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On 29 Mar 2014, Catherine 45d sub wrote:

Maria, it's not a myth. There is a chemical explanation for lightning storms aiding plant growth. The atmosphere is mainly a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. Nitrogen is usually unreactive but the lightning enables the nitrogen and oxygen molecules to react forming nitrogen oxides which dissolve in the rain forming nitrate ions which are a good fertiliser. Cloudy with a cold wind here in Glasgow, which made for a chilly walk with the dog this morning.
On 29 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Bit link I gave below doesn't work (full link quite long). Try again on this blog rather than new one === === this relates too === ===
On 29 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

I've not been into gardening for very long as I'm raising children & so I'm learning at a slower pace about plants & I was told once that thunder storms are great for the plants but not why is it an electric magnetic effect or just a myth?
On 29 Mar 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL ---- WENDY Good and Thank you for extending Sub I must now REMIND anyone that this is the BEST time to extend your sub (even if has many months to run) or start a new one - the reduction of up to 50% is well worth it! ---- SEE above for Electric Universe Conference notes on Report back.
On 28 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Rain showers to begin with, 5˚C at 7.30, more cloud and less sun than yesterday, wind mostly E'ly, not too strong but insistent, 11˚ max temp, back down to 5˚ by 10pm. Still trees to plant, so quite happy that spring is not advancing too fast, no sign of a warm weekend here.
On 28 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

....cont...Green groups, rightly, condemn such practices but turn a blind eye when their own industry is involved because *their* cause benefits (noble cause corruption-why we invaded Iraq per se). I loathe the politics of climate change but it is inevitable (I have been slowly dragged into this despite reluctance as it is entwined inthe 'green movement'). Cameron may say he will cut green taxes on energy bills but at the same stroke pumps billions more to subsidise the offshore parasites-which are the same 'big 6' energy companies (win win?). Due to an ongoing MIA (temps may take a couple of years to really cool regardless of the pattern (& 'adjusting)-el nino (2014/5/6-it will happen like 2010...eventually) -but we are on course for extortion-not because of a 'real' lack of supply but an enforced one. but despite less usage my bills keep going up despite how many bird culling prayer wheels erected since Green is not working. Transfer of wealth is. c
On 28 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Don't agree with the premise the Energy have not been ripping us off - they have, from monopolisation to buying from themselves - but the point about [manufactured] energy shortages is key. In California, from what I recall from recent in depth read, was a manipulated restriction of supply (less available=higher unit price I.e. they can charge more when less to go around=more profit per unit). It was an artificial price hike which sadly is what we have looming in the UK today === === Think how much petrol prices go up due to e.g. [manufactured] 'instability' in Mid East. Think how much oil comps profits posted pat few yeara (peak oil my ***) The 'Green' con is nothing less than restriction of supply to drive up prices (look what they want to do to coal in carbon trading) & therefore profit...cont...
On 28 Mar 2014, Wendy wrote:

Renewed annual sub too.Thankyou Piers.Weather cold and sleety with hail like polystyrene beads! during the last 3 days ,in the High Peak Derbyshire.Hopefully warm weather to follow this weekend.
On 28 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

1876 (a wet BI winter) also had quite a severe winter in the US. The Mississippi froze over in Dec (Iowa) so people could walk over. many other rivers frozen many inches thick, and th cold penetrated down to Florida. Many values down below -20DegC. in Jan 1877. Hail noted in Mar in UK as early and lasting longer. Sound Familiar? Conveniently many records start after this period (1880). I'm sure this was posted on here before but it's an amazing resource-1400+ pages (18mb) but it can be searched easily. Covers 1900 years of obs! === === interestingly quite a stormy wet summer in BI followed and in US east coast landfall of hurricanes with a notable hot summer US followed by warm winter and cold spring (77/78) +++ Warmth returning
On 28 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland sub ) wrote:

Nice start to the day sun out 6deg @ 8.45 a.m a lil nippy & some big clouds around, but nice to hear the birds singing, wondering if we might get a bit of thunder later as my head is pounding, thanks also for forecast deal Piers my partner availed of last night, one totally chuffed Mum here this morning ;-)
On 28 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

BINGO! I am allowed to say it? ... March going out like a lamb! .... (We've got loads skipping around the fields).
On 28 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Current (7:30 AM) temps of 3+/-2 C, actual/wind chill resp. Predictions are for very warm weather today and this weekend. Wind is NE/E and felt extremely cold last night.
On 28 Mar 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

GREAT COMMS ALL -- Hello I Now back from Albuquerque USA Electric Universe Conf. It was great. I will give report at regular WeatherAction meeting today 28th & on site later. -- ALL! DONT FORGET TODAY IS THE DAY - RENEW AHEAD for 6m or 12m beyond your current sub and save uop to 50%!! Details above -- My comment on the BBC's relaunch of IPCC deranged 'theory' of CO2 & ocean ''Acidification" is above along with COMMS on CURRENT weather USA and Br+Ir+Eu. Thanks Piers
On 27 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Milder start today, 6˚C at 7.30, had been down to 4˚ overnight. Strong E wind bringing lots of towering cumulus clouds off the see, very beautiful and impressive, slight rain early morning, then dry, max temp only 8˚, back down to 5˚ by 10pm. Amazing looking weather map for 18:00 today, anorexic looking HP in mid Atlantic, seemingly hemmed in by lows on either side.
On 27 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Had an almighty (local?) thunder & lightening storm today - which I didn't hear as was tucked well away at work, but heard reports from many...and had a powercut at home! It sounded directly overhead & the lightening must have hit a BT line as it's knocked out my phoneline & internet (short circuit). Others who reported looked outside as they thought something had smashed-it was a rolling thunderclap that lasted 4-5secs. (lightening & thunder still in distance 5hrs later).Hail in the mix too. Doesn't look much on radar but diff case in N mids/Wales/NW atm (at the moment ~7pm). Yesterday had graupel (soft hail/snow pellets) but it wasn't a that heavy shower. Feeling cold past few days in the North winds which AM today veering NE (going by clouds), now from SE. The system itself seems centered between Cornwall & Brittany moving West in an anti-clockwise rotation (I.e. low pressure). Unusual as others have already commented as the system moved in from east (Poland).
On 27 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Renewed annual sub. Thanks for the offer Piers.
On 27 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

was also really gutted to see en route food shopping a load of wind turbines have popped up like an ugly eyesore along the view of gorgeous hills and countyside behind! in an area where they have just banned turf cutting for fuel on the peat bogs due to helping the environment for bird life! I thought those wind thingys were not good for birds getting smooshed in them :-/
On 27 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

Variable cloud sun n showers here in Laois last 2 days, was around 8deg yday sunny to start & finish showery in the middle so worked in the Polytunnel where it was 22-24 deg, 1 deg @ midnight outside with a lovely sky full of stars, around 6 deg now @ 13.49 & we too have had a couple of sleety showers but sun & cloud again now a lil breezy but nice afternoon..
On 27 Mar 2014, Ann (Wicklow) wrote:

27th. Snow, sleet and hail here during the night and this morning! More to come during the day. Lucky you, Maria, to have such a lovely day yesterday....we had cold rain, then mist and fog, then frost! Now heavy wintry showers coming off the Irish Sea. Looking forward to warmer weather next week.
On 27 Mar 2014, Ian wrote:

With luck the warm Spring weather will return to UK this weekend. Mother's Day is looking to be good with warm sunshine and that nasty Jetstream seems to be splitting again with one arm going north over Iceland and Scandinavia and the other down over Spain and North Africa. Let's hope it stay like that!
On 27 Mar 2014, Russ 45day Derbyshire subs wrote:

Looks like Global Warming is happening quicker than we thought... >> << c] ;^)
On 26 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Misty this morning with a nice hoar frost that looked rather spectacular for this time of year, and even though the overnight temp was -1˚C according to the thermometer and all the daffodils were hanging their heads in dejection, the ground wasn't frozen and it all disappeared pretty quickly once the sun got going in between the swathes of mist rolling in. The initial stillness was soon gone when the chilly N wind got going and carried on blowing all day in bright sunshine, a typical Scottish spring day, as you would say, Ron. It was great planting trees in this weather, some Alnus incana, couldn't find rubra this late in the season. Temp got to 10˚ but one didn't feel like casting any clothes, the wind was too bracing. 5˚ by 10pm, no snow though (hi Saskia :-)
On 26 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Bitter cold here but not surprising with an almost northerly wind. Sunny most of the day until 2'ish, then clouds racing in bringing showers but possibly hail as the evening wears on. The birds seem confused after their earlier burst of spring-like emotions. The grass, plants and trees on the other hand aren't so fickle and appear reluctant to show much growth, other than that which we would have expected 2 or more weeks ago.
On 26 Mar 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

stunningly gorgeous sunny day today. 9 degrees up on the higher fencepost by the orchard and 15 down here in our garden, 3 m lower than the orchard and sheltered. Seeds sown and various transplants done according to the forecast to come. Getting ready for the next month. Just a light breeze on the field and all windows open. Am energised by this weather
On 26 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

SNOW! I kid thee not! It's just a flake (hi Paddy ;-) here and there, but the weather has done a complete 180 and gone retrograde towards winter, it feels like. Seems the prediction is for more during the day. I'm not even putting down temps anymore until I get my hands on a weather station, as the "current temperature" stated for our region is so far removed from reality that I'm just ignoring it.
On 26 Mar 2014, Nigella (occasional subscriber) wrote:

Brrrrr, it is chilly. Hat & gloves on again for the walk to work. No frost last night & but it got down to 2 degs in my bit of East Berks last night. Interesting to see a low pressure moving in from the East. Can't remember the last time that happened. We get highs coming from the East often enough for it not to be unusual, but it's not often we get a low pressure. Keeping my fingers crossed for the WA finish to the end of the month.
On 26 Mar 2014, Ron Greer wrote:

got home , on Monday,from Bavaria ( where Magnolia trees were in blossom) to cold NE winds and warm sunshine, with quite a lot of fresh snow down to 400 metres and the hills gleaming white in the distance--all typical of spring in the Scottish Highlands. Then the latest Mobeeb prediction came for wetter winters and roasting summer---this seems typical too. So floody droughts, droughty flood, scorching hot frosts blah blah etc. Aye right then Captain Mainwaring---is Godfrey in the loo preparing for the drought?
On 26 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Re: MetO latest 'it could be warm it could be cold but it's what we'd expect...blah...blah' as per BBC report highlighted below -is it useful? How does that help anyone? Remember they are not saying, as Hubert Lamb, former MetO chief, said is a consequence of GLOBAL COOLING === === but at the heart is the question is this unprecedented? Absolutely nothing we have seen these past few years is unprecedented-in frequency or extremity. 1876 a very interesting year. Nov-Jan just ~17mm below DJF this year. Severe drought in Auz also === === so until the MetO can explains how now is different to 1876/7 or 1929/30 or the late 13th century all that they say is fluff, no matter how many scientific terms (excuses) they throw in to try to impress.
On 25 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Stiff SSE wind all night & most of the day with a cloud laden sky, a bit of drizzle from time to time, 4˚C at 7.30, rising only to 6˚, back down to 4˚ by 10pm. Tomorrow promising to be fine & sunny.
On 25 Mar 2014, Sue H, N Ireland (part-time subscriber) wrote:

Awful day here yesterday. Wind was bitterly cold and very gusty. I didn't realise quite how bad until I got home from school and the climbing frame was tipped over and broken and the trampoline trashed( again). We've only just righted them from the last time that happenned which was Boxing day night. Heavy rain most of the evening.
On 25 Mar 2014, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Gerry I think the reason the Met Office is coming out with this is because there is a Nino forecast for 2014/15. The more accurate forecasters are saying it will be a Modoki one, which is much less severe in its effects. I must say I'd be surprised if warming started in 2016, as we will be past the peak of cycle 24 and the sun will be quietening down again. Obviously, if we get a prolonged secondary peak this cycle maybe that will change things. My money is still on a steady decline to 2030, assuming that you actually measure global temperature fairly, accurately and evenly. I'll be the first to hold my hand up if I'm wrong though.
On 25 Mar 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK Sub wrote:

This link is about the paintings of Turner showing stormy skies and sunsets of green and orange because of volcanic activity, Piers Was talking about this many months ago I see someone has caught up with it, Well done Piers...............
On 25 Mar 2014, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

It started raining around 1am and was still raining this morning but has now dried up and is cloudy but bright. So the last few days fits with both 30 & 45day forecasts. The met o likes long predictions so that nobody can recall what they said. As to checking up in the future, I am certain one body has claimed that the warming - which they failed to predict stopping - will begin again in 2016. I am sure most of us will be around to call whoever it was said it to account when it doesn't happen. And a BBC climate story allowing comments - I nearly chocked on my lunch. Bet that won't last long.
On 25 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

if Meto want to prove long range forecasting cannot be done then they should hold a competition open to anyone amateur or professional scientist or not. .......But they know if it can be done then co2 spider goes down the plughole
On 25 Mar 2014, Paul wrote:

The met office up to their old tricks again about mild wet winters and hot summers. Perhaps its is because this winter has been mild so they assume this is the start of milder winters. This is the first winter for many winters here in Lowestoft when there has been no snow. The atmosphere has been more energetic and I won't be surprised with the increased solar activity if the world has warmed very slightly, but give it next winter or a few winters time and I bet there will be another big freeze up like in Dec 2010.
On 25 Mar 2014, Rob wrote:

UKMO today repeat the old line about how in the future winters will be milder and wetter and summers will be hotter and drier although they concede there will be cold spells and some summer washouts. This is a repeat of what was said about 20 years ago, so it seems that what was promised in the future has been pushed further into the future ( to a time that will never come). Clearly they have now shot themselves in the foot with this. Make a note of this proclamation because when we are all freezing we can can all look back to this date and ask '' why has what you promised not come to pass''? They have in fact started the clock counting down to the day the theory of AGW is rejected.
On 25 Mar 2014, Luke_Kent wrote:

Everyone has probably already seen this article on the BBC... But the "experts" have predicted literally some weather coming to the UK in the near future. Surprisingly though, they are allowing comments! First climate article I've seen allowing freedom of speech in about 2 years. Not biased at all!
On 25 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Beat this everyone. My young apricot tree in the polytunnel on Sunday had FRUITS galore growing on it! Taking up Piers annual offer tomorrow
On 25 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Frost on the grass this morning, walking the dog last night the sky was clear with a myriad of stars, and a chilly NE wind. The last few days have all started out sunny but becoming cloudy after midday. Fruit trees are in full bloom, bees and butterflies are roaming, and the crows nearby are shouting up a storm while constructing huge nests. What is very noticeable is that although the sun may be out, it doesn't feel as warm as it did a few years ago. Nor have I obtained my usual 'early year tan' (OK, I do cheat a bit by not being completely Caucasian ;-) In short, less warmth. Has anyone else noticed this? - WRT subscriptions: if I take out a 30 Europe sub, having paid for March ... will that take me into May or just up to and incl April?
On 25 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

Hey Piers when I subscribe for April do I click on Br + Ir 45d top deal or Bi upgrade?
On 25 Mar 2014, @piers_Corbyn wrote:

THANKS ALL -- YES! R5 is 23-24th and has had effect - see above; REMINDER to all: The offer of up to 50% OFF all subs expires on 28th. There is NOT MUCH TIME LEFT to go and subsribe as new or EXTEND YOUR CURRENT SUB at same up to 50% OFF rate. Do it now before you forget and pass it on -- ElectricU conf very interesting. Thanks Piers (at Electric Universe Conf 24th leaving 25th)
On 25 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Richard.... True! Don't forget, the Anthropogenic Global Warming theory describes "runaway warming", bringing catastrophe for the rest of time, meaning 'no more ice ages' yaaay! The whole planet will be sand and warm seas and grapes and palm trees and golden sunshine. Oh I forgot! It also describes thousands of terrifying tornado's, hordes of horrifying hurricanes, worldwide severe drought, and wars over water. I think they may have gotten the ideas behind their theory a little mixed up. For instance, Robert Felix (Ice Age Now) seems to have it nailed with his idea that a weaker sun could cause undersea volcano's to erupt warming the oceans. This would create more water vapour and hence more cloud. The cooling earth, driven by a weaker sun, would cause the ensuing precipitation to fall as snow in the northern latitudes. Most of that seawater would then be trapped around the Arctic Circle lessening rainfall across the globe, leading to water shortages. Makes more sense than AGW!
On 24 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Biting S wind today from returning cold air wrapped around the Lows out west hitting the High that was over Britain today, 1˚C at 7.30, rising to 11˚ around midday & dropping to 4˚ by 9pm. Bright blue sky with sun all day from around 9am onwards, can't believe how dry everything has suddenly become, couldn't have dreamt of that a few weeks ago! == Excellent graph, Richard. Puts the warmists in their place; the higher they fly, the harder they'll fall (misquoting Jimmy Cliff) :-)
On 24 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

until the medieval warming high is taken out then temps are in a downtrend.....
On 24 Mar 2014, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

From Todays Pravda (that is the REAL Pravda): "Separation of Church and State Disappears with Global Warming - Science has become the new religion of Power Mongers.... Global warming serves as an informative example of the deterioration of science..."
On 24 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

nice contextualising picture showing temps since the last ice age.... co2ers can only get away with their nonsense by using a 30 year snapshot and pretending the rest of it does not exist.
On 24 Mar 2014, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

Standing outside yesterday morning looking at friend's new car it was very cold. He had been on Epsom Downs earlier and the biting wind made it cold there too. I noted that it was a more NW wind than usual. Some heavy hail/sleet showers during the day. Warm in the sun though. I see that there was a flare with associate CME yesterday - is this the R5 a day late? Re Richard & BBC - isn't it wonderful how they will accept the scientists' non-science based conjecture but reject sceptics who want a science debate. If the BBC did allow a sceptic on to oppose them, the warmists would run off screaming 'denier' and refuse to appear to avoid being filletted in public.
On 24 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

they like to decontextualise the climate. If the earth is in an inter glacial warming period then one would expect warming. No need to invent something extra to cause it. The sea levels have risen 150m since the last ice age. how much the claim is due to co2? just the last 50 years?...they never use the term interglacial warming period. So they must think the ice age cycles are over?
On 24 Mar 2014, Matt (subscriber) wrote:

Michel Jarraud, the WMO's secretary-general, also said there had been no 'pause' in global warming, as has been alleged by climate change sceptics. “There is no standstill in global warming,” Jarraud said. That's strange, because other climate scientists have fallen over themselves to explain the "pause". No wonder so many people have become skeptical about what the scientists are saying.
On 24 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

Popped back to Met Eireann & notice they now have a Yellow status wind warning for Mayo Clare Cork Kerry & Limerick, issued 9.00 a.m for strong to gale force west to north west winds will gust 90-100 km/hr for a time later this aft./eve. in exposed areas esp. coastal fringes, valid 24th 16.00-21.00...
On 24 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Very hard frost this morning with a good inch of ice in places and lots of patches of hail a couple of inches deep in very sheltered spots, so must have dropped overnight but still frozen at 11am. Frosty grass out of the sun until 10am.
On 24 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Go to and look at the european map showing a wider picture incuding the UK, and you'll see that a high pressure wall is deflecting the incoming storm which is building off the Irish coast. On the rainfall radar you can clearly see the precipitation weakening as it hits the wall. This is a pattern I see repeated over and over again this past year or two, winter and summer alike, high pressure blocking potential storms and putting WA forecasts out of joint. I think you ought to be pushing the term potential storm more Piers as it shows subscribers that the storm may form as close as Eire or Scotland yet still not cause disruption further east. At least subscribers will have been warned of the possibility of bad weather and will be able to track the storm online, thereby proving that the forecast was on track, but was thwarted at the last hurdle... The link below about luna cycles gave lots of info about farming and planting cycles/timing; should prove useful to gardeners...
On 24 Mar 2014, Nigella (occasional subscriber) wrote:

Weather update from East Berks. Weekend was a mixture of sunshine and showers. Showers were brief and contained hail. Heavy frost last night but lifted fairly quickly. Blue skies this morning with cloud starting to build now. Wondering if there will be divergence from my WA forecast? Looking at the MO forecast, it would seem that the high pressure may build from the East over the next few days. Watching with interest.
On 24 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

Cold start to Sat. followed by blustery wind n showers then windy cool night, Sunday actually turned out quite pleasant with sunshine & wished had gone for a walk as today strong winds cloudy & showers around 7deg...
On 24 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

bbc bans any debate on climate-near bottom of article - '‘When covering climate change stories, we should not run debates / discussions directly between scientists and sceptics'.... add "Mr MacLeod wrote that the reason the Trust decided that there should be no attempt by the BBC to give equal weight to opposing sides on climate change was that sceptics’ views were ‘based on opinion rather than demonstrablescientific validity’.....basically bbc is saying anyone who does not believe co2 is main driver is not a scientist. They adopt the same view that scientists do not debate with creationists putting the climate debate BETWEEN scientists the same as that between religion and science....recently the bbc debates never have a scientist opposing co2ers even tho plenty scientists who would debate it.
On 24 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

MetO 3 month summer forecast same as last year “near-to-below-average” temperatures and “above-average” rainfall '. If they keep repeating it every year one year they might be right! lol . This is what happened to the same forecast last year... they didn't get last summer right nor last winter yet call anyone a crank who can predict 3 months out? sounds like arrogance not science?
On 23 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Cold morning with pretty stiff & biting NNW wind, 0˚C a 7.30 with a slight frost in sheltered places on the farm, though less than yesterday. Snow/light hail showers off & on between 11am & 1pm, otherwise sunny, in fact a glorious day, cold in the wind but you can feel the strength of the sun in shelter. Max temp 8˚, back down to 4˚ by 9pm. As for MO short range forecasts, they are more often unhelpful than not, computer generated GIGO - garbage in, garbage out, there doesn't appear to be a live human being anywhere near it.
On 23 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

After some deliberation I have decided that this is not 'off-topic' because it can rain cats & dogs. I just have to share this with you all..... >> << ........... Just having a major hail storm here in NE Derbyshire 3.45pm!
On 23 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Ann (Wicklow) ... Re: definition of 'freak'. Yep you got me. I'd checked two dictionary's but not the almighty Oxford. Should have known better! Original definition from 1600s "A sudden arbitrary change of mind; a whim". ... That's some development as it's attached to so many things today........ Weatherwise... a bit windy, a bit cool (chilly), some heavy showers but well spaced and long intervals, so little in the way of muddying the ground. Plenty of crystal clear sun. Not much cloud at night so very cold mornings......... Interesting blog post about luna cycles >> <<
On 23 Mar 2014, Christine Gaskill wrote:

Sunny, blustery winds with hail showers here in the Chilterns.
On 23 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Rubbish temperature + chilly showers = depressed.
On 22 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Another fairly blustery day, mostly SW'ly, bit of a frost early on with 0˚C at 7.30 but that disappeared quite quickly in the sunshine which was around practically all day, with the exception of passing cloud cover after midday. Max temp was 8˚, markedly cooler than of late and now at 10pm back down to 1˚ with a wintery smell in the air, wind has pretty much died down. Some trees have noticeably swelling buds, bird cherries already with tiny leaves and many willows are flowering and the hazels are heavily hung with catkins. Don't mind the renewed cold, I always get a bit panicky when spring comes too soon as suddenly it becomes difficult to keep up with everything, though they mostly turn out alright.
On 22 Mar 2014, Lorraine wrote: So here is our atmosphere and that is why we have a blue sky. It makes me ask the question can the atmosphere thicken nature is good at healing and repairing surely it can
On 22 Mar 2014, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

I concur with the comment that it was chilly in London in the wind yesterday. It has been cold out of the sun for most of the week. Some heavy showers on Thurs eve and out and about today there have been sharp wintry showers. Still cold out of the sun. Interesting comments on mobeeb weather forecasts being wrong or ever changing at work. Rain was forecast for yesterday but didn't happen. A friend was not amused as she could have dried washing if they had got their forecast right from 1 day ahead!!! Another comment was that today's forecast had changed between thurs and fri. So much for any claim that they can even forecast 2 days ahead without it keep changing.
On 22 Mar 2014, Rhys Jaggar (30d annual subscriber) wrote:

Piers Well, from a business perspective I guess if your US forecasts are hitting the bullseye more often you need to up your marketing effort over there. Suggest you build a marketing portfolio of key evidence and benefits: I'd suggest 5 key events in the past 9 months linking forecast to outcome and impact on the area concerned, along with the benefits to those who had the forecast in terms of actions they could have taken. If Europe is trickier, suggests there is something missing from your insights. I found I could predict snowfalls amazingly well in Europe for about 7 or 8 years in the 1990s, then it went a bit off. Reason?? Shift in oceanic modulations, things I'd never heard of at the time. When I learned about them, I started to get back on track again. Maybe there's something out there that europe but not US is particularly sensitive to??
On 21 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Been away for a night, driving down to Dundee yesterday Thursday was quite a battle against the strong SW wind, had to keep foot hard on floor to make progress. Not much rain in our parts, got stronger as we mover southwards, reasonably clear night though. Today, slight rain in Dundee, getting drier as we moved north, still quite windy from W, sharp cold undertow to it, quite sunny even with the clouds, max temp today 10˚C, 4˚ at 10pm.
On 21 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

not sure how strong an R3 is but scotland getting the usual hammering ...UK - Peak gusts [mph] March 21, 2014 at 21.30 .......Cairngorms (1245 m) 89 mph The Cairnwell (933 m) 109 mph Great Dun Fell (847 m) 65 mph Bealach na Bà (773 m) 65 mph Glen Ogle (564 m), Capel Curig (215 m) 62 mph Fair Isle (57 m) 55 mph, Lerwick (84 m) 66 mph, Stornoway (15 m) 60 mph, South Uist Range (4 m) 60 mph, Isle of Portland (52 m) 52 mph, .....
On 21 Mar 2014, rosebud wrote:

if the JMA is predicting a wet and rubbish 3 months ahead then we can safely assume were in for a scorching spring followed by a washout summer… :-( for once i hope they are right and its the other way round...
On 21 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

being new to reading Piers forecasts (only my 2nd) I have to confess that I hadn't really paid much attention to the graph which looking at now on reflection actually is as important as the forecast pages, also applying the +/- one day note kinda makes more sense of some weather periods & you realise how detailed so far out the forecast is (with the exception of the cut off high curvy ball, though It does note at least 6 of the 8 should be basically correct this mth) thanks to this forecast I am having more success earlier in the season with certain seed sowed & I'm a lot more organised in the garden due to knowing when's a good time to dig outside, work inside the Polytunnel, sow some things hold back on other seeds & have effectively multi tasked better this year, as soon as our wages go in I will be buying the next forecast as April is the most important with regard to timing it right to ensure veg a plenty for the family this year!
On 21 Mar 2014, @piers_Corbyn wrote:

THANKS ALL -- Ice Age now thanks for mention MICHAEL, STEVE Dorset; Robert Felix whom I have met is a great guy. Mini Ice Age also a mater at ElectricUniverse Conf -- Steve Devine, Maria, Paddy. Thanks for Reports Br+Ir. It looks like our increased rain and wind from 21st is one day early. Getting temp rises around 20th (+/-1d) is good too. USA-CAN vs B+I+Eu RHYS higher resolution UK+Eire is only part of story. In blocking high situations circulation can be out over a region of all Br+Ir. People who look at both USA and BI+Eu say USA 'spot-on' and BI+Eu in error is much more common than other way around. This is an item in the latest news pdf issued on 14th and which I will discuss at the ElectricUniverse Conf. Thanks Piers
On 21 Mar 2014, Ian wrote:

Rain has passed through the South East of UK now and a bright sunny morning this Friday 21 March. I hope we don't return into winter. The last 2 weeks of Spring have been glorious in southern UK and a much needed tonic for our country after the floods and storms. Hope the R5 period fires up the Jetstream and moves it firmly back over Iceland and Scandinavia!
On 20 Mar 2014, Michael wrote:

I have just listened to the interview with Robert W Felix on Ice age now-absolutely brilliant and I recommend to anyone who believes in the coming Ice Age(although not in my remaining lifetime I hope,aged 72) He mentions Piers several times.
On 20 Mar 2014, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Winds really picking up here in Central London at lunchtime. 72mph just recorded in Capel Curig ( just ahead of the main belt of rainfall ( Feeling fresher already and the BBC / Meto hinted at snow to higher levels on Saturday night. Does Winter have a hope of making any impact this late into March?...
On 20 Mar 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK Sub wrote:

If you are interested in what Piers Corbyn is saying about a little Ice age starting then you should listen to this from ice age now the link is below, piers is mentioned in this discussion, well worth a listen enjoy...........
On 20 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

Windy night & back to lots of rain today, shame as everything was starting to dry out here too, 8 deg feels yuk compared to yesterday, Irish weather online said Dublin & Shan Apts reached 15 deg yesterday for the first time in almost 5 mths..
On 19 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

It's been a windy but mild day today, 6˚C at 7.30, climbing up to 15˚ by late morning, cloudy but with sunny periods in between, unlike the wholly cloudy MO forecast, wind strengthening in the evening with some pretty hard gusts, all from the W quarter. Back down to 10˚ by 10pm. Everything is drying out nicely, who would have thought a week ago that we would ever see the dust swirling again?
On 19 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

The sun is out! 13 deg tho a lil breezy, lovely day...
On 19 Mar 2014, Rhys Jaggar 30 day annual subscriber wrote:

Speaking from afar, the most likely reason why US/Canada forecasts are 'more accurate' is if the resolution used is smaller. For the UK - you're looking to forecast to within 50 - 100 miles often. Are you operating more on a 500 - 1000 mile cell in the US/Canada?? Lot easier to get that right than the sort of highly local forecasts you're going for over here!
On 19 Mar 2014, Clive wrote:

Gavin Partridge was shown the JMA model for the next three months. If we have another poor period from April to June then it could be that we are in a similar period to that of the 1998 to 2001 period. The 1998 to 2001 period had some very lousy weather in the April to June period. April to May in 2000 for example was the wettest spring period on record that time. Autumn 2000 was the wettest season on record for the UK with 498 mm before 2013/14 winter came a long to beat it with 532 mm. See This period seems to have the potental of being wetter than 1998 to 2001 if we continue to have more heavy rainfall.
On 19 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

nice live webcams of iceland . click on the arrow on the right takes you to live webcam of Eyjafjallajökull volcano........
On 19 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

re WANews14No08.pdf...... If the jet is an energy transference mechanism then if one can identify the energy differentials then the jet will flow between them? ..... if the jet stream takes the path of least resistance following the boundary between warmer and colder air then if one can predict the resistance highs then one will have a fair idea where the jet 'has' to go and its associated weather? Spring and autumn are times of change and greater energy transference so one would expect more variability then? Blocking highs are a known feature of spring. Summer and winters are more stable energy conditions and so should be more predictable so would offer more confidence for long range? if there was no energy differential the jet stream would vanish? So Jet doesn't 'cause' anything but is an effect of energy transference? If volcanoes or nuclear explosions [ e.g1963] affect weather then they interfere with the energy that drives transference which shows the energy source is the sun?
On 19 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

Apparently there was reports of a small tremor in Wexford / Rosslare around 8.30 last night ?
On 19 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Current (07:30 AM) temps of 8.6 and 4.1 C act./windchill resp. Not using the Kollum data but managed to find the (new) site of the Lauwersoog weather station, which gives a dew point of just above 6 C, rel. humidity of just above 90% and wind varying between W/SW. As we now know for certain we'll not be able to buy my father-in-law's house (drat!) I'll start saving for that weather station, as I'm certain it will produce some data quite the opposite from the official KNMI data for this area. This Spring is starting to feel like the previous ones, meaning that the sun's out but it continuous to feel chilly. Might it have something to do with sea water temps? Or is it the threatening reinstallment of the Cold War era? *grin* Having said that, I do think the next (few?) month(s) will be "colder than usual", i.o.w. following the same pattern as the previous 4-5 years.
On 18 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Much cooler this morning, 5˚C at 7.30, overcast & fresh NW wind. Temp rose to 14˚ but the wind had a cold undertow to it all day, back down to 8˚ by 10pm. Dry all day bar a couple of showers hardly worth mentioning, though I noticed from the radar that there was quite a bit of rain around in Scotland today, especially in the west.
On 18 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

Gavin has uploaded the 3 month JMA model which predicts a pretty grim 3 months with june the worst. ....
On 18 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

just noticed a yellow wind warning has been issued on Met Eireann @ 15.00 today 18th, valid 19th 9.00 - 20th 10.00 for Munster Leinster, Connacht, Donegal Monaghan & Cavan, strong s to sw winds expected, mean speeds of 45-60 km/h & gusting up to 90-100 km/h, the strongest winds likely later on wed. + wed. night and in exposed coastal areas..
On 18 Mar 2014, Ruairi subscriber through JOC wrote:

Piers.....Many thanks for your response to my comment on Gregorian calender reform (March 13th). Mild and mostly dry here in Dublin, but wind very gusty, blustery and wuthering.
On 18 Mar 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter address) wrote:

THANKS ALL -- RHYS That note was a Brit+Ire as a whole - rather than any part - comment for early vs late month.
On 18 Mar 2014, Ann (Wicklow) wrote:

Thanks Piers and Maria for the offer. Yes, agree Maria.... Quite gusty today. 14th and 15th didn't seem too windy here... An occasional gust but nothing unusual. Lovely sunshine at time but air still very cold in shade.
On 18 Mar 2014, Rhys Jaggar (30d annual subscriber) wrote:

One has to say that, for the SE at least, the homily at the top of the March forecast might have wished to reverse the words 'in' and 'out' to date. We could also do with the dollop of rain that was predicted earlier in the month but didn't arise… need for a deluge, just a nice shower or two.
On 18 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

Ps all good just seen Piers txt after! Also it was quite windy on occasion over wk-end as was watching the crows taking advantage of the thermals one morning, I think they r called that! & we had the odd drizzle shower but for us I would say seems more gusty this a.m, unless I slept through worst again as I have a habit of doing that when i have been working hard outside ;)
On 18 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

Quite windy with gusts this morning in Laois Ireland wsw I think & cool with showers cloud & some sun, slightly glad of the rest from the garden! I'm wondering if maybe the period forecast 14-16 is maybe just a couple of days late & what's forecast for 17-19th combining/following on behind? for me here the only period in March totally different from forecast was 10-13th due to hp, won't know until the 28th if we can pay our wage for the mth & if I can afford April sub but If nearer the time I can would i be allowed to share with Ann in Wicklow to return the favour or would that be a lil cheeky?
On 18 Mar 2014, @piers_corbyn. Forecaster wrote:

MARCH WEATHER COMMENTARY - ANN Wicklow: We have just extended your 45d free so you can get the current Weather commentary which might help you. It's currently subscribers only but your 45d sub ended 14 March. You also will get April free. Btw I would have thought your weather 14-16th March was quite windy at least and so in line with forecast since the second R5 did hit even though less in South / SouthEast.
On 18 Mar 2014, Ann ( Wicklow) wrote:

@Russ.......... Oxford dictionary. Freak: A very unusual and unexpected event or situation: for example.....a freak storm...... Weather here in Wicklow so far this month is ... in my opinion not as forecasted by WA. Can't afford the sub for April :(.
On 17 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Supposedly cloudy today, according to MO, but turned out to be quite a lovely sunny day, was 6˚C at 7.30, rose to 15˚. W wind cold when the sun was hiding, fair breeze but less so than yesterday, temp back down to 6˚ by 10pm. Walking through our forest, amazed to see how the rowan flower buds are suddenly coming out, buds swelling in general, not surprising of course with the amount of warmth we had. == Craig: amazing wave cloud indeed, didn't realise they would move so fast.
On 17 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

An amazing wave cloud formation, via accuweather === ===
On 17 Mar 2014, Bob Weber, N Mich USA sub wrote:

Loads of sunshine and many days of mid-Feb-like cold temps over the past two weeks here. Slack as per Mar 6-9 period, followed by big Lows as forecasted that brought snow at mid-latitudes across USA, right on time during Mar 10-15 R5 periods. Been cold, as per Mar 14-16 forecast - below zero two nights in a row following many days finally above freezing with some snow melt. Still twenty degrees below average here right now at 16F- we missed our full moon warmup in Michigan this week. Southeastern states receiving nasty reminder winter isn't over yet as per Mar 17 WA forecast. Well folks, EU2014 is upon us and whether it's luck, fate, work, or providence, I'll finally get to meet and talk to Piers in a few days! Couldn't be more excited for everyone there who'll be hearing from Piers for the first time. Thanks to all who helped make it possible for Piers to make this journey & help wake up more people out of the CAGW nightmare to the light & truth of solar-lunar electric weather.
On 17 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Tim Cullen at Malaga Bay references last year's Ides of March WA newsletter in his latest piece, Smart Money Moves South === === I'd not seen the temp anomaly chart for 1816 before. V cold NW Europe and warm over the East. A classic jetstream pattern. It does seem that changes in circulation, for example even to an actual Ice Age, happen quickly in a matter of years/decades. +++ Looks like a cool down on the way which will feel cold after the glorious but benign wx in the South so far this month. Weekend snow possible (West & ~Mids northwards) if it comes off as modeled but long way to go. HP looks likely to have an ongoing influence for the South +++ Piers, yes I wasn't clear. I mean early spring compared to past 2 yrs, however Autumn/Spring merged as growth continued all 'winter' with Elder budding in early Jan & daffodils flowering 1st days of Feb etc, but the real growth (& insects) took until the cloudiness eased, so we had warmth+and+sunshine.
On 17 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Lovely day yesterday..... but today temp returning to spring rather than summer, which is what we really need, as plants need steady growth in sync with season. Cloud high but bright today. I have noticed that the top layer of clay is already turning to brick in some places. The brisk breeze yesterday pm along with the sun has really dried out the surface. Grass spurt in garden - needs a mow. MO 5 day forecasting heavy rain here Friday. I'll wait till Friday! Horse out without a rug for 5 days now - hope the weather doesn't flip too badly too son.
On 17 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

According to Old Mother Beeb Eritrea has had up to 3 feet of hail in a "freak" 90 minute storm. They say it's the heaviest rain on record. So how far back do these records go and how accurate are Eritrea's weather records I wonder? Also, the BBC don't seem to be able to make up their mind if it was a rain storm or a hail storm. It's a rain storm which dumped hail then? Or did the hail start off falling as hail then continue as hail all the way to the ground; which seems more sensible? T'would be a bit difficult for rain to turn to hail as it neared the ground so near the equator. And I do wish the BBC would use more appropriate terms. The word freak refers to a person or animal. Nowhere in the dictionary definition does it say 'climate' or 'weather' events... A freak of nature would be say, a deformed animal. It does not describe a rare weather event. Maybe the hail was deformed??
On 17 Mar 2014, Clive wrote:

Warm weather in March is often followed by cold weather in April with late snowfalls. In 1989 for example there was warm weather in March after a very mild winter followed by a colder April with wintry conditions in places. .
On 17 Mar 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK, Sub wrote:

PS i was referring to your forecast for the 16/17 march
On 17 Mar 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK, sub wrote:

Sorry for being vague must have been my bike ride nackerd me, I refer to the south of England weather only, and the trees were blown down in the last blast about the 14th Feb.
On 17 Mar 2014, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL -- STEVE, DORSET Please clarify did you mean to say forecast for South was 'spot on' UP TO 10TH because from about 11th to 16th winds were not in the South (they were in Nth from 14th). Your trees blown down presumably from earlier winds or maybe some recent breezes but old trees. Thanks for Comm, Piers.
On 16 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Not a cloud in the sky at 6.30, 10˚C & little wind, that only got up around 7.30 & was quite blustery from WNW, radio forecast was speaking of 70mph winds in NW & over mountain tops. It was windy all day but mild, max temp 16˚, great to watch the ground drying out in this wind, which invariably arrives sometime in spring & saves what looks like a hopelessly wet situation. Temp at 10pm was still 10˚ and the wind has dropped, as it often does at night.
On 16 Mar 2014, Lorraine wrote:

Just watched channel 4 live from international space station and they were talking about the changes the astronauts have noticed to earths lakes/seas in some places how they have dried up in Kazakstan. Looking at earth live from the station is incredible but we still aren't learning to come together on all data, all possible causes of changes need to be considered and that includes solar affects.
On 16 Mar 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

Here in Dorset we have had a benign day with clear blue sky,s and it has been warm, the daffodils look extra yellow this year and there is lots of them,thinking about it it,s probably because it has been so grey and dismal this winter nice to feel the warmth on your back at last, by the way piers your forecast for this period for the south was spot on. I am glad that the storminess you had for us all went to the far north of Scotland. Out on my bike today and so many trees have blown down some real old pals shame to see them like it.
On 16 Mar 2014, Russ NE Derbyshire subscriber wrote:

Oh! Forgot to mention. The Met Orifice on Friday afternoon forecast for our area NE Midlands and Yorkshire for Friday evening was " BREEZY". Breezy enough to almost blow my 17 year old daughter off her feet as she returned from the local shop!
On 16 Mar 2014, Russ NE Derbyshire subscriber wrote:

Could I just sneek in a quick mention about fracking? They started extracting shale gas by fracking in the US way back in 1947. By now, they must have ironed out the gremlins and have a better understanding of any environmental impacts. What the UK governments allow is another story........... Gale force winds for 3 days now and the chimney is looking worse for wear although reasonably safe it has considerable damage caused by an old tv arial's wire tie cutting through the bricks as the aerial flaps around in the wind. Something you should check from time to time. If your aerial is tied to the chimney and is looking slightly crooked, better get it tightened or you could get a brick on the head as you weed your borders... Can't get it mended until the wind subsides of course.
On 16 Mar 2014, Steve D (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Note to all. I am indeed a moderator for this site and will bloxk all trolling or comments containing Subscriber confidential information. Gill, I refer ALL blocked or referral comments to Piers. You are a regular and valued contributor to this website. Pls keep your comments coming!!
On 16 Mar 2014, Lorraine Lister (sub NZ) wrote:

Cyclone Lusi has continued its path down NZ, now a storm rather than a cyclone. Currently heavy rain and strong winds in our region (Nelson/Tasman top of the South Island) and has been like it most of the day. North westerly gales are predicted here overnight. Too wet and windy to go and look at the rain gauge to see how much we've had but it should be enough to ease the current dry conditions in this region and to lift watering restrictions imposed by the councils.
On 15 Mar 2014, @piers_corbyn WA Foreaster wrote:

USEFUL POSTS THANKS. The two R5s event is very interesting.Both worked spot on USA+Can and for BI the first was blocked and the second came through although not much in South. PHOTOS OF WIND EVENTS 14+15th PLEASE and also anything unusual like tornadic events etc.
On 15 Mar 2014, paul w wrote:

Russ, even where i am in Sheffield we had wheelie bins bouncing down the road due to the high winds(14th) and couldn't put the washing out today for fear of it blowing away and all this with little mention of high winds from mobeeb. Silly me, of course there was no mention, i live north of London. They should call it the S(southern)BC not the BBC!
On 15 Mar 2014, Wendy wrote:

High peak,Derbyshire.Very windy last night. Collecting garden tubs and containers up this morning! Very cold wind again this evening! Spot on Piers!
On 15 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Overcast, NNW wind, 6˚C with the air smelling of winter like it hardly has all winter! However, after midday, it began to brighten up and gradually get milder, a process we watched from the Botanic Garden in Dundee. When we got home by 4.30 temp had risen to 15˚, the Azores High having pushed the cold of the Icelandic/Scandi Lows out of the way, it was sunny & very pleasant even in the strong wind. Still 12˚ at 9.45pm (about the same as midday 'heat' in Aug 2012!) ==Gill, re subs' forum, good idea, would allow more frank discussion but poss. more work for Piers & co-workers. == Re long comments: disagree with comment below, appreciate all the information that is being passed on, also gratified to see how many people see through the CO2 and so many other scams. All the links reporting from Warmista World are valuable archive material to nail them with later!, even though I have not the time to read them all.
On 15 Mar 2014, Russ NE Derbyshire subscriber wrote:

Piers... good news dude... the winds last night (14th) were so strong they took out a coping tile from the roof and a brick from the chimney. We have someone coming out to check if the chimney is safe. And we are in a sheltered spot, so I expect more tree damage in the woodlands round about us.
On 15 Mar 2014, Russ NE Derbyshire subscriber wrote:

Seeing as the main thrust of WeatherAction forecasts is to predict very poor weather or extreme weather events, I think that when they get it wrong it ends up being a bonus for the vast majority of subscribers because they invariably get decent weather. If my memory serves me correctly then the number of times that Piers has said sunny and we got storms can be counted on the left hand of a Sloth... I've said before that we are a family of 4 motorcyclists and we haven't got a soaking while out on a long days ride since subscribing what, nearly three years ago?.... Maria... I accept your argument about off topic posts but if it wasn't for people posting informative stuff and giving people a reality check by showing them the illogic and contradictory way major news stories are used to brainwash the public, then we wouldn't learn literally life changing stuff like the link to Chris Exley's lecture about aluminium. I do aplogise for my rant about radiation.....
On 15 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Piers - just thought of something else. Subscribers should only be allowed to comment on the CURRENT or previous month's forecast - otherwise 45d subscribers would give the game away to 30d subscribers.
On 15 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Piers - possibly yes to a subscribers forum, but only if it could somehow run alongside the one we currently use. For your sake we do not want to lose non / potential future subscribers by making them feel that their comments are not important. But, I think it would be helpful for subscribers to be able to discuss and comment on the forecasts and the weather directly - without giving the game away. I was not offended by the non-post of that early month comment as I had a feeling it was too near the 'giving the game away' , but it would help if a follow up comment from you or the team saying something like 'Gill - cannot post your comment - too much info' would at least keep me in the loop. I understand you not wanting to reply to or give trollish comments the time of day. What do other subscribers feel about a second 'weather forecast forum' where we can really get our teeth into the forecasts? It might even encourage more new subscribers?
On 15 Mar 2014, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

GILL Yes your comm of a while ago was not posted (I think by either Steve or Matthew who do most of post monitoring, not me) for the 'giving away forecasts' reason. Now I dont quite follow what you said about Feb. Version1 said VERY mild and Spring-like and not wet. Version2 was about amending storm penetration to give Force 12 on 2 occasions and by impliction also was (V) mild and that storms when they came would generally get through. They did, and the Force 12s came! AND we had some very nice Spring-like days between the storms in SE included. For temps BOTH forecasts were basically confirmed. For storm activity the daring SLAT9B update worked too although as you say too late for people who had been told something else. For most farmers of course updates a few days ahead are little use because decisions have been made but doesnt that apply to you? If so a discussion about rights or wrongs cannot be pressing because it will not affect decisions. Do U want the subscribers forum idea?
On 15 Mar 2014, Harris Keillar winter sub, Edinburgh 150m wrote:

Re spring equinox - it is the exact point at which the earth is 'side-on' to the sun and the sun is seen to be overhead at the equator, it sets at the South Pole and rises at the North . The equi nox does mean equal night though there are minor changes due to reasons I don't understand!
On 15 Mar 2014, Harris Keillar winter sub, Edinburgh 150m wrote:

From BillBonner Mr G Edward Griffin confirms that solar activity is the real cause of global temperature changes,and that the sun’s hissy fits will blow out so many fuses all over the power system… that we could be without power for a long time. As to the first provocative point, he cites a book by Lawrence Joseph: “Solar Storms; How the Sun Shaped The Past.” The gist of the argument is that solar activity causes big swings in the earth’s temperature. Al Gore and the global warming crew are wrong, he says. And their computer program is defective: In the world of statistical analysis, there is a standard routine called the Monte Carlo Test that uses random data with no trends whatsoever to confirm that a computer model has no built-in errors or biases. If all is well, the Monte Carlo Test will produce zero trends. When the global warming computer model was tested, he says: … out popped a hockey-stick graph just like the one for global temperatures. Conclusion-the test was rigged
On 15 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

& finally without wanting to appear that I love the sound of my txt, I was watching one of the flood programme's the other evening and laughed out loud so much when one of the guys talking about how many times the flood barrier in London had been used this winter said something along the lines of, we may have to face facts there isn't an endless pot of £ in the future we may have to build more so inside of London so we can protect the houses! so they will what let all the land outside of London flood & starve!?...
On 15 Mar 2014, Rob Horler wrote:

Interesting read from Peter Hitchens on the "warmist religion"
On 15 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

cont: On another matter - Tuesday 18th march London's daylight will be 12hrs 1m 47secs. The equinox is being stated as happening on Thursday 20th at 4.57pm. I have always believed that the equinox meant equal day of light and dark, so why is the equinox not on Tuesday? What defines the equinox - is is to do with the equator and not as I thought day light ? - I wasn't good at science - but I can hum a tune!!!
On 15 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

the ability to predict events from 30 days out and more is something MetO says is impossible. For me if an event is predicted and it appears i'm not too worried if it was forecast for scotland but hits cornwall or vica versa. The fact the event appeared is the achievement. If an event appears then its interesting to see where it does end up. IMO there is enough here to warrant HMG putting money into researching it and putting the uk at the leading edge of long range weather forecasting ie predicting events from long range not if it will rain in a specific postcode. Other people have success with long range 3 month outlooks using normal metrological reasoning so it can be done. Sadly science is highly political which like a high pressure can block advancement.
On 15 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

I did send a comment in over 10 days ago that my WA forecast did not look like it was going to run to plan. However it was not posted by Piers (assuming it arrived). Maybe I broke the rules by commenting on a future event before it happened. That is the problem. For those of us who have bought forecasts - we cannot comment on them otherwise we give out information for free to those who have not. But I have to be honest here, - and I hope Piers will post this -my last two monthly forecasts have not been brilliant - Feb and March have not come in on trend. I do not know why. I appreciate Piers did update on February, but I had already told the farming family what to expect when the 30d was released - but still way off mark. That said, I am only commenting on my little patch in the SE, and maybe in other a parts of the UK - he was trending correctly. Also I wonder how can someone accurately forecast the whole of our little island, when we are a mere blob in the context of the whole world
On 15 Mar 2014, Lorraine Lister (sub NZ) wrote:

Although some posts here are long and might appear slightly off topic overall they are relevant to weather and climate. Political comment is bound to enter into the posts because of the political nature of the whole climate change debate. Given that we are in a mini ice age, many things are relevant particularly if they relate to growing food and providing shelter topics which are often covered here. I don't believe this puts off genuine weather fans unless all they are interested in is whether the forecast is right or wrong in which case maybe they would prefer the other weather forums on the web.
On 15 Mar 2014, Lorraine Lister wrote:

Tropical cyclone Lusi is currently hitting NZ. It started in Vanuatu during the R5 period of 10-12 March and hit the north of the North Island of NZ last night (R5 14-15). It is moving south and we are expecting heavy rain and gales here in the top of the South Island overnight and tomorrow. I will post more after it has hit here.
On 15 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

secondly I value the daily views & opinions on this site as although I lack intelligence @ times (not always!) to follow what people are talking about I have common sense to keep open minded & also the majority of posts are without doubt related to the cause & effect of climate/weather & show how through being narrow minded politics & human ego has been @ the detriment of Earth & it's Eco system & inhabitants sealife plantlife animals & humans inc. by believing that the space/energy around us doesn't alter our weather & that their psuedo science is correct,the only main cause & effect of that is money to make more money & to appear right, so I personally like points of view that explore real issues that may help get to the truth of the matter and even mistakes can be positive if they help improvement & understanding, climate & weather can not be controlled @ the end of the day & put into a neat lil box!
On 14 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

firstly I would like to say I would rather be forwarned of a possible extreme weather scenario & it not come to fruition here than caught out in horrendous dangerous weather like in Feb & watch a met wind warning go from yellow orange then to Red in the space of an hr and a half slap bang in school runs & then listen to the met say they stand by their warnings & that it was up @ lunch time when it wasn't, Piers is upfront honest & seeing as it is only the 14th very prompt in posting an explanation, the last couple of days the temp trailed off misty & then cloudy, washing on the line after 2 days still not dry! So a dryer spell with a nice day or too then nothing kinda weather & hardly warm n sunny all wk with the hp, it's funny how some people jump on the odd occasion Piers is wrong yet he has had so much success! for me his success far out weighs the times his forecast period is out, that's peeps for you some are drainers and some are radiators is what I keep in mind!
On 14 Mar 2014, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

GREAT POSTS ALL! R5 second wave (14-16) RICHARD TOPMAN! THAT IS AN AMAZING WIND REPORT. Basically re 10-12 it looks like a displacement prob but that is maybe too simple. SEE MY CURRENT WEATHER COMMENTARY ABOVE. <=MARIA Somerset. Yes see it to. Maybe I was writing it when you were writing. You can also see why we wrote nothing earlier (also I was ill). Maybe now show people events 14-15(-16?) BUT LOOK these are LONG RANGE Forecasts NOT substitutes for short range TV or looking out of the window and we say they WILL be 'wrong' at some level about 20% of time, so don't plug them as 100%. You can say 'better than MO for over a week or so ahead'. Most users examine forecasts for a few months to get used to them and acccuracy which is why we are keen to get 6m/ 12m subscribers. --REMINDER TO ALL Please promote offers. charges go back up on 29 March. -- Re 'Politics': If a post is totally OFF subject of weather/climate Steve or Matthew (Main blog monitors) prob veto but otherwise allow.
On 14 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Yesterday was a dull day but temp got up to 12˚C nevertheless and we had a NW breeze, maybe about the 3rd time this winter! Today was equally overcast but with pretty dramatic wind this afternoon even here in the East; so while the 10-12th R5 was a pussycat, today's hit the jackpot with 50mph gusts measured at Dyce/Aberdeen. Temp still got to 12˚C though it didn't feel like it.
On 14 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

Peak Gusts recorded March 14, 2014 at 22.00hrs The Cairnwell (933 m) 101 mph, Cairngorms (1245 m) 112 mph,Bealach na Bà (773 m) 73 mph, Glen Ogle (564 m) 83 mph,Kirkwall Airport (21 m) 71 mph,Sule Skerry (12 m) 71 mph..... something going on up there?
On 14 Mar 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

I agree with you David. The long winded and political posts are very detracting and not constructive for any people who are casual observers, in fact they are very off-putting and I personally seldom look at the page now, because of a few, who like the sound of their own voices. I also agree re the lack of stormy weather be that as it may but a comment or two from the boss would be good. My e mails to my family re the potential have lost a lot of credibility this month
On 14 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

The Electric Sun by Don Scott ...examines the serious problems with the standard sun model and explores how electric sun theory would answer that....
On 14 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

if WA was getting the £80m a year like meto does then i would be harder. For WA to have a statistical edge they only need to get 51% of long range forecasts right which is a better record than Meto who falsely claim it can't be done anyway and have a problem predicting after 2 days..... Any sub should be keeping stats of success versus failure? If during a period it falls below 49% then u might as well ask the hedgehog for a forecast or roll dice. WA won't get them all. 70% would do imo.
On 14 Mar 2014, Rob wrote:

Michael & David C. Winds today on the W coast of Scotland were pretty strong probably close to gale force at times and the ski centres were all stormbound with Cairngorm reporting gusts of 70mph+. The R5 this week has been strange although to be fair the MO were at the start of the week forcasting a fine week for all but for the west of Scotland that ended on Wednesday. So the R5 either caused the jetstream to split and give the settled spell or managed to force through the poorer weather we have seen in Scotland. Piers is the only one who can answer that one
On 14 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

Universe - Episode 2 - The Cosmology Quest - The Electric Universe and Plasma Physics .... While Episode 1 shows how the problems in climate science are not unique and that jobs in academia are tied to maintaining orthodoxy even if the recorded data shows something different.
On 14 Mar 2014, David C (subscriber) wrote:

Michael you are not alone re storm (or lack of it) this month is way of track yet it does not get highlighted by anyone? I'm sure if BBC had forecast a major storm, that didn't materialise they would get called all sorts on here. Too much politics and long winded posts on here,to get genuine weather fans interested. I'm hope this gets posted and not marked as trollish! Last month got nailed by Piers and so he was rightly praised! When it goes wrong constructive critisism should be posted.
On 14 Mar 2014, Catherine 45d sub wrote:

I agree that the weather we experienced 10-13 March was quite different from that in Piers's forecast. However, over the past few hours the wind has been getting really strong here in Glasgow. If it's like this here I shudder to think what it's like on the coast and especially over the Western Isles. Piers forecast strong winds for Scotland at this time, four weeks ago. This morning the BBC only mentioned rain coming from northwest, not the wind which really is strong just now.
On 14 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

Albuquerque is nice. The native american centre is worth a visit. I used to stand on the edge of town and look out into the desert and wonder how people live out there on the reservation.
On 14 Mar 2014, Michael wrote:

Am I alone in wondering why we have not received the Major Damaging Storm forecast for western Britain from March 10th? I live in the Brecon Beacons and all this week the daytime temperatures have reached 14 degrees with beautiful sunshine from almost dawn to dusk.The weather is extremely calm with almost no wind.What is happening?
On 14 Mar 2014, Ken wrote:

Trawling through the interweb, looking for answers on greenhouse gases, and how much of the gas is a result of human activity I came across this. It made, for me, quite interesting reading It seems that if we stopped all industrial and agricultural processes, banned all internal combustion engines and burning any wood or fossil fuel; it would not make any real difference to the atmospheric gas content.
On 14 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Ruari - surely the potential of a NH winter to fall in July in 10000 years is dependent on one of two things. 1 - we haven't all been frazzled to death by rising AGW temps, (current government thinking - odds on favourite) or 2 - We haven't been blown up my some mad scientist or fanatic. Is is worth a bet alongside the Gold cup that we will still be here in 10000 years time?
On 14 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

the 'there is no debate' is the clue to c02=main driver of climate being a cult....Six Sociological Characteristics of Cults..... it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.....?
On 14 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

…There are many forces/interests stoking debate in an effort to control the ‘message’ - on all sides. Anytime events are ‘conspiring’ against them (which the Met Office have most winters these days) up pop the propagandists (quickly followed by the ambulance chasing climate vultures) to make sure we all fall back in line. The politics is important because science has stopped caring about observation, preferring theory and rhetoric. It lets weathervanes Slingo, Cameron, Milliband (or international equivalents) spew utter nonsense unchecked. **We might as well declare a war on farting [a government funded scientist farts in a bell jar and lights it burning his face in the process. He declares that this experiment - if extrapolated across the globe - represents a dire threat to humanity. A non-government funded scientist farts in a field and keeps walking.] Some links === === ===
On 14 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

…2/3rds of the cost of energy hikes are borne by business to keep the lights, computers, machines, heat or aircon (for Gerry!) on. Like us they get hit by the knock on effects of increased cost of production/manufacture/import of goods & services, food etc. Like us as individuals, most businesses cannot afford the cost of not meeting their obligations and are often those that will go under from overzealous environmental or tax regulation/enforcement. Part of the anti-fracking debate is 'big energy' trying to regulate 'small energy' out of the market (i.e. not to create regulation for competition but a monopoly). Part is the voice of Big gas (lower carbon remember), like Gazprom which the Russian government owns a control of. Russia Today is Russian state funded and like the BBC’s ‘independence’ follows the official energy line. Why else give so much airtime to anti-fracktivists/warmists?...
On 14 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

…With ‘green’ carbon taxes there is no hope in hell that big business will meet its ‘green’ obligations or that the corruption will stop-they, like jetset Al Gore, will pay an indulgence to forgive their ‘carbon sin’ and carry on regardless. We are paying for these ‘green oligarchs’ to swan around preaching to us in the same way we taxpayers fund Met Office sojourns to ‘discover’ the oceans and Jetstream control the cold/wet/dry/hot weather (whodathunk?). They then preach to us about ‘climate change’! Laws will be written & enacted that continually repeat the utter ideological lunacy we saw in Somerset that led to manmade flooding, so that what was a natural but extreme event morphs into a full on false flag propaganda war on sanity demanding immediate action and further ‘total war’ on carbon**…
On 14 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

…But do we stop football games (many thousands in a small area, exits restricted), railway stations (moving trains, electricity, hundreds on narrow platforms/corridors, exits restricted) or factories (moving parts, heavy machinery, exits restricted) because of the inherent danger or do we work to minimise that danger? However, those same regulations, allow big business to avoid tax & care of duty. Often legislation is written by f/c/f employees/advisers of xyz financial or xyz environmental organisations to enrich themselves & their employers/funders passing the burden/debt/tax on to us. In a word it is corruption – ‘dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery’. Look at the merry go round worldwide between them and governments. Ex +energy and climate+ secretary Chris Huhne, convicted for ‘perverting the course of justice’, was employed by a sustainable energy company just months after release!’s the new boss same as the old boss
On 14 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

Apologies here for one of my longer comms but it does relate to recent points :) === Neither Big Oil (who we 'skeptics'/non-believers are * supposedly* funded by) or Big Green* (who they *are* supposedly funded by) are our friends. As a rule of thumb the ‘Right’ attach to the business & former/current/future (hereafter f/c/f) NATO states whilst the ‘left’ to green & f/c/f communist states - the reality is that is utter codswallop. It is not a choice but two blunt edges of the same sword. Big corporate entities have an obligation, by law, to shareholders-not us-to make a profit. That's the importance of laws & regulations. It is what protects 'us' from 'them'-be that government, kings or corporations. Health & Safety may be a current dirty word and often stretches the bounds of good sense but I do remember Hillsborough, Kings Cross and Bangladesh last year === ===...cont....
On 14 Mar 2014, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

HOW LONG IS A YEAR?.... CONTD. Ruaiari, minor point but you say Pope Gregory did it 'not because of the precession of the equinoxes but to keep cal in line with equinoxes'. These are of course the same thing although maybe Pope Gregory didnt do it 'for' Astronomy. The Equinox line in space (and dates) RETREATS relative to fixed stars (and sidereal 'date') and so meets the sideral sun earlier each year so Equinox to equinox year = tropical year is shorter than sidereal. The observed reality of this in terms of fixed stars is very ancient ie a star visible at/just before sunrise on the eastern horizon on eg the Vernal, Spring NH, equinox would be further East some decades later (the eqinox line moving right=west relative to stars in NH) so after about 70 tropical years the star you chose would 'with' the sun a day later, the sideral year being that little bit longer than the tropical year or put another way the sun has to go that extra bit to get to the same fixed star line.
On 14 Mar 2014, @Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL, CRAIG, RICHARD, RUSS, RUARI,GILL espec. **SPRING** Craig you have typo 13Mar "as per LIA, an early spring again" you meant late (ie colder in relative terms than some winter, eg more frosts). The rule applies on average to MIAs it appears but of course not all MIA Springs. **FRACKING** Yes Craig puts it well. All energy exploitation has dangers and safety including of environment is the issue. It is bizarre to see various 'Lefties' who formerly supported coal mining unconditionally - subsidence (& prob quakes) and lung diseases being colateral damage - now opposing ALL fracking in the delusional name of CO2 danger whereas CO2 poses no danger (is benefit) & much of fracking may be less problematic than coal mining. **HOW LONG IS A YEAR?** The best way to get clear is Astronomical Almanac (US Gov + HMSO) page C1 eg 1995 edition TropicalYear (equinox-equinox) 365.242190d, Sidereal(fixed star) 365.256363d, Anomolistic(perigee) 365.259635d, Eclipse(LunarNodes) 346.620974d
On 14 Mar 2014, Russ NE Derbyshire subscriber wrote:

You get a single speck of radioactive stuff, on a beach, miles from anywhere, and everyone is standing on chairs and dialing 911/999. Perceived risk! There isn't a new generation of mutant children with 8 legs, born to Japanese women due to the nuclear fission bomb which was dropped in 1945. Not one person died as a result of the nuclear fission reactor outer buildings exploding at Fukushima, yet the whole world soon forgets that over 16,000 people were killed and over 2,000 still missing when a natural earthquake and resultant tsunami hit the area...yet we're scared of nuclear power stations, the safest on earth?? Both Chernobyl and Fukushima had design faults; Chernobyl had no containment for the core and Fukushima had potential problems with it's cooling systems in event of a shutdown. So both designs were accidents waiting to happen. Any road up... it's even been said that the Chernobyl birds must have built up an immunity to the radiation...pass the cyanide please!
On 14 Mar 2014, Russ NE Derbyshire subscriber wrote:

Craig.... The good summers I'm talking of aren't 3 months of wall to wall searing heat though. Just good spells of hot sun and and heat-haze for at least two to three week periods. They may well have record rainfall inbetween but it's the sunny bits we all love and remember. People who work in offices often have a completely different memory of summer weather to those who work outdoors. ....... Radiation, the point I was making was that the government is always trying to scare us out of our wits by telling us that nuclear fallout will contaminate everything for a zillion years, but the truth is nothing at all like that. First they tell us that birdlife in the Chernobyl exclusion zone is wiped out, and the place is dangerously contaminated. Then reports come in that birds can be seen regularly flying in & out of holes in the reactor building. A bloke who is an expert in nuclear safety told me that radiation get's a bad press but is a useful propaganda tool.... cont'd
On 13 Mar 2014, Ruairi subscriber through JOC wrote:

Gill....The leap-year was added to the calender by Julius Caesar but needed serious correction and fine-tuning by Pope Gregory,not because of Precession of the Equinoxes,but in order to keep the calendar aligned with the solstices/equinoxes within the length of the solar(tropical) year of 365.2421 days. Richard....I have come on quite a few others on the Internet who claim that the Northern winter will fall in July in 10,000 years,which would mean about 180 calendar date changes for solstices/equinoxes over the next 10,000 years,and when calculated, gives a rate of about 1 calendar date change every 55 years.Projecting this calculation back into the past would mean that the solstices/equinoxes would occur 1 day earlier with every 55 years we go back.The records clearly show that this did not happen jn the past.I strongly suspect that there is confusion here with the fact that Perihelion occurs at present on 3rd Jan.,which in about 10,000 years will occur on or about the 3rd of July.
On 13 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

new video... How the Global Warming Scare Began..A great scientist named Roger Revelle had Al Gore in his class at Harvard and the Global Warming campaign was born. Revelle tried to calm things down years later, but Gore said Revelle was Senile and refused to debate. John Coleman documents the entire story and shows how our tax dollars are perpetuating the Global Warming alarmist campaign even though temperatures have not risen in years and years....
On 13 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

re: fracking. Fracking is not new. It is used widely to extract a higher yield from all wells & has existed for the last 80-90 yrs (actually goes back to 19thC) & they used to use Nitroglycerin (I.e. boom) until fairly recently. The mainstay of opposition is 'carbon pollution' (but other considerations of course) I.e. carbon is bad (b******t!). What we need to consider, & I believe Piers alluded to, was safety (*). This is inherent in all energy extraction...wind besides culling protected bird species, causes probs due to subsonic frequency etc (besides being unreliable & inefficient) is made of rare metals-the extraction of which is finite & toxic (not eco-friendly). Coal has issues etc. So with global cooling, which has a profound effect on N hemisphere, now here do we freeze or *No energy is truly safe. What we need is solid regulation to prevent fly by nights with no concern for people or eenvironment. ..cont...
On 13 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

...chrysanthemums leafing (May last yr), seen 3 dark yellow butterflies and the large 'bomber' bumblebee again (did not see at all last yr) but could've been a queen. Ladybirds (not Asian invasivevariety)/greenfly on roses. Nature will always take the advantage to flourish (risk of cold snap always there to 'nip in the bud')+++ @Gill re grass. My understanding is that grass optimum temp is 10-20DegC (but grows at +5C according to RHS) so has been good wx for it (+18C on 8th*). Mowed the lawns already-didn't need to but saw signs of fast growth) dug some beds too, a pleasure as the ground so moisture laden all soft, perfect for grass. I hold with the old adage 'make hay whilst the sun shines' +++ * @Saskia you said felt cold other day may be worth checking dew points around then we were ~13C but dp was ~4C so warm in sun cold in shade (and early frosts as Nigella has mentioned). +++ Fog lasted till mid morn & mist forming by 6pm
On 13 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

...I am expecting a brutal winter btw as the qbo goes easterly and as we move from solar max. 2009 (link in prev comment) seemed a similar year n terms of warmth early on. In regards to this winter it has been warm but not overtly so. The current warm* clear spell has highlighted this perfectly. Last week had 4 frosts in a row - not once had that in DJF period as cloud came back in quick (generally keeps nighttime temps up) but the cloud also kept daytime temps down so warm for DJF but not that warm due to cloud/rain. In fact the past 2 weeks have been more winter like in the early hours with frost/fog than the whole winter. It is, as per LIA, an early spring again...had a marigold flower ALL winter, dafs emerged 1st wk Feb (with some tulips end Feb). My fushia is back (norm late Apr before signs of life) dandelions flowering all winter (on & off but regular) norm nothing till Mar. Silver birch with catkins (norm May-trigger family hay fever so always watch closely)...
On 13 Mar 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks, Sub) wrote:

@Russ - I'm always wary of a prolonged fine/warm spell in early spring as it's often followed by a dull summer. Back in 2012 we had a lovely March which was followed by the 'wettest drought' in April, a brief break end May then more rain (Jubilee). It's something I noticed growing up. Wet, dull early springs usually followed by a fine summer. I then read a book by Philip Eden which seemed to back my observations. I wonder if your obs are due to the jetstream shifting south in such cases so it tracks over us southerners and leaves the North drier (usually other way round)? 2011 was another year with a fine Mar but poor summer overall. 2009 the fine Mar continued into May but but was poor summer (you can change yr). 2008 again the same but notably had sev inches of snow on 6th Apr (lasted till next day...just). Again a poor summer (washout by mid May if I recall correctly)...
On 13 Mar 2014, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

Sunny days are horrible in my office as it is currently 82.8F and it is very draining day after day. Although there is aircon, it won't be turned on as the north end of the building complain of being too cold. Nice in the evening making my way home from the pub. Typical high pressure weather with fog on the Downs in the morning. Hope it will continue for the weekend. Interesting comment on Spaceweather that auroras appearred when they had said there would be no interaction with earth. Following on from their 'we don't know why spring is aurora season' suggests that there knowledge is limited but certain that the sun doesn't change our climate.
On 13 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

Gavin has posted the 3 month forecast from the SK model which looks grim wash out june.......April-June From The South Korean Model .... assumes this is the same sort of forecast the Met will be giving cobra?
On 13 Mar 2014, Ian wrote:

Last night the Sun got lively again with sunspot AR2002 erupting. Let's hope it keeps the Jetstream split so the high pressure continues over the UK and we have a long and beautiful Spring.
On 13 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

the report said the seasons move over time not the equinoxes etc. it says in 10k years july will be winter.
On 13 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Ruari, - is that why we have Feb 29th every four years - to keep the human calendar in time with the solar calendar?
On 12 Mar 2014, Ruairi subscriber through JOC wrote:

If Earth arrived at the same point in space every year on or about the 21st Dec(Northern winter solstice)for another 13.000 years,then according to luni-solar Earth wobble theory the Earth's axis would have wobbled 180 degrees making it summer solstice on 21st Dec.While I can understand how Richard concluded that the dates of solstices/equinoxes would advance over time,I must agree 100% with Piers,in that the calendar dates of the 4 solar markers do not advance with the passage of time:a fact which can be verified using past calendar records and the Church's reckoning of Easter.My own view concurs with the ancient Sumerian concept of the 4 solar markers occurring a little further West (clockwise)each year until a full circuit of precession is achieved in approx. 26,000 years, thereby making Newton's luni-solar Earth wobble unnecessary and obsolete.
On 12 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Another brilliant day, 1˚C at 7.30 with a slight frost in places, but climbing to 14˚ in the shade, which is quite something, down to 7˚ by 10pm, surprisingly mild under the clear sky - isn't this all rather surprising for an R5 period? Back online but now very busy with tree sowing, hence short report. ==Steve Devine: yes, correct, no N wind this winter, except for a few hours on a couple of days with us.
On 12 Mar 2014, ruth wrote:

I have the weather down so far this month in the east Midlands: 1-5th Dry, bright mornings; cloudy afternoons; cold nights. 6-9th: Very warm and dry (16deg C on 7th); mostly sunny S winds with rainfall on 8th night only. Cold nights. 10-13th misty mornings, east wind; sunny, warm mid days, high cloud afternoons. Cold nights, but just above freezing. Can anyone corroborate this, or are we living in a weather warp here that fails to confirm a single day of the forecast?
On 12 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Gorgeous day today, too bad I had to work inside most of the day. Windchill just a couple of degrees lower (8 vs 6 Celsius) and little or no wind. And now completely off topic - but I HAD to share this - an advertisement for the sale of a car via eBay. Linked through Imgur (which is where I go when I want a laugh and detach myself from mundane day-to-day depressing news). Please read it. It had me in stitches.
On 12 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Russ, grass romping on here in the garden. Was shocked to see how much growth since Sunday. A year ago today we awoke to a complete whiteout and lots of ground snow (as Piers had accurately forecast). Bexhill on sea was at a standstill, (unheard of) and I made my son a snowman Birthday cake (the first and only time it snowed on that day). This year - a glorious Spring day. Chinese and chocolate cake on the menu for tonight!
On 12 Mar 2014, Nigella wrote:

Not complaining either Russ. The sunshine is so very welcome. Looking at my WA forecast, I am a bit confused though. I'm wondering if there may be some realignment come 17th March? Observations from East Berkshire - sunny, with some very thin altostratus. Frost on the cars this morning but lifted quickly, was warm in the middle of the day & cooling quickly again now.
On 12 Mar 2014, Russ NE Derbyshire subscriber wrote:

Heading for full moon on the 15th'ish. I think we'll need God's personal desk-fan to blow away this high pressure blob. I aint complaining cos tis bootiful weather. After such a mild winter, albeit a bit soggy around the edges, to have this in March is a very good sign. I have noticed in the past that if we get a really warm, sunny week early in March, then the summer will have plenty of hot sunny periods. I can't remember if it's a guarantee, every time, but it's worked very well for me over the years. Iff we get a couple of days of this kind of weather but it then turns cloudy, wet & miserable, then the summer will follow suit with lots of wind and rain. Grass and leaves still not romping on like I expected though...
On 12 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

as people are talking about radiation rather than weather first radiation from fukushima has been detected on canadian shores. link this to the unexpected announcement by WHO that global cancers will rise [but they didn't say why hence the conspiracy]. ....The evidence from chernobyl is that long term exposure to low radiation is far worse than a quick high exposure. Fukushima will expose people to long term low radiation.
On 12 Mar 2014, Mark Lane wrote:

Russ, you mention Hiroshima. First a technical correction, the bomb on Hiroshima was an atomic (or fission) bomb, not a nuclear (or fusion) weapon. Second, yes Hiroshima is a wonderful city to live in today. What you don't see very often are the people affected by birth defects, but when you do you do not forget it.
On 12 Mar 2014, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

17c with glorious sunshine in Canary Wharf this lunchtime. Still feels a tad nippy in the shade with that slight easterly breeze though. All eyes on the potential for a northerly incursion next week as the High Pressure slips to the west of the UK. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember the winds being northerly ALL WINTER! Now that the sun is halfway through it's ascendancy to maximum strength, sadly I fear nothing wintry will come of it, nor last for very long if it did.
On 12 Mar 2014, Lorraine Lister wrote:

Russ, have a look at this article on the ongoing health effects on survivors and their children in Hiroshima One interesting point is the height above the ground at which the bombs were detonated and the dispersal of the nuclear material and fission products. When there is exposure to nuclear radiation each situation has to be individually monitored to determine how long a place is uninhabitable. Saskia makes a very good point about the high iodine levels in the Japanese diet and after Fukushima iodine tablets were given to the population. On the subject of fracking there does appear to be an increased earthquake risk which, albeit small, could represent a problem in NZ because we are so earthquake prone compared to the UK..
On 11 Mar 2014, Paddy (sub Aberdeen south 130m elevation) wrote:

Off the radar at the moment, no internet, so writing this from a neighbour's house. Three great days in a row, light frost in the morning, temp rising to 12 deg C, sweating while planting trees, nice & cool at night, no wind, nor rain, long may it continue!
On 11 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Russ - The four main foods which help prevent absorption of radiation by the thyroid by keeping it flooded with iodine and/or remove toxins from the body happen to be the staple diet of the Japanese: brown rice, kelp, seaweed and miso. As for wildlife surviving, well, Darwin did mention 'species adaptation' somewhere I think. Nature always finds a way. Oh, and if you do accidentally get contaminated, anti-acids seem to go a long way in helping to prevent death. See - OT: current (19:30 hrs) temps of 7.1 Celsius with a windchill of 2.6 Celsius. The NE wind forced me to stop chopping wood early because it chilled me to the bone due to sweating from the hard work. Not enjoyable at all.
On 11 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

This is the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum established in 1955, so the rebuilding of the city must have taken place almost immediately. Yet people in the west are terrified by stories of the government spraying barium salts into the upper atmosphere (for whatever reason) creating a heightened risk of developing cancer. And now fracking is supposed to cause cancer...woe is me...I'm having a plopaganda event....I need a hot coffee and a lie down...
On 11 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Remember Hiroshima? Got flattened by a nuclear bomb in 1945? Remember being told about the dangers of x-rays and the fallout from Chernobyl and Fukushima? Well this is Hiroshima in 2014 just 70 years after the bomb was dropped. >> << >> << >> << >> << I think the right word is 'thriving'! All this talk of places not being inhabitable for 2,000 years and all the birds and trees dying off due to the high radiation levels. It's just 70 years since that bomb was dropped on Hiroshima destroying 70% of the city and killing around 90,000 people. Yet 'very' soon after they started rebuilding the city and today it outstrips any UK city for sheer beauty.
On 11 Mar 2014, @piers_Corbyn WA forecaster wrote:

RICHARD CONTD YES quite so they would tax anything but better something that moves faster. Tax encroachment of MIA TO PAY for combatting extreme weather would make sense but who or what should be taxed? Banks? ANOTHER MATTER TO ALL - WA SUBS I know a lot of commenters rarely check what is above in main blog but please note the Brill subscription deal on NOW WHICH INCLUDES HALF PRICE FOR ANY EXTENSIONS OF CURRENT SUBS. Deal ends 28March. Thank you all for interest so far!
On 11 Mar 2014, @Piers_Corbyn WA Forecaster wrote:

RICHARD! NO!! As distinct from the slightly longer sidereal fixed star to fixed star year the tropical year 365.2412 days I think I recall it right (365.25 less a bit described by the gregorian cal rules) IS the time between equinoxes so ANY DATE moves with precession ie the 26k or 2 x13k years conical motion you mention. BTW I pointed out the ice ages correspond to noisy beats between tilt 43k or 42k and 26k precession, at a meeting in institute of physics 2004 when I was support speaker with prof Richard Lindzen at a meeting the IOP tried to suppress.
On 11 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Paul-Bed's... If that CFC paper is true then we should see a dramatic spike when countless millions of fridges and freezers were illegally recycled by cowboy breakers yards who released massive amounts of CFC's straight into the atmosphere in a very short time span. I'll keep an eye on that research...rather interesting. This doesn't alter the fact that the ozone hole has always been there and is caused by the lack of ultrviolet light (weaker sun) at the poles. CFC's may make it larger but I've yet to see solid evidence for this.
On 11 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Phil-Ipswich... All these media presentations sound plausible until you join the dots between lots of different ones, then realise that all these nasty industrial elements, which the environmentalists don't want, don't agree with, are scared of, or imagine they'll cause the end of the world, they all have the same things in common. They all cause asthma, cancer, Alzheimers, lower real estate prices, threaten the future health of our children, oh, and the government will use your kids pocket money and their grandmothers pension to pay for it. All of them! What we 'should' be worried about is where they get all the water from to pump deep underground. The media have been telling us for the past decade that fresh water is going to become scarce in the near future, maybe this is the reason why? I think you'll find that most of the scariest things in life are the simplest.
On 11 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote: "Can't tax earth tilt" .... Yes they can, if they can find a way to blame humans, and they will...
On 11 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

if this......Peter Huybers of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Carl Wunsch of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have compared the timing of the tilt variations with that of the last seven ice ages. They found that the ends of those periods – called glacial terminations – corresponded to times of greatest tilt. ..Earth’s axis is currently pointing at the North Star, Polaris, but it is always rotating around in a conical pattern. In about 10,000 years, it will point toward the star Vega, which will mean that winter in the Northern Hemisphere will begin in June instead of January.”...... ...... then the spring will slowly be getting later and later. One could probably model this and then compare to see if climate is 'on track'? No use for co2ers. Can't tax earth tilt.
On 11 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Current (8 AM) temps of 6.5 and 1.8 Celsius, actual and windchill resp. Wind is almost due East. Not using Kollum data anymore as there's too big a difference (windchill there is now 3.7C). Incredibly, last year the KNMI decided to close several important weather stations due to cut-backs. This included the Lauwersmeer station (border of Fryslân and Groningen provinces), which is basically the single most important station for the North. Instead, the KNMI aimed to just use the data from Eelde Airport in Groningen. An airport! Hot exhaust fumes, turbulence from engines ... I guess those data would be better suited to perpetuate the GW story they adhere to. Fortunately the Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijskwaterstaat) thought ACCURATE data were too important for shipping etc, so they acquired the Lauwersoog station. However, some other stations in the country have, indeed, been closed. It suffices to say that the KNMI can absolutely NOT be trusted!
On 10 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Happy Birthday to you, Sir Corbyn! May you continue to stoke the fire underneath the Warmists buttocks and make them sweat ("Blimey! All this time it wasn't GW but Piers Corbyn!") for many years to come ;-) - OT: spent most of today in shirtsleeves finishing a simple woodshed from discarded timber and chopping wood, Lovely weather, saw several butterflies, and the bumble bees have been active for several days now. Then around 5 PM the sun disappeared and the weather turned absafrigginglutely COLD! So cold that you could actually see your breath! Currently it's over 7 Celsius actual temps, but the windchill is 3 Celsius. All due to the NE wind which tomorrow is expected to generate a temp difference of 8 (!) degrees between the North and the South of the country.
On 10 Mar 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

Hey piers a very happy Birthday, my aunt had a birthday on march 11th and she lived to be 105, we have had a lovely warm day here in dorset a good start to spring.
On 10 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Happy Birthday Piers! It might be sunny, warm, dry, breeze is very chilly though out of the sun, but the grass seems reluctant to grow. The tree buds are slowly swelling but apart from the millions of crocuses, which, ironically, originated from the Mediterranean region, nothing much is happening. I noticed the catkins have been joined by pussy willows. too but the Rhododendrons are budding very slowly. It's almost as if the trees remember last spring and don't want to get caught out again.I wonder if it has something to do with pollination timing? That was a big problem last year what with all the ice & snow. The US may be heading for a taste of the same with stories of the temperatures getting above freezing and snow starting to melt. Not seen a bee or butterfly yet but lots and lots of flies. I wonder if the mild winter has messed with the trees natural clock. No big swing from frozen to warm as the trigger...just a thought...
On 10 Mar 2014, Jonathan Hunt subs 45d wrote:

Update from last post ** actually says that the x-flare that was due on the 10th-12th actually missed us and sailed north. What do you think of this Piers? Could this have a domino affect on how the forecast pans out this month? Thanks
On 10 Mar 2014, Jonathan Hunt wrote:

Penblwydd Hapus Piers! ( Welsh Happy Birthday ; ) ) Matt, it seems that the High pressure did creep up quite quickly and very intensely. What has been observed however is that the Met said last Friday that most of this week will be fine, dry and settled and from today has exaggerated on the temperatures. They seemed very confused last night and this morning about the forming clouds and where they came from in the midlands and the south east. Reality is that the R5 is clearly having an impact with or without the high. The clouds have quickly been forming and rather windy here in London. It will be interesting to see what further impact the R5 will have in the next 48hrs.
On 10 Mar 2014, Paul Bedfordshire, Subscriber wrote:

Global warming caused by chlorofluorocarbons, not carbon dioxide, new study says
On 10 Mar 2014, Richard Tate wrote:

Happy Birthday Piers! Mine was on Saturday, and celebrated at the Hove CAMRA cider festival! Beautiful sunny warm weather on the beach that day and enjoyed it thoroughly. I hope it lasts......though I hear rumours that it might not for long...........?
On 10 Mar 2014, Phil non sub Ipswich wrote:

Even Max Keiser agrees fracking is bad. See episode 568 five minutes in.
On 10 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

first really lovely day of Spring cold frosty start but around 11/12 deg. Some cloud mostly sun & blue sky, doors open on the Polytunnel which went from 0 @ 7am - 32degrees @ lunch time! Tunnel sorted now hoping to get the last couple of veg plots dug this wk & hopefully everything will dry out a bit, also Happy Birthday Piers
On 10 Mar 2014, Bob Weber, N Mich USA sub wrote:

Happy Birthday Piers! I see you're tentatively making some plans to attend the EU2014 conference - what an honor it would be for me to shake your hand and chat with you in person, should that happen! I have so many questions. Been planning on asking you for an interview after I get back from the conference... looking forward to finishing my WA winter review project I started back in Nov last year - been preoccupied with conf prep since Jan - but still collecting data daily for comparisons. Interesting times we live in, where we're all expected to knuckle under to the warmists' demands because of what (despite what they say) IS NOT HAPPENING! Wierdly surreal... Back to the weather: solar flux dropped off a few days ago, picking back up slightly now. Warming up in the US, finally above freezing and the snow is starting to melt - it's that time of year. Rather interesting Mar 20-27 USA forecast period Piers! Looks like I'll be sliding out of town just in time to miss all of that.
On 10 Mar 2014, Ian wrote:

Piers, its great the Jetstream has now finally split in two, with on arm going north of UK over Iceland and Scandinavia and the other going down over the Canaries and North Africa. Sandwiched between is a massive area of building high pressure, smack bang over the UK. Will it last? Any chance of a repeat of the glorious summer 1976? I see the sun has gone quiet as well. Happy Birthday!
On 10 Mar 2014, Gill1066 East Sussex (sub) wrote:

Polytunnel yesterday 12,30pm 34 oc - I kid you not. Had to open the doors to let the heat out. Bumblebee inside happily pollinating the apricot tree. It also had a butterfly to keep it company. Roll on Summer!
On 10 Mar 2014, Nigella wrote:

Happy Birthday to you Piers. Any thoughts on where this high pressure came from and when it will move? Weather obs from East Berks - cool & sunny this morning. Thin high cloud has moved over now.
On 10 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

all the models are predicting a high for this week with the storms going north followed by a return to colder snow etc later in April. Mind u these are the same models that predicted a drier than av winter. At least Gavin in another vid has been honest and exposed how wrong they were. Gavin does vids on what the current models are predicting...Late March and April Concerns (9/3/14) interesting to see what the official models are saying.
On 10 Mar 2014, Matt, subscriber wrote:

Piers, the Met Office are forecasting what looks like a "cut-off high" for the next few days. Might your forecast for a heavy storm be thwarted by the cut-off high like it was back in July?
On 10 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

"Changes in the sun's energy output may have led to marked natural climate change in Europe over the last 1000 years, according to researchers at Cardiff University.".... course to get it published they had to say modern man made co2 warming would trump any solar effects which will become a problem for them the longer they cannot prove co2 is the main driver of climate...the article also shows if u remove co2 bias from the models they actually work and match the recorded data
On 09 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Paul: sounds nice in theory - "if anyones house is damaged through mini earth quakes, then there should be a good compensation scheme so no ones loses out" - but why don't you talk to people living in the Dutch province of Groningen (natural gas extraction) and see how it compares to reality. Because it doesn't. People don't get enough compensation and what's more, they're unable to sell their house because NOBODY wants to live in an earthquake prone region. @Russ: it's OK, we deal with it, and I'll admit to liking having my eldest at home. We have a similar sense of humor so never a dull moment. And by now we know how to keep him from getting too depressed, or at least warn him when things tend to go wrong. Last fit he had was 2 years ago (broken mirror, bathroom looking like an abattoir and a handful of stitches). It may sound bad but I've lived with it for the past 19 years, and you do get used to it ;-)
On 09 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

the yellow wind warning was only up around 10am - 3pm countrywide yday, but I would say it was more windy early hrs & morning more so, it was a milder night last night & mild today 10-12 tho cloudy & lots of drizzle, they do say its to be a settled mild week here & cold @ night
On 09 Mar 2014, Ben Farrington, Moray - sub wrote:

Happy Birthday! for tomorrow Piers, looks like the present will be a great burst of spring for most of the UK and week for that matter. Despite being in a R5 -R3 period it seems the storms will be kept at bay this time thankfully. BTW please guys not too much politics, it does get tiresome at times.
On 09 Mar 2014, Gerry, N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

Strange that you never hear that previous Labour governments closed more pits than the Conservatives did. An inconvenient fact? - Territorial ambitions of the egotistical EU are behind the Ukraine crisis. The EU have been attempting to sign up Russia's neighbours to agreements to put them on a path to EU membership. It was Yankovic's refusal to sign this in November that sparked the anti-government protests by pro-EU Ukrainians who want to be able to advantage of EU freedom of movement to leave Ukraine. The agreement was NOT a trade agreement as peddled by the BBC and its pals at the Guardian. - Interesting that there is a yellow wind warning in Ireland as Mobeeb forecast on Friday evening had current pleasant weather continuing all week. Question is can the R5 push the Atlantic lows eastwards or will the high pressure resist?
On 09 Mar 2014, Russ NE Derbyshire subscriber wrote:

The valley was created by mining, firstly lead and tin, then later limestone and fluorspar. There are dozens of beautiful dales in Derbyshire, most of them, ironically, created or enhanced from mine workings. So quarries have a very positive effect in the long term. I guess, from an industry point of view, fracking is a cheaper alternative to mining for coal, or drilling for and refining oil, so again, it's all down to money at the end of the day...Pity we can't tap all that methane under the seabed. At least it's not in anyones backyard! ........... It's a wonderful warm, sunny Sunday out there. So we're off to create some delicious CO2 and fertilise the trees with our motorcycles.
On 09 Mar 2014, Russ NE Derbyshire subscriber wrote:

Fracking? Poisoning the water supply? When the ground is full of radio-active isotopes, lead, aluminium, viruses and bacteria with no known cure for their deadly reactions etc, etc. And as for earth tremors? Could I mention tectonic plate movement, natural earthquakes howsoever induced, underground nuclear bomb testing. From the data I've seen so far the tremors are about the same magnitude as those created by a passing 40 ton truck. So I'm not impressed by the anti-fracking arguments so far. I hate the massive limestone quarries peppered across Derbyshire, but it's a NOW thing, they look terrible...but...when they are eventually left to go wild and/or lanscaped, then the results can be stunningly beautiful. I often walk a tightly curving, deep, narrow valley with limestone outcrops and short, steep cliffs, awash with hazel, willow, birch and rowan. It's one of the best places to see birdlife in the whole area and so tranquil. ... cont'd
On 09 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Paddy... Re: DDT... Insecticides are said to be safe but on the can of fly or ant spray it say's, "Do Not Inhale...Use in a Well Ventilated Room...If Swallowed Seek Medical Atttention Immediately". Those contradictions tell me everything I need to know. ...... Saskia, wow! That's a tear inducing story. My brother and his wife used to have flu vaccinations but they still went down with the flu, and worse than the people they knew who hadn't had the vaccines. So they ceased having them and stopped getting the flu. Of course, the industry 'damage avoidance police' will say that this is pure coincidence but I've had dozens of people tell me the same story. So there's a big increase in allergies when you keep pumping the public's veins full of the 'toxic' metal 'aluminium' (previously mercury), specifically to trigger a response from the bodies immune system (adjuvant), then it's puzzled looks all around the boardroom as scientists are baffled by the ensuing allergy epidemic..
On 09 Mar 2014, mwhite wrote: Proof that "Green" is a religion. (around the 4 minute point) Makes you want to cringe.
On 09 Mar 2014, Steve,Dorset,UK sub wrote:

Yes i agree that we need to be carefull where we site the fracking wells, but as for fracking being a threat i disagree we here in dorset have had a fracking well that is part of which farm and it has operated for over 20years with no problem as long as the engineering is regulated as is any oil or gas site we need not fear, we do not need Rasputins little helpers shouting off about another agenda altogether which is nothing to do with gas but control.
On 09 Mar 2014, Tony wrote:

As an ex miner im biased but bring back the coal there are millions of kg of good quality coal and double win I get me job back
On 09 Mar 2014, Paul wrote:

I think fracking is the way forward and if anyones house is damaged through mini earth quakes, then there should be a good compensation scheme so no ones loses out. It could help see use through the next 20-30yrs and by then, hopefully new technology like nuclear fusion power stations will be possible.
On 09 Mar 2014, Matt, subscriber wrote:

Piers, thanks for acknowledging my analysis of WA and displaying a link to my website I just like to get to the truth on issues and I couldn't find an honest assessment of your forecasts so I decided to do one myself. I contacted Mark Lynas (who described you as an astrologer touting for business) who emailed me back to say he had asked the Met Office about you and didn't believe in your forecasts (what did he expect them to say?). I thought he might be the first environmental journalist to make a fair assessment of WA given his about turns on nuclear and GM crops, but perhaps not. I'm sure the Met Office have a collective "Corbyn Denialism" going on. Regarding fracking - all mining has problems but the anti-fracking mob seem to think it's about 100 times more dangerous than it actually is. I'd prefer us to create jobs and tax revenue here instead of sending our money to Russia, Norway and the Middle East.
On 09 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Current (09:30 AM) temps of 10 Celsius. The wind, however, still feels cold./ @Paddy: Yes, the root cause of all this has been difficult to swallow. However, I did manage to guide him through "normal" education up to year 3 of the 'gymnasium' (grammar school) before things 'went West'. He has an above average IQ and I'm fairly certain he'll find his place in the world at his own pace. Just as long as he isn't pressured. He functions fine within our family and in general he's a sweet kid. Oh, and this is what he's started doing recently (Dutch, and yes, he'd kill me if he knew ;-). Narrated game play. Seems to be in fashion these days :-\
On 09 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

researchers from meto says it should engage more with the public via blogs and the like. So that means they will take up WA challenge to an open televised debate?
On 08 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

A cold and overcast start, 4˚C but feeling raw in the strong SSW wind, we had a bit of rain but the afternoon was sunny and temp rose to 11˚ in stark contrast to the morning, still 8˚ at 10pm. There appears to have been a lot of rain all around us but we got very little. == Saskia: that is a terrible thing that you had to experience with your son. So many people have to go through this and then wake up to the vaccine fallacy. Vaccines really got going in the 40s & 50s when all the diseases they were meant to prevent were on the wane already anyway because of improved hygiene and general life circumstances. I'm not an expert or a strong campaigner, but what I've gleaned from the available literature, the book Dissolving Illusions in particular, made me realise that this is yet another deadly scam, duly reinforced by the WTTN, the what-to-think-network, i.e. the mainstream media. When DDT was the rage the manufacturers suggested sprinkling it on food!!
On 08 Mar 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL! -- Meeting at Astro Forum btw was brill and we got it videoed -- RHYS DAVE Slippery slope here. We are talking politics because Global Warming is political and energy security is part of it. However R i wasnt accusing Putin of anything other than taking advantage (understandably even!) of energy insecurity of the West which the west (not Russia) bought upon itself by closing coal mines & refusing to re-open them (for 'Green' reasons) when they are needed or getting other sufficient energy supplies. Re Miner's strike I know, I was 'there' and still have a solidarity badge from Bevercotes Colliery Notts coal field. Re pro's and cons of fracking there may be many and I daresay it can, like coal, be safe (even with some problems) in the right places but the issue here is not that but the astounding fact that the powers-that-be put the UK+Eu into Energy Insecurity now and ramp up energy charges in ruination of their own economies in the name of delusional 'saving the planet'.
On 08 Mar 2014, Dave, Leicester (subscriber) wrote:

I disagree that we need fracking, the risks are way too great to even consider it, opening up the coal mines seems a step backward and gas/oil is causing wars. I believe we need to look at other methods to generate our power. I'm currently trying to figure out a wind powered method using trees, but there are other ideas out there that just need help in bringing them about.
On 08 Mar 2014, Maria (Ireland) wrote:

oh & a yellow wind warning just popped up @ Met Eireann :))
On 08 Mar 2014, Maria ( Ireland ) wrote:

cloudy, windy & tho reading 10 deg. It feels much cooler here..
On 08 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - Side note: when our village was hit by a severe whooping cough epidemic, my kids were the ONLY ones who didn't fall ill. Remarkable, no? @Lorraine: I also used the baking soda and it does work. I basically moved to the cream I mentioned because I started using that for my skin and found it also worked as a deodorant ;-) Finally, with regard to fracking, this says it all:
On 08 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Current (11 AM) weather is sunny, clear skies and temps well above freezing, but ... it still FEELS very cold. @Russ & Paddy: Russ, very interesting video, thanks for that! My personal thoughts on vaccination: my then 4 mth old son suffered an acknowledged (!) "rare but intense" complication (see; sorry, Dutch) after having been vaccinated with the diphteria, whooping cough, tetanus, poliomyelitis and Haemophilus influenzae type B (DKTP-Hib) vaccin in 1995. He was so ill they didn't even dare move him to the hospital. After recovering he was a totally changed child, and 2 years ago he was diagnosed with Asperger, Anxiety Disorder and is very likely Bipolar as well. He has been unable to graduate, has been classified 100% NSFW (Not Suited For Work), is on "young handicapped" benefits and takes Prozac to control fits of rage and mood swings. I have never allowed my kids to be vaccinated again, and ... they CHANGED the vaccin in 2005! [cont.]
On 08 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Page 2... which can run to tens of thousands of volts and can often induce lightning strikes inside the tornado, which just proves the massive electrical activity going on in the body of the tornado. Have a gentle peruse of these wonderful explanations of electrical twisty things in the near ground region of the atmosphere >> << ... >> <<
On 08 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Lorraine... Yes baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) I have tried. By far the best stuff is off the shelf and full of aluminium but if people are wanting to avoid topping up their own levels then they are going to have to put a little effort in and apply alternatives several times a day..... Anyone wanting a good laugh try this news story from Aunty Beeb >> << China is sat under an umbrella of strong but fairly linear magnetic flux with the transition line running across the Himalaya between India and China. The United States has a very strong flux across the NE states but much weaker across the rest of the country. The field strength is far from linear too showing a dramatic transition line running straight up tornado ally as this diagram shows >> << Not so much wafting warm & cold air, more like magnetically induced voltage differences between air masses ...cont'
On 08 Mar 2014, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Piers If you don't want to talk about politics here don't start the debate! The UK coal industry was shut down by Ian McGregor, who I think you will find was not Russian, not British but from the land of our Masters, the United States. He did so under orders of the UK's 'most loyal patriot', Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (a fine mess she got us into, Stan!), suitably goaded by the self-serving charlatan Arthur Scargill. If you wish to raise the issues of that, ask Barack Obama whether he considers it reasonable for the UK to be independent in energy production and whether he thinks the USA has any right to the same if they stop other nations pursuing US national priorities in their own land. It's time to confront Americans about their behaviour and that is done through direct, undiplomatic confrontations with them about the truth of their behaviour now and in the past and it does not require the use of guns, nuclear weapons or gunboat diplomacy.
On 08 Mar 2014, Lorraine Lister wrote:

Russ/ Saskia- the cheapest, safe and effective deodorant is a light dusting of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) on the armpits as you soon as you dry yourself after your shower or bath in the morning.
On 08 Mar 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL FOR TOP COMMS == Just a note We dont want to go OTT on details of some political matters which are best discussed elsewhere. Re Putin 'sabre-rattling' of course he IS but that does NOT mean that USA, UK, EU are blameless in this or any conflict. Further re claims and counter claims of events in Kiev:- Many false claims will be made (the first casuality is truth) so although we have published certain (counter) claims that does not mean we or contributors know either way and for the record there are many forces at work in Kiev and it is very unlikely there is ONE explanation for events. The point I make about Russian gas is key. Thanks for your attention.
On 08 Mar 2014, Dermot (occ subscriber) Tasmania wrote:

Hi Piers Would be very interested in your views on a report recently published down here by the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO - State of the Climate - discusses the long-term trends in Australia’s climate. Clearly, they're in the warming camp but it would be great to have views on what they're missing down here as there is little or no commentary on solar lunar magnetic effects on the Southern Hemisphere. Kind regards Dermot
On 07 Mar 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub) wrote:

Foggy start, mild at 4˚C. According to the radar we've had quite a bit of rain overnight, but this is not reliable information: sometimes it shows rain at a given time when clearly none was experienced on the ground. Sunny & strong drying W wind today, great! Temp only rose to 8˚ and now 10pm it is 0˚ under a clear sky. ==Russ: all good stuff. However, by that argument the CAGW conspiracy also fails, i.e. that there isn't one - but as we here all plainly know there IS a scam and it's huge! As for killer vaccines, that's already been going for a long time, see and if you're into that, read the book. The overall agenda is confused and confusing because there are different factions competing; in the meantime, we get the bum deal, whoever is on top. Personally, I don't want to argue at all costs that there are sinister agendas, that's a given to me - mercury in amalgam, Big Bang, mortgages, elections & on & on.
On 07 Mar 2014, Phil non sub Ipswich wrote:

b) Support fracking in safe places ???? There is NO safe place for fracking because fracking is NOT safe. Watch "Gasland", "The truth behind the dash for gas" and "The sky is pink" on youtube.
On 07 Mar 2014, Charlie Silverman wrote:

Hi piers and everyone, i noticed that you said ' support fracking in safe places'. Is there such a thing as a safe place for fracking?. This fracking issue is gaining momentum on both sides of the climate and environmentalism debate, some pro and some anti fracking. Ian r crane and UK column has done extensive research on this issue of fracking and looked at whats happened in other parts of the world where its been taking place for a number of years. Am sorry but it doesn't seem safe anywhere. Insurance company's are refusing to insure properties in fracking zones for a start, not to mention the amount of fresh water required to carry out such operations and the use of toxic chemicals that poison the water table and surrounding lands, the devaluing of properties is also a concern. Look at some of the evidence please... and not the political spin from our darling politicians!
On 07 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Please read this short PDF which shows the bog standard industry thoughts about aluminium toxicity >> << Then watch this lecture by Prof Chris Exley which should open your eyes to bullfrog dimensions... >> <<
On 07 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Just to add another fact or two about aluminium. It is injected into your bloodstream in vaccines, and is added to foodstuffs. Antacid stomach remedies include aluminium as the active ingredient because it's so effective. Ergo, we ingest lots of aluminium already. So why worry about some nano-particles of the stuff being wafted about 60,000 feet up in the atmosphere? I think we need to give these things some perspective.The daft thing is with these chemtrail theories that they blame weather control by the military for all the bad weather we're having. They blamed HAARP on Hurricane Katrine veering off course, whereas Piers knows (and so do we) that it was the timing of luna phases and solar magnetic effects on our atmosphere which were the culprits.
On 07 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Russ - Bleach, or chlorine, is an absolute no-no in our household. It kills waterlife, and even though I'm not standing on the barricades yelling "Save Mother Nature!" I do try and abstain from any detrimental substances as much as possible. I started making my own deodorant many years ago by mixing (yes, organic) coconut oil with (again, organic) olive oil and (yup, organic) essential oil so it becomes a soft cream which is easily applied. Sometimes I use peppermint oil (nice in Summer) and sometimes lavender or orange/mandarine. As I have very thin skin which has been pretty badly damaged by my years in the tropics (I only ever was inside to grab something to eat ;-) I keep a large jar of the stuff in the shower and apply a thin layer all over just before the final rinse. It does wonders for dry skin! As a deodorant you might need to re-apply again as well, especially on days like today, when chopping wood.
On 07 Mar 2014, richard wrote:

i see the long range models have next week as warm and this sat as 18c as high pressure locks in. so i'm expecting press releases about 'earth warming up' during this period. or is that too cynical to think the warmists wait for the right weather to release their latest mind games?
On 07 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Saskia... The makers of antiperspirant tell you that it neutralises odour and blocks sweat glands but what they conveniently leave out is the fact that it actually stops the sweat glands from producing sweat? Switches them off! Is it any wonder that if you apply an extra layer just to be on the safe side, the result is prickly heat and very itchy armpits. I tried, with some success, anti-bacterial hand gel, the alcohol based stuff to prevent the spread of germs in hospitals. Both bleach and alcohol are excellent at killing bacteria but bleaching the armpits doesn't seem like fun to me. You have to apply the gel several times a day because you pick up fresh bacteria from your clothes, which have survived the washing process. A very small amount of bleach diluted and added to the wash kills those too, so your clothes smell like new. I have to stress that you only need a very small amount of bleach (dilute before adding). Enough to do the job, but not enough to weaken the colour dye.
On 07 Mar 2014, Russ subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Fresh from .... "For reasons that researchers don't fully understand, spring is aurora season." .... Maybe because it's the planet's north magnetic pole perchance? Have you also noticed that there's much more ice at the planets south pole? Bite your lip and go ask a plasma physicist why spring is aurora season.....please?..........Ammy.. "Snow and hail falling in Glasgow City centre!" .... Must be June hehehe! ...........
On 07 Mar 2014, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Isn't it the Americans who are sabre rattling?? They want to stop the Russians supplying Europe with gas so they can supply it themselves. So they looked to destabilise Ukraine and instal their own puppet who would play silly buggers with the gas pipelines to advance the American cause. I agree with your analysis of energy independence for the UK but I do wonder whether the Americans will let it happen. No special relationship is special if the Americans aren't in control of it, after all…….
On 07 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - @Russ: you said w.r.t. aluminium "we put a gramme under each armpit daily". Not getting into whether or not aluminium is absorbed and causes cancer, but what I personally find disturbing is the fact that the aluminium actively BLOCKS sweat glands, in effect resulting in hypohidrosis, by preventing sweat from reaching the skin's surface. Not good, me thinks. Blocking your body's natural thermoregulatory system as well as disposal system (sweat not only contains minerals and trace elements but also small amounts of urea) will have some effect in the end. OT: it's weird but despite the much higher temps (11 C this afternoon) it still feels COLD! It's that same undercurrent I talked about last year I think, making you shiver despite the sun being out. Now it's still March but usually when the sun's out you feel it's warmth. We don't. Due to the lower activity of the sun itself? Or again this imminent foreboding sense of "something wicked this way comes" ...
On 07 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - I'll take my chances in a cooler climate. Having said that, I discovered some interesting things floating around the internet. 1. It seems, contrary to what most people believe, that the sun doesn't spend most of the day in the sothern part of the sky during Summer. I have read that the idea of positioning lean-to greenhouses to the South should be swapped for positioning a lean-AWAY greenhouse to the East or SE for better growing conditions. Anybody's thoughts on that? 2. GROW your own greenhouse! Willem Van Cotthem, Honorary Professor of Botany, University of Ghent (Belgium), has launched the idea for growing live greenhouse teepees in arid conditions. He uses so-called Navajo willow (Salix matsudana) which can be shaped into a teepee form and ensures optimum shade and humidity. I wonder if the idea can be modified into something which can be used in in region of the world as well. It sure put my mind in gear. [cont.]
On 07 Mar 2014, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@ Craig M : You are absolutely correct with regard to the 'tropical downpours' here in Europe; they can't hold a candle to the real thing ;-) As a child I lived in Surinam several years, and I remember actually SWIMMING IN THE STREET whenever the so-called 'large rain period' started up. You haven't experienced rain if you've never heard it drum down on a metal roof so loud that people have to scream at eachother to be heard. As for viruses: although I'm not an 'active preppie' in as far as building a concrete shelter for SHTF-scenarios, I would never voluntarily move back to a tropical country whenever society as we know would come to a screeching halt. Yes, it is nice and warm, and yes, you can grow food there more eaily. But warm climates also have viruses and bacteria which will NOT be killed off by harsh winters etc. It seems people never think about that. Rumors of old viruses re-appearing in the tropics due to deforestation have been going around for decades already. [cont.]
On 07 Mar 2014, Ammy Dhesi - Subscriber - Glasgow wrote:

Snow and hail falling in Glasgow City centre!
On 07 Mar 2014, occassionally David wrote:

This off topic, however a correction or two is in order - Putin is not "sabre-rattling" in Ukraine. The coup was organised by the US and EU; the snipers were ordered by the new Government not the old, this was done with US/EU knowledge and then cited by them as a reason to support the new, unelected Government; Russia has the right by treaty to have 25,000 troops in the Crimea; where exactly does the nation that has either bombed or invaded Grenada, Haiti, assorted South American nations, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria get off telling Russia (who haven't fired a single shot or dropped a single bomb) that their actions are illegal?