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Going to parts other forecasters cannot reach!
Delta House, 175-177 Borough High Street. London SE1 1HR +44(0)207939 9946 From Piers Corbyn +44(0)7958713320 Twitter @Piers_Corbyn 

What are Long-Range forecasts for?  
Forecast observers should note that WeatherAction LongRange forecasts are not an 'early' substitute for short range forecasts.  They are intended to help decision making well ahead of events for which advance planning, like booking harvest machinery or gaining advance knowledge of likely energy prices, is a NECESSITY - in situations for which short range forecasts would be too late.
For this reason WeatherAction does not normally give detailed Short Range updates because such are 'too late' for the use of subscribers; although for major events we will comment on how short range standard meteorology forecasts are likely to be in error on occasions.
Piers Corbyn’s forecasting revolution – Predictable Solar-Lunar factors drive weather & REAL climate change.

Special Media and Science News
=> From Nasa 
"Thunderstorms & their anti-matter tantrums" 
This is IMPORTANT AND WELL BEYOND THE REMIT OF STANDARD METEOROLOGY - which does not involve such extreme electromagnetic and electron-positron pair creation processes in understanding or explaining the development of thunderstorms or their deadly daughters - tornadoes. Standard theories of tornado formation involve a lot of 'hand-waving'.
=> 30 May, Piers on BBC Radio Wiltshire on Tim Yeo MP's half U turn*
Piers Corbyn interviewed on BBC Radio Wiltshire 9.15am 30 May on why Tim Yeo MP Chair of the UK Parliament Climate Change Committee had stated he wasnt sure if Climate Change was Man-made or natural, said:
"Tim Yeo knows the game is up and he wants the Tories to win the next Election. The Party which is first to ditch the delusional CO2 nonsense and green theft from the public WILL WIN. Electricity charges already have 25% surcharge to pay for wind farms - or prayer wheels - and it's set to rise to 100%. This theft must end"
Piers pointed out there is no evidence that CO2 changes drive any changes in climate, science shows it is the other way around and that Sir John Beddington (Govt scientific adviser) had failed to come up with any evidence supporting his case. Piers explained that twice in the past 200 years CO2 levels** had exceeded 0.04%, "grandly termed 400ppm", he quipped and claims that something special was going on are nonsense and lies. 
"The extremes of recent years are all solar driven and were predicted by and nothing to do with CO2", he said.
When asked if the 'Green' policies were good anyway Piers said: "Of course not unless you think it's good to burn food - biofuels - while people are starving; mutilate birds by costly useless wind farms; destroy American forests and wild life to fuel UK Power stations while we sit on coal; and impose green taxes and force up energy and food prices while the world heads into a Mini Ice Age".
He pointed out there is 1,000 years of shale gas energy and it's not 'running out'

What to do to get practical applicable long range weather forecasts
- The way forward for anyone serious about weather:
  1. Subscribe to WeatherAction online forecast service to get practical forecasts which enables planning to respond to coming extreme events. For full list of on-line forecast pdfs and services see section 3 below. Subscribe link =>  Discounts: 6months charged for 5 and 12m charged for 9
  2. Later (or now) come to WeatherAction directly ( +44(0)2079399946 / +44(0)7958713320 or ) for full Longest Range forecasts and all updates.
  3. Invite us to meetings to take the matter forward. 
Past WeatherAction forecasts December 2012 onwards now available in Forecast Archive:  for Brit & Ireland, Europe, USA and 'RTQ' (Red Warnings, Thunder-Tornado & Sudden Polar Strato-warms, Quake risk) Aka World Extreme Events.
Latest Forecast Service News
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During 31 May GMT (or for USA PDT) the JUNE 30d forecasts are uploaded. Happy(?) JUNE!
The Br+Ir 75d/60d single sub (ie get July now) price has been reduced (from last day of month) to the 60d charge.   Thank you

MAY USA and Europe and RTQ (Quake trial and Red weather warnings) 30day forecasts were loaded end April/May went very well - News below


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USA June 30d forecast will be uploaded on 31 May
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(15 May) JULY Br+Ir 2013 is loaded into 75d / 60d service and Sub price has returned to £60 for 'single' access which includes June and May & all updates thereof.
JUNE Br+Ir 45d FULL DETAIL inc graphs incs & News is uploaded in 45d service
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Please mention these new service to others especially in farming, construction and emergency services.
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The 'All Forecasts' service price has increased by part of extra consequent on the advent of the 75d /60d service. Existing 'All forecasts' subscribers will get the 75d/60d as a free gift.

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HEADLINES B+I + Euro + WeatherExtremes/Quake (RTQ) Trial NEWS

(20May) Europe contrasts including East Europe heat blast superbly captured by WeatherAction SEE Sect 2a below - forecasts welcomed when Piers spoke at GAFTA Geneva international Conference - see
(26/27May) BEWARE 26/27-29th MAY are R5+/QV5+ Red Weather/Quake Warning periods.
SEE Sect 2d below for Current RTQ (Red Weather/Turnado/Quake Warnings)
1. Key news and WeatherActionTV of this blog posting
See also Latest TOP quality informed reports and Comments coming in from Observers in Reader Comments below main text and SEE PREVIOUS BLOG for previous important developments in USA, Atlantic, Br+Ir & Europe weather
For previous blog: Climate Change delusions exposed Go to
      Related WeatherActionTV (26 April recording)
The Mini Ice Age Is Upon Us & Arctic Ice Claims Disproved
      The Warmists Are Losing - Report On Weather Meetings & Campaigning
FOR OTHER NEWS see section 2 below
WeatherAction predicted 3 weeks ahead that Oklahoma would suffer storm hits 19-24 May. Worse still to come for many parts USA...Confirmation for 25-29 May - see below 

● USA Major Thunder tornado and hail Oklahoma and other parts (20-23rd) and beyond were explicitly warned 3 weeks ahead in WeatherAction long range forecast.
See for detailed coverage, the facts of the Oklahoma EF5 and the continuing advent of large hail which was explicitly warned in WeatherAction USA forecast and is a significant attribute of Mini-Ice-Age weather.

For Confirmation from ~25May see below.  Go to for Re-tweets of the loads of extreme weather USA news coming in via Accuweather and others

● It's Solar-Lunar driven, nothing to do with CO2!
Piers Corbyn astrophysicist of WeatherAction said:
"We explicitly highlighted Oklahoma as a danger area in the period 19-24 May with tornado events warned (see right hand bar of forecast period below). Although this was a low confidence period we still got the essentials right in long range.
A more widespread more serious storm period for most parts in our forecast is 25-29 May and for that reason we are making WeatherAction USA MAY FORECAST available FREE for distribution without restriction provided WeatherAction is acknowledged, link below.   Thank you.”

For FREE ACCESS TO WeatherAction USA May forecast with likely main threatened areas 25-29 May Go to
Note on sketch map for 25-29th developments. The Gulf States Low position is not quite at the same time as the Low further North. The sketch produced 4 weeks ahead is indicative of possibilities. 
Please pass on this information. Thank you

REPORTS 25 May.... Confirm warnings. 
Worse to come.

Nearly 50 million people at risk for severe storms today (28May) including those in Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit.  warn Accuweather. Compare map below with red arrows and upper pink area in WeatherAction 4week ahead forecast mapfor 25-29 May 

2 Breaking News / Other news....
(added as it unfolds)
a) Br+Ir+Europe News. See also
WeatherAction forecasts welcomed when Piers spoke at GAFTA Geneva international Conference - see

b) (Other) USA / South Canada News  See above also
c) World Weather News  See also

d) World Quake+Volcano News  See also
Current May RTQ - Red Weather/Tornado/Quake (Trial) periods - Forecast:
There are many confirmations of these periods. 
The most significant for many months is R5+ 27-29th May and QV5+ 26-29th
To Order RTQ 30d forecasts go to and click on "30 day 'RTQ' Red-Weather, Tornado, Quake Risk + some Ext Ev World" button

4 M6+ quakes 1-15 May; 9 M6+ 15-27th confirming later May skew predicted

Coronal Hole 27th from
  Will this CH enlarge on leading (RH) side so that it is more Earth facing by 29th (re27-29th fc) as WA expected or will it be an EFCH centred 30th/31st as this pic suggests?

Electron flux increased 300 fold from early 26th to late 27th in line with major Sun-Earth effect as forecast for R5+(27-29th)/QV5+(26-29th) period: 

e) Climate Wars – combating CO2 delusionism  See also
Go to
3. Get ahead of Weather - Forecast services Summary
8 Forecast pdfs in 8 overlapping Services Available for Brit + Ireland, Europe, USA and World

● Brit+Ire 30day pdf & service – word-maps and graph - 6 pages
   Each of the 8 B+I forecast periods has a 'traffic light' red=some dangers/probs Green=not many probs
● Brit+Ire 45day (‘15d-45d’) pdf issued mid of previous month – word-maps - 4p
The B+I 45d service is this pdf plus B+I 30d pdf, Eu Pressure sketches pdf & ‘RTQ’ pdf
● Brit+Ire 75d / 60d pdf issued mid of month before previous month (75d) or same at lower price at start previous month (60d) – word-maps 4p. All 45d and 30d Br+Ir forecast update pdfs included at 75d price  The B+I 75d/60d service is these forecast pdfs
● Europe (+Br+Ir) Possible Pressure scenarios pdf 9 pages
● Europe Extremes Only pdf & service is an edit of Eu Regional Maps showing only extremes – 9p
● USA Maps Weather developments and Extremes pdf & service 10 pages
● 'RTQ' pdf and service ('Extreme Events Rest Of World') - Red weather periods, Thunder.tornado, Quake risk) 1p
● ALL FORECASTS service is all the pdfs available as one service.
● Europe Feb Region details Maps pdf - Contrasts & Extremes, 9 pages The Euro map service is this pdf plus Euro Pressure sketches pdf and the ‘RTQ’ pdf

Br+Ir, USA and Eu foreacst pdfs include news/research reports
NB the last 10 days of any month for any 30d service is enabled for subscription to the next month and free acces to the current month 
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