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What are Long-Range forecasts for?  
Forecast observers should note that WeatherAction LongRange forecasts are not an 'early' substitute for short range forecasts.  They are intended to help decision making well ahead of events for which advance planning, like booking harvest machinery or gaining advance knowledge of likely energy prices, is a NECESSITY - in situations for which short range forecasts would be too late.
For this reason WeatherAction does not normally give detailed Short Range updates because such are 'too late' for the use of subscribers; although for major events we will comment on how short range standard meteorology forecasts are likely to be in error on occasions.
Predictable Solar-Lunar factors drive weather & REAL climate change. Piers tells Insurers
Piers Corbyn’s forecasting revolution – Predictable Solar-Lunar factors drive weather & REAL climate change.
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=> YOU CAN NOW GET A RELIABLE FORECAST FOR ALL THE REST OF SUMMER. No-One else can do it!  Weather Action Br+Ir August 75d ahead forecast (inc July & June and all updates - ie whole of summer) IS NOW LOADED (Sat 15th June). 
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If you are serious about weather on your business the answer is WeatherAction. Don't waste your time on 'Free & Wrong' wannabes. Thank you
(15 June) As a special concession any who subscribed on 14th could ask (via to have August pdf e-mailed ahead of upload on 15th. The upload itself could not be earlier because that would allow in people subscribed only as far as 14th June. Good thinking to those who took this up - getting ahead of ahead!

=> (15/16 June) WeatherAction Br+Ir July 45d ahead including graphs is now loaded.  

=> News (issued start June):-
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Top News

16 June Piers writes to MetOffice:-

To John Hirst, Chief Executive  ( )
The Met Office, FitzRoy Road, Exeter, Devon, EX1 3PB

Dear Chief Executive
Met Office 'Summit' Tue 18 June on Unusual UK weather
Further to Press announcements** on this important meeting I am writing to request you invite me and up to two or so associates from WeatherAction long range weather & climate forecasters to contribute at this event in order to answer the vital questions on the reasons for these extreme economically damaging weather situations and to reliably predict them in coming years and decades.

A Met Office spokesman said concerning this meeting: "We have seen a run of unusual seasons in the UK and northern Europe, such as the cold winter of 2010, last year's wet weather and the cold spring this year."  

You may be aware that we at WeatherAction specifically long-range predicted these and all the extreme wet Summers and extreme cold (parts of) Winters since 2007 whereas standard approaches generally gave forecasts which were the opposite [eg BBQ summers which turned out as very floody and 'The end of snow in winter' by the end of last decade whereas a run of snowy winters occurred]. 

I would explain in a short presentation:
1. The reasons for these unusual weather situations
2. Give a general forecast for UK (and N Hemisphere) climate and more detailed weather event trends for the coming 25 to 30 years.
3. Explain how The Met Office could help develop more detail in such Long Range forecasting and assist in producing reliable long range forecasts for most countries in the world.
4. Give some specific forecasts of extreme, damaging, costly events/situations coming later this year.
5. Explain how Met Office and WeatherAction co-operating could develop 10 day ahead forecasts of the reliability and skill of present Met Office one day ahead forecasts.
If you think this can help serve the stated purpose of the meeting and the Met Office Charter please get in touch.
Thank you
 Piers Corbyn
Director WeatherAction Long Range weather & Climate forecasters
07958713320 / 02079399946 /
Copied to Phil Evans, MetO Government Services Director*, Dr Matt Huddleston MetO Deputy Chief Adviser to Govt*,
(*  both met at a recent meeting in the Institute of Mechanical Engineers) and various others.
 Some Links of interest  Re Recent 'R5' deep Low ~10-12 June  Re CO2 levels in last 200 years    Re The Mini-Ice-Age 

15/16 June 
M6.5 Quake off Nicaragua confirms WeatherAction see Section 2d below 

10/11/12/13 June 
WeatherAction Top Red, R5, period ~10-12 June "A brilliant call" - storms sweeping USA (10/11th....) on cue likely* to become a 'Derecho' - giant storm.
*"WeatherAction view (10/11th) is that AccuWeather USA 'Derecho possible' warning is DERECHO LIKELY because we are in a top Red R5 period. 
"Similarly the storms hitting Ireland, Britain and Europe which we predicted in detail in the Br+Ir 45d forecast issued mid-May will exceed the expectations of standard meteorology**
"There will also be many severe weather events around the world 10-12 June" - Piers Corbyn
** CONFIRMED See WA LongRange Forecast maps and MetOffice Obs below and great wind & weather reports on the ground in Reader Comms at foot of this article.
"Piers, you saved my beans", says Marie (Somerset) who kept her young plants indoors because of WeatherAction R5 forecast.
"My potatoe plants got blown almost horizontal. Yes they were DAMAGING winds", says Rhys (Derbys). 

Atlantic B+I+NW Europe


AccuWeather warns: Midweek Severe Storm Risk Includes Possible ‘Derecho’ ;

See also many reports on twitter feed ( @Piers_Corbyn)  / internet of developing storms and extreme events USA, Br+Ir, Euope and around world

What is the Sun doing?
The sun is in a generally quiet state of low activity - weak solar flares, low sunspot numbers etc; so one may wonder how this extra but not large activity, in a generally low activity state, can still - predictably from weeks or months ahead - drive major earth storm events on cue such as the ~Derecho in USA and strong winds + thunder  Br+Ir+Eu (both sides of Atlantic well in excess of expections of standard meteorology from a day or two ahead.  See WANews13No21 below for relevent solar images.
Note standard meteorology did see something coming from 2 days ahead (both USA & B+I+Eu) but what came turned out more intense as our WeatherAction SLAT8C R5 period predicted (from more than 3 weeks ahead).  
Nb RTQ forecasts are included in Br+Ir 75d, 45d services or as a stand-alone low charge service via WeatherAction On-Line shop 

Special WELCOME to new visitors from the Bilderberg protest Fest Watford 6-9 June 
At the event WeatherAction displayed a poster (below) and gave out leaflet-copies, against the CO2 Climate Change scam which originates from the Globalist/New World Order elite and relates to Piers Corbyn's speech and interventions at the GAFTA (World Food Trades) conference in Geneva 15-17 May.  Ivan of WeatherAction took many pics which will be displayed later
On the Saturday, 8th, Piers Corbyn met Alex Jones who has interviewed him three times on his world-renowned USA-based internet TV channel.  Alex strongly recommended Piers and WeatherAction and said Piers would be on InfoWars again soon. 
Piers said "It was tremendous to meet Alex who goes to parts where other newscasters cannot reach. To have him here, this side of the Atlantic, exposing what needs to be exposed where others fail is really important. 
"WeatherAction got a fantastic reception from people at the festival who came from many parts of Britain & Ireland and said our forecasts are uniquely useful and that what we are doing is very important from the point of view of world food supply and what is really going on in Climate. 
"Many said they would be inviting us to speak at special meetings* in communities and colleges about our forecasting and the truth about weather and climate. NOW, with the advancing mini-ice-age, world food crisis and continuing warmist brainwashing on mainstream media, is the time - more than ever - to get the message out" 
* Anyone checking into this site who wants information or to arrange meetings please contact via "Contact Us" = 
or email or phone/text +447958713320 to continue conversations. 
If you want to make public points please go to Reader Comms and Feedback below - a lot of tremendous discussion is buzzing there all the time.

1. Key news and WeatherActionTV of this post 
(Other News in Sect 2)
See also Latest informed reports and Comments coming in from Observers in Reader Comments below main text 
For previous blogs: USA success, late May R5 warnings, Climate Change delusions exposed
Go to,
ð      Related WeatherActionTV (26 April recording)
The Mini Ice Age Is Upon Us & Arctic Ice Claims Disproved
ð         The Warmists Are Losing - Report On Weather Meetings & Campaigning

Global Warming / Climate Change 
– End Game News
● Top re-insurer Swiss Re challenged at GAFTA, world food conference.
● Bilderberg Group know the game is up
The CO2 warmists desperate attempts to save their failed story are crumbling everywhere.
Piers Corbyn challenged Swiss Re, top Re-insurers, at the GAFTA World Food commodity trading conference 17 May over their CO2 warmist spin. – Report below.
The CO2 man-made Global warming / Climate Change story is an important aspect of World-Unity / ‘Globalisation’ ideology fathered and promoted** by Bilderberg group world-domination wannabees of top politicians, Nuke + Big Oil business and banks, but one notes the subject is NOT ON THEIR OFFICIAL TOPIC AGENDA for this 2013 meeting.
The reason must be they know the game is up. Indeed at their 2010 conference they discussed ‘Global Cooling’ yet leading members in BigOil and nuke industries have continued funding and propagating the CO2 warmist delusion – knowing it to be a lie.
** Bilderberg Manipulators behind CO2 scam - Globalists Love Global Warming  

It is interesting that the main world propagators of the CO2 con of Globalisation ideology, Greenpeace, appear not in much evidence at the fringe event 2013 whereas usually they turn up to ‘protest’ at G8 etc complaining of ‘lack of action’ on CO2 when in fact they are just a stage-managed promoter of the scam itself.
The Greenpeace Ship has turned up in London at the same time as Bilderberg. The reason for this might be to help make a spectacular ‘complaint’ about inaction on Climate Change, although a ship won’t help do that. More likely it is there to seek Bilderberg billionaire backing from the likes of Richard Branson or the Nuke-Oil energy industry who so love price hikes in the name of saving the planet.
The CO2 scam has served one of its purposes for the Bilderberg group – to cripple the left and turn defenders of miners and the coal industry into campaigners AGAINST coal and for the deluded CO2 'Climate Change' Agenda including the mutilation of birds** by wind farms (aka Prayer wheels) - astounding but true! 
The nuke industry and Big Oil (whose asset values have reached the sky on the back of the CO2 scam) are laughing all the way to their banks! Bilderbergers have not yet worked out what to replace the CO2 delusion with. Surely they will discuss it but they are not going to release a ‘public agenda’ headed ‘alternative globalization ideologies to replace ‘Global warming/Climate Change’. Watch this space
** ~ a thousand birds a day are killed by wind farms in USA and probably a similar number in Europe.
Swiss Re back-footed at GAFTA world food trades conference
The Scence: The very grand Lake Geneva Kempinski Hotel conference room 16 May during the GAFTA (Grain And Feed Trades Association, a world body) conference 15-17 May 2013
Bernard Belk, Global Head Food and Agriculture, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions gave a presentation where he put forward the pair of graphs in the pdf below, (identical to Greenpeace propaganda).
Piers Corbyn asked him in questions if he was aware that the CO2 graph was from 2 different data sets, one since 1958 of actual chemical measurements and the earlier section from ice-cores from which CO2 diffused removing all historic spikes. Whereas, Piers said:  "Actual measurements show that in the last 200 years CO2 has twice exceeded 400ppm levels. Your graphs therefore misrepresent reality”.
The meeting – a normally ‘staid’ event – applauded what Piers said!
Belk attempted a defence saying (NOT arguing the FACTS and thereby implicitly admitting our contention) that "Ah, but still there are many climate and weather extremes which are a problem (and need insurance)”.
Piers replied "Yes, indeed there are many weather extreme events many of which we have predicted by solar activity and which are of OPPOSITE nature to the type of extremes the CO2 story is telling. Your story is misleading and pointing the world in the wrong direction”.
Next day (17th) Piers gave a full presentation covering: solar activity, the coming mini ice age, the impending crisis in world food production and key forecasts for the coming 6 months, which was superbly received.

Does Swiss Re propaganda on Global Warming / Climate Change amount to mis-selling of Re-Insurance? 

2 Breaking News / Other news....  (added as it unfolds)
a) Br+Ir+Europe News. See also
WeatherAction forecasts welcomed when Piers spoke at GAFTA Geneva international Conference - see
b) (Other) USA / South Canada News  See above also
c) World Weather News  See also
d) World Quake+Volcano News  See also
As on twitter. M6.5 Quake off Nicaragua 15Jun 17:34utc CONFIRMS WeatherAction QV4/5 14-15th/16-17th(+/-0.5d) 

e) Climate Wars – combating CO2 delusionism  See also

3. Get ahead of Weather - Forecast services Summary
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● Brit+Ire 45day (‘15d-45d’) pdf issued mid of previous month – word-maps - 4p
The B+I 45d service
 is this pdf plus B+I 30d pdf, Eu Pressure sketches pdf & ‘RTQ’ pdf
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● USA Maps Weather developments and Extremes pdf & service 10 pages
● 'RTQ' pdf and service ('Extreme Events Rest Of World') - Red weather periods, Thunder.tornado, Quake risk) 1p
● ALL FORECASTS service is all the pdfs available as one service.
● Europe Feb Region details Maps pdf - Contrasts & Extremes, 9 pages The Euro map service is this pdf plus Euro Pressure sketches pdf and the ‘RTQ’ pdf

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