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What are Long-Range forecasts for?  
Forecast observers should note that WeatherAction LongRange forecasts are not an 'early' substitute for short range forecasts.  They are intended to help decision making well ahead of events for which advance planning, like booking harvest machinery or gaining advance knowledge of likely energy prices, is a NECESSITY - in situations for which short range forecasts would be too late.
For this reason WeatherAction does not normally give detailed Short Range updates because such are 'too late' for the use of subscribers; although for major events we will comment on how short range standard meteorology forecasts are likely to be in error on occasions.
Piers Corbyn’s forecasting revolution – Predictable Solar-Lunar factors drive weather & REAL climate change.

What to do
The way forward for anyone serious about weather:
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Past WeatherAction forecasts December 2012 onwards now available in Forecast Archive:  for Brit & Ireland, Europe, USA and 'RTQ' (Red Warnings, Thunder-Tornado & Sudden Polar Strato-warms, Quake risk) Aka World Extreme Events.
Latest Forecast News
(15 May) JULY 2013 is now loaded into 75d/60d service and Sub price has returned to £60 for 'single' access which includes June and May & updates thereof.
JUNE 45d FULL DETAIL inc graphs incs & News is uploaded 

Recommended!! Great Weather Reports and discussion - confirming May forecast -  Mini-Ice-Age analysis - farming issues - in Reader Comms below main blog

(20May) Europe contrasts including East Europe heat blast superbly captured by WeatherAction - forecasts welcomed when Piers spoke at GAFTA Geneva international Conference - see News 2a below

Piers Corbyn Spoke SAT 18th 'The Natural Now' Peckham about 1.15pm;   

(30 April) MAY 30d UPLOAD NEWS 
The following 30d forecasts are uploaded:
Britain & Ireland;  Euro Region Maps;  Euro Poss Pressure scenario* Maps; 
Euro Extreme Events;  USA Maps Key Developments & Extremes; 
RTQ (Red Weather , tornado-thunder and Quake** risk periods
* Euro poss pressure scenario includes Br+Ir+West N Atlantic and is available in Eu maps AND Br+Ir 75d/60d  and 45d Services. ** RTQ / Quake trial warnings are also in Br+Ir 75d/60d and 45d services.

BI 30day forecast loading error for some was corrected  Some of the forecast access boxes for BI 30day had accidentally received the 70-100d forecast issued on 20Feb. That was replaced after half a day. Our apologies for any inconvenience

To upgrade to 75d /60d from 45d (or 30d) service pay the monthly difference for outstanding months to run on your 45d (or 30d) sub ie £35 (or £45) per outstanding month {and upgrading 6m is charged for 5 and 12m for 9, as normal sub discounts} on 'donations' or direct to Bank (enquire and inform us by e-mail ( and we amend your sub service.  
Please mention these new service to others especially in farming, construction and emergency services.
Individuals can subscribe in groups of up to 5 families.
One much older 60day ahead forecast sample for Jan & Feb 2010 is also in the box for information and for you to note advances in contents and detail.
The 'All Forecasts' service price has increased by part of extra consequent on the advent of the 75d /60d service. Existing 'All forecasts' subscribers will get the 75d/60d as a free gift.
1. Key news and WeatherActionTV of this blog posting
See also Latest reports coming in from Observers in Reader Comments below main text and
SEE PREVIOUS BLOGS:  for previous important developments in USA, Atlantic, Br+Ir & Europe weather

FOR OTHER NEWS see section 2 below
NEW The Lie of Sea acidification and the Methane scare scam
Section 2e below and Reader Comments below this blog
NEW 11May WeatherAction-MythBuster 
BBC CO2 warmist spin fails honesty test. BBC cover-up exposed. - Section 2e below and and Richard Pinder who originally wrote in Reader Comms below blog

Climate Change delusions exposed
(similar to News sections of MAY 30d USA and Eu forecast bulletins) 
WeatherActionTV 26 April:
=> The Mini Ice Age Is Upon Us & Arctic Ice Claims Disproved

=> The Warmists Are Losing - Report On Weather Meetings & Campaigning ● "Warm Means Cold” claim disproved
What Media Did not Report
IT HAPPENED Before with less CO2 & similar Solar-Magnetic lunar relations & weather Arctic & Europe!
At WeatherAction’s monthly Open Meeting* – in a new follow-on video - 26 April, Piers Corbyn, said CO2 wamists had "just made up” their ‘warm causes cold’ theory which is "baseless religious cant”. He said there were two questions for their proposition, that CO2 caused Arctic Ice melt and that caused this cold Spring in W Europe & USA and wet last summer etc in Britain; and the warmists fail on both.

1. Is there a match between Low Arctic Sea Ice and weather eg cold UK, USA Marches? 
NO! For example mid-March ice levels were the same in 2012 and 2013 but the UK, Europe and USA weathers were opposite.
2. When did Low Arctic Ice & similar Europe weather happen before and Why? 
Summer 2012 in Britain, Ireland & Europe was like 1816 - ‘The year without a summer’, and similar summers around then in the last Mini-Ice-Age. CO2 was lower then but the Sun-Earth particle-magnetic relationship and lunar modulation described by Piers Corbyn’s ‘Solar Lunar Action Technique’ (SLAT) of long range forecasting were similar.  
This is why: 
(i) the Jet stream was thrashing around in a similar extreme fashion then and now giving predictably very wet Eu summers cold Springs and failed crops; 
(ii) the consequent phase and patterns of ocean circulation and stratospheric winds were similar so then as now increased North-South ocean currents sent mild water into the Arctic which melted ice from underneath - nothing to do with CO2 aloft.  The Royal Society reported to HM Admiralty in 1817 that the Arctic ice had "Greatly abated in the last 2 years (prob to less than now).  "Then as now these Mini-Ice Age conditions were driven by predictable solar-lunar effects. We predicted last summer’s torrents and the late cold snowy winter & Spring Eu+USA. CO2 failed and predicts nothing.”

·     John Harvard Library, London; normally every last Friday of the month 12.30 pm, enquiries WeatherAction.

·         Pdf Arctic Sea Ice Extent ,

·         Further info 

2 Breaking News / Other news....

a) Br+Ir+Europe News. See also =

NOTE (15-May ooz BST). Although the placing of the Low is excellent the High expected just North of Britain is not present (although pressure is Higher than South). This means the next period with that high becoming dominant will not happen to any extent and the following period will probably come in even more strongly.

b) USA / South Canada News  See also 
- reports on wintry blasts USA Spring so far. These were well predicted by WeatherAction in LongRange where forecast HEADLINES in WeatherActionUSA 10page forecasts were:
March: A March of dramatic contrasts
● Ongoing wintry weather delays Spring North/East with sleet, snow & massive hail in thundery deluges
● Powerful N/E or Nor’easter storms early, mid & end month (27Fe-3, 13-18, 26-31)
● Frequent High pressure and hot sunny weather in SW & Center-West
● Easter period weather exceptionally poor in North/East.
● Pacific NW largely showery

April: Spring severely delayed in North / East. A variable April in most other parts. Major thaw floods likely end month
● Ongoing cold, often snowy blasts in N/E USA driven by active lows to East /NE.
● High pressure in Center–North parts and sometimes Center-South parts divide USA in two halves for much of April with West / SW being often warm / hot
● High pressure likely to shift East around month end bringing warm South winds and dangerous thaw floods in North and East where snow remains.
● Major thunderstorms with damaging large / giant hail and tornados are expected during main WeatherAction R5/R4/R3 periods: ~3-5th, 9-12th, 13-14th, 22-25th, 26-27th, 30th-1st May

c) World Weather News  See also

d) World Quake+Volcano News  See also

e) Climate Wars – combating CO2 delusionism  See also
  1. The Lie of Sea acidification and the Methane scare scam  = 

2  WeatherAction-MythBuster BBC CO2 warmist spin fails honesty test. BBC cover-up exposed. :
I wonder if Hawaii is the only place on Earth where they measure CO2 levels? But I think this piece of evidence solves the problem with ice core data. "Over the first 80 years that Ice Cores are formed CO2 is absorbed by cold water, there has been 180 years of Atmospheric CO2 gas analysis by chemical methods (Beck, 2007). This means that from 1810 to 1930 we have both Ice core and direct measurements of CO2 in the Atmosphere. This shows that ice cores have CO2 levels about 40 percent lower than the original atmosphere (Jaworowski, 2007). This also shows that CO2 levels were 470ppm in 1828 and 290ppm in 1888” I think the 400 ppm data is obtained by geological methods that are used to obtain data before the ice core records began.

3. Get ahead of Weather - Forecast services Summary
8 Forecast pdfs in 8 overlapping Services Available for Brit + Ireland, Europe, USA and World

● Brit+Ire 30day pdf & service – word-maps and graph - 6 pages
   Each of the 8 B+I forecast periods has a 'traffic light' red=some dangers/probs Green=not many probs

● Brit+Ire 45day (‘15d-45d’) pdf issued mid of previous month – word-maps - 4p
The B+I 45d service
 is this pdf plus B+I 30d pdf, Eu Pressure sketches pdf & ‘RTQ’ pdf

● Brit+Ire 75d / 60d pdf issued mid of month before previous month (75d) or same at lower price at start previous month (60d) – word-maps 4p. All 45d and 30d Br+Ir forecast update pdfs included at 75d price  The B+I 75d/60d service is these forecast pdfs

● Europe (+Br+Ir) Possible Pressure scenarios pdf 9 pages

● Europe Extremes Only pdf & service is an edit of Eu Regional Maps showing only extremes – 9p

● USA Maps Weather developments and Extremes pdf & service 10 pages

● 'RTQ' pdf and service ('Extreme Events Rest Of World') - Red weather periods, Thunder.tornado, Quake risk) 1p

● ALL FORECASTS service is all the pdfs available in one service.

NB the last 11 days of any month for any 30d service is enabled for subscription to the next month and free acces to the current month 
Br+Ir, USA and Eu foreacst pdfs include news/research reports
● Europe Feb Region details Maps pdf - Contrasts & Extremes, 9 pages The Euro map service is this pdf plus Euro Pressure sketches pdf and the ‘RTQ’ pdf

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THANK YOU for the many well informed comments on this site. 
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