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Major Red, R4 period Oct 25-28 Great success - Extra solar, solar-wind, geomag + weather activity - storms - cyclones - lightning......!

Oct 13-14th Amazing Earth facing Coronal hole and major Geomagnetic activity (K6) in Weather Action Major Red R4 period 11-14th Oct.

Oct 13th Monitor info re Hurricane Matthew track:Left shift towards / onto Florida coast confirmed WeatherAction StormTrack-shift Rules - Fuller report in RTQ Oct forecast

Oct 4th and continuing on 5th.... - see @Piers_Corbyn 
#HurricaneMatthew shifted RIGHT comp to standard Met Models in WeatherAction RedWeather #R4 Sep28-Oct1 and THEN LEFT (West) in (Low R#R1-#R2; following WeatherAction Tropical Storm Rules.

Oct 2+3. WeatherAction R4 'RedWeather' period Sep28-Oct1 confirmed brilliantly with extra extreme solar and weather events
- EarthFacing CoronalHoles, SolarWind+Geomag Upticks, thunder; deluges+ floods BI, Europe, USA, China; tropical storm #Matthew PowerUps and track shifts etc see @Piers_Corbyn .

Br+Ir Aug & Sept heatwaves nothing to do with CO2 
- Piers Corbyn explains
"These heatwaves, August frosts in Scotland, other heatwaves across Europe and parts of USA and extreme storm heat and cold events around the world are nothing to do with CO2 or so-called man-made climate change - which does not exist. These extremes of all sorts are driven by wild changes in the Jet Stream (upper air West to east winds) - controlled by changes in solar-magnetic activity and largely predictable by WeatherAction's world-leading system* of Long-Range forecasting. 
"The extreme weather events of the last 8 years are the WRONG TYPE OF EXTREMES** for the CO2 theory and systematically on a daily basis negate that theory and prove it is delusional nonsense beyond any shadow of honest evidence-based scientific doubt (see <= LHS home page or presentation Uni Exeter below***).
"The CO2 theory has suffered many setbacks in the last 6 months with more and more exposures of data fraud (see foot of this page), increasingly vocal opposition by leading members of organisations which once backed the CO2 warmist theory (eg Dr Patrick Moore the original founder of GreenPeace), climate experts resigning from posts in USA because of false statements they had been pressed to make; and the realisation that in the UK the CO2 theory via the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (#EUETS) has been systematically used to de-industrialize the UK (eg Teeside) without actually cutting CO2 emissions overall!***.
"In view of increasing doubt about the CO2 theory Leading Climate scientist Prof Sir Brian Hoskins was challenged at Imperial College on May 16th (see near end of page) to provide observational real-world data evidence that CO2 changes in the last decades, centuries or thousands of years drive temperature changes (rather than the effect being the other way around!). Sir Brian has still not responded.
*Solar-LunarActionTechnique, SLAT
*** PiersCorbyn Uni Exeter Go Green Week 25 Feb 2016 

Record Heat* UK Sept 13 brilliant success for WeatherAction - nothing to do with CO2.
*and now the storms ~14th -17th - Go to twitter feed @Piers_Corbyn for latest
Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of long range forecasters says "The Sept 13th record September temperature in UK since 1911 is great confirmation of our warning that the highest temperature this Sept in UK would be record or near record - in the top six  highest monthly temperatures in the last 100 Septembers. 
This heat is totally nothing whatsoever to do with the crazy natural conspriracy theory of ManMade Climate Change which is now known to be total fiction - made clear at the London Climate Change Conference reported below.  
All recent wild weather events are the wrong type of extremes for the politically driven CO2 theory which requires a North-displaced well-behaved Jet Stream; but now we have, as we predicted,  the opposite - a wild south-shifted Jet-Stream (see conf report below).  

There is no scientist in the World who can honestly produce real-world evidence of the crazy conspiracy (of nature) -Theory of Man-Made CO2 Climate Change and I challenge any such to come forward or all or any journalist to name such a scientist for debate.  

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On 24 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Ps can't wait for Piers 30d December forecast, always my favourite forecast of the year, it's like a weather geeks advent calendar :D
On 24 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Orange low temp warning and Orange freezing fog warning for some counties up tonight on site. Yellow low temp warning for us here in Leinster..
On 24 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Another frosty icy start, some nice sunshine again and temps a tad milder around 6/7 deg 2 now at 11pm
On 24 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

-3˚C at 7.30, clear & frosty start and a pretty sunny day, though with more clouds than yesterday, max temp 2˚, light W’ly breeze all day, clear as a bell evening under the stars, -3˚ again by 9pm. We harvested our last cos lettuce yesterday, it had been quite thoroughly frosted but is tasting and keeping surprisingly well. We’ll now be into sugarloaf & (forced) witloof chicory as well as lambs lettuce until spring time. Everything was a bit late this year but the mild autumn helped much to catch up. == David (Yorkshire): let’s see what happens, now might be a good time to subscribe :-)
On 24 Nov 2016, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

Excellent site for world wind and weather very addictive;-7.8;4&l=temperature&t=20161124/18
On 24 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

Oops! GFS now back to a cold start in December, briefly mild and stormy, then cold up to the 7th at least--expect a quick reverse in due course.
On 24 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

Norwegian Weather Service also now going for a mild start to December.
On 24 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

Ruari: fairly standard vacillation from GFS. Nice colours though--like chimpanzee footpainting--- which is nearly as good at predicting the weather!
On 24 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Having extended my sub to cover the Winter, as was said on here earlier 'Interesting' weather lies ahead. After some calm weather the wind has sprung up a bit from the NE. A neighbor has a handy flag for wind strength assessment. I used to have a tall eucalyptus that would move from a breeze upwards but it got blown down. Mainly cloudy today, not that cold in that I manage with just a shirt under my coat but then I keep warm by walking fast.
On 23 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, back to the freezer but with blue sky & sunshine thrown in, light W’ly breeze, max temp 3˚, going down steadily after 2.30pm to reach -1˚ at 10pm.
On 23 Nov 2016, Ruairí (East coast of Ireland) wrote:

GFS going for a cold and snowy start to December. Now this has changed to rain and mild. We shall see what plays out....
On 23 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Fairly hard frost this morning with icy patches on roads, temp had dipped to -3 Cleared fairly quickly with some nice sunshine max 4/5 deg 2 now at 8pm
On 23 Nov 2016, BSmith 45 d sub wrote:

Another fine day around Inverness area on Tuesday. Frost lifted in light to fresh NE breeze,patchy cloud with some sunny spells, wind dropped light overnight,. Frosty again this morning but not as severe as earlier in week. Clear skies and still this morning. has any one else ( insomniacs et al) noticed the radio 4 weather report trends now for omitting the low temperature statistic of the day . Jay Wynn last night being the latest contributer.
On 23 Nov 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Very hot day for the East Coasts of the North and South Islands and here. Top temp was Napier with 33 deg, we had 25. Meanwhile the aftershocks continue from last week's big quake and its a bit unnerving being in an R5 at the moment.
On 22 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, wet start, though not as much of a deluge as expected, rain off & on until about 3pm, max temp 5˚, clearing up into the evening, stiff N’ly breeze all day, frosty underfoot by 9pm with 3˚ on the thermometer, likely be icy again tomorrow morning, though the forecast is for sunshine.
On 22 Nov 2016, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

Hi, I hope this comment gets submitted (some in the last few months haven't) maybe they are lost in cyberspace!! I did post in September that we would have another wet and windy December with flooding ( whilst America went into the freezer mid month) I still stand by this despite many forecasters going for a colder and snowy December . In previous LIA'S there is evidence of several winters where flooding occurred, before the bitterly cold winters arrived. I do think the flooding will be in the south of the UK this year though and unfortunately could coincide with Xmas, due to extreme cold in the USA firing up the Jet stream. Obviously it will not be anywhere near as mild as last year. These are just my observations and thoughts people. Hope I am wrong. I nice cold dry December would be the best outcome for all.
On 22 Nov 2016, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

55 mm yesterday total of100mm for 2 days of storms over 3 days. Had an argument with MetO on twitter about not naming yesterdays storm apparently large amount of rain does not matter only damaging wind
On 21 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Dense freezing fog last night, Orange fog warning was in place from met, thankfully cleared this morning, -2 at 6 a.m frost and icy patches as a result, cleared by 10 a.m cold all day and windy tonight with yellow wind warning in place for some.
On 21 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

-5˚C again at 7.30, many places in Scotland much colder, north & south of us it was -9˚, we’re only a few miles from the sea and facing it. Sunny morning but beginning to cloud up in the afternoon, temps not rising above 0˚ though until around 7pm when it was 1˚. Looking at the rainfall radar and the MO forecast, we appear to be in for a soak overnight & tomorrow after more than a week of dry weather. 4˚ by 10pm.
On 21 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

interesting piece by Ben Rich on the BBC Website about the spread of Arctic air southwards. AGWers have gone silent.
On 21 Nov 2016, Rhys Jaggar 45d sub wrote:

Webcams at show snow down to Rannoch Moor at the Glencoe ski area, however the snow patch survey looks like few patches survived the 2016 summer. It does suggest that the two year blip in survival stats is not yet indicative of a Little Ice Age, in the Scottish hills at least. Also warmth in the Alps has melted a lot of early November snow, rather similar to late November 1985. Robiei in Tessin, Switzerland is an isolated exception, getting over 50cm fresh snow the past 24 hrs.
On 21 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

just checked and the temperature today is predicted to be between -23 and -26C For the rest of the week the warmest is predicted to be -13C. It's also handy to check out Thule, Nuuk and Daneborg in the AGW 'searing heat' of Greenland. If the URL does not work then just google Norwegian Weather Service and use the internal search engine
On 21 Nov 2016, paul wrote:

In previous years when there has been northern blocking and cold air has be pushed out of the north pole it has not been as mild as this.There have been big swings in temperature in years with blocking but the north pole has been consistently mild recently.
On 21 Nov 2016, Paul Maddox wrote:

Hi, I understand the point about the jet stream causing the heat in the artic but does the slow re freeze cause any large weather changes too....?
On 21 Nov 2016, B Smith 45 d sub wrote:

Inverness area on holiday. Sunny day Sunday temperatures crept just above freezing in the late morning but soon plummeted late afternoon .A bitterly cold morning but thankfully no wind. Again beautiful winters day. Local snow line has receded somewhat with each day's weak sunshine. If ther had been more snow ,it is probable we would be seeing some very low temperatures for the time of year,as it is they are reported as being as Being compared to November 2010
On 21 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

-9C on my window-sticker thermometer this morning, so the reality probably more likely to be nearer the -12C at Balmoral. Glorious winter's day now. Wonder how much snow we'll get as the northward advancing low pressure system bumps into the cold air. The Mobeeb seem to be down playing it.
On 20 Nov 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Rain swept in yesterday afternoon and was quite heavy through into the night. I was expecting more from the storm but it was just rain where I am. No high winds unless I slept right through it. More rain tomorrow according to the MetO. Colder again and the ponds temp is down to 8C again so food change again. Drier today.
On 20 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

-5˚ at 7.30, I don’t think we’ve had temps as low as this since the winter of 10/11, good job I turned off all our outside stopcocks the other day. Another brilliant sunny day with a NW’ly breeze and a max temp of 0˚. We had word from family in Paris that they had 14˚ today, not to mention the wind & rain in southern England, amazing contrast. -2˚ by 9.30pm
On 20 Nov 2016, Eric Tracer wrote:

Things about to cool down, nicely, in the U.S. for Big Joe Bastardi...but, sadly, the UK winter is shaping-up to be as 'Richard-less,' as usual.
On 20 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A light frost yesterday morning clearing fairly quickly, a cold day max temp 4/5 deg. Very cold last night frost had already set in by 8 pm over the roof and garden, the most logs used yet in an evening this season. -2 this morning feels colder also a little foggy, widespread hard frost and icy roads, welcome winter, nicely forecasted Piers ;-)
On 20 Nov 2016, BSmith 45 d sub wrote:

On hol Inverness area, Saturday after alight snow dusting overnight there followed a sunny cold day.frost melting in the sun as temperatures rose slightly more than Friday,frost setting in at dark,(5pm). Sunday dawning very cold ,with a hard frost,loch adjacent to our accommodation frozen over. No wind this morning, in contrast to the autumnal gale down south.
On 20 Nov 2016, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

Stormy night here 45mm of rain snow on top of local mountain at about 1500ft cold wind this morning. I think this is one of Piers missed periods no mention of bad storm.
On 19 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

-2˚C at 7.30, another clear & frosty morning with the moon still giving good light early on, blue sky and sun all day with the obligate towering cumulus over the sea along with some big cumulonimbus incus (anvils), fabulous to see. Max temp 2˚ bit frost never leaving from any ground that was not in the sun, open ground now frozen to about 2 cm depth, -1˚ at 8.30pm. Piers spot on just now except for the absence of bitter winds in our part. Looking forward to hear the report of the debate tomorrow, give it to them, Piers!
On 19 Nov 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Cold and frosty! A noted drop in temsp the last couple of days. Ice on the windscreen - both sides - yesterday morning. Frost already twinkling in the moonlight shortly after 8pm last night. Frosty start to today but has melted mostly now approaching noon with some cloud appearing. Lots of snowfall reports and low temperatures setting records on iceagenow that makes you wonder about the so called warmest year evah. WUWT looks at the changes to the RSS record that leaves just the UAH as a trusted source until Donald can get to work on NASA and NOAA etc. Leading warmist Gavin Schmidt has threatened to resign if Donald messes with NASA. Sure that will stop him lol. That should be all the more reason to.
On 19 Nov 2016, Richard Pinder wrote:

Exiting news, Andrew Motion has a new Poem out on BBC Radio 4 today, about Climate Change. Poets not censored by the BBC because BBC Head of Complaints and amateur poet, Fraser Steel, believes that you can obtain evidence from computer modelling. But seriously Piers, I find that if you assume that the Arrhenius method is false and has no evidence, unless you can use it to explain temperatures at the very top of the Atmosphere? Absorption lines logically implying cooling, as it shows that radiation is not there. You then replace the Arrhenius formula used in Computer Models with the ‘Unified Theory of Climate’ formula, then all the problems are solved, with evidence from the CO2 Atmosphere of Venus. The temperature on Venus at the altitude that has identical pressure to that on the Earths surface, is 1.176 times the Earths average surface temperature, squared with the coincidence that the radiating temperature of Venus is 1.176 times that of the Earth.
On 18 Nov 2016, Ruairí (East coast of Ireland) wrote:

Cold again but no snow yet! Similar setup to 2010 this time round? The ever reliable GFS hints at an easterly flow developing and not going away but no drop in temperatures? December sounds like fun from the comments, can't subscribe but will prepare for Armageddon just in case!
On 18 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

-2˚C at 7.30, very bright moon all night, dry & frosty, great sunny day, a dream, max temp 2˚ but the frost never lifted in even the tiniest bit of shade, so it was the first proper winter’s day. Still quite a few yellow leaves on various trees, fabulous cumulus clouds bubbling up over the N Sea that always happens in winter on still HP days, except that we’re near the centre of a big LP system. Clear starry night, -1˚ at 9.30pm.
On 18 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Some ice and frost about this morning around -1 or -2 deg at 6.30 a.m hard to get out of the duvay it was so parky. Some wet snow a while after which helped melt things up so the roads were ok, a cold day around 4 deg with light at times sleety showers here n there, tried to hang off lighting the fire but by 2.45 pm my nose was so cold I gave in and lit a rip roaring fire. 2 deg at 8.30 pm
On 18 Nov 2016, B Smith 45 d sub wrote:

On hol Inverness area .A cold day Thursday , heavy sleety shower clearing by 8ish to leave a predominantly sunny but cold day. Frost soon after dark. Friday , glorious crisp winter sunshine ,distant anvil topped cumulonimbus in the far west.snowline on local hills surrounding the Cromarty firth about 1000 1500ft . Air frost soon returning at dark. Wind light all day
On 18 Nov 2016, steven wright wrote:

has the 45 day forecast for december been released yet many thanks steven
On 18 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

Piers and Craig: thanks most useful replies. and the data from the Norwegian Weather Service put salt on their tails and tales!
On 18 Nov 2016, @CraigM350 Sub, Berks 51N wrote:

Just as a further to comms on Arctic warmth, this is entirely expected with a meriodional 'wavy' jetstream where long North to South (rather than East to West) push warmth into higher latitudes (i.e. the Arctic) and cold is displaced further south (i.e. snow in Yemen mountains, vicious cold in Siberia, record snow Sweden etc). It is not what CAGW predicted which was the jet pushed north ( yes jet is North but it's also South). We also are coming off a powerful El Ninõ. All the heat is not bottling up and being trapped by greenhouse gases it's being vented to space (but oh look at the positive anomaly, ignore the negative one..look squirrel!!). These are interesting times, not unprecedented, just not seen in or lifetimes and certainly not with the level of technology which we monitor& track changes ('unprecedented' QBO - records ~60y)...including the still sub zero Arctic. This winter is exciting that's for sure - wanna know what's ahead...SUBSCRIBE!!!!
On 18 Nov 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

William, Ron Thanks for interesting coms. This stuff is not evidence of ManMade Climate change in fact totally the opposite. Points:- 1. the graphs they show are not actual temperatures but deuctions form failed models which over-rate Infra-red radiation - as meaningful as opinion polls in USA elections and emanating from the same globalist establishment propagandists. 2. What IS going on is the wild jet stream - part of MiniIceAge circulation and associated DISPLACED POLAR VORTEX (and probably associated SSW sudden stratwarms) from time to time make polar regions relatively very 'warm' (less cold to be precise) while coldest bit of Arctic air shoves South giving extreme local cold. 3 Note I am not sure what inputs there are in this model to 'deduce' propaganda (some of which may be based in parts of reality) but if it involves ice amounts it should be noted that quite rapid changes are driven by sea currents not air and occurred in Dalton Mniimum eg 1816 (Year without a summer)
On 18 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

William Duncan: yes, we need an explanation for this degree of warmth, but if you go on to the Norwegian Weather Service and do a search on stations in Greenland ( Thule, Nuuk, Daneborg) you'll see that the 'searing heat' is expressed in sub zero Celsius, well into double figures at times. In the meantime the warmists largely ignore that large parts of northern Russia are 15 Celsius below the seasonal norm. Record snow from Stockholm to Japan too.
On 17 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, no frost anymore unlike last night, dry & cloudy, continuous W’ly breeze, a mostly sunny & bracing day with a max temp of 4˚. In spite of the sunshine, the afternoon got colder quickly and at 4pm we already had 0˚ and any open & exposed ground was hardening with frost, now at 10pm we have -1˚ and that ground is now frozen down to about 10mm. This has been the 4th dry and mostly sunny day, much appreciated.
On 17 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A few sunny breaks today but mostly a cloudy cold and dark winter like day, some cold showers on n off all day, sleety in nature early evening and some wet snow in the mix now tonight. Max 4/5 deg today 2 now at 7pm Lots of snow and sleet shower reports and snow on mountains on IWO fb.
On 17 Nov 2016, William Duncan wrote:

So folks, and Piers, what's happening to the temperatures in the artic above 80N? See:- In the records on the site, there has never been anything like this? Do we have the arctic ocean being warmed from above or?
On 17 Nov 2016, Steve Devine wrote:

Skies darkening here in SW Essex as an intense squall line heralding colder conditions slashes it's way across Greater London. Tornado reported in Wales hours earlier. Welcome to the Mini Ice Age people. And it's all natural.
On 17 Nov 2016, Matt Havicon - Rīgā wrote:

Further to earlier comments involving David Attenborough and IPCC plus recent nonsense from Brian Cox and Leonardo DiCaprio, the point they totally miss is that no one denies that there was slight warming during 20th Century. What they don't seem to fathom is that it's due to natural drivers and not our old friend Co2. The fact that no consideration is given to ANY other drivers is laughable. Do they really think we're that naive? Well the truth is that a large amount of the public ARE that naive to believe it. That's why they do it. Standing by a glacier that's receded tells us nothing- if the Earth has warmed it's not surprising that it's receded! What's caused it is the Q they SHOULD be asking but they don't - it's all down to a harmless trace gas. Prior to this Co2 hysteria it was accepted that natural drivers varied the climate. My Q to alarmists is How much of recent warming is Co2 and how much natural? And how do you differentiate the two? Impossible? Yes! Matt
On 17 Nov 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

GREAT COMMS ALL! TWO BITS OF NEWS: 1 - After people saying they missed B+I 75d offers we have made a new reduction offer for B+I 75d; the ALL-WINTER still stands at Only £49 btw. All overlaps get extensions. 2 - public meeting denate in London Sunday 20th Conway hall, Holborn go to home page - get into the Vonway Hall blog to make comments and come along if you can. Thanks Piers
On 17 Nov 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Maria, Ireland - thanks for your comments, they're really appreciated.
On 16 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Sunshine for a short while late morning, breezy with a mix of cloud and light showers this afternoon and evening cooler today max 8 deg around 5 deg now at 22.40 pm
On 16 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, more than I expected, bright moonlight again early on with some clouds, wind beefing up from the W and even though we had a sunny day it got more and more nippy as it wore on, max temp 7˚, not complaining though as it was nice, dry and bracing in the wind. Ground frost by 9.30pm, even though the thermometer was still reading 1˚. == Attenborough? He is a population control advocate/eugenicist and part of the Anglo-American establishment. == Couldn’t get onto the blog last night for some reason, won’t bother to give you yesterday’s weather, old hat now but, B smith, we had it nice here, no showers; what a difference 100 miles makes.
On 16 Nov 2016, B smith 45d sub wrote:

On a late autumn early winter break in Inverness area. Sunday to Tuesday very pleasant,in fact very mild with plenty sunshine. Today however it has turned increasingly cold. Heavy showers and strong winds. Overlooking Ben Wyvs range I can see this afternoon the snow line has appeared after some showers. Car thermometer reading 2 c compared to 15 same time Monday afternoon. Log fire beckons. What a difference in 24hours.
On 16 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Michael - I don't watch anything with Attenborough anymore. Is he really spouting the rubbish that was in the IPCC report that was traced back to some activist that was not peer reviewed despite the claim that everything is? That was debunked ages ago but if the BBC can still use 10 year old drought pics maybe they haven't heard the news. The WMO are saying that this year will be the warmest evah just in time for COP of course. Did anyone expect anything else? Once Donald gets to work in January you have to wonder what will happen once the data has been cleansed of fiddling. Noticing the warmth as the fish have become more active and can go back to normal food at the moment. Overnight rain clearing to a sunny day with some cloud.
On 15 Nov 2016, Michael wrote:

Does anyone have any comments on David Attenborough,s statement on Planet Earth 11 regarding the ice retreat in the Himalayas etc and the perceived threat to wildlife.
On 15 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Lorraine NZ, geez the pictures on the news are mind blowing and I'm sure they only capture a fraction of the reality of what has been experienced in NZ with this recent quake especially with the weather before and after chucked in also, heart goes out to you there, kind regards, Maria.
On 15 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

Winter has so far forgotten much of North America and Canada and the AGW crew are making the best of it ( Washington Post) and in Real Climate some are pointing out the continued rise of world temperature( whatever that is and how it is derived despite the inactive sun). No mention of the severe weather in Eurasia and Fennoscandia though. WA forecasts for last 3 months pretty much on the mark, especially September, so let's see what December brings.
On 15 Nov 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Continuing news on the quakes in NZ plus the weather that followed in the following links if you're interested in what's happening to us here.
On 15 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Last few days have been milder more so at night esp. tonight, mostly cloudy with showers at times 12 deg at midnight 14/11/16 good view of the moon at times last night but only a short glimpse tonight before cloud thickened again :-/
On 14 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

12˚C by 7.30 and staying at that all day, contrary to MO radio promises of up to 17˚, cloudy with some sun, mild & dry with a pleasant SW’ly breeze, nice for November. This mildness is in line with Piers’ 30d forecast. 10˚ at 9pm.
On 14 Nov 2016, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Ron One of the interesting debating points about the weather is how arctic ice extent and central Eurasian snow extent correlate or counter-correlate. There have been plenty of reports of plenty of snow down to village level in the Alpine ski resorts, not abnormal, but a bit earlier than normal. Also, snow all over eastern Europe and Siberia too. I don't think it is possible to fixate on just one metric when looking at 'weather', 'climate' etc etc. Interesting you had early snow in November 1985, That was a mighty cold winter in Cambridge when I was a student - the river froze for 6 weeks in January/February/early March.
On 14 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The moon was big and bright as I went to bed expecting a frosty morning but it was dull, grey and just starting to rain as I left for the station. A damp morning in London, overcast and grey. So the MetO will be calling 2016 the warmest year evah in the UK. Anyone surprised? You knew they were working on it. Perhaps the rueful expressions from presenters who were desperate to call October a record month but couldn't were caused by a knowledge of fiddling going on. Having made such a fuss last year and jumping for joy that warming had returned, the next year was always going to be a problem. 2017 even more so. I struggle to equate my corner of the SE as being a record year.
On 13 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Been away for the weekend in Tarland, deep Aberdeenshire, all hills above about 600m covered in snow. Heavy rain Friday night, very warm on Saturday morning, from 10 - 15˚C I reckon, cloudier in afternoon but still quite mild. Somewhat cooler today with steady light rain from 2pm onwards, feeling much milder than of late, 7˚ by 10pm.
On 13 Nov 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Still feeling pretty shell shocked from last night's 7.5 quake as we really couldn't get back to sleep properly. will give more information.
On 13 Nov 2016, Gerry Surrey-Sussex border 223ft 45d wrote:

Wet all through Saturday until after dark. A band of rain moving from west to east slowed down and kept the rain and damp hanging around. Shame as it was the Lord Mayor's Show in the City of London. Typically it is lovely today as it was on Friday.
On 12 Nov 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Very heavy rain across NZ It has eased here this afternoon and fortunately the wind dropped this morning.
On 12 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

11/11/16 Light frost to start clearing quickly this morning. Rain by afternoon and a change in wind direction to sw'ly bringing milder temp of 10 deg by midnight.
On 11 Nov 2016, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

Sill me posted on wrong page We had 58mm of rain in October we had half of that on Tuesday night 29mm a bit more than forecast but it was R3. Re early snow in Sweden /Norway do you think it is more to do with polar vortex than MIA or is it a combination of both also I think that increased cosmic rays are having an effect
On 11 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

A sharp burst of rain after sunset and damp this morning with frozen rain on the windscreen. Sunny though and still is now after lunch. Using my fire less now since putting the CH on. Generally it will be used for late nights or days spent in the lounge before the heating comes on. Tomorrow will be gas meter reading to see what has been used this week. Have electronic Pegler vales on same rads that allow different temps such as the bedroom for a warm morning and a cooler evening.
On 11 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

first 'hobbit' snowman of the season.seen in the village yesterday. 100day forecast not that far off the mark then. Stockpiling coal and wood.
On 10 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Cloud clearing quickly this morning to give a fairly decent day with some good amount of blue sky and sunny spells, felt cold all day and noticing the need to eat little and more often, and also needed to get the fire going by 4pm. Frost on the outside table with the cold clear starry sky tonight at 10pm
On 10 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, cloudy & damp, another day of showers but there was a bit of sunshine in the afternoon, bringing temps up to 5˚, cloudier again in the evening with 4˚ at 9.30pm, winds light and mostly NW’ly.
On 10 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

So it is a Well Done Piers from you then Ron. Spot on for snow. Sweden reporting record snow breaking a 111 year record and once again that word 'early' has been used. A thought for the team - since the UAH record can be trusted and is likely to just beat the 1998 record year, does it take longer for the heat to leave the lower troposphere than it does from the surface given the cold reports that have been around throughout the year? The overnight frost melted this morning leaving some ice on puddles as cloud increased to give a grey start. Continuing with a rare patch of sun appearing. About average temp for November I would say.
On 10 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

almost a Xmas card scene this morning after the snowline dropped about 100 metres--not predicted on standard models nor mentioned on the news
On 09 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, wet start, SE’ly breeze with occasionally strong gusts but later abating, temperature staying at that level, some more persistent rain in the afternoon, fairly clear sky late evening with temp down to 1˚ by 10.30pm, looks like frost again.
On 09 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

Norwegian Weather Service reporting record 24 hour snowfall.
On 09 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

And that was the end of global warming. Thanks people of America. The efforts of Malcolm Roberts in Australia deserve mention as he is putting CSIRO through the ringer over proof of global warming (or lack of more like) and data fraud. Good piece on WUWT as to how the met services are up to their necks in it. No doubt Donald will be on the NASA/NOAA case but cutting the UNFCCC funding is going to hurt. COP23 in Skegness anyone? Unless they object to the damage to the reputation of their town. There was a sharp cold wind on Monday but it turned out nice otherwise, except for some tw*t on the railway line causing a 2 hour delay to everyone going home. Less of a wind yesterday but still cold. Rain overnight and into this morning. Some patches of sun by the afternoon and still chilly - 46F late afternoon. Lots of snow pics on the Mail website and even some talk of the solar minimum. Know of 2 sources saying snow in Yorkshire.
On 09 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Rain early yesterday continuing on n off all day misty late afternoon and slightly warmer. Grey & showers this morning and sunny spells this afternoon. Possibly reaching 8 deg by this afternoon.
On 09 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

On the cusp here between rain and wet snow, just a few metres higher up the hill, it's true winter, but we had it much worse in the Octobers and Novembers of the mid 80s. Had several frosts here already PADDY, but again nothing exceptional. Looks like there is going to be early snow pack on the higher hills.
On 09 Nov 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

@Sue Cambridge- I'm referring to the RTQ for November which is the only forecast available for the southern hemisphere and is all I have to go by here in NZ.
On 08 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

0˚C at 7.30, open ground lightly frozen, so first proper frost - that’s relatively late. Clear starry sky earlier on but cloud soon moved in and brought an endless procession of showers off the N Sea, some of the hail or graupel but mostly rain, the wind turned from a N’ly into a SE’ly pretty quickly, max temp 5˚, slowly drying up by early evening and still 5˚ by 9.30pm. So that was a short burst of winter, tomorrow looks like a deluge. RON, if we took the MO by its word we would probably be under 6 foot of ice by now or possibly growing olives & grapes in our garden.
On 08 Nov 2016, Sue (Cambridge) wrote:

Don't worry Lorraine (NZ) it'll be out in a week or two.
On 08 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

PADDY: Mobeeb had predicted -9 then 24 hrs later that was only -6, then last night on STV that was altered to -3 and here we got -1 this morning. So, taking their winter predictions with a fair amount of salt. Can't understand why they are not making more of the polarportal report about low ice and high temperatures in the North Pole area ( still cold in Murmansk and at Thule) Worth checking on the Norwegian Weather Service reports.
On 08 Nov 2016, Sue (Cambridge 30 day subscriber) wrote:

0˚C this morning at 7.30. Hard frost on the grass but glorious sunshine and clear blue sky. Temperature now (9.20) is 3˚ and where the grass is not in shadow it is frost-free.
On 08 Nov 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Piers would you please load the RTQ forecast - thank you.
On 07 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, still cloudy, so no frost, still a N’ly breeze bringing along the occasional light shower, nothing like the past two days. Sunny from time to time, max temp 5˚. MO radio forecast said temps overnight will be down to -6 in certain parts but not here, I would have thought, after looking at the latest weather map at 2˚ at 10pm.
On 07 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

More widespread was the ground frost this morning, hardest frost so far but still able to push the frost with my hand on the veg plot soil so not rock solid. -1 at 7.30 a.m and was a good way to wake up being out and about in it. Some great sunshine again today max 6/7 deg on the cool side of and dropped early tonight 2 deg around early eve. Some cloud moving in so maybe a tad warmerish by tommorow.
On 07 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote: is reporting slowest ice growth in the Arctic for years and lowest extent since 2012 along with temperatures at the North Pole being 10 degrees higher than normal.
On 07 Nov 2016, Joe linton wrote:

Have a look at Ice Age Now. Met Office article about next three months.
On 07 Nov 2016, Geoff wrote:

nice piece in the Telegraph today- the new toy at the Met Office now takes jetstream fluctuation into account in forecasting wethear patterns as much as 2 weeks away. Aparently it's part of a much more complex set of interactions with, for example, El Nino. Oddly no mention of any external factors driving both phenomena though.Big yellow thing hangs in the sky in the the daytime. Anyone else see it?
On 06 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, showery start but later getting mostly bright, still a N’ly breeze but less strong than yesterday, max temp 6˚, mostly clear sky in the evening, 1˚ by 10pm, frost on the car roof, this could turn into the first ground frost if the wind abates.
On 06 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Like Ruairi said it is really cold today and I think our cat is feelin it too as we have managed to convince him to sleep in by the wood boiler tonight with extra food after he denied staying in and spent a freezing night out last night. The outside table was white with frost this morning instead of just a little icy, harder frost on the grass this morning too. 1 deg at 9.30 a.m some nice sunshine for a time but a cold 7 deg with the light NW'ly breeze again. Clear cold and 2 deg at 9pm feeling colder, another frosty night in store.
On 06 Nov 2016, Ruairí (East coast of Ireland) wrote:

Oh it's cold out there now. I feel sorry for my cat. Sign of things to come?
On 06 Nov 2016, Phil Ipswich currently non-sub wrote:

The latest in the archive section is June 2015! As people's memories don't go that far back, wouldn't an ideal advertising feature be to post them as soon as they finish? Even better, post part of them (jpg print screen) on a weekly basis. People might say, "Oh yes, the weather was like that last week, Piers was right all those weeks in advance".
On 06 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A parky 3 deg. this morning 5/11/16 no frost at 8.30 a.m and some nice sunshine developing as the day went on, staying on the cold side and max 7 deg lovely clear starry sky at 12.50 a.m and 2 deg out.
On 05 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, stiff N’ly breeze bringing and endless string of shower clouds, max temp 6˚ in the little bit of sunshine we had, first white this autumn in form of hail, some ferocious squally showers continuing into late evening and likely to be the same tomorrow, 2˚ by 9.30pm, we’ll see whether we get any serious frost by morning.
On 05 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

At then end of the afternoon a mere 45F on the temp gauge. Measured the ponds and they were below the food switch point. Bitter wind from the north blowing so those going to bonfires need to get close. Iceagenow reports coldest October temps and ski resorts opening earliest date in 30 years from around the globe and all in the warmest year evah! Roy Spencer's UAH sat record likely to have 2016 as record year - just - from 1998 unless there is a very sharp drop in temps for November and December. The very rapid spring drop didn't continue.
On 05 Nov 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

Remember Remember the 5th of November.... LAST DAY- LAST EXTENSION of the Special Prepare-For-Nov-To-Feb Top Deals - end afternoon/evening Today 5 NOV GMT and USA. Do it, pass it on! Thank you
On 04 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, dry and overcast but brightening up soon enough to a fairly sunny morning with many streaks of various forms of cirrus clouds, max temp 8˚, clouding over by midday followed by showers all afternoon, some of them very heavy and continuing into the evening. Winds started off W’ly and gradually turned into the north as the dominant Low slid into the N Sea. 5˚ by 9.30pm.
On 04 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

Some light rain overnight, grey day with cloud increasing to bring rain which got heavier as the day went on. Cold last night as it began clear. Rain stopped now. Booker in his recent column suggested that the MetO was using a different non CO2 biased model for their new winter forecasting. We shall see.
On 04 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

Snow well down the hill this afternoon, but nothing compared to Guy Fawkes night 1985, when we had a midnight snowball fight, but still 24 hrs to go yet.
On 04 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Slighter frost again overnight on the 2nd clearing quickly early morning getting a little milder yesterday though still noticeably cooler as it would be this time of year with drizzle on n off all day. 4 deg this morning and max 8 today grey with the odd bit of blue sky and some light showers and feeling cool with a light wnw breeze.
On 04 Nov 2016, Matt Havicon- Riga wrote:

Winter has arrived early in Riga this year. After a cold October we started seeing sleet at the end of Oct and since 1st Nov it's been at or around zero. This morning I awoke to about 15cm of fresh snow possibly enhanced with the "lake effect" from a relatively warm Baltic sea?. Currently +1 deg with snow flurries. Even by Latvian standards this is a very cold start to winter and a very early start.
On 04 Nov 2016, Geoff wrote:

I usually leave Conspiracy Theories alone- however, in all good faith, how about this? New MetOff Supah Computahs for Evah seem to be converging with Piers on medium term forecasts. 3 Cheers for the oposition except that all they do is to extrapolate a bit further forward than of yore which was justified by the CO2 Credo the extrapolation can still be fitted to their Theology, and they do not need to budge on the sacred foundations of windmillism and the evils of Western Society, or the consequent urgent need for massive transfers of wealth to Swiss Accounts in favour of General HemHem, Putitin the Bankov etc to put things right. If the debate remains stuck on weather forecast accuracy and Nature Notes rather than on Climate, and they have got their act more together on the Weather end of things, it is thus easier to smother dissent for a bit longer-why buy from Piers the Free Trader when a munificent State will 'give you the stuff for free'. Climate is still the issue.
On 04 Nov 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

been winter since Halloween( ancient Celts may have had a point) and ties in well with the 100d forecast. Frost on the ground this morning, with snow on the highest tops. Still some glorious colours fro the larches and beeches here in Atholl, but the leaves 'jewel the ground' as they say.
On 03 Nov 2016, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

Can someone tell me where I can get an explanation for the black solar chart on the top of the Nov 30 day forecast?
On 03 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

Lovely day yesterday but noticeably cooler. Strong frost this morning for the first time. Just enough wind to ruffle the trees but not turn a windmill. Which highlights another part of the renewable stupidity - transmission costs and losses since generation is not where energy is required. Visited a friend with solar panels on Tues. She had no idea about the problems of grid stabilisation and how rotating mass provides this. Sold pensions and investments not an engineer so excused ignorance. But she thought more panels would be good until I shocked her with the growing plan for a grid access fee to cover the loss of grid contributions from panel users. Did anybody watch Arctic Live? To complain you need to watch their drivel and then your complaint will be fobbed off anyway so better to do something more worthwhile.
On 02 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚C at 7.30, cool & cloudy, slight rain for a time but non for the rest of theday, NW’ly wind not as strong as yesterday, mostly cloudy with only occasional sunshine, max temp 8˚. Remarkable how many green trees we still have, but they’re now beginning to turn fast. 4˚ at 10pm.
On 02 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Fantastic starry sky last night, around -1 overnight & with a light frost this morning. Nice crisp cold air & 1 deg by 8.30 a.m getting up to 9/10 deg today, dry and cool to prompt new better fitting hat gloves & winter coat shopping for kids, amazing how much they grow in 3years!-) 5 deg now at 8.30 pm nice night to have a hot choc whilst waiting for a Novembery forecast to read ;-)
On 02 Nov 2016, stephen parker wrote:

This high pressure pattern could be very interesting if it persists.
On 01 Nov 2016, geoff hood wrote:

I have at last put my bees into winter configuration having taken advantage of the 75day offers to get a klate crop of ivy honey, which is the new tastes vile now preparing for winter varroa mite treatments and will use the jan feb 75day offer again to get the date right, Bees are the only Uk insect that doesnt hibernate, they will be heating the nest to 36c in february to bree spring bees and this year i think iwill need to feed in January this year
On 01 Nov 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, cold, dry & clear, November weather. Sunny all day, out of the stiff NW’ly wind it was quite warm but generally only 7˚ in our place, 4˚ by 10.30pm.
On 01 Nov 2016, Joe wrote:

I was watching BBC news this afternoon and Tomasz Schafernake was asked to comment on Met Office latest three month forecast, Nov, Dec, Jan. He suggested a colder theme with winds predominantly from NE/E direction, due to changes in the NAO.
On 01 Nov 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

Another lovely day yesterday with sun all the way once the mist cleared. Mostly grey and overcast today with some drizzle starting at dusk. Still warm.
On 01 Nov 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Another nice day for the garden yesterday, cooler though by the afternoon. This morning I think the October weather has made me soft or it really has swiftly changed to as bitter as it feels, the NE'ly light wind making it feel like 3 or 4 deg this morning, will prob still wrap up and head on outside as it's dry at the mo at 9.30 a.m :)
On 31 Oct 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, wet start and continuing with rain to 10am, drier thereafter and amazingly mild with a max temp of 15˚. However, more rain in the afternoon along with a good cooling of temps, the breeze having turned from the W into the NW as the active front moved S-wards, 6˚ at 10pm.
On 31 Oct 2016, Richard Brown, Hull, East Yorkshire wrote:

Switched my mobile phone on at lunch to find that the MO had spammed my email account with 15 emails from their blog site! Then, number 16 arrived which was an apology from them saying an error had caused several emails to be sent in error! Yeah right! They just wanted to say something, anything at all because there are no records to harp on about this month! If November ends up being cooler than average, will they fiddle their already fiddled figures or will they have a man made meltdown?
On 31 Oct 2016, Sue (30 day subscriber) wrote:

After ten days away I returned to find our glorious red oak living up to its name and everything else in the garden being truly Autumnal. When will the 30 day forecast for us subscribers be out for November - the BBC has pinned its Autumn colours to the mast, time for WA to do so too!
On 31 Oct 2016, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Really enjoying autumn so far and note Piers is forecasting that the drought we have had in the southeast will continue. A walk in Ashridge Estate last weekend was stunning, five encounters with wild deer and a couple of sightings of the famous Chiltern Glis. Bloody big and easily mistaken for squirrels. And well done the local council/National Trust for an example of pointless erections. We got lost as the teatime crepuscule developed, but there ahead was spotted a big metal signpost. Unfortunately the four directions described were all "public bridleway". They should be shot. On "Country File" last night a master clog maker said that they stopped making clogs in the 1850s, because a muddy wet climate made them impractical. Evidence of natural variation has always been around. And if Piers ever gets his debate with smirking Brian Cox, he should ask him about that clip of him in Argentina showing that water levels on the Parana river have correlated with solar cycles since 1900 or so
On 31 Oct 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

More stormy weather with hail this time in the upper North Island of NZ
On 30 Oct 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

8˚C at 7.30, heavy rain around 5am but after that a splendid warm and sunny day with a light S’ly breeze and a max temp of 14˚, even a couple of degrees warmer in full sun, 10˚ by 9.30pm. Ron, we have some bare trees, some beautifully coloured ones and a remarkable number of green leaves still. And, ah yes, #∂ƒ©˙˙∆∑ing clock change!
On 30 Oct 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Friday and Saturday was dry and today especially nice with some lovely blue sky and sunshine, great for clearing up the garden, lots of leaves on the grass for the kids to have fun with, high cloud late afternoon. Max temp 13/14 deg and 11 now around 5.30pm on the whole it's been a fine October.
On 30 Oct 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

horrendous internet probs locally, but now back in action. Our glorious autumn goes on and the colours are extending with the beech and larch now after the earlier glory of the rowans and maples. Been a warm, sunny and dry month up here, not far away from Piers' forecast, though not as tight as September's. Yes did note the grudging comments from the Mobeeb's October's musings/ forecast and I see their early November outlook is going the WA way ( with a grudge of course). Wonder how December will hit them.
On 30 Oct 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

Saturday remained grey with a threat of rain in the late afternoon that never came. Good it stayed dry as worked on the lawn, mowing and dethatching, then clearing around the borders. In a long t-shirt and sweatshirt it was hot work. Good the rain held off as friend and I had a barbecue. Got some supplies at dusk and it was already getting misty. Headtorches are weird in mist as they light the droplets right by your face. Got a good fire going and it was lovely and warm. Didn't need my fleece until much later. Cooked to the sound of aconrs dropping from the trees and the odd animal rustling. A few planes took off from Gatwick - no, the airport is not 'full' like Heathrow. Lots of quiet spells and takeoffs end quite early. It could use extra runway at certain times. And during the evening the sky cleared above the mist. Misty and grey so far today.
On 30 Oct 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

More hail in our region yesterday, fortunately we were okay. Its been a tough spring for growers here.
On 29 Oct 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, overcast but soon brightening up somewhat with occasionally good sunny spells and turning milder as the day went on, max temp 13˚ which is good for end October and spot on for last period of Piers’ Oct forecast (the Indian summer hasn’t materialised here in the same way as down south, we’re just too close to the North Pole). In fact, this has been a good autumn so far, with some of our late planted veg able to catch up, it’s also been dry again for almost a week, enabling us to ‘winterize’ the garden, as the Americans call it, i.e. get stuff cleared & dug or covered before the dreich winter weather. 8˚ at 9.30pm
On 29 Oct 2016, @Piers_Corbyn wrote:

THANKS FRED. Yes interesting times ahead! ALL SEE THE Weekend - to Monday Prepare-for-Nov-to-Feb up to 72%OFF OFFERS. The offers end overnight on 31st/1st. Do it & Pass on!
On 29 Oct 2016, Fred wrote:

Let's see what type of winter they forecast. I strongly recommend getting Piers on reduction now. Very interesting weather periods to come.....raised my eyebrows
On 29 Oct 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

Richard - that made me laugh. Wish I could have seen it. So the suggestion is that this October isn't a record and so their warmest year evah is starting to melt away. Weather staying much the same. Grey mornings that brighten to sun. Still grey this morning at noon. Sun was a bit earlier yday. Still feeling quite warm, even into the evenings. A bit of Autumn colour appearing but with a lot of green still.
On 29 Oct 2016, Richard Brown, Hull, East Yorkshire wrote:

The weeks weather outlook on BBC news 24 was notable for the fact that Nick Miller seemed to want to refer to some sort of record temps for October but didn't. Banging on about the temps and how mild it was etc. I was waiting for the usual Met/BBC dogma but it never arrived!! Poor old Nick seemed desperate to spout something. Then, shock, horror, he said that it was getting cooler next week and that looking further ahead, it could stay cool but with average or just below average temps. It was cringe worthy to watch him do a forecast with no record temp/warmth being mentioned.
On 28 Oct 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

3˚C at 7.30, much fresher with the breeze turned into the W, quite sunny though, especially in the afternoon but max temp only 9˚, some remarkable pressure wave clouds of all shapes & sizes, midges out again, 4˚ by 9pm under a clear starry sky, might get some frost tonight.