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WELCOME to @Piers_Corbyn Special "politics & All That" blog page
This blog was started because of the increasing number of people who want to discuss the overlap of politics and Climate Change and the ever widening political situation around Brexit (in which the EU-Climate change has significant importance) and the position of Piers' brother Jeremy - leader of the Labour Party. The videos and documents below are of special interest.  
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=> EU was CIA creation - AlexJones interview
=> AND an investigation (not Vid) into Joe Cox's killer: 
also see WindowsOnTheWorld Vid Dr NickKollerstrom

Latest important post Brexit links in date order
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CityOfLondon Blairites plot Coup against JeremyCorbyn
Includes Refs to MPs: Hodge (Oppenheimer), Harman and Reports: Chilcot, paedo cover-ups. . 
Piers Corbyn "We will  fight them..." speech against Coup against brother - delivered in Parliament sq beside Churchill statue Mon 27 June 2016 
John Pilger superb must Read for Remainers and Brexiters / Lexiters:
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LATEST 20 July on #ChickenCoup NEWS The eagle Never Landed now its Blairite Owen

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Hot Political Topics! Comments from Piers Corbyn...

ABOVE (25 June) Tornado / Funnel Cloud at Chesterfield Tony Benn's old constituency! 
Tony Benn speaks through The tornado / Funnel cloud on 25 June:- "Listen to The People or ye shall reap the wirlwind".  He must be turning in his grave at the site of his son The #HilaryBenn-The-Duplicitous plotting against Jeremy Corbyn. The ruling elites in UK, EU and USA are in denial of what has happened and have started #ProjectChaos to head off change to manipulate Remain campaigners and dupe MPs. Piers Corbyn speaks in the New 'Politics & all that' Blog

Sat 2 July
The 'After Brexit politicians must listen(or whatever it's called, the name keeps changing) march today in London showed many disappointed that the Remain side lost and a range of views including no view on what should be done now.
I suggest the way forward is to make sure that whatever you (if you were a Remainer) are concerned about is not lost on EuExit. So if you thought various rights eg at work might be weakened on Exit then defend them now (although I dont think there is anything in EU law like that which is not already in UK law) and campaign against anything bad.
WATCH CAREFULLY ANY who purport to support your concerns. There are politicians around who want to use the decision for their own ends such as:-
- eg to attack JeremyCorbyn - absurdly claiming Labour's 62% who voted Remain is too low and blaming Jeremy while describing the SNP figure of 63% as great. Why not call on Nicola Sturgeon to resign?
- To Reverse or undermine the Democratic clear EXIT result so as to still give WallStreet corporations an in (via #TTIP-EU changed to #TTIP-UK) to de-industrialise and asset strip the UK.
- To USE their undermining of the democratic Brexit vote to trash other democratic processes eg try and get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, hide the #Chilcot Iraq war inquiry behind BBC promoted chaos, slow down other processes (see vids and articles above).

I say: 
#DefendReferendum and campaign in there to defend what you want and get the positive outcomes you want otherwise the field gets left to others. 
#KeepCorbyn - Join Labour to defend him against the unjust monstrous attacks 

(issued 25 June)
WELCOME! WELL DONE to all who on  INDEPENDENCE DAY voted to leave the EU in what would have been your last ever effective vote unless the Leave vote won. 
We voted for a new UK - a new way forward of Hope and self-determination where we decide our own future and initiatives and place in the world. Discussion on new possibilities are now open as never before for 70 years. 

NOW is the time to get all - including those who voted Remain - to join into new possibilities. They must be shown how they were misled.   I was present in Millbank Tower when Brexit / Leave / Lexit ('Left'Exit) celebrated with the rest of the UK as Victory became clear. There as everywhere it is clear WHAT HAPPENS NOW is not the perogative of any one particular group but the property of The People - in a new debate of possibilities.

We voted for UK independence from the EU and so blocked the dark forces which are trying to imprison us all in the anti-democratic EU which robs us, stifles initiative, impoverishes us all economically, and seeks to de-industrialize, privatize and asset-strip the UK and its welfare services such as the NHS.

EVERYBODY who voted Leave played a vital part and overcame an incredible international hurricane of misinformation, Lies, brainwashing and innuendo around items such as about: immediate economic recession, World War3, JoCox's murder....


They will stop at no diversion or trick to impede democrcay. 
We have to resist them at every turn. The most incredible turn was taken by the Blairites saying that Jeremy Corbyn Labour Leader should resign because David Cameron Tory leader lost his referendum and CHOSE TO RESIGN even though his Party had agreed at the start of the campaign that he could stay on in the event of defeat.  They are not asking for the leaders of the Greens or LibDems or SNP to quit, so what is their problem? They appear to be saying Jeremy "didnt do enough". Actually as all involved know Jeremy worked very hard up and down the UK campaigning for the Labour Party policy that although there are very many things wrong with the EU on balance the UK should Remain In to change it. 
RemainINEU was in the end rejected by the electorate because they were not prepared to take the risk of staying in the EU. The electorate were being daily warned about Risks and it was THIS ONE which was 'The Risk Too Far' which ensured the LEAVE vote whatever anyone said. 

Jeremy carried out Labour Party policy to the full and did as always more than required so what are they saying he should have done?

The Blairites problem was that when the public asked Jeremy told the truth about the EU; While putting ther case to Remain  HE SPELT OUT THE FACTS and REFUSED TO LIE.

If anyone should quit the scene it is not Jeremy Corbyn who has more support in the Party than any leader ever; but the anti-democratic spin-doctors and has-beens who along with their cronies in USA Wall Street, the US Govt and 'Experts' and floundering leaders across Euurope, have just failed to trick the UK public to Remain quietly in the EU prison.

The truth is, as I said on a number of radio and filmed interviews on 24 June, that Jeremy is the best placed of all leading lights in both sides of the EU Referendum campaigns to play a vital role in negotiations and preparations for EU-Exit because he has spoken the truth and refused to be drawn along with the most absurd and dishonest scare stories which came up.  Truth and Effective negotiations is the LAST thing the Blairites want.

Defend The Referendum and Build practical accountability from below campains
 We Need our politicians and a cross-party negotiating team backed by campaigns across the UK to:- Defend The EU Referendum and implement practical steps NOW in leaving the EU and building Practical accoutable democacy from below. 

Here is a list of SOME things that would be good to start with:
IMMEDIATELY stop EU handouts to businesses to relocate UK industrial operations to other countries (eg Turkey, India...)
IMMEDIATELY bring back UK Fisheries.
IMMEDIATELY end all UK involvement in the EU-US TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) which would enable asset stripping of UK services.
IMMEDIATELY end application of the EUETS (Emission Trading Scheme) in UK which eg was used to prevent new industry (which required Carbon credits) from replacing the destroyed Teeside steel works.
END ALL PRIVATISATION MOVES IN NHS AND IN OTHER SECTORS - some of which are encouraged in EU regulations {example in France - Railway privatisaion is being pushed by EU regulations}.
STOP ALL SOCIAL CLEANSING, destruction and demolition of estates and communities (which is arising especially in London and cities across the UK from 'hostile' speculative investment). ALL DEVELOPMENT & REGENERATION SCHEMES must be subject to binding local ballots. 

NOTE ALL of the above is what think and, as always, any who want comment on Official Labour Party and my brother, Jeremy Corbyn's views must contact his Press Office. Thank you. 
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On 26 Oct 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

A good example of the problem around Brexit comes from Financial Times columnist and top economist with lots of prestige - John Kay. He looks at the important area of non-tariff trade barriers which have a far greater effect on trade than tariffs. So far so good. And goes on to say that regulations will stay much as they are post EU and there is no chance of a bonfire of regulations. And he mentions jam for his example. The problem? Richard North points out that the regulations for jams are a Codex standard that is international. So our acclaimed expert does not know that the EU are merely putting global regulations in place as they are required to. And this is true of many areas where the EU is just another layer of bureaucracy passing on international regulations that once free we can be involved in preparing. I like his term for these people 'Little Europeans' as they can't see the bigger picture.
On 24 Oct 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The most amazing - although not to some of us - thing to come out of the media regarding Brexit is just how little the media understand anything at all about our relationship with the EU and how we have integrated our governance with them over the last 40 odd years. And what is also coming out is that the politicians and bureaucrats have no clue either. The only certain thing we voted for was to leave the EU. Nothing else. In order to effect our departure within the Article 50 timescale there is no other way to go bar EEA/EFTA to start with. Nothing else will provide such little damage to the UK economy. And since with Single Market membership comes to ability to control movement and greater influence on the rules than we have as an EU member, and a reduction from 20000 odd EU rules to just over 5000, why would anyone object to it and want to plunge us into the WTO rules chaos.
On 24 Oct 2016, @Piers_Corbyn FOLLOW ON TWITTER wrote:

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On 23 Oct 2016, wrote:

Interesting comments all. Amazing what stuff coming out in media re Brexit. As a fact it is totally clear from both sides during the referendum that LEAVE MEANS Leaving single market and UK TO HAVE TOTAL CONTROL of its own borders ie no automatic free movement to EU. There will be plenty of TRADE and MOVEMENT no doubt but under arrangements other than EU. ALL SEE HOME PAGE, ALL WINTER MONTHS NOW LOADED IN B+I ALL WINTER NOW. If you already have DEC or DEC+JAN you can get the rest in the BI WINTER ADD ON for £80 and get any overlap extensions at no charge. Do it and pass it on thanks.
On 22 Oct 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

The lame brains of the legacy media and politicians are struggling with the concept of a customs union at the moment. Given their collective ignorance they confuse a customs union with the single market. The single market is a 'common regulatory area' not a customs union and as it stands membership of the customs union is only available to EU members. EEA and EFTA members have customs cooperation agreements that allow goods to flow with minimal checking and then only in cases of concern. So we would need to agree a customs cooperation during our negotiation. If not then chaos will reign.
On 21 Oct 2016, Piers Corbyn @Piers_Corbyn , Gaffer wrote:

HELLO ALL. Thanks for Comms. In case you havnt noticed LOOK NOW HOME PAGE! EARLY BIRD ALL WINTER (NOW) £100 - goes to £200 on 22nd. Hurry hurry and pass-on. Usual full extensions for overlaps apply. Thanks Piers
On 17 Oct 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

I thought I had eye trouble when reading that Clegg had said something sensible but no, it is indeed true. He has noticed that there are countries in the Single Market that are not EU members and have more control over the movement of people. And then he suggests we should look at this. Even more amazing, an article in the Independent referring to EEA Agreement Articles 112 and 113, the power to halt anything within the agreement including freedom of movement. But for every flash of light, as Rhys notes, the legacy media are in the dark. Comment pieces from both Daily Mail and CityAM saying that we voted to leave the Single Market. No, we voted out of the EU. Joining EFTA and remaining in the EEA is not backsliding. Saying that Osborne and Cameron said we had to leave the Single Market is missing that they were lying. They had to try to link the two for their Project Fear. Incompetent Vote Leave should have been shouting they were not the same.
On 13 Oct 2016, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Thanks Rhys and Paddy It would appear that sectarian warfare ignited in Syria, because of US opportunism. State Department psychopaths had back pedalled since the strategic blunder of putting down their pet rottweiler Saddam and in so doing removing a Sunni bulwark against Iran. Their radio rental reasoning led them to counter balance the blunder by attempting to overthrow the minority Shia regime of Assad. It's all a big board game to these nutjobs. It is indisputable that the vile John McCain was conferencing with All Baghdadi way back before Obama was plucked for stardom. This Kissinger like anti-humanity and indifference to morality and human suffering really sucks.
On 13 Oct 2016, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Mark - the problem is that there is no punishment for editors and journalists lying, publishing unchecked propsganda or simply saying anything we do is OK but if the Russians do a bit of it too it is a crime. Rather idiot editor of the Jewish Chronicle claimed yesterday in the DT that Stop the War are traitors for 'supporting dictators', when any cursory due diligence since 1945 says the UK/US/Israel will support any pliant dictator and will overthrow any democratically elected leader who does not become a US vassal. I have given up on the MSM, it is now a question of finding alternative routes to challenge them, as they are all now banning comment as too much is hostile to journalistic ignoramuses. is interesting in some ways but does slip in some far left propaganda occasionally (as opposed to fact based analysis which may support certain views on certain subjects).
On 13 Oct 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The BBC and Hilary Clinton seem to be trying to start a was with Russia for some reason. The BBC probably because the Russians don't believe in global warming and have honest scientists. What a turn around - believing the Russians rather than the BBC. And the whitewash report on the shooting down of the plane over Ukraine managed not to ask a very important question - did Obama and the US know that the Ukrainian freedom fighters had the capability to shoot down passenger flights? Their tracking systems can't have missed the shooting down of a Antonov transport 3 days earlier surely? And if so why were flights not diverted away?
On 12 Oct 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Well said, Mark Hall. See here
On 11 Oct 2016, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Getting a bit fed up with the media propaganda about Syria. We had Andrew Mitchell on BBC breakfast news telling us that the Russian intrusion was unprecedented in modern times. Hang on a minute, they were invited in by the Syrian government so compared to the illegal invasion of Iraq by the US coalition it is above board internationally. The "moderate rebels" in east Aleppo that are armed by the US are affiliates of Al Queda and ISIL. 600,000 civilians have fled from these barbarians in the past few years to the protection of the government controlled areas. Many of the remaining 80,000 want to leave ( Assad has promised safe passage) ,but are prevented from doing so by the islamist terrorists. They executed several dozen civilians just the other day. Western powers bombed to death hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq and 60,000 to death in Libya, but apparently Syrian casualties are the only ones that are unacceptable. All because the US wants regime change.
On 10 Oct 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Richard north today highlights that the media are completely lost on Brexit and are going to be for a long time. Hard or soft? Fluffy or cuddly? The truth is no PM who wants to win the 2020 election is going to ruin the UK economy. So no hard Brexit. And the soft one isn't optimal either. But in order to get out before the election a sub-optimal solution is required. And at last there are signs that this is being understood by government. What we now need is the future path. As Richard has long said - Brexit is a process not an event. The government needs to show us what next. Can they be bold enough to go for democratic reform to repair our flawed system. As he says, what is the point of having won our freedom from Brussels if we just give it back to the parliament that gave it away in the first place?
On 08 Oct 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

The Single Market is a Common Regulatory Area - not a protectionist trade cartel. Common rules means that trade is much easier which is why post Brexit there won't be a great bonfire of regulations. Industry likes regulations to some extent - on products rather than stupid health and safety, diversity etc - as it saves money. A global tyre standard will save billions for manufacturers. Applying Article 112 is not a stunt but is using the agreement as it is intended. You have to bear in mind that the EU wants to sound tough to try to keep the others in line, and that Hollande and Merkel are staring down the barrel of election defeats next year so are playing to their electorates. The clause is a pressure relief valve like every treaty bar Lisbon has to keep countries from being forced to leave. Do you think if there was one in the EU we would have voted to leave? Korea and Canada don't have the access we have and will have with EEA/EFTA membership.
On 07 Oct 2016, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

If the EU operates a protectionist trade cartel and has more naked political ambitions than ever before, is there really much of a chance that they would allow the UK to pull a stunt like article 112 through EFTA? I have my doubts. We are dealing with hard nosed apparatchiks. Why not play our own game? They will respect us more for that. What is so bad about being treated like, say, Canada or South Korea?
On 06 Oct 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Big business are making claims for the cost of Brexit but nobody is taking much notice as they all backed the failed Remain campaign. What they are really complaining about is leaving the Single Market and if they had been honest they should have been campaigning to remain in the Single Market not the EU. That was a big elephant in the referendum. Not making clear that the EU and the Single Market are not the same. The Remain deliberately muddied the water by joining the two things and as with most of their campaign, Vote Leave were too stupid to see how emphasizing the difference would neuter the Remain economic argument. It is gradually moving forward with understanding of the need for a quick exit solution and hence EEA/EFTA.
On 05 Oct 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

On 03 Oct 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The PM has spoken...but what did it mean? Time will tell whether it was clever or not. It was full of contradictions but the media would never notice that. A prominent mention of food labeling for some reason which is notable for it not being under the rule of the EU but a global Codex from the WTO. Nobody has ever suggested leaving the WTO. Then we have accepting all EU rules into UK legislation to work through at our leisure including the small print that we will abide by international agreements. This would be Flexcit and the EEA/EFTA option noting that we won't be able to control all areas. Hopefully it was a speech to shut down those who think we can do without the Single Market and just leave by repealing the European Communities Act by suggesting doing what they want while at the same time not doing it.
On 01 Oct 2016, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Thanks Gerry. Yes this appears to be the only policy that former community organiser Backtrack Obama has not disavowed. Giving him the Nobel Peace Prize, for bombing the shit out of anyone the US dislikes, gave the totally wrong signal. It has been suggested that the current election is a choice between Hitler and Hitlarry. But at least the Donald is not in bed with Wall Street and spouting climate mythology. It is a great shame to me as a socialist that so many more people on the right are not swallowed up by the AGW nonsense. I suppose certain values and beliefs are more emblematic than anything else. And a lot of people really don't want to think for themselves. Very sad.
On 30 Sep 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Shulman has an agenda and is signed up to the BBC/Guardian line. There is no way he would be impartial. As for the others - this is probably a prestige thing again. WE must find out! WE can't possibly learn anything from others that don't have OUR prestige. Interestingly they might not like what they find. Spaceweather refers to the South Atlantic Anomaly with its high radiation level. It is moving and changing in size. Of great interest is that it affects the readings of scientific devices that pass through it - that's how they found it. What effect might this have on things? More unknown stuff in science it would seem. A Donald Trump win could kill off global warming. Obummer is illegally using the EPA to force through his climate change plans that would not get through congress or the senate. Donald has an arch realist in mind to take over the EPA. How badly that would go down with the warmists.
On 30 Sep 2016, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Fantastic speech by Jeremy at conference the other day. But just want to comment on a lamentably credulous article on the BBC website today by one of their so called science editors called David Shulman. Apparently "a major international effort is underway to research one of the greatest unknowns in weather forecasting - the influence of the jet stream". It is disgraceful that they pretend that this particular scientific field is untrampled until now. Ignoring pioneers like Piers who have gone further still and explained how the jet stream itself is influenced by solar activity, magnetic effects and planetary alignments. Reading around a subject before you pontificate on an establishment press release would seem to be the correct approach. Dishonest journalism, lazy journalism, or a thick journalist. These are the influences on the stream of myths emanating from bozos like Shukman.
On 27 Sep 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Good to see Corbyn J remain in charge. And he should be proud to put forward his socialists beliefs. As for deselecting MPs - that power should lie with the local members. If they think somebody not in tune with the leader is right for them that is fine. If it means MPs leaving to found another party or join another one fine. Maybe there should be a Blairite party for those in Labour and Tory parties to join. then we could have a conservative party again.
On 25 Sep 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

The current Brexit topic making the news is financial passporting. This is where membership of the EEA allows mutual financial services across the Single Market. Picked out has been the fact that more companies outside the UK use it than UK companies but that doesn't really have any relevance. May was told in New York by the big US banks that they want to know what is planned soon or they might start moving operations out of London. As more industries put their views there should emerge only one sensible option - remaining in the Single Market. The lunatic fringe of Tories and Labour will still object to this because of free movement of people but then they stubbornly refuse to see Article 112. At the moment it is fair to say that Davis and May don't see it as the solution yet but with much of our money being spent on consultants, somebody is going to spot Article 112 at some point. Booker pointed out last week that non-EU immigration is our bigger problem.
On 21 Sep 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

There is a degree of irony in the air of the Swiss-EU talks on freedom of movement. The Swiss rejected joining the EEA and went for its own deal with the EU that is quite rigid. The EU would like as a concession to movement conditions the deal to become dynamic so that EU rule changes are automatic as they are in the EEA. The Swiss would have to vote on this and might say no. The irony is had they accepted the EEA deal in 1999, they would already have the power to limit migration under Article 112. The deadline to resolve this is February. This is why the Swiss option is not a good choice for the UK and it is unlikely the EU would agree to it anyway. If the Swiss go ahead without a deal then if they break one treaty they all collapse and the Swiss economy will be in deep trouble. Same if we rely on WTO rules but thankfully May will never sanction that.
On 20 Sep 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Greatly disappointed to see Owen Paterson joining one of the hard Brexit lunatic groups. I thought he had intelligence but it seems to have gone. today Richard North exposes the stupidity of Peter Lilley who thinks we can negotiate a deal like S Korea in 2 years. He lists all the subjects the 1400 odd pages cover. Formal negotiation took 5 years but the ground work started much earlier making it about 18 years in total. But then if you point this out to them you get them bleating 'they need us more than we need them' 'we can just use the WTO rules'. We should give thanks that these lunatics aren't in charge of the asylum. Lib Dem leader wants another vote on the final deal. I guess the detail of triggering Article 50 has past him by. If the deal is rejected then we leave with nothing. I think his brain cell thinks a rejection would allow us back in.
On 18 Sep 2016, @Piers_Corbyn London Chief Forecaster wrote:

THANKS FOR COMMS ALL! There is a lot going on! For info the said William Connolley who had been a Green Party candidate in the past in Cambridge I understand - put a great deal of effort into 'editing' my so called 'Auto(LOL) biog on Facebook. Very very dishonest. =>=> ALL SEE THE NEW AMAZING OFFER THREE MONTHS FOR ONE for ALL NEW (ie not subbed in last 12m) SUBS. Please pass this info on to ANYONE who might consider subbing - Do ReTweets FaceBook blogs websites! Thanks Piers
On 16 Sep 2016, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Yes, the shrill grammar school girl soon caved after her initial bluster. Most politicians appear to be performing monkeys trained to disseminate whatever script they have been given. Like actors, but nowhere as good in most cases (and far uglier). I bet she doesn't even know that Thorium Salt technology exists, because her trainers didn't bother to mention it. They will tell everyone that cost overruns are shielded in the contract, but will neglect to inform us that the French gang are suing Finnish investors who are objecting to costs doubling (and years of delay). And national security does not appear to figure much in all this. War criminals Blair and Brown sold our 8 remaining nuclear plants to the French gang (EDF/Areva) in 2008. Does anyone really believe that a foreign company convicted of corporate malfeasance a couple of years ago will act in our national interest. Expect more leaks, more pollution, more renegade decommissioning and the everpresent risk of a meltdown.
On 15 Sep 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

It is not known as Thickiepedia for nothing. No great surprise that the warmists change things since they can't handle the truth. Mainly because the truth disagrees with them. Everything there has to be treated with caution since anybody could have written stuff. Think how ignorant a lot of comments you see on blogs or news pages. This particular item is getting good blog circulation. Sadly it seems the government is adding a second white elephant to its collection by agreeing Hinckley. So we will have an insanely expensive, late, over budget, loss making and underperforming railway and the world's most expensive generating plant that may never even work since the first one is years behind schedule.
On 14 Sep 2016, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

There is an absolutely astonishing 13th September article on CLIMATE DEPOT about the abusive behaviour of a Wikipedia gatekeeper called William Connolley. He is also a cofounder of the AGW blog real along with Michael Mann and Gavin Schmidt. Anyway over a number of years he systematically removed articles and references to the 1970s consensus that global cooling was in progress (at the time). He also erased or rewrote articles about the MWP and LIA to enhance the hockey stick myth. He also had 2000 or so contributors barred because they were not fanatical warmists. The author of this expose of corruption (Kenneth Richards) suggests that the current climate era should be renamed "The Adjustocene". The whole thing inspires revulsion, that these creeps have managed to pervert science and public perception so brazenly.
On 14 Sep 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Richard North has noted that a rare thing has happened. A senior politician - David Davis no less - has utter the words 'non-tariff barriers'. Are the clouds about to part and enlightenment come. Well, early days but to have him actually acknowledge that they exist is a huge step forward from the drivel about tariffs. The non-tariff barriers are the important ones but not that Dyson knows that as he spouts drivel. I guess he knows nothing about AEOs either. Approved Economic Operators came about post 11 September as trade threatened to freeze up. To be able to trade without every shipment needing inspection requires membership of a group. And ours is...the Single Market. Probably no surprise to the educated.
On 11 Sep 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

GREAT CONTRIBUTIONS ALL! See today on home page REPORT notes of The amazing ClimateChange (Realists) international conference London 8-9Sept including LINK to my Presentation; AND TODAY ONLY NOTE the TWO FOR ONE (Sep +Oct Free, 6m for 12 and 12m to get 24) OFFER TO CONFERENCE ATTENDEES APPLIES TO EVERYONE - so get in there and pass this on Thanks! PC
On 10 Sep 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

Some unwise moves recently by Corbyn J - is he getting bad advice? The train stunt was absurd. As to energy, the statement has drawn a remarkably sensible statement from a trade union on the effect it will have on the economy and jobs. Perhaps it is outrage that destroying jobs and damaging the economy is the province of the unions? Meanwhile on Brexit there is just noise in the media from both sides. Remoaners still trying to comprehend defeat and comforting themselves with 'they didn't really mean it and if we can do it again the result will be different'. Vote Leavers still in their knowledge vacuum. Davis is spending a lot of our money on legal advice whereas had he read the Flexcit and the ongoing monographs he would have all he needs to know. At least we know the EU are not any better informed. May is doing better than expected and look to Article 50 declaration post German elections next year when we should be ready.
On 08 Sep 2016, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Yes that Energy Strategy sounds very disappointing, but I imagine JC can only fight so many battles at anyone time. I understand he is open to the idea of some kind of scientific review of Climate policy based on the science. Hope this wasn't it. Unfortunately the party, like the rest of the liberal establishment, is in thrall to IPPC propaganda. A lot of people, too lazy to think for themselves or carry out a rudimentary examination of the theory and data, settle for the safe default position of harbouring the easy virtue of AGW belief. I have been denounced in Labour meetings by people who think CO2 is 95% of the Greenhouse effect and didn't even know that there are solar cycles and oceanic oscillations. This groupthink will only change when the numbers emphasise a cooling trend. It will take a long time, because these jokers will falsely claim that droughts caused by high pressure blocking are really due to global warming. Or that future falls in atmospheric CO2 are due to Paris
On 07 Sep 2016, Climate Change Chronicle wrote:

Jeremy Corbyn unveils bold new energy Fantasy ... see .. THIS IS NUTS .... Nottingham's "Solar King" and so called "Eco-House" owner, ex-MP Alan Simpson has brainwashed Barry Gardiner into believing this Utter Tosh, and he in turn has passed these deluded ideas to Jeremy's speechwriters, or at least that's how it seems if I am being charitaible.. More worrying is if Jeremy actually doesn't believe this hogwash, but content to deceive the masses just to gain some extra "green" votes. If the latter is the case, then that is totally unacceptable and reprehensible. We have supported Jeremy over the past several months in his struggle against the disloyal members of his own party, but if he is going down the road of some 65% Green Power Mirage, then alas we cannot support that ! .. it's worth noting the massive pollution caused in making those Solar panels & windmill magnets too
On 05 Sep 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Richard North has two interesting articles recently. One is looking at 'prestige' and how it can blind people into believing something that is said and how it stops those who put forth their views from learning. The second is a wonderful take down of more ignorant drivel from John Redwood about how to leave the EU. I think you are unlikely to go far wrong in assuming all MPs are idiots until proven otherwise than the other way round. Lawson is doing the same in ignorance of Article 112 that allows control of the movement of people.
On 31 Aug 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

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On 28 Aug 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

The constitution votes weren't ignored as the constitution was dropped as it was a step too far too fast for the superstate. It is true that most of it was repackaged as the Lisbon Treaty which did not need to be put to vote they said. Meanwhile Booker points out that the location chosen for the EU 'Trying to look like we know what we are doing' conference celebrates Altieri Spinelli a communist who wrote of a 'united' Europe while in gaol there. That he went on to be a communist MEP and played a role in pushing forward the Maastricht and Nice treaties is not widely known even by those who work in a building named after him. All that is being offered as a solution to all the EU problems is as ever more EU. Their grand expansion plan in Ukraine has so far cost 9000 lives.
On 26 Aug 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

If you want to know some of the inside story on the EU, well written and with understandable explanations of economics go for Yanis Varoufakis’ book “And The Weak Suffer What They Must?”. You may remember that he was Greece’s finance minister for 5 months in 2015. Regardless of what your stance is on IN/OUT you will realise that the referendum was indeed a last chance for people to have a say, they won’t be able to sweep that under the carpet as they have these
On 26 Aug 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

GROUNDBREAKING! Richard North's latest monograph proposes a huge change for Europe and the way the Single Market is operated. I don't know of anyone who is as well versed in all things EU but even he was surprised when delving into the foundation of the EEA. The Flexcit plan has always been about achieving change and not just about Brexit. It is also flexible to allow for change and his latest suggestion for the endgame. Removing control of the Single Market from the EU and passing it to UNECE in Geneva. This wouldn't even need a Treaty but the EEA agreement would need to be changed to remove the need to adopt EU legislation. This would have a benefit for the EU in that it could then concentrate on the creation of the superstate. This could also be the point where it becomes clear to the people what is going on and their chance to decide if they are in or out for this. The outcome will be interesting.
On 22 Aug 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote:

The latest tactic of the Remoaners is to try to make out the leaving the evil empire is just so dreadfully complicated that it is best not to try. As usual their reasoning is faulty due to their complete ignorance. The Vote Leave idiots are not helping much either by jumping up and down and saying why haven't we left yet. The poor children have no idea of the process to leave sine they chose not to bother to write a plan that would have educated them. Informed people will know that there is a lot of groundwork to do before making an Article 50 claim and it is important not to rush this and get it wrong. Thankfully there is no way parliament will let a bill to repeal the ECA 1972 ever get through and destroy this country.
On 22 Aug 2016, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Just replied to an email from Sadiq Khan, who still thinks 172 divided by 232 equates to more than 80% of Labour MPs. Yes, I know that he is only 5% out, but it shows the laziness and innumeracy of these Blairites. He also knows that one third of Labour voters did not know the party's position in the Referendum, because of Jeremy. He must be a mind reader. Or think that we are all thick. But any lawyer who leaves their firm in the lurch mid-case to pursue a parliamentary seat (and then sues them for financial compensation) is untrustworthy in my opinion.
On 11 Aug 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Interesting news, Piers. You will find the majority of politicians in Norway are keen to subjugate their population to the EU but know they will never get it past the public. Richard North's page has lots of information regarding Norway and its relationship with the EU. If a Norwegian claims they have less say in the Single Market than we do they are either ignorant or lying - they have more. They can also take part in international rule making, decide which EU projects to be involved in as many are open to non-members. And enjoy the fish - at least the Spanish can't steal theirs.
On 11 Aug 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

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On 10 Aug 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

While newspapers that are still crying and in counseling following the referendum are trying to paint a negative picture, things are moving along. David Davis is to talk to Norway about EFTA membership. All 4 members need to approve our application. The EFTA leaders meet twice a year and have already been discussing what effect our addition would make given that it would become the 5th largest trading bloc in the World. Most of the legacy media and their contributors to their ignorance haven't realized we don't need to apply to join the EEA since we are already members. So events are suggesting that calm analysis has realized that the quickest way out is EFTA/EEA membership to continue access to the Single Market and using article 112 to control immigration from the EU. It could be a compliment that people are copying the Flexcit and claiming it is their own thinking but credit should be due to Richard North & team for getting it right first time.
On 05 Aug 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Richard, in addition to holding the climate meeting with no scientists the BBC then wasted around £250,000 of licence payers' money fighting an FOIA request to identify the attendees in what became known as the 28Gate scandal. the irony was that the list of attendees was available on the internet courtesy of an attendee boasting of being there. I was pleased to see that the Head of Comedy at the BBC made the meeting. Defund the BBC by watching catch-up TV.
On 05 Aug 2016, Richard Pinder wrote:

Part 2: For me, the evidence was shocking. The IPCC places Scientist at the bottom of the pile, with environmental activists telling the politicians what the scientists are thinking, and with the politicians having the final say. With the BBC, as we see with that seminar, the BBC told complainants that it had obtained advice from a high-level seminar with some of the best scientific experts, who gave the BBC some rather un-scientific advice in rather un-scientific language. The seminar comprised of 58 attendees, of whom half where BBC Management staff, and the other half where Environmental activists. Not a single causational or attributional climate scientist was present. Not a single atmospheric physicist or solar scientist was present at that seminar. So what I want to know is how can the BBC possibly survive any future Judicial Review with the brother of Piers, Jeremy Corbyn and Teresa May abolishing that loony Climate Change Department.
On 05 Aug 2016, Richard Pinder wrote:

As for the politics, I think there are only two Parliamentarians who are scientists, Tory MP, Peter Lilley, who has said that the BBC is ‘afraid of letting a single critic point out that the climate change emperor has no clothes’. And, Labour MP Graham Stringer, who has said about the BBC, ‘This is a form of censorship’. A comment similar to an article I have read about the BBC in a certain high IQ society, complaining about what was called “the BBC‘s censorship policy for climate science, scientists and scientific debate“ But I do remember seeing these two Parliamentary scientists on a Government Committee talking to the worlds top Professor of Atmospheric Physics, Richard Lindzen, MIT (MIT is classed by the UN as the worlds top University). The investigative Journalist, Donna Laframboise, who wrote a book about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change called “The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World's Top Climate Expert”
On 02 Aug 2016, @Piers_Corbyn twitter address, London, Chief forecaster. wrote:

Thanks Gerry. interesting points. All mainstream media ESPEC BBC is very biased against my bro - on a par with modern Turkey official media - and the Guardian is as well but keeps trying to look both ways. See twitter @Piers_Corbyn eg for more! My bros rally of 20,000 in Liverpool yesterday scares the establisment because it denies their torrent of undermining claims. See also alternative media links on WeatherAction home page. ALL, the take up of the amazing start August forecast offers is LOW. Please take-up and pass on. The 12m deals are amazingly good - eg 72% OFF. Thanks PC.
On 31 Jul 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Tim Ball writes some very good articles via WUWT but I have yet to read one of his books. I shall put that right before long. The Guardian's famous 'Comment Macht Frei' open only to comments that affirm the beliefs of the falling readership. While the legacy media is generally not a place to go to learn - the EU Referendum made that glaringly obvious - the Guardian is there to affirm the beliefs of a small group of people and the BBC. Where else would you find it said that the victims of the Nice tragedy were muslims? The Labour leader debate is interesting in that it poses the question of who should elect the leader - the party members or the MPs? Surely it is for the membership to decide the leader. If not then the leader can't claim to speak for the membership in the same way that institutions have taken a position on global warming without consulting their membership.
On 29 Jul 2016, Mark Hall (Herts, UK) wrote:

Gerry, Despite the name, Soloman is far from being alone. "The deliberate corruption of climate science" by Tim Ball is a good eye-opener as well. The Guardian newspaper online are one of the worst offenders with regard to prohibition of criticism of AGW theory. If you politely question the stream of alarmist warming stories for more than a few weeks, they disable your account for spurious reasons such as " going off-topic". Using an analogy or citing a different report/article will be sufficient to get you busted. But the zealots who moderate the environmental site allow any old abuse and insults from the AGW crowd. There is even an official contributor there who made a death threat against a sceptic. After an adult lifetime of buying Guardian/Observer newspapers, I bailed out in the spring. The anti-Corbyn campaign by the liberal nihilists who purport to be journalists is a disgrace too.
On 29 Jul 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The Deniers by Lawrence Soloman is a great read. Although it was written in 2007 I still learnt some things from it. Soloman is a Canadian journalist who decided to see if there were any scientists who did not agree with the so called consensus and settled science for a weekly newspaper column. Expecting only a handful he was shocked to find that he had no problem keeping his column going to the extent he wrote the book. He also found that those he was writing about were the pre-eminent scientists in their field. Interestingly, while they had trashed a prized warmist paper in their sphere, they often believed those in other areas were correct. Too mush trust in their fellow scientists. The final chapter was to look at the warmists and to find that they were not thousands or hundreds but just a small group who had achieved nothing compared to those labeled Deniers. If you can get a warmist to read this book might just open their eyes to the scam.
On 29 Jul 2016, Mark Hall wrote:

Dear Piers, I see that Theresa May has dismantled the Climate Change Department or moved it behind some old furniture in the attic. But what are the chances of the Labour party moving to a more sensible position ( ie recognising the incipient cooling and the irrelevance of atmospheric CO2 increases)? Is the thing (terrible winters, harsh springs and poor summer harvests) going to be upon us before anything gets done? Would your brother be minded to appoint a sceptic/denier/realist to be responsible for strategies to ameliorate a worsening climate, or has he enough on his plate already. I attended a Labour National Policy Forum event this year and streetwise radicals just don't want to know about alternatives to AGW theory. Eyes glaze over or they walk away as if you are insane to question their cosy assumptions. Groupthink is an ugly business, but the galling thing is this palpable sense they have a duty to believe this CO2 propaganda without examination.
On 26 Jul 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

It is amazing that there are so many idiot Tories who STILL think exiting the EU can be done by repealing the European Communities Act and then just sorting out a deal on trade. They are a danger to this country as following their path will see our exports to the EU stop. The EU rules will prevent them from allowing our goods in no matter what effect it has. The UK under WTO would not be legally able to stop the flow of imports from the EU. People need to understand the imbalance here that allows goods in but not out. Had a plan been produced by UKIP, Vote Leave or Leave.EU then all this would not be happening but given the vacuum they created it is no surprise. The Labour party will be needed to vote through a deal that sees us remain in the Single Market while the dumb Tories vote against it. Corbyn will play an important role given his real desire was to leave.
On 24 Jul 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

GOOD COMMS ALL. NOTE the large reduction of upto 70% off forecasts will end night / morning of Sun 24th - Mon 25th. So Do it & Pass it on. Thanks
On 23 Jul 2016, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Got to say that while I don't much like a lot of Corbyn (J)s politics, at least I know what they are and that he actually has principles, which is more than can be said for Blairites who really ought to be in the Lib Dems. Indeed I think that the fall of the liberal party in tbe 1920s in a country where a lot are politically liberal is the root cause. With the Liberal party having no chance of power ambitious liberals joined the Tory and Labour parties instead resulting by the early years of the 21st century of parliament being dominated by three liberal parties. Now with Brexit both Tory and Labour members are taking back control of their parties the liberal fifth column MPs within them are squealing like stuck pigs.
On 21 Jul 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

Thanks UKIP For years we have been told that UKIP is a 'silly little party', without power or influence and why would anyone support it? Having now caused several major political figures to resign, including the former Prime Minister David Cameron, led to the major political earthquake long promised by Nigel Farage tearing the Labour party apart, massed political panic across the EU, many other countries demanding their own referendums to leave the EU, a reawakening of interests in, and by, the Commonwealth, proposed trade deals the like of which we have never known in the last near 50 years, a general feeling of euphoria in the country as we see, at last, the end of the nightmare which is the EU and much more we can reflect that, for a 'silly little party' with just one MP, it 'punches well above its weight'!
On 20 Jul 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

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On 19 Jul 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

And here is an opposite view of the Turkish coup from the one I put up yesterday.
On 19 Jul 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

East side - if the EU was so good why did Remain just offer Project Fear? Where were the benefits? Easy answer - there are none especially if you tell lies to obscure the fact that membership of the Single Market does not require membership of the EU. And since the discovery that using Article 112 of the EEA agreement, the UK can be part of the Single Market and put a limit on migration from EU countries. The EU was a dinosaur before its creation since it is a product of the Great War. With Europe polarized between east and west, the need for a supranational undemocratic superstate after the Second World War had gone. The EU will eventually collapse because of its flaws. The UK was not in great shape when we joined but it was the lack of competence of the likes of Heath and Wilson that they could not see how they could improve this nation that they enslaved us to the EU - in the full knowledge that it was a superstate project not that they would dare mention that.
On 18 Jul 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Turkey coup, see here Brexit is not the only show in town.
On 15 Jul 2016, east side wrote:

"Brexit". This acronym is the biggest suicide note in modern post war European history. It's based entirely on some dystopian myth,- somehow the UK was much better off before it joined the EU. Well, if it was so, how come the British had to call in the IMF under Labour & Gordon sold all the gold for zilch Deindustrialisation+asset stripping was well under way helped by the lunatic unions+that conman Mr Scargill. If Britain somehow believes it can make a go of it all alone, WHILE having squandered all north sea oil & gas, putting all its nuclear engineers into retirement then importing all its aircraft & train technology, then it's an exercise in collective infantile fantasy. Britain has no longer either the industrial or agricultural base it used to have. It imports a lot of energy.It would take decades to pour the required investment back in to reopen the coal mines & all the technology needed to exploit deep south of England oil & the brown fields such as the north sea.
On 12 Jul 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The current alignment of the two main parties is out of date. Corbyn is leading as a traditional labour leader would do and given his belief that leaving the EU was best, would seem to be in tune with a lot of those considered Labour voters. The Blairites are the majority of Labour MPs and also control the Blue Labour party that is referred to as the Conservatives. The Limp Dems are generally irrelevant as they have been most of the time. A realignment of the parties would make sense. I am sure that the majority of Conservative party members are actually conservatives unless they have all left in disgust at Cameron. What will be interesting is what path UKIP take from here given the referendum result. The leave vote combined labour voters with Shire conservatives like myself. Where will they position themselves now? I currently support no party and haven't voted since the 90s as it seemed pointless until the referendum came along.
On 12 Jul 2016, Geoff wrote:

I suspect that many subscribers are more interested in the science and politics of 'Climate Change' than in becoming stuck in a rerun of the Life of Brian as now presented by the Labour Party-which Liberating \Popular Front do YOU subscribe to seemingly now elevated to an obsession. My guess is that the bulk of the £3 invaders are a bunch of the Same Old Same Old Trots mixed in with Greens , 'Progressives' and late adolescents pumped up with IPCC propaganda of the sort who celebrated the end of A levels with a Save the Planet , Smash the Rich demo last year, and whom Piers castigated pretty roundly at the time. So, precious few friends there? Can we please refocus on how we shove as much grit in the intellectual machinery of the Warmists as is consistent with the evidence that Piers and Co have been piling up. Or must I either espouse an Ultra Puritan version of Marxism in order to be worthy of the Manifest Truth, or look elsewhere for any further enlightenment of the AGW scam?
On 12 Jul 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

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On 10 Jul 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Here are some more facts on Brexit and the various narratives about the origin of the EU which need to come out. Audio, about 40 mins, the bulk of interest is in the first half.
On 10 Jul 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

SUPERB INFORMED COMMENTS ALL! The facts on EU must come out and they slowly are. MIKE LEWIS Thanks for comm. Trident is a case of Blair-Cam sabre rattling because honest technology experts point out that Trident is now totally outdated. Those subs are possibly now &/or will be in the future shadowed 24/7 by mini subs (underwater drones) and rendered ineffective when any war moment comes. They are our modern Maginot line - a futile expression of national ego but in the end totally ineffective and a huge waste of resources. As is well known Hitler just marched around the Maginot line, but any politician in France who opposed the Maginot line in the 1930s would doubtless have been denounced as an apologist for Hitler. If Parliament could muster collective intelligence and honesty it would postpone any Trident vote and call for a full report into the technology involved in future submarine / missile warfare and a TOTALLY new look at world security where danger is now of another form.
On 10 Jul 2016, M Lewis (45 day subs) wrote:

Dear Piers - just watched your brother Jeremy on Andrew Marr show Sunday morning 10/07/2016. What a nice kind, gentle and honest man! He must not give in to the Blairite metropolitan Labour MP bullies. Many Labour party members across the UK compare Jeremy to Doctor Who. He is first and foremost looking after our interests and our welfare. The next big galactic thing he needs to confront is the coming vote on Monday 18th July in Parliament to renew the Trident Nuclear Weapons submarines system.. Unfortunately many Labour MPs will vote with Cameron on this and support it because they are Blalrite Tories wearing Labour clothing. For the future properity of the UK and our Planet Earth Jeremy needs to stop the war and save £40 billion that can be used to invest in new indusrty and new jobs.
On 09 Jul 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

So it turns out that the highest government department - the Treasury - had no plan for a leave result. Not that surprising given all the time they had spent on scaremongering reports for the remain campaign and the overall smugness of expecting to win. The lack of plans could work out in the end since it puts the focus on the one and only exit plan that exists - The Flexcit. This has our exit as a process that doesn't end with us achieving EFTA/EEA membership but then has us working with UNECE to create a European trading area free of the superstate that is the EU. The most important event has been the discovery of the scope of Article 112 of the EEA agreement that allows control of free movement within the Single Market. Dr Richard North will be attending a parliamentary committee shortly to talk on this subject. The pro-EU bunch are trying to mislead on this by labelling it an emergency power when it clearly isn't and can be invoked with a month's notice.
On 08 Jul 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

I think Mr Palance is referring to the Posted Workers Directive that covers the conditions of workers posted to another EU nation to work for their parent company. Under the Directive conditions of pay must match the minimum in the country in which they are working. A Bulgarian would find our minimum wage a vast improvement on Bulgarian wages and may well be prepared to accept that when a British resident wouldn't. This is a downside of the freedom of movement of people but once out of the EU and in EFTA while retaining EEA membership it can be controlled under Article 112 of the EEA. Freedom of movement of capital is essential in the global world. Where would our financial services industry and all the jobs it creates be without it. Only Communist countries control peoples money to prevent them taking it away with them.
On 07 Jul 2016, Jack Palance wrote:

IMMEDIATELY End The Postal Worker's Directive and Free movement of Capital across Europe. These are the daft EU regulations which allow a *Bulgarian Worker for instance to work in Britain and be paid at Bulgarian wage rates, undercutting UK Living Wage rules, and pre-existing Trade Union collective bargaining agreements. These foreign workers are being abused and treated as virtual slaves, whilst at the same time Britain is effectively importing *Bulgarian unemployment. . *Bulgaria is used as an example, but this scenario could equally apply to Greek, Slovakia, or indeed any other Nation included in Postal Worker's Directive Schema.
On 07 Jul 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

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