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Keep Talking: Tuesday 1 November 2016: 

Climate Change

We've been talking since 2010 and we haven't yet talked about the weather! So I thought I'd ask the expert. Please note that for October, November and December we are meeting in the Church Hall of St Saviour's Church, which is on the other side of the church from, and considerably larger than, the Pimlico Room, where we have been meeting so far. So do bring your friends along!

Topic: 'Man-made Climate Change' is it a con?

Speaker:  Piers Corbyn

Date:             Tuesday 1 November 2016

Times:            19:00 for 19:30 till 21:30 (room booked till 22:00)

 Piers Corbyn is an astro-physicist specialising in climate science, with a first class honours degree in Physics, an MSc in Astrophysics, and a string of letters after his name. He has been studying the weather since he was five, and is known for his long-range weather forecasting service, Weather Action ( He maintains that man-made climate change is a failed theory, and in his talk he will reveal what really causes weather extremes and changes in climate, in terms of predictable solar-magnetic effects. He will also explain the political context of the 'man-made climate change' theory.

Location: The Church Hall, St Saviour's Church, St George's Square, Lupus Street, London, SW1V 3QW  ( There's a good  pub (The Gallery) half way between Pimlico Underground Station and the Pimlico Room, for those who want to meet up beforehand or after the meeting. They serve food after 5pm. 

St Saviour's Church is a 2 mins walk west of Pimlico Underground Station  (Victoria Line, one stop from Victoria Underground, southbound), and 8 mins walk from Victoria Bus Station. The Church Hall is the building to the right of the church (if you're facing the church), running along the main road (Lupus Street). It's on the other side from the Pimlico Room, where we have so far been meeting.



The room is outside the congestion zone, and street parking is free on single yellow lines after 6pm. The room is fully 'disabled accessible', and a tea / coffee point is also available - and so will a collection box :-)

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On 14 Nov 2016, M Lewis (75 day subs) wrote:

Most Interesting that a massive earthquake hits New Zealand at the same time as the Super Moon, when the moon is at its closest approach to Earth since 1948. Can we expect further earthquakes over the next few days? Tidal forces at work on magma must be atleast be a trigger of the quakes. Note: Piers has us in an R2 level solar period during the Super Moon.
On 07 Nov 2016, M Lewis (75 day subs) wrote:

Piers, any idea what is causing this strange pinging noise anomaly in the sea of northern Canada?
On 07 Nov 2016, maria 45 day somerset wrote:

I am putting bag afer bag of pellet fuel into my house, at my age I cannot be risking severe cold and possible slipping. Deceptive out there, gorgeous and sunny inside with solar gain. Wind is NE max 7 mph. Temp is 7 degrees at 10 am. Pressure 1016. Dewpoint 3 degrees
On 05 Nov 2016, east side wrote:

As previously mentioned. WINTER IS HERE and it's COLD. It's bitterly cold in the Baltic states, for this time of year. Heavy snow in Ural, at least a month-6 weeks early. Forecast of some snow and cold weather in France as of Mon-Tues. It was already showing signs of a cold winter back in september - October with a strong easterly wind. It's looking increasingly like a bitter cold winter on the cards, which won't be funny for those on low incomes.
On 02 Nov 2016, steven wright wrote:

am i right in saying when there is little in the way of sunspots its easier to predict the weather in coming months?
On 02 Nov 2016, shaun (Wales) wrote:

... and why do we need Mars to prove anything, as you say a control study but it's not a control as it doesn't possess the same variables as Earth, it would be an unrepresentative control which is bad science but despite that, Earth is enough evidence, it is better evidence... Would it not be ignorance to ignore cooling here? I understand it is not a control because our environment is currently being polluted but if AGW is true then it shouldn't get colder and if it does get colder that is much better evidence for cooling as it shows in our unique set up with all our so called warming, the sun is more important on our climate than any AGW. Highlighting all along that the warming was natural variation, something we know happens anyway, just cherry picking data hides the extent of the variation
On 02 Nov 2016, shaun (Wales) wrote:

@M Lewis Actually I dont think that would prove very much at all. Piers and the MO agree that during ice ages you can have warm weather and during hot periods you can have cold weather due to all the other variables that play a part in the weather. I believe the mini ice age driven by solar activity doesn't rid the earth of all heat, just causes it to be displaced, for example, I am sure Piers states that the Northern Hemisphere typically gets colder because it is specifically our Jet stream that is knocked off it's normal location leaving us more open as it removes the block that the jet stream is to the arctic winds and temps. So one of the reasons we get colder is not necessarily directly from the sun but indirectly due to the consequences the sun has on our jet stream, well that is a fairly unique set up that is very unlikely to exist on Mars or if it does it is not in the exact same arrangement, so we wouldn't know the expected result.
On 01 Nov 2016, Lorraine wrote:

Lorraine// 1Nov channel isles beautiful no wind sunny day - and so far Piers weather predictions are spot looking forward to the next four weeks
On 01 Nov 2016, M Lewis (75 day subs) wrote:

There is one way to absolutely prove man made climate change is a heresy. If Planet Earth is heading towards a mini-ice age / Maunder minimum type climate episode as a result of less solar activity, then climate cooling should also be clearly evidenced on Mars - our nearest and closest planetary companion. Mars can be used as the control part for the hypothesis. I'm sure Piers can get old colleagues from Imperial to gather the data and run the analysis over the next few years!