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"Global Warming Is it a hoax? - True Green v Fake Green & Where's the world headed?" - Piers' NEW Presentation ONLY £6 + BrIr+Eu Forecasts SEP Free
  • This NEW presentation is not on line apart from this access with forecasts.  Even if you have the forecasts already, buy to get the Presentation.
  • Piers Corbyn with Mark Windows of Windows-On-The-World internet TV acclaimed new Presentation Sunday 20 Aug at Avalon Festival Hereford got the biggest attendence of the gathering (as they did At Harlequin Fayre Norfolk 5Aug). Mark reported, to solid audience support, the absurdity of the Green Gathering (late July) exclusion of Piers' & Mark from speaking (reported on WindowsOnTheWorld). Attendees at this Avalon meeting were very supportive of Piers' & Mark's views & happy to see that the CO2 story is a con (#FakeGreen) while backing TRUE GREEN measures for biodiversity & defence of nature. Piers' new Slide (no 33) "How Green is My Green?...Follow the Money" got a lot of interest.
  • A video and sound recording of the meeting and discussion will be available soon.

Piers Corbyn's Presentation Aug 5th at Harlequin Fayre Norfolk:- "The Global Warming Hoax, TrueGreen Vs Fake Green & the Future Of The World" is also available with the Avalon new PowerPoint and forecast package.  
Piers started the Harlequin talk by showing how WeatherAction had LongRange predicted a recent tornado likely period for Britain+Ireland which was confirmed by an event in Norfolk (see blog for pic from front page of  WeatherAction BrIr 30d forecast bulletin) and covered loads of science and politics including likely climate changes and political developments for the coming 20 to 2000 years. A great discussion - as at Avalon - followed. The presentation and FULL important WeatherAction forecasts for Br+Ir and Euro-maps were made available (E-mailed to attendees) at a bargain £5 festival price.

Climate Realist scientists challenge Climate Fraud at Feb 16 Global-Warming events Imperial College +Inst Of Physics.

Piers Corbyn and others from WeatherAction / Climate Realists and PONLAF (Poly of N London Astro Forum) made important points at The Feb 16th Climate meetings of the Royal Met Soc (RMS) at Imperial College (2pm-5.45pm) and the Institute Of Physics (IoP) 6.30pm.

Piers in both meetings pointed out there was no observational scientific real-world evidence to support the #FakeScience Man-Made Global Warming story, invited speakers to send him evidence and called on them and the RMS & IoP to drop support for the Global warming pyramid of falsity and fraud and return to evidence-based science.

At Imperial (physics LT1 where Piers had spent a lot of time as an undergrad) David Warillow (RMS) tried to dodge the question by asking Piers to produce evidence for his solar ideas. Piers put him in his place by saying whether or not WeatherAction solar-based forecasts work (which have proven peer reviewed significant skill) is nothing to do with the requirement that you produce evidence for the CO2 story (which is #FakeScience while there is no supporting observational evidence). Afterwards a number of groups of students talked to Piers and were clearly concerned that they had not been offered any actual evidence of the CO2 story (other than selective events of no relevence) on their courses and concerned about data manipulation. Piers said he was willing to attend any meetings or debates on the matter and on the #globalization interests behind the CO2 scam.

At the IoP Prof Ellie Highwood responded by saying we have open debate - which wasnt an answer to the evidence challenge but at least was taken as a welcoming of discussion. In response to the question "Should we have a war on termites, which produce 10x more CO2 than Man?" she worryingly appeared to entertain the possibility and said there were anti-meat campaigns because of methane produced by cattle. 

Peter Gill asked if the CO2 story could explain anything about climate cycles such as the 60yr Pacific Decedal Oscillation and the Medieval and Roman warm periods. There were no explanations from the speaker. Piers mentioned the 60year cycle is a direct consequence of his solar-lunar theory and after the meeting received strong comments of support for his intervention.

Piers says: "We made an impact at these two events where it was clear the academic/ environmental leadership are very rattled by - and in denial of - the recent insider exposes of data fraud and by President Trump's forthright denunciation of the CO2 hoax. It was great to have discussion with students many of whom can see all is not right and may be coming to realize they have been drawn into courses which if (when) the climate con collapses will lead to no jobs for them."

Prof Sir Brian Hoskins has still failed to come up with evidence he was challenged for in May 2016 and Brian Cox has been caught lying on Australian TV on the matter

Report Note on Climate Change Public Meetings 20+22 Nov 2016 
Debate with Piers Corbyn and Piers Forster  The event Sunday 20th Nov 11am Conway Hall Red Lion Sq, Holborn London was a great packed-out event. After the meeting dozens congratulated Piers Corbyn on a superb presentation. His revelations for some were further developed on 22nd Nov in John Harvard Library which was attended by some present in Conway Hall.  Link to PiersCorbyn's Conway Hall presentation  (31Mb)
Other links requested will be posted here. WeatheAction thanks the convenors +Piers Forster for creating  the event .

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(Current Comment 9/10 Sep:)
FURTHER TO WeatherAction advice of likely track shifts issued 7/8th am UTC:- 
"Piers Corbyn predicts #Irma track likely to shift more east than "official" (NHC*) track  - due to Solar storm hit. (*National Hurricane Center)", and graph of consequent final possibility after shifts would have happened in WANws17No30 (on blog);
It is not easy to assess because when Irma hit Cuba (8th/early9th) all track forecasts were upset; however as noted by observers in WeatherAction weather blog (link below) Irma did take a decided right turn after/as powering up to Cat 5 while it was hitting Cuba. 
We cannot easily asses if that right turn was more than standard Meteo calculations would suggest but comments and info on this welcome. It is worth remembering that many tests of our "Storm track perturbation rule": In periods of EXTRA solar/geomagnetic effect on earth major storm will ramp up and tracks will (usually) shift to right compared with standard Meteo ("all other things being equal") - have succeeded very well, eg: Irene 2011, "Piers' (St Jude)" Late October 2013 storm SE UK & near continent), Hermine Sep1-4th 2016.
In the final path towards Florida we are (were) in an R3 (poss R4) 9-11th so the rule could marginally apply however in terms of detail the period from later on 9th and 10th is (has been) low geomagnetic activity (see HomePage LHS and effcts came early ie 8/9th) so we could not expect much on later 9th and 10th, or even get the oppsite. If activity/connectivity picks up later ie 10th/11th UTC=GMT there might be an effect but by then impact may be underway. [NB in this we assume storm effect is timed with or within 8 hrs after geomag activity reports which themsleves are smoothed].

as issued 7/8 Sept

  • The WeatherAction "TopRed (R5)" solar influence period Aug 1-5th was confirmed superbly in extreme event development worlwide - see @Piers_Corbyn twitter for details. 
  • The early August weather for USA and most of Europe has been as forecast 100d / 5month ahead. However for Britain and Ireland there has been much more mobility [reduction in (Scandinavia) High] - probably due to the R5 (Top Red extra activity) period - which has given unsettled weather rather than a heatwave while the heatwave in S Europe remained as in 100d / 5rm ahead forecasts. 30d forecasts have been ammended. There are no other basic forecast modifications through August. 

=> TopRed R5 period 20-23 July brilliantly confirmed & hit with a vengeance. Despite a spotless sun the large Solar NH coronal hole spewed fast solar wind hitting Earth from 21st on cue (forecast 100d+ ahead);  Solarwind speed +temps shot up (see LHS home page/twitter), M6.7 quake hit Grecee/Turkey and amazing thunder-deluges hit (west)B+I, Eu, Usa
=> WeatherAction R4 period Jul18-19+-1d gives Earth-Facing Coronal Hole, major Thunderstorms Bi Eu Usa and M6+ Earthquakes Russia, Peru.

More News... 
Piers presentation at AV8 (AlternativeView) conference,  "Brilliant" said attendees.  On the General Election among AV8 conference 20/21 May attendees - which included many former UKIP & formerly disillusioned Labour - AND ALL OVER THE UK, support for #JC4PM was and stays huge.  People don't trust WeakAndWobblyMay on Brexit. She voted for Maastricht & Lisbon treaties to destroy UK sovereignty & rights while Strong-And-Visionary Jeremy Corbyn voted against.

(22 April) Piers Corbyn:  Don't be conned by Earth-Day (Lenin's Birthday) 'Science" March 22 April or its re-run 29th. Stand firm against fraudulent brainwashing globalist Anti-Science! -  The "ScienceMarch" 22nd April (and EarthDay Repeat USA 29 April) in USA and some other parts of the world are deceitful globalist operations to attack President Trump for his dismantling of the fraudulent anti-science CO2 global warming Climate-Change hoax apparatus in USA and the UN (Paris Agreement and IPCC). President Putin recently joined President Trump in stating the CO2 ClimateChange story is false and changes in climate are natural. 
The climate fraudsters are losing so rather than organize their usual Earth Day 'Save the planet' climate fraud marches which would show an embarrasing drop in support they are using real 'scientists' to try and save themselves.
The climate hoax is a vital ideological prop of the globalist de-industriliazation agenda for reducing wages in the west and enslavment of developing countries for #WallStreet giant Corportions and the world super-elite.   The CO2 Climate Con perpatrators of the biggest fraud in history must be prevneted from hiding behind "science" to cover-up their despicable acts of criminal fraud and the suffering, poverty and starvation arising from their con around the world. 
Their self-serving dishonesty has directly led to:- energy price hikes to subsidize bird-killing windfarms, food price hikes to make bio-fuels possible, the destruction of forests of the USA to make wood pellets for deranged switching from coal to wood in UK power stations, murder of communities in Brazil to enable crazy grandiose hydro-electric projects and so on#ClimateChange 'Green policies' are #FakeGreen not #TrueGreen and must be terminated.   Real scientists in any fields who join #ScienceMarch thinking they are defending 'science' and the scientific method are fools doing the bidding of George Soros and the most rapacious corporate plunderers the planet has ever known. 

Aug 16-19+-1d is a WeatherAction Major Red R4  Solar-weather factors period. Expect extra intensification beyond standard Meteo of storms, thunder, wind, hail, tropical storm/ typhoon formation & development; Solar wind effects; increased major quake/volcanoe risk.
 A large Earth facing coronol hole (Aug 16) is sending fast solar wind to Earth and solar wind density shot up Aug 15/16 - see HomePage LHS. TWO Tropical cyclones active;  M5.7 quake (16th) Japan.

Some Meetings Reports
  •  6 Carlton Ho Terr SW1Y 5AG Happened** Mon 27Feb 6.30 pm Turbulent Times Ahead for Air Travel? ClimateChange;  WeatherAction /ClimateRealists made impactful interventions ** Mon 6 Mar 6pm ClimateChange catastrophe, hoax or lukewarm? Prof Tim Palmer.
    • Useful interventions were made on above. The speakers failed to provide any straight answers or adequate response to scientific criticisms - reports soon
  • Regular WeatherAction monthly meeting Normally first Frid every month 12.30pm via WeatherAction HQ Delta House, 175 Borough High St,  SE1 1HR Tube borough. CHECK
  • Piers Corbyn spoke at The Oxford Union Monday May 15th
  • PRIORITIES NOTICE. It is intended that in the coming year or two Piers Corbyn will give a large public event ground-breaking presentation on the Physics behind his revolutionary successful unrivalled forecasting method. Likely a paid-for event, PRIORITY will be to 1 Subscribers to Fullest LongRange Services further ahead than the 100days on line. 2 OnLine subscribers in order of subscription commitments. Subscribe now if you want to be sure you can comeSubscribers will be able to nominate alternates if they cannot come. 

WOW! Solar wind + ZapUp of Typhoon #Noru 30 July (T2-T5 in 6 hrs)
Special Report pdf by Piers Corbyn is loaded in RTQ (Red Weather, Tornadoes & Quakes) 30d &TheLOT to 100d (on fantastic offer)
  • The Late/End June - start July rain and Low pressure systems in Britain & Ireland and in USA and patterns in  Europe  confirmed long range forecasts from ~10weeks ahead
Whether after Bastille Day July 14th or if you came to get more detail on USA raging wildfires predicted by WeatherAction 100d ahead; or if you attended Imperial College Students Union President's dinner 7 July alongside Piers Corbyn; or heard him questioning the CO2 Climate-Con in meetings or got his media short essence warnings on the NorthHemisphere Summer & beyond; you've come to the right place to get the FULL PICTURE B+I, Eu, Usa.

REPORT ON PUBLIC MEETING! - Piers Corbyn Annual AstroSoc Presentation at PONLAF* Frid 31 March 2017 (*Poly North London Astro Forum)
The Solar-magnetic-Earth LongRange weather forecasting revolution, the death of the CO2 man-made Climate hoax - pillar of globalization ideology and the accountability revolution in Science and politics  The meeting went brilliantly and included someone who flew from Canada to be there.  Full video will be available.

Piers: Where did that 'extra' rain come from ~18/19 May? What next?
The continuous rain over much of UK - especially S/E ~18/19 May was not expected by standard Met models as on TV and although WeatherAction long range had rain it was also expected to be blocked out to the West. So can we understand why it got through? 
The answer is probably yes. The WeatherAction Major Red R4 period 19-21May+/-1d made all rain etc more intense Br+Ire, Eu and USA - as expected.  That alone doesn't tell us where it would fall but some new 'summer rules' SLAT13cs (Solar Lunar Action Technique Summer ammendment to SLAT13c) would in this case put it further East than the original forecast.  In the case of the R5/R4 periods to come later in the month SLAT13cs does not change the forecast much in the particular cases although perhaps there will be some small timing shifts which will be notified to subscribers in forecast access boxes.  If you want to know what's going on and if there are still drought threats for farming & business in Britain + Ireland (and any questions on Eu and USA) SUBSCRIBE* NOW 
*NB on some recent update delays forecast credit extensions will be made.
18/19/20 Sept First footage of Trail-blazing climate conference - as Ex-President of France Sarkozy breaks ranks with the rest of establishment + declares himslef a 'climate-skeptic' on Link:- see Piers Corbyn, Viscount Monckton, Nils Axel-Morner,  Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller, Nicola Scafetta, Roger Tattersall+Richard Salvador and many more (REPORT ALSO BELOW/ ON BLOG HOME PAGE OVERFLOW).

Corbyn comment Sept 19th 2016: 
"After University College London failed in its disgraceful attempt to suppress this conference in an utter travesty of the founding principles of University College London the first footage of the astoundingly sucessful conference, re-scheduled to Conway Hall Holborn, are released.

"Significantly around the same time ex-President Sarkozy of France delared himslef Climate skeptical in a major break with the rest of the establishment.  He and more and more main-stream scientists are breaking with the sinking ship-of-lies which goes by the name Climate-"Science" and which is a key ideological component of the Carbon-Taxation de-industrialization policies of the EU. The conference itself (further report below) involved many mainstream scientists and a notably wider range of poltical views than such gatherings hitherto.  Rejection of the scientific fraud of so-called Global Warming is no longer a preserve of small groups of 'Climate-Realists' and the Republic-Right with a handful from the 'Left' but is becoming an unstoppable movement. Now the UK has entered political conference season all Parties would do well to reflect on reality and fully and honestly review their Energy and Industrial policies and jump the Climate-Con ship before it sinks".

We predicted the BI-Eu extreme September 2016 heat in general terms 100 days ahead and in detail 5 weeks ahead under our Solar-Lunar Forecasting method. It is part of the Wild Jet Stream Age (arising from overall low solar activity) we warned in 2008 would take-over and which in winters gives Mini-Ice-Age events such as the coldest Dec in Britain +Ireland for 100yrs in 2010, the USA Great Lakes freezing over at times and massive snow events across Europe."

Globalization in terminal crisis!

Feb12th WeatherAction News Release Piers Corbyn says.....

below / pdf Link: 

‘ManMade ClimateChange’ - #FakeScience and the fakest of all #FakeNews – a key ideological linchpin of globalization, is now broken.

In the last week Insider (NOAA) exposes* of industrial-scale climate data fraud confirmed what the honest evidence-based science of Climate Realists/'Skeptics' spelt out for years

- *John J Bates NOAA Insider in Sunday/Daily Mail FEB 5th by David Rose, see below.

"The enormous burden of ManMade Climate Change Fraud policies - which through de-industrialization / industry & jobs transfer impoverish and destroy the pride of workers in USA, UK & EU and enslave the rest of the world are now AGAIN exposed (Sunday Mail Feb 12th**). ClimateChange GlobalWarming fraud and FakeScience benefits ONLY the most powerful Wall Street corporations and the Super rich. There are two questions for the politicians   establishment bubble and their fraudulent  "Science" & academic advisers and I urge everyone to ask these in any forums they can:- 

1.  To scientists and academics: 

"Now that the #FakeScience of Man-Made Climate Change lies shredded and its fraudulent apparatus is about to be destroyed thanks to President Trump when will you abandon this shameful scam and restore evidence-based science to the forefront of all scientific endeavour?  What measures should be taken against those guilty of climate data fraud?

2. To politicians 

"Now that the #FakeScience of Man-Made Climate Change lies shredded and its fraudulent apparatus is about to be destroyed thanks to President Trump when will you formally abandon this shameful scam and reverse or repeal all anti-Carbon / 'ClimateChange measures.  When will you therefore end the desecration of the countryside and coasts and mass murder of birds by wind farms and REDUCE all electricity bills and energy charges accordingly - by about 1/3. When will you arrest those guilty of climate fraud just as banking fraudsters have been arrested?

"The first academic institution or university to properly jump ship and put evidence-based science back to the fore will be flooded by applications from the brightest school students and reap huge benefits worldwide.

"The first significant political party to properly abandon the Climate scam and cut electricity charges and terminate costly so called green (wind, nuclear power etc) ventures will gain huge support and WIN. Other political parties will then switch policies but too late.

"As the world moves into post-globalization and against the Global Warming hoax it is important to KEEP TRUE GREEN POLICIES - eg defence of nature and biodiversity and reduce smoke+diesel pollution etc. 

We must DESTROY FAKE GREEN POLICIES - eg wind farms, mass-dams in the Amazon and the insane idea that CO2 is a pollutant.

** David Rose again Sunday Mail 12 Feb - 

The 2015 Paris Agreement imposes gigantic burdens and its effects are felt on every household in the country. Emissions pledges made by David Cameron will cost British consumers a staggering £319 billion by 2030 – almost three times the annual budget for the NHS in England.

That is not the end of it. Taxpayers also face an additional hefty contribution to an annual £80 billion in ‘climate aid’ from advanced countries to the developing world. That is on top of our already gargantuan aid budget. Green levies and taxes already cost the average household more than £150 a year.

Comments submitted - 32 Add your comment

On 22 Oct 2017, Paddy, Aberdeen South wrote:

10˚C at 7.30, drizzle until mid morning, after which it brightened up and we had a lovely sunny day, the NW’ly breeze kept things a bit cool but we still managed to get a 13˚ max temp, lovely 3-day moon crescent setting in the west, quite a few stars out and 8˚ at 10pm, a bit more octobery than of late.
On 22 Oct 2017, Ron Greer wrote:

Mobeeb, now backtracking on warmth from the south and getting more like original GFS forecast--you couldn't invent this stuff
On 22 Oct 2017, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

Plus its gone from shirt sleeves yesterday evening to decidedly chilly this evening.
On 22 Oct 2017, Russ subs Derbyshire wrote:

So is it me or is that gigantic swirly thing filling the entire Atlantic just a tad odd? Have a look at to see the true extent of this behemoth.
On 22 Oct 2017, Maria (Ireland sub) wrote:

Storm B caused a lot of flooding in Limerick and Cork, a fair amount of rain here but thankfully no flooding. The wind increased from the early hours and was pretty relentless all day easing off as of the afternoon and by evening your typical windy autumn night, gusts recorded by Met showed not as high as Ophelia on Monday but I should say rainfall was more than. A nice quiet day with a few light showers today and mostly cloudy, 11 deg feeling cooler now at 6 pm & cloud becoming patchy.
On 22 Oct 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

I based my autumn prediction on late October and most of November being influenced by high pressure. Due in part to a weaker polar vortex in November and projections of a meandering jet. Add to that the weak solar output. So on essence a foggy and frosty November. It doesn't look likely at the minute but you never know. I will purchase the November forecast to see how it compares.
On 22 Oct 2017, Ron Greer wrote:

Mobeeb still going for warmer air coming up from the south next weekend and after briefly doing a volte face in agreement, GFS now reverting to predicting cold polar maritime air coming down from the north. Such are standard models for you.
On 21 Oct 2017, Paddy, Aberdeen South wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, still raining from the overnight deluge with occasional really heavy downpours, fizzling out around 10.30, strong & cold SE’ly wind at times but still feeling mild with a max temp of 13˚, zero sun, mostly dry afternoon but more showers in the evening, 10˚ at 9.30pm. Rain is certainly the middle name of Scotland if not of the whole BI.
On 21 Oct 2017, stephen parker wrote:

Drove down to Brighton today to see the storm, it was fantastic to see the sea crashing in and wild waves. Got completely soaked by one UP ON THE PIER, but the wind dried us out within the hour,always wanted to see it.
On 21 Oct 2017, Ron Greer wrote:

GFS now going for some significant polar maritime incursions just before Halloween and into Guy Fawkes week. Could mean some real snow for the Highlands and widespread frosts--but it's the fickle GFS after all!
On 21 Oct 2017, Maria (Ireland sub) wrote:

A cool start but fairly grey and quiet wind increasing this eve. with showers and starting to pick up now after midnight, 983mb & around 10 deg. now at 12.15 a.m Cheers Paddy! 🙈
On 20 Oct 2017, Paddy, Aberdeen South wrote:

12˚C at 7.30, still murky but at least not raining and feeling mild. Mostly grey for the day, with a few sunny intervals in the morning, max temp 14˚ in a SW’ly breeze, 11˚ at 9.30pm, more rain on the way overnight, looks like Ireland has to brace itself again, good luck, Maria! Our friends in West Cork had quite a number of trees down but luckily no major damage. Yes, Ron, in most autumns we would also have had a frost by now, the nasturtiums are still thriving, unusual for this time of year.
On 20 Oct 2017, Maria (Ireland sub) wrote:

A wet grey october day with wind increasing a lil bit this eve. 14 deg. max 10 now just before midnight (19/10/17) feeling like 5 deg. have Orange wind warning issued for 21/10 6.00-18.00 for Mayo Galway Clare Kerry Cork Waterford & Wexford. Yellow for the rest of Ireland & a Yellow rainfall for Donegal Galway Leitrim Mayo Sligo Clare Cork Kerry Limerick & Waterford.30-50mm expected by 21.00 21/10
On 19 Oct 2017, Paddy, Aberdeen South wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, milder again, drizzle more or less all day, max temp 12˚, SE’ly breeze all day & quite murky, foggy at night with 12˚ also at 10.30pm.
On 19 Oct 2017, Ron Greer wrote:

Frost, what's that? Haven't had a real one since September and this is in a Highland Perthshire frost hollow. GFS not predicting any cold out bursts until after Halloween
On 19 Oct 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Re- winter forecasts. I was watching BBC weather when the presenter said live on air that with a meridional Jetstream their forecast models struggle[not verbatim] so with more of the wandering Jetstream unless they have adjusted their models, they can't be considered accurate.
On 19 Oct 2017, Steve Devine wrote:

I agree with you completely Michael. If they're basing their outlook on the mild-biased models then it's no surprise it's come out this way. Considering we're entering solar minimum, the effects of El Nino are now far behind us and the polar vortex is predicted to nudge south in late Oct/Nov, I think this will be a season of ups and downs (temperature wise). But the Atlantic is definitely a major player when cold incursions back off...
On 19 Oct 2017, Michael (Yorkshire) wrote:

Bleh, accuweather europe 2017 winter forecast is out and the UK is braced for a repeat of last winter. What a pile of ****. I for one don't think it will be that simple, stormy on occasions, yes, mainly mild?? Maybe Piers knows ;-)
On 18 Oct 2017, Maria (Ireland sub) wrote:

Cold start this morning with some mist and grass frost, 3 deg at 7 a.m rising to 7deg by 9 a.m cloudy and milder as the day progressed 12 feeling like 10 now at 9.50pm
On 15 Oct 2017, Sou'wester (Cornish border, sub) wrote:

Re Russ Oct 11 - agree about the bees. Far fewer observed this year, but normally I see more wasps than bees around August - but I haven't seen a single wasp all year. Anybody seen any wasps?
On 03 Oct 2017, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

BRILLIANT INFORMATIVE USEFUL COMMS THANKS TO ALL! +=+ NOW ALL LOOK FANTASTIC WHOLE WINTER TO FEB (Oct free) NOW FOR: B+I; Eu; B+I-And-Eu-Together; and USA are all loaded - ONLY £48 and you get full extensions for any overlaps. OFFER ENDS THURSDAY 5th. Drop everything GoGoGo. AND PASS IT ON THANKS!
On 01 Oct 2017, Paddy, Aberdeen South wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, cloudy & cool, dry until 9, some heavy rain and drizzle which continued until around 3pm in a strengthening SW’ly wind, max temp 13˚, sun coming out after 5pm, glorious clear evening & night, 10˚ at 10pm. The ground is very wet and there is a fair number of barley fields not yet harvested, as well as loose straw lying about, it’s one of these kinds of autumn…
On 01 Oct 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Rain radar on the net is a great thing, particularly if you can see a good distance away. By that I mean westerly airstreams are good for me but easterly ones give very little warning. Using the timelapse and a bit of thought I reckoned dry until dark yesterday. With the light fading due to the cloud at around 7pm, the pitter patter of raindrops started. Cooler yesterday without the sun but still no CH required or even a fire. A great example of government by morons with Saddo Khan calling for a ban of wood-burning in London while the renewable heat initiative pays you to use a wood burning system.
On 01 Oct 2017, Andy B 100D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

124 mm of rain for month of September got to be above average total for year so far 837 which is below last 2 years 2014/1386 2015/901 2016/1229 Just seems wetter because we have had more summer rain
On 01 Oct 2017, stephen parker wrote:

Seems typical autumn weather, sun shine, showers and wind. You can go for a walk and experience it all in an hour! I was on the Norfolk broads on Thursday, utterly miserable till around mid day, then glorious.
On 30 Sep 2017, Paddy, Aberdeen South wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, dry and turning sunny for most of the day but with a max temp of only 11˚, strong SW’ly breeze, cloud moving in by late afternoon, ending the day with a prolonged spell of heavy rain, clear & starry sky with the waxing moon in the SW, definite change in the air, 7˚ by 10pm. Yellow wind warning for Monday. == Gerry, I think this is an Ancient Greek tale: “All Cretans are liars - do you believe a Cretan who tells you that?” :-)
On 30 Sep 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

The nice weather continues. Some showers around yesterday and low cloud was hanging over the North Downs and the Cheesegrater on my way in. Cleared away other than a burst of rain during the afternoon. Sunny spells so far today. Rhys - 'frost affecting the crops in London' . I didn't have London down as a great agricultural centre. If you mean the south-east then the two nights of hard frost in April did a lot of damage to fruit crops. That is all it needs if the days before have been warmer and encourage the plant cycle to advance. Richard Littlejohn retold an interesting comment on the 'oh, our models seem to be a bit wrong' theme by John Cooper Clarke of all people. 'How do you know when a liar tells you that they are not lying that they aren't actually lying?'
On 20 Sep 2017, Sou'wester (Cornish border, sub) wrote:

Geoff Hood, not quite sure what you mean but Mexico City is not on the San Andreas Fault line, which mostly runs down the California coast line. Yes, there was a 3.6 tremblor in Westwood, LA County (near Santa Monica and Malibu) on the 17th/18th -are you referring to that one? If you were, this was only related to the Mexico one earth-wise, insofar as the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate grate against each other, with the Pacific Plate pushing northwards and causing friction against the North American Plate within which Mexico City lies. It's not a surprising conclusion to draw to say that both of these were caused by solar flares at the time in areas geologically related to each other.
On 31 Aug 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Slow moving band of rain heading NE and very slightly E kept it wet for most of the day. Cleared through by early evening for a red sky to end and lo it is lovely today. I could tell it was nippy this morning with condensation inside the windows. Fog over the fields and the phone said 46F at 7.15. Only into the low 60s in town. Quite a change from the weekend. Paul Homewood reports on the latest failed polar voyage. The truth is being mangled to suggest that it was all a great success although their webpage says that the aim is to sail to and around the North Pole. But some inconvenient ice has blocked their path. Paul is also taking down all the warmest claims that the rain from Harvey is unprecedented and a world record etc. The facts show something different to the claims.
On 27 Aug 2017, Paddy, Aberdeen South wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, cloudy and still but the sun came out soon enough and we had a lovely, occasionally cloudy but warm day with a S’ly breeze off & on and a max temp of 23˚, no rain and 16˚ at 9pm.
On 13 Aug 2017, Andy B 100D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

Hi Russ I have noticed how cold it has been, as soon as the sun goes behind a cloud there is a distinct chill in the air.I think it is down to the record ice on Greenland + the cooling North Atlantic
On 11 Aug 2017, Russ NE Derbyshire wrote:

I can't believe how cold its been. Not just wet but I can't remember an August this cold. More like a poor period in late September.