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WELCOME to @Piers_Corbyn Special "New Futures & politics, post article 50" blog
This blog was started because of the increasing number of people who want to discuss the overlap of politics and Climate Change and the ever widening political situation around Brexit (in which the EU-Climate change has significant importance) and the position of Piers' brother Jeremy - leader of the Labour Party. The videos and documents below are of special interest.  
Important pre Brexit links 
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=> Piers Corbyn #WOWexit movie= 
=> EU was CIA creation - AlexJones interview
=> AND an investigation (not Vid) into Joe Cox's killer: 
also see WindowsOnTheWorld Vid Dr NickKollerstrom

important post Brexit links in date order
Jeremy Corbyn's Brother Piers Sees Through #ProjectChaos; VID  loaded 27th June, over 7k views July 5th
Follow up 30 June
Jeremy Corbyn's Brother Sees Him Winning
CityOfLondon Blairites plot Coup against JeremyCorbyn
Includes Refs to MPs: Hodge (Oppenheimer), Harman and Reports: Chilcot, paedo cover-ups. . 
Piers Corbyn "We will  fight them..." speech against Coup against brother - delivered in Parliament sq beside Churchill statue Mon 27 June 2016 
John Pilger superb must Read for Remainers and Brexiters / Lexiters:
Piers Corbyn on Blairite attempted Coup/#ChickenCoup (28 June): 
Piers Corbyn on Blairite Coup crisis - #ChickenCoup 5July:
Piers Corbyn: Jeremy Corbyn defeats Blairite roadblock 13 July:
LATEST 20 July on #ChickenCoup NEWS The eagle Never Landed now its Blairite Owen
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On 29 Jun 2017, @Piers_Corbyn wrote:

CITIZENS! Thanks4 ongoing wise comms. IN CASE YOU HADNT NOTICED SOME MORE 2/3OFF GREAT DEALS ARE ON BUT ONLY FOR SHORT TIME so have a buy and pass it on! Thanks Piers
On 03 Jun 2017, BLACK PEARL wrote:

"Farage" Yes no wonder Cameron & the Tories pulled out ALL the stops in the Thanet constituency Stop Farage at 'ALL COSTS' was the cry. Given a platform in the House on national TV for all to see he would have been absolutely devastating, and I suspect propelling UKIP to greater heights. Thats why he was closed down.
On 02 Jun 2017, Dave suffolk winter subs wrote:

I see that Jeremy commented that he thought that May not coming out to support the rest of Europe against Trump withdrawal from the Paris accord was irresponsible. Clearly Jeremy does accept that CO2 is responsible for climate change. Or have I misread the situation?
On 31 May 2017, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Thanks Gerry, But ISIL, Al Qaida and Al Nusra etc are Sunni Wahabbist sectarian nutjobs who delight in the slaughter of infidels including Shi'ites, Christians, Atheists, you name it. These guys are sponsored by Saudi Arabia and the USA has actively encouraged their activities in order to destabilise people like Assad. The idea that Iran is the problem is nonsense. The British, USA and Israel arranged the overthrow of their government in 1953 just because they wanted to control their own oil industry. And they remember this international injustice. Despite this their parliament is obliged to elect MPs from minorities including Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians. That sort of inclusivity would never obtain in a backward, feudal autocracy like Saudi Arabia. The nutjob Wahhabists are the architects of much of the mayhem in the Middle East.
On 30 May 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

You have missed the point Mark. It is not the occasional use of cannabis but the continual use of it that causes damage to the brain and mental faculties. This then makes them susceptible to falling for the Islamic nonsense. The stupidity of the likes of Blair and Cameron playing soldiers in the Middle East and North Africa has added fuel to the fire but the real source of the trouble is Iran. When it comes to supporting the IRA terrorists we should remember the US government did its bit to help fund them during the Clinton era and before with Noraid. Once the US suffered a bit of terrorism of their own they changed their tune realising how two-faced they looked.
On 30 May 2017, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Gerry, I think the Saudi Wahhabist inspired ideology of the Manchester bomber is the defining factor in his behaviour, not whether he toked the odd jay. Theresa May's enablement of these Jihadists during her time as Home Secretary ought to be receiving a lot more scrutiny from the supine MSM. She oversaw our security services who were flying Jihadists to Libya in 2011 in an effort to topple Gaddafi. The Manchester cell including family members of Abedi were regular customers. The blood is on Cameron and May's hands. But instead of investigating this perversion, titles like the Mail and Telegraph pour scorn on Jeremy Corbyn. The lies they print are astonishing, neglecting facts like his receiving the 2013 Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award in recognition of 30 years of consistent effort to uphold the values of social justice, non-violence and support of human rights. Corbyn is correct. We have to stop the madcap schemes to destabilise the Middle East which now haunt th
On 25 May 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

As expected, it turns out that the latest mass murderer was a dope head. They always are. And today's Mail has an article by the resident doctor highlighting the connection of all the recent jihadi murderers with the use of cannabis. But it is not just those who claim to kill for Islam. Look into other mass murders and you will find the link, if not to cannabis then to anti-depressants. The Elite wish to ignore this because it is inconvenient to their pro cannabis stance and because they have no wish to upset big Pharma over the booming anti-depressant market. The failure also means the security forces chase their tails looking for the big jihadi network when it doesn't exist. Sure IS claimed it was them - why wouldn't they? Just a few words on the Facebook and Twitter pages but no true connection will ever be found
On 24 May 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

With a recent poll suggesting that the majority of Remainers have accepted the referendum result, that leaving the EU is a good idea is no longer the question. The question now is how to leave and what damage will it cause us. Time and study have shown there is only one sensible route out but that has been discarded by May. Therefore there will be more damage to the economy than is necessary. Many are wondering if the claims that we will just walk away if the EU demand payment and that a bad deal will be rejected in favour of nothing at all are just electioneering to pander to Ukip voters and that sanity will prevail post election. The worry is that it is their true policy.
On 23 May 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The answer to Black Pearl's question is NO. Why? Here we have yet another instance of policy coming from a higher authority being issued through the EU. Given that our legacy media have the attention span and knowledge of 3 year olds when it comes to the EU - hoping not to get a backlash from 3yr olds here - there is no way they can cope with the fact that many regulations issued by the EU are only in their role as a conduit to pass down regulations. The two points to take from this are that the great take back control claim is a myth since we are unlikely to abandon these global regulations. And secondly it highlights the increasing irrelevance of the EU and that by leaving we will cut out the middle man and be at the table to form the regulations. But if David Davis continues his juveniles rants of we won't pay and they must understand that we can just walk away, there will be more pressing matters such as dealing with a collapsed economy.
On 23 May 2017, Stephen wrote:

Brexit is the only sane thing to do, why ever would you put your trust in a mafia run organisation like the EU....SSR, they are totally beyond reason, I will vote for any party that promises to get us out of the EU.
On 21 May 2017, BLACK PEARL wrote:

re nationalise Ah the NEW Utopian dream sounds so good. I also remember how British Rail was a joke and how nationalised industry drained the Govt purse due to its inefficiency and many strikes. Could it work 2nd time around ? NAH .. it would end up another failure the country cant afford. With Brexit will we be able to state British owned only tenders for OUR utilities I wonder ?
On 21 May 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

It's the Brexit election said May. And then...well...nothing. It's become the one thing not to mention. Why? Probably because nobody has a cogent plan and the legacy media are not interested. Only out in the blogosphere is there any discussion. One blogger has a piece about that given Brexit is the biggest event in living memory bar those around for the Second World War, why is there no discussion and in particular why no discussion of the costs? No party proposal to do something does not set off a discussion over the cost. Except Brexit. With hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake you would think it would matter. Worryingly, the job exodus is already being planned. EU companies are looking at EU parts sourcing while UK companies are looking for UK sourcing. IKEA have said it will look at more UK manufacture to avoid problems. With no certainty over Brexit companies will plan, the danger is they carry out those plans no matter what kind of Brexit is achieved.
On 21 May 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

It would great if we could be shown a successful socialist country, but of course we know that there is no such thing. Unless the measure of success is that everyone is equally miserable, eking out their poor lives with no hope of improvement bar escaping the country. The Berlin wall was to keep people inside the socialist empire not to stop them entering as strangely nobody wanted to. A creed that destroys advancement - save for the chosen few, 4 legs good 2 legs bad as the saying goes - and is built on stealing from the people via taxation. A Labour victory would see this country destroyed and on its knees, taking a decade or more to recover - if ever perhaps given there is no conservative party to rebuild after the usual Labour destruction. Ah British Rail - the good old days of ancient trains and creaking rails. A fundamental rail privatisation mistake is separating rail infrastructure from train operations. Reduced train maintenance damages the rails but saves them money.
On 20 May 2017, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Rail and all the utilities should be back in the public realm, because people are being fleeced by foreign state owned companies. They correctly realised that the present system is a licence to print money. And 30 years of this scam has led to massive underinvestment in infrastructure. Someone mentioned VEOLIA. This mob want to build a giant incinerator in my neck of the woods and have assured the nearby inhabitants that there will be no dangerous emissions. At the consultation meeting (over 500 attendees) I pointed out that VEOLIA in the USA gave the water supply in Flint, Michigan a clean bill of health. One year before a state of emergency was declared over the toxic drinking water. These companies can never be trusted to do the right thing and will always cut corners. Pier's brother's party has the sensible policy. Vote Labour. Anyway, May's open bragging that she is tough enough to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike ought to be enough to disqualify her. Supine MSM is a disg
On 19 May 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

So we have the Blue Labour manifesto. Paul Homewood has picked out that Mother Theresa will call for an enquiry into our energy costs with a view to helping us towards having the cheapest energy in Europe. Hooray! Well until you get to the bit that says this will be while committing to the climate change targets. If it is an honest enquiry they aren't going to like what they find out. But then it could be like the neutering of Ofgem who can't mention that costs have risen because of green crap. Also impossible in her plans is to negotiate a trade deal with the EU concurrent with our succession deal. The EU have clearly said that this won't happen. Worryingly she makes no mention of a transition agreement. Unless it is just manifesto lies but if not we could be on our way to catastrophe.
On 18 May 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The WTO is dedicated to growing free trade and removing unnecessary barriers. The interesting point about privatizing mail services in the UK is that the edict came from an EU Directive. This is evidence of something only a few people realize in that much of EU legislation is actually implementing rules from a global source that won't disappear with Brexit. What will be different is our participation in drafting these World level regulations. There is also an important difference to WTO rules and the EU - the ability to opt out if necessary. The Lisbon Treaty removed this facility from EU rules as part of the path to becoming one big happy super state.
On 09 May 2017, Stephen wrote:

Mad I maybe but never as mad as the looney politician that are in charge of the mafia type of extortion that the EU has morphed into, you will never convince me that the eastern block of the EU are not still lovers of the old communist system they even look like to old politburo of old yes placemen and women that they are, the best decision we ever made was Brexit. Make it soon. I wonder how the EU Mafia will manage without the British Extortion Money it will be very interesting.
On 08 May 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The Guardian and its best mates at the BBC will be celebrating Macron's victory as the strains of Ode To Joy - the EU anthem - fade away, and with Merkel set to reign on in Germany everything is rosy again. But....have all they done is delay the inevitable for 5 years? More sensible observers might note that Le Pen did twice as well as her father did and her plan is to let the elite hang themselves with another 5 years of decline for France since Macron is part of the elite. When the EU leaders gathered of the coast of Italy to toast a largely unknown figure in EU history all they offered were empty speeches of further integration as opposed to solving any of the EU's problems.
On 05 May 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The problem we face is that our Prime Minister is a bloody stupid woman. Sadly, the alternatives at the coming election are no better. What is stunning the EU is that May seriously has no clue what she is doing. She - like the legacy media - think the EU are bluffing and that her no deal threat has them quaking in their boots. Sadly, the EU are not bluffing but simply stating facts that a competent PM would know. Deluded May still believes she can get a deal that is as good as the Single Market she has rejected. She can't. At some point - well you have to hope - she will have to confront this. Of course the danger is the EU will be so alienated they will have no desire to help May out of the hole she is digging. Or, in the mistaken belief that no deal is in anyway a good option, abandon the talks. Much damage to the economy can be done before she rejoins the planet - if she ever does.
On 03 May 2017, DaveT wrote:

Stephen, the EU is many things. Communist it is not! Trust me. Relatives of mine were members of the Communist Party of Great Britain. All your EUSSR Mafia and Communist EU comments do is mark you out as a mad man to be ignored. Me? I am, as your hero Senator Joe McCarthy would say ' a fellow traveller'. And yes, the relatives were close enough to ensure that even if I wanted to use any of my skills in the Ministry of Defence or the security services I would have been barred from those jobs.
On 03 May 2017, Stephen wrote:

I think the EUSSR Mafia are running scared and have had to result to gorbelesk double speak, all they are acheaving is to reinforce our opinion that we are definitely better off out of this bankrupt of ideas straight jacket that the Comunist EU has become, it is following the lines of the Eurovision Song Contest all voteing for the worst song possible all because you hate our Great Britain.
On 28 Apr 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Boris Johnson would be better served by using his time to educate himself about Brexit rather than trawling through dictionaries for obscure words. Merkel's speech laid out a lot of truths yesterday that the many in the UK just aren't grasping, Johnson included. The Guardian - fake news central - twisted Merkel's words to say that British politicians in the UK had illusions when she meant the UK in general where the likes of the CBI and swathes of the public have no comprehension of the path we are taking. The EU Council will choose the negotiator tomorrow and set out its negotiating guidelines. Against that we have May - and to be fair all the others - lacking a coherent plan and in her case just grasping a bunch of aspirations. Will this important news make its way past the election drivel to be top of the bill in the media? Not a mugwump's chance methinks.
On 24 Apr 2017, BLACK PEARL wrote:

On 24 Apr 2017, Rhys Jaggat wrote: Seems a bit of a personal attack on Stephen there Rhys! Personally I'll reserve judgment till I hear it from Trumps mouth on TTIP. Could be more malicious rumour from the Tim Farron types or the Russians did it :) Well it looks like the EU & establishment created puppet Macron has been shoe horned into position. Another paid for liberal elite from no-where, who I suspect will do nothing for the french as a nation. As far as rising up goes its always the organised lefties who cause all the street rioting if they dont get their own way ... should give them a bloody Invoice for the disruption they cause
On 17 Apr 2017, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

Mark Hall and Ragnell E Yes this is the page where those comments should be. The link was on top of RHS home page but not on foot for loading update reasons. This NEW link is on foot. I agree with your comms on Guardian. I have found in my experience dealing with media that despite some well meaning genuine people working for the Guadian of all papers it has twisted and misrepresented what I actually said in the most dishonest way of all paers - insanely desperate to impose an ideology and narrative on everything. Even The Sun (a long time ago, I dont speak to them now) has been more accurate in my experience on actual quoting of what is said. They will of course (if its political) put a view but it has been clear what is their view and what I said, for the Guardian it hasnt been. The next worst one in my experience is The Evening Standard. While they have had accurate reports they cannot resist the temptation to create headlines conveying the opposite of the content of what I said.