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29+28 April
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Piers Says "These Arkansas and other states deadly tornado events ~27-28 April are very significant. Our sympathies go to all who have suffered losss of life or property. 
VERY UNUSUALLY our forecast 24-27 April of over 3 weeks ahead did not highlight Arkansas for such storms although did have such warnings for further West (eg West Oklahoma). We are looking into the reasons for the displacment [note that forecast and the next period 28April-1st May were only 70% confident] and later timing. This may be connected with the transition to the next period (28th....) which envisages a circulation change which is coming and/or an extra solar-based hit.
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26-27 April
For (Previous blogs) including: Mid-April snow USA confirms WeatherAction, Mini-Ice-Age has begun;  R5 period 5-7Apr;  UNIPCC science deniers;  Stop Clock-Changes campaign;  Electric Universe (initial Reports, full to come in future); Go to:  
Superb Recommendations on WeatherAction APRIL Forecasts Eu, Br+Ir, USA in Reader-User Comments at end of this blog.
The deranged face of ScienceDenialism:  ( #ScienceDenialism on twitter )
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Piers says "The ScienceDenialism of the deluded CO2 warmist lobby and their political sidekicks - who are either deranged or brazen liars - must be given no quarter. 
"For ALL objective and honest scientists the science is setteled against the CO2Warmist lie (pdf below). We must relentlessly fight for evidence-based science and policies and drum these parasites and thieves out of public places and pseudo-academic gravy trains.

Case closed: 
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26 April 
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25 April   
R4 ~24-25th on now
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24 April 
News: --- New R4 & QV4 24-25 April +/-1d hits --- LOL Unbelievable warmist gall (bel RQV4 News)

Good Read 'Reflections on my 45th EarthDay by JoeBastardi 

New solar activity on cue for new RQV4  

Quake Vancouver Island Canada confirms WeatherAction QV4
Tsunami PTWC - Mag: 6.7 - UTC 3:16 AM

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Dangerous Tornado Threat to Arise From Texas to Kansas This Weekend
Piers Says: This follows from our R4 24-25APR+/-1d and the thunderstorms will probably come earlier than this ACCUW article suggests, also note the RQV timings even though +/-1d are GMT

LOL Unbelievable Co2 warmist gall! 
They call it a "Scam" that the new Australian Govt - elected on ClimateRealist, Anti-ScienceDenier platform - curtails GreenTheft from the public!!!!!!!!!!! LOL these self-serving arrogant parasites are past their Rob-By date! It's time to bang them up.

From 22nd April 30d forecasts USA (+S.CAN), B+I, Eu and RTQ (Red Weather & Tornado/Quake Risk) are free and accessible now and subsccriptions count for start May (access 30Apr)

23 April St Georges Day 
2) 1929 The Year the MetOffice tried to COVER-UP - New blog  
If a Climate 'Scientist', politician, CO2 warmist gravy trainer or a Pretender to the throne of the UK or any other chattering class member of limited logical power tells you again that (mid Autumn+)Winter UK 2013-14 was the 'Wettest ever' and 'It is due to CO2 Climate Change' just tell them they are lieing Science Deniers and should resign.
As reported some weeks ago by CraigM on WeatherAction site and now highlighted on the above blog link, BBC-MO are still working hard to slant and lie about the present and past. THE BIG DEAL about this winter in the world is without doubt USA+Canada prolonged extreme (and it aint over yet) cold from the tilted polar vortex, as forecast by WeatherAction. 
The Autumn+Winter European storms (the 2 most extreme being being well forecast in detail by WeatherAction, the October one from 23 weeks ahead) yes bought major floods but not the Record breaking deal BBC-MO would have you believe. 1929-30 was wetter and there was less CO2. Many of the floods 2013-14 - eg The Somerset levels - were indeed man-made, however not by CO2 but by incompetence and deliberate cunning Eu stupid floody policies. 
The solar-lunar driven Mini-Ice-Age has begun; the CO2 story is a pack-of-Lies and must be sent packing.

1) St Georges Day is 'Normal standard' "Ready for market Field Grown Br+Ir Asparagus Day and so a good measure of "Start Of Spring". How does 2014 Br+Ir Spring compare with 2013?
NB USA N/E diabolically late Spring this year!
See Interesting blog Comms below on comparisons of 2013 Spring ~6week late (& Piers won Brit aspargus start of Spring Competition) and 2014 where it looks like a week (more?) early allowing for mixed messages of cold nights

22April Earth Day, Lenin's BirthDay
(22 April 2nd entry)
Piers' (~Twitter) EarthDay Message " #, # is # for Lies about CO2 which in fact is THE GAS OF LIFE not a pollutant (see this blog ). 
However that should not stop us speaking-out; but enable us to celebrate real life and true science and attack the anti-life and death of science which is the purpose of the CO2 warmist sect.
 "My TRUE-EARTHDAY Pic Of the day  
Embedded image permalink   Ancient assassin flies found in amber: Less than an inch long and thought to be 100M years old   
"My Fight The Anti-Life Science Deniers EarthDay Poster:
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"My EarthDay resolution:- On this EarthDay(s) and EVERYDAY we must take the fight to the CO2warmist enemy. Go on their sites, blogs and twitter feeds. Use mixed hashtags in the same message and links to key blogs / sites / pics to get the message through eg:
#CO2  #GasOfLife  #ScienceDeniers  #CO2WarmistSect  #WeatherAction  

22 April BEST BUY DAY FOR 30d FORECASTS - Rest Of April Free.
SO ALL 30d SERVICES SUBSCRIPTIONS (B+I, Eu, USA, RTQ) starting today 22nd April (Lenin's Birthday which morphed into 'EarthDay' in 1970 on the 100th anniversary of his birth), 23rd, 24th... ARE ALLOCATED TO MAY (Access to 30d forecast from April 30) and beyond; and ACCESS TO APRIL (now) IS INCLUDED FREE.

April 21st 
Easter R5 QV5 19-20th The Sun, both sides Atlantic and quakes superb hits for WeatherAction pdf:  pictwitt above

Squall line in SW England 1700 GMT 20th

April 16th USA Snow Records broken
After snow overnight 14/15 April Michigan cities Detroit and Flint break all snow records as WeatherAction forecast for mid-April snow Great Lakes and cold blast East USA confirmed:- ; pic.twitter 
See Reader Comms below blog for superb remarks by Bob Weber on WeatherAction USA+Canada Forecasts. 
ANY READING THIS who know people in USA/Canada please tell them about WeatherAction. Thank you.

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Map showing snowfall ~15/16th

Kirt Griffin sent a pic to WeatherAction confirming USA snow predicted for mid-April, with comment "Calling for snow in these parts in April is very unusual" See previous blog

Ongoing - Where to for Late Spring and into Summer Britain & Ireland?

The Express "predicts” "The hottest summer ever” starting  May

The MetOffice predicts a warm April+May+June

The Mirror (WeatherChannel) talks a late Spring Arctic plunge  

Piers Continued: COMMENT: 
"What else have we to say? Firstly, The Express, MetOffice and Mirror 'Forecasts' should be disregarded absolutely. 
"No forecasts should be published by anybody, especially so called 'responsible' media, without a success rate report. In which case the Express and Met O headlines should be 
"However they don't announce these Charlatan forecasts like that. The BBC-MetOffice, Express, Independent, Guardian, Mirror etc..... set out to mislead and decieve you.
"We would say for Br+Ir, Eu and USA that the Mini Ice Age circulation and extremes the world is now in will get stronger this Spring and Summer so there will be more extreme conditions and contrasts in a general cooling trend. 
"Our detailed forecasts will say what we expect where and when. There certainly will be stark contrasts and extremes and continuing wild swings in the Jet Stream and cut-off highs at times. 

WeatherAction pdf and pic on What's Coming for Britain & Ireland 
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Proton flux showed extra peaking ~6th (R5 5-7th) and R5 ~19-20th. Here for ongoing monitoring
Updating download or link on WeatherAction site:- PROTON FLUX UPDATING.doc

More Useful links:
Craig M   
'FloodPlains The clue is in the name' takes you through what is really going on with maps and pics relating to content and many of sublinks such as below
Met Office forecast that winter 2013-14 would be DRIER THAN NORMAL  
issued 21 Nov 2013
Paul Homewood on the very wet winter on 1929-30 (wetter than now)
CraigM summary of MetOffice useless long range 'Forecast' record 
Christopher Booker Telegraph 17 Feb
DavidRose Daily Mail Reports on Prof Mat Collins 
Observer - Science denialist  views of Ed Miliband 15/16 Feb
GREAT independent assessment of WeatherAction forecasts May-Oct 2012
WeatherAction breakthroughs in  stratospheric prediction confirmed 
Ongoing information - updating graphs for Stratospheric Temps into Spring
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The Peoples Voice TV on 17/18th FEB Piers alongside Lord Viscount Monckton Donna Laframboise (vid link) & Buster Nolan

The CO2 Warmist are on the Run - Time to finish the Job
DECISIVE:  Piers Corbyn dismembers the UN Climate Committee report meeting held at the Royal Society 2-3 Oct 2013 => Weather Action TV  Short link = 
 RELENTLESS:  Nigel Farage leader of UKIP nails the Global warming Lie at the European Parliament  Short link = 

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Comments submitted - 84 Add your comment

On 30 Apr 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

actually using the example you gave in the video how the Royal Navy had to do some table thumping to wake up the blinkered scientists at the Royal Society over longitutde then if the uk or usa military found an edge in WA then they could do the table thumping for Solar based forecasting? Lets face it they are probably the only organisation who have the ear of govt and who at this time of co2 fever could face down the co2 circus?...if the current military is dependent upon MetO then they there are basically blind for anything further than 2 days out. I think they would see a real edge if they have a good idea what the weather was likely to be within any 3 day window 30 plus days out? If i was uk military i would have bought WA out and said you only work for us and everyone would think them magicians for their use of weather :) however i suspect the uk will be the last to take it up as usual.
On 30 Apr 2014, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Just watched the link provided by Richard (Piers Corbyn: The Reality of Long Range Weather and Climate Forecasting) and it was informative and amusing as ever, well done Piers and thanks to Richard. I liked the part where you had to get rid of rumours you were 5 years old when you started taking weather measurements. I was 11 years old when my interest in weather began. I watched Michael Fish smugly reassuring us that a Hurricane "was not on the way", only to be awoken to my ears popping and the single pane of glass nearly imploding from the force of the October 1987 hurricane outside! Haven't trusted the MoBeed since! Back in the present - fog slowly lifting here in Harlow, Essex. Temperatures were 9c at 7:30am and should rise sharply once the sun melts through the cloud. Showers predicted for tomorrow then the cold front from the North arrives before a warm up next week. April was an excellent month for your forecasting Piers, spot on! May and June look very 'interesting'!
On 30 Apr 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

i'm surprised the military haven't taken more interest. Never mind the tactical use of weather but even planning exercises do you really want to plan airborne drops during an r5? They get cancelled anyway so could save them a lot of money and planning? Or if they wanted an exercise with bad weather than they could plan that too? Given most new science is usually funded by the military first [eg the internet] before the public get to use it then perhaps a couple of demonstrations to them might be a way to get more investment? Interestingly many famous battles have been won in bad weather agincourt, waterloo, d day, falklands etc
On 30 Apr 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

the video Piers Corbyn: The Reality of Long Range Weather and Climate Forecasting | EU2014 has been uploaded might get a statue outside the Royal Society in 300 years :)
On 30 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Did a video of the jetstream 9-29 April, which I orientate so you can see from North Atlantic, Eurasia, Asia Pacific & East Pacific. Nigella mention the 'interesting' easterly flow earlier in the month, so I have added that for interest. The parcel of energy seems to 'slip' and shoots past towards Iceland. === ==== Piers, the video shows the j/s pushing quite far south into the US, easy to see where the 'charge' for the tornadoes has come from with the contrasting air masses. Could the x1 flare (25th) provide the extra energy to enable that dig south helped by the residual heat anomaly in the N/E Pacific.+ New moon funnelling the solar wind - which was low ~260 km/s - around earth. Odd not seen any unusual weather reports from the southern hemisphere (where the eclipse was earlier this morning UTC). So why n'rn hem disturbances? +++ Tropical storm Tapah in NW Pacific powered up (briefly) yesterday ===
On 29 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Back to greyness today which MO had forecast, though they hadn't seen yesterday's sun 36 hrs ahead. Pea souper all day, 10˚C at 7.30, rising to 13˚, down to 8˚ by 9pm, SSE breeze throughout, the West had the best with wall to wall sunshine in places. What we in the East are having is not surprising with HP north of us feeding in moist air from the sea, can be a real spoiler in the summer. Everything growing well though, plenty of moisure about and not that cold. MO says light rain tomorrow.
On 29 Apr 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

Piers you might want to do some merchandising to get the brand out there? T shits [with witty slogans]. mugs, pens, calenders etc. Or make weekly videos that demonstrate the forecasting versus actual?...... Marketing is knowing the difference between advertising, promotion, publicity, public relations and marketing. When the circus comes to town and they put posters in the windows that advertising, when the circus comes thro the town and they have the circus name on their t shirts that's promotion, if the elephant tramples the mayors roses that's publicity, if you can get the mayor to laugh about it that's public relations and if you planned it all that's marketing :)
On 29 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Bit late MetO! Missed an absolute downpour as I just ducked into a shop. Was wondering why no MetO warning (had checked this morning for rain) as the risk for flashflooding was obvious due to intensity. Write up & screenshots === === SEVEN minutes warning! In force until 8PM +++ @Rob Horler thanks for that info on the snow. Western Norway has had a mild wet winter too so going to look at mountain snow there too in light of that. Lamb noted an increase in precipitation preceeded the glacier advance in the LIA and last ice age.
On 29 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

That's really interesting Russ re magnetic, I really must do some more reading and less working as so much to learn about, I should have paid more attention at school but was always looking to be outside more than studying, now in my 30's I feel like I know so little! its a fine warm day odd cloud but 13deg at 11.15 am and looks to get warmer ..
On 29 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Maria (Ireland) Re: Magnetic bees.... The Earth`s magnetic field has now been proven to govern direction finding and migration by insects, birds and sea creatures such as dolphin and shark. Any changes to this field will have an effect on this mechanism but just what that effect is and how it might affect creatures is open for discussion and far more reserach. I will stick with the tarmac acting as a heater to warm the bees very efficiently. They`ll be sluggish due to being cold so less able to avoid traffic, infact unable to understand the danger at all, what with a vehicle not being seen as a predator............ Today is starting very misty and humid with rain piling in from the SE on the radar.
On 29 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

A fine start blue sky and sunshine but a lil cooler around 6 deg. @ 8am.... are giving for a couple of days more below average end of wk and say there are indications mostly dry settled weather will develop for Sunday and early next week with gradual rising temps and increasing amounts of sunshine..
On 29 Apr 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

bees swarming on monday. As for plants Its almost like nature is trying to get the season over before something bad is coming?
On 28 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

got really carried away preparing my frame today for this years runner beans, for planting a bit later on and made what I hope is the most weather bomb proof frame I've made yet, just incase! I remember the summer before last we got hit with very gusty winds and the frame was a mess in one week, lots of bees around today, just wondering on the bee subject could electromagnetic energy influence their behaviour in the scheme of things or is that a bit way out?
On 28 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Another nice day cloud and sun, very warm at times great to be outside, holding back still on planting out and sowing next seeds too until Mays forecast in front of me...roll on Wednesday!
On 28 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Marion: Seems to me your English is just fine! However, please feel free to call out whenever you need translating or sum such; I'll help "mit Vergnügen" ;-) RE bumblebees: I have several scouting for a 'nesting site' in my garden. I made 3 potential sites for them but the end result was one queen deciding to live in my strawberries patch. Arrgh! There's a bunch of solitary bees nesting in cavities in our outer walls; found many common toads in self dug holes when I cleared the ground near the house and even a tiny salamander hiding among the stones of the old small 1900's rain cistern, and several common brimstone butterflies this afternoon. Oh, and I have about 7 blue bells in my garden! Don't have the foggiest how they arrived here, but I do know nobody in our area has them in their garden. - OT: cloudy, grey and rainy but temps were positively balmy when working the garden this afternoon and walking the dog this evening.
On 28 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Very misty start, but sun not far away & came out good and proper around 9am, temp rose very quickly from 6˚C at 7.30 to 19˚ by early afternoon, 10˚ by 9.30pm; thermometer is on the N-side of one of our tunnels, so it was rather warmer in full sun. Light NNE breeze gradually turning to SE but a lovely spring day just like last Monday - repeat performance of last week? Better be prepared! Even had a lovely evening, mist & fog only returning after 8pm. ==PIERS: 30 forecast is bang on the nail today 'dry, bright, very warm' from 45d ahead - MObeeb can't even dream of that! == MARIA Somerset: good on you for taking heed, thanks also to Ron Greer's 'gab o' May' hint :-) This is how garden centres make their money, people get excited about spring & plant lots of stuff, then whoosh, the gab gobbles it & they have to go buy all over again :-(
On 28 Apr 2014, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Just watched Chan 4 doc on 'Extreme Weather' Comparing to some historical storms but no mention of solar influence as in the 60 yr storm surge down the east coast But what is more predictable than the weather is the climate change card right at the end .. earths getting warmer so ... going to get worse... etc etc. Just like a typical BBC effort. So I wonder who commissioned this to done ? As theres been no warming for over 17years how can they make a statement like this ? Take 'em to task Piers ...!
On 28 Apr 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

I just have to add that I am being very careful with my plantings and potted on vegetable plants wrt what is to come. I honestly think that, without the WA forecast, I would be ahead of myself and would live to rue the day
On 28 Apr 2014, Rob Horler wrote:

I think the snow conditions in Scotland were mentioned during the last few days, I am pleased to say the Glencoe Resort will remain open into May. Despite the best efforts of the Vine Show and guest "scientist" who could not be bothered to check the facts before they proclaimed the lack of snow in Scotland nowadays.
On 28 Apr 2014, graham (sub) melton mowbray east mids wrote:

warm dry & sunny here 18c, very little rain over the last few days. walking the dogs this morning that cold chill seems to have gone from the wind forecast spot on as usual never trust what you see on the mo/beeb nowcasts. just waiting for mays forecast wednesday to decide what the plans will be for the weekend ?? well done piers keep up the good work.
On 28 Apr 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

Roofing job done, woo hoo thank you Piers. We are undercover now and rain protected. Having had no hope with met o forecast. We were on tenterhooks earlier today but kept the faith, contractor turned up and he is just doing the final titivating. Waterbutts in place for you know wha,t for you know when and will be ready for wow in may. I am a very happy bunny
On 28 Apr 2014, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Brightening up here in Canary Wharf, London. Heavy showers developing to the South and West of London though with a cumulative storm alert issued over on Netweather. We were lucky at the weekend just north of London, hardly saw a drop of rain. April forecast going very well Piers by the way. According to my own readings, April 2014 was approx 4c milder (by day and night) than 2013, with daytime temps averaging 15.8c and nights averaging 7c. Haven't seen a bumblebee since March but there are a few butterflies still around. Grass is growing steadily in the garden, but it still feels chilly and this week is meant to get colder still.
On 28 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Rain respite today (28th) and a very warm sun plus gentle breeze. Feeble clouds so a very bright day. I keep seeing very heavy outbursts of rain on the rain radar but NE Derbyshire has been very lucky so far.
On 28 Apr 2014, Nigella (subscriber) wrote:

Obs from East Berks. Has been wetter than I was expecting. Some really heavy rain over the last few days. Interesting to see how quickly the flooded areas filled up with water again, although they are draining away again. Saturday wasn't too bad, the sun did break through at times but still showery. Temps during the day +10 to mid teens. This morning is overcast & a bit spitty.
On 28 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Some distant rumbles of thunder around 3.30pm yesterday but stayed nice enough to work outside till dark, just wondering I have a 30d 6mth sub I took out in March would I be able to avail of the current deal and if I took out a 6mth sub now would that continue on from my existing sub sept-March, or would I have to take a 30d 12mth from now to get 6 mths more at a reduced rate or does deal not apply because of my current sub? please let me know.. thanks...Maria..:)
On 28 Apr 2014, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

After a relatively calm R4 last week, a wet cold front, with some snow has been sweeping up NZ today in the R3. As I've mentioned before, sometimes R3 bring some wild weather to NZ.
On 28 Apr 2014, marion wrote:

hi all! I'm a 53 year old german woman and I live in the netherlands. I subscribed for the EU maps today cause it's an amazing offer. I was already following weatheraction a couple of month but now it's really affordable and I am going on vacation in june (greece) for the first time in my life. Had enough of the dutch summers! @ Saskia: my english isn't really good maybe you can help me out sometimes with questions? I read a lot of your comments and we are on the same level. Greetz to all and a big thank you for your work Piers Corbyn!
On 28 Apr 2014, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Paddy - I also used to take screen shots of our Met Service's 5 day forecasts and you're so right about how long you want to keep that rubbish on your computer!
On 27 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Today didn't quite turn out the way I thought, though we did see the sun for a brief while late morning, but it didn't last. However, inspite of a temp curve of only 8 -12 -8˚C and a light NE breeze it did feel quite spring-like and almost mild at times - and the fog is gone at last, even though it stayed overcast most of the day. MO forecast for tomorrow dry, bright & warm, not what they were saying yesterday. I've given up keeping screenshots of their 5-day forecasts, they're so often wrong, how long can you keep garbage on your computer?
On 27 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (sub. Neth.) wrote:

Took advantage of the wonderful offer and subscribed for 6 months, as that is about a normal month's subscription. Great offer, Piers! Unfortunately, not many people here will follow in my foot steps. The Dutch for the most are wary of 'venturing off the beaten path' and prefer to follow the advice of doctors, preachers and politicians, no matter how badly and how often they are proven to be wrong :-\ / OT: yesterday and today were miserable, grey days with intermittent rain, although temps were not too bad. We finished the East wall, installing 7 posts with mesh screen attached to support climbing vines, woodbine, winter jasmine and this year's blackberry. It needs a few more plants as I scratched the idea of growing hop to 'fill it in'. Super grower as it is, once admitted into the garden it will be almost impossible to get rid of if necessary. Next on the agenda: creating a so-called 'rain garden' to deal with excess rain and keep the sewers from over-flowing.
On 27 Apr 2014, Piers_Corbyn wrote:

GREAT COMMS ALL -- Bees stuff interesting needs more work but could be very important, there are a lot of roads around -- Carl great comm, used above! -- ALL the 75% off offer MARKET TEST intended to bring in new subs is working to an extent but I expected more SO ANYBODY READING if you know anyone who would go for the only £3 per month eg charge please tell them about it. It won't be up for long. Thanks Piers
On 27 Apr 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

Yup, Mobeeb now going for cold snap under a high pressure for later in the week, with snow showers for the hills..
On 27 Apr 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

We are so hoping that the 30day for april is on the nail. We have some important work arranged for outside tomorrow with a paid contractor and met o stuff looks awful. WA has been good so far this month and fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow, certainly today is far better than met o was forecasting only yesterday
On 27 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Came out a really lovely morning and now afternoon, mowing the grass that had gone nuts with the heavy showers we've had and its quite warm and sunny 14/15deg. with huge clouds building and passing by still.... storm soon maybe :?)
On 27 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Heavy cloud around some sunshine at times, 13deg. Slight breeze...
On 27 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Russ your most likely right there as the day I saw lots of Bees on the road mostly was the walk with my daughter at the beginning of the Easter holidays, cloud and a very fresh breeze was present with sun coming out feeling suddenly warmer around 4pm when we noticed them on our return home and we both said some looked dead whilst others more stunned looking so yeah makes sense!-)
On 26 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Heavy rain overnight, fog all day, barely lifting here near the coast, visually it could have been the middle of the winter. Temp curve 8 - 14 - 8˚C with constant E breeze bringing ever more moisture from the sea. Same type of weather further west, though the north appears to have had some sunshine, being nearer the Greenland/Iceland high. MO this morning was saying no sun tomorrow, tonight they (well, their expensive and underperforming computer) are saying sunny tomorrow afternoon and all day Monday. Looks like Piers' 30d forecast will be on the nail, will report in more detail tomorrow.
On 26 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

The X-flare at half past midnight on the 25th is perfectly timed as a subatomic electromagnetic driver for these thunder storms; the severity of which would be underestimated by the MOBBC only 48hrs out yet seem more plausible only 24hrs ahead as the storms build and electrical activity increases. We've had plenty of rain, mostly overnight and only light to mediocre, but there are very dark, demonic nimbuses on the near horizon and the radar is showing an overnight threat. ...... Walking update. Hardly any mud around unless you venture into the woods as plenty of drying wind over the last month has done the deal evaporation-wise. Heavy downpours has some importance to us, now what does it mean again??? Ah yes! The garage floods! We rent 2 council owned garages and both flood after heavy rain, one due to a blocked/collapsed drain, the other due to one of their tenants piling garden rubble against the wall. Try getting action from them. Stone - blood - retrieving comes to mind!
On 26 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Maria (Ireland) Re: Dead Bees... Could it be that the bees are seeking warmth from the tarmac after flying around in a bitter wind? I too have witnessed this before and wondered about the cause. Maybe the crushed glass (which is now used in tarmac to make it harder wearing and lower the amount of glass going into landfill), is reflecting the skies ultraviolet light, which the bees are attracted to in the same way they are attracted to flowers? This could alter due to the position of the sun through the day and cloud cover could also have an effect, maybe scattering the UV and lengthening the trigger period? Putting Ockham's Razor on the bathroom windowsill for a moment, I prefer the warm road theory but consideration should be given to the crushed glass as bees tend to shelter from the wind to avoid cold. So courting disaster with high speed metalic monsters seems less plausible, considering bees excellent eyesight, even if their flight is less than swallow-like in aerobatic nature..
On 26 Apr 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

I see that the Mobeeb, GFS charts and the Norwegian Met Office are going for an Arctic outbreak in the first week of May( the traditional Gab '0 May in Scottish weather lore). Will be treacherous for gardeners with enhanced plant growth after the mild winter and spring.
On 26 Apr 2014, carrieS wrote:

As a 54 year old from England whose birthday is on 8th April I remember vividly, and have photographic evidence, that snow and sun are very normal variables for April, one shows us all playing in deep snow at my party, another in summer dresses eating outside without even a cardigan. When did normal become a political pawn. Met office forecast at 1.00pm sunshine and showers, half of it telling us what we had this morning, pointless!
On 26 Apr 2014, Carl 30d Subscriber wrote:

Torrential downpours in Bucks all day yesterday.No mention at all from the countryfile forecast last Sunday and also much heavier than MetO forecasted from even just 12 hours out but interesting in Piers Corbyn R4 period another outstanding forecast.I ran the computer models for next week (although unreliable) it does show pressure building over Northern latitues.My point is!!! This is a typical Little ice age set-up that has occured regularly since 2009.If this happened in January we would be in very serious trouble.Global warming!!! NOT WITH THAT SET-UP
On 26 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Heavy rain and fairly strong winds all evening here in the midlands and now going into early hours of 26th still hoping for a huge thunderstorm it feels like it could.. had nothing but static shocks off things indoors and out for the last 2 days is that because of the weather?
On 25 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Another foggy drizzly and rainy day, 8˚C right through, going down to 7˚ by 10pm, wind mostly E or SE, no sun on the horizon according to MO, which is the contrary of what Piers is saying in the 30d forecast, wait & see.
On 25 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Whilst not quite on target as bit further east (within arrows), nonetheless remarkable for timing...Thurs pm === "Most of the damage in Holden (Missouri) happened on the south side of town. Afterwards some homes had blue tarps on their roofs and other neighbors used chainsaws to clear away debris. A shed in Hattie Braun's backyard is now a pile of rubble, a casualty of the worst storm she's seen in decades."I've lived here 69 years all my life and I love my little town. But it was sure scary today," she said." === === & this from Kansas "Dime to 1" in diameter hail was reported in parts of Johnson County, Kan., including at the Oak Park Mall.  Very heavy rain was also reported." === +++ Piers new format for June is superb. Very useful & another intriguing month to follow May. MIA or what? Subscribe to the 75d to see what's in store. +++ Beginning of May 45d showing on models...if you can separate wheat from chaff
On 25 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Whilst I would describe yesterday, even with high cirrus, as glorious today has been misreable! It started about ~8am with rolling thunder & the odd flash for about an hour with great pulses of rain. The thunder* dropped off then but it kept raining all day with heavy pulses before finally stopping at 1830. On Weds eve the Beeb stated a high degree of uncertainty regarding the rain! Looking at the radar the next front is of more concern, it's deep, dark & red on the radar trace already. said this today "a brolly maybe handy over the weekend too, as **a fairly deep area of low pressure for the time of year** moves in from the Atlantic across SW Britain and on into northern France, bringing windy conditions and outbreaks of rain or showers at times." Like I said miserable! * every flash of lightning & crash of thunder this month has been in an elivated R4+ period. Cracking stuff Piers.
On 25 Apr 2014, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

Last Thurs saw weather 'forecast' for Easter with dry Fri & Sat, wet Sun clearing to Mon. Well, Fri & Sat correct but more persistent rain on Sun than forecast and no mention of the heavy rain that came on Mon eve from 8pm, but then they don't now about the power of an R5. Been mixed since then with some showers and some nice days. Cool. Dampness cleared yday morning to give fine day and lovely clear eve but now damp with low cloud hanging in the trees. The climate change disease permeates everywhere. On Jewsons building supplies site they talk about the need for planning permission if now paving over a front garden. This is due to more rainfall because of climate change - sigh! It is tempting to challenge them but I guess their fallback position will be 'that's what the government says'.
On 25 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Met Eiranne have a yellow rainfall warning up this morning for Cork Kerry and Waterford, heavy thundery rain accompanied by strong to gale force se winds 55/65 kmh valid 25th 16.00 - 26th 1.00.. Piers forecast for 24-27 spot on again!
On 25 Apr 2014, BLACK PEARL wrote: Is this to tackle all the record ice in Antartica so they can get there to devise reports its still my fault for breathing
On 25 Apr 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK. Sub wrote:

Here in wonderful Darset we have a wonderful display of bluebells in the woods around us and the scent from them is a wonder, the swallows are here and the bats are flying around at dusk, the cookoo has been singing so it must be spring which is a good 2 weeks early this year, it is nice to feel the sun on your back when in the garden. And who had the weather right for april but the wizard of weather action Good man Piers.
On 25 Apr 2014, CraigM (@CraigM350, Berks, sub) wrote:

What inspired this was looking at the 193 angstroms image at earlier with no apparent coronal features (image was 22nd). When I looked later coronal holes had popped up (23rd) ~central position. I've done this in my head before but did the following on a whim this evening. The last 7days of *some* solar indices with manual markings of M6+ quakes + coronal hole images. All done via a photo app so sorry for low quality but interesting non? === +++ SSN down to 105
On 24 Apr 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

So far the uk april been good forecasts. i think in the olden days they would have burnt piers as a wizard for predicting so far out lol. Its like being able to see 'over the horizon' which is a real edge. Imagine if they had that when planning D Day which was nearly cancelled because of bad weather?...... Meto 5 day forecast keeps changing the closer 5th day in any sequence comes. Really they should admit they haven't a clue. They are taking public money under false pretenses and using it to fund the co2 religion....i hope piers has shared his method with someone or written a secret paper so the knowledge can't be lost like it did with Tesla when the govt took all his papers on the electric universe then hid them.
On 24 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Fog & light rain all morning, brightening up to lovely sunshine by early afternoon, temps 8˚ - 16˚ - 8˚C, haar rolling in again by 7pm. Re spring: I notice that the swallows are not here yet, bar the odd passing pioneer, so that's a bit late compared to most other years, especially after the mild winter.
On 24 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

CarlT excellent link and disconcerting! Fairly thick ice too. That is 'unprecedented' ;-) Has anyone got an update/observations on the state of the snow pack in the Cairngorms? Looks to be dwindling according to reports I've seen but could be topped up again if the modelled cold dip happens?
On 24 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Turned out a nice day mix of sun/cloud around 12-14deg. Nice sunny evening for a walk, seen a lot more bees this year in the garden but also strangely noticed a lot of dead bees on the roads....
On 24 Apr 2014, Carl T 30 day sub NW Wales 1m Ele wrote: Must be due to mainstream media reporting how warm the USA was "on average" this winter, coff.
On 24 Apr 2014, Carl T 30 day sub NW Wales 1m Ele wrote: Must be due to mainstream media reporting how warm the USA was "on average" this winter, coff.
On 24 Apr 2014, Nigella (subscriber) wrote:

Obs from East Berks. Overcast most of yesterday, with spots of rain during the day started raining at 5pm and rained most of the evening. Sunshine & cloud this morning, with cloud building this afternoon but dry. Temps early to mid teens.
On 24 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Just to draw everyone to the brill article on Earth Day by JoeB in the Patriot Post which Piers has linked above (comment for 24th) === "The earth by its design has no “perfect” climate but is in constant search for a balance it can never attain – in spite of the people wishing to tell you regulating this or that will...The fact is this: Given the actual geological record of earth's temperatures vs CO2, it's cherry picking to use the intervals of warming in the past century to claim it's man causing it." Excellent stuff. Piers's comment is 4th after the article.
On 24 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

In light of the proposed Davey Tax === === I had a look at power earlier === === at about 1030 wind was generating 0.66-0.72% of our energy needs. Okay its a sunny day with next to no wind so what about the past two dark, cool rainy days when we need more? Well it looks to have maxed out at ~3%. A folly === GerryB interesting link but I'm dubious. Whilst volcanoes in the Kamchatka region of NE Russia *.ay* affect the polar cell volcanic eruptions have been mostly VE2 (the measure of erupted material) as eruptions are measured linearly (think of a line in a box drawn from bottom left to top right) there is a massive difference in ejecta so several ve2 are no match for a ve4 (I think Grimsvotin in 2011 was ve4) also eruptive height. I found this trying to chart M6 & above quakes - one M8 made even cumulative M6s dissappear on my chart!
On 24 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Real mixed day yesterday ground had a soaking from previous night, sun then drizzle at first lots of huge clouds came across sunny at times and humid, cooler breeze @ times then at one sunny cloudy point in the afternoon hail just popped out of nowhere quite big at first followed by a burst of smaller hail then cleared up again very quickly, was hoping for thunder but it missed us again.. maybe today as blue sky & some massive clouds around again around 12 deg.
On 24 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Thunder, lightning, hail, rain and temps ranging from 20 Celsius down south to around 16 Celsius 'up here'. Perfect forecast by Piers so far, glad I subscribed! Have built a 'covered pergola entry' shielding the front door from both SE/SW winds and summer sun, hopefully soon to be covered by our crazy honeysuckle. Anchored the posts a good 50cm into the earth and to the wall of the house, keeping in mind that stormy weather will more likely become the rule than the exception. Also putting the finishing touches to the 'living wall' which will grow near the East facing outer wall. As we don't have the money to plaster (and insulate) this wall, constructing a screen which will be covered both by hardy evergreens (ivy, winter jasmine, pyracantha, etc) and deciduous climbers (parthenocissus, clematis, hop, etc) will both insulate and protect the wall. We'll soon plant a grapevine against the south wall, am still debating whether I should try combining it with a (hardy) fig tree.
On 23 Apr 2014, GerryB wrote:

30day(6month)subscriber. Worth a read:
On 23 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

East Coast Blues here today: thick fog all day, everything wringing damp and a few miles further inland, glorious sunshine, as reported by our son, can be a challenge to keep cheery! So in spite of appearances in our location, Piers' 30d forecast 'dry, bright/sunny, very warm' was right. 8˚C at 7.30, rising to 13˚ max, back down to 8˚ by 10pm, mostly SE breeze, got first lot of potatoes in. == SPRING: I wonder whether there is such a thing as a 'normal' spring in Scotland, because normal can include anything from unseasonal warmth to sudden incursions of cold, drought, flood, the lot. Sometimes people say it's bad but then everything comes right given time, and in the last 40 years (without scouring records) there has to my knowledge never been a complete disaster of a spring for growers; bad summers, wet autumns, snowy winters yes, but somehow we have always survived, so far.
On 23 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Chimes well the ~week early estimation === “We’re about two to three weeks ahead of where we were last year, when things were very late thanks to the coldest March since 1962. This spring is really racing ahead of itself.” ...“Looking out at my garden it’s looking like the end of April – things are a good week to 10 days ahead of the norm for this time of the year,” said Matthew Oates, a wildlife and nature specialist at the National Trust." ===
On 23 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Some reports for Spring === ”People will remember the winter of 2013/14 as the wettest in the UK since 1910, but it has also been one of the warmest, with temperatures since November well above the average”, notes Hazel Evans, Nest Box Challenge Organiser. “Research using BTO data collected over the past 50 years has shown that birds breed earlier in warmer years and feedback suggests that this is exactly what our volunteers are observing in 2014. We’ve already had reports of species such as Long-eared Owl, Stock Dove, Starling and Great Tit laying much earlier than in a typical year.=== ” === This Guardian report is from Jan but is full of their usual levels of gargantuan idiocy thinking spring never changed until recent 'warming' - LIA/MWP/RWP? ====
On 23 Apr 2014, Charlie Silverman wrote:

1929 – The Year The Met Office Tried To Cover Up Hi all, i found this article this morning, very interesting!!.
On 23 Apr 2014, Nigella (subscriber) wrote:

Obs from East Berks. Good Friday & Easter Saturday were dry and fine but still a bit chilly out of the sunshine. Easter Sunday continual rain from 11am until 5pm then cold & clear overnight. Easter Monday was sunny until about 11am but overcast & rain showers until the early evening when it cleared again. Thought it was interesting to see the low pressure come in from the East again last weekend. I'm sure this is fairly unusual (as opposed to highs coming in from the East), so to have 2 in the last couple of months seems unusual to me - what do others think?
On 23 Apr 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

START OF SPRING: RHYS Yes I agree with your AT LEAST 6 weeks earlier than 2013. If 2013 was 6 weeks late (England) which seem to have been the case in 2013 then that makes this year 'normal'. However some seem to be saying it is early. So if one week early then that means 7 weeks earlier than last year. Is that possible from your obs? The April sun and warmth has been better relative to local normals in North England and North Ireland than South parts so maybe 2 weeks early North, one week early South. My obs are limited to Putney Heath which has the advantage of a wide range of plants and trees (being pretty ancient as a woodland with a lot of passers by, the Vikings came there) but still only one place. Others have a lot more information so more comms welcome.
On 23 Apr 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK. Sub wrote:

Ed Davey on the radio spouting the usual rubbish about renewable energy and saying we are all doomed, doomed i tell you if we do not use more renewable energy and that the stupid coalition government of liberals and cons are spending billions of our hard earned cash on wind mills and wood to power our country and signing contracts today to guarantee the price of power for the next how many years and all for subsidy for their mates, how mad is that, they are just beyond the pale these warmist religious types. He reckons that it will only put your electric up by a mere 2%, yeh right ha ha ha said that before liars the lot. P.S. Heard the Cookoo today sooo that makes 2 with Ed Davey.
On 23 Apr 2014, Rhys Jaggar (annual Subscriber) wrote:

Piers I wouldn't want to be seen as the national judge of Spring's 'earliness' or 'lateness'!! I suspect that our garden is so far ahead due to the huge amounts of sunshine in March and April, with rain coming just when needed. Until this week's rain, the garden surface looked more like July than April - getting dry and dusty, although underneath the soil contained plenty of moisture. In addition, because there have been no cold nights to speak of, soil temperature has warmed up much quicker, something I have monitored with a soil thermometer this year prior to plantings. Even within the garden, though, the sunniest spots showed soil temperatures 3C warmer than the shadier bits in early April, which is where the early carrots were planted. I think the difference between warm soil with plenty of sub-surface moisture (2014) and cold soil in April (2013) is huge in terms of getting plants to germinate. Part of the basis for 6 weeks in my case is that the final maincrop po
On 22 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Yesterday's glory turned into today's murk, overcast all day with light rain during the morning, mostly ENE or E breeze, 6˚C at 7.30, rising to 12˚ and down to 8˚ by 10pm, dry enough for garden work in the afternoon, bit of rain again at night. == Re SPRING: absolutely early compared to last year and also compared to average. Spoke to contractor neighbour who said it hadn't happened in a long time that all the sowing was finished by end March/beg April. Trees certainly greening earlier but still a little held back depending on exposure, what with cold spells as per Russ' comm. Of course, things didn't really die down much this winter, so we had easy greens right through. Our tree sowing was certainly finished a full 5 weeks ahead comp to last year, but that was also down to the high percentage of chitted hazel seed, never been so good, perhaps as a result of last year's sunshine. Peacock & tortoiseshell butterflies this past weekend.
On 22 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Quick note on QBO (see prev comm) which has "alternating easterly and westerly wind regimes propagate downward with time;westerlies move down faster and more regularly than easterlies;the transition to easterlies is often delayed between 30 and 50 hPa;easterlies are generally stronger (30-35 m/s) than westerlies (15-20 m/s);maximum amplitudes of both phases typically occur near 20-hPa;the average period is about 27 months*;both period and amplitude considerably vary from cycle to cycle." === === I see it on part like stirring a cup of tea, if you change from clockwise to anticlockwise the fluid takes a moment to change direction with a lot of eddies before circulation changes to the new regime. * could that be a lunar sig?
On 22 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Piers regarding AJ Virgo's comms, bar November (-0.4C) CET has been running above average by about +1.5C each month since July 13. Looks to chime in part with the QBO === === which is on the turn to E'ly so one would expect the US and N Eur to begin to switch places in months ahead- which would be 9/12months mentioned- (our cool 2012 contrasted with 'record' heat in US, 2013 opposite), How the touted El Nino affects is open as cold water in Drake passage may eat away at heat...or not. So did solar max prolong the tilt of the vortex and does a more meridional jetstream, mean the vortex is more liable to become entrenched in either of its two homes (Canada & Siberia) slipping into lower latitudes?
On 22 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

First rose flowered Friday, last year it took until final day of May so ~6wks earlier seems about right. However many other plants have shown up early this year or have not properly died off in winter due to lack of cold. Elder trees were budding in early Jan, Fuchsia/Jasmine have been leafing since early Mar but growth tentative. Birch catkins early (all done now this is normally their peak time into early May-going on my allergies anyway!). Trees overall very green, unlike last year. Daffodils (sheltered) have finally finished last wk but started early Feb (exposed), bluebells sporadically up since late Mar (normally mid Apr round here). Some plants respond to light cycles others temps so what is the best indicator? Butterflies visible on sunny days in Mar but few & far between since. Hardly any ladybirds which were more obvious in Mar 2011/12. So how much did late spring 2013 take toll as according to CET we should be far ahead, but signals mixed.
On 22 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

forgot to mention Horse Chestnut is doing its thing and leaves coming on the Silver Birch, Clematis is also going great guns this year the purple one is 4-5 foot up the shed already... trying to drizzle here around 10deg and cloudy today...
On 22 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Rained quite heavy Sun. night, no thunder for us though other counties had some on Sunday, Bank holiday Monday was a sunny start clouded over but sunny spells all day with a fresh Easterly breeze, was a jumper on jumper off kinda day but even with the breeze was a nice day and humid at times also. Picked our first Asparagus yesterday, have bigger lettuces this spring and carrots beetroot spinach peas broads spuds are getting a lil move on now, my tomatoes cucumbers chilli's peppers and courgette plants are growing at a steady rate (smaller than lidl's tomato plants but healthy stems and leaves about 5 inches high ) Pakchoi has even come up i usually cant get that going till May here, wish we could have May 30d uploaded now as really want to get started with next sowings but nervous of the 'what wow!' April forecast was excellent accuracy Piers and really helpful for the garden thank you ;)
On 22 Apr 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK. Sub wrote:

Hi, A bit of folk lore from Dorset for you to think about, if the oak is Out before the Ash then we will get but a splash, if the ash is Out before the oak then we are in for a Soak. well the Oak is in leaf 2weeks before the Ash which is still dormant so we will see if it comes true with a dry summer, exciting or what. Sorry piers not trying to upstage you.
On 22 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Re: Early onset of spring. Considering the warm days we had back in March and early April, the trees around these parts weren't fooled and took more notice of the cold snaps between warm days. I would say that there was a general lack of progress until about a week to ten days ago. Two weeks ago things were just starting to look greener with filling buds but reluctant grass growth. Just after last weekend about the 14th'ish everything just went bonkers, including the hay farmers phewww! All the trees in our area are fully leafed up by late May. At the rate they are going they'll be fully leafed by the end of April. Larches are a good example. They start showing signs of greenery when the Goshawks are sitting eggs in the first weeks of March, but don't leaf fully until late April. This year they didn't start leafing until a couple of weeks ago but have caught up. I'm astonished by the speed of growth across the board this past 10 days, all except grass which is slow; cold ground maybe?
On 22 Apr 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

CONTINUING --- START OF SPRING. COMMS WELCOME on How early is this UK Spring (i) compared with last year; and (ii) Compared with normal. The 6 weeks later than normal then was from asparagus+butterflies mainly. I would have put this year on Putney Heath as at least a week early but have not been watching so closely as last year. ------ USA SPRING STILL STUCK IN WINTER: CRAIG Thanks very much for your work on the Laurentide Ice sheet and Mini-Ice-Age(s) - All see CraigM's notes previous blog and his link - That obs by AJ VIRGO (prev blog) that there is only 3 months to go USA before we get to the start of that type of circulation in 2013. THIS SUGGESTS THAT MIA SEES A NORMALLY AT LEAST 9/12MONTHS - MAYBE 12/12 - CIRCULATION SWITCH TO A TILTED POLAR VORTEX. More USA OBS of Dalton & Maunder needed. Of course there are two measures to consider a) How much 'PV tilt'; b) When major PV tilt starts and stops.
On 22 Apr 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANK YOU FOR CONTINUING INFORMATIVE POSTS ---- REPORT FROM PUTNEY HEATH: Spring here had definitely sprung by April 15 when last year I gave a report of 'still naked trees' on Putney Heath. This year, 2015, we have chestnuts in blossom. Then I won the British field grwon asparagus prize for getting the first day of Asparagus to market right (better than all others) as being about 6 weeks late - making it ~Late May bank hol as opposed to St Georges Day (April 23) for 'normal' years. THIS YEAR there is some confusion I must say. If it is a normal spring it must be 6 weeks earlier than last year but for milder it needs to be 7 earlier or so. RHYS puts it as 6 but the A industry outs it as 3 earlier than last year although that might be confusion with looking at non-field grown UK and comparing imports then and now. See this (& ignore mentallyy retarded drivel about CO2)
On 22 Apr 2014, Lee Barrett wrote:

Hi Piers i hope you had a fantastic Easter. I must say what a terrific Easter forcast you gave us all around 3weeks ago so well done and im also keeping my fingers crossed you pull May out of the bag WOW!!! All the best Lee :)
On 21 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Foggy start with a cold N breeze, 5˚C at 7.30. However, contrary to expectations it brightened up and we had a day of hazy air and warm sunshine, none the worse for the N-NNE breeze, it got up to 17˚, more in sheltered spots, back down to 8˚ by 9.30pm. Did as much as I could in the garden as we're supposed to get rain tomorrow. Although we're well ahead with everything compared to last year we're a bit behind with our plantings, what Rhys describes in terms of crop growth is a wild dream for us here in the frozen North...
On 21 Apr 2014, Rhys Jaggar (30d annual subscriber) wrote:

Thunder rumbles and heavy showers, including hailstones in NW London today, 21st April, with warm sunshine of near 20C this morning prior to the downpours. Weatheraction April forecast used successfully to germinate carrots early in April, to establish beetroot and lettuce transplants early and rapid take-off of potatoes sown in the expectation of lack of frosts (confirmed). The garden in general is 6 weeks further ahead than 2013, with plum, cherry and pear fruit formation mostly complete and apple blossom already forming. Asparagus and rhubarb coming in droves and the peas and broad beans (already flowering) are streets ahead of last year.