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Going to parts other forecasters cannot reach!
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What are Long-Range forecasts for?  
Forecast observers should note that WeatherAction LongRange forecasts are not an 'early' substitute for short range forecasts.  They are intended to help decision making well ahead of events for which advance planning, like booking harvest machinery or gaining advance knowledge of likely energy prices, is a NECESSITY - in situations for which short range forecasts would be too late.
For this reason WeatherAction does not normally give detailed Short Range updates because such are 'too late' for the use of subscribers; although for major events we do comment on how short range standard meteorology forecasts are likely to be in error on occasions.
What to do to get practical applicable long range weather forecasts
- The way forward for anyone serious about weather:

1.      Subscribe to WeatherAction online forecast service to get practical forecasts which enable planning in response to coming extreme events. For full list of on-line forecast pdfs and services see section 3 below. Subscribe link => . 
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3.     Later (or now) come to WeatherAction directly ( +44(0)2079399946 / +44(0)7958713320 or ) for full Longest Range forecasts and all updates.
4.     Invite WeatherAction to meetings to take the matter forward. 
5.     Follow Twitter @Piers_Corbyn for latest extra news & Comment about weather events from WeatherAction & others BI, Eu, USA, World and Climate matters.

Past WeatherAction forecasts  now available in Forecast Archive: for Brit & Ireland, Europe, USA and 'RTQ' (Red Warnings, Thunder-Tornado & Sudden Polar Strato-warms, Quake risk) Aka World Extreme Events.

July information - No need to wait to get started! (access clarification, supercedes any previous)
45d Subscriptions initiated now are for 45d ahead AUGUST (available ~15 July) and give you free access to other items in box eg 30d July. (This access also applied for initiations of subscription from 28 June).

13+14 July Br+Ir 
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To Celebrate WeatherAction predicting in 30d forecast graph that the hottest day(s) in July and year so far would be 11-12 July +/-1day and that is now confirmed as 13th, we are making a "Heat Of The Moment" Special Offer:

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This unbelievable deal for world-leading forecasts will not be around for long and is intended to introduce new forecast users - farmers, gardeners, holiday planning, ice-cream vans, surfers, hikers, boats, gliders, shall we go shall we stay? ..... So please when you take it up pass on this link to someone else who is serious about weather. Thank You 
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These free extensions end with 3 for 1 offer and all normal charges may go up again in next three months
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=> Subscription includes important special Subscribers only, forecast update pdf on where is July weather Bri+Ire really going

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THANK YOU for your support of world-leading advances in long range weather forecasting, without which - because we receive no state hand-ours - we would not exist 

Early July 
WeatherAction USA & Near Canada FREE JULY FULL FORECAST DOWNLOAD is available via link  and there is further comment further below
As explained on some YouTube clips of Toronto floods: THE VERY EXTREME weather July 8, 2013 involving local turbulence over a wide area including Toronto was explicitly LongRange predicted by WeatherAction for ~7-9 July. The WeatherAction USA (+near Canada) July forecast is available free in honor of the 19 firemen who died in WeatherAction predicted (from 30d ahead) Fire-heat June 30 and because of the further very extreme weather threats forecast by WeatherAction for July - one of which is the storms in this 'Top Red, "R5", period 7-9 July.

9 July onwards
- Europe ONLY - TO FIRST 100 SUBS ONLY - SUBSCRIBE TODAY for one single month and we extend access to December 2013. 
Each monthly forecast available on isue at end of previous month 
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8 July + onwards
WHAT NEXT? When will Br+Ir warm High end? and then what?
WeatherAction Current Important COMMENTARY AND UPDATE issued 8JUL 
- for ALL Br+Ir+Eu (30d, 45d, 75d) Forecast subscribers
Subscribers => Go to your forecast via Subscribers button on home page

10 July
World Wide Extreme events Dramatically confirm WeatherAction Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique Top Red R5 period ~7-9 July 
- Piers makes 4 stunning points on the state of Meteorology & Climate 'science' and politics and points out WeatherAction is advancing further ahead of StandardMet who have learnt nothing from 13years of LongRange failure.

Piers Corbyn WeatherAction astrophysicist said, 10 July:-
 "The devastating floods in BeiChuan - the worst for 50 years in many parts of China - and other extreme events across the world including Tropical Storm / typhoon Formation-Rapid Development confirm the general and specific warnings of our SLAT R5 period ~7-9 July. 

"Earth-Facing events on the sun and other important specific WeatherAction LongRange predicted extreme weather events such as the intense hailstorms in N USA +S Canada (see below) and other extreme events in the same period USA explicitly confirm specific warnings we made for this R5 period.

"As explained in the update, to subscribers only, the warm high pressure over Britain+Ireland in the same period  -  although - very unusually - the opposite to what we expected is it appears a consequence of this R5 period and will lead to better undestanding of these very important, and predictable, weather periods and events such as these 'Split-Jet' BI Highs.

"Unlike standard meteorology, which has learned nothing from 13 years of failed attempts at long range forecasting, WeatherAction - world leaders in long range forecasting of weather and climate and solar extreme events - learns from mistakes and is moving further ahead.
From where we are now we can say:
(i) R5 and R4 periods (in the narrow periods and +/-1d range) often give the most extreme weather events and, eg, Formation/Rapid development of major tropical storms occur proportionally much less outside them.
(ii) If we had 1% of the recent shameful, £100 milllion, handout to standard meteorology computer projects which enables then to get the wrong answers quicker we could explicitly forecast close to all major extremes and much weather detail in much of and then most of the world.
(iii) The wild meanderings of the Jet stream in this and other periods which caused both extreme rain-flood-hail-cold events and concentrated heat such as Britain & Ireland are an explicit confirmation of the wide amplitude jet stream swings and blocking events consequent on the general Mini-Ice-Age Solar-climate-change cooling (on average, with wild regional fluctuations) now developing which we predicted years ahead.
(iv) The time is up for the delusional CO2 Climate Change / 'Global Warming' fraud story and whichever major political parties - in the UK and other countries - who are the first to ditch it will win political power. 

=> WeatherActionTv THE CO2 GAME IS UP + Mini-Ice-Age + Extremes SpotOn 

Piers Corbyn Comment (8.35pm 11th) on Spectator Magazine article attacking UK MetO

7 July 
TOP QUAKE HIT M7.2 Jul 7th 18:35 UTC 
CONFIRMS WEATHER ACTION QUAKE TRIALS QV5 7-9th as in WeatherAction RTQ (Xtreme Events rest Of World) forecast for July - available via 
6/7 July News - ~Precursor and developing R5 Solar/Auroral and weather hit 
=> Jet stream shift/wobbles <=> EXTREME HAIL /THUNDER / WIND STORM EVENTS
 Very high Auroral activity - precursor of WeatherAction Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique R5 period 7-9 July.  Will this KO / change jet stream and weather systems so standard Met forecasts shifts towards WeatherAction forecast in period ~7-9th July  - and we get more extreme events around world? (Posted 6/7 Jul).

AR 1785, one of the biggest sunspots in the current solar cycle was Earth-Facing on 8 July in line with WeatherAction 'RTQ' forecast, extract below, which was also confirmed by M7.2 quake on 7 July (above)

'RTQ' (Red Weather, Thunder/tornado, Quake(trails)) forecasts can be subscribed to directly or as part of Eu30d, B+I 45d/75d, 'TheLot' services 

REPORTS of Extreme hail storm events S Canada & N USA 

REPORT 1. See Piers Comm 6 July and others eg Steve D and Ross 7th in Readers Comms below. The amazing hailstorm in Taber Alberta just north of Montana is included in the INTENSE HAIL WARNING 7-9th (The event was on evening 5th locally which was 6th utc so within +/-1d of the utc defined R5) in  THE FREE USA AND NEARBY CANADA WEATHERACTION JULY FORECAST - link below. Please pass this on to anybody you know in USA/Canada. Thank you.

REPORT 2 !!! 
HailStorms continue (pics above & below) in Airdrie County Alberta  "Aaround 3:30pm on Saturday [July6 local time], a vicious storm brought 60km/hr winds, lightning and extreme hail conditions. -
Rt! PiersCorbyn - 4 stunning points on the state of Meteorology, ClimateScience & politics

Accuweather Report / Forecast for Sunday 7th afternoon/evening [7/8th utc]  
showing danger area N & S Dakota, Wyoming, Montana 

The flooded Don Valley Parkway appears to almost merge with the brimming Don River on Monday night, seen from the Dundas St. bridge. Deprived of the countless small channels that once drained what is now Toronto, Monday's deluge ended up flooding streets and basements.
"Terribe, terrible" storm and massive flooding Toronto in WeatherAction R5 period - warned on WeatherAction map (below)

'Derecho' event Ohio Valley 10 July 


USA JULY 2013 Full forecast is FREE and Public - pdf:
Re-distribution and public warning of the extreme events in this forecast is FREE and WELCOME. Weather Action-USA must be acknowledged. Thank you.
WeatherAction-USA successfully forecasted from 30days ahead the extreme heat in SW USA which led to these terrible fires:

We are releasing this July forecast FREE in honor of the heroic firemen and because of the continuing deadly heat dangers we expect this July in SW USA and extreme storm events coming in other parts of USA.

The cause of the hot weather which led to these fires is the position and state of the jet stream which is varied by solar activity and largely predictable by WeatherAction’s Solar Lunar Action Technique. It is nothing whatsoever to do with CO2 but this does not stop the CO2 warmists – whose crazy 'forecasts' have ALL failed since 2000 – from claiming every extreme weather event is down to CO2 while they can forecast nothing and laugh all the way to the bank with the green tax grabs they get on the back of their CO2 scam. We urge all who make use of this forecast to challenge the green/warmist media and individuals to publicize the warnings in this forecast with acknowledgment. We expect they will refuse because they have shown in the past that they would rather see people suffer and die in extreme weather (eg blizzards and storms warned publicly by WeatherAction) than admit these extremes are caused and predicted by solar activity and nothing whatsoever to do with the self-serving delusional lies they promote.

ALL USA SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW, even for only a single month, still get a free month
=>   RECENT or NEW USA single month subscriber access extends to include August (issue 31Jul).
=>   Subscribers for 6m, 12m get service extended to 7m, 13m inc; ie:-
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            13m (normally 12m) is charged for 9 monthsThank You

Dont forget AMAZING Brit+Ire PRICE Reduction & 
"Heat Of The moment" 3 for 1 Offer
To Celebrate WeatherAction predicting in 30d forecast graph that the hottest day(s) in July and year so far would be 11-12 July +/-1day and that is being confirmed as 13th we are making a "Heat Of The Moment" introductory Offer:
=> TO THE NEXT 100 Single forecast subscribers available as long as you see this 
For related free forecasts with 6m and 12m of subs see top of posting

Piers Corbyn says "Our aim is to increase access to 30day forecasts to far more people and we urge subscribers to tell others about this great deal.
There is no reduction in the 45d or 75d ahead forecast subscription charges.
Very recent Bri+Ire 30d forecast 6month subs will get their access extended by one month or 2m if they subbed for 12m, in view of this new price.
Don't waste your time on 'Free & Wrong' wannabes. Thank you

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Brit+Ire: Aug75d, July 30d; (+45d), then on July15 you get Aug 45d, etc
Europe: July30d; then on July31 you get Aug30d, etc
= Euro Region Word maps and Euro/Atlantic Pressure maps and RTQ
USA: July 30d; the on July31 you get Aug 30d etc
+ All/any updates and key comments/news as they may arise

30d pdfs are updated on 30th of month
45d, 75d pdfs are updated mid (ie 15th, 16th) month.
WEB ACCESS to this 4 month offer rakes you to Oct 14th
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 If you are serious about weather on your business the answer is WeatherAction. 

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