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1. The Ides of March and ongoing Comment post.
- The New Mini Ice Age is Upon us - see March 15/16 entry below for main entry, and later news  

With Breaking News snips (newest on top)
See also Latest reports coming in from Observers in Reader Comments below main text

LATEST WeatherActionTV 3 NEW Vids  :-
Winter 2012-13 Blizzards & Stratwarms; Challenge to CO2 warmists; Why CO2 fails

April 4
TWO NEW VIDS (28.03.13) - "Warm means Cold" delusions exposed 
=> Sir John Beddington challenged to produce EVIDENCE for CO2 changes driving temperatures in the REAL world with REAL Observational data: 
=> Scientists discuss windfarms & other CO2 moneywasters

April 3/4 

Mar 30/31 North Atlantic Brit+Ire + Europe
Incredible Atlantic storm is in line with WeatherAction forecast 
- while CO2 warmists lie again  shows pic:
THIS "Incredible storm" IS THE STORM IN WEATHERACTION's LONG RANGE FORECAST PREDICTED TO FORM AND INTENSIFY AT THE END OF MARCH (see Euromaps forecast in WeatherAction Euro service and B+I 45d service) - which we also expected would have the power to drive into Britain, Ireland & Europe and potentially bring snow and blizzards. Although there was snow in Britain which the Met Office short range missed in the Easter period the storm systems were largely blocked in Atlantic (above!) and The Euro-storm action expected pushed South in a seperate system - along with the huge shift of Jet Stream South - to instead bring extensive blizzards in centre-West Europe in Easter period.

FACTS: This storm and WeatherAction's predicted preceding events (and the largely invisible solar-earth magnetic build up to them) were all CONFIRMED as follows:
1. Earth facing Coronal hole 27th March (and approaches to Earth facing before that) - forecast issued March 5th and subsequnet uptick in Geomagnetic activity. (see reports below).
2. Major Earthquakes in "QV5*" period on 25th & 27th March (*for Major Quake-Volacano enhancement risk period  - QV5 is highest level - Mar 25-28) forecast issued March 5th. See
3. Storm Enhancement periods (joined together) level R4 26-29th and 30-31st March.
4. The CO2 warmists have indulged in brazen lies around this storm and the cold period in Europe claiming (CO2 driven) sea ice melt caused it. These claims - coming alongside Sir John Beddington's (UK Chief 'scientific' Adviser) "warm means cold" delusional comedy act, , are nonsense and contradicted by observed facts:
(i) The mid March Arctic sea ice extent was EXACTLY the same in 2012 as 2013 and it's history since December VERY similar (graph below)** YET
(ii) The March weather in 2013 was entirely different from 2012 - namely March 2012 was extremely warm in USA and warm-very warm in Britain & Ireland and both were the opposite in 2013. 
(iii) The CO2 theory can predict nothing and it's dogmatists just make up evidence as weather goes along. Every extreme is blamed on CO2 as would be another warm March this year. 
(iv) On the other hand the key features of this March in Britain, Ireland, Europe and USA - AND RELATED SOLAR AND GEOPHYSICAL EVENTS were well predicted by WeatherAction 2 to 4 weeks ahead.
**(v) NOTE the CO2 warmists related argument is that there were record low levels of Arctic Sea ice in late summer / early Autumn 2012 and somehow this made a decisive difference in March 2013. However this too is a delusional lie. The FACT is that the ice measurements define Arctic Ice Extent as Area of ocean with at least 15% sea ice (see below) and it was pointed out at the time that the large Arctic storm then was breaking up sea ice causing heaping in some places and DISPERSION in others so the measurement was bound to be low with THE SAME ICE ACTUAL AMOUNTS. We also warned that this measure would show a sudden (physically impossible) increase when the storm dropped and that the BBC lie machine would NOT report that (both propositions confirmed); see: and 

time series

Mar 28th Britain & Ireland 
News on extra snow prospects for Easter break
Friday, 29th afternoon. THE BBC-Met O is now talking more about snow in coming hours and days and interesting REPORTS from on the ground (scroll down to Reader Comments) support our warnings. KEEP NEWS COMING IN, ALL!  It is true that the High pressure over Britain has been more stubborn to shift than we expected but nevertheless our WeatherAction R4 periods are showing their effects and enhancing cloud and precipitation - largely snow in the present circumstances.

Mar 29th USA 
AccuWeather Easter Map (below) matches well WeatherAction map (further below) issued 4weeks ahead 
 Seriously USA Twitter followers. If you are serious about weather there is no reason in the world not to subscribe to WeatherAction USA forecasts!  
They don't cost much and individual subscribers can share with up to 3 others and their close associates. Businesses and farmers however should not share except by agreement with WeatherAction USA.
Mar 27th pm
Will it or Won't it, turn significantly snowy in parts (Brit & Ire) over Easter Break?
SIGNIFICANTLY an Earth Facing Coronal Hole on 27th, Major Earth Quakes 25th and 27th +Geomagnetic activity uptick on 27th all CONFIRM WeatherAction QV5 period 25-28Mar, see which includes a Comment from Piers.  
  These events suggest the associated R4 snow drivers 26-29th and perhaps more especially 30-31st are likely to be on course (rather than off course) for an EASTER SNOW HIT or at least something on those lines - as forecast by WeatherAction. 
Piers Corbyn says "Of course we cannot be certain but our forecast carries 85% confidence and matters related to our predicted snow-driving R4 hits are coming right. So, I expect about 24 or 12 hours ahead of any extra snow over the Easter Break that standard models will pick-up what is going on and announce more snow than they had been expecting. At that point we should double what they say (up to ~31st). Any extra snow may not be as deep as we had suggested on 20th but should be more than current standard TV projections".
Information note . Standard models interestingly from about two weeks ahead did have (milder) active lows over Easter with fronts going through Britain & Ireland but they dropped that as the high pressure strengthened more into Mini-Ice-Age conditions

Mar 26 USA/South Canada
USA LateSeasonSnow well forecast by WeatherAction 4weeks ahead
There can be no reason why anyone in USA serious about weather does not subscribe to WeatherAction USA month ahead forecasts.
WeatherAction USA March Forecast headline (first part):
A March of dramatic contrasts ● Ongoing wintry weather delays Spring North/East with sleet, snow & massive hail in thundery deluges
confirm WeatherAction USA Mar26-29 forecast map:
USA LateSeasonSnow well forecast by WAction 4wks ahead WA Mar26-29:

Mar 25 B+I+Eu
Bri+Ire+Eu WeatherAction Extra Easter Warning and detail posted to Public and - with map - to subscribers

Mar 22
BBC shows a winterscape of Mini-Ice-Age Weather News VIDEOS 
- But they wont call it that. How long can their delusional warmist religion last? 

=== Snow-swept Midlands === Widespread Travel disruption == Flooding in Cornwall ==== MetO dont know What's coming
3inch deadly hail storm in China:

Mar 21/22
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Mar 20 (+21/22)
NEW UPLOAD Current Weather Commentary+UPDATES to 1April is now on B+I, Eu, USA and 'ALL Forecasts' Services - Subscribers go to your forecast box(es) to download!
The pdf gives a commentary on jet stream shifts and weather and forecast updates for (i) 21-25 March and 
The main points of this Update were also in an interview with Piers on LBCRadio Wed 20MAR 9.05pm via NOTE THIS IS A Pay-to-listen LBC £Sub Podcasts link

(ii) is only accessible to subscribers, (i) is:

21-25 March (B+I+Eu) The low pressures will continue notably further south than in the long range forecast giving cyclonic / cyclonic East (esp in N) conditions over B+I with cold and sometimes snowy conditions continuing.

SPOT ON SE USA forecast Large hail, tornadoes and major thunderstorms strike on WeatherAction cue in Major Red 'R4' Weather period 17-18 March, forecast 3 weeks ahead map below:
AccuW reports including widespread large hail in SE USA with Tornadoes in Georgia and more
Seriously if you are in USA is there any reason why you do not subscribe to these forecasts?

March 16
JUST LOADED! MUST GET APRIL 15-45day ahead forecast for UK+Eire 
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Thanks to all for Piers' Birthday wishes 10th March, the day the New Mini Ice Age became reality!
Mar 15/16 - From Piers Corbyn:-
"The new Mini Ice Age is upon us" (Active pdf via ) is getting a lot of interest. There are many examples of its development and many serious agricultural and economoc issues that must be addresse. Some important matters are:
=> Increase in storms enhanced by Jet stream meanders - eg More Sandy's
=> Increase in extreme damaging hail events
=> World hunger as temperate zones have increasingly poor harvests due to late Springs and wet cold summers.

Prayer Wheels (wind turbines) and burning food (biofuels) are the total wrong way to go. The CO2 warmist religion and the self-serving (or stupid), 'climate experts', academics, politicians and media who espouse it must be stopped. 

Mar 13/14
GREAT Snow Pics 12Mar in S/E UK:
The Forum Norwich
Uk-Atlantic MAPS ~12Mar: JetStream: Normal , Recent 
SNOW S/E UK 12MAR was forecast by WeatherAction 25 days ahead - Forecast map WOW! BLIZZARD SE UK ~12th on WeatherAction fc cue 25d ahead

TudorRd Folkestone Kent , 

Mar 12/13 UK+Eire+Eu 
"Brill hit" say users: BLIZZARD SE UK ~12th eg Folkstone, Norwich on WeatherAction forecast cue of 25days ahead Extract from forecasty map section 

Mar 7/8 UK+Eire
MORE UK+IRELAND SNOW+BLIZZARDS Birthday (10MAR) present for Piers - coming on cue in WeatherAction predicted 'Beast from East'!!   

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