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WeatherAction Forecast News
Up to 30d ahead forecasts for Britain+Ireland, USA, Europe and 'RTQ (Red weather periods & thunder/tornado+Quake risk) are loaded.
As we go further into Mini-Ice-Age circulation the MAY forecasts are, as might be expected, very interesting and important both sides of the Atlantic.

From 8May (2100Gmt onwards) Onwards
ALL MAY 30d FORECASTS Br+Ir, Europe, USA, RTQ are now half price 
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=> USA MAY 30d is Loaded on USA & 'ALL Forecasts' Services.
- WHAT a Forecast !! commented some USA Weather watchers
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- A month of dramatic contrasts in time and region across Europe - Get detaials here!
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All forecasts USA, Br+Ir, Europe have been superb this April say observers.
USA has been especially praised by users THROUGH AUTUMN, WINTER & SPRING for 
- Getting the ongoing Supercold N/E USA - 'Offset polar vortex' and generally the correct presure pattern and major weather in other parts of USA + South Canada 
- Getting all the major snow/rain/thunder/tornado periods right lateOct-LateApril
THESE ARE Mini-Ice-Age circulation patterns. The world is now in early stages of a new Mini-Ice-Age. This is more and more evidenced in weather each month and makes this month's - MAY - WeatherAction forecasts even more "MUST-HAVE" than ever.

USA +Eu/BI news + pdfs show stunningly succesful forecasts often from 3 or 4 weeks ahead:
Current Blog post 2014 APRIL 30th onwards 
Update entries on dates below

(9May) 7-8May R4 & QV4 superbly confirmed
Thunder and tornado reports USA - major storms Europe - deluges Br+Ir 
M6.4 Mexico 8th 1700gmt. 
Note QV4 periods have enhanced risk of M6+ quakes in world . For QV5 level is ~M6.5+
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On 8 May there were unusual torrents in Syria, Lebanon and Israel reported on AlJazeera TV. Piers said "These are part of Mini-Ice-Age trends with a strong Jet Stream Southerly branch - going through ~Med in this case."

From the surface of the sun to beneath Earth's crust WeatherAction R5 2-4th May is confirmed. See (below) and more below that - Late April users acclaim WeatherAction USA, BI, Eu - Easter USA, EU, BI Brilliant forecasts - Mid-late April snow USA - EndMar/start April v cold USA - Mid March blizzards USA, Storms Eu - Ground breaking power of WeatherAction
Loads more in Latest=> News

The R5 period 2-4May effects are being seen on the SunQuakes, Aurora, Geomagnetic Activity and weather around the world but note the Br+Ir forecast was for frontal effects to be "largely blocked from Britain" which is the case.

Tweet from Climate Realists 3 May showing artisty-wind-nowcast North Atlantic confirmimg this:   "They're back! Atlantic storm fronts gather to crash into UK due to Jet Stream moving South   IMAGE BELOW

The R5 2-4th frontal effects are not being felt in Britain+Ireland during the [now confirmed (partial) block] - as obs from Paddy Imhof reporting from Scotland (see Comms blog below) confirms.
Note The R4 frontal effects during the next period are not expected to be blocked from Br+Ir as current short range forecasts are confirming. See B+I forecast for timings & details.  IMAGE BELOW
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VIDEO of Floods Italy 4 May CONFIRM WeatherAction R5 Floods Forecast 
Tragic Floods in Senigallia Central Italy were impressive CONFIRMATION of WeatherAction EuroMaps Regions forecast 2-4 May R5 for Italy region. 
The Forecast detail stated for Italy Region (above)
"Wet+Windy with major thunderstorms + large hail. Local Floods"

BBC Coverage of this / related floods in Bosnia was their usual deranged Goebells-esque 'Oh--Wow-Isnt-it-so-extreme-it-must-be-man-made-Climate-Change' innuendo.

SUN FOR 2nd May 2014: (~Earth Facing) "Sunspots AR2047 and AR2049 have 'beta-gamma' magnetic fields that harbor energy for M-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI from 
There is also a clear but not large Coronal Hole (right) which is (becoming) Earth-Facing 2-3 May.  for Geomag+Aurora 4May below
Aurora 4 May  

QUAKES 4 May CONFIRM SLAT9B QV5 2-4May Tweets from AccuWeather; 
Magnitude (6.6 revised) 6.8-earthquake 300 miles SSW of Ndoi Island, Fiji. No tsunami expected for US West Coast, HI, AK, BC:   9.15 UTC
Magnitude-6.1 earthquake 337 miles NW of Raoul Island, New Zealand, the USGS said:   9:25 UTC

USA 3 May (continuing Floods) and rapid changes and contrasts across USA this period. 
3 May T-storm produced a 52-mph wind gust at the Burnt Store Marina, south of Punta Gorda, FL

30th April + MayDay onwards
New Top video - Piers Corbyn: The Reality of Long Range Weather and Climate Forecasting | Electric Universe Conference 20-24 March 2014 (EU2014) got 4500 views in its first 4 days, over 1k views /day. or Short link = 
"It was great to be at this ground-breaking event" says Piers, "Do Watch my Vid and the other presentations"

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See Piers' Comment below

Massive Tornado Video below - then pic of tornado crossing Arkansas river 27th April.

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Piers Says "These Arkansas and other states deadly tornado events ~27-28 April are very significant. Our sympathies go to all who have suffered losss of life or property. 
VERY UNUSUALLY our forecast 24-27 April of over 3 weeks ahead did not highlight Arkansas for such storms although did have such warnings for further West (eg West Oklahoma). We are looking into the reasons for the displacment [note that forecast and the next period 28April-1st May were only 70% confident] and later timing. This may be connected with the transition to the next period (28th..) which envisages a circulation change which is coming &/or an extra solar-based hit.
Whatever the details With WeatherAction you can generally be better forewarned. We hope you will use our forecasts for USA and other countries".

30th April Piers Comment on Tornado swarms and the Mini-Ice-Age 
"It has been noted that contrary to the baseless alarmist claims of CO2warmist ScienceDeniers the number of intense tornadoes in USA has fallen over recent decades so a fair question must be where do tornadoes and severe thunderstorms / storms stand in the context of the developing Mini-Ice-Age. I suggest (and these are points I mostly already made in public presentations) that:-
Very extreme temperate zone storms will become more frequent as we go further into MIA. Historically the biggest storms (eg The Tempest of 1703) occured during LIA-MIA periods or at their boundaries). {NB The warnist claim warm=storms has no observational basis in reality, they just made it up}.
Very extreme thunder, hail and probably extrme tornadoes, will also increase in frequency. The thunder and extreme hail increase is observed fact in MIAs.
Tornado data is insufficient in the past to judge for sure what happened in MIAs but would follow from thunderstorms and hail events. The under-rated electrical nature (see my Electric Universe Presentation) of many weather extremes and the electrical contrasty nature of MIA decades also point to this.

26-27 April  
The deranged face of ScienceDenialism:  ( #ScienceDenialism on twitter )
Embedded image permalink

Piers says "The ScienceDenialism of the deluded CO2 warmist lobby and their political sidekicks - who are either deranged or brazen liars - must be given no quarter. 
"For ALL objective and honest scientists the science is setteled against the CO2Warmist lie (pdf below). We must relentlessly fight for evidence-based science and policies and drum these parasites and thieves out of public places and pseudo-academic gravy trains.

Case closed! 

WeatherAction Special weather notes & SpringWatch

26 April  Top Red R4 24-25 April Superbly confirmed both sides Atlantic.  
Image below is of pdf Active links therein below image
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23 April St Georges Day posting
1929 The Year the MetOffice tried to COVER-UP - New blog  
If a Climate 'Scientist', politician, CO2 warmist gravy trainer or a Pretender to the throne of the UK or any other chattering class member of limited logical power tells you again that (mid Autumn+)Winter UK 2013-14 was the 'Wettest ever' and 'It is due to CO2 Climate Change' just tell them they are lieing Science Deniers and should resign.
As reported some weeks ago by CraigM on WeatherAction site and now highlighted on the above blog link, BBC-MO are still working hard to slant and lie about the present and past. THE BIG DEAL about this winter in the world is without doubt USA+Canada prolonged extreme (and it aint over yet) cold from the tilted polar vortex, as forecast by WeatherAction. 
The Autumn+Winter European storms (the 2 most extreme being being well forecast in detail by WeatherAction, the October one from 23 weeks ahead) yes bought major floods but not the Record breaking deal BBC-MO would have you believe. 1929-30 was wetter and there was less CO2. Many of the floods 2013-14 - eg The Somerset levels - were indeed man-made, however not by CO2 but by incompetence and deliberate cunning Eu stupid floody policies. 
The solar-lunar driven Mini-Ice-Age has begun; the CO2 story is a pack-of-Lies and must be sent packing.

Spring Watch News
St Georges Day 23April is 'Normal standard' "Ready for market Field Grown Br+Ir Asparagus Day and so a good measure of "Start Of Spring". How does 2014 Br+Ir Spring compare with 2013?
NB USA N/E diabolically late Spring this year!
See Interesting blog Comms below/previous blog on comparisons of 2013 Spring ~6week late (& Piers won Brit aspargus start of Spring Competition) and 2014 where it looks like a week (more?) early allowing for mixed messages of cold nights

Dorset Bluebells 
pic sent to WeatherAction by Stephen Kelly who says they are about 10 days earlier than last year 

Piers' "Fight The Anti-Life Science Deniers EarthDay (22 April) Poster:
Embedded image permalink
Ongoing - Where to for Late Spring and into Summer Britain & Ireland? 
We are keeping Charlatan claims alive for checking!!

The Express "predicts” "The hottest summer ever” starting  May

The MetOffice predicts a warm April+May+June

The Mirror (WeatherChannel) talks a late Spring Arctic plunge  

Piers Continued: COMMENT: 
"What else have we to say? Firstly, The Express, MetOffice and Mirror 'Forecasts' should be disregarded absolutely. 
"No forecasts should be published by anybody, especially so called 'responsible' media, without a success rate report. In which case the Express and Met O headlines should be 
"However they don't announce these Charlatan forecasts like that. The BBC-MetOffice, Express, Independent, Guardian, Mirror etc..... set out to mislead and decieve you.
"We would say for Br+Ir, Eu and USA that the Mini Ice Age circulation and extremes the world is now in will get stronger this Spring and Summer so there will be more extreme conditions and contrasts in a general cooling trend. 
"Our detailed forecasts will say what we expect where and when. There certainly will be stark contrasts and extremes and continuing wild swings in the Jet Stream and cut-off highs at times. 

WeatherAction pdf and pic on What's Coming for Britain & Ireland 
Embedded image permalink

Proton flux showed extra peaking ~6th (R5 5-7th) and R5 ~19-20th. Here for ongoing monitoring
Updating download or link on WeatherAction site:- PROTON FLUX UPDATING.doc

More Useful links:

Craig M   
'FloodPlains The clue is in the name' takes you through what is really going on with maps and pics relating to content and many of sublinks such as below
Met Office forecast that winter 2013-14 would be DRIER THAN NORMAL  
issued 21 Nov 2013
Paul Homewood on the very wet winter on 1929-30 (wetter than now)
CraigM summary of MetOffice useless long range 'Forecast' record 
Christopher Booker Telegraph 17 Feb
DavidRose Daily Mail Reports on Prof Mat Collins 
Observer - Science denialist  views of Ed Miliband 15/16 Feb
GREAT independent assessment of WeatherAction forecasts May-Oct 2012
WeatherAction breakthroughs in  stratospheric prediction confirmed - Ongoing information - updating graphs for Stratospheric Temps into Spring
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The Peoples Voice TV on 17/18th FEB Piers alongside Lord Viscount Monckton Donna Laframboise (vid link) & Buster Nolan

The CO2 Warmist are on the Run - Time to finish the Job
DECISIVE:  Piers Corbyn dismembers the UN Climate Committee report meeting held at the Royal Society 2-3 Oct 2013 => Weather Action TV  Short link = 
 RELENTLESS:  Nigel Farage leader of UKIP nails the Global warming Lie at the European Parliament  Short link = 

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On 11 Aug 2014, 1 wrote:

On 09 May 2014, Matt (subscriber) wrote:

Piers, I came across this report by a John McLean which was presented to an Australian government committee on long-range weather forecasting. He suggests there should be an investigation into the methods of Weatheraction.
On 09 May 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Foggy start, 9˚C at 7.30, drizzle soon setting in & turning into prolonged rain & occasional heavy showers. Sun came out after midday and it got to 17˚, but light showers started again around 4pm & went on until nightfall, still going at 9pm when it was 10˚. Light NE breeze in morning, turning into ESE and then still by evening. All in line with 30 forecast 3rd period. Tomorrow more rain is forecast by MO, it's already on the radar. == Saskia: exciting stuff, your weather station, look forward to getting your reports on set up & working of it, I've been meaning to get one myself for some time. Re kids of today, we oldies tend to be a bit hangdog but I agree with Piers that there is hope. The Renaissance is said to have been started by 15 people (prob not true) & in spite of the elite's wish of total control there are many unintended consequences of their callous insanity, ie internet = original military project has turned into bringing people together at grassroots.
On 09 May 2014, CraigM (@CraigM350, Berks, sub) wrote:

Ron - yes quite defining. I often listen for the small nuggets of truth within the 'great big lie' & my ears detected a change of frequency with that C4 prog (despite the limitations of format & required genuflect to cagw). The real proof however is if this is a blip or a new path? Maybe we could write to C4 in a measured way thanking them for offering up alternative explanations-at last. Grounding the reportage within cagw terminology is going to look foolish & dated in years to come. I found Bob Weber's video on the sun from the 70s remarkably 'fresh' (outfits & haircuts permitting). Despite the vast levels of indoctrination & bowing to 'settled science' (ha!) there are positive signs of a return to the well worn path - yes it is nice to try new ways as old paths no longer serve a current use, but well worn paths exist for a reason even if we have not tread them for some time and don't quite understand their purpose.
On 09 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Today turned out ok, some sunshine temps only got up to 13 deg. Raining heavy now and 10deg. at 9.30pm and a little windy again, hope we get some thunder tonight..
On 09 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - Made him try and look at forums when he encountered a problem and try some more and look further until he had it completed. What I really mean to say is that everything about today's kids - and in fact, today's society - is superficial. No depth, no layers. I don't know where I saw it but a psychologist pointed out how kids these days deal with negative feelings and stress: they immediately search for a 'feel good dose' on either Facebook or the internet. They don't know how to DEAL with things anymore. Having said that, yes I am convinced that they can exell at things most of my generation would just scratch their head at. However, what if the LIA sets in full force and society as we know it comes to a screeching halt. Think they'll be the ones doing the problem solving? I, for one, tend to think not. Hopefully I will be wrong.
On 09 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Piers: Naturally I gave a generalized statement and yes, it's far more complicated than that. However, I think first of all that your idea of how 'computer savvy' today's kids are might be a little off. Yes, they may be called 'Einstein's Generation' due to their affinity with internet information and such - and their neurological pathways are definitely wired very differently than those of their parents - but it's all still at the 'push a button' level. They are very good at harvesting information that is presented to them (i.e. Google etc) but they don't know how to LOOK for it! I may be the odd one out in that I am female, an avid gamer (lucky kids, eh? ;-) and usually more computer knowledgable than most of my male peers - but I should not KNOW more about them than the younger generation. And yet I do, quite often. I actually forced my eldest son to learn how to integrate a new graphics card in his new PC because he didn't have a clue about how the thing was put together. [cont.]
On 09 May 2014, Steve (sub) wrote:

Good points re. kids and I think at some time in their life their inquisitiveness wil kick in and, thanks to the internet, they can find out anything easily and quickly. They will have to learn WHO to ask (i.e not junk science sites or ones with an "angle") but it is a whole lot easier now than when I was young. Back then you had to hope the textbooks and the local library had the info you wanted.
On 09 May 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL --- Just a Comm on kids of 2day. Not sure it's that simple Saskia. I find they are more knowledgeable than we were because of the internet and quite well informed on out-of-the box stuff. Zany ideas have an attraction and kudos (like X factor) which is much more important to them than it was to us. They are just about ALL amazing at hand-eye co-ordination (from computer games) and will make brilliant racing drivers, soldiers, skiers, drone bomb controllers etc. Their learning of school stuff is a reflection of the schools - ie learn for the exam and school inspections and forget. Their complex social interactions might make them good at picking up new skills and jobs which is in the future crucial. FACT At least 40% of jobs they will be in have not yet been thought of (ie reverse of 40% of jobs now did not exist when the employees were at school). Politics hold low interest to them but they are intereted in wars. Dont despair talk to them! Piers
On 09 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

Craig: kids nowadays are going to school to meet other kids, not to learn, is the conclusion of a large study over here. And they sure are not taught to think for themselves, au contraire I would say. The 'push the button generation' lacks insight, empathy and inventiveness, and their level of education and lack of simple general knowledge has dropped to such a degree that I find it scary to realize that they will one day manage the world. But ... they will make EXCELLENT no-brain working drones for those who will manage to secure absolute power. It's a 1984 déja-vu. Let's hope your believe of things turning out for the better is true.
On 09 May 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

CRAIG: that C4 prog, pap as much of it was, might yet go down as a seminal moment in the shift in the MSM position---'hiding the decline' might. be getting harder soon! All set for snow on the Grampian summits this weekend, but no mention by the Mobeeb.
On 09 May 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

SASKIA: note your comments and agree. Also note the slow flowering of your Rubus species. I have found Rubus spectabilis flowers well even at 400m in the Grampian Highlands, then sharp tasting yellow-orange fruits in the autumn.
On 09 May 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Saskia - re: The Age of Delusion. Yes very much so. We have so much info at our finger tips (rather than being the sole domain of libraries & universities) & yet seemingly a populace that are more interested in gloss than substance...however I think there are causes to be optimistic as the dissonance between what the media portray/push and what people on the street say is growing. I find CAGW is more disbelieved by the older generations as they have experienced a lot of weather & cycles repeating. The current generation being indoctrinated & taught what to think, rather than how to think are the ones I fear most for as they are being brainwashed. However I am a great believer in the truth will out...eventually! We can but hope that as the old guard of warmists fall original thinkers come to the fore & question the doctrine(s) - stupidity can only get you so far & the older generation can help pop the bubble of delusion because knowledge is power.
On 09 May 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Channel flicking last night and the C4 Britain's Extreme Weather came up again, very interestingly introduced as 'is Britain heading for a Little Ice Age?' - now that is quite a change. I know we have speculatively noticed the change in wording but that was less than nuanced. Cause for hope but as I said the Alarmists are looking for a get out of jail card & of course will keep saying that CAGW is only round the corner when the next bout of warming begins (logic fail)+++ saw something on Suspicious0bservers about 1000yrs of cooling based on orbital variation but when I looked at the paywalled article "the Great Basin climate has been warming for the past 1,600 years,+++ which may indicate a human-control of regional climate+++ because it departs from the orbital climate control, which should continue to cool for another 1,000 years." === useful link for planetary alignments ===
On 09 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

Code yellow for the whole country: thunder, hail and severe wind gusts up to 85km/hr expected late afternoon/early evening. Now fingers crossed that the test set-up - consisting of a (leveled!) broom stake driven 50cm into the clay soil - will hold up.
On 09 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Craig - I also think we're stuck knee deep in The Age of Delusion, where people behave like lambs led to the slaughter house and politicians and the like wield a sharp knife. But then again, research takes time and effort and - most importantly - BRAINS to discern between what is real and what one wants to believe. It happened to be my specialty when I was a journalist and no, there's no quick fix if one wants to know the truth about something. / @Ron - I concur with the effort of trying to put the blame for the MAJOR imminent weather disasters on anybody but the forecasters themselves. They MUST know something is up and are doggy paddling their little hearts out to try and stay afloat. I almost feel sorry for them ... almost. / Both the strawberries, brambles and raspberries seem to take forever to start blooming, just the odd bud here and there. Both bees and bumble bees keep frequenting the plants but alas, nothing there yet.
On 09 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

The past half hour I've been sitting on the couch, grinning foolishly at my laptop screen which displays weather software. My new toy came in today! I've made a test set-up in the frond yard, aligned the anemometer (wind meter) correctly but everything else is definitely not perfect yet. I first wanted to test the station before taking the trouble of attaching it to the roof and before weather proofing the connections. In future I'll also install a conventional rain gauge to check the station's values. These are the current values: Rel. press. 1013.2 Hpa+, temp. 13.3 C+, hum. 73%, dewp 8.6 C, windch. 12.3C, wind var. SE/NW, max. gust 28.1 km/h. No rain recordings yet, although it has been drizzling on and off all day.
On 09 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Met Eireann have issued a status yellow rainfall warning for Munster Leinster Connaght Donegal Monaghan & Cavan, 9th 21.00 - 10th 21.00, Heavy rain is expected to spread countrywide from later this eve. and tonight bringing in excess of 25mm....
On 09 May 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Very windy and heavy showers. Typical having turned the cows out on Monday for the first time. First two periods ran correct - but not too sure about period 3. Off to Chelsea Flower Show next week - so some nice spring warm but not hot weather would be appreciated during build-up. Last year Show week (the week after next) was FREEZING - what will happen this year?
On 09 May 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

SASKIA: looks like they are trying to set the ground for blaming the MIA on global warming!! I see the GFS is predicting fairly cool weather until the 14th May, then it's touch and go if warmer weather gets to Scotland and Frisia by the 15th--expect radical changes at short notice!
On 09 May 2014, Wendy wrote:

sub HIGH PEAK ,Derbyshire.Torrential rain during the night,still getting really beefy showers! Temp only 8.6, wind chill 4.8.Plants getting a real battering! Poor tiny lambs in the fields near by.
On 09 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Awoke to some heavy showers and could hear the wind again last night, really breezy and showery start winds wsw I think and was 8deg @ 8a.m bit parky, 11 an hr later so not so bad now, some big white fluffy clouds some dark and some blue sky, a day for the Polytunnel a nice 24 deg in there :-P
On 08 May 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Today actually turned out better than expected, the bulk of the showers from very dark clouds passed us by. The overall theme is colder, though when the sun was out from time to time it actually got quite hot, temp gradient was 6 - 18 - 9˚C from 7.30am to 10pm, feeling quite cool tonight. Winds mostly S or SW today, not strong. It seems that we're not doing too badly in this present R4.
On 08 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

don't know if my 2 apps are correct but both are saying its 14deg here @ 8.30pm so temps are up again this evening by about 4 deg on previous nights..does feel milder now wind has dropped and the sort of scene that just needs a rumble of thunder...
On 08 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Just squeezed in mowing my grass and my dads this afternoon/early eve. as showers stopped but was still blustery, hair tied up but still managed to look like cousin it by the end of :)) started to spit rain again just after job done, grass had gone mad for it here too they certainly don't call this the Emerald Isle for nothing, had only been 10 days or so since last cut and would have been a nightmare left any longer, strawberries just flowering outside here too and have other plants that need to be moved on from the tunnel asap suddenly the gardening is getting all hectic again..
On 08 May 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Further to richard's comms below just to draw newcomers to Piers WA new trashing the 100 days of summer forecast === === subscribers knew better. Thanks Piers +++ reasonable but chilly now after a day of rain. Wind strong last night, not heard it whistling down the chimney for a couple of months. Grass a pain to mow as it's been growing like mad, but keeping the compost heap healthy. My hardy native plants doing well but too much purple! Some contrast from Marigolds in full bloom having survived the winter. Could do with some lengthy sun soon but the wet is keeping the beds easy to dig - if I can keep the grass at bay! Some strawberries started flowering last week - 2nd year they are late compared to prev years when I've had some crop by now and lots of flowers. Currents looking really good. Dry top soil a distant memory now.
On 08 May 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

media now predicting gales when the winds already 50mph. Where were they 30 days ago? that's meto for you [the article is based on meto] predicting when its already happening just like they predicted the floods when the water was coming thro the cat flaps lol ...
On 08 May 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

strong gale 9, peak gusts- Alderney Channel Is (71 m) 50 mph, Solent MRSC (13 m) 50 mph at 17.30 on 8 may 2014 ......any more and its classed as a storm
On 08 May 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

meto giving out forecasts for ten tors and Giro d'Italia so i asked them to put the forecasts out 30 days ahead and not just 30 hrs which is useless for planning. If MOD have to rely on Meto then they are blind for anything more than 30hrs ....
On 08 May 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

Mild enough yesterday in our sheltered place, so planted all my outdoor tomatoes. Rain butts are filling nicely today, as anticipated and building work was completed and new store has been filled in the dry, so can sit back now and wait for this windy and wet spell to pass. WA is like a guiding hand lately and takes the stress out of planning. I noticed that some plot holders had put tender french beans and squashes out, oh they will be sorry. Mine are in a cold frame and just waiting for a while. Theirs are being battered and eaten by wet-loving snails
On 08 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A lot of water on the roads late morning due to the heavy downpours and on off showery rain, very blustery again this afternoon with more huge clouds moving in for another round ( sunshine @ times) upto 16 today though wind making it feel cooler but still temps have been stuck on 11-12 here for the last wk or thereabouts and felt milder last night also..
On 08 May 2014, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

As per Richard's review of the first 2 stages of May, the forecast for London was also bang on the money. Fingers crossed the rest of the month pans out as predicted by Piers. The computer models (tries not to laugh) have just signalled a warm-up from 15th May onwards by the way...
On 08 May 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

5-8 May 2014 review - For mu location east mids pretty much as forecast. Its been cold wet and wind pretty strong at times. So would say 2 out 2 for the forecasts so far. Meto still have their spin the wheel forecasting depending upon which day you check their 5 day forecasting.
On 08 May 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Saskia -when you read a novel or see a series or film you know that you are detaching yourself from reality. Unfortunately we now have a large group of 'scientists' who are unable to determine reality as they think the fiction of using failed computer models, beats reality and observations. They are too blind, too enamored with their own greatness (remember us mortals know nothing) & too embedded on the grant gravy train. They are the epitome of the banality of evil-the shysters throughout history who whilst not starting corrupt assimilate within a corrupt system. A recent paper showing the role of the AMO in the Arctic (as JoeB keeps saying). === === another example of 'scientists' enamored by computer fabrications who couldn't be bothered with basic research ===
On 08 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - Finally: "An increase in Arctic precipitation will eventually reduce the density of ocean water. Models show that this will influence major oceanic systems and hence the climate far outside the Arctic region." All due to Global Warming. And Piers, you are absolutely right about Wikipedia being an incredible proponent of GW. So much for being 'neutral'. *sigh*
On 08 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

Started raining yesterday around 5PM, turning almost torrential by 8PM or so. This morning it's still drizzling and temps are around 12C according to the KNMI. That same institute published a news article online today: " Reduction of sea ice DUE TO GLOBAL WARMING will cause a huge increase of precipitation in the North Pole area this century. Climate models show that the amount of precipitation may even increase by 60%." Two KNMI scientists (Richard Bintanja and Frank Selten) claim this is predominantly caused by local evaporation, which in the Arctic Ocean may increase 3x. Recent study shows increased precipitation (snow) especially takes place during the winter months when the sea ice evaporates. However: "The increased precipitation in the North Pole area force glaciers and ice caps to handle more snow, which in turn prevents melting. This may slow down the rise of sea levels."Ah yes. [cont.]
On 08 May 2014, Man Bearpig wrote:

On slightly different note, the Wurzels have released a new single about windfarms ... Sing along now ... Some of us will remember the Wurzels from W A Y Back. :)
On 08 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Cloudy and raining again but more still this morning around 11 deg.
On 08 May 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

So busy lately not had time to comment but please note: Piers nailed the storm limited to Ireland and SW on May Day was it? The 1st? We got some thunderstorms but just a narrow band lasting maybe an hour or less. Then yesterday (7th) he nailed it again with another whammy. Drove in torrential rain for 3 hrs through Piers forecast I have that afternoon permanently watermarked into my brain. So one more wet bit to go....but when will it occur people? If you subscribe to Piers forecast, then you too will know in advance when those torrential downpours are going to make your tootsies damp (feet in Derbyshire).
On 08 May 2014, Piers_corbyn forecaster wrote:

ALL GREAT INFO THANK YOU -- note also make use of Wordpress linked site as introduced by CRAIG --- LORRAINE RE NZ AND R PERIODS Yes most R periods will be reasonably similar Nh and Sh however 1. There will also be cut off high blocks locally Nh or Sh which block out frontal affects in different countries making non correspondences .2. There are also Nh Sh magnetic differences at times which we were attempting to tackle with Nh v Sh differences in quakes which would have a corresponding difference in R period weather effects. Your obs on this very valuable best if you comment without knowing what our R period sub details might be suggesting. Comparisons must be between active Nh Sh regions rather than COH regions. A related question is getting COH IN Both Nh and Sh or only one. BEST look at R5 R4 lesser more noise. Hoping to hear more from you thanks --- RICHARD CRAIG YES re downtime there have been server probs, apart from loading issues, which Ray webmaster is looking into.
On 07 May 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Reasonably sunny today, though plenty of fairly fast moving clouds, occasionally really dramatic skies in the strengthening SW breeze. 9˚C at 7.30, rising to 17˚ in the occasional lasting breaks in the cloud, mostly dry but hefty showers by 5pm; a couple of miles inland there were apparently some hail showers, April weather in May, possibly typical R4? Feels much cooler tonight after the rain, 7˚ by 10 pm.
On 07 May 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Richard - the site will give error or 'not enough memory' message when Piers is uploading forecasts or a new article/blog. It shouldn't last long. I normally leave it an hour and try again. We have a wordpress blog running now which is a bit like the old climate realists site as it has news stories from around the blogsphere (and videos). Posts are by sundrifts & myself currently but looking to add more contributors (submit a story may be useful as well, especially for news items often posted here). I'll be linking in Piers twitter feed also so it's a one stop shop.
On 07 May 2014, Richard (occasional subscriber) wrote:

Been away for a few months, back now as a site watcher and still struggling to find any global warming. If anyone knows where there is any please let me know as it certainly hasn't reached Manchester yet. I am having a certain amount of difficulty getting onto the website on occasions. At first I thought that it was just one browser blocking the truth (not only about the weather) but the second time it happened I tried three different browsers and none worked. On it now (obviously) but it does seem intermittent. Piers, or anyone else, do you know what the problem is?
On 07 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Ron I totally get what your saying its a shift and hopefully in the right direction, it's just the way they always do it that gets me it's like subtle manipulation steering and treating us like idiots! we read we research and we know when we are being steered, they need to get real and get Piers and peeps like minded on the tv and give credit where credits due work together and reach new understandings even if that means admitting they may have got it previously wrong... Blustery with sunshine and showers here, trees are coming out more everyday nature is truly real n bootiful for all that C02!-)
On 07 May 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Mobeeb predicting cooler wet weather for the next 5 days in SE. Looks like a naff weekend approaching. No good for silaging. Luckily (or unlucklily for Blackpool) son going to Blackpool for YFC AGM and bedlam Friday. Hoping to start silaging when he gets back. Need a good weather forecast! Andy - when are you hoping to start?
On 07 May 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

Nigella, Maria, Craig: I agree the C4 proh was fairly standard kr@p, BUT the revelation still remains that the MSM actually covered the importance of the Jetstream on climate and solar influences on the Jetstream, giving prominence to the possibility of a Dalton or Maunder Minimum in the near future. This iis a paradigm shift away from even 5 years ago. It's just a small hole in the dam, but it's still a hole. We can widen it.
On 07 May 2014, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Piers I sent you an email on 3 May with information about NZ weather records but haven't heard from you. Did you receive it?
On 07 May 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Good grief! Late night BBC Newsday has regurgitated the lateat sexed up dossier. Temps are 'rising', sea levels to rise 'four feet', American winters will be shorter and milder (don't laugh) oh my the shock, the horror and it's happening now! To think the National Climate Assessment didn't come in 3D! Let us campaign for the next NCA report to include 3D special effects, amazing stunts and ninty foot dinosaurs creating carnage on the streets. I mean if we are going to make a scientific report devoid of science (lots of filler tho') then we might as well go the full fiction hog and get our monies worth of 'scenarios' and hire Dan Brown to write it (he seems 'sciency'). Although, sometimes it is best to let a bad series die a natural death, I think we can afford the fans one last send off. *wink
On 06 May 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Rain overnight, temp 10˚C at 7.30, cloudy but soon brightening up and getting warmer, rising to 18˚, showers in afternoon, somewhat blustery W wind but a very pleasant spring day, down to 10˚ by 10pm. Apologies for more swallow stories: our first pair have taken up residence, we normally have about 4 pairs, compared to other years they're running late. == Ron, I don't watch telly anymore, especially not British Brainwashing Corporation :-)
On 06 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - demolishing democracy bit by bit. Here's a link to a chart on the website, showing registered participants who will be present at scores of national polling places as the votes are counted and the final results are called out. Scroll to the top of the page so you can see the chart. The northern most pink blip is yours truly ;-) OT - Cloudy with drizzle and some sunshine, but chilly. A pair of swallows has set up house under the eaves at the back of the house, and I've seen more couples at other houses. Sparrows are reproducing now, one of the cats brought in a young bird which I managed to keep alive and is now getting ready to be released at the local bird sanctuary. I created an 'apartment building' for solitary bees, as well as making another attempt at creating a bumble bee nesting site out of a flower pot. Spring is still too slow. If all goes well my weather station should arrive either tomorrow or the day after. Can hardly contain my excitement!
On 06 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub Neth.) wrote:

@PIERS - WRT the EU election: the Dutch website GeenStijl - roughly translated as ConductUnbecoming, a 'pain-in-the-nether-regions' news site which exposes that which political and other institutions would prefer to remain hidden - has formed a response to the EU decree which has FORBIDDEN The Netherlands to publicize polling results of 22 May until several days later, because other countries will not have voted yet. A decree which, by the way, will be enforced by the Dutch government. As Dutch 'polling legislation' states that all polling results must be called out after they have been counted and also states that voters are allowed to be present for this, the GeenStijl website has asked its forum members to be present at as many polling places as possible for this occasion, so the polling results can be publicized. Both the website and its forum members are getting fed up with EU legislation continuously encroaching upon, and superseding national laws, in effect [cont.]
On 06 May 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

re C4 prog. It was light on content, following the American format widely adopted of spending much of the time telling you what's coming up and recapping what's been shown (padding), but I find most progs like that lately. Not a lot new (certainly not for anyone here) as my mum thought it was a repeat. The obligatory CAGW bit was only a minute or two and seemed added as an after thought (maybe to pass the censors like peer review tips hats to cagw no matter what the research is in to?) . The solar bit was new in the sense it's normally ignored, overlooked and poss added for the coming save face but also as Lockwood etc have been mentioning an increased role for the sun of late - albiet dwarfed by waming if we don't change our wicked ways! Glacial change but change nonetheless from the usual preaching/screachings so I'm taking the positives. Says a lot about the standard fare on the box that this is seen as good-even by me ;-)
On 06 May 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

there is a failure of investigative journalism to investigate and uncover this hocket stick ponzi scheme. The hockey stickers make assertions but then refuse to release the data upon which they made those assertions claiming its propriety or confidential which means its black box science [the reason they say to ignore piers]. Ponzi schemes are black box with amazing predictions of the returns if u invest in them but they blow up. The current co2 black box science made predictions but the actual measured does not confirm them. ie there is a divergence. So the hockey stick black box has 'blown up' like any ponzi scheme would. Piers black box has more truth than their black box because piers predictions have a statistical edge. Meto get £80m a year and i am fed up of watching their 5 day forecast completely change everytime i wake up. Piers has to earn my money. Meto take it regardless of the rubbish they put out.
On 06 May 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL SOUND COMMS AS ALWAYS --- LEEBARRETT Thanks v much for your Comm:- "Hi Piers hows you? I thought id say how fantastic ur new video was & Id say u have well nailed it. The globeal warmists will be running scared...." WE CUT out the rest because you were giving away forecast info for later in month. <=> I suggest all should promote this vid and in particular send it to politicians and ask them to watch it then phone them up / their offices and ask if they have watched it. Carry on until they do then discuss with them what they think --- C4 AND ALL THAT Anyone I suggest phone / write them and ask why didnt they invite me. --- THERE IS AN ELECTION ON (Eu and some Council) now. Ask in meetings "When are you (Any politician with few exceptions eg UKIP) going to stop relying on Lies about climate to justfy robbing us all with energy prices and green taxes to pay for deranged schemes suchas wind farms? --- TWITTER RTs thanks all, please do more. Happy Weather Piers
On 06 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

No offence i didn't watch it as I knew without doubt they would end the program with the same bull as always, anyway i remember mentioning Piers work to many friends and family over the years and most of them ignorantly or through brain washing thought he was talking nonsense and kept arguing against, for some i think now the penny is starting to drop, even if people got the hint he might be right now most will wait until proof upon proof was shown and would wait until the peeps at the top said it was true, I'm afraid without being pessimistic that it will take for more people to observe the changes and challenges a m.i.a presents before they will be open to the truth, We know where we heard it first and that Piers should be acknowledged positively for his tremendous work and dedication to evidence based science and I would have watched it if they had given him a slot on the programme! About time though if they are starting to think outside of the box took them long enough;-)
On 06 May 2014, Nigella wrote:

Ron, I watched the C4 programme. I was really disappointed with it. There was remarkably little content in an hour long programme. I have huge sympathy for the farmers affected by the bad weather, but telling us about digging sheep out in 2013 added nothing to this particular programme at all. There was a very brief mention that the sun may affect our weather but irritatingly the programme closed by with the hackneyed CO2 curtains of doom. The whole, annoying hour could have been done in a very concise 15 minute radio programme for about a tenth of the cost - probably less.
On 06 May 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

CRAIG.M. I am astonished at the lack of comment from others here,on the C4 programme last night . Compared to the standard guff we get from the Warmo-Panicker MSM, it was a revelation. I found myself shouting 'what about Piers Corbyn you b'@st@rds! ?, he's been telling you this for years. It must have been hard for Piers to bear. At least though they are arguing on his ground. We may look back on this programme and see it as the first hole in the dam.
On 06 May 2014, Nigella wrote:

Obs from East Berks for the bank holliday. Saturday was great, blue sky, sunshine, although still a little cool in the shade. Sunday was warmer overall, but the skies were more cloudy, although still bright with sunshine breaking through and Monday started off with blue sky but turned hazy as the day went on, pleasantly warm in mid to late teens. Looks like a sunshine & showers day today, with a strongish breeze & clouds scudding by fast.
On 06 May 2014, CraigM (@CraigM350, Berks, sub) wrote: have changed their image page. This is the incoming coronal holes === +++ Lovely day Sun where I saw a few of these ==== === Mon started fine but clouded over ahead of that sprawling Atlantic low, although it was bright but dull. Much cooler without the sun which has kept night time up. Past two days started frosty but quickly warmed in the sun. +++ models going for unsettled next week & cool. This week looks a N/S split, with relatively fine conditions with some rain for the south, which looks to be heading up north.
On 06 May 2014, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

Working outside on or around the house until darkness each day of the weekend I am grateful for the fine weather. It has been sunny spells most of the time but with some extended periods of blue sky. Overall, warm in the sun but chilly when it was not. Much breezier today which was fine for the kite flyers on Epsom Downs this afternoon. Cloudier late pm but clearing into the evening. I have yet to watch the C4 programme on our weather and was expecting the worst but it looks like it is worth watching and overlooking their token AGW comment at the end. Interesting post on WUWT about fiddling the figures for sea level rise that - surprise surprise - makes it worse than it really is.
On 05 May 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Damp start, cloudy, some overnight rain, mild at 11˚C at 7.30, misty haziness developing after midday, fairly cool S wind, max temp 16˚, occasional showers and some sunshine, back down to 9˚ by 10pm & feeling cooler. We also went to the beach, Steve, and it was quite chilly, had to put up our hoods as we had no hats thinking it would be as warm as at home which is several miles inland from the sea. I suppose that for our latitude it was a reasonable May day. Watching the Atlantic chart to see where the next R5 strike will come from in a couple of days.
On 05 May 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Interesting - although the obligatory nod to man made climate change C4 program Britain's most Extreme Weather COLD in the closing minute, it was added as an afterthought. Nice to see our star getting some recognition for affecting the jetstream as well as some other notable winters. Could this be because, for some the penny is dropping with all the energy uncertainty from political tensions. Germany is waking to this threat, we are still in a daydream/nightmare with possessed loons like Davey at the helm. +++ Flash floods in Italy === === jetstream passed into Adriatic with reports of severe weather (tornado not confirmed) in Serbia & Romania also
On 05 May 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

A lovely day today, mostly around 12-14 degrees and some sun. Got cool quickly around 4 pm, so I put all the tender plants under cover, squashes, tomatoes etc . Now gusty and wet, a big change from this morning, I was in a t shirt then and now in a sweatshirt, maybe putting the stove on. Am glad to have all the water butts set up and gathering rain for wow in may. I got all the slug nematodes out at the right time and they had some periods of rain and cool prior to the recent sun. Forecast is helping loads
On 05 May 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

A lovely day today, mostly around 12-14 degrees and some sun. Got cool quickly around 4 pm, so I put all the tender plants under cover, squashes, tomatoes etc . Now gusty and wet, a big change from this morning, I was in a t shirt then and now in a sweatshirt, maybe putting the stove on. Am glad to have all the water butts set up and gathering rain for wow in may. I got all the slug nematodes out at the right time and they had some periods of rain and cool prior to the recent sun. Forecast is helping loads
On 05 May 2014, Steve Devine (sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Hi everyone. I love your comments by the way, keep em coming! ...Have just returned from a trip to Walton on the Naze (just beyond Clacton if anyone wants to know). The temperature on the car thermometer dropped from 19c just outside London to 17c on the coast but I tell you this - it felt more like 13c in that breeze from the South. Our poor kids went paddling which, naturally turned into kicking big waves over the other one, which ultimately ended in two soaked children shivering, I mean literally shivering in early May. The sun was hazy and by the time we returned to Waltham Abbey it was overcast and milder away from that breeze. The oceans around the UK are undoubtedly still cold this time of year. It will take an entire summer to warm them up. I remember one back in 2006 but they seem to have skipped us ever since ;-)
On 05 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

Day starting with overcast skies, some sun and a chilly eastern wind. The continuing cold wind might be responsible for the slow progress of Spring.
On 05 May 2014, Carl T 30 day sub NW Wales 1m Ele wrote: Mainstream media don't seem to be reporting this at all, we can all guess why.
On 05 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Some showers now 8.35.. duvay right choice!
On 05 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

11 deg @ 8a.m, total grey cloud cover with the odd big black cloud, fresh southerly wind, think we missing majority of the showers quite a few on the rain radar though but not nice out so going back to bed zzzz...
On 05 May 2014, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

The R5 did hit NZ at the end of the period. Gales and rain (north westerly) have been hitting most of the country today and will continue through tonight. Then it looks like a brief respite before the next significant R period.
On 05 May 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

1-4 May 2014 review- Generally cloudy starts then sunny although cool out of the sun but quite warm in it. Light winds. R5 blocked [hooray] for wiki actually when people have to suppress something then it becomes more well known...... I read a report on wuwt that showed without 'adjustments' most tide gauges as raw data show sea levels falling lol. I find it amazing that people are trying to say the last 50years is the THE trend in climate when decontextualised from the ice age cycles its just noise that can prove either we fry or freeze depending upon which base line you use.
On 04 May 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Some rain overnight, temp 10˚C at 7.30, much milder feel. Clouds slowly thinning, allowing sun to come through and warm to an amazing 20˚ by afternoon - I love that kind of R5 - but the next one probably won't be so forgiving! PIERS, you make it quite clear in the 30d f'cast that ++Atl. Low largely blocked by cutoff High to N++ - I should actually READ the bloomin' words and not be surprised when nothing happens! There was some rain through the day but most of it passed N of us, we could see the dark clouds on the horizon, this is a situation that occurs with some frequency in showery conditions. By 10pm there was light rain, temp 12˚, not seen at this time since last year.
On 04 May 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

GREAT COMMS ALL --- SASKIA Thanks for note on the Wikip (The hate toy for deranged 'Green' Warmist perverters of Truth). The best thing is to relentlessly attack Wiki everywhere else for its Green lies and censorship of science and spell out what we are saying --- PADDY THE PRESENT R5 you not noticing it - THAT IS the point - [AND btw thanks VERY much for your regular reports they ARE V USEFUL esp in times like this] It's largely blocked from BI as expected - and that windy-arty map above shows winds that are not here but blocked out in Atlantic. Earth-facing solar action and HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT (M6.6) Quakes confirm it. (see above) Note R5-QV5 put M6.5+ Quakes enhanced risk in R5 periods.
On 04 May 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

AndyB ... That looks like the shadow of a jet contrail. Jet was probably a small private jet with a narrow single contrail, flying a few hundred feet above the thin layer of cloud. Any gap of more than a thousand feet and the shadow would be too large and diffuse to be seen clearly.
On 04 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

Not sure if anybody either saw or mentioned this already, but here's an interesting bit under the 'view history' section of the St. Jude storm article on Wikipedia: "revert Piers Corbyn vandalism, any more and any mention of him is removed from the page permanently." This begs the question: who over there has the power to make these kinds of decisions?! However, as I warned previously: if anybody does a write-up on, or mentions anything about Piers, PLEASE make sure that the tone used is neutral. Otherwise, this - unfortunately - will be the result, and will counter produce our goal of drawing more attention to Piers' work.
On 04 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - Also, we had more snow than you guys, as I remember several long snow periods at least the past 10 years (2010 was a bad one!). - @Paddy: the (N)E wind here also is very cold. Yesterday temps suddenly dropped sharply around 3PM. I hope all the plants I've put in the ground will have a chance to 'take', especially the ones at the East wall. I also planted a grape against the South wall. In the past many people here in The Netherlands had a grape vine growing against the southern facade, a habit which - unfortunately - seems to have been lost. I still don't see as many insects as last year, and our dandelions are already 'blooming out'. I'm going to plant some herbal plants like thyme, also much loved by bees and the like. Not much swallow nesting activity here still, just the odd pair.
On 04 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

OT: Got the forecast and OH WOW; talk about a rollercoaster ride!. Piers, it will be quite interesting to see where exactly that dividing line will lie over northern Europe. But ... I may be able to help you soon: I have bought a weather station! We had a small tax break and I guess my partner got tired of me moaning about wanting to have one for years now ;-) It's the Alecta WS-4000 / Fine Offset WH-1080 ( and it will be arriving within the next 2-4 days. It cost less than 80 euros, which is really cheap considering all the functions it provides. Just the temp registration of -40 to +60 Celsius should prove really helpful, as well as the wind chill and dew point. @Steve: WRT your comments about the annual mean temps; here's a chart from the Dutch climate atlas, showing mean annual temps in our region were significantly colder up to 2010 ( [cont.]
On 04 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote: giving outlook for windy tonight southerly winds increasing fresh to strong, windy and wet tomorrow morning with some persistent heavy rain in places & strong south easterly winds..
On 03 May 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

So far, the first half of the present R5 period has been a pussycat for us, except for the cold. It nevertheless managed to get up to 18˚C around midday from a 1˚ low at 7.30, brilliant sun to begin with, but cloud moved in after 9am and kept the sunshine patchy but still pleasant in a mostly S'ly breeze. It does indeed look like all the action is going on in the Atlantic. For the time being the rain has kept away from us and MO's has revised tomorrow's rainfall downwards. Temp at 9.30pm 9˚ and not a breath of wind. ==Russ: swallows are also on my brain, so far they are still all 'passing trade' though we see them daily. Frost further inland this morning, but not as severe as you report.
On 03 May 2014, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

Strange thin black cloud just in the white cloud layer seen over south Wales this morning, a perfectly straight line from the East to the West moving to the southern horizon still keeping in a straight line. It is nothing I have ever seen before, it is definitely not a jet trail as it was in the cloud ceiling of about 2/300' Can anyone tell me what this was?
On 03 May 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Yes Wendy, that was a very hard frost this morning. Not only was the grass white over but tall privet hedges were white to the top, at least 9ft off the ground and in a sheltered spot too. Cracking day afterwards though. Trees have caught up with few left to leaf, and Rhododendrons are on time, as if everything else is running in a different time frame. Birds are all going nuts, all day, as if they have their own X-Factor competition going on. Saw my first Swallow. At least I think its my first. I`ve seen so many reports of Swallows on this blog over the past few weeks, I could have had an eroneous, virtual Swallow sneak into my memory, without me noticing...but definitely saw one today.
On 03 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Stayed cloudy dull became drizzly with a light southerly wind today around 10/12deg. Think more persistent rain expected for the West later..
On 03 May 2014, Wendy wrote:

Quite a frost last night!,Had to cover veggies with fleece,bright and sunny today,still very cool out of the sun in the High Peak, Derbyshire.I really enjoy reading such interesting views and comment on the website. Glad I subscribed to May.
On 03 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

8deg @ 5.30 a.m, cloudy out and birds singing their morning chorus..quite nice this time of the morning for a cuppa outside and feels milder @ mo...
On 02 May 2014, Andy B wrote:

Disappearing cars in the Us landslide you Tube
On 02 May 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

We had a splendidly dry and sunny day, even if cloudy at times, though pretty cold with the constant E wind. Thermometer said 1˚C overnight, but a friend from near Aboyne said it was -4˚ with them! So the cold of the R5 is definitely here but the winds are further out in the Atlantic. It got to 16˚ in the shelter of the wind and by 10pm tonight it was down to 4˚, could be another frosty night further inland as it is now very calm. @ Saskia: today I thought I saw the first 'resident' swallow arrive, not sure though, will be confirmed tomorrow if it's still here; we often have passing guests. As for insects, we certainly have plenty of bumble bees and we've also had butterflies, small tortoise shell and peacocks, though today it was too cold for them. Our dandelions are out now, as are the forget-me-not, beloved by bumblers, they also like purple deadnettle, Lamium purpureum, very much.
On 02 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Really dull and cloudy today temp showing 12 deg but thinking of lighting the fire as I am feelin it much cooler today with the warmth of the sun not getting through the cloud much, slight breeze south easterly I think..
On 02 May 2014, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Some more personal readings to share with you (if interested). The following year/number combinations are measurements of days per year with snowfall; 2007=5, 2008=13, 2009=19, 2010=11, 2011=3, 2012=5, 2013=36, 2014=0 (although there were 4 borderline events where sleet fell overnight). Like I said in my last comment, last winter appears to be a blip, not the norm. A repeat of an comment of mine - annual temperatures in my corner of SW Essex have fallen year on year aswell. Daytime av/year combinations; 2002=15.2c, 2003=15.4c, 2004=14.3c, 2005=14.8c, 2006=15.3c, 2007=14.6c, 2008=13.9c, 2009=14.1c, 2010=13.4c, 2011=14.9c, 2012=13.1c, 2013=13.6c. The years 2007/8 were the turning point. That's when the "BBQ summers", ahem, sorry, I meant torrentially wet summers, began. Then the colder and snowy winters. Now we have extreme weather comparisons (very cold USA, very mild and stormy UK last winter) as the MIA enters the second phase. Insulate your homes! Damp proof your walls! Subscribe!
On 02 May 2014, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Here's some food for thought regarding global EVIDENCE we're in the Mini Ice Age. NE USA and Canada are having one of their longest and snowiest winters in living memory. (I have an elderly relative living in Canada who was snowed in from October - April!) In the USA, tornado and hurricane frequency has dropped sharply compared to previous years but the severity has increased. Global sea ice levels have been trending upwards for the last 7 years with the Antarctic currently well above average. People - Don't let the absence of snow in many parts of the UK last winter fool you. My gut instinct tells me this was an anomaly, not the rule. As Piers says, the Mini Ice Age will see wild swings year on year and that is exactly what we are experiencing. To quote Game Of Thrones - "Winter Is Coming" :-)
On 02 May 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

Anxiously waiting for the EU May upload so I know what - and more importantly, when - I can do to improve the garden. / OT: rainy and very humid, temps dropped yesterday by several degrees Celsius. Seems the rest of the country has been inundated and harassed by severe thunder storms, yet we had nothing of the sort. Just drizzle (yuck!) and overcast skies. - @Paddy: there have been swallows here for the past 2 weeks or so, but indeed less than the usual number. They always build nests against the facades of houses; could it be that the sun hasn't warmed those enough yet for them to build? The number of bumble bees and other 'flying thingies' has also been less than usual. Our bramble and raspberry bushes are only just now starting to bloom, so hopefully the nectar they provide will draw more insects.
On 02 May 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

May forecast will be spectacularly correct or spectacularly wrong!
On 02 May 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

How can Piers use Science, IT, and the sun which is millions of miles away to produce a forecast, yet BT Openreach cannot workout why my broadband which has worked for six years now no longer works, and cannot travel a few miles down the road from a cabinet!!!!!!!!!
On 02 May 2014, Piers_Corbyn Forecaster & Gaffer wrote:

GREAT COMMS ALL --- MY NEW ELECTRIC UNIVERSE VID Glad you like it all, do pass it on --- MAY 30d All please promote --- END MAY BI was warmer but less than we hoped in some parts. MayDay London also mild but now MayDay night much colder as 45d said would happen early May. May30d <= 45d some changes in 2 of the 8 weather periods but overall very similar. --- PADDY Not sure what happ your comm which now re-stated but we have had some site crashes which we think are internal site server probs rather than cyber attacks which do continue unabated but are being held at bay. Trolls largely given-up recently but they come in bursts it appears after pep-talks or deluded claims from the bishops of ScienceDenial. REMINDER TO ALL Policy of not allowing more than minimal info on imminent /coming forecasts content remains --- CRAIG GREAT WORK ON extra blog site which has equally vigorous TROLL FREE POLICY which includes intent to get them arrested for cyber crimes, theft & harassment. Thanks Piers
On 01 May 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Dry at last but bloomin' cold this morning with 4˚C and a sharp E wind which slowly turned into a NNE during the day. But there was a bit of sun around the middle of the day and it actually got up to 12˚. Mostly cumulus clouds typical of this kind of weather, grey but nicely shaped. Everything is hunkering down again waiting for the sun. Remarkable that we haven't got any swallows yet apart from the few in the vanguard; over the last 20 years or so 'our' residents have always been arriving in the last 10 days of April, but not this year. They may know something that Piers also knows :-) == PIERS: brilliant presentation, have passed it on! == My post yesterday didn't get put up - "wet & cold & E'ly all day. Piers' last April weather period didn't quite work out for us as I had hoped, except for Monday and in the West of Scotland yesterday. And on Friday we have an R5 starting, so Gab o' May writ large quite likely."
On 01 May 2014, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

Rainfall so far this year Jan376mm Feb277 Mar85mm April108mm total 738mm or 33" hope we don't have 3 times that 1/3 of the year gone. Normal rainfall for the area is 45 to 48" . 10mm today for the beginning of the R5 period. Well done Piers a big improvement in accuracy in April's weather a lot better than Feb/ March. Hoping that May is correct so that we can get our first cut of silage done.
On 01 May 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

from accuweather === "Wednesday, April 30, 2014, was the 10th wettest calendar day on record at Central Park with 4.97 inches of rain falling. (The wettest day on record was Sept. 23, 1882, when 8.28 inches of rain fell, according to the National Weather Service). The total rainfall for April 2014 was 7.85 inches" === === interesting that the record was ~132 yrs ago.
On 01 May 2014, Rhys Jaggar (annual Subscriber) wrote:

Brilliantly useless BBC forecast for NW London this past 24 hrs. Description of 'light rain' for 1st May, hence a bit of watering was done yesterday, 30th April, in anticipation of a dry BHW. Today - steady rain for 4hrs followed by a very, very heavy shower around lunchtime. Marvellous! April WA forecast drove my spud planting schedule and, as long as it doesn't hit -3C over the weekend, all will be well! Early signals for cherries and pears suggest a monster potential, which of course is always modulated downwards by any adverse events through the summer. Fruit set has been quite superb. 5lb of asparagus harvested from a 5sqm plot in April. Long live real weather forecasts!!
On 01 May 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

see the Express are on the 'panicwagon 'again with forecasts of a two week February-like Arctic blast for May. Even the Mobeeb are just going for 2-3 days as are the Chimp footpainters at GFS. Markedly cooler today, but just the merest dusting of snow on Ben -y-Ghlo just now---no 'snowmageddon' in sight.
On 01 May 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Had some heavy showers of rain yesterday around 11 deg and with heavy cloud building again looks to be a similar day again, May forecast going to be very important again for the garden..
On 01 May 2014, Nigella (subscriber) wrote:

Obs from East Berks. Yesterday started cold with early morning mist and remained dry with hazy sunshine. Fine, steady rain this morning and 11 degs. Watched Craig M's jet stream video on YouTube, which was excellent. If you haven't seen it go & look: Loved seeing how that little easterly low flicked back at the UK. May forecast looks as interesting as ever. Mid month onwards - well, what can I say! If you haven't got a forecast - you should definitely get one. ;-)
On 01 May 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

I have made Piers video at EU2014 the inaugural post for ++++the WeatherAction blog++++ on wordpress === === I have not added any areas to it yet, design is v. basic & comments are currently off.** What it does mean is you can share/like the articles on twitter/facebook/google etc so it should be easier to reach a wider audience - like the old Climate Realist site. Wordpress account users can also reblog posts from other sites (I do this on === ** comments will be available to anyone viewing on the web (i.e. via a twitter account but just with a name & valid email) but will be moderate in line with the 'kitchen' policy used here already. Trolls will not be welcome! === I'm on facebook now - look for Craig Meridional (*cough*) under Piers friends.
On 30 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote: changed their outlook this a.m, the outlook for next wk is uncertain but early indications suggest that it will be unsettled overall with some showers or longer spells of rain @ times but with bright or sunny spells and around normal temps..complete turn around from yesterday! Off to print WA May forecast :D
On 30 Apr 2014, Robert W. (sub from Toronto) wrote:

Excellent presentation on Thunderbolts Piers, comedy gold.
On 30 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Great vid Piers, i appreciate your work and can only say I was paying full attention and not itching to get outside! I think I learnt more in that video (watched twice may need to watch again :) than an entire school year in science and geography class!-) loved the humour too and really just the real approach to evidence based facts makes for better understanding...
On 30 Apr 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

The picture of the bluebells look good piers thanks for putting it up for the followers to see, above the bluebells you can see bare trees this is the ash trees as yet to come into leaf, late this year the oak trees are in leaf already and the blue tits are nesting.
On 30 Apr 2014, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Hi Piers, in one of the final slides I recall a graph showing similar trends in temperature seperated by a 200 year gap. So what follows is a massive decline in temperatures / solar activity between now and 2030, rising after 2035. When we met last year you mentioned a Russian scientist claiming that we would tip into an actual Ice Age after the MIA. Do you have any grounds to believe he's on to something? (Please say no for all our sakes!) The evidence you present in the clip loaded today states he may be out on a limb, if I'm understanding it correctly...