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26 July 'Free current month zone' 
Note although from 22nd of each month 30day subs give current month free and apply the sub to the coming month the current '3-for-1' offer for Br+Ir, Eu and USA forecasts does not change it's month's access meaning. So the '3-for-1' offers below mean "to Sept inclusive". 

24/25 July More Rains Brit & Ire on WeatherAction SLAT9 cue
 Heavy rain in West Fermanagh  

Embedded image permalink
Flooding in Wexford Street, Dublin during last night's (24/25th) thunderstorm  

Piers Corbyn says; "The timing of this and other rains is important. While SLAT8c had ~25th July dry in Br+Ire except Scotland the new SLAT9 said - seeWANews29 (18July) link in 22July News below and on LBC 18July - :  'Later in the 21-26th period and through the final weather period (27-31st) July the unsettled / very unsettled weather of the original forecast** will resume and GFS forecasts are tailing WeatherAction on this point: (Link WANews29 - below)'
Observers recall that ~18July various media and standard Met forecasts were expecting fine hot weather to carry on through this ~21-26 period whereas our new SLAT9 (issued, unusually as a medium range forecast but of long range applicability) said "Nope" and gave rain etc as there had been in SLAT8c but with different timing and maybe less intensity. So far it is pleasing that while SLAT8c (of superb success in USA and Quake trials) failed to predict the ('cut-off type') Br+Ir High of/from around 7-9th the new SLAT9 which we believe would have got it has succeeded in this medium range forecast for ~21-26th better than (much of) standard Met - with active weather fronts, rain, thunder and hail and Low pressure.  SLAT9, note, is NOT just about 'cut-off highs' as might have appeared to some commenters, although the ~7-9th July saw such. Fuller notes in the AUGUST Br+Ir 45d forecast and at end of WANews29 explain more. We are now developing SLAT9A to make further improvements. This has caused a delay in producing the Sept 75d forecast but that will be out soon. Our aplologies for delay. Thank you."

25 July A million carrots need this rain, steady all day will help us so much

23 July B+I Thunder+Rain hits 23 July on SLAT9 cue  
Embedded image permalink

23/24 July Standard Met forecasts B+I & Atlantic/NW Europe confirming SLAT 9 update timing of Tstorms as "later part of 21-23 R4" /& "later part of 21-26th" (together making ~23-26th) (as Piers said on LBC 18 July - getting going ~Tue (23) / Wed (24). 

Info (24th early am): JetStream (NetWeather) forecasts;sess . This shows suggested interesting potential ~Cut-Off -High forming over Scandinavia 30th July 03:00gmt; not especially large but perchance map shows clear event in terms of jet stream . The feature is not so clear on surface (GFS, ECMWF) charts because of course the surface is not the same and the models themselves may disagree.
Note added 26th 21.45gmt. The current set of projections shows this feature appearing later - 31st 21:00gmt because models change. The point of these notes is to demonstrate such developments which can only happen when the jet stream currents get severely meandered.  

22 July Piers joins Spectator debate - link below 

22 July. 
  Pic Poole harbour Sunday 21st July 2013
Br+Ir Thunderstorms from later 22nd and next couple of days 

- on SLAT9 cue as announced by Piers on LBC 18th July. See pdfs:  and also see below "Where is Br+Ir summer going?". Standard Met and various 'experts' and warmist cant propaganda outlets had forecast non-stop heatwave for a month. WeatherAction said "Nope". (NOTE That does not mean it either will not or will come back - see August forecast. It depends on the sun not CO2). Standard Met are tailing WeatherAction in Long and Medium range.

22 July September 75d slightly delayed due to Piers Corbyn media appearances. It will be posted and also 
circulated to direct subscribers shortly.
22 July.  HOWZAT! Sev Storms S Canada to N-Center USA 
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21 July.  Spot-on quake trial forecast results (M6.5 NZ 21st and all M6,5+ since 7 July) - 
                   plus new China Quake.  See Forecast News near end blog

18 July.  It's a "Wild Jet stream Age", says Piers - see last article in blog

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R5 (and QV5) ~7-9July "AMAZING FORECAST" for events on Sun, USA and Earthquakes
As explained on some YouTube clips of Toronto floods THE VERY EXTREME weather ~July 8, 2013 involved local turbulence over a wide area including Toronto and the Derecho type storm USA ~MidWest.  Locations of intense hail (eg pic below), storm system(s) including Toronto and a Derecho scale storm (Ohio valley 10th utc) were all explicitly LongRange predicted by WeatherAction for our R5 Top Red period ~7-9 July +/-1d. 
On The sun the giant active region AR1785 was Earth facing on the 8th, in line with WeatherAction's RTQ forecast,  and an M6.6 Quake off PNG confirmed WeatherAction's assiociated QV5 (M6.5+ extra risk) period also 7-9 July

Rt! PiersCorbyn - 4 stunning points on the state of Meteorology, ClimateScience & politics

The WeatherAction USA (+near Canada) July forecast is available free in honor of the 19 firemen who died in WeatherAction predicted (from 30d ahead) Fire-heat June 30 and because of the further very extreme weather threats forecast by WeatherAction for July - one of which is the storms in this 'Top Red, "R5", period 7-9 July.
Reports on user views of USA+near Canada forecasts have been very good - see news section and prev blogs.

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Media News

=> WeatherActionTv THE CO2 GAME IS UP + Mini-Ice-Age + Extremes SpotOn 

Piers Corbyn Comment (8.35pm 11th) on Spectator Magazine article attacking UK MetO

Piers Corbyn was interviewed on LBC Radio 18th July by Clive Bull on The heatwave and gave comments on what is going on mentioning the solar events as evidenced by the Earth Facing AR1765 - when predicted. "It is great to be on LBC", said Piers, "Clive listens and ensures interviews are useful"

Forecast News

Spot-on quake trial forecast results

NZ M6.5 Quake 05:09Jul21 CONFIRMS WeatherAction LRFc QV5 21-23rd Jul
New major China Quake is also in this period (pic below)

21st July Solar disc also has ~Earth-Facing Active region AR1793 and Large Coronal Holes

Residents take shelter on a street after an earthquake in downtown Dingxi in northwest China's Gansu province on July 22, 2013 (AFP Photo)
Residents take shelter on a street after an earthquake in downtown Dingxi in northwest China's Gansu province on July 22, 2013 (AFP Photo)

FULL SUCCESS FOR M6.5+ since 7 July (RTQ issued overnight 6/7July)  
ALL the 4 quakes of M6.5+ since 7th July came in WeatherActon QV4 or QV5 periods - which covered 8 of the 15 days 7-21 July (last full day to date) 

Where is B+I summer going?

The R4 period 21-23 July B+I has been changed under  new SLAT9 - what happens will be a test for the new forecast rules See:

The very important AR1785 - see WA29

Standard Met Models (GFS) tailing WeatherAction for month end

It's a "Wild Jet Stream Age" 
Piers Corbyn says: "These are are very interesting weather times and a test for SLAT9 forecast advances which should capture cut-off highs better. 
What is going on is fully in line with the now developing Wild Jet Stream Age or Mini Ice Age - an overall description of average temerature drops despite opposite extremes at times.  
The message of the age is:
"Don't get used to any weather. Get used to dramatic changes and contrasts in overall much colder temperate regions of the globe which will generally be very bad for agriculture and the world economy for the next 25 years" 

WeatherAction Forecast Services General and detail - see later in blog: 
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On 29 Jul 2013, Philippe (alsace, subs) wrote:

Paddy, OK thanks! PS: actually the seeding of clouds with silver iodine was very widespread in many grapegrowing areas forty or fifty years ago but was abandoned due to a lack of prooves for its efficiency
On 28 Jul 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Great contrast today, heavy slow-moving rain started around 7am when we had 15˚C and never went any higher, started to dry up around 3pm, cloud lifting by 5, blue patches visible by 6. However, wind turned from v light S in morning to cold NW in afternoon, exactly as per Piers, and at 10pm it was only 12˚C. If that complex of lows out west really moves east we’ll get it in the neck. Philippe: your links about the devastation caused by hail – use to shorten them, it’s free, you just have to register, gives you more space for your text. Here a translation of one that touches the topic of (small scale) weather modification: ‘in the 70s the Burgundy wine growers organised a 24/7 rota to keep an eye on the hail, ready to launch silver iodine/ide rockets in order to transform large hailstones into small inoffensive ones’.
On 28 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

I'd like to show a couple of small descriptions of something which conspiracy and c'trail sites often quote as being caused by aluminium, or barium, yet they are just water/ice. Sometimes a normal contrail will create this effect but it's not very good evidence for the use of chemicals or metals.... >> << >> << The other side of the coin...for fairness, because this type of thing helps no one, and makes finding the truth ever more difficult. I'd ignore the last 50% of the text because calling people wacky who simply have an opinion isn't helpful either... >> << ....
On 28 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Apologies Paddy, I was being hailed by the family captain when I typed that bit. I didn't mean that aliens were important, quite the opposite. I meant that aliens are not included in my search for info'. As far as aliens go, I'm firmly in the Panspermia camp, with the only alien spaceships being comets..hehehe!........... Nice lightning at around 9:20pm 27th, for about 3.7 seconds, then hammered down with rain for ... well all night really. Should top the reservoirs up, not that they are empty but the level of the Derwent and Ladybower dams dumped about 10 feet through the hot spell. Most others in the region are still full or almost. Cracking morning with a dry, chilly breeze to keep the humidity down. Sat24 radar looks promising for later today. A bit more electrical activity with a bit of luck
On 28 Jul 2013, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

Paddy Actually, down south now the heat has eased off for about 5 days now - started at 28, then 26, now the days are 24 or 25 and we've actually had a bit of rain, not the floods of the north, but a few good dousings on the ground. Something in that rain as the spring onions shot ahead despite not shooting ahead with regular tap water! Just finished picking a fantastic cherry crop - ten days of 30 beautiful, sweet, ripe dark purple cherries on a tree with a dwarf rootstock (2m x 2m maximum spread). The spuds didn't really appreciate the drought but are OK, perhaps now we are getting more regular rain the maincrop will bulk up beautifully. Tomatoes this year will be epic: couldn't have timed the sunshine and heat better really. Perhaps 3 degrees cooler for 2 weeks would have been the ultimate Bordeaux vintage, but still the best ever. Never ever seen tomatoes grow so fast, so big, so many.All that growing inside before the third week in May looks like being worth it.....
On 28 Jul 2013, Richard Bruce wrote:

We had very heavy rain in Darley (near Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire) from 11pm Saturday to 6.30am Sunday. I measured 59mm in the rain gauge for that period and also observed mammatus clouds at around 6am.
On 28 Jul 2013, philippe (alsace, subs) wrote:

...cont or crops here here and here (photo no relation with topic) Burgundy or here for earlier the month ) Warm /hot, very sunny and Quite no rain for July. bone dry, but vineyards on clayy soils still resisting . Grassland yellow, corn good when watered or in clayy soils. 26th and 27th of July south wind, some record breaking temps on 27th here around 36°C Piers globally you were spot on again this month. Especially it seems that thunder risk highest for R4 period as you mentioned previously. What will we have for august??? Will it cool down and rain ? Will this CH devlpg on the N hemisph be of any impact
On 28 Jul 2013, philippe (alsace, subscriber) wrote:

Hi Piers some weather comments 1st july : fine ; 2nd warm, fine, thundery evening, humid; 3rd nimbostratus, humid, rain but not much; 4th stratus and nimbostratus, cool, humid, thundery showers; 5th: stratocum, nimbostrat over the mountains 6th: weather change, nice and warm, north wind; 7th-8th and 9th: same weather as 6th but thread of thunder on the evenings From 10th to 16th: warm/hot with north wind From 17th to 27th : warm/hot with thread of thunder -sometimes only the evenings- on the 17th (humid), 18th, 19th , 21st, 22nd to 25th (no rain or quite no rain except some places in the mountains, we were quite spared by the numerous thunder and hail storms that touched various locations in France between 22nd and 25th/26th of July and then on 27th july and caused some flash floods and damage to the houses (wind and lightning btw read stupid comment from brunoM )
On 27 Jul 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Overnight minimum was 12˚ - it has been a very clear night – but already 23˚ by 9am, absolutely cloudless blue sky gradually being populated by lovely cumulus fair-weather clouds. It got to 25˚ here, but further north and inland at Inverurie it got to 30˚C according to the not very reliable car thermometer. Weather like this is a dream; I know, I know, some of you down south are suffering from the heat, I understand, but we think it’s Paradise on Earth! Heavy rain and only 15˚C forecast by MO for tomorrow, then 20˚ again for the three days after, we’ll see, that could be rather different. – Russ, let’s leave the alien nonsense out of the equation, that’s just a distraction. Really looking forward to post some cloud pictures on Craig’s site eventually!
On 27 Jul 2013, Bill smith ( NE Wales). 45 d sub wrote:

Hi Piers ,here in the Welsh rain shadow we have had two showers in the last week ,one with a crack of thunder last Thursday(half hour shower), Maybe the dryness and wamth of the last 3 weeks accounts for the abundance and variety of butterflies seen especially today.Currently 18c very light drizzle hoping for some steady not torrential rain.
On 27 Jul 2013, Sid wrote:

Hi Folks, Interesting article in the Big Issue on David King, a retired Met (Police NOT the other lot!) officer and his private weather station (back garden) from which he makes local forecasts. The interview pitches his 'knowledge' against MET Office (that lot) Helen Chivers. Every morning he 'sniffs' the air, and has though about how our forefather used to forecast. He found old moon charts i the Canterbury and Rochester cathedral records and sat with them for twelve years - and says they were very good! He predicts a cold winter and says to watch out for a Robin who will 'come and park himself on your back door on the second week of winter'. Well buying an issue just to read it - he really knows his stuff! L, Sid.
On 27 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

cont 2.... With the focus on LIA conditions/changes, lots of weird cloud types 'I would' attribute directly/indirectly to those changes, without the need for aliens, field reversals or paradigm shifts of consciousness... I have tried to find some information about these new cloud types, but it seems they are little understood, with hardly any useful information out there. Being a new phenomenon to the modern world we need to focus on the anecdotal descriptions from the last time these clouds were around (thank you CraigM). One thing I have made a mental note of is the way 'normal' fluffy white clouds form when there are no contrails. Paddy will already be familiar with crazy looking cloud-scapes living so far north, and Piers pointed out recently that the spooky looking clouds normally seen in Eastern Europe are now being seen in Eastern England. The clouds I used to photograph in Scotland I'm now seeing over the Derbyshire hills. Certainly improves my local photo's no end... ([:^)
On 27 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Paddy, re-weird clouds. I have noticed a lack of con/chem/vapour trails of all kinds over the past year, since the Queens Diamond Jubilee, throughout which I didn't see a single one (spoils any official photographs?). There have been periods lasting several months at a time over the northern UK, when lots of strange and spooky clouds have formed, but it's difficult to pin-point what might be causing them. The internet is piled high with descriptions of alien spacecraft creating cloud forms and 'end of the world' 'magnetic reversal' 'end times' scenarios causing them. I tend to lump chem's along with those. How do you choose which have any merit (all bar aliens!). Heaps of research (extremely time consuming), to find which have any facts behind them is the only way I have found. Piers knows about atmospheric physics, so has a head start, but trying to sort out chemical from strange-normal is a big task, because of late, normal is no longer the common kind of cloud....cont
On 27 Jul 2013, Richard Pinder wrote:

Part 2: Also it is not possible to predict future solar activity with any detail using this method, but it does seem possible to predict mini ice ages in the next few thousand years. But I do not think that they intend to conceal and confuse anyone about solar activity because they are not able to explain detailed solar activity in the way that you can, but only to point out long-term correlations with climate.
On 27 Jul 2013, Richard Pinder wrote:

Piers, I do think the length of the Solar Cycle is useful because it tells you what the average speed of plasma was over a single Solar Cycle and therefore gives you an idea of average Solar activity in that Cycle. The distance that the plasma travels in each cycle is relatively the same, and the speed of the centre of the Sun relative to the centre of mass or barycentre of the Solar System determines the length of the solar cycle, this in turn is caused by the orbits and masses of the Planets. So all you need is a computer model that correctly produces a reverse prediction for the Solar Cycle length back to 1755 using the masses and orbits of the Planets. Scientists such as Ed Fix and Nicola Scafetta use the Planetary movements to predict the length of the Solar Cycle, so they may have done this so as to predict the length of future Solar Cycles with great confidence, but I must agree that it would be better to use the average activity over the Hale magnetic Solar cycle.
On 26 Jul 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Craig: yes, that is correct, that’s what the Americans noticed, just didn’t have enough space in the one post to put that in. + Brilliant book, The Little Ice Age, puts things into perspective; last year I thought, if this kind of weather goes on into the foreseeable future, we’re in for a really rough ride, this year, we seem to have a bit of a reprieve for the time being. + Great idea to put cloud pics on your site, I might start taking pics more frequently again; I’ve got hundreds, quite a few which I feel are suspect, be good to have a proper discussion of these.
On 26 Jul 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

We had quite a thunderstorm just after midnight here, it was close but not directly above us. I jumped out of bed and groggily disconnected the computers and phone line; once burnt, twice shy: we had a complete fry-up here in Nov 2007 during a gale, came back into the house at lunchtime and smelled paper smoke – a bit of paper next to the exploding router was just smouldering away, no flames thank heavens. – Back to now: another foggy start, 15˚C overnight, already 16˚ at 7.30, but around 9am the sun came out and by midday the temp was up to 25˚C out of the welcome S sea breeze. Watched towering cumulus and some anvil clouds all day (while working, I hasten to add), but they came to nothing here in the coastal strip. The really threatening clouds that built up N of us in the evening produced some impressive distant thunder but then just dissipated into the N Sea, so no fireworks tonight.
On 26 Jul 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

PICS - CraigM -YES OF COURSE. Display whatever you wish and we will put a hot link on WA site and tweet out highlights (6620 followers at present). Make clear here whatever is needed for sending and viewing etc. I suggest insist on accurate date time, place and direction of all pics and make space fir informed comments on pics. As a general comm I think it vital that all vids/pics/reports/postings on web are very clearly labelled. I personally get very annoyed when looking for things and finding undated vids, articles and records such as 'Tuesday' without a date and times without time zones.
On 26 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

If Piers doesn't mind I'd like to publish some of our cloud/storm pics on my blog. Looking in more detail at clouds over the past few months, personally I have a better understanding of the systems passing over us but also understanding topography (i.e. SW storms like the pic on Tues) seem to miss here which may be lie of the land-NW we seem open to attack). Also the descriptions have helped my understanding (being on the opposite end of a low from Russ where one side of the house was clear the other had leaden skies ). Ideally, I can track a storm/low progression which *could* help Piers and all of us...and provide a useful comparison to paintings during LIA. Email is craig350ppm [at] gmail [dotcom] (trying to avoid spam). I'm happy to host them and Russ could tell us a few things if his latest comments are anything to go by! This is a great community/forum with a wealth of knowledge and hands on observations and I always folow every link provided and read everything no matter how tr
On 26 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

It looks to cool off considerably this weekend (21C max in SE) and an unsettled week ahead. Some signs of the heat , which is never far from us, returning to southern areas. +++ Paddy you said " Attempts at weather control have been going on since the American Civil War when it was noticed that it always rained after battles.". Recent studies have shown the Amazon creates rain by producing seeding particles in the air. Link>> << presumably the dust kicked up by artillery shells etc, carried up by convection, would seed clouds. +++ A second cloudy cool morn where it felt chilly until the sun broke through. Fair diffence between countryside and town where it is much warmer. Still humid evenings but nowhere like earlier this week. Although temps have hit 80F, notable this is only for a couple of hours vs. up to 9. Today is a late burn with the heat taking a fair while to top 80f. Early humidity reminded me of warm patc
On 26 Jul 2013, Steve Devine (sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Tornadoes reported on Isle of Lewis and in N Ireland according to Netweather today via Twitter. All eyes south tomorrow for the muxh hyped torrential rain...
On 26 Jul 2013, Gill 1066 country- East Sussex Subscriber wrote:

Lucky you Russ. Beeb keep promising rain coming here; still nothing to get excited about - the odd light shower, and I mean odd. I have a stressed new orchard I watered last week, so would really welcome a downpour. East Sussex does have so many micro climates, it will pour a mile away and yet we get nothing. being on clay does not help. Strange that a month ago we were all shouting for sun; now that's flipped on its head. Our grass needs the rain - but the arable farmers want the sun - someone, somewhere's happy!
On 26 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

cont 4... But how can the government release figures like that? How can they know? They blame genetics for absolutely everything...takes your eye off the food industry and protects them. Then there's PVC................yawn! The list is long! You are required to work like a maniac until you are 70, then drop dead of some incurable disease like a good little sheep. But the sheer cost of deliberately spraying aluminium particles into the high atmos' so that I might breath a couple of particles in if I'm unlucky, just seems so incredibly inefficient when the food industry are already doing such a sterling job, like I said before, without necessarily killing the pilots family, parliament, the US Congress, The Queen etc etc.......<> ........It's cracking day but just like Piers said, "much cooler"!
On 26 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

cont 3... I can't see a pilot sitting down to Tesco ready meals on their salary, or anyone else who can afford to eat good, properly prepared food. The vast majority of educated people will be more aware of dangers, won't be as exposed (see above), and will be more likely to take notice of advice. Does the 25 stone dole mother of 4, stuffing her face with Mac'burger and fries really give a flying doo-dah about food additives, or aluminium foil? Nope! She probably wouldn't even understand if you told her. Believe me....I've tried! Most people stuck in the social rut of the lower echelon club, don't want to know, because they can't afford to do anything about it. Most of them are too busy paying huge rents and utility bills to be able to buy decent food. So it's Tesco best-buy and a big-finger to the rest of society...and who can blame them? I guess, they are some of the elite's 'useless eaters' who will be successfully poisoned. 1 in 4 will get Alzheimers at some point in their life?
On 26 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

cont 2... So every night, for some busy working folk, they ingest 'directly', many particles of aluminium, which is a highly toxic metal. I wonder what effect using aluminium cooking pans during the 1970s will have on us all as we get older? I wouldn't touch a ready meal with a barge pole, but I know plenty of people who do, who then heat up their meals in aluminium foil, then eat from the foil container....NOT GOOD! >>> <<< We all have to do daily risk assessment otherwise we walk into quite deadly long term traps, but I think that in the vast majority of cases, it's negligence over profit margins that's the driver, not quietly killing the population. Don't forget, we make the rich rich. There's an old saying, "Don't bite the hand that feeds". They need to make us ill, not kill us.....well not until we start drawing our pensions, then they want us dead!!! Slow aluminium poisoning over 50 years is a perfect solution...cont
On 26 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Piers....maybe I'm just 'too' sceptical but none of the links on that page work, even the one given to check the man's voice for a comparison. Do I smell a hoax? Errrrm....well....maybe? Sounds authentic but that's about it dude!...... On the subject of lithium. Years ago my step-dad took lithium to control his weird behaviour as Alzheimers set in. Worked a treat and didn't 'seem' to have any adverse effects. That's direct ingestion. If they spray 100 tons of particles into the atmosphere, how much would we ingest daily, by the time it had descended through the atmosphere, got picked up by water droplets or simply fallen to the ground. Tiny, amounts, by all accounts. If you are looking for conspiracy poisoning, I think you need to look much closer to home, like your fridge.... Lorraine, Rosebud....the aluminium foil trays which hold quiche and ready meals, 'may not' be terribly harmful per se, until you scrape them with a knife or fork At that point, you scrape off bits of metal..cont
On 26 Jul 2013, Steve Devine (sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Morning all. Have just noticed the warnings have been removed on the MO app for tmrw/Sunday. Will they yo-yo back on again?...
On 26 Jul 2013, Lorraine Lister wrote:

Russ, thanks for clarifying what you meant about aluminium.
On 26 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Quote: "Perhaps the increase in deaths is due to people having heart attacks when they see their energy bills thanks to green taxes." ....... Nearly had me in tears of laughter with that Gerry. Thanks! ......... Met forecast for yesterday 20'erm 25th...was heavy thundery showers moving north through England and Wales, on their website at 10pm 24th. What happened? Beautiful day with a single 10 minute shower around 12 noon. Some threatening cloud over the hills but just spots of drizzle. According to RainToday radar. no rain over England and Wales from 6am till pffff I stopped checking at 8pm. Not withstanding, there could have been some very localised light showers that didn't show on the radar... Scotland and Ireland though had some serious heavy showers for most of the day. Never mind Met'. It's easy to get the track 200 miles off course just 12hrs ahead. Don't let it worry you...not that you will! ;^)
On 26 Jul 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

MORE.. == RICHARD P I would point out 'Solar Cycle length' is a concept which is used to CONCEAL AND CONFUSE not clarify solar activity effects. On average it corresponds to solar activity levels (inverted) so why not use activity itself? Answer because the smoothed average lengths are used to HIDE the absence of 11yr signal in weather data which the Cosmic Ray theory necessitates but is not there / vastly dominated by 22 yr solar magnetic effects. Averaging actual activity over 2 cycles to hide the single cycle would be too obvious a trick. == WELL DONE ALL on fab thunderflood obs 23/24/25 Jul and note including Ire is very helpful. End of (23rd) the R4 and just after was perfect SLAT9 timing. The NORMAL ~simultaneity of storm events across B+I AND USA is daily proof that standard Met - which cannot have such rapid connections - DOES NOT DESCRIBE REALITY. Simultaneous planet-wide solar drivers are the key. SLAT9(A) is further advance while standard Met & CO2 warmism go nowhere.
On 26 Jul 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

TREMENDOUS INFORMATION ALL. A few Comms from me - apart from above re SLAT9A. == CHEM TRAILS ARE REAL (ALTHOUGH SOME ARE doubtless just normal vapor trails) BUT we have to improve our Vocabulary on the issue I suggest we say "CHEM DROPS & TRAILS" See my Retweet: NASA scientist confirms different kinds of "chemtrails"...for research. Note (eg Lithium disperse) it is into what SOLAR ACTIVITY is doing to upper atmosphere. The ClimateChange angle is Dr Strangelove madness. The video conversation with NASA however reminds me of one I had with NOAAA after we predicted Hurricane Irene in a lot of detail 12 weeks ahead. Strong genuine interest from the official followed in coming days and weeks by TOTAL SILENCE and Non comm. Let's see what happens here. == CO2 warmist idea that CO2 warming heat is taken into deep oceans is scientific cretinism writ large as Richard Pinder points out.
On 26 Jul 2013, Russ 45day Derbyshire subs wrote:

I forgot to mention. The rain was so heavy on Tuesday, that it washed lots of sand, gravel and stones, some 2 inches across, off the lane next to my mothers home across a grass verge. That was some rain to have the power to shift such large stones..... Oh! And while I remember.... the very heavy downpour which saw us stuck in a supermarket entrance for 10 minutes was very warm to the touch. I've never felt rain that warm in my life. You could happily have showered in it!
On 26 Jul 2013, Russ 45day Derbyshire subs wrote:

The Chinese cloud seeding detail when I read it shortly after it happened was that, they had a prolonged drought. They saw a deep low heading across the country from the north bringing cold wet air and rain. They decided to seed it to increase the rainfall, to gain as much water as possible while the front passed over. Problem was, the air was very cold and as they seeded it, it hit the hilly areas and turned to snow. Totally unexpected, it dropped about a metre of snow in just a few hours on farmland areas, flattening thousands of homes and farm buildings and schools, forcing around half a million people to evacuate the area. It does seen like the Lynmouth tragedy could have been a WeatherAction type forecast event (had they been around then) but made far worse by the seeding.... Storm arrival signs...herring bone clouds...then contrails....then moon halo,,,,then clouds....then rain! The bigger the moon halo, the lower the cloud-base, the closer the storm....
On 26 Jul 2013, Gerry, N Downs 600ft, 45d wrote:

Perhaps the increase in deaths is due to people having heart attacks when they see their energy bills thanks to green taxes. There must have been a burst of heavy rain during the early hours on the Downs this morning. Slightly cooler today here and in Westminster.
On 26 Jul 2013, Russ 45day Derbyshire subs wrote:

Lorraine... I wasn't describing aluminium as harmless, heavens no! I was using the link and my list of food packaging as proof that we are being force fed poison every day, unless of course we deliberately avoid it. But it seems a much cheaper way to make everyone ill, to sell more drugs**, than spending millions of dollars fitting out aircraft to spray the stuff into the atmos' and poison the pilots family....... Paddy, yes, cloud seeding. Difficult to find an article with all the detail. Most miss out the gory details..... Google censorship police? >>> <<< Lynmouth would be overlooked if it wasn't for the evidence! Jon Mitchel on ITV weather today said that a UFO that was spotted by a viewer was 'ball lightning'. Even Wikimisleadia is now admitting that ball lightning is real. No contrails during Queens Diamond Jubilee...proof that they can be created on demand... ** re- Donald Rumsfeld quote
On 25 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

Interesting sequence of simultaneous storms on both sides of the Atlantic==>> "Torrential thunderstorms drenched Dundee and surrounding areas overnight, and a family home in Fife was gutted by fire after a dramatic lightning strike on Tuesday [23rd].The downpours mark the end of the tropical heatwave Tayside was enjoying last week. Met Office forecaster Peter Sloss said: “Particularly over the east coast of Scotland, there were torrential downpours overnight.“There was an active area of thunderstorms moving up through Tayside and into Aberdeen, and we estimate over a large area there was 10-15mm of rain.“Locally there will have been much more than that.“I heard drain covers have been blown off, and people may well have had floods in the streets.” Link>>
On 25 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote: whilst I don't think the BI had anything like this ==>> Damaging hailstorm affected counties in SW England afternoon / evening of the 15th (presumably as the hot spell above was breaking down), primarily affecting Dorset, Somerset & Gloucestershire. The storm first hit areas in the Sherborne / Templecombe area late afternoon then moved (or developed) NNW'wards to reach Bristol mid-evening. From reports at the time, the diameter of much of the hail was of the order 11 cm, with much damage being recorded - including injury & death to people in the open. If these reports are correct, then this 1808 hailstorm (according to Colin Clark / 'Weather' July 2004), produced the largest hail diameters for Britain known (along with that for 1697).<<==one day later Kansas had Hail as large as baseballs...A hail stone measuring 4.75 inches in diameter fell near Yoder in eastern Reno County and hail as large as tennis balls was also reported." Link>>
On 25 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

Interesting that anyone has tried to link to the heatwave to AGW. It's a sign of complete ignorance of British and global weather cycles. LIA July 1808 (via booty) "1. Notably warm month (using the CET series since 1659). With a value of 18.4degC, it is in the 'top-10' of such-named months for warmth. In particular, there was a hot spell from the 12th to the 15th, with a peak around the 13th/14th, when the CET daily temperature (i.e. average of 24hr maximum & minimum) climbed to just over 24degC."...aution is required with all these values due to the differing instruments, exposure, accuracy of recording etc. It was undoubtedly a very hot spell though, as deaths (people & animals) from heat exhaustion were recorded, particularly from the agricultural areas in the east and north of England. One report at the time (from farm records in the eastern Fens), says that the temperature in the shade near London was 96 (degF), which converts to just over 35degC...cont...
On 25 Jul 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Foggy start today, then just overcast and close, temps 15 - 25˚C, quite pleasant, light showers around the middle of the day, still 16˚ at 10pm. Now if that low to the west moves eastward and the Greenland High asserts itself we might be in for a real temperature shock. – Lorraine: I agree, aluminium is questionable in connection with food but one would have to do some research about its causal connection to Alzheimers, opinions appear to be divided.
On 25 Jul 2013, Rosebud, sometimes subscriber, devon wrote:

Agreed Loraine Lister! Aluminium is thought to be linked to Alzheimers and whilst we may be living longer, we're all suffering from chronic conditions brought about by diet, stress, lifestyle and pollutants. Just so a detox and see how much better you feel in just a week.
On 25 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

Looking at the 1947 Windsor floods and found this statement refreshing ==>> "How often we are told that the weather is the coldest or wettest or whatever for many years, but the truth is that history is only repeating itself, and that catastrophic floods have occurred since times ancient, beyond records. The usual aftermath is to 'be prepared' for the next one, but when the interval is a long one, memories fade and optimism replaces knowledge of the facts, which are that while the river board engineers carry out works and maintenance that tend to contain 'ordinary' floods, catastrophic floods are, and always will be, virtually uncontrollable." written by the late Gordon Cullingham, former Borough Engineer of Windsor, who was closely involved in the event at the time Link>> << scroll down to read an interesting diary of early 1947.
On 25 Jul 2013, Lorraine Lister wrote:

Russ, I agree that a lot of conspiracy theories are just theories but please don't dismiss aluminium as harnmless in food packaging and food preparation. Like all heavy metals ingested or absorbed by humans the effects are cumulative and the toxicity can take years to show up. Despite the hype by the medical fraternity, people are not getting healthier and the only reason so many are living longer is because they being kept alive by pharmaceutical drugs. It is not just poor diet that is causing ill health. There are numerous environmental factors as well and whilst they are often dismissed by medical researchers because they don't want to open a can of worms, the reality is that other honest independent researchers and toxicologists have proved the emvironmental link to ill health.
On 25 Jul 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

The Times reports mystery rise in UK death rates over the last year. Is there any solar connection I wonder? I have anecdotally noticed a rise in cancers of all types in elderly people I know of.
On 24 Jul 2013, Richard Pinder wrote:

The morons at the Met office have forgotten that the deep ocean thermal inertia is estimated to be about 800 years, also this correlates with most of the increase in the CO2 in the 20th century being caused by the Medieval warm period which peaked about 800 years ago, this is proved by Carbon-14 levels that show that only 4 percent of the CO2 in the Atmosphere is from Volcanic or Man-made sources, which means a maximum of 15 percent of the 100 ppmv increase in CO2 was from man-made sources. Simple really, how a collection of facts can destroy the AGW Theory, when you consider that a colder Ocean is more CO2 absorbent. I think Global warming was caused by the length of the Solar cycle which is predicted to cause a mini-ice age in the 2020’s. Well that is what correlates with the historic records, but I do not know what this will do to the reputation of the Met Office amongst the morons who still think it has a reputation.
On 24 Jul 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

I wanted rain – well, we got it, big time! And bang on cue as per Piers’ forecast. A mild and muggy day here, 15 – 23˚C, it rained and thundered through the night and in the morning, with frequent heavy downpours, stopped around 11, winds mostly S or SE. – Russ, yes: 95-99% truth and 1-5% disinformation. Fear is an important control tool, control is the big game but it’s done with subterfuge and mostly with our unwitting agreement until we wake up. Whatever the excuse for aerial spraying, it’s going on in one form or another, I haven’t got time to amass credible links, but here’s an interesting story that someone sent me recently Attempts at weather control have been going on since the American Civil War when it was noticed that it always rained after battles. Not suggesting in any way that such attempts are the cause of the present climatic upheaval, the best they can manage is tinkering at the edges; reassuring that Piers can predict these events.
On 24 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

...cont... Link >> << some very useful comments and well worth reading to the end of the chapter. Sequential years of autumnal and winter storms...the storms of Aug & Sep 1588 and the role in the defeat of the Spanish Armada...a drought not seen in 800's why I have a low tolerance of the whole climate fraud.
On 24 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote: now we have every weather phenomena as proof. Human suffering is opportunity and lowering CO2 emissions will do nothing to prevent the weather or save anyone. The green economic bubble is fraud and needs more fraud to sustain it. It is no man made heatwave it's a man made crime wave taking money directly from unsuspecting victims. To support the theory they have had to change from claiming an increasingly zonal jet was proof to now claiming meridional flow is proof! NOAA and MetO climate reports often read like the economic reports from a country under dictatorship, where the slick happy images are in contrast to the reality. If the comparison sounds harsh, fear is integral to how dictatorships and the global warming scare have been built. The MetO want us to live in fear of the same climate our ancestors survived. Sadly we still have doomsters and witch hunts in common....cont...
On 24 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

...cont... SPIEGEL: Do the computer models with which physicists simulate the future climate ever show the sort of long standstill in temperature change that we're observing right now? Storch: Yes, but ***only extremely rarely***. At my institute, we analyzed how often such a 15-year stagnation in global warming occurred in the simulations. The answer was: in ***under 2 percent of all the times we ran the simulation***. In other words, over 98 percent of forecasts show CO2 emissions as high as we have had in recent years leading to more of a temperature increase. <<== in plain english; we have a new concensus. +++over 98% of computer models are wrong+++. Throwing spagetti at a wall would give the same results so claiming they are right in hindsight & hindcast and then wanting more spaghetti is not science. If over 98% of any product is wrong and any remainder is of junk worth something is seriously wrong.
On 24 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Yesterday at around 5am the heavens opened and down came the rain. Oh and did it rain. My youngest son was outside at work and saw an amazing lightning storm as did my wife! Later in the day, around 5:30pm, in rush hour traffic, the heavens opened again with lots of thunder. We got to the door of the sainsburymarket and saw how heavy the rain was, so we decided to wait a while 'till it eased off. It was then we noticed that nobody was walking into or out of the entrance at either side, and then we saw it. Huge ponds had formed outside the doors, because the drains just couldn't handle the amount of rainfall. There was a good old twisting funnel of water going down the drain (which the builders had decided should be 8 feet outside the entrance) so all the water cascading off the roof was heading straight for the doors. Any heavier or prolonged and the shop interior would have been at risk of flooding. I'll send you a few photo's Piers...
On 24 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

Russ great comments. A Bob Tisdale article over at WUWT raises the same questions of how the heat magically appears from above. It could be volcanism, we simply don't know because the data is so sparse. Maybe by SC26 we will have enough modern data which is not abused and twisted to suit an imaginary problem==> A short while ago we had a 17 year old ask us to tone down on meto etc as it can be off putting (which is what I thought when I first visited). But when they come out with the kind of slippery responses perfected by politicians and when journalists glibbly churn out press statements quoting 'scientists' in the same way we hear of "official sources" warning us about WMD or when the public purse is pilfered to line the pockets of a chosen few (like Al Gorithm) regardless of the consequences to the wider public...well it's a perfect recipe for blood pressure to rise!...cont...
On 24 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Due to solar activity levels and other solar changes, volcanic activity has seen a recent uptick and the ocean floor will be no different. Considering the oceans thermohaline circulation takes many hundreds if not thousands of years to make significant changes, I think we need to find another cause for the warming 1.8km deep. If the article were talking more sense i.e. surface mixing and surface currents then I'd be more willing to take notes but at that depth, nothing in the past 50 years is going to have made a ha'peth of difference, unless the heat came from below. As I said in my previous post, short term data is not supposed to be given as proof of anything except a short term natural variation. The Argo programme has only been collecting data since the year 2000, so how can they use that data to prove global warming? Pathetic!
On 24 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

David Rowe... With respect, I did over-simplify my explanation but I'm not sure that a gravity fed water system in a house is relevant to an ocean. Scientists current explanations describe warm water "rising from the depths", so I'll float along with that for simplicity, without wishing to dive into fluid dynamics........ One thing I've checked up on is that the normal mixing through waves, storms, beach warming, and current mixing only reaches down around 1,000m by which time the temp' has hit about 4C. The deep ocean is around 0C. The Argo program measures from a depth of 2,000m (3C), so what warming are they registering? ..... This still points the finger at extended and increasing volcanic activity because the time frame is way out. It also begs the question, how warm was it at 2,000m depth 60 years ago, before we allegedly warmed the oceans? Spotting a slight warming over a short timescale is what the warmists say shouldn't be used as proof of anything except a slight variation.
On 24 Jul 2013, D.M. wrote:

At 26 miles south of Aberdeen your forecast has been almost spot on. The warm period lasted longer than predicted before slight cooling, but we got a heavy shower on Thursday and the thunder/ heavy rain yesterday and today - as precisely shown on the chart! I would say 75 - 80% so far this month.
On 24 Jul 2013, DAVID ROWE,WIRRAL. wrote:

Hi Piers & All,Just a small correction to Russ from Derbeyshire,warm water does not rise like air but is displaced by colder heavier water.This is how a gravity domestic water circulation system works from a boiler to a hot water cylinder.I have just seen the Ed Davey interview with Andrew Neil, what a farce our energy policy is which is costing us all billions.
On 24 Jul 2013, Clive wrote:

We have had hot Julys before and also 17 day heatwaves. August is the next month in the calendar and there are records in the past of nice Julys followed by nice Augusts. The end of this month and the beginning of August is likely to be unsettled with low pressure in charge with cooling down this has happened before in the past. This has also happened in summers with good Augusts as well for example 1914 and 1983 had a break down at the end of July and an unsettled start to August before the weather improved again for the rest of August.
On 23 Jul 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

It rained today, at last, but nowhere near enough. We here had quite gentle rain, but I heard that just a few miles further to the coast they had heavy downpours, also in Aberdeen itself. Looking at the MO radar, there is still some heavy rain coming up north but it doesn’t look as if it will come our way. It was very muggy today, temps 14-20˚C, and got very foggy in the afternoon; as we are on a hill, we tend to have more of that than further down in the valley. There were rumbles of thunder this forenoon, but they were far away and never got to us. – Charlatans: I think Piers has seen through them a long time ago and has probably lost all patience; the AGW crowd are after all trying to stop him from earning an honest living, so it is not surprising he doesn’t mince his words. That also takes courage, look at what happened to David Bellamy, once a media darling scientist, after his ‘poppycock’ comment on AGW.
On 23 Jul 2013, Gerry, North Downs 600ft, 45d wrote:

As the warmists peddle their 'it's only a pause' 'the ocean stole my heat' tales the words 'straw' and 'clutching' come to mind. Trying to buy 5 more years of scamming tax payers' cash. Since they failed to predict a pause why should we believe them that it will heat up again? In Climategate did Jones not say that they would have a problem with 15yrs of pause? Is he claiming 20yrs now? If temps start to decline how will they explain that? And 5 yrs give true science more time to amass evidence of how the climate really changes. Meanwhile the UK's mad energy policy under the clueless Davey continues. Drax converts to burn wood chips due to subsidies...which have now been cut! No wonder companies don't want to commit to build generation plant as the goalposts keep moving. The only surefire thing is diesel generators as the STOR is built up to keep the lights burning when the wind 8 times the market rate!!!
On 23 Jul 2013, Steve Devine (sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Amendment. I meant to say global cooling to only last 5 more years according to report! Sorry.
On 23 Jul 2013, Phil in Ipswich non sub wrote:

If you want to know where the storms are, here is a useful site.
On 23 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

Gill - I lived near Heathrow most of my life and what's been described by the lady sounds norm as others have said but is only notable on fine days (like a quiet jetstream located n or s of BI). Many a fine summer's day in 80s soon turned hazy dependent on the flight path. There has been an "enormous growth of air traffic" (freight/business/low cost flights) ~+5% for last 30y. Heathrow & the massive support industry which supplies it-from airline parts to food to the warehouses parks to distribute-is a very different place than when I first remember passing through just three terminals (Much more UHI to add to high temps). They want a 3rd runway, Gatwick wants a 2nd. Talk of building a new airport instead. All to support ever more planes criss crossing, stacking & racking in our busy skies=more haze? Add also a shrinking atmosphere & more blocking with meridional jetsream maybe we see it more with the extra traffic?
On 23 Jul 2013, Rob wrote:

Black Pearl.- Just read Shukman's article that you provided the link for and I liked the bit where he says "scientists expected there would be pauses in warming" which he describes as news to him. This is because it will be news to him as we were all told that warming would carry on relentlessly. Looks like more back pedalling by the warmists
On 23 Jul 2013, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Met Office claim rise in global temperatures to only last 5 more years "due to the oceans". Deep sigh. Thanks for that.
On 23 Jul 2013, Michael - Brecon Beacons wrote:

I still do not understand, what is a cut-off High pressure? Does it mean that high pressure remains,as it is "cut off"? Thanks in advance of your comments.
On 23 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

And another thing! Two pauses in warming per century (from computer models...same computers can't predict, even extreme weather, 2 weeks ahead), but this is precisely the weather trend we have seen over the past 100 years. The models are simply repeating that which has already been observed. David, 'that is not a prediction'.... If you study history you will see that not only the climate follows patterns, but human societal trends do too. 'Everything' goes around in cycles, even the propaganda that you have bought into has been around for centuries, dressed up in different clothes but sold in the same way with the same end result. You AGW believers have sold your souls for a salary and because of that, and your never ending, standardised, indeed trite summaries, I have lost all respect for you and your AGW friends, and see your articles as light entertainment, and somewhere to point an occasional arrow of truth! (or three)...
On 23 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

David...the contradictions and 'bad science' in your article are simply embarrassing! >>> <<< Since when did warm ocean water from the surface somehow manage to get down to 1,800m? *LOGIC BOMB* Or maybe the sensors are measuring the rising warm water from ocean floor volcanic vents; you didn't mention the location. Warm water rises just as warm air rises, and warm surface water is going to have a very hard time trying to avoid known physical laws and travel down 1.8km through all that cool ocean water, without giving up all of it's excess heat on the way.... Also, you talk about not using daily weather to argue about AGW theory, then you follow that with another article where you use the recent heatwave to bolster your AGW theory. I suggest you look up the word 'hypocrite'. That's the problem with lies...very difficult not to contradict yourself, which is all you Global Warming obsessives seem to constantly do!
On 23 Jul 2013, Rhys Jaggar (30d annual subscriber) wrote:

So much for the 'flooding' for the SE of England. We have had a couple of measly bangs and 10 minutes of steady rain which hasn't made any puddles. The forecast is that that's it for today. I'm looking forward to seeing where actually got 50mm of flooding - I suspect this is another scaremongering, headline-seeking exploit of the Met Office.
On 23 Jul 2013, Rhys Jaggar wrote:

A marvellous article by Hannah Devlin, 'science editor' in the Times today. It basically has senior academics (Professors) and the Met Office admitting that they agreed to fraud for political purposes. 'We weren't comfortable with accelerating warming etc etc'. You were comfortable enough with it to sign up to it and take all the grant money, weren't you??? What would you like to call it now, eh?? Scientific fraud?? The article also has these dissemblers taking on the mantra of the oceans being a heat sink and thus merely slowing the inevitable rush of heat from carbon dioxide-based warming. I'd love to be counsel for the Prosecution cross-examining that trio of miscreants in a court of law - they wouldn't know what had hit them. Shame the article is behind a firewall online - it would give most percipient observers a veritable Christmas present, a 'buffet ball' (a cricketing term for 'help yourself to runs') etc. Quite incredible how they are trying to squirm
On 23 Jul 2013, Dan wrote:

Its really annoying how all forecasters like the met and bbc have underestimated these thunderstorms for the far south its bloody clear skys here in southampton hardly a cloud!?
On 23 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Just to add, Gill, the strange high level clouds, rainbow colours etc, usually form at a very high level. This is where the military have been researching creating false clouds by spraying water at extreme height i.e above 60,000ft. This creates the rainbow colours as the water instantly turns to ice crystals of a specific size. These are extremely persistent due to the temperatures up there being somewhere in the region of minus 80C and spread right across the sky. As the heavy ice crystals fall slowly through the atmosphere, they pick up moisture in the more humid layers and create clouds, firstly of bigger ice crystals, then as they get lower, rain clouds. This pilots conversation shows typical real world temperatures. >>> <<< So many of the contrails which the conspiracy sites point at, are actually absolutely normal, as basic ice crystals will still form at 38,000ft if the temperature & humidity are right...
On 23 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

..cont'd 4. There are many documented (AGW theorists) ways of reflecting the sun's heat and preventing it reaching the ground. Aluminium isn't a highly reflective substance, even when polished. But simple logic should tell us that if they sprayed aluminium dust into the atmosphere, they would poison everyone, including the Royal baby! Look at this link then tell me how 'expensively' spraying the stuff into the air at 32,000ft is going to increase our daily intake of the stuff? >>> <<< Go through your fridge and food cupboard and count up the number of items packaged in aluminium. Acidic cola in aluminium cans, acidic beer, French soft cheeses wrapped in aluminium foil, supermarket quiche which you will happily cook in an aluminium tray, Chinese and Indian ready-meals cooked, indeed microwaved, in aluminium foil trays. Need I go on? There is some truth in Chemtrails but I don't think they are as scary as conspiracy sites claim them to be.
On 23 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

cont'd..3. I know the difference between thick, cloud forming, rainbow coloured vapour trails and ordinary ones. A little research and a quick chat with a jet pilot will help you understand what's possible and what's not. I agree that something is being sprayed up there because there are certain things which normal vapour trails cannot do, in the same way that CO2 has limited abilities. But the vast majority of persistent vapour trails are normal. In WWII pilots were told each day exactly what height they should fly to avoid making contrails so they couldn't be tracked easily by the enemy. Relative humidity levels can be very different in the many layers of atmospheric gases. A very humid layer might be only 2,000ft thick, and if a modern turbo-fan is driven hard through such a layer it will create very thick contrails. These can persist for many hours because they sit in the humid layer helping precipitate out the moisture into cloud droplets. .... cont'd
On 23 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

...cont'd 2... A simple read through the basics of heat transfer characteristics of atmospheric gases proves that CO2 'cannot' do what they claim it can. It is just one of dozens of conspiracy theories which were spread across the internet many years ago, solely intended to confuse the heck out of anyone who took an interest, and take their eye off the really important political and social changes which are taking place. While 80% of the population are either too busy and are looking the other way, or are hard at work arguing tooth & nail about Global Warming and Chemtrails, the elite are hard at work preparing to rape everyone's bank account, and set up an almost military grip on society. It's the same with voting. How many promises at election time actually make it into post-election real world? I knew that John Major would take over from Thatcher, that William Hague would win his election and that Cameron would be Prime Minister, way back around 1995 just by hard research... cont'd
On 23 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Paddy, Paul, Gill et al. I have done extensive research into lots of conspiracy stuff over the past 10+ years, and many of the theories are bound in fact. But as with AGW, they take a basic, solid, authentic truth, then coat it with a thin veneer of lies. Because the main thrust of the theory, and most of it's alleged facts are true, it is believed by almost anyone who reads through it. The brain skips over the lies as if they were simple errors then forgets them. I got suckered in by several theories until I learned to recognise the smells (the bullsh*t test). Let's take AGW for an example. Has there been warming from 1970s to 2006? Yes! Has there been a marked change in the climate over the past few decades? Well...yes! Have we had extremes of weather? Well...yes! Have some places on the planet recorded record high temperatures? Yes again! .. It is only when you research back through the past 200 years that you realise that all these things are perfectly normal...... cont'd
On 23 Jul 2013, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

A sultry night, now 20C at 6:35am here in Waltham Abbey. Just checked the July forecast back to reality and, yup, bang on the money Piers. With the exception of the 7-9th hiccup, you've nailed another month a row. I make that 5 excellent long range outlooks in a row using SLAT 8c then 9. Just looking forward to a day of entertaining the kids while the world awaits the name of the royal prince. Welcome to the Mini Ice Age kiddo!
On 22 Jul 2013, Gerry, N Downs 600ft, 45d wrote:

Re- vapour trails recall that temps rose when flights stopped over US after Sept 11. Expanding vapour trails form clouds that block sun - simple really. Claiming water vapour is a positive feedback is one of the great warmist lies and why their model output is rubbish. Hot up in Westminster today. Aircon bust in carriage on train home - lost a few pounds there. V warm still late in evening. Heavy downpour around 10pm - you could smell the rain which is something I love about camping. Didn't cool much. Excellent dissection of Obama'a claim warming has accelerated in last 10 yrs by Lord Monckton on Wattsup. Also, brill youtube link from US senate hearing on climate to vid of warmist 'scientist' like rabbit in headlights when asked awkward science questions such as where has all the warming gone? Answer- hiding down in the deep ocean LOL. Pielke Jnr and Tisdale flayed the warmists like Joe Root against Aussie bowling.
On 22 Jul 2013, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Has David Shuckman commited Hari-Kari ? Maybe hes placing his bets each way now ! ######### Can you make this a sticky on the WeatherAction site ?
On 22 Jul 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Another greyish day, though with good bits of hot sunshine in between and always accompanied by a cool S’ly sea breeze, the same kind of mixture we’ve had on many days recently, great for catching a good quality cold :-) Temps 14 – 24˚C, still very enjoyable. – Spoke to our neighbour tonight, the spring barley is filling well, should be good for an early Sept harvest, his winter barley will be ready in 10-14 days, so that’s actually pretty normal. – I’ve sounded off about chemtrails before, so won’t say anymore except: do your own research, don’t be swayed one way or the other by a few comments. Reduce your exposure to the media and home in on one or two things, it won’t be long before you discover a pattern. Try fluoride & amalgam in dentistry, try AGW and more, then tell me that these are all genuine attempts to help people. Yeah right, as I like to say.
On 22 Jul 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

@ Gill, there is a conspiracy theory called Chemtrails that a chemical cocktail additive is added to all commercial plane flights to dope and subdue the population/cause clouds/change our brains to make us worship bankers (delete as appropriate) When you consider just how many people and governments would need to be in on such a conspiracy, it then becomes obvious it is as absurd as that other conspiracy theory called AGW. Under certain weather conditions there is no doubt that the exhaust from airlines creates thin clouds which generates haze by afternoon, possibly as the effluent reacts with the Sun. It was noticable during the icelandic volcano how clear and blue our skies were. Of course if our politicians were really worried about AGW they would ground all flights and make everyone including themselves go by ship which would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by far more than anything they have proposed.
On 22 Jul 2013, Bill smith NE Wales 45 d sub wrote:

Russ Derbyshirre, it looks like your long awaited thunderstorm is near hand ! More exciting than a Royal birth me thinks!
On 22 Jul 2013, Bill smith (NE Wales) 45 d sub wrote:

Hi Piers 1902 been bright and sunny and hot since about 1530. Temp crept up from about 20 to currently 27 after a Dreich cool weekend Ready for some rain to freshen the garden! The next month forecast looks very exciting , meteorologicaly speaking, . As per my previous thoughts,, expect the extremes. Is SLAT 9 now on the cusp of MIA ,, I am always amazed at how you can assess how the CME and the lunar deflection/pull can affect the upper atmosphere and thus the jet streams and local weather.subscribers, unless you subscribe, thermals and t shirts at the ready
On 22 Jul 2013, Steve Devine (Sub) Waltham Abbey wrote:

Took our daughter for a trip to the West End and Canary Wharf today. Took a bottle of water with us (thank God). Despite Heathrow coming out on top with 33C making it the hottest day of the year, I can tell you now that the Central Line was at least 40C underground. We had a great (albeit sweaty) day out. Now looking forward to the 'vicious' storms (MO) now spreading like wildfire across S/SE England and the Channel. And now the models have finally caught up with Piers' forecast of a cooler end to July. Sad.
On 22 Jul 2013, david wrote:

@Gill Yes, they're real, no they're not killing bees. It's likely, given the length of time that they've been around, that prophecies of human kind being killed off via them, or the earth being prepared for extra-terrestrial immigrants, were somewhat hysterical. A crap attempt at global dimming (reducing the amount of sunlight 'getting through') is more likely to be the motive. They are an emotive issue. Some claim no such thing exists (curious given the amount of evidence) or that they're "just ordinary planes", again curious given the evidence to the contrary. Officialdom denies any such thing exists, even when confronted with evidence. You may make of that whatever you wish. If alarm bells are ringing, then, here also. Little use that ringing alarm bells are in the face of such dishonesty.
On 22 Jul 2013, Rob wrote:

Saw the phrase "becoming somewhat cooler towards the end of the week" on The MO website today. Now remind me whose forecast first predicted a cooler end to the month???
On 22 Jul 2013, maria ( 45 day sub) somerset wrote:

10.20 and it is already baking hot, not had a drop of rain for weeks. Up at the allotment by 6 am and people already there and more arrived. Praying for rain now and some cooler weather, it is hard to cope with this continuous never ending heat. The thought of one of these cut off highs standing over the uk in winter is quite worrying, must get winter fuel ordered next month but moving a tonne of bags is no joke. Will look at forecast first and try to pick a cooler dry time for the physical effort
On 22 Jul 2013, Gill 1066 country- East Sussex Subscriber wrote:

I think this may have been discussed before but: yesterday in (11.30 am) London a lady approached me and asked me to look up at the sky. She said the trails produced by the planes over London would stay there, join up and in the afternoon the sky would be covered by funny looking clouds and there would be no sun. As a result of this the bees were going to be (are) killed off. Ditto post noon; clear blue sky for the rest of the day. saw a few bees looking very happy at my wild flower display. She also said something about aluminium - which bypassed me - (it was rather hot), and that she wanted us farmers to look up at the clouds when we were out working in the fields and notice and report any signs of trails / clouds. I did not say anything to that but the thought of my son out in the fields looking up at the sky whilst working with £85k of tractor and kit is a non-starter as far as I am concerned. Have these trail / clouds been discussed before? are they poisoning us and the bees?
On 22 Jul 2013, euan wrote:

cracking thunderstorm in west london this morning, started about 5:45, very heavy rain then the lightning started. about a 4 second delay to the thunder at first but then got an almost instantaneous flash and bang! wife terrified, 11 month old baby not bothered! must have caused some disruption at heathrow as it passed right across the approach path. seemed quite localised as on the way to work the roads in hammersmith and eastwards were bone dry.
On 22 Jul 2013, Russ 45day Derbyshire wrote:

Paddy, we got your fog today. At 8pm walking our pooch we almost needed head torches it was so dull with what looked like an extremely low cloud base, bringing drizzle. We both wore fleeces and the wife put up her hood, it was so chilly. After 30 minutes running around in the drizzle we had a soggy doggy, it was that kind of saturating drizzle....... I see on Sat24 some very heavy showers moving across the south coast, heading north probably move along the Welsh border. Bits breaking out in Eire too..... Well! Three dirty great coronal holes, and the New Zealand shops running out of crockery cement. I do wish someone would buy a 'join the dots' book for the Met Office folk..... It's a bit like Voyager at the edge of the Solar System. All the data that's being received is confusing the hell out of scientists, who's theories about the Sun's heliosphere are being proven to be as good as useless....
On 21 Jul 2013, Gerry, North Downs, 600 ft, 45 day wrote:

Had a work party at a hotel by the British Museum on Fri eve. Very pleasant evening with a strong northerly breeze. Noted this breeze again while waiting for a train at Purley on the north-south Brighton line. Sat was cooler and cloudier on the Downs with the northerly wind still blowing. Less cloud today, warmer and wind dropped. Was this wind the product of the fast 600km/s solar wind running at the end of last week?
On 21 Jul 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Still overcast today but less foggy, sun occasionally breaking through, temp at 7.30 14˚C, rising to 24˚, fresh E’ly breeze. We went about 20 miles further south today where the sun was shining brightly and the breeze keeping the edge of the high temp. Winter barley ripening nicely, probably being cut in another couple of weeks or so, which is reasonably normal, I would guess; spring barley turning colour now. This was in the Howe of the Mearns, a very fertile area to the south of Stonehaven where farms are very big. Several farms were irrigating potatoes with very big sprinklers, that’s how dry it is.
On 21 Jul 2013, Michael-Brecon Beacons wrote:

I still do not understand a "Cut off High"Can anyone explain. Does it mean that the high pressure stays,along with the infernal heat?
On 21 Jul 2013, Russ 45day Derbyshire subs wrote:

Winter's back! Anyone see where I left my fleece?
On 21 Jul 2013, Michael - Brecon Beacons wrote:

Thank you Russ NE Derbyshire, your comments are very helpful.Glad to note that here in the southern Brecon Beacons the temperature dropped to 22C on Saturday 20th and 15C late evening.Very welcome relief,today at 11.00am it is a lovely 15C with slight NE wind.Piers seems to be pretty accurate for July up to now
On 21 Jul 2013, Steve,Dorset,UK wrote:

Here is a link to a hailstorm in cape town south Africa not seen for many a year........
On 21 Jul 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Certain online newspapers still promising 35C by Wednesday. Meanwhile Ampthill Met forecast has changed from 29C to 24C for Tuesday (with temperatures continuing to fall to a max of 23 by Thurs), plus lots of rain and thunder. Also a severe weather warning for Tues and Weds covering most of England warning of heavy rain, thunder, localised floods and possible hail.
On 21 Jul 2013, Carl T 45 sub NE Wales ele 1m wrote: On cue again Piers !
On 21 Jul 2013, Lorraine Lister wrote:

We've had more earhtquakes today in Central New Zealand with the largest, 6.5 just after 5 pm As they started two days ago and have continued with the 6.5 one today, we've covered the end of the QV3 16/18 July and now gone into the QV5 21/23 July. Its all a bit nerve wracking because Christchurch is still very fresh in our minds.
On 20 Jul 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

News from Foggy Bottom: well, that’s what we had until 2pm, then it brightened up but the sun never really came through; while further west much of Scotland was roasting. Temps 11˚C at 7.30, a respectable 24˚ by midday, 15˚ at 9 pm, persistent cool S sea breeze all day. As I’ve said before, the haar/sea fog (aka the East Coast Blues in my tiny mind), can be a real spoiler here in high pressure conditions, we’re lucky we didn’t have more of it during the current spell, probably because of the mostly SW airflow. In 1998 for we were enveloped in thick fog for half of September in two separate weeks, it was tough to keep cheery! – Dry, dry, dry now, the rain will be welcome when it cometh.
On 20 Jul 2013, Clive wrote:

Any link with the supermoon in June and the cut off high appearing in July giving very warm dry condition for the uk. In 2011 there was a supermoon in March which led to a high appearing in April causing very warm dry conditions for that month. There was a supermoon in early May in 2012 and warm dry conditions (the only warm dry conditions) of a very cool wet period happened in late May. There were three supermoons this summer one in late May, one in late June and one in late July. If another spell of anticyclonic conditions giving warm dry conditions happens in August then how much does the moon play into it.
On 20 Jul 2013, Ron Greer wrote:

Only last night there were Mobeeb derived forecasts of 35C ---and now? The GFS charts are now showing Arctic air coming across Fennoscandia and turning east towards the British Isles from Tue/Wed--eh!?
On 20 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Piers, is there a delay in publishing the 75 day ahead? If so, when will the September forecast be ready? We go away in September and my hair is falling out with the suspense!
On 20 Jul 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Met office now have severe weather warning for heavy rain and thunder for 23rd and 24th covering most of country. Now whose forecast for those days period included the words "Thunderfloods" and "Torrential Rain" weeks ago :)
On 20 Jul 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Ampthill now Mon=/Cloud+ Ligh Rain 29, tues, as mon, tuesday night heavy showers. Wed Much cooler, showers. Piers called it a day or two early but there is a definite breakdown appearing on the Met forecasts rather than the bistering hot sunny week they and others forecasted.
On 20 Jul 2013, Piers_Corbyn (twitter) WA Forecaster wrote:

EXCELLENT INFORMED COMMENTS ALL - WEL DONE == ALL out there 3 fo 1 subs DEALS are coming in but more please! ALL UPDATES - and they ARE interesting in these very important times (although I say it myself - are included before they become public or on LBC Radio == CRAIG M BRILL Ferret work The dust devil - tornado in/around the R5 7-9thJul(+/-1d) because our forecast map explicitly warned 'High Tornado risk'. Yes not stormy but still we had this. At the same time explicit events forecast were confirmed on Sun - Earth facing major activity (AR1785); and USA intense hail + derecho. So this Cut-Off High was (as Russ noted) a part expression of what we had expected, SLAT9 and ongoing work thereon should spot them better. == DEAN re Michael/Rob Cut-Off-Highs etc Yes v well put although the concepts are often loosely used == LOARAINE NZ Brill == GRAHAM re Charlatans. It is not used lightly; let's be clear this is what they are, they PRETEND to have (LR forecast) skills when they have none!
On 19 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

A couple of really cool links to see how earth looks from the sun >> << and the moon >> <<== when directly overhead (obviously not to scale).
On 19 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

The ECMWF looks to be joining the GFS evolution highlighted by Piers. The jetstream was never going to stay quiet for long & the potential for some weather action on 22/23 with the full moon. The camel hide grass everywhere will appreciate the rain after consecutive days of ~30C heat sucking the moisture from every living thing. If the heavens crash it will be worth the predicted humidity levels . +++ Piers, saw a report in the Times (sadly pay walled) about two dust devils this month. Link>> << note the dates 6/7 (+/-1d R5) 16/7 1245BST (R3). Could only locate a local paper report for one>> + Peterborough 1630BST dust devil photographed Link>> << Now a TORNADO? Reported 18/7 ~1200BST. Scroll down to see the images (the edited ones show it clear & witnesses describe a funnel emerging from the cloud) Link>>
On 19 Jul 2013, Paddy (Aberdeen south, 130m elevation, sub)) wrote:

Although sunny all day it was cooler because of a pretty strong S sea breeze, in fact it got so chilly at one point in an exposed spot that I had to put a jacket on. Nevertheless it got up to 25˚C out of the wind around midday; 13˚C overnight, 18˚ at 7.30 and now at 10 pm down to 14˚. I know some of you folks are suffering from the heat, but for us here every day like this is one gained for our vegetable which feed quite a number of mouths and play an important part in our micro farm economy: if we had to buy all we eat we would be strapped, not to speak of the health benefits. After last year, to see them in such fine fettle is a real joy. Now let’s see what happens next week.
On 19 Jul 2013, Russ NE Derbyshire subs wrote:

Michael..... High pressure air can hold a lot of moisture, so it doesn't have to rain to be humid; although rain most often does quickly raise humidity levels, especially when the rain falls on warm ground. In India, women stand on the sea shore and pray for rains to come because the heat and humidity are almost unbearable, and the rains can be weeks late. Their heat and humidity can be much higher than our feeble levels. On the 8th of June at Sriganganagar in Northern India the thermometer hit 48C with humidity levels anywhere from 49 to 73%. How about 29C at night? Plenty of places in July hit 80 to 90% humidity although average temperatures are nearer 30 to 36C. .... 70% humidity and 29C at night would see me walking the dog...on the 3am...let me tell you! ...... I too am interested to know precisely what Piers cut-off high is, although there were times when a Jet Stream loop pushed down twixt UK and Scandinavia while high pressure remained in place over the UK. Hmmmm!
On 19 Jul 2013, Craig M (Berks 45d Sub) wrote:

Jeremy, I do believe I read a while back of Piers plans to ensure SLAT lives on after hims an old interview tho) +++ Paul. Obs during maunder (can't find link at mo) noted the earth appeared to 'put out' sunspots. Most now seem to be active until they swing round our way and fail to deliver.. That seems to be a change in our magnetic connection. +++ Black Pearl, the paper pre dates the 2007 Arctic Melt season (not a new paper but rediscovered) so is free of the infantile 'it's all our fault, a sign of the climate gods displeasure, repent etc' alarmist dogma. I have never read of a feasable mechanism from warmists side (warm seas are part of a natural cycle noted in LIA as the gulf stream-not CoBl**dy2). Anyway as we progress thru MIA expect MORE ice variability next decade-judging by my LIA research we will have annual ups n downs before the ice rebuilds again as it has before and will do long after we leave. Now will icebergs reach Ireland again? .
On 19 Jul 2013, Dean C wrote:

I am guessing a cut-off High is a high pressure surrounded buy low/lower pressure giving it nowhere to go so it just sits there like a big fat pudding. A blocking high as far as I know is a high pressure that fends-off/ redirects low pressures but can be pushed out of the way.... an example being high pressure over the uk linked to an 'Azores High' which is more readily pushed back down to the Azores and leaving the uk more open to low pressure systems. Piers if I am wrong feel free to correct me!
On 19 Jul 2013, Rob Horler wrote:

Interesting to see the Bbc and Met showing rain coming in on all their maps next week. A few days ago it was sun all through the week. For those who have not seen Ed Daveys buffonery here it is; Nice to see from the comments that everbody thinks he is a unconvincing fraudster of a man.
On 19 Jul 2013, Michael - Brecon Beacons wrote:

I am puzzled by the "Cut off High".Does it mean that the high will be pushed out by low pressure,therefore cooler? Also here in the Brecon Beacons we get quite high humidity in this extremely hot weather and I always thought that our humidity levels were driven by our frequent rainy and damp conditions.But as we have not had any rain for weeks and the ground is bone dry,what is causing the humidity,which makes our hot weather far more unbearable than say, very hot southern Spain. Grateful for any answers.
On 19 Jul 2013, Rob wrote:

Piers - you are now using a phrase I am unfamiliar with, " a cut off high " what is this and how is it different from a "blocking high" ?
On 19 Jul 2013, Tamzin wrote:

Quake activity in NZ lines up with big coronal hole earth facing & building phase of 2013's 3rd Supermoon
On 19 Jul 2013, Lorraine Lister wrote:

5.7 quake felt here this morning In line with your QV3 for 16/28 July Piers.
On 18 Jul 2013, BLACK PEARL wrote:

Does anyone know how to convert the VED G/KM Road Tax that appears on my vehicles V5C to the equivilent ppm of CO2 Done search but still not to clear. ######## Also new study on Arctic with pdf link Sent off to Ed Davy '' as he seemed a little mis informed in the Andrew Neal interview :D
On 18 Jul 2013, James wrote:

So we're having several weeks of extremely hot weather due to a high jet stream, and a high pressure system that won't budge due to a weak or virtually non existent North Atlantic drift? (if I've got that right) Similar in some ways to our spring? what's it going to be like in the winter with a non moving high and a low Jetstream? worse than last winter? Time for the long winter coats methinks.
On 18 Jul 2013, Graham wrote:

I go on this site from time to time as I am interested in the science behind the weather, but I am put off by some of rude postings about anyone who doesn't agree with what Piers says (Recently they were called charlatans and that need to be destroyed). I am not against having a scientific debate and I am not saying one side is right or wrong, but I think comments like that do not help him to be taken seriously and don't move the debate on. I am sorry if I have offended anyone, but I just feel that sometimes he goes too far
On 18 Jul 2013, Man Bearpig wrote:

One thing for certain is the MO dont know .. They did not see this coming so how can they tell us when it will end ? It was only on the 19th June they were talking about wetter cooler summers LOL "In our 2012 paper we showed that a rapid warming of the North Atlantic Ocean which occurred in the 1990s coincided with a shift to wetter summers in the UK and northern Europe " ... They could not forecast the winner of a one horse race.
On 18 Jul 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire wrote:

Jeremy, I'm sure he has but there are things like rent, electricity, food etc to pay for......I just hope that in (hopefully many years time) when Piers departs this planet he dosen't take his methodology with him like Tesla did for so much of his work!
On 18 Jul 2013, Dave Dorset wrote:

Daily Express headline "Britain's driest July for 247 years". What followed 250 years ago was the start of the last LIA. How much longer before they join the dots!!!.....
On 18 Jul 2013, Jeremy wrote:

Hi Piers, Have you ever considered 'open-sourcing' your SLAT research at some point in the future maybe? As a scientific chap, it must be annoying for you to keep it all proprietary. Jeremy
On 18 Jul 2013, Paul, Bedfordshire (Subscriber) wrote:

Sunspot 1785 appears to have been the lion that didn't roar. A huge unstable sunspot with the potential to cause another Carrington event did nothing. Even the small northern auroras we had seemed to owe more to the earth going through a part region of interplanetary space with a south-pointing magnetic field (according to spaceweather). That in itself is fascinating and one wonders what such powerful magnetic fields in space do to the climate and weather. So presumably the sunspot 1785 interacted with earth in some other, non obvious way, rather than the non appearing solar flares or coronal mass ejections and these have a different effect on the weather? Is 1793 , now opening "like a zipper" to quote spaceweather (and appearing right on cue with the Red warnings) a sunspot with similar high locking characteristics?