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=> EU was CIA creation - AlexJones interview
=> AND an investigation (not Vid) into Joe Cox's killer 

WeatherAction does not normally suggest which way anyone should vote but on the EU Referendum there is so much at stake and so much mis-information and attempts to terminate real debate by dishonest reporting of tragedy and opportunist transforming of piety into name calling, we must. 

Hello! Today June 23rd 2016 -
Independence Day
As you stand in the polling station with pencil poised the whole history of democracy and rights will race through your mind. THIS IS YOUR LAST EVER EFFECTIVE VOTE UNLESS LEAVE WINS.
Dont RISK your democratic rights!
Dont dice with the death of democracy! Dont vote away your right to Vote!
In years to come when your children, nephews and nieces ask "What did you vote on Independence Day?", what will you say?


VOTE with determination and pride to defend British Democracy and values, to honour our WAR dead like in WWII, to KEEP THE RIGHT TO VOTE IN & OUT who we choose to GOVERN and KEEP 200 years of hard-won rights in the work-place and equality before our LAWS that we make in OUR Parliament.

Do not listen to the profoundly cheap and dishonest 'arguments' from the BBC and 'Remainers' that you should shut-up in the face of an avalanche of Good v Bad brainwashing and vote total surrender to a failing anti-democratic EU-diktat machine and its borders acting for USA Wall-Street multi nationals** to plunder and de-industrialize the UK economy and your rights just because they dont like one person, Nigel Farage!
THINK!  In a generation ALL current politicians will be gone; 
but will you or the new generation even be able to choose who governs us and eat our own fish from home waters or buy anything Made In the UK?
Voters today are not the Stupid Sheep the BBC takes us for.

**BEWARE of 'experts' on TV humming the same tune. The ruling eltes across the world have more in common with each other than with their own people so it's no surprise commentators go-along with USA WallStreet multi-nationals and that supergiant rip-off bank Goldman Sachs funds the Remain campaign and the boats they used to attack our brave fishermen and women who just want our seas and fish back.
Vote LEAVE the EU 
 - Vote for a future of Hope in a wider world which will bring MORE Trade not Aid with Africa, India, South America, Australia, New Zealand etc and in fact (as the main German Deutsche Bank admits and the case of Norway shows) more prosperity for the UK and the world.

To those who say but Scotland might then leave the UK, we say well if they want to they will but all-things-considered it's unlikely Scots will vote to be in an anti-democracy where the Scottish Parliament counts for nothing.

FIND and Ask Remainers to think carefully before they vote to trash your future and the rights of the youth and children of today.

NOTE ALL of the above is what think and, as always, any who want comment on Official Labour Party and my brother, Jeremy Corbyn's views must contact his Press Office. Thank you. 
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- Piers Corbyn's Review of the moment on Independence Day.
If David Cameron really believed Leaving the EU would be the most dangerous thing for the UK EVER why did he even offer the Referendum AND INSIST we must Remain on the back of FAILED NEGOTIATIONS where Voting IN now amounts to UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER. This would put UK in the worst position ever. 
The answer must be that's what he wants. 
The whole process is to imprison the people of the UK into the anti-democraitic EU before the start of the new stage of American backed EU driven diktats - shunting of millions more desperate people through Europe, lowering of living standards, de-industrialisation, social-cleansing and asset stripping of the UK economy; ALL LED BY USA WALL STREET MULTINATIONALS - backed by CIA secret Services (see 4th video in list above).
This also explains why we have been fed TOTAL LIES through the whole campaign.from the Remain side. They are the heirs of Goebbels. For every £Billion the UK hands over to unelected EU-Kratz the EU generously "GIVE" back 1/2 a billion (or less)! They try and justify this with zany falsity. They take us all for stupid! 
And who might be the legal 'top-dog', agent ('promoter') of The RemainINEU campaign? It is Will Straw, brother of Jack Straw the Labour foreign minister who tricked us into the CIA-initiated Iraq war and all the chaos that followed the whirlwind of which is now being reeped upon the whole of Europe and USA.

How on Earth could anyone reasonable go along with this? The answer is a relentless campaign of lies, misinformation and innuendo. Those who speak out are attacked as unreasonable or somehow racist or like Nigel Farge as if somehow defending democracy is extreme or Right wing! This is crazy. IN FACT the really extreme right - neo-nazis in Europe back the EU 100%. For example the CIA-EU- backed thugs in Kiev and neo-nazis in Hungary. The stakes are very high.

Red Weather / Solar Factors* dates +/-1d (+/-2d for #Quake trials)
R5 (strongest), R4, R3... for extra Extreme events, storms, hail, Tropical storm formation, thunder, tornadoes...
June 5-7 R3 - WOW see thunder-hailstorms & Floods UK, Europe USA, solar wind etc (LHS this home page); geomagnetic data  reached K6!

Bottom of The Pistes
Bottom of The Pistes

April 23rd -  St Georges Day Greetings!
Piers Corbyn on #TalkRadio challenges ClimateCampaigners** to back #TermiteWars and have Public debate on science facts.
**ClaireJones @campaigncc HERE IS LINK .....talkRADIO Listen again:
Wake up with Penny Smith  23 Apr 2016 08:00 - 23 Apr 2016 11:00    
(Piers appears at approx 10:05 - so do click link for that section at right of player)
Piers says: "It was great to be on #TalkRADIO discussing the NewYork signing ceremony (addressed by #LeoDiC) of the Paris UN Climate "Agreement". The key points I made:
The Agreement is based on FALSE ASSUMPTIONS & DATA FRAUD. Surface temperature data has been fiddled to make the present warmer and past colder whereas satellite data shows the world is cooling - (graphs below).   
In response to claim "The science is settled so it wasnt even discussed in Paris"  I said Science is never settled and it wasnt discussed because they know their assumptions are false.
A million years of data show CO2 levels FOLLOW temperatures not the other way and that's because the sea holds 50x more CO2 than air and some comes out when the sea warms up under solar effects.
More CO2 is GOOD because it boosts plant growth. If Climate campaigners really believe CO2 is a problem they should declare war on Termites because they produce 10X man's CO2 (equivalent)!  The Radio host pressed Claire Jones on this but she had nothing to say that made sense.
The recent now ended rapid rise in temperaures lasting some years was caused by solar-lunar effects which give a 60 year cycle in rapid rises followed by slow declines (see - which is nothing to do with CO2.
"Solar Activity modulated by lunar effects controls climate and also affects earthquakes and it might be there will be a lot of earthquakes world-wide (even including UK+Eire) near the end of April {This is an announced TRIAL possible prognosis}
"If you want to do good things like defending biodiversity just do it. The UN Climate Agreement should be ignored and the UK Climate Change Act repealed. 

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On 03 Sep 2016, Eric Edwards wrote:

Hello. Can anybody give me some references about Bruchner weather cycles. I am interested in finding out more about cycle durations over past historical periods. I am interested in how these cycles affect the current weather and may indeed conflict with certain modern metereological interpretations. Thanks to all, Eric.t
On 06 Jul 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Mostly dry dull overcast, a bit humid with a few scattered short light drizzly showers on occasion, a few sunny spells mixed in yesterday max 17 deg last 2 days milder tonight around 14 doesn't feel like July and apparently June was the warmest in 7 years!
On 06 Jul 2016, Richard Brown, East Yorkshire, no subs....yet wrote:

Met Office are asking the public to put mini weather stations in their back gardens so that they (MO) can gather more weather data to improve their already faulty and manipulated to suit, climate information! Have you noticed how at every opportunity, the Beeb,s weather forecasts are saying how the temp, rainfall, sunshine etc, is above/below average? Not even halfway through July yet! They really are looking for anything to keep climate change lies in the news!
On 06 Jul 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C overnight, 13˚ at 7.30, splendid sunny start, autumnal feel though and soon clouding over to leave a mostly overcast day with a pretty strong S - SW’ly wind, feeling quite cool at times, especially inland where I went with family visitors, hard to believe it is July. At home, temps did get up to 19˚ while we were away, cooler in the evening while we had a barbecue in one of our tunnels - outside would possibly have meant pneumonia - with some rain and 13˚ at 10pm. Well, we’re kind of getting used to it…
On 06 Jul 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

Faith in standard models anyone? Norwegian MO predict light to gentle breeze in Western Grampians on Saturday whilst BBC predicting gales!!!
On 05 Jul 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C overnight, 13˚ at 7.30, cloudy start and cool but dry morning, showery afternoon with some truly heavy downpours, sunshine in between apparently very localised showers according to our son who worked just a few miles away. Max temp allegedly 20˚ but I think that was because the late afternoon sun shone on the thermometer on the north facing wall of the tunnel. 13˚ at 9.30pm, tomorrow looks set to be dry, Thu & Fri temps of 19˚ are forecast.
On 05 Jul 2016, Russ NE Derbyshire wrote:

Remember my dismissive attitude to voting? Not voted for about 35 years etc? No point cos its all a facade? Well the lawyers reckon the referendum isn't legal and the House of Lords has to decide for us in the end, plus this ..... dirty back-door politics, the sort I warned you about. >>> <<< IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE RESULT, SIMPLY MOVE THE GOAL POSTS!!! Aaaaaaaaargh!
On 05 Jul 2016, M Lewis (45 day subs) wrote:

Lorraine - we are also all Americans at heart. Don't forget yesterday was their Independence Day 4th of July. Many Americans are descended from British settlers and indeed many of their towns, cities, counties and states are named after British places. Jeremy needs to hold firm as a limpet today - as the coup plotters try to remove him and knife him. Tomorrow, he can speak truth to power about the Blair witch Iraq project.
On 04 Jul 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Back to cool grey cloudy & at times showery weather today, looked grim this morning but a short period of humid with a couple of sunny spells around the middle of the day briefly giving us a max of 17/18 deg. Big clouds came back in and a few more showers this afternoon and evening, dark cold with a light NW'ly breeze this eve. 10 deg at 11pm being bare feet has me tootsies freezin so time for the hiking socks to come back out already!-)
On 04 Jul 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

13˚C at 7.30, cloudy & cool start, remaining that way for the whole day with a slight SW’ly breeze and occasional light shower, got to 18˚ at one point all the same though, must be summer then! 13˚ at 9pm.
On 04 Jul 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Sorry Lorraine but we are not all Europeans at heart. English first and then British for me. Europe is just some geographic entity. As a great man once said 'we are with Europe - not of it.' Saturday produced another 0.2" of rain but it cleared to make Sunday a lovely day. Today was looking good but it has clouded over this evening and is once again on the cool side. Gauge says 62F. Ron - a computer is only as good as the programs it runs and the data it is fed. GIGO even for a supercomputer still applies. Quote from Mail sports supplement '..with the Met Office seemingly unable to provide any kind of accurate insight as to the dangers of the showers lurking behind the frequent sunny spells.' describing Saturday's weather confusion at Wimbledon. So long Nigel - the man who got us the referendum. Well, not intentionally since he was actually against the idea and wanted to bring about change through getting a parliamentary majority. He scared Dave into though.
On 04 Jul 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

PADDY: that's exactly it, it does indeed feel more like early September than early July. Why couldn't a £40 million computer not predict that/
On 04 Jul 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

2nd of July a slight improvement as in dry and although still cool and cloudy with a moderate wind at times for a while we did get a bit of sunshine at times, nice enough to get some weeding done in the veg plot late afternoon. Max 16 deg and a cool 8 overnight. A more still day yesterday Sat. 3rd, dry again yay!-) some nice fleeting sunny spells on n off max 17 deg. good day for planting out last winter veg, summer cabbage ready to eat and tastes good for all the recent water, 10 deg at 12.24 a.m & cloudy.
On 03 Jul 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

12˚at 7.30, cloudy and staying so for much of the day, winds mostly from a NW’ly direction and feeling frankly chilly. Morning largely dry but showers started around midday; we got some cloud breaks in the afternoon though and temps managed to get to 18˚ for a short while. Overall a cool and dull day which seems to presage summer like we’ve grown used to in recent years, i.e. not much sun and mainly damp & cool. 14˚ at 8.30pm. == Ron, couldn’t agree more: on so many recent mornings I stepped out and thought it could be September if I didn’t look at the calendar.
On 03 Jul 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

morning frost yesterday in northern Scotland apparently and there are two Facebook reports, including a video of snow falling on Ben Nevis, via Iain Cameron's snow patch group. There was and still is a distinct autumnal ambience around.
On 02 Jul 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

7˚C overnight, 10˚ at 7.30, splendid sunny start but shower clouds soon building up, frequently giving what they know to do best. Nevertheless, in full sun it got to 20˚ and we had fabulous cloudscapes, which may not excite the farmers much, looks like silage will be the main feed during the coming winter. 10˚ at 10pm. == Brexit: watch NATO trying to step into the vacuum while everyone is otherwise preoccupied. For an inside view on the Istanbul attack go here I know, I know, this is a weather blog - but is not the AGW dog and pony show part of the same scenario of lies and weapons of mass distraction? And anyway, Piers is giving a lead on political commentary, so why not we bloggers?
On 02 Jul 2016, Lorraine wrote:

Lorraine//I am not jumping up and down in the rain after this referendum. A mess in the cold wind that remnds me of late Autumn. I would like to think our young people who want to belong as Europeans will have more democracy under these huge billowing white clouds over Wimbledon this year. But my view is as the sun has gone into a quiet period of solar activity and that change was inevitable. But we are all Europeans at heart no one can take that away as it begins to look like a very cool summer 2016 weather wise.
On 02 Jul 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Live reporting from my little corner - 1523 loud crash of thunder and it is pouring down. Already had some heavy showers today and there is still a strong wind. Rain again yesterday evening. Roy Spencer predicted 2016 to beat 2015 in the UAH but is now having second thoughts with the second highest 2 month temp drop of 0.37C. This puts it at +0.34C so two more months like May and June and UAH will be in negative territory. The graph shows a much shorter El Nino spike than 1998 and with the sun blank for the 9th day what will a La Nina do? Loath as I am to admit it, Theresa May is looking like the best choice to lead us from the EU. Gove spoke 5000 words but on the matter in hand? Less then 250. Gove seems intent on continuing the Vote Leave vacuum while May proposes an exit panel lead by a Leave MP - none better than Owen Paterson in my book. And the 'Norway' option is emerging as our route out although the bubble has yet to see Article 112 of the EEA agreement on free movement.
On 01 Jul 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, wet start, the end of substantial overnight rain, judging by the size of the puddles, brightening by 8, SW’ly winds bringing in towering cumulus clouds which started producing showers arond the middle of the day, max temp 19˚, feeling hot in the afternoon, rain again by late evening, 11˚ by 10pm. It’s called typical July weather up here :-)
On 01 Jul 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Geoff - relative to what? This is where the MetO cherry picking comes in so they get the answer they want. Same with rainfall. Pretending the records only go back to 1910 when they go further and for England and Wales, much further. But then you know that will show current rainfall not to be a record. I can also hear a lot of people going 'above average? Really? When we have had the heating on in June?' Russ - perhaps you need to drink less coffee. That was quite a discourse for the new month. You forgot a crucial train thing - too sunny so we can't see. On southern we are suffering unofficial strike action by throwing sickies to disrupt our journeys. This leads to rammed trains as 24 carriages worth of people try to fit on just 12. But then these are sometimes reduced to 8 as well. Miserable start to July, grey cold, drizzle, windy. A bit of brightness at times in town. Measured another 0.2" of rain yesterday.
On 01 Jul 2016, geoff wrote:

Beeb Forecast quick of the mark, referring just before 8 am to June as having been an above average temperature month. Presumably warmer than the Antarctic average?
On 01 Jul 2016, Russ NE Derbyshire wrote:

Whats up with the railways in this darn country? It rains and we get signal failures. It gets icy and we get signal failures and track failures. The sun comes out and we get broken down trains and track failures. And if we are unlucky enough to get heavy showers on a hot sunny day we get signal, track and train failures all at the same time. And if we are doubly unlucky and get the heavy showers due to a strong solar wind, then we can expect display boards and computer systems and ticket machine failures as well. Have things REALLY improved since the 80s? And to top it off, ticket prices are nothing short of a sick joke!! When you can insure a new car for a year for the same cost as a single rail ticket from Sheffield to Southampton then something drastically needs to change. Car insurance is supposed to be very expensive....naaaaaah! Tis cheap by comparison to public transport... By the way, its very wet out there, the whole of Derbyshire is like a soggy sponge cake...
On 01 Jul 2016, Russ NE Derbyshire wrote:

Does anyone remember proper rain back into 60s & 70s? I mean real rain, where it chucks it down constantly for days on end, brightens up for a day or two, then downpours for another week. Has anyone also noticed that those lengthy wet spell, reminiscent of scenes from the film Bladerunner, have been mostly absent over the past 35 or so years? Think back to the police series like The Streets of San Francisco. Wasn't it always raining in those shows? Wasn't this also a cooling period when scientists were warning of a coming ice age? Another very wet period was around the turn of the 20th century, the Sherlock Holmes times. Another cool snap not too long after the end of the Little Ice Age. I think it's pretty obvious that cooling a warm moist atmosphere produces prodigious rainfall. Warming just creates more sweat, lethargy, wasps, pollen, broken down trains and empty ice-cream shelves at the supermarket!
On 01 Jul 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday was constant drizzle and a cool 14 deg with a touch of glands sore throat and headaches all round a familiar scene for the finish of school for the Summer (haha!-) Holidays! Oh I hope it's not another rubbish summer less holiday, still a break from the matrix whatever the weather is welcome :) I agree with Paddy more awareness is great in these times of change as the fear mongering manipulation of people in power is really showing for what it really is, false misguided concern of peace in the hope of gaining yet more power and control, the only thing we are losing is our illusions.
On 01 Jul 2016, Russ NE Derbyshire wrote:

The vote, or pseudo-vote, was the UK governments way of making the people believe that they had chosen the country's future. The Brexit has lots of nasty hidden possibilties, but all planned decades ago. Think back to the Iraq wars and the hippies telling us that the US & UK are only after the oil. They don't want or need to steal it, just control it, as I'm now getting more confirmation that this is what's in store for us. We all believed the Peak Oil story and accepted increased prices and taxes. So when we are told that we have reached Peak Oil and that the wells are running dry, what then?? No need for aliens or viruses or poisoned water supply. Just turn off the taps and watch the world burn. Mass migration could be the beginning, lowering the numbers of potential troops in those countries rich in oil, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc. I could be wrong and our future could be full of sun & daisies & candy-floss & butterlfies...either that or unprecedented world-wide massacre.
On 30 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C overnight, 12˚ at 7.30, bright start, still cool but with some sunny bits in the morning which brought temps up to 19˚. Cloud increasing late morning, temps falling again, a few light showers early afternoon but dry for the rest of the day. What started out as a W’ly wind eventually turned into the S, then fell away completely tonight, meaning that the midges were out in droves, 12˚ at 10pm. == Isn’t it great that the referendum, and especially the result, has got people talking to each other all over the country (I don’t mean the shrill noise of the campaigns), that cannot be good for the EUrocrats who are now in the spotlight, aware people is the last thing they want.
On 30 Jun 2016, Russ NE Derbyshire wrote:

>>> <<< Oh Global Warming has reached the edge of space (our atmosphere?). Must be all that highly buoyant CO2 gathering in the far reaches (only heavier than air when the warmers want it to be). Dead link says it all. ........ I can't see how we can be ruled by anyone who thinks we should remain in the EU when the majority of the electorate want out. Its not just a word or a single issue the remain camp are pivoting on, which is, by the way, what the remain propaganda is blaming the outers for i.e. they only voted because they are racist and against mass immigration. Each side has hundreds of issues at stake, most of which never got an airing in the run up to voting and could have swayed the result either way, but talking to folk and listening to hundreds of conversations, I got the feeling that few people had a very good grasp of what was at stake, or valid reasons to either stay or go. A reluctant remainer? That's like being half pregnant!
On 30 Jun 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Richard - having looked I would say that he doesn't know what he is talking about and neither do his sources. The so called constitution unit thinks a directive can change Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Only a Treaty can do that and that is a process that takes years. And he doesn't understand that currently it needs all 27 other members to agree our exit so how is reducing it not making it easier? Corbyn J did not believe in remaining so he should say so and point out it is his fellow MPs that are wrong and might consider resigning if they are not in tune with their electorate. The members should control the party otherwise what is their purpose? With age comes experience and knowledge that the youth lack. How many can say they didn't regret something they did or didn't do in their youth? Shaun - they are in on the scam so will scream heatwave for one hot day - remember July 1 last year and the jet engine driven high temperature at Heathrow.
On 30 Jun 2016, maria 45 day sub somerset wrote:

I am coming out of hiding just to say that I want to give JC a virtual hug, I wanted to ever since this back stabbing started. He does not deserve what he is going through. I am not a labourite, just someone who hates this injustice. Weather now today ic cloudy, still, 20 degrees. Dull in all ways and I am going to have to start talking to my squashes, which are languishing and not growing
On 30 Jun 2016, M Lewis (45 days subs) wrote:

Russ - with respect, Jeremy Corbyn has always been a reluctant supporter of Britain's EU membership. His priority and loyalty lies with Labour party members across the United Kingdom and putting their interests and welfare first. The fact that some MPs in Westminster and the Metropolitan bubble are planning a coup reflects their desire to stop Jeremy from speaking truth to power and they are trying to take him out. In the interests of democracy, Jeremy must hold firm and weather the storm.
On 30 Jun 2016, Russ NE Derbyshire wrote:

Apologies for mentioning politics on a blog run by the leader of the labour party's brother, but the climate and world politics are going to be seriously entwined over the next few decades, so we'd better get used to combining the two..... With respect Piers, Jeremy backed the wrong horse and shouldn't be hassling the bookie for his money back. Cameron slid off his high horse gracefully and I wish Jeremy would do the same. I'm dismayed at the reaction of the younger generation, blaming us oldies for destroying their future. We have lived through many different PMs and seen the UK before and after the EU. We have seen the good the bad and the downright disgusting way that European nations have treated us. They couldn't control us over the past 500 years using war, so now they use treaty's and rules and laws to force our arm. Of course I could be wrong, and the 19 year old gum chewing hairdresser who needs to ask how to vote may actually know more than us oldies...holding breath........
On 30 Jun 2016, shaun (Wales) wrote:

Oh why does our media lack credibility. The 5-7 degrees below average temps this week here in South Wales seems to be slipping by unnoticed, now if this was an equal value above average we would be getting screamed at about shocking global warming heat wave after heat wave
On 30 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Monday had a fair amount of rain in the morning for the kids sports day, cleared in the afternoon but the few sunny spells was not enough to warm things up. Tuesday similar except light drizzle and cleared some what this afternoon but quite windy for a time and again only the odd sunny break to tease keeping temp down again max 14 deg 8 now at 1.20 a.m Thursday.
On 29 Jun 2016, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

The brexit process has to begin before march 2017 after which qualified majority voting by other EU members will be necessary for uk to leave. This may be why article 50 is being delayed. How delay can end brexit. Wait till new leaders elected, then have a vote in commons that fails [70% of mps said they would vote against it] then have a general election which would take us after the march deadline where 14 other eu countries would have to agree uk can have article 50.[which wont happen]. So article 50 needs to be done soon. They are trying to steal our votes. more details about that process here
On 29 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

8˚C overnight, 14˚ at 7.30 felt like a mild September morning; brightening up to good sunshine interspersed with clouds, but with a brisk S-SSE’ly wind it felt rather cooler than flaming June, max temp 18˚ out of the wind, dry all day except for a light shower after 8pm, 13˚ at 9pm. Having been away earlier in the month and coming back to cool temps is very confusing, we keep having to tell ourselves that summer has only just started, we’ll see where it takes us.
On 29 Jun 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Another grey damp and miserable evening with a cold wind. World weather online has the June average temp for my area for 2000 to 2012 as 68F. At 7pm it was 58F! The average minimum is 50F so closer to that. Emptied 0.4" of rain from the gauge covering the last 2 days. Rainfall is 1.4" so a rough guess would be about double that. I find it strange that here we are just a day or so from July and I have filled my ponds just once this year.
On 29 Jun 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

WUWT discussing that 2016 temps will be higher than 2015 in satellite record but maybe not surface temps. I suppose that depends on what they have decided will be the surface temps. Concurring with Russ on how un-summer-like it was yesterday evening, I can't see how so far we are having a hot year. How will it play out if they declare 2016 to be the hottest evah but not in the UK? Global warming is supposed to be global isn't it?
On 29 Jun 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Flash flooding in Auckland NZ this afternoon According to NIWA NZ has just had the hottest 6 months since records began in the 1900s and its due to climate change! Temperature records in this country are dubious at the best of times as was seen when the NZ Climate Science Coalition took NIWA to court a few years ago. Our Commissioner for the Environment, Jan Wright has today stated that we're not doing enough to cut our emissions. Maybe she needs to read the real science. This is the woman who also believes that 1080 is safe to drop in the environment.
On 29 Jun 2016, Russ NE Derbyshire wrote:

>>> <<< Nice to see some positive research into this phenomenon. This must beg questions about microwave energy i.e. phone masts, filling our environment with unwanted magnetic components. Masts near experiment in learning ability? Shopping habits altered using pico-transmitters in shopping malls? Pulsed directional energy traveling at light speed. A powerful tool in the wrong hands..........Weather-wise. I couldn't believe how flippin cold it was while walking our little doggy in the rain yesterday around 6pm. At least it held the sneezing at bay. Windproof fleece with hood all zipped up and a large brolly. Even the dog was shaking with cold afterwards yet had a waterproof coat to help keep him dry.....Yes, Flaming June.....always flaming freezing in the UK.....
On 28 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

8˚C overnight, 15˚ at 7.30 in a clear bright but cool start, soon clouding over however and staying that way for most of the day. Wind mostly S’ly and fresh under clouds, temps nevertheless got to 19˚, more than we expected, down to 12˚ by 9pm. The change to cooler conditions for us in the East did come as per Piers’ 30d forecast. == I don’t know whether I dare ask this question: is there going to be a massive terrorist event in order to derail Brexit? Just like wild jet stream age events are used to make everyone believe in AGW…
On 28 Jun 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Cold and wet again this evening. Warm and mainly sunny yesterday but clouded over in the evening with a touch of rain. Sunny most of today until a big blob of rain came across just at going home time. Eased a bit but raining again. The additional water butts I am getting not looking necessary at the moment. Corbyn J should be courageous and come out to support leaving the EU now if that is the result from the majority of Labour constituencies. That will reflect the will of the voters. If any of his MPs don't like it they can go and join another party and be replaced with somebody better. Same applies to Tory remainers where we voted to leave. Peter Hitchens in Sunday's Mail - the only good bit in the EU loving rag - pointed out how this issue defies the old party lines and suggests it is time for new parties. A conservative one would be nice. I see there is half a degree to go before we are in La Nina. Still no sunspots.
On 27 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

12˚C at 7.30 and feeling rather cooler in a light and mostly NW’ly breeze under a fairly cloudy sky, feeling really warm when the sun was out though, especially in the morning, with a max of 21˚C, occasional light showers in the afternoon, glorious sunny end to the day with dramatic dark clouds as well, 13˚ at 9.30pm. == Gerry, yes, quite, re left & democracy. I’ve spent the last 3 days reading several papers until I was bug-eyed, just to find out what they want us to think. The question is, do we really have the right caliber politicians to take us through the next couple of years? That remains to be seen. The Globalists have been given a sock in the jaw and what is ironic is that the nation from which the ‘Anglo-American Establishment’ (Quigley) arose has torpedoed one of their pet projects.
On 27 Jun 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Day 5 of no sun spots. Paddy - the left always hate democracy when they lose. The EU hates democracy as well and usually demands another go until the 'right' answer is achieved. but they realise they can't try that with us. What is scary is that there is any doubt that Article 50 is the only way to leave the EU. Manchild Johnson and Gove both spouted that we can just repeal the European Communities Act. Can they both be so stupid as to not know that this would breech international law and collapse the UK? Temps are heading down now that El Nino is over but I suppose there is still some warmth in the system but it wasn't round my way over the weekend. Any chance of the sun being warm was blown away in the wind. Great for working in but not very summery. Yesterday clouded over the bring light rain by early evening. Temp gauge said 60F around 7pm. Can't see June being a warmest ever unless it is fiddled.
On 27 Jun 2016, Barbara wrote:

Good afternnon, If I am looking for the forecast for the first week of July, which forecast should I go for ? The -Br+Ir 30d £11 (NOW £5.50) JUNE; 6/12m@5/9 or the -Br+Ir 45d JULY+Jun+BIEuPressMaps! £19 => £9.50; 6/12m@5/9. Many thanks!
On 27 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Saturday and Sunday mostly cloudy cool breezy with light showers at times. Hoping for a return of nicer weather soon. Started sunny this morning but clouds moving on in again now 12 deg at 9.40 a.m max 16/17 by day..
On 26 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Further to my post above, see here Not sure what the source of this table is but it is very instructive.
On 26 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

12˚C at 7.30, warm & sunny start with SE’ly breeze and a bit of cloud, temps moving upwards all morning to a max of 20˚. Went to a BBQ 30 miles south of us and further inland, where it was a good 3˚ warmer, coastal strip always has cooler temps. Light rain late afternoon, still going on now at 9.30pm with temp at 15˚. == Another relevant article from Jon Rappoport Watch how the powers that shouldn’t be will now try to subvert and reverse the result.
On 26 Jun 2016, Christine Gaskill (Chilterns) wrote:

So it's a record breaking 8th consecutive month? Really? Doesn't seem to match the satellite information:
On 26 Jun 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

The one thing we must certainly not do is rush the Brexit process so the petition is wrong. We are fighting a war of independence and have delivered a mighty blow in winning the battle of the ballot box. Any good general will take his time to gather his forces before attempting battle again as Montgomery did for the second Battle of El Alamein. Once Article 50 is invoked we have 2 years to complete the exit negotiations but we need to be ready with our top negotiators at the ready led I hope by Owen Paterson. It is possible for the 2 year time limit to be extended but remember that the EU elite want to punish us for having the temerity to reject their corrupt, undemocratic empire. As if to warn that we aren't yet safe, yesterday brought thunderstorms and a heavy hail storm after a bright start. Friday was a lovely day - how could it not be? Sunny with a strong breeze in London. Rain cleared yesterday to bring a nice end. We have a blank solar disc again for now 4 days.
On 25 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, thunder waking us up during the night, accompanied by heavy rain, still going on in the morning, lasting to about 10am, after which it slowly brightened up and got quite warm, max 20˚ but always cloudy and with a light wind from a NE’ly quarter, 12˚ at 10.30pm. == There is an ‘funny picture’ column in Private Eye calle I-SPY, in the current issue it shows a placard of the Ilford Recorder that reads : ‘Could Brexit Affect The Weather?’ What next? :-)
On 25 Jun 2016, Christine Gaskill wrote:

Please delete if not appropriate.
On 25 Jun 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

Not to bad today chilly for time of year, I am just coming back to Earth after we won our democracy back, yippee, even the stay side must see that we are better of left to our own democratic ways, but the EU will not understand this so they can trott off into the sunset, goodbye to them, now where is my warm June. I am so pleased you are on our side piers democracy must prevail as the British electorate are very unforgiving as Cameron found out, full speed to BREXIT PROPER.
On 24 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday was mostly cloudy but dry except for one really heavy downpour and a tiny bit of drizzle. Heard some rain early this morning then dry for a bit & followed by huge clouds and heavy torrential rain, thought we were in for a storm but it passed over with just rain on n off since. Max 17 12 deg now at 10.15 pm
On 24 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

15˚C at 7.30 - we started our day with a celebratory thunderstorm and powercut which lasted from 6.02am - 8pm, so I missed all the exciting news - a kick in the teeth for the parasitic Globalist mafia, the 0.00001% of world population who have been working for decades, if not centuries, to make us all irrelevant except for slave labour. Cloudy all day with variable winds and quite a bit of haar from time to time but nevertheless got to 22˚, growthy weather. A bit of late sunshine but then grey again, 15˚ at 9pm. == Here’s another relevant article from Jon Rappoport I think I might actually bother to read the papers tomorrow to watch all the squirming and wriggling close up :-)
On 24 Jun 2016, Ben Farrington wrote:

An autumnal end to June looks on the cards, any thoughts about where that heatwave my finally arrive on our shores Piers ? Typical, a weeks family holiday by the beach on the Llynn peninsula coming up, oh the Great British weather...
On 24 Jun 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The rain over Wednesday night delivered 0.9" to my gauge. The trains were in chaos as flooding at Clapham Junction and Wandsworth closed off Victoria for Southern services. Flooding at Nutfield closed the Redhill-Tonbridge line. All this had an effect on other services. Having made it to London Bridge, a signal failure promptly closed down Cannon Street and Southeastern services into London Bridge. This remained until 4.30pm. There was a heavy downpour during the early afternoon and then some more rain. Another 0.4" of rain at home to make the grass squelchy and the ponds overflowing. As far as I saw the Wednesday thunderstorms were to the north-west of me but I heard some heavy rain. Cleared during yesterday evening to give a glimpse of sun. Lovely start to today but with more cloud building. Humid still.
On 24 Jun 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

All at once the clouds are parted and light shines down in bright unbroken beams. The air smells fresher, rain has gone, the trains are running - mine was even on time - and I am sure the sheep and cows were smiling in the fields. Not sure about the alpacas but then that is alpacas for you. You could see smiles break out on the train as Cameron's resignation became known. My first vote this century and it felt so good. Now comes the wave of lies from the losers. A period of calm is now needed and the preparation for negotiation started. Vote Leave is now history and they will not be missed. The good news is that we have a plan and that is almost certainly the path we will follow. Why would you not follow it? The civil servants all know of it and have read it. Regarding politics here, everything in entwined with politics. Climate change even if it were ever honestly about global warming was quickly hijacked for political ends.
On 24 Jun 2016, suzy dorset wrote:

On 24 Jun 2016, Christine Gaskill wrote:

Whoop! So happy with the result, now we work for a better Britain and to defeat TTIP! Sorry no more politics after this whoop!
On 24 Jun 2016, Rhys Jaggar (annual 45 day subscriber) wrote:

So the combined might of the UN-Free Press, the £9m Remain Bail-IN heist, the global co-ordination of 'we've been in clover for 35 years and there's no way that can stop' powerbroker etc etc has singularly failed to rig a democratic election. I"m sure currency traders will have made an absolute killing. Anyone shorting Sterling for 8 hrs using spread betting can safely retire a multimillionaire or, in George Soros' case, a billionaire. Most simple, decent, ordinary folks had nothing to do with that. They just wanted their country back. Now they will have to stand up for themselves again, again and again as the bullies start again.
On 24 Jun 2016, Steve Devine wrote:

To quote a certain Hollywood movie - "We will not go quietly into the night - for today is OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!" Although Jeremy C, Cameron & Osborne could all be out of a job by the end of today... Blue skies over London right now, floodwaters receding. Fear diminished, hope rises...
On 24 Jun 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Congratulations - you did it. We've been watching the results of the referendum and are very happy to see Britain finally having the opportunity to take back its sovereignty. In 1972 my parents, who were members of the anti-Common Market League, decided to emigrate to NZ because they could see the writing on the wall and wanted a better life. They would have been happy with today's result.
On 23 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

16˚C at 7.30 but a rather grey start which, however, turned into one of the best days this year so far, light S’ly breeze and a max temp of 24˚, wow! Cloudier evening, 14˚ by 10pm. Matt H: Piers’ work is political, whether he would want it or not - the AGW/CO2 scam which he is of necessity unmasking is connected to every other Globalist elite scam in existence, designed to keep us all in the dark and as fearful slaves. Recommended reading: Joseph Plummer’s ‘Tragedy & Hope 101’, a mere 200-page distillation of Carroll Quigley’s 1300-page volume, free at *Prof. Quigley not only spent decades researching and writing about those who secretly control the machinery of our “representative governments,” he was permitted to examine their secret papers. He was invited in, but he ultimately betrayed their trust when he exposed their plans and their methods.* Left-right, In-Out etc are superficial artifacts to keep us distracted, the real malaise lies much deep
On 23 Jun 2016, Russ NE Derbyshire wrote: ..... Do you think that this story will reappear when our star goes into hibernation and the ice age begins? Just think of the media circus they could invent using a fairy tale nearby black hole. Warping reality, things not as they seem. Local time travel, holographic! Blimey...they could make all sorts of wild and unbelievable BS stories. And with modern CGI and 99% control of the media, it could certainly become even better entertainment than a Warner blockbuster! Watch this space!! ....... Floods due to rapid cooling of warm moist air. Cooling caused by extraterrestrial activity.....see me getting in the mood already hehehe!
On 23 Jun 2016, Russ NE Derbyshire wrote:

Thanks for the reply Bob. Do you see the outer heliosphere magnetic bubbles being created by a similar, but much larger and weaker (scaleable?), field of electrical and magnetic goings on? When several thousand big lightning strikes are occurring across the globe almost daily (constantly even?), then you have to ask, how many of these toroids are being created in say every hour, as it may be only the most powerful which become visible? So the Earth may be surrounded by a very similar sheet of magnetic bubbles which have been found by the Voyager craft. Thoughts anyone?
On 23 Jun 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL! So TODAY 23 June is UK independence Day - YOUR LAST EFFECTIVE VOTE UNLESS LEAVE WINS - See special news on home page. The rain will put turnout down in affected areas probably differentially in favour of LEAVE. Meanwhile people there is still WEATHER and THE OFFERS OF 1/3 OFF ARE ENDING TODAY (overnight 23/24th UK time). Do that next after you have voted! Thanks Piers
On 23 Jun 2016, Steve Devine wrote:

Minor streams are now major rivers across Greater London. Over half the underground routes are either suspended or experiencing delays and the second round of abysmal weather is now heading our way off the coast of Brittany. Got to love British Summer. I wonder what effect it'll have on voter turnout?
On 23 Jun 2016, Jessica wrote:

Matt, a heatwave is a period of prolonged hot weather, not just a couple of days or even a couple of weeks.. Don't fall into the media trap by calling such short hot snaps heatwaves!
On 23 Jun 2016, Richard Pinder wrote:

Just like being lead by science to support Piers position on the Carbon Dioxide induced Climate fantasy, using Venus and Mars as proxies. I have used my scientific skills to decide if the economy will tank if we leave the EU. I used a proxy calculation using per capita GDP, with pen and paper. I have used neighbouring Countries not in the EU for the proxy. I calculate that Brexit will bring at least a 12 percent per capita GDP boost to the personal wealth of the British people. The reason for this can also be inferred by the proxy, to less payments to the EU, less taxation, less regulation and less government interference in the economy in these nations, proving that democracy is not harmful to a nations economy. In fact, it proves to those Pro-EU elitists, that democracy will make Britain Stronger. Vote Leave for the sake of science, sanity and democracy, as well as for a peaceful future, so that we don’t have to tag along waiting for orders from and paying for a suicide victim.
On 22 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Monday was a mostly cool rainy kind of day, a little humid to end also and improving by Tuesday giving some nice warm sunny spells inbetween cloudy periods, warm enough for a short time to be back in sleeveless t-shirts. Nice again & similar today though more cloud and one 20 min rain shower, not as warm as yesterday but good enough weather to do some outside repair work. Some huge cumulus clouds this early eve. Around 20 deg yesterday and 19 today. 13 now at 11.50pm
On 22 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

15˚C at 7.30, a mixed day of sunshine & occasionally very dark looking clouds but it stayed dry, good S’ly breeze, pleasantly warm with a max temp of 23˚, down to 14˚ by 10pm. We are actually having a bit of summer.
On 22 Jun 2016, suzy dorset wrote:

Very damp morning after a beautiful sunny day yesterday. Interesting link to Jo Cox's murder. I feel that there is to much emotional scavaging going on from the remain camp and beyond that it has become disrespectful to her name. I must admit that I had never heard of her before all this. Shall be voting OUT tomorrow not because I am some sort of Alf Garnet. I just want to get rid of the EU corrupt before we all get stitched-up.
On 22 Jun 2016, Matt Havicon wrote:

I really don't like the way politics has crept into the discussions on this website. I have the highest admiration for Piers and agree with his opinions on climate, AGW and all the lies and corruption associated with it. Unfortunately this drive for Brexit is not what I log into this website to read. Brexit debate is highly contentious, passionate and ,at times, misleading with lies and distortion a from both sides of the debate. This is shameful when you think of the importance and possible implications of this vote. NOBODY knows what will happen if we leave the EU- it is all supposition and a matter of opinion yet the Leave campaign seem to have some crystal ball to tell the future! That's my rant over! So to the weather-Rīgā ,where I live, has had a fascinating May and June this year. We've had a heat wave at end of May with 30 deg, then one day in June was only 9 deg with rain! Then we had damaging winds, flooding and now 32 deg is forecast for the weekend. LIA trends?
On 22 Jun 2016, David Rowe wrote:

Hi Piers & All, Just to say in our household we are all voting for Brexit, even my motherinlaw (82 yrs) is voting to leave. I find it amusing the Leave people keep saying we can alter climate change better inside the EU, I asked one of them the other day what is the % of CO2 produced by the UK, he looked bemused, & wandered off into the sunset. Cheers to all.
On 22 Jun 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL, ESPECIALLY BOB WEBER for excellent reports and PADDY for that important link about JoeCox's murder. I've put the link on the Home page. There you will all see I have also, in these special circumstances, put up a statement of FULL SUPPORT TO VOTE OUT OF EU. SO NOW In the closing days and hours boldly and resolutely campaign; EARLY AND FIRMLY VOTE and put effort into making sure ALL EU-OUTERS GO 4 IT! Piers
On 21 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

12˚C at 7.30, another great sunny & warm start and again turning cloudy for the whole morning and rather cool in the fresh S’ly wind, but the sun did come out in the afternoon and it did get to 22˚ out of the wind, 14˚ by 10pm, dry all day. == On Jo Cox see And, by the way, if George Soros recommends to stay, like I heard on the radio this morning, you know to go exactly in the opposite direction, just like with AGW.
On 21 Jun 2016, L N Turner wrote:

Thank you for your honesty and deep common and scientific sense. How frustrating it is, living in the world today. Totally with you, too on the analysis of Jo Cox assassination and the possible 'Qui bono?' answers, just having heard Richie Allen show. I guess Jeremy has some idea what you are thinking, I hope it may influence him, it's time he 'came out' as a LEAVE supporter.
On 20 Jun 2016, Jessica wrote:

Mr Weber, can you please give an address for your website? Thank you.
On 20 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, beautiful sunny start but cloud moving in and out all day thereafter. However, the change to much warmer did come and we got to 21˚ which is quite a change. Hoping for some real growth in the garden now. 12˚ at 10.30pm. == Bob W, what is the address of your website? Great to see how you are independently confirming Piers’ observations and predictions, even though I don’t understand much. == Summer solstice tonight at 11:34.
On 20 Jun 2016, linda haynes wrote:

Hi Peirs loved your interview on Richie Allen Show...tonight.....speaking alot of sense and what i
On 20 Jun 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

I emptied half an inch of water out of the rain gauge yesterday afternoon that had accumulated since Friday morning. I have only used the rainwater once so far to top up the ponds so they are all full. A new one arrived on Friday and 2 more 350l ones are due next month. Working around the new fruit trees planted last year in the orchard I thought it looked dry and was about to water but there has ben such a regular supply of rain I didn't do it. A job to do is to run a pipe along the fence to hook up to the pump at the stables so I don't have to run it out every time. Sunday started sunny but gradually the cloud crept across and by early evening it was raining. More into the night. At least I could work in a t-shirt yesterday. Wet start this morning, easing when at the station but heavy in London. Shard skimming cloudbase. Brightened and dried into the afternoon. Bob - interesting stuff you are working on there. How are people's apple trees? Not seeing signs of fruit on mine so far.
On 20 Jun 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

More storms in Queensland, Australia
On 19 Jun 2016, Bob Weber, N Mich US wrote:

Mt Pinatubo, El Chicon, the Chilean volcanoes, Mt Etna, literally thousands of eruptions small and great followed solar blasts of charged particles. The highest intensity solar wind dynamic pressure spike and the highest hemispheric power spike ever recorded in the modern instrumental age occured the day of Mt Pinatubo's June 15, 1991 blast. I tracked down the evidence and source of this high dynamic pressure and hemispheric power, which turned out to be several X10+ solar flares and associated IMF disturbances. Since then I tracked all the recent eruptions and recorded the data. This info will be on my website along with a US weather forecast verification area that Piers might useful for tracking his forecasts, along with solar and geomagnetic information. The successful prediction of electrical induction of from solar-driven spaceweather is a reality in part due to pioneers like Piers Corbyn. Gotta go - Kongpop's on now.
On 19 Jun 2016, Bob Weber, N Mich US wrote:

It's hotter than blazes in the US S/SW today, even though TSI is below my 1361.25 warming line. It's warm there because of high solar insolation and high UV index, There's high solar insolation today because it's one day away from the summer solstice, and the skies are clear from little Nino12 evaporation due to low TSI. I wish to commend Jessica here for paying attention to SORCE TSI and the cooling from that, as I'm sure others have too. In about 6 months the long-term F10.7cm running average will reach 120.0, below which the Earth cools on decadal scales. Since March 14 this year, TSI has been below 1361.25 for 90 out of the last 91 days, averaging 1360.9785. It's been awesome watching all the different temps respond since mid-March. Piers' Zonal Mean Temperature plots show the drop-offs after high TSI above the line in Feb/Mar to the rapid descent from/after falling and low TSI below my warm line since then.
On 19 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Friday was a slight improvement and some work achieved outside, but yesterday after a dry start the rain returned and was mostly non stop until this evening, back to soggy underfoot & also a little windy for a time so I took to hiding in the polytunnel potting up the last of our plants for the season. Tomatoes are just starting to form and the first cucumber should be ready to eat this week. Max 16 / 17 deg. cool to start but high humidity and felt warmer by early eve. Cloudy 13 / 14 deg at 11.15pm
On 19 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

10˚C at 7.30, cloudy start but then brightening up nicely to give us a really sunny morning with a max temp of 19˚ around midday, wind turned into the S now, nice change. Getting hazy and cloudy by early afternoon and then rain from 6pm onwards, pretty heavy for most of the time, now at 10.45pm moving into the N Sea, 11˚. Tomorrow’s max temp is forecast as 18˚ by MO, not as much sun as they said earlier, though the change to warmer is arriving on Pier’s cue. == Yeah, Gerry, it’s lonely up here in the grim North, I can’t operate without my daily fix of WA blog :-)
On 19 Jun 2016, Bob Weber, N Mich US wrote:

Russ, since you asked.. The lightning charge streaks upward and encounters an atmospheric/ionospheric current sheet, ie boundary layer, where the incoming charge displaces and repels ions and electrons within the sheet, scattering them electrodynamically. The moving charges form a torus because as those charged particles move outward, they induce a magnetic field which in turn affects the motion of particles. Lightning 'elves' are like a smoke ring of charged particles. Easier said than proven with data and math ;) It's now down to the wire on my electric weather app and website. I had to choose between the EU2016 stream and renewing here this month. Dr. Kongpop U-Yen is going to talk in less than an hour about forecasting volcanic eruptions using spaceweather data, which is a main area of my own research since November 2013, when Piers successfully predicted a ring of fire volcanic outbreak. I applied electric weather principles in researching the solar cause of many eruptions.
On 19 Jun 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Sounds like you are getting lonely Paddy. Mixed weather again with a theme as Piers forecast - Cold! Overcast with showers on Friday increasing to longer spells of rain. Yesterday was overcast with some sun later but a rain shower late evening. Working outside doing some metalwork with a long sleeve shirt over a t-shirt. I forget the details of the different types of grass cutting given here but round my way it has been bagged up in polythene rolls in the last week or so. I recall the field by me was cut late summer and collected in open rolls last year. My roses are now bursting with colour and adding to that are the clematis, honey suckle and the globosa buddleia.
On 19 Jun 2016, paul wrote:

it will be interesting to see what winter 2016/2017 will be like after several mild winters. With declining solar activity and without el-nino to strengthen the jet stream bringing lots of atlantic air to Northwest Europe perhaps something colder.
On 18 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

8˚C overnight, 9˚ at 7.30, overcast & grey until around 3pm when the sun came out and we actually saw blue sky, max temp out of the keen N’ly breeze, which kept going all day, got to around 18˚ but the minute one was out of shelter it was more like 13˚. Clouding over & cooling by evening, 9˚ at 10pm. == Where is everybody?
On 17 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30 and right through the day, cold & strong NE’ly wind, rain off & on all day, November weather. Not much colder here than in Switzerland where we were on holiday; out of the 10 days there we had 1 (one) sunny day, the rest were all partly or totally wet, lots of cloud and not much sun, max temp was around 27˚ on that sunny day where we were near lake Thun. The famous peaks of Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau were fully visible only on that day, otherwise always shrouded. At this time of year the countryside is normaly redolent with the sweet smell of drying hay but we saw not a single field being cut and the grass was beginning to look past the best moment for good hay.
On 17 Jun 2016, Ben Farrington 45d sub wrote:

For the last several days here in NE Scotland its been miserable its hard to believe that its the summer solstice in a couple of days. So your forecast thus far has been excellent, some fab bits at the beginning confirmed and then quite the opposite in the middle (current) I'm a little dubious of the "Flaming June" description for June, well at least for this region, can not speak for all of the UK. And lets not forget what vast regional differences there has been for this and last month in terms of sunshine and rainfall amounts! I do hope your forecast for the latter stages of this month come to fruition in which case it will be another resounding success. Atl least your forecasts are realistic, many of the "others" out there are/have been bleating about heatwave after heatwave - still waiting for that one. Any news about the 45d July forecast?
On 16 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A lot of rain again yesterday and on the cooler side, brightened up later in the day and did some planting out but a bit breezy so in early. Dry today cloudy wiv sunny spells for a time, still a bit breezy and with the sky similar to late looking like a storm could break out but just ominous clouds passing by. nice crazy sunset Max 15 deg 10 overnight feeling cool this eve. so lit the fire for the first time in easily over a month or more.
On 16 Jun 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Biggest news of the day is not weather related. With just a week to go to the UK's vote on freedom, Richard North and the Leave Alliance have published version 6 of the Flexcit (80000 downloads already). In this version is how it is possible to remain in the Single Market by joining EFTA/EEA ...BUT also achieve control of the influx of EU migrants. Everything thing Vote Leave says can't be achieved can thanks to Liechtenstein. Under the rules of EFTA/EEA they have a limit on EU migration into their Principality which is roughly the size of the Isle of Wight. And if they can do it, so can we. It is almost certain that with a leave result, civil servants will use Flexcit since no other leave group has produced a plan. The beauty of staying in the Single Market is the slaying of all the Remain scare stories regarding the economy. And to top that off, after a dull, wet start, the sun is now shining and England won 2-1. I am off to play in the garden.
On 14 Jun 2016, Christine Gaskill (Chilterns) wrote:

I woke up with a migraine type headache this morning that has persisted all day. I know it is often linked with the arrival of co-rotating interaction regions, so I shall be glad when this one has passed. I'm getting very fed up of these wet dreary days, especially as they are leading to masses of slugs devouring my garden, hope they pass soon too.
On 14 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Lots of cloud and torrential rain on and off all day with the slow moving low, lots of surface water on the roads as a result, has cleared the air for the most part but still a little humid, max 14/16 deg Yellow rain warning on with the possibility of thunder. Strawberries have started producing and taste sweet as this year..
On 14 Jun 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Saturday started fine but cloud increased to bring some showers just after I had moved a door I had out for painting under cover. During a heavier and longer shower I was able to find out why a length of gutter was overflowing. The water butt diverter was full of detritus. That's the thing with guttering - best observed in the rain for faults. Sunday was rain and cloud most of the day. Rain gauge had 7.5mm/0.3in for the weekend. Water butts all full and only been used once so far for pond filling. Lots of showers throughout Monday. Same again so far but maybe a but brighter. Outstanding dumb comment from Ros Altman - we should listen to our MPs and vote Remain. She used to talk sense on pensions but since joining Call Me Dave's team her brain has died. She could try looking up the definition of a referendum. When parliament is unable to decide the matter is presented to the people to decide. If we followed our half-wit MPs why would we need the referendum. Vote 2 Leave!
On 14 Jun 2016, Steve Devine wrote:

Good morning people. Woke up at 3am to feel a refreshing breeze coming through the bedroom window. At long last the humidity has relented. Unfortunately our well insulated home is still very muggy but we'll sort that in due course. An unsettled week ahead beckons with the Jet Stream dipping south under the UK, which means only one thing for us but good news for water butts. Daytime temps averaged 19c for the first 14 days of June so far, 10c by night. Nothing unusual there compared with recent Junes. But my hopes are for a cold winter if El Nino switches to La Nina drastically in 2016. One worth keeping an eye on. Spot on forecasting for March - early June so far Piers by the way. Probably your best consecutive run of accurate forecasts for a while.
On 14 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday 13th raining from the start light to begin some dryer spells between and some clearing of the sky during the morning, also warmer in Dublin ( esp with all the urban heat :) humid and light showers, wind increased & some massive clouds in the sky driving out of Dublin around 3pm ish and a big downpour or 2, cooler on the way home and not nice sat outside when back home, max 18 / 16 deg and temp dropped away all evening to give a total contrast to the recent weather.
On 13 Jun 2016, shaun (Wales) wrote:

Well after a few lovely sunny weeks in South Wales the weather has gone nasty, cooler, wet and humid. It dropped from 23 degrees to 14 within the space of a week, anything to do with the sun being spotless for 4 consecutive days?
On 13 Jun 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

Maria, I think you must be so lucky to live just up the road from us, we'll as the crow flies so to speak, no we have had a horrid few days and as I write this it is raining again not nice but the water butts are full. 7.30 am. 14.6 c. I am not at all surprised by the fact you have had it dry, Scotland had the best temps earlier and brilliant sunshine,
On 13 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

12/6/16 Dry to start warm and humid for a while, some nice sunny spells mixed in with some huge cumulus clouds which made for nice cloud watching, some light showers of rain on n off but still fine enough and didn't stop play today, wind changed direction & increased for a time and the air fresher this evening/morning :) Max 18 deg 11/12 deg at 1 a.m
On 12 Jun 2016, maria 45 day sub somerset wrote:

Steve I am in somerset and it has been non-stop sunny and very warm. Today is the first day when we have had a smidgen of rain. It has been a glorious summer so far in my neck of the woods. Just hoping for some rain as the water butts are almost empty
On 12 Jun 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

We have had some Rubbish weather of late, don't get me wrong it has been warm enough but what has happened to the sunshine it has been so drab, humid and cloudy for about the last 4 days with a promise of the sun but it never lasts, it is not long to the Equinox 21st June I think, the hippie types and fellow travelers will be at stone henge to see the sun rise through the stones, at this rate they will be lucky to see the stones let alone the sun. Light rain again this morning 17.5 as I write this.
On 12 Jun 2016, Russ NE Derbyshire wrote:

Interesting snippet on Someone photographed a doughnut in the upper atmosphere of Earth. Right above a thunderstorm. It's admitted that this is where electromagnetic energy(?) (electric charge?) travels from a lightning strike up into space (Earth's current sheet?). This is a magnetic toroid, which are, you guessed it, doughnut shaped. Are these small, localised dipole moments reflecting the much bigger but weaker magnetic (bubbles(?)), in the far reaches of the Solar Heliosphere, where the Sun's magnetic field touches intergalactic space? I think so! .... d:^) Any mind magneticians available for comment....Bob? ......... The Drownload Festival has gotten off to a fly-fish-ing start...again! Maybe moving these large and costly events to the middle of May or late July could alleviate the damp-rot in most people's
On 11 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Mostly cloudy with a few sunny spells, humid and sticky working in the garden then a welcome light breeze at times in the afternoon. Max 21 deg Some light rain before dark tonight which will be great for the garden, 12 deg at midnight with light showers again.
On 11 Jun 2016, Jessica wrote:

The warmists always ignore snow, after all it's not supposed to happen any more!
On 11 Jun 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

great play being made by the warmists on facebook regarding record high temperatures in Greenland and Alaska. They ignore the unusual snow in China and Lapland of course.
On 11 Jun 2016, @Piers_corbyn wrote:

Citizens! Thanks for great comms and info. NOW SEE THE GREAT SUMMER AND SUMMER PLUS - to SEPT FOR Eu and USA - have been EXTENDED FOR TWO MORE DAYS. GO FOR IT AND TELL OTHERS. Overlaps with existing subs get extensions as appropriate at no charge. Thanks Piers
On 11 Jun 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Better weather than forecast. Thursday was a lovely day with tourists and workers packing the open spaces in the City at lunchtime. Friday started with a bit more cloud but it cleared and then returned in the evening to give a very brief spell of light rain. Bright with cloud this morning so far. Craig - thanks for the sunspot info. Nick - with climate I always like to know whose side an organisation is on so you can filter what they say. Anything US Government related is warmist. The DMI is more honest. Paris floods due to climate change apparently but then that's no surprise is it. I got my name on the list in time to vote for freedom. Not sure who benefits most from the late rush. Complacent remainers now scared they could lose or leavers now sensing they can win despite the awful Vote Leave campaign.
On 10 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Nice warm light rain all morning mostly cloudy with some sunny spells this afternoon, 19/20 deg still 15 at 11pm & muggy.
On 09 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

Misty start yesterday, much the same cloudy & muggy with sunny spells and feeling like it needs a storm to clear the air, a few drops of rain but again nada, same again today minus the 3 drops of rain and around 23 deg max for a while each day and 13 overnight..
On 09 Jun 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

A nice start to the day yesterday then it all went south so to speak, cloud muggy then later in the day some sunshine came through, a swallow came into the kitchen through the open door had a fly around and then went out the way it came in, is this a sign of global warming,
On 08 Jun 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

this is another part of the contention Well if this prediction won't be difficult to prove or decry!
On 08 Jun 2016, Nick, Berks wrote:

Gerry, I see no reason to suppose that DMI data are 'better' than NSIDC (on what basis would anyone decide anyway?). It's irrelevant though because the DMI data tell the same story as reported by Harris from NSIDC; there was early melting in April. The current surface mass balance is slightly above average but well within normal bounds - no news story there - see Note also that IceAgeJustAroundTheNextCorner-HonestGuv ignores total mass balance, which includes iceberg calving. See the report by two DMI scientists at which shows that Greenland is continuously losing ice and in recent years the loss rate has accelerated.
On 08 Jun 2016, @CraigM350 Sub, Berkshire 51N wrote:

Gerry - R=k (10g+s), "where R is the sunspot number; g is the number of sunspot groups on the solar disk; s is the total number of individual spots in all the groups; and k is a variable scaling factor (usually <1) that accounts for observing conditions and the type of telescope (binoculars, space telescopes, etc.). Scientists combine data from lots of observatories -- each with its own k factor -- to arrive at a daily value." So if you take the current palitry sunspot group (10 x 1) you already start with 10. 2 sunspot groups would be 20, 30 would be 300 etc. Then you add the spots. Looking at the sun it looks like there are 4 individual spots so tomorrow could be 14 (i.e 10 x 1 + 4 = 14). No ideas on the scaling factor though. // Missed out on the flash floods by about 10km yesterday and today. Never a fan of muggy weather but enjoying the warm sunshine.
On 08 Jun 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Another storm hit London this evening but without the level of rain of yesterday. Announcers were saying that there was a lightning strike affecting the signalling at London Bridge. Just a mere 1mm of rain recorded at home but it keeps it fresh. Referring back to comment about Greenland snow and ice - the report I saw was referencing DMI data which I believe is better than NSIDC. One sunspot has appeared on the disc but somehow the number is 12?
On 08 Jun 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

It is a lovely day here in Dorset, the sun has got it,s hat on, 18c @. 7.10am, good BREXIT weather, a thrush was singing and I swear it was saying don't trust camoron over and over, must be an omen, lol.
On 08 Jun 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

City got a hit of thunderstorms this afternoon but not that much rain. The road under the railway bridge in Wallington flooded to the height of a car as was shown by the drowned car in the Standard. When I was a lad they dug that deeper to get double decker buses under the bridge and it sits at the bottom of a looong hill so if the gulleys are blocked... Trouble on the Redhill-Tonbridge line (not due to 'sick' staff in dispute with Southern) and on Caterham line. At home the gauge said 4mm which is not that much so guess the worst missed. Very humid still. Now who do you think forecast thunderstorms well in advance - spot on forecast Piers. Netweather jetstream shows it heading down from Iceland to us shortly so that might have been summer. Day 4 of no sunspots. Brexit is turning in our favour. Hope we aren't peaking too soon but I think the people have had enough of Cameron, his lies and the Establishment. Remain can only offer more of the same.
On 07 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

No storm here but gees we could do with one to clear the air feels so muggy again, mostly cloudy again today with some sunny spells max 22 deg still 19 now at after 10pm clouds low to the west making for a great sky picture as it gets dark.
On 07 Jun 2016, Steve Devine wrote:

At 2pm it went dark in Canary Wharf, London. By 3pm pouring rain and thunderstorms, mostly to our west. Now oppressing and humid. Am dreading the commute home. Major flooding in South London already.
On 06 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A really humid muggy cloudy day temp around 23 deg some glimpses of sun at times and some big clouds, thunderstorms in a lot of areas but none here as yet, still an orange thunderstorm and rain warning in place on a Met Eireann. A few tiny spots of rain this eve but stopped before it began. Need a good storm here to clear the air, here's hoping as more come in off the Irish Sea..still 17 deg at 10pm
On 06 Jun 2016, Harris Keillar wrote:

Gerry - Greenland ice melt - started incredibly early this year - April, though is now below average - West Scotland has had a wonderful run of sun and warmth for about a fortnight - when it was 11C in London it was 24C in Fort William last week - doesn't happen very often. Yesterday the temperature went from 22C in Pitlochry to 12C at North Queensferry/ Forth Road bridge.
On 06 Jun 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

More on the sorms that hit the east coast of Australia NZ has been fortunate not to have had the storms that other parts of the world have been experiencing during this period.
On 05 Jun 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Yesterday turned out to be a false alarm as the cloud increased again to keep the sun out but it was certainly warmer than it has been for the past week. Today the sun made it through and it was a lovely day with a cooling breeze still from the east. Edge went off the temperature fairly quickly again so that it wasn't an evening to sit out until sunset.
On 05 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, cloudy to start with but brightening up very much by 9, still a slight N’ly breeze and warming up nicely to 19˚, cloudless sky all day, amazing. 11˚ at 10pm. Off on holiday for just over a week, will report when I can.
On 05 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Overcast to start but the sunshine won out and a nice warm day with a light s'ely breeze max 22 deg. Some big clouds moved in and on to give a nice eve. Met have popped up an orange thunderstorm warning for tomorrow. Still 18 deg and partly cloudy at 9.14pm
On 05 Jun 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

Summer arrived today, about time. Long may it last, BREXIT.
On 05 Jun 2016, Ruairí (East coast of Ireland) wrote:

A week of sunshine and high temperatures, just like being in Spain!
On 05 Jun 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Major storms for Sydney, Australia
On 05 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Max 22 deg last 2 days blue sky and sunny hotter today actually getting a tan this year here. Some cloud moving in for a time this afternoon, cleared again for a while early eve before cloudy again late eve. still mild tonight just in from outside at 12.25 a.m still 14 deg. Thunderstorms look likely over our bank holiday period, June forecast start has been fantastically nailed by Piers for here..
On 04 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, cloudy but bright, still breezy from the N though not feeling as chilly. Brightened up nicely in the end, with a lot of blue sky and a max temp of 19˚. However, by 10.30pm we had 8˚ under a clear sky. == Here is a 50 min video someone just sent me on geoengineering I’d be interested to hear others’ take on this; pattern recognition is of advantage.
On 04 Jun 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

The sun is big and round - and so is the number of sunspots. Zero. None for the first time since 2014 but I am sure it has been very close for a while now. Interesting to see how many days it lasts and how long before it happens again. Meanwhile something strange has happened in the South East - something bright and yellow is appearing in the sky. Finally the mass of cloud is thinning. Warmer than of late. Lit the fire last night as I was having an evening of catch-up tv. Borderline whether the CH would have come on. Anyone else notice that at different times the same temperature can seem warm or chilly? Can our perception be varied by mood? There is a suggestion subject to source verification that the Greenland summer ice melt is late starting and that there has been a large snow accumulation over the winter which is kind of bad news for the warmists if true. Obviously won't hear this on the BBC.
On 03 Jun 2016, @CraigM350 Sub, Berkshire 51N wrote:

High of only 13°C today under a bank of grey cloud but I travelled West and emerged into glorious sunshine and 21°C. What a contrast over such a short distance*. Looks like it'll warm up for everyone this weekend with some good sunshine and some thunderstorms in the mix. Enjoy. * This is a screengrab from which shows the cloud contrast well. That NE wind over the cold North Sea hasn't helped. Thank heavens it's moving ===
On 03 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

10˚C at 7.30, some rain overnight, we haven’t had any for two weeks, really heavy downpours during the morning and brightening up somewhat thereafter. Despite the still blowing N’ly breeze temps got up to 17˚, making it feel like a somewhat off colour June day rather than the March-like days we’ve just had. The garden was grateful for the watering, any pick up in temps will make it go woosh. 10˚ at 10pm.
On 03 Jun 2016, Bob, Morecambe wrote:

Here, we have had two lovely sunny weeks: the best weather for years. As a friend commented: about time too. We in the Northwest have to be cheerful and stoic and being from the South I much admire these wonderful people.
On 03 Jun 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

More cold wind and more cloud. Iceagenow picked up on story that Christmas Day was warmer than now. June temps not climbing 60F is certainly cold, especially in the 'warmest year evah'. Does the atmosphere need a good shove from the sun to get it moving again? Closer to home for east side - snow in Siberia. Many might think so what but I think Siberia can get quite warm during the Summer and snow at this time is not common.
On 03 Jun 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

Forgot to say the temp here is 12.4 c so much for summer.
On 03 Jun 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

Cool cloudy and utter Rubbish weather here in dear old Dorset, what has happened to flaming June. No rain though. Shall I click the heating on ummm will wait and see how it goes 11oclock 3/6/16 it was warmer in January.
On 03 Jun 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

skies have cleared and strong warm sunshine again. Have already opened one window. Looks like another warm day in prospect, here in Highland Perthshire. Facebook has several photos from cloudless Pitlochry and Blair Atholl.
On 03 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A cooler early morning yesterday around 7 deg at 6.30 a.m but turning into another lovely warm sunny day with just an edge of a cooler breeze. Max 21 deg. Looks similar again today blue sky & sunshine at 8.44 a.m I'm not bragging either as I know what it's like to have rain or cool temps whilst looking at nice weather across the water but it does make a change for us to get it after last year especially being badly rubbish, enjoying it while it lasts. Cucumber plants have first flowers and tomatoes too finally everything is catching up in the garden after a slow start.
On 03 Jun 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Winter arrived right on cue in NZ with a much colder week. We had our first frost (late this year) on 1 June and have had frosts for the last two mornings with more forecast for the weekend. So pleased we installed a wood burner for a warmer winter!
On 02 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

7˚C overnight, 10˚ at 7.30, great sunny start but clouds beginning to move in from the N by 10am along with the continuous cold and blustery N’ly wind, so the promising morning turned into another cold day with a max of 13˚ - we’ve now had cold winds for almost a fortnight, with only a few days when the sun was strong enough to also produce some real heat in shelter from the wind. We only had an whiff of the warm spell that Piers had predicted from 17-21 May. There is a saying that goes something like ‘In a Scottish summer the weather is hellish. And in winter? Really hellish!’ You lives in Scotland, you takes the consequences, haha. Mind you, in the West they’ve had temps up to 20+˚ while we had the N’lies on the eastern flank of the persistent HP. Anyway, 9˚ by 8.30pm tonight.
On 02 Jun 2016, east side wrote:

Massive flooding in France thanks to the settling of a stationary zone of low pressure over France. It's a bit of an unusual week thanks to non stop heavy rains in the Loire/Normandie/Pas de Calais regions. It's got some major rivers in spate and a big spike in the Seine due on friday, so they close the voie express for the next weeks. It's still a good 1m or 2 below the highest recorded flood levels recorded in 1910*. Radio and TV in France is harping on about global warming being to blame as usual. The poor public, is haiving their brain cells addled every 5 mins in France, never mind the ECO nutters in Germany. The French greens even started claiming France's nuclear power successes were a mistake,- that they should close loads of them down, despite exporting their gigawatts to their neighbours who don't hesitate to put stickers on their cars "nuclear power no thanks"! **
On 02 Jun 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

Declining heat over the last 3 days from the sunny 20+C reported in the west to the cloudy chill the east has been experiencing. Very dry and having to water the tree seedlings. From opening all the windows to cool down on Tuesday to kindling a small fire in the stove a couple of hours ago.
On 02 Jun 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Sun? Apparently it still exists somewhere. another cold evening and a cold, windy, grey and with the odd spit of rain in the air day. Tuesday rain measured 17mm or 0.7in. Looking at the forecast was this the BH weather slightly delayed? If you enjoy French wine then expect to pay more as hail - a popular subject at the moment - has destroyed the vines in Chablis, Beaujolais and Cognac. They had already suffered with frost. I believe that hail and damaging hailstones are a feature of little ice ages. Finally a chink of light has appeared in that the Telegraph has noted that the Norway Option is the quick way out and shuts down all the economic debate to focus on democracy - who will run this country. Evens mentions our Flexcit plan. But then along comes Vote Leave to screw it up again just when they could hold a winning hand. Vote Leave's Cummings and Elliot don't really want to leave but stay and change the EU - like there is any chance of that happening.
On 02 Jun 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK. Sub wrote:

Dear piers glad your brother has found his voice, he is a politician for god sake, no politician I know of has no blooming voice. The weather is gloomy and so am I, ooops the sun has just arrived must go before it disappears again. A rather chilly grey awfull start to the day considering it's June 2.... We could do with some warmth.
On 02 Jun 2016, Jessica wrote:

Not snow, but frozen rain is hardly common in that part of the World. They'll be seeing more of it in the future, I think...
On 02 Jun 2016, Mike (45 day subs) wrote:

Dear Piers, really glad that your brother has finally found his voice and is speaking truth to power today! Let's have more of it from him.
On 01 Jun 2016, @CraigM350 Sub, Berkshire 51N wrote:

Not snow in Zimbabwe but frozen rain as seema to have been confirmed by their Met Office. Quite a freak event === === Cold here today and yesterday in the rain which is great for the garden which is very lush and the last dregs of primroses are still hanging in there and its not long since the last dafs faded (my that was a long season). Quite easy to see the slower progression of the season as I've headed north on the odd excuraion. Quite a contrast with 24C in Glasgow and 9C max in N. Yorks. === Have you got the whole summer forecast? I've seen till the end of September and there is some real WoW weather to come and I'm my garden will be. Subscribe and stay ahead!!!
On 01 Jun 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

I forgot to read the rain gauge to see what we had yesterday. Umbrellas up in the City until nearly 12.30 and my ponds were to the brim again. Blue tits? Working on my patio I did think 'where are the adult blue tits?' - answer is that they have fledged this weekend and gone. Starlings next door have fledged as well. Not sure if they will have a second brood. A few butterflies around so far and the green woodpecker enjoying the red ant hills in my lawn. First couple of rose bushes in flower and globosa buddleia now out. Noticed some clematis too. Also lots of Hawthorn and Elder. Jessica - chilly wind comment echoes last year where the edge was taken off many a sunny day by the wind. Comment heard on village walk - not warm enough in the evenings to sit out and only for a couple of breakfasts. The radio sun has been low for months now. Iceagenow is useful but too many forecast posts with no follow up to say it happened. And whether snow reported is unusual or not for date or place.
On 01 Jun 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Nice weather for Autumn or early Spring! Had I spent longer on the sofa last night I think the fire would have been lit. Temp on thermostat hovering around turn heating on temp. Prestige. That is what affects so much of debate. People believe that the MetO or BBC are prestigious bodies and that what they say must be respected. They would struggle to believe what liars they are along with NASA, NOAA, UN, IPCC etc and that they fiddle data, block scientific papers they don't like but then they don't hear about that. Certainly not from the legacy media. We are in the blog world where there is much to learn from reading the posts. The referendum is the same. Brexit chaos looms says, BoE, Treasury, IMF, Osborne, Cameron - they have prestige so they must be right. A British prime minister lying through his teeth - no, can't be true? Except all their scary stuff is nonsense and lies that will never happen. Do wonder if the polls are wrong as still yet to meet a Remainer.
On 01 Jun 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday was like a summers day blue sky and sunshine and 22 deg. The tunnel was 35 deg even with both doors open. Remained mild enough to sit outside all evening temp only dropping off around midnight. Cool this morning but sun is out and looks like another nice day in store :-) Well forecasted Piers ;)