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Piers Corbyn was on LBC (London Broadcasting) Radio 4.50pm. 
Note For the Record Piers' weather media debut was on LBC in June 1988 when he placed his first Weather bets with William Hill. He lost the bets in June but won well in July putting him ahead. The rest is history.

"It's always great being on LBC" said Piers. The interview was about Tropical Cyclone Ita, The Search effort for the Malaysian Jet* and weather in the UK.
In answer to the suggestion could TC Ita affect the search effort far in the Ocean the other side of Australia Piers said "No, but it is fair to say that certain solar activity when affecting weather can give worse weather - more winds and rain - both in Queensland and (4,000 miles away) over the Southern Indian Ocean around Easter, so an indirect connection is possible - even though the UK will have higher pressure and not be too bad then. 
"The Southern Indian Ocean* is rough anyway at the best of times and winds and storms on the sea surface make moving around and getting things in and out of the sea more difficult".

On the idea that 6 weeks of great fine weather is on the way for the UK Piers said:
"That's unlikely, just bear in mind these stories come from newspapers who want sales; another paper is talking about snow** which might be on the Scottish mountains but the story doesnt say that."
Piers said weather for the London Marathon would be pretty fine as WeatherAction had forecast.
On summer he said "Come on our website for a few bits and to find more LBC listeners can subscribe today at super knock-down prices". (see below)

**In The Daily Mirror ( + see Reader Comms below) 
Note the Two main computer models are saying different things about the ~ Easter period. With ECMWF (European Centre for Medium range Weather Forecasting) mostly fine and GFS (Global Forecasting System) wetter and colder.

11th April - TC ITA hitting Queensland
Embedded image permalink

10+11 April
Tropical Cyclone ITA to hit Queensland 

Embedded image permalink
  • ITA formed in WeatherAction R5 TopRed period 5-7April(+/-half a day) (see below)
  • ITA is the most extreme TC to hit Queenland since TC YASI end Jan 2011 which was explicitly LongRange predicted, simulatneously with a NE USA major blizzard, by WeatherAction -  Slide 29
  • For R5 and all 'Red Weather' periods see 'RTQ' forecasts listed above. Thank you
  • Piers Corbyn commented "ALL major Hurricanes, Tropical Cyclones and Typhoons form or power up in WeatherAction Top Red R5 or R4 periods. They are all solar driven and none of them have anything whatsoever to do with the deranged CO2 warmism story"
London Marathon weather set good - Confirming WeatherAction Britain & Ireland April forecast detail 

=> ALL WeatherAction forecasts are still available (Limited time) at 3 for 1 prices! See above!

9 April
Post R5 (of 5-7th) - Notice reduction in proton flux (graph below) and weather improvements as predicted taking over after winds and rains of ~5-7th. 
In particular forecast graphs for Britain & Ireland going well. 

R5 Period 5-7 April hits!
See also Reports in User-Reader Comms below.
Developments and some extreme events in this R5 period (eg via twitter)
UPDATING PROTON FLUX - shows peaking 6th
3-day GOES Proton Flux plot

Intense hail 7th - 3D visulaisation inside storm Lousiana USA 
Severe Thunderstorm Warning - East Baton Rouge; Ibervill County(s), LA until 04/07/14 12:30AM (CDT) More @:  
 - Apparent tornado MS, USA 7th - other reports on twitter

April 6 (via twitter) ( @Piers_Corbyn)
Tropical Cyclone Ita forms in Coral sea NE of Queensland Australia on 6th 
Full record:
shows Ita was designated Tropical Storm within half a day before start of 5th and powered up rapidly and became more organised in 5-7th to become Tropical Cyclone1 within half a day after 7th (or likely before midnight on 7th) thereby well confirming formation and power-up in the R5 = 5-7(+/-1d).  All GMT (UTC). For testing in this case +/-0.5d includes the main 'Organisation to TS' window.
We do not define 'start' of Tropical Storms as the preceeding Tropical Depression because there are many TDs and the key power-up - extra organisation hit is when it becomes and continues through TS level.
Note A leading troll is going around claiming Ita 'formed' on April1. This is of course a lie characteristic of that particular troll, a warped April1 joke(?). The records above show nothing of the sort - giving the first mention of ITA as 04/04/18z
Extreme Rain and gales Brit+Ire ~6th 
AMAZING TWIN Atlantic LOWS West of B+I / Scotland in period 5-7APR ; Pic =  

Embedded image permalink
~Corresponding 6 April 6am GMT JET STREAM:-
Jetstream Forecast

April 5 - QV5 begins!
Ecuador’s volcano erupts 5thApril & creates an 8 km high ash plume. IN LINE WITH WeatherAction QV5 (Top Quake-Volcano Risk) & R5 period 5-7 April (see 'RTQ' Forecast in Services list above):
Embedded image permalink

Mar 31 
UN (IPCC) Climate Change Latest Alarmism is Dangerous, Deluded and Dishonest
"The latest spoutings of The (UN IPCC) CO2 warmists sect are desperate Gobbels-esque deluded baseless alarmist nonsense which if turned into policy will be a real threat to the world economy and world stability, rather than would any actual changes in climates across the world. The CO2 climate warmist con and all the anti-scientific parasites, politicians, green spongers and Climate Tourists it supports must be destroyed." 
- Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist WeatherAction, provenly successful Long range weather and Climate forecasters, 31 March 2014

"The Latest IPCC screechings (eg via are not science but a self-serving political scam to deceive, control, manipulate and exploit the populations of countries for which this proven delusional, anti-scientific cancer hold sway.
The actual FACTS of the CO2 warmist story rather than the brain-washing promoted by warmist polticians and gravy-train passengers - who are either logically challenged or brazen liars, are:
- See  -
1. There is NO EVIDENCE for CO2 Warmist claims - Only evidence against. 
2. The Jet Stream is the arbiter of extreme weather and real natural climate change yet the CO2 theory cannot explain or predict its recent wild behavior (which happened in previous Mini-Ice-Ages); while solar activity has done so, is doing so and will continue to so do.
3. ALL the alarmist claims of the CO2 warmists since 2000 have FAILED and this latest sad catalogue of zany fiction and alarmist nonsense will also fail.
4. The observed FACT is the world is at the beginings of a predicted natural Mini-Ice-Age and the many wild extremes to come in a general cooling context must be prepared for. However the IPCC and the thieves kitchen of the UN is pointing the world in the wrong direction from which economies will collapse and millions will die of hunger if the deluded warmist policies, taxes and surcharges are adopted.
"WE CHALLENGE ANY representative of the CO2 Warmist camp to public evidence-based debate. 
"The difference between us and these fraudsters, climate charlatans and tax grabbers is that we support and carry-out the scientific method whereas the CO2 warmist sect and their heirs of Goebbels in the BBC and other media do the opposite."

Discussion Item: Interesting Web Communication added after IPCC Comment above
Something they didnt tell you....WindFarms causing Birth Defects Comms welcome on WeatherAction blog below

Mar 30/31 Thought for the Day - CLOCK CHANGES ARE OBSOLETE     Once again BILLIONS of people have gone through the brain-dead clock-change ritual around the world which in this day-and age of 24 hour internet living and UNIVERSAL acceptance of UTC (Universal Time Clock = Greenwich Mean Time) as standard time is an obsolete stupid anachronism which survives purely as a remnant of social control and 'saving-the-planet' by all manner of Governments, States and organs of social control and causes major twice yearly adjustment problems to millions of people and pets. 
ONE TIME - GMT (UTC) for Britain and Ireland and all within a reasonable longitude of this, and time-shifted ALL YEAR TIME ZONES for all other parts of the world is all that is needed.  And if you say: What about daylight saving? LOL! Just get up early (or stay up all night). Modern work-places start and finish at all manner of flexi-times with people commuting for hours anyway so if work-times, school locations, journey times are an issue reflect for a moment is this anything to do with the "need" to 'save daylight' and then solve the 'problem' by moving / changing one of these parameters. 
(Added later + some ammendments above involving the Queen's English) It is commonly held that the clock changes are necsssary to help somebody or something else [somewhat like the deluded Climate Change measures 'needed' to save polar bears which have in fact no problem with CO2 or real or imagined changes in ice amounts]. A moment's reflection reveals this is nonsense. In the UK getting-up times are defined in winter by sunrise (and that was always the case in agricultural communities) and clock times so match. In winter the shortest days are in Scotland and they do what they can with the short daylight. When summer comes they have the LONGEST days so daylight there or indeed anywhere in the UK does not need to be "saved", in fact quite the opposite hence the invention of shutters, Venetian blinds, curtains and the like.

Mar 29th EARTH HOUR 8pm
- A religious devotional activity for failed Climate Tourists who werent pushy enough to get sent to mess-up the Antarctic in diesel ice-breakers or Coral reefs with CO2 venting underwater breathing kit. 
WeatherAction Advice: TURN LIGHTS ON and write down names of the sad deluded campaigners who turn them off and thereby help burglers. When evidence-based science finally triumphs these people will be sent to Room 101.

Mar 28th WeatherAction MEETING REPORT 
Piers Corbyn gives Report back from Electric Universe Conference to WeatherAction monthly meeting 12.30 (via) Delta House, 175-177 Borough High st, London Bridge, London, SE1 1HR.

Mar 28th Report Notes on WeatherAction Monthly meeting

1) March weather USA and Europe were reported (Matthew Brown + Piers) including the 3/4, 75%,success of key R5 events Mar 10-11th & 14-15th as on
The closeness of the magnetic North pole - in Canada - to USA was suggested (as Piers had mentioned at Electric Universe (EU) conference) as an explanation for sometimes more accurate results USA/Canada than Bri+Ire+Eu detail although the higher detail Br+Ir+Eu may be a subjective factor.

2) Upcoming April weather was briefly discussed.

3) Piers Reported and discussed EU Conference 20-24 March Albuquerque New Mexico
EU2014_Brand Block on black
 The basic theme of the conference was EVIDENCE and application of hitherto understated or underused electromagnetic approaches to explanation and prediction of reality, covering subjects:-
- Cosmic microwave background / BigBang model of universe problems
- weakeness of gravitation only models of galaxy formation and patterns of galaxies and stars (NB Piers worked on these matters and the cosmic microwave background & cosmology and had papers published thereon prior to his weather work)
- Alternative star formation ideas including our own Sun.
- Necessity for a more electromagnetic approach to sun-earth links to get effectiveness, speed and predictability of Solar-Lunar Action Technique/ This included points in Piers' presentation at Albuquerque USA EU Conf.
- Superiority of Electric approaches in plant sciences re sap transport up trees.
- Impressive electromagnetic approaches to large scale patterned geological structure on Earth and Mars, which included reports on lab experiments.
- Powerful and to many, zany, ideas on the history and origin of the solar system as it now is and the connection between these ideas and evidence from myths and legends across the world.

Piers' presentation had been very well received at the EU Conference.

A video of this WeatherAction meeting was taken, including use of a new 3ft globe to explain Jet stream matters, and will be available shortly

4) the latest Goebbels-esque propaganda moves by the BBC-CO2 warmist camp were discussed on the lines of below and the Govt Review of the Energy industry welcomed as a chance to attack and destroy the green theft text on energy which is holding back the economies of the UK and USA.

    The "Acidification of Oceans" scare on BBC. 
  • (Please circulate) Piers says:  "ITS A PACK OF LIES. This is an old desperate warmist lie elevated by the heirs of Goebbels in the BBC to a NEW BIG SCARE because their weather and climate CO2 fiction has failed so totally.  Some facts (not BBC style) might help:
  • The CO2 content of the oceans is 50 times that of the atmosphere so even if all the CO2 plunged into the ocean (impossible) the CO2 content of the seas could only go up 2% which given all the 'buffering solution' complexity of the ocean could only have an infintesimal effect on the 'ph' (acidity/alkalinity). See slide 47.
  • Sea Life did not die out, it boomed, in Juarssic and Devonian times in Geological history when CO2 levels were 5x and 10x present in air and sea! (see link above slide 60).
  • The reportage that 100% CO2 gas (and what else?) from volcano vents is adverse to some corals / sea life and therefore the 0.04% CO2 concentration in air (1/25th of which is due to Man) is a problem is deranged cretinous deceitful pseudo-science. It's like saying 100% Cyanide is deadly therefore Almond cake is dangerous. Almond cake contains tiny amounts of cyanide but is perfectly safe in large quantities (Similarly large quantities of sweet almonds are safe and smaller numbers of strong bitter ones are also safe but not nice tasting).
  • The ocean is alkaline. "Acidification" is a mis-nomer bogey and there would be none even if all the atmosperic CO2 went into the sea - all we could have is potentially a trivial reduction in alkalinity (or in their insane jargon the sea would be 'less caustic' (oops sound like a good thing to do!). 
  • Coral does not like fresh water - which is non-alkaline - which is why Coral does not grow near river outflows in Australia. This has been the case for millions of years and even quite near the biggest river mouths the fresh water dilutes and Coral grows. The only danger to it is logically strained green ignoramuses {taking a break from Climate tourism polluting the Antarctic with diesel fumes from ice-breaker ships} swimming around to 'save the planet', disturbing sea life and venting their own CO2 from breathing aparatus - which contains much more CO2 than air - onto the reefs.
  • The BBC 'Science' and Environment departments propagate lies and should be closed down and their chief editors called to account and taken to Court for misleading the public.

End March Weather Comment USA + South Canada 
Late March USA Center & N/E Cold blasts and other patterns across USA superbly confirm WeatherAction 4 week ahead forecasts. See also Comment from Robert-Michel Montreal Southern Quebec Canada in Reader-User COMMS below (~mid of 31Mar entries).
WeatherAction #USA +S.Can SpotOn end MAR 4wk ahead #Forecast <=HURRY! SUBSCRIBE NOW 50% OFF

Late March Weather Comment Brit+Ire+Eu
The last two weather periods are B (25-27) and C (28-31/1st) confidences respecively. The colder forecast for 23-25-27 (to fade later) came but persisted into/almost to the R4 of 28-29th which appears to be a day or so early giving intense thunder and hail 27th (see live reports in Comms(previous blog)). The warm in S/E forecast especially for around 26/27 is coming after that - on weekend 29/30, although the pressure patterns are not the same as forecast.

Mar 24th Note from Piers in Albequerque New Mexico USA at ElectricUniverse 2014
I gave my presentation today 24th. It was tremendous fun and superbly received. It will be loaded onto WeatherAction site soon as powerpoint pdf and videos available also from EU2014. An astoundingly intersting and important conference for advancing science. See EU / thunderbolts site for info also.

23-24 is R5 hit and that has been expressed in a number of extra and extreme hail, rain wind and quake events around the world.

Stratosphere News 
Note the auto updating graphs below in this blog have been showing ONGOING bursts of 'sudden' stratospheric warming (SSWs) carrying on from WeatherAction's ground-breaking, confirmed, prediction of their onset this winter due to solar activity. The lower level warming bursts (which follow the upper level) precede greater wild behaviour and meanders of the Jet stream - as has been dramatically experienced all through this winter and are nothing whatsoever to do with CO2 however much the CO2 charlatan 'forecasters' pretend. 
Pic Info re Reader Comm below!                                                        
Piers appeared on
=> LBC on morning of 16th FEB and said WeatherAction will be writing to Ed Miliband
=> The Peoples Voice TV on 17/18th FEB alongside Lord Viscount Monckton Donna Laframboise (vid link) & Buster Nolan
Feb 17 Useful links:
Craig M   
'FloodPlains The clue is in the name' takes you through what is really going on with maps and pics relating to content and many of sublinks such as below
Met Office forecast that winter 2013-14 would be DRIER THAN NORMAL  
issued 21 Nov 2013
Paul Homewood on the very wet winter on 1929-30 (wetter than now)
CraigM summary of MetOffice useless long range 'Forecast' record 
Christopher Booker Telegraph 17 Feb
DavidRose Daily Mail Reports on Prof Mat Collins 
Observer - Science denialist  views of Ed Miliband 15/16 Feb
GREAT independent assessment of WeatherAction forecasts May-Oct 2012
WeatherAction breakthroughs in  stratospheric prediction confirmations continue (ongoing information - updating graphs)
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- world leaders in long range weather forecasting.
LATEST WeatherActionTV and News VIDEOS
The CO2 Warmist are on the Run - Time to finish the Job
DECISIVE:  Piers Corbyn dismembers the UN Climate Committee report meeting held at the Royal Society 2-3 Oct 2013 => Weather Action TV  Short link = 
 RELENTLESS:  Nigel Farage leader of UKIP nails the Global warming Lie at the European Parliament  Short link = 

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Comments submitted - 69 Add your comment

On 11 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Bright blue sky with wispy cirrus clouds, 2˚C overnight with patches of light frost here and there, car white but soon melted away in the sunshine. Followed by a lovely day, 16˚ and mostly sunny until evening when there was a little rain, back down to 8˚ by 10pm. Still W & SW wind with a little chill in it. So far this spring has been brilliant though, especially when compared to last year's, everything is gearing up for growth. == Thanks, Russ, I had a dim recollection that Craig mentioned getting a new arrangement in place.
On 11 Apr 2014, Paul, Bedforshire (Subscriber) wrote:

I see there are reports of oar fish appearing off the west coast of the USA and Mexico toward the end of the recent R5/R4. Not sure I would want to be anywhere near there during the next R5
On 11 Apr 2014, Carl T 30 day sub NW Wales 1m Ele wrote:

I have taken WA up on the current offer, looking forward to what may/jun hold, and not sensationalist headlines in tabloids.
On 11 Apr 2014, Rhys Jaggar (annual Subscriber) wrote:

Matt The Mirror ran a story this week saying that there would be 'snow at Easter'. I suspect they meant 'on the Scottish Mountains' but from the headline you wouldn't have known that. The British Media run anything that they think will attract web hits. It's now run by interns and barely paid 24 year olds who have little or no experience to justify writing 'stories' for the benefit of the populace. Actually, their publishers long ago saw their 'newspapers' as vehicles for 'celebrity and sporting gossip' as the cost of actually generating accurate news is incompatible with modern media financial cost structures.
On 11 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Paddy... I think CraigM is starting another site. Just waiting for his nod that it's up and running.......... Weather wise it's been hit & miss really over the past few days, mainly cloudy, mainly chilly breeze in fact still quite windy on Wednesday making the cloudy day feel even more chilly, but the humidity was up, so as long as you kept trudging along you stayed warm and sticky. Yesterday (10th) the star came out from behind the clouds and improved things no end. Today sees more improvement with even less cloud, more star and just breezy.
On 11 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Sun is out again with a chilly start of 4 deg. around 8 a.m, some lovely cirrus clouds here earlier too, now @ 9 some nimbostratus building up...
On 11 Apr 2014, Matt (subscriber) wrote:

6-week scorcher on its way according to the Met Office and repeated by all the media. If an astrologer made this claim or some amatuer forecaster with a bit of seaweed it would get ridiculed. Has there been a peer-reviewed study into their long-range forecast methods? The Met Office have no right to make such claims without scienfitic basis, whilst going on to dismiss Weatheraction.
On 11 Apr 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

A paper that claims to identify a link between sun and temps. The reason they say others miss it is because they using wrong earth temps. ...."The reason why many previous studies have failed to identify a strong sun-temperature link may be that they have used the daily average temperature to represent the temperature component of the relationship..daytime maximum temperature is the most appropriate criterion to use to characterize the temperature'. ...
On 10 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Some very interesting cirrus sheet clouds this morning, traversed by ripples and herring bone patterns in all directions and changing rapidly. @CraigM, can we still upload pictures onto Pebble Skies? == 6˚C at 7.30, cloudy but then brightening up with quite a bit of sunshine at times and lovely flat-bottomed cumulus with the occasional virga, though no rain for us. The WNW wind still had a chilly sting in the tail but temp got up to 15˚ nevertheless, back down to 6˚ by 10pm under a clear moonlit sky with a few cirrus.
On 10 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Stayed sunny all morning showers now this afternoon also spotted a swallow here this morning flying around..roll on summer..
On 10 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Sunshine..:) variable cloud and 8 deg @ 8.44 a.m, feels a little nippy but been a nice enough week so far tho cloudy yday and After a bright start was cloudy Tues. daytime temps been around 10-12deg...
On 10 Apr 2014, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

The dry spell in parts of NZ came to an end on the 7th just at the tail end of the R5. More rain and some thundery falls likely over the next 24 hours in the R4. Met Service showing rain for the next 10 days bar Monday but we'll see how it turns out in relation to the R periods in the RTQ forecast.
On 10 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

That's interesting William. Is the earth going quadrapole, or is this just a quirky anomaly which hasn't been noticed by age old scientists I wonder? It would certainly go some way to explaining the jet-stream meanders of late...although the poles do correspond with strong magnetic areas in the northern hemisphere, eastern Canada and Siberia, although the Russian one seems to have shifted eastward.
On 09 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

I assume you've all seen or heard the news of late about the even greater satanic gas 'methane'? Well apparently...... >> << ................ Well Piers got his storm, and on time, but as usual we got the rain, then the wind, but not both together.
On 09 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Overcast start wth a mild 8˚C, the sun came out from time to time but the NW had a distinct chilly edge to it. Nevertheless, we got 15˚ at one sunny moment, back down to 9˚ by 10pm, which is ok for an early April evening. No rain today, which is a bonus == Yes, Russ, I do plant articles, some of them thrive, though the AGW/Warmist articles mostly wither on the vine/whine :-)
On 09 Apr 2014, William Duncan wrote:

See the links for the apparent bifurcation of the magnetic North Pole This may make a difference to the forecasts... William
On 09 Apr 2014, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

BMI is a guideline not an infallible rule. People with more muscle mass will fail as it can't determine heavier muscle from fat. It's the same as alcohol consumption in units - they admit now that it was essentially made up and not an accurate scientific figure. A colleague mentioned Slingo's performance on the radio. I doubted whether there was any challenge to her story. As regards the missing heat hiding where we can't find it - data from the Argo buoys is indicating a fall in ocean temperature so it isn't down there. But then we never believed their 'dog ate my global warming' story anyway did we? We may or may not have 3 warm months, but what we experience won't have any effect on the global temperature. Don't deny that the straw clutchers will be out in force following their hot = climate / cold = weather spiel. After the heavy bursts of rain on Monday, it has been bright and sunny but with a distinct chill in the morning and evening.
On 09 Apr 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK. Sub wrote:

Wendy ha you have it to lol, hope you don,t get so easily led on global warming hey. Did anyone else listen to Julia Slingo on radio 4 my god she was tiptoeing through all the mixed messages being trotted out, she has found all that missing heat hiding in the deep oceans so we can all go back to sleep. New supercomputer anyone.
On 09 Apr 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

To show how you can make a alarmist predictions using decontextualised data i put some trendlines on the CET data and extended them as 'prediction lines [yes people are doing just that !]. If you presented them without the context of the whole data you might be able to trick people the world was either on the way to boiling away the atmosphere or dropping into an ice age. I could have put many more trendlines on the chart but u get the is hot blue is ice age.......
On 08 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Quote: "Saskia: BMI is not a realiable measurement, would need to dig up an article I have somewhere to demonstrate that." ....... You haven't started planting articles have you Paddy?
On 08 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Light rain early on from a passing trough, then brightening up to a lovely day, 3˚C overnight, 5˚ at 7.30, dawn chorus in full swing. Fairweather cumulus clouds in a fresh W wind, gradually increasing in cover and when the sun was hidden one could feel the underlying cold, though it got to 14˚ at the warmest. Occasional light showers in the afternoon with beautiful displays of virga in the late sun. Still windy at 9.30pm & down to 7˚.
On 08 Apr 2014, Wendy wrote:

Saskia ,I do hope everything improves for you and the family,you certainly don't have an easy time ! my best wishes to you x Steve Dorset,What is wrong with that pale blue colour in a garden?!! High Peak Derbyshire 12 month sub. Weather windy and chilly here, with showers.Managed to spike and re seed the lawn,in spite of the rain, hope it improves it!
On 08 Apr 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

Saskia, Best wishes to your Husband and you I hope all goes well for you both as it is a worrying time. just got back from a week in Spain and it is a total contrast when you come back to the UK, I never cease to be surprised with the growth in the garden here, from dry and hot in Spain to wet and chilly UK love the contrasts. the liars were saying back along we would be like the Med by now only having to be able to grow Mediterranean plants, I remember Alan Titchmarsh going on about this and probably still is. Oh and painting your garden Fences that awful blue colour Ugg.
On 08 Apr 2014, Not supplied wrote:

STEVEC WELL DONE FOR INFO keep up info flow, and thanks nb I was already giving them no quarter 7 years ago. ---- RICHARD EASTMIDS. Thanks very much for that info, yes we should give it a go but note we predicted hurricane Irene 85 days ahead I communicated with them before and during it, our forecasts beat them on all time scales from 12weeks to half a day and they still DO NOT WANT TO KNOW. They are Science Deniers ---- KARLT You get the extra month we fix access dates.
On 08 Apr 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

What a sizzler! UK set for THREE MONTHS of scorching hot weather in spring heatwave.... so then the warmists will suddenly forget all they said it takes 30 years to have a trend when it was colder or not warming and the headlines will be screaming global warming is back on track after just a couple of months of warmer temps lol
On 08 Apr 2014, Steve C wrote:

Piers - Re "giving them no quarter", I'm pleased to say that blogger Pointman is a little ahead of you there. Everyone read and enjoy, this is wonderful stuff! ... Also, agreed 100% re the idiocy of "Summer Time". In Greenwich's country, the time is GMT, period. The French, at least, have "La Méridienne" - we need something similar to speak up for common sense. A cool and breezy start in the Midlands today, though the worst of whatever's in store has usually blown itself out by the time it gets here.
On 08 Apr 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

old farmers almanac that predicted last winter right is saying usa will be hotter and wetter than normal in summer from june onwards and autumn will be be warmer........
On 08 Apr 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

"The House has approved legislation that will improve national severe weather forecasting abilities....... the Weather Forecasting Improvement Act will provide the NOAA with $356 million over four years to update equipment and enhance the agency's forecasting capabilities. This bill clarifies that NOAA can purchase weather data through contracts with commercial providers and place weather satellite instruments on private payloads. Leveraging the private sector will lead to lower costs for better weather data, saving lives and property."... WA is better for USA and hard to dismiss as just chance why not send them a dossier maybe they will give WA a $1m or two? UK establishment would prefer to see the uk under a mile of ice before dropping the warmist superstitions.
On 08 Apr 2014, Carl T 30 day sub NW Wales 1m Ele wrote:

A quick question on the new offer, I already have April 30 day, if I buy the April +may+jun Am I then just getting +may + jun or would it extend over to May+jun+july ?
On 08 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

The area of Nice, France was hit by an earthquake with a strength of nearly 5,2 Monday evening around 9 PM. In our region the heavens opened up around 8PM and dumped a huge amount of rain! It continued all through the night and only now (8AM) has abated. Even though temps are still around 10C it feels decidedly colder due to the high humidity.
On 07 Apr 2014, Piers_Corbyn wrote:

THANKS ALL ---BOB WEBER well thanks to you too your comm much appreciated but also your own reportage to the conference of your monitoring of our forecasts was important and effective and appreciated. --- ALL RE CLIMATE WARS Various people on this forum are busy thwapping the deluded Warmist science deniers on other sites. Any doing that please drop a note here to encourage others to join in or even just as info after the events and remember GIVE THEM NO QUARTER WHATSOEVER, NO PRISONERS -- RE BI 30d to 45d upgrades yes the offer also applies so to upgrade an existing say 6m of 30d pay for upgrade of 2 ie £20. See the upgrade button extra paid will go towards an extra month or whatever thanks.
On 07 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

The day started bright enough and cool at 4˚C at 7.30 but then the clouds moved in from the SW and we had steady light rain from about 11 to 5pm with hardly any wind. Temp rose to 12˚, back down to 6˚ by 10 pm. Birdlife: our son saw his first swallow last Thursday when he was out at work, my wife saw one on Sunday but I have yet to spot one, these are the pioneers/advance parties, our residents will probably arrive at the end of the months. The wagtails are also back now, but no greenfinches, goldfinches or whitethroats yet, plenty of yellowhammers all winter though. == This has probably already been flagged up:
On 07 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Some extremely nice images of a roll cloud moving from West to East over the northern part of the country today. No hail, and our region was hardly hit safe from that beautiful cloud moving across the skies. - Btw, thank you all for your well wishes. It warms the heart ;-)
On 07 Apr 2014, Bob Weber, N Mich USA sub wrote:

Piers was a big hit at the EU2014 conference. I think he missed his true calling- stand-up comedian - he had us rolling on Monday- it was great. Given the time constraints, he pulled off a cohesive well-documented argument against CAGW, and put forth a chilly outlook for the next few decades based on cycles research and solar activity. I see a day when people will look back at Piers' early and often warnings as the true tipping point in climate science, when people looked eachother in the eye and said - The UN IPCC is full of it, what they say is meaningless, and so is their "leadership"! A central theme from EU2014 was the Earth's electrical space environment controlled by the Sun, how that all works, and what it does. It was great to see the variety of speakers uniquely contributing new insights on solar activity and on the reality of electric weather effects. Piers made new friends and earned deserved respect with his applied knowledge of our electromagnetic universe and climate.
On 07 Apr 2014, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

had about 35 mm of rain in last 24 hours R5 period. Turned out nice late afternoon
On 07 Apr 2014, Chris H wrote:

Hi Piers - having subscribed to the 30 day forecast at the end of last month, is it possible to upgrade to 45 day at the new price? If so, how much extra would it cost to upgrade a 12 month sub? Thanks.
On 07 Apr 2014, Nigella (subscriber) wrote:

Thank you Piers for the 3 for 1 offer. Weather obs from East Berks today are overcast, grey and raining. Was showery early this morning, seems to have settled into fairly steady rain. Not too cold though with current temp of 15 degs.
On 07 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

ps Saskia hope all turns out well with your husband.. best wishes...
On 07 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Yesterday cleared up quite quickly and gave us a nice sunny afternoon, thankfully our demand for fuel has been easing right off and a small wheel barrow load of logs for the boiler was all that was needed to warm all the house & top up hot water, sun out this morning variable cloud and around 8deg. showers look likely...
On 07 Apr 2014, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Piers, Saskia & Paddy needless to say neither my husband or I had a good night's sleep last night as a result of the end of daylight saving. My husband says it takes him about 2 weeks to adjust, I vary. Our cat (fortunately for the same reasons mentioned by Saskia as we don't like being tripped up either!) has adjusted a bit today. Saskia - I agree with Paddy about the BMI and I wouldn't be concerned about it.
On 06 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Back to dull again: a little overnight rain, but 10˚C at 7.30, which is a bonus. Stayed overcast until mid afternoon when it brightened up and the temp rose to 16˚ out of the strong SW wind which blew all day, back down to 8˚ by 10pm, pleasant day after all. == Lorraine, Piers et al. I agree, clock change is a pain and doesn't save anything, trouble is bureaucrats & parasites running the world as ordinary people too busy actually producing for & contributing to real life. == Saskia: BMI is not a realiable measurement, would need to dig up an article I have somewhere to demonstrate that. Good nutrition + healthy mental/spiritual life + motivation can make you very powerful as well. Best wishes.
On 06 Apr 2014, Dave wrote:

Just read the Mark Vogan site who explains in some detail that we are trending toward a Dalton Minimum type situation as close as this upcoming winter ??? Hmmmm interesting stuff. Not read much about the LIA onset on here lately made up really considering the bollocks the UN pumped out the other week!
On 06 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Today has been rainy all day, although not cold at all. Spent all afternoon trimming bramble bushes - miserable work in these conditions - as we got a notification that we need to clear part of the yard due to asbestos pollution from the neighbour's roof. Seems they knew back in October but only now ventured to tell us. Roof's been damaged and needs to be completely replaced. Wonder how much - if any - of the stuff has ended up in our yard and whether or not we can still use the little wild strawberry patch. Anyway, OT: Dutch KNMI is only now predicting hail, thunder and severe wind for Monday, i.o.w. tomorrow. Strangely enough the Windfinder site - which usually is pretty accurate with regard to wind (duh) - has absolutely nothing all thru to Saturday.
On 06 Apr 2014, richard [subs east mids] wrote:

the wind has been blowing the clothes off the drying spinner all day. So far none of the afternoon rain forecast by MetO even the sun comes out!. I don't change the clocks at all. I keep them on this summer time all year. it makes no difference.
On 06 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Piers: As I stated before, it was more my lack of correctly understanding than anything else, and of course I understand about the 'empty seat' vs flying. One doesn't live of air alone, right? As for my annoyance, well, blame it on stress (always an easy scapegoat ;-) @Russ: I so agree with you on that one. I know it's meteorologically impossible, but I swear there's a dark thundercloud hanging right above us at all times :-\ I must admit though that I like having him home, ias he will take some of the attention for our eldest (autistic, brilliant and always at home) and youngest (autistic, MBD/ADHD/plus assorted) off my hands, which frees me up to tackle the work that needs doing and spend some time with our daughter (brilliant grammar school student who loaths anything autistic). As our famous former soccer player Johan Cruijff once stated: "Every disadvantage has its advantage."
On 06 Apr 2014, Paul,Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Its an R5 alright. Kids are impossible this weekend. Just like they were last time there was an R5. In fact didn't realise it was an R5 until kids driving me mad made me think, its not an R5 is it and check piers 30d forecast.....
On 06 Apr 2014, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

Rejoice!! The RSS satellite lower troposphere temperature anomaly up to March shows no warming for half of the length of this record according to Lord Monckton's recent post on WUWT. So from next month no warming will be in the majority. Of course, they are trying to find out why nature for some inexplicable reason does not follow the models!!!
On 06 Apr 2014, Rob wrote:

Met Office issue gale warnings at 0800 today for imminent gale force 8 winds for sea areas Malin and Hebrides. R5 effect being clearly demonstrated
On 06 Apr 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

Thanks! RICHARD, RUSS for v helpfull stuff and comms thereon ---- SASKIA, GILL Look it's like airtickets and train tickets, a seat which would otherwise be empty goes for a knockdown price to fill the plane/train PROVIDING plane/train actually takes off which is providing enough have paid (in general) higher prices to get the plane/train moving. You got the BEST deal available at the time and there was NO PLAN for a further (ie the 3 for 1) deal then. The up to 50% off offer did NOT apply to single months, that was clearly stated. This 3 for 1 across the board is a TEST and might be taken off at any time - eg today or tomorrow or go on for weeks depending if it works. Obviously we can only sell future income at 1/3 if it is clear either 3x as many will subscribe in a year's time or there will be enough full pricers to 'carry the rest' OR the Eu-USGovt-BBC-MetO-RoyalSociety-IC all resign and PAY for our forecasts for the vast benefit of the whole UK+USA+Eu public. ThakU for yourSupport!
On 06 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Richard... Looks like a very interesting video about charge separation. Only watched about 5 mins as we have to take our little Westie for cattle murdering practise before the showers arrive. Will report back later but it does look as though Mr Yen presses the most important buttons in the correct sequence. .... Saskia... Best wishes for your partners quick recovery. You have way too much bad luck for just one person...
On 06 Apr 2014, richard [subs] wrote:

"a Mail on Sunday analysis shows that the 47-page ‘summary for policymakers’ of a much more detailed 2,600-page document – ‘sexed up’ some of the key findings. Big issues were not resolved until the final session, which started at 9.30pm and ended at 10am next day. Long before that, many delegates had left or fallen asleep. ‘Important decisions were made by a handful of countries which were still there, including the UK and US,’ says one source. ‘It’s no wonder the summary isn’t a true reflection of what the scientists wrote.’ in the middle of the page......
On 06 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

I must say that I'm slightly disappointed to have missed that extended 30-day offer as well. Previously I just accepted the fact that most deals just cover 45-days and more, and then on March 27th I took out a sub for April, hoping that somehow there would be a discount (I had asked previously about whether that deal also covered single subs but didn't get an answer, alas). Had I waited till now I could have a few months, but now this month will be 'it' for a while to come. I do hope you get more subscribers, Piers, don't get me wrong. Just a little peeved at having missed out and my English possibly not being as good as I thought and misunderstanding the March offer. Oh well, c'est la vie ;-)
On 06 Apr 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

SUBS & DEALS & ALL THAT -- GILL Yes I understand that and it reminds me of Argos, computers, air fares, train fares etc. Note (i) You got 50% off rather than 67% ie a difference of 17%. What about those who paid full price? (ii) You would have had to wait 8 days Not ~2 and not know about April till it was 5 days old (ie an 'up to 25d forecast'). We have much less offers around the turn of the month (iii) This is a TEST TRIAL to see what happens, the idea is to bring in new people (or occasional subscribers to more frequent) and only decided on half a day ahead for business reasons. (iv) There is a substantial number of business people might pay 50x the current 'normal' price (or did when this all started as the first business effort in 1990 and for much less detail and lower skill); we could flip back to that model if too many find a relatively tiny price too high. (v) You can still extend at 1/3 current price but we could not exist on 1/3 income. I thank all who have paid anything.
On 06 Apr 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Slightly irritated - having been constantly encouraged to purchase 12 for 6 sub as a 'great deal' that would come to an end at the end of march - I then find if I had waited a couple of days longer I could have had 12 for 4 in April, - unless I am mistaken and have read the new deal wrong. Sorry Piers but that is not a good way to treat and keep subscribers - if the new deal is correct!
On 06 Apr 2014, Richard Traut wrote:

A lot of bbc biased nonsense continues,i see but with Piers and others the world knows the real truth they can`t rebuff everyone .i saw this article and a lot makes sense .... it is a good read and supports some of Piers`s facts !!!
On 06 Apr 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL ---- Richard YES Good to HEAR FROM NEW 3 FOR 1 SUBSCRIBERS / SUBSCRIPTION EXTENDERS AT 3 FOR 1. Your username is (normally) your email address ---- Rhys. Thanks for Report Note our temps refer to (smoothed out) MEAN (max+Min)/2 of course, local complexities notwithstanding.
On 06 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - Alas, it's almost full already, so the coming week I'll be constructing a 2nd one. - OT: overcast, SE wind increasing in strength and temps around 10C. Yesterday afternoon suddenly turned warm and sunny around 2PM, which was great for working in the yard ;-)
On 06 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - Interesting fact: according to several BMI (Body Mass Index) calculating sites I am nearly underweight (<18.5) at 18.9, weighing 49 kg at approx. 1m61. Yet I am able to work a full 8 hour day chopping wood, moving heavy objects, weeding etc as well as doing household chores without missing a beat. So, with the obesity issue these days: think they might be spinning the wool before our eyes with this as well? Might they have scaled 'healthy weight' up a few notches to cut back on health care expenditures? My results made me calculate my kids' weight as well, and they too came in at the lower end of the 'healthy' BMI calculations (all under 20.0). As for the wood shed: the frame I constructed actually has a sloping roof, clapboard sidings providing both ventilation and protection from the rain, and is divided in 4 compartments, the 'bottom' of the top 2 ones reinforced with welded mesh to prevent sagging. [cont].
On 06 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Piers & Lorraine - same here with the cats. They now start 'demanding' their food (i.o.w. twirl around your feet so you nearly trip and continue to do so until you actually give in ;-) at 4PM instead of 5PM. And we cater to that, as we have the same problem with this clock-forward thing. Each and every part of Nature - including us humans - is geared towards the daily rythm of the earth, from sunrise to sunset. 'Forcing the hand' of the clock to adhere to some theoretically advantageous resetting of time is nothing more than that: theoretical. And reality has a habit of throwing theories in your face ;-) @Paddy: serious enough for them to submit him to a full set of all sorts of tests, seeing how his father passed away last November due to heart failure. Poor guy is utterly frustrated, seeing how much had and still needs to be done and him not allowed to exert himself. I must say it does wonders for my own physique though ;-) [cont.]
On 06 Apr 2014, richard wrote:

Evidences of Space Weather Induced Natural Disasters video by Kongpop U-Yen.....Strong solar activities have long been known to cause damages to electrical grids and global communication systems. However, there exist several evidences that solar activities have strong correlation with abrupt weather conditions and tectonic activities, including storm formations, flash floods, volcanic activities and earthquakes. In this presentation, case studies of such connections are examined and discussed that are linked to electrical properties of the Earth. Simple electrical theories based on laboratory experiments are presented to explain such phenomena.... just got the 12m deal-btw how does one get a username to log in with?
On 06 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Cloudy wet and windy here..nice to see lots of fresh green growth in the hedges coming along..
On 06 Apr 2014, Rhys Jaggar (30d annual subscriber) wrote:

Rain arrived spot on cue on 6th April am in NW London, after trying but failing to spit yesterday afternoon. Temperature also dropped exactly on cue on the morning of the 5th but warmed up nicely during the day. This spring is well over a month ahead of last year, with broad beans already flowering in some spots, the blossoms on the pear, plum and cherry trees out in full and both the rhubarb and asparagus now in season.
On 06 Apr 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

SPOT-ON Lorraine! I recall as a child+teenager I was in charge of feeding the cats and at first fixed cat-feed times as 5.30GMT in winter and 6pmBST in summer (a compromise between BST and GMT). Note it was easier to feed them early (Spring) than Late Autumn. However when I started systematic weather records in 1962 those were 1700 GMT reports always and the cats were fed straight after, so they benefited from evidence-based scientific pursuits! --- For regular meetings in the community I choose 7pm in winter and 7.30pm in summer as a compromise with the silliness; and I think others do too. If people want to get up early in summer they can just do it.
On 06 Apr 2014, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

NZ Daylight Saving ended this morning and I agree with what you said Piers about the whole daylight saving issue. The clocks went back but my body didn't respond by sleeping in an extra hour this morning. Our cat wanted her dinner at 4 pm this afternoon thinking it was 5 pm (don't laugh everyone, I'm sure there are a few of you in the same situation!). The crazy thing about daylight saving is that we've been conditioned to believing in it when in fact nothing actually changes. The sun rises and sets, we attach a man made time to it. Our cat wanted dinner at 4 pm because her body was sensing the time of day, not because she looked at the clock! Daylight saving upsets our circadian rhythm and is just another factor in our disconnection from nature. Daylight saving was extended in NZ a few years ago to benefit tourists and the café culture so that they could sit outside in a café in daylight for a bit longer - I kid you not!
On 05 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Splendid morning today after a starlit night, 4˚C at 7.30, but clouding over pretty quickly for most of the morning, though sunny again for a while by lunchtime and much warmer than of late at 14˚ max. Clouds back in the afternoon but staying mild in a SW'ly regime, at last! Down to 8˚ by 10pm, very tolerable. For the last week nature has been on hold a bit in the damp foggy cold, but you can see it is just waiting for a slight change in temp to burst forth. == @ Saskia: sorry to hear about your partner's heart trouble, hope it proves to be non-serious! We also have been collecting firewood like mad, our son always brings some home from the various jobs he does, it's good if it is more than one year old before burning if you have the storage space. Building a stack in the shape of a house and then covering just the 'roof' with a tarpaulin can also do the job.
On 05 Apr 2014, Steve Devine (sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

A cool day just north of London. Temperature peaked at 17c in the morning sunshine but now down to 13c with rain heading up from the SW and heading towards us. Looks like being a cool and showery week ahead with winds from the NW. With any luck that High pressure cell will sit over us as we get nearer the Easter Break...
On 05 Apr 2014, Steve wrote:

Great piece about the madness of clock changing and how it mirrors the AGW scam - how human nature means even when something is obsolete or disproved it will persist in action for a long time. I fear we have doomed our silly species into "jet lag" twice a year forever. Since we are on the Grenwich Meridian I have always believed we should stick to GMT all the time. I think it was initiated during a "world war" to fool farmers into getting up extra early?
On 05 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Paddy - Glad to hear things are back in order ;-) Rained yesterday, much to my surprise. However, my bad, because had I checked Piers' forecast, I would've known. The morning started with overcast skies which have lasted thru the afternoon, but this time I knew what to expect ;-) So donned a proper attire before heading out and tackling what must result in at least 3 to 4 'steres' of firewood lying around in the yard. And there's more to come as well, at least another 2 to 3 m3. Originally my partner would've tackled the job after he felled 8 trees a month ago, but as he collapsed at work 2 weeks ago and we're still in the process of determining how serious his (apparently, genetic) heart condition is, he can't exert himself. So the last 2 weeks I build a woodshed (2m24 x 1m80/1m70 x 60cm) and converted scores of large chunks of wood (50x40cm) into small firewood our Taiwanese wood stove can handle. At least it keeps me off the street ;-)
On 05 Apr 2014, Lorraine Lister (sub) NZ wrote:

Great special offer Piers, I've subscribed for 12 months RTQ - thank you.