiment were failures. This information was suppressed by the Euro Club elite back in the day and not even discussed by a body such as the IMF such was the groupthink that abounded. They all failed because the natural self-correction of trade imbalances within the union through currency appreciation/depreciation is impossible. If say, money drains out of Italy to Germany through the banking system, the ECB has to funnel it back via its Target2 apparatus. Countries with export booms used to be able to buy foreign assets or gold. Nowadays all Germany gets is a technical credit which under ECB regulations is unredeemable, without an expiry date and producing interest at the ECB refinancing rate of 0%. It is a form of debt that cannot be claimed. A fraud Only the EU nutjobs could invent a settlement system without a mechanism for settlement.
On 22 Aug 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

Tomorrow brings us the excitement of the first 20 of the governments 84 papers on what the coming 'no deal' Brexit means in most areas. Will they be of any use or just full of fairy dust in comparison to the 64 Notices to Stakeholders already released by the EU to show what our third country status will bring. What does 'no deal' actually mean? As May & co have failed to solve the Irish border problem they have created there is no Withdrawal Agreement and no transition period. Everything in the UK that works due to our EU membership won't from 11pm on 29 March. The most obvious will be the closure of the airports. Immediately there will begin the process of making deals to get some things working. For aviation it is licencing the airports and sorting the Open Skies access to allow everyone but UK airlines to fly. Getting UK planes running is a huge problem as the infrastructure for accreditation does not exist and the CAA estimate 5-10 yrs to rebuild it.
On 06 Aug 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

As the cliff edge disaster gets closer each day thanks to the UBMs and their lies about how good the WTO rules will be, I was aware that the electricity interconnectors will close down with a no deal Brexit but I admit to not being aware that the gas connections will also close down. Both fall under the Single Energy Market which the UK will leave under the no deal exit. If the UK had a sensible energy policy this would not be an issue but in the event of a cold winter the loss of gas supply will be a major problem. Third countries can be members of the SEM but have to abide by the EU rules and acqui communautaire which will upset the UBMs like Jacob Rees Moron. Not being party to the SEM is not such a bad thing as it frees us from the stupid renewable energy targets. If winter is still with us come exit day this will no doubt add the overall chaos that ensues and makes controls introduced by the Civil Contingencies Act more likely.
On 31 Jul 2018, Mark Hall wrote:

So in the month that the Israeli government downgraded the 20% Arab population of the country to second class citizens. The month that Israel transported White Helmet Jihadists to complicit regimes in Europe (including ours). The month that Israel shot down a Syrian jet and launched missile attacks from the illegally occupied Golan Heights. Yes, in the month of July, none of the above appeared to be much of a problem for our media presstitutes. Their attention has been captured by fake news about so-called anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. NEC candidate Peter Willsman has been castigated for calling out this nonsense and will no doubt be put through the mangle. The oafish Tom Watson thinks that Peter is a loud mouth bully and is disgusted by him. This is the same Tom Watson who accepted donations from a Nazi sympathiser (Max Mosely). You couldn't make it up. I haven't been to any CLP meetings since the Customs Union sellout, but I will be writing a letter of complaint about Watson
On 16 Jul 2018, Mark Hall wrote:

Gerry, Check out Gilliam's "Brazil" where the public enemy number one is a qualified heating engineer who fixes people's air conditioning for free in a sclerotic dystopian bureaucracy. You sound like you would want to live there. By and large, governments seek to chisel a piece of the action on trade, but they do not create it. Regulations related to safety and security are necessary, but you appear to rejoice in petty and needless restrictions. Anyway, Brexit was first and foremost a political decision and throwing around specious economic protest is disingenuous. The religion of an EU superstate is as flawed as the religion of AGW.
On 16 Jul 2018, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

Away from the Brexit fantasy world some inhabit where unicorns graze the fields, angel dust is in copious supply, the roses are growing well thanks to rocking horse sh*t, British mermaids have exclusive use of British waters and the tooth fairy wears a big smile things are happening. Our friends the Dutch are getting ready with a warning to all manufacturers to consider their use of British made parts as come Brexit they may invalidate trade agreements by having too few EU parts. Suppliers here are already seeing demand weaken with new designs of equipment not using British parts. Also important is that anything certified by a notified body will be void and will have to be retested unless continued recognition can be agreed. The port of Rotterdam will run an exercise in November to gauge how the imposition of border controls and inspections on British goods will affect the running of the port next year.
On 15 Jul 2018, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

The Great White Paper has been sighted. It is as we EU experts expected complete rubbish and will be rejected by the EC at their next meeting in October leaving just 6 months to go before the chaos arrives. The ration books are already printed - just need to be sent out as exit day approaches. Who knows, it may all start before 30 March to avoid panic buying. The GWP was supposed to solve the Irish problem and as it doesn't and Moron May's parlimentary responses rejecting the fall back position on the Irish border that was agreed in December means that no withdrawal agreement is possible. As long as we don't refuse to pay our fair dues, the EU will still be open to trying to pull us from the crap May's government will drown us in. All that can save us is a crisis where the public finally wakes up to what will happen. Aviation may be the key when flights are not scheduled beyond March or have a disclaimer that there will be no refund if the flight does not happen.
On 15 Jul 2018, Mark Hall wrote:

Russ, I'll grant you that individual countries and empires have their respective establishments and deep state apparatuses. And Gramsci was spot on about hegemony and the use of culture as well as force, coercion and violence to maintain control. Look at the newspapers and TV. That's why so many people deludedly believe the EU is some kind of utopian enterprise. As far as I am concerned, it's another death cult like AGW. And a form filling bureaucratic paradise. Some people seem to love this aspect and dream about revoked licences and jet planes being grounded, but is hardly progressive.
On 12 Jul 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

Hi Mark ..... I think that if there really was a heap of different interests, constantly being bounced around and fought over, you would see far more problems, chaos, backtracking, destabilisation, wild interest and inflation fluctuations etc. You have to ask, 'why is everything always made out to be so bad and messed up, yet overall, when you look carefully at the bigger picture, everything is always pretty stable, and remains so over decades'? Don't forget the fake media we are spoon fed, where every big event is made to look much bigger, more violent and more dangerous, just to sell a story and change public opinion. This has been going on for hundreds of years, its nothing new. Queen Elizabeth I had a secret service of spies to prevent the overthrow of her monarchy and government...modern equivalent the CIA, Scotland Yard etc, protecting the rulers. Division and misinformation is for us, not the ones who rule. They need stability, which they are very good at achieving and keeping.
On 11 Jul 2018, Mark Hall wrote:

Russ, We know that there is a bigger picture, but it is a continually mutating mosaic of competing interests. That there is an overarching conspiracy going on is unlikely. Coincidences of interests slop around in the mix, but it's a fool's errand to elevate these to a grand design. Both of the main political parties lack credibility and legitimacy, because they have reneged on the Referendum decision.This disconnect between the political establishment and the electorate will have ramifications. But Gerry will still owe me 100 next April.
On 11 Jul 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

" cannot see that the EU is a German construct, Run By the Germans For the benefits of the Germans.." .... It's not the runs far deeper and darker than that. Reading these comments, it looks like the smoke and mirrors is working a treat.
On 09 Jul 2018, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

There was a very good suggestion that the Great White Paper be printed on tissue paper and supplied in rolls. That way it would be of at least some use. I wonder if he is being misquoted but according to the Mail David Davis actually said that the EC will not accept the suggestions in the white paper. First time he has said something truthful. Given his lack of knowledge and rare visits to Brussels he will not be missed. So where next? Being ever so courteous M Barnier will receive the white paper and agree to look at it but will kick the rejection of its blatant stupidity down the road to the October EC meeting. Once formally rejected there are just 6 months left. The EC have given up on finding intelligent life in the UK government and are planning for a no deal Brexit. Hard to think of anything that can save us now. I look forward to your prompt payment of 100 at the start of April Mr Hall.
On 09 Jul 2018, Mark Hall wrote:

So May has taken her red lines and woven them into a nice white flag. The craven Corbyn was offering a similar fake tapestry. This is a massive betrayal of the Referendum decision. I sincerely hope these traitors of all stripes get voted out in the next GE.
On 02 Jul 2018, Mark Hall wrote:

Belgium v Japan second half was truly exhilarating. None of the play acting that has been on exhibition in other games. With football in mind ......saw brilliant post on BBC online earlier this evening ( #5066 gedlingred ) regarding Brexit negotiations. "If England lose to Columbia, do they go through ?" In a sick Remainiac universe they would.
On 27 Jun 2018, Mark Hall wrote:

Gerry, I'll bet you 100 that your project fear scenario will not come to pass. You sound like one of those Y2K berserkers who predicted planes falling out of the sky a couple of decades ago. Great entertainment value though, so keep them coming. Those other 167 or so other countries on the planet who aren't within the EU or its structures are testament to the fact that there is life outside.
On 26 Jun 2018, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

As we approach a defining moment in the history of the UK at this EC meeting on Thursday and Friday, I am sitting looking at the garden bathed in sunshine and hearing the planes taking off our way from Gatwick. If there is a 'no deal' Brexit - by that I mean that there is no agreement whatsoever about our future relationship with the EU come 29 March - then doing the same thing on 30 March will be very quiet. Gatwick's licence to operate will cease. The CAA will rush through something to get UK internal flights back in the air but getting international flights back is complex as there is not one single piece of legislation involved. Contrary to the 'take back control' mantra, the CAA will have to follow international rules to get airports re-licensed which is an example of what we call the double coffin lid - remove the EU legislation and find out there is international legislation sitting above.
On 21 Jun 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

Sandie Shaw sang 'Puppet on a String' which with great irony won the Eurovision song contest. The UK's future relationship will be like a puppet on a string because of the failure to have an exit plan, because of May's ignorance and stupidity, matched only by that of the hard Brexiteers who are driving the UK over the cliff. We can't be certain when the cliff will arrive as if there is no resolution of the Irish border and a no deal exit, then the EU will almost certainly do what it needs to protect itself. We still have morons saying we owe the EU nothing and should refuse to pay which will ensure that nothing is done to help delay our sinking into obscurity. Aviation is in the worst situation in that come 30 March, any aircraft containing UK parts will be grounded. Since this is a global problem, there will be something to keep everyone's planes flying, except ours of course. And they won;t be flying here as our airport approvals will be void and closed to international flights.
On 10 Jun 2018, Steve, Dorse,t UK wrote:

As for the Irish border this shold be a hard border crossing as hard and impervious as we can make it, it has become a way for every tom dick and hariet to come into britain, it should be stopped asap, we need a Canadian/american type of border, that way it will sort this EU garbage out, bring on a hard border it makes perfect sence.
On 10 Jun 2018, Steve,Dorset UK wrote:

Who said we owed the German EU any money, it is only our civil serpents that came up with the ridiculous 40 billion we actualy owe the crooks of the EU nothing at all, may should remove this offer at once.
On 07 Jun 2018, Steve,Dorset UK wrote:

It is a shame that remoaners have such a love affair with the EU but they havent got a clue why, it is like a collective mental disorder, why when you look at the EU dispassionately you cannot see that the EU is a German construct, Run By the Germans For the benefits of the Germans, we can go sit in the corner, is this what the remoaners want for our country.
On 06 Jun 2018, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Quite a few appropriate comments as regards Labours policy U turn Is this now the end of democracy in a country that exported it, killed off by the self interested vote hungry prostitutes in the house ?
On 05 Jun 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

The government assures us there won't be armageddon come 11pm March 29. Would you trust a government that can't tell the difference between customs controls and border controls to have plans in place to cope with leaving the EU with no deal on anything? A big ask as we stumble towards a no deal exit. With just over 3 weeks to the crunch EC meeting where the Irish border must be resolved, we still have nothing but magical thinking from May & Co and ignorant rubbish from Mogg & Co. If we leave with an accidental no deal then there will be a helpful EU to sort out May's mess. But if we have an acrimonious no deal with no payment of the money owing then why would the EU wish to assist us? Business still seems complacent in the face of 64 notice to stakeholders issued by the EU to help us understand our third country future. Mind you, many still think you mean third world country but that status will come in time if intelligence doesn't break through.
On 17 May 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

Rees-Mogg is an ignorant idiot when it comes to Brexit. The Irish border problem has been created by Theresa May and Nick Timothy with their decision to take the UK out of the Common Regulatory Area. The EU is quite correct to assert the UK should solve the problem it created. May is on some far off planet as she wastes time and effort on the irrelevant subject of customs as the clock ticks down to the crunch meeting next month where failure to agree the Irish border will see talks end until it is sorted. If May sticks to her rejection of the wet border backstop then we have a crisis. Is she stupid enough to walk away with nothing? The only light on the horizon comes from MPs who are slowly realising need to stay in the EEA and join Efta to save the economy while still struggling to understand what the EEA is and how it actually works. Corbyn J has rejected supporting this but could a cross-party rebellion keep us in the EEA? It looks our only hope.
On 13 May 2018, Andy B 45D Retired Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

Latest from JRM it is up to the EU to sort the Irish border out it is their responsibility to regulate it. We just been informed that we will have 10 years of zero tariffs if we have a hard Brexit under WTO rules
On 10 May 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

Constant Brexit propaganda from the society honing Beeb.... >> << I don't suppose rising food prices will have anything to do with the crop failures already being seen across the world from unfavourable weather conditions. The Beeb themselves have been reporting on the devastated crops due to late and severe frosts and unusual late season rainfall & snow, and also that prices are going to rise as a result Thery just can't get their stories straight. How is Brexit going to have any effect on New Zealand lamb or Canadian wheat or Asian cars? We also grow masses of our own vegetables and instead of wasting so much veg due to it not being quite the right shape for Mr & Mrs perfect, why not chop it up and freeze it? Us veggies won't mind....honest!
On 05 May 2018, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

The most important piece of news is nowhere to be seen in the ignorant drivel that is our legacy media as they froth over Meghan's wedding dress and the local elections where these days such is the interference from Whitehall they are no more than an interim proxy poll on government. Ireland has received the backing of the other 26 EU nations to make the June EC meeting the deadline for solving the Irish border problem created by Nick Timothy and Theresa May as a result of their decision that the UK must leave the Single Market. Quite rightly Michel Barnier has put the blame on the UK for the problem and requires the UK to solve it. Failure to resolve it by the June meeting will see the end of any further negotiations to scope out where talks on a future trade deal will go when we leave in March. The deluded Davis thinks the government has until the October meeting to solve the Irish problem but the EC has already said the deadline is June too.
On 21 Apr 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

What a ridiculous situation for dairy farmers. >> << The world has turned into a damned circus with the clowns now in management positions!
On 20 Apr 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

To no great surprise and to little legacy media attention, it has been slipped out that the EU have rejected to UK government pie in the sky Irish border plans. Since they have already been rejected before why would the EU accept the nonsense at the second time of asking? this did get the Telegraph in a flap to parade their status as top Brexit morons by calling for a customs union to stop the hard border. Not to be outdone, the Upper House of Morons are calling for us to remain in the customs union. So the Lower House of Morons will debate a customs union next Thursday. We truly are governed by complete retards. By this time you might think that understanding that the EU customs union is for EU members only would have penetrated. Followed by that the presence of a customs union does not stop border controls being in place. Are we about to face a No Deal exit and economic disaster?
On 18 Apr 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

The Brexit pressure is being ramped up by Ireland as they demand progress on the miracle of the Irish border that May & Co think possible. The ongoing negotiations which of course are being ignored by our lame legacy media as they enjoy a diet of Russian spies, hacking, bombing people, the decline of Ant (or is it Dec?). Anything but real reporting of major problems facing the UK. the UK has put forward the same lame drivel that has already been rejected that somehow some technology we don't have and nobody is working on will make border controls disappear. Or we could just have a border force of unicorns which is no dafter then the government's ideas. As the choices are a hard land border, a wet Irish Sea border or May changing what passes for her mind so that we stay in the EEA, things will come to head if May doesn't change her mind and sticks to no wet border. A no deal Brexit disaster remains a real possibility.
On 11 Apr 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

I suppose 2020-2022 will be crunch time for the whole planet as far as politics goes Gerry. The great civilisations were destroyed by 3 consecutive bad harvests. One is a glitch that can be easily overcome. Two and the poor starve and serious problems with storage begin to affect everyone. Three and you see mass starvation and bloodshed. We are in a much better position to cope today but that will be offset by a huge world population. All we know is warmth but it was extremely cold just 350 years ago. The dark ages are returning. World politics is about to be turned on it's head. The home comforts and stable home politics we are accustomed to is about to change drastically. Food and fuel supply will be the main problems right from the start so any talk of borders or pricing for foreign goods will be a battle ground whether in or out of any common markets. How will we make bread when we import most of our bread flour from Canada, who'll be neck deep in snow instead of harvesting wheat?
On 29 Mar 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

This time next year we will no longer be in the EU and will have become a 'third country'. But with the transition there won't be anything to see of the change in status. The cliff-edge has been pushed back to the end of 2020 - or later if the EU require it to get everything in place - and May's trade deal won't be much better than 'no deal'. With no clarity on the final outcome however, information is filtering through of companies starting to implement changes to protect them against the worst. This trend will see our economy gradually slide away over the next year and during the transition with the media taking little notice. Those who claim Brexit will save money might get excited by statements such as from the Home Secretary on spending 450m to recruit more border staff. That has already been translated into 9000 police officers by Labour - not sure of the equivalent in nurses/teachers. But it could still be turned around.
On 27 Mar 2018, Piers Corbyn wrote:

CITIZENS RESPONSE HAS BEEN VERY SLOW. So a Repeat Ad:- HURRY-BUY - AMAZING UP TO 75%OFF on all sorts of forecasts 45d, 30d and TheWholeLOT AND ALL-SPRING-NOW (Br+Ir) IS ONLY 20. All in NewSpringDeal FOR PRESENT. Go to link on =>=><=<= and do it - Save money now - PASS IT ON. This is a temporary offer, so earliest is bestest! Thank you. End of Existing subs is start of new sub / any overlaps get pro-rata extension of forecast subs duration.
On 20 Mar 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

The same powerful people who run the UK also run the EU so don't expect many changes for the better. They have already wound down the UK's manufacturing and resource producing capabilities and the number of things (fishing rules?) that are remaining problematic are embarrassing to say the least. More pressing matters... If I use less petrol the forecourt charges me less money. If I eat less bread or buy less clothes or use less water or gas or electricity, then I am charged less. So why, when we only put our recycling bin out once a month instead of fortnightly, and our landfill bin out once every six weeks instead of fortnightly, does the council not charge us less council tax? Considering refuse collection is a large part of that particular bill..allegedly..then a 60% reduction on that part of the bill should be made mandatory for people who use the service less. We pay for the service, if we don't use the service we shouldn't pay! Thatcher grrrrrrrrr!
On 18 Mar 2018, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

So as we start the most important week in the history of the UK since World War 2 the front pages are full of the details....oh, hang on...the lame legacy media are still playing at being John Le Carre. To the surprise of some, David Davis will make his first visit to Brussels tomorrow to try to avert the looming crisis. Everything hangs on the willingness of the EC to kick the can of the Irish problem down the road until the June EC meeting. If they don't then as Donald Tusk has stated, solve the Irish border problem or we go no further. And that means no transition agreement vital to buying our economy time to plan for the shock of May's chosen Brexit. The EC has proposed the border in the Irish Sea as the solution but May has rejected this while offering nothing as an alternative. The alternatives are a hard border or May has to keep us in Single Market. It probably marginally suits the EC to kick the can but come Friday evening we will know. Could be all out by Easter!
On 16 Mar 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

And what about the false flag angle? The perfect opportunity for our security services to make Putin look like the bad guy. Doesn't anyone see through this perpetual cold war, sabre rattling, tit-for-tat smokescreen whenever Russia looks like it needs everyones dinner money again? Ever wonder why things at a grass roots level never change? Why we still have the same old problems and struggles that we've always had going back a thousand years or more? Stop worrying yourselves about all this party political'll give yourself a stroke!
On 15 Mar 2018, Mark Hall wrote:

Well said Gerry, Don't think your Czech conspiracy is serious though. Can't think why Russia would assassinate this character in the UK when they only locked him up for his treachery first time round. More likely that he was freelancing for some oligarch or gangster operation and there was some kind of doublecross. I am surprised that Theresa May didn't arrest herself when Kim Jong-Un's brother got wiped out not so long ago. After all, the VX nerve agent was developed at Porton Down many decades ago. It is good to know that PM May finds extra judicial homicide so distasteful nowadays. So maybe she will halt the Drone assassinations that her Defence Department carries out in contravention of international law.
On 15 Mar 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

Credit where it is due. Well said Jeremy Corbyn on the poisoning. Now he may be saying it for the wrong reasons such as a knee-jerk opposition to anything May says or because he worked for the Czechoslovakian spy ring, but to suggest that the evidence is threadbare is very sensible. Macron in France has picked up on this as well. if what May and others have spouted was brought to court it wouldn't last 5 minuted before being thrown out for lack of evidence. Another example of May and the legacy media being inept and clueless. Did Russia make this stuff? No - it was most likely the Soviet Union. Was it made in Russia? No - the plant that made it is in what is now Uzbekistan. Is it likely it was taken during the turmoil of the end of the USSR? Highly likely. As a binary system it can last decades. And do you really think that the FSB are this incompetent so as to not kill their targets and to do it so it make such huge headlines?
On 14 Mar 2018, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Dear Piers, I've been rather critical of your brother recently and am still incensed about the Customs Union sellout, but have to admit that he hasn't got a lot to work with. Incompetent loyalists like Abbott, triangulators like Starmer, opportunists like Owen Smith and all that Blairite scum on the backbenches. The sight of Cooper supportingthe PM's warmongering today has brought me back to my senses. We cannot go back to a Labour Party run by the likes of Blair and Brown and he does represent decency and hope. If you are still talking to him, tell him that the Tory defence Secretary was himself advocating the extra judicial killing of our enemies abroad as recently as January. So May was a hypocrite not to slap this berk down. She is an enabler of terrorism herself.As Home Secretary she removed Control Orders and Travel Bans on Libyan jihadists in order to overthrow Gaddafi. The Manchester bombers family were recipients of her benevolence. Jeremy is correct to call for due pro
On 12 Mar 2018, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Yes BlackPearl, "Social Workers in Space-The Next Generation" is the prism through which to view all of this subterfuge. Not really, but we've got to lighten things up. Four or five million Labour Brexit voters are looking for a home now that Corbyn has caved in to the anti-democratic knobheads who think the decision taken in June 2016 can be safely ignored. McDonnell was on TV earlier, pontificating upon the existential threat posed by the RT channel. Therefore, he will desist from appearing on it in future. Someone should tell him that 6 corporations control the entire US media. To augment the 1000 or so military bases throughout the world. And their continual warmongering. Joining the relentless Russia bashing shows he is an opportunistic kind of apeman. He is right in a way, because I do not want to see him on any TV. If these jokers can lie about respecting and honouring the Brexit vote, they can lie about anything. Corbyn thinks he has done a clever swerve, but he is mista
On 09 Mar 2018, BLACK PEARL wrote:

And just to top it off on Labours Customs Union What a bunch .... Us Vulcans will never forget
On 09 Mar 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote: << No such thing as old news, just news you haven't read yet...!
On 08 Mar 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

But Gerry, they keep moving the goalposts mate. Yes leave the EU vehicle means leave the whole car behind not just the bodywork but the engine and wheels as well. But as the months go by there is so much talk of keeping this and keeping that and leaving this bit but not leaving that bit. Its all becoming a chaotic mess. But that's the whole point. While the nation argues about what we should and shouldn't do, what bits to keep and which to let go, the powers that rule will be secretly setting a deeper and bigger plan in motion that is far more important and far more socially destructive than any normal mortal can imagine....while our eyes are off the ball, they move the posts again. We keep missing while they keep scoring. Big historic changes. WWII didn't see it coming but it happened. Highland clearances, didn't see that coming but it happened. We never see the really important changes until it's too late...and that's why 'they' are so successful. Confusion works to their advantage..
On 07 Mar 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

It always surprises me Mark, the number of people who had a different polling paper at the referendum to the one I had. Mine just said stay in or leave the EU. But yours obviously had other things such as leave the Single Market, leave the Customs Union (which any intelligent person would know you have to when leaving the EU), have a blue passport etc. What so many ill-informed people are unable to comprehend is that staying in the Single Market does not mean staying in the EU since by joining Efta you CAN NOT BE A MEMBER OF THE EU. Of course we often find that people are being wilfully ignorant and do not wish to learn. As we expected, May's great vision speech didn't survive a week before being shredded. Even dimwit's like Robert Peston have seen the adults talk of mutual recognition of standards and see there is a problem even if Master Peston can't yet understand why. The grown ups will explain it to him later.
On 07 Mar 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

World Thievery Organisation >> << and the EU & Single Market are part of that larger deception...
On 07 Mar 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote:

....and the world keeps turning....turning 'our' blood, sweat and tears into wealth for those in control...and whenever they have felt threatened in the past, they have a nice big war to punish us for being so ungrateful. It also comes in very handy for reorganising the worlds wealth, borders, international hierarchy and resources and so increases their control (and wealth)....just in case we want to get uppity and cause trouble again. Behave you sheep or it's pork chop time for you....! >> <<
On 05 Mar 2018, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Gerry, You do realise that your desire for the UK to remain in the Single Market is antithetical to the democratic vote to leave the EU, don't you? I have got a sneaking suspicion that you have a fair slice of Ferengi blood running through your veins. What with this mercantile obsession with trade and profit that trumps all other considerations. You completely fail to address the important political dimension of future subservience to an unaccountable EU Commission. And is the higher level from which most of the EU regulation derives actually the WTO? Or maybe God? You might be interested to learn that the WTO is not that keen on the Customs Union in any case. They believe that it will have to be disbanded some time in the future, because it is in breach of international law. Be careful what you wish for.
On 04 Mar 2018, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

The solution to leaving the EU Black Pearl is to join Efta and negotiate with the EEA an agreement that works for the UK so that we remain in the Single Market - or as it is now being referred to in EC documents - the Common Regulatory Area. And by doing this there is no Irish border problem. The dimwitted May in her great vision speech on Friday did actually utter some words of sense and did make UK history by being the first PM to actually publicly acknowledge that the EU merely passes on a lot of regulation from a higher level. At least 80% although I have heard a Norwegian source suggest that nearer 90% of Single Market (or CRA) regulations come from above the EU, and for any Ultra Brexit fans this means that they are regulations that we would keep leaving just around 10% EU only regulations. Of course the main theme of the May speech of mutual recognition of standards is complete tosh and won't be agreed to by the EC as they have already said.
On 04 Mar 2018, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Politicians speak words without having any understanding of what they mean. Otherwise how else do you explain Jeremy Corbyn's comedy speech about producing a Mini by 'milling and drilling' it into shape? Luckily for him his audience were ignorant and therefore didn't burst out laughing. What he needs is to fire his researchers who dragged up old newspaper articles to provides the drivel in his speech so that he said that a complete Mini crossed the Channel 3 times during production. The trouble is such rubbish obscured a valid point that cars are made using parts sourced from different countries. But then we had the customs union disaster and nobody in the media or politics has a clue about customs. Customs are irrelevant. Not worth worrying about. Border controls is the huge problem where if your goods don't meet the standards they will NOT be sold in the EU. So the completed UK built Mini does not have the certification to be sold in the EU when we leave the Single Market - END OF.
On 02 Mar 2018, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Hello everyone, Been away for a while, but have got to say how disappointed I am about Jeremy Corbyn's recent capitulation on the Customs Union. Good for laughs though, because he obviously thinks that the pinheaded sophist Starmer is a genius. Barnier and Co must be in hysterics about this bespoke C/U idea and will rightly figure that this team of jokers would be a pushover. I personally feel very silly to have joined the Labour Party in order to support Corbyn. Instead of clearing out Blairite warmongering scum, he is collaborating. Betraying all those millions of Labour Brexit voters. The whole thing makes me angry and I will not be voting Labour again. As George Carlin advised, I'll have to be more detached. After all we've all got front row seats to a freak show. Corbyn has just underlined that state of affairs. His ineptitude makes Theresa May seem like a principled statesman.
On 01 Mar 2018, BLACK PEARL wrote:

That'll will be about right
On 25 Feb 2018, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Least we forget Play this to our current 'crop' of Labour MP's just to educate them on the 'standard' of what Labour used to stand for
On 25 Feb 2018, BLACK PEARL wrote:

So whats your solution for escaping the EU dictatorship Gerry ? Just tell them to get stuffed & walk away ? I mean that's what we really voted for ! The current actions of 'Modern Labour' are completely unacceptable (Its not real Labour any more) There is only literally a handful of honourable MP's left in it. To remember back when more learned members of Labour fought ferociously to prevent us going in, touting loss of sovereignty etc and we didn't listen because it was just sold as a trading block after all. Oh how we were deceived ! It may be a blood bath for Labour up here in the North if they keep on this path and trying to pervert democracy.
On 22 Feb 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

What a pathetic state the UK government is in that David Davis can give a speech based on pure fantasy and nobody in the self-important media calls him out on it and holds him to much deserved ridicule. The Brexit plan of May & Co is based on mutual recognition of standards, something that the EU will never agree to. Davis has confused mutual recognition of conformity assessment with that of standards. And there is still the confusion over 'transition' and 'implementation'. Given that trade deal talks won't start until we have left it can't be implementation. Meanwhile another bunch of morons has published an economic report promising us good things post Brexit to the delight of the Ultra Brexiteers. Of course a quick read shows the fatal flaw. The report claims the effects of border controls will be zero!! Of course predictably it waffles on about tariffs to prove their ignorance. Border controls will stop trade immediately in many areas.
On 08 Feb 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

The media is much taken with the release of estimates of the likely damage to the UK economy the 3 options for Brexit will deliver. They are being optimistic with their worst case in spreading the 80bn hit to the government over a number of years when it will actually hit immediately. I am sceptical of the suggestion the EEA/Efta causes a slowdown since it is the only option that doesn't damage the economy. The dumb media as usual have missed the central issue that remaining in the Single Market is the only workable exit route. Some discussion on joining Efta has emerged but few are capable of understanding how it works with EEA membership. That some are seeing a path out is welcome but probably too late - they are years behind our thinking at Leave Alliance. Talks open next week on transition to try to agree by the EC meeting late March. After that it is back to square 1 and the Article 50 agreement subjects and NOT trade as May & Co think. Irish border and citizens rights to agree.
On 01 Feb 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

In contrast to our inept government, the EU is already producing a series of 'notes to stakeholders' so that they can understand what the 'third country' status of the UK will mean to various industries and businesses. Customs and VAT is covered in the latest while 'notified bodies' was covered in the one before. That should make sobering reading for any UK notified body since come the end of the transition period, 31 Dec 2020 or some extended date beyond that, UK notified bodies cease to exist since they must be in a member state. Manufacturers of certified products must hope they can take their files to another body to continue production and export. A member state means one in the EEA and so remaining the the Single Market solves the problem. And as M Barnier has stated financial passporting is out, that would not be a problem either if we joined Efta to remain in the Single Market. And border controls would disappear too. But May decided we must leave.
On 01 Feb 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

Still wrong I'm afraid Russ and on the BBC salaries, yes cut them as they are all overpaid for their meagre talents. As for the EU controlling Brexit, well yes of course they are since the UK has only come up with one thing and that is the colour of passports. The EU are constantly asking May & Co what they want and answer comes there none. They really are that stupid and if you spent time with them Russ you would soon see they are incapable of any of the conspiracy subplots. Coming back to passports, the Council decision on colour was non-binding. We could have stayed with blue but the UK gov decided to change to harmonise. Colour is the only thing we can control since the contents is subject to an international approval. Not much taking back control there is there? And 80% of the EU regulations on trade that make up the Single Market come from above the EU and so won't change but the dimwits like Rees-Mogg don't know that. Too much detail for their brains.
On 30 Jan 2018, Russ Derbyshire wrote: << Plenty of nonsense in this article where they say there's equality which is then shown to be false.
On 30 Jan 2018, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

Another perfect example of political subterfuge. This gender pay gap furore we are all suffering, forever in the news lately, has nothing to do with equal pay for women but everything to do with getting the top presenters to take a huge reduction in pay. Famous for 20 years? Tough! Most watched, loved, tweeted, lauded presenter on the planet? Sorry but...! The mighty Beeb is going to make huge savings but where will all that revenue go I wonder? Less repeats? I doubt it. Repeats are the bedrock that the Beeb relies on. So the big headline today is that presenters are going to be presented themselves with a "pay-cap". No mention yet of equal, gender neutral pay for the same job, just a cap. Socialism is coming folks, whereby the government owns and controls everything including you and your children. controlling every aspect of your life including transport, production, food, assets, the whole caboodle. Choice? Nope...not any longer! Take note of the insane new family laws in Canada.
On 25 Jan 2018, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

All smoke & mirrors Gerry. I like this quote from George Carlin. Sums up the UK's left-wing / right-wing political system perfectly. Quote: ""Bipartisan usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out". Today Jacob Reese Mogg is barking loudly about Brussels controlling our governments decisions surrounding Brexit. This is the main reason people give me for voting to leave. They are fed up of our lives being seriously manhandled and constantly under review by European leaders in Brussels. But it is neither these Eurocrats nor British political weapon bearers who make the most important decisions. There are hundreds of people in the shadows who have been controlling this world and everyone in it for many hundreds of years. The UK's future was already in the early planning stages in the 11th century. We have been used for many century's to push world domination by the super-elite multi-trillionaires. This little island is up for sale...60,000,000 careful owners...
On 24 Jan 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

I wonder if it will take until the March EC meeting for May to learn this reality? And since talks have only made sufficient progress because the EU wanted that to be the case, the 3 areas requiring sorting for an exit agreement have not been dealt with at all. Meeting financial commitments seems done, and there is not too much gap on citizen rights. But it all collapses on the Irish border which is not anywhere near solved. All May has on that is fairy tale thinking. With only 8mths of talks left before ratification this could still crash the whole thing and there is no transition. The exit agreement and any transition requires Council, Commission and Parliament approval. The transition will see us submit to all EU rules and payments without any say but should help business relocate away from the UK before we finally leave the Single Market at midnight on 31 December 2020. Saving our economy is still possible but nobody in government can comprehend how to do it.
On 24 Jan 2018, Gerry 45d 223ft Surrey-Kent border wrote:

Planning and Theresa May are words that never go together. She has no plan which is why the EU keep asking her for our plans on any aspect of Brexit. The government and May are ignorant and totally deluded. Next week there will be some Brexit action but what we - the learned ones - are waiting for is the crash with reality May & Co have coming. The media idiots keep repeating May's stupidity in thinking that trade negotiations will start in May. Had anyone bothered to read the EU documents they would clearly see it stated that trade negotiations will only start once the UK is a 'third country', and this is March 2019! The stupid woman also thinks a 'deep and special' trade deal will be agreed by March 2019. Ignoring the lack of trade talks, there is no way any trade deal could be agreed by March 2019. the May also thinks the transition period from March 2019 to December 2020 is to implement the trade deal. It isn't as there won't be one, it is for trade talks to take place. cont'd
On 11 Jan 2018, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

Add a levy to everything made from plastic. Wow! What a great idea but one which would have people vomiting with anger. The only way they could possibly get away with it is by using propaganda to mess with peoples conscience. To make us all feel oh so guilty for using the products that they provide us with. Decades ahead. They plan all this way in advance. Nothing but pure greed. NHS going private or nationalised? Something needs doing but who stands to gain? Work that out and you'll be able to guess correctly....This new plastic tax will help pay for the new railway electrification I guess. If they keep hiking prices, the economy will collapse, but then, that is what the elite are going to do both in Europe and the US. _ Guess that quote: "When we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away." Scary scary scary!
On 11 Jan 2018, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

Just to give some perspective to that figure 8,000 square miles is roughly the size of Wales, or the Irish Sea. And 2,000 plastic 2 litre bottles, to keep it simple, would fill around 2 standard sized UK skips. ..... Also take note of the majority of rubbish on the beach pile. There are tree stumps, bricks, and lots of wood waste too, so plastics are probably less than 50% by volume. I don't see beaches piled with plastic when I visit, even in winter. More gets washed up after a storm ok, but then that's how the wind blows. It pushes floating waste across the ocean where it gathers on certain beaches which are prone. If it's that bad, then why exaggerate the claims by a factor of, well, millions? To get just a single 2 mile beach to look pretty well covered along the tideline with plastic bottles (nice and bulky) would take around 1,000 standard skips. ... I see this as just another way to add a tax to something extremely plentiful. Now that would make the govenment some serious cash!
On 11 Jan 2018, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

But when you look back over the past 300 years at the damage done to society by the media, then I think we know where the change must take place..... By the way, I think, if you look very carefully you can see another pile of rubbish which has been collected almost out of shot. Next to the ramps for easy collection by the refuse collection team. If the problem is as terrible as we are being told then show us the evidence! One photo of collected rubbish turns me away from real and meaningful environmentalism. To take part in making a better world we need knowledge, education and evidence, not lies and deceit and twisted propaganda.... Just research if there was a storm over the past few days whenever you see a collection of beach based rubbish like this. You'll be surprised how often it collects this way after a storm. Now spread that same rubbish over 8,000 sq miles of sea and see how mush rubbish you find in a search. Just 2 plastic bottles in each sq mile of ocean is not a disaster!
On 11 Jan 2018, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

Plastics are in the news again, with a photo showing what looks to me like someone tidied up a stretch of beach where this waste collect and dumped it there for collection. The beach 200 metres away looks as clean as a whistle. Same type of propagandist photo was shown before xmas showing a mass of floating plastics and other debris. I looked for other photo's of this huge mass of rubbish but could find none. Suspicious? Of course it is. That rubbish had collected at that one location due to a recent storm. The rest of the island was probably clean as the article didn't show any more evidence. If these goody-two-shoes greenies would stop and think what damage they do their cause by such dishonest and misleading tripe, they might actually get through peoples hard skulls and tap into all the warm squidgy bits hiding inside >> <<
On 10 Jan 2018, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

I don't buy it Gerry. May and her elitist chums had already planned for the UK to Brexit many years ago. They don't plan a year ahead like we do, they plan several decades ahead and have dozens of back up plans. All this confusion and debating is a smokescreen to make the electorate believe that they are trying really hard to make things work out alright. Let me give you an example. It is said by many social observers (and conspiracy theorists), that the elite, who own the banks and other financial institutions, have a dark side and finance arms deals and drugs supplies through money laundering. Most people would see that as typical David Icke scaremongering and far from any truth. Now go and Google HSBC money laundering and see what you find. >>> <<<. ...and Mrs May? >>> <<< There's a dark and dirty side to all governments!
On 07 Jan 2018, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

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On 17 Dec 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

The UK is currently under a fog of delusion and it is all of our own making. From the top we have deluded PM who thinks she has achieved progress on Brexit and a legacy media who seem to be incapable of actually reading any documentation and so have no idea what they are talking about. the media rely on their prestige sources to inform them but since these sources are our dim and ignorant MPs, academics and think-tanks who can't think they learn nothing. Right from the start May handed control of the exit process to the EU by not having the faintest idea of what she was doing other than keep chanting 'deep and special'. We now know that it was her and Nick Timothy who made the disastrous decision to leave the Single Market - no input from cabinet or anyone who knows what they are talking about such as Ivan Rogers. Events will catch up with them as it becomes clear trade talks will not start until we have left the EU in March 2019 as is written in the EU Council documents.
On 29 Nov 2017, Piers Corbyn wrote:

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On 23 Oct 2017, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

I find all this much more interesting than silly multi-party politics, which is about as meaningful as trying to dry washing on a rainy day. Watch a video or two on YouTube showing people talking about jobs, recessions, wages, interest rates, inflation, housing, voting back in the 70s. If you shut your eyes you could easily be listening to people talking today. Nothing has changed. The same control factors, the same blood-sucking, fear-mongering elite keeping control of the farm animals. Watch over the next 20 years how Europe will be taken apart like an old machine being replaced by a much smaller, neater alternative. It has too much power as a union, so must be dismantled. Civil war in Spain? Highly likely. Berlin Wall demolished to begin weakening Germany. Lots of turmoil in the banking industry to cause financial instability which will weaken all the EU members and make them vulnerable to regime change. When it happens it will shock you to the core! WWI & II were just practise!
On 23 Oct 2017, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

Along with the US, it has served it purpose and its usefulness is now arbitrary. They are just sharpened tools to be used if and when required, but their individual choice making is now redundant. The dumbed down population no longer has a voice and any rebellion will be quelled and swept aside in the pursuit of total control. Famous last words: "You'll do it our way, or the hard way..." and that's the way of it, and has always been that way. Just a few loose ends to tie up, and the stage will be set. The signs of coming societal collapse are already widespread. These signs in the past were followed by civilisation collapses, and empires ending abruptly. Maybe the coming ice age will be the trigger because it is chiselled in stone that we are now overdue for the next one. But the planet needs organising for the big sleep. Who will survive this one? To some people, back to the stone age is not an option e.g. GM crops? When the insects die off we will need alternatives to pollination...
On 23 Oct 2017, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

Anyone brave enough to speak out is labelled "anti-??" and blackwashed as a crank and a fool. Just look at Piers and the way the Met Orifice and other mainstream sources label him a crank and try to discredit him at every opportunity. Look how the media protect and promote the likes of the Elite Al Gore. His close relatives own the media so he gets heard and Piers gets muffled. Thing is, this has been going on for many hundreds of years, using spies and an intelligence network to control the masses and protect the Elite. Britain was infiltrated and taken over through the back door (Scotland) way back in the 1100s. The systematic changes - using war and financial trip-wires - to alter the whole of Europe was perpetrated by the same elitist, globalist, power hungry people, who now control pretty much the whole of the western world. At the stage we are at, expect massive changes over the next 50 years. Mrs May and the EU are just a smokescreen. Europe is being broken for a reason!
On 23 Oct 2017, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

Gerry.... thanks for clearing that up. I don't follow party politics as closely as I did back in the 90s so lost track and forgotten most meaningful things. Today I look at the very long term and big picture political goals of the Elite, and try to work out what the most likely future scenario is going to be so I can prepare as well as I can. All these seeds of confusion are not accidental. They are quite deliberate and created to cause as much fear and confusion as possible. There's a lot of info out there about the real, non-mainstream historic record, which makes very disturbing reading. It is said there are different levels of truth. I totally disagree. There are different levels of lies but there can be only one truth. There are endless stories relating to history, all slightly different and all contradictory. When you read about the real reasons for historic events and the detailed truth about those events everything else becomes obvious and suddenly makes sense.
On 05 Oct 2017, Piers Corbyn wrote:

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