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Weather News 

Piers Corbyn spells out Climate Reality and BBC #FakeScience and #CoverUp:
(24Dec) "The present Mild Arctic burst and associated Super cold Mongolia-Siberia and rare snow in the #Sahara desert are caused by a #WarmColdDipole (and displaced #PolarVortex) which is a direct consequence of wild #JetStream / #MiniIceAge conditions which come from generally Low solar activity and directly DISPROVE #CO2 warmism theory which REQUIRES a smoother further North, NOT wild, JetStream", said Piers Corbyn at WeatherAction HQ, London Xmas Eve. 
"The BBC is engaged in #FakeScience and conducting a disgraceful #CoverUp   of real science by cherry-picking data when for every mild sweep of the wild JetStream there are relavely colder events further south in larger areas. 
"EVERY SINGLE EXTREME WARM EVENT IN THE LAST SEVEN YEARS HAS ASSOCIATED VERY COLD EVENTS AND BEEN A (largely predictable) CONSEQUENCE OF THE PRESENT WILD JET STREAM ERA. "The BBC simply made-up the assertion the 'warm' events are something to do with CO2. There is no evidence for that only evidence against. Similar mild / low-ice Arctic bursts happened in the last mini-ice age in the early 1800s at the same time as major cold winters and lousy summers in Britain and Europe". 

Red warning + Results: Major Red R4 Solar-Weather impact period March  4-6th+-1d. great success. This R4 was confirmed by Tornadoes USA (Illinois), Tropical Cyclone #ENAWO power-up, K5  Geomagnetic  activity & M6.3 quake Papua New Guinea - the biggest in world since M6.9 Feb 24th. Details see also twitter feed @Piers_Corbyn

Br+Ir weather 13-18 Feb had mild burst as expected (esp SE) but it got a bit exteneded. Snow/wintry weather 9/10/11/12 Feb parts Br+Ir confirm WeatherAction 100d ahead+/-2d although some pressure patterns changes.
News 29/30 Jan. Feb storm warnings N/W Brit+Ire confirm coming Weather-Action Major Red R4 period Feb 2-5th.
Late Jan cold blasts ice +snow showers BI-Eu confirmed - see twitter/below
Late Jan snow confirmed USA - see twitter feed / below.

Important success for WeatherAction end Jan Cold blob BI-NW Eu predicted detail 31d ahead is coming:- 

24 Jan
NE USA / Canada snow ice ~24Jan Confirms WeatherAction 15-45d Ahead USA forecast 40days ahead

15/16 Jan
"After that arctic snow blast for Britain +Ireland expect more surprises for rest of winter" says Piers Corbyn
"Despite fearsome cold in most of Europe this winter (eg the coldest Orthodox Xmas (7 Jan) in Moscow for 120 years and terrible snow in centre, east and SE parts 4-9 Jan) Britain & Ireland had so far missed out on much snow /Arctic blasts until around Jan 12th. Although this was an earlier ice-snow hit (in detail) than we expected for Brit+Ire, it and what is coming was/is in line with our WeatherAction European developments forecast types this month and as one subsciber commented on our WeatherBlog our BI+Eu forecast maps and the Observed maps have been and are  "incredibly similar":-
On 13 Jan 2017, Fred subscriber wrote: Been going through the model runs and then a Piers forecast and then the dates....time and again. And currently synoptically from Piers' map and now....incredibly similar. Furthermore, what we have had was a pep up surprise and there is a lot more fun and games to come and wild jetstream behaviour to come. I was thinking Piers timing was I have misread the situation as what is happening now is the synoptic situation has slipped into what Piers has forecast after the interesting pep up. If u haven't got the forecast... get it and you will see. Lot's of winter to come.
"It it also gratifying to see the deluded believers in the #FakeScience of 'GlobalWarming' have to come to terms with the fact their personal local square mile of the globe cannot anymore be 'evidence' of the 'end of snow' (since the last time it snowed there).  The #FakeScience and #FakeNews of so-called man-made #ClimateChange will terminate this year.

"The NOT important storm surge of 13/14th JAN apart from a small event in East Yorkshire was not really a surprise to WeatherAction. Authorities must indeed be ready and the Full Moon was indeed a factor and we must congratulate the Met Office and the environment agency / local authorities on short-term detailed forecasting and organisation. Nevertheless the extra pep needed for it appears ALL these really extreme events - ie a WeatherAction R4 /R5 period - was NOT present; so no over-topping in the warned parts of the East coast.

"WARNING! IN THE COMING TWO DECADES it is however important to note the #WildJetStream (= #MiniIceAge in cold parts) conditions that bring these strong (potentially extreme) North winds and storm surges will be more prevelant."

~Jan 4-6th
  RedR4 period ~JAN4-6 gave  + developing big contrasts rope and across the  - eg Great Lakes, South USA, Istanbul and important developing major cold E Eu.

London Climate Conference 8-9 Sept Report Great success! 
Welcome! to all attendees - and those who couldn't make it and want to find out what happened -  of the London Climate Change ('New Dawn Of Truth') conference held at the famous Conway Hall Red Lion square, Holborn, London
The amazing international parade of excellent Presentations from highly qualified and informed scientists and researchers in meteorology, astrophysics and other professions in Meteorological production and academia proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the man-made climate change story is a pack of lies and delusional nonsense both in general terms and in every specific field of claims involving temperatures, sea levels, ice and weather extremes.

Piers Corbyn** says:- "The event is being / will be fully reported on video and in Presentations on the Geoethics web site***, prior to that I must say the strength of presentations was remarkable and it is now clear that no honest scientist can produce evidence for the Man-made Climate Change story. No-one can show it is is anything other than POLITICALLY DRIVEN fraud. 
Plenty of people and politicians of course do honestly believe in man-made climate change as a basis for doing good in the world but they have been seriously misled and in the coming months their anger will rise up against the perpetrators of the ManMade Climate Change Conspiracy (of nature) Theory. The point that the Climate Scam will blow was evidenced by the attendence of some scientists from mainstream universities and leading institutions in UK and USA and many other countries.
However the powerful profiteers of the Carbon-scam will not give up without a serious fight which is why in the closing session I said that - under the general world CLEXIT (Climate Agreements Exit) campaign we will have to have more public events and demostrations on the street and mount a general campaign for Accountability in science and politics. 
Many presentations deserve special attention but I will just mention 7:
Nils-Axel Morner (and others) - total and decisive exposure of the falsity of sea-level rise alarms.
Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller on a new model of temperatures on earth and all planets in the solar system.
It was especially great to have them here since I visited them in Colorado a few years ago where we had discussions on many matters including what they developed.    
Jan-Eric Solheim exposing the falsity of ice-melt alarmism in real measured terms.
Nicola Scafetta and also Roger Tattersall+Richard Salvador (and others) - Great papers on 'planetray resonances' and Earth Length Of Day and Elnino/Enso phenomana - aspects of which are involved in my WeatherAction Solar Lunar Action Technique.
Peter Ward US Geological Survey (now retired) - ground breaking studies of volcanism on land and undersea - a new dimension to climate science.
Indrani Roy (University of Exeter) on many aspects of solar effects.
Her work is also of importance in my own extensions of 2 variable plots eg in my main presentation which show ElNino/Enso is solar-magnetically driven.
Viscount Christopher Monckton who gave a superb dismantling of the errors IN THEIR OWN TERMS of the UN IPCC feedback equations to exaggerate their claimed CO2 basic warming.
On this I commented that (notwithstanding the penetrating excellence of Christoper's work) that it is bizarre that anyone has to kill again the dead parrot of delusional enhanced CO2 warming and I mentioned three specific underlying problems of the UNIPCC approach:
1 The misleading treatment of radiative transfer in the atmosphere using deluded 'flow arrows' - covered in my main presentation; 
2 The use of standard electronics equations for feedback amplification is a mathematical convenience & should be treated with suspicion because the atmosphere is not an electronic circuit;  3 The upper-atmoshere is not in anyway static or qusi-static and day-night changes in outgoing radiation could lead to CO2 cooling (the 'cold-spot' as observed) rather than the warming hot-spot expected - coverd in the appendix after slide 49 in my main presentation.] 

Piers Corbyn's presentation:
- with explanation of "The wrong type of extremes" for CO2 conspiracy of nature theory slide 50; also   and sections 4 and 5 of this page.
** Piers also presented (Aug 19) at Arendalsuka Festival-Forum Norway to an event organised by Norway Climate Realists who were present filming this International London conference.

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On 08 Apr 2017, Richard Pinder wrote:

Part 2: In fact the report looks like its written by the attendees of that BBC seminar of the “best scientific experts” which turned out to be a bunch of environmental activists, posing as fake causational climate scientists. Probably why it suggests that the government should set up a “Ministry of Truth” to extend BBC censorship of Atmospheric Physics and Solar Astronomy to the press. I am not sure what the BBC means by “False Balance” this term is not used in the scientific community. But most Atmospheric Physicists and Solar Astronomers would not mind if the BBC gave Environmental activists lots and lots of time to waffle on and on about Climate alarmism, as long as the BBC ended its censorship policy for climate science, scientists and scientific debate. And gave the small amount of time necessary for causational climate scientists to say what they have to say.
On 08 Apr 2017, Richard Pinder wrote:

The House of Commons Science communication and engagement report seems to have been a whitewash written by non-scientists with the whitewash of the BBC being written by BBC Science Editor, David Shukman. With the only two Members of Parliament who are also scientists, Peter Lilley and Graham Stringer having no apparent input, even though Graham Stringer is the only scientist on the Committee. It includes the BBC invented, Orwellian sounding term “False Balance” In fact David Shukman seems to have been the only science Journalist mentioned in the report, with all other science Journalists under criticism for not censuring causational climate scientists, censored by the BBC.
On 08 Apr 2017, Graham ( sub Eastmidlands) wrote:

HI Piers, still no 30 day forecast what's happened ??
On 06 Apr 2017, Helen (45 day sub, Co. Leitrim, Ireland) wrote:

Hi Piers and all. Just wondering, like Mike, about the B+I 30 day forecast for April. I received the 45 Day and EU forecasts, but not the full B+I 30 Day yet. Your site seems to indicate it was out on April 1st (including the 45 Day for info, so I guess some details must have changed). April started here with heavy showers (including hail) and sunny intervals, but staying dry & overcast the last couple of days. It’s been mildish, though only 9 deg at 3 pm today. Your March forecast worked out well for us, btw – we had a good deal of bright sunny warm dry weather towards the end of the month – enabled me to start some serious work in the garden. Apologies, I haven’t been keeping records or reporting here in a long while. Will try to get back into the habit. It’s been good to read about Maria’s experiences further south! Storm Doris in Feb hit us quite badly up here – we lost power in most of this area, there were trees down and other damage, and it was really quite scary.
On 03 Apr 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

When I say breezy more like windy at first then breezy, first part of April forecast spot on :)
On 03 Apr 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Grey breezy and wet from the get go today max 13 deg 11 now at 7.45 pm
On 03 Apr 2017, Alan wrote:

Great guest article by Joe Bastardi on the Patriot Post website...All about global ocean temps (cause & effect) v's LIA etc.
On 31 Mar 2017, steven glossop wrote:

Hi piers. I have been following weatheraction great work for a long time now. And I know piers you have done work on predicting earthquakes when they are likely to occur. I remember the small earthquake by the worlds standards that struck parts of the uk back in 2008. Did that earthquake have solar connections to ? Something I have always been interested in knowing. I suppose around that time was the beginning also of a lot of extremes of weather. Keep up the great work and would appreciate a reply
On 31 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, damp from overnight rain and soon starting up again to give us a drizzly morning with a fresh SW’ly wind that increased in strength after midday when the clouds parted and left us with a lovely sunny if blustery afternoon with a max temp of 14˚. The length of the day is progressing steadily, it has to move fast up to midsummer, when we only have half an hour of complete darkness, if that. 8˚ at 9.30pm. == I give up, Gerry, I’ll just go with whatever the flow will be, it might turn out to be very different from what anyone might expect, hopefully for the better.
On 31 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Yes, Paddy, proper measurements that built the world's greatest empire. It is very simple - need a big course thread that will be Whitworth, a fine thread that will be British Standard Fine, instrument thread? British Association. Customer walks into a shop and asks for an M10 bolt. What pitch would that be sir? Pitch? Er, what's that? Well it says whether you want a course, fine or extra fine thread sir. Oh, er, I don't know. I will have to find out and come back another time. After a grey and cloudy start with spots of rain, the sun has broken through but not as warm as yesterday. Hotspots were reported as Gravesend and Heathrow - our known favourite unreliable locations. While it might not be usual to have 2 big El Ninos close together how do we know it hasn't happened before? If the cause is an outbreak of volcanic heating normal patterns can be disturbed.
On 30 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A grey day with some light showers at times, seeds sown in the tunnel are looking like just about to pop up, humid despite being a little windy tonight, 11 deg now at 11pm headache weather, feels stormy in the air, take a rest & hope for a thunderstorm type of weather :)
On 30 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, grey & dry after the rain with a SW’ly breeze, brightening up after 10am to a really mild spring day with fabulous cloud shapes and a max temp of 19˚, highest so far this year. Getting cloudier again towards evening but still 11˚ at 9.30pm. == Gerry, will that mean that engineering will have to go back to Whitworth and Imperial etc? :-)
On 30 Mar 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

I can't see a strong El Nino ,so soon after last years. That would be very unusual. Not in the East Pacific anyway.
On 30 Mar 2017, geoff wrote:

Half caught a piece on the BeebCo R4. If I heard it aright, Global Warming at Polar Latitudes is shifting the Jet Stream and causing long spells of stable extreme temperatures. Makes a change from 'Nothing to do with Jet Stream' I suppose? What next?
On 30 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Have no fear Paddy, I will ask Piers to post up a nice conversion table on Brexit Day. My phone temp from Moorgate has reached 70 degrees - that's Fahrenheit of course and the true signal of a lovely day. Above 80 degrees and we are getting hot. Above 90 degrees and we are getting effing hot. and in 3 figures it is a heatwave due to CO2. Such a good temperature scale. Of concern is a piece on iceagenow from a Peruvian scientist saying that the Pacific is heating rapidly and a big El Nino will come. So you can imagine the warmist lies that will generate. The cause says the man is underwater volcanoes that have become active due to solar minimum. Which we should recall was the answer to my question here regarding the Etna eruption. And in the news you might have come across an eruption in Mongolia (I think) for the first time in centuries.
On 29 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, grey, dry but getting foggier as the day went on, max temp 8˚ and still that now at 9.30pm, light rain from about 4 - 7pm. == Gerry, I’m going to disappoint you terribly by 2019: I was brought up on the Continent, so ˚C are deeply ingrained in my subconscious :-)
On 29 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

On this momentous day for the UK, Paddy I hope you will be ready to report temperatures in Fahrenheit from 29 March 2019. Yes, the lifecycle begins again. As you say, trees are coming to life, the magnolias are fully out and looking lovely. The birds are preparing their nests. The fish are back to behaving like piranha at feeding time now that the water temperature has risen. After the Snowdrops the daffodils are out and looking fine. Rain overnight giving a cloudy start but dry. Brightened up as the morning has progressed.
On 29 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday was like April showers, a little humid with occasional sunshine, max 14 deg light showers with respite between to get some grass strimming done leaving some areas to go wild, darker clouds & heavier showers afternoon but still 11 deg in the evening. Grey with rain at times today and 12 deg this morning at 10.20 a.m with a cooler light breeze.
On 28 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, grey, damp & drizzly all day with a cool S’ly breeze, actually quite refreshing after three sunny days, max temp 6˚ and back down to 5˚ by 9.30pm. Agreee with you Gerry, spring is a great time to watch life emerging from all directions, I look at leaf buds of various trees every day and all the spring flowers, nothing better to cheer you up.
On 28 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

A lovely time of year with this weather as the scents start to grow as you walk around the countryside. Not just manure, but as I walk to and from the station there is a whole ditch full of lesser celandine. And with it being chill at either end of the day it adds a freshness. Clear nights bring fog for us so it was a gloomy start with the clock change, but the sun comes through the haze come train time.
On 27 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚C at 7.30 (6.30 in old money of course), slight frost on car roof, dry, clear & mild feeling, developing into another gloriously sunny day with a max temp of 17˚, though in the stiff S’ly breeze it felt cold enough to have to put on a jacket; clouding over towards late evening as a taster for tomorrow when we’ll be in cool E’lies under grey skies and with lower temps, still 6˚ at 10pm.
On 27 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Another really nice day, warmth a little slower to build this morning with a cool breeze but got quite hot for a time working in the garden during the day, some nice sunshine with some thin cloud about & noticing a lot of movement in growth outside the last few days with this much needed warm spell. Still 9/10 deg at 9.30 pm
On 27 Mar 2017, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

Is there a 30 day B&I forecast available? I can see one for March at £5 but not April.
On 27 Mar 2017, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

Yep fine blast of weather hit bang on time. March has been a very accurate Month I would say. Waiting for some milder nights now as we head into April. Got to buy the forecast yet though.
On 27 Mar 2017, Carl 45d Subscriber wrote:

Well Piers March is nearly over another Great forecast around 17-20th Winter returned with snow causing problems in Scotland and the taste of summer soon after and although we in the South were nagged by a chiily East wind at times other parts reached 20c.Also purchased Piers Spring forecast at the beginning of the month which i think was £30 THAT WAS A BARGAIN PIERS.Oh and also as we approach the end of the month it looks like it is going to end as Piers predicted
On 27 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Well, my forecast chart says warm and sunny so spot on Piers as we bask in the sunshine. Seems that all the snow has gone to Spain at the moment. Even a cycle race had to start elsewhere as there was snow higher up.
On 27 Mar 2017, Steve Devine wrote:

Well what a marvellous weekend that was! 16c and sunny yesterday afternoon as I crawled along the A12 going absolutely nowhere fast lol. Just having a look at the provisional stats for March and it's coming in much milder than last year, on par with March 2014 actually. Here's the numbers; Av Day Temps 13c (Mar 2014 was 13.6c), Av Night Temps 6.4c (Mar 2014 was 4.3c). That's a whole 3.6c milder than March 2015 by day, which averaged 9.4c. Looking like the weather falls foul of the Jet Stream this week as we get showers, most potent on Friday it would seem.
On 26 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚C at 8.30, sunny and warm all day again, like being in a different country, 18˚ max again - thermometer is out of the wind but on N facing side of big tunnel without gettin heat from inside, so pretty true reading - some haze and patterned cirrus clouds, hawthorn now coming out big time, we have some overwinter lettuce in our veg tunnel, probably be eating it in a couple of weeks’ time, been managing to keep ourselves in greens all (mild again) winter, still 8˚ at 9pm, looks like another sunny but cooler day tomorrow. $˚∂ the clock change!
On 26 Mar 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Sunny and windy is the weekend weather. The strong wind is keeping it cooler than it would have been. One tiny sunspot has broken the spotless run but it is worth noting that back during the previous solar minimums a spot that size would not have been noticed. There is a change in the recording sensitivity of sunspots just as with the recording of tornadoes over the US. It used to be that tornadoes had to be observed but now with satellites and radar system, a tornado can be recorded that nobody actually sees. So there is a difference between current and historic data. No less than the problems with reliable temperature records due to UHI. Remember that the recent 'record' highs claimed in the UK at Heathrow Airport, Gravesend and Fareham have all been at questionable locations.
On 26 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

( Yday comment got lost, frost cleared quickly giving a fab day reached 17 deg and lots of sunshine well forecasted way ahead by Piers ) A cold night with a touch of frost this morning looks like another lovely day on the cards today, happy days :)
On 26 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, glorious start followed by a glorious day with wall to wall sunshine and an amazing max temp of 18˚, highest so far this year, though in the fresh S’ly breeze it was rather less than that. Starry sky at midnight and 4˚ again.
On 25 Mar 2017, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

A glorious sunny day in NW London, pretty much the first this spring. The BBC is oscillating back and forth as to whether it will continue the next two or three days. The apple trees are starting to show the odd leaf and all the buds are opening on the pear, plum and cherry trees.
On 25 Mar 2017, Geoff wrote:

anything significant in the NASA data 'losing' a lot of incomimg radiation from its reports- would the application of the corrected data make any difference to the theory that its the radiation wot drives the weather?
On 24 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

0˚C overnight, 1˚ at 7.30, light ground frost, dry and sunny start, staying birght until midday with a max temp of 14˚, clouding up thereafter but still feeling fairly mild, a real whiff of spring in the air, tree buds are beginning to move seriously, have seen some hawthorn greening, 7˚ at 9pm.
On 24 Mar 2017, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

Hi Stephen - If you check through other blogs on here, my thoughts on this can be found. Thanks
On 24 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

More like spring again today, yesterday was gradually coming back to it although a cool day with snow that had slid off the tunnel finally clearing after lunch, but more sunshine today, reached 13 deg the light e'ly breeze still making it feel on the parky side but it's grand if you stay in the sun and nice to be outside listening to the birds. Heart goes out to the recent atrocities in London, so sad :-/
On 24 Mar 2017, stephen parker wrote:

Hi, a question for David ( Yorkshire ) Whats your take on the Low solar activity= Dalton minimum type scenario?, Its got to be said we dont seem to be getting the winters as some forecasters expected. Next winter and the one after should give us an idea.My apologies to people in the North, who do still get proper weather!
On 23 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, dry and cloudy, no frost, brightening up soon to a really sunny if somewhat hazy day, albeit with a cold E’ly breeze, nevertheless temps did manage to climb to 13˚ max, 1˚ at 9.30pm under a clear sky, frost on car roof.
On 22 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

-2˚C overnight, 1˚ at 7.30, mostly dry & cloudy for half the morning with a few light showers, then turning into a brilliant sunny day, max temp 7˚, winds veering from NW’ly to a biting NE’ly by late morning, cloudy again by evening, 3˚ at 10pm. == Re summers: I measure the quality of summers by climbing French beans grown in the open - 2006 was the last summer when we could do that successfully, since then we haven’t even attempted and just grow them in our tunnel. == We didn’t see a single flake of snow yesterday :-)
On 22 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Hi Sou'wester we are in the rural Midlands of Ireland, had many a visit to Dartmoor as a kid ( born in Devon during a 78 Feb blizzard :) looks so pretty when it snows there, Irish weather very similar to SW UK always a nervy spring start to growing vegetables, piers forecasts help though ;)
On 22 Mar 2017, Sou'wester (Cornish border, sub) wrote:

Hi Maria. Don't know where is Ireland you are, but you must be a couple of degrees north of us here, at 50 North, where It snowed too yesterday morning over Dartmoor, and all around the outskirts. Further towards the coast, we had driving hail three times yesterday, and sharply cold NWly winds. Had some nice sunny spells that came suddenly, but more weather-related train cancellations! So went the first day of spring. The groundhog was right.
On 22 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Forgot to mention cold N'ly wind too..Kids enjoyed a snowball fight before school, not bad considering kids wouldn't see snow in their lifetime according to beeb documentary years ago, I have a fair few pics of them enjoying it over their preschool and primary school years so far :)) Bus driver said a fair amount of drifting snow about, good amount of snow reported around the country on IWO. Sun looks to put paid to our fun now though.
On 22 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

The sun actually came out just enough to melt the snow yesterday morning, cloudy by lunch but we reached 7 deg briefly in the afternoon, so not too bad to work outside hoeing off the 2 big and 3 small veg plots, a couple of hail showers then a cold night. Yellow snow ice warning for us in Leinster. Noticed it had snowed a few cm's by 4 am Snow & wet snow/rain at 7 am melting some but 3cm remaining on the outside table and still a small covering around the ground in places. 2 deg feeling colder at 8 am Daffodils have took a hammering.
On 21 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, dry and cloudy and remaining so all day, pretty chilly - well, of course, first day of spring (equinox was yesterday) - W’ly breeze which at times was quite strong, max temp 8˚, down to 1˚ by 10pm under a clear sky. == Gerry, yep that’s it, P cerasifera, aka P myrobalan and not mahaleb as I mistakenly thought.
On 21 Mar 2017, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

Personally I remember 90's summers being hot and dry for long periods. It's this century that has been poor for summers on the whole. All that is about to change though.
On 21 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Clive - the Jetstream path is important in the weather patterns. The path has changed recently to be meridional as opposed to zonal. From past bad summers I recall that the culprit was usually a Jetstream that had not migrated north like is most common during the summer. This results in the firing in of Atlantic lows week after week. I recall summers back in the 90s where the weather was unsettled everyday and it was rare to manage a totally dry 24 hours. Rain showers would appear frequently as well as longer rain spells. A clear night with some gritters out but I don't think it got that cold. Bright sunny morning with a chill in the air. Nice in the City. In case anyone is confused, there is only one Gerry but it appears that my name is different depending on if I am at work or home.
On 21 Mar 2017, Clive wrote:

What if the next solar cycle favours less northerly blocking in the summer and warmer and drier summers for north western Europe. We have had a long period where summers have been below par in the UK with loads poor Augusts. This is bound to change. A long period of poor summers does give away to better summers in the future. It may also be the case that north western Europe could this time escape the worst of the cold during this particular solar minimum. The 1950s were a decade were the sun was at its most active but it aslo produced some of Britains worst summers. This is one thing that blows the solar theory apart. Why were there so much northerly blocking occuring when the sun was so active?
On 21 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A mix of sunny spells breezy at times and showers yesterday afternoon, temp dropped off early by 4pm and some cold wintry showers with an increase in wind around 10.30 pm woke up to frost and a light dusting of snow this morning with further snow showers this morning 2 deg feeling freezing at 7.30 a.m snowing atm :)
On 20 Mar 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Having had a look, my tree is a Prunus cerasifera as far as I can tell as it produces yellow fruit.
On 20 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, light rain turning heavy for a time, then brightening up to give us a great sunny day again, got quite hot in our tunnels sorting seed but outside was a different story as we had a stiff W’ly wind all day and thus only 10˚ max temp, 3˚ by 9.30pm and cloudier again. == Gerry, if it is spiky it would be a P mahaleb, they flower very early.
On 20 Mar 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

That cherry Tree could be one of many varieties. They flower much earlier these days, especially down south. The sun is quiet so far this Year. Turned much colder here with some sleet and snow expected next couple of days. Waiting for the burst of summer that will follow.
On 20 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Paddy - I not sure of the variety as it is an existing tree. Always the first to blossom and did have some fruit in my first year here. In a week or so I shall see if there any signs of anything setting. With the warmer days this year I think there will have been some bees around. Mainly grey with a strong breeze today, some drizzle around. Sun still blank of spots, matching April 2010. Is it just correlation but 2010 brought us the cold winter?
On 20 Mar 2017, Steve Devine wrote:

Nasty squall line from the cold front about to smash into Greater London (2pm). Clear skies and colder temperatures behind it but this could be a real doozy...
On 20 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yellow snow/ice warning up on :) hope it misses us as need to grow food, going to be a slow start here this year compared to the last 2 years, some nice sunshine this morning cool 7 deg feeling cooler at midday with 1 wintry short shower and some big clouds moving in now.
On 19 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Today and yesterday breezy with showers on and off, a few short sunny spells yesterday less so today. Max daytime 11 deg 8 feeling like 6 now at 23.49 pm Yellow wind warning issued for 4 counties Donegal ect Met giving a colder week ahead.
On 19 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, feeling much milder than yesterday, somewhat bright, puddles giving evidence of overnight rain, then brightening up altogether to a real sunny day with a max temp of 13˚, the rising W’ly breeze making it feel somewhat less mild but still a great day right through to a starlit evening with 3˚ at 8.30pm. == Gerry, your cherry plum is Prunus mahaleb I presume? We grow them for the early spring flowers and for the bullfinches :-) and in 25 years we’ve only once had any fruit on them, delicious though they were. == Lorraine: swallows? In our parts we can’t expect them sooner than the very end of April at the earliest.
On 19 Mar 2017, Lorraine wrote:

Lorraine//no sign yet of any swallows unless anyone else on here has seen them. They have been known to turn up in March although with a colder Europe this year may not see them for a wile yet. Clocks change next weekend at last it's been a very long winter
On 19 Mar 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

The wind picked up over Friday night so it could be heard from the chimney and on the roof. A breezy day yesterday with odd burst of sun but mainly overcast and dry. Cool. Today is following the same pattern with it being bright and breezy but dry. The wind has cleared the blossom off my cherry plum. I had lots of blossom last year but no fruit at all. See what happens this year. 12 days and no sunspots - if it makes it through today then it will have matched the longest spotless spell since April 2010.
On 19 Mar 2017, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

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On 18 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

1˚C at 7.30, 0˚ overnight, frost on car, slight ground frost, bright start but soon clouding over for the rest of the day, dry though with a max temp of 9˚, the new batch of rain starting only around 10pm when the temperature was 6˚. There was a sharp cold edge to this day, we’ve gotten a bit used to mild temps lately.
On 17 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Windy out tonight more rain and a Guinness flood warning in place 🍀
On 17 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, had been 1˚ overnight, frost on car roof, cloudy and dry morning with a light SW’ly breeze, light rain starting around midday and continuing till late, steadily getting heavier, still drizzly at 10pm when the temperature was 3˚.
On 17 Mar 2017, Steve Devine (Moderator) wrote:

Hi Gerry. Apparently volcanic activity generally surges during solar minimum periods. That's all I know on the subject and don't claim to be an expert! Currently chilly here at 11c in SW Essex with low cloud. Most of the rain is far north of here thankfully.
On 17 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Another fine day so far after the chilly start. Chillier on arrival in the City than it was yesterday. Watching ITV local weather last night I was struck by their chart showing that the City was going to be cooler than Gatwick. Hmm, more proof that temperatures recorded at airports are unreliable because I am certain that it is cooler out where I live than in the City. Etna has erupted but there has not been a solar trigger unless I have missed something. Comments anyone?
On 17 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Drizzly showery rain yesterday and a contrast from the milder days we had as temps drop off and the coats go back on, cold last night & cold breezy rainy day today for St Patricks Day 6 deg at 9 a.m yellow rain warning for 4 counties, met say cold with rain frost and some snow possible for some next week. Glad I didn't get carried away sowing in the garden when we had that brief milder interlude :-)
On 16 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, dry and cloudy but brightening up quickly and leaving us with an amazingly sunny day, 13˚ max temp, would have been warmer had it not been for the stiff W’ly wind which blew all day and even now at 10pm with temperature down to 2˚. Great to have dry weather.
On 16 Mar 2017, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Its all Falling apart
On 16 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Clear nights are giving chilly foggy mornings that clear to sunshine. Was questioned as to the layers I was wearing on arriving at the office so I pointed out that at 7.15am is was only 37F at the station while already over 52F in the City. Don't believe in UHI? The magnolias by the office are already in flower. Mine are just showing signs of flowering. The sun is remaining blank and the radio sun is flat lining at 70. WUWT was looking at when the 'pause' in temps might return. It could be some way off after the big El Nino. Joe Bastardi takes the view that any solar induced cooling will not overcome the warmth built up in the system by the modern warm period. Any thoughts?
On 15 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, a little frost on car roof, dry, still and clear to begin with but clouding over by 9 and remaining thus all day and even though the SW’ly wind was not a patch on yesterday max temp was only 11˚. Dry all day though, which was a bonus, yesterday’s fierce wind at least helped to dry the ground a good bit. 6˚ at 9.30pm tonight, some stars visible.
On 14 Mar 2017, Michael wrote:

Can anyone explain why we have had so much fog and mist this year in my area of the Brecon Beacons.We are at 1200ft in the southern end of Brecon Beacons and in 28 years living here I have never known it to be so persistent in February and March.Just driven up from Cardiff in lovely clear late evening and did not experience the fog until circa 1000 feet.It is driving me mad as so claustrophobic. Appreciate all comments.
On 14 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, dry and windy from the W after light overnight rain, wind beefing up considerably during the day which took the shine off what would otherwise have been a warm day with much sunshine, max temp 13˚, wind abating by evening as is often the case, 5˚ at 9.30pm under a clear sky, lovely conjunction of the moon with Jupiter, only 2˚ apart.
On 14 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

The 12th turned into a nice mild day with some good sunny spells, some showers to start yesterday then clearing with some sunny spells and today was dry with good sunshine a little breezy and temp dropping cooler after 3pm.
On 14 Mar 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

The overall theme of March is going well, in terms of the forecast. Temperatures and sunshine amounts above normal and precipitation below so far. Looks like Turning unsettled at the weekend but perhaps not as cold, as predicted.
On 13 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

5˚C at 7.30, had been 2˚ overnight, cloudy to start with but turning into a nice sunny morning with a max temp of 13˚ by midday, SW’ly wind all day, cloudier in the afternoon and evening but dry, 7˚ by 9.30pm.
On 13 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

A nice day on Saturday with plenty of sun before becoming overcast going into the evening. Mainly damp with light rain during Sunday. Still warm as come CH on time my lounge was already over the set temp. Should be helping my gas bill as yet another Big Six announces a price rise citing government induced costs as the reason. I do hope those huffing and puffing about caps on increases set up and enquiry that results in the embarrassing truth of climate change costs. I stick to the small providers who are exempt from these taxes. The sun has gone all quiet again and currently racking up 7 days of no spots.
On 12 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, thick fog which started to clear around 9, revealing impressive cumulus cloudscapes which lasted all day, slight breeze from a generally SW’ly direction, feeling mild with a max temp of 15˚, lovely full moon among the clouds, 6˚ at 9pm.
On 12 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A really nice day yesterday with a good bit of sunshine and temp climbing to max 12 deg giving a spring like day, rain moved in last night and some heavy showers around 1.30 a.m much cooler with it but bright this morning 7 deg but feeling colder more like 5 deg at 8.45 a.m
On 11 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, overcast but dry, very slight SW’ly breeze, light rain between 10 and midday, thereafter a reasonably nice afternoon with a max temp of 12˚ and even some sunshine giving contrast to the dark clouds, 6˚ at 10pm.
On 11 Mar 2017, Russ subscriber wrote: ..... Read the bit about neutrons zipping through a bubble chamber. If this can happen to this equipment, what happens when these babies zip through our brains or heart muscle? Just a thought. ..... We have all sat quietly reading a book and had a sharp pain just about anywhere on our skin. I'm convinced that this sharp pain is a high energy particle hitting an atom in a nerve and releasing energy, therefore we feel a sharp stab, just like being violently pricked with a pin. Makes you jump! Under the skin we don't have the sensitivity to feel them, so only notice it on our epidermis.
On 10 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, cloudy with light rain showers during the morning but mostly dry afterwards with a max temp of 9˚ and a very light S’ly breeze, brightening up somewhat towards early evening, 3˚ at 9.30pm.
On 10 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Some showers on and off and breezy from this afternoon, mostly cloudy max 10 deg but starting to feel cooler again.
On 09 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, dry & a little cloudy but soon enough turning into another splendidly sunny day, max temp 10˚ which is not bad for this time of year, strong W’ly wind most of the day, only abating towards evening, 3˚ at 10pm.
On 09 Mar 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

Rhys - A couple more weeks and I will be out more.. Still not quite warm enough yet, especially to tackle the lawn which needs overseeding.
On 09 Mar 2017, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

David, down here in NW London, I have already transplanted peas and spinach into the garden and the spinach are doing as well in the soil as the plants I kept back in case of frost. Obviously, early March is not all systems go, but it has been relatively benign down here and no frost the past few weeks. The lean-to with seedlings in it has already reached 17C twice and the lowest temp in there has been 6C. Only issue down here is light levels - a bit too much cloud and a bit too little sunshine.
On 09 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Not a bad day yesterday becoming mostly dry some big cumulus clouds around and some nice sunshine for a time, big dark heavy clouds later in the day but held dry. Mild Max 12 deg. Some sunshine to start this morning but a fair bit of patchy cloud around atm, 9 deg at 10.46 a.m possibility of some light showers later.
On 08 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, dry & clear after the overnight rain, stiff SW’ly breeze, occasionally very strong, max temp 9˚, mostly sunny bar a few light showers, moonlit evening with few clouds, 5˚ at 10pm.
On 08 Mar 2017, Ron Greer( subscriber) wrote:

Mobeeb week- ahead forecast giving 3 different options--how's that for hedging your bets--would Piers get away with that one!?
On 07 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Early Monday morning frost and icy patches were cleared quickly with rain, remained a cool breezy day max 6 deg. feeling cooler with some heavy rain showers at times and a brighter spell or two in the afternoon. Cold last night but no frost. Gradually milder today reaching 11 deg with the wind switching to SW'ly some more rain showers, mostly cloudy and a milder 9 deg tonight at 9.50 pm
On 07 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, rather cloudy but soon brightening up to a sunny day, max temp 10˚ with a S’ly breeze which started to beef up by mid afternoon, rain around 7pm, still going now at nearly 10pm, 5˚ out there.
On 07 Mar 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

Yes I suppose it is crunch time for LIA in next 10 Years. Very heavy rain in R4 period here on the 5th all day.
On 07 Mar 2017, Graham wrote:

Piers, new offer very tempting but haven't received March 30d yet ? will hold fire until tomorrow.
On 07 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Some very sharp showers during Sunday with a hail shower late afternoon. Sunny spells in between. Seeing more variable temps with clear nights and sunny days. Flatter temps for Feb is noted on Paul Homeward's page. No big highs or lows and a reduction in sunshine. A cloudier month.
On 07 Mar 2017, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

GOOD COMMS ALL. Did you notice home page Breaking News? The Very Low price trial ends Wed/Thurs 8/9th because it has not got numbers expected in market survey. So take it up / pass it on by then and get supervalue. Subs start from where any existing end. Any (other) overlaps are credited with forecast extensions. Thanks
On 07 Mar 2017, Ron Greer wrote:

See from my Facebook archives and the Express that Nathan Rao are making almost exactly the same predictions for an 'Arctic Easter' as they did last year. I smell the waft of faecal matter in this outbreak. PAUL, yes it's getting nearer and nearer to credibility crunch time for the Maunder Minimum equivalent predictions. Even Joe Bastardi is equivocating now using the same heat stored n the oceans caveat as the AGWers.
On 06 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, cloudy with a SSE’ly breeze, staying dry all day with a max temp of 10˚, lots of thrushes singing, rain by 7pm, still going now at 9.30pm and 5˚.
On 05 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, somewhat cloudy with a SSE’ly breeze but brightening up nicely during the morning with temps rising to 8˚. In the end it turned into a really sunny day though there was a sharp edge to the wind, clear starry evening with the first quarter moon, 1˚ at 10pm, the car roof was already frosted.
On 05 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A lot of rainfall this weekend, not as heavy today but after a brief sunny spell or 2 this afternoon we had some more rain & mixed wintery showers for a short time, some nice cloud watching too. Max temp 6/7 deg 4 now at 10 pm mostly clear sky & feeling colder with a chance of frost tonight.
On 05 Mar 2017, paul wrote:

Arctic sea ice very low and it may have even reached the maximum extent for this year already. looks like the sea ice this year for arctic is going to be a record low for September. No sign of world temperatures dipping and the pause continues. Perhaps when the atlantic and arctic oceans go into their cold phase which should be in the next 5 years this will all change.
On 05 Mar 2017, Ron Greer(occasional subscriber) wrote:

Snow here at 140 metres this morning in Highland Perthshire, and still falling. This was not in the standard forecasts.
On 04 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, a bit wet first thing though not as much as expected, however, after 9.30 the heavens began to open and stayed open till late afternoon. Serious amounts of water came down the burns and rivers but because the ground had been relatively dry it wasn’t anywhere near the levels of last winter. Max temp 6˚ in a continuous E’ly wind, still 6˚ at 9pm.
On 04 Mar 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

Hope the late March forecast comes off. Still to early to start proper work in the garden. 9th mildest winter on record according to BBC.
On 03 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Rain on and off since last post and temp only around 6/7 deg max feeling more like 5.
On 03 Mar 2017, Andy (Chilterns 600 ft elevation) wrote:

Torrential downpour with thunder and lightning about 9.30pm
On 03 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, good hard frost, sunny and clear and staying that way for most of the day, NW’ly wind to start with but turning into the E in the afternoon, max temp 9˚ and falling to 3˚ by 10pm. We have a yellow rain warning for later tonight and tomorrow; we’ve had a lot of dry and sunny weather this week.
On 02 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

3˚C at 7.30 but had been 0˚ overnight which gave us a frost, dry & bright and bar a cloudy spell during the morning it turned into a mostly sunny day again with a max temp of 8˚ and a fresh NW’ly breeze that lasted for most of the day, quieter now at 9.30pm with a temp of 2˚.
On 02 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Windy spell last night with some strong gusts by the sound of it. Still breezy this morning but sunny spells. Cold in the wind but warm in sunny sheltered spots. Roads have been closed around Reykjavik due to the heavy snow. I visited Iceland once and they said that their weather was usually changeable and around the coastline it was not super cold in winter.
On 02 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Remained cold with lots of showers and quite windy esp during the evening ( yellow met alert for wind ) and showers were sleety at times mixed in. Cold 3 deg this morning calmer with cloud and some sunny spells, ready for some spring warmth now and cant wait till its warm enough to lose the coat but that may be a way off yet!
On 01 Mar 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

1˚C at 7.30, frost on the car, dry & clear, developing into another sunny day with a light W’ly breeze, max temp 8˚, clear starry evening, 1˚ at 8pm.
On 01 Mar 2017, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Anyone else noticed that just as California is settling down after weeks of storms, we are now getting one low after another? Is this just one of those things or is there a teleconnection in there somewhere?
On 01 Mar 2017, Lorraine wrote:

Lorraine/ on my Facebook I have a few posts from Icelandic hotel s today they posted Rejkavic had 51cm snow in the city actually probably around the city beating the 1962 record of 48cm
On 01 Mar 2017, Ron Greer wrote:

Mobeeb openly admitting it doesn't have a clue about whether the JS is going next week or if it's going to be wintry or spring-like. Two sharp frost nights in a row ( down to -7C), so glad to see the early flushing maple seedlings survive in my seedbeds. It ain't done yet.
On 01 Mar 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Frost cleared away early yesterday morning with rain, cold showers accompanied by wind during the morning, drying up but continuing windy for a time around lunch and early afternoon. Cold last night no frost early this morning then frost formed for a short time around 7.30 a.m clearing quickly with sunshine, some cloud about too 4 deg feeling colder now at 9 a.m
On 28 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

-2˚C at 7.30, good old frost under a clear sky, lovely sunny day for the most part, pretty strong NW’ly wind, abating only by late afternoon, max temp 7˚, down to 1˚ by 8.30pm.
On 28 Feb 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Sun and showers, some heavy yesterday. Walking back across the river - on a bridge not literally - there was a keen west wind blowing. The skies cleared overnight to give a frost this morning on the car. Not white and fluffy but more like frozen water. A bright day with sunny spells so far. Looking for patterns in weather is fine up to a point but since 2007 the Jetstream pattern has changed which is likely to break up any recent pattern.
On 28 Feb 2017, Clive wrote:

There is a possibility of a hot summer in 2017. Recent decades have pointed to one occurring every 11 years. 1984, 1995 and 2006 were hot summers. August 2017 could be the hottest since 2003 due to similiar patterns in the past. In the 1980s for example the wettest summers were 1980 and 1985. This led to very hot weather in August 1990. Same was true in the 1990s were the worse summers were 1993 and 1998 leading to August 1993 with very hot weather. Both occasions show that the wet summers were five years apart and the fifth summer after that delivered an August with very hot weather. This pattern seems to be occurring. Recently we had another period of wettest summers being five years apart 2007 and 2012 which could mean that we are in for an August of very hot weather in 2017.
On 27 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

-2 this morning frosty start, mix of cloud and sunshine a couple of short light almost sleety showers. Some reports of snow on Comeragh mountains and a dusting on Wicklow with a few mentions of sleet & snow showers in a few other locations. Lots of stars out tonight looks really lovely, clear cold and looks like frost again.
On 27 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, forsty but clearing soon, dry all day and mostly sunny with a max temp of 9˚ and a light breeze that started of as a S’ly and gradually turned into the NW as the day wore on. Clear sky at 9pm with -1˚, so a colder night in prospect.
On 26 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Wind and rain this morning but not incredibly so, mostly cloudy with some dry sunny spells for a short while after midday with more rain following in the afternoon, working in the closed up polytunnel the temp between 1.30 &5 pm hit 23 deg for a blat but dropped quickly to 11/12 deg and 5 deg by 5.00pm A few heavy showers this eve and temp 3 deg feeling cooler at 22.33 pm frost possible later.
On 26 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, grey & windy from the S, getting stronger as the day wore on but calmer again by evening, MO removed the yellow wind warning by tonight. Max temp 9˚, rain for most of the afternoon but clearing by 5pm with a nice starry sky later on, 3˚ at 9pm.
On 26 Feb 2017, R Derbyshire subs wrote:

Richard Pinder.... Re. Emperor's new clothes. I refer you to the remark in the film Cowboy's & Aliens where they come across the religious symbolism of the upturned paddle steamer in the desert. Where Doc say's, "I don't know much about boats, but I'd say that one's upside down". ...... Nice storm prediction Piers. Weeks ahead as usual. Met boys must be seething!
On 25 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Incidentally Met only issued warnings at 8.45pm & 10 pm tonight, not much reported online only not expected to be as bad as last storm..
On 25 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Drizzly rain to start, dry interval in the early afternoon followed by more drizzle, mildish & remained cloudy all day clearing this eve. to give a view of some stars for a time. 6 deg and mostly cloudy now at 11 pm feeling cooler. Orange wind warning up for some Eastern counties Yellow for us and others for tomorrow morning into the afternoon due to named storm no 5 :) to be accompanied by some heavy rain, talk of sleet up North and wintry showers about next week..
On 25 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

7˚C at 7.30, damp and cloudy after the overnight rain but turning into a blue sky sunny morning, albeit a very blustery one from the S; this abated by afternoon when it also became more cloudy, max temp 13˚. Cloudy evening with the odd star twinkling through, 3˚ at 9.30pm.
On 25 Feb 2017, Richard Pinder wrote:

(Part 2) : In fact there are now two types of Climate Conferences: (1) Climate Conferences not CENSORED by the BBC, with 10,000 Environmental Activists, Liberal-left Politicians and left-wing Journalists (2) Climate Conferences CENSORED by the BBC, with a few hundred Atmospheric Physicists, Solar Astronomers and Meteorologists (also barred from University buildings, by University Administrators) So you can see that it is Environmental Activists, Liberal-left Politicians and left-wing Journalists who are the enemies of Science, Scientists and Scientific debate. The White House has drained the BBC from the swamp, but why cant we drain the BBC from the swamp, with a mass campaign against the Licence Fee.
On 25 Feb 2017, Richard Pinder wrote:

(Part 1) : I do not believe that you need a PhD in Atmospheric Physics to realise that the emperor has no clothes, when it comes to calibrating Carbon Dioxide warming in a Planetary Atmosphere, using the Arrhenius method, which is the formula used in all those Computer models. But apparently, scientists not censored by the BBC can still believe that CO2 must produce some warming, even after negative feedback destroyed hope that CO2 warming was amplified into detectability by positive feedback. Its why over 300 causational Climate Scientists have written to Donald Trump to ignore his daughter and withdraw from the United Nations Climate Change agency.
On 25 Feb 2017, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

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On 24 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

1 deg this morning at 7.45 a.m mix of dryer spells and drizzle max 8 deg cloudy with a light S'ly breeze and rain at 21.56 pm Yellow wind warning up for Galway Donegal & Mayo
On 24 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Been away for a couple of days before the start of the spring rush in deepest Aberdeenshire: Wed 22nd was a beautiful sunny day with gale force W’ly winds though not as bad with us than with others from what I gather, Thurs we woke up to 2” of wet snow near Aboyne which was for the most part still there when we left this morning, quite sunny again today with temps ranging from 2-8˚ as we travelled back home, the snow quickly disappeared the further east we drove, at home there had only been rain.
On 24 Feb 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Quite a few trees down on the roads. Didn't really think it had been that windy. Trains home were disrupted as there had been some line closures for debris and trees. Lovely sunny day today but cold in the wind.
On 23 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

56,000 without power at peak of storm, winds tailed down a bit but still banging things about till lunch time albeit some nice sunshine mixed in but raw with the chill factor. Some big clouds after lunch and short sleety shower or 2 then a calmer breezy cooler afternoon. Starry sky and 3 deg tonight at 11.16 pm
On 23 Feb 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

Bad storm that one. Torrential rain and strong winds for s few hours here earlier today. Worst of the winter I would say.
On 23 Feb 2017, Ron Greer(occasional subscriber) wrote:

Missed the worst here in Highland Perthshire at 140 metres. Woke up to sleety rain with a dusting of snow above 250 metres, but now turning to snow in the last half-hour, but not settling.
On 23 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Wind & gusts outside woke me around 3 a.m getting worse since, really noisey now at 5.26 a.m banging slates and squally rain driving through at times, power flickering on occasions, kids waking for tea and biscuits :) 992 mb approx atm, hold onto your hats UK! -)
On 22 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Upgraded to Orange warning at 5pm for some counties, still on yellow here, after looking for cat who usually sleeps outside an hour ago he has decided to come back to be let in the shed now at almost midnight, so guessing it's gonna get a lil windy ina mo :)
On 22 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Drizzle for the most part all day on and off & fairly still, the calm before and all that (noticed the birds pretty quiet too after being fairly chatty sounding the last couple of days, our cats in a grumpy one today as well :) then some heavierish showers this afternoon, mild with sw'ly breeze increasing a little tonight since around 11 pm pressure dropped to 996.0 mb... headache and feel ick ..
On 22 Feb 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

This will be a bad storm. The birds haven't been out much today at all. They can sense it coming.
On 22 Feb 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Take cover, Storm Doris is coming in, or this another case of over-hype? Grey and damp with drizzle or light rain on and off. Mild and a bit breezy.
On 21 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

1˚C at 7.30, quite a contrast to yesterdays 9˚, clear start but clouding over quickly, another breezy day from the SW with a max temp of 9˚, down to 7˚ by 10pm with a spot of rain.
On 21 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub wrote:

Rain from the get go quite a lot overnight too, wind picked up this afternoon, nice sounds like a winters night out, max 12 deg today but feeling cooler. Met have a yellow warning up for Wed night/Thursday morning.
On 21 Feb 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Reached a balmy 65F yesterday afternoon in the City as the sun shone. Been a lot greyer today after some overnight rain and only 55F so far. Donald is getting on with the swamp draining. Scott Pruitt is in at the EPA and an order has been signed that prevents NASA from getting involved in climate change. Their heavily fiddled GISS temp series is likely to be passed over to NOAA. A bill has been drafted, not American so not up to speed with their system but seems like a private members bill here, to scrap the EPA and not have a federal authority but state ones.
On 20 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Managed to get a fair bit done in the garden/tunnel from 8.45 a.m till just after lunch before drizzly showers returned, mostly a mild cloudy day with max 12 deg some quite breezy wind for a time before lunch too. Only a glimpse of sunshine this morning.
On 20 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, dry and cloudy, heard my first blackbird singing for a few bars, just testing, another fairly sunny day with a very blustery W wind but we nevertheless got 15˚, highest temp so far this year. Wind moderating somewhat towards evening but still quite breezy, 6˚ at 9pm.
On 19 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Started dry and cloudy then drizzly rain all morning, followed by dry & cloudy breezy afternoon, then more showers this eve at times. Max 11 deg
On 19 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, cloudless sky first thing, followed by a really sunny and mild morning with temps climbing to 12˚ max, gradually clouding over from the W after midday but staying mild even under the clouds, light breeze from SW-W, 9˚ at 9pm.
On 19 Feb 2017, Fred wrote:

So the AGWvMobeeb forecast. Today was supposed to be a very very mild 14c. It felt chilly at 9c. Week ahead forecast. Screen showed Lindon at 13c but Willetts went to say it could be 14, 15, 16, even 17c!! Then showed big see sawing all week but ended saying ' so the week starts at 17c and ends on 6c in the North. What a complete load of tripe
On 19 Feb 2017, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

GREAT COMMS ALL. GEOFF RON NICK Re Arctic etc ice it's also the case that Greenland ice is growing amazingly fast. In discussions be clear the mild bursts in the Arctic waters at current times are 100% EVIDENCE AGAINST - NOT FOR - THE MMCC DELUSION because without exception these are from WildJetStream shifts which are always associated with colder events in larger areas at mid-latitudes or even more equatorwards. These WARM-COLD-DIPOLES (eg mild arctic, record snow in Italy, snow in Sahara) are OVERALL COLD EVENTS and have JetStream configuration the OPPOSITE of the MMCC scam (which REQUIRES JetStream shifted generally +consistently polewards +shorter/less wild. Please read & circulate my zippy sheet which trashes the MMCC scam in a few basic points: "Science shows Man-Made ClimateChange is #FakeScience"=> =+=+ WE HAVE JUST RELEASED NEW EUROMAPS FORECASTS 45d AHEAD. You can convert from your 30d to 45d (inc 30d) at amzingly low charge. DO IT + promote! Thanks!
On 19 Feb 2017, Nick, Berks wrote:

Gerry, not sure where you are headed on the NZ glaciers. The study said that overall mass was decreasing until 2008. Yes, Franz Josef was reported only as decreasing in extent since then but when a steep 12 km glacier decreases by 1.5 km its odds on that it has lost mass as well. But, hey, if you know that the Kiwis are worrying unnecessarily nip over and tell them that they don't understand their own glaciers. I'm sure you'll get a warm reception. Geoff, re Arctic sea ice volume I don't know what you were told in the pub but, whilst it is true that average sea ice thickness is not constant, Arctic sea ice volume is decreasing along with extent. See 'Thickness and Volume' tab at
On 19 Feb 2017, Ron Greer(occasional subscriber) wrote:

AGWers making hay with the record low ice extent in the Arctic and the Antarctic. The records ice extent in the Antartcic of just a few years ago, seems to have slipped their minds and it was apparently due to global warming anyway. Thnk goodness this batch of tropical air coming in tomorrow won't be lasting long, or they'd add that to the case too.
On 19 Feb 2017, Geoff wrote:

re ice mass v surface area and Arctic. Age causes my memory to get a bit fuzzy at times, but wasn't it suggested that winds and currents were moving the more permanent elements of the Arctic cap onto the N American side where it was piling up but largely maintaining basic year round mass,withsummer open sea freezing eah winter and contributing an annual increment to the per-mass so thst srea ws fkuctuating more nut mass was constant'growing?Or was it just s misrecollectionfrom a more thanusually convivial meeting at the pub/?
On 19 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A few light showers to start, staying cloudy for most of the morning then brightening up for the afternoon with a mix of cloud and sunny spells, quite nice for a time, reached 15 deg in the closed polytunnel briefly for the first time this year. 7 deg at 12.09 a.m
On 18 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

8˚C at 7.30, overcast & grey with a light SW’ly breeze, mostly dry bar a few showers around the middle of the day following a few short appearances of the sun. Max temp a whopping 12˚, down to 5˚ by 10pm. Chaffinches have started singing, still a bit rusty, this usually happens around the middle of Feb, so slightly late this year.
On 18 Feb 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

When it comes to ice there is mass and length/size/extent. The extents of an ice sheet of glacier can remain constant while the mass changes. This would of course not produce any scary pictures because you are unlikely to see the change in mass. Now a nice picture of a retreating glacier or less sea ice is manner from heaven from the warmists and gets front page billing along with the faked photos of polar bears and 'smoke' belching from the cooling towers of a power station as steam is just not scary. And obviously the extents of ice can change but the mass stay the same or even increase. Slippery stuff this ice. And we all know how the Kilimanjaro ice cap melted due to human CO2 causing global warming don't we. Except of course that turned out to be a local climate issue which is just as Jim Steel points out in Landscapes & Cycles happens in so many places just like New Zealand.
On 18 Feb 2017, paul wrote:

Arctic sea ice well below normal. Looks like this year is going to see another record minimum extent and melt. Still stuck in the pause with no sign of drop in world temps currently. When the atlantic goes into its cool phase things might be different.
On 18 Feb 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

Well after the forecast has been a miss for the last 10 days it looks like it might be getting back on track a bit, with very mild temps forecast early next week.
On 18 Feb 2017, Nick, Berks wrote:

Gerry, re NZ glaciers, the U of Wellington research you are presumably referring to covers only the period up to 2008, even then it explains that NZ glaciers lost mass overall during the study period of 1983 to 2008. Since then things have got very much worse. See, e. g., Note from the Wellington / NIWA article -’s-“unusual”-growing-glaciers - that Franz Josef, which had grown almost continuously over the Wellington study period, has retreated by about 1.5 km since then. So, no cause for celebration. Yes there's variability (especially in NZ's very particular climate) but overall NZ glaciers retreat along with those of the rest of the world and, no, none of that is made up. A fuller, better referenced picture would help everybody next time.
On 18 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

17/2 Mostly rain on n off today, breezy wind and max temp 8 deg feeling cooler due to wind..
On 17 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, clear moonlit start, light frost on car roof, lovely sunny day for the most part with a max temp of 10˚, clear starlit evening with a few clouds, 4˚ at 9.30pm. == Ron, same here with the daffs, they’ve got their flower buds 6-8” off the ground, snowdrops in full flow, crocus opening up nicely along the A90 as you drive into Aberdeen, flowering currants also showing pink in their growing flower buds.
On 17 Feb 2017, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

Only 6 out of 10 believe in global warming ye gods have we that many lemmings left that still believe, the BBC are quite good at the old propaganda evidently. No wonder trump calls them a beauty. Warm and sunny today the snowdrops and crocus look wonderful, 13 c with a slight breeze.
On 17 Feb 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

That so many people still don't believe in global warming despite the bombardment of lies from the BBC and legacy media is a surprise. Meanwhile in New Zealand a lot of glaciers are growing even though the earth is the hottest it has ever, ever been - honest. Apparently a strange concept called 'lower temperatures' is causing it. But these mysterious lower temperatures are caused by human activity and so is still global warming in action. In this case 'you couldn't make it up' doesn't apply because they already have. Warm and pleasant today in the City, especially in the sun.
On 17 Feb 2017, Ron Greer(occasional subscriber) wrote:

oops. record warm temps in Calgary and an El Nino might be on the cards--get ready for the next warmist onslaught. Meanwhile my buddy in Maine can hardly get out of his driveway because of the depth of snow. Looks from both Mobeeb and GFS that early next week will be very warm. Daffodils about 6 weeks ahead of normal up here, but might get a bit of a shock last week Feb/ 1st week March.
On 16 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, overcast & dry with a fresh SW’ly breeze that slowly turned into the W, brightening up to brilliant sunshine for about 3 hrs in the morning but then clouding over again with a few spots of rain. Max temp 10˚, not feeling as balmy as yesterday on account of the wind, but still not cold, 7˚ by 9.30pm.
On 16 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Some fairly heavy rainfall after last post, tailing off to a mix of dryer brighter spells and drizzly showers the last couple of days, milder with temps around 9 deg
On 16 Feb 2017, Phil Ipswich currently non-sub wrote:

Only 6 in 10 British adults believe climate change is caused by humans
On 15 Feb 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

Sudden changes can be caused by weather fronts and troughs. We live close to a large land mass to the East and the Atlantic to the west. Let's not get daily variables mixed up with LIA conditions. Well that SSW, at the start of the Month appears to have been another red herring for the Northern Hemisphere. I'm off the fence with that (I was getting splinters) it has a minimal effects on the weather at lower altitudes.
On 15 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, dry and moonlit start with a light S’ly breeze, a mostly sunny if occasionally hazy day, we hadn’t seen blue skies for quite a while, max temp a balmy 10˚, down to 5˚ by 9.30pm under a cloudy sky.
On 15 Feb 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

LIA is not just about going into the freezer. Piers calls them wild jet stream swings. The truth is the floods, droughts and severe cold spells come about from the jet stream getting stuck in a certain position/pattern for weeks/months at a time. The swings in British weather from one day to the next is just the norm and why it is talked about so much, because it is so variable.
On 15 Feb 2017, Ron Greer(occasional subscriber) wrote:

I remember when the AGWers were slagged off on 'the pause' being caused by the heat going into the oceans and now we have the solarists using the same argument to pre-empt the non appearance of major MIA effects in the coming decades.! Stephen is correct of course, we can still get severe winters in any case
On 15 Feb 2017, Sou'wester (Cornish border, sub) wrote:

To us in the SW, we HAVE been experiencing extremes over the last few years = very sudden changes. Example: yesterday. In the middle of the night, (13/14)., the wind was still raging. Two carriages in two different trains had their windows smashed in by rocks hurled at them from within pounding waves on the coast. Then suddenly at dawn, the wind veered and became gentle, and WHOOMP, down came a huge fogbank in all directions, with drizzle and rain all day, and a sudden temperature rise of about 14 degrees F. This is how I interpret Piers' claim of the Jet stream becoming wilder and more volatile.
On 14 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, dry and moonlit start with a SE’ly breeze, feeling somewhat warmer, even spring-like by the time the sun appeared - and disappeared again shortly after. So a mostly cloudy day with a stiff S’ly breeze and a max temp of 6˚, great to have drier weather again. 5˚ by 9pm.
On 14 Feb 2017, stephen parker ( sub ) wrote:

If you look back to the last century, 62/63 , 1947, and the war years there were some very severe winters. We dont need a LIA to go in the freezer
On 14 Feb 2017, Mark - Lancs. (non subcriber) wrote:

The fly in the ointment this year might be the tentative onset of another El Nino...According to Joe Bastardi, global temps would otherwise have been expected to begin dropping off quite steeply. Either way, sadly, he still thinks the ocean's latent heat reserves will probably mitigate much of the forthcoming minima.
On 14 Feb 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

Ron and Stephen - I agree with your sentiments. I myself have touted 2018 as the start of the mini ice age based on everything I have read and solar cycle etc. Even without a Maunder minimum we should now move into a cluster of colder winters in NW Europe.Remember though true LIA conditions are not expected until 2024 onwards. If it doesn't happen then maybe there is more heat lag in the oceans, than anticipated?
On 14 Feb 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Second day of morning sunshine in the country, grey clag in the City clearing during the morning, sunny for the rest of the day. The wind takes the edge off any warmth though, especially crossing London Bridge which is either in the dull morning or after dark. Temps going down to near freezing overnight but quickly rising so no ice on the car this morning. An 11deg change over 4 days is not rapid but I am sure it has happened quicker than that. As to solar related cooling, Abdussamatov had the timing as + or - one solar cycle. As expected in Australia they are missing the cold in Perth in their reporting. Inconvenient of course.
On 14 Feb 2017, Ron Greer(occasional subscriber) wrote:

GFS now going back to more like its earlier view on polar maritime incursions this month. That's just in a few hours, so those criticising Piers for not getting it totally correct at 30-100 days out, please bear this in mind. DAVID( Yorkshire) Yes an interesting time unfolding for the solarist-coolist outlook. AGWers are making hay with the heat in Australia , Eastern Iceland and the low levels of Antarctic ice( they were much quieter about the record levels of 3 years ago). The quiet sun syndrome is even being mentioned on the warmest Norwegian MO site, BUT it's getting nearer and nearer to crunch time for incontestable MIA effects in Britain, Ireland and North Atlantic Europe.
On 14 Feb 2017, Sou'wester (Cornish border, sub) wrote:

The ghostly moaning of yacht shrouds and telephone wires continued in bitter Force 7-8 gales yesterday. It was still overcast, trains still cancelled, drivers in still difficulty with the sea water and waves breaking over coastal roads. Cold even out of the wind at the same time the Beeb was reporting it was mild here. Sorry Beeb, spring did not arrive yesterday.
On 14 Feb 2017, stephen parker ( sub ) wrote:

David (yorkshire ) we've not seen the dire predictions of David Archibald and other solar proponents appearing yet, as you say just normal weather here in South West Herts.The next ten years or so will be interesting as a test of their theories. The last six weeks or so have been damp and cold, although no minus five type temperatures, no gales or blizzards just very cold minus 2-3 nights and + 3-4 degree days. At least we'll be spared the greenies wailing about drought this year, as the ground here is sodden. I have a beer or two with someone who has just retired from a lifetime of work on the Grand union canal between Uxbridge and Berkhamstead, very informative about the extremes of weather over the last forty years.
On 13 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Woke up to hearing the wind outside this morning, cloudy to start though some bright spells later for a time on n off, remained windy, warmerish than recently max 7/8 deg. But feeling more like 5 deg with the wind. Partly cloudy with some stars visable & breezy tonight crunchy leaves still chasing around the ground outside.
On 13 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, dry & overcast with a stiff E’ly breeze, temps gradually rising to 4˚ by 9pm, no precipitation today, but further north and higher up there is apparently snow lying.
On 13 Feb 2017, Ron Greer(occasional subscriber) wrote:

GFS now backtracking on intensity and frequency of polar maritime incursions and going for more milder southerly/westerly influences for much of the rest of the month. AGWers making a mountain out of the exceptionally warm spell in eastern Iceland over the last few days.
On 13 Feb 2017, Carl 45d Subscriber wrote:

Well what a contrast all weekend here grey skies with snow flurries bitter cold only 2c and a cold E wind still coldish in the wind today but unbroken sunshine Just as Piers February forecast indicated Winter - Spring Well Subscribe if you want to know what the rest of Winter will bring
On 13 Feb 2017, David (Yorkshire) Sub wrote:

I don't think 2 - 13 degrees in 5 days, is really an example of wild jet stream swings especially in the South of the UK. It's just changing weather and wind direction.
On 13 Feb 2017, Steve Devine wrote:

9c and sunny with a fresh ESEly breeze at 2pm in SW Essex. Awaiting the March fcst with baited breath. Somehow I don't think Winter 16/17 is done with us. This week is yet another example of wild Jet Stream swings. 2c yesterday and 13c by Friday for example.
On 12 Feb 2017, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

2 deg at 8.30 a.m feeling colder with the E'ly wind breezy/ moderate at times, remained cloudy with cold showers on n off.
On 12 Feb 2017, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

1˚C at 7.30, dry and breezy from the E, impressive cumulus clouds with blue sky in between but mostly overcast for the rest of the day, max temp 4˚, occasional light rain or sleet showers, dry evening, 3˚ at 10pm.
On 12 Feb 2017, Andy (Chilterns 600ft elev) wrote:

Snowed virtually all day Saturday and another covering of snow this morning but melted by mid morning
On 12 Feb 2017, Sou'wester (Cornish border, sub) wrote:

Well, Gerry, it certainly seems the Donald's campaign stance on the CO2 climate theory has given permission for whistleblowers to have their evidence better aired. But I'm sure we haven't seen the back of the warmists yet. Meanwhile, in Devon, the full moon high tides and gale force wind combination has caused trains to be cancelled along the coast between Plymouth and Exeter AGAIN. Tidal flood warnings all along the South Devon coast, likely to stay in force through tomorrow. And the Beeb was reporting on Friday that spring would arrive on Monday (tomorrow). We shall see! .
On 12 Feb 2017, BLACK PEARL wrote:

**On 12 Feb 2017, Bob (Non-Subscr) wrote:** Yep we will wait & see. It took ages before weather reports even mentioned the effect of jet stream. Back of the field compared to the info being imparted by Piers for a long time before. Maybe they dont want to give you too much info in case it causes more of the population to formulate their own alternate opinions !
On 12 Feb 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

On Friday CityAM reported a MetO forecast for snow on the commute home. No. There wasn't. However, having been to the pub and so was travelling home later and enjoying an enforced wait due to train delays, it started snowing and there seemed to be light snow into the night. Hard surfaces were snow free come Saturday while roofs, grass, cars were covered. More snow during the day but it warmed enough for all the settled snow to melt. A chill wind if you were outside. Uniform grey and overcast today with the NE wind cutting through. No snow or rain though. Interesting that the Pausebuster faking story has gone worldwide and is something Donald will be looking into with great interest. This could be their big mistake that brings the whole scam down.
On 12 Feb 2017, Bob (Non-Subscr) wrote:

On last night's 'look-ahead' forecast, John Hammond's graphics turned to the Pacific Ocean and he actually referenced the MJO and its Phase 8 blocking potential - (Albeit that he didn't actually use those terms) - Wow! In another couple of years the MET Office might just come around to the idea that the: MJO, PDO, AMO and climate change(s) are a completely natural process !!!
On 12 Feb 2017, TheSnowPatriarch wrote:

I thought i would be the first one to try and post on this board. I am a O type and proud to be so. I have also changed my name to TheSnowPatriarch as I thought that better explains the kind of person i am having to live through these tough times.
On 12 Feb 2017, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

HELLO ALL Report from Borough High Street London Bridge: Cold and grey that 'Could snow feel' +++ THANKS ALL for REPORTS - looking forward to more - and FEEDBACK on forecasts. I think when commenting on Forecasts one needs to bear in mind there are different levels and they should be specified where possible:- Type 0, The snow only type, where everything is bad or sad unless it snows whether it was forecast or not! These are amusement. 1a General weather types over weeks or month, 1b Weather in specific time periods; 2a Circulation / Jet Stream general behaviour, 2b Specific circulation in a period. NOTE Long Range forecasts by others (eg MetO a week or more ahead) normally do NOT state wind directions but only weather in vague terms. This month 1a & 1b have been not bad (better in Ire / SW). 2a as general warnings of wild Jet stream good. 2b Specific circulation wrong for this week despite 1b not bad at first. Reason was the sudden Scand High from end R4 Feb2-5, R4 maybe a factor.