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30th October 21.30 Quick Advert!
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Great New pdf : Piers' Late October Storms BOTH sides of Atlantic:  

28 Oct 06.00 WeatherAction Public News Release
Contact Piers Corbyn, WeatherAction (+44/0)7908734296 / (+44/0)2079399946
IT'S ON! Everything Piers Corbyn warned about this storm (named his storm by thousands) from 6 weeks to 6 hours ahead confirmed while UK MetOffice knew nothing or dithered.

The Piers Corbyn Storm of Oct 2013  , the most serious in Britain/Ireland, N/W France and  the Low Countries for decades,  was predicted - in detail to within one day from 6 weeks ahead - by Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction

Piers Corbyn's WeatherAction forecast for an "EXTREMELY DANGEROUS" storm 
was unchanged for 6 weeks and his warning of "damage on a par with the Great Storm of Oct 15/16th 1987" - particularly in South/West Britain (and Ireland) and France + The Low countries is being confirmed.

Piers' "End Game" special forecast from 2 days ahead that the detailed storm track would move to further South than the UK MetOffice and Standard Models were then saying - was and is being confirmed. 
This has/had important implications for storm damage and danger in Southern England, The English Channel, Channel Isles and France - See: (=WAnews 44c when first to subscribers only)

Piers says: "We are very pleased with our success - which follows on confirmed success for significant 'warm-up' storms of major rain/flooding and/or severe gales/storms this month on 17/18th mainly in Ireland and 21-23rd (208th Anniversary of the 'Trafalgar Night Storm') - See ; and confirms the superiority of our solar-lunar based forecasting science for such extremes above all other methods.

"All WeatherAction subscribers and monitors in Britain, Ireland and NW Europe were well warned and prepared ahead of all official public warnings and have saved distress, losses and money.
"The application and announcement of our forecasts by the UK and other Governments and official media such as the BBC would greatly help preparedness and reduce stress, damaging losses and save lives. However we are blacklisted by the BBC's top TV and Radio and the UK Government and Emergency Committee (COBRA) ignore us.

"Although the Government is showing signs of breaking from the stranglehold of hated green /'Global Warming' taxes, in the interests of public safety they must break completely from the grip of the self serving mandarins of the Met Office and BBC and the CO2 pseudo-religion and it's discredited forecasts - who put defence of their failed delusional 'science' ahead of defence of public well being.

"I am honoured by people naming this "Piers Corbyn's storm of Oct 2013" and urge all those in Britain, Ireland and NW Europe who want to roll back the hated green energy taxes and charges and get WeatherAction's advanced forecasting science applied for public well-being to so describe and name the Storm - as opposed to those who want to hide continuing forecast failure and carbon tax robbery behind a nondescript routine saints name.

29 Oct, 03.30am GMT: Piers says: 
"Thank you for tremendous response to this News Release from users in UK, France and the Low Countries / Denmark and superb informative reports and information from WeatherAction observers / users in Reader Comms below.
"We will now keep the Special offer on new subs open to Halloween,  31st 24.00 GMT, to ALL subs Br+Ir, Eu, USA (who have storms of their own), RTQ (quakes! etc).
"As the facts of our storm (Some pics below) emerge the MetOffice-BBC moved their well-oiled propaganda machine into action to hide their inadequacies.  Of course it IS the case that computer power has greatly improved short range standard model forecasts although they have now reached their limits - but their deluded comments and brazen ('arms length') lies beggar belief. Two comments from someone from The Weather Club (a Royal Met Soc - Met Office extension warmist-model-ist propaganda organisation) said on TV:

1. "It's amazing how we (MetO etc) can predict storms from 4 or 5 days before they can be seen as storms" 
My Comm: Well yes but do note WeatherAction (TOTALLY IGNORED BY MEDIA EVEN ON 28th and whom MetO refused to invite to their so-called {cold Spring} Weather Summit on the day of the G8) predicted this before it could be seen SIX WEEKS AHEAD! 

2. The MetO got it just right, warning of 80-90 mph gusts from 4 or 5 days ahead.
My Comm: This is a brazen lie. Standard Met moved as follows over about 5 days: 'Severe gales', 'severe gales or more', 'up to 80mph' for about 3 days before and the 80-90 mph was only apparent as the storm itself appeared in the West less than ~1d ahead. We at WeatherAction had storm force warned from 6
weeks ahead. 

i. If the MO+BBC had actual forecasts of many gusts likely in the 80-90mph range they would have put out RED WARNINGS (ie take action, fix things that move, don't park cars or caravans under trees before the storm, don't swim in the sea as the storm brews etc - such as precautions WeatherAction advised) all across the South/West + SE half of England & Wales for 'the 4 or 5 days' dishonestly claimed. However THEY DID NOT. RESULT: Otherwise avoidable destruction and death.

ii. IF they believed such gusts were likely they would have advised take down that crane near the Cabinet Office BUT THEY DID NOT.

iii. While not complaining about what MO got right the truth is this storm was UNDER-FORECASTED* - as we at WeatherAction warned it would be since in an R5 period - until it was Now-casted too late to, for example, remove that crane from near The Cabinet Office
*The idea that "it was claimed (really by whom?) they were 'over cautious' by some" is just another sly media-management trick to make it look as if they 'got it just right'.
*Michel Fish (Yes the very same) advising during the storm to take 3 hours off work because of the storm was TOO LATE. Most people cant just cop out of earning a crust. THAT advice should have been a week ahead and only WeatherAction had anything useful to say a week ahead. Result Thousands putting themselves in travel danger and waiting at stations or the Dover crossing for Piers' storm (105mph at Dover) to abate  

iv. All the agencies / quangos (Councils, Network Rail, Highways, BBC) and public could have been better warned from 6 weeks ahead but they were not because the MetOffice and Govt cronies use all their might to keep 'Exclusive' propagation of their limited skills and exclude better forecasters from getting a look in. Their motto "CO2 warmist models - first; scientific advance and public safety - second".  

Local interest: Children on their half-term break from school look at a giant tree that was blown over onto the park side of a residential street in Southampton

Double deck Buses and high sided  vehicles should have been RED WARNED off roads in the South says Piers
The front window of the bus lies shattered on the ground after the accident, on the A1071 near Hadleigh in Suffolk. It is believed that while passengers escaped serious injury - the driver has been taken to hospital

St Jude storm weather pictures sent in by readers

Offer began 24 Oct 20.15hrs BST & continues until a new notice is placed here

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27 Oct The Big-One Advice number 3 - AHEAD OF ALL THE REST -  NEW NEW End Game Storm Track information subscribers only - Br+Ir, Eu Maps - has been added to Forecast subscriber boxes see below

27 Oct. Solar Events preceding "Piers Storm" - see foot of blog

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26 Oct WeatherAction Public News pdf
"The damage from this storm – which Piers Corbyn predicted to within a day 6 weeks ahead - will be on a par with the Great Storm of Oct 15/16th 1987” 

What are WeatherAction Long Range forecasts?
WeatherAction Long-Range forecasts are entirely different from all others.
They are produced using scientific advances in understanding predictable aspects of particle-magnetic effects from the sun which, along with lunar factors, change world weather systems in ways which have generally happened before. Through this approach WeatherAction can predict many key changes on the sun and associated changes in circulation, the Jet Stream and weather events with independently proven skill and unrivaled reliability (See Forecasts/ Accuracy button).
Standard Meteorological approaches of forward projection of the present state of the atmosphere acting upon itself fail beyond a week or so ahead because they ignore external solar influences and so will never succeed.  FOR MORE SEE PREVIOUS BLOG:
Past WeatherAction forecasts available in Forecast Archive for ALL AREAS - Brit & Ireland, Europe, USA and 'RTQ' (Red Warnings, Thunder-Tornado & Sudden Polar Strato-warms in season, Quake risk) Aka World Extreme Events. Now updated to cover all seasons - including all forecasts produced Dec 2012 to SEPTEMBER 2013 (and many prior to that)

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LINKS Latest Solar-Geomagetic activity data 
USGS Earthquake Reports (Warning: overly complicated and 'clever' if you just want simple information, since it was 'improved'. Useful summary links have been discontinued)

Sunspot numbers and Solar Activity
Last 6 cycles up to now (19-24 inc)
Plot since 1700
General SIDC (Solar Influences Data Analysis Center) Link 


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This is a two part blog 

FOR "OUR BIG STORM** Discussion" - Track to London or Normandy or East Anglia or Humberside? 
** now termed "The Piers Corbyn storm" by users!
See PART 2 end of this blog

Part 1: 
22 Oct 2013....
CO2 Warmists are On The Run, Now Let's Finish The Job!

- Comment from Piers Corbyn
The projections of CO2 warmism have failed totally, their theory is trashed and the UN Climate Committee - the IPCC - latest Report (Vth assessment) is a cowardly cover-up of reality and a disgrace to science.

However the failed CO2 warmism protagonists will not give up in the face of objective truth.
They are backed by huge interests including tax-collecting politicians, corrupted climate science academia, self-serving green groups, energy and big-oil companies, subsidized producers of stupid technology such as wind farms (Prayer Wheels) and most of the main TV and newspaper media.

Nevertheless the reality of green robbery of the public in the form of escalating energy and Food prices {driven by energy costs and food burning (biofuel) policies} in a weak economy and cooling world is dawning.

Cracks are appearing in the former smooth frontage of the warmist message.
In the UK the main party which is first to seriously ditch the CO2 con will win the General election.

The CO2 warmist are on the Run now it's time to finish the job.
To help make a difference please.
1.  See this Video and pdf: on the theme CO2 warmism is a political trick and a disgrace to science:
For fuller Presentation of the science and evidence for what is and what isn't see Piers to GAFTA Conference Geneva 15-17 May 2013:
2. Send this video and pdf and/or anything else you may like to your MP and to HMG Energy Secretary Ed Davey and circulate Twitter messages to get others to do the same, Eg one twitter message:
NOTE Standard form of MP email is where x is first initial of the MP
3. SIGN & PROMOTE THE SUN Crusade to cut hated green power levies - Petition
This is a 10 second job - do it now!
4. Publicise and attend the following Meetings
(1)  Energy Institute Thurs 31 Oct 5.30pm, Halloween, Energy Policy Time For Plan B Public Forum. See pdf
(2) Prof Murry Salby (Australia) "Climate Change: What We know & What we Don't" Series of Meetings, all Free. For details see pdf 
Mon 4Nov 4.30pm Hemingford Abbots;
Wed 6Nov 1.30pm - 3.30pm Palace Of Westminster;
The meeting will include questions & discussion and is expected to include comments/short reports:
MPs eg Graham Stringer (Lab), Sammy Wilson (DUP), Peter Lilley (Con)
- The UN IPCC-Royal Society meeting 2-3 Oct - Piers Corbyn & Danny Weston who attended.
- The Campaign Against the (Climate) Act - Fay Tuncay
Thu 7Nov The Links Hotel, Edinburgh 7- 9pm
Fri  8Nov 2pm Farmers Club Whitehall Court.
(3) WeatherAction Monthly Open Meetings last Fridays of Month 12.30 
meet WeatherAction Delta House, 175-177 Borough High Street (Tubes Borough, London Bridge) 
FRID 25 Oct, FRID 29 NOV  
Thanks to Terri Jackson, Philip Foster, (Fay Tuncay) and who put together the Murry Salby meetings following Terri Jackson working with WeatherAction and Stairway Press (who gave their Beck prize for Integrity in Science to Piers in a previous year) to get Murry Salby in the UK originally for 30th Oct in Parliament but that had to be changed for flight reasons.

Climate Fools Day Anniversary activists, some of whom enquired about this year's activity, are urged to support all these "Finish-The-Job events" - especially in Parliament Wed 6 Nov and inform people of other meetings to promote: via WeatherAction (  / 07908734296) and/or Campaign Against the (Climate) Act - see pdfs.


Blog Part2
(started 22 Oct)

THE BIG ONE IS coming to WHACK SOUTH B+I as in WeatherAction (33d ahead) forecast according to 7 day ahead model maps below.
After our notable success in timing, nature, general pressure patterns and approximate storm system tracks for the 17-18th rain event and the "Trafalgar-Night+" storm of ~21-22nd +22nd / R5 ~21-23rd 
(See previos blog - DelugesThunder+sev gales confirm W-Action fc 33d ahead  ) THE BIG ONE we predicted to follow looks like being on course from our prediction 6weeks ahead
"This is the most important storm period this month in our forecasts both sides of the Atlantic" said Piers. 
(Further comm 23/24th) "For Br+Ir the forecast significance was and is both the intensity and southerly damaging track on course for major population areas. 
"Our USA storm forecast far a powerful Low Pressure in SOUTH USA pretty well simultaneous with events in England and France looks like also being confirmed.

To see the Long-Range pressure maps and get ready for November you need Br+Ir 45d or 75d or Eu forecast services. The Br+Ir 30d service subscribed to now gives the October 30d FULL detail and will be updated on 31 Oct with Nov 30d=> 
Thank you
Further discussion and reportage is below this 7day ahead model projection for night of Mon28th/Tue29th

London or Normandy or.....and will it be as bad as '87?
Discussion note from Piers Corbyn 4.30am 24th Oct on The 'Run-up-to-Halloween' expected storm
"The BBCMetO forecaster on evening of 23rd stated that there was 'some uncertainty about the track of this storm and it might head more into France than South (SE) England'. The latest MetO forecast map below shows London being directly hit by the storm centre. Our detailed forecast issued 6 weeks ahead was and still is clearly for a Southerly track hitting hardest in Ireland, Wales and most of the English Midlands and South with N/W France in the EuroMaps forecast also suffering 'stormy attack'.
"I would say, and our maps of 6 weeks ago imply this, that the storm centre will take something of a rightward turn away from the MetO map below from 27th so Normandy rather than London will be the bullseye.  London and the South will will still be very windy suffering gales, severe gales and also damaging storm winds mainly in the Southwest.
"This storm and all the others this month and next month are driven by predictable aspects of solar activity and nothing whatsoever to do with CO2 although we can be sure the CO2 warmist fraudsters of so-called-climate-"science" academia and their thieving cronies in the energy industry, The Guardian, Independent, New-York Times and BBC will pretend otherwise. They know they are lie-ing and must be stopped."

And now....

26 Oct WeatherAction Public News pdf
"The damage from this storm – which Piers Corbyn predicted to within a day 6 weeks ahead - will be on a par with the Great Storm of Oct 15/16th 1987” 

27 Oct, 26 Oct and 25 Oct, Further to above, 
THREE NEW "Piers' Storm" End Game BLOCKBUSTING Storm Track Notes/Update discussion, subscribers only pdf - Br+Ir, Eu Maps - have been added to Forecast subscriber boxes. 
The 3rd advice note-update (27 Oct) shows how the warnings of the 2nd advice note have now been followed by the standard models and also talks more about likely wind speeds.  
Please go to your box and get this interesting pdf about exciting times and tell others to subscribe under the special offer to get it too! 
Thank you

Surface pressure chart - Forecast T+120 - Issued at: 1300 on Wed 23 Oct 2013

27 Oct Solar events preceding "Piers Storm" 

An unusual and quite extreme set of events have been developing" says Piers.
INTERCONNECTED SOLAR ACTIVITY: The X1-flare of Oct. 25th was remarkable not only for its strength, but also for its interconnectedness........ 

Comments submitted - 228 Add your comment

On 04 Nov 2013, Not supplied wrote:

On 04 Nov 2013, Saskia Steinhorst "Oh yes, and criticizing the EU has now been equaled to fascism." #############
On 04 Nov 2013, Mark Flannery Bolton Lancs wrote:

Piers what do you say about the Met Office blasting forecasters who are predicting possibly the worst UK winter in decades. When are the MET going to man up and admit they are confused and turn to yourself for some possible life saving advice....keep up the fight Piers
On 04 Nov 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Paul, Bedfordshire - You think the vacuum cleaners are daft? They came up with a new one yet again, although it was mentioned already in 2011. Now the EU is going to determine what type of coffee maker you can own. It has to switch off after an x number of minutes, or sound an alarm, or whatever. So the EU decides that you can't use incandescent light bulbs, or powerful vacuum cleaners, or coffee makers that keep your coffee warm for longer than 10 minutes. Oh yes, and criticizing the EU has now been equaled to fascism. What it boils down to is that neither the USA or China or any other country will ever have to fear that the EU will become a major economic player. That's because the EU does an excellent job at derailing itself where a viable economy is concerned. I long for the good old days, where countries made their own rules and were an economic power in their own rights. The days where something called 'balance' still existed and money still had value.
On 03 Nov 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Sat 02 Nov: clear frosty start, but clouding over by 8am with altostratus, followed by cumulonimbus & steady, often heavy rain from 11am right through the afternoon & into the night. Although the overnight temp was 1˚C on the thermometer there was a good frost and I'm glad I turned all the outside stop cocks off to protect the ball valves. Strong SE breeze all day. - Sun 03 Nov: much rain overnight, W near gale going like clappers all day, abating somewhat in afternoon, overnight temp 5˚C, rising to only 6˚ during day & down to 4˚ by 10pm, interesting lenticular type clouds. Trees have been stripped of leaves overnight, I also noticed that almost all rowan berries in our forest have gone, eaten by the birds. - Gill: I don't even bother to look at the thermometer in the tunnel anymore! I've heard from a friend with whom I share the forecast that they've had -5˚C at ground level on Sat, only a few miles away inland.
On 03 Nov 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Current temps 7 Celsius (windchill 5 Celsius) with dew point at 5 Celsius; variable winds 3 to 20 km/hr SW/SE and mostly cloudy; recorded at Kollum station. Found an individual station at Dokkum (closer to us) which says 7 Celsius with 90% humidity, bar. pressure of 994 hPa and 2BF wind coming from SSW. Nowhere is there any mention of incoming snow, quite the contrary; temps are supposed to go up the next few days.
On 03 Nov 2013, philippe (alsace) wrote:

(cted) Finally our weather was globally better in the second half of october as high moved east than in the first half although unsettled in both parts and matched better the forecasts too. But nevertheless kudos to Piers for his accurate forecasting of his storm weeks before! Vinegrowers hurried for picking the grapes from beginning of october because of alteration due to humidity/rain and mild weather. In all french wine producing regions 2013 vintage beside a lower production due to adverse conditions during flowering (cool, wet and cloudy favoring shedding) will be remembered qualitatively too (dry and lack of rain in august and then lack of sun in september and bad weather during the harvest). Wine is not a basic food but the same is worth for fruit, vegetables and grain. For example Corn yields 30% below the average. Welcome in the MIA!
On 03 Nov 2013, Philippe (Alsace- subscriber) wrote:

October weather check up for region of Colmar in Alsace Oct 1st : stratus ; oct 2nd : fine ; oct 3rd to 15th : mainly cloudy and humid with stratus/nimbostratus and rain/thunderrain especially 5-6th ,10th and 14th misty on lowgrounds around 7th 8th and 9th probably sunny and warm on high grounds (typical termic inversion due to cold air in the Rhine valley and warmer air arriving from the west and provoking fog layer) some brighter spells on 7th, 10th and 13th generally mild except on 11th with snow on high grounds (above 1000m); weather improves on 16th and 17th with cloud layer of cumulus and stratocumulus rather than stratus; fine weather 18th and 19th grey clouds and rainy on the whole day 20th nice weather 21st and 22nd rainy 23rd fine 24th and 26th but cloudy 25th (stratus) becoming windy and cloudy 27th ; 28th fine on the morning cloudy on the afternoon but not stormy; 29th rainy but some bright spells; 30th fine morning cloudy afternoon , 31st fine.
On 03 Nov 2013, Henk wrote:

Hi everyone, Watch for the sunspots and bursts coming days...nasa warns for a bumpy ride Check out the latest sunburst from 17:06 pm
On 03 Nov 2013, Lynne (SE Wales) wrote:

Very windy in SE Wales during Sat 2 Nov (day & eve): small branches blown off trees and extensive defoliation. Bright start, then rain and further winds on Sun 3 Nov.
On 03 Nov 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

I know this is off topic, but it is insane and shows the mindset that Piers is having to deal with. The EU is to ban vacuum cleaners more powerful than 900w (my latest is 2400w) meaning filthy homes and putting the lives of asthma sufferers at risk.
On 03 Nov 2013, Steve D (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Blustery but dry day in Essex today. Temps drppped from 14-10C in the space of a few hours as the sun set. Radar shows heavy rain crossing an already soaked southern England. Cold enough for sleet tomorrow? Bang on so far this month Piers!
On 03 Nov 2013, Andy B 45D Farmer sub SE Wales wrote:

Wonderful electric cars! NOT
On 03 Nov 2013, east side wrote:

Another quick post. You really have to look at this image & the explanation. The radiation level is given in old fashioned easy to understand mR/hr, so about 0.5mR/hr which is NOT HOT, but active all the same. 24h/DAY. Now if we understand this aright, the area where the cosmic rays get scattered causing secondary particle emissions is called the PFOTZER maximum. This occurs about 20-30km above the earth in the Tropopause. What strikes me as absolutely ludicrous, is how in their rush to lay blame temperature fluctuation on CO2, the more essentially phenomena remain only partially understood. This dose rate above,was measured last week with the current QUIET sun. We don't even have data for when the Dalton minimum was the norm, or when there are/were significant CME or high magnetic activity & disturbances. Surely this radiation flux has a far more important influence on the jet stream than we even know about..(?)
On 03 Nov 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Piers' predicted collision of warm and cold air has produced MULTIPLE (small) tornadoes in The Netherlands! See and here a picture and an image of some killer hail as well Rollercoaster riiiiiide!
On 03 Nov 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

Autumn? Winter? gales a blast? . I'm slightly confused as my polytunnel temp said 28 c at 1pm today, - and it really felt it. He he ... looks like summer's not over yet! What's your temp Paddy?
On 03 Nov 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subscriber wrote:

Wow! What a wind. Hammered it down with rain for hour after hour. So we ended up with a good storm after all. It's getting almost impossible to find a place to walk the dog which isn't like a swamp. How much more rain the moors can take before they end up looking like a lake I can't imagine, but large pools of standing water are starting to appear in many places. The local farmers crops are already starting to look very patchy, with much yellowing of the new shoots. I guess they are drowning? Some areas of certain fields are looking bare, as if the shoots have been literally washed out of the ground. Very interesting to watch this all unfold, yet quite scary too, when one considers the consequences of prolonged failures, year upon year....and these are fields on a hill some 800ft + above sea level, not a flood plain in sight.....
On 03 Nov 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Current temps 10.9 Celsius with dew point of 5 Celsius and changing winds (Wunderground, Kollum weather station). Very blustery wind, we had an outright storm during the night. What little there was left on the trees has been almost completely stripped off. There's a definite change in the weather coming our way, we're all suffering from the kind of headache induced by the onset of colder weather. Which, of course, is right on track with Piers' predictions ;-)
On 03 Nov 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Big OOPS on my last effort to post. My apologies. - @east side - Well, "today's numpty generation" as you so aptly put it has no idea what 'risk taking' means. Besides daring to have a different interior colour scheme than the neighbours, that is. Then again, every chance of something going wrong is being bled out of society which, at least in my opinion, has disastrous results. Most of people today are rushing towards a life as was depicted in the song "In the year 2525". Hopelessly lost if there's no button to push, or third party to appoint responsibility to. But trust me, the flight I was referring to was a hellish one. Even the pilot had turned "A whiter shade of pale". As for risky flights: besides having flown in a F27 Friendship (propjet), the following links will transport you back to the exact location and point in time where I was as a child. And yes, these are the planes I flew in back then ;-) and
On 03 Nov 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

JOHN E Thanks for report. Yes interesting I would say an expression of polar air / big temperature contrasts. See diagram we Re-tweeted from Reigate weather . Br+Ir, Eu and USA forecasts all show DRAMATIC stuff this month due to Mini-Ice-Age - Wild Jet Stream swings which are now the NORM, Piers
On 03 Nov 2013, JohnE wrote:

Well what a day we had in the Bury area yesterday. Cold wind got up at around 13.00, heavy rain through until around 16.00 and then the most amazing hail storm with thunder and lightening. More gusty winds and then heavy rain rain rain all evening. Now it is cold, some heavy showers and still some very gusty winds.
On 03 Nov 2013, east side wrote:

Bit OT here. "the pilot received a standing ovation. It had been a ride from hell,...My most favourite moments when being on a plane are the moments of taking off and landing. Just the sheer power of those engines". You would be shocked to see, today's numpty generation applaudes wildly every time a plane lands. It annoys the @^^@ ou of me, just like those idiots that HAVE to stand up & start fishing out their baggage while the A/C is still taxying on the runway. Modern A/C are a lot less dramatic, as they pare back the last ounce of fuel economy out of the airframe & engines. The average airbus take off & landing is about as exciting as cold rice pudding. If you want a"proper"good old fashioned take off, you have to go to Russia & take a ride in something like UTAIR who still run a few old TU154M/Jak42. THEY GO! As for Radiation doses,an article on SW yesterday where they measured 0.5mR/hr with"low" sun activity at 27000m, so about 50% less at 10000m. Fascinating stuff.
On 02 Nov 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

PIERS - You're welcome. As a former journalist/editor and current (freelance) translator, I just can't help myself *grin*. Your remark with regard to airplanes is spot on; they're too small for large storm systems. I remember back in 1976 or 1977 we traveled from Surinam to The Netherlands for our annual furlough, and our plane got caught in a major storm. When we finally managed to land on the Azores - despite the hefty *thunk* and screeching with which the wheels touched the ground - the pilot received a standing ovation. It had been a ride from hell, but despite all that, I was thrilled! My most favourite moments when being on a plane are the moments of taking off and landing. Just the sheer power of those engines ... but those engines literally howl when they're fighting against hurricane force winds. And despite being thrilled back the, that particular ride is one I never hope to repeat. Curret temps 12 Celsius, dew point 11 Celsius, SSE wind.
On 02 Nov 2013, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

'Our climate might be in for a Little Ice Age, according to the BBC' Do you think the lefty Beeb is changing there mind, never to be trusted i say. P.S i did say to long these dark evenings in front of the computer, hence these gems.
On 02 Nov 2013, Bill smith NE Wales 45 d sub wrote:

Hi Piers Well I didn't stay tuned to the bbc as they had suggested, I looked out the window and fair play their "Nowcast", as I call it was and has turned out to have been a breezy and as I see on the internet , particularly in south Wales with mumbles seeing 80 +mph gusts. Glad this is not an R5 period. But let's clarify this Nowcast , the "not sure " and " stay tuned" doesn't inspire one and correct me anyone that thinks that these bbc quotes infer more than a 50% confidence level of the event happening. A "Fairly sure" or a "quite sure" or even a, " fairly certain" would imply a degree of confidence that suggested I need to take heed. Instead I know that they have no real concept of the weather and Forecasting, otherwise they would be giving real forecasting for the next few weeks and thus give value for tax payers For some of the £30M spent . And so I subscribe to a forecast that does give confidence levels and has a success rate to boot. Thanks Piers
On 02 Nov 2013, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

For these dark winter nights something to watch A light-hearted look with music vid of the warmist scam Link...
On 02 Nov 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANKS ALL GREAT COMMS === SASKIA Thanks for typo advice - now corrected. Yes brill footage. I have some friends who never fly anywhere in an R4 or R5 and I avoid it if I can although it is an experience to have once === Those pilots are really skilled. Really planes are too small for the size scale of turbulence in these storms. Maybe in a 100 years planes will be 5 times the size of now and carry 125 times as many passengers (Vol ~5x5x5) and have much smoother landings in storms. We would have only 1% of current plane numbers for every million passengers and the air-space capacity of airports would not be reaching its limit. === REMINDER TO ALL PLease promote - FaceBook Twitter etc these exciting November forecasts to any farmers, emergency or airport workers you know etc and get into debate on storm naming. We have the answer (in THIS case) to the different names of the same storm used in different countries of Europe!! == All best Piers
On 02 Nov 2013, Rhys Jaggar wrote: 2014 winter forecast Piers??
On 02 Nov 2013, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

the climate change committee are holding a new enquiry in to what the ippc have said in the last report this is the link
On 02 Nov 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Either 'me age is showing' or ... Anyways, got the November 30 day EU prediction. Btw, PIERS ... small error for the period 13-16 Nov; the month should be NOVEMBER, not October ;-) Prediction for the first few days already is spot on. But I somehow hope the following days will pan out differently from the forecast, because ohboyohboy! No need to go to an amusement park either. The weather will provide plenty of rollercoaster rides by the looks of it. Finally, here's some better-late-than-never footage of The Storm in our parts: for some excellent flying skills (starting at 02:00); shows an extremely lucky cyclist; some damage in our own area. Most of the damage involving rooftiles was to new roofs; older rooftiles seem to be better resistant to strong winds due to the fact that the tiles have become firmly attached to the roof by moss, etc. over the years. Most of the trees that fell down had small root systems.
On 02 Nov 2013, Wiggers (30d sub) wrote:

Lockwood says no mini ice age!
On 02 Nov 2013, Russ 45day Derbyshire subs wrote:

>> << Or Paddy, a reference to Michael Parkinson and his cold, dry wit? I never realised until reading these posts that the word was so universally known across the UK........ Earth facing X-flare last night.....
On 02 Nov 2013, mwhite wrote:

"New inquiry: IPCC 5th Assessment Review " "The Committee invites responses, by 10 December 2013, addressing some or all of the following questions:" Hope you've got something to say
On 02 Nov 2013, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

Well done snow and cold in the north rain in east as you said well done.
On 01 Nov 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Cold start, starry sky with the moon's tiny crescent in the SE, temp 2˚C at 7.30, light frost, rising to 10˚ by early afternoon. Great sunny day with stiff SW breeze & interesting altocumulus with sharply defined edges. Frosty again by 10pm, though quite windy, so don't expect it to be too hard yet, but it feels like the cold is coming for the next few days.
On 01 Nov 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Well looks like Highland Perthshire is going to get some real snow as a first real taste of winter comes in tomorrow. Quite a bit of snow even yesterday above 800 metres. This is quite early and is never a good sign. Adding to the woodpile.
On 01 Nov 2013, Bill smith NEWales 45 d sub wrote:

625 pm Local BBC Wales now going for 70 mph gusts tomorrow , but "not sure", "stay tuned". Yes this is the bbc the," in cahoots with the Mo", that stallwart public service that have super computers that can predict 5 yes five days ahead. Well stay tuned I can tell you tomorrow ,I can look out the window no computers needed. Glad I could get this month's forcast.
On 01 Nov 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Too bad I can't afford this month's subscription but I sure do get the gist of it. More storms ... gosh. We're still working on clearing away the damages caused by HURRICANE PIERS! Temps sure have gone down, there's a definite chill in the air now.
On 01 Nov 2013, Wendy wrote:

Sleety cold rain in the High Peak , Derbyshire,Just read Piers November forcast!! Interesting weather.We always seem to get the extreme weather as we are quite high up and in a fairly rural area.
On 01 Nov 2013, JohnE wrote:

My word this is really ramping up now isnt it? Below are the headlines from Exacta Weather, add that to Mark Vogan's headlines and that of WeatherAction and phew, better order the extra Calor Gas me thinks just in case and add this to a mobile generator as well. Storms, Storms, Storms then Snow, Snow, Snow - UK & IRELAND November weather reports inc weather maps/region CLICK HERE
On 01 Nov 2013, Dave wrote:

Mark Vogan going for a cold, snowy winter too, love it! bring on the big freeze!!
On 01 Nov 2013, Steve D (Moderator) wrote:

Can all subscribers please be aware that the 30d Nov forecast will be released at the earliest convenience. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.
On 01 Nov 2013, Lorraine Lister wrote:

Russ, try New Zealand wine, we make very good ones!
On 31 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

4˚C overnight, quite bright even with the clouds, mostly cumulus humilis in various shredded forms, by early afternoon they got thicker and eventually produced pretty heavy rain by 4pm. Steady SW breeze, occasionally strong, max temp 10˚C, falling to 3˚ by 10pm, feels like a frost coming. Parky surely comes from parka, the thing you put on when it gets cold :-)
On 31 Oct 2013, Bill smith NE Wales 45d sub wrote:

Now, tonight the bbc forecast at 6 pm said there was a degree of uncertainty in Saturdays depression. Wow hang on there, didn't they harp on about how well they could predict Mondays storm 5 days out?Still looks to me like old times "stay tuned for updates" yes "unquote"! That was said.
On 31 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Accuweather is going for a mild winter in western Europe and a wet one in Britain and Ireland. Exact Weather is going for 1962-63 type severity-----just keep trusting Piers.
On 31 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Simon... re: European fruit production hit by poor weather. On the 'Ice Age Now' site there is mention of fruit crops being trashed by cold and snow in Chile, and now Australian wine production is hit by the same weather types. The knock-on effect will be high priced fruits and anything else containing fruit such as cake, biscuits or yogurt etc, wines, jams, blimey! The list is long. Higher prices for many wines. It will be interesting to see if the price of wines from Oz rise significantly, because it's a very competitive market, and many people (me included) buy older, more expensive wines when they're on offer, and if most wines are undercutting the Australian ones, then the wine from down under may not sell as well as expected. Maybe they'll just swallow the losses this time round, but they can't keep doing that year after year.
On 31 Oct 2013, Bob Weber wrote:

Piers, terrific end of month USA forecast! You said a month ago we'd have nearly a week of elevated (R4-R5) solar activity at the end of October - wildly confirmed by solar M-flares, x-flares, filament eruptions and CMEs! These solar emissions, electron and proton surges in the solar wind, have generated 'Solar Rain' here on Earth (ht Mitch Batros). Heavy rains, active 'extreme' weather, and jet stream swings result from this solar spaceweather. A good example of this today is the massive water vapor system covering a large swath of the USA, just as you predicted in your forecast. This cause-effect relationship is denied by the MET, BBC, AMS, and the Weather Channel- it is roundly denied by all the propaganda fonts for the Carbon-obsessed control-freak cartel, including universities: which technically makes them the only real climate "deniers". With your help we can open those deniers eyes to the power of electric and magnetic weather effects vs the greenhouse effect.
On 31 Oct 2013, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

Source Climate Realist site 2013/14 AccuWeather Winter Outlook for Europe. I Wonder how they get to the forecast for the winter period they say mild for us I wonder.
On 31 Oct 2013, Simon, S Yorks wrote:

Interesting read today that wine production, especially across Europe, has been plummeting since 2004 because of poor weather. Yet more evidence the planet really is not getting any warmer....
On 31 Oct 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

GREAT COMMS ALL! Thank you. "Parky", Yes I use it & find it pretty universal but I suspect more in North & Midlands than South. === SUZY DORSET It's nice to see it referred to as "Piers' storm" and hope all will correct any mis-naming in blogs after a minor English Protestant (I think) Saint. Why should Catholics, Moslems, French, Dutch, Germans who were also hit by it call it under METO dogmas (instructions)? AND YOUR GOOD QUESTION. Really the thing the same is the R5 which had a sting in it's tail as well (more than one sub-hit) and there was another system in Russia in our Euro-maps forecast anyway. I think one can say that remnants of my storm got merged with other systems and ramped-up by more of the R5. Comms from detail watchers Welcome. BTW this end Oct period was "C" confidence in detail because although we were very confident of severe storm the amount of blocking it might meet was uncertain. === REMINDER encourage people to take up the Fc offer EXPIRING TODAY 31st THANK YOU
On 31 Oct 2013, suzy dorset wrote:

My Dad used the word parky for cold too, but for weather like Pier's storm it would have been 'wild and wooly!' That storm thats giving Russia a whooping, is that still your storm travelling on Piers?
On 30 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

The thermometer said 1˚C this morning but there was also a little bit of frost on the car and on some grass, feeling ever so slightly parky (thanks for the verbal education, Gill et al :-)). It had been a clear night turning into a sunny day with 9˚ but by late morning altostratus began arriving and it started raining, not very heavily, by 3.30pm off and on until evening when it cleared up again and now at 10pm it is feeling mild with a temp of 6˚. - Craig, can you point me to a good explanation of dew point? Like Gill, I am not a scientific head. Thanks.
On 30 Oct 2013, Sue H, N, Ireland (part-time subscriber) wrote:

@Russ, I would use the word parky. I might live in N.Ireland now, but i grew up in West Yorkshire and had grandparents from Derby. Never thought much about where the word came from though. The last two days have definitely been parky! Not much wind, a bit breezy if anything, but temp only reaching 7 or 8 on Tuesday, feeling like we needed gloves and hat on. Today very wet as a wide band of rain passed over for a few hours, then cleared up. Saskia, glad to hear you survived reasonably well, under the circumstances. Always nice to hear from you and others who don't live in the UK. .
On 30 Oct 2013, steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

Cut the Grass today nice mild sunny day and the grass was dry enough to collect so all,s well with the world apart from a part of a tree still to cut up after the storm.
On 30 Oct 2013, Geoffrye Hood subscriber 45d wrote:

Russ Parky , was quite for a cold night common outside London, it was in the dialect of Bedfordshire and North Hertfordshire in the 1960/70s
On 30 Oct 2013, Len wrote:

"Parky" was common usage in London at least 50 odd years ago. Colder than "nippy" but nowhere near as cold as "brass monkeys".
On 30 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

Sorry Russ; London born, south east raised, married into farming. However, I write comedy, so words (including regional ones) are a passion (and necessity) for me - unlike science which has me completely baffled!
On 30 Oct 2013, Richard Tate wrote:

Gill 1066, I am loving the amazing little bits of history that you are finding in the barns! I would love to see some of these inscriptions at some point. I think the weather is really heading colder and that this is not anything particularly unusual, we little humans will simply have to re-adapt. This service is a must have for the future of farming! Rich
On 30 Oct 2013, Gazza wrote:

I see the Met Office have put weather warnings up for the south for Fiday and Saturday for heavy rain and 60mph gusts of wind around coastal areas. 2 Days ahead of time. Watching with interest :)
On 30 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Gill, re: "parky". Do you originate from maybe South Yorkshire or N Derbyshire. When I lived in London and used the word 'parky' nobody knew what I meant......... Weather today was very mild until the sun went in and the rain front closed in, which made the late afternoon very chilly. Most of the Met forecast rain has gone north over Scotland, and we have ended up with a beautiful sunny autumn day. Lots of standing water on the country lanes and the fields....... Re: models and low pressure system for next week. The 'new moon' falls on the 3rd ho hum! X2 class solar flare too yesterday.
On 30 Oct 2013, Sid wrote:

Here's a history lesson for the 'younger' viewers: Watch Spock (the 'old guy' in 1st reboot of the Star Trek franchise) on global cooling - aka a looming ice age: Ok it was 40 years ago, but just saying - love the 70s FX! From WUWT site: Sid.
On 30 Oct 2013, Shaun wrote:

Bit of frost here in South Wales this morning but it didn't last long, cold day. Looking forward to some more!
On 30 Oct 2013, Fred wrote:

Re whether the next November event will occur. Look at GFS, ECM and GEM models. for the 4th they are showing a shallow LP feature running across the south UK with attended E/NE/N winds as it goes through. Its early days for the models....but this could be the first hint of the models falling in line with Piers' forecast. Keep watching...
On 30 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

On another matter, In an old barn on another farm in the area is inscribed into a wooden beam. 'Great Storm 1805'.
On 30 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

First parky night of the season down here in Sussex by the sea. A lot of frost covered our fields this morning, but disappeared rapidly with the rising sun. But the bonus is a beautiful blue sky. Wet weather this month has led to my son yesterday abandoning harvesting the maize, - the machinery cannot cope with the soft ground. A 2nd bad harvesting year. We will probably now only do grass silage - and oats, but finding oat seed was difficult due to the shortages in last year's harvest. Do people realise that a bad farming year is not just one year, as the effects can carry on into subsequent years.
On 30 Oct 2013, Autarky wrote:

@D.M. i just wrote that "Lockwood VINDICATES BRAVE Dr Corbyn" and that BRAVE Dr Corbyn must lead AVERTING the expected volcanic* ice-age. Even cannibals will stop wars to help survival, as the 7 billion people that they are afraid of cannot de controlled. *Abrupt onset of the Little Ice Age triggered by volcanism and sustained by sea-ice/ocean feedbacks: Gifford H. Miller et al, GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 39, L02708, 2012
On 29 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Overnight temp surprisingly only down to 7˚C, rising to 11˚. Blustery NW'ly all day, great sunshine with mostly various forms of cumulus, still 7˚ by 10pm. Regarding the pic of the fallen beech tree above: this tree looks like having been affected by Kretzschmaria deusta, a fungus known as brittle cinder, which can eat away unseen at structural tree roots over time without any visible signs, especially on mature trees, causing very big trees to fall suddenly in high winds, we had an example of that near us last year. The fact that the whole tree toppled over rather than just had a limb snapped off and no great root plate visible looks typical. So beware of mature beech near buildings.
On 29 Oct 2013, D.M. wrote:

Autarky before you sing the praises of Prof Lockwood note which side he was on 6 years ago! Here is an extract highlighted by Steven Goddard's Real Science site - "Sun Not a Global Warming Culprit, Study Says National Geographic News July 12, 2007 Cyclical changes in the sun’s energy output are not responsible for Earth’s recent global warming, a new study asserts. Instead the findings put the blame for climate change squarely on human-created carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases—reinforcing the beliefs of most climate scientists. “Up until 1985 you could argue that the sun was [trending] in a direction that could have contributed to Earth’s rising temperatures,” said study author A. Mike Lockwood of the University of Southampton in Britain." What has changed his mind? Are the warmists running for cover now the game is up?
On 29 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

How things can go horribly wrong ... a 5 year old child out during the storm yesterday got hit by a roofing tile. He was admitted with a skull fracture to a hospital and then transported by helicopter to a larger medical facility. / Four technicians were working on a wind mill today which malfuctioned due to the storm. A fire broke out, and 1 technician could be seen jumping into the fire. The other technician jumped to the ground and died. The two other technicians sustained minor injuries. / Total damages from the storm: 95 million euros and counting. / Weather right now is positively cold compared to the previous week. Even during the storm I went outside in just a t-shirt and fleece sweater, but now ... wind, rain and plenty of hail.
On 29 Oct 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Indeed Clive, it could be a GEM, but I think there will be other concerns over and above wind. Subscribe and all is revealed...
On 29 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Piers: you cried 'wolf! '---and the wolf duly arrived, but there's a pack out there and if you can call the next pack member's arrival with the same success it will breed more success. You really colud finish the CAGWers off.
On 29 Oct 2013, Clive wrote:

The forecast for next weekend show another storm threat for the south of the country. Will this storm be as severe as the one we had on Monday for the south..
On 29 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Gill...I have every confidence that the early November extreme weather which Piers has forecast WILL happen. Throughout October he said that the first ten days or so would see the fine, warm weather continue, then on the 11th it would change rapidly. It did, becoming much cooler, wetter and windier. Three stormy periods were forecast and each one came along on time. The severity of the first two was a little feeble in the wind department for NE Derbyshire but we got plenty of rain. I did note how other areas of the UK had more stormy conditions. Then the Pièce de résistance... The Piers Corbyn storm. Nailed to the day including the continuation of winds and heavy hail showers, plus the "rollercoaster" temperatures. So just sit back, take a deep breath, and have faith in the best, most advanced extreme weather forecaster on the planet. The Royal Meteorological Society should give the man a 'lifetime achievement award' or an award for the advancement of science. It'll come one day!
On 29 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

Piers, now that the storm period has passed -as no doubt someone, somewhere would say - 'You're only as good as your next forecast' - do you still stand firm on your forecast for the first two periods 1 - 8 November. I think at the moment you stand alone on this. Could this silence the doubters?
On 29 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

Piers, now that the storm period has passed -as no doubt someone, somewhere would say - 'You're only as good as your next forecast' - do you still stand firm on your forecast for the first two periods 1 - 8 November. I think at the moment you stand alone on this. Could this silence the doubters?
On 29 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Saskia, glad you're all fine. We can't of course expect you to give a running commentary as you struggle with cracking windows and flying objects! It was just the sudden silence that was a bit ominous. All the best.
On 29 Oct 2013, Autarky wrote:

BBC-Prof. Lockwood VINDICATE* BRAVE Dr Corbyn for the start of the new volcanic ice-age!-. He must be appointed to evaluate the AVERTING proposals! *
On 29 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Final weather update - Much cooler, still some gusty wind but nothing compared to earlier today. Raining on and off, and a general sense of 'weirdness'. Today's storm - well, hurricane - really did hit us hard, both materially and emotionally. It was a rough ride but it would have been much rougher had we not known what to expect. Although to be completely honest, we never expected it to come straight for us, as it did. All prior storms over the past few years have all but died out before reaching us. This time it went straight for the jugular. Thank God we had taken precautions, thanks to Piers' updates. I'm not sure what would have happened if we hadn't paid attention to his warnings.
On 29 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - agricultural infrastructures, adapting to the changing environment, instead of leeching civilians as usual. Same over here. @Paddy - Don't worry, despite having been right in the path of the storm, we're fine ;-) The mobile phone network did go offline for an hour or so, but my lack of response was mainly due to the fact that, after having written updates for quite a while, it was time to feed the hungry and repair the damages. Good thing we did, as just shortly after we replaced the roofing tiles the heavens opened up. Had we waited we would have had to deal with a soggy interior as well. After that I just collapsed on the couch and zoned out for a few hours. With three teenagers in the house, as well as having to deal with the storm and doing the updates, my day was pretty full. After this I am hitting the sack as the alarm will go off in a few hours again ;-)
On 29 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - describe and name the Storm - as opposed to those who want to hide continuing forecast failure and carbon tax robbery behind a nondescript routine saints name. THANK YOU ! " According to Piers Corbyn. @ CraigM - Yup, we're pretty lucky to have escaped personal injuries, although I did get smacked in the leg by a roofing tile, just as I got up from a crouching position after saving some of our neighbours potted plants. It narrowly missed my head, which was covered with a *don't laugh* gel bicycle saddle cover and a woolen hat, just in case. Question: how can the wind mills cause so many people to be without energy? Isn't it practice that any energy output by the wind mills is fed back into the grid again, and then distributed from there? Or do the UK mills feed households directly? Just curious. I do agree with the ludicrous 'green' taxes which are nothing more than a covert attempt at filling the state's piggy bank. They should use that money to invest in [cont.]
On 29 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont.] - media such as the BBC would greatly help preparedness and reduce stress, damaging losses and save lives. However, we are blacklisted by the BBC's top TV and Radio and the UK Government and Emergency Committee (COBRA) ignore us." Piers Corbyn also continuously criticizes the British climate policy. "Although the Government is showing signs of breaking from the stranglehold of hated green /'Global Warming' taxes, in the interests of public safety they must break completely from the grip of the self serving mandarins of the Met Office and BBC and the CO2 pseudo-religion and it's discredited forecasts - who put defence of their failed delusional 'science' ahead of defence of public well being. "I am honoured by people naming this "Piers Corbyn's storm of Oct 2013" and urge all those in Britain, Ireland and NW Europe who want to roll back the hated green energy taxes and charges and get WeatherAction's advanced forecasting science applied for public well-being to so [cont
On 29 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

[cont] - Piers Corbyn of WeatherAction. Piers says: "We are very pleased with our success – which follows on confirmed success for significant 'warm-up' storms of major rain/flooding and/or severe gales/storms this month on 17/18th mainly in Ireland and 21-23rd (208th Anniversary of the 'Trafalgar Night Storm') and confirms the superiority of our solar-lunar based forecasting science for such extremes above all other methods." Piers Corbyn fights a dogged battle with the British KNMI and the BBC. He continuously rubs their noses into the fact that they don't succeed in creating reliable long term weather predictions, and he does. He furthermore reproaches them that they do not use his services. "All WeatherAction subscribers and monitors in Britain, Ireland and NW Europe were well warned and prepared ahead of all official public warnings and have saved distress, losses and money. "The application and announcement of our forecasts by the UK and other Governments and [cont.
On 29 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Here's the translation of the article linked by Paul ( Prediction from six weeks ago came true The damage and inconvenience caused by the storm were less severe than feared, although a maximum of 11 Beaufort was recorded - 12 even on Vlieland. That is exceptional for our region. And in the end, two people still died. On several occassions I have already drawn attention to Piers Corbyn and his long term weather predictions. Today's storm had been predicted by him six weeks earlier. This morning I received a message by him. Here are a few highlights. "28 Oct 06.00 WeatherAction Public News Release IT'S ON! Everything Piers Corbyn warned about this storm (named his storm by thousands) from 6 weeks to 6 hours ahead confirmed while UK MetOffice knew nothing or dithered. The Piers Corbyn Storm of Oct 2013, the most serious in Britain/Ireland, N/W France and the Low Countries for decades, was predicted – in detail to within one day from 6 weeks ahe
On 28 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Saskia, I hope you're ok as you live right in the track of the Corbyn storm which has now passed over Denmark. I hope it's just your internet that konked out and nothing untoward happened to you or your family, thanks for keeping us all updated earlier on, dramatic stuff. - I feel a bit sheepish putting in my weather report as we have had no wind to speak of, in the early afternoon there was not even a breath of it for a short while and it was quite sunny. SW breeze otherwise, now turning into NW, temp range 5 – 11˚C. I heard that about 8 people died as a result of the storm, very regrettable. I passed on the article on Piers in a Dutch paper that Paul Beds. Posted to a friend in Holland.
On 28 Oct 2013, Spaewife wrote:

Great call Piers on your "6-week-ahead" prediction.......... Move over MetO
On 28 Oct 2013, Bill smith NE Wales 45 d sub wrote:

The guff that I hear on BBC regarding this "Saint Jude" storm, oh the irony of the use of the meaning , and their "Carry On" -Esque comments , if it wasn't so seriously tragic I could have a laugh. But I couldn't and I can't.Have I also missed some Proclamation ? , as we always seem to hear on bbc radio the "experts" from that great site of Meteorological Learning Reading university talking drivel.Since when werer they thevoice for meteorolgyical assessment? Obviously not in the "Club" Piers, When oh when will they and our government wake up to the impending MIA. There appears to be many more Interseting events showing up on some models, in the next few weeks which will further justify your your science . Non subscriber readers please subscribe
On 28 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Final tally - 2 dead caused by falling trees and/or branches; 1 dead cat blown off a roof (poor critter, not ours fortunately); 1 squirrel rescued after been blown out of a tree; strongest wind gust at Lauwersoog, 152 km/hour, very close to where I live; total disruption of public transportation slowly being solved; fire brigade into action over 9000 times today; storm compared to monster storm of 1990 and 1972. Personal tally - over 25 roofing tiles smashed, which could fortunately be immediately replaced as we keep a 'stock'; eaves both at front and back of house completely demolished (needed to be replaced anyways); 2 out of 3 bramble bushes completely torn apart; rabbit hutch destroyed (no rabbits inside); but ... the window held! *grin* Fantastic job with this HURRICANE PIERS, mr. Corbyn! ;-) Recuperating from eating a well deserved, warm, home made dinner: onion, garlic, bell pepper, tomatoes, fresh ginger and 1 apple stewed slowly in left-over lamb gravy with beans over rice.
On 28 Oct 2013, CraigM (Berks, 45d sub) wrote:

Wind power has caused over half a million (a million plus Europe wide?) to be without power today. We now face the ludicrous situation that millions are going to be without power due to moronic green taxes to subsidise prayer wheels. As one tweet put it "now to look forward to a nice long cold winter and the government pensioner/poor cull." I suppose we should all donate jumpers because I see no political party doing anything to stop the ridiculous subsidies or profiteering. Every 'solution' is just a way to redirect charges/taxation back at us. 2/3rds of the green taxes burden that are enshrined in law will fall on business users (largest energy users). As we've seen from petrol price increases are directed back to consumers. Those least able get whacked hardest as essentials become unaffordable. This is green progress-indulgences for the rich. If we don't kick up we will be energy serfs. How's that for a storm for OUR children & OUR grandchildren Mr Hansen?
On 28 Oct 2013, CraigM (Berks, 45d sub) wrote:

...cont...Very sad to hear of the multiple deaths across N Eur areas affected by last night's storm. Last time I looked four had died in the UK and 600, 000 were without power. Which is why it was annoying that so many idiots were trying to downplay the storm last night. You will not hear me say this often but the MetO played this v well in warning people ahead of time despite their massive uncertainties & computer model/programing limitations (Piers would beat them with a £50 2nd hand lap top). Where they should be criticised is saying that forecasting beyond 5 days is impossible*. Piers has shown once again it is possible long in advance & the sooner they take their naysaying heads from their posteriors the better for us all. *or as I put in tweet this morning (remember the reaction to Sandy & v. cold Mar 13) "Are the #MetOffice going to blame this storm on global warming pushing warm air into atmosphere or would that b stretching it even for them?" i.e. the
On 28 Oct 2013, CraigM (Berks, 45d sub) wrote:

@Saskia sorry to hear about the damage, but glad no one harmed. This is in Dutch but the pictures of the devastation are self evident. === Ryan on twitter @WeermanAshoka has been tweeting throughout from Holland. (He used to be on the UK weather forums but his praise of Piers may not have helped!) +++ Blustery yesterday then it became still as the rain, heavy at times, arrived late evening. The wind woke me up in the night a few times but seemed nothing major. Then at just after six my sleep ended abruptly! I looked outside at my tree and it was being shaken like rag doll! The raw power was something to behold. It didn't last long ~40min. I lost a couple of roof tiles but locally only a few branches down. The damage varied by area & was more evident East of here from reports....cont...
On 28 Oct 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Piers Corbyn and the storm. Dutch Newspaper Article
On 28 Oct 2013, CraigM (Berks, 45d sub) wrote:

Good post by Paul Hudson linked below. Nothing new as such to many here but this is "By looking back at certain isotopes in ice cores, he has been able to determine how active the sun has been over thousands of years. Following analysis of the data, Professor Lockwood believes solar activity is now falling more rapidly than at any time in the last 10,000 years." === Ice core analysis does make me wonder due to resolution issues, the same when they claim CO2 was 270ppm. I'll have to look deeper but the timescale puts us towards the last ice age & a v. prominent period for ancient cultures as raised by Graham Hancock many times. The real shock of the piece was this === "According to Professor Lockwood the late 20th century was a period when the sun was unusually active and a so called ‘grand maximum’ occurred around 1985." === how many times has that been whitewashed by the warmistas?
On 28 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Some interesting reading while you wait for the power to come back on... >> <<... Saskia, very scary reports, glad to hear you are ok....... We had a very windy, chilly day yesterday, especially in the afternoon, but have missed everything except heavy rain overnight and this morning...... Re: Met Efface stating that Piers gets it wrong. Uh? Which day did he get the weather forecast wrong this month Mr Met'? Cos I've been monitoring closely, but somehow, must have missed that day.... If the Met Office guessed what the weather would do, they would get it right more often!!! Nothing but glib remarks from the Met as always!.....
On 28 Oct 2013, paul wrote:

We got away with it lightly in Lowestoft. The wind picked up just after nine, the rain came down, winds came more westerly and the temperature dropped a few degrees as the cold front went through. Only a few branches down and a small tree which was dead anyway probably through ash die back.
On 28 Oct 2013, Lee Barrett wrote:

Congratulations Piers on ur big success in predicting this big storm 6 weeks ago Excellent accuracy also this October as a hole :)
On 28 Oct 2013, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote: Looks like someone is trying to attack what Piers said about the storm, so I've given them a nudge in the right direction (comments 13 - 15 on the link above)
On 28 Oct 2013, Michael wrote:

I live in the southern valley of Brecon Beacons and was braced for the storm,but it never arrived.We are now bathed in sunshine and I was out walking the hills at 7:30am What happened?
On 28 Oct 2013, william downie (n/s) wrote:

Congratulations, Weatheraction, for predicting the "Piers Corbyn storm" so far in advance. Hopefully, this will be a watershed moment in your fortunes!
On 28 Oct 2013, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

I stand corrected. They published my comment after all. Wonder if it'll be removed later... Currently dark with torrential downpours in SW Essex. Winds have eased but now the flooding is my concern for the journey home tonight...
On 28 Oct 2013, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

BBC showing tentative signs of admitting a Little/Mini Ice Age is on the way. I left the following comment. It's being 'moderated' as we speak - "Piers Corbyn ( said a Mini Ice Age was coming years ago and he predicted the storm we just had six weeks ago, 16th September to be precise. No mention of his efforts in the press and the Met Office are being highly praised for spotting it 4 days out, with the aid of a £30m supercomputer of course."
On 28 Oct 2013, shaun wrote:

The storm mananged to miss much or all of south wales, pretty calm weather here today, but some flooding about. Anyway... I noticed this BBC blog earlier. Interesting to see the BBC to show information on our LIA and the science that supports it. But I noticed a lot of debate on the blog about there being changes. The blog was edited after it's first posting to add some little extras like how MOST scientists supposedly still believe in AGW and that in the long term AGW will continue, and swamp any drop in temperatures from this LIA. In the long term? Please define long term, I think they must mean after this LIA the natural cycle that will eventually go warm again will still be used as a money making scam. The point is in the ong term the climate will warm again, most undeinably, but thats natural right.
On 28 Oct 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Ken. Paul Hudson at the BBC has blogged about this today.*Very* interesting report.
On 28 Oct 2013, danny wrote:

Message to PIERS CORBYN, I just contacted the press office At the met office, and stated how far in advance did they predict this storm, the guys name I spoke to was John Hughes, and he stated that they predicted the storm 4 days In advance. I said how comes there is no mention of piers corbyns prediction of this storm 6 weeks ago, he said Because you get a lot of your forecasts wrong, I said but how can you say this when its in black and white on his website stating quite clearly about weather events that are more accurate than the met o, I said to john Hughes I think plers Deserves a bit more credit than that and that I was amazed that there had been no mention of him with this storm. I was then told that piers refuses to work with us. What a right load of bull, piers you got it right And as stated they take all the praises for your hard work. Well done Piers.....
On 28 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

Definitely not as bad as 87 or 90, but I had removed all moveable objects out of the path of the storm on Piers' advice. No branches down on this year's polled trees which included a 400 year old Oak tree next to the house. However trees in the fields have branches down.No tiles off the roof either this time. Polytunnel - no damage - worth paying the money for the storm proof version. Phone and broadband lines held. The builder who came down from South London this morning reported 2 or 3 problems on the A21 with hold ups and police diversions due to fallen trees. Lorries stacked up on the side, Most important factor was that we had the pre warning six weeks ago. Did anyone else laugh themselves silly over BBC 'warning' last night (after dark). " Best to make sure you put away garden furniture and pots and anything that moves" ....What now after 7pm? Couldn't some bright spark have worked it out that message needed to go out during daylight hours?
On 28 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Wind gust of 148,2 km/hour on Texel (Wadden) island; wind gust of 151 km/hour on Vlieland (Wadden) island; Meteo Consult declares storm officially to be a HURRICANE after 1 hour of 68 knots average measured on Vlieland island; ferris wheel Amsterdam "gone with the wind" ; 1 casualty Amsterdam after bicycle is crushed by tree; another severely injured after car was hit by tree; fire brigade active nearly 5000 times since 6 AM; fire brigade calls for people to stay inside; my own hubby is stuck as parts of Dokkum city are under absolute lockdown by fire brigade due to severe storm damage and lethal conditions; nearly all public transport has come to a screeching halt; SAR helicopter despite weather now searching for missing surfer; now 11-12 BF on Schiermonnikoog (Wadden) island; code red just for norther Netherlands still, wind abating in rest of country. For reference sake: we're approx. 10 km south of Schiermonnikoog as the crow flies.
On 28 Oct 2013, east side wrote:

Interesting to see this particularly violent storm is forecast for DK thru Sweden tomorrow morning into Finland and Baltic states. Forecast is,exceptionally high winds in gulf of Riga, between Violent storm>Hurricane force in Baltic sea area, & wave heights up to 7m in northern Baltic sea area. For this time of year it is an unusually warm 10-13C, which explains the rapid deepening of the low, with very little weakening of the pressure centre. Last week the region had light snow, so we can confirm the lightning - unpredictable changes in jetstream orientation & wind direction in this part of Europe during this autumn equinox. FYI:- This is the official line of the UK met office as of today & why they continue to plunder another £100m out of UK public funds:- "The planet faces a range of scenarios depending on the level of continuing greenhouse gas emissions. Some change is inevitable but the extent & severity of long-term climate disruption depends on future emissions"
On 28 Oct 2013, Ken wrote:

Page two of the daily express 28/10/2013. "Now Get Ready fo an Ice Age" apparently there is a major change in sunspot activity, according to a scientist at Reading university. Sunspot activity is quiet ending more rapidly than it has done for ten thousand years. This will apparently cause harsher winters and wetter summers. Is this the first glimmer of hope that reality is going to hit home with the bbc and the warmists? From a very wet Wigan!
On 28 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Tree through front window train; glass doors of local pension through the air; highway A10 closed due to storm damage; Wadden island Vlieland 139 km/hour; ships in Europoort harbour (Rotterdam) request assistance after their moorings have broken; wind meter at Afsluitdijk (between provinces Noord-Holland and Fryslân) can't handle wind speed anymore; tree fallen through sound wall onto car on highway, no serious injuries; some local villages completely cut off due to trees on entrance roads; mobile network down; severe damage to our roof; severe damage to our barn; roofs in the village coming apart; trees uprooted ... more later
On 28 Oct 2013, CraigM (Berks, 45d sub) wrote:

Sadly a 17 year old girl is reported to have died after a tree fell whilst she was sleeping. 230, 000 without power. Ealing in London has multiple trees down like in 87 (it's a leafy suburb). @Schafernaker on Twitter has lots of images of the damage...I've got a fair bit on my twitter feed also @CraigM350 - not over yet for our friends over the channel. Stay safe.
On 28 Oct 2013, Christine Gaskill wrote:

Hope all will be well Saskia, stay safe!
On 28 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

The Piers Corbyn storm blows as hard as the Met Office sucks! .... 6 weeks ahead boys & girls...feel that envy boiling away inside. What do they call it when you can't see very far ahead? Ah yes! Shortsightedness! I can't see Specsavers saving the Met Office forecasters though as they would also require a 'blinkers' removal service and a 'living in denial' mind restructuring programme to tear them away from their indoctrinated conditioning. Poor souls.....poor lost souls in fact. Lost souls following a lost cause.....the doctrine runs deep!!!.......... Piers...nailed again...good man!
On 28 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

99mph reported from the Isle of Wight----it almost was 'Hurricane Piers'! We are well out of the way of this one up here in Highland Perthshire, but we knew we would be, from 6 weeks ago! Having a wee ding dong with a warmist posting as THX 1138 in the Scotsman newspaper. Good opportunity for me to flag up Weatheraction and he's obliging nicely.
On 28 Oct 2013, gary - Hadleigh wrote:

Just read on the Telegraph website that the METO managed to accurately predict the storm and track from 4 days out with the aid of their computer costing £30M. So, just wondered how much your computer cost for you to have accurately predicted the Corbyn storm from several WEEKS out ? * Also, the METO computer apparently needs 1.2Mgw of power to run it. Now that really must cause a lot of CO2.
On 28 Oct 2013, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

What a commute. Got on the Central Line at 7am having dodge several fallen trees and branches in Epping Forest, only to be kicked off two stations into London for trees on the line, doubled-back to disaster recovery site. Winds now easing but conditions out there were very dodgy for a while. Flooding near farmland and lots of cleaning up to do. 99mph gusts in Needles was the highest one I heard about. Well done Piers - YOU NAILED IT!
On 28 Oct 2013, Helen (Co. Leitrim, Ireland, subscriber) wrote:

Beautiful calm sunny morning here in Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim, after a wild wet day yesterday. Wondering how long it will last.... but thankful that I live so far north west. Thinking of all of you in the south and east, and wishing you the very best of luck. Many congratulations on your magnificent storm forecast, Piers. Unfortunately it already seems to have been named storm 'St Jude' after the day that's in it (patron saint of lost causes, would you believe!!! - the mainstream might have cause to regret that choice of name......), but it will always be 'Piers' storm' for me.
On 28 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Scores of trees now coming down all along the western coast. In The Hague a person has been trapped beneath a falling tree, condition as of yet uncertain. Wind gusts of 120 km/hour have been recorded at IJmuiden in the Noord-Holland province.
On 28 Oct 2013, David Rowe,Wirral wrote:

Hi Piers & All, Breezy here on the Wirral with light drizzle.As I have said before we are lucky here because we hardly ever seem to get extremes of weather like some parts of the country.My theory is the Welsh hills protect us to the south, & the pennines to the north east.Does that make sense?
On 28 Oct 2013, Christine Gaskill wrote:

The wind came up significantly around 7am this morning in Hertfordshire. Blustery showers and sunshine too. Well done Piers!
On 28 Oct 2013, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

The Piers Corbyn storm went through last night and it was quite a blow with heavy rain with it, it went through in a matter of an hour or so so the damage was not so bad as the last big storm which lasted longer this time it was all over much quicker thank god.Very well done piers spot on.
On 28 Oct 2013, Michael wrote:

Piers - firstly, congrats on the storm call, incredible accuracy as always. Secondly, can you explain to us Corbyn followers why the Jet Stream is so ferocious at this time? Given current solar activity, what is the driving force behind the strengh and persistance of the Jet? In your opinion, do you foresee this as the trend for Winter and thus the more liklihood of us being milder/wetter than normal for Winter 13/14? Those snow 'forecasts' for Winter from certain media people have really upped the anticipation levels. Cheers.
On 28 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

CODE VIOLET for Dutch West coast as well as western part of Fryslân province. Not here yet, but ... comparisson now made already with storm of 1972
On 28 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Just our luck :-( Branch blown off a tree across the street smacked into one of our large South facing picture windows and spider fractured the thing. Then seconds later it cracked from top to bottom and side to side, in effect creating three pieces. Hubby went to work at 7 AM despite the weather warnings (didn't want his mentally impaired work force to be alone under these conditions) and the wind is picking up VERY quickly! So ... DUCK TAPE TO THE RESCUE! Taped that sucker all along the cracks, securing the pieces together. Then cut a piece of so-called 'reinforced plastic sheeting' and duck taped that over the whole window, securing it to the window frame. Anything happens now, the glass will be caught by the plastic and prevent injuries, as well as (hopefully) preventing the wind and rain from coming in uninvited. Fingers crossed this fix will last the storm.
On 28 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

According to local weatherman Piet Paulusma, our province will get hit hardest by the storm. Apparently it moved through the Channel much faster than expected and has concentrated its power after that. The whole Western part of The Netherlands now has a Code Red issued for it. Currently 9BF in Hoek van Holland. Ferry services in Zeeland province have been stopped due to severe wind gusts. Fire brigade has activated the 'extreme weather scenario'. They were called 1191 times Sunday evening, 103 times Sunday night and 470 times between 6 and 8 AM this morning for storm related incidents. And it hasn't even really started yet ...
On 28 Oct 2013, Rob Horler wrote:

Spot on again Piers. Here in Bradford on Avon one of my guys witnessed an oak tree fall onto the car in front of him(no injuries) on his way in this morning. We will be out with the chainsaws this morning,I have already seen a large Chestnut down on the Golf Course.
On 28 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Dutch KNMI just issued a CODE RED warning: Storm landed on SW coast in Zeeland province at 6 AM. First damage reports are coming in from Zeeland and Zuid-Holland province. Reports of trees falling down in the Rotterdam and The Hague area. Storm damage reports in Fryslân province now as well.
On 28 Oct 2013, david wrote:

Birmingham 6AM Raining fairly heavily. It's less windy now than it was yesterday afternoon when it went mildly gusty for a couple or three hours. It's been something of a non-event up here, unless it strengthens later.
On 28 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

@Bill Smith - Thank you for your good thoughts ;-) We're keeping our youngest two home as they usually go to school in Leeuwarden, approx. 35 kms from where we live. We just don't want them to get stuck there or have the bus they travel on get caught by the storm. Better be safe than sorry. The national KNMI weather bureau is still atuck at Code Orange, which is amazing considering they do mention a 11 BF storm. However, our local Frysk weather man Piet Paulusma warns for a 12 BF storm in our region, peaking between 11 AM and 3 PM. And Meteo Media still has a Code Red for our area. Will just have to wait and see, we took all our precautions and have plenty of stocked goods and candles in case the power goes out. As for damage: as long as it's material, no harm done ;-)
On 27 Oct 2013, Sue (Ire) wrote:

Not a branch moving or leaf blowing on my willow tree here in Dublin-very very calm..maybe it is just skirting the south coast of Ireland.
On 27 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

6˚C overnight, wet start with some heavy downpours, brightening up somewhat during the morning with occasional glimpses of the sun through mountainous cumulus clouds, max temp 11˚. Afternoon with thicker cloud cover, some drizzle, SW breeze throughout but not very strong. Tonight another clear and starry evening. - Gill: as long as nothing flies into your polytunnel and the doors are all closed and the plastic is not too old you should be ok. We used to worry terribly about ours whenever there was a gale, but since the one we had at the end of Jan 2001, when windspeeds hit 130 mph in Lower Deeside, and we were watching them in cold sweat from the house and nothing happened, we are much less worried. If everything is put together properly they can withstand a lot, we fear the snow much more.
On 27 Oct 2013, east side wrote:

There's a certain amount of wry amusement in many quarters this evening to witness Michael Fish being wrong TWICE in his life. Just how does that guy manage to be wrong footed so flagrantly this time as well? If he were paid by results like most of us are in real industry which actually produces something, he would have been unemployed years ago. The drama with the BBC & the "weather queens" at the UK MO, is the only work they are any good for is the shipping forecast,- which is only any good for weather which is ACTUALLY happening at the time, &/or about a day ahead. How such people can claim to have any idea about climate beats me. About 30 years ago they were all on about the "new ice age" which "can happen at any time", then it became the "shortage of snow" & our children never being able to see the stuff. It all sounds like they haven't a clue which way the wind is blowing, never mind understanding why a low deepens unexpectedly, & turns into a major storm system..
On 27 Oct 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber5) wrote:

Those with a November subscription may find the GEM ensemble model for this time next week of interest.
On 27 Oct 2013, Mark wrote:

French weather forecasters have raised the maximum windspeed on the French coast to 140km/hr and are warning of the dangers of trees falling since they still have their leaves. In France this will be about the fifth most powerful storm in the last ten years but the main force should be felt in England. They also say that the Netherlands and Denmark will be hit with predicted winds of 150km/hr.
On 27 Oct 2013, Mark wrote:

The French weather forecasters expect the main storm to hit South West England tonight and are talking of the storm going on to batter the Netherlands and Denmark with winds up to 150km/hr.
On 27 Oct 2013, Brad wrote:

The cme's from the Sun kicked of by the aproach of Comet ison and its magnetic connection to comet c2012 x1 with its massive expansion are more fuel for the storm. prof jim Mccanney and the Electric Universe theory is abundantly clear with the action at a distance working with out doubt as we see the comets discharging the capacitor of the Sun. Once Again Piers , you are a Hero of the People in this corrupt world .
On 27 Oct 2013, Bill Smith N E Wales 45 d sub wrote:

Saskia , my thoughts and best wishes are with you. I remember a Christmas eve storm here in 97 when I had first moved In. Single pain windows in 90+ mph winds bend. Very scar but they should cope, I didnt sleep that night ! Best to keep all doors and windows fully closde to keep the pressure up inside. Take care
On 27 Oct 2013, Mana Singh wrote:

Thanks Piers for your hard work in providing us with valuable information. I am in wet and windy Bradford, it been like this most week. Having purchased your Oct forecast, i am happily surprised with the accuracy of the information, well in advanced!! This is just awesome. I will buy a subscription once i have the funds. Thanks Piers Corbyn
On 27 Oct 2013, James wrote:

Red alert has now been issued for Channel Islands. This is in line with Piers forecast. I'm in Jersey so well done and thank you Piers for the early heads up!!!
On 27 Oct 2013, CraigM (Berks, 45d sub) wrote:

I remember the 87 storm as a young tree in my garden was bent sidewards (rough 70degree angle). My neighbours tree did the same but grew thereafter~22degree to the right (it still does!). On the way to school, which closed early, there were several cars with trees on top of them and large branches were everywhere. This is from the Independent quoting Helen Chivers (who spoiled a great BBC program the other day with the usual delusion MetO warmo junk) on the rarity of this system === "The storm of 1987 is one, and the Burns day storm in January 1990 is another.""It is important to realise the track of this low is at the moment not certain. In this type of situation it is really, really important that people keep up to date with the most up to date warnings." ===
On 27 Oct 2013, CraigM (Berks, 45d sub) wrote:

It is hilarious the back slapping based on the computer modelling of this storm. A good five weeks behind Piers. They are simply not in the same league. It's like comparing the Welsh premier league to the English premiership. Or the power of co2 compared to that of our star +++ Blustery yesterday and today though the clouds not moving as fast as yesterday. Some passing light showers. Yesterday was another prime example of dew point (dp) changes affecting the feel. A drop of 1-2c in the evening with no real change in surface temps made it feel less pleasant than the morning but not cold by any means. +++ Looking back at the infamous forecast by Mr Fish I wish the BBC would bring back forecasts showing other countries on the edge of the map (low countries, Ireland & Sth Norway). It helped give a better overview.
On 27 Oct 2013, CraigM (Berks, 45d sub) wrote:

Latest MetO alert remains at amber with similar areas covered. Most affected ar coastal areas and up to central Eng. Channel islands & N France into Benelux countries & Holland at risk also & Denmark/S. Sweden. Max winds look to be ~10mph less and the system looks to pass through faster and is further south (off hand I seem to remember a MetO graphic showing sth movemnt less probable). The BBC MetO forecast still going for 80mph gusts (upto 90). Tornadoes possible and a squall line looks to be a feature of concern on the East side of country. Still plenty of time for this to change and amend up or down which means even if your current forecast seems not too bad, it cannot be taken as gospel. Local factors (topographylike hills) also come into play. The infamous Mr Fish mentioned on a netweather vid today that the MetO are still debating about issuing a red alert. An 87 repeat is less likely at this stage but still very dangerous.
On 27 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

"Monday [...] The S to SW wind will increase during the morning to hard, force 6 to 7. A (severe) storm will evolve along the coast and IJssel-lake, force 9 to 10. There will also be (very) severe wind gusts. Mostly between 90 and 120 km/hour, the most severe in the coastal provinces. During the afternoon the northwestern coastal area may experience gusts up to 140 km/hour during a temporary very severe storm, 11 Bft. Later in the afternoon, and praticularly during the evening, the wind will abate."(source: Dutch KNMI) - We have tied everything down, or moved it out of the storm's path. As we have only single paned windows, we're looking in to reinforcing them, as they face SW. Better safe than sorry ...
On 27 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

I see Channel 5 are screening the movie, 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' this afternoon. I had to check the schedules twice, as I thought at fiirst it might have been a Mobeeb long range forecast!
On 27 Oct 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

THANKS MARK, DANNY, GILL, RON, SUE, PAUL, SASKIA, LORRAINE. Please do what Danny, Ron and others have been saying. Go to every site you can - Call it 'Piers Corbyn's storm' "because he predicted it 6 weeks ahead and what he says now is still ahead of the MetOffice who have moved the track a bit South from yesterday's view after he said the storm would AND upped top wind speeds after he said they should". The new subscribers only (3rd) pdf is very important please go there and get it. It includes comms on France and by implication Chanl Isles. If anyone says 'This should be free say something like I suggest "Yes it 'should' but Piers has to live and you are already paying hundreds of pounds ever year on green energy taxes and surcharges (direct and indirect) imposed by deluded CO2 fraudsters, thieves and parasites who are holding back science and the economy. THOSE are the charges you should not pay; not tiny chatges for useful proven independent forecasts". THANKS, Piers
On 27 Oct 2013, Mark wrote:

Here in France there are severe weather warnings for tonight for the entire northern half of France but particularly the Channel regions of Brittany, Normandy and the Pas-de-Calais. Forecast maximum wind speeds of 130km/hr on the coast and 100 km/hr inland.
On 27 Oct 2013, danny wrote:

May I start by saying, please everybody take real care through this storm, piers you need more recognition and no matter what website I visit from now on, I am going to leave your website details, let's all do this, let's start to make an impact on such a scale that weather action becomes a household name, it can be done, let's all go to work, and spread'that this storm' the piers Corby storm, cheers Ron Greer, of Oct 2013 was infact predicted by Piers Corbyn of weather action, 6 weeks in advance, YES 6,WEEKS, that is unheard of, litteraly amazing MAINMAN, very well done. It just makes me sick that the stuttering thieves of your information and forecasts at the met office and thebbc Are watching you like a raptor ready to stoop, and then take All the limelight, as if they are the heroes. I'm sorry but the met office and the BBC especially, with all their political correct bullcrap makes my blood boil, rant over..
On 27 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

Piers, on your advice as there is nothing between us and the south downs 15 miles away - (we are a hill farm) - I am now going outside to move EVERYTHING that moves, from the front open south aspect to the Northern rear of the house; tables chairs, pots etc and the car is going down the bottom away from the trees. In 1987 we lost part of the roof- (The s.w side) it slid off in terrifying 97mph winds. Complete devastation around here. Unfortunately same conditions prevail again i.e the trees are still carrying a large proportion of green leaves. That combined with the rain and wind annihilated the woods across the SE in 87. I hope my polytunnel survives. I bought an expensive 'storm weather' version that is about to be put to the test! It looks like the tree surgery I had done in the spring may be one of the best investments I made. At the moment 10am, beautiful blue sky, breezy; the lull before the storm. If I still have broadband tomorrow - I'll update.
On 27 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

batten down the hatches!. That'sa good move, but the Mobeeb have gone one further and bolted the doors in their intellectual fall-out bunkers.
On 27 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Bill Smith: yes Bill it was tragically comic wasn't it? I now refer to it in both the Scotsman and Herald newspapers, Scotland's two main broadsheets, as 'Hurricane Piers' and explain why that moniker.
On 27 Oct 2013, Sue H, N, Ireland (part-time subscriber) wrote:

It nearly feels like the moment just before the titanic sank...! Or even a bit like that blackout programme they aired on tv recently. Best wishes to all of you in the firing line, thankfully we are not, but even so I am sending hubby out to stock up on fuel for the generator. Will probs be needed not this weekend, but sometime over the winter for us. I even managed to order a windup torch/radio as a christmas present for someone. Good to be prepared.
On 27 Oct 2013, paul, beds, subscriber wrote:

I see a CME is about to hit the earth at the same time as this storm passes over the UK. I fear it might actually be worse than 87
On 27 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Strange orange glow in the sky this morning and string gusts of wind. Last night driving back from Leeuwarden the wind had already picked up and the clouds looked very different indeed. We also kept seeing those 'gravity waves' clouds. This link showed The Netherlands going from Code Yellow to Code Orange. A more detailed link for our specific region shows the bad weather arriving earlier than predicted by the Dutch KNMI. They ONLY NOW started warning for a severe storm on Monday!!! We're going to wake up the kids *cough* early (9 AM opposed to their usual Noon - teenagers ;-) to help secure things around the house. Living out in the country means there's always things lying around outside. Those need to be put away or tied down to prevent them from flying around. I think we really might be in for something big as well.
On 27 Oct 2013, Lorraine wrote:

Batten down the hatches I live n guernsey
On 26 Oct 2013, Geoffrye Hood wrote:

Thanks Piers, i have had time to prepare, my Beehives on a London Univeristy's 3rd Floor Roof are now strapped down with 4" Yatch Rachet Strapsand linked into the roof safety lines, They will only move if the roof come off in the gale
On 26 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

8˚C overnight, rising to 12˚, grey morning, brightening up towards afternoon, SW breeze mostly, becoming somewhat stronger as night fell. Beautiful starry evening. - Ron, I cannot believe that they still wheel out Michael Fish who 26 years ago was talking glibly of a depression in the Channel that was nothing to worry about at the very moment when winds in Devon had already reached near storm force, which later felled most of the ancient oaks of Sevenoaks, I remember seeing the picture in the paper. The warmists remind me of a Private Eye cartoon several years ago: couple on their armchairs in the living room, water up to their knees and the man says: “If the water rises another inch, I'll definitely call the plumber”!
On 26 Oct 2013, Bill smith NE Wales 45 d sub wrote:

Ron you beat me to it, I couldn't stop laughing at the mention of powerful computer and predicting 5 days ahead, where does that put Piers? I hope some good comes of this storm, in that the Mo Government take notice of and embrace the science Piers has developed,
On 26 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Just listened with great incredulity,to Michael Fish on BBC News 24. wiittering on about how wonderful it is that the Met Office computers, can now predict the formation of the kind of forthcoming storm 5 days ahead and that no human being could ever hope to do this kind of thing!!!!!!!!!!. Wonder what Piers could do with that kind of predictive power, only putting in the right kind of parameters?
On 26 Oct 2013, CraigM (Berks, 45d sub) wrote:

I've been tweeting quite a few updates on the storm (@CraigM350). Pls take care as this system which only formed earlier today is ferocious. Yes, it is nothing compared to frequent northern storms, but down south it is a v diff matter. Trees are in good leaf so can act like sail, the ground is sodden and leaves falling can block drainage. On top of that the general lack of sthly storms means weak branches & trees have not been removed (survival of the fittest) in prev years. As it is still due to hit in rush hour it is a dangerous recipe. Take care & despite how we malign the MetO (deservedly for 'climate moron' statements) their warnings should be headed. If you can afford it subscribe to Piers. As Gill highlighted he really has an unerring ability to predict these 'windows' far in advance. The MetO are still uncertain as to the track with barely 24hr to go! It is not luck that he pulls these out of the hat, it is pure skill. Piers, a big thank you for the subscriber updates. Noted.
On 26 Oct 2013, JohnE wrote:

Can someone please explain something to me. The MO is telling us that there is a severe storm on the way. WeatherAction has been telling us for weeks, Its all over the internet. Exactaweather is saying the same thing and so is everyone else so why the hell is the MO still only issuing an Amber warning. Isn't this the time to stand up and be counted. If this storm is anything like the one that we had in 87 then folk are going to die, yes die and surely if the loss of just one life can be avoided then its really is time to put your money where your mouth is.
On 26 Oct 2013, ian wood wrote:

brought my boat in for the winter ,in good time to miss this storm... very useful ...thanks
On 26 Oct 2013, Steve Devine (sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Good evening all. Please can I urge you to read the latest news release on the homepage of this website as it's vitally important? Having lived and experienced every minute of the 1987 Hurricane, I can assure you that I am the last person on Earth to want this to hit London with the second hurricane-strength storm in 26 years. But if Piers is correct, the track of the storm means that SW, S then SE England are in for a hammering. So call it the Piers Storm/Hurricane when it comes true and stay safe. If you absolutely have to travel then go very slowly and avoid high-sided vehicles at all costs. Mother Nature is not one to be messed with, especially in a Mini Ice Age.
On 26 Oct 2013, Chris Lee wrote:

I live in Kineton, Warwickshire Should I be ready for a Hurricane force storm where I live?
On 26 Oct 2013, shaun wrote:

Great idea, it truly does seem amazing how accurately you predicted this 6 weeks ago. During that six weeks the MO claimed there was NO science for LRF, well looks like you were in the act of proving them wrong, but no doubt a little 'selective awareness' will allow them to miss your success... yet we're supposed to be the the delusional lot. Well that's 'social conformity' for you. Make it seem as though most people believe and most will blindly follow like sheep. As the creator of PR Mr Edwards Bernays promised government, I can mould the opinion of the masses, and PR was hte delivery system. Well with all this one sided, unscientific bias media we get about AGW, makes me wonder if it's the same agenda. What am I talking about wonder, it's quite bloody clear thats their agenda.
On 26 Oct 2013, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

Energy Dept Cover Up Nuclear power vs wind farms: the infographic the Government doesn't want you to see
On 26 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

'Hurricane Piers', 'The Corbyn Storm' ? I have asked as much in the Scotsman blogs today and pointed out the length of tiime that the track and intensity of this storm had been predicted by Weatheraction and that it has nothing to do with AGW.
On 26 Oct 2013, Em wrote:

Yes - 'THE PIERS CORBYN STORM' indeed. We should all be doing our bit to let people know about Piers' fantastically accurate forecast - use social media. I am a subscriber and I have been warning people about this storm event for the last month and saying that it will be a true test of Piers' predictive skills. It would be nice to see him get some mainstream acknowledgement.
On 26 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Well if it was just a bit stronger, I'd go 'Hurricane Piers', but the Piers Corbyn Storm or even The Corbyn Storm' would do just fine. What a two-fingered salute any of them would be. Go for it Piers.
On 26 Oct 2013, Sue wrote:

Absolutely no mention of the storm on Met Eireann-it beggers belief. It's made it onto BBC and SKY news but RTE Irish national news broadcaster don't seem to think its important. Funny considering we usually get battered before the UK. Sunday night will be overcast and windy, Monday will be cool and blustery apparently. They infuriate me.
On 26 Oct 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

CARL (4 comms below) WELLLLL I AM HONOURED - "THE PIERS CORBYN STORM" you say. Well what do others think? To make it stick people would have to SAY it a lot - Tweet it, Blog It, facebook it. It's a good idea to draw a line with warmists and standard Met modelers who hold back NEW advances for the CO2 delusion
On 26 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Wind has now (2 AM) increased in strength (approx 7BF) and dipped to the SW. It is positively WARM! Had to unzip my windbreaker and take off my hat, something which I sorely needed the nights before. All the animals are spooked by the slightest noise and acting up in general. Something wicked this way comes ...
On 26 Oct 2013, CraigM (Berks, 45d sub) wrote:

QV update-23/10 "Kamchatka’s Zhupanovsky volcano erupts...awakes after 54 years" 24/10 M6.7 nr Sandwich Islands (sw of Chile) + "Mount Sinabung [Sumatra] shot black ash 3 km into the air" 25/10 M7.1 off the E coast of Honshu (main Japanese island) tsunami alert for Fukushima and several M5 aftershocks since. Links found (with caveats on any interpretion & warmo links) +++ MetO going heavy on the warnings for Sun into Mon. Just heard a climate moron on bbc news papers saying it's evidence of climate change - what an Autumn storm? Rare in the south maybe but even if it reaches 100mph it is NOT unprecedented. The science is total bunked, we are winning that battle, but we have a long way to go to stop the lunatics left to run ane speak for the asylum
On 25 Oct 2013, Derek cummings wrote:

Fair play Piers. You have made some terrific spot on forecasts and in particular this coming devastating storm about to hit the UK.. And they are appearing to get better than ever. I am sure those that have seen your forecasts in advance, I am not subscribed so have not, will pay attention. You deserve to be listened to more by the ones that matter. Those that need to plan ahead.
On 25 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Grey start, surprisingly cool 5˚C overnight, warming up to 11˚ by around 10am and staying there right throughout the day. Rain started around 9.30 and came down in ever greater quantity until around 3pm, haven't had so much for.. well, at least a week. SW wind most of the day & feeling mild. - Watching that deepening Low heading towards us from the Atlantic – will it be the one that gives us the event on Monday?, certainly deepening considerably.
On 25 Oct 2013, Carl 30d Subscriber wrote:

Well this storm coming in Sunday night/ Monday morning i have personaly named like they do hurricanes THE PIERS CORBYN STORM in honour of the guy who predicted not days,weeks BUT months in advance
On 25 Oct 2013, CraigM (Berks, 45d sub) wrote:

@M Lewis going by LIA patterns, highlighted by Tony Brown, ice was quite variable ranging from melts to significant extentions. The focus on the ice is disingenuous as it is a symptom not a cause (which is the solar effect on circulation patterns, which look to be a top down effect) . Stephen Wilde from Climate Realists has proposed that the recent Arctic melts were a result of the lag in the warmth from the el nino's a decade before (I.e. it takes a decade to move the heat through the oceans to the Arctic where the heat is released into space). I don't know but it fits better than the 'magic ocean' theory of the warmists. Ocean circulation is a long process & the Artic is melting from below as the 'heat from above' does not exist - a simple look at temps show them mostly below freezing & certainly nothing remotely 'unprecedented' despite the modelled versions which seem to think the MWP didn't affect places such as an INHABITED & CULTIVATED Greenland.
On 25 Oct 2013, Steven Glossop wrote:

Hi Piers, your October forcast is going very well. This storm Forcast for Monday is coming when you said it would. With not giving to much away about your November forcast. Then ECMWF tonight (25th) is picking up on something very interesting for Early November! Something you said would happen in early November in your 75 day ahead detail. Well done Piers keep up the great work/
On 25 Oct 2013, CraigM (Berks, 45d sub) wrote:

@Wally no need to refute Dana Nuttercelli (as Steven Goddard teems him)-a total cagw believer & avowed Chicken Little. It say a lot that this oil funded shyster (yes he works for the 'dark side') is given prominence. He is also co author of the '97% concensus' paper ripped to shreds by Richard Tol (a warmist)-the real figure was ~0.3%. He is the kind of activist causing problems for 'real' climate science with his wild exaggerations & twisting 'science'. This apologist still tells us that the IPCC 'projections' of thermageddon were right despite the pause/cooling. Look on WUWT, Bob Tisdale or RealScience for his regular errors. ( or of course you will not see the errors pointed out at the guardian as pointing out the disparity between 'projections' & reality is blasphemy & will result in your comment deletion (even if using IPCC reports as evidence).With respect, if you remotely believe anything Dana says you need help.
On 25 Oct 2013, Rob Horler wrote:

Question time was fun last night, it opened with Hitchens laying into the green dogma and man made warming and he followed up by destroying the 3 parties on their energy policy. I remeber watching him dispute the Agw theory about 6 years ago and being booed. No booing last night though and it was interesting to see that Labour and the Tories did not once mention climate change but the Liberal guy was jumping around like Zebedee spouting the usual "we must protect our children nonsense". They really are dangerous. I also sense a real fear among people of winter,something we were told was part of our history.
On 25 Oct 2013, M Lewis wrote:

RE Arctic Ice Melt. We need to wait for the CryoSat data readings for sea ice depth this Autumn when the ice thickness is at its lowest before refreezing with the onset of winter. Will it be deeper than Autumn 2012? A number of future Autumn readings will be needed to reveal any pattern or trend that could support a coming Mini Ice Age.
On 25 Oct 2013, CraigM (Berks, 45d sub) wrote:

@shaun the postcode lookups are mostly model based & are mostly wrong beyond a day or so for anything other than general overviews. The MetO fax charts are more in line with thinking of the forecasters which can go against model output. As it is the track is still in the air as is the timing. It looks to deepen and pass rapidly - most look like rush hour am on Mon but could be earlier or later. Expect a few changes over the next day or so. The MetO amber warning area has increased up to midlands. That's a good thing to warn people well in advance even better though was the 6 wk warning for subscribers Piers gave. An invaluable service.
On 25 Oct 2013, Wally wrote:

Hi Piers: What is your refutation of this article in The Guardian: Arctic sea ice delusions strike the Mail on Sunday and Telegraph Both UK periodicals focus on short-term noise and ignore the rapid long-term Arctic sea ice death spiral
On 25 Oct 2013, shaun wrote:

I'm aware of the MO denial. I've been a piers fan for a while. I did find it very bias and unscientific for the MO to claim there is no science for LRF while not actually proving it by considering Piers corbyns theory. they just go into denial mode and act as if he doesn't exist. considering piers very accurate my forecast this storm 6 weeks ahead what more reason do you need to consider his theory, to great a forecast to be just chance. so anyone who just dismisses piers is clearly bias, ignorant, in serious denial and not at all a rigorous scientist.
On 25 Oct 2013, Russ 45day Derbyshire subs wrote:

Shaun....the Met still don't believe that long range accurate weather forecasts are possible, even though they could read this blog, look at WeatherAction news PDFs, and prove it for themselves. I think its called living in denial! As scientists, they should be looking for evidence, not looking the other way when they find it, and then stating publicly that the evidence doesn't exist, even though they know it does. The Met are acting just like the tobacco industry, in that they keep denying the evidence, while people die as a direct consequence of their willful ignorance. .... I find it odd that the Met, who usually gets things totally wrong up to 24hrs or less of an event, seem to have cottoned on to this big storm many days ahead. I wonder if they have a special override button labelled "Piers Directive" to weight their model predictions?
On 25 Oct 2013, shaun wrote:

Actually, I would like to update that. The MO wind warnings I am referring to are on their map page with the yellow and amber warnings. As I said the MO have a wind warning for my area of Wales on Monday, but if you click on the wind Tab the MO also have stronger wind forecast for Sunday than Monday, so why have a warning only on Monday and not on Sunday? Maybe at the end of the year they can claim it wasn't that windy because only X amount of wind warnings were issues but it seems strange to have a warning on Monday but not Sunday when they forecast it to be almost 10mph windier Sunday. I must be missing something, surely they aren't this confuddled.
On 25 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Looking at the position of the centre of the depression, is there a chance Monday of a so-called "channel rat"?
On 25 Oct 2013, shaun wrote:

For me the models are pretty poor at predicting the weather. But, I also find that the issue doesn't stop there. Not only are they pretty poor at predicting the weather but they seem very much like the bible in the fact that so many people interpret the same model outputs differently. So even if you wanted to argue the models are good, I would then question which interpreter is most accurate. My point is regarding the BBC, MO and this storm that is coming soon. Either the BBC have a different interpretation of the model outputs, they are all confused over this storm or I am just losing my mind, maybe someone here can enlighten me. I use the postcode CF48 in the BBC for my area. This link will show my area of Merthyr Tydfil has stronger winds forecast for Sunday than Monday. But if you look at the weather warnings on the MO, my area of Wales has no wind warnings Sunday but it does on Monday. They seem to contradict each other. Am I missing somethin
On 25 Oct 2013, Russ 45day Derbyshire subs wrote:

Very warm in the sun over the past few days with such clean air, but the late evenings and early morning it's been a cold wind with touches of frost and ice. Lots more rain predicted for N England on Monday could spell the start of a disastrous winter and spring for many local farmers, though saying that, the fantastic summer did give even the worst hit farmer 'a crop' of sorts. Probably low yield, animal feed, type of situation though better than nothing I suppose. It astonished me just how little rain it took to water-log the ground again, after such an incredibly dry summer. I think the total evaporation must have been down due to the lack of wind all summer long, as wind has a major impact on evaporation speed. .... Its becoming tiresome trying to find a place to walk the dog without having to wade thigh deep in mud! A Westie is only about 5 inches off the ground, so mud can create a very messy scenario as you can imagine....
On 24 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Light frost this morning on the car and on grass in a few spots, even though the thermometer said 3˚C overnight, clear start with moon & stars, which have otherwise been hiding quite a bit this month. It then turned into a brilliantly sunny day, highest temp around 11am of 12˚, pleasantly autumnal. Cumulus rolls/bands increasing during the afternoon until almost complete cover by evening, 5˚C by 10pm. I am amazed at how we got through the R5 here without a scratch, plenty elsewhere judging by the comments below.
On 24 Oct 2013, larkduke partime subscriber wrote:

Hats off to the wizard of weather ( Piers Corbyn) Your wizardry knows no bounds, The tangible change in the weather this afternoon is foreboding. Sue (irl) yes Met eireann is a sham, that Evelyn Hughes is a charlatan, dispelling all alternate means of weather prediction, too afraid of the consequences of the removal of their hefty budget for a shoddy hap hazard service. Well done Piers, you eye opener.
On 24 Oct 2013, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

The tower of Babel is slowly falling down. Lots of N Hemisphere snow already, from Chukotka to Norway, albeit little over N America yet. Arctic sea ice is recovering and the Antarctic was at record levels. 16yrs and 11 months of no warming. Oceanic links to climate becoming mainstream. Solar links to climate now acknowledged. The Titanic is going to sink and the Old Money Old Guard are desperately looking for a reason to be put on a lifeboat. Isn't it about time Michael Mann, that greasy Indian and a few others walked the plank???
On 24 Oct 2013, BLACK PEARL wrote:

A well deserved smug look in the mirror on this months forcast Piers...... :D The Met Off MUST be low on 'Humble Pie' by now, with all the large portions they've been having to swallow in the last few years
On 24 Oct 2013, danny wrote:

On 24 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Aye, the Mobeeb are now beginning to agree with Piers' prediction from weeks out, albeit with all sorts of caveats and hedge-betting comments( pathetic but standard warmist bullpooh.)
On 24 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

MetO Amber alert issued for Mon for Sth Coast & yellow alert for much of Southern half of BI. Quite early for them to go amber. No clearer on track of low. It's not Lorenzo but another feature which at this point does not exist (the storm through the Irish channel earlier is one of these features that emerge out of disturbed mixing air). @Suzy yes it really did ruin it. The timelapse fungi shots were brilliant then Chivers ruined the whole show. I didn't mind the wagtails bit as I only saw that behaviour on the outskirts of London (common to me now but ten years ago I only saw wagtails outside train stations). However as they just took the MetO at their word what other 'expert opinion' else is accepted glibbly. They are trying to sell us a Ferrari with a lawn mower engine under the hood and the mechanics ('experts') we are supposed to trust and pay for their opinion can't be bothered checking the engine.
On 24 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Quote: "What IS relevant - is the astonishing ability to forecast this storm period WEEKS AHEAD"..... and don't forget the very short, dry, sunny, warm periods between the storms Gill, also predicted very accurately to the day, just like the one we are experiencing now.
On 24 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

Where the eye of the storm will be on Monday is from my point irrelevant. What IS relevant - is the astonishing ability to forecast this storm period WEEKS AHEAD!
On 24 Oct 2013, Michael wrote:

Piers et al, An interesting article on the link: It actually states that Global Warming could lead to an increase in Polar regions ice and thus lead to another Ice Age!! So now Global warming will not only mean no more snow in the UK after 2010 but also a new Ice Age. It seems that all bases are covered by the Warmists.
On 24 Oct 2013, JohnE wrote:

Ice on the car this morning, proper ice not frost, lumps of the stuff on the roof so temperature presumably dropped below freezing in the early hours. Pleasant day in East Lancashire, sunny, bit breezy and dry. Read an interesting article in the Express this morning, all about the storm that Piers forecast some considerable time ago, looks as though it is going to miss the north of England though but the south could take a battering along with the northern coast of France. Also looked at some further words of wisdom on the Exacta weather site, very similar outlook to those given by Piers for this winter and also referring to solar activity as the major factor. All interesting stuff
On 24 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Beautiful clear skies last night but very much colder than previous few days. This morning temps inside again were below 15 Celsius. Spot on prediction! Saw those strange 'gravity wave' clouds again last night when driving to Leeuwarden. On the way back, around 8:30 PM, skies opened up and it started pouring down. Yet within a few hours all clouds had disappeared, and temps had dropped significantly. Dew point right now in Kollum is 8 Celsius. Wind direction is indicated as SW to S, while in our part - just 16 kms further - it's definitely due East. Sometimes I think we live in Witch City weather wise. :-\
On 24 Oct 2013, paul bedfordshire wrote:

Met office now have orange wind warning for s England non Mon 28th.
On 24 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

The Mobeeb could be heading for another 1987 fiasco with this one?
On 24 Oct 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Just checked the Mobeeb projection; they are using words like windy, breezy and blustery, but no mention of a major storm and they are going for a more NW track. Increased solar activity this week changing things?
On 24 Oct 2013, Sue (Ire) wrote:

Another little gem from Met Eireann "Sunday looks like being a very windy blustery showery day, highest temperatures around 11 to 14 degrees with the risk of some severe winds for a time especially in the North". No mention of a severe storm crossing the think we depend on this service as an island nation. : ( Iii be keeping a close watch on your site for updates as this lot clearly not prepared. Another weather forecaster compared this to the "Burns Day storm" of 1990...would you agree Piers?.
On 24 Oct 2013, suzy dorset wrote:

I thought the same Craig, lovely photography ruined by the ending of 10 minutes of drivel talk. Wagtails use to roost like that in one of the bushes at Dorchester Hospital and at T.E. Lawrences cottage, dont know what they were trying to prove with that bird habit. Keep up the brilliant work Piers we love people who tell the truth.
On 24 Oct 2013, Lorraine Lister wrote:

Completely on cue with the R5+/R4 we have another storm hitting NZ
On 24 Oct 2013, Lee Barrett wrote:

Hi Piers we got some wind on wednesday but mainly dry with sunny spells n some small showers. See the big storm is that the renmant low of tropical storm Lorenzo or is it a different low pressure all together just wondering and i hope u stay safe & well Piers :)
On 24 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

Disgraceful MetOffice propaganda on the BBC's the Great British Year, which until the last ten minutes was a real delight. Out came Helen Chivers who I don't think mentioned climate change but the implication was clear - it's getting worse because we warmed, then we heard how some species may suffer but they may not then back to Chivers. Do these people really believe our climate has been a flatline utopia? That from Roman times (i.e. recorded observations) the UK never really changed? Native species have evolved to take advantage of good times to help them through the bad. The wagtails in the show used the light from a supermarket to watch for owls - adaptation -but apparently the same climate variation as before is now too much? Yes climate warmED, yes it WAS warm at the peak but so what? We have not warmed in 17 years & we are now cooling. CET is experiencing the sharpest drop in ~150 years. Repeat 'We have not warmed in 17 years'. CO2 theory is dead.
On 23 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

The Southern Daily Echo has some great photos of last night's storm === +++ Dewpoints (Dp) have ranged between 10-16C the past few days, whilst actual surface temps (ast) have been 10-19C. The only big changes, a 3C change over 1hr, have been sunrise/set & as the storm& rain arrived yesterday, otherwise ast & dp's followed each other fairly closely ~2C. Winds throughout have been S/W/E but not N. Below I mentioned how muggy it was, just after I typed that I went out & the air was fresh to bracing as the wind picked up. The high altitude clouds (cirrus) seemed to be coming from the N despite the winds direction & cumulus humilis passing SW. Looking at local stations the ast stayed the same ~16C. The only change was dp which dropped 2-3C in about 10 mins to go under 10C for the first time in days. Within an hr a 6C diff between dp & ast, hence why it felt cool not muggy. dp now under <7C ast ~8C. Clear, cool & great for stargazing
On 23 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Change is in the air: this morning it was 11˚C at 7.30, grey, overcast, raining for a short while, SW breeze. Then it brightened up, temp rose to 14˚ by lunchtime, the sun was out, blue sky & interesting clouds, even a rainbow in a light shower, but by about 3pm the wind strengthened somewhat and turned into W, then NW and it got markedly cooler, now at 9.30pm 5˚C. - So the R5 did spend its power on rain & gale force winds further west & south, Scotland (W) was affected as Piers had said in 45d f'cast but it didn't reach us here in the NE, in fact it was remarkable how little wind & rain we had, most of it on Fri/Sat. Showing my ignorance, I didn't realise how much energy is contained in precipitating clouds releasing heat & causing huge updrafts translating into gale force winds, learnt that from Piers today. Therefore, R5 is always a period to be reckoned with, as illustrated by comms below.
On 23 Oct 2013, Stephen Devine wrote:

Got drenched leaving the station last night around 9:30pm, again at 7am this morning. Tired of walking in soggy trousers now. Brollies can only do so much against horizontal downpours. Back to serious matters. All eyes on the damaging storm Piers predicted on 16/09. Another bullseye if this stays on track. Looks dangerous to my amateur eyes with the jet stream giving it extra oomph. All hands - brace for impact!
On 23 Oct 2013, Paul , Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Oarfish wash ashore. Is a big earthquake imminent?
On 23 Oct 2013, Sue H, N, Ireland (part-time subscriber) wrote:

So far over the last week, this part of N Ireland (s/south-east) seems to have escaped the wind and the worst of the weather. Yes, we did have some heavy rain the same day last week - thurs? that the rest of Ireland got torrential rain, but it was not so bad. More rain but mild over the weekend. Today, wed 23rd it has been dry bright and sunny - BUT cold. Only 8degrees when leaving this morning on the school run, plus it has stayed cold all day. This storm looks interesting, my folks are due to cross the irish sea on Monday!! We'll see. But it doesn't take much, as I've seen before for us to miss the worst, whilst England etc is getting trashed.
On 23 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

May have repeated myself a bit on last comment...oops! +++ Today started wet & blustery now sunny & blustery. Despite fresh wind last night temps mostly muggy. +++ Sunspot numbers upto 228 - is this the second peak? Lookbacks shows v cold winters around solar max such as the double hit of 1836-8 with max in Mar 1837. Murphy's winter (1837/8) was lasted until early spring and is 8 hale cycles ago (2013-1837=176/22) - however it is not that simple. === === whilst many hale cycle winters are in the hale window (1683/4, 1815/6) there are other background factors (e.g. QBO). Some may recall Piers mentioning the 66 yr lookback for winter 12/13 with winter 1946/7 was fuzzy. Whilst we had a similar winter the timing was different as 46/7 was earlier & waning come Mar whereas we had intensifying cold through Mar. I expect worse lies ahead in the years to come (2025 could be v interesting).
On 23 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

...cont... sea surface temperatures in the N Atlantic are high so & the jetstream pulling cold polar air down into it. Weather can & does change quickly at this time of year. In the past few years we've had both v. cold & v. warm shots in Nov, indicative of LIA patterns. Subscribers were warned of the upcoming storm potential weeks ago & comes off the back of Piers remarkable call for the US cold plunge - see prev blog === === (the pressure scenario map vs reality is stunning with nearly every feature matched). As an aside I mentioned to Piers last month I expected a Sthly BI storm this Oct from my lookbacks & as we've had a 'drought' in past years, although some storms pass North (Hurricaine 'Bawbag' in Scotland) or through the channel. I had no idea of dates, Piers does & continues to give subscribers plenty of time to prepare for dramatic weather and there is much more to come. You really should subscribe NOW to stay ahead.
On 23 Oct 2013, Gerry N Downs 600ft 45d wrote:

Ventured to Wimbledon Village last night for a pub quiz and noted lightning to the west and north-west which would put it on the line of the M3 as mentioned below. No thunder heard and quizmates noted the same thing. Heavy rain shower as left the pub. Overcast and drizzle this morning but evidence of heavy overnight rain in huge puddles all around. Some further heavy showers on the way to work in London.
On 23 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

Deep low now being modelled for Sun/Mon which the GFS picked up on then dropped but is now back & BBCMetO mentioning it. I held off commenting but Piers has highlighted this above...I mentioned to Piers I expected a Sthly storm this Oct as we've had a Autumn 'wind drought' in past years-although storms have passed North (Hurricaine 'Bawbag' in Scotland) or through the channel. The models have no clue where it will land having it North of Scotland or down South. A more 'reliable' track won't appear until Fri . It looks to be 960-980 mbars. It could well be the 'storm of the century' (less than 13 years old) especially if it tracks SE, where we don't cope quite as well as our more northerly neighbours. Thanks to this wet run the ground is sodden, rivers are filling, trees are still mostly in leaf so most places will be at risk. This is a key period coming up with a mixing of cold/warm airmasses driving extremes....cont...
On 23 Oct 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

Piers, noticed your comments about the complexity of new USGS site (and it works poorly on mobile devices). Might I suggest as it is easy to use & should work on basic devices & systems. +++ Yet again the main thrust of last night's storm system split west & east of here but the skies were lit up and rumbled for nearly an hour. The line of storms looked to pass by Southampton & up the M3 but a further thicker line also passed through NW France into the Benelux countries & into Holland. A 3 day euro radar archive is here === === some heavy rain currently moving into Germany.
On 23 Oct 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

The flooded fields and country lanes are almost as bad as they were at the beginning of the year. With more rain to come, lets hope those new shoots stand up to the onslaught, because all the local farmers have planted, and they all have 3 inch shoots. Temperature is up & down feeling mild and humid one evening and chilly and misty the next. There has been wind strong enough to tear down large (3 to 4 metre) tree branches but it's not been strong all the time. Heavy rain has been in bursts with persistent light rain the rest of the time, but it's been accumulating rapidly all the same.
On 23 Oct 2013, Gill 1066 East Sussex - subscriber wrote:

It's hang on to your hat day down here. yesterday the sea was rather choppy with onshore S wind. Today very windy, Deluge of rain earlier on, but bright now. Still v mild though. Leaf colour turning everywhere. Feels like October 'wild weather' (southern version).
On 23 Oct 2013, David Rowe,Wirral. wrote:

Hi Piers & All, Nasa has just recorded a new record for Antarctic sea ice, beating the previous record of 19.513 million sq. km.They say this is rare for October,because September is the usual month for record ice coverage.
On 23 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

The predicted '2nd day of warm weather' has yet to arrive at 11 AM. Grey overcast skies with increasing winds (approx. 5BF now). Inside temps, however, are above 17 Celsius due to the warm weather yesterday. Current dew point at 15 Celsius. National KNMI warns of some 'strong wind' at 6 or 7 BF (laughable in this region) and a 'small chance of thunderstorms'.
On 23 Oct 2013, Steve,Dorset.UK wrote:

Last Night around 7pm From My house i watched the most spectacular lightning storm going up the channel coast past Bournemouth towards the isle of Wight, it was almost continuous sheet lightning lighting up the sky through the clouds and then streaking in all directions But the curious thing about it was from where i live prob 12 miles away we could not hear any thunder and we had no rain as it was to far away from us but it must have been tipping down in the channel, Very mild and wet here early this morn, the sun has just appeared as I write this note and it is dry now.
On 23 Oct 2013, Sue (ire) wrote:

Other forecasters are only getting the picture together these last few days Piers...very exciting days ahead-forewarned by WA. Time to tie down the patio furniture. We wait with bated breath.
On 23 Oct 2013, Carl T 45 sub NE Wales ele 1m wrote:

Still dark as in street lights still on at time of posting 07:35 official sunrise at 07:38 no sign of the sun at all through the thick rain cloud cover here, air is damp and cold commutes to work/school likely hazardous.
On 23 Oct 2013, Bill smith (NE Wales) 45 d sub wrote:

Having studied the oct charts produced by Piers back in September, I had an ominous feeling that I had experienced a period like this before(calm damp days which suddenly t urn wild.I think they are called secondary depressions ( my comment september referred to one I experienced in winter 97). I think Piers will be right Paddy,the lull before the storm "wildOctober weather".
On 23 Oct 2013, Jan wrote:

Well done Piers, thunder and lightening last night, fantastic lightening show and the rain, never seen so much fall.
On 23 Oct 2013, Saskia Steinhorst (part-time sub. Neth.) wrote:

Very mild this afternoon and evening, to the point that when I walked the dog at 2 AM I had to take off my jacket. A little drizzle of rain earlier this evening, but tonight the skies were clear enough to watch a huge halo (not corona) around the moon. In folklore this is considered a warning for imminent storms, yet the wind has all but died down (although for us that's still a 3 BF ;-) I did see a huge flock of Eider ducks coming in from the sea so we might still get some heavy weather. Saw some strange cloud formation this afternoon which, after some internet research, seems to be called 'gravity wave formation'. Never saw it before.
On 22 Oct 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

So mild, though grey again, and there's been a fair bit of rain overnight, 12˚C by 8.30am, rising to 14˚ by midday, SW breeze. MO still only giving yellow rain warning south of us, by lunchtime they added another one for tomorrow Wed. Rain late morning, then much brighter afternoon with clearing skies, interesting stratocumulus & some cirrus & altocumulus. - Is the low currently over Britain still going to power up true to the R5 or did it spend it's force via heavy rain & gales in the west? We've had no wind to speak of here so far.
On 22 Oct 2013, Christine Gaskill (subscriber) wrote:

22nd October 21.25 Windy, heavy rain with thunder and lightning this evening-spot on Piers!