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Pic of New York 'Signing' meeting 22 April

Happy(?!) Lenin's Birthday & World Earth Day
The dates are the same because Green campaigners & Eco-socialists (whatever that means) wanted to drag former communist supporters into their scheme of increased taxation and bigger national and world government in name of 'saving the planet'.
 In actual fact their de-industrialization and asset-stripping privatisation policies to be applied to the UK, USA and most western countries (but not Germany) and fraudulent manipulation of (weather) data conducted through the United Nations Climate Committee (IPCC) and the European Union diktats such as the EUETS (Emission Trading Scheme) are the OPPOSITE to Lenin's promotion of heavy industry and professed intended application of real objective science for the good of mankind. 

NOW as the JetStream - the upper air winds which guide weather patterns - continue to do the opposite to the expectations of the Global Warming theory [ie shift equatorwards and wave wildly instead of going poleward and less wavy in a warmer world] and the world cools (under reliable satellitte data smoothed out over a few years) contrary to the data fraud propagated by the UN and establishment politicians the CO2 warmist camp are in screaming overdrive.
The NewYork #HighAmbitionCoalition event in New York 22April is the final desperate throw of the CO2 warmistas fraudulent anti-science dice but already it is still born. 
The assembalge of self-serving politicians and time-serving ignoramuses who incidently mostly know nothing substantial about any science let alone climate and weather science can only scream "alarm-alarm, Tax-Tax"**  while the world public increasingly sees through their scam of high energy prices, burning food (biofuels) and destruction of ordinary people's communities by moving industry (eg Teesside) from (eg) the UK to India (WITHOUT reducing CO2 production!!) and the weather does what the Sun in the sky, tells it to do.   At the NewYork junket (follow on from Paris UN jamboree in December), however, cracks in the delusional project are apparent with Mark Carney Governor of Bank Of England reportedly reluctant to endorse plans for which there is no substance. 

In the UK it is likley that Whitehall and most Tory MPs know the CO2 story is a pack of lies but promote it as an important ideological component of their green-tax, high energy charges, pro-nuclear, living-standards-lowering, asset-stripping - de-industrialization agenda.   The LibDems, Greens (especially) and Labour (with the exception of those that actually know something about science such as Graham Stringer MP) largely believe in the delusion, although they cannot put an argument for it and painfully find themsleves watching the destruction of the steel and other heavy industries and whole communities (of their, not Tory, voters) thanks largely to anti-CO2 and related EU policies of their own making - and go into denial, trying to blame China rather than themselves. They will only give-up the CO2 story when they decide to defend the interests of their UK voters.

April 1st 2016 - All Fools day - Thought for the day by Piers Corbyn
All manner of "Greens", supporters of the anti-CO2 warmistas religion and hedge-fund asset-strippers across the EU are in ecstasy today.  Their dream of destroying the core of UK industry and ending forever the Made in England label is coming true; while Made In Germany where the heirs of Krupp steel reign and pull the strings of the EU is OK Danke.
Teesside is DEAD (see BlogSpot) firstly thanks to EU-UK anti CO2 policies embodied in the hated ClimateChangeAct 2008 and related EU-UN diktats/guidelines which hike-up UK energy prices making the demise of Steel and ALL UK heavy industry a dead cert. 
The final No-Turning-Back mutilation of once proud world-leading industries is delivered by the evil EU Emisssions Trading Scheme (Scam), the EUETS, through which asset-stripping owners or pretend-saviours of forced-to-fail Carbon-heavy industries accumalate carbon credits as production is wound down and on final-closure and sale of the land and livelihoods of whole communities, towns and regions TAKE THE CARBON CREDITS OUT OF UK, and so DENY the continuation of manufacturing industry in the UK. Instead they use 'their' carbon-credits to set up alternative steel etc production in India with supporting UN-EU etc funding. There is no reduction (in fact increase) in CO2 ouput just massive profits for the banksters dong the deals and misery, all paid for by us UK+EU -electricity-'green' surcharge payers & taxpayers.    
That is what happened in Teesside/ Redcar.  This is what is about to happen in PortTalbot. 40,000 jobs are on the line. Any bankster-rescuer will be a Carbon-credits thief and asset-stripper.  Only NATIONALISATION by UK government to Save UK Steel will work and with it we must solve the core problem:- 
Repeal the Climate Change Act and terminate the UN Climate Committee (IPCC)
Leave the EU and terminate the EUETS - Emissions Trading Scheme (Scam).

Those who think that anti-carbon green policies are OK because they are somehow (even though based on data fraud) a "progressive lie", have been fooled.
The FACT is CO2 levels don't control climate they are controlled BY climate (temperature) [see presentations above] and the 'Save The planet' meaures propogated by the UN, EU, Green Party and all manner of sidekicks: FoE, GreenPeace and Aljazeera which is owned by BigOil state Qatar, dont reduce CO2 but move it around to the benfit of banksters and the dis-benefit of communities who want to do useful work. 
If you want to defend bio-diversity or ride a bike or save tin-cans or hug-trees, just DO IT. Buying into a Lie to do 'good' is a lie too and never works.

No Global warming here!
Bottom of The Pistes
Children sledge in a field near the A93 as the snow gates on the A93 at Spittal of Glenshee are closed due to snow. Picture: PA

April 3-4-5-6...
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Dead Teesside:
Teesside (pic in blogspot) was killed by anti-Co2 EU-led diktats & price hikes . 
The UK ClimateChangeAct 2008 (All party support), European Emmision Trading System (#EUETS) anti CO2 diktats and #TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) are all part of a process to destroy UK industry, asset-strip the rubble and FORCE privatisations all over the place including NHS and other services. Pic Lou Mackenzie in PiersCorbyn's presentation at Exeter Uni GoGreen Week. Some links:

Thurs 25 Feb
Piers Corbyn spoke Thurs 25 Feb at Exeter Uni Go Green Week:
On: What doesn't & does cause Climate Change+the solar-Lunar revolution in Long Range forecasting, including some topical points on the Eu +Carbon / CO2 rules.
Piers afterwards said "My presentation had some new special slides exposing the false claims of supposed opinion polls** of scientists on 'Global-Warming' and on the trashing of jobs in UK by anti-Co2 policies and Eu rules which clearly show the idea that the Eu is good for jobs (other than in casino economy, hedge funds and Carbon trading scams) is the opposite of the truth.
It was a great meeting, very engaged attendees and good discussion. I made the point that you dont need to believe in the CO2 story to support honest green policies such as defending biodiversity. At the start I asked each person to note what was their percentage confidence in the Man-made climate change proposition and found a lot were eg 90% sure. At the end I asked if their confidence had gone up or down and a lot said their confidence in the Man-Made Climate Change / Global warming proposition had gone down.
Piers Corbyn's Exeter Uni Presentation powerpoint is available - link at top of page.
**The falsity of the claim that "97% of scientists believe in ManMade Climate Change" was exposed (in reality it is more like 7% in the survey claimed) as Piers did on the Andrew Neil show on Dec 3rd. The reference used at this meeting was the recent book by Craig Idso, Bob Carter (RIP see BlogSpot) & Fred Singer: Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming. 
Another larger survey was debunked - revealing the clear support for 'the consensus' was only 0.3%:

WeatherAction 100d ahead Br+Ir forecast ~20-22 Feb is 'spot-on' confirmed....

The WeatherAction Essex (Southend / Westciff-on-sea) Public event  21 Feb - Presentation by Piers Corbyn went superbly. The Powerpoint is released (see top of page). The Vid will come. 
- Facebook

And there are 40000 climate scam deaths pa due to EU Deranged Climate policies:
Happy April and end March Greetings after Easter Break!

21-22-23 Jan Piers Corbyn says 
"Recent public claims that 2015 was the warmest ever are data fraud". 
The Facts are: Reliable satellite data shows the world is in a period of #GlobalCooling and has been for some years. The so-called surface data is selected for political purposes to promote the discredited CO2 "Global-warming / "Climate Change". For graphs on these points such as I presented on BBC Andrew Neil show Dec 3rd see below** and video link for that show.  **As  ; and

Below, the graph of failure of CO2 'theory' which Piers showed on BBC Andrew Neil show (link top of page) & next one about the 0.5degC fraud add-on of temperatures in last decade which he also mentioned. The third graph shows the 60 year cycle in temperatures - showing (arrows) rapid rises happen every 60 years. 
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On 01 Jun 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, the obligate grey start again and with a strong & gusty N’ly wind which lasted all day. Brightening up nicely by 10am, giving us a max temp of 16˚. We are having a very slow spring this year, though at least it is not raining. We delayed a lot of our veg sowing as a result of Piers’ forecasts, here’s hoping that we’ll get a decent enough growing season overall to get enough stores for the winter. 9˚ at 9pm, feels like going even colder overnight; Braemar apparently had a min temp of 2˚ overnight, that’s seriously cold at this time of year.
On 01 Jun 2016, Mark Hall wrote:

Yo Piers, Regarding mysterious plane accidents: David Dubyne who collates the Adapt 2030 website and YouTube bulletins has previously highlighted atmospheric compression events that are related to global cooling. By the way, he holds your scientific investigations in very high regard. Vote Labour, Vote to leave the deflationary machine that is the EU. Regards Mark.
On 01 Jun 2016, @Piers_Corbyn twitter address wrote:

EAST SIDE - We put up your comm a bit late despite its formulations - see below. The point must be that whatever the details of what pilots did or didnt do the basic cause of the probs was extreme weather and whether or not pilots or machines gave bad judgments these bad weather hits and problems came in our Top Red R5 periods.
On 31 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

10˚C at 7.30, overcast & very windy from the NNW all day and into the night, max temp 12˚, down to 9˚ by 10.15pm. June tomorrow… what? Yes, Gerry, the stove’s been on every night for most of May.
On 31 May 2016, Jessica wrote:

A pal told me about a site called Ice Age Now. I've been checking it out, and it seems very interesting. It says that it's been snowing in Zimbabwe, but they don't seem to know whether this is a hoax or not. Could it be true?
On 31 May 2016, Jessica wrote:

Sorry, David. Do I know you?? Where do you 'recognize' me from?
On 31 May 2016, Lorraine wrote:

Blue tits so late nesting in garden nesting box if at all
On 31 May 2016, David wrote:

Hi 'Jessica'!!! recognise you well- how are you doing?
On 31 May 2016, Jessica wrote:

Today I was talking to a gardener. I just happened to mention that it was getting colder. I was half expecting him to say something like 'oh no, it's getting warmer'. I was surprised to hear him say that he thought the climate has cooled down over the last few years. He mentioned that there is always a chilly wind, and that the Sun doesn't seem so hot.He also said that many flowers were not thriving, and that he's noticed less wild life. This guy is a really country person, he's not concerned about debates iabout AGW, etc. He's just observing nature. He was very surprised when I told him that most people believe the climates heating up. He said 'where do these folks live, cities?'
On 31 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

What a lovely spell of weather. Didn't work Friday so enjoyed the warm weather. Daily Mail forecast wrong again for the weekend as no showers on Saturday and no thunderstorms on Sunday. Dry all day yesterday too. I think they use for their forecasting. Quite a change for yesterday as the wind changed to the NE and it was cold. Breezy for the second village walk of the year as we strolled across fields, rivers railway lines for a couple of hours then tea and sandwiches. Ground dry and cracked in complete contrast to the soaking wet mud of New Year's Day walk. Thoughts have turned to watering the garden soon but today woke to grey skies and pouring rain. Not warm. I think my house is warm enough not to need to join Paddy & Ron with lighting the fire but the fuel is there if necessary. Richard North comments that the referendum is being fought like an election which is why there isn't a clear campaign to leave.
On 30 May 2016, Christine Gaskill wrote:

Thanks Piers
On 30 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Cool breeze for a short while after last post last night, milder again by morning and a fantastic blue sky sunny morning turning into quite a hot day here. Some big clouds dotted about in the afternoon clearing again later to give a mild sunny evening. Around 21 deg today and still mild at 10.25 pm with a hint of a breeze.
On 30 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

7˚ overnight, 10˚ by 7.30, cold and foggy again but brightening up by midday and turning into a reasonably warm day if one kept out of the stiff NNW’ly breeze that was blowing all day, max temp 18˚ in sheltered areas, cloudier in the evening, 11˚ by 9.30pm.
On 30 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

Total contrast today 30/5/16 breezy, cloudy ,with the odd glimpse of that yellow thing in the sky warm enough though, stayed dry not to bad for a bank holiday, forecast for thunder and heavy rain in London and the east we may get rain here much later in the day, we will see
On 30 May 2016, Steve,Dorset.UK.sub wrote:

A really nice sunny day yesterday 29/5/16 great for the outside, thank god for this particular bit of global warming.
On 29 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Turned into a really warm day some good sunny spells max 20/21 deg and humid this afternoon early eve. lots of towering cumulus cloud, sky eerie and striking in colour, birds all knew what was occurring & sure enough thunder and lightning this eve. mostly sheet some fork, quite a few cells kicking off random all around with thunder and a good boom off the back of it at times, some big rain drops and one really torrential downpour, nice slow storm watching :-) My headache still pounding sky still ominous and feels electrical out, 15 deg trying to rain again at 22.40 pm
On 29 May 2016, DAVID LIDDIARD-JENKIN wrote:

Sir, I am keen to know how it is that CO2 follows, not pre-emptive's climate warming? Simply put, what is the evidence? Are most of the scientists too afraid to challenge your assertions, why is this not more clear? I find this difficult, surely world leaders would act accordingly after receiving current accepted wisdom on the subject....or can you put us straight on this one? In any event, how hot do you think that it may get - following your cold period?
On 29 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30 foggy on and off for most of the day with a continuous E’ly breeze and some good sunshine in the afternoon but not enough to make it hot, max temp only 16˚. This is the trouble with being so close to the E coast in HP conditions, liable to haar and cool onshore breezes. 11˚ at 9pm.
On 29 May 2016, east side wrote:

Sorry, but if you don't know about what caused AF447 and PA Flight 612 accidents you shouldn't be making hearsay based judgements or rumour mongering. This is bad. It brings this site into disrepute. go read instead or PPRUNE. The 2009 loss of AF447 was due to a STALL due to faulty (french made) airspeed sensors. Finally to seal it, a counter intuitive stall alarm fooled the captain into believing he was doing the wrong (but in fact correct action reducing AOA). The a/c was no longer flying for the last 4 mins,(it was stalled) so lost 10 000m in altitude- ie. CFIT. The loss of flight 612 was caused by the AC entering a deep stall condition by excessive angle of attack. (again). Both AC were lost directly because of poor CRM, human error, & incorrect analysis of the correct course of action. - none of this was whatsoever to do with extreme weather or "red periods". Get over it, - stop trying to claim things which are blatently untrue.
On 29 May 2016, Piers_Corbyn gaffer wrote:

TOP STUFF ALL I am looking forward to more reports on the SPECIAL under new measures R4 for extreme weathe and quake risk trial 26-29 May see those incredible deadly storms in Europe. CHRISTINE on sprites and plane crashes: I think the sprites are much higher up. The worst weather caused plane disasters are without exception in our R5 or maybe R4 weather periods - see LHS HomePage - caused by planes attempting to fly through storms the tops generally too high to go above. MATT on world cooling delays via Top met Joe Bastardi, interesting point but detail not straightforward. If you look at slide 30 in presentation to Exeter uni go green week, item 3 in list of top vids and presentations on rhs our home page, you see maxima of solar activity smoothed and world temps often close and minima of temps sometimes before (but not always) minima of solar - prob being more to do with rapid smoothed decline in solar activity; so to delay idea i say maybe and maybe not. Data fraud a prob too!
On 29 May 2016, Christine Gaskill wrote:

Hi, I wonder if anyone on here has any thoughts on how an aircraft would fare if hit by a Sprite or jet above a storm cloud? With airplanes sometimes requesting to fly above a storm, could this account for them falling out of the sky in these fly-by-computer planes? Thanks.
On 29 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A misty start yesterday but some good sunny periods all morning and warm before big cumulus clouds moved in, quite humid in the afternoon and whilst planting out courgettes rain drops followed by 2 rumbles of thunder in the evening. Some nice colours and clouds in the sky at sunset. Max 17 deg. Interestingly the Hawthorn has just come out in blossom here at the back of our boundary this weekend.. Misty start again at 6 a.m high humidity and 8 deg off to work in the tunnel for an hour or 2 catch up on sowing, before the kids wake up :)
On 28 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

10˚C at 7.30, grey again but brightening up by 9.30 and turning into a slpendid sunny and warm day with brilliant cumulus towers, the cool E’ly breeze not withstanding. We were in Ballater today (we could see quite a bit of snow on the hills further west), some 35 miles further inland, where it was arond 20˚, rather cooler in our place, 15˚ in the wind but 19˚ in sheltered spots. Still 13˚ at 9pm. Spring with an edge, late but spring nevertheless. Not as cold and wet as Piers had predicted for this present R4 period, we’ll see whether it’s late or is not putting in an appearance at all. Not complaining though as we had a whole week without rain.
On 28 May 2016, Matt wrote:

I see big Joe Bastardi is yet again stating that any low solar activity and consequential L.I.A event will take multiple decades to show itself owing to the phenomenal latent heat reserves in the world's oceans...Esp. after 30 years of warm AMO & PMO.
On 28 May 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub NZ) wrote:

Very wet across NZ overnight and today - we've had over 90 mm of rain. Its been milder with a northerly but set to change to a cooler southerly tomorrow. Note photo of the Motueka river in link, Motueka is where we live and it doesn't often get a mention..
On 27 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Misty start around 7/8 deg early morning, cool then getting a little milder during the day overcast and some glimpses of sun at times, humid later and thought we were in for some thunder but none, drizzle on n off late afternoon and eve. 12 deg now at 9pm
On 27 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

10˚C at 7.30, same again, grey & cold to about 11am, then mostly sunny until about 5pm. Even though we still had the N’ly breeze it got to 19˚ around midday and into early afternoon. Grey murk again by evening, 12˚ at 8.30pm. The last 4 days have been exactly as B Smith describes. We’ve deliberately left our veg sowing much later than other years because of Piers’ forecast, we even go as far as taking the germinating cucumbers into the house every night from the tunnel, they are fickle things.
On 27 May 2016, B Smith holidaying Inverness area wrote:

Following my last Saturday's 1245 report sadly an experienced sailor lost his life at Findhorn bay during the height of the sudden storm(1330hrs) when his yacht was blown over.local bbc media showed squally winds in Nairn. Sunday was a repeat ofheavy thundery downpours but thankfully not as bad as Saturday. From then on it has been dry all NE wind.typical day starting grey but by afternoon sunshine and quite pleasant.A coupleof trips to the west coast and it's been beautiful and sunny ,warm all week there . I have been here every may for 5 years , and I must say this is the latest start to a summer here in that time.At least 2-3 weeks later than last year.So much for the reported seventh above average month for temperatures.globally it maybe but not in the UK look at the countryside it tells the story
On 27 May 2016, suzy dorset wrote:

Steve- thanks for the heads up on the petition and I do hope we leave too . Beautiful morning, really heavy dew. Good garden day yesterday, really hot in the walled garden. Back to EU, hate how Russia is sent to Coventry and I do not trust the EU with our armies.
On 27 May 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

Paddy & Gerry: yes. have lit the stove on several evenings this week. More intense 'grey dreich' this morning, so wonder if it will brighten up like yesterday. Even if it doesn't I am cheered by the Schadenfreude over the BBC's flapping uncertainty about the low pressure approaching from the east for Monday---a few £million more for a computer upgrade anyone?
On 27 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

I think we are on our way to leave the EU, I do hope that I am correct in this gut feeling. Much better day nice warmth and sunshine with not much wind.
On 27 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday was a good drying day windy with sunny spells but again cool, woke up cold and even cooler today 26th so gave in and lit the wood boiler tonight, grey most of today Max 12 deg and a lighter NE'ly breeze than yesterday, but cold nose n feet all day, bring on the summer hoping for some warmth and bare feet weather :-) Some light drizzle around midnight and cloudy 8 deg.
On 26 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, starting out as a repeat performance of the last two days: grey, cold and windy from the N, however, by late morning it did brighten up and stayed that way for the rest of the day, max temp 15˚. The sun is much stronger now, of course, less than a month away from its highest point, so any bit of sunshine does make a big difference immediately. 12˚ at 8pm. == Yes, Gerry, our heating has also been on again over the last three days.
On 26 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Agreed Paddy - end of May with temps more like March. Heating came on this morning it got that cold. London yesterday had a lot of grey cloud and drizzly rain. Still be sure we are in the hottest May evah! Note that the El Nino is officially over. Still lots of snow around and in Portugal (!) they were able to ski again. Solar activity has now been low for months which will surely come into play later this year. Has the fracking approval come too late given that Blue Labour are phasing out soon? Perhaps it is to make sure that it is available to our EU 'friends' as it becomes a common resource. They stole our fish so why not our gas and oil. Eureka! Alistair Heath in the Telegraph notes that there is a way to get the undecided to vote Leave. Have a plan and go for the Norway option of EEA membership. Of course Vote Leave, Leave.EU and UKIP all say this is not the way to do it hence a 15-20% Remain vote is likely. Probably too late now.
On 25 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

8˚C at 7.30, grey, cold and windy from the N all day, max temp 12˚, some sunshine in the afternoon, 9˚ at 10.30pm. May - oh yeah?
On 25 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

I saw this petition today, We demand a Public Inquiry into the UK Government's culture of lying to voters Over the last 20 years, UK governments have increasingly used lies, smears, spin & misrepresentations in presenting cases to voters. We are now being systematically misled on many issues. We must know WHY & HOW our own Government chooses to subvert democratic processes by abandoning truth & honesty. Please sign this and pass it on to friends and family I thought it was a sign of today's governance right across the EU, time to BREXIT The weather was cloudy all day with a glimmer of sun but rather chilly no warmer than 14 c it was that warm in mid winter here. Still it was a dry day.
On 25 May 2016, Jessica wrote:

Just looked at the SORCE site, and see that the TSI has dropped yet again. Of course, we all know that solar activity has nothing to do with our climate. The Met Office have said so. :-)
On 25 May 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Stormy weather for Wellington NZ last night and this morning No storms here but steady rain from yesterday afternoon until late this morning. Auckland had thunder and lightening this afternoon with two houses hit.
On 24 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Nippy start with 4 deg at 7 a.m warming up to 16/17 later although a mix of cloud and sun to begin blue sky with the sun was lovely later with a light E'ly breeze keeping it on the cool side of temp.
On 24 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

10˚ at 7.30 grey and cold in the stiff N’ly breeze that ended up blowing all day, back to March weather just a week away from June. Occasional sunny interludes, max temp 14˚, staying dry. Good sunshine through the clouds from around 4pm until now, 8pm, temperature being 11˚. North of Aberdeen had very heavy localised downpours last night. For us subscribers this cold spell comes as no surprise.
On 24 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The promise of a week's rain in a day was only a week late at yesterday evening brought a torrential downpour of 0.9ins/22mm from around 8pm until 9pm. Seems to have been localized as many colleagues had nothing like this. Skies cleared and a mist rose. It had been a nice day until late afternoon when rain arrived in London. A passing shower but steadier rain on arriving home and after a brief gap the downpour arrived. On a lighter note - the Ivanpah solar plant caught fire when some of the mirrors focused the solar rays in the wrong place. this is the plant that has to use gas to pre-heat the water or there would be no output as the sun can't heat the water quick enough. Yes, the plant is heavily subsidized.
On 23 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A fair amount of rainfall yesterday even slight hail in one shower, a few distant rumbles of thunder again and a battle between milder and cool air again on n off all day. Cool overnight and a bit parky this morning but rising from 4 to 8 deg by 9.30 a.m nice and dry today and some nice sunny spells with big clouds about max 16 deg. Cool and partly cloudy now at 23.13 pm 7 deg with temp looking like 3 or 4 deg as the cloud clears later in the night, looks a bit sunnier and warmer again tomorrow and met now improving their weekend outlook all week from unsettled and cool to mild and unsettled to warmer and more settled now today :)
On 23 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

8˚ overnight, 10˚ at 7.30, splendid sunny start but clouding over soon with flat bottomed shower clouds, which only produced occasional light rain in the afternoon, NE’ly breeze but temps moving up nicely to 19˚, falling by a couple of degrees in the showers, 10˚ by 10pm.
On 23 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

The eu has been talked about for so long we do not want anymore of them, we have talked it to a standstill suffice to say if you want to be run by a lot of Mafiosi then vote on the side of the Remainiacs. UKIP have achieved its aim and that is a referendum if the British people are dumb enough to keep the eu rather than our own soverenty then tough for all.nice morning with a heavy shower right now at 3.40 pm warmish.
On 23 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Yesterday's bright start became increasingly cloudy until there was some light rain early evening and a clap of thunder. Average temps. sunny start today. iceagenow has an interesting video suggesting the likes of accuweather and weather channel are hiding the record breaking snow in NE US with terms like 'dusting' to cover 4 inches of snow! A lot of late snow for them. Steve - It think the Beano would be no less informing on the EU than any UK newspaper. Education lies beyond the mainstream media. I looked at the UKIP website expecting lots of information about the EU, how it works and the benefits of leaving and there was nothing. If you go to their shop you can buy lots of Say No! merchandise for a referendum that was set as Leave or Remain months ago LOL. Sadly, with a month to go I believe we have lost and damage limitation is required so that it can be as narrow a defeat as possible to keep the issue alive. If only the Idiots hadn't been in charge of the Leave campaign.
On 23 May 2016, east side wrote:

A very unpredictable weather pattern is all over Europe. This has to be the coldest April - May in quite a long time over northern Europe. A few days of warm weather>24C for 3 days, or 27C for 3 days are immediately followed by drops of 10C or more with heavy rain/cold. It was once again the case in France this weekend where the start of Rolland Garros Tennis was delayed by bad weather on the first day. Acacia honey will once again be rare, because the late blossoms which just came into flower is going to be washed out by heavy rain. Good acacia honey requires stable warm weather during the brief flowering season, & no rain. I would suggest this summer in France could follow the same scenario as last year?However there is no developing pattern yet of a southern JS flow.This could be linked to low-dropping solar activity. If JS south doesn't show up soon then it could be a miserable summer in France, while very hot in Russia/Eastern Europe. WHICH will it be?
On 23 May 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Very cold weather in the lower South Island We've been fortunate here in the upper south with a mainly sunny day, max 13 deg. Piers is it still an R1?
On 22 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, overcast, heavy rain at 8am, brightening up nicely thereafter to a mostly dry, warm and sunny day, max temp 20˚, interrupted by dramatic dark skies to the west that released several pulses of occasionally heavy rain which dropped the temperature down to around 14˚, still raining now after 8pm with 10˚, winds N’ly all day mostly light and not too cold.
On 22 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Sunny start yesterday but big clouds moved on in lots of downpours and a few distant rumbles of thunder, quite a few places had some lightning and thunder like Kilkenny and mostly Dublin, we just had the presence of a storm kinda feeling surrounding us all day with sunshine and showers the theme muggy at times. Max 13/14 deg and high humidity, fresher during the night. Looks like we've had some more rain overnight and similar start today clouds moving on in again, 7 deg at 9.27 a.m
On 21 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

8˚C overnight, 11˚ at 7.30, light rain & fog which all cleared away around 9am, brightening up to a beautiful dry spring day with a blustery S’ly wind and lines of flat bottomed clouds that never produced any showers, as might have been expected, max temp 20˚ by 5pm, still 14˚ by 9pm. We’ve certainly had some very contrasting weather these last few days.
On 21 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

Gerry ......well if you will read the beno then no wonder you haven't a clue what UKIP have to offer, but never mind we will see if we get out of the EU soon enough and I hope it is the BREXIT option.
On 21 May 2016, B smith holidaying near inverness wrote:

Rain early clearing mid morning but ominous blue grey clouds. About 1245 the skies darkened more and a very strong wind descended with a swirling vortex of torrential rain and hail. Thunder minutes later sun out and all quiets rather radar showed a good hook shape of cloud.
On 21 May 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

The 97% consensus has been found - but not how they would like. Very interesting piece on WUWT and others looking at model use in science. They looked at the last 10 years of science literature and approx 900,000 peer reviewed articles used words model, modelled or modelling. From those results they then filtered by climate change and got a result of 55%. The US spends just 4% of the their total science budget on climate science - it seems more but then it is n area under the spotlight. So just 4% of science is responsible for 55% of model use. Alarming enough but when they just looked for climate change in the literature very few more articles appeared. From that it was found that 97% of climate change research refers to models. No wonder so much of it is rubbish. Interestingly the misuse of modelling has been raised as a problem in transport planning too. In engineering models are created from proven theory and then checked by experimentation.
On 21 May 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Breezy, overcast but quite bright with the odd spit of rain in the air at times. A cool 62F at noon. Nothing special. Roses will soon be out as they are forming nicely. Globosa Buddleia due soon too. Steve- Farage did well to put Call Me Dave in such a position he promised a referendum he hoped he would never have to deliver but to his surprise the Tories got a majority because Milliband was worse than him. But when it comes to Fairytales then UKIP is the place to go. I have yet to see them offer knowledge at any level which for a party dedicated to one cause should make them EU experts. How is it that they didn't get the Leave designation. Sadly UKIP are with 99% of the population who know nothing of how the system works as many of their Daily Express EU horror stories are on areas the EU no longer has control or when true are actually beneficial. Losing won't be the end because the vote has been rigged by Cameron but those who lost us the vote will be called to account.
On 21 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

Paddy, the oak was out by about 3 weeks before the ash put out a single leaf this year so we will see if it correct by end of this summer just for our pleasure. The saying goes like this here in Dorset. If the oak be out before the ash then Wem I for but a splash, if the ash be out before the oak then wem be in for a good old soak. So this summer should be dry if this saying is correct. Cloud and rain this morning and 13c with a stiff wind.
On 21 May 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

CITIZENS! Thanks for all Reports & Comms. LATEST - Br+Ir WHOLE SUMMER NOW is loaded as a Single Season Service. It updates with all 45d 30d etc forecasts for Br+Ir and is MUST HAVE for getting to grips with WILD CHANGES AND CONTRASTS this summer. Existing subs are automatically extended by any overlaps; eg if you have ongoing 30d to DEC inc then the 3 month overlap with this WHOLE SUMMER SERVICE will give you a 30d extension to MARCH 2017 as free add-on.
On 21 May 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

More wet stormy weather for the north of the North Island NZ It was wet and cooler here (top of the South Island) yesterday and overnight but has now cleared. First snow of the year on the mountains today.
On 21 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Rain overnight and for most of the day 20th, on the cool side of 13/14 deg a bit breezy and 9 deg now at 12.57 a.m raining again now. Yeah Paddy it's funny how we look for the old nature sayings knowing that it won't change the natural craziness of the weather!-)
On 20 May 2016, Gary wrote:

I have been a silent visitor to this site for about 5 years and over this time I have become a great admirer of Piers' work, There is no doubt that his understanding of the processes which drive the weather and climate is second to none and that these are almost solely driven by the sun. I have always been interested in the weather to the point where the only thing I wanted to be when I was growing up was a meteorologist, but that wasn't in the cards. If the sun is truly becoming quiet, then it is evident that cooling is going to occur. That said, it is somewhat difficult to to convince people here that that is the case. It was one of the warmest winters on record here with little precipitation. As a result, we have experienced very dangerous wildfires this spring. We could see the glow from one nearby in the night sky. Fortunately, the weather of the last 2 days has been very helpful. Cold rain yesterday and snow today, Light snow and 0 C at 1:00 PM (local time) today.
On 20 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, cloudy but bright and promising, and deliver it did: we had one of those lovely warm spring days when the wind is S’ly and bringing moist & warm air as well as showers most often, though we here didn’t have any. Max temp 19˚ in complete contrast to yesterday’s dreary dreich and cold, Piers’ 30d f’cast & Euro Maps back on track. Lovely evening, still 13˚ at 8.30pm. == Maria, I’d love the ‘oak & ash’ proverb to be right, but depending on location you can find any number of ash that’s outing before the oak and vice versa; I look every year, just for pleasure, and find myself confused. The climate has changed since that saying was first coined, it may well have been applicable over a period of time, not sure how one could ascertain that though, time travel perhaps?
On 20 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK. Sub wrote:

Gerry you are away with the fairies again, UKIP has a competent leader, I bet if you had his strong will over the last 20 years or more fighting from next to nowhere to getting us a referendum then and maybe then you can trott that sort of comment out with out being challenged.
On 20 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Cloudy yesterday with some drizzle in the evening returning from a great Blues Rock gig. Chilly wind. Sunny spells again today. Re- stove lighting. Wed evening was cold enough to consider some sort of warmth. I may have lit the fire except that my book collection is stacked on the lounge floor so that after just over a year of moving in I can sort them onto the bookshelves and bookcase. No point rushing. Look twice - place once hopefully. Paxman on the EUBBC paraded his ignorance on cucumbers claiming there is no EU regulation anymore except that there is. Nothing gets past Richard North and he points out that this is where the EU has moved the regulation up the chain and shown the growing irrelevance of the EU. I can only hope that the polls are totally wrong again as they were for election. The aftermath of a Remain win will be the end of conservatism in the Tory party as Cameron completes his Blue Labour party. UKIP can return to action but badly needs a competent leader.
On 20 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

Welcome from the dark side Ron, we had a BREXIT day yesterday lovely sunny bright wonderfull day, then the Remainiac weather arrived cloud and mist no rain though, you couldn't see the woods for the trees just like the EU, he he he.
On 20 May 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

Paddy&Jessica--me too stove- wise here in Highland Perthshire. Re-Brexit comments, I happened to be working/visiting Norway during their two EU referenda, years apart, and in Sweden during their plebiscite on the Euro. It was one of the factors making my a YES man in the Scottish referendum and making me a Brexit supporter in the forthcoming one. It will not affect the weather in any way!
On 19 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Despite being a bit on the cool side yesterday we had some nice sunny spells, was just right for potting up plants in the tunnel and thining out rows of veg and some successional sowing. Rain showers this morning clearing for late morning onwards giving a dry breezy afternoon with a few sunny spells around 16 deg the last two days. Also got it wrong the other week the Oak was out before the Ash and still have a slow leafing Ash tree not fully out here yet.
On 19 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

PS Jessica, it would be helpful to know where you liver roughly so that we can put your observations in context. We also have been relighting the stove.
On 19 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

8˚ at 7.30, grey and dull but dry start, we seem to have gone back to early March, cold S’ly wind, staying dry until about 3pm when we had light drizzle for a couple of hours, max temp 9˚ during the day but it actually warmed up to 11˚ late afternoon, 9˚ again at 10pm. MO is saying warmer tomorrow. Bracknell weather map pretty similar to Piers’ EU maps tonight. == Gerry, re Brexit: yes, the parasitic establishment are worried, they even wheeled out Obama (aka O’Bomber) and got him to use the word ‘queue’ instead of ‘line’, which would be American, as in back of the. Let’s hope Piers’ prediction on this one comes true!
On 19 May 2016, Jessica wrote:

Still very chilly where I live. We've had to start lighting fires again. For the last four or five years, this has been the case.
On 19 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

The Norwegian model is the one we should adopt in the first instance to get us out of the EU but we can then change things to suit us. The importance of this is why Cameron went to such trouble to try to rubbish it and why they keep trying to claim it is not better. In Norway the establishment is pro-EU but the people aren't so they remain an independent nation and why you should ignore any warning from their politicians. The forecast 'week's rain in a day' delivered just 6mm for me. Not quite enough to top up the water butts and should June turn out to be warm and dry every drop will be needed.
On 18 May 2016, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Re Piers Brexit Informative 'short' interview video from Norwegian experience of project fear in their referendum Just shows how full of it Cameron & Co are currently Cameron now on my Quisling List next to Brown
On 18 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, misty and grey start, feeling decidedly muggy in the S’ly breeze, overcast all day, sometimes quite dark. We had real cyclonic weather with little wind which kept changing direction, temps rising to 17˚ during the morning but at midday came the change: light rain and an immediate cooling accompanied by a strengthening NE’ly wind, 9˚ by 8pm. This, for the moment, is putting a spanner in the works of Piers’ prediction for the present 17-21 May weather period, let’s see how it pans out. The upside is that the cold will preserve the tulips for a bit longer.
On 18 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Clouded over late afternoon and was cool - average or slightly below. Cloudy this morning with rain when I arrived in London. Showers including one heavy. Humid as was quite damp after a brisk walk to site and back. I haven't watched BREXIT - the movie but have heard that it repeats many of the false claims such as saving money. At worst leaving will be revenue neutral BUT we get to direct the funds to our farming industry under OUR rules. I would have preferred pouring rain and cold for 23rd as I think we will be more determined to get out and vote. It is hard work for the sensible campaigners up against 2 remain campaigns. The Remainers obviously but also Vote Leave who are just so ignorant and incompetent you wonder if they are closet remainers. Of course the election was a surprise result so the polls could be wrong again. Remember people won't be voting on the question. Referenda are always a vote on something else. Project Fear and Call Me Dave might just get up enough noses.
On 18 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

Piers, I do so hope that you are on the button with this BREXIT thing, you are so correct in all you say in your comment, this country has a magnificent history and to say we are dependant on the EU is an absolute insult to all who have gone before so I urge any Brit to get behind BREXIT, and BREXIT the movie is well worth a look. Enjoy the weather rain ,here today, Spring you know.
On 18 May 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

CITIZENS! GREAT COMMS THANK YOU! Monitoring always helpful. RHYS Yes SLACK means small pressure gradients = light air / light winds over a wide area. STEVE (Dorset) An EU Referendum forecast! I did send a text to some when the campaigning started that LEAVE would win by a wide margin.The reason I think that is the UK and world poltical establishment have never before been so loathed and mistrusted by the public and their coming together to lie to the public will backfire. Economically the case for Exit is very strong - see "Brexit-The-Movie" brill film by Martin Durkn. The economic case for remain from Cameron rests on false assunptions. The huge economic success of Switzerland + Norway - European countries outside the EU confirms this. On the CORE issue of democracy +democratic rights the EU is nowhere, it is an ANTI-Democratic bureacracy empowering multinationals to asset strip & de-industrialize the UK and any other EU country except Germany via TTIP +EUETS (Emissions) &c.
On 17 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Ps Great May forecast and even better recent front page challenge info Piers, giving it to them real as always, makes us proud to be WA supporters ;-)
On 17 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

5 deg around 7.30 a.m yesterday 16th soon rising with some nice sunshine, max 18 deg. some blue sky for a time then clouding over and becoming quite humid during the afternoon, rain moved in by evening and milder overnight. Dry to start this morning but rain by late morning only clearing for a brief interlude before its return, great dry spell recently to get work done but ground here was also starting to get very dry so the rain is good, little breezy ssw'ly wind this afternoon/early eve Max 16 deg 9 now at 10.20pm
On 17 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

10˚C at 7.30, another grey start, calm and therefore ideal for renewing the sheet on one our vegetable tunnel. A S’ly breeze did start up though but we managed to secure the sheet in time before it really got going; we also had quite a bit of hazy sunshine until late afternoon, so that was good for really stretching the plastic, max temp nudged 19˚. Light rain started around 6pm, not unwelcome as things have gotten very dry, still going now at 8pm with temp at 12˚. - 10/10 for PIERS’ ACCURACY to the day once again: 17th April was mentioned as turning warm in Dec 170d f’cast and in all subsequent ones. Sure, he doesn’t get it right every time but that level of correct prediction so far out (and sticking to it) is unparallelled. Congrats & subscription renewals are in order!
On 17 May 2016, Jessica wrote:

You're right, Gerry, the BBC will never mention the fact that snow destroyed the raspberry crop in the 'hottest month/s on record'. It's an absolute disgrace. I don't have a tv because I refuse to pay money to an organisation that lies to you.
On 17 May 2016, rhys Jaggar (45 day annual subscriber) wrote:

Piers IN your 45 day forecast, on a couple of occasions you end your prediction for a 3 - 4 day period with the descriptive word 'Slack'. Does this mean 'no wind', or something else? Regards Rhys
On 17 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

A pleasant day yesterday and the same so far today. Warnings of a week's rain in one day for tomorrow along with our resident comedy weather team the MetO releasing their summer erm ah possibly maybe forecast. We all know - I hope - that they will be pulling out the 'warmest evahs' for a while following the El Nino. Not mentioning the effect of this is lying by omission and de rigeur for the BBC. We know there is heat there as the sat records show but the fun will come with the growing La Nina. Serbia received some nice snow to ruin their raspberry crop but you won't hear about that via BBC. The Leave Alliance has a full set of videos covering the important topics posted up while the Establishment trot out more Project Fear forecasts from those whose past record with forecasts matches those of the climate models.
On 16 May 2016, Jessica wrote:

On the BBC news website in the science and environment section they are now saying that last April was the warmist April on record. Who are they trying to kid??
On 16 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, grey, cool but calm start, staying mostly overcast for the day with occasional sunny spells, above all, it was noticeably warmer with out the sharp NW’ly wind of yesterday, just a slight breeze so it got to all of 17˚, even under cloud cover, we’re moving back towards spring. 11˚ at 9pm. Interesting June 45d forecast, Piers, I think it will turn out that we have chosen just the right period to be away on holiday, I will report in due course.
On 16 May 2016, Clive wrote:

Sorry I met 1983 not 2003. Clive
On 16 May 2016, Clive wrote:

1998 had a strong El nino but it was at a back of a solar minimum and that could have made the difference.. Another thing both the 1983 and 1998 springs were cool and wet and both had negative AO/NAO patterns but both went they separate ways in the summer. I not saying that this summer will go strictly to being like 2003 but there could be periods that are similar to it.
On 16 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

My dear Piers,now you have given us the forecast for June 23rd 2016 any chance at all of doing the same for a successful BREXIT, just a thought, now that would be the custard on the pie.
On 16 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK a proud sub wrote:

Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote: You are quite correct, these mutterings from so called ministers is of the la la land variety, and it is not a jot of good relying on the other lunatics of the EU they are just as bad, if we carry on down this track we are destined to penury, Now we know that the likes of our dear prime minister is for the EU why I can't see yet, but it will come to light why he is so avid about it, I am one of the lucky types that can see that the eu ends abruptly with a disaster, BREXIT for me and don't hold the horses.
On 16 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Sunday was warm in the sun but out of the sun and catching the breeze it was too cold for just a t-shirt. Certainly not warm enough to sit out for a BBQ without a fire going. Helps if people say what area they are in. Jessica's comment reminded that very few evenings last summer were that warm for sitting out. Clive's comment reminded me of the accuweather summer forecast. Rather than 1983 what happened in 1998 after that strong El Nino? Discussion on WUWT shows that no 2 El Ninos are the same so the effects will be different. You also have to allow for a meridional Jetstream. Good to have you with us Steve. Booker yesterday was commenting on the Fifth Carbon Budget. Sheer lunacy that makes you worry for the mental state of some ministers. While seeing our generating plant somehow we can have 60% electric cars by 2020 and stop using gas for domestic heating and cooking (only covers about 90%!!!). Economic collapse here we come - or Vote Leave and end Blue Labour!!
On 16 May 2016, shaun (Wales) wrote:

@Clive but your are referring to a statistical analysis of the weather, using one year is not really good for providing a prediction. Not to be targeting you but I see this type of forecasting a lot which can be meaningless at best, but when using one year as evidence then it is as good as a random guess. Do you have a larger dataset which highlights this correlation? Also, correlation does not imply cause, do you have reason to believe there is more to this correlation than pure chance? Similar weather patterns can have different causes, so I am not trying to be unfair in my response, just since the winter of 2010 for example, I have seen every year claims of a repeat due to imaginary patterns, the thing is random data still contains patterns, just patterns of coincidence
On 16 May 2016, maria 45 day sub somerset wrote:

I have just added to my sub, another 12 months. Brill offer, anyway I could not do without my weatheraction fix. Forecasts have been extraordinarily accurate, particularly lately and I have now planned all my planting on the allotment, based on what is being forecast. Shading/shelter/plant now/plant later etc. It is certainly helping me cope with the ups and downs
On 16 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

Excelent Clive, I have my Hammock and now a nice big brolly to go with it, hope it's a nice summer for all we do deserve one, we will see.
On 16 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

I have just renewed for another year, how could I not with an offer like that, and anyway you would all miss my meanderings,so thanks piers keep up the good work.
On 16 May 2016, Clive wrote:

I think that the main feature of the coming summer could be thunder. This was the case in 1983. We have recently had a strong El nino which came at the back of a solar max. The last time we had such a strong El nino at this level coming behind a solar max was 1983. Most of the summer was very warm but there was a lot of severe thunderstorms and was a very noted feature of the summer together with the July heatwave. Warm and thundery conditions could play a big part in this summer.
On 16 May 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

We had a fine fairly mild morning but that changed after lunch with a good thunderstorm and heavy rain. The storm has been moving north up the North Island of NZ. The ongoing mild weather in May has been good for late plantings of winter vegetables and also for extending the season for the last of the beans and zucchini but I feel this will all change soon to cooler temps over NZ.
On 16 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

Jessica wrote We could not stay outside because it was cold well I never did , it is not summer as yet, far to early to be saying that we are all doomed because it was a chilly evening, typical Spring the leaves are not all on the trees yet, barbecue in June if the weathers nice, have a good one.
On 15 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Another nice dry day with some cloud around but a good bit of sunshine getting through, although a similar day temp of 17 deg it wasn't as hot for as long, another clear starry night and 6 / 7 deg at 11.55pm looks like 2 deg on the cards before sunrise.
On 15 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚ overnight again, 6˚ at 7.30, cool but not as windy as yesterday, still a cold breeze from the NW though, mostly cloudy but with occasional warm sunny breaks, max temp 16˚, occasional showers, 7˚ at 10pm.
On 15 May 2016, Jessica wrote:

We had a BBQ last night, and the temp dropped to a point that we couldn't stay outside. We live up in the hills, but up until about 10 years ago, we could sit outside until after midnight, and it would be quite warm. Climate is certainly getting colder.
On 15 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Another nice mostly blue sky n sunshine day but the breeze keeping it on the cooler side of 17 deg. warm enough to catch some sun but a tad chilly in shorts by late afternoon and the evening temp dropping away quicker tonight so not so long sat out, 7 deg back out for a great view of stars moon and Jupiter and shooting stars around too just before midnight, nippy in the air and could briefly dip to 4 deg overnight here.
On 14 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

4˚C overnight, 5˚ by 7.30, brighter than yesterday but still feeling cold in the constant sharp N’ly wind which kept blowing all day. Quite sunny though and a max of 14˚ by early afternoon, dry bar a short shower around 9am, in fact, everything is now as dry as it hasn’t been since last year. 7˚ by 9pm. Yes, RON, regarding the change to cold, Piers was on the money to the day as I stated yesterday. I’m now banking on the next warm spell as predicted to put a new skin on our veg tunnel, will report.
On 14 May 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

I agree with my fellow commentators - very clear change in the temps from yesterday afternoon. Something like 10C has gone. This evening the temp is 14C, feeding the fish in a t-shirt was a job to keep short in the chilling breeze. Excellent timing on the change but not as low as expected possibly? Out and about the sun is warm and leave your car for a spell and it is hot when your return. Garden observation - leaves on buddleia look to have frost damage. The wind is coming from the east so last night it flushed the day's heat from my bedroom with ease. No need to keep a window open. Amusing story. NASA is pleading with the Australian CSIRO not to cut back because there appear to be lots of bits of the 'settled science' that are not so settled after all. Perhaps this is a useful tactic to attack the MetO and other warmist government funding. Why spend money when the science is settled? Will it matter anyway, Cameron says Earth will be destroyed by an asteroid if we Vote Leave!
On 14 May 2016, Richard Pinder wrote:

But a question for Piers: Is there a correlation for Climate Change between Mars and the Earth, if not, then is this because changes in Cloud induced Bond Albedo, rules Climate Change on Earth. Especially if you take into account an 800 year thermal lag in temperature changes caused by the mass of the Oceans which dominate the system with a mass 275 times that of the Atmosphere. Mensa members informed Whittingdale about this, Whittingdale is a fellow Mensa member who studied Astronomy at University, but apart from thanks from his colleagues, the only response was silence followed by a pronouncement of the rules of Mensa having no opinion on controversial issues.
On 14 May 2016, Richard Pinder wrote:

The paper (Unified Theory of Climate, Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller, 2011) shows that the average surface temperature divided by the grey body temperature gives you the magnitude of the Thermal inertia which resembles the response of the temperature/potential temperature ratio to the altitudinal changes of pressure described by the Poisson formula, with predictions matching evidence for both Venus, Earth and Mars, to prove that the physical nature of the so-called Greenhouse Effect is in fact a Pressure-induced Thermal Enhancement or Thermal Inertia which is independent of the atmospheric chemical composition. So the formula works for a Nitrogen/Oxygen Atmosphere the same way as it works for a Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere. Within 200 years of observations, we cannot expect to see much change of temperature on Venus because the huge mass of the Atmosphere produces a constant temperature whether it is day or night (112 Earth days long) or at the poles or the equator.
On 14 May 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

perhaps not as cold as May 30d forecast, but bang on the money about the change to cool northerlies on the 13th.
On 13 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

7˚C overnight, 10˚ at 7.30, overcast and cold with a sharp N’ly wind blowing all day, max temp 14˚ with a bit of late sunshine in the evening, 5˚ by 9.30pm. Until yesterday we seemed to have gone from winter to summer in a short space of time, today we went into reverse gear, spot on to the day, PIERS! I took the precaution of covering some plants we’d moved into the coldframe from the tunnel.
On 13 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

I would think that different planets react differently to solar activity depending on many things - atmosphere, magnetivity etc. Sun still out and shining but not the heat of the weekend. Office talk is of the forecast change which having now found and its wonderful array of charts and forecasts, can be clearly seen as a cooling. Question to what degree? Will something make it colder than they see at the moment? I even overheard a discussion of UHI but sadly my colleagues are bound up in the groupthink of global warming must be true because all those scientists can't be wrong. Elder is out in flower now and I think I heard a nightingale the other night. I have checked the Blackcap song and will listen out when down in the orchard next. Neighbour reports Lesser Whitethroats. Accuweather has a Summer forecast of nothing special for the UK with plenty of rain. Looking forward to June 45d soon.
On 13 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday was an improvement but today is just bootiful blue sky and sunshine 17/18 deg at 12.20pm only a little wispy cloud here n there, def a sun is shining the weather is sweet day :)
On 13 May 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Severe gales in the Wellington, NZ region today
On 12 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday turned into a nice enough day to get some cabbages and broad beans planted out with only a few short spots of rain in the evening. Overcast to start this morning but a bit milder again and the sun shone through at times and remained dry all day, a bit humid max 18 deg still 13/14 now at 11 pm Noticed lots more swallows around the countryside this year and in the nearby town today also.
On 12 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

8˚C overnight, 10˚ by 7.30, somewhat foggy start but brightening up soon to a brilliant, if much cooler day with a stiff and cold NE’ly breeze which allowed a max temp of 17˚ ot of the wind, 19˚ further inland where we had to go today. We’ve now had 8 days of sunshine and about 12 with no rain to speak of, everything is now dry and dusty, which was hard to imagine during April. 10˚ by 8pm.
On 12 May 2016, Jessica wrote:

The Sun affects the other planets too, and there was warming on Mars more or less at the same time as Earth was heating up. Now that the Sun is entering a Grand Minimum, it will cool down the other planets too. Makes sense.
On 12 May 2016, Mike (45 day subs) wrote:

Dear Piers, An important question for you. With more CO2 (parts per million) in the Earth's atmosphere than 100 or 200 years ago what will happen to the temperature? On Mars the atmosphere is 95% CO2 and on Venus 96.5% CO2, yet on Earth just a tiny 0.038% CO2. Assuming we are not hit by an asteroid or a massive volcano does not blow its top, then can we count on the Sun to cool things down over the coming decades - not only here but on all planets in the Solar system?
On 11 May 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Good point east side. Rain and sunny spells today but still warm. The rain gauge read 11mm since I emptied yesterday evening. Nice soaking for the garden to help the plants and trees. Looks like a good number of plums have set so could be in for a good crop. Hawthorn is now coming out into flower. Some good news - Elon Musk's companies are diving as key directors leave and results are worse than expected for both Solarcity and Tesla. You can't help but smile when the brokers refer to changing regulatory conditions - translation how much taxpayers' cash you get. In a tiny corner of CityAM was news that Mon night electricity was £1250/Mwh! normal summer price is £50. Reason? Failures at old power stations. The expensive back up was required to keep us going even during the night. No wonder Sainsbury are installing generators.
On 11 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

10˚C at 7.30, and though another splendid morning, it was markedly cooler in the fresh NE’ly wind which blew all day, bringing in cold air directly from Scandinavia. We also had a fair bit of cloud every now and then and temperatures dropped very noticeably then. We got a max of 18˚ in the warmer moments, so it was still a great day. By 9pm thicker cloud moved in and the temperature dropped back to 10˚. According to the MO we should have another sunny day tomorrow.
On 11 May 2016, stephen parker wrote:

Question for Mr P Corbyn. As predicted from 2009, o you see this quiet sun giving the cooling as thought?
On 11 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Some heavy showers yesterday with some dryer spells later for a little while, humid but a bit cooler with the breeze max 16/17ish more showers early eve. Some mist early this morning and a lighter shade of overcast, 11 deg at 8.41 a.m
On 11 May 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Piers, the RTQ forecast still isn't loaded.
On 11 May 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Got home and measured 5mm of rain. Doesn't seem much but happily it was enough to refill the water butts pumped dry to fill the ponds. More rain during the evening and into the night to remind me I need more storage capacity. Still warm and humid but how long for?
On 10 May 2016, east side wrote:

"Now if we could somehow get snow in May that would really get them talking." Just been to the last 3 ski days in the alps at 2300m. Superb weather, hot sun, finally closed for the season on 8th May, with plenty of snow right to the end...(3200m was still 2m+). Last snow fall was a week ago around 1st may, showing that this spring was cold enough to carry on skiing on many alpine resorts right into may. If this is the 'warmest winter on record" what is a cold one going to be??!
On 10 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

10˚C at 7.30, overnight was 7˚, sunny from the start and turning into another beautiful day, albeit with a continuous stiff NNE’ly breeze which cooled things down somewhat; without it we would have had more than the 22˚ on the thermometer, this is the third sunny day and we’re all beginning to look tanned. For once, we’re getting all the nice stuff and England is getting the rain, the pressure situation is quite unusual in that the LP SW of England is feeding us with reasonably warm Continental air, though cooled by the N Sea, this seems to be persisting somewhat longer than expected. 12˚ at 9.30pm. Leaf growth on trees is picking up at a tremendous rate just now.
On 10 May 2016, theguvnor wrote:

Some of you posters may be interested in this video from ex UN guy. Topsy turvy down here in SW but rain starting to ease and temp climb again. Can't believe how quickly flora has flourished.
On 10 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

As the rain fell in London yesterday afternoon, the cycling members of the office were looking unhappy as they had not brought waterproofs - and even removed the rear mudguard - and bemoaning that 'they said it would be dry on this morning's forecast'. They got it wrong as a nice swirl of low pressure brought some welcome rain - well I drive a car and having pumped lots of water to top up my pounds I need rain. And today is providing some more. Still warm and quite humid.
On 09 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Overcast and mild to begin & with a breeze, by late morning the sun was burning off enough cloud to give some good sunny spells and some blue sky for a time fab day max 21 deg. T-shirt shorts & suncream on making the most of it whilst working, hazy with darker sky creeping in then overcast later a few random spots of rain, it started with light warm rain then poured down this evening for a little while, feeling balmy and like it could thunder. It's like the quiet before the storm at 11.30pm and still 13 deg.
On 09 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, foggy start again but soon brightening up and by 9.30 we had a brilliant blue sky like we haven’t had for ages, or so it seemed, temps climbing steadily until they nudged 21˚, yet another first for us, we were quite happy with the cool breeze which started out as a NE’ly and turned into the SE after midday. 10˚ by 10pm. It feels like we’ve gone from winter to summer in the space of a week, we finished sowing our trees 10 days ago in a hail shower!
On 09 May 2016, Lorraine wrote:

Lorraine// sea temp actually the sea temp is 11 degrees (magic seaweed Guernsey) and the average for Jersey is 12 on their charts so I think I can categorically say it's 1 degree colder
On 09 May 2016, Lorraine wrote:

Lorraine//the sea temperature Channel Islands, going to stick my neck out here, I am sure is a degree colder than average as normally at this time it would be 13 degrees but it's 12 possibly .5 less than 12 even if dipping toe in is to be considered, and it was warmer (13 deg) on Boxing Day. The cold snaps we have endured have not helped. Anyway normally I would be easily swimming by now, but it's freezing
On 09 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Ken - the problem is trust. Would you trust those that produce the temp records not to create the hottest year evah? Joe would be wise enough to know not only this but the effect a big El Nino would have. Steve - if you are going to donate to the cause then please choose the Leave Alliance as the official Vote Leave campaign is doing a very good job for the Remainers given their astonishing stupidity. You would think that Gove and Boris are both working for Call me Dave and will be rewarded with top jobs if he wins. Last night was horribly warm requiring the window to be left open until the wonderful birdsong and dawn work me up. Less breeze than Saturday but early evening it was blowing very warm. Dropped away overnight. A few raindrops around 7.30am and some cloud but cleared once in town.
On 09 May 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

A red sky this morning,warm 15c rain in the forecast, I am thinking of not renewing my subscription as a year without knowing what is around the corner weather wise will not hurt me, I think I will use the money to support the BREXIT side of the EU argument as we do need to get our country back.
On 08 May 2016, Ken Mc Cracken wrote:

Hi Piers, I wonder if you saw the recent youtube video of Bill Nye challenging Joe Bastardi to two bets of Ten thousand dollars. One that this year would be among the top ten hottest on record. The other that this decade would be among the hottest on record. I notice you dispute the official statistics on temperature. Anyway since you bet on the weather sometimes, I wonder if you would take up Nye's challenge? Personally I don't have a strong opinion on the subject but am concerned with the way it is publicly presented by people like Nye. The video is on youtube; Nye vs Bastardi should find it.
On 08 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30 grey and foggy but lifting slowly, sun beginning to appear by 10am, warming up steadily to a max of 20˚ (another first for this year) despite the cool NE’ly breeze. We went inland for our Sunday picnic and were almost too hot! Probably around 24˚ or thereabouts. It was brighter inland than in the coastal strip, we even had a short shower at home. 10˚ at 9.30pm. So far, May has been as predicted by Piers in both the 30d forecast and on the Euro maps. == Gerry, I hope you and R North are right on TTIP!
On 08 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

After an overcast start a cracking day with sunshine and temps reaching 20 I'm pretty sure today was our warmest so far this year and most likely since last April, temp still around 16/17 at 9 a.m after the breeze tailed off a nice bit of grub out in the garden and definately nice enough for a beer :-)
On 08 May 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Steve - thanks for GFS link and yes I can see exactly what you and Ron are referring to. Paddy - TTIP has had some coverage on eureferendum but not much since Richard North is convinced it will never happen. It is a good example of US bullying in that the EU is actually being quite progressive but the US aren't. They want access particularly to the food market but are giving little to nothing in return. A vote to leave will likely sink it completely. Weather? Warm and sunny with a breeze to make it nice. Gas usage virtually down to water heating and cooking last week. Tallbloke's Talkshop picked up a good article from the Telegraph. Sainsbury is installing gas powered generators in their stores in response to our shrinking reliable energy generation. These are likely to be small internal combustion engines running on gas driving a generator. I had looked at such things myself. Smart move I say as a shareholder to keep the stores open during the blackouts.
On 08 May 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

Well, well, Mobeeb now going for that northerly outbreak late next week that you predicted yonks ago, but they are not going for quite the severity of chill that you predicted, Piers. Whatever it turns out to be, they cannot deny that you got the pattern correct. Well done yet again.
On 08 May 2016, Rhys Jaggar (45 day annual subscriber) wrote:

Well, we finally harvested the first asparagus spears on 5th May, the latest I can remember. Barely a potato came through the ground before the end of April, despite the first earlies going in on April 3rd. And most of the beds were covered in fleece until the first week in May. May forecast so far is pretty darn accurate.......
On 07 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, blustery NE’ly wind from the word go but reasonably sunny in spite of the cloud being blown in off the N Sea, and not too cold out of the wind. The sunny weather, max temp 15˚, held to mid-afternoon when it turned completely grey, 9˚ again by 9pm. == Piers, 10 out of 10 for your activism, that’s one reason I support you!
On 07 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday was a good day for working in a T shirt and the light breeze was handy too, lots of Buzzards around this spring, reached around 16/17 deg here some good sunny spells and high cloud for a time, lovely sunset and then rain came in overnight, the last veg plot I'm sorting for winter veg really needed this rain. Yeah Gerry the urban heat effect always means the cherry blossoms in the towns are out way before us here in rural land & like Ruairi said the leaves on the trees here this week have just gone boom from just recently opening late to leaves everywhere coming on. Overcast 10 deg and rain here at 10.30 a.m A good day for the polytunnel sowing seeds with the kids, we would be lost without our tunnel and unable to grow as much if we had to rely on the garden alone in these weather contrasting times..Noticed the Met forecast here has changed daily as it goes good job we have PC :-)
On 07 May 2016, @Piers_Corbyn twitter address, London, Chief forecaster. wrote:

THANKS ALL! EXCITING TIMES! SO ALL LOOK at 2/3 OFF WINNING DEAL ON NOW. Go Get; it wont last long - it will be used to extend any sub you now have beyond its current end for the duration of new sub. LORRAINE your comment about Dow Chemicals reminds me of the heady days of 1968. I was a final year student in Imperial college Physics and organised my first significant political act. Dow Chemicals were coming to recruit Chemical Engineering students. We called a public meeting for Dr Steven Rose (yes the same now OU Prof) of Biochemistry dept entitled "DOW MAKES NAPALM - Stop CBW* - Stop them recruiting in IC" (*CBW=Chemical & Biological Warfare) and planned to demonstrate prior to our meeting at the rooms they were holding interviews. Dow promptly moved all interviews to their HQ elsewhere in London and we held our meeting as a Victory event. I remember Steven specifically mentioned the deadly 2-4-5-T. The Guardian reported "A major victory for student power..."
On 07 May 2016, Ron Greer ( subscriber) wrote:

As if by 'magic' GFS has done a major volte face regarding the 13th -16th, now agreeing with Piers about a short sharp cold spell ( polar arctic outbreak) at that time. tick it to them Piers! A flush of growth here after a slow start and even saw a bat last night. The famous Larch woods of Atholl are truly beautiful in their brilliant green flush.
On 07 May 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

On the subject of organophosphates and other pesticides and herbicides, we have the legacy of Dow Agrichemicals in Paratutu, New Plymouth, NZ during the time they manufactured 2,4,5,T there
On 06 May 2016, Ruairí (East coast of Ireland) wrote:

Spring lasted all of a week! Trees all of a sudden going into full leaf really quickly. I don't remember seeing bare trees in May? I think we were lucky with the mild and wet winter past. Let's hope we don't get a cold spell like this next winter.
On 06 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, grey start but soon brightening and warming up, it actually got too hot for working in overalls, 18˚ max in the afternoon though feeling a bit cooler in the NE’ly breeze, quite hazy all day with a lot of high cloud but still quite bright. 9˚ at 9.30pm, forecast for tomorrow is grey and cool. == Gerry - government complicity in MMR etc, absolutely. More on that by Rappoport here I hate to admit it but I used OPs in the distant past when our entire crop of iceberg lettuce was being gobbled up by leatherjackets, only found out about them subsequently. If, heaven forbid, TTIP should happen the complicity will get even worse.
On 06 May 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Organophosphates were developed by the Germans during the war as a chemical weapon. Thankfully none were used. It was disturbing to learn when Booker & North were investigating this that the UK Chemical Weapons Centre at Porton Down were the experts in its effects. Since sheep farmers were not made aware of the effects of OP the protective gear they used wasn't good enough and they suffered brain damage. The government having ordered its use and the OP makers joined forces to hush the scandal up. OP is in widespread use. There is obviously varying tolerance in humans to exposure to it. When tested it is found in residual amounts on fruit below the 'safe' level. Tellingly, nobody has looked at the effects on mixing safe amounts of various pesticides on humans. In a yuppie flu documentary the crew walked around strawberry fields before visiting a sufferer. They commented that the person seemed fine to them. The person suffered a major attack after due to the OP on the crew's clothes!
On 06 May 2016, Steve Devine wrote:

Thanks Andy B. OP sounds horrible! :-)
On 06 May 2016, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

OP is organophosphate also found in herbicide Roundup if over used on crops like GM Maize can also cause problems
On 06 May 2016, Steve Devine wrote:

Hi Gerry. I was looking at the 06z GFS surface pressure charts this morning for midday today and midday Friday 13th May, with reference to my earlier comment. :-) What is 'OP' out of interest please?
On 06 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Maria - saw my first bat weeks ago. Helps that I have my own I suppose. Cherry tree has been in blossom for a week or so. Interesting UHI observation. Station has horse chestnut in full leaf and flowers there but yet to pen. On the run into London Bridge there is one on the street in full flower. Austrian government preparing funds to help fruit farmers hit by snow and frosts. Fruit could well be more expensive if the European crops are reduced. Steve - where are you looking at the pressure charts? Paddy - the government is complicit in MMR. What are the odds of knowing 2 people whose children both developed autism post MMR? The government were complicit in organophosphates too requiring its use for sheep dip. OP is also behind yuppie flu or ME which is still disputed to exist physiologically. Known 3 people with it where organic diet improves health. Why? No pesticides. Teenage girl got symptoms after using cat flea powder which contains OP. Luckily she recovered.
On 06 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Nice day yesterday warm in the sun cool in the shade but nice and dry to work in and plants looking good in the Polytunnel, tomato plants around 4 inches high and not long till the cucumbers can go into the tunnel bed, even the peppers and chili plants growing at a steady rate this year not lagging behind. Temp around 14-15 deg and cooler around 6 deg by 11pm saw our first bat last night too. Cherry blossom just coming out here a little later than normal but I like it when the flowers outside go steady as a change from the last few years when everything out and finished before the gardens weeded, gives a busy gardener a chance to enjoy, Asparagus just coming up too..Some heavy cloud around with the sun peeking through this morn a little chilly but hopefully another dry day looks to be on the cards.
On 06 May 2016, Steve Devine (Moderator) wrote:

A message for any doubters out there - compare today's sea level pressure charts for today and next Friday with the May EU Charts for the same timeframe. Your April success appears to be rolling into May Piers!!!
On 05 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, a bit less grey and less windy than yesterday, more from the SW, but still feeling cool. By 9am the sun came out and things began to warm up nicely, out of the wind it actually got to 19˚, another first for this year so far, however, in the wind it still felt pretty cool, great weather for catching a cold. Our trees are doing well in the tunnels, light days producing a lot of heat. 10˚ by 8.30pm. == Gerry, yes, as an example, Zika is merely the latest non-event scare puffed up by the powers-that-shouldn’t be, mainly to hurt Brazil. Re autism, instructive to observe the backlash from the pharma corporations against the movie Vaxxed, they really don’t like it when people wake up.
On 05 May 2016, David (Yorkshire) wrote:

Seems like we have gone straight from winter to summer and skipped spring!
On 05 May 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

All the office talk is of the fine weather now and forecast to last through the weekend. On going up to my bedroom yesterday evening it was a sweltering 80F. Urgent opening of the windows to get it cool by bedtime. Nicely down to 60F by then. The mornings are warmer now even though the nights have been clear. No Swallows noticed so far in my area. Not sure what a Blackcap sounds like so shall research. Ron - yes, I notice a divergence between Accuweather and our forecast. Paddy - Booker & North have written a book called Scared to Death on all the health scares that we have had and the lack of either cases or evidence. Absurdly, the only one that it true and was never a public scare is the use of organophospate pesticides and the link between brain damage and BSE. I observe the MMR - Autism case with interest having worked with and known for years 2 people whose children were fine until they received the jab.
On 05 May 2016, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Flash flooding for parts of the Wellington NZ region today and Lower North Island
On 04 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday not a bad day, dry and some good sunny spells inbetween the cloud and temp around 13/14 deg very hot in the tunnel reaching 29 deg in there & needed both doors open to keep temp around 20 deg with the breeze getting in. Weeds had gone crazy so pulled the tunnel back together and plants are picking up. Similar today improving again for a time with some warm sunny spells but cloudy again also and a fresh S'ly breeze temps similar too, spuds finally in the ground & some timely very light rain this eve and cooler now at 11pm 8 deg so not too bad all in all :) Also the first pair of swallows here the last couple of days.
On 04 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, dull, grey and increasingly windy from the S and feeling very cold in it; despite that, max temp still got up to 14˚ and it stayed dry all day. A little less blowy by evening and we got some late sunshine as well, 9˚ at 9pm.
On 04 May 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

May forecast going pretty well here to date, but there is a huge disparity in the predictions for the 13-16th period between WA and some standard models such as GFS. Await the outcome with interest. April was very accurate.
On 03 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

2˚C overnight, frost on car roof early on but soon disappeared, 6˚ at 7.30, lovely bright start with barely a cloud, W’ly breeze picking up during the day to some good gusts, flat bottomed clouds moving in by 10am but staying bright all day with a max temp of 16˚, no showers, wind turning a bit more into the NW later, 7˚ at 9pm. Heard my first blackcap today. == Interesting light on Brexit here
On 03 May 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

After April being a good forecast, May for the south-east has been a bit off. Still, so have others. The Mail was well out all weekend with the forecast published on Saturday. No rain on Saturday, some light rain after dark yesterday, and a mainly dry day with some sun today. Blustery wind, especially in the afternoon when a shower or two came over. Noticed how the wind dropped away completely soon after. Temps getting to just over 10C so t-shirt and jacket with the jacket removed for hard work. Just after midnight there is a light drizzle in the air. The Mail today has a warm spell for the end of the week bordering on a heatwave and 75F. Hmm, have my doubts after this weekend's efforts.
On 02 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday was warmer than today around 14 deg. Today 12 ish max. Mixed bag kinda day with showers of rain almost hail at one point, sun blue sky dark sky inbetweeny sky some big clouds for a time and some really windy spells on and off at times also. The wind kinda crept up and went crazy with the trees taking an assault then it eased right off this went on for a good period of the day, warm in the Polytunnel though and made a fleece cloche inside for the tomato and cucumber plants for night times as looks chilly tonight, around 6 deg now at 10.30 pm.
On 02 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C at 7.30, really warm compared to the past month, but grey & drizzly which lasted to about 9.30 after which it brightened up and we had a splendid sunny day with the occasional shower, getting to 16˚ again, wind first SW’ly & then veering into the W, quite blustery and tulip-decapitating at times, I would say this was the first real spring day we’ve had this year, no chilly undertow. Calmer evening, 6˚ by 9.30pm. == Yesterday our first resident swallow arrived, today it was joined by its companion, checking out our son’s workshop for nesting, so will two swallows make a spring? Also saw a bat just now, we’re getting there.
On 02 May 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL. NEWS My new tweet "Claims that 2015 was the warmest ever are data fraud" (= Piers Corbyn Climate Card No1) has got an amazing number of hits. ALL SEE AND PASS ON: The new "MAY THE FORECASTS BE WITH YOU!" offer 6/12month subs BI USA Eu for only 4/6 is there for you. As normal Re-subs are extensions of any existing. A Spring garden / farmer / business / anything present for someone?! Do it! Pass it on! Thank you Piers
On 01 May 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

6˚C at 7.30, overcast & grey, intermittent light rain, first time in a long while that the morning temp has been higher than the previous evening’s. SW’ly wind kept going all day and it brightened up by late morning, max temp 16˚, a first for this year! Mild sunny afternoon, then some light rain, 9˚ by 10pm. One thing I noticed this week was that our grass fields were looking grey and I thought we had a mineral deficiency or other, but then I noticed that everyone else’s grass was the same and realised: frost; the tops of the tender green new shoots had all been blackened by it. They will recover, of course, but it was the first time that I consciously noticed this, we rent out our grazing so I’m not so attentive to such things. Nothing unprecedented for us here, I remember one 1st of May back in the late 80s when I had snow blowing down the back of my neck while scything grass for our goats (those were the hippie days:-))
On 01 May 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Booker quotes a nice piece of weather lore regarding the 'blackthorn winter' - when this comes into flower we see the temps drop. Michael Fish was writing in the Mail as to why the Communist May Bank Holiday weather is usually not good, He said that it was down to the jetstream and the transition between winter and spring/summer patterns. Maybe true but at least he didn't blame global warming. If anyone is thinking of reading Jim Steele's Landscapes and Cycles book please do. Even as a long term sceptic since my conversion from global warming I found the amount of distortion in science astonishing and worrying. I like his Hypothesis Ownership Syndrome as a description of what ails the warmists and why they can't see the truth. Works in addition to groupthink as displayed in the letter from some 'noble' lords to the Times berating them about an article covering model failures. Demanding they cease such coverage but insist they support free speech.
On 01 May 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A few scattered showers yesterday but some nice sunshine and blue sky for a time also, the light breeze was a little chilly but we actually reached 12 deg and the wintery flavour of the last weather period seems to have allowed spring to begin to bounce back in a little, was up at 4.55 a.m ( finding a good spot outside to download May's 30 d forecast :)) felt milder out with a little drizzle and the birds started singing with a change in light soon after. Quite humid now at 9 am and 10 deg with a light sw'ly breeze overcast with drizzle atm.. Time to pot up our tomato plants and see if I can move them on from our bedroom up into the tunnel! Looks like night temps a bit better this week as only around 0-5 deg. in the tunnel overnight and early morn last wk.
On 30 Apr 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

0˚C overnight, 2˚ by 7.30, good old frost again, exposed soil white & hard, have had to cover up the tomatoes in the tunnel every night this last while. Light NW’ly breeze, brilliant sunshine, huge contrast to yesterday. Wind gradually changing into W, then SW, lovely fair weather clouds bubbling up, then getting more substantial and acquiring ominous looking dark flat bottoms, looking like showers coming soon but in the event it stayed dry all day with lovely sunshine, the wind still cold though, max temp a respectable 14˚, down to 5˚ by 10pm. The air is beginning to smell like spring but…, well, subscribe. April forecast has been spot on, except for the hoped-for warmth in the middle of the month, which never materialised for us up here.
On 30 Apr 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

ALL! The Br+Ir 30d Full detail with graphs is LOADED - and it's exciting! Pass it on!! Thank you
On 30 Apr 2016, Gerry Surrey/Kent border 223ft 45d wrote:

Yes, heard the clap of thunder. Funny as at the time I was on the phone to someone south of the river. Reading the gas meter this morning shows an increase over the last couple of weeks. I have not changed anything so colder and less sun to warm the house during the day. Conservatory nice and warm now as it receives the sun from mid morning onwards. Cloud has slowly increased but at 2.45pm the temp has hit the magic 60F.
On 30 Apr 2016, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) London, Chief forecaster wrote:

PADDY, MAVERICKMAN, MARIA (Funnel cloud!), STEVE, STEVED (Thundersnow!) thanks very much for your great ongoing reports and very appreciated comms. ALL: Watch for more wierd events including quakes Today/ NearEndApril. ALL! 30d forecasts posted / imminent. From your own experience recommend to others to Subscribe now - One off or note 6/12m @5/7 Thanks
On 29 Apr 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

2˚C at 7.30, a lot of rain overnight in strong NE’ly winds,the latter continuing all day, morning was filled with hail & rain showers, some of them really beefy. When we went to town we had the privilege of witnessing a horizontal bolt of lightning right in front of us, not something we see very often up here; that said, I forgot to report several powerful claps of thunder we heard yesterday. Interesting how many others are reporting lightning & thunder. Max temp 8˚, drier afternoon, 3˚ by 10.30pm. Max temp yesterday was 10˚, which was surprisingly high, seems to be spring after all, of sorts.
On 29 Apr 2016, Matt ( wrote:

Hi Piers, your 2016 forecasts have been the most accurate run of forecasts since I started following you in 2012. Amazing stuff. I just wish the scientific community would start taking an open mind about you - as true scientists should.
On 29 Apr 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Hail this morning lots of it covering the garden after a sunny start, a big headache set in by midday and sure enough a couple of hours later lots of dark clouds followed by more hail fork and sheet lightning and thunder, not a huge storm but the best one passing through we've had in a while, spotted what almost resembled the beginnings of a small funnel cloud, my partner saw one too whilst out in it 5km away. Sunshine with huge clouds moving back in now from the North and west around 6pm wouldn't be surprised to get more lightning n thunder, exciting weather day :-)
On 29 Apr 2016, Steve wrote:

Great accuracy again Piers! I hope the political leader Mr Corbyn agrees with the scientist Mr Corbyn about not harming our country for the sake of the false Co2 greenhouse effect nonsense. If he does I will vote for him.
On 29 Apr 2016, Steve Devine wrote:

THUNDERSNOW! Just had a bolt of lightning, a clap of thunder then a 5 minute blizzard here in Canary Wharf, London. My God Piers - you were spot on this month. Didn't put a foot wrong!
On 29 Apr 2016, Gerry 45d Surrey/Kent border 223ft wrote:

Snow at 1.30pm in the City. The gloom gathered and then down it came for a short while. Now the sun is out again. Now is it just me or does anyone else recall some warmist muppet saying that very soon there would be no ski industry in Scotland? That the 'Scots just wouldn't know what skiing was' to coin a phrase. Now if we could somehow get snow in May that would really get them talking. Fingers crossed. Less cold this morning with 5C at 7.30. Was at 10C at 7pm yesterday evening. Much more of this cold and I will need more winter fish food as it is still too cold to switch.
On 29 Apr 2016, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Hibernating atm :) has been cold since last post with showers of rain hail and sleet at times, not feeling the global warming here either that's for sure, wind chill has kept temps below the daily given by met with a gusty day yesterday and fire back on as it feels like winter, some glimpses of sun here n there, only a couple of deg. this morning. Thanks to Piers forecast I haven't planted out anything outside yet, hope it warms up in May a bit.
On 29 Apr 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

Hills white down to 250-300 metres. Looks more like mid March than nearly May.
On 28 Apr 2016, Ruairí (East coast of Ireland) wrote:

Plenty of snow showers all day here! The look on peoples' faces when they see it is great. but they all ask why, what it wrong? showing snow events all over the world!
On 28 Apr 2016, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

1˚C overnight, 4˚ at 7.30, frosty again but bright start with a S’ly wind which gradually moved into the SE. Cloud moved in around 10am and it started snowing big wet flakes - MO had said sunny all morning & cloudy in the afternoon, they also gave a yellow warning of snow overnight and tomorrow morning, completely wrong & by lunchtime the warning had been removed. It was white for a short time and we had quite a few more showers, though later afternoon was fairly dry. Surprisingly, max tem
On 28 Apr 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

intermittent, but increasingly frequent sleet and wet snow showers since lunch time. Not settling at 140 metres, but not too far away
On 28 Apr 2016, Carl 30d Subscriber wrote:

God Piers How do you do it!!! I got the forecast and the snow for Scotland in bang on and a briliant April forecast as well.Now you can see why the Global warming drivelers run a mile when challenged by Piers to DEBATE!!!!
On 28 Apr 2016, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

It has been cold here and -1 this morning with a ground frost and a brilliant clear start to the day, piers has got it bang on. Well done piers ,now if you can achieve it for exit from the EU that would make my year.
On 28 Apr 2016, Ron Greer wrote:

We have missed the snow this far north so far ,and most of the action seems to be in central Scotland. Sharp frost this morning and a raw wind to follow.