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(posted 10 April)
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When is Spring coming and will May even be any good?
StopPress: It came when WeatherAction said - on/just after mid month.
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 1. "I didn't tell any lies - I didn't talk about Climate Change" - BBC Science editor - main subject of this blog - see below

With Breaking News snips (newest on top)
See also Latest reports coming in from Observers in Reader Comments below main text and see previous Comments From… blog posting

=> for end March / early April important devlopments in USA, Atlantic, Br+Ir & Europe weather
=> Graphs and comment on Arctic sea ice as in new Videos below

15/16 April USA - WeatherAction makes important 
advances in forecast power/ 
SUPERB RESULT Oklahoma Tornadoes CONFIRM WeatherAction LowConfidence (70%) forecast ~13-16APR  
"The next period 17-21st, also only 70% confidence, is also shaping up well", 
( says Piers Corbyn; "This is an important result because we had some particular problems generating these USA forecasts, yet they are coming out pretty well. This means we will now more often be able to get higher longer range accuracy in parts of the USA which have hitherto presented difficulties."

15th April UK London, Putney Heath, Report
Piers Corbyn writes: "On Putney Heath 15th April 2013 in the afternoon; Sunshine and bare totally naked leafless trees like skeletons against a winter sky and the only green is from hardy evergreens. Yet this is mid-April so the sun is high and shadows strangely short for what would otherwise pass as an early February scene and the sky is angry - a Constable sky as in the early 1800's Mini Ice Age period. Not the traditional "**Oh to be in England now that April's there...the buttercup the little children's dower, far brighter than...." Buttercups? buttercups? What buttercups?!"  ** by Robert Browning 1845 (warmer times than Constable)
'Diary' Reports are welcome from anywhere. Send to Comments below, eg from Russ Derbyshire

QUAKE NEWS Since April 4th there have been 5 M6+ Quakes in 11 days 4-14th, all of them in WeatherAction QV periods and the biggest in the strongest (QV5) period. For forecast see RTQ 30d fc for April via

5th & 6th (M6.3, M7.0) in QV5 of  5-7th
9th          (M6.3)          in QV3 of  9-12th
13th14th  (M6.0, M6.6) in QV3 of 13-15th
This is good but in this period there are not many non-QV days. Getting the biggest quake in the QV5 (which covers 3 of 11 days) is potentialy more significant: Obs/Expected = 1 / (3/11) = 11/3 = 3.7 However these are small number stats so conclusions are unsafe. Nevertheless generally higher skill has been observed for QV5 periods and biggest quakes. 
Repot from 

DATE_TIME             	    LAT	     LON       	  DEP	MAG	MT	SC
2013-04-14 01:32:23.29	 -6.479	 154.584	 35.2	6.6	Mww	us
2013-04-13 22:49:49.79	-19.135	 169.637	270.7	6.0	Mww	us
2013-04-09 11:52:50.12	 28.500	  51.591	 10.0	6.3	Mwp	us
2013-04-06 04:42:35.70	 -3.513	 138.477	 66.0	7.0	Mw	us
2013-04-05 13:00:02.10	 42.713	 131.105	561.9	6.3	Mw	us

R4 13-14th and 14th explicitly WINDY DAY (Br+Ir) CONFIRMED
The generally windy + high thunder / tornado risk 13-14th has been confirmed Brit+Ire, Europe and USA and the spicific windy day warning on Br+Ir WeatherAction graph for 14th confirmed. Piers says "Yes, we have had nothing blown down near where I live off the Old Kent Road South London for months but this afternoon I noticed a substantial wooden builders barrier blown down across the pavement and leaning on a telephone box. There was also a lot of wind recorded generally in Britain & Ireland / Europe and USA. It was my fathers birthday on 14th April 98 years ago so I regard this event as a birthday present to him"     

12 April Frid
Brit+Ire+Eu A burst of Spring looks like it is heading in on WeatherAction cue. 
This Sunday 14th looks like being quite reasonable in S/W Britain & Ireland for a while then after a mixed Moday generally warmer weather looks set to come in on Tue 16th which was our WeatherAction radio announced day (give or take a day we said). For what is next in April and May you are strongly advised to get the full forecasts via the offer which gives you MAY Now.
The increased mobility and the retreat of the High pressure Eastward are powered by our predicted and confirmed R4 period which is associated with recent solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) as expected.  

10/11 April
All-over USA storms arrive on WeatherAction cue (WANews13No8) in R4 period

Farmers, Gardeners!

SPRING PLEASE WHEN? TV-MetO keep changing their mind. Only WeatherAction can tell you. 
Subscribe link is above. It costs almost nothing compared to what you can save.
VERY COLD 6-8 April (and before) CONFIRMS WeatherAction forecast above like first issued in detail 15 March (also  )

"I didn't tell any lies, I didn't talk about Climate Change at the meeting"
- David Shukman, Science Editor for BBC News on being accosted by Piers Corbyn at the Royal Society in London after a meeting on March 4th and exhorted by him to "Stop telling lies (about Climate Change / Global Warming on the BBC)".
The meeting was a Royal Society Event: Storms Floods & droughts: predicting and reporting adverse weather; David Shukman, Science Editor for BBC News, in conversation with Professor Tim Palmer FRS and Liz Howell Head of BBC Weather.   At the meeting itself Liz Howell, who chaired, determinedly avoided taking any questions from Piers Corbyn despite the fact that the Royal Society's meeting microphone organisers clearly and conscientiously indicated to her that he was one of the few people wishing to contribute.   
Piers Corbyn says:  "I think the BBC, Met Office and the Science establishment of the UK know their CO2 warmism 'theory' is a pack of lies; either that or they have degenerated into a desperate religious sect for which belief rules over evidence.
"Now is the time to expose their delusions and call them to account. Our videos of 28th March are part of this campaign:
TWO NEW VIDEOS (28.03.13) - "Warm means Cold" delusions exposed 
=> Sir John Beddington challenged to produce EVIDENCE for CO2 changes driving temperatures in the REAL world with REAL Observational data: 
=> Scientists discuss windfarms (aka 'Prayer Wheels') & other CO2 moneywasters


1. The world is cooling and has been for between 4 and 15 years depending on how you look at the data; while CO2 has been rising.

2. There is no evidence in real data (or even in the warmists 'standard' fiddled data) going back hundreds, thousands or a million years from the real world that CO2 increases have led to temperature increases.

3. The CO2 warmists have been challenged many times to produce such real data based evidence (not bluster and 'It must-be' claims) and failed.
For the latest challenge  directed at Sir John Beddington (BBC link below**) please see the WeatherActionTV video.

4. The warmists claims that 'warm means cold' and CO2 drives extreme events is a stack of  brazen lies. They claim extreme weather events explicitly correctly predicted months ahead via solar activity were somehow caused by CO2. They have no evidence for their claim, or if they think they have we must conclude that Man's piffling increase of the concentration of the trace gas CO2 on earth from 0.030% to 0.031% has caused various solar-coronal events (which themselves were in fact predicted by WeatherAction and not by the CO2 warmists)!

5. The CO2 warmist theory of Man-Made Climate Change is a delusion.

6. ALL the changes in Jet Stream circulation, world temperatures  and extreme weather events predicted by WeatherAction in the descent to a new Mini Ice Age have been and are being confirmed. Yet, the IPCC, UN and UK Government (especially the LibDem wing of it) are pointing the world in the wrong direction - ie to assume warming when cooling is the reality - and are engaged in organised theft from the public and holding-back of third world development in the name of a delusion.
** The BBC Link article carrying Sir John Beddington's direct lie " "The evidence that (man-made CO2) climate change is happening is completely unequivocal."  is:
Piers says: There is no real data evidence in the world supporting their claim that CO2 changes drive temperature and climate changes. What the warmists do is play a game of smoke and mirrors. 
Para below recently shown in Tweeted article from Arizona Farm Bureau
They report various events and facts usually with extremist innuendo. Their media leaders BBC, Independent, Guardian , New York Times, eg, make statements like "Scientists report (various alarmist facts...";   "Scientists estimate that IF (Greenland/arctic melts, sea level rises, temps rise.... etc) THEN (...end of world etc)..."   - without telling you that the various scenarios will NOT happen and refer to the "PROBLEM" of "CO2",  "Climate Change". NOWHERE (whatever the headlines claim) is their EVIDENCE that CO2 is doing and has done in the RERAL WORLD what they claim. There is on the other hand firm evidence of the opposite - ie that world (sea) temperatures in the long run control CO2 levels - See Presentation to Parliament Select Committee on supercold Dec 2010 predicted by WeatherAction- via WANews11No5 -

Please pass on this information and raise these points with others.  

SEA ICE & THE MINI ICE AGE - THE FACTS (Further to Video of Piers)

i. Added 08.04.13

ii. The Truth Behind the Shrinking Arctic Ice Cap - Facts paint a different picture  - Brilliant piece by Joe Bastardi - (Sept 13 2012)

iii.  - issued The Ides of March 2013:-


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On 11 Feb 2016, yonason wrote:

I've been using the DMI plots of Arctic Ice for a long time now (there were two of them) the newer version the older version Note that in the older version, WITH coastal regions masked, there is a VERY sharp increase in actual "sea" ice that disappears when one looks at the newer version. I (ahem) wonder why that is that 1-They no longer show that version, and 2-It shows a full 10% more ice than last year, and every other year for over a decade?