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UN (IPCC) Climate Change Latest Alarmism is Dangerous, Deluded and Dishonest
"The latest spoutings of The (UN IPCC) CO2 warmists sect are desperate Gobbels-esque deluded baseless alarmist nonsense which if turned into policy will be a real threat to the world economy and world stability, rather than would any actual changes in climates across the world. The CO2 climate warmist con and all the anti-scientific parasites, politicians, green spongers and Climate Tourists it supports must be destroyed." 
- Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist WeatherAction, provenly successful Long range weather and Climate forecasters, 31 March 2014

"The Latest IPCC screechings (eg via are not science but a self-serving political scam to deceive, control, manipulate and exploit the populations of countries for which this proven delusional, anti-scientific cancer hold sway.
The actual FACTS of the CO2 warmist story rather than the brain-washing promoted by warmist polticians and gravy-train passengers - who are either logically challenged or brazen liars, are:
- See  -
1. There is NO EVIDENCE for CO2 Warmist claims - Only evidence against. 
2. The Jet Stream is the arbiter of extreme weather and real natural climate change yet the CO2 theory cannot explain or predict its recent wild behavior (which happened in previous Mini-Ice-Ages); while solar activity has done so, is doing so and will continue to so do.
3. ALL the alarmist claims of the CO2 warmists since 2000 have FAILED and this latest sad catalogue of zany fiction and alarmist nonsense will also fail.
4. The observed FACT is the world is at the beginings of a predicted natural Mini-Ice-Age and the many wild extremes to come in a general cooling context must be prepared for. However the IPCC and the thieves kitchen of the UN is pointing the world in the wrong direction from which economies will collapse and millions will die of hunger if the deluded warmist policies, taxes and surcharges are adopted.
"WE CHALLENGE ANY representative of the CO2 Warmist camp to public evidence-based debate. 
"The difference between us and these fraudsters, climate charlatans and tax grabbers is that we support and carry-out the scientific method whereas the CO2 warmist sect and their heirs of Goebbels in the BBC and other media do the opposite."

Interesting Web Communication added after IPCC Comment above for discussion 
Something they didnt tell you....WindFarms causing Birth Defects Comms welcome on WeatherAction blog below

Mar 30/31 Thought for the Day - CLOCK CHANGES ARE OBSOLETE     Once again BILLIONS of people have gone through the brain-dead clock-change ritual around the world which in this day-and age of 24 hour internet living and UNIVERSAL acceptance of UTC (Universal Time Clock = Greenwich Mean Time) as standard time is an obsolete stupid anachronism which survives purely as a remnant of social control and 'saving-the-planet' by all manner of Governments, States and organs of social control and causes major twice yearly adjustment problems to millions of people and pets. 

ONE TIME - GMT (UTC) for Britain and Ireland and all within a reasonable longitude of this, and time-shifted ALL YEAR TIME ZONES for all other parts of the world is all that is needed.  And if you say: What about daylight saving? LOL! Just get up early (or stay up all night). Modern work-places start and finish at all manner of flexi-times with people commuting for hours anyway so if work-times, school locations, journey times are an issue reflect for a moment is this anything to do with the "need" to 'save daylight' and then solve the 'problem' by moving / changing one of these parameters. 
(Added later + some ammendments above involving the Queen's English) It is commonly held that the clock changes are necsssary to help somebody or something else [somewhat like the deluded Climate Change measures 'needed' to save polar bears which have in fact no problem with CO2 or real or imagined changes in ice amounts]. A moment's reflection reveals this is nonsense. In the UK getting-up times are defined in winter by sunrise (and that was always the case in agricultural communities) and clock times so match. In winter the shortest days are in Scotland and they do what they can with the short daylight. When summer comes they have the LONGEST days so daylight there or indeed anywhere in the UK does not need to be "saved", in fact quite the opposite hence the invention of shutters, Venetian blinds, curtains and the like.

Mar 29th EARTH HOUR 8pm
- A religious devotional activity for failed Climate Tourists who werent pushy enough to get sent to mess-up the Antarctic in diesel ice-breakers or Coral reefs with CO2 venting underwater breathing kit. 
WeatherAction Advice: TURN LIGHTS ON and write down names of the sad deluded campaigners who turn them off and thereby help burglers. When evidence-based science finally triumphs these people will be sent to Room 101.

Mar 28/29th 
Latest weather News and Report on WeatherAction ElectricUniverse Report back meeting 28th - see below5

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Mar 28th WeatherAction MEETING REPORT 
Piers Corbyn gives Report back from Electric Universe Conference to WeatherAction monthly meeting 12.30 (via) Delta House, 175-177 Borough High st, London Bridge, London, SE1 1HR.

Mar 28th Report Notes on WeatherAction Monthly meeting

1) March weather USA and Europe were reported (Matthew Brown + Piers) including the 3/4, 75%,success of key R5 events Mar 10-11th & 14-15th as on
The closeness of the magnetic North pole - in Canada - to USA was suggested (as Piers had mentioned at Electric Universe (EU) conference) as an explanation for sometimes more accurate results USA/Canada than Bri+Ire+Eu detail although the higher detail Br+Ir+Eu may be a subjective factor.

2) Upcoming April weather was briefly discussed.

3) Piers Reported and discussed EU Conference 20-24 March Albuquerque New Mexico
EU2014_Brand Block on black
 The basic theme of the conference was EVIDENCE and application of hitherto understated or underused electromagnetic approaches to explanation and prediction of reality, covering subjects:-
- Cosmic microwave background / BigBang model of universe problems
- weakeness of gravitation only models of galaxy formation and patterns of galaxies and stars (NB Piers worked on these matters and the cosmic microwave background & cosmology and had papers published thereon prior to his weather work)
- Alternative star formation ideas including our own Sun.
- Necessity for a more electromagnetic approach to sun-earth links to get effectiveness, speed and predictability of Solar-Lunar Action Technique/ This included points in Piers' presentation at Albuquerque USA EU Conf.
- Superiority of Electric approaches in plant sciences re sap transport up trees.
- Impressive electromagnetic approaches to large scale patterned geological structure on Earth and Mars, which included reports on lab experiments.
- Powerful and to many, zany, ideas on the history and origin of the solar system as it now is and the connection between these ideas and evidence from myths and legends across the world.

Piers' presentation had been very well received at the EU Conference.

A video of this WeatherAction meeting was taken, including use of a new 3ft globe to explain Jet stream matters, and will be available shortly

4) the latest Goebbels-esque propaganda moves by the BBC-CO2 warmist camp were discussed on the lines of below and the Govt Review of the Energy industry welcomed as a chance to attack and destroy the green theft text on energy which is holding back the economies of the UK and USA.

    The "Acidification of Oceans" scare on BBC. 
  • (Please circulate) Piers says:  "ITS A PACK OF LIES. This is an old desperate warmist lie elevated by the heirs of Goebbels in the BBC to a NEW BIG SCARE because their weather and climate CO2 fiction has failed so totally.  Some facts (not BBC style) might help:
  • The CO2 content of the oceans is 50 times that of the atmosphere so even if all the CO2 plunged into the ocean (impossible) the CO2 content of the seas could only go up 2% which given all the 'buffering solution' complexity of the ocean could only have an infintesimal effect on the 'ph' (acidity/alkalinity). See slide 47.
  • Sea Life did not die out, it boomed, in Juarssic and Devonian times in Geological history when CO2 levels were 5x and 10x present in air and sea! (see link above slide 60).
  • The reportage that 100% CO2 gas (and what else?) from volcano vents is adverse to some corals / sea life and therefore the 0.04% CO2 concentration in air (1/25th of which is due to Man) is a problem is deranged cretinous deceitful pseudo-science. It's like saying 100% Cyanide is deadly therefore Almond cake is dangerous. Almond cake contains tiny amounts of cyanide but is perfectly safe in large quantities (Similarly large quantities of sweet almonds are safe and smaller numbers of strong bitter ones are also safe but not nice tasting).
  • The ocean is alkaline. "Acidification" is a mis-nomer bogey and there would be none even if all the atmosperic CO2 went into the sea - all we could have is potentially a trivial reduction in alkalinity (or in their insane jargon the sea would be 'less caustic' (oops sound like a good thing to do!). 
  • Coral does not like fresh water - which is non-alkaline - which is why Coral does not grow near river outflows in Australia. This has been the case for millions of years and even quite near the biggest river mouths the fresh water dilutes and Coral grows. The only danger to it is logically strained green ignoramuses {taking a break from Climate tourism polluting the Antarctic with diesel fumes from ice-breaker ships} swimming around to 'save the planet', disturbing sea life and venting their own CO2 from breathing aparatus - which contains much more CO2 than air - onto the reefs.
  • The BBC 'Science' and Environment departments propagate lies and should be closed down and their chief editors called to account and taken to Court for misleading the public.

End March Weather Comment USA + South Canada 
Late March USA Center & N/E Cold blasts and other patterns across USA superbly confirm WeatherAction 4 week ahead forecasts. See also Comment from Robert-Michel Montreal Southern Quebec Canada in Reader-User COMMS below (~mid of 31Mar entries).
WeatherAction #USA +S.Can SpotOn end MAR 4wk ahead #Forecast <=HURRY! SUBSCRIBE NOW 50% OFF

Late March Weather Comment Brit+Ire+Eu
The last two weather periods are B (25-27) and C (28-31/1st) confidences respecively. The colder forecast for 23-25-27 (to fade later) came but persisted into/almost to the R4 of 28-29th which appears to be a day or so early giving intense thunder and hail 27th (see live reports in Comms below). The warm in S/E forecast especially for around 26/27 is coming after that - on weekend 29/30, although the pressure patterns are not the same as forecast.

Mar 24th Note from Piers in Albequerque New Mexico USA at ElectricUniverse 2014
I gave my presentation today 24th. It was tremendous fun and superbly received. It will be loaded onto WeatherAction site soon as powerpoint pdf and videos available also from EU2014. An astoundingly intersting and important conference for advancing science. See EU / thunderbolts site for info also.

23-24 is R5 hit and that has been expressed in a number of extra and extreme hail, rain wind and quake events around the world.

Stratosphere News 
Note the auto updating graphs below in this blog have been showing ONGOING bursts of 'sudden' stratospheric warming (SSWs) carrying on from WeatherAction's ground-breaking, confirmed, prediction of their onset this winter due to solar activity. The lower level warming bursts (which follow the upper level) precede greater wild behaviour and meanders of the Jet stream - as has been dramatically experienced all through this winter and are nothing whatsoever to do with CO2 however much the CO2 charlatan 'forecasters' pretend. 
Pic Info re Reader Comm below!                                                        
Piers appeared on
=> LBC on morning of 16th FEB and said WeatherAction will be writing to Ed Miliband
=> The Peoples Voice TV on 17/18th FEB alongside Lord Viscount Monckton Donna Laframboise (vid link) & Buster Nolan

Feb 17 Useful links:
Craig M   
'FloodPlains The clue is in the name' takes you through what is really going on with maps and pics relating to content and many of sublinks such as below
Met Office forecast that winter 2013-14 would be DRIER THAN NORMAL  
issued 21 Nov 2013
Paul Homewood on the very wet winter on 1929-30 (wetter than now)
CraigM summary of MetOffice useless long range 'Forecast' record 
Christopher Booker Telegraph 17 Feb
DavidRose Daily Mail Reports on Prof Mat Collins 
Observer - Science denialist  views of Ed Miliband 15/16 Feb
GREAT independent assessment of WeatherAction forecasts May-Oct 2012
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 WeatherAction breakthroughs in  stratospheric prediction confirmations continue (ongoing information - updating graphs)
Piers Corbyn said 15 Jan:  "It is great today to see our forecasts for 'Sudden stratospheric warming*' advancing. - *Something of a technical term but also used flexibly because there are many levels to the stratosphere and patterns are just as / more / important than general warming of one level.." 
*They are about sudden warmings, reaching peaks and then coolings as the forcing ends and the Jet stream is disrupted - getting more meanders and waviness - in a delayed effect

AND on 25 Jan "It seems the first period we trial predicted gave the start of these events in the form of warm blobs in parts of the (upper) stratosphere and the later 2 potentially overlapping periods gave peaks together in 2mb and 30mb ~7-11th and 12-16th. Extra Jet Stream meanders expected after those peaks may be intensifying the snowmageddon and wild events Br+Ir+Eu around now ~25-29th although there could well be evidence of earlier effects"
Updating Upper stratosphere (2mb) graph:  POSTED (as below) for reference
See also 30mb and 70mb for lower stratosphere below 
Interestingly although the trial forecast for upper was to peak earlier a rapid increase came at the same time as rapid increases in lower level (eg 30mb, 70mb) temps which were trial forecasted for "7-11th and 12-16th (poss overlapping events)". [In Br+Ir 45d and 30d forecasts front page]. The lower warmings carry much more energy than upper (air being denser at ~15x, 35x pressure). These lower SSWs herald greater meanders in the Jet Stream and therefore SNOW in the parts where cold arctic air is pulled south. Note NOT snow everywhere, the places where mild air is dragged north will be milder.  

The blobs in maps and/or the suddenly rising curves in graphs (espec for lower levels ie higher pressures, 70, 30 mb = hpa as shown below) indicate extra meanders will come in typically ~3 to 10 days after peak / almost peak temp rise and hence more snow somewhere. 

They began with 'blob warming' around Xmas which various ignorant word-worms and trolls tried to deny when Joe Bastardi sent around a map showing it. WeatherAction revolutionary Stratwarm trial forecast issued mid Dec and carried on front of B+I 45d and 30d forecasts forecasts was for upper strat (~2mb) warming ~28Dec-1Jan and Lower strat (~70mb) 7-11th and 12-16 Jan - overlapping events. 

WeatherAction breakthroughs in  stratospheric prediction confirmed 
Ongoing information - updating graphs for Stratospheric Temps into Spring
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Get ahead of the rest with WeatherAction - 
- world leaders in long range weather forecasting.
LATEST WeatherActionTV and News VIDEOS
The CO2 Warmist are on the Run - Time to finish the Job
DECISIVE:  Piers Corbyn dismembers the UN Climate Committee report meeting held at the Royal Society 2-3 Oct 2013 => Weather Action TV  Short link = 
 RELENTLESS:  Nigel Farage leader of UKIP nails the Global warming Lie at the European Parliament  Short link = 

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When commenting on a WeatherAction (or any) forecast refer to actual forecast words as far as possible because some summaries / notes circulated, ‘reports’ of forecasts have been or can be misleading. Also include actual obs / web links where possible. Please give working links when you refer to other articles/sites.

Comments submitted - 112 Add your comment

On 04 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Totally greyed out today, not only overcast but also very, very foggy, I can hardly see the keyboard as I type this :-) Temp range today 6 - 7˚C, wind mostly SE, heavy rain around midday & slowly clearing up in afternoon. Now at 11pm some stars and the sickle of the young moon visible. Tomorrow R5 starts, that should clear the air.
On 04 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Saskia has def. hit the nail on the head there with it depends what we are willing to sacrifice...and if we are indoubt as to the nature of cause and effects then why are they chucking wind turbines up all over the place without them knowing or us what the true positives and negatives are of them..for money no doubt... As for backyard issues I grow as organic veg as i can purely because I observe a much more positive effect on our children's health something that money can't buy they also prefer it and the simpler our lifestyle the better, though yeah they have still experienced junk food and no I don't sneak off with a spanner around the countryside at night!-)
On 04 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Russ I get most of what your saying and more logic is needed.. like you and Wizbod said more investigation also needed, going to take a seat back on the fence as I don't know enough about them to comment further, weather has been spot on to what Piers said for 1-4th.. sowings so far have been a 100% success and plants coming on nice and steady much better spring to last year so far...
On 04 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Sound having an adverse effect on natural processes, well ... if you take the basic fact that all matter is comprised of energy, than the constant whirring and sound (waves) producing wind turbines could, theoretically, influence things. However, I am more tempted to think that it's not the sound production but more the HUGE magnetic coils inside the turbines which might have an adverse effect. Magnetic fields have been proves to influence all sorts of things. Having said that, today's world is so filled with all types of increased (!) types of waves, radiation, etc etc more that some of it no doubt will have an adverse effect. It just all depends on what we're willing to sacrifice in exchange for 'modern amenities'. If you think cancer will be curable, then using a mobile phone 24/7 will not be a problem. And Russ, using the Dutch as an example of 'not having been adversely affected' ... met any Dutch? *wicked grin* - OT: rain, fog, but warmish. Wind is still due east.
On 04 Apr 2014, BLACK PEARL wrote:

As your on the subject of Wind Turbines Cast your eyes on this info Sent it to BBC but obviously it didn't fit their profile of reporting.
On 03 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Maria (Irelend).... I don't like wind turbines. They are an eyesore and an inefficient and costly method for power production that the country can ill afford. Of course there are always going to be silly accusations thrown at projects unwanted by the public such as birds flying into the blades in thick fog. Birds don`t often fly in fog at all, especially thick fog. If the turbines were a threat to moorland birds the grouse hunting fraternity wouldn`t want them on their moors. Lapwings can often be heard flying around at night in what we would call pitch blackness. Logic bomb: If they can see to fly around safely in the dark, then they can see the turbine blades too. Noise-wise, is it any worse than living 300 metres from a busy motorway or a busy city centre? Its the cost and inefficiency that makes my blood boil. OTT environmentalism! One scientist reckons that they are disrupting the airflow over the country. gdhdjfuruyeytdsb!!! They`ll be blaming them for causing droughts next!
On 03 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Grey in grey again, 5˚C at 7.30, rising to a dizzying 7˚, wind has turned into the SE, still chilly - want to swap places, Gerry? :-) Light rain from late morning onwards, a real dreich day, back down to 5˚ by 10pm. == @Saskia: managed to get the speed restored by the ISP, so back to normal - how long for remains to be seen. But thanks for the hints you and others have given me!
On 03 Apr 2014, Wizbod wrote:

The reports about sound waves and an apparent correlation with harmful affects on animals has been met with a surprisingly negative response. The police and military both use sonic weapons. Some years ago I recall 2 warehouse workers in the UK being killed by infrasound in an empty building! Certain frequencies are known to cause physical and mental affects. Films use deep bass for a 'scary ' mood all the time. The resonance of a modern large metal column prayer wheel will differ greatly compared to a traditional windmill. I experimented with bass cabinet design many moons ago, and sound dispersion and resonance be a weird and wonderful thing. More investigation required as we are also animals.
On 03 Apr 2014, Pat Beall wrote:

I seem to remember, that when the Iceland volcano with the unpronounceable name blew, THEY were cancelling planes all over Europe! This dust from the Sahara – which is not a new phenomenon – looks heavier than then – but I don't see any planes being cancelled this time. It seems to depend on what the Medja decide to run with this week. Not even they can blame this on CO2.
On 03 Apr 2014, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Hah hah hah ha... LOL seen this late April FOOL Hey Piers are they subscribers ??
On 03 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

I feel a bit naive now but I just thought it was good that there was research being done into the negative effects of wind turbines, I personally don't like them & don't seem to see a decrease in my electric bill for having them sticking out like a sore thumb in the countryside & don't think it's great for the birds & if they can't be used in strong winds for safety reasons see little point other than making someone very rich for being dotted about, but on reflection maybe I did the typical response of reading and believing information that may not be correct? oops! I dunno! just I know when it comes to renewable products in our experience with heating products talking with customers that they are often costly for the customer & if not installed/sited correctly they may not always do what it says on the tin & can cause many unwanted issues at a cost all in the name of being greener energy if that makes any sense...
On 03 Apr 2014, Rob Horler wrote: Interesting read. Probalby explains why we are being greenwashed again this week. The Beeb even been putting little car symbols on their weather maps this week!
On 03 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Could I just add another myth to the above list please? "We've built pyramids to house our dead in the afterlife." There is NO evidence that anyone was ever buried in a flippin pyramid,,,but the myth goes on...and on... a bit like my posts!!! c[:^)
On 03 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Gerry... Didn't that occur not so long ago that a turbine fell over/collapsed due to the bolts being loosened? ...... Infrasound Alert!!!...
On 03 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

cont'd... A farmer pointed to a notice the other day as I walked our friendly little Westie with his 5 inch legs who runs away from sheep, that said dogs should be kept on a lead from March to July due to 'disturbance' of nesting birds, and of course lambs. He said that it was THE LAW! I pointed out that it was an advisory notice. He drove away, called me a 'pr**k' and that was that. He lets his sheep and lambs wander around on the road 24/7/365 then wonders why his sheep become roadkill. Of course it doesn't matter about his 600 head of sheep charging about in the long grass and heather trampling the living daylights out of all the ground nesting birds. This has been blamed for reducing skylark numbers. As the sheep numbers have increased the skylark numbers have dropped. As crops changed, Lapwing numbers decreased. The crops changed back and the Lapwing numbers increased. Simple logic. Foot & Mouth outbreak = skylark number increase...I therefore rest mine cases... Foggy!
On 03 Apr 2014, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

Praise be for the sand 'pollution' in London. The blocking of the sun is great as it is keeping my office temp down to a reasonable level. With the sun shining of Tuesday it was a ridiculous 86F!!! It woouldn't take anything like a truck load of dynamite to fell a windmill - there is a technique that would use so little that with a truckload you could take out over a hundred. There is also the large spanner technique since they all consist of steel columns bolted to a base.
On 03 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

..cont'd... Look at it logically. The infrasound from these blades varies all the time as they speed up and slow down. The wind direction and strength will play a huge role in interfering with any infrasound being produced. If it affects farm animals to such a great extent then it must completely eliminate wildlife for a vast area around the windfarms. We should also be seeing signs of wild animals having horrendous limb deformities too. Maybe we should be checking roadkill for 3 eyed badgers and 5 legged foxes? I'm going to sit on the fence for a while and study this before I make any decision whether to believe any of it. This story seems just as crazy as the myths that pervade our modern teachings such as: bears are carnivores, polar bears need ice to stay alive, swapping cars for buses in cities will reduce pollution, or that rising human CO2 levels will lead to catastrophic global warming. cont'd...
On 03 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

cont's... I would be looking very closely at the local green/environmental movement to see if they any extremist views about windfarms. How far would an environMENTAList go to destroy a windfarm in their neighbourhood? It would take a truckload of dynamite to destroy just one of them physically, but we know these days that large things can be destroyed without using physical force. Lets face it, the elite brought Russia to it's knees not so long ago by allowing them to invade Afghanistan and fight the Taliban for 10 long years, then timing a nice fat recession when their purse was almost empty. Many farms, especially in Canada are remote and source their water locally. They probably have little use for security cameras. This makes them an easy target for any supergreen nutcase who is willing to take matters into their own hands when they see the monster turbines going up in their valley. cont'd...
On 03 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

..cont'd... Then there are the wind farms which the Dutch and Germans have been using and testing over the past what, 30 years or more? Have they not come across this phenomenon before? Out of all the thousands of wind farms, why are these reports not piling up on David Camerons in-tray? In defense of the article it could be said that this is why so many farms are being built out to sea. Furthermore, this could be why the North Sea fish stocks and sand eel populations have dropped dramatically (previously blamed on AGW). I propose that if these effects are not happening at every windfarm in close proximity to livestock, then something else must be the cause. For multiple animals on a single farm to have birth defects it would usually point to something in their diet, along the lines of cattle eating ragwort. Animals reacting in strange ways, en mass, could also easily be caused by toxins either accidentally or deliberately ingested (thinks 'sabotage'). cont'd
On 03 Apr 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

Not on the MSM or Mobeeb blurbs, but the Dept of Wildlife in Maine,USA has extended the ice-fishing season into April as so many lakes remain frozen. Caribou in Maine has had its record cold for Mrch
On 03 Apr 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Wind turbines and birth defects... (puts logic head on) ...As soon as I read something like this my defences go up. I read up on (and got suckered into believing in many cases), so many conspiracy theories over a decade ago that I became a bit of an expert at recognising bullship when I see it. With a story this profound my brain gets out the virtual barbed wire underpants and sounds the red alert. At first it sounds astonishing, unnerving, has your mind flitting from one scenario to the next wondering how this could possibly be happening. One sits back and breathes deeply; a quick massage of the temples and in we go...with the fine toothed comb. Then the logic bombs start to drop. The world is full of infrasound. The wind especially as it transits wooden fences, houses, embankments, walls etc. Earth tremors, thunder claps, distant jet aircraft (always makes our dog growl). Underground trains, distant motorway traffic, they all create powerful, repetitive infrasound. cont'd...
On 03 Apr 2014, Michael O - 45d sub wrote:

So, we're apparently due a El Nino this year and quite a strong one at that. I seem to recall the Meto calling a mild winter for 2009/2010 due to the El Nino of the same year. However, we all know that the 1st half of winter 2009/2010 in the UK was exceptionally snowy and cold. Roll on 2014/2015 winter and may it bring plentiful snow to us all.
On 03 Apr 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

Rhys: Yes, indeed. Hence the old adage 'Good news is no news'
On 03 Apr 2014, Rob wrote:

Looking at the maps of the jetstream, it appears to be very fragmented at the moment which looks quite unusual does anyone have any thoughts on why this is so??
On 03 Apr 2014, richard wrote:

got to love the start date of 1979 for sea ice. Choose a cold extreme when ice was at max then every other figure is bound to be less thus show ‘a trend’ of co2 caused ‘melting’......... another great decontextualisation by the warmists.......
On 03 Apr 2014, Rhys Jaggar (30d annual subscriber) wrote:

Gill The reporting of positive vs negative science is determined not by you or I but the editorial teams in newspapers, TV studios and periodicals. They have learned, either through observation or calculated conditioning, that scaremongering sells newspapers, attracts viewers and sells advertising space. The over-egging of stories fuels suspicions when the over-egging doesn't come to pass. The high levels of uncertainty in early and mid-stage research means that not getting the answer you expected is a frequent occurrence. As a trained scientist, that doesn't bother me, but it does bother Joe Public. One thing I have noticed, thougjh, is that the biotechs also engage in media 'share-of-voice' campaigns. One recent example is the BBC highlighting Monsanto's new blight-resistant GM potato. To anyone who knows anything (and I don't know that much) about spuds, the Eastern Europeans bread the Sarpo strains traditionally to be blight resistant 40 years ago. Hey ho…..
On 03 Apr 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

If wind turbines are responsible for birth defects, then surely the same would have been said for windmills. I do not recall my dutch husband bleating on about deformed animals in Holland. I get annoyed at scaremongering like this. It is the same with Gm and anything else that involves issues that involve 'My back yard'. At the NFU conference in Feb - we were giving a fascinating presentation about a bio -tech company who were injecting male mosquitoes with a chemical and a blue tracer dye that made them infertile. They were then released in the areas where malaria was highly prevalent. They mated with the female - but therefore produced no offspring - reducing the number of breedable females. How come positive science like this is never reported but all the scaremongering is. As for turbines - yes they are noisy, so are windmills, and my pet hate I BAN are wind chimes- which drive me up the wall with their incessant chiming. I don't know about defects - they just give me a headache!
On 02 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Paddy - I reread what you wrote previously about the low signal, sorry, misunderstood. We actually had the same problem, line kept being 'wobbly' (VOIP calls being cut off, internet coming and going) and the download speed was disastrous. Problem was/is the old copper lines, as we don't have glass fibre here, as well as the distance to . My provider (XS4ALL) finally came with the solution of downgrading us from ADSL to DSL, which stabilized the connection and actually doubled the download speed, going from barely 3MB to over 6MB. Not sure how that works in the UK, but maybe it's worth looking into? - OT: as suspected, the whole day was hazy and generally overcast, with just a few short periods of outright sunshine. The wind remains cold and from the East.
On 02 Apr 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL --- Wind farms and Birth defects etc The article link is above at the end of my IPCC Comment --- SAHARA DUST. No this stuff is not new at all and it's not even bad compared with some stuff in the past I saw myself on cars in the 1990's. However the reason why they -like most weather extreme reports - represent them as Oh-So-Unique-devoid-Of-precedent is. Well can you guess?? a) For the brainwashed public to link it to 'Global Warming', b) they actually will say it is "Waffle waffle just the sort of DANGEROUS circulation we "EXPECT" in Global warming". As a FACT of course the longer jet stream meanders of MIA conditions favour these at times as well as more frequent and severe cold blasts from the North.
On 02 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

More E'ly regime with cold wind, overcast, dry, temp range 6 - 9˚C - while the West of Scotland apparently had 15˚ forecast this morning. If the High to the west of Norway is of a blocking nature, we could be in grey for a while :-( == Saskia: thanks for your advice, I'll look into this when I have time, though I don't do Wifi.
On 02 Apr 2014, Lorraine wrote:

This sand from the Sahara dumped over UK not quite sure, we get it dumped on us in Guernsey every year at this time. Just get on with it no fuss just clean the car, we never get any warnings. Is it worse this year or is it the first time it's gone further north.
On 02 Apr 2014, Michael wrote:

Where is the article on wind farms to be found please Maria?
On 02 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

The article above re: wind farms..tho not surprised is an eye opener, I was talking with my eldest daughter about it and she wants to take a copy of the article into school as her Geography teacher has been looking at the negative effects of wind turbines with the class, glad they are discussing topics like this @ her school & looking at the other side of the coin, sure makes a refreshing change..
On 02 Apr 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK, sub wrote:

Maria if you live in somerset you are lucky the air down there is usually good, unless you live on the levels then you have the damp to put up with that is equally bad for health, lucky the pollution sent from the EU will be back on the mainland continent by friday they can keep it. Keep well, spring has sprung, be happy.
On 02 Apr 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

not if someone in the family has lung problems which would be severely aggravated by sand pollution in the air he breathes
On 02 Apr 2014, richard wrote:

where the tax money on climate goes...Psychology could hold the key to tackling climate change....... “Funded by a €1.5M grant from the European Research Council, Dr Lorraine Whitmarsh from the University’s School of Psychology will for the next five years lead an international team tasked with providing evidence to support this theory.” much they spend on long range forecasting?
On 02 Apr 2014, richard wrote:

the 3 low pressure systems on usa pic they call the 3 dragons .....
On 02 Apr 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK. Sub wrote:

Maria, you need to visit Spain you get this from Africa lots of times in a year some times my patio is red with it i have never called it pollution that is baloney smog is pollution from the likes of fires and exhaust fumes not a bit of good ol dirt you have to eat a peck of before you die,
On 02 Apr 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK. Sub wrote:

Maria, you need to visit Spain you get this from Africa lots of times in a year some times my patio is red with it i have never called it pollution that is baloney smog is pollution from the likes of fires and exhaust fumes not a bit of good ol dirt you have to eat a peck of before you die,
On 02 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - WIFI is great and all, but stability wise wired set-ups are always prefered, as WIFI is subject to all kinds of influences like DECT-phones, microwaves, cement walls, etc. OT - thick pea soup! Visibility this morning at 8AM was so bad, I once hit an intersection before even noticing the road had come to an end. Fortunately there's not much traffic here, but still. The sun is now (Midday) slowly coming out but it looks like it will remain overcast most of the day. And the soil is already super-dry, due to the ongoing Eastern wind. I.o.w. the same pattern as the previous 5 years or so. I think farmers may be in for a tough year again.
On 02 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Paddy - Regarding your signal: first of all, WIFI is subject to interference every time the sun hiccups. I've even pointed this out to our own provider, and they have been able to correlate an increase in complaints with news from the site Spaceweather. So that's one thing, which unfortunately remains out of human control. As far as a repeater goes: you could try and set up your own WIFI-repeater by using a second router. If you're able to hook this up to the main router via cable (preferably CAT6 and extra insulated to reduce interference from household appliances, cement walls, etc) you can then use the 2nd one as a WIFI-repeater or 'switch'. If you search the terms on internet there's a bunch of really useful stes that will walk you through all the possibilities. A third option: use your existing electrical internal network! All you need then is a special plug to go into any outlet and hook up a PC via a CAT6 cable. [cont.]
On 02 Apr 2014, richard wrote:

lol i did post that long range prediction paper on MetO blog same time as i posted it here a few days ago and they still haven't allowed it. Its sitting in moderation. But now we get the daily mail article.....well they have NO excuses now.
On 02 Apr 2014, richard wrote:

paul...... its this they have only done it in hindsight not in real time. Anyone can set up parameters to recreate in hindsight. The question is do those parameters predict the future. So they have been denying long range is even possible now they claim they have been working on it. Seems like politics.
On 02 Apr 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

There is no doubt that there are tonnes of (malignant) pollution going into the air, affecting air quality. Air quality is completely different to global warming. I don`t particularly want to breathe in large amounts of sticky soot, sand and chemicals. So yes, let`s get to grips with air pollution reduction but not via windmills and green taxes. Make it easier to use less diesel and less solid fuel. Forewarning is essential of course but I would love to live in a pure and clean atmosphere
On 02 Apr 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

The dust from the sahara is pollution Steve. It is polluting the very air that I breathe. It is unwanted, hence it is pollution.
On 02 Apr 2014, richard wrote:

"“We are an intergovernmental body and we do what the governments of the world want us to do,” Pachauri told the London paper. “If the governments decide we should do things differently and come up with a vastly different set of products we would be at their beck and call.” ..... its really another iraq dossier doing whatever govts want them to do.
On 02 Apr 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

I see that the warmista BBC are Spouting that the dust from the Sahara is pollution so we are all doomed they don,t miss a chance to spout there tosh, they are also shouting that the met office have now cracked there long range forecasts and now can do as well as piers , it,s called weather Action forecast lol.
On 02 Apr 2014, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Has Piers got a job with the met office? Strangely nothing about their methods.
On 02 Apr 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANK YOU ALL for continuing Web-debate leading Comms ---- and before more, REMINDER It's now APRIL2 so please promote Subscriptions EVERYWHERE for another EXCITING MONTH BOTH SIDES OF ATLANTIC ---- EAST-SIDE I like your forthright thoughts. We originally got into Putin discussion from Energy security and green policies of course which must not be forgotten. I think some have illusions in Putin because our own leaders are so pathetic - very like how Stalin got so much support abroad ---- RICHARD, Yes a good thought, however the star chamber of media brainwashing and venom is not even-handed and evidence-based. THAT is our main problem & it's essentially POLITICAL. There was interesting discussion on it at The ElectricUniverse Conference. Without the internet we might all be in Orwell's 1984, but how long before attempts are made to effectively take-down the internet? With "defenders" LOL of 'truth+reason' like the BBC the window of accountable science and honest debate is shrinking.
On 02 Apr 2014, east side wrote:

"Like Ukraine i think i would believe Putin over Cameron or Obama anyday." Don't be so stupid. You have no idea what it's like to live in Russia today, or the poisoning of any democracy or free thinking by a fully state controlled media. You also have no idea what it's like to get assaulted by Omon or Berkut, then get locked up for 3 years for making a scratch on the helmet of of those organised criminals that are acting for the state. People like you need to go and live in an authoritarian country & find out how it is. Stop spouting crap about things you know nothing about, because it makes Corbyn look like he's surrounded by a group of cranks and nutters.
On 01 Apr 2014, richard wrote:

it will be the long range forecasters who kill co2 through their ability to demonstrate a better understanding of processes and thus prediction of weather systems. Currently co2ers despite 12,000 peer reviewed papers cannot predict more than 2 days in advance.
On 01 Apr 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Overcast start, remained so all day, again with sharp E wind, a few light showers in morning. 6˚C at 7.30, rising to 8˚ & back down to 6˚ by 10 pm. == Russ: only just noticed your comment lower down, haven't had time to catch up on all comms because of outage. We have looked into setting up a LAN connection but this is not straightforward as we have to cross several open spaces, meaning cable suspended from wire. This would of course be the same if we had one satellite router & needed to distribute from there. Download speed right now is .027 Mbps. I'll talk to the provider to see whether a repeater is possible, so far they've done everything remotely, no engineer has been out.
On 01 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

...back to Lamb==="Authentication of the results of +++modelling theoretical circumstances+++ remains very difficult, as it is bound to be. +++If we are to give a basis of reality to our thinking, it is essential to reconstruct, in the fullest possible detail world-wide, the past record of climate’s actual behaviour and the various regimes that have occurred+++. Particulars attention should be focused, and happily is beginning to be focussed, on the evidence that ***some major climatic changes took place surprisingly quickly***. Unhappily, however, research in some fields that bring to light the facts of the past is still being starved of funds in some countries === === I'd argue the funding is still lacking as the CO2 hysterics shout the loudest. Note also how 30yrs later no MetO/NASA reports bother to place ANY event in due historical context (hockey stick trickery aside)
On 01 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

...cont...which is like a snakeoil salesman saying every 27/8 days he brings the tide & ignoring the bl**dy moon! Tim Ball calls this the 'frame of reference' . To follow on from richard's excellent comments on sexed up dossiers (I nearly added the phrase to my BBC/IPCC comment) the IPCC are like the Hutton Inquiry (oh how that was a sham as evidence since shows). Their job is to find us guilty & ignore evrything else. It's a set-up and a lucrative one...cont...
On 01 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

All this has led to a tremendous increase of effort in climatic research at a time of funding cutbacks in many other branches of science. International agreement was achieved in 1979 for a world Climate Programme, to extend over many years under the guidance of the WMO and the UNEP. Within its framework various countries, and the European Community, have inaugurated their own climatic research programmes.The large share of the funds has gone to support the theoretical modelling of all aspects of the carbon dioxide problem and other human disturbances of the environment…" === I'll briefly cut in here. Lamb's bugbear was the lack of resource directed to establishing sources of Natural warming. Some 30yrs later we have climate numpties on the take-like the MetO wanting more spondola for a computer fed co2 based ASSumptions, solely to look at theoretical (not empirical-ie. observations) man made effects on climate-as Dr Tim Ball repeatedly states....cont...
On 01 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

This is a long quote but worth it. Hubert Lamb in 1984 at a time the CAGW bandwagon was gathering pace & soon massive funding by ever decreasing circles of alarmism ==="Since this work was published in 1977, the vulnerability of our increasingly populated world to climatic shifts and extremes has repeatedly claimed international attention…Concern has also gripped the scientific community over the possibility that Man’s pollution of the atmosphere, especially by the increase of carbon dioxide and the nitrogen oxides produced by fertilizers, could soon have big effects on world climate—supposedly a drastic warming overall and a +++poleward shift of the rainbelts and desert zones+++, undermining established patterns of crop production and thereby the world economy...cont...
On 01 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

...cont...where their development may often be explained as a dynamical consequence of curvature of the thermal boundary between warm ocean water pushing far to the north and an established snow cover over the continent to the eaat and south-east". The image and quote are from Lamb, H.H., 1961“Fundamentals of climate.”Ch.2 in: Descriptive Palaeoclimatology (Ed. A.E.M. Nairn). Wiley - Interscience Publishers, New York. === === 1961!!! So how exactly does CO2 fit in? It doesn't. There is no need to involke CO2 unless you are an official or scientist or on the make - just a cog in the Great Global Warming Swindle. Hence why the we have the current manufactured PR/Spin 'hysteria' of the IPCC focusing on the 'alarm' not the warming is a zombie as it obviously eats brains. pfft.
On 01 Apr 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Have a look at this image. === === It shows the northern hemisphere jetstreams (marked as 'J'). I'll come back to it. Remember the great ho-ha when the MetO office needed to explain why their models had so fundementally failed to predict the recent cold winters in the UK. They announced their findings 'it was the jetstream that done it' to much fan fare & back slapping. Now I will quote HH Lamb..."the northern hemisphere liable to greater persistent anomalies from time to time than the southern, and anticyclones persisting for some weeks in parts of the zone 50-70°N are quite common. These are called 'blocking anticyclones' [high pressure], because they block or reverse for a time the prevailing west winds in middle latitudes ; they are particularly common over north-east Siberia, northern Greenland and Scandinavia...cont...
On 01 Apr 2014, Carl 30d Subscriber wrote:

Just to make a response to occasional Davids remark.I could not agree more with you.I saw a U-tube clip of Lord Christopher Monckton make a speech at first i thought it a bit far fetched but now i can see what you are sort of hinting at.In his speech he said all this nonsense has come about since the Berlin wall came.When the Berlin wall was up these communists Marxists e.t.c kept all their ideologies that side and YES ther did try to politicize Science.When the wall came down some of these lefties were absolutely thunderstruck The Soviet Union said no we dont want you back here.Well they had to go somewhere and the only way was West or North.It seems strange now the BBC almost ban the sceptics arguement.Where we have all seen Piers speaking very freely against the scandal on Russia today.It very funny since the falling of the Berlin wall everything has reversed.Like Ukraine i think i would believe Putin over Cameron or Obama anyday.
On 01 Apr 2014, Phil Ipswich non-sub wrote:

"The report makes clear that global trends do not necessarily apply to Britain". I think the BBC agrees that we will have some weather. And this was a few days before April the first.
On 01 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

lots of cloud all of a sudden... If the clocks hadn't of changed I'd still be sitting in the sun right now...
On 01 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

There's a lettuce ready happy days, making the Corbyn quiche with salad! seriously though April forecast also worth Every penny ;-)
On 01 Apr 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

bootiful day around 12 deg. sun out slight breeze but sitting in the sun enjoying the warmth, some cloud but all in all a nice day...Saskia I was just sat wondering what to cook the crew 2night also mind you thanks to March forecast lettuce is nearly ready :-))
On 01 Apr 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

I just got the 30-day forecast for Europe. All I will say is: Crikey! Glad I saved up to get it, absolutely worth not eating for a week (joke ;-) - Currently warm and somewhat more humid than previous weeks, nights are still cool although less so than before. Somewhat hazy since yesterday.
On 01 Apr 2014, Dave 30 day subs Suffolk wrote:

@Russ, Re Satellite BB. There does not seem to be any problems with rain on the BB connection, and as for snow of course this will not occur again in my lifetime. Re the IPCC report of 31 st I really was impressed and amused with the construct and absurdity of the report, however only realised later that I was one day adrift on April Fools Day
On 01 Apr 2014, occassionally David wrote:

Man made global warming is not a "wizard wheeze" that they'll carry on as long as they can get away with it. They're playing for keeps. Calls for the arrest and imprisonment of global warming deniers are frequent and whilst I don't think we're quite there yet, it's a long term possibility. Any study of history reveals that dissenters are treated badly by totalitarian regimes and the world is slipping into being controlled by just such a totalitarian regime. All such regimes need enemies, both domestic and foreign. Foreign enemies are easy to define, domestic, not so easy. So, belief in fair taxation, an equitable welfare system, the role of the sun in the climate, peaceful negotiations rather than pre-emptive strikes, etc, are all contrary to the overarching doctrine, so, the day when distracting the masses with the arrests and trials of dissenters may well arrive.
This post brought to you by the Department of We Hope We're Wrong.
Love the site, can't afford a subscription.
On 01 Apr 2014, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

85 mm of rain in March a big improvement on previous 2 mths 376 in Jan 277 in Feb giving a total so far of 738mm or 29" 2/3 of our annual rainfall if we have a drier than average April we will be slowly getting back to normal. Gras is starting to grow well on the farm hope to turn cattle out in just over a week.
On 01 Apr 2014, Paul Davidson wrote:

Here in Sao Paulo, I was watching BBC WorldNews at midday, a promotional service for the IPCC, and they were going over the report which they claimed was a "UN report." They'd just explained why CO2 was driving us to extinction when the screen went dead and an announcement came up, "Service curtailed due to solar interference with server's satellite." Hahahaha. I noted in a later broadcast the BBC reporting world soya price had rocketed due to the January heatwave in Brazil. Meanwhile, Bllomberg reports this year's bean outlook down from 90.3 million tons to 90 million tons. Still a record crop!
On 31 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

@Russ. Any years come to mind? Could be fun to look at the data on the spring/summer-certainly could be interesting as I'd expect a N/S diff. I still think overcast summer veering on wet with the jetstream over us but I think some v. hot periods so quite electrical and prone to heavy/severe downpours. It's not so much the current warm spring patch (bar last week cold incursion) but looking at prev wet years they happen to sequence (winter could be seen as part of the sequence involving summer). The period of the Great Chinese famine coincided with a v wet period of years here (late 1870s). We seem to be being influenced (Sth) by relative high pressure so I wonder will this then 'balance out' later? The winter was quite a southerly storm track over the Atlantic (normal course to N of Scot)-quite an LIA signature. Of course an LIA pattern could easily smash high temp records- it doesn't need a prolonged spell either if a 'loose' jetstream shifts right.
On 31 Mar 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

MEDIA --- Yes all, SARA, They all know how to contact me and that piece on IPCC above has been well circulated. I was on Jeremy Vine last year but I think he found he was unable to cope with what I said, or more to the point his bosses told him "Never again". VERY FEW of these media 'personalities' have either true independence or real integrity. I get the impression the Warmists are INCREASING their grip on media, they have a full Goebbels brainwashing programme which they are rolling out . As evidence I had an invite to come on LBC about a month ago, and expected it to happen. However like similar with BBC TV outlets it got pulled at the last minute for waffly nonsense reasons and the 'oh we'll have you when something else comes up' (eg today?!) has turned out to be not true. If you, anyone, puts enough pressure on them some media workers will have me and others on but presssure or alternative media is needed. Piers
On 31 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

'Climate Change' is the perfect example of an Orwellian reconstruction of meaning. Language evolves all the time-as we mimic our peers, parents & to varying extents the culture/society that surrounding us. We may not like how a word or phrase develops but mostly it is organic (shown by the discussions here on the synthesis & common heritage of our European languages). Climate Change as explicitly defined via media, officialdom & their enthusiastic echo chambers is 100% artificial-in effect a top down 'forcing' (sic). It is marketing-long planned (see also richard's comment regarding Pachauri in 2009-or Maurice Strong much further back). Hubert Lambs 'The Changing Climate' first published in 1966 mentions 'climate change' repeatedly === "In reality, of course, climate is always changing just as the controlling influences are never quite the same, and the 'normal' is misleading." Climate CHANGES - "It does exactly what it says on the tin" don't let 'officials' tell you otherwise.
On 31 Mar 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

GREAT COMMS ALL! And I am glad you like my points especially Saskia, Rober-Michel, Richard ---- RICHARD I find your information about Pachauri especially creepy although I suppose we all knew it really but the FACT is clear: The whole IPCC propaganda machine is just THAT. IT IS a GOBBELS PROGRAMME LOOK-ALIKE; what deadly lie will be announced and when is laid down years ahead. The 'Science' is just a wrapper to sell it in and it's made of Fools Gold. This also well explains why the CO2 sect FLEE ALL AND ANY DEBATE and suggests they know they are a Fools Gold wrapper. They are therefore conscious, deliberate brazen liars. When the Accountability Courts judge them what will be the sentence? ---- ALL! TODAY IS 31 MARCH So dont forget renew if you are not already on a longer sub and TELL OTHERS to get Weatherwise. Thank you.
On 31 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Contrary to expectations and after a dull start we ended up having a lovely & warm spring day, albeit with and underlying cold E'ly breeze, so that warm body & cold head = runny nose at night. Our local MO forecast got it completely wrong. Temp at 7.30 was 5˚C, went up to 14˚ in sheltered spots and back down to 5˚ by 10pm, cloud having started to roll in from the sea by 6pm. == Gill, Dave, Russ: thanks for your suggestions. Dongle is no use here as even our mobile reception is lousy. Satellite might make sense if we share it between the three households on the farm, will look into that. Our max download speed is around 0.63Mbps, upload 0.48, 7Mbps is a wild dream for us!
On 31 Mar 2014, Sara wrote:

I listened to the Jeremy Vine show ( BBC Radio 2 ) today. Please Piers, get yourself on there to put your point of view and expertise across. I was aghast and agog at the nonsense being said, with nobody to give an opposite view! If I hadn't been on the M4 I would have called myself to get you on there!
On 31 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Ps Gill don't know about the slugs as not seen many yet, but I could sure do with a beer after all the Internet reading I've squeezed in today, phew such hard work & too much info to take in esp. after the clock change and all !-) 8 deg at 10pm n cloudy..
On 31 Mar 2014, Lorraine Lister (sub NZ) wrote:

Saskia - we saw a programme about the Great Barrier Reef on TV last year and if I recall correctly the only real danger to it is that of intensive farming. I remember they did do the warming bit on that documentary.
On 31 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Gill1066.... Yes a dongle could solve Paddy's problem; I didn't know they had such a long range, 150 metres phew!....... Dave (Suffolk) Satellite is great but we can't justify the cost. At present we regularly hit 7Mbps, with a safe limit of 50Gb a month but unlimited as long as this limit isn't breached regularly, all for less than £7 a month. It would cost in excess of £30 a month for a 50Gb service on a satellite based system abeit with a greater bandwidth. We could have a guaranteed 18Mbps with unlimited data for £17/month. If Paddy can get his service upgraded then go for a dongle or LAN line, then it'll be a much cheaper option for him. The dongle would be the cheapest option of all. Gill, have you had any problems with your dongle? .... Dave, do you get problems with snow or heavy rain, as is the case with satellite tv?
On 31 Mar 2014, mwhite wrote: A three part series from the BBC. The last episode concerned the Messel pit, a 50 million year old fossil wonderland, then a TROPICAL RAINFOREST!!! Seems real global warming does’t mean the end of the world.
On 31 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

According to a Dutch article on the new IPCC report, one of the victims of GW is the Great Barrier Reef. Hm. I thought the GBR was at risk from expanding Abbot Point, but of course I could be wrong. Maybe they decided to dump dredging spoils there because it was already destroyed by GW? Anyways, Mr. Piers: "And if you say: What about daylight saving? LOL! Just F*** get up early (or stay up all night)." I'm shocked, nay, horrified by your use of language! *KIDDING* ;-) I wholeheartedly concur with what you're saying. This DST stuff is too ridiculous for words and yes, obsolete. I for one always have a devil of a time trying to adjust to putting the clock forward, and all through Summer it never feels 'quite right'. But maybe that's just me. OT: Warm days and cold nights. So far your forecasts for this month have been 100% correct!
On 31 Mar 2014, Stella Sunset wrote:

If the sun really is responsible for climate change, then Rupert Murdoch is in a lot more trouble than he thinks!
On 31 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

Skilful Long Range Prediction of European and North American Winters.... abstract....Here we use a new forecast system to assess seasonal predictability of winter north Atlantic climate. We demonstrate that key aspects of European and North American winter climate and the surface North Atlantic Oscillation are highly predictable months ahead. We demonstrate high levels of prediction skill in retrospective forecasts of the surface North Atlantic Oscillation, winter storminess, near surface temperature and wind speed; all of which have high value for planning and adaptation to extreme winter conditions. .....let them put it to the test in real time rather than retrospective?
On 31 Mar 2014, Robert-Michel (suscriber) wrote:

From Montreal, Southern Quebec, Canada. 16 cm of snow and blowing snow yesterday, as axpected weeks ago. Excellency as usual. Thank you Piers.
On 31 Mar 2014, Carl 30d Subscriber wrote:

Sorry been away which is why i didnt comment.This latest IPCC scare is very interesting for one reason.Rising temperatures and Global warming Errr!!!! DID THEY NOT TELL US BACK IN SEPTEMBER THAT THAT THERE WAS NO GLOBAL WARMING FOR SIXTEEN YEARS.Did i miss something there!!!! Always mentioned heat in Australia and the deadly typhoon which trashed the Phillipines but nothing at all about record cold in U.S. and Canada.Also it now appears they are becoming so desperate that the warmists are not even singing from the same song sheet .The IPCC and the U.K Met office are saying things that flys in the face of the IPCC.I say to the global warmers next December to strip off naked and just stay outdoors for the entire winter>they may get the COLD TRUTH
On 31 Mar 2014, Rob Horler wrote:

More BBC bias on the Vine show today regarding the IPCC report. No balance to the show and no balance from the callers. They asked for peoples opinions of local conditions so I emailed and texted them the fact that Hamish Mcinnes the famous mountaineer has stated it is the most snow he has seen on the hills in Scotland in 69 years. Instead they re-cycle the loss making Guardians claim that the Ski Industry would be finished by now. Interestingly Vine said he must go and have a look at the coral reef in Australia before it disappears but as Peter Hitchens said, if you believe in the Co2 fraud its ok to carry on regardless. If you do not and for example do not even own a car or fly then you are demonised. Give me strength.
On 31 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Hi Gill I was reading an article on a process called electroculture which is to attract static electricity which charges the atmosphere in your garden increasing veg production
On 31 Mar 2014, Catherine 45d sub wrote:

Rob, you're right. I only skimmed Piers's comment and thought it was the same idea that surfaces every autumn - that we keep BST or, even worse, double BST. Either of these are totally unacceptable and his comment 'just move' was really annoying. I still don't see what the problem is with changing clocks but keeping GMT would be okay. Summer evenings getting dark an hour earlier would have been great when my children were young. It's still light at 10.30 in mid summer here with BST.
On 31 Mar 2014, Rob wrote:

@ Catherine. You seem to have misinterpreted Piers comment on changing the clocks. What he said was that we should be on permanent GMT or put another way "winter time" therefore the sun would rise in Glasgow in December at the same time it does presently with no change to when it gets light. The difference would be noticable in the summer when it would get dark earlier at night.
On 31 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

IPCC report another iraq dossier sexed up..... "Shortly before authors wrote the final version, a British Government official passed scientists a note complaining about an earlier, more moderate draft.The official, from Ed Davey’s Department for Energy and Climate Change, said the economic section of the report was at best an ‘under-estimate’ and at worst ‘completely meaningless The final document, published today in Japan, increases the predicted economic impact of global warming.'’.......
On 31 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

As someone else pointed out The BBC article starts with a photo of a pagoda in West Lake, Hangzhou, China (without a caption to explain that the photo does not show rising waters dues to global warming)...... It has no caveats that even the ipcc use, does not say the predictions are from unvalidated models and has no critique from other climate scientists. Their world chart is coloured in a way with a scale that gives a misleading impression if you just looked at the colours. Its the worst sort of yapparrazzi publishing......
On 31 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

If IPCC Chairman Rajendra Pachauri knew what this report was going to say back in 2009 and that it would be a call to action that would be both alarming and dramatic then the whole IPCC and their reports is just a show trial of co2 who stands convicted without any evidence and used to promote social ecology....... In September 2009, he told religious leaders in New York: “When the IPCC’s fifth assessment comes out in 2013 or 2014, there will be a major revival of interest in action that has to be taken. People are going to say, ‘My God, we are going to have to take action much faster than we had planned.’” ...
On 31 Mar 2014, Dave 30 day subs Suffolk wrote:

Paddy, I'm on satellite broadband for the past year since normal BB is sub 1 Mb at best and intermittent in rainy weather. Satellite is very good and reliable, but pricey and you must be aware of the data allowance for the various plans. Even "unlimited" plans can be subject to a "fair usage policy" and streaming videos ie if you have children, can rapidly bounce you into exceeding your data allowance.
On 31 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Maria- why do want static electric around your veg plot? if you want to get rid of slugs.... beer!
On 31 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Paddy.... Dongle! I have broadband in my office - but 150 m away in the farm office - it will not work, so they use a dongle.
On 31 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

apologies if a lil off topic but comments prompted me to do some reading, I've just read if you drive wooden stakes around veg plants or each corner of a raised bed and run bare copper wiring from the top of each stake forming a sq around the perimeter of your plants that the wire will attract static electricity, also using metal stakes on tomatoes & tie with stockings, maybe worth a go though I'm a bit prone to frequent static shocks so it could be an entertaining experiment for me!
On 31 Mar 2014, Catherine 45d sub wrote:

Piers, I absolutely disagree with your comment on daylight saving. I well remember the 70s when we didn't put the clocks back for a few years and how depressing the dark mornings are. In mid December the sun rises at 8.45 here in Glasgow. This means it's dark until after 8.30, especially when it's cloudy (ie all the time!). If we don't put the clocks back it would be dark until 9.30. Very depressing. I know that we would have 7 hours between sunrise and sunset in mid December regardless of what we do with the clocks (it's amazing that some people don't get that) but an earlier sunset is easier psychologically as most folk are heading home then. Finally I must say that your advice to 'just move' has echoes of Norman Tebbit's 'get on your bikes' and is just as unacceptable. What's so difficult about turning clocks forward/back for an hour if it helps psychologically through winter? Still chilly with biting cold wind here, but at least it's dry....
On 31 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

I agree we should ditch the clock changes its a pain in the ...!
On 31 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

the BBC reporting==="Scientists and +++officials+++ meeting in Japan have published the most comprehensive assessment to date of the impacts of climate change on the world." === what do officials have to with science? This is a Brazilian government official quoted at the end of the story === "It provides the scientific basis to say this is the bill, somebody has to pay, and with the scientific grounds it is relatively easier now to go to the climate negotiations in the UNFCCC and start making deals about +++who will pay for adaptation+++." === the Climate ponzi not about science and they’re not even trying to hide it anymore. They know the game is up so are squeezing every last penny before the pyramid collapses ===
On 30 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Lorraine... Quote: "The only truth in it is the likelihood of violence and rioting due to food shortages from cooling, not warming." ..... Correct! You have it nailed. ......... Paddy. You need to talk to your internet service provider and tell them that you keep losing your signal and suggest they need to fit another repeater (booster), closer to your home. Does your son have no broadband because he has been told he can't have it, or is the line along your road up to capacity or something? I need more info. Just 50 yards away you could run a cable from your own home and set up a LAN connection to your son which would allow him to access the internet through your router, but you need to sort out your own signal strength problem firstly.
On 30 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

contd.......... The hatred expressed by those wanting an eco man ecology for those they see as stuck in ego centric ecology [with all its destruction and co2 creation] comes out in name calling and bearing false witness............. As we see we are now a long way from ice age cycles, inter glacial warming, models, measurements, recording and other topics one might think is proper climate science............... Science is a tool. i go to the car mechanic to fix my car. What his views on vegetarianism are not relevant to fixing the car. To be called a science a science has a standard of prove predict. As presently constructed what is usually called climate science fails that test [see ipcc reports] because its main concern is creating a ‘new man’ who is eco centric.
On 30 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

How it came to Name Calling, Bearing False Witness and all that................... As ecology comprises for some reason 50% of a climate science course one has to look at it to understand why climate science is not about climate but sustainability.................. To understand the language of ipcc style ‘climate science’ one needs to know the difference between deep ecology and social ecology and why they hate each other. How their aim is to create a ‘new man’ that has a new ecology who is not ego centric but eco centric. The current ego centric ecology with its hierarchy and domination is summed up in capitalism. The eco centric model of man renounces these for a new life in harmony with an idealised vision of what ecology should be. This they claim will end all ‘threats’ to sustainability to this new man ecosystem and will be joy................... contd
On 30 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Can not wait for April forecast! I'm like a kid @ Christmas eek!-)
On 30 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Thanks Catherine Russ & Craig For your informative comments, made a lot of sense to me thanks, i find it all fascinating & must also look up the electric universe site soon. I do love a good storm ( nearly as much as i love snow!) but we rarely get them here either though saying that I would say i have heard/seen a couple more & heard reports of more over the last 12mths, I remember big loud thunder & electrical storms when I was a wee nipper in the 80's they seemed to last longer then too, yesterday was rainy but today just the odd spit or 2 quite cloudy & only between 8/10 deg both days but has felt milder to me @ times & still feels like we could get a good crack of thunder maybe just wishful thinking..!
On 30 Mar 2014, Paddy (sub Aberdeen south 130m elevation) wrote:

No internet once again, we're at the end of a very long line and our son, 50 yards down from us, can't get broadband at all. Weather here dull, dull, dull and 5 - 10 deg C for the last 2 days, continuous ESE winds - what's all this about hot sun, Russ? Looking at the European High the present conditions could go on for some time, seen that before. - Anybody know whether satellite broadband is a viable option, we have several households to share it with to cut cost. Suggestions gratefully received.
On 30 Mar 2014, Lorraine Lister (sub NZ) wrote:

Here we go again with the latest scaremongering report from the IPCC We sat and laughed as we saw this on our TV news tonight (and called James Renwick of NIWA a few nasty but befitting names). The only truth in it is the likelihood of violence and rioting due to food shortages from cooling, not warming.
On 29 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

lorrainne- all of that they put is such a deep darkness its hard to know where to begin. co2 has increased but no link to warming, pretty sure wa has some pdf going thro all that like
On 29 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

x class flare.....
On 29 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

from "Strong solar flare detected! Sunspot 2017 located in the northwest quadrant produced an impulsive ***X1.0*** solar flare peaking at 17:48 UTC. The flare was responsible for a brief radio blackout which effected the HF radio spectrum on the sunlit side of Earth during the middle of the CQ Worldwide WPX radio contest. Signals did recover quickly. More information to follow regarding a possible coronal mass ejection (CME). Stay tuned" +++ Active Region (AR) 2017 is located to NE of central solar disc. Looks to be a geo effective position but we'll see. If it is we *could* see auroras which I have missed every time due to cloud +++ It has been a glorious day today, with a warm breeze (until eve when cool breeze picked up & high cloud rolled Iin) I hope the high lingers so I can see my first aurora. Quick look earlier at radar showed a fair bit of rain to the West, moving North, covering Ireland. Quite misty AM till sun burnt thru
On 29 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Maria (from other thread). I had never heard that but it appears electrical storms do help plants === "Yes, lightning that accompanies thunderstorms can act to add nitrogen to the soil. Gaseous nitrogen (which makes up about 78 percent of the atmosphere) is unusable by higher plants because of its chemical composition. Nitrogen is transformed to a plant-usable form (nitrogen fixation) by the electrical discharges that can occur within thunderstorms.The usable nitrogen is added to the soil as a component of precipitation. While this process is beneficial to plants, the vast majority of nitrogen fixation is accomplished by microorganisms in the soil." Greg Spoden, assistant state climatologist ===
On 29 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

cont'd 2.... I see no reason to doubt that plants are any different. We are discovering amazing new insights into the plant and animal kingdoms almost daily, many of which are at the microscopic level. I would be very interested in any observations you might make over this coming season during storm periods, lightning or not, it's the electrical activity which is the crux. Thunder storms are such short lived phenomena in the UK though, so any effect had better be dramatic or you may not notice them. Best of luck with the coming season Maria and with the help of your subscription you should have a good one...... Weather-wise, hot sun hot sun hot sun bullseye Piers. And the Met said rain then showers over the weekend with little sun and maybe slightly above normal temperatures. Flippin heatwave more like! So what does, 'in like a lamb, out like a lamb', lead to?? CraigM? I'm betting on some descent, sunny, warm, weather this summer...
On 29 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Maria (Ireland) Re: plants and magnetism. It will depend a lot who you ask. Even the top dogs on Gardeners Question Time will no doubt give different replies. Some believe that electrical storms have a highly beneficial effect, as I do myself, but others will poo poo any notion and call it wacko fringe science. Thunderstorms often follow hot periods with little rain, so plants will tend to go a bit mad when the rains fall, but the 'not so obvious' effects are cellular, and both physicists and biologists need to come together and spend more time on this, to get a better understanding of the effects that gardeners and farmers have been witnessing for millennia. We are taught that plants & trees respond to extra warmth and longer daylight hours but my own observations contradict this simplistic view. Only very recently did we learn that the cells of the body aren't negatively charged but that every type of cell in the body is neutral and try very hard to stay that way.... cont'd
On 29 Mar 2014, Lorraine G wrote:

I made a comment on the BBC website asking for proof of Global Warming some one provided me with this link I am no scientist what do you think of the following Piers:
On 29 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Really looking forward to reading your Electric Universe presentation Piers. Your new comments above are, 'on point'. I shall be keeping the lights on for 'Earth Hour'. The irony of real powerouts/blackouts due to insufficient power capacity goes over their heads. === === this looks back at the predictions made on the first Earth Day in 1970. We've been recycling dire warnings about our fate ever since ===