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Jan 8 
The Extreme Cold USA - 'shifted polar vortex' is like ~WeatherAction's Long Range USA forecast

WeatherAction USA forecast as produced 31 Dec:
WOW! PolarVortex =WA XtremeColdUSA LRFc;;

AccuWeather "Current Weather" Jan 8 as on 
The map was produced by AccuW on 6th (see bot right of map) and used as display for 'Current Weather' on their reports of 7th and 8th as is their standard form - usually they put day of week but for this because it goes on for some days they put 'Current' and artcle tels you date(s). 
The reason for writing this somewhat obvious fact is that wormword trolls are around claiming the map below is just for 6th which is of course a lie as made clear in AccuVid of 8th which gives warm up in East 11th and the rest a bit slower and includes our snow storm in NW. A better timing for our 7-12th(+/-1d) might have been 6-11th but not obviously so because we have to simplify changes across a continent into approx uniform periods for whole USA and in these situations although our forecast maps might imply abrupt changes if taken literally obviously they cannot be that abrupt (ie cold before midnight and mild a minute after over 500,000 sq miles). However the Wormword trolls are so deperate they will try anything. The reason for their wormwords is not actually the facts or to argue the toss about timing of one day but because their ship of lies has hit an iceberg of truth and they dont like our comments on that.
AccuVid prod 8th (note still forecast we are not out of cold yet!): IS WeatherAction's ExtremeCold LR forecast AccuW ; Piers

USA readers: Need we tell you that the rapid let up in supercold now forecast to be on the way by standard meteorology is as very like that in our forecast prod 31 Dec?
Piers says "Need I tell you this extreme cold and when it will likely end (within reasonable uncertainties) was known to our subscribers? If you want to know these things you know what to do. If you had subscribed you would see it is unbelievably good value as current users have said. 
"By the way of course these extreme events are nothing whatsoever to do with the LIE of man-made CO2 climate change which is a fraud and theft project backed by intellectually limited politicians and warmist-sect followers.
Thank you"

WeatherAction's next blogpost will deal with what will happen in Europe as the USA supercold lessens on WeatherAction (SOLAR DRIVEN) cue within a day or so and the CO2 warmist sect go delirious in their biggest total world-wide lie campaign ever which is their Custer's last stand to defend the biggest scientific lie ever told to the world.


The very large system which - as snow and wind - trashed N/E USA is bearing down onto Ireland Britain & Europe. 
How bad will it be?

Piers Corbyn says  "VERY BIG and BAD rather than very very bad"
"In all the previous major storms October onwards this year WeatherAction correctly warned that the MetOffice were underestimating the top wind gusts - because our WeatherAction solar-based Top Red (R5R4) Factors were operating.
In THIS case although it is a very large system our top red 'enhancement' factors are not operating so although huge and dangerous waves are expected it will probably not have the local wind and hail ferocity of the NY+2, Jan3 storm.  Met Office top wind warnings therefore as 1800 Jan 5 are probably accurate or OVERESTIMATES"

Circulation and publication of this statement is welcome with acknowledgment of WeatherAction Long Range Forecasters - Thank you
+44/02079399946,   +44/07958713320

SOME FURTHER STORM COMMENT AND COMMENT ON SNOW MATTERS is / will be sent direct to subscribers

WeatherAction prognosis that MetO was ~overstating winds for this period 5-6th 
was confirmed - see eg map below and comms in Reader Comment(s) below this pic and in Reader Comms at bottom of post
Embedded image permalink

Posted by Paddy on Tue 7th evening - includes informed Links to CraigM for close watch

A windy and dry night, 6˚C at 7.30, rising to 8˚ during the day, back down to 6˚ by 9pm. Winds SW'ly, what else?, slowly abating in strength, cloud cover all day, mostly stratocumulus, no rain. 
- I've been watching that Low [Ex USA - Ed]  which Craig describes in his post further down - – and I did think Piers was going to be proven wrong but I watched in amazement how its central pressure kept rising from 934mb on Sunday to 974mb tonight (7th) at 18:00. 
It's particularly funny that normally Piers says that we have to add wind & precipitation to MO forecasts because they always underestimat, whereas on this occasion they overestimated and it turned out much calmer, exactly as Piers said it would......
So hold on to your hats for the next R5 im a few days' time......

Recent prior events and News

4 JAN 2014 Top Comm
3 Jan Br+Ir storm "Tremendous success" for WeatherAction 
  • Major Storm and Top winds ~R5+ 31Dec-2Jan(+/-1d) and R4 29-30Dec(+/-1d) warnings confirmed. 
  • Observed winds substantially in excess of MetO warnings
  • Worst storm for 20yrs in Wales and SW says Daily Mail 

Image preview
Stupendous Wave Barmouth Wales 3 Jan. Moral Don't sit beside the sea during a WeatherAction R5+ storm even if MetOffice didnt expect that much 

On 03 Jan 2014, shaun faulkner wrote in blog below
"Had to go back to net weather just to point out to those enquiring about your success. After suggesting using this recent storm prediction as a test of your performance... that despite all the naysayers. You were right again while MO didnt have this storm yesterday morning. 
WA comm: ie MetO 1day ahead forecast did not have storm of Jan3. 
Which net weather users were delighted to point out their models had no evidence of such a storm and considering how soon it was supposed to be they wrote ur predictions off as dramatic headlines. Even regular posters here saying ah well piers cant get it right all the time. 
Seems to me this storm today is in your give or take 2 day time frame of new year**. 
Serious lightning and hail here in south wales today. More heavy rain too with some powerful gusts of wind. Awesome Piers
**WA Note: THANKS SHAUN! The R5+ 31st-2nd+/-1d includes 3rd or as you say that gives 1Jan NYDay +/2d for a substantial storm which is what happened.

Piers says: "Thanks, Shaun, Craig, Matthew and all for monitorings and comms. As Craig's piece below showed the MetO expectation was top gusts 50-60mph ~1st (that might have been upped later of course as 'maybes' but we are talking main printed contentions here when MetO had something to say compared with what WA had said WEEKS before).  
Blog reports below and Twitter feed reports @Piers_Corbyn and some copied below show MetO winds were substantially topped as we warned they would be both in the R5+ (1st+/-2d in extended form BOTH on 1st Jan and 3rd Jan) and the R4 before 29-30th Dec +/-1d. 
"We've had tremendous feedback on this storm period, which is another triumph for WeatherAction. Not only were our wind warnings Br+Ir a stunning success but also all our solar + geophysical forecasts were confirmed in this R4-R5 pair top Red periods: - Extra active earth facing sunspots amd Coronal hole, aurora, and major quake-volcano events. The extreme local turbulance (quasi tornadic events) high gustiness, ferocious waves, large (on English measures) hail was also significant especially on 3rd which is very pleasing. 
Our 45d ahead prospect for more N'ly flow & snow ~1Jan  was, on 30th, withdrawn (for 1st) and postponed till later and not in 30d forecast where an extra column of comment and Auroa-solar news was inserted to explain why. 
A couple of blog comments which don't seem to be aware of this - which was blog posted as information here first -  and/or which give away or imply things about future forecast content have not been published.
"As we warned snow will come soon." 

Some twitter feeds / info Gust reports newest on top:
Sme Gust Reports as News pdf 30Decto 3Jan:

3 Jan Ilfracombe N Devon what-a-wave! 
Embedded image permalink

3Jan Hail Bruton Somerset!
Embedded image permalink

3 JAN 2014 WeatherAction Special Warning & Top Comm
Publication of this material is welcome and unlimited, actual forecast content is not public except with Agreement of WeatherAction - Contacts +44(0)2079399946 / +44(0)7958713320 mobile
(Effects of) R5+ (31st-2Jan +/-1day) continue 
Snowmageddon USA and Rainmageddon UK & Eire continue:
  • Earth is still in fast solar wind blast from Coronal Hole (3 Jan Pic below ) which was Earth facing ~1Jan in middle of R5+
  • MORE FEROCIOUS EXTREME damaging wind and rain/snow storms now heading for Ir+Br & NW Europe and USA (Snowmageddon) 3rd and 4th Jan.  These events should be considered as part of R5+ (highest possible danger) 31Dec-Jan2(+/-1day) and are likley to be as intense and damaging as our Oct 28th Br+Ir+ Eu storm but note storm tracks not the same.
  • UK Govt holds weather emergency 'Cobra' meeting but do not invite WeatherAction - preferring to not know what will develop and the public to suffer rather than put the noses of Met Office - BBC - CO2 warmist sect out of joint. Meanwhile Piers Corbyn is getting more and more invitations to Radio interviews on the storms and what next.
    • Piers says: The situation is insane. Standard meteorology cannot cope with what is going on. The MetO have - as we warned - consistently underestimated storm dangers in our R5 and R4 periods and we can give a clear view on where this is all leading and for how long. Despite their 'concerns' about green energy surcharges (aka theft) the govt continue with the CO2 green lie. They have only shifted the green energy theft into taxation and in reality don't care about the ongoing public suffering in these storms. If they did they would involve WeatherAction NOW to get a better measure of reality and take legal action against electricity companies failures to re-connect electricity in good time, end the nasty behind the scenes subsidy arrangements they have with them on handouts to better-off housholds for self-serving green measures, and indeed end all green surgcharges AND TAXES now"
  • ANOTHER group of savage solar active region (AR1944...pic below Jan 3) now emerging which will become Earth-Facing ~Jan 10th (weather period 7-12th)  marking WeatherAction's next R5.  The Met Office - BBC havn't got a clue about the significance of this, do not want to know and do not want the public to know. WeatherAction subscribers to Br+Ir, Eu and USA forecasts ALREADY KNOW.
    • The new very large and deep Atlantic Low heading for Br+Ir in current standard models for ~7th or 8th or 9th is part of this serious time window 7-12th. In view of public speculation subscribers will get an update comment soon on this storm prior to WeatherAction further public comments.
  • One would have thought the crane blowing onto the Cabinet Office roof in Piers' Oct 28th storm (predicted 23 weeks ahead*)  which the MO underestimated in strength would be a 'wake-up call'. 

2 JAN 2014 HAPPY NEW YEAR and Best wishes to all!
Thank you for all support and feedback in 2013. We have made great advances last year and with your backing we will make more in 2014, Thank you! 

As can be seen from twitter @Piers_Corbyn and other reports; WeatherAction solar, auroral, stratospheric warming and weather event forecasts are going very well in this first weather period of the year 1-3Jan - which overlaps / extends last period of 2013 and includes the very important R5~31st to Jan 2. 
  • Note the X-ray and proton flux graphs below are auto-updating and show a major increase in Solar Flare activity - on the edge of X flare level from late on 31st and on 1 Jan
  • Further extra warming of parts of Upper stratosphere and wave pattern confirmed 1 Jan - in line with WeatherAction trial for main effect ~ 28Dec - 1Jan
  • Amazing twitter feed confirmations coming in of N/E USA  Snowmageddon WeatherAction warnings in our extension of last period 2013 to First period 2014 (1-3Jan) - see loaded USA forecast. R5+ ~31st Dec - 2nd Jan 
  • Top winds in Eire+Brit 1 Jan exceeded MetO as WA warned and higher winds still likely in R5+ / weather period 1-3rd Jan 

Antarctic Too much Ice Crisis News:

The Green Fools are fleeing! So when will the grip of the ice loosen? - See below 

Embedded image permalink

Piers says "The Ice will weaken as winds change in WeatherAction's next big circulation change which is around ~17JAN so maybe by 20th or so they could have another go at getting the ship(s) out. We base this estimate on the fact that the world weather system is just that - a world system. Major changes in the NH circulation and Jet stream have correspondences in the SH. [Follow reports from our New Zealand & Australian subscribers and you can see that]. Subscribers to WeatherAction Eu /Br+Ir or USA will have noticed major changes in circulation through 17-20th and I estimate it is 80% likely this also means DIFFERENT winds in Antarctica which should do the business. 

Of course when this happens the Warmist liars in BBC and the intellectually strained Independent, Guardian and New York Times will doubtless say the wind change is a sign of their lost Global Warming cause being redeemed. 

I urge all who support evidence-based science and accountable policies THIS YEAR to give these fraudsters, spongers and thieves NO QUARTER WHATSOEVER. We have to make 2014 so uncomforable for them and their lie machine that they would wish they could return to the sanctuary of an ice-bound ship or a Russian jail to escape the wrath of the people who are now suffering - and some dieing - under rising fuel charges and hiked food prices and taxes which are a direct consequence of the insane policies these green parasites have foisted upon the world".


The Storms ~27 Dec and follow-on: Br+Ir+Eu and N-NE USA
These were great successes See previous blog

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LATEST WeatherActionTV and News VIDEOS 
The CO2 Warmist are on the Run - Time to finish the Job

DECISIVE:  Piers Corbyn dismembers the UN Climate Committee report meeting held at the Royal Society 2-3 Oct 2013 => Weather Action TV Report Sept/Oct 2013  - UN Climate Report - A Disgrace to Science 
Short link = 

Nigel Farage leader of UKIP nails the Global warming Lie at the European Parliament 
Short link = 


Comments submitted - 104 Add your comment

On 15 Apr 2017, 4rx wrote:

Thanks a lot for sharing your awesome websites.
On 18 Jan 2014, look at this wrote:

AwWsL0 Very informative blog.Much thanks again. Awesome.
On 10 Jan 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Harder frost today, temp was 0˚C at 7.30, fairly cloudy with stratocumulus, though not totally overcast, there were holes. Gentle to moderate W'ly breeze, dry. Clear evening and by 10pm temp was already at 0˚ again, so I think it'll be a colder night than last. 'As the day lengthens, the cold strengthens'... well, maybe; R5 now, so what's going on? Still only the 1st day of it so wait & see, -- There has been some talk here on the matter of solar effects on health and well being a few weeks back, so here is an appropriate piece on that by Keith Scott-Mumby, worth a read and looks well backed up by quoted research
On 10 Jan 2014, Stephen,Dorset,UK wrote:

Here is a link to comments by Piers that was posted on Twitter. …
On 10 Jan 2014, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

Black Pearl: the article is correct, £20m over 2 years would answer the question about flooding but the correct answer certainly wouldn't come from Messrs Allen and Stott as members of the CO2 cult. Blue skies for most of the last 2 days but still some showers around. Much colder under the clear skies. Forecast seems to be going along nicely with the sun playing ball. The much-hyped CME petered out keeping solar influence to R3. NASA were spouting a solar wind speed of 700km/s (1.6million MPH in real money) but it never reached 500.
On 10 Jan 2014, Kris wrote:

"Global warming is being caused by humans, not the sun, and is highly sensitive to carbon, new research shows" -
On 10 Jan 2014, BLACK PEARL wrote:

I smell another grant application opportunatey scam to keep the climate change band wagan rolling
On 10 Jan 2014, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Neil, Istvan: Without giving away paid info, remember that conventional models tend to get it wrong during R5s.
On 10 Jan 2014, Chris H (subscriber) wrote:

Hi Piers et al, here's a link to a page on sunspot AR 1944.
On 10 Jan 2014, Neil wrote:

I ain't subscribed but I really do think this winter will stay green and be mild for us in the south and London areas I'll be surprised this year if we even get light snow showers and seeing that wind direction is changed a lot of forecasters are now saying the colder weather that was expected to come to our shores are now stalled and is backdated at least for another 10 days! And also when the cold does arrive forecasters also saying this will be confined only to the north I wonder what wind direction will change in the coming days hope there wrong and it's an easterly wind I'd love to see a least a couple of inches before he summer arrives here in southern Britain!
On 10 Jan 2014, Lorraine G wrote:

Piers you say in your comments subscribers will receive an update on the current weather situation I have not received any update yet.
On 10 Jan 2014, istvan ilyes west sussex wrote:

Still now sign of any change in the currant southwesterlies. there seems that the expected change in wind direction will have to wait until beyond the coming week. the cold high over the near Continent is likely to stay just east of us for now. snow lovers may well have to wait until at least the end of January. even then it may well be up north. February may be the month to expect a distinct change from the currant weather.
On 10 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Talking of polarity. If you get the electrical polarity of an electrical device wrong at home you can seriously damage the device. We are always warned about fitting battery cells the correct way round for this reason. The polarity of incoming magnetised clouds of energised particles is the same. As Brad remarked: If the polarity of the field is correctly aligned with the Earth's field we get Aurora, if it's the opposite polarity, we get no Aurora. If the polarity of the batteries in your torch are correct you get light, if it's wrong your torch won't work. ... Question: Which way do the electrons move within a DC electric circuit? Positive to negative - or negative to positive?
On 10 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Brad..Paul..Piers... When you consider the fact that the CME was not uniform in it's structure as it left the Sun (are they ever?), and that the amount that reaches Earth is absolutely miscule compared to the whole, is it any wonder that the aurora are so temperamental? Trying to nail down the precise time the CME will hit is almost impossible, as the CME is a cloud with a leading edge, a main body and a trailing edge which is smeared out, with no clear definition. Neither is it like a cumulonimbus on Earth which has relatively clear definition to it's edges. The number of particles and the increased magnetic field strength they sit in will vary constantly as the cloud passes by any given point. So the cloud may look fairly uniform as it leaves the Sun, but by the time it gets here it can be extremely tenuous and have huge variations in the density of it's particles. So the Aurora are a very hit & miss affair at best! The Carrington Event was a very rare occurrence.
On 10 Jan 2014, Derry Aire wrote:

You're absolutely right Steve; no real sign of winter for yet another week!
On 10 Jan 2014, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Another day, another turnaround by the models. Now they're backtracking away from cold at the end of next week and instead keeping us in a permanent SW'ly flow.
On 10 Jan 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

GOOD COMMS ALL === BRAD Ah thanks?! The idea of flying unaided in the clouds is great. === PAUL Bz being North is a very likely factor as you say However also there are doubtless other factors known and unknown.
On 10 Jan 2014, paul bedfordshire (subscriber) wrote:

Is the reason that the CME arriving last night was a completedamp squid aurora wise the same reason for no earthquake impact i.e the CME being north south aligned as suggested by brad a few posts back?
On 10 Jan 2014, Russ 45day Derbyshire subs wrote:

>> << I wonder if David Cameron thinks that this is linked to Global Warming, and is all our fault....!
On 09 Jan 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Another still if somewhat cloudy start, thermometer said 1˚C but there was a slight frost in sheltered spots. A bit of cloud, mostly cumulus, which then slowly retreated, leaving a lovely sunny day, temp rising to 5˚. I can't believe our luck, last year we were quite snowbound at times and couldn't do much outside. Wind started off as W'ly and gradually turned into NW'ly as you would expect, looking at the weather map. A clear evening with a lovely moon (romantic but you can't see the constellations so well), 3˚ at 10pm, no frost yet. MO talks of no snow, wind or anything apart from heavy rain on Sunday night.
On 09 Jan 2014, Rob wrote:

Turned on radio 5 late last night, they were speaking to some guy who sounded like an astronomer and he was taliking about the tilt of the earth's axis and saying if it changed then earth's climate would change. Cue the presenter to then ask about climate change. He replied by saying obviously he was not a climate scientist but the evidence all pointed to blah blah and that you can "prove" co2 warming effects in a laboratory therefore it was true. So if you tell the public you can show them an experiment that proves the theory then how do you go about dismantling that argument? Beyond telling someone a lab is not real life can someone tell me how to rubbish this idea next time I am having an argument with someone about co2/AGW
On 09 Jan 2014, Brad wrote:

Thanks Piers I am truly honored that you have descended from the clouds, to the mortals below with your vastly superior knowledge .
On 09 Jan 2014, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Telegraph reporting that tonight is best opportunity to see northern lights as far south as Cotswolds in years. Clear weather all over south tonight for first time in days. NOAA SWPC is reporting that the arrival of the CMS is several hours late, it was expected at 08.00 GMT but hasn't turned up yet (as at 17.40) meaning a good chance of a light show tonight. I'm quite astounded as I thought the CME would go through the vacuum of space at a constant known speed. What do Piers and others think of our chances of seeing Aurora tonight?
On 09 Jan 2014, Steve G wrote:

LBC radio currently discussing the comments by the deluded PM yesterday about the weather and climate change. Kudos to presenter Iain Dale arguing that extreme weather events are just part of the natural cycle of changing weather conditions.
On 09 Jan 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

CMEs AND ALL THAT === GOOD OBS BRAD. Note we are only in an R3 now. The R5 starts 10th(+/-1d~), Piers
On 09 Jan 2014, Brad wrote:

No big impact from the CME earthquake wise. must have been north south polarity the same as the earth. when the Cme is of an opposite, a situation like two opposing magnets takes place. a repulsion, and so impact is hard. when it is of a same polarity it is accommodated instead of being repelled. This is a real model in operation,you know what some call nature. The people who don't understand need to create there own models , and then they use them to predict what they have invented.Then they can hold them up to the world . whilst they are holding the World up like a bank raid. Excellent work Piers . What s show unfolding.
On 09 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Bob... True! We do get stuck with new ideas trying to communicate with the mass indocrinated public at all levels. Something I admire about Miles is the way he will try to explain something 5 different ways until he's happy that most people will at least grasp the basic concept. He certainly stretches ones imagination to breaking point sometimes though. His latest paper about salt structure is very interesting. .... A large swirl of cloud over Northern France and Germany looks likely to pull in some easterly and/or northerly winds as it powers up over the next few days. Another large area of cold arctic air pushing at the UK from the NW will either help drive it or be deflected by it, maybe giving a ridge of high pressure over the UK, which should give frost and ice. Everything should liven up as the CME slams home. 1.8 million mph is expected. Another flare from AR1944 could spew solar wind out of the coronal hole as it faces earth in a few days time too.... Exciting!
On 09 Jan 2014, istvan ilyes west sussex wrote:

I noticed that the Daily Express has yet another head line on the approaching Siberian High .there also seems to be some contradiction with other weather forecasters about next weeks weather. some say mild and wet, whilst others say cold and snowy. I think it will be much the same as this week and last, like its been all winter
On 09 Jan 2014, Wendy wrote:

sub 45day High peak Derbyshire.0.8 windchill and dark skies today.I have enjoyed watching Stargazing Live on BBC 2. and listening to the AstronautsThe CME from the sun was mentioned several times,wonderful Aurora pictures from Norway.It will probably be too cloudy here to view them tonight. Everyone on the forum seems so knowledgeable,I am finding that I am becoming so interested in weather related matters and keep telling friends to buy the weather action forcasts. They are invaluable.
On 09 Jan 2014, Sue (ROI) sub wrote:

Piers, Would I be right in saying when the polar vortex is strong, the Westerlies winds increase in strength, that's why Ire/UK experienced recent dreadful storms and when the polar cyclone is weak, the pattern across mid-latitudes weakens and significant cold occurs. And that breakdown of the polar cyclone is SSW. So now that the Polar cyclone is breaking down over US it will open the arctic door on Europe.
On 09 Jan 2014, danny wrote:

I just watched bbc met O forecast at 08,50am Thurs 09 Jan, and Carol the weather forecaster was asked, Q, whats happening because all the talk in the papers are talking of snow, Carol, replys WE COULD SEE A BIT OF SNOW EARLY NEXT WEEK, BUT WE CAN ONLY PREDICT WEATHER IN A FIVE DAYADVANCE PERIOD, BUT THE WEATHER WILL BE TURNING COLDER NEXT WEEK WITH A CHANCE OF SNOW FOR THE NORTH AND EAST, BUT THATS A LONG WAY OFF, AND THAT COULD CHANGE, BLAH BLAH BLAH.. I JUST FEEL SORRY FOR THE BRAIN WASHED PUBLIC.. So there you have it people 2 X COULD, 1 X CHANCE, BUT ITS A LONG WAY OFF YET, AND THAT COULD CHANGE LOL....
On 09 Jan 2014, Lorraine Lister wrote:

More climate insanity on tonight's news. This time an item about future rising sea levels in Christchurch from a report prepared by consultants with added comments from 'scientist' Jim Salinger again
On 09 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Started sunny and mildish, then cloudy, then rain, and boy did it rain, and rain, and rain. Lakes in the fields, lakes on the roads. As of 1.15am 9th Jan it's still raining. Took our little fluff ball for a different walk yesterday. Not done that one for 15 years or more. Mud, swamp, bog, slip, trip, stumble, more mud. I had to throw the poor dog across a raging waterfall cos he was just a little scared at the volume of thundering water cascading down the hillside. When you are that close to the ground it must look very scary indeed. I am sick & tired of the sight of mud today...erm yesterday. The 10th tomorrow...the WeatherAction clock is ticking.......and the X1 - CME should arrive sometime today. I hope it's late tonight then we should get a good aurora. Fingers crossed!
On 09 Jan 2014, Bob Weber, N Mich USA sub wrote:

On "Electricity" & "Charge": Miles Mathis defines electricity as charge-in-motion. But like the confusing number of definitions for electricity, Mathis' charge photons are defined at a deeper fondational level than the conventional "electronic charge" "q". His "charge" vortices create electrons, protons, and atomic structures. I think he's got some better explanations than the standard model for electricity, magnetism, light, heat, gravity, atomic structures, and so on. However, we live in a world of accepted "conventions", like the "right-hand rule" of electromagnetism. Suppose we re-defined all terms, then we could say with a straight face EM follows the "left-hand rule", but today, given the problems society faces, I'm going with conventional terms that people can relate to. So while photons, protons, and electrons may well be powered up by his "charge field" - space in motion - I will continue to use words we are familiar with: electric, magnetic & electromagnetic "fields".
On 08 Jan 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks sub) wrote:

So does Camoron think he knows better than the could/might/possibly/we don't know MetO "What about climate change? Climate models provide a broad range of projections about changes in storm track and frequency of storms. While +++there’s currently no evidence+++ to suggest that the UK is increasing in storminess, this is an active area of research under the national climate capability" === === does Camoron know better than the IPCC, who despite trying their darned hardest, cannot link extreme weather to CC (because there is no sodding evidence). Has Camoron asked a storm if it's a good or bad one? Has Camoron consider witches or magic unicorns instead? (I hear they can do anything as well being magical) So Mr Camoron are you asking the British public to believe in Green Magic? +++ "intellectually limited politicians and warmist-sect followers." Piers you are far too kind.
On 08 Jan 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

5˚C overnight, calm (what bliss) and sunny all day, could be mistaken for spring as you can hear the bluetits cheep. Got up to 8˚ which is not bad for early January, it was a real pleasure to be outside. Not much wind to speak of, mostly SW to W, the bonfire smoke was going up straight most of the time. MO 5-day fc says nothing about snow or anything else for 10 – 12 Jan (R5). - Great to read all the comments about the various scams going on, practically no part of the public domain is free from it, could be terribly depressing if it wasn't for the sane voices here and more people waking up all the time. --@Bob Weber: link to mammatus cloud --@Piers: thanks for explanation of Equation of Time.
On 08 Jan 2014, BLACK PEARL wrote:

08 Jan 2014, Craig M Cameron again in PM questions today linked weather to climate change. He just doen't want to offend any voter & not give the opposition any ammo. I'm afraid we will be stuck with this crap for ever as they cant afford to let go of the revenue its producing. Ice sheets past Newcastle & it will be linked to Climate Change. We need a leader like Tony Abbott in Aust Theres man with a backbone
On 08 Jan 2014, Brad wrote:

Hi Russ ,first one , the word charge is explored for what comes in goes out. it is designed to keep humans confused. the word charge in Spanish is cobrar, so when electricity is not seen as being put in or going out but as latent energy existing and that it may strike as lightning the whole thing looks different. its the cosmological constant. ready to explode.the flow needs a gap close the gap create a surge or collapse, open the gap and pow the surge boosts the first stream with a wave, and the serpent comes alive. the lightning the drift of protons and electrons plasma from space in to our atmosphere. absolute power from what appears to be nothing. most definitely not clods of water rubbing together .you can produce an electric current from an orange if you stick a galvanized screw in one end an a cent in the other. As electromagnetic chemical reactors all living creatures are the same. this video explains everything...
On 08 Jan 2014, Kris (sub) wrote:

Meteoearth are predicting Easterlies starting early Tuesday morning (14th) with signs of "wintry showers" for East of England. Seems bang on with Piers' R5 period! Of course I'll multiply their predictions by x5!!
On 08 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Looks like that X1 is starting to have an effect. >> << That coronal hole is huge now, but does it look to you as if the smaller one may join up with the larger one over the next few days?
On 08 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Brad... It looks like you give your brain some proper and worthwhile exercise. Are you aware of Bill Beaty? If not, then have a taster. >> << ..and you should lose plenty of sleep pondering this lot.. >> << ..if you have any aspirins left at this stage try this.. >> << ................ Now to put a smile on everyones faces >> <<
On 08 Jan 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks sub) wrote:

Oh dear, oh dear. UK prime minister David Camoron has proved beyond doubt the *key message* bile I pointed out yesterday. Link (not shortened as says all) === * ===I hate being political here as the only way to fight #ClimateMorons is cross party support-it is NOT a left/right issue nor should Piers ever be pulled in, however when all 3 major parties are liars for green slavery I hope some small leeway is acceptable in this instance. DC is a [self censored] [self censored] & the sooner we rid ourselves of the lying morons the better. The only ray of light is this gvt are widely hated & like most gvts untrustworthy so will be ignored except by the believers. *The Guardian had an advert for Norwegian gas above this story. The delicious irony! Yes the Guardian are (as I put on twitter with the screen grab) #BigBadFossilFuelFundedDeniers (aka #ClimateMorons)
On 08 Jan 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

ipur, all is revealed in the forecast and it is well worth the subscription. Brilliant Piers too, absolutely spot on, awesome.
On 08 Jan 2014, ipur wrote:

Hi Piers, may I know how would the X1.2 solar flare yesterday would affect the forecast? as well as the CME on Jan. 9?
On 08 Jan 2014, Clive wrote:

From the Independent Newspaper. "Hell, Michigan, quite literally froze over when temperatures dropped to -26C, although this was overshadowed by weather in Embarrass, Minnesota, where residents experienced the lowest temperature of all: -37C"
On 08 Jan 2014, Brad wrote:

Hi Russ Bob. Yes you only have to observe a gyroscope in operation at the end of a pencil to see the dynamic transformation of a inanimate object. if the axle is generated by a vacuum the way water spins down a sink or a current is induced by electron displacement. the solid particle or the moving wave. the way a solar panel creates electricity from blue light. displacing the electrons in create the flow. The massive step up in power on the Sun from wave collapse induced by the magnetism. the apparent surface of the sun is nothing but trillions of electromagnetic vortexes. You can observe the sun radiating and collapsing fields filaments all the time until a body takes the discharge charge.of a cme or flare from that capacitor. The African land grab , is a sure sign the real scientist in government circles know what is going on. the tax scientists and politicians just get paid like the media God Bless them, to pollute the minds of the population.
On 08 Jan 2014, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

Michael....I think I will join you. I HATE winter. Memo to self... think yourself lucky you don't live in N America...Any sign of Spring yet? The sun was quite cheerful this morning, and the indoor hyacinths are coming along nicely. I have a desperate need to go gardening, but I am keeping myself sane by dreaming about my new conservatory.
On 08 Jan 2014, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Just listened to PM questions Cameron says dont know if all this weather is caused by Climate Change but he personally believes it is. What a mealy mouth no back bone set these politicians are Can we got Tont Abbott on a transfer ?
On 08 Jan 2014, Bob Weber, N Mich USA sub wrote:

Russ: BINGO!
On 08 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Brad... Yes it's much simpler to replace the central Black Hole with a powerful toroid and the twisting charge spiral exiting outwards from that. Have you seen the discussion at Tall Blokes site about Miles Mathis and the Fibonacci Sequence? Makes interesting reading. >> << We think we understand electric fields, but we understand far more about what they do and how they affect the things that they enclose than ever we do about what they actually are. Feynman said that, 'if you can't describe something so a child can understand it, then you don't fully understand it yourself'. .... Bob... I'm amazed that the Sun is so poorly monitored. (So this extra bright Sun may not be an illusion after all). It does make sense if the ruling class know what's coming. If the 1990s were the peak in our present interglacial period, then we could be heading down that cooling slope anytime soon. Their families intend surviving hence their constant power grab.
On 08 Jan 2014, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Indeed Mike, the models have changed yet again to suddenly show sleet showers and an easterly wind over London as early as next Tuesday (14th). The distribution of High and Low pressure isn't as expected, but the outcome is still good if you're a snow lover (like me!)
On 08 Jan 2014, Mike wrote:

45 Day Subscriber. All models agree at 144 hrs out, cold with possible snow events next week. Easterlies are always hard to predict. Will need models to still be singing from the same hymn sheet 72 hrs out, then its HAPPY DAYS. Keep up the good work Piers. Mike
On 08 Jan 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks sub) wrote:

4/... as a nice antidote to the Climate Morons saying 'we need to sacrifice more to the co2 god as the wind/snow/rain is proof of displeasure' I found a great piece today (follow link at site for full story) === +++ CME impacted after 2pm. Saw this on the Netweather twitter feed today for 2PM "biggest hail stones i have seen in ages.. marble to golf ball size...North Reading, Caversham, UK" Netweather replied " It looks like an intense isolated cell on radar and a nice purple core was probably the hail" We had some pretty convective action here later on including hail but it was small in size & short lasting +++ Link for Richard Holle comment from Tallbloke's site === +++ Local fields are lakes now! Check my twitter feed for photos. Dafs & tulips coming up, dandelion+marigold flowering, elder trees starting to bud. Will be mulching this weekend.
On 08 Jan 2014, Ronan(subscriber) but poor writer. wrote:

Michael. Understand could be depressing reading. Not much of what is happening in the world is comfortable to out current way of life. Unsubscribing doesn't change natures outcome. Knowledge of the situation can help you prepare/make plans based on some actual data.
On 08 Jan 2014, Hooch5 wrote:

Giant sunspot AR1944 erupted on Jan 7th at approximately 1832 UT, producing a powerful X1-class solar flare. and looking at the charts we could be in for a rough ride
On 08 Jan 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks sub) wrote:

3/..One of the things that Global Climate Models (GCMs) predicted, was INcreasing humidity in the atmosphere. This is what I believe the key phrase was relating to, Suyts has a look here === === the theory goes the way of an ice free Arctic in 2013 & David Vinner's 'Children won't know what snow is' Yes, there is a DEcrease in humidity at 300mb jetstream level- but just ignore that & remember the key message that co2 driven warmth & moisture *may/could/might/we don't know* be up there. You have to ask why not Magic Unicorns? But the reason is simple - key message. The science doesn't have to exist, the economy does not have to be in good health, they just have to say it is repeatedly until the message is rammed home into your conciousness +++ BTW Specific Humidity (300mb) does correlate well with the decrease in sunspot numbers, but it does not prove the sun as a cause (see Piers comment on Jan 6th below - point 4).
On 08 Jan 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks sub) wrote:

2/..LibLabCon or Rep/Dem is irrelevant it's the same manure politicians of all political persuasions spew when they & the economy is deep in manure. John Humphries has a book Lost For Words: The Mangling and Manipulating of the English Language which discusses politicians & managers use of mealy-mouth words. We can add climate scientists to the language manglers. As know there were no green shoots it was 'spin'. In this case the ***key phrase*** went along the lines of this sarcastic tweet I sent after the Piers storm; === "Are the #MetOffice going to blame this storm on ***global warming pushing warm air into atmosphere*** or would that b stretching it even for them?" === Now the clever thing about how this was always phrased was always 'well we can't tell if *this* event was caused by global warming but blah blah predicts blah blah more often...but we don't know' Clever because it implants an idea in the public's mind....
On 08 Jan 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks sub) wrote:

1/... This relates to the latest nonsense blaming the polar vortex, European storms & Auz heatwave on climate change === You may have heard a phrase over the last ~2years when the MetO or someone from a climate unit (i.e. the ones where perpetuating global warming pays their bills) were asked on the news why we are getting ‘this unusual weather’ from a wet 2012, Category 1 Sandy, to the March cold etc. They would talk in general terms about jetstreams & air masses but on every occasion a portion of the response was always the same, so much so that it began to sound like when every government representative reels off the latest ‘key phrase’ - to make sure the ‘key message’ gets out there. As an example the phrase ‘economic green shoots’ was bandied about ad nauseum a few years ago, the coalition have their own version. The ‘key message’ –the economy is in good hands despite evidence otherwise...cont
On 07 Jan 2014, Bob Weber, N Mich USA sub wrote:

Learned some aerology from RL Holle a few years ago. Electron vortices are fascinating. What causes fish and flying insects to swarm in vortices? Brad your insightful comments regarding the Music of The Spheres demonstrates an intuitive understanding of the awesome power of photons, protons, and electrons. It is my goal to make a 3D CAD model of the solar system and rigorously describe the motions of the planets and interactions in terms of EM radiation, E and M "fields" using realtime data. Fields are actually created in space by the motion and interaction of these three basic major constituents of solar output. The way I see it, Piers recognized all of these interlinked relationships, and over the years built one successively better model after another until SLAT9, which is proving to illustrate without doubt the practical, powerful application of first principles reduced to verifiable predictions. He used the scientific method, and the rest of the world will soon learn that.
On 07 Jan 2014, Bob Weber, N Mich USA sub wrote:

Russ, YES. Paul, SSN is sunspot number. SFI is solar flux index, a summation of solar disk variable xray intensity (brightness) of photons leaving the sun, at all measured wavelengths. Not all wavelengths are measured, nor continuously. The solar constant figure used in earth energy balance calculations in climate models is about 1,367 watts/sq meter, with a 0.1% variance over the solar cycle. I learned that this constant is an averaged quantity of averaged quantities, that does NOT pick up all transient photon increases down to the second. This means short-term high-energy photon bursts aren't captured or included in the solar constant. I say that is from where the "missing heat" that climate scientists say comes from "downwelling IR heat CO2 absorbed and re-radiated" that "goes into the oceans", where it is supposed to be presently "hiding". To add up x-ray event warming, I went today to gather solar radio spectral event data from '67-now from NOAA: "No Data Found" - Sungate?
On 07 Jan 2014, Michael wrote:

All this makes for depressing reading and I am thinking of unsubscribing as I cannot imagine living in conditions such as the US is currently receiving.Does Piers think that we in UK and Northern Europe are about to experience these appalling conditions.If so I think I will migrate to the Mediterranean very soon as at my senior years I do not want to live in snow and ice for the remainder.I would appreciate your comments Piers.Thank you.
On 07 Jan 2014, Man Bearpig wrote:

Looks like its starting ... Massive X1 flare from sun "First-look coronagraph images from the STEREO-Ahead spacecraft appear to show a coronal mass ejection (CME) emerging from the blast site. If so, the CME is almost certainly heading for Earth"
On 07 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

A bit heavy going for most but persevere in reading and you'll find bits of plain English and learn lots along the way... >> << ............The Moon is no innocent rock just minding it's own business. >> <<
On 07 Jan 2014, Brad wrote:

Hi Russ With regards to black holes, at the center of our galaxy a definitive point of vortex of which the spiral vortex and its members planets and solar systems are associated. From the nucleus of an atom to a star and its planets or electrons and protons, it is the same. At the center is the hub about which every thing rotates. Its the golden mean or ratio 1.618. So as far as Black holes may be described in this way so we have common reference i am referring to that Hub characteristic only. The patterns repeat on every scale, a snails shell. the magnetic forces spiraling out from the sun are no different. The central hub of the sun is the most powerful magnet in this part of space , it draws in a mass of electricity from the mesh and produces the solar effect of plasma discharge the same as the coil.the fields collapse and produce massive out put from low input. Nothing operating in front of us is any different at any distance. Also Excellent work piers. fantastic
On 07 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Craig... It's difficult for people to believe that electric charge can exist and even flow in the near vacuum of space for the same reason you describe. We can detect magnetic fields and their changes but it's much more difficult to test for the electrical component by itself. By measuring the flux density of a magnetic field we are also measuring the electrical potential. Its a bit like someone testing for oxygen in the atmosphere but using the wrong tools and only finding carbon, which would be puzzling, but accepted, because they can see that it exists, their tools prove it. What they are finding is carbon monoxide. The oxygen is there, but they just don't see it in their results. They expect oxygen but without the correct method they'll never find it, even though it's right under their nose. So we see the magnetic field but not the electric field of which it is part because we don't know how to test for electric fields in space... Rohan.. X1? Here we go! ;^)
On 07 Jan 2014, Sean, heckington (non sub) wrote:

X class flare released from the sun from big sun spot AR1944 just as we are staring down the barrel
On 07 Jan 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

A windy and dry night, 6˚C at 7.30, rising to 8˚ during the day, back down to 6˚ by 9pm. Winds SW'ly, what else?, slowly abating in strength, cloud cover all day, mostly stratocumulus, no rain. - I've been watching that Low which Craig describes in his post further down - – and I did think Piers was going to be proven wrong but I watched in amazement how its central pressure kept rising from 934mb on Sunday to 974mb tonight at 18:00. It's particularly funny that normally Piers says that we have to add wind & precipitation to MO forecasts because they always underestimat, whereas on this occasion they overestimated and it turned out much calmer, exactly as Piers said it would. So hold on to your hats for the next R5 im a few days' time. - @ CraigM: I've uploaded a shot of that mammatus yesterday on your DropEvent page, I might put another pic up of it retreating as the back end of that hefty shower.
On 07 Jan 2014, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Interesting discussion. Russ/Bob what is a SSN? One thing I really like here is that ideas can be floated and discussed here without being shot down in aggressive flames. So often on the internet you can write paragraphs and someone takes the two weakest words, monsters them and claims the rest is invalid. Sadly I have found mainstrem science/academia to be increasingly defensive dogmatic and unwilling to consider anything that deviates even slightly from herd Orthodoxy. A sad departure from the ideals of science I was enthused with at school. As a result I'm glad I became an engineer not a scientist. At the core I put it down to the fact that while in the C19th scientists were self funded individuals who were interested in the subject and no financial interest in finding one way or the other, most modern scientists are essentially public sector consultants paid to research something and like most consultants, have a tendency to want to tell their benefactors what they want to hear
On 07 Jan 2014, Lorraine wrote:

I've tried to hint your web page to my Chicago friends just now as they continually up date me on minus this minus that ... They shiver under the news bulletins of climate change thinking and ask 'are you sure' ??
On 07 Jan 2014, Rohan (sub) Hackney, London wrote:

@Russ: Well Piers says that there are a lot of variables that produce the weather.... could be onto something there. Just been to and they are reporting an X1 class solar flare today from AR9144 (with possilbly more to come!). Solar wind is picking up too (more in particle density than speed) and to top it all earths mag field was hit a glancing blow by the CME from the retreating AR1936. Lots of variables indeed. I work for a DNO and cant wait for Piers forecast to come true. Then I can present the weather bods with empirical data and perhaps get them to subscribe to a reliable weather forecaster. At least it would save them some money in compensation payments!
On 07 Jan 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks sub) wrote:

Piers/Russ/Bob/all - Richard Holle has this theory expressed some 3 yrs ago " The Earth/moon system is magnetically coupled to the sun, only the changes are apparent, because the background levels are stable they are not detectable as a result of the way we long term average out measurements of magnetic fields strength. So only the shifts are viewable, much as when at the beach we only see the tidal movement if there all day, if less than a hour just the waves breaking on shore.Or notice the hum due to the ripple noise on top of the voltage, from the DC power supply for the radio, the larger the ripple the louder the hum.In plasma discharges the focus of the bulk current, follows the paths of least resistance, as the North / South movement of the moon acts as a focal point (moon is outside of the earth’s magnetosphere most of the time) for the solar wind interface the point of highest current follows the path of least resistance"
On 07 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Sorry! Me again.... I've been thinking (always a bad idea)! Our Sun is a variable star, and some variable stars change in brightness over a few hours, or days, or even years. It's thought that the Sun is rather benign, and that sudden outbursts are no more than an occasional peak in activity due to flares from a few naughty Sun-Spots. We haven't been studying the other trillions of stars for very long, but we already know that a variable star can sit quietly for decades then flash! A sudden outburst, or sudden dimming can occur. Could our star have such tantrums as it passes through the regions of our galaxy, maybe triggering ice ages? We didn't realise that ice ages happened until the late 1800s. A full blown ice age = just 6C below the interglacial average! Ice ages begin very rapidly but also end just as rapidly. They last for a very long time with tiny warm periods inbetween. Cold is normal... Ice Ages are normal! Food for thought... >> <<
On 07 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Sue.... Patience is a virtue (as is the producer of Sherlock) hehehe. A free bag of anxiety attacks with every forecast, because it's so exciting watching Piers forecasts come good...and so satisfying too. The weather oop here in the wilds of Derby'sheep'shire has calmed down lots, as forcasted. Still blustery, colder by day but still remarkably mild as rain fronts pass through, but soon turns chilly again. Lots of clear skies drive the temps down at night. I am 100% confident in Piers forecast for the next 10 days. Many solar variables are set in place now and the prognosis is looking very promising.
On 07 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Carl... "I cannot wait to see what drivel the global warmers are going to put that down too"...... How about: 'Thousands of dead Polar Bears are floating down the Canadian coastline, reflecting sunlight, and therefore cooling the N Atlantic. The Polar Bears are dying from asphyxiation due to polar CO2 levels reaching dangerous levels.' Or 'A UFO mothership crash landed at the north pole killing lots of Polar Bears, which floated down the Canadian coastline'...... etc!.......... Brad... I was with you all the way until you mentioned 'Black Holes'. Are you aware of the mathematician Stephen Crothers? He dissects Einsteins equations plus Schwarzchild's and others solutions, and proves that Einstein never even proposed that Black Holes should exist, in fact he said the opposite, because his own equations prove that it would be impossible for more than one singularity to exist in a single spacetime. Einstein is very often misquoted I'm afraid!
On 07 Jan 2014, Sue, Cambridge, Subscriber wrote:

When will Piers be posting to subscribers his latest thoughts about the current period and the coming week? Curiosity is getting the better of me.
On 07 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Bob Weber... Could it be the number of sun-spots (actively flaring) that can be directly linked to WeatherAction storm periods perchance??
On 07 Jan 2014, Carl 30d Subscriber wrote:

Today in Oxfordshire we had a torrential downpour and a howling S.W wind and the sky went as black as night at 9.30am. people even struggling against the wind but very mild.Not so in U.S.A in Michigan the temperature was quoted at -35c and the lady that phoned me said she had to put a scarf over her neck as the windchill was almost -50c BRRRR!!!!. I cannot wait to see what drivel the global warmers are going to put that down too
On 07 Jan 2014, Brad wrote:

Hi Russ The electron vortex is everywhere, weather formation ,electric motor, the magnetic tornadoes on the sun. Tesla had it all,. Iron core discharge. take a look at a coil and the windings.the bodies going around the sun with large amounts of iron , pick up more iron from the electron beam discharge of the Sun. and grow in size. The universal field is one great electric mesh. the size of the body or planet sun, has a resonance. the earth wrings like a bell. You may have seen the moving objects with sound video of late, its not new but the latest interest shows you how objects are suspended by waves in space. bodies find there place in that electric field through .the discharge of team leaders like our star the sun. and on the big boss scale black holes. the planets are organized by that discharge not only in terms of position but the life on the planet which responds to light. in the most obvious way through photosynthesis, and at the not so apparent DNA level .
On 07 Jan 2014, Bob Weber, N Mich USA sub wrote:

Russ - you're getting warmer, keep going, dig deeper. I asked the same question at WUWT and they're guessing too. Clue: the answer ties all of the significant causes and effects of Piers' SLAT9 as I understand it today. The short answer is yes, it is a SSN. But that's just the tip of the gigantic iceberg that the goodship CAGW has crashed upon, and they don't even know it yet! By the way, 2-3 weeks of hammering away "over there" is starting to pay dividends. People are starting to cross that bridge of understanding on their own volition now - thank God.
On 07 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Huge coronal hole and huge Sun-Spot, could liven things up a bit.... Piers, Have you any thoughts on the Sun's composition? I know it's difficult putting out any personal ideas on the web due to instant ridicule from trolls. But your theory seems so closely bonded to the importance of the magnetic qualities of not just the Sun, but the Sun - Earth local space too. There can't be that many realistic possibilities but I go with the solid giant planet with an extended atmosphere, which is responding, due to it's huge mass and large interstellar speed, with the glow discharge which the Electric Universe people propose. The standard model needs constant revision to plug contradictory holes, which then need more explanations to plug even more contradictory holes. Even with big gaps in their theory, the EU model remains a highly plausible idea, which explains away many of the standard models problems. A cryptic hint maybe? Please? Confidential e-mail perhaps? Anyone else got any theories?
On 07 Jan 2014, Russ 45 day subs NE Derbyshire wrote:

Bob Weber re: the number 282. Would it be the sun-spot count? Or maybe a peak in the sfu index? ...... Paddy... What Harris said!..... A very helpful and concise explanation too. I remember reading an article before Christmas explaining the fact that the latest sunrise and earliest sunset didn't occur on the the same day i.e. the equinox, even though the equinox is the shortest day, confusing huh? I couldn't remember the dates though so thanks Harris.... Piers.. I concur that 20 mins is about right.
On 07 Jan 2014, Clive wrote:

UK do not get much in the way of cold weather if we have a polar vortex because the southern flank of it drives westerlies from the sea towards western Europe keep the weather mainly mild. The polar vortex in the US can drive air from the north into the continent and connects with the westerlies to bring freezing conditions to the Eastern US coast. In order to get the extreme cold in the UK the polar vortex has be replaced with a strong large blocking high pressure system which would funnel strong frigid northerlies and easterlies from the Arctic or Europe. with low pressures to the south bring fronts up to create heavy snow events. The extreme opposite to a polar vortex is needed.
On 07 Jan 2014, @piers_corbyn WA forecaster wrote:

LONGER DAYS Paddy the difference between lengthening afternoons and mornings is given by THE EQUATION OF TIME. It comes from the eccentricity of Earth's orbit something I measured by solar elevation, or can be done by noon timing, in my youth before going to uni it was published in journal of Brit Astro Assoc. There can also be Longer afternoon look alike effects due to low cloud afternoon lifting. Proper sundials have equation of time corrections on a plaque beside them. Earlyness/lateness can be up to about 20mins I recall.
On 07 Jan 2014, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

A poor output from the latest GFS models. The tenuous link between the two High Pressure cells is blown away by another vigorous Low Pressure system moving from Newfoundland later this week meaning any potential switch to northerlies is shattered as the Jet Stream meanders over the North Atlantic, leaving us in a permanent state of Westerlies and even more (unwelcome) precipitation. I just hope the solar factors change something soon, otherwise the chances for dry (or even snowy) weather will be minimal for another week or so...
On 07 Jan 2014, Maria 45day sub somerset wrote:

the levels are down the lane (fortunately DOWN) and just 1/2 a mile away. Picture postcard shiny wet, like a massive lake but no spare capacity. The current few days are spot on and quieter so we made an appointment for yesterday and got there and back safely. Now enjoying the short time before the next event unfolds and not forgetting for one minute that it is not just rain that brings floods, albeit not as dramatic for the media as the current shoreline battering. I am very apprehensive but well armed with my january prediction from weatheraction. If the people in muchelney had taken the forecasts then they would have had their stores and medications in place. No excuse really and not much cost compared to the cost of ferrying in now across the levels
On 07 Jan 2014, Harris Keillar winter sub, Edinburgh 150m wrote:

RE daylight changes - Lucia day on Dec 13th is when it stops getting darker in the evening, though it continues getting darker in the mornings until the 28th / 29th, so it's been getting lighter in the afternoon for 3 weeks or so. Very welcome it is too - especially for us in high latitudes! There is a big visible difference in height of sun as well in winter from c 10 degrees in Aberdeen to 16 degrees in London.
On 07 Jan 2014, Bob Weber, N Mich USA sub wrote:

The following quiz question relates to Piers' work: What is the significance of the number 282? Clue: It happened once last year? Paddy is there any way you could post a picture of those clouds? INow they're calling the polar vortex an artic hurricane. Piers, what do you say to this:
On 06 Jan 2014, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Dry start after last night's rain, temp was 3˚C overnight, rising to 5˚ during the day. Showers started around midday, some of them very heavy, carried along on a brisk SW wind. Max temp was 6˚, going down to 4˚ by 10pm. Took some photos of spectacular mammatus clouds at the back end of a particularly hefty shower. I'm always amazed at this time of year how the light grows in the afternoon first before one begins to notice change in the morning, that takes quite a few weeks to catch up. There is of course a good explanation for that, but I don't have it – Russ?
On 06 Jan 2014, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL == On solar- Earth weather effects Rohan, Bob, Russ, Craig Good stuffqnd thanks for very useful summaries but readers be careful about explanations which may be all right in part but by themselves may be inadequate so note: 1 The moon hasnt been mentioned in those factors yet; 2 There are things going on which are invisible. 3 The peak of an event on the sun may not be 'the cause' of an event or development on earth but the build up to events on sun and weather events on earth may be the main things which move more or less together. 4. Plenty of things happen more or less together and causality can get blurred.
On 06 Jan 2014, Rohan (sub) Hackney, London wrote:

Many thanks, Bob, Russ and Craig for taking the time to explain how it all works. Very much appreciated :)
On 06 Jan 2014, Russ 45day Derbyshire subs wrote:

Rohan.... When something big happens on the Sun it's effects can be measured on the Earth's upper atmosphere just minutes or a few hours later. We only have to wait several days for 'coronal mass ejections' to hit the atmosphere These travel at solar wind speed which varies from roughly 300km/s to well over 600km/s. This equates to around 3 to 6 days. The mass ejection will also take several hours from it's first explosive movements to eventually breaking away from the Sun's atmosphere. Also of importance, especially in relation to earthquakes and eruptions, is the very powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) which signals the beginning of the CME. This creates a magnetic wave or ripple in magnetic flux (density) which hits our atmosphere and jolts it. This creates sudden random peaks in voltages in not just the atmosphere but also the ground, and other things with electrical conductance such as high voltage power lines and mobile phone chips, hence a flare may crash your phone or laptop.
On 06 Jan 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks sub) wrote:

The important thing to remember with solar peturbations is how & when they interact with earth. If you look at AR1944 === === it is facing. We could be affected by a flare/cme but the risk increases as it moves to an Earth Facing Position (efp). AR1944 is a bit of a monster & has caused solar flux up to 215 (highest SC24) & sunspot number is 225. So an active sun yes but not in the crucial EFP. Coronal hole CH598 was trans equatorial on the solar hemisphere with EFP 29-31.12.2013. The Geomagnetic disturbance date interval was 1-5.1.2014 but is now quiet. Interestingly CH598 was CH596 which drove the North Sea storm early Dec. New CH599 will not be in EFP until 9-10.1.14. So I see Piers R forecast windows (+/- 1d) as essentially right. The only 'quibble' I have is peak was not *as* strong as expected (but strong enough as per flux) + more towards the end of each window hence some slight overlapping
On 06 Jan 2014, Bob Weber, N Mich USA sub wrote:

Electric space weather: "FLARES LIKELY TODAY: Giant sunspot AR1944 has a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for potent Earth-directed eruptions." - "A minor S1 level radiation storm remains in progress following an increase in Earth directed proton levels. Unfortunately for us sky watchers, the bright coronal mass ejection (CME) it generated is likely directed away from our planet." SSN=225, SFI=218 - ["FORTUNATELY" would have been a better choice of words considering...] Further, the largest and quickest spikes I have ever seen in ACE LE Electrons (a double spike) and ACE HE Protons - - AR1944, when it rolls into position and if it fires off a flare towards us, look for atmospheric brightening, a delayed warm blast from the tropics, an another planetary wave induced SSW, and the polar vortex to deliver another wave of bone-chilling killer cold - all Electric/Magnetic Weather Effects.
On 06 Jan 2014, Rohan (sub) Hackney, London wrote:

Sorry Peirs, I stand corrected. I am still trying to understand the correlation between the solar and atmospherics (as well as geomagnetics). Just thought that the slight delay in certain events was due to ....ah nevermind. Roll on January!
On 06 Jan 2014, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Looks like a tenuous linkage being made between two High Pressure cells on the other side of the Atlantic which would allow the floodgates to be opened to the North rather than the Westerlies we've been stuck with for what seems like an eternity. Your January forecast appears to be going as planned Piers, from a very blustery Canary Wharf.
On 06 Jan 2014, Piers_Corbyn wrote:

THANKS ALL GREAT REPORTS == Solar activity ROHAN No the quiet bit in effects around 4-6th is entirely on schedule. The hits from around 7th go with the next bit of R effects (moderate). It's all in the forecasts. The R details are in every forecast. The interesting thing is AR1944 although large has also been weak in effects when we said it would be weak in effects. Our forecast is it should Switch 'on' to very big effects on our timetable.
On 06 Jan 2014, Barbara wrote:

Thankfully about time someone admitted the truth about the ship trapped in the ice, Just a pity the BBC won't publish the truth!
On 06 Jan 2014, Rohan (sub) Hackney, London wrote:

Correction: I said ealier that AR1944 is a coronal hole. it is in fact, one of the largest sunspots in years, AR1944, is turning toward Earth. The active region contains dozens of dark cores, the largest of which is big enough to swallow three planet Earths. It's so big, sky watchers are noticing it as a blemish on the solar disk at sunset. Currently it has a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for potent Earth-directed eruptions. Once Piers has recalibrated his forecasts for our lazy sun, we should be back on track. Interesting times indeed!
On 06 Jan 2014, Rohan (sub) Hackney, London wrote:

Hmm...... I still think that Piers is essentially correct but that the sun itself has taken an unscheduled breather, which has put the forecast dates out a bit. is reporting an earthbound CME which should hit the earths mag field a glancing blow on 7th/8th. Also, a 75% chance of M-class(30% X-class) flares today from the massive 1944 coronal hole, which is earth-facing. It should be interesting to see what happens if any flares do take place over the next couple of days as well as the effects of the hit on earths mag field of the CME.
On 06 Jan 2014, andy1 wrote:

Thunder, lightning and torrential rain North Bucks early Monday morning
On 06 Jan 2014, Lorraine Lister wrote:

TV3 news in NZ seems to be dishing out nightly warmist propoganda at the moment. Tonight we had 'climate scientist' Jim Salinger (now at Auckland University Piers) telling us that 2013 was the second hottest year in NZ since records began What the online version doesn't say is that they also interviewed Bryan Leyland, consulting engineer and member of the NZ Climate Science Coalition giving his view (albeit briefly) on natural climate cycles And yes, we had the nightly Greenpeace TV commercial of the refugee polar bear from the Arctic foraging for food in the city.
On 06 Jan 2014, Craig M (@CraigM350, Berks sub) wrote:

The solar factors which have powered the last few days do appear to be on the wane with the jetstream and central pressure not as strong as 24hrs ago. I did a new post on this 'No Solar Factors' === === It is still dangerous and riding on the back of a stormy few weeks of accumulated rainfall and structural damage not to mention a heavy surge (W Ireland beware!!!). The flooding round here is quite bad with most fields flooded and rivers brimming. Pls stay safe. +++ I have done 3 posts in total, the first already linked. Here's the other two: 'New Year Storms: Jetstream Finally Running Out of Puff? === === This is the most interesting to me as it covers the hail storms which ran from Devon to Belgium and up to Lowestoft. I include a few comments from the blog here, a great satellite image outlining the jetstream position near us + a graphic of the jetstream itself. 'All Hail the Jet Stream' ===
On 05 Jan 2014, JohnE (winter subscriber) wrote:

Phew what a night. Called out to a fire alarm going off at the plant that I manage and the rain+wind, quite incredible. The alarm was false but the journey to and from the plant in East Lancs was really bad. Horizontal rain and so much of it. Water cascading across a road that I use twice a day and which even in heavy rain is easily passible but tonight, bloody hell it was like driving along a river bed.
On 05 Jan 2014, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

I see a "dormant" volcano in indonesia has now erupted 50 times in recent days