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THIS BlogPost started 2014 JULY 7th

Piers' Latest Current Weather Commentary is further below
Info & pics on WeatherAction associate Andy Wilson's funeral  and Wake event July 3rd is further below


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Piers' Current Weather Commentaries, News Reports + Links (newest on top)

July 15 Report: DustStorms Arizona confirm WeatherAction forecast of 2 weeks before

July 14/13/12/11/10 Current Weather Comment on R4 period ~9/10Jul +
The New Mini-Ice-Age / Wild-Jet-Stream Age is here and now 
- and What Is To Be Done?

Events around the world ~this R4 period - Europe inc B+I, USA, New Zealand - reported on internet and WeatherAction reader-observers - and many put together by Craig on WeatherAction NewsRoom blog confirm WeatherAction specific forecasts & warnings both sides of the Atlantic especially for large / giant hail; and show specific switching to MIA / WJSA circulation patterns:
***AND below re Polar vortex tilt USA***

IMPORTANTLY WeatherAction's general warning from two years ago of Wild jet stream / Mini Ice-Age conditions becoming more prevelant is being totally vindicated. 
As I commented in my letter below to ICCC9 (International Climate Change Conferece in Las Vegas) and at and after Richard Tol's meeting in the Palace of Westminstrer July 9th The new Mini Ice Age / Wild Jet Stream Age is here and now.
It beggars belief that in the face of total failure of CO2 warmist models, predictions and policies and proven success of OPPOSITE scientific solar-based forecasting techniques, that anyone purporting to be an objective media reporter or scientist can continue to promote and "Believe" the cretinous anti-science and delusional nonsense of the fraudulent Co2-warmists pyramid of lies.
THE REASON of course is political and the result of well-oiled goebbels-esque propaganda brainwashing machines such as The BBC and Big Oil (Qatar) owned Al-Jazeera and the erosion in schools of evidence-based scientific approaches in favour of wooly politically motivated opinion-based drivel. The linch-pin of the delusion is the web of self-serving data manipulators, cherry-pickers, charlatans and fraudsters who call themselves scientists and have corrupted world academia from top to bottom. 
We can give them no quarter and must call this whole system - and associated luke-warmist apologists - to account, destroy it - sweep it away, and replace it with a new enlightenment of accountable evidence-based science and politics.

*** Tilted polar vortex now apparent USA Summer (in accord with WeatherAction predictions):

Those who have WeatherAction USA forecast will notice similarities with WeatherAction foreacast N/E cold vs West & South warm/ hot ~ the period(s) concerned.
THANK YOU recent new subscribers to 12m of WeatherAction-USA (charged as for 9m)
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July 9/10 REPORT on 
MEETING Wednesday 9th July 2014  
Palace of Westminster (St stephens entrance) Committee Room 20  ***12noon - 2pm***   
 The IPCC Fifth Assessment Report and its Implications for UK ClimatePolicy
 Dr. Richard S.J. Tol
 Professor of the Economics of Climate Change University of Sussex
Institute for Environmental Studies & Department of Spatial Economics, Co-editor Energy Economics
With      posible      contributions from      (      invited      but not all confirmed:)       MPs  - Peter Lilley, Graham Stringer, Sammy Wilson;  Philip Foster (Chair);  Repeal the (Climate) Act Fay Kelly-Tuncay;  Piers Corbyn.
Meeting arranged by Sammy Wilson MP for 
Further information:;  01480 399098

Piers Reports: This 'Repeal The Act' meeting  got a scholarly critique by Richard Tol of the uncertainties of economics and other effects of Climate change policies and  some lively discussion including contributions from MPs. VIDEO by WeatherAction Team available soon.

The key message of Richard Tol's presentation was that there is no discernable effect on CO2 content of the atmosphere or world temperatures arisng from Climate Change policies. He pointed out in particular:- 
- "Carbon Tax does nothing it just increases costs" and 
- It is impossible to say that any changes in world temperature are due to Man's CO2 (or CO2 in general), any temperature changes being wihin natutal variability.

A number of contributors said the whole case for the economic meddling under the heading Climate Action (Climate Change Acts etc) was based of the deluded CO2 theory for which there was no evidence (but note this was NOT the subject of Prof Tol's talk he came to discuss economics of 'Climate Change measures').

Near the end I thanked Richard for his scholarly presentation and said the climate change measures debate was like the question of How many Angels can balance on a needle - which experts had now agreed was 99, but beggars the fact there are actually no angels and no needle. I said I was amazed at the narrowness of the CO2 'debate' because even if one accepts the delusional nonsense of CO2 effect (~needles and angels) then the idea that Man's CO2 flux rules over nature's (which is 24 x more) is insane. I suggested since termites produce 10x man's CO2 (or CO2 effect in their deluded terms) a better 'solution' to the (deluded) 'CO2 problem' would be for Obama to declare war on Termites.
I gave a short rememberence of Andy Wilson (see lower down this blog) and the essence of our message (letter link below) to ICCC9.
I used the giant globe (as first used at the Electric Universe Conference***, New-Mexico, March) to illustrate the observed and successfully predicted effects of solar activity on moving the jet stream (the arbiter of climate change) while CO2 protagonists admit under their models CO2 levels have NO EFFECT on it; and summarized the 4 key Mini-Ice-Age (solar activity driven) impact points (eg Polar vortex shifts, giant hail etc in letter to ICCC9 below) on the REAL WORLD.

Sammy Wilson MP rounded off saying that MP's constituents are increasingly suspicious of the 
"delusional nonsense" of Climate Change claims and are angered by carbon taxes and charges imposed on their livlihoods - and we must keep up the fight.
  • WATCH THIS SPACE for "Climate Change counter-action" events
  • *** RECENT VIDS by Piers Corbyn - short links
    1. Electric Univ Pres  16,284 hits Jul10
    2. CO2 Scam Nailed  11,208 hits Jul10

Jul 8th
Piers Letter to ICCC9 =  ICCC 2014 (International Climate Change Conference) Las Vegas

"All Power to your efforts to vanquish the Co2-warmist foes of real science"

JUL 8: Reports on JUL~1-5th - first Weather period of month
Pdf:  Image below

Embedded image permalinkcom

for collected excellent reports and links on hail events Europe and world all through 1-5/6th and more July.

JULY 4 (US Time) Latest News on Hurricane Arthur

exits Carolinas after socking Outer Banks, brush w/ E New England up next. Details:

JULY 4 Dust storms Arizona confirm Weatheraction forecast SW USA (Map below)


This composite pics as sent to us:

USA Fantastic thunder fireworks in NYC confirm WeatherAction - see twitter feed  @Piers_Corbyn &  (pic below)

Embedded image permalink

July 3 Andy Wilson's Funeral and Wake


lovely to see these parked outside the this gloriously sunny afternoon

On Frid 27 June WeatherAction meeting held a minutes silence for Andy Wilson, a WeatherAction associate and keen supporter who tragically died recently after delays for a heart op.

Piers Corbyn: "I first met Andy in 1969 when I supervised him in my tutorial group when I was a post grad in Imperial College Physics and President of Imperial College Students Union. He always worked hard to understand not just 'know' physics.

His untimely death is a great loss and his zest for life and his application of science in all things was evidenced by the large number of attendees - probably 300 from around the world - at the Memorial service (Crown Court Church, Covent Garden) and gathering in The  Senior Common Room Imperial College Sherfield building. His busy life encompassed many many things - most notably Rugby, repairing and maintaining old vintage vehicles, science and "all things Imperial". It was through science / Imperial public lectures and WeatherAction activities that I re-made acquaintance in the last 7 years or so and he gave support when it was most needed most importantly hosting events at the National Liberal Club on the Embankment when WeatherAction or the Campaign to Repeal The Climate Act held meetings in the Palace of Westminster.
He amazingly maintained, or led the maintenance IN GOING ORDER thereof, of the RCS (Royal College Of Science = IC Science) Mascot Jezebel - the 1916 Dennis Fire engine (above; thanks for photos Ella!) for years. I am in photo beside Steve Ball one of Andy's RCS Motor Club heirs who said that Andy's memory most go on and Jez will be maintained and that 2016 marking 100 years of Jez would be very important.

The other vehicle is Clem the RSM (Royal School of Mines) Mascot which with Jez also attended outside the Church service and both were driven back to IC with full complements of crew!
Thankfully although our forecast for N/W Br+Ir was on course the weather front we had expected (in forecast from 3 weeks ahead) to pass through largely on 3rd July was delayed by about 48 hrs ensuring an amazing afternoon for Andy. Well done Andy!
Donations in appreciation of Andy were suggested by family to "Imperial College Union (for RCS Motor Club)"

Piers Corbyn 5 July 2014


Piers' Comment: 
JULY 2014 - A Tipping Point in Climate and Climate Wars. This will be a month to remember in many ways!  
"Our July forecasts, just released, show remarkable 'Mini-Ice-Age/Wild Jet-Stream circulation patterns with extraordinary meanders in the Jet stream and very large scale patterns in the N hemisphere and consequent wild extremes and contrasts across regions of heat and cold, deluges and floods and relative drought. We expect this wild behaviour to be also expressed in the southern hemisphere.  It is no surprise that record snow and cold blasts have already been experienced in Australian Winter - but hardly reported by Warmist media.

I strongly recommend subscribing to these forecasts for Br+Ir, Eu, USA (or RTQ for tornado/quake risk trials), or for 'THE-LOT' - All services (ie Br+Ir, Eu, Eu pressure maps, USA, RTQ + any specials) in one bargain package which give you the fullest possible picture of what the world is heading into. 

"These more decisive than ever MIA/WJS patterns come just as systematic warmist tampering with World (and local) temperature data sets stands exposed   . This is something we suspected was going on 5 years ago but had no direct proof. 
"The #ScienceDeniers and #WarmistFraudsters perpetrating  these diabolical acts in the #Co2Con must be called to account and removed from public funding in all countries.
Evidence-based science must return." 

Upload News:
  • Br+Ir 30d Detail with graphs 6 pages NOW LOADED Jun 30
  • Eu Full Regional Maps & words 9 pages NOW LOADED 1 July
  • USA Full Maps & words 10 pages NOW LOADED 1 July USA am

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As we go further into Mini-Ice-Age circulation the JUNE (WOW), JULY(WOW!!) and August (Really?!) forecasts are, as might be expected, very interesting and important both sides of the Atlantic.

What Subscribers say
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 "(re May)....It feels like the climate is like a ping pong ball, bouncing all over the place. Keeping track is hard and would've been virtually impossible if not for Piers' EXCELLENT forecasts! ..."

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Comments submitted - 69 Add your comment

On 15 Jul 2014, @PIers_Corbyn wrote:

ALL! OUTSTANDING COMMS --- ANDY B Proving MMCC is not real. WANews14no11 and refs therein do it, see news archive. However these pople are religous zealots and lie and change the ground. Notice how all opposite weather trends and events are claimed as evidence for their deranged view. They can predict NOTHING. It is like 'God works in mysterous ways' which of course may be true if you want to believe but equally something not happening (ie not warming) being taken as evidence of inherenmt warming by a 'mysterious CO2 processes' is insane but they (purport) to believe nevertheless --- BOB WEBER Thanks for your Brill words and regular incisive info blobs --- ALL (i) This blog ending soon going to another for weather period starting today 15th. (ii) Subs generally low in July please encourage anyone you know to subscribe. For interest general conclusion on offers is they make a difference but really only when associated with some big news and greater interest which draws in new people.
On 15 Jul 2014, Andy B wrote:

Piers Here is $30,000 for you prove to this man than manmade warming is a hoax
On 15 Jul 2014, Bob Weber wrote:

Russ- It doesn't have to be that way this time. Now at least there are many around the world who have the insight to see what's coming, so we have a chance at preparing and looking out for another. My hope is the masters of death from the nwo will have their control freak plans stymied by SC24 and we who know better, and from there build a future based on cooperation, not so much competition for resources, not UN style. The trouble is they want to reduce our options, restrict our ability to survive, all the while our awareness grows. So this time is vital - because what kind of world the future becomes depends on whether we stand up for our freedom and reject the warmists CO2 nonsense, and replace it with what we know works, as Piers has shown, a proper understanding of the sun-earth climate connection via his solar-lunar action technique. That is why we must give NO QUARTER. featuring a blank sun, SSN=70. We're -20F below norm low now in summer "vortex"!
On 15 Jul 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (Neth. sub.) wrote:

Extremely occupied with solving/treating developing mental disorder in youngest step-son (Enjoy Wild Life. Have Kids!!) but wanted you all to see this: freak hail storm in Siberia on July 13th.
On 15 Jul 2014, Nigella wrote:

Still dry and warm here in East Berks. Currently 22 degs with blue skies & fluffy cumulus clouds.
On 15 Jul 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

RUSS: there are only 3 options: it will get colder; it will get warmer; it will stay pretty much the same as now. Will the next 10, 20, 50, or a 100 years show this? The views of the warmists and the coolists are so widely disparate that they cannot both be correct, but I have noticed a trend in both arguments to keep pushing any change further into the future. Piers however has been pretty consistent. For the last 17 years there has been no substantial change either way ( data fiddling notwithstanding) . So where is the climate going? Permanent snow fields in the Scottish Highlands will convince me.
On 15 Jul 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Quote: "Generally veg are all looking good, if things continue roughly in the same vein, we'll have had a good summer, trees also looking good." ..... Maybe we`d better enjoy all this fine weather before the big freeze starts around 2020? Just to remind everyone, that the Mayan calender furore of 2012, may well have been a portent of doom, just not immediately. No sudden catastrophe i.e. asteroid strike or alien invasion. Instead, they probably knew that that the interglacial we are in is about to end, and the good times (golden age) are over. The beginning of a new ice age really would be the end of this civilisation. The full blown effect could take a few hundred years to reach deep cold but the destruction (starvation), of humans may be over in just a few years. The signs are there. When we see the news that millions are starving across the world due to massive crop failures, that will be it! THE END! Until next time.....back to the stone age to start all over again.
On 14 Jul 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Dull start, 14.˚C at 7.30, brightening up though and rising to 23˚ until about 1pm, after which the strong S'ly breeze got up and made everything much cooler under the returning cloud cover. Some light rain after 4pm, not as much as expected. Still 16˚ though by 9.30pm. == Regarding veg: had the first climbing French bean harvest from our veg tunnel today, a few weeks earlier than last year, couldn't possibly grow these outside, promises to be a bumper crop, also first big courgetts picking from under half cover with fleece. Up here we need every bit of protection we can get. Spring-sown broad beans beginning to set. Generally veg are all looking good, if things continue roughly in the same vein, we'll have had a good summer, trees also looking good.
On 14 Jul 2014, stephen parker ( sub ) wrote:

Sun is going blank of sun spots, how will this effect the jet stream?
On 14 Jul 2014, Lorraine wrote:
On 14 Jul 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

13-14 July 2014 forecast review - pretty much as described 1.0 so 3.4 out of 4 for july......Gerry lol i saw that build later. 1st morning for a long time nothing :)
On 14 Jul 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

BOB WEBER: Aye, took a look at that ICECAP site. Wonder if a repeat here will mean a repeat 'mild' winter in Western Europe, albeit with a another snowy one in the Scottish Highlands. I see though that the prediction is for the colder weather to be further east in the USA and begs the question of impacts over here too. Surely if Washington DC and the Eastern US big cities get freeze blasted the attitude to AGW will be affected.
On 14 Jul 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

so yeah Sunday improvement, today windy ish wet and cooler, July is pretty much as Piers forecast here so far nice one Piers...
On 14 Jul 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday was cloudy though brightened up around lunch time and a humid warm sunny with cloud around kinda afternoon gave me a chance to mow the lawn, glad now as really grey today and some hefty showers just now mixing in with lighter drizzle now around 2.43pm breezy & a bit cooler than yesterday around 16 deg. a little sun at times, also a rumble of thunder in the distance this a.m would love a good storm right now...
On 14 Jul 2014, GerryB (Sub) East Anglia wrote:

As one who regularly watches Sat24 it's not unusual for their to be minimal lightning activity am Richard. Suggest you take a look now, outbreaks all over Italy & Eastern Europe and probably more to come within a couple of hours as the heat builds up.
On 14 Jul 2014, Nigella wrote:

Obs from East Berks. Saturday was scorchio - 28 degs & very humid. Sunday was a little cooler but still reached a fairly toasty 24 degs. It is warm again today too - 23 degs at 12.40.
On 14 Jul 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

After seeing days of lightning on the euro sat pictures its totally quiet now the R 4-5 periods are over. its like someones flipped a switch. its not random.
On 13 Jul 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Interesting trip down to Spittal of Glenshee yesterday via Breamar. We set of in beautiful warm sunshine but could see the cloud moving in from afar, and the further west we went, the darker it got and the rain was hanging over the mountains in great veils. We even managed to spot a patch of snow in a gully when the fog lifted sufficiently, but we didn't see much of the impressive scenery. It rained all night in Glenshee but this morning we awoke to brilliant sunshine with some clouds. As we drove back home via Kirriemuir, where temp was around 25˚C, the cloud began to thicken the further north we got, some rain at home and cooler here but still 20˚ and 14˚ by 10pm.
On 13 Jul 2014, Steve (sub) wrote:

Last few days in west Fife have been mostly dry, very sunny hot or very hot and calm. Last Wednesday (9th) was wet-ish for a few hours and had light winds but since then scorchio! I hadn't expected to be able to work on my car and scooter but yesterday (12th) was dry, cloudy and still all day with only some variable rain from tea time onward. All gone by today which is more breezy but still mostly blue skies and very hot again - phew!
On 13 Jul 2014, Bob Weber, N Mich USA subscriber wrote:

Joe D'Aleo from Weatherbell Analytics (with Joe Bastardi) has published several excellent articles on, starting with where he goes into detail outlining an imminent drop in temps going into long-term, describing conditions much the same as Piers has predicted for years would arrive. Be sure to see Joe's July 12 article there called "Polar Vortex summer version prelude to brutal winter and potential major energy issues". Ave daily F10.7 solar flux (observed) per solar cycle: #19=139 sfu; #20=113; #21=135; #22=123; #23=122; #24=100. Odd cycles except #23 had more energy flux, and #24 so far has exhibited the least amount of energy flux in a solar cycle in our lifetimes. We've probably reached solar max, and hereafter we'll be going downhill with a lower solar flux expected until the minimum going into SC25. The SC24 ave flux/day will go below 100, maybe to 85-90, and temps will follow. Piers Corbyn was there first!
On 13 Jul 2014, Bob Weber, N Mich USA subscriber wrote:

Back from self-imposed exile, now that the full moon has really arrived! On the 45th parallel in Michigan we've had a very cool overall summer w/some heat. The sun has been brillant for a week or more at a time this summer, but otherwise it feels chilly at times, temps going down into the 40's-50's at night often. We burned wood twice in July already for the first time in memory. Damn that polar vortex, damn it all to hell! We finally reached into the heat index range a few days ago, when much of the US southward and on the coasts have really felt that recent solar blast in addition to the regular summer insolation. The moon and the sun are practically 180 degrees out of phase right now, counteracting each other's influence, borne out in frontal and temp maps. The moon reached max south declination a few days ago, right after the sun's more active earth-facing side "peaked" in SSN @ 256, SF @ 201, now rolling off to the farside, revealing less active solar face; SSN=SF=145 today.
On 13 Jul 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

That`s right Rhys, my produce is certainly responding as though they sense a change in season to autumn. We have very dry ground here again and I am certainly learning lessons for future plantings. My potatoes are coming out in 2 weeks for winter storage, my autumn raspberries are cropping, I have had an enormous crop of broad beans. Brassicas of all types are thriving, runners and frenchies are producing a lot, daily now. As though this is a last ditch attempt at getting seed set to survive. Lack of water is a major problem here now. Predictions might not be to the letter but it appears to me that the weather we have got has intensified as R5 set in. I am not looking forward to 10 days time
On 13 Jul 2014, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Like a turkish bath here in Bedfordshre today. Humidity is incredible. currently 93% outside and 66% inside. Agree with rhys about growing season, however early potatoes this year have a lot of green growth and flowers and much less/smaller in the way of tubers.
On 13 Jul 2014, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

Cloud built up to bring a sharp shower around 6pm yesterday. Heard a couple of distant rumbles but nothing close. Morden got the full storm with thunder and lightning at around the same time. Cleared to give mainly overcast evening and with the warm air trapped, a warm night. Cloudy with bright spells and just had a shower - cooler than yesterday. Comments in Booker's DT column today over the BBC trust finding that model output is somehow scientific proof. A strange world when Brian Hoskins (on the Grantham payroll at Imperial College) can claim catastrophic warming with no evidence and Lord Lawson make observations backed up by empirical evidence yet Hoskins is found to be right. The good news is that this is likely to damage the BBC more and their time may be short given a recent survey finding the majority want the licence fee abolished at the 2016 review. Might need a Tory government to do it though and Call Me Dave doesn't look like winning with his LibCon policies.
On 13 Jul 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

9-12 July 2014 forecast review - mixed bag. if you got the front then you got it with some places recording 10c as max daily temp and 55mph gusts and there was rain but not the flooding type rain [that seems to have been in Europe or over the sea which according to the radar/lightening map they have been having a wild time-see Tour de France washouts]. My location we only got a few mm of rain no thunder and its been mostly humid hot and any 'intensification' has been of the hot humid type. The front from the east went from London to Hull but didn't move much further west while the Atlantic low hit west Scotland but never came east. There was a full moon no idea if that had any effect on it. So the prediction was generally right about thunder and cool conditions for those who got them but not in its intensity [which seems to have happened in Europe] or scope. 0.6 out of 1.0 which gives a cumulative for July of 2.4 out of 3. USA seems to have missed summer in some places?
On 13 Jul 2014, Henk Kraa wrote:

First acquaintance with Mini-Ice-Age-July; Thursday Night More Rain dropped out of the Sky as the entire month of July. I was left with a garden that needed an under-water-mower. Luckily, the torrent rains of Friday Night and last Night hit the towns nearby but missed ours, so the grass returned and I am only left with a conversation pool instead of a pit. But there is certainly more to come. Henk Kraa, Zetten, The Netherlands
On 12 Jul 2014, Rhys Jaggar (annual Subscriber) wrote:

I have to say that, in growing terms, this is one of the most rapid seasons for some time. Plums now ripe and falling off tree. Raspberries started mid June and the (supposed) autumn varieties are now producing fruit in mid July. Beefsteak tomatoes grown outside since late May are now ripening (first colour appeared 10th July), after being sown early March. 150 tomatoes from the February sowings already harvested. First outdoor cucumber harvested today. Courgettes already well into harvest. 12lb of broad beans for one 5m row harvest complete. We could seriously do with rain as it has been too dry for 6 weeks now. Mercifully, all the plants with deep roots can access the ground saturated over the winter, so are doing fine. The spring/summer has been very sunny, warm but not hot and nights have not been cold. Lots more of that please!
On 12 Jul 2014, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

Looking forward to the corrected World Cup Final - nice one Craig! Damp and grey yesterday until into the afternoon up on The Downs. Cloudless sky this morning but into the afternoon cloud has bubbled up. Very pleasant outside. Interesting forecast for cold plunge in the US goes along with ice still in Lake Superior and water levels a foot above the expected level. The usual suspects had been forecasting falling lake levels due to AGW. Another climate fail.
On 12 Jul 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Won't be able to report tonight as we're away but just to say that this morning at 7.30 it was 18˚C, highest it's ever been this year at this time. Still sunny but beginning to cloud over, squeezed as we are between two fronts. R5 effect now beginning to happen?
On 12 Jul 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

last couple of days muggy and humid grey some heavy showers at times and not much sunshine, around this time last year we were hotting up here in Ireland, as much as i prefer the cold it would be nice to get a heatwave like that again for a couple of weeks...
On 12 Jul 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

STEVE: More snowbeds in the hills at this time of year since Pinotubo erupted, Even the Drumochter hills which don't reach 3,000ft have large patches in the gullies. Maybe we should give them names a la July icebergs on Lake Superior!?
On 12 Jul 2014, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

More severe weather for the north of the North Island of NZ We've had very wet, windy weather in the Nelson/ Tasman region (South Island) in the last 48 hours. The R5 followed straight on from the R4. Temps have been a bit milder due to the northerly.
On 11 Jul 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Overnight temp 9˚C, 15˚ at 7.30, great sunny morning, great sun all day, R5 or not, and it got to 25˚ by midday, which is really scorchio for us here. The sea breeze kept things reasonably cool though, so it was really like being on holiday. 16˚ by 10pm, real summer, including one horsefly, squashed. MO is now announcing rain for tomorrow night after another warm day, first rain from the Atlantic Low appearing on the radar screen.
On 11 Jul 2014, Steve (sub) wrote:

Very interesting post by Piers above re polar vortex in the USA It is reported on "Ice Age Now" and they have an equally interesting piece about icebergs still around today on Lake superior! - amazing photo linked to it - they are going to name them after AGW "Scientists" which I think is apt.
On 11 Jul 2014, Lorraine wrote:

4.6 earth tremor off Guernsey and jersey at 12.50 pm today minor damage but felt. Apparently the last one of this size was experienced at end of 19c I wonder if there were N increase in solar flares then?
On 11 Jul 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

stifling hot here again, 26.5 in the shade in the s facing back, airless and muggy, sun feels too hot again. Wind has picked up. I have to have the air cooler on at the moment and plants, yet again, are in need of daily watering. Roll on cooler temperatures as far as I am concerned
On 11 Jul 2014, Nigella wrote:

Well, after my exciting day of weather system battle observation yesterday, today is very dull. Grey & overcast, the odd spot of rain but mostly dry with temp of just under 20 degs. Got to a toasty 25 degs here in East Berks in the end yesterday.
On 11 Jul 2014, GerryB (sub) wrote:

This should be shown in all schools across the World and be played daily on all TV Channels, of course no chance wrong message:
On 11 Jul 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Quote: "We can give them no quarter and must call this whole system - and associated luke-warmist apologists - to account, destroy it - sweep it away, and replace it with a new enlightenment of accountable evidence-based science and politics." ........ Very fine words indeed my good man. With Lord Monkton and yourself on our side we can sleep soundly, at least knowing what lies in store, instead of having to rely on newspaper schoolyard whispers and so called "mistruths". The warmists have spun this web of deceit as close to a religious doctrine as possible, so that it is almost impossible to refute with logic and any future event can be blamed on mankind. 500 years ago, extreme eventa were blamed on Gods; now they are blamed on man himself. How ironic that the two doctrines are intertwined in such a way as to make it look as if God himself were punishing man for harming his creation. I need to get off this crazy roundabout before the 'playground spin' gets unbearable?
On 11 Jul 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

cloud coming at uk from 2 directions in the live sat [at fri am]
On 10 Jul 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

N'ly breeze continued, though at 13˚C 2 degrees warmer at 7.30 than yesterday, cloudy at first but then the sun came out and we had another splendid day with a max temp of 20˚, kept at that level by the ever present breeze, or else it would have got much hotter. Back down to 14˚ by 10pm, breeze has relented somewhat, but still present. R4 has been kind to us so far, R5 tomorrow MO forecasting another bright & warm day with less wind - are we up here under the influence of a benign (for us) blocking High?
On 10 Jul 2014, Steve (sub) wrote:

Observations here in (sunny) Fife Scotland. June was mainly dry as has been July so far - only very occasional rain for often only an hour or two. Temps in June above normal most of month except 4th and 24th to 29th. Ditto July so far with 1/2 day of rain last wednesday and mainly scorchio since then. Many days of blue sky, light winds/sea breezes easterlies - almost a desert! Remarkably litttle turbulence and gusts too (even in top red periods which is a great contrast to previous months/years)
On 10 Jul 2014, Fred wrote:

Subscriber - December 2010, March 2013 winter 2013/4 - wild Jetstream swings LIA circulation. Look at this link. More and more real evidence is pointing towards and supporting Piers' view. I'm actually getting a little concerned. I mean we're still in early days and look what the above weather periods have done to majorly affect the UK. In my mind I have no doubt we're headed where Piers has told us, into a LIA....but I am concerned that its going to be a LIA at the very least.
On 10 Jul 2014, Richard Traut yearly sub Redcar wrote:

I think the BBC should ask for a refund on that supercomputer lol ,its 5 pm ,they issued a yellow warning for rain perhaps heavy persistent 9am on-wards today ,well i`m right on the north sea coast and the sun is coming out warmish 17c and no rain not a drop all day refunds of tax all round please!!!
On 10 Jul 2014, Nigella wrote:

East Berks has been a top spot for weather geeks today. The battle has literally gone on overhead. Long dividing line running north to south overhead. Dark, grey heavy cloud on the east, blue skies to the west. Temps back up again to 22 degs. The dividing line has edged back and forth all day, which has been great as I've been driving between meetings and not glued to my desk so have been able to watch it!
On 10 Jul 2014, occasionally David wrote:

I think their (the BBC) moves to shut down debate will eventually backfire when more people begin to question why this should be if the science is settled and therefore should be easy to defend. If only that were true. It's more likely that people will subconsciously assume that it's self evidently true and that there's no more disagreement over the subject and that if their personal world doesn't match the predictions that this is localised and that 'everywhere else it is warmer'. There are other subjects that one is simply not allowed to question in public. Anything that cannot be questioned is almost certainly based on a lie, else debate would be allowed. Subjects that are beyond question should be treated with great suspicion.
On 10 Jul 2014, Nigella wrote:

Looks like a bit of a weather front battle going on over the UK at the moment. Fascinating stuff. Be interesting to see how far west the westerly moving low will spread. Will the hotter humid temps make significant inroads, as per the short term forecasts? Obs from East Berks this morning. Blue skies & altocumulus. Bit warmer this morning with current temp at 18.5 degs.
On 10 Jul 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Just added this - a few links including radar all on one page (will be adding more). Also listed under main menu in news blog --- === Cold in Australia - funny seeing blues for ABOVE freezing temperature ===
On 10 Jul 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Top article on the News Blog // All +Hail+ the Mini Ice Age! === === / Gerry - This is via Steven Goddard (Tony Heller), on what would happen if we let climate scientists' data adjustments theory loose on the world cup === === / Nigella - thought so judging by the weather you observe compared to here. I must be able to just see the cloud tops over you on some days when I look east :-) / YELLOW WARNING for East side of country, uncertainty over the westerly extent of the front moving in from the east. Localised downpours from thunderstorms expected=flashfloods. It's an interesting R period (more than one) ahead so watch the radar in the next few days
On 09 Jul 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Strongly perceptible change here, what with the stiff NW breezw blowing all day, 11˚C at 7.30. However, the sun was out all day, often in a brilliant blue sky and it got to 20˚ even in the wind, and quite a bit hotter in sheltered places on the farm. Anyone with hay ready for baling will have had a good day today. 12˚ by 10.30pm, feels like it will get even colder. == Steve in Fife: although I do enjoy the heat I'm hoping for a really cold winter this year to wipe out all the carrot fly maggots that survive when it isn't cold enough. For years 12 & 13 we were able to grow great carrots, this year's are a washout (or a flyout) already. Frost cleans a lot of things.
On 09 Jul 2014, Steve (sub) wrote:

Russ in Derbyshire I can't agree more! I am only beginning to wear slightly more after reaching 61. I live (and work outside) in Fife Scotland but was born "darn sarf" in Gosport - been here since a child though. I couldn't go back - can only stand the climate in winter! so relatives have to wait till then! My wife is Scottish and agrees about heat. One of our best holidays was a cruise in July 07 to the arctic - Norway and Svalbard (delayed on sailing home by lots of sea-ice!). There was a heatwave in southern parts a few days later though - 27-ish in Gerainger! I always prefer winter - especially "proper" ones like 2009 and 2010.
On 09 Jul 2014, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Yellow rain warnings for next two days for eastern half of England and my mobile weather app showing thunder for tonight and next three days. Funny that. Newspaper reporting that magnetic field now weakening at 10x expected rate in western hemisphere. What impact on weather will this have?
On 09 Jul 2014, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

There has been no doubt about the BBC's bias for years. They are no even concealing it much these days with their 'warmists only' dictat, employing their mates from the Guardian to the news team and receiving over E6.1M of our money for promoting the EU. I think their moves to shut down debate will eventually backfire when more people begin to question why this should be if the science is settled and therefore should be easy to defend. After a nice day in london on monday, the cloud built up through yesterday to deliver heavy bursts of rain come going home time. Cleared away late in the evening. Still cloudy this morning but turned into bright spells now. Still warm.
On 09 Jul 2014, Graham (sub) melton mowbray east mids wrote:

July forecast spot on so far, an interesting article in the Mail today by Nigel Lawson. Banned by the beeb because he's a non scientist, NO bias at the beeb then ??
On 09 Jul 2014, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

An interesting gathering of media articles from the 1970s to the present regarding lies, spin and deceit regarding Global Cooling, Global Warming then Global Cooling again respectively :
On 09 Jul 2014, Fred wrote:

July forecast, trundling along very nicely. Quite chilly this morning....and the BBC go on about how care homes can protect the elderly as summers get dangerously warm due to climate change....err ok. Looking at GFS and ECM models, they are hinting strongly at low pressure/trough dominating UK from Atlantic with some deep low pressure systems appearing/swinging in at low latitude ie that means Jetstream well south of norm. If you haven't seen July's forecast...get it...and be concerned as there are R5s and R4 periods ahead....and we know what that means....intensification.
On 09 Jul 2014, Nigella wrote:

Obs from East Berks. Rained on & off yesterday, although nothing exciting & dramatic like some places had. Down in Hampshire my parents reported torrential rain & a thunder storm with hail. Much cooler too, 20 degs top temp yesterday & only 15 degs at the moment.
On 09 Jul 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

Ohio man Zach Brown turned to crowdfunding to help fund a modest goal. He set up a Kickstarter page to help him make potato salad. He set a goal of $10 (£5.84). That's low considering that the majority of successful Kickstarter projects raise between $1,000 and $9,999, but steep for homemade potato salad. But the humble and slightly ridiculous request - Brown promised to say the name of each backer aloud as he made the salad - took off. Five days into his challenge, Brown has raised over $40,000 (£23,000) looks easy to raise money if you need it for a research project?
On 09 Jul 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday started 12 deg. a few really big proper downpours later which I watched from our outside shelter in hope of a big clap of thunder but just rain which soaked the garden loverly, Cleared up a bit late afternoon got quite windy instead of humid like earlier and some sun around 19 deg. Cool sunny start today temps 9 at 7.30 a.m... Russ laughed at your last post so true, though I like summer bring on the snow :))
On 09 Jul 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

On 08 Jul 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote. He never puts a fleece on and was in a shirt only and it was cold all day. You are heading for pneumonia with that attitude we softies down south would have a fleece to hand and a brolly, i see in USA They had hailstones the size of a baseball. More tea Hamish.
On 09 Jul 2014, Lorraine Lister wrote:

The R4 has hit hard in the north of New Zealand with more damage from high winds and rain - the third storm this winter to hit in a short period of time
On 08 Jul 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

11˚C at 7.30, a grey and unpromising start with fog rolling in off the sea, feeling cold and unfriendly. However, by 10am the sun was out and it got really hot - well, for our latitude -: 23˚ and we were rather happy with the NE breeze that helped us to keep cool (I don't believe I'm saying this). Huge & majestic cumulus towers built up further inland but it didn't feel as if rain was coming anywhere near us; watching the radar sequence though, there appears to have been quite a bit of rain over the Grampians. 15˚ at 10pm, nice balmy summer evening, MO is saying sunny tomorrow, maybe the R4 effect will be delayed.
On 08 Jul 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Now let`s get one thing straight; I don`t put a fleece on walking frosty ground in that? I love the cold and hate high summer with it`s humid nights, wasps and flies every time you unwrap food, and the Sméagol`s of the insect world `The Highland Midge`, uncontrollable levels of perspiration whenever you exert yourself beyond licking an envelope etc, etc. So it was quite a shock today when, after getting on a train at 7.30am in shirt sleeves and with a single bead of perspiration trying desperately to leave the confines of my anxious brow, but this was followed at 11.30am by my leaving the train in a downpour, with black clouds and a chilly breeze which could only be described as `hand stiffeningly chiily`. It stayed rather chilly for the rest of the day, even with the sun trying to peep through the occasional gaps between showers. A big difference from the past few days of heady heat-wave`ness!
On 08 Jul 2014, Nigella wrote:

Obs from East Berks. More rain yesterday afternoon and cooler. Rain showers overnight & cooler again this morning at just under 17 degs at the moment. Short-term forecast suggests a WESTERLY moving low pressure. These seem to have disrupted the longer range forecasts this year, so will be interesting to see what happens this time.
On 08 Jul 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

6-8 July 2014 Forecast review -as described for my location. Today looks more the same. Already sunny/warm at 8am. So 1.0 which gives a cumulative for July of 1.8 out of 2. This summer reminds me of the summers of the 70s. The cats have been outside so much they are now semi wild. They love high summer. Had the chimney sweep in [winter is coming!!] amazing how much soot came out from 8 months of burning during that wet winter.
On 08 Jul 2014, stephen parker ( sub ) wrote:

Jeff Sharpe of the laymans sunspot count, predicting a huge northern hemisphere winter again, how will it pan out for the uk? >the Ukraine and Russian situation could effect gas supplies to Europe, we live in interesting times
On 08 Jul 2014, Lorraine Lister wrote:

The incoming R4 is hitting the north of the North Island of New Zealand
On 07 Jul 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

9˚C overnight, but already 16˚ by 7.30. Very bright and still first thing but the SW wind soon got up, bringing along many clouds with darker and darker bottoms until we had our first beefy shower around 11am, though blue sky was clearly visible just a few miles south of us. And so it went on, sunshine & clouds & occasional showers during which it got a bit cooler, top temp got to 22˚ though, so we had a decent day, in fact, if the summer went on like this we would be quite happy; however… (voice trailing off as lips are sealed in public). Temp at 10pm was 13˚ under a pretty clear sky, feels like a cool night coming. MO's computer gives a yellow rain warning west of us for tomorrow, R4 coming up. == PS: weird display of blog page on Firefox has changed back to normal again, must have had something to do with the outage on Saturday.
On 07 Jul 2014, Nigella wrote:

Obs from East Berks. Saturday 5th July - quite heavy rain in the early hours & then showers on & off during the day but nothing substantial. Temps still reasonably warm at 22 degs. Sunday, 6th was dry all day. Very overcast in the morning but slowly cleared as the day went on. Warm again with top temp of 22. Today, we are just under 20 degs at 10am & blue sky & bubbly cumulus clouds. Ground still very hard after last weeks high temps & fairly prolonged dry spell.