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Climate Change Conspiracy theory - Charlatan & Fraud Watch
(ongoing/Clexit-UN Climate Agreement Exit)

BBC + 'Climate experts' falsely claim extreme weather events driven by Man / CO2 'Climate Change'
(12 July)  BBC TV news are in high Climate Alarm mode listing many extreme weather events as somehow evidence of CO2 driven man-made Climate Change. 
The FACT is their claims are dishonest and there is no objective climate scientist who would disagree that the extremes experienced are the wrong type of extremes for the CO2 warmist theory.  
CO2 warmism requires the Jet Stream to be shifted poleward and not show large waviness and lead to relatively benign hot (possibly extreme) summers and mild winters in Britain and Ireland for example. The opposite is observed. The Jet Stream has shifted south, shows great waviness and consequential extreme weather EVENTS which follow from WeatherAction's Solar-Lunar theory of weather and climate in which CO2 has no role. See

Piers Corbyn says it like it is: 
"This BBC News misrepresenation of Scientific fact on Climate and weather events is hyperbolic poppycock - as disgraceful as their misrepresentation of my brother Jeremy Corbyn and their extreme pro EU 'Remain-sulk' bias. Their talk of temperatures of 38C in Cardiff and 41C in London by 2050 is barmy and not founded on any scientific evidence-based argument and I challenge Roger Harrabin to back-up his deluded alarmist claims
"The public also needs to know that Prof Sir Brian Hoskins has still failed to come up with any observational real-world evidence in support of the CO2-driven climate change theory following my public challenge* to him in Imperial College on 16th May." (*see last articles on this page)
"WHY many wonder do the elite establishment media, academics and polticians refuse to release actual evidence for their CO2-ClimateChange story? If they had it they would tell you. It is because they have no evidence!
"AND WHY do they get so upset when the facts - the Climate Realist side of the CO2 climate controversy - actually gets coverage? If it were any other little argument between scientists about neutrino mass, fossil formation or brain cells who would care? 
"THE REASON is that the CO2 CON - the false and fraudulent theory of Man-made Climate change is VITAL IDEOLOGICAL GLUE which holds together the deindustrialisation and asset-stripping of the UK, USA and EU under the 'green' rampant #WallStreet globalisation agenda
Which forces up food and fuel prices worldwide under CO2 taxes, handouts for stupidity like wind farms and burning food for biofuels in the name of saving the planet; 
Which boosts the failing #WallStreet multi-national corporations and their agents Obama and Clinton and Blairite-Cameron 'Labour'-Tories back up into world-plunder under cover of green happy-clappy 'SaveThe Planet' Agenda 21 and all the NewSpeak trade deals and local, regional, national and international diktats #EU-#UK-#TTIP-#EUETS and the list goes on." 

Prof Sir Brian Hoskins et al have FAILED SINCE 16 May to provide OBSERVATIONAL REAL-WORLD EVIDENCE that CO2 changes drive changes in Climate.
If politicians FAIL to provide evidence of fundamental assumptions they normally get removed from office. WHY SHOULD WE ACCEPT LOWER STANDARDS OF EVIDENCE FROM SCIENTISTS THAN POLITICIANS?  
See below for Piers Corbyn's challenge issued at Imperial College 16May
The craven agents of BigOil - Aljazeera (owned by BigOil state Qatar) and BBC have launched a TOTAL LIE campaign that (ManMade) Climate Change (warming) is killing coral reefs (at record rates - of course) due to "hot" (LOL) water.   
FACTS: (i) The NATURAL process of ElNino caused that 'hot' water they mention.  
(ii) The idea that it is 'record hot' depends on a) selecting a place where it is warmer than it might have been in the past under SHORT records, b) data fraud - all 'average' temperatures now are bumped up by about 0.5C (see bottom of this blog page); c) Actual world temperatures are declining (see bottom of this blog page) so this local warming of whatever size is NOT part of a general warming. Tbe REAL WORLD is cooling.  
(iii) In the present wild Jet Stream (aka MiniIceAge in winters) conditions air and sea current swings and temperature swings (eg ElNino) tend to be bigger than normal and there are not records of coral reef Sea temps going back to the last WildJetStream/MiniIce Age (Dalton Minima of early 1800s). These wild swings due to the wild Jet Stream are direct evidence SUPPORTING the solar-lunar theory and a DIRECT NEGATION of the CO2 story - see Item 4 in page Intro above

Tue 17 May
Piers Corbyn challenges Top Meteorology professor to provide observational evidence of so-called man-made 'climate change'.
On Mon 16th May at the annual Imperial College Lighthill Lecture* - this year by Professor Sir Brian Hoskins on 'Predicting Weather and Climate' - WeatherAction astrophysicist Piers Corbyn, First class Physics graduate from Imperial College, challenged Sir Brian to produce observational evidence of CO2 driving changes in Climate
In the discussion section of the event Piers thanked Sir Brian for his superb presentation on meteorology concepts and processes and said that however he had difficulty with his comments on Carbon dioxide and climate. Piers said
"The problem you have is that there is no observational evidence that world temperatures follow CO2 levels but the relationship is the other way. The trace gas CO2 follows temperatures with delays of some centuries because the relative partition between CO2 in the air and in the sea - which holds 50 times more CO2 than the atmosphere - is controlled by Sea (surface) temperatures (under Henry's Law) and I challenge you to provide evidence of your claims"
Sir Brian said there was evidence in the UN IPCC reports. 
Piers said "No, there is no evidence in those reports only opinion. We must rely on evidence not opinion". Sir Brian said he agreed evidence not opinion was required. Piers said Yes we need to see a graph of observational evidence please send evidence to "

Afterwards Piers gave his business card with email to Sir Brian.

Further Comment from Piers: We will keep WeatherAction site updated on any responses. Sir Brian's CO2 and Climate claims did not follow in any way from the main part of his presentation on world weather description parameters and meteorological concepts and processes. 
His claims that Man's CO2 lasts thousands of years and that this is causing Ocean acidification are factually false (but we didnt have time to discuss these). For a start IF Man's CO2 lasts thousands of years in the atmosphere it cannot also be in the sea causing so-called 'acidification'. The fact is that because the sea holds 50 times more CO2 than the atmosphere even if all atmpsheric CO2 went into the sea - let alone man's 4% contribution to it - which anyway it cannot because of Henry's partition Law, it could potentially have only a trivial effect which is further suppressed by the 'buffer solution' nature of the sea. 
There is a dynamic balance between CO2 in the sea and air and on average half any atmosperic CO2 will enter the sea in a few years and CO2 is similarly releaased from the sea at close to the same rate.

WANews16No12 (PCCC1) ClaimsThat2015WasWarmestverAreDataFraud 
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