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This blog was started because of the increasing number of people who want to discuss the overlap of politics and Climate Change and the ever widening political situation around Brexit (in which the EU-Climate change has significant importance) and the position of Piers' brother Jeremy - leader of the Labour Party. The videos and documents below are of special interest.  
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On 29 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Away we go now - nothing can stop us leaving the EU.....except if they decide to halt the process. Anything could happen. The feeling is that the EU want rid of us as quick as possible and before the 2019 EU elections. May wants it done before the 2020 GE. The bill to cure all ills will be presented tomorrow - the Great Repeal Bill - but the next real landmark is how the EU respond. The government's ploy seems to be based on Article 50(2) requiring the EU to negotiate and come to an agreement, thinking that they will have to give us a good deal or we will get angry and blame them. If it results in a no deal exit it is hard to see the electorate forgiving the Tories causing a 30% drop in GDP come 2020 especially if Labour as Corbyn J said on ITV news recently that they want us to remain in the Single Market. Campaigning on rejoining the EEA and joining Efta could see the Labour win nobody believes possible.
On 21 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

So the day has been named and so by March 29 2019 we shall no longer be a member of the EU - or the EEA, or the Single Market, or the customs union, and lots of other things. Well that is the presumption but anything could happen depending on what the EU wants to achieve. The disaster will start early as May intends to give Donald Tusk a 2 page letters setting out our aspirations. No plan of course as one doesn't exist. And in that moment the EU take a control they won't relinquish during the whole process. They will respond with their negotiation plans which will be headed by the thorny subject of money. And require this to be resolved before moving on to anything else in the short 18 months that exists for negotiations. And as the weeks pass by it will become obvious as to how totally unprepared the government was for this.
On 19 Mar 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Brexit ministry underling David Jones to the Freight Transport Association: 'This includes a bold and ambitious Free Trade Agreement that allows cross-border trade to be as frictionless as possible. We want to have a new, mutually beneficial customs agreement with the EU that supports these objectives. But we have a completely open mind on how they will be achieved.' The last sentence is the killer - there is no plan and they are clueless as we enter the final week before we hand the future of the UK over to the EU negotiators. The first day of the Battle of the Somme comes to mind as our team will be hit with a whithering fire of facts that have escaped their notice and stumble out at the end of the first day in total shock.
On 13 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

So here we are - the week of Article 50 notification and the start of Operation Lemming. And having been nowhere to be seen over the last 2 years when it was being pointed out that no big countries use just the WTO rules and that there are numerous trade agreements between the EU and the US, China, Australia, S Korea, even N Korea, up pops the legacy media and a report from the foreign affairs select committee. Where have you been guys? This is old hat to us in the Leave Alliance. Might have been much more useful if you had raised this during the campaign, or even in the period afterwards. Probably too late now. We can just watch and see how quickly realism intrudes on fantasy and a negotiating plan based on 'Don't you know who we are?', 'You sell us more than we sell you so you must give us a deal.' and 'We don't need a deal, we can use the WTO rules anyway, so there.' doesn't look so clever. Steer clear of Dover come Brexit day and the weeks after.
On 03 Mar 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Paul Drechsler of the CBI has outlined how our no deal Brexit will affect the cosmetics industry. Small beer? It is worth 9bn a year and exports are worth 3bn going mainly to the EU. Of course come exit that will stop and a slow and complex system will take over. The likely outcome is to kill off small business exports as not worth the effort. And since our protection from Chinese fakes is part of EU membership we can expect lots of these to come our way. Amusingly until the government finds time within all the chaos it has created, even UK manufacturers can't sell in the UK due to non-compliance with our own regs. But still the idiots drone on 'they sell us more than we sell them' 'there will be a deal' 'it will be fine' 'the US China and Australia just use WTO rules'. May believes she is in a strong position. The EU KNOW they are in the strong position and think May is bluffing about the no deal exit as they know the disaster it will bring.
On 26 Feb 2017, DAVID ROWE wrote:

Hi Piers & All, On Radio 5 this morning a snippet on climate change. As we know our planet is on an elliptical orbit around the sun. The Earth is on an axial tilt of 23:44 degrees, which alters slightly over a 25,800 year cycle, which in turn causes our seasons due to the angle of the sun's rays striking the planet. They claimed this change in the tilt has caused the previous ice ages, but now the change in the tilt will lead to a warmer climate as the Earth will have less tilt as in the cycle. I am not a scientist myself but only an interested collator of facts on climate change. I wonder what comment Piers or anyone else would make on the comments by Radio 5.
On 24 Feb 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

The posts on Eureferendum the last 2 days should be of interest to anyone trying the learn. Sir Ivan Rogers appeared before a select committee to effectively demonstrate that his knowledge is way beyond theirs. Unfairly slandered as a Remoaner as he believed that was our best option, his briefing on the path ahead should be heeded. He pointed out to some of the idiots that still believe it that nobody trades by WTO rules. Dr North hammers that home by pointing out the 20 odd agreements the US has with the EU where according to the likes of Redwood and Lilley, they have none. Ditto China, Australia. Today we see how life will be as a 'third country' by looking as how badly our exports will be hit. It brings back memories for me of taking equipment into Europe for work where a carnet had to be completed listing everything you were taking. And good luck if you don't get the carnet signed at every border. All this went with the Single Market.
On 21 Feb 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Even at the home of fake news, the Guardian, they are belatedly starting to see that there might be some problems with the flow of goods from the UK. At Euref we were there months ago but the bubble dwellers have to stumble across it for themselves. The problem is they don't see it all through to really show where the problem is. Dover MP spouted some words but missed the problem as he couldn't see beyond these shores. Passing through Dover is not the problem. Getting through the other side is where the problems will lie. Calais is planning an expansion due to complete in 2021 - 2 yrs after Brexit but then Calais is not a BIP at the moment anyway. No doubt it could be made one and so could the tunnel terminal but this is where the tone of Brexit negotiations will affect how helpful they will be to solve our problems. With Redwood claiming we won't need to pay them anything it doesn't look hopeful.
On 20 Feb 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Rhys - a week is a long time in politics so things can change but you have to look at the situation as it currently is. One point that can't be said enough is that the UK will become a 'third country'. Roughly this means that the UK has just landed on Earth from outer space. It is as we have never existed before. We will have to build up a record with the EU from scratch. The government does not understand this and neither does 99% of the population. In the forthcoming negotiations the EU is in charge. They have the high ground because we can be sent on our way nothing. The government is placing all its hope on the Great Repeal Act to align us with the EU as we leave but if only it was that simple. Just reading through the hundreds of Directives you can't just transpose them into UK law just by crossing out all mention of the EU. The ardent Brexit supporters are not going to like ideas that the UK pays to extend French ports to allow inspection of our exports.
On 19 Feb 2017, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Gerry All your assertions assume the EU remains united and strong. I think you need to ask whether the people of southern europe will go along with thst, what will happen in French snd Dutch elections and why appeasing Europe will do Britsin any good.
On 13 Feb 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

As Project Vacuum (Brexit) moves along there are two areas where 'take control' Brexiteers are in for a shock. One is the amount of money we will have to continue to pay to the EU to honour commitments. This will have them wailing and asking what happened to all those millions we are going to pour into the bottomless pit of the NHS? Of course the claimed savings were a lie. The other is the degree to which the EU will continue to play and how many areas we are not free to legislate as we please. The finances is likely to be first on the negotiation list and might prevent anything else being discussed until it is resolved. Remember there are only 18 months of discussion before the treaty approval process starts. As to the reach into the way our country runs by over 40 years of EU control, our MPs have very little idea.
On 10 Feb 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Dr North has looked at two important areas lately. One looks at the impending chaos in Ireland when the free movement of goods stops and inspections are required. Not that the politicians have a clue about it as usual. You would think that if you are going to completely change how the country works it would be useful to know how it currently works. But no, nothing has enlightened them since the vote. The second feature is on the motor industry. The contribution it makes is huge but it could all leave as the barriers to trade become too great. there will be tariffs but as always, to focus on tariffs is to completely miss the effect of non-tariff barriers. His excellent piece also shows how the concept of the UK 'taking back control' is just not possible if we want to trade with the outside world and not become like N Korea. The motor industry might provide the wake up call to May on where her plan is leading.
On 08 Feb 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The La La Land world continues with the chiefs of HMRC & customs were before parliamentary committee to share their 'knowledge'. We hope it will be OK is the what they said. Nope, not looked in any detail yet but we believe it will be OK. So before making her speech and over the last 7 months, nothing has been done to check what will happen in various scenarios, especially the no deal one. Nobody can possibly know the outcome as there are so many things to happen before April 2019. We can only look at how it stands at the moment and suggest the outcome. Everything points to the cliff edge exit since May is seeking a deal the likes of which have never been achieved in 18 months. Any deal can still be voted down by EU members and once 2 years is up we are out. A compromise could be reached to ignore the 2 years and keep negotiating if the parties agree but that is not in the rules so a long shot.
On 07 Feb 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The flaw in the government 'plan' for Brexit is that they don't understand the concept of 'third country'. This as if the UK has arrived on Earth from space with no past history. That is how we will be to the EU. It is our choosing to do this and nothing the EU does. This puts Davis's words into context where he believes that are past membership will mean something when it won't. Others are slowly starting to ask questions such as Freight Transport Assoc and Road Haulage Assoc and also a big port operator. It is not just the number of trucks that is important but that there may be multiple consignments in a truck and nobody knows the number of them. Border Inspection Posts is also important as it sets out where goods can enter the EU. Calais and the other end of the tunnel are NOT BIDS so Dover becomes next to useless for exports. as for imports, it lacks the space for inspections. When this brings the food chain to a halt we will notice.
On 03 Feb 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

With the White Paper fully read and analysed it seems ironic that it comes out as La La Land is poised for Oscars. The government plan is that the EU will give us a deal nearly as good as we have now because they sell us more than we sell them. That's it. They will give us a deal. I happened to watch Grand Tour last night where they were in Stuttgart. They had an amusing bit where they discussed the German attitude to having your driving licence suspended. 'It is not possible to drive' but if you drive while banned what happens? 'It is not possible to drive'. Yes, but...'No, no, you can't drive as you have no licence'. Just like repeatedly saying 'They will give us a deal...they will give us a deal' The clock is ticking as to when people really understand what is about to happen.
On 02 Feb 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

The White Paper has been published and we are none the wiser as to how Brexit will work according to the government. Despite the Great Repeal Act bringing EU regulations into UK law, nobody in government seems to have read the regulations so that as we assume 'third country' status whole swathes of exports come to a halt. Chemicals, medicines, meat and meat products, racehorses, anything with UK product certifications as they won't be recognised. And how do we sort this? WE can't. It all falls to the EU to accept our exports and if the negotiations have ended acrimoniously, maybe because of the expected ongoing EU bill of 60bn over 5 years not going down well, then they might not be in a rush. Exports to France have to go to Dunkirk, Le Havre, Rouen, Lorient, Nantes and Bordeaux. No tunnel. No Calais. The EU don't believe May will walk away with no deal as the WTO option is so bad - but they could be wrong.
On 30 Jan 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

On eureferendum, Dr North is working through various sectors to look at the regulatory complications and the costs of May's threat to walk away empty handed from the EU. An interesting question is posed - if he can do this on a blog, it is likely that the EU negotiation team can as well. As the huge damage flouncing away will deliver becomes clear, does that mean May's threat is just empty words? Does she have any idea what the cost would be? If not it is very worrying. If yes, then if it won't happen the EU hold all the aces in the negotiation. The reason the Flexcit plan uses Efta/EEA as our route out is because it is the only viable option. And the end game is removing the Single Market from the EU.
On 26 Jan 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

So Black Pearl, do I presume that you are happy for the UK economy to be trashed unnecessarily? Is that what you voted for? The problem with the referendum campaign is that is was a pack of lies and ignorance from both sides. There was no intelligent debate. Not surprising for most MPs and the legacy media. When you still read drivel like 'we might leave the customs union' you can but despair. Taking May at her word, plans for job relocations are already underway. While Project Fear did tell lies, within their warnings was a truth - get Brexit wrong and the job losses, slump in tax income, chaos etc can happen. Remember that it is likely to be only at the end of 2 years when we know where we stand. We will need around 5000 new regulatory documents to replace EU regulations - how soon can that be done? May's great repeal bill and acquis adoption won't stop this being required.
On 25 Jan 2017, BLACK PEARL wrote:

No Gerry What most people voted for was to escape from the control of the European empire and to be a free independent country again, just like the rest of the world ... What ever the cost ! Just hope that these meddlers in our democracy dont go too far as I would hate to see guillotines in Parliament Square
On 25 Jan 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

As was likely due to their misunderstanding the law, our supposed betters in the Supreme Court ruled against May & Co. Is this the chance to stop the May suicide plan and insist on EEA/Efta as the Brexit route. The stumbling block is our stupid MPs being able to understand where May's path leads. It is doubtful they could have a meaningful debate given past efforts. Reality is starting to seep in. HMRC are getting a new IT system to increase 50000 records a year to 100000. However, it has been pointed out that this is likely to soar to over 300000 records rendering it out of date before it arrives. And planning is handicapped by not knowing the outcome of the May plan until it happens. Also the European Medicines Agency will be off taking 900 jobs with it as well as a drain of pharma research following it. Reducing immigration by trashing the economy is not was most people voted leave for.
On 21 Jan 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

The wishful thinking abounds as people keep saying there will be a deal. Negotiations. There are 2 types. Those where the parties are eager to do a deal, on good terms and a fair deal can be agreed quite fast. Then there are the negotiations such as those between Southern and the dinosaur unions. They have ill-feeling, delusion and threats of walking away shouted across the table. Which scenario is most likely for our succession from the EU? One element that is not in either scenario is that once 2 years has past since Art50 then all treaties fall away if there is no agreement and there is unstoppable change. Ironic that during the campaign Clegg was claiming that efta/eea was not an option. The Norway solution as it was known could not possibly work. Now apparently it can. Clegg has changed his tune as so many other former Project Fear have. Tuesday is the next move in the game and I feel the Supreme Court will rule for MPs to have Art50 control.
On 18 Jan 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

In the cold light of a very cold day, you blink like waking up from a wild party thinking did it really happen. Sadly, yes, May plans economic suicide for the UK. People I talk to have no knowledge of what is coming and keep saying there will be a deal. Of course there won't and to thieve from Anthony Quayle in the Eagle Has Landed 'This Brexit plan will make the charge of the Light Brigade seem like a sensible military manoeuvre'. If Parliament does win the right to declare Article 50 then if by the time that comes along the full horror of May's plan has become clear, it can be stopped. There is every chance May could be replaced as this is much easier in the Tory party than Labour. If there is the will to honour the referendum then a move to Efta would receive agreement despite the dim rantings of the likes of Lilley, Redwood etc. Remember, May is asking for a deal to be agreed in just 18mths that for say S Korea took 18 years! And is much less than in scope than single the market.
On 17 Jan 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

I would share Richard North's comment but then this is a family comment zone. If you could come up with a more disastrous and stupid Brexit it is hard to imagine. The key statement is that no deal is better than a bad deal. So under the delusion that a deal can be negotiated to cover all 36 areas required - only 6 being trade - we will limp along for the next 2 years only to find out that you can't sort out such a complex deal in that time so we leave with no deal. Overnight the whole system has been wiped away and we become the ONLY nation in the world to only use WTO trade rules. It would be easier to deal with that now but there will be this hope that a deal can be done until the last moment. The realization could come before the end of the Article 50 period but probably too late. If common sense did occur then maybe Article 50 could be withdrawn to give time to do a sensible Brexit. Corbyn J should be patient - his time will come in 2020.
On 16 Jan 2017, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Well if you've got to apply for a permit so be it The way security is deteriorating on the continent a couple of .50cal mounted on your 4x4 maybe mandatory to get insurance in the future I'm sure Mr Trump would approve :)
On 14 Jan 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

A momentous week ahead. Donald takes control on Friday and Theresa May will finally give us some Brexit detail. With baited breath we will find out if disaster lies ahead or May has spent the months since the referendum wisely and learnt stuff. The baying mob of ignoramuses are in full cry. A deal on our terms or just walk away. And yet they still don't understand how the EU customs union works, how the single market works, how trade is probably the simplest of the areas we will need to resolve in just 2 years from March, or have even the remotest clue as to what complete disaster awaits us if there is no deal and we just walk off into the setting sun. As a taster, how about you won't be able to drive in the EU or Efta states. Your licence and insurance are subject to EU agreements. With no deal these will no longer apply and each state's laws will need to be read to see if you can or can't drive there without an international annual permit and greencard insurance.
On 13 Jan 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Guido is not the most reliable of sources. The UK can't just stop paying and we will have to contribute after we leave to the overspend accrued during the last period of our membership. To nail another common lie, in the Single Market we will NOT be contributing to the EU budget but paying for services rendered. I share a classic from City AM yesterday. Daniel Tunkel is a partner and head of financial regulation at law firm Howard Kennedy. He believes Brexit is fundamentally about law and then comes out with a cracker. 'Because the EU is an entity that is governed by a welter of legislation, all designed to create and operate a thing called the Single Market.' And to compound his ignorance - or stupidity - asserts that the Single Market is a a complex set of mutual trading relationships. And somehow he thinks he can help us!! Don't think so mate if you don't know that the EU is a superstate in creation and the Single Market is a Common Regulatory Area
On 12 Jan 2017, BLACK PEARL wrote:

In the mean time we continue to bail the whole corrupt structure out
On 11 Jan 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Black Pearl - I think it is worse now given that everyone could watch the interview and see what was said, which was not what was reported. In case there is any doubt about what a so called hard Brexit would be like. At midnight, 2yrs after Art 50, the UK becomes a new country to the EU. All goods much be inspected and those coming into France must go through one port - Dunkirk. Dunkirk can handle 5000 truck inspection a YEAR. Dover and the tunnel see 10000 trucks a DAY heading to France. End to end that would reach 100 miles so by the end of week one the M25 will be a truck park while everyone stops their exports to France to prevent it stretching further. Meanwhile the imports will roll in although the trucks will have problems returning even empty. The odds seem to favour Efta/EEA option with Art 112 to control free movement but until May speaks we won't know for sure.
On 11 Jan 2017, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Gerry the 'legacy media haven't changed Any headline to gain presence for advertising or push their particular political doctrine. Is it any worse now than it has been over the last 100 years ? Possibly, as its easier& quicker to slap up on line as opposed to committing to print in the past. With the latest Trump allegation / innuendos reminded me of the quote " A lie can travel around the world before the truth has got its shoes on" Might have been a Mark Twain one....
On 09 Jan 2017, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Today couldn't be a better example of how much of a waste of space the legacy media are. Apparently we are leaving the single market says the PM. All the papers says so. Nick Robinson tweets it loudly. BBC report says so. But....she didn't say that. In the Sky interview when asked to admit we are leaving the single market she replied she would be seeking "the best possible deal for trading with and operating within the Single European Market". The Sky dolly was obviously not interested in hearing this affirmation of what she said on 2 October at conference. And nobody else seemed to be watching closely either. We have had all the rumpus over Ivan Rogers quitting. Leavers delighted. Remainers unhappy. As a sensible leaver I think we might have lost a knowledgeable person from the team. Interesting that his replacement comes from the dept that deals with Efta that we would need to join to remain in the single market. Chance? Or planned?
On 07 Jan 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

At the end of this month the PM will make a speech where she says she will set out what she intends for Brexit. If this is true then it will be the most important speech any PM has made since the Second World War as the future of the UK hangs on it. There are two choices - the right way or the wrong way. To do it right requires understanding the facts. To get it wrong requires ignorance and stupidity. So currently I would feel we are heading for the wrong way and disaster because the latter two traits exist in abundance while knowledge is virtually non-existent. While Project Fear were lying through their teeth most of the time, there is a way of Brexit that will bring their dreams true. It doesn't have to be that way but it is strange that it is the leave campaigners and tory eurosceptics that are making it so. If this speech really is the reveal all then we will find out to which group Theresa May belongs.
On 01 Jan 2017, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

The hacking and false facts claims of the crumbling leftist elite are hilarious. Anything but your own policies and actions eh? The handwringing that has followed democratic votes that didn't go their way and the attempts to smear by misusing the word 'populist' shows a complete lack of understanding of why it happened. Hopefully it will continue in the elections this year despite the efforts of the BBC and Guardian to smear any party that is not centre-left as far right just because they are not part of their group think. The Russian put down of Obama expelling the diplomats has been glorious. Still, not long left for the lame duck now. There was much hope when Obama and Blair took office before we realised that they were just empty shells. Don't let us down Donald. Be the real thing.
On 31 Dec 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

It will be to the eternal shame of the establishment if Nigel Farage is not honoured with a seat in the Lords although he could rightly say that he wants nothing to do with such a dishonourable place. He moved Ukip into such a position as to threaten enough Tory seats to scare Call Me Dave into his referendum promise. A promise which he actually kept much to the surprise of many given his past record on promises. It is true though that Farage didn't favour a referendum but wanted to win seats in parliament to set us free. The sad thing is that Ukip could have achieved so much more with a better informed leadership. It would have been helpful if they could have taken the trouble to put together an exit plan that could have guided a government totally clueless as to the whole process. Vote Leave were no better in deciding to leave it up to the government but then start whining that what is likely isn't what they campaigned for. We can just hope that Efta/EEA will prevail.
On 31 Dec 2016, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

Mr Trump seems to have one over on Obama over this hacking debacle after all he should have access to the same security info as Obama, according to Julian Assange the hack came from a democrat. On a lighter note I think Nigel Farage should have had a knighthood for without him we would have never had Brexit
On 29 Dec 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

No modern politician, not even Mrs Thatcher, has had such a dramatic influence on the course of our island story. Brexit is the most important single event to have occurred in this country since the end of the Second World War and it would never have happened without Nigel Farage.
On 24 Dec 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

As the year comes to end where are we going with Brexit? Nobody knows. May managed to say nothing at committee about it after an hour of questions. She has said we will have a transitional agreement and given the timetable but that is it. Does she actually know what she wants? That is a good question and starting to be worrying that 6 months on she might still not have a clue. Most of the ministers seem clueless and all the years of lounging around the Commons or on long holidays because they have nothing to because the EU controls most things have left us with MPs who lack the ability to do their principal job. Brexit could end in a disaster and the campaigning by the leavers is more likely to bring this about due to their 'constructive ignorance' - refusing to learn anything about the process at all to the point of taking up the remainers lie that leaving the EU also means leaving the Single Market. 2017 is unlikely to be a dull year.
On 17 Dec 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

As if to prove that anything the legacy media can fail on, we can fail better, we have our glorious MPs. Or to be exact the Brexit Committee and the Secretary of State for Brexit. Freedom of movement is where a lot of people are against our only sensible exit route, remaining in the Single Market through joining EFTA and continuing membership of the EEA. So understanding how freedom of movement can be controlled using the EEA Agreement is important. On this subject step forward David Davis on Switzerland. But sadly he got it completely wrong in saying that the Swiss believed they had an emergency brake on freedom of movement but couldn't use it when needed as it was tied to other treaties. Switzerland opted out of joining the EEA where Article 112 exists and signed their own treaties with the EU. What they DIDN'T include was any emergency brake. So when their people voted to stop freedom of movement they can't as they would breech all the treaties and cause economic chaos.
On 17 Dec 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

And then we had the Telegraph wading in with its scoop that we will face some hefty bills even after we leave. That this is not really news to a lot of people who read blogs should dampen their enthusiasm a bit but of course being the first in the bubble to 'discover' something is what counts. Mind you, failing to report on it accurately doesn't help. In the whole article there is no mention of RAL. How you can manage to do that is a wonder of modern journalism. RAL is where the EU overspends its budget and demands more cash from the member states. The current EU budget runs to 2020 and as we are members to at least into 2019 we will expect to pay our portion of this. It isn't paid as a lump sum but spread over the next 5 yr EU budget - so we will be paying it until 2025. The claim that leaving the EU would save us money was never true and why the Leave Alliance advised against using it as a reason to leave. We will likely spend the same but mostly as we wish not as the EU decrees.
On 17 Dec 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Another poor week for the legacy media struggling to cover Brexit. We have just had the EU heads of state meet, following which the knowledge-free Guadian states that Michel Barnier will be the EU negotiator. Except that it is not true. What they have missed is a spat between the Commission led by Juncker and the Council over this. The Council actually said that the Commission's nomination of Barnier 'is welcome', which was a slap round the face to the Commission for stepping onto the Council's ground. The Treaty on the Functioning of the EU clearly states that it is the Council that will appoint the negotiator and will run the whole negotiation. It might be that they decide to give the role to Barnier but he will then be reporting to the Council, not the Commission. But all this can't start until Article 50 is invoked and that won't be until the end of March. The same thing has been happening with the Parliament pushing forward their 'negotiator' but they have no role in this either.
On 14 Dec 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

And a final point of the Lords report that gives an indication of their knowledge six months on from the vote. There are 161 references to the 'tariffs' in their report. But only 18 to 'non-tariff barriers'. This is clear indication of how little they understand or know. By this stage we should be beyond talk of tariffs and appreciating the serious problems that could arise from non-tariff barriers such as if we leave the Single Market.The conclusion of their report - that they really have no idea and that Parliament in both houses is not the place to look for enlightenment.
On 14 Dec 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

The House of Lords European Union Committee has released a report titled Brexit: the option for trade. Have the august members of the upper house - stuffed full of cronies, failed MPs, dodgy business people, party donors, Call me Dave's mates etc - shed light on the subject? Dr North's assessment? 'Nothing to write home about while in getting there rehearses just about all the myths and errors on the EU and related issues that it is possible to deliver in a mere 87 pages.' Lol They still can't understand what the EU customs union is for example, and repeat the errors in the Project Fear report produced by the Treasury at Osborne's behest showing that no progress in knowledge is being made. It heard from just one source from Norway - where note that members of their elite are pro-EU but know they can never get it past the people - on Article 112 who concluded it was not designed to control free movement of people despite it being used for just that purpose.
On 10 Dec 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Interesting that most of the Labour MPs that voted against the will of the people this week were voting against their own constituency results. Maybe the people will remember this in 2020. It was the Labour MPs siding with the traitor Heath that got us into this mess but ironically it may well be Labour MPs who get us out with the least damage by ensuring we join EFTA to remain in the EEA and Single Market.
On 09 Dec 2016, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

With regard to getting the politicians we deserve, I must share my experience of meeting that totally vacuous loser Eddie Miliband at last month's Labour Eastern Region conference in Southend. My original aim was to ask him how many molecules of CO2 would be found in a bottle containing 10 thousand air molecules. It was obvious that he would have no clue, but he was spouting that luvvie psychobabble about living in a post truth world and lamenting the Clinton defeat. Yes the Clinton who received all that money from the feminists in Saudi Arabia, armed ISIL/Al Qaida affiliates in Libya and Syria and got into bed with the Wall Street banks. So I got into an argument about this figleaf of identity politics. He accused me of being a Trump supporter, whereas I was merely objecting to his dimwitted default of favouring Hitlarry. Then an ASLEF delegate shouted about it being their union's table. Miliband's constituency was 70% in favour of Brexit, but he thought Corbyn should resign. Cowa
On 08 Dec 2016, geoff hood wrote:

subsc, well 7.7 mag today at a R4, what going to happen at the next R5 Mag 8?
On 08 Dec 2016, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

I am lucky our MP for Monmouth David TC Davies not the minster with same name speaks from the same hymn sheet as most of us on global warming con. and also is a staunch Brexit MP
On 08 Dec 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Reading Richard North's take on the big debate in parliament yesterday, accompanied by a pic showing a sparse chamber for something that MPs said was so important, Is that with inevitable predictability the members showed how ill-equipped they are to scrutinize Brexit. But at least we can clearly see which MPs are anti-democratic in voting against the motion.
On 08 Dec 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

I still believe we get the politicians we deserve because we don't reject enough of these idiots and just keep voting them in like sheep. If people had the courage to write on their ballot papers - none of these - then it might provoke some change. I think very few MPs are part of some conspiracy as they are just too stupid. The schemers are those in the civil service, NGOs and councils. The lame, lamentable and completely hopeless legacy media are at it again reporting words spoken by the European Commission negotiator Barnier. The problem? There is and won't be any negotiation with the European Commission so Barnier has no role. Our succession negotiations will be with the European COUNCIL which is the heads of state of the member nations - and subject to change as 2 of the Big 3 have already gone. And a negotiator can't be appointed until Article 50 is invoked.
On 07 Dec 2016, BLACK PEARL wrote:

What a bunch of 'Stinkers' these people are
On 07 Dec 2016, Mike (subscriber) wrote:

David, Agenda 21, Common Purpose; any others?
On 07 Dec 2016, David (subscriber) wrote:

Assorted thoughts. 1) We get the Government we deserve - oh no we don't. We get tax evaders, pedophiles, sex pests, intellectual pygmies and pocket liners. Granted the odd one has integrity but they are sidelined by the corrupt. Which leads to 2) The reason many MP's are like this and not the experienced, intellectually rigorous individuals we crave is because there are agendas at work, the truth of which would cause riots were they discovered and a compliant, obedient and largely stupid legislature is required in order to see that agenda brought to pass - hence the state of politics and the media that protects it. As to what the solution is I have no idea. Alas, education has long been sabotaged in order to create a stupid public, able to swallow the stupid media and stupid policies mentioned above. The chances of a genuine awakening seem remote. Dark days ahead methinks. I live in hope for a surprise development that reverses the current madness but I'm not holding my breath.
On 06 Dec 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Back in the day you could expect Tories to have had a career in the real world and so were always more rooted in reality than the others. Labour had very few that had known a real job having been in unions, the public sector or councillors. Call Me Dave wrecked most of that by turning the party into a centre left bunch that aped Blair's New Labour. So now the Tories don't bring much knowledge in to parliament. The other retrograde step is all these government posts that MPs want to boost their income and their egos so they toe the party line and don't provide the checks on the legislature that they should. When they get the chance of course since our prime government is currently in Brussels. Maybe greater responsibility might improve the breed, otherwise the blame lies with us for voting for them as opposed to saying 'not good enough - next' and making the constituency parties choose somebody decent.
On 06 Dec 2016, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Richmond Bi-Election to be re-run ????
On 05 Dec 2016, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Yes Gerry it makes one wonder how many 'normal' people want to be politicians .... a handful at best The rest appear to be agenda driven activists, pure political animals & Chancers
On 04 Dec 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

I listened to the interview with the dimwit before the lackey dragged her from the phone. It was hilarious. So some facts. Turnout was 53% and she got less than 50% of that so as Hartley-Brewer pointed out, hardly a ringing endorsement. The referendum brought out 72% of the electorate and Leave got 51.9% of the vote. No doubt being bereft of common sense and knowledge she will fit right in at Westminster. After all, a minister Greg Hands can spout complete rubbish and not be challenged by the legacy media at all. But then that is no surprise when Sky News can claim that the EU customs union is the member states plus Turkey, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra and UK Territories such as the Channel Islands. Do they live in world without the internet where 5mins on the EU Customs Union webpage says that is rubbish. Some dependent territories are included but it most certainly does not include Turkey San Marino and Andorra.
On 03 Dec 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Nice one, Black Pearl! And here is how politics is really run As Piers pointed out below, they are the real and not so hidden anymore show in town.
On 02 Dec 2016, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Another Gob PooP new MP comes unstuck in an interview
On 01 Dec 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Richard North asks today if the years of submission to the EU and the reduction of importance of our parliament have left us with a crisis of competence. In support of this he dissects a piece by Peter Lilley on how we can just flounce off from the EU and it will all be fine. Just like Nigel Farage doesn't do detail, neither does Lilley as he pours out complete rubbish - while getting paid of course. That we so far beyond the referendum and this sort of rubbish still gets aid is depressing. As is pointed out, you don't need any qualifications to be an MP and doesn't it show. No wonder North made his comment that after years of looking up to those in power and assigning them prestige, once he got on the inside he couldn't work out how they made it though the day with such little knowledge. Do electorates get the politicians they deserve? A lot of Breitbart comments suggest that is true.
On 30 Nov 2016, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Seen this new one Piers ? The Media being told some home truths on their bias on politics & Climate Change Dont think they liked to here the truth by the response
On 29 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Rhys - They hadn't invented global warming in the time of Marx and Keynes. The reason it is perceived as left-wing because at its heart is the idea of wealth transfer from the western economies to the rest of the world. It beggars belief that some how China and India are classified as developing nations in the Paris Agreement. Not that giving dictators such as Mugabe any money will benefit the ordinary people. Decades of wasted foreign aid money teaches us that. And even if it does get through the thieving rulers it won't be efficiently used to build power stations - just windmills and solar panels. But this just gives the Chinese another way to build their influence in places such as Africa - especially where they are minerals - by providing funding for power stations. The great global warming scam gives governments the perfect excuse to introduce taxes and left wing governments like nothing better than spending other people's money.
On 27 Nov 2016, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

I am afraid that 90%+ of media organisations do not have a single journalist working for them. Journalists are scrupulous in distinguishing fact from conjecture, hypothesis and weighting of arguments and are red hot about never knowingly printing factual errors , manipulative distortions or propaganda to order. Channel 4's Krishna Gurumurthy openly expressed contempt for 'climate deniers' when he is demonstrably unqualified in science and merely a newsreader spouting dogma from an autocue. There is never anyone putting him down live on air, demolishing his propaganda with scientific data etc. It is also reprehensible that you cannot be left wing and a climate skeptic. Marx, Keynes et al had nothing to say about climate change, after all. Quite what philosophical and ethical discussions about the limits of market utility have to do with temperature measurements, rigorous testing of climate hypotheses is beyond me, but there's we are. Perhaps your fearless brother could raise t
On 26 Nov 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Well said Piers. The legacy media are all bound up in the same bubble. CityAM still refers to the shock win for Donald but who here was actually shocked? Did you think that, yes, the whole media machine was against him...but he could do it. So not a shock unless you were touting the Clinton to win - Trump a nutter message. You can be sure that they won't learn anything from this despite all these calls to find out what went wrong. How often has some public servant trotted out the line 'lessons will be learned' when of course they aren't. Engineers learn lessons as the TV programme Built From Disaster shows. If the bridge fell down last time you would be pretty stupid not to learn why so it doesn't happen again. The warning for us is that having got into power is to use it wisely and not waste it.
On 26 Nov 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

YES BlackPearl thanks for vid. JonSnow is utterly pathetic. Chanel 4 for all their trendiness LOL are as much a part of the establshment-Wallstreet - globalisation - ClintonFoundation - media lies - warmongering - oh so PC LOL - climate lies - green scum as all the rest. The stunning thing is they are so TOTALLY OUT OF TOUCH. They are in a self serving self promoting self gratifying arrogant bubble from which ALL they can do is project and attempt to impose certain dogmas on all they bring before them. This is meant to be TV journalism but what we had was JonSnow raging drivel and he wouldnt even let her answer when he 'asked' some questions. She was bought their as a supposed black victim of Trump / white supremicists or something but would have NONE of it. The facts on KKK is that it a deep-South operation very bound up historically with the Democrats (the original white supremicists) and Hilary Clinton is IN with their leaders and there are pics of this. #DrainTheSwamp
On 26 Nov 2016, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Jon Snow having a melt down having no success in pushing his or the broadcasters agenda on Trump HA !
On 25 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The papers will be full of headlines claiming we can save huge amounts of money from leaving the EU and then spend it in the NHS. Firstly, the claimed savings were always a lie. and this new one is a lie as well given that it is taking a figure from the detail of the budget report and completely misusing it. The amounts they have homed in on are accountancy values to balance the books in the absence of any idea of what will happen. And secondly, why waste it on the NHS? An organization so good that everyone wants to fix it? Without change it is just pouring money down the drain. Still Blair and Branson are going to save us because we were too stupid to understand how to vote in the referendum. And if Blair wants to return why doesn't he just join Blue Labour - apart from respecting the referendum result they are pursuing New Labour policies. He did actually speak the truth in referring to millions of politically homeless. I am one I am a conservative!
On 19 Nov 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Something else that is starting to emerge even in the Guardian is that the leaving process is complex. The Flexit has covered all this already but we have to wait while to Westminster bubble dwellers catch up. Cooperation on security, defence etc need to be discussed along with EU agency participation that will be of benefit to the UK post Brexit. The scale of this is dawning and that all the talk of trade belies that really that is the easy part. That Brexit is a process and not event is coming through the more you read interim agreement mentioned to show that even after the 2 year period - assuming that isn't extended - negotiations will have to continue.
On 19 Nov 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Boris Johnson states that we will leave the EU customs union. Cue much chattering and displays of ignorance. You have to laugh when pompous MPs who claim greater knowledge than us and demand to debate our Article 50 declaration then go on TV to share their 'knowledge'. Boris was correct. To be a member of the customs union you must be a member of the EU. We then had a Dutch minister show that they can do thick just as well by making incorrect claims. There is some better understanding of things EU on the continent and certainly more informed media comment but there are exceptions as we have seen. The EFTA countries have customs agreements in place as does Turkey and we will need one. Something that will have to be addressed at some point is our contributions to the EU. It is a fact that we will continue to have to meet obligations once we have left and will continue to fund certain programmes as the likes of Norway do. This should be clarified sooner rather than later.
On 17 Nov 2016, Piers Corbyn wrote:

GREAT COMMS ALL! TWO BITS OF NEWS: 1 - After people saying they missed B+I 75d offers we have made a new reduction offer for B+I 75d; the ALL-WINTER still stands at Only 49 btw. All overlaps get extensions. 2 - public meeting denate in London Sunday 20th Conway hall, Holborn go to home page - get into the Vonway Hall blog to make comments and come along if you can. Thanks Piers
On 10 Nov 2016, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

We had 58mm of rain in October we had half of that on Tuesday night 29mm a bit more than forecast but it was R3. Re early snow in Sweden /Norway do you think it is more to do with polar vortex than MIA or is it a combination of both also I think that increased cosmic rays are having an effect
On 08 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

So over the weekend the MPs had a chance to take in the High Court decision and to say that they didn't intend to block Brexit but just wanted to show us how little they understand any of it by debating it in Parliament. Heaven forbid it results in an election as they aren't so stupid as to see that those backing remain or blocking Brexit will be slaughtered. If you look at the vote by constituency then leave won over 400 seats. Some understanding is starting to spread about how complex - but not impossible - Brexit is. Even the Guardian was talking sense suggesting some form of interim agreement might be required given the time limitations. Others have noticed that the Canada-EU deal took 7 years and doesn't include any financial dealings which make up a huge part of our income. And the obvious answer is EEA/EFTA and the Single Market and yet many idiots claim this is not leaving the EU - step forward Farage N.
On 05 Nov 2016, @Piers_Corbyn gaffer wrote:

Interesting stuff all! Remember Remember the 5th of November.... LAST DAY- LAST EXTENSION of the Special Prepare-For-Nov-To-Feb Top Deals - end afternoon/evening Today 5 NOV GMT and USA. Do it, pass it on! Thank you
On 04 Nov 2016, BLACK PEARL wrote:

I hope your right
On 04 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

The decision was in the High Court and goes to the Supreme Court on 7 December. Likely it would have gone there whatever the decision. All the excitement could end with the decision reversed or we could have a constitutional crisis. There could be an Act to invoke Article 50 which might actually be supported by more MPs than you might think. If it is defeated then we would be heading to an election - assuming the Act needed for that gets through. Remoaners who think that it is a good idea might not be thinking clearly. Surely the one subject of an election would be Brexit? Want to ensure we leave then vote UKIP. Or the government could press ahead under the Vienna Convention on Treaties and International Law. There would be another judicial review at some point for that. May is determined to deliver Brexit. She would have preferred to remain but wisely kept quiet during the campaign. Now she wants to deliver what the people want. She is not one of the Notting Hill set.
On 03 Nov 2016, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Supreme Courts anti democracy ruling Absolute insanity ! These are the words that we the people voted on. "This is your decision the Govt will implement what you decide" If this is not overturned on appeal, stand by to see the greatest public demonstrations in the history of this island nation
On 03 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

Black Pearl - I thought she would wait but her timing of article 50 in March says that she is not. Eyes on our election in 2020 perhaps but court decisions might change that. So High Court says parliament must agree to invoke Article 50 and Miller hopes that the remoan majority will not agree. But it is for the Supreme Court to decide now which could have been what government want but was likely since despite calling on government to accept ruling can you really believe Miller et al would not have gone to the Supreme Court if they lost? The courts are entering dangerous ground interfering when parliament will get a say at the end of the process. Rather than wanting democracy (people + power) they want to block our leaving or at least in time honoured EU tradition, vote to get different result. Of course the EU have accepted the result and a second vote could bring an even bigger leave result.
On 03 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

Brexit case lost by government - goes to Supreme Court. But first, thanks for comments Mark. You have to think why would EU leaders make that claim? Simple, they are scared that our exit and success would be a trigger for a mass exodus from the EU. They have to talk tough. Merkel & Hollande are playing to their electorate for next year's elections. Note Netherlands and Italy also have elections. But in the EEA agreement exists Article 112 to suspend any part of the agreement. It doesn't refer to freedom of movement but that it is because it covers everything. Neither is it an emergency power as some remoaners claim simply because there is mention of other procedures for an emergency situation. Difference is a month notice or none at all. Imagine an honest intelligent referendum campaign with Single Market membership plus freedom of movement control. Outcome? Probably a bigger leave vote given how Project Fear said no EU no Single Market.
On 02 Nov 2016, BLACK PEARL wrote:

The quicker we get out of the grip of the EU tentacles the better May is probably waiting to see who she has to deal with after the French & German elections next year as Merkel & Hollande will likely be toast
On 02 Nov 2016, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

You have been making some good points, Gerry, but what I keep hearing from EU bosses is that free movement of people (and money, goods and services) is intrinsic to the Single Market. Hardball is their game it would appear, so why play it? On another topic, the Wikileaks disclosures are showing just what an amoral neo-conservative Clinton really is. Traditional media however refuse to delve under the thin liberal veneer.Some credulous souls at last week's local Labour meeting were outraged when I suggested that she was a corrupt psychopath. It's like the allegiances of football fans. Or maybe like the Bloods and Crips gangs. Unthinking silliness. Anyway her destruction of evidence (30 thousand emails about "yoga" on her illegal unencrypted private server) in her attempts to cover up malfeasance at the Clinton Foundation has come to nothing. Comey at the FBI probably saw which way the wind was blowing (Trump ahead in the more credible polls) after thousands more emails discove
On 01 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

Guido Fawkes is being very simplistic with his articles on trade with the EU. He writes short pieces that are short on detail and not educating anyone. He considers Brexit as an event but it is really a process where the UK should take the chance to have a thorough overhaul of how it works otherwise what is the point of being free again. With the timescales involved, remaining in the Single Market is the only sensible way to leave the EU. But it has always been an interim solution not the ideal endpoint. Guido doesn't understand that. He also has no idea he is not making sound comparisons. Take cars with Nissan in the news. Korean, Japanese and US cars imported into the EU are a whole item. The European car industry sources parts throughout the EU so that while parts of a Nissan are made here, a large amount is brought into the UK on a just in time system. We export car components as well and the Single Market facilitates this.
On 01 Nov 2016, maria 45 day somerset wrote:

I bought the jan.feb add on and now have nov, dec, jan, feb. Thank you very much for a very generous offer. It helps my plans no end. Going to carry on stockpiling. Yesterday was incredible and gorgeous, high of 25 outside my house. Have not emptied my big water butts this year, not yet. They will be good for topping up the rain harvester in a few weeks.
On 31 Oct 2016, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Yes its amazing the amount of trade access allowed & done with the EU from non members around the globe 76 years on and we are defying the ambitions & agenda of another European empire in the making Ah those troublesome "little Englanders"
On 30 Oct 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

Brexit has become surreal. The remainers such as Lord Sleaze of Hartlepool are now campaigning hard for us to remain in the Single Market. Funny how that wasn't possible according to them during the referendum campaign. No EU - no Single Market they assured us. Now they are right nobody believes them and think it is a plot to keep us in the EU. Meanwhile, the Leavers want the so called Hard Brexit that casts us adrift as they can't understand the Single Market. Luckily, if you read between May's lines you can see where we are heading.
On 30 Oct 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

tried by clicking directly on ty your latest email regarding winter deals and it still goes only to the political blog. Will keep trying
On 29 Oct 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

RON They both work when I try. Do it again! ALL SEE THE Weekend prepare-for-Nov-to-Feb up to 72%OFF offers ends on 31st/1st Do it & Pass on
On 29 Oct 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

can't access current weather comments, goes straight to political blog---are you under troll-attack again?