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=> Tue15/Wed16 FEBRUARY 2013 - A month of Wild Contrasts - 45d Brit+Ire Forecast is now loaded 
NEWS CONTENT:  Piers says "BBC-MO credibility is near a tipping point"

=> Tue 15 Jan 05.00am SPECIAL UPDATE on WHAT WE EXPECT in R5+ 17-20th Jan and QV5+ 16-19th & Sudden Stratospheric warming event has been loaded into Forecast Services: B+I 45d, Euro-maps and World Red-warnings/Thunder-Tornado/Quake trials (Extreme Events Rest Of World) 

=> Mon 14th Jan pre-dawn Snow Whitstable Kent  

1. WeatherAction News Release and Public Warning 10 Jan 2013
- SUMMARY PUBLIC FORECAST issued because of the importance of what lies ahead for the UK and Ireland - part carried on Daily Express front page 10 Jan:
Full detailed forecast B+I (and equally important forecasts for USA and Eu)  available via: 
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Extreme cold, blizzards and snow drifts "many feet deep" to bring chaos to England and Wales for at least three weeks - into early Feb

·   WeatherAction forecast issued ahead of all others
This catastrophic forecast scenario was first issued in detail in mid-December by WeatherAction long range forecasters and is now starting to come true.  "Other forecasters are just starting to agree with us three weeks late but they don’t realize how severe this is going to be", said Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of
"Our solar-lunar based forecast predicted generally increasingly cold and very cold weather from around Sat 12th Jan for Britain and Ireland. Next, waves of major Arctic blasts and blizzards with many feet of drifting snow are likely in places from around 20th with another major blizzardy blast around the begining of February.  
"England and Wales including the South are likely to get the deepest snow, while Scotland and Northern parts of Ireland will probably be very cold rather than very snowy. Some of the SouthWest of Britain and Ireland will probably get rain rather than snow at times.

·        Sudden stratospheric warmings forecast breakthrough
"There will be fluctuations in the severity of this weather but our confidence in this general forecast is increased by our new breakthrough in predicting major sudden warmings of the polar stratosphere, which in a contradictory way drive blasts of very cold air south.  
"Although there is something of a 'stratospheric warming' developing now 10 Jan", said Piers, "we expect more intense 'sudden stratospheric warmings' and related cold blasts around quite well defined dates to come. We are 85% sure of this general picture and further details of the weather and stratosphere forecasts can be found via our website ".
WeatherAction expect snow amounts to be as bad or worse than the record-breaking December 2010 - which they also predicted.  
"Dr  Richard Wild, snow-expert at Weathernet advises that previous significant snow blasts in the last 10 years before Dec 2010 in England and Wales were: begining Jan 2010, 8-9 Feb 2007, Feb 1996 and Jan 1993", said Piers.
"These extreme events are entirely driven by solar activity and lunar factors and nothing to do with changes in CO2 which have no effect whatsoever on weather or climate", he added.

What to Look out for in coming events

The Brit+Ire 30day forecast carries key dates of WeatherAction predicted SUDDEN polar stratospheric warmings and expected key surface pressure and weather events. 

Further detail is in Eu pressure forecasts & commentary and RTQ (Red Warning, Thunder/tornado and Quake (trial) (Extreme Events Rest Of world) Forecasts
=> These are available as part of the Eu 30day service and B+I 45d service on

Note subscriptions NOW to B+I 45d service get these December pdfs AND on 15th Jan also get the B+I 45d forecast for Feb.  Seize the time!

INFORMATION: Standard moving model smoothed record and projections of 30mb temps - showing temp of Stratosphere:  There are various measures around. WeatherAction forecast was issued Jan3, before these models had forecasts for the dates of WeatherAction SSWs.
Note Jan 14. The standard projections now show a rapid increase in Stratospheric temperature 17-21st with the red area in two halves spreading to roughly the whole of Asia and the whole of Canada plus the northern half of USA.  We are monitoring this as well as Pressures especially Greenland High and Scandinavian High. Solar Active regions AR1656 to AR1654 are near Earth facing 14th and AR1654 is very large
(added Jan 12) BBC-MetO opportunism on Sudden Stratospheric Warmings (SSWs) could begin their terminal decline as scientifically credible institutions.
 says Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of WeatherAction.

"The pathetically opportunist public 'revelations' by the BBC-MO of the importance of (polar) sudden stratospheric warmings in the advent of cold blasts after WeatherAction's explicit prediction (Jan 3) of such events to come; and their failure to acknowledge WeatherAction and associates of their work, shows they will stop at nothing to try to shore up their failed 'weather drives weather', warmist, approaches to medium and long range forecasting.
Peter Gibbs video on the matter is well explained and informative but the intro "Forecasters have found a link between sudden warming in the stratosphere and unusual weather patterns" conceals their own (effectively admitted in the vid) failure to know which SSWs will cause cold blasts or when SSWs will come or where they come from shows 'the forecasters' could not have originally been the Met Office. The piece and (less so) Paul Hudson's earlier piece in the matter was produced to make it look as if the MO might have a grip of the matters when they ONLY started talking about them after we at WeatherAction stated the cold blast to come (which they didnt expect anyway) would be 'SSW creatures'. Their opportunusm will however bite them back.
Ask from where do SSWs come? 
The intellectually challenged 'science' that holds a change of atmosperic CO2 concentration from ~0.03% to ~0.031% (the 0.001% being Man's contribution) could cause Hurricane Sandy to take a left turn and head for New York and trigger all manner of other extremes in 2011 and 2012 (many of which were in fact predicted using solar activity weeks and months ahead) is delusional enough. The idea that SSWs at 10-50km above the Earth are also driven by trivial changes in concentrations of a trace gas - CO2 [which MUST be the case if CO2 is the father of all these extreme] is stupid beyond imagination. And what of the Earth-facing extreme events on the sun when major SSWs happen? Are they put there by Peter Gibbs driving his car past some tipping point?

SSWs are driven by solar activity and we at WeatherAction are predicting the major ones, and their solar drivers, which cause NH winter important cold blasts; whereas standard Met has no such long range predictive skill on SSWs or anything This shows two things:
(i) The fundamental tenet of standard meteorology that weather primarily drives weather and all external influences are minimal - which means SSWs are driven from below - is past its sell-by date.
(ii) SSWs are nothing to do with CO2.
(Recall They expected a mild January)

CO2 warmists in double whammy retreat

·  UKMetO bends towards WeatherAction cold forecast! Standard Met can't cope with new reality of coming new LittleIceAge Superb graph from Joe Bastardi:
·  Campaign message of the week : LEARN, UNDERSTAND AND PASS ON!
FACT: Met Office data is still fraud THE WORLD IS COOLING
Almost Right! UKMetO DOWNGRADE 'Global Warming'!! 
For the facts of CO2 warmist fraud by MetO-BBC-CRU (Uni of East Anglia) see 
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This is a serious matter. A legal letter was sent to WeatherOutlook and the matter is being considered and further investigated. We thank those who informed us of the information/links concerned on WeatherOutlook site.

2b Recent WeatherActionTV VIDEOS
Green Isn’t Working – Accountability now!
BBC invited to ‘Climate Fools day event'  31 Oct 2012

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